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Def initely Quality Homes A L D O H O M E S

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Eddie Reyes Editor

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Tomas Cepeda Creative Director

Tony Peña


Mark Lehman Tony Peña 5800 Padre Blvd. Suite 203 South Padre Island, TX 813 N Main St. Suite 102 McAllen, TX follow@oledecor

As I write this letter, the sudden piercing mating call of a giant cicada reminds me that we are deep into summer. The water in my swimming pool is so warm it doesn’t elicit the slightest cringe as I enter. Give me a plastic ball and a styrofoam noodle and I can be happy for hours paddling around.

The RGV has plenty of talented artists, and you may find that the artwork created by our featured artist, Katharine Erika Martinez, may fit the bill. She creates impressionistic and abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings that express the beauty she sees around her.

If you are feeling the heat, we’ve got some great design ideas for swimming pools. For those of you who like to get as close to nature as possible, you will learn about the latest trend of creating a “natural swimming pond (NSP).” These chemical free pond/ gardens will entice all sorts of fascinating critters to captivate your children—and they will have a blast swimming too.

The RGV is becoming increasingly multi-cultural. This makes me think of a mix of people from different countries. However our interview with architect Claudia Chanin provides some insight into another aspect of multi-culturalism—the development of a multi-cultural individual. Her interesting background influences the architectural designs she creates for her clients. I can’t help but think that her influence in the RGV will elevate the state-of-the-art.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas for traditional swimming pools, and some new design ideas that take backyard pool fun to the next level. Have you ever wished that your first home purchase could also be your last? Our featured builder, Treviño Construction, LLC, is filling a market niche for homebuyers with the same wish—to purchase a forever home. This builder elevates the concept of a starter home, by tailoring his homes to meet the needs of first time homebuyers, but with a view to the future. Today’s homebuyers want the luxury of a dream home in their first home. This home fulfills the dream with its customized floor plan, designer cabinets and built-ins, fixtures, and finishes. You can’t buy a dream home and then hang posters or other mass-produced objects on your walls. Your only choice should be to purchase custom artwork.

Check out our selection of homes for sale in the real estate section. There is a modern beach house in SPI, or a large home with a gourmet kitchen built next to a resaca in Brownsville. Love Mediterranean style? You will find it in a luxurious two-story, five bedroom, five bath home in an exclusive neighborhood in Brownsville. If you are like me, you love the feel of an historic neighborhood with mature trees. You will like the convenience of a newer home in an old neighborhood in a modern beauty situated on a resaca. Take a look at all of our listings and pick out your next home. Enjoy your summer!

INFO go to, call 956.266.8663, or email COMMENTS Contact us via social media or email us at

On the Cover Builder

Treviño Construction, LLC.

Mario Trevino of Treviño Construction, LLC creates custom homes with designer finishes for first time homebuyers. That’s because he knows his beautiful mid-size homes are built to be lived in for a lifetime.


N. 10th St.

N. 23rd St.

Freddy Gonzalez

Northgate Lane Trenton Rd.

VISIT OUR OPEN HOUSE DAILY 12PM-6PM Villagio is a North McAllen Subdivision where luxury, lifestyle and location meet. This gated community gives the buyer an opportunity to invest on a townhome, a lot, a garden home or to custom build. Builders and realtors welcomed.

(956) 631-1273

1 3 0 8 P R O V I D E N C E AV E . | M C A L L E N |


w w w. c a n t u c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m |


contents Summer 2017





Outdoor Living


Magnificent Homes


Discover the advantages and beauty of the latest trend in pools: a swimming pond.

This issue’s featured builder takes starter homes to the next level.


Designer Profile


Distinctive Properties


Architect Claudia Chanin infuses her designs with a multi-cultural perspective.

We’ve got sophisticated homes for your distinctive lifestyle.

Decorating with . . .


Featured Artist


Bring the outdoors inside with our design ideas for adding a bit of greenery to your interior.


Artist Katherine Erika Martinez will make a great impression on you with her acrylic paintings.


Summer 2017 olé decor

Woodland Oaks

A Great Subdivision in Harlingen, Texas! If you’re looking for the best place to call home in Harlingen, Texas – look no further! Woodland Oaks Subdivision is a carefully planned neighborhood where you can build the home of your dreams and be close to all the great family adventures South Texas has to offer! Our subdivision is in close proximity to everything Harlingen has to offer but it’s also far enough off the road to enjoy the quiet moments of your day with the family and friends you love!

