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letter from the editor Let’s go fishing! Maybe we’ll get lucky and land a doormat, bronze bomber or speck. Whatever species you’re targeting, chances are you’ve purchased a lure or two at the new candyland for fishing and hunting, Bass Pro in Harlingen. Ole Décor has also been to Bass Pro, but not for fishing equipment, but rather the remarkable and unusual, distinctive and unique architecture, design, and décor. Built with a desire to capture local flavor and tradition, Bass Pro Shop has cherished valley landmarks and stories of old built right into the design and décor of their Harlingen store. From the antiquated photo collection, to the Historical Champion Building, to the enormous game fish tanks and unbelievable habitats filled with bears, deer, turkeys and hundreds of other species, a trip through Bass Pro Shop is an adventure in combining art, atmosphere, history and culture into a unique experience beyond just a nice store. We know you’ll love this field trip.

“In the summertime when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky” or you can jump into your beautiful cool pool! This is the 5th annual Pools and Spas issue, and everything is just downright great when you’re lying poolside or your guests are doggie paddling up to the water bar. Bloop. Bloop. Bloop. Oops: The UTB waterfall on page 65 of the Spring issue was designed and engineered by SSP Design, LLC of Brownsville, TX. Eddie and I have seen many of you at our new gallery on South Padre Island, Kingfisher, and we were wondering when the rest of you will be stopping by? Eddie and Sandy

original paintings, sculptures, photography, and fish rubbings that fill it. You will meet

understand the health benefits, it even gives

Sandy Margret, the artist in residence. You’ll

us more energy and makes us look better,

come for the art; you’ll leave your heart

but all of that doesn’t make another trip to

with Chato, the door greeter. Designers

the gym very much fun.

and decorators have discovered Kingfisher

Ole Décor New Products Guide to the

Gallery, now it’s your turn. Luxury tastes

rescue! Here comes Endless Flow Pools,

and bare feet welcome at the only fine art

remember this moment forever, because

gallery on South Padre Island.

now you have an incredible option to get

Mission Impossible? Living in a brick home,

a full body workout, with only a moderate

but wish you had stucco? Bought a stucco

investment, cool, refreshing, fun, and right

home, but really love stone? You’re not stuck

in your backyard, courtyard, or even on your

anymore, thanks to our article featuring

porch, patio, or deck. Endless Flow Pools are

faux home facades. When selling isn’t an

exercise pools where you can swim in place

option, you can sure change the look of your

or exercise on an underwater treadmill.

home, which may even spark a newfound

We’ve tried it and we love it, and we just

love for it. You may even become the new

couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer.

trendsetters for your entire neighborhood.

of treasures. And it is an actual working studio. We are going to introduce you to the industrial space, and the collection of

6 olé decor SUMMER 2012


address Kingfisher Gallery 1 Padre Blvd, Suite 102. South Padre Island, TX 78597 209 N. 17th Street. Suite B. McAllen, TX 78501

mailing address P.O. Box 40101 South Padre Island, TX 78597

Printed in Mexico

is exercise. We know we have to do it, we

South Padre Island. It is a jewel. It is full

(956) 266 8663

The delRio Agency 900 Kerria Avenue. McAllen, TX 78501

The bane of our existence” for many of us

unique art gallery in the valley, located on

advertising sales

layout & production

next issue

Welcome to Kingfisher Gallery, the most


on the cover Visit Bass Pro Shop and you’ll walk straight into an indoor fantasyland for everybody from outdoorsmen to interior designers. The store is an adventure in art, atmosphere, history and culture combined with animals, fish, and habitat. It is a unique experience that goes way beyond just a nice store. pg 34

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Sometimes a small hand sample of the product doesn’t deliver the true visual effect you need to see to make a decision. Allow me to bring my full size samples into your home, and experience the true effect our products have to offer. We will show you what blinds are best suited for your windows.Call now to set a FREE p color & product consultation.


Silhouette by Hunter Douglas

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Shutters Silhouettes Pirouettest Duettes Luminettes Designer Roller Shades mo & so much more...

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16 Luxury Homes Beige accents make this penthouse inviting to all who enter.


34 42 Decorating With On the fence about your fence?

50 Indoor Outdoor Living The anatomy of a pool.

58 Sorteo Tec Esta obra arquitectónica tiene un estilo limpio y contemporáneo.

28 28 New Products Finally a universal surface

30 Fine Art Gallery Guide 34 Fabulous Space Public Places Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Texas’ sixth

50 10 olé decor SUMMER 2012

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luxury homes

Los Corales

Paga Desarrollos Group is the developer and mastermind behind these ultra modern resort condominiums. To purchase your own luxury beach pad see pg 25.

White White is associated with light, goodness, and innocence. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning. In heraldry, white depicts faith and purity. White is associated with coolness because it’s the color of snow. White suggests simplicity and elegance. God exists in a white light and angels are usually imagined wearing white robes. High-tech products are manufactured in white, because white is smart. White is often associated with peace and serenity.

