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January D 2017

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Georgina Cannon - The Third Circle Protocal


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Can A Bad Person Benefit from Good Feng Shui Program Spotlight - The Magic of Somatic Money How Happy are Your Chldren? The Feminine Art of Slowing Down OMTimes Radio Host Spotlight - Victor Fuhrman

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Stop Being Nice And Start Being Real

Living Life by Your Own Right How to Get All of Your Needs Met this Year

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An award-winning author, Georgina Cannon is a change catalyst, corporate speaker, international facilitator, and practicing consulting hypnotist who brilliantly and skillfully uncovers the powers of the subconscious mindbody connection working through relationship and life issues with clients both personally and for business.

Georgina Cannon With an eclectic background in journalism, the corporate world and counselling, Georgina Cannon is a powerful catalyst for change – in a person, a couple, or a corporation/organization. Writing, teaching, lecturing and appearing in the media, she attracts audiences both young and old, including the 78 million baby boomers in North America looking forward to the second half of their lives and seeking insight and inspiration on life’s deepest questions. OMTIMES. COM

programs and her work has gained her prominence as a source for news and feature articles on hypnosis, counselling and complementary therapies. Her work and extraordinary commitment has been recognized internationally. OMTIMES: Why did you write The Third Circle Protocol - how did the idea start?

Georgina Cannon is an awardwinning, board-certified, master consulting hypnotist and in 1997 founded the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, which within a few years became Canada’s leading hypnosis training facility and clinic. She has since sold the OHC to focus on her writing, lecturing and client work. An accredited life coach, she is recognized as the public face of hypnosis and the mind-body connection in Canada and is a respected member of the complementary health community. Georgina is a regular guest on national and international television and radio OMTIMES. COM

Georgina Cannon: About eight years ago, Robert came into my clinic office looking for help with anger management. He had inherited his parents’ business 18 months prior and discovered a temper that he didn't know he had. The trigger for his newly discovered anger was the bookkeeper, Helen, who he had inherited as part of the business. She had been there since it opened and had known Robert since he was four-years-old and seemingly treated him that way. "Every time I hold a staff meeting, and I want to bring forward new customer relationship protocols, she argues with me. Reminding me that the way my parents did it has worked well, so why change it. I feel she diminishes me in front of the staff and I get angry. The same thing happens every time. I apologized later, and the following day she brings me cookies to say sorry. I don't want

her damn cookies!" He stamped his foot and banged the desk as he said that - and looked just like a four-year-old having a tantrum. What I saw at that moment was a snapshot of what Helen saw in her mind - her boss as a 4-yearold kid, son of the original owners of the business. At that moment, the concept of The Third Circle Protocol was born. I saw it very clearly; the unspoken expectations we have of each other. We always take snapshots of everyone we have a relationship with, and we expect them to behave according to our snapshot. The clerk at the checkout counter, our long-time friend or lover, our work colleagues and most of all our family. By doing this, we are removing the humanity of our interaction with the expectations of consistent performance. The husband who claims his wife has changed since he married her, the parent who complains about a teenager's behavior or the distancing of a family member for seemingly no reason. The question of "why are they doing this to me?" avoids the reality of others being whole human beings who evolve and change the same and in different ways we do. If not, we'd still be crawling on the floor in diapers!


As I started working with Robert on both his snapshot version of himself and Helen, the concept of The Third Circle Protocol unfolded - one that allowed new rules and boundaries for a brand-new relationship. We examined expectations, at that time unwritten or unsaid - the unspoken contract of assumptions. We looked at the life values that were important to Robert, his priorities and what he needed in his relationship with Helen - and all his employees. Along the way, we added what he would like to have in his employee relationships as well as what he needed. And then, what was he prepared to give to the relationships with his employees - apart of course from the salary and benefits in their employee contracts. OMTIMES: You write in your book about contracts, spoken and unspoken, can you explain that? Georgina Cannon: Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are in a relationship every moment of every day. The people we live with, the person at the gas station, our boss, our dentist or doctor, the sales clerk and even ourselves. And let's take it even further; the people who enable us to have running water from the tap, lights on when we flick a

switch and the techie when our computer crashes. (oops!) What breaks relationships apart the missing piece if you will - is the unspoken and unwritten expectations or mind contracts, we carry with us. Plus, there are previous patterns of bullying or victimhood, either as learned behavior in this life or from a previous life or experience. With the relationships, we choose in life, our friends, lovers, work colleagues, I believe that we spend more time choosing a flavor of ice-cream than we give to how we start, build and live in relationships! OMTIMES: So, what exactly is that mind contract, or the Third Circle? Georgina Cannon: So, there's the first circle YOU, the second circle ME and the third circle THE RELATIONSHIP. As Dr. Bernie Siegel commented on reading the book, "The Third Circle Protocol speaks the truth. One plus one equals three. The third entity is the relationship which two people create". The relationship itself consists of the unspoken contract - and with the protocol, that unspoken contract becomes spoken.


 Your life values - the rock on which you stand  Your priorities - for the next 6 - 12 months  Your absolute needs in every relationship including with yourself 4 - 5 needs  Your wants - or nice to have's  What are you prepared to give into the relationship to keep it vibrant, healthy and strong? OMTimes: What are the most common relationship problems and how easy is it to solve them? Georgina Cannon: Most problems start with expectations not met. Often operating from the snapshot we've made of others, what they used to be, or should be. A partner who 'should' know what we're thinking, a teen who is becoming 'uppity,' a doctor or lawyer we feel is dismissive. We feel let down, unrecognized and sometimes angry. All wellchoreographed relationships have the same basis - a strong relationship with ourselves starting with living our values, knowing our priorities and what we want and need in all life relationships. We start with the relationship we have with ourselves first because we take ourselves everywhere we go.

Since this protocol came alive, I ask every coaching and counseling client to work, often for the first time in his or her lives, on themselves first. Then we move to working on any troubling relationships they have within the family, work or lovers. As we communicate with our other relationships, we also communicate with our self. Our self-talk is the most important conversation we have every day. We have about 50,000 thoughts a day - 35 or so a minute, and that's on a slow day! Knowing that what we think about, we bring about, you'd think we'd be more careful about our thoughts and self-talk wouldn't you? Because the relationship we have with our self is pivotal with how we manage and nurture other relationships. It’s the seed and flower of all relationships - and sometimes those relationships can be thorny. OMTimes: Are all relationships treated the same way? Georgina Cannon: Yes and no. As an example, when we're working with aging parents the dynamics are different. They are used to being in charge and hate the idea of someone - their child in most cases - making decisions for them. This is when you take OMTIMES. COM

their values into consideration when making life altering plans for them, and as kindness or consideration is probably one of your own values, that shouldn't be too difficult to work with. When we're working with the 'unloved ones' in our lives - and we all have those. There are different ways of communicating than we have done in the past to make our lives less stressful. I go into this in greater detail in the book. But basically, if you remember that people like people who are like them; so start looking for similarities, even as basic as gender, hobbies or TV shows and build on that - always using your own values of kindness, or openmindedness, or whatever is important to you. OMTimes: What kinds of relationships should people avoid? Georgina Cannon: Any that diminish us or belittle your value system. As an example, if one of your 4 or 5 needs in your relationship contract with yourself is to be heard, and your boss, lover or friend talks over you all the time or ignores your need to be heard. It's time to reevaluate that relationship and maybe leave it behind.

