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March B 2017

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Lee Harris - The Rise of the Lightworkers

Health & Healing 36

Common Signs of Old Age and How to Stop Them

Spirituality 42 46

What About the Illusion of Time? What is a Soul Healing?

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The Challenge of Being a Conscious Being Yes You Can Quit and Be Happy OMTimes Radio Host Spotlight - Victor Fuhrman


Making Peace with the Feminine Struggle Ask Whitedove

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7 Ways to Trail the Path of Your Dreams Let's Be the Change No Excuse Justifies Lying

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Book Spotlight - Midlife Transformation

Lee Harris – The Rise of the Lightworkers by Sylvia Henderson

Lightworkers Find Greater Meaning with Insight Lightworkers have an extraordinary role as part of the universal consciousness. Lee Harris is a gifted energy intuitive, a channeler, an author and a teacher, who is bringing extraordinary new light to our rapidly changing world. Leading a vibrant, on-line community, Lee Harris reaches over 200,000 people around the planet every month. His weekly energy updates, broadcast on YouTube, have received over 2½ million views to date and offer practical guidance for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism.

With his penetrating insights into the energetics of emotions, and teachings on how to integrate spirituality into daily life and grounded and practical ways, Lee’s private clients and retreat participants report profound shifts as they discover a new understanding of who they are here to be. His acclaimed energy mastery retreats and energy tune-up seminars held around the globe are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving and awakening. Lee is the author of “Energy Speaks, Volumes 1 and 2”, the producer of more than 100 transformational audio and video recordings and is also an accomplished singer, songwriter and soul found healer. Rise of the Lightworkers with Lee Harris SYLVIA HENDERSON: Lee, I am very excited because I think that you have been able to tap into some very important information in a very interesting time in humanity. How did the awareness of your intuitive gifts unfold for you? LEE HARRIS: Well, it was

a process that took place over several years. Initially, I believe my spiritual access or connection was coming through my creativity in my early years. Then, in my late teens, it started to change, and I had a few experiences with friends where it was fun to read tarot cards for them, even though I did not know what the cards meant. When I was 22, I directly heard the voice of my guide, and that was not something I was looking for. I was on a train, and I heard those voices in your own head that you do, your own mind, and I was just going through the things that day that was on my agenda, probably telling myself things that I was very disappointed with and disappointed with myself about. Then suddenly on the left there was this very clear, loving, strong voice that it took me about ten minutes to realize that there were two very different voices in my head, and this one on the left I had never heard before. So, I was a little unsure what was going on, but I did know about channeling

even though it was not something I was seeking. I started to write down what this voice was telling me over the next few months, and eventually I put the dots together to realize that it was my guide that I was hearing. But on some level I had had some level of access to them until that point. But there was a change, because I had been opening and developing my own intuition that facilitated that happening. So, for a few years, I just shared it with friends. Then, after a period, a good friend who was a healer said you should be doing this for work, and I never thought that would be possible. I even doubted anyone would come, but I did 60 readings in the first 60 days and never looked back since. SYLVIA HENDERSON: I know you were getting this information from your guide; how did you step into your ability to channel information, and what is the primary message that they would like to share with humanity?

LEE HARRIS: Well, my guides, I refer to them as the Z’s, and the reason for that is the very first name that was given to me was Zachary. He was, like, we do not have names, but we know that you have names and need names so we will give you the closest thing we could give you vibrationally, my name would be Zachary. Then in the years that followed, I met Ziadora and Zaphariah, who identified themselves as what we would understand as more feminine energy within my guide team. They explained that they were part of a collective of 88 energies that extended wider into source, and they refer to themselves as a voice of galactic consciousness. There are some channelers who channel angels; there are some who channel extraterrestrials. They basically said they are travelers who move between all of the worlds and they speak of themselves as a consciousness library. So, their main message, particularly for us as humans, would seem to be that the confines of this human

experience, as difficult as that can be for us living in the third dimensional earth, even at this time that the other dimensions are opening up. They say that even though there can be challenges and contrasts that we experience as confining, that is why you came here. You came here to help raise the frequency and the consciousness levels of the planet and also have an experience for yourself. SYLVIA HENDERSON: Can you tell us why we are experiencing these shifts so profoundly within our emotional body and our physical body? LEE HARRIS: Well, a couple of things that the Z’s will talk about is that we, as a planetary body and a human race, also the other species existing on the planet, we are all going through a real shift period. This, apparently, is a universal phenomenon, too, that a lot is changing universally and thus also on the earth. So, you see, from my perspective, you are seeing that mirrored right now in terms of what we see, particularly on a political,

governmental basis. I am 40 years old, but even my friends in their 60’s and 70’s say they have never seen anything like this in their lifetime. SYLVIA HENDERSON: You did say that this is happening on a universal level and you also said that the Z’s are part of galactic collective consciousness, so can you talk a little bit about that? LEE HARRIS: Well, the one thing that they are often talking about is that we as human beings are travelers and will tend to forget that. They say that when you incarnate throughout the lifetimes, you also incarnate across the galaxy. So, you can have different lifetimes as different beings, and this is something that is not touched upon I think. I mean, it is touched upon in certain communities on earth, but for the main, we tend to be shielded from the idea of the fact that we are part of a very vast Universe. There are many different life forms. Interestingly, just recently, and this is part of the wave of

change that we are seeing, I have noticed that wellness has come to light for all of us. The CIA and several government bodies around the world are releasing online evidence of UFO contact that previously many have been campaigning for to be released, but it has been shielded from the public. So, what they say is that the universe is far bigger than we as humans have ever been allowed to understand. And they speak from that place of uniting as much as they can; the very differing worlds and races that exist in and around us, and what they do say is “As above, so below.� They say that just as on the planet there are those who stand for the light, and there are those who stand for consciousness, and then there are those who stand for conflict. They say it is the same throughout the universe that some of the same conflict energies exist throughout the universe. And so what we have played out here on earth is a very microcosmic experience of what plays out for beings across the galaxy.

