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nment ig s n o c s Kid’ : Get your sales face on! game

get organized Attack your garage clutter.

April 2014


Spring SportS Survival guide

The fashion. The gear. The food.

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Pansies Make me smile.


’ve always loved pansies. They’re one of the first flowers to appear each spring, and who can resist those adorable little face-like petals? By now, winter is long gone – I hope. We do live in Nebraska after all. Smile. April is a busy time for most families. In this issue, we aim to simplify your life. You’ll find survival guides for the spring sports scramble and kid’s consignment sales. Then we help you step back and do something just for you – without a trace of guilt. Ready for fun? Jazz up your Easter eggs with two easy decorating techniques. Break away for an hour or so, and join us for one of Momaha’s evening children’s story times. Encourage your little ones to wear their pajamas and to bring a small stuffed animal. STOR Enjoy milk and cookies following the story. Y TIM ES April 4 at 7 Here’s to a happy spring! Bell p

.m. evue Public Library April 17 at 7p Books in Oak .m. view M April 25 at 7 p.m all The B . ookw orm


Chat with Josie each Friday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on @LozaFina

TS. R O SP lay them. p s e kid liv e s m So e kid EUP. m RY E LIN U H J o T N I S IN IF AN BACK AND T THEM — E T LP G THA GET WE’LL HE WE , S EN HAPP

N se PLA overu s and g. AME in G a r R p ns, s derstandin OU ussio

s with injurie

c un e con omplete gnos c care. — » Dia racy and iatric d e p u y love acc rt the . used, with o c n p fo s M ia o e tric ith Y y to g s to th up w pedia dic KOD thlete and read turned orthopae ertise. ollow a F r t e n » in e y a nd exp tud letic tr f health ine a ique ung s An ath s in medic tt offers un College o rn yo ssroom — tu e e n R a e ts a ff r r » deg , Dr. Mo e Americ ape spo e cla h ry th and th surge Fellow in nd helps s to the r a e o cine He’s a Medicine an advis ics and th Medi s t s tr r a ts . ia r o n y d o p c tio S Pe Sp oli ssocia ine p .org/ my of medic an Acade Activities A maha O s l n ic r re or ts Ame ska Schoo Child dySp a o r  b K r e ) N 29 @D itter Y (75 on Tw 5.PLA s 5 u 9 . w 02 Follo call 4 ment t n i o p n ap For a




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Omaha Children’s Museum Stay late for Mad Science Night. Families will make bubbles, paint with science and watch a mad scientist show, which includes making nano ice cream, among other activities. Hours: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Admission: Free for members; $9 for non-members



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April 15

Joslyn Art Museum Nurture your imagination as a librarian reads stories aloud and engages the family in a conversation connecting books and art. Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Admission: Free

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How I do It

Great deals & A workout Kid’s consignment sales are worth the effort. TexT By amy Lamar


told my husband to put his “game face” on when he shopped with me at a Take 2 kid’s consignment sale last year. “Don’t let those moms push you around,” I added. How much harm can a bunch of moms do to a grown man? A lot when it comes to getting the best deal. At this sale and others like it, the best deals go fast – really fast. Particularly hot items? Boy’s pants and jeans. Do you want wind pants? You might want to put your boxing gloves on. Just kidding. But for $4 or $5? Maybe … Once again, I was shoulder-to-shoulder with moms, dads and grandmas March 9 as I pushed hangers from one side to the next on the racks at the Take 2 pre-sale for consignors. (The sale is open to the public through March 22.) I had to switch places with people so I wouldn’t lose my spot. Meanwhile, my tub kept getting heavier at my feet as I stacked one clothing item on top of the other. Did I sweat? Yes. Did my arms hurt afterward? You bet. But I have gotten smarter over the years. Since these types of sales don’t provide carts (or very few), most shoppers bring a laundry basket. I brought a tub since it seemed bigger – but I still ran out of room. I saw one shopper pulling a tub by a string on a handmade wooden cart. I saw another mom pulling a portable clothes rack behind her. I wondered how she maneuvered through the aisles with that thing. Shoes take up room in whatever you are carrying – especially as your kids get older. So do toys, sports equipment and books. Baby items might require a second tub – or a friend to help – since there is so much to buy. I had to stop shopping after throwing in a couple of pairs of shoes since I was totally out of room. You try fitting your two kids’ entire spring/summer wardrobes into one tub! Will I shop this sale again in the fall? Definitely. Maybe I will bring a bigger tub next time.