OMTimes: In your best-selling book Return - How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives and Your Interlives, you describe how understanding our past, and past lives can improve our futures. Could you explain that? Georgina Cannon: With pleasure! I believe we live in patterns - how we hold our mug of coffee, how we walk, how we talk, how we react to certain stimulations (Hi Robert!) who we like, who we love and who we are attracted to, or not. Some of these patterns are taught to us, mostly unknowingly, in early childhood - what is called learned behavior. Some seem to come to us through genetics (you walk like your grandfather although you never met him) and others come to us from a past lifetime. The latter, we sometimes call Karma. I believe that our Karma is like a hand of cards we are given. It is up to us how we play them. So, if you live in a pattern of victimhood for instance, once you realize that, you can change it. You can choose to become a hero in your life instead of a victim. The Third Circle Protocol works brilliantly with this type of OMTIMES. COM

change need because it brings to the foreground all the assumptions we have been living with. And once we know what they are, we can work to change them. OMTimes: Any final words to our readers? Georgina Cannon: After working with clients for over 20 years, I know this to be true. How we interact with others in relationships, is totally based on how we interact with our self. Many relationships in life are messy - particularly family relationships. Many work well enough to be enjoyable or efficient. Some, truly, are not worth the energy. You get to choose. You get to choose who and how you are, through your values, priorities, needs, wants and gives. So, it is with all your relationships. That's the secret. That's the missing piece.

Health & Wellness

Innovative new approaches to Healing as well as holistic methods for dealing with health issues and personal growth

Healthy Life Prescription 101 by Braxton Cosby

Suggested Exercise Prescription for the New Year Here we are at the start of another year, and I know that everyone has decided that this is the year that they will finally

make permanent changes in their lives concerning their health, right? And, this year will be different because you finally have everything in place. The kids have their schedules set, you have planned your meals, and you even have a good exercise buddy to set off the New Year with a bang. Accountability is everything! So, what is missing? What are the key ingredients to making and keeping those life changes that will resonate with good results the entire year and for years to come? Hold on and don’t fret. I have your first prescription for the new year.

The Prescription is Exercise Before starting any exercise program, it is essential to implement a good stretching protocol. A lot of people are unaware that stretching IS

a form of physical exercise. Specific muscles or tendons (or muscle group) are deliberately flexed or stretched to improve the muscles’ felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility, and range of motion. This can make great contributions to increasing muscle output during exercise; especially strength training. How to Stretch: Start with stretching, every day prior to performing a single exercise. Whichever muscles you want to use that day, stretch them first. For a 20-second interval, hold with light, slow stretching is best as you take the muscle to its end range (the place where you feel the most resistance within a comfortable range). Threeto-four intervals of 20 seconds should do nicely. You can easily find videos of stretches online, along with exercises for each muscle group.

Next comes the Strength Training:

Example: Squat hops, with should presses. (You can look it up online.)

As you know. I am a heavy proponent of packing on pounds of muscle to shave off pounds of fat. Most strengthtraining workouts burn only a modest number of calories compared to aerobic activities. However, increasing the intensity of your strength training program will pay great dividends in the long run. Half an hour of moderate weightlifting burns about 112 calories if you weigh 155 pounds, and 133 calories if you’re 185 pounds, per the Harvard Medical School.

A half-hour of body-weight exercises like pushups, dips, and pullups burn 167 calories if you weigh 155 pounds, and 200 calories if you weigh 185 pounds. Perform these at a more vigorous intensity (less rest intervals with added weights) and you can burn 298 calories at 155 pounds and 355 calories at 185 pounds.

In contrast, vigorous weightlifting burns 223 calories for a 155-pound person and 266 calories for a 185-pound person. ‘What is vigorous weight training,’ you ask? Basically, performing strength training with multiple joints with higher impact and less time interval rest breaks.

Lifting weights just five-to-ten percent heavier than the ones you currently use may help you burn 500-to-600 more calories per strength training session. Heavier weights with which you can perform only six-to-eight repetitions are a better option than light weights with which you can perform 12-to-15 repetitions.

Weighty Alternatives:

Keys to results? Heavier Weights:

Using heavier weights boosts your metabolism more postworkout than using light weights. Start off with three sets of 15-20 repetitions with low weight. This will build muscle quickly and decrease the risk of injury. Then, gradually increase the weight over time and do less reps (8-10) while increasing sets (3-5). On a weekly basis, it is good to do arms one day, chest back and shoulders another, and then legs one day. Over a five-day period, try arms, chest back and shoulders two days a week and legs one day, for people trying to build muscle and redefine their bodies. For those trying to lose weight, try arms, chest, back, and shoulders one day a week and legs two times and week, along with a mix of cardio activity (45-

60) on the same days. And there you have it--the prescription you need for healthy success. Hope this helps. Keep the focus! About the Author Dr. Braxton A. Cosby, licensed physical therapist with his Clinical Doctorate from the University of Miami, has over 14 years of professional experience as a presenter, program facilitator, Certified Clinical Instructor, Sports Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer. His newest book, Fat Free for Life: 13 Principles of Guaranteed Weight Loss and Ultimate Health, is available now at retail stores and online. A past co-host with Jamie Dukes, on Ask the Fat Doctors, Braxton now broadcasts his podcast, Fat Free: Ask the Fat Doc. Connect with him at: and DrBraxtonCosby.

Simply Spiritual To perceive reality from a different perspective is to open oneself to the wonders and unlimited wealth of creation. Simply Spiritual offers the opportunity to visit new places, new methods, and different ways to perceive the vast human knowledge of our Universe.

Touching Lives and Making Connections I hope that in the last two weeks, you’ve made time to express some feelings. It is important to touch lives by making a positive change in

one or more of your personal relationships. I believe it’s part of the bigger picture, which for the purpose of this article, and I’d like to call it “touching lives that matter.” As I believe that when you make a commitment to connect with people, you care about, you touch their lives in a way that not only matters to them but potentially has the ripple effect of touching others. When you make that commitment to remain connected, it sets the stage for stronger, more fulfilling relationships. By reaching out, it builds bridges and in some instances, repairs bridges that were broken or damaged by past disputes, past hurts, past disagreements or misinterpretations.

Remaining Close and Staying in Touch I know it can be difficult to remain close to everyone at the same time in this busy

world, with constant calls on our time, our energy, our love - all of which can easily drain our vital resource. But in making time for your loved ones and those who are important in your life demonstrates how important they are in your life. It shows our desire to be an equally important part of their lives. I liked touching lives to a game that I heard a while ago. It’s all about closing your eyes and having to touch four objects. The story goes like this. Imagine someone taking you by the hand and guiding you to various objects. You touch each, in turn, the first feeling “rough,” then “hard,” “cold” and the last being a ‘warm” object. The last object filled your body with warmth, permeating your whole body with a warm that made you feel a connection. When you open your eyes, you realize that you touched a packaged granola bar, stone, a granite

worktop and then the final object … the palm of a hand. When we reach out and touch each other, the same connection is forged, one of warmth, which in turns warms the heart.