All of the sand colored flooring in this Penthouse and throughout the entire project was supplied by Materiales El Valle of course. pg 15.

18 olé decor SUMMER 2012

It makes perfect sense that this luxury penthouse is bathed in white, head to toe, everywhere you look, everything you see. Cabinets, furniture, décor, all are white. This white space is the embodiment of perfection.

Blue Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. It its lighter hue, blue is associated with good health, understanding, and softness. Blue is linked to consciousness and intellect. This oceanfront home is splashed with blue walls. The blue sea and blue sky paint the glass windows. Blue and white together in perfect balance create a soft and gentle masterpiece of living space. Beige Beige is the color of the earth. It most often symbolizes neutrality. It is a symbol of friendship and wholesomeness.

Beige is the color of the sandy beach, anchoring the white of the heavens and the blue of the sea and sky to the earth. Beige accents make this penthouse inviting to all who enter.

Squares illustrate the potential duality in everything and encourage balance. Beige is the color of the sandy beach, anchoring the white of the heavens and the blue of the sea and sky to the earth. Beige accents make this penthouse inviting to all who enter. Circles Stand behind the eyes of the first human. Look out into the skies through these primitive eyes. With not so primitive understanding, the first circles the moon, the sun, the dots in the skies as planets and stars. Realize a grandeur that can be spoken through circles. Circles communicate the concept of all-inclusive cosmic unity. The influence of circles is literally celestial.

All of the tempered glass table tops, mirrors and this exquisitely clean framelss shower enclosure were manufacture and installed by Octavio’s Remodeling & Glass. pg 14.

22 olé decor SUMMER 2012

Circles make us aware of cycles; cycles in time, life, and nature itself. Circles symbolize inclusion, wholeness, unity, everything. Circles themselves are perfect and complete. The circle symbol meaning is universal. It’s meaning is understood by all cultures in all parts of

the world. All peoples of the earth use it. The circle is in perfect rhythm with nature. Look through the rooms of the penthouse. The circle shape repeats prodigiously, it is a geometric archetype of our very psyche. And the best part is that it includes us in the grand scheme. It beckons us to be drawn in and included in the experience of whatever may hold it. Squares and Rectangles Square and Rectangle symbol meanings include: stabilizing, structure, foundation, direction, dependability, and integrity. Each side of the square symbolizes an aspect or opening for awareness and inspiration. Squares symbolize common sense. Squares illustrate the potential duality in everything and encourage balance. Four sided structures that surround us in our homes can stand for the four

cardinal directions (north, south, east and west); the four major seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall); the four cosmic elements (suns, moons, planets, and stars); the four phases of human life (birth, child, adult, death); and the four prime elements (fire, earth, air, and water.) So unlike the circle, the square is comprised of straight lines. This can be a real validation of meaning. Those fixed lines invite a feeling of stability. When you see the squares and rectangles in this home, think of how the squares and rectangles speak of family and nature. All of these aspects combined invite us to do precisely what the square implies; implement a plan, build on that plan, and manifest your dreams into the reality of a luxury home, just as these owners did. Welcome to this penthouse, this place of honor, built out of circles and squares in white, blue and beige.

24 olĂŠ decor SUMMER 2012

So unlike the circle, the square is comprised of straight lines. This can be a real validation of meaning. Those fixed lines invite a feeling of stability.

26 olé decor SUMMER 2012

new products



aminam has developed a new concept of surface with universal potential and versatility that adds new value to the building, architecture and interior design world. It is the first ever large format slab with a thickness of just 3 mm: an aesthetically innovative surface with exceptional technical performance; a real skin for contemporary architecture, an epochal innovation that has revolutionized the way of dressing spaces and volumes. The innovative concept by Laminam is told by its history, by the ten years of research and tests leading to laminam slabs, a total innovation from their first appearance even thanks to their outstanding technical features and to the eco-compatibility of the product and of the production process. The basic Laminam slab is indeed fully recyclable and used raw material quantity reduced by at least one third compared to any other ceramic material minimize the impact on the environment and the effects of handling.


The low environmental impact of the LaminaŽ process (patented by System Group for producing laminam) is also guaranteed by the decrease in the transformation energy by square meter. The thermal treatment cycle, indeed, is by radiancy with an electric unit able to reach 1250°C, matched with a hybrid electric/gas-fed version. This unit features a control system for the temperature distribution and gets a perfect firing evenness. But also: a firing at these temperatures makes the product almost totally sintered, thus with superior technical characteristics. The slabs manufactured in this way are perfectly flat and can later be cut or trimmed with total size accuracy. Laminam ceramic slabs unique: materiality, lightness, technology, sustainability and versatility for infinite interpretations and applications, from outdoor to indoor, from furniture to ship building.

Materials Home Center of Brownsville are authorized dealers of Laminam. To find out more call 956-346-0175. See Opposite Page.