Find us at

Clear Pools & Spas

Clear Pools & Spas 1050 Mackintosh Dr. Brownsville, TX 78521


(956) 541-3344

Let Us Help You Jumpstart Your Summer! We are the only inground liner pool company in the Rio Grande Valley. Clear Pools and Spas was established in 1986 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service to our customers and their pool needs ever since.

Summer 2017 olĂŠ decor


PLUNGE written by



uying a swimming pool may be one of the best decisions you ever make for your family. Your family and friends will spend many happy hours playing and socializing together. A huge bonus that the Rio Grande Valley offers is the possibility of enjoying pool time several months beyond June, July and August. Many people in the RGV take the plunge in early April and wind it up as late as the end of October.

You will be able to spend hours in the pool because the water stays warm. Compare this to Las Vegas, a city known for its scorching temperatures. Tourists complain that swimming pools are too cold even in the summer. In the desert, temperatures can vary 40 degrees from day to night when the heat escapes into a cloudless sky with very low humidity. In northern cities, pools are usable only one or two months a year. The heat in your pool won’t escape at night because we have a lot of cloud cover and humidity. Aren’t we lucky? Heat loss can be reduced further with a pool cover, and you can add solar panels to heat it during the cool months. Once you realize your family cannot live without a pool, there are many great choices. One of the newest trends is the “natural swimming pond” (NSP). It is 14

Summer 2017 olé decor

Outdoor Living

This beautiful geometrical pool with its clean lines and cobalt blue tiles gives the illusion of unending ocean depths. Hamlin Pools pg. 49

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017


Exposed aggregate pool finishes incorporate stones, pebbles, and/or glass beads into the pool plaster to add resilience and aesthetic qualities. Exposed aggregate pool finishes have been shown to have a lifespan off between 15 and 20 years. The aggregate finish lasts longer than typical pool plaster because of the way it reacts with pool chemicals. Aggregates do not break down nearly as fast as does the marble usually found in white pool plaster. M&L Pools pg. 20


Summer 2017 olĂŠ decor

Outdoor Living

called this because the filtration systems used have biological equivalents. In the pool pictured here, the swimming zone is the area intended for swimming that resembles a conventional swimming pool or pond. This system utilizes a regeneration zone bordering the swimming pool. It consists of a lined overflow pool filled with specific filtration substrate and flora. The biological processes that clean the water take place in this zone. The water is cleaned using the purifying properties of plants. A small filter extracts surface debris such as leaves, and a pump keeps the water circulating sufficiently through the planted area.

dragonflies, damselflies, water boatmen and pond-skaters, which subsequently attract woodland and garden birds, which also drink and bathe in the water. This is an educational, healthy, and eco-friendly option that will enchant your family for years to come.

The standard, for RGV swimming pools, is custom-built in-ground concrete pools. This is due, in part, to our extremely high summertime temperatures and expansive soil (expanding and shrinking). Concrete Developed in Austria, the concept quickly spread pools are constructed in stages, including throughout Europe and has now made its way to pool layout and excavation; steel instalthe United States. The first public swimming pool in lation; plumbing installation; equipment North America to have a natural filtration system that set; gunnite or shotcrete application; tile uses plants rather than chemicals to treat the water is and coping installation; and interior finish located in Minneapolis, MN. The technology has devel- installation. The construction time is genoped to the degree that the size of regeneration areas erally three to 12 weeks. They have the can be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether with advantage of virtually unlimited shapes, a filtration system. sizes and designs. In-ground pools are a permanent home improvement. They Your swimming pond will provide an important habitat add aesthetic, as well as intrinsic, value for wildlife as the regeneration area attracts frogs, toads, to your home.

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017


Outdoor Living

One of the newer design concepts is the beach or “zero entry” pool. This design features a gradually sloping entrance into the shallow end of the pool… just like at the beach. Entering the pool is much easier for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The beach area has warm, shallow water that is wonderful for babies and toddlers. This makes your pool a great spot to sunbathe or relax on a hot and sunny day without being completely immersed in water.

If you want the health benefits and enjoyment of swimming, but don’t have much space then you may select a Swim Spa. Quite simply, a Swim Spa is a machine that allows you to swim continuously against a water current. You never “hit the wall” or have to turn around to continue to swim laps like in a regular pool or a lap pool. Swim Spas provide the absolute best swimming exercise workout, using the least amount of space within your home or yard.

