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mailing address P.O. Box 40101 South Padre Island, TX 78597 This fall, we are moving ahead to new horizons. With the seasonal change we hope to make the most of all the opportunities coming our way. We step out ahead where beauties abound. We try something new. In this same mode, the modern homebuilders of our pages branch out, take a risk where no other might be taken. In this issue, our focus is all things modern. It takes a good amount of thinking outside the box to bring together quality and innovation under one roof. Our cover feature homebuilder, Rocass homes, builds upon its successes in the custom quality home business by adding modern architecture to their repertoire. Architecturally a masterpiece, this home has perks beyond your wildest dreams. The décor delivers “chic a la mode” directly to the senses in exceptional taste. We hope you enjoy this open floor plan as much as we did. We continue our photo tour with a stylish home by Casso construction. Dynamic lifestyle considerations were taken in with fresh leading edge architectural style to bring forth this awesome in-vogue home that is as harmonious as it is amazingly beautiful. Color and plenty of soft detail combine with technologically sound design to showcase the home’s functional concept in combination with its inherent beauty. It is stunningly gorgeous with international flair.

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To continue in the essence of the cutting edge, check out our Decorating With Metal article on all the thematic options for combining metal stylishly in cool and “in the present” ways. Spark your idea meter with these great tips and progressive ways to use metal!

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Sorteo Tec once again delivers an outstanding project to delight the innovation hungry with visual candy in copious amounts. The technologically advanced bring on the newest and best use of materials to keep things moving forward. Let them wow you as you peruse the pages! And finally, we bring the news that Ole Décor is branching out into a marketing agency. Check out The Farm Creative Company services on the opposite page. This new endeavor will offer our clients all the latest and best graphic and media services to meet the needs of the Rio Grande Valley population and beyond. You can count on the quality you have always loved from Ole Décor transcending to greater heights. We are excited about the things to come and invite you to join us in making your advertising dreams a reality. Cheers! Eddie Reyes

on the cover Gracing the cover of this first ever exclusively modern issue, the Moreno family collaborates to produce this pearl of a home on beautiful South Padre Island. Steps from the beach, minutes from Mexico, nestled in paradise, wanna own it? Turn to pg 14 to see what else you get, and how to get it! View more photos at

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14 DISTINCTIVE REAL ESTATE ROCASS HOMES. This amazing modern home extends over 5014 sq. ft. living space and 6,600 total. Beach life is going modern in this stunning South Padre Island masterpiece!



AVANTE-GARDE TECHNOLOGY REGIO 195. Technology and innovation give rise to amazing results in the latest project by the budding masters at Sorteo Tec.


42 DECORATING WITH Explore the possibilities of modern metal fabrication as thematic décor. Give your rooms the extra texture and depth of metal.

28 LUXURY HOMES CASSO CONSTRUCTION. An equation of international architectural style: Anthropometrical study of functionality + Integration of high-end technology = Harmoniously Gorgeous Modern.


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Attention Real Estate Agents, Olé Decor Magazine would like to include your high-end listing in the Distinctive Real Estate section of our upcoming spring issue. Real estate agents with listings in the $300,000 plus range are invited to participate. Each listing will be accompanied by stunning professional photography and enticing editorials that capture the class and elegance of your prestigious property. Print Another benefit of advertising in a magazine like ours, is that it enjoys a much longer shelf life than other media. You can go into many of our distribution points and find past issues that are a year old still displayed on coffee tables in waiting rooms and lobbies. That’s one of the reasons we try to make them as beautiful as we possibly can. People don’t throw them away as easily as they would a newspaper or lesser magazine, and that’s very valuable in a market where homes may take over six months to sell. Please keep in mind that every issue of Olé Decor magazine will circulate for an entire quarter for the duration of the three month season (spring, summer, fall, winter). We cover the entire Rio Grande Valley, focusing exclusively on the wealthiest segments of those areas. We do this by strategically placing the magazines in all country clubs, club houses, physician lounges in hospitals, aesthetic clinics, plastic surgery clinics, high-end boutiques and real estate agencies. Web Our magazine is published online, and is linked to our new website. This means that people from all over the world will be able to see your listing. For a fee, your listing can be printed with a QR code that can be scanned by prospective clients with their iPhones, iPads, and other electronic devices. The scan will direct them to your property’s online virtual tour. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and ease with which they can view your property. If you are serious about selling your Distinctive Real Estate, we are ready to help you accomplish your goal. Give us a call now! Happy returns,

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12 olé decor SPRING 2013

TAke A virTuAl TOur OF A luxurY hOme

distinctive real estate


We would like like to extend a warm embrace to the Moreno family members for their hospitality. Its was evident to all present during their open house that they are truly passionately creating lasting quality homes.

