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Welcome to UPSU

On behalf of the University of Plymouth Students’ Union (UPSU), welcome to Plymouth! You have chosen one of the best places in the whole country to be a student, so congratulations! This guide and diary is intended to help you find out a bit more about UPSU, plan your work and social schedules and find your way around Plymouth. The most important dates for the Students’ Union are listed on the inside front cover, all of which we encourage you to attend and get involved with. The next few pages are your guide to the University

of Plymouth Students’ Union and everything it offers to you. Whether you need support, advice, food, want to join a club or society, enhance your CV or simply come down in the evening for a drink and some great entertainment you can do it all at UPSU. We hope you find this diary useful, make sure you keep it close to hand so you don’t miss any deadlines or important dates! We hope that you have a great time throughout your university career and indeed in those all important first few weeks at Uni. Welcome Week will kick start your year, and see you interacting a great

deal with our services, but please remember that UPSU is here to represent your views to the University all year, and ultimately help to achieve a better university experience for you. We always welcome, and need your input - one of our taglines is your voice, your choice, your union. Please get involved, tell us what you want and we’ll see what we can do! The Sabbatical Team UPSU


WHAT WE DO WHAT IS UPSU? The University of Plymouth Students’ Union is an organisation that comes together to represent the views of all students at our University. It is an important body that supports student rights. Our mission is to transform lives through experience because there are lots of different ways you can get involved with UPSU which will make your time at University the best it can be.


HOW UPSU WORKS UPSU is separate from the University of Plymouth as an independently run, student-led organisation. The work we do is governed by a constitution and led by 5 elected student officers (‘Sabbatical Officers’). The Union is a charity and therefore these 5 elected officers, along with 2 further students and 3 external advisors, make up the board of trustees. Our charity status also means that we do not make a profit - all money taken through our bar, shop and entertainments services are invested right back into UPSU to provide our members with better services.

UPSU has a good reputation for providing a great variety of events and aims to cater for all groups of people. One of the biggest is the end of year Summer Ball - held on campus for the first time in 2009 and a sell out in 2010. Apart from that, the Students’ Union building contains a nightclub and several bars.



We also offer an advice service with professionally trained advisors offering you help in academic, financial or legal matters. If you have any problems with your course, a lecturer, the University, fitting in, living in Plymouth, or just need a friendly ear we will listen and represent your views and ensure your concerns are heard.

The Union is also the social hub of the University. If you want food, drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!), entertainment, bars, games, TV, or just somewhere to meet and chat, the Union has got it covered. We aim to provide a range of entertainments within the Union, from live bands to quiz nights.

The advice centre is located on the 1st floor of the Students’ Union.



GET INVOLVED We provide a huge range of opportunities to get involved with sports, societies, volunteering and training. A great way to meet people and build up your skills.

UPSU works with a range of nightclubs in the city centre to ensure that you will always find your mates and be safe at these venues on student nights.


REPRESENTATION As a student you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union. This means that the Students’ Union is here to represent you. Representation basically means that if you have any problems within the University, we are here to help. The five elected full-time officers and numerous parttime officers represent students as a group, at various meetings with the University, and the local community. This means taking consensus of student opinion and getting what’s best for students at all levels. The full-time officers can also represent you on an individual level, providing support at disciplinary hearings, appeals and much more.


UPSU also co-ordinates Student Parliament, an open meeting for students to put forward their views and ask questions of the Union officers. All students are welcome to attend and speak, but only full-time or part-time elected officers have voting rights.

NUS The University of Plymouth Students’ Union is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS). The main function of the National Union is representation for students on a national level. They campaign and lobby the Government on issues that affect all students, such as tuition fees and student debt. They also provide support and training for our officers, and support our commercial services through combining buying power from 225 students’ unions. For more information visit

Every year, NUS holds several regional and national events and conferences. In order to ensure that the voice of our students is represented at the national level, we elect several NUS delegates to attend conferences and speak on behalf of Plymouth students. Elections for these positions are held in the October by-elections.