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fine art


(956) 639 2785 This graphic wave embodies the elemental core of the ocean. The color of the sea, the sheer power of the wave, you can almost hear the thundering roar. There is a quiet mystique, a moment where time stands still, if you peer into the dead calm of the center. Like the eye of the hurricane, the calmness of the space inside the wave is moments away from being collapsed under the weight of the mighty wall of water. This painting can hang at the end of a hallway, at the top of a staircase, or any place in your home that commands attention. ‘Crash’; Original Oil on Canvas; 48”x48”; Artist: Wendy Hauschildt. Offered exclusively by Kingfisher Gallery, South Padre Island. 956-639-2785


(956) 639 2785 An incredible mosaic, you really can’t comprehend the beauty of this extraordinary work of art until you understand that it is made from over 62,000 small round colored balls. The detail is extraordinary. Up close, the mosaic looks like an abstract collection of points of color, and as you move away, the fish reveals itself. It is quintessentially a page right out of the impressionist method, with a very modern day spin. This piece of art should hang on an expansive wall all to itself. It will always be the topic of conversation for first time viewers, and will remain long in their memories as the piece of artwork that made your home an extraordinary showplace. ‘Angelfish’; Mixed Media Mosaic; 48”x96”; Artist: John O’Hearn. Offered exclusively by Kingfisher Gallery, South Padre Island. 956-639-2785


(956) 639 2785 The jellyfish float in iridescent blue water, the look is ethereal, captivating, and transcendental. There are dozens of colors and textures woven into the ocean and into the forms of these mysterious sea creatures. This painting is anything but flat. Using mixed media, oil paint, and varnish, the jellyfish appear to float on the surface of the canvas. Moving with the light, the painting morphs from carrying the jellyfish as the main focus of the piece to making the blue negative space take front and center. It is an ever-changing piece, mesmerizing and entrancing. ‘Blue Moons’; Original Mixed Media on Canvas; 36”x48”; Artist: Gabi Rico. Offered exclusively by Kingfisher Gallery, South Padre Island. 956-639-2785

30 olé decor SUMMER 2012


gallery guide


(956) 686 0632 S. Klein Galleries opened its doors at 521 N. Main St. in McAllen 29 years ago, offering a full range of framing supplies. Mr. Klein’s 52 plus years of experience and his background as a trained artist, give him the expertise to provide a superior service, ensuring that you receive a beautifully crafted product. Sylvia and Stuart frame original artwork, posters, prints, diplomas, quinceañera photos, and anything else that requires framing. They also stretch canvases and sell note and greeting cards, prints and posters. Personalized service is their trademark, and anyone who walks through their doors can be sure that their framed product meets their requirements and their expectations.


(956) 423 8282 House of Frames is your first and last stop when looking for hunting and fishing art and Texas maps and landscapes! We have the experience needed to handle any of today’s conservation framing projects from fishprints or needlework to canvas paintings or photography. We’ll work with any budget--big or small--always aiming for a finished product that will bring out the best in your art or collectables. Owner Peggy Allen and staff, Reed, Alice, Margaret and Julianna want to help you with all your framing needs. Just call or come by!


(956) 465 8377 Though Garcia Picture Framing & Moulding may seem to some potential customers as “the new kid on the block”, it is actually being supported by a nearly forty-years business experience kindly shared by our main store and a well-respected frame shop in Mexico. We do carry a large moulding selection and the additional trimmings to further enhance the visual value, but even more, we willingly chase the idea to customize every project to its full unique potential. We believe we can artfully match and bring every art piece to its best fitting display for any home décor. And yes, you will love it! Come and celebrate our third anniversary in v.


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32 olé decor SPRING 2012

fabulous spaces public places

the great


The 145,000-square foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Texas’ sixth, is the signature anchor for the Cameron Crossing retail development located at the intersection of U.S. Expressways 83 and 77. Near the southern tip of Texas, at the lower end of the Rio Grande Valley, the city of Harlingen is an exciting blend of South Texas hospitality and the rich, colorful traditions of Mexico. Located just 30 miles from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Harlingen’s early development was primarily agricultural, distribution and shipping.  But with a rich history in railroad and World War II military installations, the area became more diversified as trades, manufacturing and service industries sprang up. The 145,000-square foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Texas’ sixth, is the signature anchor for the Cameron Crossing retail development located at the intersection of U.S. Expressways 83 and 77.  While you’ll find a huge selection of outdoor gear, Bass Pro Shops stores are also part museum, art gallery and an aquarium, education, conservation and entertainment center.  The entire store is a tribute to the beautiful landscape of the South Texas countryside—from the hill country to the Rio Grande and the subtropical region of the Gulf coast--its history and the culture of its people.  Like other Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World stores, it takes on the flavor and atmosphere of the region in which it is located.  Using more than 3,500 area artifacts, antiques, period pictures, state and record wildlife mounts and memorabilia, the store becomes a living museum of Texas’ hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor legacies. The Harlingen store welcomes guests to the property from the moment they enter the site.  The landscaping pays tribute to the subtropical climate that South Texas is known for, with its native, spiny brushes, billowing grasses and twisted Juniper trees. In homage to the area’s rich, cultural traditions of Mexico, a themed structure