So we took on the personality and the makeup of our families, we took on the personality and the cultural makeup of the time we were born into, and that becomes you as a soul-based human on the planet. So this is why when people meditate or have soul-based experiences. They feel very free, because their experience of the soul is so much wider than what we are focused on here on a day-to-day basis as a human being. Yet, the Z’s will always say even though you are focused very intently on a very short period, relatively, you know a human life if you live to be 90 or 100 years, they say it is a blink of an eye. But we are so focused on it that we tend to forget the enormity of the universe, the enormity of a lifetime, and when we can reconnect to that and remember that it tends to take away the intensity, or the edge, of what we are going through down here today. So, it tends to open you out beyond the confines of what they refer to as a game of consciousness, and their point

is they are saying, “How conscious can human beings become?” That really is the question, because if we can keep becoming more conscious as a human race, we stand a greater chance as a race of living on to thousands and thousands of years.

though that can show up in many moments. For example, I can be having a conversation with a taxi driver and suddenly that conversation becomes very connected; you know where your skin crackles because you feel all the truth of what is going on.

I think the big question on everybody’s mind at the moment is how is that going to be possible with the way things are looking. They kind of remind that there are many races that you can be in the universe, there are many beings that you can be in the universe, and this is but one experience that you try on, which is why the soul is such a vast space to be in. The human being is a very small focused place to be; yet within that, we experience the vastness of everything.

So, for me, the definition of God or Source is higher connectivity. And when we experience that with another person, with ourselves in a meditation, with a tree in nature, for me that is when we feel most fully alive, and that is what I really enjoy and appreciate about being human, that you get to experience that many times over, especially the more you focus and the more you learn how to create it in your life.

SYLVIA HENDERSON: One other question for you, Lee, what is your definition of God or Source? LEE HARRIS: For me, the definition would be what I would call higher connectivity,

SYLVIA HENDERSON: So, is everything in the universe is nothing more than a representation of consciousness? LEE HARRIS: That is a good and a big question. We might experience these in energies or in people. Sometimes you

walk into space at home or a piece of land, and something does not feel right to you. It can almost give you a chill. So, they say that just as you see a battle between light and dark playing out on the planet so, too, in universal terms consciousness does not exist everywhere. Of course, being, if you like, in relationship to a place where the consciousness is deadened or dark can help get you back towards consciousness, but they would say, no, the consciousness we are speaking of does not exist everywhere. One of the things that lightworkers are advised to do at the moment is, they say, find the pockets of light. You might not be able to be in the light all day long, but if you recognize your suffering or things have felt heavier, or darker recently, because of what is coming out of so much more people than ever before it is really important to find your pockets of light. Essentially, island hop between them so that a pocket of light for you might be a great conversation with a friend, it might be having a moment

playing with your dog, it might be listening to some uplifting music. But you have to find them and keep moving between them in order to keep your own frequency high, particularly at times like this. I do think at times like this we are in a sea change. Many people had already stabilized their balance, and then the world went through this period of instability that we are still in so you can “not� be affected by those energy waves. I think that recognizing that balance is a moving target all the time and, as you let yourself get through the grief or the shock of what you see going on about you and around you, to recognize you will learn to change with this. That is what we do. We are very good at being adaptable, but sometimes we do not want to adapt, or we feel resentful of what we see is happening that is disturbing our peace. As a lightworker, you are going to find a way to bring yourself back to peace so that you can be that for others, but these are times that

lightworkers have to forget about the others a bit if they are really struggling, and really focus on themselves. That, in itself, is the opportunity. You are being given an opportunity by the universe to go even deeper with yourself to learn what it is you need to bring balance. SYLVIA HENDERSON: That is so very interesting, too, as I think that those of us who are very sensitive and heart-sensitive, that is one of the hardest things that it is for us to do is to really take care of ourselves and to nurture ourselves, and it is that self-love journey, is it not? LEE HARRIS: It is, and I think to learn how do I have a healthy boundary while still being open to the rest of the world. Empaths, healers, sensitives, tend to be wired that they like to feel and pick up on the ocean of everyone else. At the moment, the ocean of everyone else is a lot more chaotic and afraid than ever before. It does not take a genius to work out that that is going to

ricochet and affect all those sensitives, and it is going to make you need or want to pull back your focus from focusing on the way that others are feeling and to give yourself full attention, which is not a natural way of being for sensitives, empaths, healers. Yet it is the very act that will strengthen you because you will still be inclined to want to help others. But, after going through a period where you really deeply focus on your own healing and limit your engagement that you used to have with other people, then you will come back even stronger and be able to hold an even stronger frequency for others while not having to hijack or disrupt your own in order to offer that. That is a very tricky skill. It is what I call energy mastery, and I think that we are all working on our energy mastery all of our life, but this is a real period of time that brings strength to us in a way that it never has before. Please visit Lee’s website, http://, for more information.

Empower Girls Break the Cycle of Dependence

The number one reason girls drop out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa is lack of access to feminine hygiene products. The Pads for Schoolgirls Project, an outreach of Humanity Healing International, is changing this paradigm by setting up sewing programs at schools, teaching girls a vocational skill, while producing the reusable pads that help keep them attending classes. The girls pay it forward by making and giving pad kits to other girls in need. To learn more, visit

Health & Wellness Innovative new approaches to Healing as well as holistic methods for dealing with health issues and personal growth

Common Signs of Old Age and How to Stop Them by Eileen O’Shanassy

The Challenges of Old Age Can Be Many Aging is a challenge for many, but with these tips it doesn’t have to be! Use what you have and know to make your life a little easier as you go along.

