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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.� Yes, it really is as simple as that.

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February B 2017

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James Van Praagh - The Power of Love

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Would You Like To Be A Better Person? Why God is Not a "Who" Violet: The Seventh Ray of Consciousness

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7 Law of Attraction Tips to Improve Your Dating Success

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Stop Being A User And Open Your Heart To Others

World Vision 100 Annie Besant, the Social Reformer

VICTOR FUHRMAN: I am sorry, I am so enthusiastic about doing this interview that I interrupted you, and I apologize for that. I just wanted to mention that you had talked about how we interpret love and how we interpret what we have to do for love, and I remember as a young man – my Father was sick when I was young – I never felt loved by him until I became part of his healing and caretaking team. That wired in my young mind that when we help each other and we help others and care for each other and heal each other, that is when we receive love. It took me a long time to internalize and love myself and to reemerge with the understanding that that is not necessarily so. That it has to start within, and then it can come without. JAMES VAN PRAAGH: That is right. You cannot look to another person to receive that love because, as with your Father, this happens quite often. In generations, past and many times, this is very interesting because as you know I receive hundreds of thousands of these messages, and many times a parent will come through, and they will say: “I am sorry I did not say I loved you when I was alive. I am very, very sorry.” The person receiving the message would say: “Why couldn’t they?” and the Spirit would say: “I never learned how to

love. My parents never taught me about love, so how would I know to give to you something I did not know about?” – which is very true.

I remember with my Father we never said I love you until after my Mother passed away first, and I would make sure my Father knew we said I love you. So, after my Mum passed, I said: “Dad, I just want you to know I love you, and for two men it was a hard thing in those days. He said: “I love you, too” and then the whole family started saying I love you and it was important, but we can never force other people to love us. We have to live by example. We have to show them, love. We have to act a certain way, and they will say that you behave a certain way, I like how you are. What is that? Oh, I am just loving; I am loving life, I love myself, I am loving people I interact with. So, maybe we can teach people by the

way we behave instead of forcing people to be a certain way.

VICTOR FUHRMAN: Now, if we operate from the soul, from our soul essence, we are doing OK. In the physical world, the threedimensional world we also operate from ego. How can we go from ego to soul, and don’t we need our egos from time to time?

JAMES VAN PRAAGH: I think ego is great. I think ego is fine, but we have

to make sure it is in proportion as to who we are, and we use it properly. We do not want ego to drive our life, we want our soul to drive our life. We want a soul-filled life, not an egofilled life. Ego is important to get you out of the house, to get you to do certain things, have a career or business. That is fine, but everything needs to be in the balance. If you are an ego and you are just ego-driven, you are going to be out of balance. You have to make sure it is properly balanced with the amount of compassion that you give and receive, and that you treat another person as you want to be treated. The golden rule is very, very important and the energy that you give out is exactly what you are going to get back. So, that is really what it is. Also, in the book, I talk about the oneness. We are all connected to that one energy. In the threedimensional world, the greatest illusions that we have are 1) death. We think there is an end. There is no end; it is just stepping out of the suitcase. 2) Separation, and when you pass out of this threedimensional world and into the other dimensions, one of the first realizations you have is that “Oh, well, I am connected to everyone and everything. I am not separate, I am actually connected”. So, if we have that realization while we are still here in a three-dimensional world, in a

physical body, differently.




We will treat people differently. When you look at someone and realize that they are an extension of ourselves, how do you treat them to make their lives better? I believe that every single person that comes upon our path is either our teacher or our student. They are there to teach us, or we are to teach them. We are here to help each other out, not to judge someone. A lot of people will jump at the judgment first, and I believe that judgment is fear-based because I am judging another because I feel that I might lose control. There is no control; that is an illusion.

what you can control is your reaction to that. So, if someone does something, or says something, you can have a certain reaction to how you are going to feel about that, but you cannot control another person. So, why judge them? We are all the same. We are not better or worse. I believe when we meet people we have to meet them for where they are at that moment. What level are they at? Good, bad or indifferent? See them for who they are at. If there are certain behaviors that they live by, ask yourself where they are coming from. What is their stuff? If they yell at you or behave badly many times, it is a projection. It is something from their own lives that is not in the wholeness of being, so they throw it out there, just trying to get validation in a way. So, that is really where I think we have to change our perspective and realize that we are all connected. What lessons are they teaching you? How can I make their lives better?

VICTOR FUHRMAN: That connection, that recognition of that oneness, can be derived from a regular practice of mindfulness and meditation, can it not?

You cannot control another person. You cannot control a situation, but

JAMES VAN PRAAGH: Exactly right. You took the words right out of my mouth. Mindfulness and awareness. Just being aware that you are a soul

having a human experience. Yes, we are in linear time, but really there is no such thing as time. When we say goodbye to this world, whether it is 50 years or 90 years or 10 years, we step outside of time and from the soul’s point of view the time we are on this earth is very quick. 90 years of human life seems forever, but to the soul, it is a blink of an eye.

and helpfulness and forgiveness. Or it could be hell if you have hurt somebody, went out of your way to hurt somebody, got over on somebody in some way. That can be your hell. So live accordingly, humans.

So, when you go back to the spirit side of life, and you have a life review, you re-live and re-see the experience you had in human form, and you feel it and see it and experience it 10 times or 20 times or 30 times stronger than you did originally in the human world.

Can we help those who are on the other side with prayers of forgiveness? Can we help them?

So, I often say to people treat others as you want to be treated. Live a life that you will be very proud of when you have your life review. You do not want to be in the spirit world going “Oh no, what did I do?” In the physical life, we say something or do something that later you say “I should not have said that or done that.” Imagine in the spiritual dimensions it is a mental world. All our thoughts are realized. Can you imagine if you step over to the other side and you regret a certain behavior? You regret what you said to somebody? Over there it will go over and over again in your mind. Can you imagine that? There is no time, so you have to relive that in your head over and over again. To many people, I say that could be heaven if you try to live the best life you could. Demonstrate compassion


JAMES VAN PRAAGH: Yes, you bet we can, because they hear our thoughts, they hear our prayers. When we think of them, our thoughts go to them very loudly. So, we can send prayers of love, forgiveness, and healing. You know, many people have a hard time forgiving a loved one that passed over who did not treat them well on the earth. Like I said earlier, maybe they did not know any better so you should be the better one, and they will hear your thoughts. Many times, with suicides, not all but some suicides, there is a lot of regret from the spirit world. They are a little regretful because they are not dead, they are very much alive, and they feel bad for the ones left behind. The best thing we could do for a suicide person’s soul is to forgive them, to send them love and help them because if we love them, it helps them to love themselves and forgive themselves. Not all suicides, but some suicides.

VICTOR FUHRMAN: You know what fascinates me is we talk about loving kindness; we talk about the golden rule. A lot of people do not realize that the foundation of every faith on this planet that is now or has ever been extolling that principle. Love one another. Take care of one another. Pardon me for saying this, but the man-made rules and regulations that are put on top of those fundamental truths that sort of mask and create the fear, create the dissension.

human tries to put their own power and control people, and that is not what it is about. It is about treating others in the way you want to be treated and making people’s lives better. It is very true.

VICTOR FUHRMAN: How can we still love if someone hurts us?