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NUS also provide national discounts through the NUS Extra card system. Many of you may have already experienced using these cards, which gain really useful discounts in a range of highstreet stores, including Amazon, Odeon, Coast and many more. For a full list of discounts, see the NUS website, or look out for posters and advertisements around the Students’ Union. The other benefit for you is that some of the money you spend on the card is given to us here at UPSU. This is then directly recycled back into providing services for you such as Sports, Volunteering and Advice.

YOUR SABBATICAL TEAM The University of Plymouth Students’ Union is a democratic organisation led by students for students. The role of our Sabbatical Officers is to lead UPSU, representing the views

of students to the university and the community. The Sabbatical Officers hold a full time role at the University of Plymouth Students’ Union. There are 5 Officers in total, and despite having different remits they are

all willing to talk to you about any issues regarding University life that you may wish to raise. If they can’t help you personally, they’ll certainly know where to go for help.

students. It facilitates an even better student experience through sports, societies, volunteering and campaigning. UPSU is led by a team of five sabbatical officers who are there to represent you and your views.

and make themselves heard. If you need me or any of the other members of the sabbatical team you can always find us in the Hive.

Hello and welcome to the University of Plymouth Students’ Union! UPSU is led by students for

As your president, I will work around the clock to make sure that UPSU does all of those things and anything more that you need or want it to do. UPSU is a united voice and a place for all students to come together

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I’m your Vice President Education & Welfare. My role is to ensure that every student studying here or at partner colleges knows about the great services the union has to offer including our fantastic advice centre (above the

Hive) and to ensure that every students university experience is a fun, exciting, fair and most importantly, enjoyable one. If you have worries during your studies or would like support in terms of accommodation advice, course representation, counselling, or even information about how to get more involved in UPSU whilst you are here then the union is here for you, and as Sabbatical Officers we can help point you in the right direction! One of my key responsibilities is to help train and support many of you who will become course reps, I can’t encourage you enough to get involved, as course reps are vitally important in getting the voices of students heard around the university

I am sure you will enjoy the excellent student experience that the University of Plymouth and the city of Plymouth has to offer. and ultimately can really drive change for the benefit of all students. I will also be helping to organise lots of campaigns (which I really enjoy!). These will include themes surrounding student fees, green and ethical issues and sexual health to name a few. But.... if you have always wanted to run a campaign but not know where to start or have a topic that you feel strongly about or that you think the university should be addressing…….. Then please do get in touch! Have a great year.

Hello and welcome to you all. I really hope in this coming academic year, UPSU can offer you a fun and friendly place to come and hang out.

Whether you’re just starting university or returning for another year of study I wish you the best of luck in your studies and encourage each and every one of you to get involved, try

Hi I’m Abi, your Vice President Activities and Communications. Over the next year, I will be working closely with the

One of my responsibilities is representing 10,500 University Partner College Students, International Students, Mature Students and Post Grads. My aim is to ensure all students can have an unforgettable time while studying at the University of Plymouth! I will also be working closely with the Student Parliament Chair and hope to improve the parliament by changing the structure, making it more accessible to all students through a clearly identifiable structure that all students can understand easily.

If you ever want to talk to me about ideas that can improve your university life, please feel free to get in touch with me through e-mail or pop into the Hive. I am here to help any student and I will do anything that I can to bring your voices together & put your vision into UPSU’s agenda. I’ll ensure UPSU always looks after you, sees things through your eyes and always thinks from your point of view.

something new and participate in one of the many sports that we have to offer you!

and wakeboarding, I can guarantee that there will be something for you.

Sport has never been better at Plymouth, and following on from a brilliant year of success and competition I hope that as a student body we can get more people involved than ever before; and hopefully bag some big wins in the process! Regardless of whether you just want to play with your mates or if your aim is to represent the university in any of over 60 sports then we have something for you. From football, hockey and rugby to kickboxing, polo

If you have any questions, queries or problems with sports at the university then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by either emailing me at: or dropping into the hive and having a word in person.