Getting older is something everyone goes through, so it’s best to roll with the punches and accept what fate has to deliver. When you know of some of the common physical signs of old age to look for, there are a few things you can do to stop them or slow their effects down. Sometimes, professional treatment might be needed in order to prevent some of the issues that might arise with getting older as well. Here are some ideas to stop aging as quickly. Thinning Hair One of the first things you’ll likely notice as you age is that your hair isn’t as thick and full as it once was. There are a few easy fixes to this. You can use shampoos that will give you thicker hair or the look of thicker hair. You

could also go to a doctor to have a hair transplant, but this would be a last resort as it can be expensive. Another option is to wear a wig. There are many options and most will work with any kind of budget. Veins When you down look at your legs the older you get, you might see unsightly varicose veins. Visiting a local Vein Center is an option if you want to have the varicose or spider veins removed by a laser. The tiny spider veins might come back in the future, so there is no guarantee that this would be a permanent solution. However, it is one that delivers fast results and allows you to wear shorts and dresses without being embarrassed because of your legs.

Sagging Breasts Most women think they are the only ones who have to deal with this issue, but men deal with sagging breasts as well. A bra fitter can help to strengthen and pull the breasts to a shape that looks a little more natural. Seamed cups also offer a bit of support. Men can wear tank tops underneath their shirts so that the breasts don’t look as prominent. Liver Spots These are the brown spots that appear on the hands. They can be rather bothersome if you do a lot of work with the hands or if you are around a lot of people who notice the hands. Apply sunscreen when you’re outside to prevent further skin damage. Laser

treatments can also help to remove them.

Be Sure to Take Care of You! No one ever said that aging would be fun. However, there are some ways that you can deal with the signs of old age. Take the time to focus on yourself and your family. Your looks will gently fade away regardless of how much you do to prevent it from happening. About the Author Eileen O’Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @ eileenoshanassy.

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Simply Spiritual To perceive reality from a different perspective is to open oneself to the wonders and unlimited wealth of creation. Simply Spiritual offers the opportunity to visit new places, new methods, and different ways to perceive the vast human knowledge of our Universe.

What About the Illusion of Time? by Zinovia Dushkova

What Do We Know about the Time Illusion? From esoteric teachings, we know that time is simply an illusion which is necessary for evolution. There is a universal time that manifests

throughout the universe. However, it connects with the periods. It has nothing in common with the earthly understanding of time. There is also inner time, characteristic of solar systems, planets, humans, etc. The past, present, and future are the framework within which a human being comprehends the world. Causes create the future, proceeding from the past to the future. The past cannot change, while the future is changeable, because we may create other causes in the present which influence it. The three times exist inseparably in space. So, therefore, people with a developed consciousness are able to penetrate in the present time into both

the past and the future for millennia to come.

Do We Have an Inkling of Future Events? If it were not for the intervention of free will, the future, existing in space as a projection of past causes, would be fixed and immovable. But a human introduces its own corrections, which results in so many unfulfilled prophecies. Nevertheless, the Law of Cause and Effect, or karma, makes the plasticity of the future conditional on the causes which generate it, and determines the framework for the development of events. Today, many people around the world feel as if time is accelerating. For

example, the elders at the Athos monastery in Greece notice that a night is no longer enough for them to read the prayers they used to read during the same amount of time. Meanwhile, monks in Jerusalem observe that there always seems to be oil remaining for the lamps in the Holy Sepulcher lately, whereas earlier the same amount of oil was enough for only exactly one year. According to various estimates, despite the fact that days still formally contain 24 hours, a day now actually consists of 16 to 18 hours. Some scientists have attempted to explain this phenomenon by the expansion of the universe.

Is There a Cosmic Influence on Us? However, something else is at work here. The thing is that time is directly proportional to the density of matter. That is, the more attenuated matter and the higher its vibrations, the blurrier the concept of time becomes. In the higher worlds, time loses its ordinary meaning. But there is still a sequence of things, events, and perceptions of consciousness. Dreams are one experience of this, when, in a few earthly hours or minutes, one can experience a mass of events in a dream. As many predicted, the planet Earth has been under the influence of energies

coming from the cosmos since 1999. This has resulted in the matter of our physical world and of everyone who populates it gradually and slowly attenuating. Although this is not yet visible to the earthly eye, we can feel it. This is because time does not pass at the same pace as it did in the 20th century. It has accelerated noticeably.

Future Acceleration of Time It is interesting to note one saying of the Prophet Muhammad. It states that the acceleration of time, when it seems that “a year will be like a month, and a month will be like a week,” is a harbinger of the approaching last judgment.

Likewise, in the Bible, we find the words of Jesus Christ that the “days shall be shortened” as a sign of His coming. About the Author Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., is an award-winning Russian author and researcher of ancient mysteries. Her spiritual quest has taken her to remote Buddhist monasteries. She visited sacred abodes hidden within mountains and deserts in Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, and India. There she has studied the most ancient manuscripts, such as the secret Book of Dzyan. For more information, please visit her website at:

What is a Soul Healing? by Maggie Chula

What is a Soul Healing? Why would it help? Soul healing can help relieve the mind of anxiety, depression, excessive sorrow, and many other mental health issues. There are as many ways to help heal your soul as there are issues that need healing. Soul healing can also help relieve physical issues and illness.

