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Virginia Mill Works Cambridge Oak



Interiors by Cantoni

Cantoni. Italian Attitude. The Klee is a bold example of the craftsmanship that has made Italian furniture the ultimate in modern upholstery. This straight lined sofa features the highest quality luxury leather available, naturally oiled with edge to edge seams. For Italian style in modern home furnishings, for inspired design, for a vast selection â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in stock â&#x20AC;&#x201C; delivery and installation, Cantoni. To see the complete collection of great interiors by the Cantoni Design Studio visit a showroom or


Great Design Is a Way of Life Atlanta 1011 Monroe Drive, 404.881.8111 Dallas 4800 Alpha Road, 972.934.9191 Houston 9889 Westheimer Road, 713.787.9494 Irvine 8650 Research Drive, 949.585.9191 Los Angeles 420 N. La Brea Avenue, 323.634.0909 877.881.9191







Letter from the Editor, TGIS, Ole Décor’s playful take on four other famous letters: “Thank God Its Summer!” We love summertime in the valley. Everyone is outside, enjoying yards, outdoor kitchens, patios, decks and especially pools! In our yearly summertime favorite, Spectacular Swimming Pools you’ll find ideas to transform your backyard into an oasis. As you will see it starts with a spectacular pool, and finishes with incredible options for all the space surrounding the water. Patio ideas, shade treatments, and true outdoor living areas should be included in any project, and we’ve listed top notch companies that can keep you and your family outdoors day and night. Casa Remodel, one of our most popular mainstay articles features a home in McAllen that has actually been transformed more than once. It is a beautiful estate on the banks of a lake, with a very eclectic design principle guiding it. Touches of antiques the owners have collected from their travels, combined with recycled Chicago brick and authentic old tin ceiling tiles mix harmoniously with hand hewn hardwood floors, stained glass windows and accents, custom built cabinetry and crystal lighting. The home is immense, however careful planning and design makes every room warm and comfortable. The remodel was extensive, and the master bedroom, well, just have a gander at our front cover! Home Theaters are a hot trend, and they are not only for watching movies. This room is becoming the modern day family den. Integrated screens allow you to watch movies, your favorite sporting event, TV show, or concert. Some can even be hooked up to the internet for video conferencing. With full bars, kitchenettes, and gaming tables, theater rooms are multipurpose and enjoyed by everyone. And what better way to cool off from a hot summer day, than watching a great movie in a cool dark theater without ever having to leave home. Our article will give you great advice on the steps to take when planning your own home theater. Finally, and sometimes the best is saved for last, our Fabulous Spaces Public Places features the Alhambra Restaurant and Hookah Bar. The space is incredible! The ambience brings you out of McAllen and into a far away Mediterranean land, with hints of romance, intrigue, and adventure. Crisp white linens flap in the breeze as they wrap around the walls and ceiling of your outside cabana. Exotic scents fill the air and soft conversations are lifted through the courtyard. We love this place so much, when you visit look for us, we’ll probably be enjoying the atmosphere with a sprig of mint in our glasses. Cheers, Eddie and Sandra



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Antiques fill the fall issue, whether it’s a piece of furniture from North Carolina dating back to the 1800’s, or a hand stamped copper lighting sconce from old Mexico, antiques are making a huge comeback in today’s décor. There are also replicas of antiques that look so authentic, only a museum curator could tell the difference. Perhaps this trend has come alive because of the huge emphasis on remodeling homes that makes people want to not just restore their homes, but restore once beautiful treasures. Maybe it’s because of all the creative designers and decorators who have really honed their skills on combining old with new, historical with modern, or maybe it’s just because in this fast paced life we all lead, a piece from history slows us down and forces us to reflect on all that came before us. Whatever the reason, we are looking forward to hunting for our own treasure from the past, and incorporating it into our home décor.

We are so proud to feature for the first time a master bedroom on the cover of Ole Décor. This is because until now, we had never seen a bedroom as grand as this. VHS Design and its owner Vicki Southwell created this room as part of a very extensive home remodel. Vicki’s design and décor flair along with the home owners’ refined tastes were the perfect collaboration. The opulence of this master bedroom is punctuated by its hanging center piece. An estate antique crystal chandelier measuring over 7 feet in diameter, suspended directly over the master bed. Dim the lights, open to Casa Remodel, and experience the romance and luxury found in every room of this spectacular home.

Luxury Living juxtaposes two very opposite styles in order to really emphasize two far ends of the spectrum. Ultra modern in McAllen, meets ultra Shabby Chic on South Padre Island. Clean lines and neutral color palate, empty spaces and shiny surfaces, meets bold color, intricately carved and painted furniture, and custom surface treatments just about everywhere you look. Sophisticated meets whimsical, serious meets spontaneous, and elegant meets charming. It’s not to say that these homes have nothing in common, they both are the epitome of luxury. We can’t wait to show you these two homes; you’ll be swept off your feet in two far reaching directions. “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” is not exactly how we would phrase it, but decorating with mirrors is what the article is about. Mirrors extend way beyond the boundaries of the bathroom vanity and appear in every room of the house. Mirrors as fine art pieces, hand crafted, etched, carved, and cut can be a focal point of an entire room. Mirrors on doors and walls can open up small spaces, we all know that, but they can also hide safe rooms, elevators, and security exits. Mirrors serve to accent furniture, wallpapers, tiles, and lighting. This article is going to open your eyes and give you plenty of reasons to stare into the mirror other than to check your hair. We are all praying that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can be contained very soon, and the tragedy that continues to unfold over that situation has led to a nationwide discussion about the unfortunate dependency on oil we have in this country. Now more than ever, its time to investigate green technology, wind and solar power, clean fuels, energy saving building materials, and products that are made with recycled materials and produce less waste. Our staple editorial column titled “Eco Friends” has grown into a full page, written by leaders in the green industry, and designed to offer you solutions you can take advantage of immediately. Please, let’s do what we can to help our earth, if we all do a little it will add up to a lot.

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Fabulous Spaces Public Places

Alhambra McAllen, Texas We live our lives within spaces and structures. Our memories are all attached to locations, where the surroundings around us effect our moods and inspire emotions. A church inspires calm, a concert hall excitement, and our childhood home comfort. The Alhambra design process started by brainstorming not what the structure would look like but rather the energy and feelings the building would inspire. The owners thought about the special moments they had in their lives and the places they had them in, drawing ideas form these experiences. For Alhambra the goal was to create an environment of laughter, excitement, wonder of the unknown, and island relaxation. The Mediterranean, with its eclectic mix of cultures and history, beautiful beaches and azul water was the point of departure. Alhambra was to capture the Moorish and Spanish traditions of the Alhambra Palace in Granada Spain and bring them to downtown McAllen. Invoking the feel of the Alhambra Palace and at the same time trying not to mimic the already amazing ancient Palace was our challenge. We wanted to create something entirely new and original drawing on traditional elements. Although we were conceptualizing from a building that was more than 700 years old, the goal was always to produce a modern building. The challenge was to meld these contradicting ideas. Our new site was a 50 year-old building with a few constraints mainly dealing with the general layout of the building and having to distribute everything according to what was already there. The only additional structures built were the front breezeway entrance, the outdoor bar and terrace and the outdoor bathrooms. Everything else was space ready to be transformed. Alhambra is both a restaurant and a bar. These two spaces had to be separated so that the louder bar atmosphere was not intrusive on our diners but remained close enough to share the same level of atmosphere. For the bar we wanted to provide a completely different experience that other bars downtown couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t offer, and that was space. We didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want the all-to-familiar feeling of being sandwiched between two people while trying to get to the bar. After going through many floor plans we decided on one that would provide the most open space and integration of all areas. A key element in the design which allowed us to bring all spaces together while still providing enough division to create discrete vignettes were the La Cantina bi-folding doors. These