and old stone well, that could just as easily be at the center of a small town in the region, have been added to the outside front of the store. Old weathered logs and stones, indicative of native architecture in the arid climate were used in the construction, adding interest and a sense of place. Massive log and rock work frame the Grand Entrance where, inside, rustic flagstone floors, aged stucco wall finishes, and vaulted post and beam construction ceiling make up the front lobby which salutes the grand tradition of a Spanish hacienda.  The entryway diorama, framed by yuccas, displays a huge Texas Longhorn mount, behind old, bleached fencing and prickly pear cactus.  Whitetail deer stand amongst a lush, dense thicket.     A replica of the famous buck, “The Tall Texan,” from Bass Pro Shops’ King of Bucks Collection, is displayed prominently in the lobby as well as several whitetail mounts from the historic King Ranch. Hand-painted murals from renowned artists such as Denny Burkhart and Burita Hansen wrap the store’s interior and depict familiar scenes of the region.  Other prints and paintings were supplied by local artist Larry Haines. The series of beautifully painted murals transport the viewer through panoramic vistas of the South Texas countryside.  Bluebonnets blanket a hillside populated with wild turkey; an old water tank and windmill sits amidst mesquite trees and prickly pear as doves fly overhead.  Spanish Moss drips from cypress trees along the Rio Grande while white ibis stand near the banks of a deep lagoon frequented by alligators; sheltered coves give way to a wetlands area with scores of waterfowl flying above.


olé decor 35

36 olé decor SUMMER 2012

Museum quality wildlife exhibits and dioramas are seen throughout the store. Deer pass along old rock walls as they carefully pick their way through a crumbling stone building.

One mural features the Goose Island Live Oak Tree—thought to be the largest one in the nation—with feral hogs rooting beneath its gnarled branches. Yet another mural depicts a scene in Lost Pines at Bastrop State Park of a picturesque bass lake tucked away. All are beautifully replicated with the stroke of an artist’s brush and through the use of special lighting techniques the murals take on a living, breathing quality.  The murals are unique in the fact that what starts out many times as a simple painting extends into an actual fish or wildlife mount or some other property creating an exceptional 3D effect. Giant, exquisitely crafted outdoor themed chandeliers, made by Bass Pro Shops’ own artisans, hang throughout the store.  Elk, deer, raccoon, rabbit, turkey, bobcat and bear tracks are imprinted in the concrete floor.  Museum quality wildlife exhibits and dioramas are seen throughout the store.  Deer pass along old rock walls as they carefully pick their way through a crumbling stone building. One feature depicts a Texas coastal tidal flats scene and displays a duck blind on stilts.  Visitors can walk ‘under the flats’ and look up to see a fish-eye’s view of ducks diving and swimming on the surface.  Waves of waterfowl along with geese, pheasant and eagles may be seen flying and roosting throughout the clerestory.  Coyotes, turkey and deer stand amongst large, overhanging rock ledges on top of the 27,000 gallon fresh water aquarium.  The multistory waterfall, reminiscent of the McKinney Falls area, cascades down rocks and into the aquarium which will be stocked with more than 100 fish native to the area including largemouth, smallmouth, white, and striped bass, walleye, crappie, channel and blue cats, sunfish, bowfin and longnose, spotted and alligator gar.                            With a nod to Texas’ coast fishing, restrooms are disguised as an old charter boat launch dock and an open air fish cleaning station with a wooden platform and an aged tin roof.  Vintage coolers, stainless steel sinks, buoys, ropes, hoses, life jackets, and old thermometer complete the scene.


olé decor 37

Bass Pro Shops’ dedication to detail is evident wherever you look as their artisans work to create a visual style unique to that store, including the iron railings, sconces and handcrafted ornate metal fire screen doors which feature a road runner, prickly pear and yucca. Bowling like you’ve never seen before will be offered at the Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill.  This 15,000 square-foot nautical-themed entity, located within the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store, features a truly unique atmosphere and design geared for family fun and dining.  Offering an outside as well as an in-store entrance, visitors will approach a wooden ship-like desk to obtain shoes and a lane.  Twelve lanes, divided into two separate areas of 6 lanes each, offer customers the chance to bowl ‘under the ocean.’  Dock wood lanes feature beautiful under-water scenery of sea turtles, sharks, stingrays and other saltwater species which will also glow in the dark during cosmic bowling.  Hand-painted murals depicting oceanic life line the walls and fish, like a 16’ long giant squid, hang suspended from the ceiling. An island-theme bar area, which has seating for 20, offers visitors the experience of feeling like they are underwater exploring the skeletal remains of a sunken ship.  Looking up, visitors can see the battered, barnacle and coral-encrusted wooden hull, an old rusted iron chain and the iron rail around the bow.  A host of exotic fish swim in and around the wreck while Dorado and sharks, suspended from the ceiling, appear to swim overhead.  The bar features a 2000-gallon saltwater aquarium with scores of beautiful, tropical fish.  It is elevated to provide views of the bowling action while serving up your favorite refreshment. 