JAMES VAN PRAAGH: So, forgiveness is really the first step in unconditional love, and I believe it is the keystone in unconditional love.

JAMES VAN PRAAGH: I really do not have to do the interview because your responses are exactly what I would say, so it is exactly true. I always say no one religion has all the truth, but all religions have bits of the truth and that truth is the golden rule. That is exactly what you said. Then the human gets on top of that, and the

It is forgiveness, and it is getting that sense of, you know, just because we forgive somebody does not mean that we have to accept that behavior, that the behavior is right as it might be a wrong behavior. Not holding on to it, not giving those charges to it, do not give it life, because when we give that, we hold on to that. By forgiving others, we are giving ourselves a gift because, again, blocking it becomes toxic in the body if you are holding on to it. There is disharmony, there is

an imbalance, and it will manifest eventually in the physical. So, it is a gift we give ourselves, and we have to remember that perspective, that if somebody did something we do not accept, it does not mean that everything is great. What can we do? Well, maybe we can help to educate, maybe we can help to let the person know that is not the right type of behavior, that it is unacceptable. You have to respect people, you have to respect certain things they do, and you cannot do those things, that it is not right. How would you like to treat another person like that? How would you like to receive that? So, we have to be conscious, we have to be mindful; we have to have a certain perspective about certain behaviors and belief systems.

Please tell our readers about the James Von Praagh School of Mystical Arts and where they can find out more about your book and your work.

intuition, a 20-day transformation. I have a day in the spirit world where I actually guide people to take a visit to the spiritual dimension. So, all these different classes and courses that people can take, and it is on the internet. For the book, they can go to a Facebook page which is James M. Praagh, the public page, or my website


About Victor Fuhrman


That took me about six or seven years to get together. It is an Internet School, the JVP School of Mystical Arts, and it is a school on the internet where you have a sixweek course in mediumship, on psychic abilities and developing

Simply Spiritual To perceive reality from a different perspective is to open oneself to the wonders and unlimited wealth of creation. Simply Spiritual offers the opportunity to visit new places, new methods, and different ways to perceive the vast human knowledge of our Universe.

Would You Like to Be a Better Person? by John Holland

Reflections on Becoming a Better Person As part of my theme of selfreflection for the new year, if you are like me, then from time to time you may ask, “How can I improve myself?� There is nothing wrong with

a little self-reflection, as long as it doesn’t become overly obsessive. We all desire to become better people, to give of ourselves more, to be more compassionate, more loving, less selfish, and so on. But, it is not always that easy. Things get in the way! Yes, I’m talking about life and how life can easily muddy the waters that once were so clear. At times, it can be confusing which way to turn. In our hearts, we might know that we want to be better. We may want to be all those things I’ve just said. But outside influences, such as society, friends and family, and work colleagues, all have an impact on the way we think and behave.

Developing into a Better Person My suggestions are only my own thoughts, and in no way am I recommending that one size fits all when it comes

to personal development. However, I do believe it must start with both liking and loving yourself, so that you begin with a healthy dose of self-respect. So, if I have asked a pertinent question, or if you feel that this article is exactly what you needed now, then I have done something positive. When I have time at the end of a day - particularly when I’m at home - I like to reflect and see what I can do to become a better person; not just for others, but also myself. In my lesson, there are a few ideas and thoughts to help you create your own list.

JOHN’S LESSON It’s good discipline to set aside some time as often as you can, whether that is daily, once a week, or whenever. The fact that you are setting aside dedicated time is the important thing! Here are a few ways to consider becoming a better person, and

of course add your own, too. Don’t be afraid of change Change is the only way to grow and progress. If you keep an open mind and show willingness to change, you can grow into the person you want to be. Stop making excuses We all use excuses as a way out. Whenever things go wrong, it is never our fault! It is much easier to blame others than accept the cause that may lie within oneself. Once you take full accountability, you will be amazed how that makes you a better person. You can then move on more easily with other areas of your life. Give of yourself We all complain that we never get anything back. Giving of yourself makes you a better person, when you give freely and without any expectation of what you might or might not get in return. The most

rewarding feeling in the world is knowing you made someone smile. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone Most of us live within our comfort zone, rarely doing things we “think” we might not like. Yet, when you step outside the comfort zone and try something different, something daring, something “new”, it is another way of opening the door to becoming a better person. There are numerous other ways that you can discover on your own. I hope you enjoy creating an exciting and nurturing path to becoming the best version of yourself. Live a Soul-filled life! About the Author John Holland is an artist, author, public speaker, and psychic medium. To learn more about John Holland, visit

Why God is Not a “Who� by Nickolas Martin

Strange When We Consider our Source What a strange title for an article. Strange for many, because it acknowledges the obvious--God is not human. It is strange because religious teachings we encounter over the years embed the thought that

God exists within the spiritual realm. Strange, because we also never refer to our source in human terms, as having thoughts, experiencing feelings, having preferences, or acting. Wait, wait, wait! There’s a problem with the last one and it links to the first two. Haven’t we heard references to God in written and spoken teachings that ascribe human qualities? Human qualities in which our source has a gender (Him or Her), is loving or angry, rewarding or punitive, or has preferences attached to religious, political, or cultural approaches, even sports teams/ accomplishments, to mention just a very few.

Human Qualities Directed at God God is not a who, but every time we use references in which human qualities connect directly to our divine source, that is exactly what we are doing. We are turning God into a who within our human frame of reference. Unfortunately, this has huge negative implications for our understanding. It sows the

seeds for the conflict and destructiveness. This has and continues to take place between people built upon defining who God is. Many may think and respond by saying that human characteristics attached to the divine are just metaphorical or figurative and intended to help us to better understand our source. Unfortunately, this understanding also has two significant problems connected to it: 1) Metaphor is only helpful if one can appreciate and keep track of the abstraction involved. We must not convert it into a concrete, literal meaning. Failing to do this often leads one to cling tightly to the latter. This is often better suited to one’s cognitive and emotional “comfort zone.” It turns God into something extremely human and less spiritual to us. We may not even be consciously aware of doing this. 2) Human characteristics attributed to God have often sown the seeds for divisiveness, particularly within and between

religions. A divisiveness in which anger, hatred, and war have all occurred in the name of honoring what our source “wants” from us. A divisiveness in which the Love, Life, and Energy-God Is within the fundamentally good, well-meaning, and intelligent participants became lost; an absence of spirituality exists.

• Energy of light and truth, diverse in manifestation, transformative, and healing when we are being it.

Then What is God?

Dr. Nickolas Martin is a licensed psychologist. He worked in clinical, university, school, and private practice settings as a therapist, diagnostician, educator and consultant for 35 years. He authored “Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole Self” and co-authored with Rev. Linda M. Martin, “EgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self” and “The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life.” egoandspirit/ com/channel/UCpAD-zgwZbXF8V09A6VV1w

If God is not a who then “what” is God? The what is, God is-love, life, and energy! Everything that was here and always here before humans, human consciousness, and human frames of understanding divinity were formed by people. • Love which is unconditional, unburdened, inexhaustible, and connective when we are being it. • Life which recognizes the presence of the divine in all life forms, honors all life, and realizes the eternal nature of life when we are being it.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, when we manifest love, life, and energy within our daily thoughts, words, and deeds, we are being and truly knowing what God is. About the Author

Imagine yourself‌ driven from your home by war, broken lives floating on a Sea of Troubles, your simple prayer to find Kind Hearts, Kind Hands to help you on your journey.