Another option is to build a shallow lounge platform The health benefits derived from aerobic exercise in into the pool. This makes a safe play area for young a pool are too numerous to enumerate here, so I will children and a relaxing lounge area for everyone else. just name a few: reduced stress on bones and muscles, Add an umbrella and a few low beach chairs and you lowered blood pressure, strengthened lung function are set for an entire day in the pool. and capacity, tones a larger number of muscle groups than other exercise. Because swimming is enjoyable, Pool designers have eliminated diving boards in people tend to stick to an exercise program longer. the service of safety and more play area. Play area is defined as anywhere a person can stand with their Your health is also impacted by the sense of well being head above water. Studies have shown that most peo- that bonding with your family and friends creates. A pool ple will spend about 80% of their time in the play area will be the perfect place to unwind and relax at the end of an inground pool. Another design option is to have of the day. Knowing that an in-ground swimming pool a shallow end at both ends with a deeper middle to increases the value of your home, will give you peace of play games such as volleyball. mind and an incentive to take the plunge. 18

Summer 2017 olé decor

Outdoor Living

This 16’ x 36’ pool has Midnight Quartz plaster with glazed tile around the inside. The deck is made of Kool Deck and the coping is Bullnose Travertine. The pool equipment is by Pentair Pool products, the best in the industry! Clear Pools & Spas pg. 12

olé decor Summer 2017


A pool is an investment that adds value to your home. More importantly,'s for family fun! (956) 972-0211 | P.O. Box 721006 McAllen, Texas 78504 |

in the

DETAILS As the finishing touches were being completed on our feature home, the homeowners left for their honeymoon. I can only imagine the anticipation they felt about moving into their completed new custom home by Mario Treviño of Treviño Construction, LLC. written by photography by




Builder Treviño Construction, LLC. (956) 534-6305

Location Mcallen, Texas

Summer 2017 olé decor

Magnificent Homes

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017


Today’s buyers are not willing to settle. They want their dream home now. That trend is borne out in a survey conducted by Bank of America in early 2016. The research found that 75% of first-time buyers would prefer to skip the starter home stage and find a house that meets their present and future needs. More than one-third of those surveyed (35%) said they intended to retire in their first home.


hen the words newlywed and home appear in the same sentence, you may think of an apartment or a “starter home.” Renting a home used to make sense when couples were first starting out. With the cost of apartments on the rise, however, it makes better sense to purchase a property that you can build equity in.

Historically, purchasing a “starter home” meant settling for an older smaller home in an affordable neighborhood. These were not “dream homes,” but they were a practical investment with a view to the future prospect of owning that dream home one day.


This is due, in part, to a change in attitudes over the past 10-20 years. Millenials are inclined to purchase smaller homes because it gives them greater financial freedom and reduces their ecological impact upon the environment. Builders have been responding to this change by offering newly constructed starter homes. Today, they account for 36 percent of U.S. home purchases, according to data collected by the National Association of Home Builders.

“His homes are custom designed to meet the specifications of the homeowner.” The concept of a “dream home” is very subjective, but to many, it means a newly built home that has a modern or contemporary look and feel and the requisite wiring for the latest technology. This includes the style and amenities of an upscale home made with the high-quality materials that are usually Summer 2017 olé decor

Magnificent Homes

“Brilliant architectural features give the look and feel of an upscale home.” reserved for luxury homes. Mario Treviño creates a product that caters directly to these home buyers. His homes are custom designed to meet the specifications of the homeowner. By today’s standards, this 2,060 sq. ft. home is relatively small. This means that the cost of materials is greatly reduced. That saving leaves room for luxury items. Brilliant architectural features give the look and feel of an upscale home. For example, the open concept living, dining, and kitchen area each has unique features. The dining area has a coffered ceiling accented with a shiny chrome chandelier. Three niches with stone veneer walls complete the scene. The color palette is neutral but very bold. Highly sophisticated designs were created by layering cream, medium brown and dark brown. The olé decor Summer 2017

colors and textures evoke an emotional response due to the high contrast in the overall design. Any bright colors the homeowners decide to add to the composition will work within this foundation. Angular and curvilinear elements are utilized about equally in the overall design of the home. The crisscross design in the coffered ceiling is repeated in the wine bottle rack in the kitchen. Next to the wine rack, is a frame and mullion cabinet door with a curved design element. This design is elaborated upon in the multi-level tray ceiling in the living area. A tray ceiling is a recess that resembles an inverted tray. Most 25