Soul healing starts when we recognize there is more to life than what we experience here on Earth. More to our life than this one story of our soul. While in our current storyline, we can feel trapped and bogged down; unable to feel free. Unable to feel the love for life that is our natural state of being. When we dwell on the noise of hatred and bigotry, we add our energy to the vibration of pain so many can feel within their body. It expands the pain of separation and enhances our desire to go back home. But where is home? Where is this feeling of safety we sense we have disconnected from on an intuitive level? This home vibration is the same vibration we feel as we breathe in the breath of life and allow our bodies to relax. The same vibration we sense when we are in a state of prayer. When we feel victorious as we accomplish a long desired goal for our life. Or help someone else who is struggling. When we are able to focus and bring peace to our mind, tackle the automatic negative

feedback that plays over in our thoughts, we have started on the journey of healing our soul.

Why would a soul need to heal? Throughout the existence of our soul, we have been encouraged by God to expand and create new experiences. These experiences are chapters in the book of our soul. While we embrace the fact that we are divine, and our soul lives on eternally, we fail to consider the many lives of our soul. During some of these lifetimes we have been destructive to others which in turn is destructive to our soul. We have been living as if we are in a video game. One life was used up and now we go back to heaven and get a complete restart. New game, new life, new energy. Or when this life is over we return to God and live forever in peace and love. Perhaps. Having worked with thousands of people accessing their soul vibration, a different understanding has been shared with me. This understanding is one of how our soul started out

perfect and whole but through our experiences learns how to destroy and cause other people to feel vulnerable and afraid. Not every life we have lived will be one of destruction, but if you consider the history of mankind, the odds are pretty good we have each been a soldier, warrior, or even defender of our turf. A person who has caused someone else to lose their freedom and ability to choose for themselves.

Growing as a spiritually evolved being As our soul has evolved and grown, mankind has been expanding our collective wisdom that we are spiritual beings. Spiritual, meaning we understand we have lived before, and we are connected to the source vibration of God. Today many of us acknowledge that we find life everywhere we look. Animals, trees, plants, crystals, all have the vibration of life within them. Even this planet is a life form and has a soul connected to the vibration of the source of God. Our expanded knowledge while a blessing, also brings

a responsibility to honor all life, whatever form it chose. In honoring all life, and showing compassion for pain and suffering wherever it is found, we help ourselves to continue our healing on a soul level. Respect for life is free. We also learn and reinforce it with our actions and our choices. A simple way to start to feel more connected to God and to divine health is to acknowledge each day is a new day. This day is the right time to show love, respect, and compassion for yourself and others. With this attitude, we continue healing. Our mind and bodies will thank us. So will our loved ones. By helping ourselves with soul healing, we help to heal our collective soul; the source vibration of God. About the Author Maggie Chula is a Healer of the Soul. Her classes help you connect to your source vibration and channel your soul wisdom. Become inspired. Ignite your imagination. Engage your mind and construct new goals. Learn to create divine health and well-being for every level of life today.

Imagine yourself‌ driven from your home by war, broken lives floating on a Sea of Troubles, your simple prayer to find Kind Hearts, Kind Hands to help you on your journey.

Be the answer to a prayer.

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OM Living For those living a more Conscious Lifestyle

The Challenge of Being a Conscious Being by Veronica Lee

Consciousness in All Its Complexity Ah... the complexity of being utterly human with enough consciousness to know just how flawed we all are. The “greater� the consciousness

(awareness) the greater the capacity to see all the nuances that make up the human being. And, as those who are traveling a path toward understanding and loving self and others, we stumble. Often. And it usually hurts. Part of this “pain” is knowing that we are paradoxically perfect and imperfect. And that we, as humans, tend to screw up and then judge. (Whether judging another’s screw up or our own.) And something about this just doesn’t sit well with a conscious mind. Because what, after all, does it mean to screw up in the first place? Mistakes indicate a “right” and a “wrong.” And again there lies a paradox; since the “spiritual truth” is there is no duality (and likely no absolute “truth”.)

A Spiritual Seeker is a Conscious Being Most spiritual seekers understand we are one collective body and there is a longing to be in harmony with

the whole. But sometimes, just like our physical bodies, the mouth wants something that is not good for the digestive system. Often there are “conflicts” within the organism that should support the one. Doesn’t this seem counter to a universal wisdom? Our bodies “fail” us with disease. The mind has conflicting thoughts... dark ones, altruistic ones. Our ego is both helpful (preserving the system as a whole) and easily crosses the line to selfishness. But where is that line? Who is the judge of the line? So we shrink back in shame and sometimes despair, not just in fear of making mistakes, but because we inherently LOVE the whole. And often the individuals that make up the whole (or at least we want to) and we simply, sincerely don’t want to cause harm.

We Want Harmony All Around Us Our souls are inherently perfect and loving. And through spiritual unfoldment

(a natural process) we want that harmony within and around us in this thirddimensional experience. So we strive, we test the waters, we experiment with leaning into our part in the process, and we “fail” at something along the way. Oh, but then we remember that it is all an illusion and go lick our wounds, and perhaps the wounds of others. Or maybe we’ve dedicated years to healing the sick and wounded. And we wonder and cry for the depths of the human wounds. For those who are ultrasensitive, we deeply feel all of it and this can be overwhelming. Again, the intention was never to add harm. Like a child in a play yard, we simply wanted to engage in this Earthly experience.

Facing the Inevitable - How Best to Find Balance? Intention or not, accidents and harm happen. And this is

also what we must face: the inevitable “ugliness” of life. Flowers die, fruits whither, branches fall and injure people, words intended to help cut like knives. Do we retreat in mediation to “fix” ourselves? Take another course in x, y or z? Do we stop helping those who trust and admire our ability to meet them - human to human because we are imperfect and have the capacity to harm? We could. It certainly feels safer. It’s the thought that counts, right? So the question becomes, “How perfect or spiritually aligned must I be in order to share my gifts with others?”