Be the answer to a prayer.

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Violet: The Seventh Ray of Consciousness by Judi Lynch

Are You Part of the Seventh Ray? The Seventh Ray, also called the ray of order and magic, is the most ceremonial-minded of the seven rays. Creating, manifesting, cleaning, and making order of everything on the planet. Many of us have qualities from this ray and many others come in on this ray at full-force speed. Self-

reliant, detail-oriented, talented, diplomatic, the souls who incarnate mainly in violet are full of social grace and etiquette. These souls are the ones who care deeply, though they are not prone to public displays of affection. Following the rules so rigidly, sometimes they forget to pay attention to the emotions and individual needs of others. They are excellent housekeepers, recordkeepers, and rule followers. It takes some convincing and validation for them to accept new methods without expert advice. They must also learn to master reverence, and rigid facts and figures are acceptable in some instances; but the heart, mind and soul are equally important.

Violet Ray - Living a Highenergy Existence Socially, they help run the world with their high-energy existence. Helping inspire people to do things is an important mission for many on the violet ray. Many diplomats, producers, project managers, and organizers of all kinds run quite well on this energy. They base their pride in social status and accomplishment. They make a difference in the

world by sharing their talents, knowledge, and discoveries. Those who run mainly on the seventh ray practice their spirituality through rituals, prayers, and affirmations that are structured and practiced faithfully. Their nature of wanting things in order helps them to easily turn their constant practices into manifestations and living magically through their faith. These are not the type of souls who would easily believe anything without seeing or manifesting it for themselves. They would not seek out the mystical as much as learn how to master metaphysics when they are highly advanced spiritually.

Tolerance and Acceptance, with Empathy for All With a tendency to feel socially superior, it is also important for the violet ray souls to learn tolerance of all people. Celebrity lifestyles are an example of acquiring material things that elevate their standard of living, personal welfare, and easy accessibility to anything their wealth can buy. Thus, they work hard to attain what they have and even harder to maintain it. Through

life experience and a common need for acceptance, it becomes necessary to learn empathy. These souls take on enormous soul lessons for themselves. The violet ray holds tremendous power to heal and transmute. In maturity, people who run on this frequency can be great philanthropists and make incredible contributions to humanity. Without this maturity and the learning of empathy, these souls are also at risk of becoming ego-driven and without compassion for others outside of their belief system.

Qualities Important for the Soul’s Evolution Balancing the ray with its best qualities, along with the best qualities shared with the other rays of light, is an on-going process in the soul’s evolution. Everyone who comes in on this ray, therefore, brings with them the uniqueness of their own journey and purpose. The true beauty that lives inside a growing mind, heart and spirit may take time. As the immaturity of youth and selfishness fall away with time, a violet ray soul learns

to control their environment with other like-minded people to thrive. Eventually they learn to get along, compromise, and put themselves in someone’s place who does not have their level of knowledge. They also learn to listen to what everyone has to offer in this world no matter their social status or bank account. This is when the violet ray shines the brightest and magic begins to happen. Healing, transformation, and the end of suffering may come to pass. The light of true understanding for each other also lives in the violet flame of purification. About the Author Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, healing channel and author. She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) spiritual charity and featured columnist for OM Times Magazine. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension, and has read for clients all over the world. To learn more or contact for a session see, or email judi@

Looking for Love in all the wrong places?

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OM Living For those living a more Conscious Lifestyle

Feng Shui and Fertility for Men by Kartar Diamond

Male Fertility Has Support in Feng Shui In past articles and in my books, I have written about some Feng Shui circumstances which can affect fertility, with the assumption and emphasis on the woman’s role.

However, there are some things a man can do to increase his own fertility. In the East-West School of Feng Shui (Ba Zhai), each person has preferred and lesspreferred personal directions based on their personal Kua. This is also called a Personal Trigram and it is based on your year of birth. In The Feng Shui Matrix, I give a rundown of what each of the eight basic directions means for each personal trigram. What might be a favorable direction for one person could less supportive for another.

The Difference Between Female and Male Fertility One general principle for a woman is that if she sleeps with her head pointing to her personal trigram direction, we consider it supportive for conception. The personal trigram direction always associates with relaxation. So,

it is interesting to see that this system considers it easier for a woman to conceive if she is sleeping in her most relaxing direction. For a man, it is totally different. Each person, male and female, has a personal direction considered to be the best for attracting prosperity. And for a man, sleeping with his head toward his major prosperity direction also makes him more fertile. When I learned this, I found it odd and amusing that for a man to produce offspring, it is part of the concept of being wealthy. We know for a fact that men who father many children are not necessarily wealthy, but consider the children themselves as manifestations of a different type of prosperity.

A Different Type of Prosperity I knew one very successful

businessman who beamed when he was telling everyone about the coming of his fourth child. And he said that he had no financial worries because he felt that he had become more successful with each child. Having an attitude like that certainly helps! If you are a man who wants to know what your combination Major Prosperity/Fertility Sleeping Direction is, I have created a list in this article. It should be noted that for the Personal Trigram Birth Charts, the first day of any given year for the Chinese Solar Calendar begins on February 4th, and not on January 1st. For example, if a man was born in January or February 1st, 2nd, 3rd, in any given year, he is a year older on the Trigram calendar. February 4th is the mid-way point between the December Solstice and the March Equinox. So, it should

not be confused with the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which vacillates by weeks from year to year.

Birth Year Shows Proper Sleeping Direction We consider a man born in January of 1957, for example, as being born in 1956. Or, a man born on February 3, 1961 as being born in 1960. These Personal Trigrams repeat every nine years perpetually. The sleeping direction refers to the direction one’s head is pointing when laying down. Males born in 1940, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994 Fertility Sleeping Direction=West Males born 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995 Fertility Sleeping Direction= Northeast

Males born in 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996 Fertility Sleeping Direction=North

Males born in 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993 Fertility Sleeping Direction=Northwest

Males born in 1943, 1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997 Fertility Sleeping Direction=South

Now, we should note that when we learned this technique from Master Sang, he also winked when he talked about “sleeping� direction. It was hard to get a totally candid answer from him, but I do believe he was referring to the position one lays in while having sex. So, take these suggestions for what they imply as well!

Males born in 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998 Fertility Sleeping Direction=Northeast Males born in 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990 Fertility Sleeping Direction=Southeast Males born in 1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991 Fertility Sleeping Direction=East Males born in 1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992 Fertility Sleeping Direction=Southwest

About the Author Kartar Diamond trained classically in Feng Shui and is a practitioner since 1992. The author of several books, she helps many clients through her company, Feng Shui Solutions. Find out more at:

Yoga is not merely for our bodies, but rather Yoga is for our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Yoga literally means “Union” – union of breath with the body, union of the mind with the muscles, and most importantly union of the self with the divine. Yoga is not a religion. It does not require you to believe in a certain God or chant certain mantras. Yoga is an ancient science which leads to health in the body, peace in the mind, joy in the heart, and liberation of the soul.

