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WELCOME... OUR STORY Welcome to ProSolution Private Clients. This Welcome Book provides you with an introduction to our firm, our team, what we stand for and how we can help you. We ask that you take a moment to read through this Welcome Book as it contains some important information. Our core purpose is simply to make our clients happy. We can achieve this core purpose in many ways including helping our clients plan for the future and feel financially secure, solve financial problems or challenges, give them comfort that they are maximising their financial opportunities, helping their family and friends and so on. In short, we want to make you happy. We


only care about helping our clients’ achieve their goals and always put their best interest first. We never make any compromises on the quality of the advice we give. We never advise any client to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves (or advise our family members to do). We do not take risks with our clients’ money. Our financial philosophies are founded on sound, proven fundamentals. We only employ genuine, caring, service-oriented and honest team members that fully embrace our core values (more about our core values next). We know by only focusing on always doing the right thing by our clients that everything else will take care of itself. We love to make our clients happy.

OUR CORE VALUES Core values define an organisation and give it a soul. Core values never change. Core values are never compromised regardless of the consequences to the business – financial or otherwise. We do not ask our team members to adopt our core values. We find and only employ team members that already have and “live” these core values in their personal and professional life. This is what we stand for and we will never compromise on these values.

Client first



Value and care for people

We always put our clients’ best interest first. When solving our clients problems or providing advice, we put ourselves in our clients shoes and ask “what would we do in the same situation?”. We would never advise a client to do something if we didn’t honestly believe that it was the best solution for them. We know that we only have to focus on doing the right thing and everything else takes care of itself. We are proud that we always put our clients first.

We ask our clients to trust us and we must trust our clients. We put our trust in our fellow team members. We only refer our clients to people that we trust.

We are not scared to challenge the status quo. We are constantly on the look out to find better ways to help our clients. We love innovation and trying new things despite the potential for failure. As individuals and a business, we are constantly learning, growing and evolving.

Treating people with respect and caring for them is important to us. Everyone is different so we must expect and respect diversity. We encourage and help our team members and clients achieve their personal goals. Everyone wants to be respected, cared for and valued.


Meet our awesome team Stuart Wemyss Director Stuart has over 17 years’ of financial services experience and founded ProSolution in 2002. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is a Chartered Accountant and holds many post graduate qualifications. Stuart is licensed to provide credit, tax, insurance and financial advice.

Cathy Sterg Advisor, Credit


Cathy has over 25 years’ experience in banking and finance. Cathy held various roles with major banks including CBA, nab and AMP before joining ProSolution in 2009. Cathy holds a Diploma of Financial Services and is passionate about providing honest advice to her clients.

Mark Zanon Principal, Tax Mark has over 16 years’ of experience in taxation and banking. Mark is expert in advising individuals and small business on all taxation, planning and business matters. Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is a CPA and a Registered Tax Agent.

Jodi McKeown Senior Advisor, Credit Jodi has over 25 years’ experience in banking and finance. Before joining ProSolution in 2007, Jodi worked for nab in various lending and banking roles. Jodi holds a Diploma of Financial Services and is expert in understanding her clients needs and developing a suitable and astute banking solution.

We are very proud of our experienced team. They epitomise our core values. If they can’t answer your question or find a solution to your problem, they know someone that can.

Doreen Brewster Marketing Doreen has over 25 years’ experience in operating and marketing a small business. Doreen operated a successful retail chain of stores before undertaking a career change and joining ProSolution.

Jodie Hallmark Assistant Advisor Jodi has many years’ experience in mortgage broking prior to joining ProSolution. Jodie is passionate about supporting Jodi McKeown and Cathy Sterg to help them deliver outstanding service to their clients.

Kristy Dishon Assistant Advisor Kristy has over 11 years’ experience in property and financial services. Prior to joining ProSolution in 2007, Kristy worked for a property lawyer in conveyancing. Kristy is passionate about delivering exceptional service to our clients, specifically insurance and financial planning.