doors enabled us to bring our outdoor patios, indoor dining, and outdoor dining together. One area seamlessly flows to the next while at the same time each area possesses its own unique energy. The front entrance perfectly captures what the overall design is supposed to be. As you approach the entrance youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll notice a beautiful modern teak wood facade, with sharp edges and diagonal lines defining the entryway. The modern facade is juxtaposed with an imported traditional Moroccan door, with hand carvings reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada Spain. Surrounding the magnificent door is custom made ironwork shaped with a modern pattern yet redolent of typical Moroccan shapes. Its magnitude also transforms traditional star patterns into a contemporary motif. Once you enter you are fully transported outside McAllen. All of a sudden the McAllen breeze is sweeter. To the left and right are the outdoor patios with three cabanas on each side. The experience is multi sensory. Your eyes see lush green tones from the gardens separating each of the cabanas, and the off-white drapes flowing from the breeze. You can hear the leaves rustling and the flapping of the fabric from the strong McAllen winds. Since Alhambra is also a hookah bar the flavored tobacco gives off a scent of blended fruits. Looking down the patio you will see the cement floor in a blue toned checkered pattern that could have come from the Mediterranean sea. Here again the pattern was enlarged to give it a modern feel. The combination of the cement floors, and the wooden cabanas and facade give the building rawness to its pronounced elegance. The Cabanas were designed to give their backs to the street in-order to set some kind of barrier between being inside or out. The fence was designed to intrigue those on the outside hence the large gaps between wooden planks. The drapes of the cabanas give another barrier between the outside and gives a more private experience when in the cabana. As you walk by on the outside there are moments when you can get a glimpse of what is going on inside yet not enough to satisfy ones curiosity. Decor and design elements a collaboration by IDEO Art Design & Juan Carlos Zapata.p14 Opposite middle: Billowing custom linen cabana walls,Canali Interiors.p36 Opposite bottom: Collapsable wall of doors give patrons an indoor and outdoor dining experience, La Cantina Doors.p19



Furniture used was a special outdoor plastic wicker and are highlighted by bright orange Patone Chairs. The Chairs provide a whimsical touch to the overall design. At first we questioned whether we could use such a modern looking chair for our Moroccan design, but when we saw a picture of one the chairs in a Moroccan home we knew it was the right chair. Stepping inside Alhambra transports you further, with vibrant colors everywhere. Orange sectionals bounce off the sapphire blue colored concrete floors. The original concrete had many delightful imperfections that make the concrete look almost like stone. The sectionals are highlighted by imported Moroccan tables. On the far end of the Lounge is a faux finished semi private area. We wanted the paint to look old so a faux finish was done, yet we also wanted the old to look new, so we used metallic bright pink plaster. Again we combined old traditional elements with modern materials and color. The result is a majestic reinterpretation of the old traditions. The pink room is made cozier with



its Moroccan tin lamps that let light through tiny holes which project patterns on the walls. The other striking feature is the facade of the indoor and outdoor bar. The same pattern as the front entrance ironwork was used to create a silhouette with color changing LED lighting. The 30 foot bar extends through to the outside creating an illusion that makes it seem larger than it really is. The back bar is adorned with an intricate Moroccan stencil modernized with a new foiling technique. The same technique is used in the archways of the hallways and in the pink room. Various Moroccan stencils were used to bring the modern space down to earth and back in tune with tradition. You experience neither the coldness of minimalist modern design nor the over bearing and stuffiness of more traditional decoration. Instead, what is born is the old reinterpreted to bring freshness and fun to the space. My favorite part of the whole design is the hallway leading to the restrooms and dining room. It was painted in a metallic bright aqua color again with a modern faux finish. It was

a bold statement that signaled to everyone that it would embrace the unconventional. At Alhambra be prepared to be surprised with color and flavor. The best view of the patio is from the upstairs terrace where you can see the intermingling of people. From this vantage point, the moments others are having are irresistible to watch. At Alhambra, a birthday celebration, anniversary, or party is a memory that will stay forever and as that energy and excitement fills Alhambraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spaces, it will eventually become one of the stories that weaves itself into a tradition in McAllen. Contributing Writer: Juan Carlos Zapata

Outdoor wicker furniture made of synthetic rattan extend the life of a classic, favorite, timeless style, Sunset Living.p59 Opening spaces where once were walls is a concept that La Cantina Door Systems has made interchangeable. Opposite page.










Green Is The New Gold

What are insulated concrete forms? ICF’s are hollow “blocks” or “panels” made of plastic foam that construction crews stack into the shape of the walls of a building. The workers then fill the center with reinforced concrete to create the structure. ICF’s are basically forms for poured concrete walls that stay in place as a permanent part of the wall assembly. The forms, made of foam insulation, are either pre-formed interlocking blocks or separate panels connected with plastic ties. The left-in-place forms not only provide a continuous insulation and sound barrier, but also a backing for drywall on the inside, and stucco, lap siding, or brick on the outside. Recourse Efficiency ICF’s are made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which was developed as a use for a waste stream product in the development of oil. In other words, it was originally considered post industrial recycled material. The Styrene resins are transported to the local molding plant where they are expanded to 28 times their size with the use of only air and moisture. And to top this off, EPS R-value does not diminish over time, saving many barrels of oil and tons of coal with the greatly reduced heating and cooling requirements. Now that’s an effective use of material. Energy Savings Saving Energy is the world’s top priority. The building sector accounts for 50% of America’s energy use, in the heating and cooling of the building. ICF walls can make a difference to the thermal envelope due to the combined effect of the continuous R-Value, the airtight construction and thermal mass mitigation. Energy efficient construction is booming, driven by higher fuel prices, record –setting temperatures and more stringent energy codes. Contractors are pushed to find better solutions for the building envelope. While R-values have been the traditional measure of energy effectiveness, evidence now points to other factors witch contribute equally to energy efficiency. This is the rest of the story of the ICF Effect. As builders adapted new insulation materials and the HVAC industry develop more accurate equipment sizing software, one thing becomes quite apparent: R-value alone does not reflect the true effectiveness of a material when installed. If it did, then wood frame house with an R-19 fiberglass batt would have the same energy performance as an Insulated