A Conscious Being Faces a High Stakes Agreement Unlike romantic relationships, the stakes seem to be higher in this arena. Expectations for being perfect beings go through the spiritual roof! How can we ever live up to this tall order even if we did make a soul agreement to

help humanity before we incarnated? “Great or small,” each of us is playing a role in this big cosmic game of life. We can take it “serious” and really strive to be “better” than we were yesterday… oh, but better indicates some kind of evaluation. Who is the evaluator again? God? Source? The All That I AM? So does that mean me? And what was the point of this game? Do we take it all in casually and play merely for the sake of our own enjoyment? Do we compete? Cooperate? Create? Co-create? Win? Lose?

So Many Questions Face Each and Every One of Us Is game just a metaphor? Isn’t this an illusion? A matrix? A cosmic reality show? And who is directing all this? So, again, there emerges the mind’s evaluation of each of these terms and likely a kneejerk or emotional response to which “answer” is correct.

Feeling “correct” makes us feel safer. And, as naturally cooperative beings, we certainly want to do the “right” thing for the good of the whole. Which brings us back to the terms of duality which merely adds confusion to the conscious soul’s mind. So what is a wise, flawed spiritual-human being to do in this age of enlightenment on our evolving planet Earth? Live.

About the Author Intuitive, Mystic, Mentor, and Speaker Veronica Lee has shared life-changing insights with thousands around the world. Believing joy comes from living an integrated life, Veronica models her work around embracing our whole selves, from making peace with imperfections to awakening inherent spiritual gifts. Her empowering style of guidance offers practical tools in addition to deeply insightful support.

Yes, You Can Quit and Be Happy by Colby Psychic Rebel

Are You On the Verge of Saying, “I Quit!?” We have all been taught to never quit; never give up; never throw in the towel. In fact, for some, giving up equates to failure. So, is there

ever a time when it’s okay to quit? The answer is simple, yes! When we are finding that our soul is becoming depleted, our passion dwindling and our heart is no longer invested, we not only have permission to quit, it’s imperative to our soul that we quit. Staying in anything that no longer serves our highest good becomes unhealthy. There are times in our life when we must listen deep within and say “I quit!” Knowing when these times are among us may be difficult as we may feel uncertain, afraid, or outright panicked.

Here are 3 key examples to know when it’s perfectly okay to say, “I Quit!” Signs from the Universe The Universe will give us signs to show us that it is time to pull away from a situation. We may start to see the symbols they created for us. It’s noticing these signs that will help us recognize that it is time to “quit” and move on. For example, we give 110%

to our employer. We are committed, loyal, and invested in the company’s overall success. Yet, we have been continuously denied a raise and our boss doesn’t give us an opportunity for advancement. We are finding it more and more difficult to have our ideas heard. Monday comes and we cringe when the alarms sounds off. We begin to feel defeated. This is a sign that it is time to move on and find an opportunity that allows us to expand our wings and be appreciated for what we do have to offer. Staying for the Wrong Reasons We are no longer happy in our relationship. We may be staying in a relationship because we feel it is the best we are going to get, or that all relationships have its ups and downs, or that we simply don’t want to be alone. These can all be legitimate reasons, but if we feel down and unhappy more than we feel love and support, this is the time to move on.

We have talked to our partner and expressed what we need from the relationship. Yet, they are being uncooperative, or that they only try to compromise for a short period of time before the cycle repeats itself. This is the time to realize that you deserve a more fulfilling relationship. Choosing to love ourselves enough to leave, rather than settling in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship, is a wonderful reason to say “I quit!” Fear of Failure We want a career change. Knowing it’s okay to change our mind about what we want to do in life, but when you have a degree in a particular field and have been working in that industry for any length of time, you may feel that you cannot “start over” in a new career. We tell ourselves, “It’s too much work,” or “I am too old,” or “What if I don’t succeed”? However, if we have a calling that keeps pulling us in a different direction, it is time to listen to it. Knowing the universe will work it out for

us is the first step. Giving ourselves the pink slip in our current career to pursue a path that we are passionate about is one of the best reasons to leave an old life behind.

Choosing for the Highest Good Regardless of where we are in life, we are always allowed to make choices that are for our highest good. Knowing when to hold our boundaries and quit when it is no longer in alignment with our soul is the best way to continuously grow and connect to our higher consciousness. About the Author Colby is a spotlight writer for OMTimes Magazine. She is also a certified Master Spiritual Teacher through The Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD). Colby tours the country teaching others how to develop their own psychic and medium gifts. She is the author of the best-selling book, Leap of Faith: How to Build Your Spiritual Business. www.

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Making Peace with the Feminine Strug gle by Elohim Yael

The Heart of the Inner Feminine Struggle The tale of Abraham, Hagar, Sarah brings us straight to the heart of the inner feminine struggle - as explained in the former article, ‘The Heart of

the Feminine Struggle.’ Their figures tell us about sacrificing, victimizing and being offended. They show us a pattern of protection at the same time. When facing the underlying behavior and emotions of this pattern and when reconnecting with these, we can make peace with the inner feminine struggle. Only then we become aware of these wounded parts, bring them back into our conscious, and start healing them. This will bring back ownership of the feminine and empower the feminine, within each of us, and collectively.