A DREAM 5904 Tropical Drive, South Padre Island is a dream home that can come true. WRITTEN BY: AMY SMITH


f you measured your fortune in terms of your children being your life’s legacy, then Senor y Senora Moreno of Rocass Homes have wealth beyond measure. Family owned and brain-powered, Rocass Homes raises the bar of quality in the custom home building business. Down to the last detail, precision and care of the fine details are the embodiment of the custom crafted home that carries the Rocass name. With the pleasure of an interview with Senor Leonel Moreno, the details of the quality and fine craftsmanship of our featured South Padre Island modern began to be revealed. We toured the home, stopping at points of interest with wow factor in great supply. This amazing modern home extends over 5014 square feet living space and 6,600 total. It has four bedrooms, four baths, a finely detailed bar and a two-car garage with expansive closet storage. The interior spaces are well endowed with upscale amenities for ease of modern beach life, quality to last a lifetime, and glamorous beauty. Modern Beach Life The beachside outdoor family living area is one in a million in functional beauty and quickly reveals itself to be the true heart of this home. A cascade

pool, provided by Hamlin pools, with a quartz sparkle stone wall backdrop and color changing lighting beckons you with its ambience through the full wall of windows of the main living room. The hot tub sits right next to the pool with perfectly chosen, colorful and comfy patio furniture that pops marvelously with the brilliant blue of the pool. It makes you want to come spend time near the water and enjoy the day or the night by the lights and refreshing aquatic aesthetic. In keeping with the elements that make up a modern home, this abode renders outdoor materials that are just as fabulous as the indoor materials. Complete with travertine tile and Teca wood decking, comfort espouses the home’s elements from the outside in. As a treat, there’s a shower just inside the gate for coming up from the beach. And innovative grandmothers take note: a separate bathroom was designed with an entrance through the back of the house. Such great care was taken in the design that the layout accommodates precious little ones at the pool without them having to run through the living room in wet bathing suits! The outdoor kitchen that presides under a modern pergola is adjacent through a large glass door to the indoor kitchen, with utmost convenience.

FALL 2013

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ABOVE: Rovere Grigio colored wooden bases and columns with an open-pore finish, hangings that mix the wooden textures with an always elegant and classy luminescent black glass, contrasted with petroleum blue glass elements. It gives the composition a dynamic and jovial touch, achieving the harmony of an always beautiful and functional kitchen. Stosa Cucine page 20.

Denoting all the amenities of a full kitchen, this outdoor culinary experience includes specific specialty appliances such as: a huge outdoor roasting pot, a barbequing station, and a ‘ Big Green Egg’ for barbeque and roasting capabilities that the man of the house is proud to take ownership in. The screened-in patio was re-designed from the original plan to incorporate large windows for the family with media and entertaining in mind - and in consideration of sultry South Padre summer nights when a room with a cool blast of air and a great sound system may be the perfect gathering spot for guests enjoying the invitation of gracious hosts. As we head into the kitchen, a crystal-studded double wedding ring chandelier calls one over to the open culinary space. It is well-equipped, with a full-wall refrigerator and full-wall freezer, an immense granite countertop workspace island, and expansive decorative storage. True to modern

16 olé decor FALL 2013

minimalism, the design showcases the materials of the countertops, cabinetry, and light fixtures to delight the eye and please the senses. Granite’s smooth surfaces, and beauty as a décor element that stands the test of time, make this marvelous kitchen stand out as a modern showcase. Specialty kitchen customizers provided colorful wood tone and teal cabinetry to complete the vision Mrs. Moreno had for the workspace. The incredible colorful cabinetry coupled by the state of the art appliances, afford the chef complete functionality. A hidden ventilation system appears when a button is pressed, adding to the awe inspiring modern pizzazz. The Exceptional Quality When I asked Senor Moreno what his favorite part of the building process was, he thought for a moment and told me “the foundation”. The foundation is a special design of deep and thick dimension to fit the newer code requirements that came into effect after hurricane Katrina. In

It makes you want to come spend time near the water and enjoy the day or the night by the lights and refreshing aquatic aesthetic.