Magnificent Homes

“Our featured home exhibits a pride of craftsmanship and luxury style that consumers are searching for.” often it is rectangular, but it can be other shapes. The tray ceiling is intended to create architectural interest by breaking up a flat ceiling line. A nine blade fan/light adds another layer of visual interest to the design. An arrangement of narrow rectangular LED lighted niches is built into the living room wall, with a large one for a flat screen t.v.. A built-in cabinet under the space for the t.v. gives the appearance of a furniture piece. The narrow niche walls are painted the same color as the built-in for a dramatic effect. Built-ins enhance the visual appearance of a room and add value to the home.

corbels that support the narrow raised bar. Substantial baseboard molding accents the base of the island and a dark linear glass tile border inset in the floor, around the perimeter, anchors the island. Distressed cream colored paint reinforces the traditional look. The kitchen side of the island contains the usual storage cabinets and an undermount stainless steel sink with a contemporary chrome faucet. The “mix and match” look is finished with a dark granite countertop that completes the design.

Walk-in pantries are a home chef’s best friend, so natIn the kitchen, traditional cabinetry is combined with urally, they installed one in this home. They take the contemporary elements. The cabinets are painted a rich cake when it comes to sheer volume of storage space. espresso color. With the ongoing popularity of stainless With multiple walls of floor-to-ceiling shelves, they’re steel appliances, it is not surprising that buyers would big enough to store dozens of ingredients, cookbooks, like stainless steel trim in their homes. The trim detailing snacks, pots, pans, medium to large cooking appliances is featured on all the dark colored cabinetry. The perime- and more. ter counter tops showcase a cream granite with dark veining. The backsplash is a sophisticated glass tile mosaic. Just off the dining area, a recessed entryway into the master bedroom provides a sense of privacy. A coffered The kitchen island looks like a special piece of furniture. ceiling and porcelain wood-look tiles provide the base The side that faces the dining room is embellished with for a luxurious room. There is a large walk-in closet, and the curved design from the cabinet and acanthus leaf a spa style bathroom decked out in a frameless glass 26

Summer 2017 olé decor

shower with dazzling tile. A long countertop features a set of black glass vessel sinks with waterfall faucets. They look elegant on the striking high-contrast granite. A surprising feature, in this home, acts to create an expansive area for outdoor entertaining. The living area overlooks a courtyard at the side of the house. Access to the yard is through a set of French doors. A travertine walkway leads around to the back of the garage. The surprise is that the back wall of the garage is completely open. A built-in barbecue is conveniently placed near the opening, and there is an entrance to a powder room. Move the cars out of the garage and the whole neighborhood can be invited over for a party. As much attention to detail has been given to the exterior of the home as the interior. The structure is wood frame finished with stucco and a “cantera finish.” Surface embellish-

“As much attention to detail has been given to the exterior of the home as the interior.” ments include cantera window trim and stone veneer. The walls are insulated with foam, and the windows are an energy-efficient double pane. Entrance to the home, from the street, is along a pavement that has a border etched into the cement. The border is stained with a rust color. The front door makes a grand first impression because it is a tall double mahogany door with carved lion’s heads, olé decor Summer 2017

rosettes, elaborate trim, and a metal knocker. A transom window, with a decorative grille, allows light into the foyer. They did not miss a design beat, by installing a garage door with a woodgrain finish. Our featured home exhibits a pride of craftsmanship and luxury style that consumers are searching for. Whether you are a first or last time home buyer, you will appreciate what this builder has to offer. 27

Now Open in Pharr W FERGUSON AVE









912 W Ferguson Ave. Pharr, Texas

Visit Our Brownsville Location!


956.831.8453 | 5214 Ruben M Torres Blvd. Brownsville, TX

Summer 2017 olé decor

Glass Table Tops 3/8, ½ & 3/4

Decorative Mirrors Frameless Shower Doors 3/8

Servicing the entire RGV, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Austin, Tx. Exclusive Custom Designs with Professional Service and Installation. We are FABRICATORS‌ therefore beating any price! Rails * Shower Doors * Glass Table Tops

General Manager: Daniel Garcia Email: (956) 524-0697

Quality custom cabinetry, made especially for your home.