The International Yoga Festival is jointly organized by AYUSH, the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, GMVN and Parmarth Niketan Ashram. The International Yoga Festival has been taking place in Rishikesh since 1989, organized first by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, and then by the Government of Uttarakhand since 2001. Since 1999, Parmarth Niketan has been hosting this world renowned event which has grown to international acclaim and which grows in size year after year. Yogacharyas, teachers, students and seekers come from every corner of the globe to participate in this program. This year there are more than 70 presenters, from 20 countries, giving nearly 150 classes, from 4:00 am until 9:30 pm. Ashtanga Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bharat Yoga, Deep Yoga, Shintoh Yoga and Somatics Yoga are just a few of the more than 60 different offerings throughout the week. There are also classes in meditation, mudras, Sanskrit chanting, reiki, Indian philosophy and much more. Further, spiritual discourses will be held by revered spiritual leaders from India and abroad. There will also be cultural dance/music performances highlighting the culture of this Himalayan Garhwal region as well as music from musicians from Israel, Australia and the U.S. The International Yoga Festival explores the eight limbs of Yoga and how they apply to our lives whether we consider ourselves Yoga students or not. Please join us as we breathe in the sights and wonders of India and meet one another on this path of discovery and awakening. To learn more or to Register for the International Yoga Festival, click a picture or VISIT HERE

Host Spotlight

Carrie Turcotte is an intuitive psychic medium, spiritual teacher and an international motivational speaker. With over 20 years of experience in event marketing/management, Carrie Turcotte has orchestrated hundreds of high profile events, spoke at numerous conferences, association meetings, and sat on many industry boards/committees.She is also an authorized associate with the Insight Learning Foundation. She has specialized in instructing others on personality traits for over 25 years and has integrated this knowledge into her everyday life.

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Relationships The interconnectiveness among all human beings and, consequently, the relationships among us are the focus of this section. The dynamics of the web of connections we make is one of the most prominent aspects of human existence: how we interlace with each other’s existence in a meaningful way.

7 Law of Attraction Tips to Improve Your Dating Success by Paulette Sherman

Attract the Kind of Dating Success You Desire Often, people think that dating success is about outer things like looks and where you meet someone. It is important to act, but it is equally important to be ready within, and to become aligned with what you want to attract.

Otherwise, you can go on a thousand dates and think about how awful men are and why you’d rather be at home alone in bed. So, do an inner-house cleanse to match your vibration with the kind of dating success you want to attract: Notice your Thoughts: If you’d like to meet the love of your life, then it helps to have positive thoughts about dating success, the opposite sex, love, relationships, and marriage. This covers a lot of ground so take some time to list out any negative beliefs that you may be telling yourself about these things and challenge them. For example, if you tell yourself, ‘All men are jerks,’ you can begin to think of exceptions to this, making note of the wonderful men that you already know. Notice your Feelings: Your feelings are powerful indicators of what you attract and they are constantly sending nonverbal messages. So, you can say that you want true love but if your feelings are screaming to men, ‘Stay

away from me. I don’t trust you,’ it may be hard for you to allow someone in. Notice how you feel and try to shift those feelings regarding dating success, the opposite sex and about having a relationship. Imagine all the great feelings you can experience with the right person. Walk Your Talk: If you really want something it is important that your actions match that intention. So, if you want a relationship then create a dating success action plan and do the work. Join some dating sites or go to singles events regularly and ask people to fix you up. Make sure that you are walking your talk and are actively putting your intentions into action. Remain in Place: Often when you are in the process of manifesting something it won’t come right away. Many people set the intention, work on their feelings, and visualize what they want. And, when it doesn’t come in a timely way, they give up hope. Your job is to stay aligned and to keep

the faith and to keep vibrating it will happen. In the context of dating, you may experience rejection and have a lot of bad dates, but know that a good match is out there for you-and don’t give up. Be Open to What the Universe Delivers: After you have put out the essence and feeling of the match you want, don’t get too attached to how that will look. Be willing to be surprised and stay open-minded. I am not suggesting that you settle, but sometimes the universe sends you someone who matches you more than you would have imagined. So, give people a chance. See It: Visualization is an inner rehearsal. Practice seeing yourself on fun dates, feeling excited about getting to know new people. Notice how good it feels to be appreciated and part of a healthy, loving relationship. Picture your dating success in detail on a regular basis, instead of scaring yourself.

Vibrate Self-Love: You are as attractive as you feel, and you only allow someone to love you as much as you love yourself. So, notice your self-talk. Stop yourself from saying damaging things and appreciate yourself as you are, now. Make a list of what makes you a great potential mate and read it before each date for confidence. About the Author Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist, life coach & author of, ‘The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit’ published by Llewellyn, and ‘Dating from the Inside Out: How to Use the Law of Attraction in Matters of the Heart’ published by Atria Books. She has written 21 books, translated into six languages. She has a private psychotherapy practice in New York City, and does phone consultations as a dating and life coach. Her websites are and Twitter: @kpaulet



Think Out of the Box: Try Ascending Hearts for free and see for yourself


Upgrade Your Personal Frequency by Diane Wing

Do You Know Your Personal Frequency? Universal laws are guiding principles to help us flow with universal energy in a way that brings harmony and balance to our lives. These personal frequency laws allow us to hear the subtle voice of the divine and to follow its guidance. They also form an inseparable connection between the macrocosm (spirit) and the microcosm (humans). The only barrier to the oneness is that which the individual creates. Cultivating self-trust and trust

in the divine is also essential for these principles to come alive in our lives.

Universal Laws & One’s Personal Frequency There are many sources of these laws. Some say that there are seven, others say 12, and still others say 21. This series is founded in the Seven Hermetic Laws. These originate with The Emerald Tablet, an ancient text attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, written between 6 and 8 BCE. The most well-known law is

The Law of Attraction. This is actually a sub-law of The Law of Vibration, which states that “everything vibrates� (The Kybalion). Being consciously aware of what influences our personal frequency or vibrational patterns, and the way they interact with the divine, also allows us to harness the power of The Law of Vibration. Vibrational frequency manifests in your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and behaviors. Expanding your energetic consciousness is a powerful way to become self-aware.

Energy Fields of the Body Energy is the foundational component of energetic consciousness. The amount and quality of your inner energy is contingent on diet and overall physical health, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. The energy within you emanates in bands of energy outside of your physical body, known as your auric field. Starting closest to the body, the first band is reflective of your physical body. The second band reflects your emotional body, the third of your mental body, and the fourth of your spirit body. The larger the aura, the

more energy and power you possess. Thus, if the aura is close to the body, the energy is low and there is a heightened sense of vulnerability and fatigue. When this occurs, the various aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health should be evaluated for how aspects of each contribute to the low vibrational pattern. The amount of energy you have indicates the quantity you have available to apply to your daily activities. The vibrational level indicates the quality of that energy. For example, an individual may have a lot of forceful energy around them. Yet, their low vibrational level has the potential to create a person who harms others or themselves with that energy. An individual that has lots of energy and a high vibrational level will use that energy for the highest good. They would create an atmosphere of harmony around them.