compliance, the plans included a foundation that lends itself to the South Padre Island, TX location and to support the immense modern structure, ensuring the family home would endure the test of time, and withstand the forces of nature. The roof is equally secure in its quality endurance with specifications of trusses, contec panels, cellular concrete and plywood, with an overall sealant. This reinforcement keeps the heat out and energy bills down which is of major advantage in a home of this stature and high ceilings. The energy bills have been incredibly low, Senor Moreno reports. And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s even more! Sandwiched between the walls is a technique of insulating that gives the home heating and cooling protectiveness. The soundness of the interior feels so secure and quiet, there is a calm serenity to the spaces as you go from room to room. Other extras include: A flash water heater; for as Senor Moreno explains, ‘in a house this large, you don’t want to

wait that long for the hot water to travel.’ And, LED lighting is used throughout the home to give illumination to hallways, rooms, and walkways. The LED lighting outlines outdoor walkways as well providing a very attractive, yet energy efficient innovation. The chandeliers can be used for entertaining and special occasions, but the everyday lighting remains minimal, functional and beautiful in itself, in keeping with the modern concept.

ABOVE: Hamlin Pools constructed this extraordinary pool. The waterfall creates an ambience that is truly captivating! Hamlin Pools page 20.

The Dream Decor The materials of the interior design speak for themselves as the icing on the cake. With the elegance of sparkle, Senora Moreno brings décor to the next level to delight the finest of the fine. In the coral reef inspired living room, gracing the deep ocean turquoise focal wall, are mountings of colorful ocean fish. This wall sets the deep sea tone and from there we find reef inspired elements such as an onyx lighted bar that fosters a warm glow, mirrored walls that are reflective like windy

FALL 2013

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LEFT: Delia Moreno designed and decorated the interiors as well as the landscaping for this South Padre Island paradise dream home.

18 olĂŠ decor FALL 2013

RIGHT: Ferguson of Pharr,TX provided the sleek linear faucet that compliments this modern bathroom. Ferguson of Pharr page 27.

sea waters, and an ocean themed chandelier that blossoms and flows like aquatic life. This massive chandelier came with 140 lights, and took a week to assemble and install. It is perfect in scale for the room. All around the space, bursts of color splashed with precision embody art pieces that punctuate an infusion of the eclectic and add depth to the modern scheme. Carrying the covenant bling on throughout, Swarovski crystals are embedded in the leather of the master bed headboard and frame. A luxury master suite, with a closet to rival Sarah Jessica Parker’s penthouse dream closet, totes a large-scale mirror and sitting area with ample accessory space to bring on the glam. The bamboo flooring is the perfect underlayment for any princess to get swept off her feet! Bring your fluffy slippers because this place invites relaxation. Complete with plush custom-styled sitting area and personal mezzanine, one can encompass the gulf view while reading or relaxing in complete privacy.

inlays in the showers radiate a spa-like experience for the feet and the eye. Care and comfort was kept in mind while designing these spaces, leaving ample room to accommodate the elderly or persons with disabilities, as well as families with children. It’s truly designed for the lifespan of the family, and legacy minded when you consider the quality. In this Rocass home of modern elegance, the colors are deep and lush, the materials lux, and the space open, perfect for families seeking the comforts of home in a modern floor plan. Within the family relationship there is security, stability, and love with care for the details of one’s life. And so it is with Rocass Homes builders. Built with the family and beachside livability in mind, this modern masterpiece is well endowed from foundation to roof and everywhere in between. Honor, family, and quality: the ultimate in “Building Your Dreams.”

Price Upon Request Inquiries: Leonel Moreno Rocass Homes 1117 S. Sary Rd. Mission, Texas 78504 956-227-7841 / 956-227-9023 / 956-424-0354

More Photos: Visit to view more photos of this magnificent home.


The amenities don’t stop there. The bathrooms showcase Italian tile in fun splashy colors that you won’t find just anywhere. Elegant faucet fixtures perfectly fit the modern theme of the home. Stone

FALL 2013

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Sleeping in Color

Complete Interior Remodeling & Construction Showroom: 410 Padre Blvd. Phone: 956.761.2896 Email: Website: Se Habla Espa単ol

“Building Confidence”

413 Ruben Torres ste. 3 Brownsville Texas 78520 (956)466-9266

• Design • Insured • Warranty Before

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• Spray Foam Insulation • New Construction/Remodeling • Serving the Valley SPI to McAllen After

Experience a gallery where you are the artist. Where you can see, touch, and feel your home the way you want it, right now. All the latest appliances. Gorgeous sinks and faucets. Brilliant lighting. Plus, the product expertise that makes it easy to turn your vision into reality.