JOHN’S LESSON We have just past the holiday season, when our thoughts turn to those we love. Perhaps we bought gifts to show them we love them and they’re important in our lives. Remember that it’s just as important to touch their lives in other ways. As much as I enjoy modern technology and the myriad of uses for social media, I feel it’s pulling us away from each other on a personal level, and now we tend to resort to a ‘hello text’ or a Facebook ‘thumbs up’ or an ‘Emoji.’ Try to speak to the person or have some face time. It’s more personal, and you’re at least sharing in each other’s energy.

For this lesson, and it’s a simple one, just take an extra few moments with those you care about over the coming weeks. Every time you hug someone or shake their hand, or hold someone … make a special effort to make that connection last a few moments longer than usual. Turn that hug into a special one. Make that handshake mean something so they feel you holding their hand. Honor each other by being present. If someone needs to talk … let them talk, if someone needs advice … gladly give it, or honor if a person just needs to vent, without giving back advice. We’re all connected and always will be. Live a Soul-filled life! About the Author John Holland is an artist, author, public speaker, and psychic medium. To learn more about John Holland, visit

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OM Living For those living a more Conscious Lifestyle

Can a Bad Person Benefit from Good Feng Shui? by Kartar Diamond

Can Good Feng Shui Overcome Bad Intentions? Because people often associate feng shui with spirituality, the question sometimes comes up as to whether a person with bad intentions can benefit from good feng shui. For instance, could a criminal living in a house that supports financial luck successfully continue to make more money through their illicit means? In 1996, I went to a home that was at the very end of a long cul-desac. When I knocked on the door, initially no one answered. Then I heard some muffled yelling. I

knocked again, and I heard a woman screaming obscenities. I was a little concerned at this point but thought perhaps that she was expecting someone else and to not take the aggression personally. What I walked in on was, unfortunately, one of my more memorable clients, not in a good way. When I had spoken with her the night before, she told me she was an actress and then giggled right after she said that. I had understood this to mean that she might be a struggling actress, the plight of so many people in Los Angeles.

An Odd Encounter for a Feng Shui Consultant

Not Embarrassed by an Embarrassing Business

She told me to come in, and I sat down as she finished up berating a young man who left a few minutes later. She then turned to me to explain that she was “training” him, and this man was angry because he had mishandled one of her drug runs. At this point, I did seriously question why I was there and made a mental note of where the exits were.

Without embarrassment, she said that she wanted it to help increase her drug dealing and prostitution businesses. When I told her that the essence of feng shui is about balance and harmony and that what she does is not at all related, she then tried to gain my sympathy by stating that she was learning how to meditate and sort of trying to change her ways. I then agreed to proceed with the consultation, pretending as if she were a normal person.

Who would have guessed that a drug-dealing prostitute would want the services of a feng shui consultant? No one I knew had referred her to me. Ironically, she had picked up my business card at the legendary metaphysical bookstore, the Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood. Since the whole scene had quickly become quite surreal, I decided to just hang in there for documentary research and see if the negativity of the house matched the negativity of the client. I asked her why she even wanted a feng shui reading. She responded that she had heard feng shui principles help people make more money.

First, I noted that she had painted all the front windows over with red and blue paint (no curtains or blinds.) I told her that normal people would not want to do that because it made the house too dark and it can make people depressed to be in a chronically dark house. She responded with, “but we do bondage here and I don’t want the neighbors to see that!” “How about curtains or drapes so that you can control the lighting and open them up at least sometimes?” I might as well have told her to set fire to her hair because she couldn’t

understand the sense of what I was recommending.

Would the Best Advice be Heard by the Bad Person? Then, I pointed out that the corner of her fireplace (within two feet of the front door) made it difficult to enter and that the angle of the corner pointed like an arrow at whoever entered. This feature can make people feel uncomfortable. I was about to suggest ways remedy it, but her eyes lightened up, and she seemed to enjoy the fact that a design flaw in her home would make people feel uncomfortable. As our meeting was rapidly growing in absurdity, I mentioned that she has the kind of house which technically should have a lower land level in the back, but I could see from a window that the back of the property had a steep incline. I explained that this is something which can undermine the prosperity she was so concerned about. To reduce my liability, I explained that this appeared to be a feature which could not be corrected. I forewarned her that this might be one of the several reasons to move. She then jumped up and

said, “No problem! I can move that mountain!� She told me that one of her customers was a contractor and that she could make a trade with him. She said he could bring in his tractor and level out the land and that she would just have to have sex with him for free for a year!

Like Aspirin, Feng Shui Remedies Make No Judgment I could go on with the details of this dark, cartoonish experience. But it did make me wonder if unconscious people can even benefit from good feng shui. I think the answer is yes, although I do not think it could go on forever. The laws of karma would eventually cause something to happen, even if it were a fated move to a place that did not have good feng shui. In the same way that aspirin does not make a moral judgment about whether it should alleviate the headache of someone who might be unworthy, feng shui remedies can and do benefit some unlikely characters. At least this woman was honest about what she was up to. There have been times when

I asked female clients what their husbands do for a living, and the purposefully vague answer back was “he is an entrepreneur” or even “I don’t know for sure.” “Something with computers” is often a good response when people do not want to be totally forthright. I would never knowingly help someone who engaged in criminal activity or deceit. But, sometimes feng shui consultants do not realize that criminal activity is taking place until later, if they figure it out at all.

What to Do and What Not to Do One time, early on in my consulting experience, I was giving a woman advice about a bedroom her husband slept by himself, without her. Routinely, I not only tell people what they should do with space but also what they should not do, because otherwise people unknowingly unbalance their environments. I noticed that this woman was only writing down the things she should not do with the bedroom (which could harm his health) and she winked at me when I pointed this out. Silently horrified, I did not

openly confront her the way I would now. I had already given her the ammunition she wanted to harm her husband. The bedroom indicated a strong potential for heart problems, and I think she wanted to kill him off with bad feng shui. I could only hope that a higher power stepped in to protect that man. Feng Shui Solutions is a fullscale consulting service in Traditional Feng Shui. Many people are not aware of how many different Schools and theories abound, all under the umbrella of the simple phrase “feng shui.” Historically, Feng Shui services were not available to everyone. Now in current times, basic information is available to all, although many Feng Shui Masters keep their most precious secrets to themselves. About the Author Kartar Diamond trained classically in Feng Shui and is a practitioner since 1992. The author of several books, she helps many clients through her company. Find out more at:

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“Somatic” means body. “Somatic Money” means the technology of money relationship through body space. POWERFUL. Unlock Your Money Issues With
This 44 Minute Online Master Class. You’ll Learn How To . . . • ENGAGE YOUR SOMATIC MONEY PRESENCE: Are you present in your body with your money? Learn what SOMATIC MONEY is and how your money-body presence can help you claim your money life. • EMBRACE YOUR SOMATIC MONEY VULNERABILITY: Experience the COUNTER-INTUITIVE money move that can radically improve your money life. • KNOW YOUR SOMATIC MONEY AGREEMENTS: Identify your money agreements through the FOUR SACRED MONEY ELEMENTS for better money navigation. The Magic Of Somatic Money is BEYOND abundance, manifestation, Law of Attraction or prosperity techniques. When you pair somatic concepts and techniques with sound money relationship, it makes for a truly unique blend of metaphysical money consciousness unlike any other you’ve heard about. So, sign up here . . .