38 olé decor SUMMER 2012

A front wall near the checkouts displays the logos of the national conservation partners of Bass Pro Shops. A company hallmark, their dedication to conservation is apparent through the many groups and organizations whose ongoing efforts and continuing outdoor education they support.

Av-Sec Audio Video & Integration provided and installed every Tv, speaker and camera throughout this immense project. The Audio, Video, and Lights are integrated on a Crestron System via two V12 Touch panels. The audio is provided by a DMX is with over 180 Bose speakers. Video is driven by a Kramer 16x16 video matrix allowing different video routing, and the lighting is configured with a Lutron system which is controlled by a Crestron processor for interfacing with the V12 panels. See opposite page.

whole home systems integration: lights, climate, drapes & shades control We install: home theaters | full home audio and video | conference rooms | smart class rooms | intercom systems | structured wiring

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decorating with

Sitting on the Fence? Fences and gates should complement the design style you have chosen for your home, the choices are endless, the next step is to determine what fence and gates will suit your home. By Linda Lewis

42 olĂŠ decor SUMMER 2012


ates and fences are an integral part of the urban and suburban landscape. Fence style preferences vary somewhat by region. For example, decorative hand wrought iron fences are a distinctive feature that adds to the charm of New Orleans, Louisiana. In Phoenix, Arizona cement block fences dominate. Red cedar and douglas fir fences are preferred on the west coast. When my family moved to Texas from Michigan in the 1960s, we were struck by the fact that all the back yards in our neighborhood were delimited by six foot tall solid surface fences. To us, it felt claustrophobic and separated us from our neighbors. We were accustomed to open areas between homes. If a fence was needed, it was generally a low chain link fence. Since then, I have come to realize that homeowner preferences run the gamut from absolutely no fencing to fortress like fencing. Designing the perfect home requires attention to all the elements of design on your property. Fences and gates should complement the design style you have chosen for your home. Often, fences and

gates are the first impression a visitor has of your home. Your first step in designing a fence is to determine why you need a fence. Your needs may include child and animal protection, privacy, sound baffling, blocking an unsightly view, security, establishing the boundaries of your property, aesthetic decoration, or swimming pool safety. The next step is to determine how fences and gates will complement your home, fulfill your needs and fit into the neighborhood. Fences are barriers or lines of demarcation. A solid, high fence provides the privacy and security most people want in a private space and are suitable for backyards. It has never been customary in America to place a solid high fence around the front of the house. A high solid fence shielding private areas can be transitioned into a style of fence that can be seen through easily in the front of the house. Your neighbors will appreciate it too. The term “neighbor friendly� is common in the fence trade. It means simply that you need to be sensitive to community aesthetics and not offend your neighbors by building a fence that blocks their


olĂŠ decor 43

view or is ugly to look at. Creating a fence that is attractive on both sides is a good start. Gates symbolically represent entrance. There are metaphorical gates, such as the “pearly gated” entrance to heaven, and artistic sculptures of gates that are created for their symbolical meaning rather than functional use. Albert Paley, a metal sculptor, created a stand alone gate for Arizona State University to represent entrance into the world of education. Placing a stand alone gate at the head of a walkway to your front door, indicates where a visitor should enter the property and reinforces the concept of entry. One way to create distinctive fences and gates for your home is to have it custom built by artisans who use traditional materials such as wood, wrought iron and stone. Wood The “white picket fence” has been a symbol of middle-class suburban life. It is still a popular style of fence in America, and has been used since the colonial era. In an 1876 novel by Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer’s punishment for misbehaving was to paint the picket fence. Picket fences are generally only about four feet in height. They were used to outline the boundaries of the home or garden. In the most common construction, the pickets are mounted vertically on a pair of parallel horizontal rails, one near the bottom and one near the top. These rails are attached to posts (upright sturdy poles made of timber or possibly metal) that are driven into the ground. The pickets are nailed to the rails with about a 2 1/2 inch space between them. Six foot tall solid fences have the same basic construction and are known as an “estate” style fence. An estate style fence is simply made with two 2x4 fence rails nailed to a post that has been set in concrete. Six foot fence boards are nailed to the rails. The boards can have spaces between them (like the picket fence) or set tightly next to each other to create a solid surface for optimal privacy. Tongue and groove pickets are also available. The pickets and posts come in a variety of decorative styles like French Gothic, Colonial, and Gothic Point, Knob Top, Flat and Slant Ear. The top edge of the fence can be straight, convex or concave. Decorative fence post caps and finials can be purchased separately in wood or metal, and with solar lighting.

44 olé decor SUMMER 2012

This basic style can be upgraded to a “modified panel,” or “full panel” fence.

stacked stone. The cladding comes in rectangular panels that are adhered to a substrate with mortar.