Vibration We Emit - Higher and Lower Energetic vibration can be understood as the frequency at which the personal auric

field vibrates. The quality of the energy you have at your disposal corresponds to the quality of your life and the types of experiences you have. The higher the frequency, the more open and connected you are to Divine Source Energy. This is also where we connect to our higher your level of understanding, personal power, and purpose. The lower your frequency, the more discord you will experience in your life and the more negativity you will attract. Higher frequencies feel lighter; lower frequencies feel heavier. Higher Frequencies in the Spectrum Higher frequencies can be seen in the visible light spectrum. Purple, the color of the crown chakra, the energy center at the top of the head, is our link to source energy. The crown chakra is at a higher vibration than red, the color of the root chakra. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, and serves to ground energy within the body. It is associated with the denser, physical aspect of our being. Additionally, a higher frequency consists of waves that are short

and closer together, while lower frequencies have longer wavelengths. We have the ability to raise or lower our vibrational level and to recognize where we are vibrating. Why is it important to know where you are vibrating? In the lower vibrational levels, it is more likely to experience more difficulty in your relationships and in your life in general. Lower Frequencies and Adjustments of Choice When your vibrational level increases, you will be less tolerant of discord in relationships and of dissonant environments. You will ultimately let go of old, outmoded behaviors and associations, and attract positive energies, relationships, and circumstances. Others can also sense or feel your vibrational level. Suppose you have an important meeting, or want to give your most desirable self to your family. It is important to adjust your personal frequency level, so that they can experience you in the best possible way.

When vibrating in the lower frequencies, you may engage in thoughts or activities that result in much less energy to accomplish your goals and take care of all your responsibilities. When you are energetically aware, you can determine when you are getting too low in energy, and then intervene and elevate your vibration using intention. Being conscious of your frequency enables you to do a check-in with yourself and view the situation more objectively to make sure that your perception is accurate.

Perception and Our Personal Frequency Perception affects your vibrational level. For example, if you look around your home and notice it needs cleaning, you might perceive the task as a chore. You may perceive it as an inconvenience, resent having to do it, and complain about it the entire time. Complaining weakens your energy field. It thereby lowers your vibrational level and your overall energy along with it. Your motivation to complete the task diminishes. Notice that when you complain, your energy

level dips. Observe how your energy feels agitated when you are around someone who constantly complains. On the other hand, you can perceive the situation differently. You may choose to tackle the responsibility with gratitude for having a home and the desire to live in a clean environment, thereby creating a higher-level vibration. There is no right or wrong, simply objective energetic associations and personal frequency. Hence, you have the power to choose every step of the way. ŠDiane Wing, M.A., all rights reserved About the Author Diane Wing, M.A. is the author of six books, founder of Wing Academy of Unfoldment, host of Wing Academy Radio, and an experienced guide for those ready to see things differently. For more on this topic and to expand your energetic consciousness, check out her book, The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility, on Amazon and B&N.


Shadowing the Feminine Dilemma by Elohim Yael

The Lilith archetype in ancient traditions The Lilith archetype describes the untamed wife. In several traditions, she also symbolizes sensual desire

and fury. It seems we must tame some inconvenient part of our inner, feminine aspect; that is, according to the patriarchal tradition. This repression led to an inner battle of the feminine and imbalance with the masculine. As Lilith connects to this, she is also essential in rebalancing the masculine and (inner) feminine. She shows us several keys to harmonize the imbalance. This sequence about the feminine and the return of the sacred wisdom of creation explains these keys. Lilith repressed The Sumerians linked Lilith to rituals in temples, called ‘ritual prostitution.’ Babylonian and JewishChristian mythology depicted Lilith as a night monster, storm demon, or goddess of wrath. However, Lilith - in balance - is, in

fact, an independent power of creation capable of delimitation and deep surrender. Her energy is strong, full of fire, sensuality, and independence. Because of obligation towards the masculine, her power was hidden away for quite a while within the feminine and fell into shadow. ‘Being banished into shadow,’ Lilith started wandering This presence in shadow disrupted the balance. Once the masculine and feminine ‘counterparts’ had been two equal components, but imbalance took place. The once-harmonic unity continued in disharmony, along with the ambiguity of good and bad, conscious and unconscious, visible and nonvisible. In time, the ability to understand one another and get closer became difficult.

Slowly, the masculine took over, as our patriarchal traditions and current mechanical systems witness. The masculine deifying the self The gap between the masculine and feminine originated from one of the foundations of the experience of duality: putting our [own] style on a pedestal. In placing our own style, race or color, ego-part of the self above all others and appearance above inner world, it created segregation. Meanwhile, a sort of interdependence took place. This ‘worship’ of style led to focus on the shape and its tangibility. This masculine style of creation includes structure, fixation, differentiation, domination, and control. It has, as its

feminine counterpart, natural, organic, mobility, connection, inspiration, and creativity. The feminine retreating and escaping reality A part of the feminine chose to support the masculine style of creation, the manifestation of ego and its adoration. At the same time, this led to the retreat of the feminine to the comfort zone of no shape at all. A zone that went along with all sides, the side that decides to keep the peace, to subordinate oneself, to leaving oneself out of account, and that adjusted to the ‘role of mother and wife.’ This going along with all sides, indicates this part of the feminine did not take responsibility for her choices, and deep inside did not agree. Thus, it led to the existence of scolding,

and to denying her share in the responsibility for the removal with the masculine.

Other aspects of what Lilith represents The other part that Lilith represents felt restrained in her freedom, and felt forced into escaping reality. This escape of the cold harsh reality of ‘design’ and feasibility led to wandering. In this way, it destroyed the wholeness of the feminine: The connection with both parts, the shared essence, and destination (of unity) was lost; the talents of each of the parts, desolated. It resulted in an experience within the feminine of inner battle and duality. This battle, furthermore, has taken place within the masculine via fratricide; e.g. the stories of Osiris and Set, Cain and Abel,

Enki and Enlil. This is the first in a series of articles for OMTimes focusing on Lilith. The next relates to: Making Lilith and her shadow visible again.

About the Author Yael’s essence is Elohim. This essence stands for universal oneness and awareness of essence. It awakens deeper levels of connectedness, with(in) yourself and the universe. Yael enables you to connect with this potential through articles and gatherings. With her essence, she contributes greatly to the process of bringing back purity within the true meaning of light, which is universal and rises above duality. www.

The Adult Indigo: Balancing the Duality of Challenges and Gifts by Jill M. Jackson

The Struggles of the Adult Indigo Adult Indigos struggle with polarizing emotions on how to conduct themselves during this revolution of change. Some days, they may

feel intense anger over the current injustice taking place. Other days, the adult indigo may meditate and center, preferring to foster in change through positive intentions, prayer, or silence. The most probable scenario is they fluctuate between these two extremes depending on the day or hour!

What is an Adult Indigo? An Adult Indigo belongs to a special group of children that were born between the 1950s and 1980s. Indigos have difficulty tolerating injustice of any kind. Many times, Indigos do not fit in to what society deems “the norm”. They possess a type of warrior spirit, in which they are very vocal about their views on unfairness. They would typically be on the front lines of protests, starting or contributing to campaigns for change, or screaming their observations from the rooftop. At times, their anger flares to levels others may deem radical. However, it is not in the

nature of the Adult Indigo to resort to violence, preferring peaceful protests instead. The initial group called “first wavers” started incarnating in the 1950s and 1960s. The final wave of Indigos incarnated in the 1980s. After the 1980s, the Crystal Children and the Rainbow Children joined in. These terms not only correlate with the color of their auras; they also associate with personality and characteristics. The Adult Indigo has very different traits than Rainbows and Crystals. The main difference is in the way they go about making positive change on the planet. The Rainbows and Crystals have a much more peaceful method to bringing in transformation; however, the Indigo knew their task prior to incarnating. They knew they would be at the forefront of fundamental change.