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What Clients Are Saying About The Magic Of Somatic Money . . . “The best money I spent all year was coaching with Dana.” ~ Elizabeth from Milwaukee, WI “Dana is nothing less than a miracle in my life.” ~ Jessica from Carlsbad, CA “Dana, has a kickass style of conscious business coaching that has changed and improved my style of running my business.” ~ Gwendolyn from Belen, New Mexico

How Happy Are Your Children? by Maria Khalife

Get Children Off to a Good Start “I had a very happy childhood, which is unsuitable if you’re going to be an Irish writer.” ~ Maeve Binchy Most parents want their children to be smart as well as happy, while some have more specific dreams for their kids. Regardless of which category you prefer,

every parent wants the best for his kids, so that the future of society is aggrandized. Kids don’t come with a “How To” manual, so you and I are free to do our level best for our kids. Here are some ideas that might help to contribute to your smart and happy child.

hurry and worry. Not easy, I know, but believe it or not what children want from their parents more than anything else is for them to be happier and less stressed. Love, Honor and Respect Your Kids.

You know they may oppose you, but when they become mature, you’ll recognize your mannerisms built into them automatically. Without preaching, you can set their standards by the way you live your daily life, because they are watching you. Preaching truly does go “to the choir.” Doing goes to their hearts.

If you don’t back your kids up 100% of the time, who will? Tell them when you see them doing something good. Teach them a better way when you see them faltering. Tell your child “I know you can do this.” That alone will give them the confidence to try. Think of your child as topnotch and gifted, and your expectations will play out in their behavior from nothing more than your beliefs and expectations about them.

How Can You Show Your Kids Less Stress?

About Boundaries Children Love Them.

Kids who grow up in a home where stress is the norm, aren’t as happy and successful. So, whatever it takes, figure out ways to bring more peace and harmony in the home. Keep arguments for private times. Pace your tasks to eliminate

A story was printed in Reader’s Digest about a school where the playground fence was removed prior to being replaced. Those children all played at the center of the playground. Once the new fence was in

“Be” What You Want Them to Become.

place, they moved to playing at its inner edge. Why, you might be thinking? Kids love boundaries. They interpret boundaries as being cared about. It’s not enough to set boundaries and enforce them, but if you want to become your kids friend, you’ve got to explain the “Why” behind the boundaries or you’ll end up with little rebels. Encourage Friendships with ‘Positive’ Peer Pressure. We hear a lot about negative peer pressure, but it’s the positive peer pressure that is so helpful for your kids. Having neighbors who love kids helps them develop. Attending a good school is another big help, and their friends can become a huge support. The influences your kid gets from you, his family, and - important here - his friends helps him to become who he is. Think about how your friends support you. Like that. Teach them Conscious Gratitude. If you can help your children to become consciously

grateful for the little things in their life, or if you can do a Family Gratitude Journal daily, all the family members will be more optimistic, get sick less, and be happier in general. Happy, well-nurtured children will automatically find their own path as they mature, and gratitude goes a long way here. Although our world seems to demand high performance, happiness must also be woven into such success. Wishing you happiness with your children. About the Author Maria Khalifé, expert in holistic, motivational living, teaches powerful, life-changing techniques. Universal principles sustain her revolutionary methods of coaching, speaking and teaching. Certified at the Ford Institute in San Diego, Maria leads others in accelerated growth on The Path through The Change Coaching Institute. http://www.

Because you deserve a better Social Media PR

The Feminine Art of Slowing Down by Rebecca Clio Gould

Do You Ever Wish You Could Find More Time? There’s one major key component to living a more sensual, pleasure-filled life

that’s rarely talked about-slowing down. It allows us to connect more deeply with our feminine sexual essence and can be a major stress reliever and awareness enhancer. When you are more in touch with your femininity and sexuality, and walk through life in a relaxed state of heightened awareness, you are likely to find more time to experience more enjoyment and pleasure in life, as well as the capacity to make healthier choices. Most people spend their lives rushing to their graves. What are you rushing for? Rushing increases stress, thereby elevating cortisol (the stress hormone) and depleting oxytocin (known as the love or cuddle hormone). When the body is stressed, it’s more likely to not only crave unhealthy foods but also to hold on to fat as part of a deeply ingrained survival

mechanism. Also, although sometimes a sense of time pressure may be a turnon during masturbation or sex, rushing usually takes away from your ability to experience optimal pleasure, or even minimal pleasure, during daily activities.

Ways to Slow Down and Find Extra Time Consider this in terms of an everyday activity like driving. And if you don’t drive, think of riding the bus, riding your bike, or walking instead. If you’re rushing to get to an appointment and end up in traffic, instead of luxuriating in a leisurely drive and enjoying a book or a walk if you arrive early, you’re sitting in traffic feeling agitated, unable to do anything about being stuck, and getting upset about the possibility or certainty of being late. Your breathing is shallow, your body is tense, and you’re probably not happy.

Now imagine instead giving yourself an extra ten to twenty minutes, or even more, to get to wherever you’re going. Don’t worry right now about how that’s even possible. Just imagine. Imagine leaving early and having plenty of time. It doesn’t matter if there’s unexpected traffic. You can enjoy some music or catch up with a friend on the phone while you drive. And if you arrive early, you can meditate, go for a walk, journal, or read. You’re going to feel happier and more peaceful, breathe more fully, and feel better able to relax into the softness of your femininity-all of which are crucial to living a multiorgasmic life.

Make it a Priority to Slow Down and Relax I invite you to start experiencing the lusciousness

of having more time, of not rushing. To do this might feel uncomfortable and even impossible and stressful at first, like you’re cutting into work or some other project to have more time to eat and drive, or like there’s no way that you can. But you can, and you will, and you must. It’s always possible to shave off a few minutes here or there from various activities so that you have more time to slow down-to relax into doing less, rather than more.

PRACTICE: The Gift of Time First, it’s important to commit to yourself that you’re going to experiment with giving yourself more time. Set boundaries in terms of your availability to others so that you have sufficient time for you.

And set alarms-schedule in reminders to pop up on your phone or computer telling you to leave earlier. If you usually take twenty to thirty minutes to get somewhere, leave ten minutes earlier. Think about how you want to enjoy that commute, such as with music or catching up on the phone or simply enjoying some silence and taking in the scenery.

Consider the Rewards, and Reward Yourself! Also, consider how you are going to reward yourself if you arrive at your destination early. With a book? A catnap? A walk around the block? Or maybe a latte or a piece of chocolate? Yes, that’s right-in the Multi-Orgasmic Diet, you can treat yourself to foods and drinks that other diet

books would tell you to avoid, at least for now, because for now the focus is on pleasure and fun and awareness, not on rules about which foods to eat or avoid. Tip: Consider keeping a journal or book in your car so that you always have a way to make the most of your time while also giving yourself the gift of more time to get where you’re going. As you learn how to free up more time for yourself, you will discover the benefits of relaxing into the feminine art of slowing down. About the Author This is an excerpt adapted from the book, The Multi-Orgasmic Diet ( by Rebecca Clio Gould.