FERGUSON.COM Corpus Christi 5513 Saratoga Blvd Ste 101 (361) 994-7426

Pharr 705 E Expwy 83 (956) 283-0137 Š2013 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

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Talking about Casso Construction is to exemplify a purposeful and avant-garde attitude, sustained by a teamwork philosophy.

WOW..... What else needs to be said, maybe clean sweep! Best Master Bed & Bath, Best Architectural Design, and how about Best Model in the $400,000+ category! This is no fluke in any way. Upon first impressions Mr Rodriguez is mild, easy going and immediately likable. But he has a sharp pencil, and an even sharper mind. An expatriate engineer, man of exceptional taste, and if a mans word is gold, Hector is golden! Congratulations.

30 olé decor FALL 2013

My experience as a designer in this project was revealing. I have always considered the family design as one of the most transcendent professional challenges. The direction of the engineer Héctor Casso was resounding; he defined with precision his strategy, architectural style, materials, colors and textures. With this information, we initiated an interdisciplinary project, defining the concept and therefore developing a thematic architectural project, “the house of light”. This project has an international architectural style, hence, assuring the possibility that this project meets the expectations of families with different nationalities. Another important aspect of this project was to develop an efficient one, not only in the use and advantage of space, but also in the integration of high-end technology. The project is developed in two levels with open spaces and taking full advantage of the high ceilings. One of the ideological constants of this project was to preserve the privacy of each area without losing the possibility of multiple interactions. Opening the space into the exterior

gave us the possibility of amplifying the visual horizon, capitalizing the natural beauty of the landscape and achieving that such space turned into an extension of the house. The staircase, as the main access to the upper level, was designed under an anthropometrical study, obtaining a harmonious and comfortable development. The illumination plan fulfills the functionality, security and ambient aspects that highlight the important elements of interior design. This is one the projects that suggests the minimal use of furniture and ornamental elements, since its plastic and simply natural composition of space proposes the practical use and enjoyment of itself. It allows that with the personal touch of the family that lives in it, their own character and lifestyle be projected. All in all, I conclude this observation with my appreciation to the Casso Construction firm for the opportunity given to me to participate in the design of this project. Sincerely, Sergio Sánchez

ABOVE: Kitchen and bath fixtures throughout the house were provided by Ferguson pg 27 of Pharr, TX.

Hablar de Casso Construcción, es ejemplificar una actitud propositiva y vanguardista, sustentada en una filosofía de trabajo en equipo. Mi experiencia como diseñador en este proyecto fue reveladora. Siempre consideré al diseño unifamiliar como uno de los retos profesionales más trascendentes, las directrices definidas por el Ing. Héctor Casso fueron contundentes, definió con precisión su programa de necesidades, estilo arquitectónico, materiales, colores y texturas, con esta información iniciamos un trabajo interdisciplinario definiendo el concepto, desarrollando así un proyecto arquitectónico temático, “la casa de la luz” en un estilo de arquitectura internacional, asegurando así la posibilidad de que este proyecto cumpliera las expectativas de familias de diferente nacionalidad, otro de los aspectos importantes fue el de desarrollar un proyecto eficiente, no solo en el uso y aprovechamiento del espacio, si no también en la integración de sistemas operativos de alta tecnología. El proyecto se desarrolla en dos niveles, con espacios abiertos aprovechando la doble altura para integrar los dos niveles, una de las constantes ideológicas del proyecto fue preservar la privacidad de cada una de las áreas sin perder la posibilidad de interacción múltiple, abrir los espacios al exterior

32 olé decor FALL 2013

nos dio la posibilidad de ampliar el horizonte visual capitalizando la belleza natural del paisaje, consiguiendo que dicho espacio se convierta en una extensión de la casa, la escalera como eje de acceso al nivel superior se diseñó bajo un estudio antropométrico consiguiendo un desarrollo de la misma, armonioso y confortable, el proyecto de iluminación cumple aspectos de funcionalidad, seguridad y ambiental, destacando con este recurso elementos importantes del diseño interiorista, este es uno de los proyectos que propone el mínimo de mobiliario y elementos ornamentales, su composición plástica y la sencillez natural de los espacios, propone el uso practico y disfrute del espacio, permitiendo que con el toque personal de la familia que la habite adquiera y proyecte el carácter y estilo de vida de los mismos, en fin concluyo este comentario, con mi agradecimiento a la firma Casso Construcción por la oportunidad que me brindó al participar en el diseño de este proyecto. Atentamente: Sergio Sánchez

Opening the space into the exterior gave us the possibility of amplifying the visual horizon, capitalizing the natural beauty of the landscape and achieving that such space turned into an extension of the house.