Volunteering Department and the wide range of societies here at UPSU. Volunteering and Societies are brilliant things to get involved with while at the University, giving you the opportunity to explore a new hobby you may never have dreamt of trying as well as meeting many new and like minded people.

newspaper, managing the official launch and continuing the development of UPSU radio and working closely with the all new Cam:Cru society.

As well as this I will also be helping to develop the ever growing UPSU Media, which will include recruiting a new student editor for the Knowledge

So what are you waiting for? Get a sports card and get involved!

You will see me in and around campus over the next year, and will be based along with the other sabbatical officers in the Hive. So feel free to drop in and say hi, or email us with any questions or comments that you might have.

STUDENT PARLIAMENT WHAT IS PARLIAMENT? Student Parliament is a group of part-time elected student officers who meet regularly to feed into important discussions about anything from catering to library facilities, and much more. This body is also tasked with holding the sabbatical officer team to account - ensuring that they are achieving for students, and mandating them to lobby the university on the behalf of Parliament.

Student Parliament is made up of around 30-40 students, representing the diversity of the students at the university, from disability campaigns chair, to representatives from each faculty. Parliament will generally meet once a month during term time, the dates of which will be publicised online, on noticeboards, and via our student media outlets.

The important thing to note about Student Parliament is that it is always an open meeting - any and all students are entitled and encouraged to attend to speak, submit proposals or question the work of full-time officers. However, only the elected part-time officers have voting rights, so if you are interested then have a read of the “Elections” section to find out how to get involved. Remember, all this looks great on your CV, and means you can help to improve the lives of other students.


The parliament chair is responsible for chairing Student Parliament once a month, and being the “face” of Parliament. Each parliament meeting consists of at least 30 student representatives who want their voice to be heard, so the chair must be fair, diplomatic but firm. The Chair must remain impartial and run meetings with an agenda of being unbiased and neutral. For this academic year, the Parliament chair is also a member of the University Board of Governors - a position of great respect and responsibility.

Campaigns Chairs:

There are several ‘Campaign Chair’ positions on Student Parliament. These positions are responsible for chairing specific campaign sub-committees on Parliament. The Chairs must recruit volunteers to sit on the committees and ensure that the sub-committee works effectively. Any student can represent on a sub-committee and attend Student Parliament. The Campaigns Chairs are one of the main representatives for all Union issues regarding their campaign. Positions range from Environment and Ethics to LGBT, from Postgraduate Students’ to Disabled Students’.


Are elected from course reps within their faculty, and represent students within their faculty. They also sit on Union Executive Committee (UEC) alongside the full-time officers, to ensure academic issues are dealt with quickly.

Halls and Private Accommodation Rep: Works to assist students with issues regarding accommodation, getting support from full-time officers where needed.

GET AHEAD WITH GRAD OPPS Access careers information, advice and guidance, further study opportunities and a wide variety of jobs – full-time or part time, voluntary or temporary – to help put you ahead in today’s competitive graduate job market. Fast track your career through Graduate Internships and the national Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme, or realise your entrepreneurial ambitions through our programme of business guidance and support, and business start-up workspace. University of Plymouth graduates automatically become part of our alumni community to help you keep in touch with each other and with the university through regular email and paper updates and formal and informal events. To find out more about how Gradopps can help you to stand out from the crowd, visit our web pages at:

All graduates of the University of Plymouth are automatically part of the alumni community. Through the Alumni Office the university wants to help you keep in touch with each other and with us, and provides regular email and paper updates and formal and informal events. Find out more about the alumni programme by visiting:



Works closely with the VP Activities & Communications to assist in ensuring that the Union’s media outlets function efficiently and effectively, and are being run without bias or censorship. They also may choose to canvas the opinions of those students involved with student media on what issues affect them.



