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West java

This is book is designed to educated the greater populous. All rights reserved Suite20Seven Designs Independently Published 2015

29th Nov A twenty seven hour day, with two stops overs and we had finally made


the long journey from melbourne to Jakarta, Indonesia. We were to


spend the next 4 days in the slums of Indoesia, photographing and


docuemnting the way in the which the locals live. The most interesting and defining aspect of Indonesia is the lack of respect, for both their common man and the treatment of the environment in which they live.

Police and the army walk around like they are untouchable A class above everybody else

This is not an uncommon sight Its quite confronting coming from a society where the homeless are aided by social workers nothing happens here

The homeless lay dying in the street and the “Polisi”

seemingly Indonesia nothing but ignore them. The mentallity of Indoesia,

will just sit right in front of them and seeminglissly do

seems to be “if I ignore it, it will go away.

The drinking water is BLACK, not brown BLACK.


There is rubbish everywhere. Everything is ditry. It is such a hard concept to grasp! In Melbourne someone


is employeed to clean the bins and pick up rubbish. It is deemed not important here.

Children play in the streets, no shoes and no cares in

believe the teh world. Their only concern is what make beilve game they will play next.

The hustle and bustle of the slums it almost has a charismatic charm

Children play next to these cesspools niaive to the health and safety issues that are clearly associated with these activities

Shanties are built on the polluted rivers edge These wouldnt even be deemed fito be good enough garden sheds in Australia let alone be a suitable environment to live

A mother guides her child down the footpath He playfully skips along beside her

The green stuff abutting the house is actually water Its hard to believe that people actually live in these

10 minutes down the road from the shanteys, there is a


huge multi million dollar westernisd mall. The


contrast is startlling.


We wore what we considered appropritate dress for a 35 degree day, clearly it wasnt appropriate! Constant looks of disgust were cast in our direction! At one


point I was asked by a local if my assitant was “expensive?�.

Coming from a cultural diverse community, in which everyone is accepted no matter what the colour of


their skin is, or what beilefis they had, being


osterchised was such a foreign concept to me.e


The diference between the have’s and have nots, is what is most alarming to me. You always get told you are lucky to come from Australia as a kid. I’ve never really understood this until now.

The have nots seemed to have the most time for us

Life is simple in the slums People are just happy to be acknowledged Its actually heart warming to get a big toothless smile from the simplest of gestures

cheeky seriousness scam you. But in all seirousness you dont mind,

The locals have a cheky grin on their faces, when they

because what’s a little amount of money to you, is alot to them and you know that this little bit extra is going to help feed their families.

The simplistic cuisine that is street food is some of the best food you will ever have Its worth the risk of salmonella

Indonesia comes alive at night time Vendors or some every street corner compete for your attention


Whilst in indonsia, I often thought, what if? What if


we didn’t live in such a materlistitic world, would we as humans, be better off?

If the world was simpler would it be a better place?t to

All rights reserved Suite20Seven Designs Independently Published 2015

West Java 2.0  

A photo documentary that features an artist first overseas trip. With Jakarta, Indonesia as the backdrop the artist annotates his thoughts a...

West Java 2.0  

A photo documentary that features an artist first overseas trip. With Jakarta, Indonesia as the backdrop the artist annotates his thoughts a...