We call this the ICF Effect The energy effectiveness of an ICF was is due to three important factors: 1. Continuous R-Value The R-value of a material is based on laboratory testing of a sample piece. It does not take into account gaps or variations in thickness. In real life, the R-value of an installed wall assembly should be the weighted average of all the wall components. For Example: fiberglass batt (R13), wood stud (R- 4.38 for a 2x4) and air gaps (R-0 zero). In this case, the combined R-value is less than the tested value of the insulation component. By comparison, the R-value of ICF’s is constant. The foam form and its associated R-value, is continuous by necessity as a forming system. For example, an R-22 ICF system performs at a true R-22 level. 2. Reduced Air Infiltration Over half the energy loss of a frame home is due to unwanted air infiltration and heat loss through the wall assembly. Air can penetrate into a building through many channels- sheathing gaps, penetrations at balconies or cantilevered floors, and insulation gaps in the wall cavity. Also, humidity and drying of the wood frame causes movement in the wood framing and contributes to post-construction leakage. Air infiltration coming from these gaps is typically around .5 ACH (air changes per hour), which means that each hour, half the air volume of a house is exchanged for outside air that needs to be heated /cooled. 3. Thermal Mass Moderation The ICF concrete core offers the characteristic thermal mass qualities of heat absorption and thermal lag. The additional insulation of an ICF wall further delays the transfer of heat to the inside of the building. This combination serves to reduce and delay peak loads, witch may result in lower off-peak energy pricing and reduced HVAC equipment size. In climates with large diurnal temperature swings, the mass wall can release absorbed heat energy to the cooler night air, a process called heat flow reversal. This insulated thermal mass application provides an excellent pairing with passive solar design. The ICF wall moderates indoor temperature swings and reduces the amount of heating/cooling needed. This in turn reduces the amount of exposed thermal mass needed for passive solar heating. Mass floors, interior walls and other surfaces can meet this exposed mass requirement.

How does the home owner benefit? Comfort: Houses built with ICF walls have a much more even temperature throughout the day and night. They have virtually no “cold spots”, and sharply fewer drafts. Solidity: The rigidity of concrete construction reduces the flex in floors and cuts shifting and vibration from the force of the wind or the slamming of a door. Concrete houses survive high-force winds like hurricanes far better than wood homes. And when properly reinforced, they should also withstand earthquakes well. Quietness: About one-sixth as much sound gets through an ICF wall compared with an ordinary frame wall. This sharply cuts the intrusion of noise from outside. Energy Efficiency: The superior insulation, air tightness, and mass of the walls cut the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling by 30-40%. This can save $300-400 per year in a typical home. In addition, it allows the installation of smaller heating and cooling equipment. That can reduce the initial cost of a house by over a thousand dollars. Design Flexibility: ICF houses can be completed with almost any interior and exterior finishes and can take any shape as easily as wood frame. In fact, some interesting effects, such as curved walls and frequent corners, can be less expensive to build into an ICF home. Energy Efficient construction is top priority for the construction industry. The Energy Star for homes program has experienced a sizeable increase in builder participation. New guidelines call for a continuous thermal envelope and tighter air barrier requirements, which are the very strengths of ICF’s. It’s time to look beyond the R-Value and learn the rest of the story. Insulated Concrete Form construction offers a complete energy solution that makes economic sense today, while helping to meet the energy need for future generations.

Materials Center is a proud carrier of Novidesa Insulated Concrete Forms. See opposite page.





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Arte En Cantera

Stone Pool Coping & Decking The coping is one of the most important elements in a swimming pool structure, particularly in inground or onground swimming pool construction. Coping is a smart way to add texture to your pool design. However, if you want to tie in other materials or just have a visual edge to the pool, using a different coping material can be a stylish choice. Contemporary stone pool ideas use stone tiles to create the deck, coping, walls and/or floor of the pool. The deck creates the walkway around the pool and the coping creates the non-slip trim around the edge of the pool. You can limit your use of stone to just the deck and coping around a pool insert, or build a custom pool with stone tiles. Also being one of the most durable pool edgings is stone pool coping. Made of sandstone, limestone, bluestone or travertine, it can withstand wear, chlorine and bromine pool treatments, and all kinds of weather to keep your pool looking beautiful for years. We at Arte en Cantera in Mcallen can help, guide and show you the different varieties of stone coping we have available. See pg. 31

Custom Creations Natural Stone Pavers

Custom Creations in Donna built this beautiful pool deck using Travertine stone in Mocha. The pattern is called Versias and combines 4 sizes of travertine tile with two different edge types, a polished edge forms the coping around the pool itself and the rough hewn travertine covers the large pool patio area. Travertine is perfectly suited for pool paving applications because it can withstand the constant effects of pool waters. Travertine can also meet the exact desired effect of poolside paving because it is an evergreen, meaning it has an incredible ability to produce a matching effect to the pool as well as surrounding garden features. The key attributes of durability, strength, non-slip features, cooler surface, and soft natural color are the basis of why many people are turning to Travertine for their poolside areas. Travertine stone pavers are so versatile and the patterns and design possibilities are endless. Travertine is available in various colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Carl, the owner of Custom Creations has over 20 years experience and there is nothing he can’t custom design uniquely for you. Call and “Ask for Carl”, and while you are discussing the perfect color of travertine for your pool deck, ask him to throw in an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and palapa! See pg. 30



Pool by: Hamlin Pools

Eden Pools

Fire Bowls and Spas To create an incredible environment you must analyze all the elements involved in the backyard. A pool by itself will not get the result most people are looking for.  You have to create a plan so that the backyard becomes an extension of the home. This involves an analysis of the landscape, irrigation, patio, lighting, and pool. Eden really starts with the belief that back yards are a place to come, relax, and entertain, which should be a reflection of the owner personal style and taste. Our focus remains on achieving the desired result so that each time the owner sees the project, it positively reaffirms why they spent the money.  Each project is a reflection of the owner.  People are different and you have to understand the customer.  You will notice this picture is of a very contemporary pool with rustic elements.  You see the rustic side in the rock around the arbors, banco’s and outdoor kitchen.  The rustic elements blend with the cutting edge design, lighting and deck. One of the owners grew up on a ranch and the other loves to hunt.  Together, they both fell in love with the flowing lines of the design and the rustic edges of the rock. When we please our customers with unique projects, we have achieved our ultimate goal. See inside back cover

Hamlin Pools

Natural Setting Pools Hamlin Pools is a family owned 3rd Generation business that has been building pools in the valley since 1952. Our motto is and has always been “We Build Pools For Fun!” Hamlin Pools boasts not one, but two APSP certified building professionals on staff. Hamlin Pools built this swimming pool and spa in its natural setting and designed both for swimming laps and family fun. This 24 foot wide by 72 foot long pool features natural stones in the floor of the pool to serve as lanes for swimming laps. The pool also features a large natural rock waterfall built out of mossy rock boulders, a jumping rock with water flowing off of it in place of a diving board, and a beach landing with a flagstone finish. The heated spa is large enough for eight and the black quartz interior finish gives the pool and spa the effect of infinite depth. The in the floor cleaning system is a Pool Valet 3 system exclusive to Hamlin Pools. The beautiful Oklahoma Flagstone rock decking highlights this pool in its natural setting. Hamlin Pools is proud to announce that this swimming pool won the prestigious “Silver Award” in the International Awards of Excellence. We are also proud of the fact that we always maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. See pg. 30