Work closely with the VP Sports and VP Activities & Communications to represent students who take part in sports or societies. They also make up the Sports and Societies subcommittee of Parliament, as another open forum to discuss opportunities/challenges within sports or societies.

Ensure that the democratic principles of UPSU are upheld, sitting on Parliament as an independent voice. They may also sit on sub-committees, and are encouraged to canvass students’ opinions on any topic they feel is relevant.

YOUR UNION One of the best things about the University of Plymouth Students’ Union is that it is student-led. As well as being able to put your opinions across at Parliament and Open meetings, the officers that represent you are all elected by you.

ELECTING YOUR REPRESENTATIVES: As mentioned previously, there are a number of part time positions available and 5 positions available that are full time for 1 year (and paid!). The positions are held by all sorts of students that are just motivated about making things better for students and want to get involved in the running of the union.

Elections are usually held in February & October every year and is an exciting time when you will see people running campaigns to get elected. Voting takes place online, where you can also see manifestos for each candidate.

You are helped every step along the way with the election process and there will be information posters, sessions and emails for you to find out more about running.

So if you feel you might want to get involved, are keen, enthusiastic and motivated then look out for more information throughout the year. In the mean time you can learn more about the positions on the website and in our publications.

What’s more is that we encourage EVERY student to run for election. Everyone has an important view to get across, and the more views we have, the better we can represent all students as a Union. If just caring about students’ issues isn’t enough, it will also benefit you; building your skills and confidence no end! With such important jobs it is vital that you get involved in elections and grill them with questions to make sure they are doing a good enough job. Remember if you don’t vote you can’t help shape the decisions that affect you



The Union regularly holds meetings, runs polls and surveys student opinion throughout the year. Meetings have various processes, but all aim to be as inclusive as possible.

A course rep is there to represent the views of the students on individual courses. They pro-actively seek out and identify student views on matters relating to the student experience, and in turn, represent these views at various meetings. They should then feedback the outcome of that meeting to the course members. Staff are keen to have student input in these meetings, and use student views as an important tool in monitoring student opinion, and making changes to improve the quality of the education they provide.

GENERAL MEETINGS / OPEN MEETINGS: The biggest general meeting is the AGM (Annual General Meeting) where all students are welcome to attend, and all have voting rights. Any student can also submit proposals and motions, on any issue that you care about. The most important thing about this is that whatever students decide, the Union does!

Course reps provide an essential link between the student body and the University. For more information on how to become a course rep or if you have any other queries then please visit

or send an email to

FACULTY REPRESENTATION: If you aren’t content with just representing your course, why not consider running for the position of Faculty Rep!? New for this year, alongside attending Parliament and representing the views of students in their faculty, faculty reps also sit on Union Executive Committee (UEC - which previously only consisted of the 5 full-time officers!). This means that you will have a direct impact on the day-to-day workings of the Students’ Union, making all sorts of important decisions.

YOUR UNION U:SHOP + U:SHOP 2: This is the shop that stocks it all. As well as a large and varied selection of drinks, sweets and snacks, including sandwiches, you’ll find stationery, greetings cards, computer disks, University merchandise, clothing, discounted paper and even your lab coats. Look out for student prices on some newspapers!


A café run by the Students’ Union which delivers excellent food, coffee, snacks and soft drinks at great value for money. The Snack Shack can be found in The Lounge at the heart of the Students’ Union.

ENTERTAINMENT LIVE MUSIC: Indie, rock, metal, punk, ska, funk and more, we get you some of the best up and coming bands as well as national names and local heroes. Highlights have included Seth Lakeman, Mad Dog Mcrea, The Hoosiers, The Courteeners, Young Knives and Palladium. Expect more names this year!

BIG SCREEN SPORTS: We show major Premiership matches and big draw internationals, as well as other major sporting events. We have two big screens and TVs around the venue.