Price Upon Request Inquiries: Hector Rodriguez Casso Construction 956-867-6050 / 956-227-3322 307 Grovewood Ave. Mission, Tx 78572

More Photos: Visit to view more photos of this magnificent home.


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El la planta baja lucen en el area social; sala, bar, comedor y home theather. En el area familiar estancia, antecomedor y una amplia cocina.


l proyecto 194 es un proyecto realizado por el arquitecto Pablo Ferrara y las decoradoras Brenda Doria y Nena Ballesteros con el objetivo de lograr areas vivibles, amplias y acogedoras. En general se usaron de materiales; marmol original “Silk Georgette” de textura rallada en acabado brillante. Sus puertas son en madera de “Lastra” con detalle en autentica piel. Los techos en el area social van recubiertos en madera de encino en tonos grises, y sintoniza con una celosia majestuosa que divide el area social de la familiar. La puerta de entrada es de doble altura con acabado que simula madera y resistente al exterior. El la planta baja lucen en el area social; sala, bar, comedor y home theather. En el area familiar estancia, antecomedor y una amplia cocina. En la planta alta una; una segunda estancia familiar y tres recamaras, la principal con amplio bano y jardin vertical. Las recamaras para ninos y ninas tienen camas dobles e incluyen molilario de entrtenimiento y estudio. Cuenta con amplios vestidores. El espacio de jardin tiene alberca con terraza techada y asador. El amueblado en general es de alta calidad y gusto. Toda esta fusion arquitectonica y decorativa lograron una casa hermosa, acogedora y funcional.

FALL 2013

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finish-out of pediatriC dentistry offiCe

CommerCial & residential ConstruCtion, remodeling, & finish-outs

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decorating with


ashion and interior design styles often evolve on parallel paths. Whereas in the past no self-respecting fashionista would wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time, now skillfully mixing metallics is a fast way to look effortlessly modern and chic. Taking a cue from fashion, there’s no reason why satin nickel, brushed steel, oil-rubbed bronze, black iron, hammered silver, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper, and other metallic finishes can’t get along famously in the same room. Here are some guidelines for mixing metals with abandon and style. Choose a Dominant Metal One way to mix metals successfully is to choose a dominant metal and use a contrasting metal as an accent. If most of the hardware finishes in a kitchen are oil-brushed bronze, that row of copper pots

will add a warm gleam. In a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances and restaurant-style countertops, a vintage chandelier in bronze or gold will add warmth and unexpected charm. If your tastes run toward all that is gilded and gold, a hammeredsilver table or a chrome pendant light will add balance. There is nothing wrong with sticking to one metal tone, but to avoid a monotonous effect, focus on the texture of the finishes. If it’s gold you like, try mixing matte and shiny finishes; if it’s silver, pair silver plate with hammered silver and pewter for contrast. Mixing old and new finishes will also help keep your room’s metallic profile interesting. Use Your Color Scheme as a Guide A neutral room needs metallics and texture for warmth. If you’re designing a room in shades of

Here Delia Moreno of Rocass Homes shows off her decorative prowess by contrasting shiny metal accents against the warm textured back drop of the aft wall. pg 12

FALL 2013

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If you really want an effortlessly sophisticated, lived-in look, try experimenting with as many metal tones as you like, making sure not to let any one tone dominate. gray, touches of gold or brass will keep it from feeling cold. For example, a gilded mirror or picture frame comes to life against a gray wall, be it pale or charcoal in tone. Pairing cream-colored walls with gold accents is also a winning look. A crisp white space will look sophisticated with silver or chrome accessories, while a room in tones of chocolate brown can be lightened up with bronze tones. Cool shades of blue look slick with silver accents, but adding warm copper or gold accessories will energize the space, and black iron touches will help it feel grounded. If your kitchen walls are painted bright orange, chrome accents will cool it down. Yellow walls with gold accents will create an unapologetically sunny atmosphere.

44 olé decor FALL 2013

Don’t Let One Metal Tone Dominate Some people focus on matching the hardware on all the doors in their house or coordinating the finishes in a bathroom or a kitchen. While it’s easier to abide by such self-imposed rules, it often results in a less-interesting environment. You’ll get the most impact if you mix cool metals such as silver and chrome with warm metals such as gold or brass. If you really want an effortlessly sophisticated, lived-in look, try experimenting with as many metal tones as you like, making sure not to let any one tone dominate. The easiest way to make this work is to scatter various metal tones around the room and your house. It will create a sense of history and timelessness.

Cool shades of blue look slick with silver accents, but adding warm copper or gold accessories will energize the space

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