956.648.2149 956.777.3880

Featured Designer

Nothing but


Claudia Chanin, owner and founder of NOMA Studio, exemplifies how passion, determination and innovation can equal success. photography by

3d renderings by

olé decor Summer 2017




Featured Designer

Introduction My background is a tad unusual. My mother was born in El Salvador, in Central America, and my father is Mexican. They met while in graduate school at the University of Missouri. I was born in Arlington, Virginia while my father was working at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D. C. I am the second of three children. I have an older sister and a younger brother. When I was a small child we moved to Monterrey, Mexico where I grew up and went to school. I studied architecture and earned my degree from the University of Monterrey. I also grew up soaking up the culture and customs of northern Mexico. Monterrey is the capital of the State of Nuevo Leon. It is Mexico’s third largest city and a thriving metropolis with over three million inhabitants. It is an industrial town known mainly by its older conglomerates that go back over one hundred years. Among these, the most important are, steel mills, cement, glass products, chemicals, and beer. Its culture leans towards conservatism with an emphasis on hard work and traditional values. Being close to the U.S. border, Monterrey has been influenced by the American work ethic and culture. Many people speak English and are used to visiting and studying in the United States. We are used to American sports, movies, books, and television programs and from an early age become familiar with many facets of American culture. Since I was a child, I showed an interest in drawing and crafts. I loved to draw and make models of streets, buildings, and houses. When at Berkeley studying for a summer program, I took a course in computer design related to architecture and realized I was hooked on designing buildings and houses. When I completed my degree in architecture I joined a staff of architects and designed several houses that were built in the Monterrey area. However, I felt I needed more exposure and experience in design and began looking for other opportunities. One day I saw a recruiting advertisement in a Monterrey newspaper to work in Laredo, Texas. I applied and moved to the U.S.

and build models to scale. Since then, when I would begin a new design, I would try to visualize what I wanted to do in my mind, and immediately rush to put it on paper. When we started to use computer programs, I felt the same “creative rush” when facing the computer screen. What type of work do you do? My associates and I work on a wide range of projects, but mainly commercial and residential buildings, as well as some recreational facilities. What is it like being an architect from Mexico working in the US? My formative years as well as my formal education, were mostly done in Mexico. However, given the proximity to the US, and my parents’ backgrounds and cultures I never felt that I was compelled by these influences to follow a particular style. Throughout all my undergraduate studies my professors emphasized originality and creativity. When I started working, I was encouraged not to follow established patterns or styles, but to focus on creating my own style. I was stimulated to develop my designs based on my particular inspirations and tastes. In my work, I develop design ideas from my vision of what would “work best” for that particular project. I guess that my design style emanates from the multi-cultural experiences that have been generated by Mexico’s cultural mix, as well as in the more novel and contemporary trends in the US and other nations. I am always striving for originality and functionality. What inspires you? I get my inspiration from gifted and passionate people. When I am about to begin a project, I listen carefully to

After a couple of years in Laredo, I was offered a job in McAllen and moved to the Valley. That was a turning point in my career. I became more involved in the design of houses and buildings and learned a lot more about design. After over a decade of experience in the Valley, I decided to form my own company, NOMA Studio, where I have been in charge of several residential and commercial designs in the region. Why did you major in architecture? As I mentioned earlier, I have always enjoyed creative and artistic activities. When I was in college, I attended a symposium in architecture, and that did it. I realized that was what I wanted to do the rest of my life. When I started my undergraduate program, we had to draw all our projects 32

Summer 2017 olé decor

the wishes and desires of my clients and then try to bring their requests “alive” in my designs. After their review and comments, I revise my work and adapt them to the client’s needs, wishes and tastes, until I get it right. Along the way, I receive a lot of inspiration from my family. Both my daughters, as well as Miguel, my husband, provide inspiration for my projects. I strive to be better every day so they can be proud of me and my work. How do you get ideas? From everywhere and everyone. I love to look and listen to people. I enjoy talking to people, visiting new places, and trying to think of new ideas to do my work better. You have two children and a successful career. How do you juggle running a practice with having kids? It’s not easy, but it has helped to keep me on a balanced keel. Having to work and take care of my family forces me to mix all my obligations, but also gives me the flexibility to mix these duties. I do not have to work “nine to five” I can vary my working hours around my family’s needs. I find that working evenings has made me more productive without constant phone calls and other interruptions. It has helped to program all my activities better.

olé decor Summer 2017

Did you feel that you had to get your practice and your career off the ground before starting a family? No. Actually, both things developed at the same time, albeit at different paces, but I have managed to handle them hand-in-hand. Like everything else in life, these activities have always helped me to achieve a balance in everything I do. Don’t we all have to do it? Where do you hope to go from here? That’s a very good question. So far I have managed to achieve a sound and balanced family and personal life coupled with satisfying professional achievements. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have managed to fulfill both my personal and professional life. I strive to continue doing just that, only better.