Group: +Friend: upsu ents upsu ents

MAIN HALL EVENTS: Larger scale live music events are held in the university’s Main Hall. Previous gigs include: Mr Scruff, He Go Team, We Are Scientists, Dizzee Rascal and Reel Big Fish. Expect many gigs throughout the year!




A variety of events each week that showcase the diverse range of cultures that attend the University of Plymouth.

Every week we offer something different, We offer you a weekly choice of comedy / karaoke / film / bingo. Get up to date with whats happening at:



RETRO> In Sub:lime we bring you all the best tunes from the 80’s / 90’s / 00’s.




Every Thursday is Brassic all drinks £1.50, plus free pool, great Snack Shack offers and DJ. We also have an Open Mic night for you to come a showcase your musical talents.

SUPPORTERS WEDNESDAY> Tonight is Supporters Wednesday. Meet in the Students’ Union to find out how your club performed and help them celebrate a victory or commiserate a defeat.




Every other week we have live music in Illusion. Plus on the weeks we dont have live music we bring you the greatest rock night in Plymouth


Bit Jam in Illusion brings you the freshest dance, drum& bass and electro. Hosted by the UPSU DJ society.

ULTIMATE SATURDAY UPSU presents Ultimate Saturday in the Sublime Bar where we bring you the best commercial Dance and R’N’B.

THE BIG CHEESE> In Sub:Lime we bring you The Big Cheese.

Expect cheesy fun, cheesy games and all the cheesy music accompanied by our great BIG Cheese bar prices every Friday night!


THE BIG QUIZ> Chill out with the biggest quiz in Plymouth, only £1 per person entry, with teams of up to 6 people.

PARTNER NIGHTCLUBS: We work with a selection of some of the finest clubs in Plymouth to bring you student only nights. You get cheap deals, great entertainment in a safe and relaxed environment. Your SU gets a donation to help finance Sports, Societies, Advice, Student Representation and all the other services we provide to help students through Uni. So please support them and your SU to ensure the best possible experience for all students. No other clubs work with us in this way so be a stakeholder in your Students’ Union and join us for the best nights out in Plymouth.





WED> C103




Clubs and Societies Students’ Union Clubs and Societies offer you the opportunity to really pursue your passions and be part of a group sharing your interests from climate change to canoe, or big band to basketball. Being a part of a club or society offers you the chance to gain valuable experience and develop transferable skills which really do make you stand out from the crowd, if you’ve got the

commitment the Union offers you the chance to ... represent the University in BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport)... plan a campaign... fundraise for charity... stage a musical... lead an expedition...

SPORTS CLUBS: Adventure & Expo Aikido All Terrain Boarders American Football Archery Athletics Badminton Ladies Basketball Men’s Basketball Breakdance Canoe Capoeira Cheerleaders Clay Pigeon Shooting Cricket Dance Fencing Ladies Football Men’sFootball Futsal Golf Ladies Hockey Men’s Hockey JKD (Kung Fu) Judo Ju Jitsu Karate

Kickboxing Lacrosse Motorsport Mountainbike Netball Octopush Paintball Pole Dancing Riding Rowing Ladies Rugby Men’s Rugby Sailing & Powerboat Snowriders Squash Surf Surf Lifesaving Swimming & Waterpolo Table Tennis Tae Kwon Do Tennis Ten Pin Bowling Trampoline Ultimate Frisbee Wakeboard & Waterski Windriders Yacht

For more information on sports email:

organise a ball – the list is endless but if you want to make to most of your time at Plymouth then come to the Hive to find out more about our Clubs and Societies there are over 100 of them.