Home Enhancements Pergolas

“The Perfect Shade” offers many different sized frame members allowing for flexible designs, ranging from a refined and sophisticated look using aesthetically pleasing shapes to a rustic western ranch look. “The Perfect Shade” system allows an infinite variety of architectural designs. The ability to customize “The Perfect Shade” to your home’s style and color will give you the elegant enhancement you deserve and desire. 3”x8” beam can span up to 23 feet. Allows for an open and relaxing atmosphere. Stays straight. Woun’t split, change colors or rot. Won’t burn or contribute to flame spread. Aluminum Alloy & Kynar 500 Finish defeats bugs. Choice of colors to match most landscapes. The heavy embossed wood grain pattern will allow ash, dirt or pollen to stick due to “The Perfect Shade’s” smooth Kynar 500 finish. Depending on structure size, 35% - 45% higher than wood at time of initial construction. Looks good and lasts for 30+ years! Wash once every 2 years ors less. Kynar 500 Finish keeps maintenance to minimum. 30 year lifetime warranty. See pg. 1



Southern Stone

Natural Stone Waterfalls Natural Stone Waterfalls are a way to add style and design to a pool, adding a focal point as well as a functional part to the pool. The flow of water can act as a pool pump, keeping water clean and flowing, and can also offer swimmers a place to interact physically with the fall of water. Natural Stone Pool waterfalls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and can be custom-made according to the pool owner’s specifications. With our specialization in stone and our experience in construction, we have a good understanding of the unique expectations of architects, landscapers, developers, contractors, and designers.  At Southern Stone, we also enjoy helping do-it-yourselfers through different stages of the project with guidance, referrals, and advice. We specialize in stone, have a huge selection, pride ourselves on customer service, and if that isn’t enough - ALL of our stone is quarry direct! That means that our prices set us even further from the “competition.” Straight from the mountain to your home in many cases - saving you time and money! See opposite page

Sunset Living Outdoor Furniture

Nowadays, people are decorating the outsides of their homes - their patios, porches, gardens, pools and backyards - as an extension of their indoor living space. This is accomplished most often with our lovely out door furniture. Modern homeowners have extended their living spaces outside to enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, and the beautiful outdoor landscape. The outdoors is a great place to start or end your day with a newspaper and a cup of coffee, or a friend and a nice chat. The outdoors is also the best venue for a summer barbecue with a large group of friends. To better maximize your outdoor living space, we offer you the right kind of outdoor patio furniture to suit your lifestyle, space, taste and budget. Our outdoor patio furniture can be exposed to the elements all throughout the year - intense sunshine, torrential rains, gusty winds, and dust. Because of this Sunset Living outdoor living furniture is made from sturdy, weather- and wear-resistant material. Our furniture pieces range from outdoor dining sets, sofa sets, coffee tables, and lounge chairs. Stop on by and have a look, you’ll be glad you did. See pg. 59

Tropical Patios Poolside Patio

This project began when the owners’ decided to add an exercise room on to their house, which took up the existing patio area by the pool. They needed a new pool-side patio that would complement the architecture of the house and be useful to the family. A covered pavilion reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa was built at the east end of the pool area. The pavilion is open on three sides and has a solid wall on the east side which allows the owners to place appropriate furniture for entertaining. The columns were placed at an optimum distance for the hanging of hammocks to enjoy on sunny afternoons. The pavilion floor, the balustrades, as well as the front and back porches of the house were covered with the same architectural concrete which was selected for the columns of the colonnade. Consistent with the old-world Mediterranean style, the owners selected natural clay pavers for the pool deck and sidewalks. The clay pavers were installed in the classic basket weave pattern found in courtyards throughout Italy. Beginning with a base of compacted sand, the clay pavers were carefully placed and then bordered with a hidden concrete curb. This method of placing pavers on sand rather than mortar dates back to the days of the Roman Empire. See opposite page





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Superior Granite-Marble maintains elevated quality standards, and enormous attention is devoted to product selection, planning, processing and finish. Whether your project is a five-star hotel, or a kitchen remodel, our Design Experts work closely with homeowners, architects, contractors and designers to provide comprehensive solutions and service. Our success is based on quality control. We are the largest slab wholesaler in South Texas. We enjoy helping our clients select from our substantial inventory of granite, marble, slate, travertine, limestone and onyx from India, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey.



Casa Remodel


Second Time Around McAllen, Texas

The original house that sat on this land was torn down approximately 17 years ago, and my client’s first custom home was built on this beautiful lake side property. Preserving the view was first priority in the design and building. I was asked to help decorate and furnish the first time around. As the family grew, so did the need to update the interior finishes and arrangement of certain areas to fit their needs. An entire remodeling project means decisions on all facets of renovation such as lighting, coloring, furnishing, and is a demanding process for a home owner. We helped them understand the steps involved in the process and tried to keep their everyday schedule as close to normal as possible. Never losing sight of the importance of the lake view and its beauty, we began with one side of the house and worked our way south. Next, we entered the elegant master suite where we continued with the large stacked 20” ceiling moulding, which helped bring the high ceiling down to a more visual height. The



main focal point of the room is a massive handmade iron and crystal chandelier that hangs from the center of the room. The size is eight foot in height and seven foot in width and takes your breath away. Its beautiful lights make all the crystals glisten throughout the room. The iron headboard was also custom made. The windows and doors of the room were covered with antiqued dyed chenille fabrics on electronic rods that can be opened and closed with the touch of a button, all custom made by Canali Interiors of McAllen. The furnishings were reupholstered with coordinating fabrics to compliment all the rich new colors. The effect is a warm, cozy and comfortable room, the defining attributes of a home. One of the biggest changes came in the master bath area, and wow, does it look great! We removed the Jacuzzi tub since it was rarely used and was taking up space. Then we moved a few walls and enlarged the shower to a very spacious area. The shower has four rain flow heads in the ceiling, a hand held wall shower and one

oversized standard shower. It is a walk in area without doors. The ¾ walls that look out to the magnificent lake view offer privacy. Custom cabinets have separate vanities and zebra skinned benches for relaxing. There is a beautiful handmade stained glass piece by Glassica that compliments the rich colors and textures of the room. The lighting from the Light House was the perfect match for the mirrored areas and a coordinating chandelier perched above the owner’s makeup vanity was the icing on the cake. As you walk around the bath area you will pass through an arched entry to a room that contains beautiful glass door closets. In this lighted area, behind the door, is a collection of designer shoes with all of kinds of “Bling”. Cinderella couldn’t hold a candle to these shoes! Finally we made our way to the center of the house. When the large double front doors open, the view of the lake thru the magnificent entry and living area is spectacular. These areas are filled with textures and colors stemming from a metal

tiled niche and old Chicago brick on the walls and stairs. The walls were also treated with an old plastered look with a bronze glaze top coat. Again the hand hewn wood floors bring out the warm feeling and offer the elegant look we wanted. The furnishings were custom made in San Antonio. The drapes that cascade on the side of our two story windows were the perfect finish to the room. These were created with electronic controls for easy closure. VHS design has great confidence and admiration in Alejandra of Canali Interiors. Her work is complete and professional and always makes me proud. The 20X20 porcelain floor runs from the front entry to the galley area in front of the bar, down the hall, and throughout the kitchen. The new wine cellar has the same tile floor and the old Chicago brick on the walls with an arched brick ceiling. Our homeowners have a great collection of wines, so creating this area with a hand forged custom door was a perfect look.