NUMBER OF ITEMS PURCHASED FOR TWO KIDS 60 TOTAL BILL $263.52 BRAND NAMES Arizona, Lands’ End, Old Navy, Carter’s & Gymboree PRICE RANGE $2 to $12

Omaha area kid’s cOnsignment sales Take 2

through March 22

The Clothesline March 29-April 5

Kidz Shoppe Semi-Annual Kidz Sale April 2-5

Reruns R Fun Omaha April 4-12

Omaha Parents of Multiples Club Clothing & Equipment Sale April 27

Twice as Nice Kids Consignment May 8-10

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Our half day preschool program and Pre-K program is a learning adventure each week! Classes are offered 2, 3, 4 and 5 days a week. We follow the Millard Public Schools annual calendar.

*Must be a new family to the Early Childhood Education Center to qualify.


Get OrGanized


Do a good clean-out. Donate chemicals and old paint to a recycling center, and get rid of building materials and other items you no longer want or need.

The Garage: A mess no more


Storage ideas ‘elevate’ clutter.

Organize in zones. A tool area, a gardening supply area, a sports equipment area and a trash/recycle area are examples. Think about your travel patterns when you are using specific items. For example, placing the sports equipment on a path to get in the car will make it easier to grab and go. It will also be easy to put these items away when you get home.

TexT By amy TOKOS


hankfully, our garages are hidden. We only need to open the door when we are coming and going, and if we are quick, none of the neighbors will see the mess inside. Does this sound familiar? The garage is often a drop zone for families. It’s one of the most disorganized parts of a home, yet it’s used daily. The goals when organizing a garage are to make the space functional and also neat.


Get everything off the floor. There are many tools that can help, such as hooks, shelves, cabinets and slat wall systems.

Amy Tokos, CPO, is the owner of Freshly Organized. Visit Amy’s website at


Do you want more time with your family?


4 please call 402-210-9762

If the answer is yes to that question, let me help you pick up the toys, and do the cleaning for you!




References Available

Art Parties & Summer Camps Schedule Today! Where Art Takes You Out Of Your Shell 2340 S. 156th Circle • (402) 315-9452 8

Tools & Tricks

Cabinets Contain garage clutter in cabinets. The stuff we keep in our garages isn’t pretty, so putting it away will make the space feel much better.

Big hooks

Bicycle storage Oh yes, we all have them. Bicycles are a family staple, and they take up a lot of floor space in the garage. The good news is that there are options. The bad news for parents is that most of the options require an adult to help, so those little-kid bikes will probably need space on the ground. Bikes can be hung on a wall or from the ceiling during the off-season. If you want a year-round solution, consider getting a bike hoist that attaches to the ceiling. A hoist gets bikes out of the way, and is pretty easy to raise up and down. Photo:

Use hooks for ladders, lawn chairs, sports bags and yard tools.

Slat wall system This paneling is installed on the garage wall. You can then purchase hooks, baskets and other organizing tools that attach to the paneling. The benefit of this system is that you can adjust the hooks and baskets as your needs change. Plus, it looks nice.

Shelves Large items that don’t fit into cupboards can be put on shelves. A great solution for rarely used items is shelving that hangs from the garage ceiling. Placed above the garage door, it can hold coolers, camping supplies and large tubs. There is even shelving available that you can raise and lower for easier access.

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OSA SUMMER CAMPS A ND LEAGUES The Excitement Begins June 8th! K - 8th Grade Register Online at or call us at 402*504*1222 • 402.504.1222 11726 Stonegate Circle between Blondo, Maple on 120th, behind DC Centre 10

Spring sports survival guide

The fashion. The gear. The food. TexT by Amy LamAr PhoTogrAPhy by rebeccA S. grATz And heidi hoffmAn STyLing by chriS chriSTen, heidi hoffmAn And Amy LamAr


re you ready for unpredictable weather, equipment piled in the back of your car and sweaty shin guards? Are you ready for meals to be inhaled between practices and your turn in the team snack rotation? We’re here to put you ahead of the game with our family approved spring sports survival guide. And we found the perfect family to lead you through the drill. David Boever is a head coach, assistant coach, umpire and referee, while children Lauren and Ryan play several sports. Mom, Denise, admits to feeling “exasperated” by the amount of driving she does to practices and games “until I see their faces as they step up to the plate. The sheer determination, the joy of a hit and the elation of a run are worth it.”