Kacie Abbott Client Experience Kacie joined ProSolution in 2011 and has over 15 years’ experience in various office management positions. Kacie supports the whole team with finding ways to show our clients that we genuinely care about them.



When dealing with us you will come to expect a high level of professional service. There are certain standards that we maintain including: We will always be honest and put your interests before ours We must apologise and make amends if we don’t perform as promised We will not agree to undertake work outside of our core skills and experience. In this situation we will help you find another advisor to solve your problem (as we have a panel of trusted advisors) We will always openly welcome your feedback We will do the utmost to maintain our independence and always disclose any potential conflicts of interest as soon as they arise We will listen to you and take time to understand your needs before offering a solution We will show you genuine care, empathy and concern for your financial wellbeing. If at any time you feel that we are not upholding these standards we expect you to tell us and appreciate the feedback.


HOW WE CAN HELP YOU We help clients with tax service and advice, financial planning, mortgage broking and investment property strategy and insurance – really anything that helps them achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. There’s not much that we can’t help with but if anything you need does fall outside our core expertise, we will refer you to the most appropriate professional that can help. Below is an example of how we work with clients. Keep in mind that it’s a generalisation as no two clients are the same. Who are you: young professional

Who are you: young couple/family

Most young professionals that we meet are looking to purchase their first property. The first property you purchase can end up being one of the most important because if you buy well (i.e. a quality asset), you will enjoy some strong capital growth which you can use to facilitate future property purchases or investments. Conversely, if you don’t buy well, your wealth accumulation success will be heavily reliant upon your earning and saving capacity. Our focus with younger clients is to help them understand this fact and get it right. Whilst tax and insurance needs tend to be relatively simplistic when we are starting out in life, we can look after them in a cost-effective manner.

If you are a young couple or family (or a single, established professional), chances are that you are starting to think longer term – at least more longer term than you use to. The best financial decisions tend to be long term ones. Of course we need to consider the immediate future but quality investments take time to deliver quality returns. Your short to medium term goals might include starting an investment portfolio, upgrading your home, funding your children’s school education, purchasing a holiday home and so on. We will spend time understanding what your short, medium and longer term goals are and ensure that the advice we give you will help you achieve these goals in a safe and deliberate manner. Typically, at this stage of life you will need to utilise our mortgage advisory and insurance services in concert with our tax professional (to ensure you are legally minimising tax as much as possible). It’s possible that you may need help from our financial planner on an ad hoc basis although it’s less common at this stage of life.

Who are you: more established couple/ family

Our panel of trusted advisors

Now that you are more established in your professional and personal life, it’s time to get serious. At this stage you may have a better idea of when you would like to retire. Often we find clients prefer to plan for a phased retirement (i.e. gradually reduce work days over time). Regardless, if you do not know what your destination is, how do you know if you are heading in the right direction? Therefore, our first step is to assist you in gaining clarity in respect to the timing of retirement and the quality (cost) of the retirement lifestyle you desire. We can then prepare a clear, simple, lowrisk financial plan that will ensure you meet your retirement goals. We will typically involve members from our tax and financial planning team to help you develop this tailored strategy. Once the plan has been agreed between us, we will turn our attention to implementing and managing it for you. This will give you the confidence that your retirement goals will be met.

From time to time throughout our relationship we may recommend you engage other experts to assist you with your financial strategy. Such professionals may include investment property advisors or buyers’ agents, conveyancers, estate lawyers, specialist insurance advisors and so forth. After over a decade in business we have developed strong networks with many trusted advisors that have worked with our clients in the past. You will benefit from our insight and experience in this regard.


TESTIMONIALS FROM ESTABLISHED CLIENTS Our clients are honest and friendly people that value the professional advisory relationship we have developed together founded on mutual respect and trust. They want to make the most of their financial opportunities in a safe and smart manner (i.e. not interested in ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes or risky investments) and are open and willing to listen to our advice. Below is a taste of the testimonials we receive from clients that have worked with our firm for many years. We 8 have hundreds of testimonials which we can provide to you upon request.