A modified panel fence has a 2×4 that runs on top of the fence boards. In addition, there is a 1×4 and a 2×4 that is placed just under the top 2×4. You can finish the project by adding custom post caps and lattice work to the top. The “full panel” style includes a 2x4 at the bottom of the fence. These additions give the fence a sophisticated finished appearance--like a framed piece of artwork.

There is a limit to the recommended height of a stacked stone fence, so if you want a higher fence, then you should consider having a mortared fence built. An expert mason can build a mortared fence that looks like stacked stone.

Cedar is a preferred wood for fences because is stands very straight without warping and has a long life. Pressure treated wood is also an option, but does not have the characteristics of cedar. Wrought Iron Wrought iron has an old world charm. Spain, France, Italy and England have all influenced the use of wrought iron in the United States. Ornamental iron art is created for open decks, balconies, front stairs, porches, window decor, fences and gates. It is a highly developed artisan trade. Wrought iron graces the architecture of buildings and homes heavily in the coastal areas of our country. You can see strong French influence in New Orleans, Spanish in Miami and Spanish/ Mexican in California, and Italian in New York. Genuine wrought iron is known for its beauty and durability. There is some controversy over the use of the term “wrought iron,” in recent years, because new amalgams of iron are being passed off as “wrought iron.” If you want the very best wrought iron product, then you need to be aware that a product called “mild steel” is being sold as “wrought iron.” Wrought iron artisans claim that there is a vast difference in quality and value. Stone Natural stone fences are a durable and time honored method of creating a fence. An early American technique was to use the stones that had been removed from the fields and stacked up to create a fence. This is called “dry stone” because no mortar is used to hold the stones together. The force of compression and interlocking of the stones gives this wall its structural integrity. Stacked stone continues to be a very desirable look for homeowners because of its natural beauty and dimensionality. Today however, the stones generally used for stacked stone have been quarried. There is also the alternative of natural stone cladding systems to create a facade that looks like

Brick Fencing Brick is a classical building material suitable for stately colonials or ranch style homes. Shaped mud, kiln fired and sun dried bricks date back thousands of years. It lasts decades and is highly energy efficient. It is available in a large variety of colors and textures and is an extremely flexible building material. Brick is relatively maintenancefree, but occasional cleaning and spot checks for water damage are necessary to ensure long-lasting structural integrity. Man made Products Vinyl Fencing Vinyl fencing is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is widely used in the building industry. It rivals woods like redwood, cedar and tropical hardwoods, and has a 20 year lifespan (as opposed to 7-10 for wood) and no maintenance. You can opt for privacy style or decorative fences. Anything that can be made of wood can be made of vinyl. It has the look of a whitewashed wood fence. Concrete block As I mentioned earlier, concrete block fences are popular in the Phoenix area. I would venture to say that it is because concrete can stand up to the unrelenting heat, sun and dryness of the Sonoran Desert. They are virtually indestructible. You can get the look and texture of brick, stone or wood in the cast blocks.

Gates symbolically represent entrance. There are metaphorical gates, such as the “pearly gated” entrance to heaven, and artistic sculptures of gates that are created for their symbolical meaning rather than functional use.

Aluminum You can have a look similar to wrought iron with relatively care free and rust free decorative aluminum fencing. Some companies boast of powder-coated paint that is more durable and scratch resistant than baked enamel or paint and welding for added durability rather than bracing. They come in ready made sections ready for installation. Whatever your fencing and gate needs, there is a plethora of materials and designs to choose from.


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indoor outdoor living

Pictured is a Hamlin Pools original 36ft long “natural look” swimming pool great for morning laps or moonlight dips! This tropics blue  pebble interior finish pool with its limestone boulder rock waterfall, limestone flagstone decking, tiled bar top with three bar stools and beach tanning & lounging shelf offers something for everyone. pg 49. The patio stone “Southern Hickory” is available in an array of thickness to accommodate multiple applications. This material is also available in “slabs,” which can be up to 5’ x 7’ in size. Boulders can be small as cantaloupes all the way up to small cars! Round or flat, nature gives us a lot of options. Southern Stone pg 49.

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he beauty of a luxury swimming pool design lies in its ability to blend with the surrounding environment and architectural style of the home—and landscaping plays a key role in achieving that balance. The pool, even as the focal point, is only a small part of the overall design and ambiance of the backyard. It is the plants, lighting, water features, and firepits that define a space and evoke the emotions felt within those spaces. Moving water adds life and character to any outdoor space, and nothing is more exhilarating than seeing a 10-foot-high waterfall cascading into the pool below. Lighting and fire features bring the space alive at night and, when done correctly, add depth by highlighting important features within the design. All of these features working together create a relaxing environment that you’ll want to experience year round, even if you’re not swimming in the pool. Making it appear as if the pool has been there forever, and evoking the idea that the space would be diminished if it wasn’t there, takes some serious designing. Looking at the space as a whole is an important part of the process. Incorporating factors such as the architectural character of your home and the geological features of the property will ensure that your project not only looks great, but is going to last a long time.