SOCIETIES: Amnesty International Asian Big Band Brewing Society Cam Cru Chem-UP Chinese Choir Christian Union Civil Engineering (Civsoc) Climate Change Designers Dent soc Plymouth DJ Soc (PDJS) Games Soc Geology Soc Geography Soc

Hindu Soc Islamic Soc Jelly Frog Events Latinos and Spanish Society Law & Criminal Justice LGBT Literature Society Marine Biology Society Marine Science MedSoc Musical Theatre Group Philosophy Soc Plymouth Links (St Johns) Plymouth Education Plymouth University Guides & Scouts (PLUGS)

Poker soc Politics & International Affairs Pool soc Psycho Soc RAG Real Ale & Cider Rock & Live Music Sexpression Street Law Students Stop Aids Socialist Workers (SWSS) Termisoc (Computing) VIP (Volunteer) Welsh Society Zoological Soc

For more information on societies

rders or ll Terrain Boa But what is A Sexpression y? I hear you cr d out is to st way to fin Well, the be to come along Fair d Societies’ an s’ rt po S e th g rin ace du that takes pl eek W e m co Wel eptember S Sunday 26 12pm - 8pm

VOLUNTEERING & RAG VOLUNTEERING The Volunteer Department develops and promotes student volunteering and can help you find the perfect activity to learn new skills; meet people; access free training and gain accreditation; enhance your studies, or just do something completely different and challenging! From youth work to the environment, education to music, sporting activities to

working with older people; the range of volunteering activities is only limited by your imagination. From once a term, every month, to an hour a week, we can find an opportunity to fit your requirements. Volunteering in Plymouth (ViP) is a student led organisation and they actively help with the running of projects, develop new activities, and organise social events amongst other things!

Visit: and go to the volunteering pages

Search for projects and activities, check out dates for events and training courses, and download forms. Follow: UPSUVolunteers

Email: Fanpage: UPSU Volunteers Or come and visit the Volunteer Office in the Hive in the SU building.



RAG stands for outlandish your ideas for Raising and Giving getting cash, the better! and it is the place to be if you have the gift of Keep an eye out for RAG the gab, don’t mind asking at the Sports and Societies www. strangers for money, and Fair, they’ll be keeping an will wear any outrageous eye out for your cash! costume that we can come up with! RAG weeks are Last year RAG raised over justly famous within all £5000... can you help them Universities and we need beat that this year?! you to help build up a great Group: reputation for Plymouth. UPSU:RAG The more creative and

PLYMOUTH The historic naval port overlooks the English Channel where the River Tamar meets The Sound, a great place to show the parents when they come down with the food parcels. The city centre’s main street is a wide, tree-lined street marked on the northern end by North Cross (the University and the Train Station) and the southern end by Hoe Park (and the Lighthouse where the Beatles had their picture taken).

As you head down from North The Barbican Maritime Village is Cross you head into the shopping sandwiched between Armada Way and mall and high streets. There are Sutton Harbour. It’s probably the best a few streets leading off from place to go with your family when you the main square area (with the first get to Plymouth. Full of café’s, bar’s sun-dial), and as you plod on and restaurants with good food. Ideal further down you can get to for a walk around the docks, and the Notte Street - which leads to the Barbican is where you’ll find the National Barbican. On your way down to Marine Aquarium. This is amazing - full the Barbican you cross a main of bizarre fish, sharks, turtles and one of road which leads PlymouthPLYMOUTH the biggest tanks you’ll ever PHUT see. Well 20308.001 PHUT to105x74 AD:20308.001 105x74 PLYMOUTH A Pavilions, The Guildhall, Theatre worth a visit, but do remember your NUS Royal and the local Cinema. Extra card for your student discount.


FREE Client: Pizza Hut AC Handler: CC

On collection only. Applies to pizzas only. Lowest priced item is free. Pizza Hut, 71 Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6JG.

Job No: 20308.001 Creative: na

01752 269898




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Emily Roberts Unive rsity of Plymou th Stud ents’ Un ion


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4 9 185 do b: 21/0 6/90 exp: 0 8/11






ON SALE Online : 5/8/10, On campus: 20/9/10, The Hive, UPSU

UPSU guide 2010.11  

A guide to the University of Plymouth Students' Union

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