Remember the mission! The main common thread among Adult Indigos in all

generations is knowing on a deep soul level, that they incarnated on this planet to bring about change. In other words, they knew from an early age, they were different than others and were here on a mission. The majority are quite psychic or intuitive. They demonstrate an evolved awareness and cannot tolerate outdated political, educational, or medical systems. Most Indigos resonate strongly with the animal kingdom, many times preferring the company of animals over humans. Many Indigos’ life purpose or mission is the rights of animals. Generally, the Adult Indigo is quite spiritual, awakened, and aware. They have spent a great deal of time raising their vibration and exhibiting the energy of purity, while working towards a place of enlightenment. How do they reconcile this purpose with the purpose of bringing in revolutionary change to their world?

Steps towards stability. There are ways the Adult

Indigo can honor their truth and purpose, while moving forward with their consciousness expansion. First, it is important they don’t apologize for their beliefs and the ways they want to facilitate change! Embrace and honor the warrior spirit! After all, if it were not for other pioneers, radical change would not have occurred along the way. For those Indigos who are not called to protest or demonstrate, another option to assist is thru composing, writing poetry, creating stories or think pieces. They may choose to pattern themselves after change agents such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Marley, or Leonardo DiCaprio. As they continue to speak, write, protest, and educate others, these actions will honor a portion of their life purpose. Second, Adult Indigos need balance in their lives. It can be a tightrope performance attempting to offset activism with inner

peace and enlightenment. It is also imperative to make time to meditate. Spending time with the higher self will allow an opportunity to remember and embrace their life mission. Thus, taking time out to commune with nature and connecting to the trees, flowers, oceans, lakes, and rivers helps to restore the energy field. Third, remember the power of prayer and positive intentions. With these actions, the Adult Indigo can assimilate with the Crystals and Rainbows. After all, there is power and force in numbers, and uniting in intention begins to create a domino effect toward transforming the world. Lastly, when the Adult Indigo surrounds themselves with those of like minds... ...who identify with and understand the purpose of an Indigo, a feeling of safety ensues. Cultivating a network of friends creates a sacred space to share frustrations,

dreams and desires with people who also have the same or similar life purpose. Above all, it is essential to keep faith in their life purpose and mission. It is a great honor to be alive during these unprecedented times. While it is not always beneficial to pigeonhole oneself into a certain group or identification definition, it is quite powerful to give thought to promoting change, awareness, equality, and peace, while championing diversity, equality, and unity. About the Author Jill M. Jackson is the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year by Best American Psychics. She was given the Social Activism award in 2014. Jill is an international Psychic Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Speaker. Jill is under contract with Creative Laughter Productions for a metaphysical television show. To learn more about Jill and read some of her testimonials, visit www.

Life Stages Heads up for next 12 Months

Make the most of meaningful events and encounters and lessen the effects of any negative experiences. Life Stages alerts you to specific occurrences, where you should best consolidate, or when to experiment; otherwise where to be cautious; when it’s down to you, or someone else; when to wait and when to act.

Life Stages Life Stages Life Stages

VIEW A Sampler REPORT https://az792155.vo.msecnd. net/samples/omtimes/life_st ages.pdfSAMPLER Awareness of potential development Your personality mask, material security and intellectual ability as well as emotional security, enjoyment of life and responsibilities. Your relationships and ability to deal with life and philosophical beliefs. Your personal status, social life, secret dreams. 20+ Pages delivered instantly on-screen & emailed.

Personal Growth & Development

We grow as individuals as we face challenges and overcome life’s obstacles. This section is dedicated to helping you chart your course.

The Cure to Unhappiness? Ope n Your Hear t t o Ot h er s by Marcia Sirota, MD.

Our Connections with Others are Important Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of making connections with others. We all really need them, but it seems that people are more disconnected than they’ve ever been. Recently, I had a conversation with the psychotherapist Megan

Bruneau, for my Ruthless Compassion podcast. She’s also noticed how people are lonelier and alienated these days. In her practice, Ms. Bruneau has observed how disconnection and isolation lead to problems such as depression, anxiety, even psychosis. Her recommendation was that we

make more of an effort to connect with each-other daily. Sadly, our consumerist society has resulted in people increasingly seeing each-other as objects to exploit and take advantage of, when all we really need is to connect with one-another.

Why Do We Seek Friends? More and more, people are being reduced to one basic function: as a source of money, social status, political or career advancement, or sex. In our society, it’s not uncommon that one person befriends another because they believe that this “friend” will benefit them socially, financially or politically. It’s not uncommon for a man to date a woman to make him look good to his associates, or a woman to use a man for financial security or social status. Relationships based more on personal gain than mutual affection have always been part of our world, but it all seems more blatant, these days. And, sadly, these types of exploitative arrangements encourage

everyone else to keep seeing other people as helpful objects to make use of, rather than as delightful individuals to share and connect with.

How Friends Help Us to Be Happy In his book, Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill, Matthieu Ricard, the French writer, Buddhist monk and “happiest man in the world” talks about why so many people are deeply unhappy today. Ricard says that in part, it’s because they “instrumentalize” one-another. This is another way of saying that people too often see each-other as objects to use, instead of opening their hearts to one-another and enjoying being together. Ricard would like us to make more of an effort to access our empathy and compassion for other people. He says that loving and caring about others are the only real ways to create happiness.

Compassion Also Plays a Big Role Recent research tells us that

it’s only through love and compassion that we find real happiness. In her new audio book, The Science of Compassion, the health psychologist Kelly McGonigal describes how doing for others changes our physiology, improves our mood and deepens our sense of connection. Studies show that being generous makes us happy, while being selfish or insensitive toward others increases our loneliness and unhappiness. Using others, no matter what we gain from these transactions, leaves us even more miserable than we were before. Connecting to other people and being kind to them raises our levels of endorphins, the chemicals that cause us to feel happy and improve our overall well-being. It boosts our oxytocin, the bonding hormone. So, the more we connect, the more we want to connect. What Keeps Us from Connecting? Loneliness and disconnection, including acts of greed or selfishness, will increase our

levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which promotes anxiety and depression, causes us to keep weight on and lowers our ability to fight off infections, heart disease and cancer. Consider these in relationship to others: People these days use each-other to boost their self-worth. They maneuver to be the “top dog” and get everyone in the group to do things their way. People like to show off their flashy possessions or brag about their exploits. They compete with oneanother for who’s the most wealthy, attractive or successful. They post endless pictures on social media, demonstrating how great they are, but all of this is just making them lonelier, alienated and sad. When we’re disconnected, we become isolated and miserable. And when we’re miserable, we isolate ourselves further. Conveniently, society offers

us an alternative to creating meaningful connections: we can be a consumer.