Spring SportS Survival guide

Denise Boever Mother of two Bellevue

“That they can make a team and be a productive member of that team is worth more to their self-esteem than anything I can say to them as a mom.”

Opposite page: Chair, $24.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond; Under Armour backpack, $74.99, Finish Line. On Denise: Long-sleeved tee, $29.50, Sweatshirt, $39.50, Capri jeans, $54.50, Scarf, $39.50, all from LOFT; Dual-colored bracelet, $10, Layering bracelet, $10, Earrings, $6, Watch, $20, all from Charming Charlie; Rings, model’s own; Soccer ball, $24.99, Baseball, $4.99, both from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Makeup: Sephora, JC Penney. Products: Sunglasses, $24.50, LOFT; Watch, $20, Charming Charlie; Blanket, $19.99, Gordmans; Arizona shoes, $19.99, JC Penney; Umbrella, $15, Bed, Bath & Beyond; Under Armour tote, $29.99, Finish Line.


Spring SportS Survival guide

Lauren Boever

Seventh-grader “I love the intensity of team sports and the pressure of games. And practicing with my friends helps me get better.”

On Lauren: Tank-top, $14.94, Old Navy; Shorts, $10, Gordmans; Nike Mercurial Victory cleats, $70, Reebok socks (pack of three), $15, both from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Products: Under Armour headbands, $14.99 each, Polar water bottle, $10.99, Nike shin guards, $12, all from Dick’s Sporting Goods; Asics shoes, $139.99, Finish Line. On the cover: Pullover, $24.94, Athletic pants, $22.94, both from Old Navy.

Shadow lake towne Center 12

Spring SportS Survival guide

RYAN Boever Fifth-grader

“I love playing with my teammates and playing in games. My favorite thing is that all the guys on my team are friends and they are like brothers to me.”

On Ryan: Under Armour T-shirt, $19.99, Under Armour shorts, $24.99, Easton bat, $24.99, all from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Products: Under Armour baseball cap, $17.99, Evoshield batting gloves, $59.99, Nike cleats, $55, Rawlings glove, $59.99, Under Armour shoes, $69.99, all from Dick’s Sporting Goods. On the cover: Nike Dri-Fit shirt, $25, Reebok athletic pants, $24.99, both from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Shadow lake towne Center 13

Spring SportS Survival guide

Snacks For the Team


ure, snack cakes and Fruit Roll-ups are inexpensive, easy to haul and come in boxes big enough to feed the team, but why not try something more nutritious? Shannon Muhs, Hy-Vee dietitian, recommends snacks that do not contain artificial flavors or colors and are low in added sugar. Whole grains, fiber and protein are also beneficial. As for the team’s drinks, Muhs suggests those containing 100 percent juice and added nutrients such as calcium and vitamins. A nice bonus? No added sugar. Here are Muhs’ top picks from Hy-Vee.


Clif Kid Z Bar (pack of six), $4.39

2. Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink (pack of eight), $3.99 3. Pepperidge Farm Baked Goldfish Crackers (pack of nine), $5.29

4. Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars (pack of five), $6.48 5. Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks (pack of five), $4.28 6. Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers (pack of eight), $5.89

Cooler tote, $7, Gordmans

Shadow lake towne Center 14

Snacks For the car


tock your car with convenient grab-and-go snacks so your kids can munch – and stay full – between practices. Protein choices like turkey sticks and nuts balance out carbohydrate options like fruit strips, tortilla chips and bars, said Shannon Muhs, Hy-Vee dietitian. Look for real fruit and low-fat options that don’t contain artificial flavors or colors. Muhs’ picks from Hy-Vee:

1. Planters NUT-rition Sustaining Energy Mix 2. Annie’s Organic Snack Mix 3. Hy-Vee Apple Strawberry Fruit Strips 4. Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips 5. Red Seedless Grapes 6. Hy-Vee Berry Trail Mix

10% off of Summer Camp fee, if signed up by May 30, 2014

7. Kind Fruit & Nut Delight Bar 8. Nick’s Sticks Free-Range Turkey Snack Stick 9. Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter Bar 10. Larabar Apple Pie Bar


First Aid Must-Haves Sunscreen lotion Pain-relieving cleansing spray Band-Aids Elastic bandage Sports tape (All from Hy-Vee)





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Offering full & part time child care.

Fall 2014 Part time Preschool program. Summer Camp for School Ages.

THe evening Rush Begins Avoid the drive-thru lane with this recipe.

2 Convenient Locations:

402-932-2922 • 180th & Dodge 402-991-0696 • 192nd & Pacific


nyone who has kids in sports knows that meals are difficult to squeeze in between practices and games, especially if you have multiple kids going to different locations at the same time. Rather than giving in to the fast food drive-thru lane, try this quick and easy recipe. It can be enjoyed throughout the evening by every family member, whether it’s 4:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. It makes great leftovers, too.

cider-spiced pork Servings: 4 WHAT YOU NEED 2 ¼ pounds boneless pork loin 1 cup apple cider 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 2 tablespoons flour

Photo courtesy of Sunnyheart Photography

Photo courtesy of Meri Valentin Photography

VISIT OUR STORE 16902 Wright Plaza #195 402-991-0991 |


WHAT YOU DO 1. Place pork loin in a 4 ½-quart slow cooker. Pour in cider. Sprinkle pork loin with pumpkin pie spice. Cook on low for 8 to 10 hours or on high for 4 hours. 2. Remove 1 cup juice from slow cooker. Place in a small saucepan. 3. Whisk in flour. 4. Bring to a simmer over medium heat. Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes or until desired consistency. 5. Cut pork loin in half and then into slices. Serve with the sauce. 6. If desired, allow the other half of the loin to cool slightly. Then shred it for the Speedy BBQ Pork Sandwiches recipe at right.


We’re Growing! OneWorld Northwest 4229 North 90th St. (402) 401-6000 NOW OPEN Health care that really cares

Convenient locations to care for the whole family! South Omaha 4920 S. 30th St. 402.734.4110

Cass Family Medicine 429 Main St., Plattsmouth 402.296.2345

West Omaha 4101 S. 120th St. 402.505.3907

Speedy BBQ Pork Sandwiches Servings: 4 WHAT YOU NEED 1 pound shredded pork loin (see recipe for Cider-Spiced Pork at left ) ž cup honey-smoked barbecue sauce 4 hamburger buns WHAT YOU DO 1. Combine shredded pork and barbecue sauce in a medium saucepan. 2. Heat over medium heat for 5 minutes or until heated thoroughly, stirring occasionally. 3. To serve, evenly divide shredded pork on buns.

Recipes provided by Hy-Vee. Photo:


‘Hoppy’ EastEr! One basic egg, two creative variations.

TexT and STyling by HeaTHer Winkel PHoTograPHy by dev Hanumara


f you’re scrambling for a new take on dyed eggs for Easter, hop over to the craft aisle of your favorite hobby store. You’ll find “egg-zactly” what you need for these “egg-stremely” easy decorating alternatives. It all boils down to a little creativity and imagination. In the end, you’ll step back and say, “That went over easy.”


D.I.Y. Project

teacher’s Pet WHAT YOU NEED Hard-boiled eggs Rubber gloves Foam brush Chalkboard paint Chalk WHAT YOU DO

1. Wearing rubber gloves, use a foam brush to paint one side of each egg with chalkboard paint.

2. Once dry, turn over egg and paint the other side.

Creating Confidence Camp “Write On”!