We carried the brick thru out the house creating arches, columns, walls, and ceilings. This gives a feeling of those old Tuscan homes that had such wonderful textures in all areas. This feeling is evident when passing thru the arched brick entry from the dining into the Butler’s Pantry and kitchen. We created a groin type ceiling with brick and an elegant chandelier with crystals hanging in the center. A Butler’s Pantry needed for extra working space and display of serving pieces was enlarged by moving some walls and building a beautiful arrangement of custom cabinets. These have a blackened and aged finish with doors of seeded glass inserts. The cabinets have ornate pulls and knobs, which added the perfect touch throughout the Butler’s Pantry and kitchen. We opened the look of the kitchen by completely changing the design and layout of all the cabinets, appliances, and plumbing fixtures. That is called a “complete gutting “of the area. The same beautiful and classic mahogany and maple cabinets were custom made. We used a rich chestnut and aged blackened stained look and mixed it in different areas. We also used two different colors of granite, with the largest single slab of black being used for the island.

The island measures ten feet by six feet and has plenty of area for everything involving eating, prepping and serving. What a Counter! The gas cook top and other appliances for this job came from Morrison’s of McAllen. One of the focal points in the kitchen is the hood over the cook top. The kitchen sinks are hammered ¾” stainless tiles that are under mounted , with black Danze single bridge faucets, for the plumbing fixtures.


The stove vent was decorated with pieces of 120 year old ceiling tiles and a custom mesquite mantle. These tiles were also used in a powder bath ceiling and originally came from a

Additions, completely redesigned & remodeled by VHS Design. Granite supplier, Superior Granite & Marble.p32 Granite fabricator, Valley Granite.p38 Top left/right: Custom glass & mirrors, Glassica.p58 Kitchen & bath fixtures, Morrison. pg37 Moulding, So. Texas Moulding.p62 Middle, lower right & next page: Custom draperies, and bedding, Canali Interiors.p36



building belonging to the homeowner’s ancestors. My carpenter created all this from my little sketches on a tablet. He’s a true genius. My assistant Sarah Lopez spent many hours helping me complete all of my creations. The young ballerina of the family got her own room with antiques, a canopy bed, and plenty of storage for all of her Barbies and friends. Cabinets were accented with red crystal pulls. The wood floors created a warm, rich feeling, and the drapes and linens for her iron bed were custom made by Canali Interiors. Her crystal chandelier, selected at the Light House, gives the room a feminine and elegant finish. We also created a beautiful “movie star” closet with drapes and beads. She enters through glass double doors with crystal door knobs. The last addition to this remodel was to create a new TV and family area. We did it… a beautiful glassed addition with a fireplace, stone walls, and wood beamed ceilings. It also contains a full bath area with a kitchen for easy entertaining by mom, dad and the kids. The area was also created for ranch trophy mounts to be displayed and pictures of all the fun time the family holds dear. When my jobs come to a final completion, the one greatest compliment I enjoy the most is when my clients tell me how much they love being in their new home and how it has become their favorite place in the world.




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Contributing Writer: Vicki S. Penn VHS Design










Valleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only granite fabricator using laser guided gantry saw and CNC machine to achieve precision seams and profiles.



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!3#4$5-$+#"$ 67489$438:3"8"‡;<=)2>?@001

!"##$%&$%'()*$+,$ #) SUMMER 2010  ‡-./0012

Luxury Living

A Friendly Match Harlingen, Texas Master Plan & Design, Distinctive Drafting.p42 Landscaping,Best Lawn Care.p42 Opposite: Pool by Hamlin Pools,p30; Southern Hickory Patio Stone by Southern Stone.p29 Opposite center right: Hand Scraped wood floor, Lumber Liquidators.p2; Minka-Lavery chandelier, Light House Lighting Center.p11; Dinning Set, Lacks. p39; Custom Shutter, JM Curtains & Blinds.p38; So.Texas Molding.p62 Opposite bottom: Cantera fireplace and colums, Cantera Rancho Alegre. p46



+, -./01, 2.343-567, 80893:-, 8;-8.5<., <:01,95=8>,3,?5:-,<@,-?8,63A-5=3-5:9, GHVLJQ DQG ZRQGHUIXO Ă&#x20AC;RZ RI WKLV 8>-3-8, B825-8..3:83:, ?<48C, , +>, D83/-5@/0, @.<4, -?8, .83., 3>, @.<4, -?8, @.<:-7, -?5>, ?<48, @83-/.8>, 3, >A86-36/03., D08:2, <@, 3.6?, -<AA82, E5:2<E>7, F.8:6?, 2<<.>7, 8;A<>82, 6823., D834>7, 5:-.563-8, 68505:9, GHVLJQVPDUEOHĂ&#x20AC;RRUVDQGFDQWHUD D30/>-8.>C, , G?8, !*H@<<-, -300, 2</D08, 2<<., 8:-.1, 0832>, -<, -?8, 9.3:2, @<18.C,,I-<:8,6<0/4:>,3:2,3.6?E31>, 9.368, -?8, =58E, <@, -?8, 5:=5-5:9, A<<0, 3:2, 0/>?, 03:2>63A5:9, -?.</9?, -?8, @<.430, 05=5:9, .<<4C, , +, .34D05:9, =8.3:23, 3:2, 0<9953, 6<::86->, -<, 3, 6?3.45:9, 9/8>-, ?</>8, 3-, -?8, .83.,

<@,-?8,435:,>-./6-/.8C,G?5>,</-2<<., 3.83, 5>, A/:6-/3-82, D1, G/>63:, 6<0/4:>,3:2,3.6?82,@.348E<.J,-<, 08:2, 3:, 35., <@, 8;<-567, .8><.-H>-108, 05=5:9C,,+,-E<H>-<.1,68505:97,>-/::5:9, VWRQH ÂżUHSODFH VSLUDO VWDLUFDVH 3:2,<=8.>5K82,E5:2<E>,43J8>,-?5>, ?<48,3,A083>/.8,-<,05=8,5:,E5-?,=3>-, <AA<.-/:5-58>, @<., 5:-543-8, .803;5:9, 3:2,8:-8.-35:5:9C,,,,

D895::5:9C,,+>,1</,43J8,1</.,E31, A3>-, -?8, 93-87, -?8, 5:5-530, 9054A>8>, <@, -?5>, ?<48, 3.8, 63A-5=3-5:9, 3:2, 43J8, 1</, @880, 3>, 5@, ><48-?5:9, >A86530,5>,3D</-,-<,?3AA8:C,N-,5>,3:, 818HA<AA5:9,45;-/.8,<@,>?3A8>,3:2, -8;-/.8>C, G3007, :3..<E7, 3.6?, -<AA82, E5:2<E>,



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F.<4, -?8, 4<48:-, -?3-, 1</, 8:-8., -?8,A.5=3-8,2.5=8E31,3:2,3AA.<36?, -?8,435:,93-87,-?5>,?<48,E806<48>, 1</, 3:2, -.83->, 1</, -<, -?8, D83/-1, <@, -?8, <.6?3.2>, 3:2, :3-5=8, A304, WUHHVWKDWVXUURXQGWKLVPDJQLÂżFHQW A.<A8.-1C, L/-, -?5>, 5>, M/>-, -?8,