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Relax, unwind, and listen to the gentle lullaby sung by the cascading waters while the kids swim to their hearts content in the cool waters of your back yard paradise. This stunning collection of boulders, from immense to minute, can be found at Southern Stone. pg49. This Hamlin Pool features the Pool Valet 3 cleaning system to promote a high end, low maintenance addition to your backyard paradise.  The nozzles and bodies of our cleaning system come with a lifetime warranty. pg49.

The Design Process Careful planning and installation of your landscape and swimming pool design is vital in achieving the ambiance you desire. A welldesigned pool should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but should fit your lifestyle as well. The interview process is one of the critical components in the early stages of planning and will help the landscape architect/pool builder understand how you plan to use the space and the look you hope to achieve. It’s important to include factors such as your lifestyle and hobbies as this will influence the amount of open space to include in the design. Types of Pools The main difference between different types of pools is how the basin is constructed. There are several different pool styles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

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• Above-ground pools are the cheapest construction option, as well as the easiest to build. Most above-ground pools are made from prefabricated kits, which even an amateur can put together (though most people go with professional installers). First, the installers level off the ground to form a flat building surface. Then they assemble a perimeter track, which supports the outer wall (made of metal, plastic or wood). Next, they spread sand in the pool area and lay the plumbing. Finally, they secure the vinyl liner over the pool walls, fill the pool with water, smooth the liner and fasten it into place. As soon as they hook up the pump and filtering system, the pool is ready to go. The main disadvantage of this sort of pool is that it’s less durable than other designs, and generally less attractive. It’s also less permanent, which can be a good thing -- it’s relatively easy to disassemble the pool and move it to a new location.

Aqua Pools Fiberglass pools are amazingly easy to care for. If you’ve had a pool that was a headache, chances are it wasn’t fiberglass. A fiberglass pool has a smooth, non-porous gel-coat finish. Algae cannot cling to the smooth walls of a fiberglass pool the way it can to the rough walls of a gunite pool. Another advantage inherent to fiberglass pools is the fact that their surfaces are chemically inert and do not lead to water chemistry imbalances. pg 56.

• Fiberglass pools are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, which has been molded into a basin shape. To install the pool, a construction crew digs an appropriately sized hole, lays the necessary plumbing, adds some sand filler and lowers the preformed pool structure into the hole. Then they level the pool, hook up all the plumbing and backfill in the area around the pool. Usually, the pool is surrounded by a concrete deck structure. • Vinyl-lined in-ground pools are a lot like above-ground pools, structurally, but they look more like conventional in-ground designs. The construction crew digs a hole and assembles a metal, plastic or wood frame wall around the hole’s perimeter. As in an above-ground pool, the crew lays sand along the bottom of the hole and secures the vinyl lining to the structural wall. These pools are a lot cheaper than other in-ground designs, but not as durable. Typically, the liner needs to be replaced every 10 years or so.

• Gunite pools are the most popular design in much of the United States. To build one of these pools, the construction crew digs a hole, puts the plumbing in place and assembles a framework grid with 3/8-inchsteel reinforcing rods (rebar). The rebar rods are spaced about 10 inches apart, and secured together with wire. When the grid is in place, the crew sprays a heavy coating of gunite, a mixture of cement and sand, around the rebar. The sprayer unit combines dry gunite mix with water just before spraying -- this produces the wet concrete material. The crew trowels the gunite smooth and lets it sit for a week or so before applying a smooth finish to the rough surface. The most popular finish is called plaster (actually a mixture of cement and marble sand), but a lot of people finish their pools with special concrete paint. Gunite pools can also have tile, exposed aggregate or even fiberglass finishes. Gunite pools (and their cousins,shotcrete pools) are highly durable, and they can be built in any shape or size.


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Poured-concrete pools are similar to gunite pools, but they’re a lot harder to build. Instead of spraying concrete material around a rebar framework, concrete is actually poured into conventional wooden forms. With the rise of gunite methods, poured-concrete pool construction has mostly fallen by the wayside. Inmasonry block pools, the walls are constructed with concrete blocks.

Details, Details Poolscape settings are blank canvasses and can become anything the homeowner imagines—a replica of a pool found in a magnificent European estate, a tile-by-tile copy of a fountain found in an English country garden, or perhaps a natural wonderland that mimics a mountain retreat—with a towering rock waterfall and grotto. But no matter the choice, there are architectural elements that professionals use time after time to embellish a setting, giving it a panache and style that complement the main house and the surrounding environs. Landscape architects and pool designers usually suggest a total plan that may include pergolas, conservatories, decks, patios, pool houses, and other types of outdoor rooms. They will also suggest artwork, plantings, lighting, furniture, and all kinds of amenities to turn a backyard into a go-to retreat. Decking is another important element that defines a poolscape because it is experienced every day. This surface should blend in completely with the surrounding property and its architecture. Some examples of decking include stamped concrete, luxurious wood like Ipe, hard-wearing composites, and natural stone. No matter the choice, however, a knowledgeable designer or landscape architect will choose the best option that is beautiful, durable, and fairly easy to maintain—and the one that complements the home’s style.