Host Spotlight

Join Victor “The Voice� Fuhrman as he takes you through a magical yet grounded exploration of the mysterious, the shrouded and the unexplained. Join him on the bridge between science and spirituality with engaging topics, fascinating guests and a Destination Unlimited!

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Relationships The interconnectiveness among all human beings and, consequently, the relationships among us are the focus of this section. The dynamics of the web of connections we make is one of the most prominent aspects of human existence: how we interlace with each other’s existence in a meaningful way.

Stop Being Nice and Start Being Real by Marcia Sirota, MD.

Could It Be? Stop Being Nice! You might want to stop being nice, if you are hard-working, responsible, loyal and able to take initiative, but you aren’t managing to achieve that next level of success. There might be a simple answer to this problem.

You love your children and care for them the best you can. But, you find that they’re defiant, oppositional, overly entitled or disrespectful. There’s probably a good reason for their bad attitude. If you are in a romantic relationship and you’re good to your partner, but they often take you for granted, don’t listen to you, or treat you in ways that make you feel less than special. You would probably like to change this dynamic between the two of you.

Stop Being Nice and Sabotaging Your Success I’ve noticed that many people are sabotaging their success in the workplace, as parents and in their romantic relationships, and they’re doing it with their habit of being too nice. This habit does the opposite of what they hope for, with their colleagues and supervisors, their children and their romantic partners.

If you’re being too nice in any of these aspects of your life, it’s most likely due to the mistaken idea that people-pleasing is the way to get people to like you and cooperate with you. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. When you’re too nice in the workplace, people see you as weak and ineffectual. Peoplepleasing fosters disrespect and encourages people to take advantage of you, even bully you.

Start Being Real, Not a Buddy At home, being too nice to your children causes them to be more disobedient, because they see you as a buddy rather than an authority figure. Your children might like you, but they won’t listen to you. More often, though, they won’t even like you, as the lack of discipline could ultimately be perceived by them as a lack of love which could then lead

to them resenting you. In a romantic relationship, being too nice means going along with what you don’t want, tolerating things that upset you, and not expressing your true needs and feelings. It’s dishonest and ultimately, you’ll be left frustrated, unfulfilled and feeling unconnected to your partner.

How to Avoid Being Exploited Being too nice is meant to make people like you, but in fact, it makes them look down on you; it’s meant to foster cooperation, but in fact, it encourages disrespect and even exploitation. Being too nice is meant to promote harmonious relationships. However, it creates dishonest interactions in which the

other person doesn’t know the real you. Therefore, they will never be able to respond to your real needs. The only way to be successful in relationships is to stop being nice and start being more real. Next, I’ll explore the reasons why we fall into being too nice. After that, I’ll discuss ways in which you can be kind, yet empowered, in your dealings with your colleagues, supervisors, children, and romantic partner. About the Author Marcia Sirota is an author, speaker, coach, and psychiatrist. She is the founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute. It has the mandate of helping people have better relationships, be happier, and create good habits. Sign up for her free wellness newsletter at: www.



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Personal Growth & Development

We grow as individuals as we face challenges and overcome life’s obstacles. This section is dedicated to helping you chart your course

Living Life by Your Own Right by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Who Is Flipping Your Switch? We are born to live our life by our own right. But we often give control of the switch that determines our moods and happiness

to those we are attached to, causing us much suffering in the end. Happiness that is dependent on how another perceives us, however exciting, does not last. True happiness is a state of liberty from dependence on others. The root is in our expectations. If we expect recognition and gratitude from others for what we did for them then we are heading for unhappiness. It is not in the nature of humans to be grateful. Happy people are those who find happiness in helping others and find joy in giving without the tag of expectations. Difficult? Well, isn’t it painful to live with complaints and frustrations?

Are You Stuck in a Negative Groove? Avoid words of complaining. Even if things are not up to our expectations, we need to try to create positive vibrations with our presence and good

words. What is the use of complaining when we are here to add positive vibrations, and not to intensify the existing negative situations of life? Be the positive force. If we are seeking happiness, then we find that in living a life of few complaints and more appreciation. People avoid the company of those who are always complaining and love those who are positive and share the beauty of life! One of the simple practices in the path to peace is to be very mindful about our natural tendency to find fault with others. This happens for each one us have our own tendencies, samskaras, and conditioning. It is only when we see something that contradicts our expectations that deep within we feel stress and fear. Reactions in most cases are instantaneous. But as we go through the pages of our own life story, we will

discover that finding fault with others does not bring happy feelings to us, but rather it robs our heart’s peace.

Free Yourself from the Bondage of Expectations We often find endless ways to put others down to elevate ourselves in our own mind or in the minds of others. This comes from fear that others do not like or accept us as we are. Life is an ever-unfolding process toward a higher consciousness. It is lack of trust in the divine and in the power of the higher mind within that makes us so dependent on others for approval. We mustn’t bother about who stays and who goes in our life. If they are ours, they will never leave, and if they are not ours, they will go far away. Live a life that is more sublime

than the fragile bondage of expectations that is our prerequisites for peace and happiness. Don’t cling. Just give, and in giving learn to earn joy. Or else, in this world of quick changes, we will really land up with lots of inner pains and regrets.

Your Safety Switch Is in Your Own Mind! Why fear when we can substitute the unknown apprehension that no one cares for us (which mostly is proven wrong) with a firm conviction that “all is well in my life”. The safety switch is in our own mind and not in someone else’s hand! The safety switch is our trust in the understanding that life is a seamless process, one of continual growth that releases the unwanted and welcomes all blessings. This faith and trust helps us overcome all

fears of life, the seeds of unhappiness. We are here to live the higher truth and share in the fearless process of unconditional love.

Love Is Freedom Love is the ultimate beauty and grace of the divine essence. The moment we try to own it or possess it, to control it to our expectations, it feels trapped and restless like a caged bird! That is the reason all love in a wordily sense ends in such pain! The more we allow freedom to the one whom we love, the more we grow from within in love, for no one can snatch that which belongs to us, and we cannot hold on to anything that does not belong to us!!! Remember, it is not what other people do to us or give us that should decide our happiness or unhappiness in

life. Spirituality is the culture of the soul to flower into that sublime love that knows to give and receive joy beyond expectations. When our heart expands in such love, we truly live our life by our own right!!

About the Author Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Kolkata, India): Globally acclaimed motivational teacher (mindfulness meditation, stress reduction) author, peacemaker (Man of Peace Award 2012), Visionary social advocate; founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission, 1985. Serves thousands of poverty-stricken individuals in India. (Lifetime Achievement Award, House of Lords, UK, 2015) shuddhaanandaa shuddhaanandaabramachari

How to Get All of Your Needs Met This Year by Alan Cohen

What Would It Take to Have Your Needs Met? A real estate agent sent me a copy of the glamorous magazine, Luxury Homes. As I flipped through the pages I beheld lavish sprawling

estates perched on hilltops and oceanfronts with spectacular Balinese furnishings and stunning sunset views. The price tags went up to $16 million. One home in particular caught my eye; not for the house, but for its tag line: In this elegant estate, all of your needs will be met. I turned to Dee and said, “Look, honey, if we lived here, all of our needs would be met.” For a mere $12.5 million, all of our relationships would be fulfilling, we would be totally healthy, we would never worry about money or politics, we would recognize the presence of God in and around us, and we would live as an infinite, eternal beings. All just by buying that house. What a deal! Dee looked through the magazine, closed it, and asked, “Would you rather live in any of these places than where we are?” I didn’t have to think for more than three seconds. “Not really,” I replied.