“Stuart’s genuine commitment to the loan process was evident from beginning to end. An extremely responsive and committed team made the entire process stress free. Stuart was able to provide us with the best advice to help us reach our goal and ensure that we structured our loan correctly the first time to enable us to increase our investment portfolio in the near future. ProSolution Private Clients is an outstanding example of a World Class Professional Service. We look forward to dealing with Stuart and his team soon.” Katherine Maniatakis – HR Advisor – Monash University

“I would happily recommend ProSolution Private Clients to others looking for a highly professional and efficient service. As a junior doctor buying my first property, I thought that the service that I would receive may be less than those who were seeking greater loan values. However, all of my dealings with ProSolution Private Clients were faultless and I was treated with the upmost professionalism. I plan to use them again for any future purchases and dealings.” Dr R Taylor - Resident Medical Officer

“Stuart and his team were responsive to my needs, demonstrated initiative and professionalism throughout. They certainly took the hassle out of the process and their ongoing communication never left me thinking “I wonder what’s happening with the finance”. I would certainly recommend them to any prospective borrower.” Gavin Morton – Principal - PKF Chartered Accountants

“I would highly recommend approaching ProSolution Private Clients as I found their service professional, efficient, and personalised. They also seemed to have an in-depth knowledge of what suited me as a client. They recommended the loan which now in retrospect suits me perfectly. Their ability to negotiate with different lenders is a distinct advantage. This leads to more flexibility as far as the client is concerned and not the rigidity associated with some of the big banks.” Dr Denzil Daniels – Doctor – Queensland 

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Typically, we accept new clients if they are referred to us by an existing client (or professional referral). There are two reasons that we decided to become “referral only”:




Our clients are our strongest advocates in that they have experienced first-hand how we help clients, what we stand for, what we are like to deal with and we have worked hard to earn their trust. Our clients are therefore best placed to judge which of their friends, colleagues and family we can help and are aligned to our core values; and Our entire focus can be on helping our existing clients, not spending time, money and energy looking for new clients. We ask our existing clients to keep an eye out for referral opportunities for us. It is very much in line with our philosophy of looking after our clients and the rest takes care of itself.

We ask our existing clients to introduce us to any people they care about and would benefit from our help. We realise not all referrals will result in new business for us – sometimes people aren’t ready or don’t need our help yet. We do not measure the quality of a referral by the probability of them doing business with us. We measure the quality of a referral by our capacity to be able to help them. Sometimes we can help a referee (and add lots of value) by simply introducing them to one of our trusted panel of advisors – that’s still a successful referral. The most important thing is we want to deal with like-minded people that share the same core values. Be assured that we will work very hard to earn your trust and respect so that you feel comfortable referring people to us. The future of our business depends on it.


Warren Buffett says “price is what you pay, value is what you get”. At the beginning of our relationship you might find that you don’t have to pay us any significant fees as we may be remunerated via commissions. You may incur small ad hoc fees if you agree to certain workshops or advice projects (but this will be discussed with you). Our accounting and financial planning services are offered on a fee basis. These services will be discussed with you when we feel your financial circumstances warrant it and the quantum of the fees will be disclosed at that time (as the fee often depends on your circumstances and complexity). In regards to fees, you have our undertaking that: We will always be upfront about what costs are involved and discuss these with you prior to commencing any work We will maintain a transparent and easy-to-understand fee structure that also preserves our independence If, at the completion of our work, you are not completely satisfied with the results and/or value, we will either address the perceived deficiencies or refund some or all of the fees.


ABN: 54 096 725 370 Office: Fax: Email: Website: Office:

(03) 8624 4600 (03) 8624 4699 Level 8, 31 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000


PO Box 475 Collins St West VIC 8007

Licences Australian Financial Service Licence No. 238449 Australian Credit License No. 238449 Registered Tax Agent No. 17682003 Professional Memberships

Incorporating: C : 100 M : 55

Y :0 B :0

C : 100 M : 30

Y :0 B :0

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