The Ways Being a Consumer Affects Relationships We’re actively encouraged (by businesses that offer goods or services) to overeat, drink excessively, gamble or medicate ourselves to fill up our emptiness and soothe our feelings of alienation. We’re constantly encouraged to go shopping. Advertisers promise us that having more “stuff” will compensate for the loneliness and distress we’re feeling. Unfortunately, all this consuming just creates a vicious circle of more misery and alienation, more attempts at using people and things to try and feel better, and more unhappiness and emptiness. Using people or things isn’t a valid solution to our feelings of loneliness, emptiness and alienation. Consuming things - or other

people - has never made anyone happy. That’s why someone who uses other people or things to fill the void is compelled to keep on being a user. It never feels like enough.

The Answer? Connect with Others If we’re suffering from disconnection, the only answer is to connect. When we have disconnection, we are unable to value other people or respect their lives. It’s easy to be rude, selfish or hurtful. We become, in a sense, “antisocial.” Feeling disconnected makes it easier to behave badly toward others. We create a vicious circle, because our bad behavior will end up pushing people away. When these people get angry or withdraw from us, it will reinforce our sense of alienation and encourage us to be that much more antisocial. The more disconnected we feel, the more insensitive and selfcentered we become, the more isolated we become and the more alienated and empty we feel.

Instead of a vicious circle of increasing disconnection and turning to consuming to compensate, we can begin to create a positive spiral of empathy, compassion and growing connection.

The Difference between Connecting and Pleasing Most people think that constantly giving to others or helping others will make them happy. Unfortunately, being a people-pleaser won’t make us any happier than being selfish and a user. There’s a real difference between connecting and people-pleasing. Connecting is opening your heart to others. People-pleasing is trying to get others to like you, approve of you, and make you feel good about yourself. You must love yourself and connect to others with a heart filled with self-love. That’s the true path to happiness. More people-pleasing won’t make you any happier than more using others. More of the wrong solution

doesn’t become the right solution. The answer to our loneliness, emptiness and unhappiness isn’t to exploit more people or consume more things. The answer is to open our hearts, love more, care more and try to connect more. That’s what we need most, right now, as individuals and as a society. Sign up for a free monthly newsletter and listen to the latest podcast, in which therapist Megan Bruneau talks about how women’s friendliness is often interpreted as flirtation. About the Author Marcia Sirota is an author, speaker, coach, and psychiatrist. She is the founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute. She also has two recent books on creating successful relationships. “Women Decoded,” helps men understand what women want and how to choose the right woman. “Back on the Market” helps women return to dating successfully. Sign up for her free wellness newsletter at:

Connect NOW!

When you look at the view of Earth from space, you are immediately in awe of what you do see: the incredible beauty of Creation. It is not until you look closer that you realize what you do not see. You do not see lines partitioning countries. You do not see separation between races. You do not see division between religions. You do not see the walls people build to isolate themselves from each other. There is only One Planet. There is only One Humanity. This section is dedicated to introducing thoughts and ideas to foster a greater understanding of Humanity’s interdependence.

World Vision

Young Annie Besant, the Social Reformer by Marguerite dar Boggia Indian nationalist, president of several socialist organizations and eventually the president of the Theosophical Society. Her father, Dr. William Wood, was extremely well educated, a mathematician, medical doctor, philosopher, linguist, he spoke French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, a smattering of Hebrew and Gaelic. He was a lover of classical literature. He became a doctor because he wanted to help people. (Saturn in Pisces). He died when Annie was 5 years of age and her brother, Harry, was seven. Retrograde Saturn quincunx Sun signifies a separation from father. He ridiculed the Church’s tenets of sin and hell. His Irish wife, Emily, swooned and fell unconscious when she learned he died. When she looked in the mirror her raven black, shining, thick hair had turned white. 2

When the hand of destiny shapes the life of a beautiful soul, such as Annie Besant, who wanted to save the waifs of humanity, the heart thrills with delight. She was an author, a prolific writer, public speaker, lecturer, editor, political and social rights activist, women’s rights activist, union activist, a teacher of science,

This is her chart. The time of birth (5:39 PM) is from her autobiography.1

Jupiter and Moon in a T square in the fourth house denote the disruption of the family life and the influence of her religious (Jupiter) Mother and her religious upbringing. Annie adored her Mother as signified by Mars, (herself) sextile the Moon (Mother). The unexpected death of Annie’s father, left the family without funds. Her Mother hired a tutor for a boy her son’s age, whose parents desired educated. At the same time her son would be educated. She found an old house that had been a vicarage. She now could have more boys stay at her home and be tutored until they were ready to enter Harrow School. (Retrograde Saturn trines Moon in the 4th house.)

This was the ideal home for Annie. It stood on top of Harrow Hill. Rosebushes covered the front and Ivy vines covered the back of the house. Fruit trees, firs, laurel and maple adorned the sloping landscape. There was not a tree that she did not climb. Annie had one tree, an old widespreading Portugal laurel. It was her bedroom, sitting room and her larder, which was supplied from the fruit trees. There she would sit for hours with her favorite book: Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” In her vivid

imagination she lived with the characters in the book. She does not recall how she learned how to read at the age of 5. (Mercury is the most aspected planet in the chart. ) When she was eight years of age, Miss Marryat, a maiden lady of large means, was visiting at a neighbor’s house. Miss Marryat, who was lame, had been taking care of her ill brother, a famous author. When her Mother died, she felt the need to educate her niece, Amy Marryat, who was the same age as Annie. She took a liking to Annie immediately and asked Anne’s Mother, Emily, for permission to be in charge only of Annie’s education. Emily finally agreed. Annie would visit her on holidays. This was the beginning of an education that was unique and fortuitous Other children of good families were later added. (The part of fortune trines Mars, the ruler of the ascendant.) There were no spelling books, no grammar books. Miss Marryat, now called ‘Auntie’, taught them everything except music. A professional

teacher was hired for that purpose. Learning spelling was a favorite. They would find words that sounded the same but were spelled differently such as weather and whether. Geography was learned by placing cut-out countries on a painted skeleton map. Every day they were required to write what they had observed the day before. Auntie would correct their spelling and grammar. They read books in French and German. Their first German lesson was reading Schiller’s “Wilhelm Tell.” They learned history by one reading aloud, while others worked, such as learning how to sew. There were picnics that were memorable. Auntie, told them stories from the bible. She was an Evangelical. The children themselves, also taught at the Sunday School. When lessons were over, they had plenty of fun; long walks and rides, rides on a lovely pony. Auntie was their merriest playfellow. They vacationed for months in France and Germany when Annie was 15. The children had such a delightful, wonderful vacation. Emily was proud of Annie’s progress in her studies.