An academic creative writing experience where kids get 1 to 1 attention that classroom teachers don't necessarily have time for.r. June 9 -13 8:30 am - 12 pm

Beveridge Magnet Middle School 1616 S 120th Street 402-871-3682

3. Let the eggs dry completely before writing on them with chalk.

Whimsical Pom-Pom WHAT YOU NEED Hard-boiled eggs Glue or Tacky Glue Small pom-poms WHAT YOU DO

1. On one side of each egg, create a polka dot pattern with glue or Tacky Glue.

2. Stick on pom-poms. 3. Let dry, and then flip egg over to decorate the other side.


Enjoy exciting egg hunts and crafts with the Easter Bunny Get full event details and registration information online

April 19 | 9 a.m. to noon 100 Bancroft Street, Omaha RSVP at



Reenergize Add a little more play to your life. TexT by Karen blanc


continue to be amazed by the fact that few people can confidently answer the question: “What do you do to recharge your batteries?” Asked another way, “If you had an afternoon to yourself to spend however you want, what would you do?” If you don’t have a quick answer, keep reading. Recharging your personal batteries can actually be accomplished best by turning off every piece of technology you own for an afternoon, a whole


day or even a weekend: No computer, iPad, iPod or iPhone. It’s actually a “smart” move to put down your smartphone if you want some tranquility. We live in an age in which people can get in touch with us immediately, and we carry our computers in our hands. Turning off technology that beeps, tweets, rings or dings will bring peace to your life that might surprise you.

Do something just for you



Go to a movie Throw a snack such as fresh berries or a caramel brownie from your favorite bakery in your purse or briefcase. And those tiny bottles of wine were made for movie-going, right?


Take a hike Maybe you pass a scenic place every day and have never really seen it. Everything looks different when you’re walking. Drink in the fresh air. Again, plan ahead and treat yourself to a fabulous trail mix and bottled water or a gourmet picnic lunch. Soak in nature.


Take a bath Not just any bath – a well-planned bath complete with essential oils, salts, candles and bubbles. Pour cold, cold wine in your most elegant wine glass. Take as long as you want.

2101 North 120th Street (120th and Blondo) Omaha, NE 68164


Read a book

Want to look refreshed?

Give yourself permission to read a book cover to cover before you do anything else. Choose your nesting spot carefully since where you’re sitting should be part of the rejuvenation. Go out for lunch or to a coffee shop with only the book. Sit in the sun. Snuggle under a furry blanket surrounded by down pillows. Get comfortable in a place where you think no one could possibly find you.

Meridian has the answer...

Discover a guilty pleasure – and experience it Maybe it’s scheduling back-to-back treatments at a spa or staying in your pajamas all day reading magazines. Maybe you would enjoy curling up with Netflix and watching four Russell Crowe movies in a row. No one else gets to make your guilty pleasure list for you.

25of%each OFF

syringe of filler. Limit to 5 syringes. Exp: 4/30/2014

Plan a trip This takes a little more planning, but it might be just what you need. Your getaway could be as simple as going to a bed & breakfast in a neighboring town or discovering the best beach in the world. Creative planning is key. The details and thoughtful research should feel pampering and energizing – even before you pack your suitcase. Photo:


3321 N. 107th Street, Omaha, NE 68134 | 21

MoMaha.coM Blogger

Prom Fashion It’s still possible to make Mom and daughter happy. By Amy GrAce


rom season is almost here, and many moms and daughters have started shopping for the perfect dress. Whether this is your first prom shopping experience together or your last, you will want a brief overview of what you’ll be seeing in the stores this spring. You may need the overview to fully prepare yourself for what’s literally in store. Here is a short list of current trends.

The princess dress

One-shoulder gown

High-low dress

Beaded mini dress

Usually this dress consists of a strapless, fitted bodice and a full skirt. The yards and yards of crinoline or tulle that make up the long-skirt version or the short-skirt version make a major impact. If your daughter loves to make an entrance (or is a ballerina), this is the dress for her.

This style combines traditional and modern dress elements with a short skirt in front that gradually gets longer in the back. Some are strapless, some have spaghetti straps and some have sleeves. You’ll find this style in almost any shape and color her heart desires. Since her shoes will be on display, they’ll have to be pretty extraordinary.


Asymmetry has been a major look for years now. In fact, I had one of my own of these gowns way back when. I have to say, though, that these one-armed or one-shouldered beauties have come a long way. Short or long, my favorite look is the one with the singular floral lace strap.