4</025:9, 9.500E<.JC, , G?8, >-<:8H 3668:-82, 65.6/03., 2.5=8E31, 322>, -<, -?8, 8:208>>, 8;65-848:-, 3:2, >-54/03-8>, 300, -?8, >8:>8>C, , N-, 5>, 3, @8805:9, -?3-, A.8A3.8>, 1</, -<, D8, 23KK082,3:2,5:>A5.82C

O5-?,<=8.,!*7***,>P/3.8,@88-,/:28., .<<@7, -?5>, ?<48, <@@8.>, 3, :8E, 3:2, @.8>?, 05=5:9, 8:=5.<:48:-7, :<-, <:01, D08:25:9,-?8,B825-8..3:83:,28-350>7, D/-, 30><, 5:6<.A<.3-5:9, 300, -?8, A8.><:30, 6/>-<4, @83-/.8>, 256-3-82, D1,-?8,<E:8.Q>,05@8>-108C,,R8.8,1</, ZLOO ¿QG QRW RQO\ WKH H[SHFWHG EXW 30><, -?8, /:8;A86-82S, 3, 9348, <@, .36P/8-D300CCC5:>528, -?8, ?<48CCC 5:, 5->, 3--36?82, .89/03-5<:H>5K8, .36P/8-D300, 6</.-C, , R3=8, 3, E<.J, RXW LQ LWV IXOO\ RXW¿WWHG J\P ZLWK 3, .803;5:9, >3/:3, D3-?, .59?-, 5:, -?8, :8;-,.<<4C,,T:M<1,-?8,48253,.<<47, E?8.8,-?8,E?<08,@34501,63:,93-?8., 3:2, E3-6?, -?85., @3=<.5-8, 4<=58C, $ JUDQG NLWFKHQ RXW¿WWHG IRU WKH 4<>-, 2843:25:9, 6?8@, 5>, 30><, 3, >54A01,E<:28.@/0,A0368,-<,M/>-,?3:9, </-C, , +, 0<9953, 3:2, 6</.-13.2, -?3-, ?3.4<:5K8>, 5:2<<., 3:2, </-2<<., 05=5:9, >A368>, 3:2, A3008->, <@, 6<0<.,

3:2,-8;-/.8,-?.</9?</-,836?,.<<4, 322,-<,-?8,34D53:68C,, N:, -?8, 8:27, -?8, .8>/0-, 5>, 3, -./01, B825-8..3:83:, 28>59:7, 84D.365:9, 3:2, >?<E63>5:9, 603>>56, 80848:->, >/6?, 3>, >-/66<, E300>7, .</:282, =8.-5630, E5:2<E>7, 3:2, 3, 0<E, A5-6?827, D3..80, -508, .<<@, 05:8C, , N-, 5>, 3, 6/--5:9, 8298, ?<487, E5-?, 0<->, <@, A3>>5<:, 3:2, A8.><:305-17, 6</A082, E5-?, 4<28.:, 231, :882>, @<., 83>1, Ã&#x20AC;RZDQGKLJKIXQFWLRQ,WFRPELQHV >-3-8,<@,-?8,3.-,5283>7,28>59:7,3:2,3, >-108,-?3-,43J8>,5-,/:5P/801,5->,<E:7, 3:2,/0-543-801,?59?01,A8.><:30,3:2, 5:25=52/30,3>,5->,<E:8.>!

Contributing Writer: Frank Del Angel





Fiberglass and Wood Doors



Luxury Living

Sandy, Smart and Savvy South Padre Island, Texas

Construction and Design Design Group 692.p47


Above: Black Forest granite countertops,Premier Granite & Marble.p46; Glenview interior doors, Door & Window Shop.p43 Select furniture pieces Designerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Showroom,p51


Lumber Liquidators(p2) rich hand scraped distressed wood cover the floors, while broad hardwood moulding from So. Texas Moulding(p62) disguise every seam.

This barrier island wedged between the Gulf of Mexico & The Laguna Madre has developed into a seaside haven for nature lovers. Sea turtles, dolphins, Brown Pelicans, tropical birds, and butterflies adorn the sand beaches and environs. With this picture in mind, we developed a beach house for a family of six that not only incorporated all amenities, but 21st century energy producers and high tech energy saving devices. For starters we needed to design a hurricane resistant structure which included concrete reinforced pilings extending 18 feet below street level.



Structural members above ground had to be re-in forced to withstand winds in excess of 130 mph. This included windows, doors, roofing, and siding.

Adequate open space exists for entertaining guests, family time, and general day to day living. Natural light adorns every nook and cranny throughout the entire residence.

Space was needed for two vehicles, a boat, pool and dressing room, and concrete drive with landscaping. The lot is standard size for the Island, which necessitated vertical planning and construction.

A Kitchen with center island as a focal point is large enough to accommodate all ultra-deluxe appliances and offer comfortable seating for everyone.

Design Features: Under roof parking for two vehicles and a storage area for a boat, household tools, and miscellaneous household effects, is cleverly built in.

Sleeping quarters for the family are located on floor number three, including master bedroom and bath, three smaller bedrooms, and bath for the children. There is a guest room and bath adjacent to the kitchen and a

terrace with stairs that offers access to the pool level. The “Crow’s nest” (or Loft) is roof level with a beautiful view of the ocean. This serene spot is an adult retreat created for quiet time and relaxation after a busy day. In planning this project, we called upon decorative features found in the Mediterranean. Artful duplication of native stone adorns the façade and brown/ taupe tones accent the symmetrical design. The wide use of natural light floods in through countless windows and glass doors. Extensive use of terraces assures pleasant ocean breezes day or night. All gathering places in the residence are adorned with unique lighting fixtures, plumbing styles, wood trim, striking colors, and a multitude of unusual tile and granite are visible throughout.

Construction Highlights: The foundation and all bearing components including cement block are reinforced with iron bars held in place with heavy duty concrete. (Visualize a 50’ giant strong enough to lift this building. It would be possible to raise one corner and the entire residence would lift intact off the ground because all the construction members are tied together.) Windows and doors are manufactured to withstand hurricane force winds up to 130 MPH. The aluminum roof and all other outside components are either painted or treated to withstand tropical sun and salt exposure. Polyurethane foam insulation guarantees cool summer and warm winter operation of the A/C units, foam also seals any and all imperfections in building materials. Water on Hot shot is Tankless. (No

waiting for hot water. Just turn to on…and there it is.) No electricity is wasted running a hot water heater. Wind turbine and solar panels generate enough power to store energy in a battery pack. Power outages are not something that will affect this dwelling. The salt water pool is free of chlorine and self cleaning as well.

All electrical functions are digitally controlled. A timer is set for anything electrical, either OFF or ON. No Fuss….No Muss. Quietly nestled on a barrier island wedged between the Gulf of Mexico & The Laguna Madre stands a wonderfully built smart house. A testament that beauty can be more than skin deep.







Builders... of distinctive homes.