The Pattern of Protection Our previous article on the heart of the feminine struggle captured how Hagar and Sarah struggled with their position of wife and mother. It also clarified how, in her struggle with the masculineoriented system, Lilith felt restricted in her freedom. She chose to escape this reality. Consequently, she limited her connection with the masculine and with the other part of the feminine (which has two parts). The choices and behavior of Lilith, Sarah

and Hagar further show how, somehow, they felt the only way out was to set conditions. They believed these to be necessary to secure their position and their experience of freedom. Unable to recognize that despite a different position or experience, they could still be who they were, in essence. They stepped out of the wholeness of the feminine. Furthermore, they did not realize it was themselves, the feminine, that conditioned their relationship to the masculine. In a way, these women’s choices reflect fear to be left alone or fear of losing their position and essence. This fear indicates that somehow, they did not trust there was enough room or love for them to feel safe. It reveals a lack of confidence in both themselves and the masculine. The inability to see this drama and step out of it, caused both parts of the feminine to stay in the comfort zone of being victimized.

Coming Clean with the Feminine Time passed, and the masculine predominated the (social) system and structures. It also

became harder and harder to see what truly caused the appeared distance. In the current times of bringing back clarity and transparency by throwing light on deeper layers, we are now in the position to set things straight again and take back ownership of the lost feminine. To this end, we take responsibility for all of aspects that are part of the feminine, the good, the lesser and the sorrow. We see through all that happened - the deep inner shadow - and come clean with it. By exposing the pattern of protection against the wrong done, the tale of Hagar and Sarah also enables us to see the underlying emotions and reconnect with these. Hagar and Sarah symbolize the digesting of the effects that the turn the feminine brought upon herself. They invite us to face this deeper layer within our inner feminine. This layer reflects anger and sorrow and involves self-condemnation about the feminine’s responsibility for the removal with both the masculine and herself. By acknowledging and allowing these deeper emotions back into ourselves, we can heal our

inner feminine, also collectively. When the feminine in us is truly able to face her shadow and reconnect with all her deeper emotions, this will reveal the true and sacred wisdom of creation. We explain this in the final article, ‘The Divine Feminine and the Return of Sacred Wisdom of Creation’. Read the previous articles here: 3. T  he heart of the Feminine struggle 2. Making Lilith and her Shadow visible again 1. L ilith, shadowing the Feminine dilemma About the Author Through her articles and gatherings, Yael reminds us of unconditional compassion. This is an important step on the path towards living in harmony. She invites you to experience a deep connection with both yourself and the whole as heartily as possible. Yael embodies the Elohim essence. This means she is connected to the universe from a clear awareness of harmony and unity -



Think Out of the Box: Try Ascending Hearts for free and see for yourself

Dearest, Our creator made every plant with purpose and the cannabis plant has been cultivated since ancient times even before the written word. It’s an extremely versatile plant with many positive applications for humanity. Hemp, the low level THC variety of cannabis was an important agriculture crop and known to be used in ancient Egypt and China. It had been in continual use globally as a natural and renewable resource used for textiles, canvas, linen, paper and rope until it was outlawed in the1930’s. Hemp was known to be stronger and superior to cotton. Imagine how many forests could be saved with hemp used as the main source of our modern day paper products? During the Great Depression smoking marijuana was increasing. After the outrageous propaganda

campaign “Reefer Madness” it became a witch hunt. Criminalization of marijuana followed and the hemp farms stopped production too. The new laws caused a black market industry and the rise of drug cartels. When marijuana was classified as a schedule 1 drug and listed in the same category as heroin this caused long term jail sentences for many and reinforced the lie that marijuana is a hard drug. When actually it’s a stress reducing drug and the negative side effects were of sluggishness and excessive snacking. The stigma of smoking marijuana was fabricated and promoted which is unenlightened and an outdated mode of thinking. In fact there is a whole culture that uses cannabis to expand their consciousness and heal the mind. Once a vilified drug, science is now rediscovering the importance of cannabis, CBD hemp oil and tinctures, as medicine and possibly medical miracles in the areas of seizures, tumors, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cancer, fibromyalgia, eczema, Crohn's Disease, multiple sclerosis and certain neurological disorders.


Dear Whitedove, I’m curious about the information that you may have about the use of marijuana. My Father is not open to hearing any positive aspects because he’s so preoccupied in his outdated belief system. - Wondering what “Spirit” has to say?

As a food, the nutrients of hemp seed are known to be a nutritionally complete food source: so much so that global hunger could be eradicated because life can be sustained with a handful of seeds. Cannabis is God’s green grass that was put here to sustain humanity. We as a global society should champion its amazing benefits, push forward with medical testing, reduce laws and increase hemp production for paper goods. Natural solutions and herbal medicines are a God send – literally! Dear Michelle, I love people and animals and I want to learn how to see an Aura. Hoping that you can give me some tips.

inch of the bark you will begin to see the white aura that outlines the tree. Practice daily until you see it. Trees don’t move so they are great subjects to study first, whereas animals are always scampering about. Then begin to study people as they are sitting around. It’s easier if they are against a solid color wall so that you can look at the area surrounding them. You are looking for a shadow made of light. In the beginning, you may only see a faint white light, but the more you practice then you’ll see the light in colors. People emanate a variety of rainbow colors in different sizes. Enjoy

Dearest, The AURA is your electromagnetic force field, it’s the light of your soul emanating from within. You can train yourself to see auras with a little practice. Start with trees, they have a robust aura. Sit outside when daylight is fading because it’s difficult to see the light of an aura in bright sunshine. Clear your mind, open your heart and from a distance look at the tree bark. Within an Connect with Whitedove

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Make the most of meaningful events and encounters and lessen the effects of any negative experiences. Life Stages alerts you to specific occurrences, where you should best consolidate, or when to experiment; otherwise where to be cautious; when it’s down to you, or someone else; when to wait and when to act.