Bring the Luxury of Natural Stone to your Home.




Marble 956.483.3519

Designing Amazing Residential & Commercial Interiors for over 20 years. Full service luxury interior design firm also providing new construction services and selections.

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We are the design strategists! We are an established company that develops work across web, mobile, print, and more for numerous industries and our clients range from top brands to small businesses. Our effective design approach for all our works is:

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Real Estate

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017


Custom Home

370th T.C. St. Brownsville, TX You simply have to see this elegant custom home built by Extreme Homes. Modern, classy, traditional with clean lines and great features! This exquisite house features porcelain tile, open floor plan, crown molding throughout, gourmet style kitchen with granite counter tops, subway tile back splash and ample cabinet space. The home features recessed lighting, ceiling fans, high ceilings and lots of exquisite features throughout. This home has a lovely covered patio and privacy fence.The exquisite design features flow throughout the home and not just in main areas as you often see. Bathrooms feature granite counters, designer tile surrounds and private toilet in the master. The home is located in North Brownsville in a newer development surrounded by lovely well maintained custom homes. Call today!



Grove Realty Team, LLC (956) 312-7845 2027 E Price Rd. Suite E Brownsville, TX MLS NUMBER: 29705614

Cristina Breeden

Summer 2017 olĂŠ decor

Real Estate


5904 Laguna Cir N, South Padre Island, TX This home was completely remodeled in 2009 with an array of high-end features that include custom cabinetry, beautiful porcelain tile/hardwood floors, hurricane rated solar screens, 22k Generac All Home Generator and stainless appliances.

OFFERED AT $899,995

The floor plan is wide open with high ceilings, light neutral colors and large picture windows that have beautiful views of the channel, pier, pool and lovely homes beyond. From the upstairs balcony, you can see the bay as well.


Grove Realty Team, LLC (956) 832-4458 2027 E Price Rd. Suite E Brownsville, TX MLS NUMBER: 86989

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017

Craig Grove

The backyard features a custom heated pool and spa with a waterfall. Beyond the pool is a private dock on the channel with a covered boat lift and area for fishing. The location is a quiet neighborhood with quick access to Parrot Eyes and the bay by way of the channel. The owner is a broker.


Real Estate

Modern Home 155 Calle Jacaranda, Brownsville, TX This beautiful home is located in the center of Rio Viejo, one of Brownsville’s most prestigious neighborhoods. This area has older homes that often require complete renovation, or are torn down for new construction. However, this home was built in 1997 with modern building techniques. Unlike many homes in the area, it is in very good modern condition and move-in-ready. The home features a large family/formal dining room with high ceilings, large picture windows overlooking a resaca. Extras include a fire place, wet bar, sound system and a skylight dome. The master suite is very large with a loft area, picture windows, double vanity, jetted tub, walk-in closet and more. Get cooking with the duel fuel range in the gourmet kitchen. It also has a large foyer and maids quarters. Owner Financing Available.


Grove Realty Team, LLC (956) 832-4458 2027 E Price Rd. Suite E Brownsville, TX MLS NUMBER: 29706525


Craig Grove

Summer 2017 olĂŠ decor

Mediterranean Splendor 1540 Los Sabales Dr, Brownsville, TX Looking for an elegant Mediterranean style home in a centrally located exclusive neighborhood? Open the front door of this home, and you will have a straight view through to the outdoor fountain and lush landscaping in the back garden. This two-story, five bedroom, five bath home has a mix of Saltillo tile and carpet flooring.

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017

Light fills the formal living and dining areas, and the family room features built-ins and large Andersen windows. The spacious kitchen has granite counters, gas stove, Sub-Zero refrigerator, and large breakfast nook overlooking the pool. Bedrooms, on the first floor, include a master bedroom with walk-in closets, a bathroom with a double vanity, a jetted tub, and a guest bedroom with a full bath. Three bedrooms and two baths are on the second floor. The large laundry room has room for a maid’s quarters. The back garden is a paradise, with a pool, wide covered patio, waterfall, guest house, and an elegant entertaining area.