!"#$%&'%()*+',-. ()/"(0)'123"&4$2 5566'"7'89:;7'#:7 /<=>?@ABCCDE'0F G-H,I'H69JK858 G-H,I'H,8J6899 G-H,I'H98JK58K <ALCD?MBLNOD@BP?P<=QR,-.7M=S ALCD?MHNL=C7M=S



1000 Pablo Garcia Entertaining is a must in this home. From the moment you enter the grand foyer you are greeted with elegance throughout. A few features are the formal dining room, formal living room, office, and family room. The stylish formal dining room is pleasing to the eye with floor to ceiling windows and rustic chandelier. The kitchen boasts of long granite countertops, a substantial area for the cook, and a subzero refrigerator. The master suite is a private get-away with a sitting area, private wet bar, and decorative ceilings. The luxury whirlpool features cantera columns and a smoky glass window. Sitting on the large, covered back patio is very inviting for relaxing evenings. This home boasts of travertine tile, red oak stairs lead up to the media room, intercom system, security system, and surround sound. In this home you will be surrounded by luxury and beauty which are all mandatory features in a home built by Garcia Builders and Development.

OFFERED AT $485,000 INQUIRIES RE/MAX Lone Star Team Select 315 E Jackson St Harlingen, Texas 78550 956-428-9900

Sally Smith (956) 867-2965

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15081 Sparrow Rd Country done classy. Just north of Mexico near the southern tip of Texas and minutes from South Padre Island, is 15081 Sparrow Rd in the Harlingen area known for its laid-back blend of South Texas charm and the rich cultural traditions of Mexico. Designated a Certified Retirement Community by the state of Texas, Harlingen boasts a low cost of living, year-round sports and is the health care heart of the Valley. With mild, tropical winters and constant summer sea breezes off the Gulf of Mexico allow you to enjoy year-round outdoor activities and sports. Harlingen has 556 acres of parks and recreation featuring soccer, softball, tennis, baseball, swimming, playgrounds, picnic areas, hike/bike trail, nature parks and lakes. Golfers can enjoy year-round play with private and public courses around Harlingen and the surrounding communities. Within this beautiful city lies an amazing home offering a touch of class in a country setting. The gourmet kitchen is the very heart of this elegant country home. The formal dining and living rooms, a warm and inviting den, and breakfast nook all flow from the kitchen. The wet bar area and walk in pantry are positioned for your entertainment needs. The master suite offers plenty of room

for adding a quiet sitting area for relaxing. Room is abundant in the master bath which features a large whirlpool tub, separate shower and two walk-in closets. The split floor plan allows for privacy and tranquility. A bonus room upstairs is large enough for a pool table, exercise equipment or to make it your own media room. Whether your pleasure is riding horses or four wheelers, the three acres provides the ideal place for these activities. Cross-fencing and an open shed for the animals with closed tractor storage provides for the perfect country setting. Granite counters, crown mouldings, elegant tile floors, and even a hot tub complete the picture for this welcoming home.

OFFERED AT $359,900 INQUIRIES RE/MAX Lone Star Team Select 315 E Jackson St Harlingen, Texas 78550 956-428-9900

Sarah Kulungowski 956-245-9719

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Indoor Living


Home Theater by definition is: audio and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater. But in reality is much more than that; it is a special area in the house that everybody likes and enjoys. This area in the house is your own personalized movie theatre where you decide who becomes part of your VIP guest list. Building this enjoy-it-all family and friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s room is not as expensive as you might think, but it does require some planning. Here is a list of things that you should consider when planning this area. Begin by making a sketch of the area that will become your Home Theatre; garages and unused rooms are great choices. Once you have decided on the proper area, measure it. Include the dimensions of the room in your sketch, this will provide a clear view of where your audience will sit in relation to the screen. To determine the right distance use this formula: size of the screen (width) x ratio = optimal seating distance Media Resolution


Type of media






High Definition TV



Standard TV

The distance from your projector is very relevant because you never want to be too close to the screen. The optimal seating



position will create an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. This brings us to the next point; illumination. Just as in a movie theatre, avoid windows or any other source of natural light. It is recommended to have dimmers so that you can control the amount of light in which you feel comfortable and still get the highest quality image. Next are the acoustical properties of the room. Geometrical form: Rectangle is always better than square and domes are not very welcomed because they distort the sound waves’ path. If your room does not have the perfect shape don’t worry because you can make use of acoustic panels, placed where needed, to re-route the sound waves to the seating area. Another option to help contain the sound is to add a fiber optic panel to you ceiling. This will not only help with the acoustics of the room but it will give a beautiful starry night effect. Flooring: Carpet is recommended over all other options because it reduces sound

reflection and ensures proper sound absorption. The density of the carpet is a factor to consider. The thicker the carpet and padding the better sound absorption you will get. Ceilings: Standard height between 8 ft to 10 ft is preferred because of two main reasons: 1. The higher the ceiling the more power and you will need to fill the room with audio. In other words, if the area is open the sound waves have to travel further. 2. If you want to use a projector, you will need an extension pole to adjust to the screen height and to the viewers’ eyesight. Extension poles are basically a tube that allows the projector to be mounted at any height but the pole is not invisible and you need to consider how you make it part of the decor. 3. A great picture needs to be accompanied with great sound for the ultimate experience. For the real theater experience, you need a center channel,

left and right fronts accompanied with rear surrounds and definitely a sub. The larger the room the bigger the speakers and the more power is needed. For bigger rooms, it is always recommended to utilize two subwoofers and a receiver or an amplifier with a processor for optimal performance. Remember, a theater is the ultimate place to unwind, relax and entertain. Two things that are usually overlooked are proper ventilation and calibration. Proper ventilation for both the viewers and the home theater components is very important because equipment will generate heat. A well ventilated room will optimize the life of the equipment

and the movie experience. Finally, calibration is the most important aspect of theater room. A well calibrated room will enhance the total audio and video experience creating an ultra real picture and detail sound. This will eliminate distortion and imperfections in the picture. With a careful plan, the right equipment, and a few good guidelines to follow, building your own home theater will be a fun and exciting project, providing years of real theater enjoyment right at home.

Contributing Writer: Selene Diaz

Opposite top/bottom left: Helping leading men Brad Pit & your friendly neighborhood Spiderman look a little better, Home Entertainment.p50 Center: In the theater room is a 103 inch SI Black diamond screen with JVC DLA-RS2 home cinema 1080P HD projector that boasts a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. This high resolution image is incomplete without the a Marantz 7.1 - 135X7 watt system to output it’s crisp sound to the Niles Stage Front speakers and the awesome bass pumping subwoofer. Below:Elegant red room, theater seating, and the latest in home audio/ video makes every movie a hit, MCJ Builders.p24



NIU urban living & Casa Antigua are full service interior design showrooms delivering cutting edge contemporary home furnishings and interior design services to fulfill your innermost decorative needs. We strive to provide the very best modern home furnishings and create stunning environments for our clients. We invite you to explore your inner-self at our showrooms. Come and enjoy special attention with immediate delivery.