Life Stages Life Stages Life Stages

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Personal Growth & Development We grow as individuals as we face challenges and overcome life’s obstacles. This section is dedicated to helping you chart your course.

7 Ways to Trai l the Path o f Your Dreams by Andrew Pacholyk, MS L.Ac

What is the Path Less Taken? I wanted to be this, or I wanted to do this‌, but I (fill in excuse here). The number of reasons for not perusing your dreams is

staggering. But when I ask someone in my practice to list three reasons why they should follow their dreams, not too many people can come up with them.

we take care of our own needs. If you are not in tip top (mind, body, spirit) shape, how can you effectively care for others, let alone, yourself?

already given up! They have already blocked themselves from any possibilities they could imagine. The sheer enjoyment and possibility of doing something they love are already condemned before they get started.

The real key to success is persistence and perseverance. I have seen so many people give up, fall by the wayside or just stop trying. The excuses I hear are often about their lack of persistence. If you already have a perceived timeline as to how and when you will achieve your goal, you have already lost.

The Honoring of Ourselves

What Comes Between You and Your Goal?

This is something we tend to lose sight of, especially as we grow older. “Excuse instead of action� seems to be the norm, instead of the exception. Honoring everyone else first (husband, wife, children, family, friends, colleagues) is the path we so often go down first before

As you can see, your expectations are already in the way and keeping you from your goal. This is the number one means of failure. Instead of taking your dreams a day at a time or allowing things to naturally transpire on their own timeline, you have given them an expiration

Where Do You Want to Go in Life?

date with your expectation. What do you really want to do with your life? What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? Here are my top tips for “following your path…”

7 Ways to the Path of Your Dreams 1. Make a list of fears: This could be a short list or a long list. The idea is, to create a list of fears you recognize. Once you know what each one of these fears is, you can then look each one of them in the eye and find the “opposite” reasoning behind it. It is going to be your way of debunking these reasons. 2. Do not use money as an excuse: Money comes and goes. You will sometimes have it and sometimes you may not. But, I bet you that whenever you really need it, it somehow comes to you.

It is often your fear of not having any that stops you from doing anything. 3. Let go of “what if”: You will never have the answer to this question. So let it go. The anticipation of anything is a fool’s game. Your goal is to look at the moment. The past is behind you, and the future has not happened yet. You must learn how your attention in the present moment will help you focus on the task at hand. 4. Choose ways to reach your goal: Perhaps you have to go back to school or travel far to pursue your desires. Maybe you need to find a teacher or climb the corporate ladder. Make a list from point A to point B. Map out ways to get you on that path to your goal. Come up with a plan A, B or even C. Look at how these possibilities can work for you.

5. Take the first step:

7. Make Room for Change:

Without this, you can go nowhere. You can pave that path with good intentions, but if you do not take that first step, you are no further along than sitting and dreaming about it. It is important not to get bogged down in the negative feedback from others, the family members that do not want you to leave your day job or those who think you can’t do it. Focus on your path. Use your energy to follow your positive thought process and take one step forward.

Make it a nourishing, selfrespecting place for change to take place in your mind. In the same way, create a life-affirming, positive path to reach your goal. Make no excuses. Procrastination is the by-product of feeling unworthy. Self-worth leads us in the right direction.

6. Do something every day that brings you closer to your dream! If you wish to keep one foot in your current job, do so. But, the other foot should be reaching with each toe to inch forward on that path. Send a resume, take your class, go on an interview. Each day makes a journal or just write down what you did to achieve your day’s goal.

What you will realize by taking these steps, is that before you know it, you are actually looking back over your shoulder to see how far you have come, without even realizing it. Keep moving forward, and I promise, your persistence and perseverance will give you your just reward! About the Author Find out more about author Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac at: Therapies for healing mind, body, spirit

Let’s Be the Change by Gia Dalton

If Change is Inevitable, Embrace It! We have all heard the saying “Change is inevitable”. But have we truly accepted that ideology? Often we resist truly grounded change due to fear,

pride and unbelief. We resist the unknown because we don’t know what is waiting for us on the other side. Sometimes our pride gets in the way and we can’t admit we were wrong. Perhaps an ideology that we held close to heart, no longer resonates. The problem is we have preached that ideology for so long, our pride stands in the way of admitting that particular ideology no longer works. To save face, we stand behind something we don’t believe in anymore. Or plain ol’ unbelief. We lack the type of belief needed to surrender everything we are struggling with. We lack the trust needed to know that God has made a way, even if we can’t see it.

Four Steps to Deep, Grounded Change But take heart. Together we

can make a change in the world, by becoming that change. At any point in time we can decide to change. Here are four steps that can lead to a deep rooted and grounded change, beginning with ourselves. Whether it’s a developmental crisis, part of growing and developing, situational, an accident or sudden disaster, or existential crises, struggling with direction in life, purpose, or spirituality. Let’s be the change. 1. Crisis. Crisis often comes before change. It’s a time of difficulty, trouble or danger, and a critical turning point. Perhaps we suddenly find ourselves at a crossroad, where a decision needs to be made. During this time, we may feel sad or hopeless. The crisis could happen to us personally, or to a friend,

family member, neighbor, coworker, nationally or even globally. Our personal perceptions dictate how we handle a situation of crisis, as we act out our coping skills, or lack thereof which have been cultivated throughout the years. During a state of crisis, we feel a mixture of emotions, from feeling alone and left behind, to frustrated or afraid. We can be indecisive, reactive, apathetic. Why? because at the root of those emotions and feelings lies our greatest struggle, and it is with God. We must find a way to trust that even though our eyes do not see a way out of the situation, God has made a way. Crisis translates to surrender. We need to surrender the things we are struggling with to God. 2. Commitment. The next step is commitment. Pledging to ourselves that