The Size of One’s Estate May be Modest A few years ago we downsized. We had a very nice house, but we wanted more nature around us and space for our dogs to walk and play. So we traded our home for one half the size, with some land around us. Now our neighbors are birds, owls, horses, cows, gnarly but loveable feral pigs, and all kinds of National Geographic type critters. To a city dweller, this might not sound very appealing, but to us it is heaven. We find riches in the world as God created it rather than the ways man has attempted to improve it, but has in many ways ruined it. You can also find heaven in the city if you choose to look through heavenly eyes. Everything is choice and perspective.

Getting Our Needs Met with Our Spiritual Estate That luxury home was called an “elegant estate.” Yet what

is our true estate? When the elders of Israel demanded of Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?” he replied, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Neither is ours. As spiritual beings, we carry our estate within us and we take it wherever we go. Heaven is not a place, but a state of consciousness. You cannot purchase it because you already own it. You simply need to claim and enjoy it. A Course in Miracles tells us that the world we have manufactured through erroneous thinking is the complete opposite of reality. Like a weird-looking photographic negative, black becomes white and white becomes black, and nothing makes sense. “Real estate” applies to houses and land. But they are not our real estate. Our real estate is that of spirit.

Letting Go of Material Items Makes Room We watched a documentary, Minimalism, about a number

of folks who decided to let go of their material possessions and live light. One fellow had worked his way up the corporate ladder until he was offered a high-level partnership with a staggering salary and deep perks. Upon considering the job, he began to feel sick. He knew that he would be a slave to his company for the rest of his life. “I took the elevator down 28 floors, walked out of the building, and never went back,” he recounted. “I changed my entire lifestyle and now I am happier than I have ever been.” One of the minimalists suggested two criteria to help you decide which stuff to keep and which to chuck: (1) Do I use this? and (2) Does this bring me true joy? If you get a “yes” to either or both questions, what you have is worth keeping. But, if not, it is dragging you down. Have the guts to release what doesn’t belong to you by virtue of your spirit.

How to Get All of Our Needs Met? As we enter this New Year, let’s consider how to get all of our needs met. If you attempt to get your needs met materially, for every need you fulfill, more will arise. Thus, seeking material fulfillment is a vicious, exhausting treadmill. The only way to get all of your needs met is to recognize that all of your needs are already met. “The more you know, the less you need.” God has already given you everything you need to be happy. If you need something, it will come without struggle. Holding on to something and struggling to get or keep it? You don’t need it. If you need to do something to get it, you will be guided and it will come.

A Miraculous Promise When We Consider It A Course in Miracles makes this soothing promise: “When you have learned how to decide with God, all decisions become as easy and as right as

breathing. There is no effort, and you will be led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in summer.” I consider myself the richest person in the world. Not for my bank account, but for the blessings of nature, my partner, family, friends, work, and the love and grace of God. We can all be the richest person in the world if we recognize the riches we already own. My wish for you this bright new year is that you move into the elegant estate where all your needs are met. About the Author Alan Cohen is the author the bestselling A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love. Become a certified professional life coach though Alan’s upcoming transformational Life Coach Training. For more information about this program, his books and videos, free daily inspirational quotes, online courses, and weekly radio show, visit

When you look at the view of Earth from space, you are immediately in awe of what you do see: the incredible beauty of Creation. It is not until you look closer that you realize what you do not see. You do not see lines partitioning countries. You do not see separation between races. You do not see division between religions. You do not see the walls people build to isolate themselves from each other. There is only One Planet. There is only One Humanity. This section is dedicated to introducing thoughts and ideas to foster a greater understanding of Humanity’s interdependence.

World Vision

Human Accelerator Project Interview with Adam T. Gardener

The Building Envision of America’s Medicine Wheel. Architecture and designing habitat to a Living Portal into the next evolutionary leap of Consciousness for Mankind. Founder & Visionary, Adam T. Gardener explains to us, the next step on the Second Genesis and the Human Accelerator Project.

However, anyone defines or interprets the word “God” …I am certain we are Created in the Image of Something Vast & Infinitely Creative. That Image is Inscribed Upon our Genetics, encrypted onto Coiled Strands of an Infinitely Incomprehensible Mystery modern scientists call DNA/RNA.

Unlocking those Cosmic Keys, Activating DNA to Create a new Human Reality beyond the imaginings of mankind. This is the Vision and the Labor behind the building America’s Medicine Wheel. We live in extraordinary times, no Doubt! These “Times in which we Live” could be the Final Act in a Cosmic Drama played out over the last five generations.

It Begun as the Industrial age; this Age of All Ages, what Adam T. Gardener refers to as A Second Genesis Awakening Age; a moment in the Universal clock, the time of awakening to what We are at our deepest core. It is time to literally observe the creation happening in ourselves, as a new Human life free of sickness & disease…while we Labor to Become a Fullness of what it means to Be Human.

OMTIMES: The Medicine Wheel’s architecture is quite unique. It looks like an Architectural Mandala! Where did the design come from? Adam T. Gardener: It was an Evolutionary kind of event that happened on a trip to San Diego county looking for tropical varieties of date palms, mango trees, etc. On the construction site, I had just opened the excavation for one of the building’s pictured in a quadrant of the Medicine Wheel.

There were only two building designs I was considering, each being shown in its own 1/4 section of the Wheel on the Rendering you now see the entire project. I had just left a small, five-acre nursery where I had sampled some bread dates on a palm no taller than 8’0”. Bread dates are normally quite dry but pulling a handful off the tree, putting one in my mouth…well, the experience was like being Rocketed into bliss and joy I had not known until this moment. The fruit literally melted into my entire Being within an Instant. It brought Tears to my eyes, overwhelming me with a passion to create greater space on site in Long Valley to as many tropical palm trees and other varieties as possible. As I was driving away from the nursery now imagining we needed several acres of greenhouse space, the “dream state” activated inside my cranial area, and I began seeing images of Architecture that you now see in the rendering. It was something that had happened before. The Dream State was activating while I was awake, so I wasn’t afraid or concerned while I pulled the truck over and finished watching the “movie” playing out inside my brain. It was quite a unique characteristic, to still see everything around you but overlaid on those tangible features is this semi-transparent theater being shown. The Experience was wonderful, electrifying. I was a little unnerved because of its design, but then my entire construction career had been working with large concrete

structures that often-had heavy loads imposed on the surfaces much like multi-level parking garages and multi-story hotels with pools on the roof, or subterranean garages with earth over the entire structure.

date a catalyst for something unknown, or was it just time to see? I can say that since I changed my diet to an all plant based diet over three decades ago, “Things” have never been the same.

Seeing all that space…nestled in the Earth Element was a key feature in the design of space that magnifies the Vibrational Fields of the Living Elements. I tell the whole story in book one of the Second Genesis Awakening series of books.

