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TONI OJO Designer • Researcher

curriculum vitae

Education BA (Hons) Product Design Student at Nottingham Trent University - 2017 - present UX/UI Design Student at Love Circular | August - October 2020 Employment Junior Freelance Designer at Marssaie Studio | October – December 2019 SEN Transport Officer (Administration) at Medway Council | August – September 2018 Student Ambassador at the Employability Fair at Nottingham Trent University | October 2018 Freelance Illustrator at TOJO Visuals | December 2017 - present Student Academic Mentor at Fort Pitt Grammar School, Chatham | 2015 - 2016 Experience Illustration commission for the BBC | October 2020 UX/UI Designer and Brand Designer at The Ubuntu Network | April 2020 - present Brand Design Lead at RnBrit UK | January - September 2020 Art Exhibition at ‘Unapologetically Black’ by Black Creator’s Matter | October 2019 Design Academy Student at The Design Council London/Nottingham | March 2019 Student Ambassador at the Property, Design and Construction Employability Fair at Nottingham Trent University | October 2018 Branding, Marketing and Digital Design Workshop (GUAP Media Magazine) at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London | August 2018 Panel Member at the Amos Bursary Conference at Imperial College London | July 2018 Course Representative at Nottingham Trent University | October 2017 - June 2018 Skills Figma, Solidworks, KeyShot and Adobe Creative Cloud: InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and XD. User Research, UX/UI Design, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Sketching, Wire-framing, Prototyping, Illustration, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Leadership and Public Speaking.

Content 01 The Ubuntu Network 02 Uber Brand Extension 03 Athleisure Apparel Brand 04 RnBRIT 05 Commissions and Personal Projects

The Ubuntu Network Using Adobe Illustrator and Figma

The Ubuntu Network is an online platform that helps to connect international students across the UK while providing them with the information, guidance and advice they need to effectively navigate the UK Job market. It came into existence after the founder, who is an international student himself, realised the difficulties of getting a job in the UK. I joined the team as the Brand Designer and UX/UI Designer of the new app.

Primary Logo | Secondary Logo

Promotional Poster Designs • Adobe Illustrator

Uber Brand Extension in collaboration with Forpeople

Brief: Design and develop an innovative and complementary product/service for Uber. Consideration of new consumer behaviours, potential markets and brand impact is essential.

uSquare & Uber Bouncer uSquare is a pocket-sized device designed for those that require safety and navigation while out and about at night. Use the interactive screen to book a certified Uber Bouncer who will accompany you on your walk and ensure a safe journey home.

Confirm Uber Bouncer

Current Location: PRYZM

Uber Bouncer | Bag Content

Preliminary Research

_Brand Identity: Purpose Uber is a transport system that uses an app to connect riders and drivers. Its main subsidiaries include Uber Eats - a food delivery service and Jump Bikes - an electric bike and scooter share service.


How uber works:

A rider opens the app

The rider is matched with a driver

The driver pick

s up the rider

_Brand Identity: Mission My view of what the brand represents: to provide a personalised and reliable mode of transport. Uber represent reliability and punctuality, practicality and convenience.

Uber’s mission statement: We ignite opportunity by setting the world in

The driver takes the rider to the destination


The driver and rider leave ratings and reviews

Uber Brand Identity

Visual Language • Logo • Colour • Illustration

Primary and Secondary Research Core Vales • Stakeholders • Client Core Attributes • Survey Results and Analysis • Accidents and Crime Statistics and Evaluation

My in-depth research is available to view at: Title: ‘Uber Brand Extension Project’

My research led me to explore the use of Uber to travel home at night, especially regarding safety and convenience. In response I created a user journey mapping of the Uber navigation of a student night out, highlighting significant areas of frustration that could be transformed into design solutions for Uber’s Brand Extension.

A - Book Uber to Coco Tang cocktail bar B - 6 minute wait C - Uber arrives D - 15 minute journey E - Uber drops us in City Square as the side road is not accessible by car F - Walking in heels using Google Maps to find the bar G - Approached by a drunk man asking for directions to a hotel H - Bar entrance located but the bar is closed I - Use Google Maps to walk to Culture Club. Enter the club J - Accidentally separated halfway through the night - 2/3 phones dead K - Relocate each other at the bar L - Book Uber home M - Charged surge price N - Arrive at home O - Order McDonald’s through UberEats delivery P - 35 minute wait Q - Food arrives

Experience evaluation ~ 0 = least / 10 = most Experience evaluation • 0 =positive least positive • 10positive = most positive

User Journe

y Mapping: Night Out

Task time - 6 hours

Experience Points

= Problem areas/potential design opportunities

Uber Brand Extension: Night Navigation Chosen Direction

Aim: to ensure safe travel home at night, especially in areas where Uber is inaccessible. Specification • Discrete night navigation for optimum safety walking home • Wearable Tech • Uses Uber’s safety-blue colour scheme From this decision and specification I created the six following concepts


Final Concept: uSquare and Uber Bouncer Sketching and Ideation

Final Concept: uSquare and Uber Bouncer Does it satisfy the specification?

Discrete night navigation for optimum safety walking home - uSquare is more discrete than pulling out your mobile phone to try and locate your destination Wearable tech - pocket-sized, attaches to keychain for safe keeping Uses Uber’s established safety-blue colour scheme - Uber Bouncer’s uniform/accessories for recognition are also in safety blue. The uSquare’s exterior coule be all blue or have highlights of safety blue with the main exterior being black and white, which is more in keeping with Uber’s visual identity

Athleisure Apparel Brand Concept

Brief: Create a fun, contemporary, distinctive brand identity system for MDC, a start-up athletics brand aimed at new talent, giving them a sense of ownership and professionalism.

Colour Palette

Promotional Design for RnBrit Graphic Design


Commissions and Personal Projects Digital Design and Illustration

BBC Commission • Adobe Illustrator

Rihanna • Adobe Illustrator

Quarantine & Chill • Adobe Illustrator

Mela • Adobe Illustrator

Art • Markers and Oil Pastel Studies

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