we will remain committed to believing that everything we have surrendered to God is being taken care of. We agree to wait, until we see the change, or until an answer comes. During this period, we do not act out of fear, pride or unbelief. We are in the waiting peacefully, and hopefully. 3. Truth. Change happens from the inside out. That is where real work begins. It’s time to own up. This means taking responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Looking ourselves in the mirror and becoming as transparent as humanly possible. Dissecting personal agendas and motivations that are usually cleverly covered by emotions like anger, fear and pride. Removing those layers, just like peeling back the skin of an onion, one layer at time,

will reveal truths. Truths in the form of hurts and wounds that have never had an opportunity to heal…. until now. Next have an authentic and real conversation with God. He already knows everything, however this step is essential because in order to change anything, we must first change ourselves.

process. We have witnessed a shift in our perceptions, and a conversion of sorts. The crisis was an envoy leading us to make a commitment to surrender and live by truth, so that we can be a new creation. With God, trusting God, being committed to God, surrendering to God the old is gone and the new has come.

Admitting and coming to terms with aspects of ourselves we may not necessarily like very much. Let the change begin in us so we can heal, and help change the world. We are each other’s teachers.

Let’s be the change, the grounded change, we want to see in the world.

4. Transformation. Transformation begins when we realize we can no longer be who were before. After surrendering, remaining committed, and learning the truth, comes transformation. We are now transformed, reconfigured, refashioned, revamped through the

About the Author Gia Dalton is an international visionary writer, speaker, coach, teacher and intuitive life strategist. Currently writing a book, A Modern, Bohemian Guru, she states, “My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love, giving the glory to God.”

No Excuse Justifies Lying by Maria Khalife

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” ~ Mark Twain On the subject of lying and lies, we have always valued men

and women of high principle - those for whom integrity is held aloft as a standard. But we have seen our so-called leaders caught in many lies publicly in the news. This destroys our ability to continue to hold them in the same place of value.

Is There Any Excuse for Lying? When it comes to lying, they are human beings such as we are. And although they seem to be held to a higher standard, what kind of standard do we hold ourselves to? Do we always exercise integrity, or do we permit “little white lies?” What are some of the lies we tell ourselves? What kind of lying do we engage in to maintain some semblance of comfort and just jog in place, instead of being the change?

I Lost My Window of Opportunity. We all know about “doing it later.” Later never comes, does it? You are consciously saying to yourself if you use this excuse “I don’t want to. I just want to sit here as is.” When it becomes later, will you feel more like doing it? I don’t think so. Nice was right when they adopted the slogan “Just Do It!” Right now is what you’ve got. I’m Not Able to Do It. Fear makes even small tasks look difficult. Push past the fear and you will discover it’s not hard at all. Your mind has lots of “Oh Lord I am not worthy or capable” in there, and you just have to call those ideas out for the liars they are. You won’t know if you’re capable or not until you try doing it.

I’ll Just Take this Little Break. McDonald’s had us all believing “you deserve a break today” and, sure, breaks are necessary. But when the break becomes the habit, you have to ask yourself if this is the way to plan to handle your life. What about your plan? Can you implement your plan while taking breaks? How important are your goals to you anyway? Isn’t achieving the goal reward enough, or do you have to have the break, too? You can see these work against one another. It is your choice. “They” Have it Easier Than I Do. Ah, they! When you look at any other human being, remember that you are seeing

only one small snapshot of their life. You do not see what preceded that picture or what followed it. You don’t have enough information to know if they have it easier or not. Listen, we all have obstacles and struggles. Thinking about how others handle things vs. trying to do it yourself isn’t rational. There are so many people whose obstacles are way worse than yours. I’ll Let It Slide Just This Once. A little allowance. One small slip. It is so very alluring and if you indulge it, your mind jumps on it and says “Ah ha! We got her this time. It’s a weakness in the chain and we can attack it more the next time.” If I were to indulge this “one little lie,” there would be

no Change Coaching Institute, no Khalifé Enterprises, nothing. Be on the alert. To Heck with It. I’ll Just Quit and Begin Over Someday. Has “someday” come for you? We love the picture of a bulldog determinedly tugging at the toy he wants. He never quits. He will have it, by golly. Persevere. Persist. Continue. Never quit. Every impediment is not a “Let’s Quit Now” flag. Take a deep breath, and then see what you can do to recoup your losses and plow forward. You could be very close to the success you dream of, so don’t stop working at it. Telling yourself sweet little lies camouflages your fear, your doubt, your laziness -

some lack you sense inside yourself. Take care of these lacks and you will never have to lie again. You can then hold yourself up for acclaim.

About the Author With over 20 years of experience gained across television, radio and print, Maria Khalifé brings to her clients knowledge and understanding in holistic and motivational living. Maria brings to the world powerful life-changing experiences for those who seek extraordinary lives and want to reach their maximum potential. Maria can help you to uncover your true dynamic self. Please visit http://www.


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OMTimes is excited to have Lee Harris on the cover of the OMTimes Magazine March B 2017 Edition.  

OMTimes is excited to have Lee Harris on the cover of the OMTimes Magazine March B 2017 Edition. Lee Harris is a gifted energy intuitive, c...

OMTimes is excited to have Lee Harris on the cover of the OMTimes Magazine March B 2017 Edition.  

OMTimes is excited to have Lee Harris on the cover of the OMTimes Magazine March B 2017 Edition. Lee Harris is a gifted energy intuitive, c...