Consequently, I’ve come forward with this Second Genesis Project, a series with its two books, and the website with all its videos. The events that have brought this Medicine Wheel Cultural Center into reality have come from a place inside that had been Activated early on with an Innocent change in diet. Scientists will tell us every thought, emotion, feeling and perception are fundamentally influenced by the chemicals or biochemical running in our blood plasma, inner-cell waters, and interstitial waters. OMTIMES: Why would you locate something of this Nature way out in the “middle of nowhere” next door to one of the most remote regions in the lower forty-eight states: the Escalante National Monument?

OMTIMES: Wow, that was some kind of date. I didn’t know bread dates had Magical Powers. Where can I buy some? Adam T. Gardener: I guess this is where I say: Are you being funny? Maybe you’re just asking a rhetorical question, but in a way, it is an incredible moment. Joyful hardly qualifies as an answer, when one of these events happens. Humbling, reverencing, overwhelm of gratitude, would be more Appropriate. Was the

Adam T. Gardener: Yeah, I’ve been asked that more than once. I fell in Love with the remoteness of this high plateau desert region way back in

the mid-80's. But that’s not why our location is where it is. The fullness of an answer can only be found if a person is willing to see, the unseen & unknown. Yet, I can describe for you the reason why this remoteness was chosen. It’s called the Sound Phenomenon. The molecules of everything we see and even of which we cannot see is in a Constant State of vibration. It is what modern science calls oscillation. This Movement of all molecules creates waves of energy called sound. Either audible or inaudible, these waves of energy behave in patterns that science calls vibration, frequency, and resonance. Other than that, science knows very little about why everything Vibrates…Oscillates. It is the Power of Resonance and its ability to pull weaker vibrations back into a collective vibrational frequency of thoughts, emotions, and actions. Therefore, the first location of America’s Medicine Wheel has been placed in a remote region far from large populous areas. Everywhere in and around the Medicine Wheel is a constant pull of resonance from the Living Elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. All things in Nature are Living to fill their full measure and as such, exert a pull on Human life to come home to their Origins. Imagine Existence without sickness, without disease, filled with experiences of Connection to a Living Universe in ways now unseen & unknown to mankind.

OMTIMES: Are you saying there’s an Invisible Force in our cities, acting upon us in some strange way that makes it more difficult to move our lives into positive habits or lifestyle choices that the whole of our society does not embrace?

Adam T. Gardener: That’s very perceptive and quite accurate. All human thoughts, emotions, beliefs and perceptions of life can be reduced to vibration, frequency, and resonance. Although invisible, these waves or fields of tiny energy emit a force field. It is like the north/south fields of a magnet having the power to draw metal to it. When we get clear of the enormity of collective human thoughts, we can perceive new possibilities without encumbrance. Imagine this Medicine Wheel…with all its plant life bringing forth the most precious, organically grown nuts, seeds, sweet and tart fruits, melons, leafy greens and a variety of herbs available for sampling in their peak states of vine & tree-ripened fullness. Food is truly Medicine if a person can grasp what is possible in

how these plants with their Infinite Intelligence can work Miracles upon the DNA in human cells. This happens at levels of Vibrational Frequency. There’s a Sacred, symbiotic relationship of plants and humans but the knowledge and wisdom of how to do something as simple as eating has been lost especially in this latest generation of manufactured, man-made whatever. No western medicines will ever can do what the cellular Intelligence in plants can do, when it comes to stimulating life force within us; helping to rid ourselves of sickness and disease. In this incredible age of abundance, this type of lifestyle could be part of our daily lives, no matter where we live. So, rather than a rarity, one must seek out in a local, a community-supported farming operation.

as something like a fresh squeezed juice of watermelon contains living compounds modern science will never duplicate. It is all automatic guided by Intelligence that knows what to do and how to do it at the cellular levels. How to use that watermelon juice as a Medicine in our daily lives is not common knowledge but certainly could be. I’ve never tasted Medicine so good as what is simply a daily diet. Keeping bowels working, building immunity with every meal, knowing how to flush residue from our kidney/adrenal systems and removing morbid accumulations inside us left over from consuming dead, lifeless food. I’ve never found two nutritionists that agree on what constitutes human food yet, there is a diet that is unique to being Human. When we embrace a plant-based diet and lifestyle, we have the Insights and understandings to walk that Path back into the Garden, then the Human Consciousness would really shift in dramatic, positive ways. OMTIMES: You're serious about diet and lifestyle choices. Do you really think America is ready to support building America’s Medicine Wheel?

OMTIMES: Are you saying there are genetically possibilities wired in our bodies that plant life potentially has the power to activate? Adam T. Gardener: That’s exactly right. All Healing and Regeneration are Infinitely Complex, Incomprehensible Events. As simple

Adam T. Gardener: You can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard that in three decades of living and thriving on what I call The Second Genesis Diet. When I began back in the mid-1980’s, it was like being an alien living on an alien World. At first, I thought it was my job to convince people of what was

happening inside. Wisdom has come over the years, and yet the passion to share has grown. I no longer feel like the alien. There is an Agri-subcultural movement going on here in America that was numbered in the hundreds of thousands by the early 1990’s. That group of pioneers has expanded into millions. It would seem there are various interpretations of data, but there are between two and four million people on a raw, plant-based diet while ten to twelve million more consider themselves to be vegan or vegetarian. That’s now 5% of our population living some level of what I am bringing forward with our website and envision America’s Medicine Wheel Project. What I live is not a philosophy or belief system. It’s Human Life Sciences in their fullest of Measures. It’s Yoga in its purest, highest form. These are uncharted cosmic waters for many who have seen the Human body as a hindrance to their spirituality and growth as a Divine Beings. The Human Body is Meant to be a passage into Realities unseen & unknown in this moment. People have attachments to diet because no matter what a person eats, it’s a Sacred Offering, we are Divine Beings.

A Divine Diet, a Second Genesis Diet is written in our Genetics. What we “Worship” with our meal offerings is a whole other subject of discussion and is available in the two books I’ve written. Is America “ready” to hear what will come from these Medicine Wheels? Without a doubt, we are. To live another reality will now appear as Insanity. As a nation, our health care is a massive failure of public Trust. We spent in 2016 almost $3.5 trillion dollars on treating sickness and disease that the American Medical Association reports is at least 75% avoidable. It is an economy that is bankrupting our Nation of its vitality, happiness, livelihood, and Inheritance. Food and Plants as Medicine is Real…is here and now. For more information about The Human accelerator project, please visit:

Nikola Tesla’s Childhood by Marguerite dar Boggia

From Nikola Tesla’s Autobiography Nikola Tesla was a gift to our humanity from Venus. He was the world’s greatest inventor, a pioneer, blazing the trail. He had patents for 1,200 inventions, including operating a car without any fuel. Tesla wrote an autobiography which was given to Arthur H. Matthews. Matthews might have been the son of a helper to Lord Kelvin. He included Tesla’s autobiography in his book, The Wall of Light. Nikola Tesla was born between July 9, 1856 and July 10, 1856 on a UFO and was given to a good family in Serbia. I believe that Arthur H. Matthews was the illegitimate son of Tesla. They look alike. Tesla admitted that abstinence was not always to his liking.