At sixteen and a half, Annie completed her studies with Auntie. Progressed ascendant conjoined Mars signifying her freedom. Progressed IC conjoined Jupiter, denoting a change in residence. As she was growing into womanhood, her mystic love passionately twined themselves around sacrifice for Christ through the church. She longed to spend her time in worshipping Jesus. (Exalted Jupiter sextiles Mars, ruler of the ascendant.) When she was 19 she became betrothed to a Cambridge man, Frank Besant, a young clergyman and deacon. {Retrograde Venus conjoined natal Vertex (partners)}. In the Autumn of 1867, before she married, she and her Mother were visiting a family friend: Mr. Roberts, ‘a lawyer for the poor people’. He told Annie that he saw women working in mines, naked to their waists, with short petticoats barely reaching to their knees, rough, foul-tongued, brutalized out of all womanly decency and grace; and how he had seen little children working there too. Children 3 and 4 years

old were at the entrance of the mine, guarding it. They would fall asleep to be roused by curse and kick to the unfair toil. This was Annie’s first rude awakening to the political struggle for social justice, that would eventually sever her relationship with the church and with her husband. (Jupiter in the T square with Venus and Uranus) In the winter of 1867 she married Frank Besant. Two children, Arthur Digby and Mabel, were born by the time she was 23 years old. {Sun, ruler of the 5th house of children, conjoins Venus and the N. Node of the Moon}. While practicing on the organ in the small church, she had a sudden urge to ascend to the pulpit. She gave a superb lecture to empty pews. The words came easily. She knew she had the gift of ‘speech’. She wrote short stories and sent them off to magazines. When one was accepted and she received 30 shillings, her joy was equal to that of Archimedes when he shouted eureka through the streets of Athens. She realized she was a writer.

Mercury is the most heavily aspected planet in the chart. As she began questioning her religious beliefs and the infallibility of the bible and the church, she became ill and even contemplated suicide in the summer of 1871. Her sensitive emotional nature was tortured by doubt. She had to know the truth. Finally, she resolved not to accept communion. In 1873 when she refused to take communion, they legally separated. He was to have the boy and Annie was to have the girl, Mabel. At last she was FREE. Retrograde Uranus conjoining the ascendant won her mutual closeness-freedom dilemma. Planets in Cancer (4th house) and Libra (7th house), desire closeness, while Uranus demands freedom. Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius are in mutual reception. Her future work (Saturn) was to reveal the love of God (Pisces). The true love of a Christian’s god is to work for the education (Aquarius) of humanity and to eliminate religious bigotry.

Annie moved to London with Mabel. She joined the National Secular Society, which espoused free thought. She developed a close relationship with Charles Bradlaugh, the Editor of the National Reformer, an attorney and an MP in Parliament. From one extreme of religious belief, she went to the other extreme: atheism. She wrote many articles (Mercury) on issues such as women’s rights, marriage and social justice. In 1874 she became a popular public speaker giving lectures all over the country. Her audience resonated with her Irish passionate heart. She espoused the freedom of thought, women’s rights, secularism, birth control and the rights of the working class. She was a passionate opponent (Uranus) of all injustice to nations weaker than themselves, so that she found herself always in opposition to the Government of the day. Against their aggressive and oppressive policy in Ireland, in the Transvaal, in India, in Afghanistan, in Burma, in Egypt, she lifted up her voice in all towns, trying to touch the consciences of the people,

and to make them feel the immorality of a land-stealing, piratical policy. Against war, against capital punishment, against flogging, demanding national education instead of big guns, public libraries instead of warships. It was no wonder she was denounced as an agitator, a firebrand, and that all orthodox society turned up at her its most respectable nose. . . Cardinal signs in cardinal houses signified her executive abilities and her dominant nature. She knew she had power through the word and through her pen, and she used it to open the hearts and minds of men to justice. Her Mistress Truth would dissipate religious bigotry. (Neptune (religion) semi-square (freedom) Uranus, plus Uranus opposition Mercury (writing); and Mars quincunx Mercury). In 1877 when Bradlaugh and Annie wrote (Mercury) a pamphlet advocating voluntary birth control, they were charged with publishing material that was “likely to deprave or corrupt those whose minds are open to immoral influence.” They were both

found guilty of publishing (Jupiter) obscene material and sentenced to six months in prison. (Mercury square Jupiter) The sentence was quashed by the Court of Appeal. From 1874 to 1886 she was an atheist. To a woman of her temperament, filled with passionate desire for the bettering of the world, the elevation of humanity, a lofty system of ethics was of even more importance than a logical, intellectual conception of the universe. Annie then wrote and published her own book: “The Laws of Population” advocating voluntary birth control, better pay for workers and their starving families. Newspapers accused her of writing “an indecent, lewd, filthy, bawdy and obscene book.” Her husband used the publicity of the case to persuade the courts that he, rather than Annie, should have custody of Mabel, their daughter. He was given custody of Mabel. The judge denied her custody of her daughter, because she was an atheist. (Retrograde Saturn quincunx Sun). As

parent, (Saturn) she separated (quincunx) from her child (Sun). She became seriously ill, but then vowed that all children would be hers to love and help. She continued writing. Her pen lashed out at the orthodox teachings of the Church: the eternal torture, the infallibility of the Christian Church, its persecutions, its religious wars, its cruelty and oppressions. She leveled all the strength of her brain and tongue with unsparing hand, to expose the history of the Christian Church. It was the church that robbed her of her Mabel. Later she admitted that she was combative and self-assertive. (Aries planets and ascendant.) In 1888 she became friends with George Bernard Shaw, Walter Crane and Edward Aveling, when she joined the socialist organization known as the Fabian Society. She joined and wrote (Mercury) for other socialist organizations urging political change. (Uranus is co-ruler of the 11th house of organizations) They worked for the redistribution of political power and the

elimination of poverty. (Uranus opposition Mercury square the part of fortune in the 10th house.) She resigned her membership in the National Secular Society because it was too materialistic. On May 10th, 1889. Annie became the beloved pupil of Madame H.P. Blavatsky, the cofounder of the Theosophical Society. Annie said “theosophy is the glory of my life.� Annie at last, found her Mistress Truth. (P. Venus conjoined natal Sun exactly and p. Mercury trined the ascendant exactly.) Theosophy is based on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras and other great individuals. In 1893 she wrote her autobiography. It reflected her feelings, beliefs and the events of the time. Six retrograde planets allowed her to express her inner Self. (natal Mercury conjoins Venus and the Sun) When her children were grown, they joined her and became Theosophists. While living in India, she founded the Central Hindu College at Benares in 1898.

(progressed Part of Fortune sextile Mercury (learning) trine Uranus, co-ruler of organizations.) She continued to write letters to British newspapers arguing the case for women’s suffrage. She joined the struggle for Indian Home Rule and in 1916 established the Indian Home Rule League and became its president. At times during the first World War she was interned by the British authorities. (P. ascendant opposes part of fortune in the 10th house of authorities). As President of the Theosophical Society from 1907, (P. Sun sextile Sun) she wrote an enormous number of books and pamphlets on theosophy. She traveled in 1926-27 in England and in the United States with her protege Jiddu Krishnamurti, whom she announced as the new Messiah; however, the young man himself, denounced all claims about himself as the World Teacher. This was her big error. She died in India on September 20, 1933 at the age of 86. (p. Sun conjoins natal MC, within minutes; p. ascendant squares natal Pluto; Natal Mars is at the apex of a yod with p. Mercury sextile natal Mercury.)

She wrote in her own autobiography: I ask no other epitaph on my tomb but: “‘She tried to follow Truth.’” ∆∆∆

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Secretary and Membership Chairperson of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research). She formerly served as publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal and as Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress). She was a co-founder of UAC. Her articles are published in the ISAR journal and in other publications. At this time she offers FREE of charge three pages weekly online of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. She can be contacted through her website which she created at the age of 90: www. References: Born on Oct. 1, 1847 at 5:39 PM local time in London, England; 00W05; 51N32.


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