The great thing about this dress (for Mom and Dad) is that it can be equally glamorous with either long sleeves and a scooped neck or spaghetti straps and no back. A chevron design is super popular. And the sequins or beading mean that very little jewelry is necessary. Chandelier earrings and strappy shoes are all a girl needs to pull off this cute little number.

Mermaid dress Let’s put it this way: Your daughter can’t be into walking. Seriously though, these dresses are fitted with a capital “F.” Most are strapless with beading, and they hug every curve until about the mid-thigh. That’s where a burst of crinoline or tulle makes up the full skirt that falls to the floor.


With beaded or sequined gowns, accessorizing should be kept to a minimum. Earrings and a satin clutch will do the trick. If her dress is simple and sophisticated, a statement necklace or earrings (not both) and a bangle with some bling will turn sleek into spectacular. As for the shoes, strappy sandals look great with virtually any dress, but pumps tend to be more comfortable for a long night.

for fo or a all ll yo your ou urr ““D.I.Y.” D.II.Y .Y.” .” ccake ak ke ep pro projects ojjeccts

about our cake decorating classes.

your TOTAL L supply purchase *Expires: April 15th, 2014 $10 OFF Party Total when you mention this Ad

Support Local Business

2851 Capehart Rd, Bellevue | 402-614-9211 |

Prepare Your Children for the World Ahead with the


What do well prepared Kindergartners know that others don't? We'll prepare your child with what you're expected to know when entering a OFF kindergarten classroom. $2n5up by sig




April 1st



Designed for elementary school-aged kids that will be entering K – 4th grades in the 2014 – 2015 school year. We are not your typical “summer school” as it is designed to be stimulating, active, fun, challenging, and innovative.

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Use your ‘nice’ voice to put the brakes on offensive words. Dear Sassy Housewife, My son is 7 years old, and he has become friends with a boy at school who says the word “stupid” a lot. This boy recently came over to our house for a playdate, and I overheard both he and my son using the word while playing in his room. We have a strict policy against saying this word in our family, and I don’t like the negative influence this boy is having on my son. What do you advise? Signed, The Real “S” Word Dear S, Well, everyone knows that saying the word “stupid” is a gateway word for the more harsh “idiot” and “bonehead.” And after that, it’s all downhill. These kids are probably destined to a life of inappropriate four-letter words. Ok that’s not true, but I couldn’t resist. Don’t sweat this one too much since there’s a very simple solution. The first thing to do is have a chat with your son when his friend is not around. Talk about how that word is offensive, and that even though his friends might use it, the family rule is that he doesn’t. I find myself often telling my kids that every family is different. Just because it is OK for one family doesn’t make it OK for ours. Second, when the friend comes over, simply pull the boy aside privately and say something like, “Johnny, I noticed that

you have said the word “stupid” when you have been over here. In our house we aren’t allowed to say that word, so please try not to use it, OK?” Say it nicely and then end the conversation. It’s simple, fast and to the point. Then, here’s the important part: Let it go. Be kind to the little boy so he doesn’t feel like he did something wrong. And he probably hasn’t done anything wrong. If that word is acceptable in his house, that’s all he knows. In the end, you can’t always change what kids say to your son. You can, however, try to change what your own child says. I have found that role-playing and having my kids imagine what it’s like to be called a name goes further than simply saying “Don’t do that.” Lastly, make sure that your son isn’t hearing you say the word. This is a hard thing for parents. Be careful when watching television or talking on the phone that you don’t say it – or else your kids might need to have a little chat of their own. Sassy Housewife Danielle Herzog is a married mother of two. She is a former middle and high school teacher, and she served as a student counseling advisor in the Washington, D.C., area prior to moving to Omaha. She currently is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling.

We carry Melissa & Doug educational toys and books for all ages. “IR RE REA READ EAD A BOOKS!” Storytime Birthday Party. Come celebrate your Kid’s next birthday party with us. Oakview Mall at 144th and W. Center Rd. 3001 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 402-905-0148,


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FIRST NATIONAL BANK Pirate Show entertains toddlers. Sing, dance and talk like a pirate


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Momaha Magazine - April 2014  

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