Tesla helped Matthews to build an instrument on Matthew’s property in Canada that would alert him to the arrival of a spaceship from Venus. In his autobiography, Tesla referred to his father, who was an orthodox Serbian priest, as his ‘earth’ father. Tesla knew he was from Venus.

The Venus Connection and Other Mental Abilities Tesla was lovable and very loving, without any trace of arrogance. He admitted that he laughed at a joke a year later, when he got its meaning. He was a poet, and like his earth Father, knew entire books by heart, word for word. While walking with his friend in the city park, he recited a passage in German of Goethe’s Faust. Then the idea came like a flash of lightning and he saw the images of the invention of his motor.

Literature and art were a source of joy and exhilaration. His great joy came from reading books.

We cannot imagine what torture he went through.

Until he was eight years of age, he said his character was weak and vacillating. Then he read a novel entitled “Aoafi.” It awakened his dormant powers of will. When he practiced self-control, he experienced a pleasure never known before. Using the mind to create was not work. It was joy.

After he contracted cholera, he was in bed for nine months. He was convinced that his preservation was the work of divine power. Many times, he was completely exhausted by pain from overwork. His Mother had him study the bible, from which he derived inspiration for his inventions.

By the time he was 11, he had read all the books in his father’s vast library. One time, when he was recovering from an illness, he read the early books of Mark Twain. When he met Mr. Clement, he informed him of his illness and his recovery through reading his book. He was touched that Clement, that great man, had tears in his eyes.

His father insisted that he enter the clergy. This deeply distressed him. He wanted to become an engineer. When he was ill, he told his father that if he allowed him to become an engineer, he would get well. His father readily consented and sent him to the best schools and universities. Tesla was conversant also in German, French and Italian.

Tesla’s Childhood Illnesses and Divine Intervention

A Childhood Affliction that Lingered

Tesla had three life-threatening illnesses; he almost drowned a dozen times; was nearly boiled alive and just missed being cremated. He was entombed, lost and frozen. He had a nervous breakdown wherein his hearing was so acute that the landing of a fly caused a dull thud on his ear.

In boyhood, he suffered from an affliction which contributed to his late awakening. He never knew he was an inventor until he was an adult. Images (of ordinary things and scenes) would appear accompanied by strong flashes of light, which marred the sight of real objects. He was unable to

distinguish whether what he saw was tangible or not. He could not banish the image or scene. To free himself from these tormenting images he continuously conjured up new images. Then he saw new scenes which were at first indistinct. Every night he would see new cities and countries. He would live there and make friendships. Tesla said, however unbelievable, they were just as dear to him as those in actual life. (He had continuity of consciousness. I believe it was the soul that was experiencing these things. -MDB) He was 12 when he succeeded in banishing an image from his vision by willful effort, but he had no explanation for the strong flashes of light. They usually occurred when he was in danger or greatly exhilarated. Sometimes all the air around him filled with tongues of living flame. They attained a maximum when he was about 25 years old. The flashes of light protected him from harm. The incessant mental exertion developed his powers of observation. He said that these experiences helped him when he

was older, to visualize with facility.

Tesla’s Special Self-willed Youth As a child, he did not believe that he was special. When he was six years old the family moved into the city of Gospic. Seeing the city dudes and strange people from his window in the new house, was so terrifying that he said, he would rather have faced a roaring lion. His hardest trial came on Sunday when he had to attend the service. He was that bashful! Nikola Tesla was self-willed as a youth. He thoroughly enjoyed gambling with cards. No reproach from his father could induce him to stop. He believed he had willpower to stop whenever he wished. It was his mother who gave him a roll of bills and said: “Enjoy your gambling, until you ruin us.” He stopped immediately. He said that his mother was the inventor and came from a family of inventors: Her father and grandfather were inventors. She understood him and he loved her dearly. When he came to the United States he worked for Thomas Edison, whom he admired. He worked from 10:30 a.m. to

5:00 a.m. He did not complain. When Edison’s Manager did not compensate him for his many inventions, as he said he would, he quit.

Niagara Falls and Many Outstanding Inventions When he was a child he admired a picture of the Niagara Falls. He told his uncle that someday he would harness that power with a wheel. He did so thirty years later with his alternating polyphase current system of electricity. Without this system, the giant steam-electric power plants in our big cities and the big hydroelectric projects such as TVA, Boulder Dam, Grand Coulee, would be impossible. His inventions included, lasers, radio, fluorescent lighting, radar, robots, electric motors, wireless communication, free energy, remote control, x-rays, and many others. It is not true that he died as a pauper. He was a millionaire and lived at the Hotel New Yorker. Towards the end of his life he received payment of an honorarium by the Yugoslav government as patron of the Tesla Institute in Belgrade. It was enough to sustain him.

He never demanded compensation from those who stole his inventions. His joy was to help humanity. The Space Brothers from Venus visited Tesla before he died. Tesla gave them the autobiography, which they were to give to Arthur Matthews. Reference: Mathews, Arthur, H., The Wall of Light, Nikola Tesla & the Venusian Space Ship The X-12. Health research, Pomeroy, WA 99347, Pub. 1973. www.Healthresearchbooks. com Pg.2 About the Author Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She was past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She was a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers free, online, three pages weekly of the Esoteric Studies as was known by Pythagoras. It prepares us for discipleship. To receive these studies, that expand the consciousness, she can be contacted at her website which she created at the age of 90:


Personal growth often comes down to one essential question: “How can I be the best me?” Contained in that one question lies both the potential for greater self-fulfillment, as well as obstacles to the experience of that potential. New author and life designer Julie Reisler, MA, has launched a personal-growth workbook titled, Get a PhD in YOU - A Course in Miraculous Self-Discovery to help clients and readers appreciate the beautiful and often messy human journey into authentic potential. In Get a PhD in YOU, Reisler, who has a Masters in coaching and has earned more than twelve certifications around health and well-being, offers the strategies that have worked for her as well as self-discovery exercises that she has developed as a life design coach for clients hoping to experience a better version of themselves. A huge proponent of daily practice to change negative mental habits, Reisler’s book features three core daily practices that she believes make the difference between knowing something as an idea and living it as truth. Get a PhD in YOU, which is part workbook, part inspirational autobiography, includes chapters like: Investing in YOU, Research and Reflection, Bless the Baby Steps, Get Unstuck, and Your Purpose & Passion. In each Reisler shares her own personal-growth story along with discovery questions and journal prompts designed to get to the essential truths driving each person’s life.

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The number one reason girls drop out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa is lack of access to feminine hygiene products. The Pads for Schoolgirls Project, an outreach of Humanity Healing International, is changing this paradigm by setting up sewing programs at schools, teaching girls a vocational skill, while producing the reusable pads that help keep them attending classes. The girls pay it forward by making and giving pad kits to other girls in need. To learn more, visit

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OMTimes Magazine January D 2017 Edition  

OMTimes is grateful to have Georgina Cannon gracing the cover of the OMTimes Magazine January D 2017 Edition. An award-winning author, Geor...

OMTimes Magazine January D 2017 Edition  

OMTimes is grateful to have Georgina Cannon gracing the cover of the OMTimes Magazine January D 2017 Edition. An award-winning author, Geor...

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