Dear Ole DĂŠcor Reader,

design: mario villela 956.562.1275

!"#$#%&'()#&*#!+,-$-,&"./#-01.1#$'1#-01#21"3,"1#4'-,5(1.6 Located at: 920 N. Main St. in McAllen, TX Ph. 956.664.2333

1631 N. 10th St. in McAllen, TX Ph. 956.664.2999 %$




Sorteo Tec



naturales, rústicos y de buen gusto. Similares características encontramos en la residencia del segundo premio, en la que la luminosidad, amplitud, funcionalidad e integración de los espacios, son los principales ejes del diseño. Así es como Sorteo Tec nuevamente marca diferencia en cuanto a diseño, estilo e innovación tecnológica al servicio del confort, todo esto aunado al buen gusto que le caracteriza a las Casas del Tec. Es así como después de 62 años Sorteo Tec le invita a seguir colaborando con nosotros para mantener el sueño de miles de jóvenes que luchan por una educación de calidad mediante becas, infraestructura, apoyo a proyectos sociales e investigación científica, lo cual dará como resultado un México mejor. De antemano Sorteo Tec agradece de todo corazón a compradores y colaboradores voluntarios que aportan su esfuerzo para que todo esto sea una realidad y los invita a que sigan participando, por que con Sorteo Tec todos ganan. Recámaras Se aprecia un gran diseño interior que logra crear espacios pulcros, sumamente amplios y armoniosamente equilibrados, otorgando la sensación de comodidad y un balance perfecto entre matices, texturas y dimensiones que nunca interfieren con las proporciones del proyecto arquitectónico, sino que le dan vida. En este caso todas las recamaras tienen ventanales con vista a la terraza posterior donde se aprecia el jardín y la alberca.

Lucky Number 181 COMFORT, RELAX Y FUNCIONALIDAD… EL HOGAR IDEAL Un sutil equilibrio entre la fuerza y sobriedad de la tradición mexicana, con un cierto aire minimalista, es algo que podemos encontrar en las nuevas Casas del Tec. Cuando se piensa en un hogar, deseamos que sea ese lugar en donde disfrutemos de momentos de convivencia, relax y confort; “Hoy en día las personas tienen un ritmo de vida muy acelerado, esta casa esta precisamente diseñada como un remanso de paz que te calma, te desacelera y tranquiliza, cada una de las áreas busca esa objetivo”. Según nos describe el Arquitecto Tito Camargo Hijar quien estuvo a cargo del proyecto del primer premio y que se define así mismo como un entusiasta admirador de la arquitectura contemporánea, por tanto obvia la etiqueta de “estilo”, ya que según sus propias palabras “hablar de estilo, es precisamente hablar de un romance pasajero que no responde a la época en que se esta viviendo”. Podemos entonces describir esta residencia como una casa atemporal que se niega a perecer ante los caprichos de la moda actual, la cual pretende evolucionar para continuar otorgando los beneficios fundamentales bajo los que fue concebida y que gracias a su capacidad camaleónica pueda pertenecer a cualquier persona, convirtiéndose en la casa de los sueños de quien resulte el afortunado ganador. Ambos proyectos poseen un sin fin de elementos estéticos que exaltan su belleza, como punto primordial en la residencia del primer premio, podemos realzar la fachada de cristal, la fuente de espejo que conduce a la enorme e impactante puerta principal de madera, terrarios y fuentes interiores, la terraza con alberca poseedora de una confortable área social, un pasillo tipo puente en la segunda planta que distribuye a recamaras, estancia y a una espectacular terraza elevada que encanta a la vista; por si fuera poco se logra también la anhelada sensación acogedora provista por el acertado diseño interior, el cual se asocia de bella manera regalando un “algo” especial a cada espacio sin resultar invasivo, brinda vida mediante elementos eclécticos,

Áreas Sociales Fluidez es la palabra que describe la manera en como se transita por la residencia; una estructura sin complicaciones que permite apreciar la distribución del recinto y cada área da paso a la siguiente, donde todas gozan de la luminosidad que brindan los vitrales frontales y posteriores, que gracias a estos se obtienen beneficiosos ahorros en cuanto a consumo de energía eléctrica y gas, debido a que proveen de iluminación gran parte del día y mantienen además, la temperatura agradable dentro de la casa, una de tantas bondades tecnológicas con que cuenta las bellas Casas del Tec. Exteriores Se nota una perfecta complicidad entre los materiales de construcción (metal, cristal y concreto) y los elementos naturales que aparecen recurrentemente en todo el recinto (agua, maderas y piedra). El resultado es un recinto equilibrado en el que interior y exterior entran en comunión, siendo estos últimos puntos de reunión focales para el goce y disfrute un escape del caótico día a día. TEXTOS GDL Carácter único y personalidad, poseen las áreas de esta magnifica residencia, pero cuenta con variables específicas que cumplen la función de “hilo conductor” entre ellas, puede ser un color o forma, un material recurrente o simplemente una textura que ayude a combinar los espacios. La formalidad y distinción, sin dejar de lado la línea contemporánea de su diseño arquitectónico caracteriza a este recinto, donde se procuraron conceptos para cada área, otorgando un aire “romántico” a la recamara de jovencitas, un sentido “práctico” a la de jóvenes, de sofisticación a la principal y de amplitud y calidez a las áreas de convivencia. TEXTOS Pto. VALLARTA Puntos de color mediante texturas, maderas obscuras y textiles, avivan los fondos blancos que prevalecen en este increíble departamento, donde cada mueble, cada objeto tiene su función definida sin importunar algún otro. Formas simples y puras, dando gran importancia al espacio, una excelente opción para espíritus innovadores que desean un toque de contemporaneidad, resulta un gran aliado para personas que disfrutan de los espacios relajados. Un paraíso mexicano, donde es posible disfrutar la mezcla de bellísimos escenarios naturales y bellas playas, logran armonía con el auténtico sabor de un pueblo típico mexicano.













Fine Art

Artline America Inc. McAllen | 956.630.0076 Jackie’s gallery is called Artline America, and a typical gallery it is not! Step into an eclectic array of paintings, tapestries, and framed shadow boxes filled with various objects d’arte. Bring in your own treasure, and choose from over 1,000 custom framing possibilities. If you can’t make up your mind right away, think about your choices over a delicious home cooked lunch at the Masterpiece Café. Artwork surrounds you as quiet jazz music plays in the background. Jackie’s laughter will be heard as she spends time tableside talking with any one of her loyal customers, enjoying the afternoon at her restaurant and gallery. One visit to this special place and you’ll go out of your way to come back.

Port Isabel Great Rooms Port Isabel | 956.943.2629 ART+DKOR es una galeria donde el arte y Featuring a unique collection of decorative and ne art pieces custom selected by DINAH BOWMAN. Large handcarved local fishes, limited edition prints and originals of seaside themed paintings. Featured artists include the award winning oils of Larry Felder. Shrimp boats, wharf scenes, Port Isabel Lighthouse, and local birds of the beach are photographically painted by this extremely talented artist. ROBERT RUHMAN brings his vibrant watercolors of palm trees coastal scenes of the jetty and beach and the water birds found there, tropical gardens and gates, and classic still lifes. Everytime you visit us you will see somethig new and different!

House of Frames Harlingen | 423.8282 This year the House of Frames celebrates it’s 43rd year serving the Harlingen and surrounding Cameron County areas. We are proud to have Alice Keener still with us through all those years. House of Frames Mission statements to serve our community with all we’ve got in exceptional and lasting frame design! Judy is our all-around-handle-everything-person and a wonderful framer to work with out front. She and Alice really make things happen around here! Over the years, we have trained many students that have gone on to be framers in other areas of the country another mission of the House of Frames to educated and empower people to succeed and excel in the framing industry. Stop by and visit us I’ve always said that the best part of ANY framing job is out front with the customer!











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