Another important aspect that designers consider when planning a poolscape is creating a venue that offers all-day, year-round enjoyment. This may include heating and cooling systems that keep water just right or an outdoor fogging or misting system for those really hot days. Nighttime lighting effects, be it in the pool, landscaping, or accent lighting, give a dynamic visual appeal that separates the truly luxurious from the ordinary. Nothing is more spectacular than seeing an outdoor environment come to life as the sun sets. When it comes down to it, planning a poolscape is like planning a home—every part must be considered for the benefit of the whole. In fact, the one rule every designer abides by is that you can’t skimp on the details if you want to create a setting that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Above Ground Exercise Pool Swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your own perfect pace. Just your own precision engineered swimming pool,where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that’s fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Simple to install, easy to maintain, economical to run, fit easily in new or existing spaces indoors or outside, and are so handsome they can become a showplace in your home.


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LUCKY one eight nine

Se aproxima el Sorteo Tec en su instancia 189 el Sorteo Tec regresa con cientos de premios preparados para hacer a miles de familias felices y una vez mas para apoyar a la educación en México. BY LUCY GÓMEZ

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Esta obra arquitectĂłnica tiene un estilo limpio y contemporĂĄneo, lleno de altos ventanales que contribuyen para el aprovechamiento de luz natural.

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El Arq Rodríguez se destaca por la meticulosa selección de sus materiales, cada material destaca las formas y líneas del inmueble, algunos de los materiales que podemos apreciar son mármol, cantera, piedra y acero.

Esta obra arquitectónica tiene un estilo limpio y contemporáneo, lleno de altos ventanales que contribuyen para el aprovechamiento de luz natural. Todas las habitaciones y secciones de la casa tienen vista hacia el jardín principal, esto integrar un sentido de naturaleza y tranquilidad.

La Casa del Tec 189° cuenta con grandes ventanales para aprovechar la luz natural, la altura de sus techos contribuyen para mantener un ambiente fresco en el interior manteniendo esa estructura imponerte que suele ser común en las obras del Arq. Rodríguez. Cabe destacar que el Arq. Gilberto L. Rodríguez cuenta con una amplia experiencia en proyectos residenciales, corporativos, comerciales, proyectos urbanos e institucionales. Esta Residencia es solo una de sus más de 21 obras en vivienda residencial. Con más de 51 publicaciones y un libro en

l proyecto arquitectónico de la residencia primer premio para este sorteo 189 es un proyecto que refleja el estilo inigualable del Arq. Gilberto L. Rodríguez, nos sentimos honrados de contar una vez más con uno de sus proyectos residenciales como Casa del Tec, previamente desarrolló el proyecto de las residencia 167. La residencia está diseñada para aprovechar el espacio, ser funcional en su distribución y ofrecer un espacio para la convivencia familiar.


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Pareciera que cada habitación tiene una personalidad propia puerta el Arq. Rodríguez ha conseguido destacar internacionalmente por sus reconocimientos y obras, actualmente desarrolla un proyecto arquitectónico en Arabia Saudita. *Diseño de Interiores: Sra. Connie Mendez Zorrilla y Sra. Maruca Rodríguez de Suberville Sin duda el diseño de Connie y Maruca en esta residencia aporta un enorme sentido de detalle y apreciación artística, cada espacio está diseñado para brindar confort y distinción. Es la quinta vez que tenemos el gusto de trabajar con un equipo de diseño tan brillante, estas diseñadoras en cada proyecto ofrecen una decoración que brinda características propias al diseño arquitectónico. La armonía entre materiales y paleta de colores refleja el gusto exquisito de Connie y Maruca. En esta residencia podemos apreciar la sutileza en la selección de los colores marrones, neutros, blancos que invitan a relajarse, al mismo tiempo nuestra mirada es atraída por objetos coloridos en rojo, amarillo, azul y verde. Connie y Maruca se caracterizan por incorporar piezas de arte en sus diseño, en esta casa podemos encontrarnos con

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objetos de formas caprichosas en materiales como madera y vidrio. Pareciera que cada habitación tiene una personalidad propia, la recámara de las niñas tiene detalles florales de colores alegres, la recámara de los niños refleja la creatividad de las diseñadoras, la habitación principal esta detallada en verdes, marrones y colores neutros. La selección de mobiliario sin duda juega un papel importante en este diseño, las líneas son sutiles y delicadas, en materiales orgánicos y textiles finos. La sutileza del decorado para esta residencia se ve reflejada con piezas únicas, encontramos rincones llenos de mimbres, maderas, piedras y plantas decorativas que brindan una mezcla de naturaleza y arte que solo estas diseñadoras podrían lograr.


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Let's go fishing! Maybe we'll get lucky and land a doormat, bronze bomber or speck. Whatever species you're targeting, chances are you've pu...