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AWARDS & RECOGNITION Awards to be presented at Celebration 2013

1. Isagenix Millionaires

17. Rising Star

Is an Associate that has shown that he/she knows what it takes to build a successful business. This Executive has jumped in rank two to three times from 1- to 4-Star Golden Circle since 2012 Celebration.

2. Celebration Top 100 3. Top 5 Re-entries – Platinum Businesses 4. President’s Award 5. Man of the Year 6. Woman of the Year

18. Shooting Star

Is an Associate that has already built a successful business with Isagenix, but didn’t stop there. This Associate has already achieved the rank of 4-Star Golden Circle and was able to increase from 4- to 5-Star, 5- to 6-Star, or 6 and above since 2012 Celebration.

7. Couple of the Year 8. Leadership Pools – Top 5 from each Pool 9. Millionaires in Action – Top 5 President’s

Quest Winners 10. Impact Award 11. Top 3 Recruiters

19. Consistent Producer

Honors the top leaders with the largest net increase in personally enrolled Consultants

12. Top 3 Business Builders 13. Leaders of the Year –

US, CA, AU/NZ, MX, HK, TW 14. New Crystal Executives 15. IsaBody Challenge Finalists & Grand Prize

Winner 16. Women of Isagenix

Criteria: • Minimum of two years with Isagenix • Minimum of 2-Star Golden Circle

Other guidelines include: • Those who are actively building their business

• An ambassador for Isagenix

• Takes an active role in their team’s success

• H  olds open meetings and attends corporate events

Criteria: • Developing a new personal Consultant a minimum of five months between July 2012 to June 2013

• Must be an Executive to qualify

• M  ust be a Paid-As-Executive during the month the consultant is developed

20. Leadership Growth Award

Awarded to the top Executives who experience the largest net increase in four Personally-Enrolled Team Executives Criteria: To participate, you must have developed one new personal Executive between July 2012 and June 2013 21. Persistent Leader Award

Criteria: • Minimum of three years with Isagenix

• Associate must have a solid foundation and consistently grow over time with the company

• Awarded to those who achieve their current status during the award time period who achieved that status in the longest amount of time from their date of their last rank advancement

22. Spirit of Isagenix

Criteria: • Voter’s choice on for Top three to be awarded on stage at Celebration

• N  omination forms sent through to from Isagenix Associates

• Minimum of one year with Isagenix

• Top ten nominees chosen by Isagenix Corporate and highlighted in Celebration Recognition magazine



We know recognition programs are very important to us and lead to increased engagement, productivity, retention and incremental revenue!

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