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 April 13, 6–8pm 
 Exhibition: April 11 – May 13, 2018

Olsen Gruin is pleased to present Realm, an exhibition of new mixed media on linen paintings by Australian artist Marisa Purcell. When I paint it feels as though the verbal part of my brain goes quiet. Its like the pre-frontal cortex wakes up. What emerges always surprises me. The painting unfolds as I watch. One thing affects the other. Every element connects with the next like a spider web or a network of fungus linking an entire forest. Like Einstein’s description of mass, everything is interdependent and co-dependent, everything is part of a system. Space curves. Every object sits in its own gravitational field, yet affects everything around it. For me, the veil acts as a screen - mimicking the way the brain erects definitive boundaries to construct reality. It becomes a curtain and implies movement. I like how this movement makes the surface changeable - depending on the viewing position. Like a mirror the reflective pigments I use allow the painting to reflect multiple versions of itself. My ongoing interest in veils, curtains, looms, shields, cosmology and liminal spaces continue to be investigated in these new paintings. The paintings create Realms of other possibilities, alternative zones - beyond realities we so carefully construct for ourselves. They reveal a space that sits just beyond me. My paintings are a distillation of the endless possibilities available to me, condensed into one flattened surface. They are cross-sections of time and being. Painting is my way of filtering through the doppler effect of noise - and sit with the ubiquitous human desire to understand the unfathomable vastness of it all. – Marisa Purcell

Marisa Purcell (b. 1971), graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993, received a Master of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney in 2007, and lives and works in Sydney. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in Australia with Olsen Gallery, Sydney, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane, and others; and has had international solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Paris, and Switzerland. This is the artist’s first exhibition in New York.

For further information please contact the gallery at or at +1.646.525.6213. All images are subject to copyright. Gallery approval must be granted prior to reproduction.

Marisa Purcell Transmission, 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 76 3/4 x 66 7/8 " (195 x 170 cm) 54114 Sold

Marisa Purcell Extract, 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 60 1/4 x 53 7/8 " (153 x 137 cm) 54109 $8,800

Marisa Purcell Route, 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 60 1/4 x 53 7/8 " (153 x 137 cm) 54113 $8,800

Marisa Purcell Noise, 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 60 1/4 x 53 7/8 " (153 x 137 cm) 54111 Sold

Marisa Purcell Realm (b), 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 118 1/8 x 78 3/4 " (300 x 200 cm) 54115 $18,500

Marisa Purcell Realm (c), 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 118 1/8 x 78 3/4 " (300 x 200 cm) 54116 $18,500

Marisa Purcell Region, 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 72 x 66 1/8 " (183 x 168 cm) 54112 Sold

Marisa Purcell Arena, 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 72 x 60 1/4 " (183 x 153 cm) 54108 $9,500

Marisa Purcell Interface, 2018 Realm Mixed media on linen 78 x 66 1/8 " (198 x 168 cm) 54110 $10,000

MARISA PURCELL CV Born: 1971, Queensland Lives: Lives and works in Sydney EDUCATION: 2007 Master of Visual Arts, University of Sydney, SCA 2001 Master of Art Administration (major elective: painting) University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1993 Bachelor of Educational Studies (art) University of Queensland

SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2017 FACET (part b), Olsen Gallery, Sydney 2016 FACET (part a), Olsen Gallery (Works on paper gallery) 2016 Screen, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane Loom, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne 2015 Unbounded, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane 2014 Walking with Time, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane Polyphony, Olsen Irwin, Sydney Walking with time, Edwina Corlette Gallery 2013 Zone, Block Projects, Melbourne Communion, Edwina Corlette, Brisbane 2012 Halo, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney Murmuration, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane 2011 Immanence, Edwina Corlette Gallery, New Farm, Brisbane 2010 Night Crossings, Tight: Projects, Kings Cross, Sydney ‘Portrait of the Seeping Through’, MOP project space, Chippendale, Sydney 2008 Installation / Design for ‘Manna’ (theatre set) at Sydney Theatre Company Only the Memories are New, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane 2007 Post-Graduating exhibition, Sydney College of the Arts Places to Remember, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong 2006 Time Being United Galleries, Sydney 2005 The Entrance, Cite Internationale des arts, Paris 2004 In Between, Table Gallery, Basel, Switzerland Sticky Nights Station21, Zurich, Switzerland 2003 Translations, FUGE/Verein Pro Fuge, Grünau, Zürich, Switzerland 2002 Somewhere Near, Tim Olsen Gallery 2000 Hum, Global Gallery, Paddington, Sydney 1997 Place, Waverley Gallery, Sydney 1995 Earth Museum of Modern Art, Brisbane

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Grace Cossington Smith Art Prize 2015 Summer Exhibition, Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney The Waverley Art Prize Exhibition 2014 Regroup, Olsen Irwin Works on paper, small oils and sculpture gallery, Sydney

2013 2012 2011 2010

2009 2008




The Art Hunter, Sydney The Waverley Art Prize exhibition, Sydney Sydney Contemporary, Stand D103, Sydney The Waverley Art Prize exhibition, Sydney (highly commended) Solstice II, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney Painting as presence, MOP Projects, Sydney Autumn, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney Wattle, Selected Australian artists, The Cat St Gallery, Hong Kong A Summer Survey, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney Christmas Show, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane Beyond the Field, Bondi Pavilion Art Gallery, Bondi Beach, Sydney Still Life: FBI Fundraiser Auction, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney First Group Show, Tight Projects, Kings Cross, Sydney Art on Paper Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery Reflections of Australia, Beijing Utz Travelling Scholarship Exhibition, Metro Arts, Brisbane Stations of the Cross, St Ives Uniting Church Art Dubai’ Contemporary Art Fair, Kashya Hildebrand Stand (Zurich) New Generation, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Off the Wall, Brisbane Art Fair The Blake Prize for Religious Art National Art School Gallery Sydney Art on Paper Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea Unrealesque, Grantpirrie Gallery, Sydney Dreamscapes, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, Zurich KIAF, International art fair, Korea, Kashya Hildebrand Stand Monochromes, Gallery 141, Darlinghurst, Sydney ‘The Blake Prize’, National Art School Gallery Art Sydney 06 Selected, Off the Wall Flavour Art loft, Singapore Slowly, Slowly Kudos Gallery, Paddington, Sydney Liquid, Love, Light, Saatchi and Saatchi Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney Art on Paper Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney Flavour Art Loft, Singapore

SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS: 2015 Winner - Acrylic prize, Waverley Art Prize 2013 Highly commended- Waverley Art Prize 2012 Residency – La Macina di San Cresci- Chianti, Italy 2009 Waverley Council 6 month Studio Residency. Bondi Rd. Studios 2008/9 Australia Council for the Arts, New Work Grant 2007 Hill End Residency, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery 2006/7 University of Sydney Post-Graduate Award 2004/5 Cite Internationale des arts, 3 month residency (2004), Paris, France 2003 FUGE/Verein Pro Fuge, 6 month residency, Zürich, Switzerland 2001 ‘India Link’ grant to finance ‘Same, same but different’ 2000 National Association of Visual Arts (NAVA) Artists Marketing Scheme Grant for ‘Hum’ exhibition, Global Gallery, Sydney nd The Blackbird Art Prize, 2 Prize 1999 The Elioth Gruner Painting Prize – Joint Winner 1998 Italian Institute of Culture – 3 month residency, The Institute of Art and Design, Italy

Marisa Purcell | REALM  

Olsen Gruin 30 Orchard Street, NY NY 10002

Marisa Purcell | REALM  

Olsen Gruin 30 Orchard Street, NY NY 10002