Grove Realty Team, LLC (956) 492-3424 2027 E Price Rd. Suite E Brownsville, TX MLS NUMBER: 29706122

Rebecca G. Bouwsma


Make Your Dream Home A Reality 5904 Tropical Dr, South Padre Island, TX The home that will make working hard worth the effort. This amazing modern home extends over 5014 square feet of living space and is built on 6600 total. It has 4 bedrooms, expansive closet storage, 4 bathrooms, a finely detailed bar and a 2-car garage. The interior spaces are well endowed with upscale amenities for ease of modern beach life, quality to last a lifetime, and glamorous beauty. The beachside outdoor family living area is one-in-a-million in functional beauty and quickly reveals itself to be the true heart of the home. A modern pergola covers an outdoor kitchen that is conveniently located next to a large glass door that leads to the indoor kitchen. Email us for an appointment.




Summer 2017 olĂŠ decor

Real Estate

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017


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1718 Coffeeport Rd. Brownsville, Texas Step inside away from the hustle and bustle into this custom built home on a Resaca lot that is centrally located near shopping and restaurants off 802. This home has 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and a 3 car garage. The open floor plan leads to a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Entertain family and friends in the outdoor patios and pool. 46


INQUIRIES The Goodlands Realty Norma Lee Valle Plitt 956.307.9239 Brownsville, Texas Houston, Texas Summer 2017 olĂŠ decor

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017



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olé decor Summer 2017


Decorating With . . .


IDEA: In a large open-plan zone, a grouping of greenery creates focus. A mixand-match assortment of complimentary glass vessels extends from the table onto the floor, adding a diaphanous weightlessness to the display. Several colored containers add vibrant highlights. The predominance of white, nude wood and organic textures also helps to extend the sense of serenity. 56

Summer 2017 olĂŠ decor


IDEA: Construct a cool, contemporary living wall in an instant using cheap and cheerful pegboard from the hardware store. Leave your living installation on show in a hallway, bathroom or living room, or give yourself something green and tranquil to look at while sitting at your desk in your home office. Air plants are especially suited to this sort of display.


IDEA: A personalized and inviting way to define different zones in an openplan area is by using plants instead of solid structures. The juxtaposition of precise geometric lines (the shelving units and coffee table) with lush plants escaping their containers as well as on-trend hanging plants, or kokedama, imbues this modern space with a bohemian, almost mysterious, quality.

Decorating With . . .


IDEA: Leaves are the new flowers: the oversized proportions and graphic forms of monstera deliciosa and a staghorn fern are marvellously dramatic when displayed solo in simple (but beautiful) containers.

olĂŠ decor Summer 2017


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Runs in the


My name is Katharine Erika Martinez and I am from Brownsville, Texas born and raised. I was born on March 16th, 1982 and raised by my mother whom is a skilled-trained artist and musician; I myself am a self-taught artist. written by


photography by


E 62

verybody in my immediate family possesses a great level of creativity. I consider my artwork as extensions of my heart and my soul-prints. I grew up mainly sketching, writing poetry, and short stories. In 2011, during the attack of 9/11, I wrote a poem called United We Stand, and it was published in the magazine of Actress Rosie O’Donnell.

I love creating all sorts of art. I focus a lot on the impressionistic style of art and I love creating abstract art. I basically create many different styles of art as I paint what and how I feel or see. I am inspired by colors, nature, music and artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, and Frida Kahlo. I especially love the sky and believe the world we see around us to be God’s Palette and my greatest inspiration.

I began painting approximately six years ago and I have not put down the brush since. I find complete solace, serenity, and passion in the process and am never without paint on my skin. My main medium is acrylic. I sometimes use mixed media such as markers (specifically sharpies) along with map colors that I like to incorporate into my paintings.

Painting has served as a way of incurring a peaceful mind and heart; I paint so I can breathe. I have sold my paintings straight from out of my home through Facebook since the first piece I posted to social media years ago. I love networking and am really motivated to market my art so that they may find walls to call their own. I have close to

Summer 2017 olé decor

Featured Artist

“Currently, I am working on a few projects, and intend on expanding my artistic desires through refurbishing and adding my art to furniture.”

The paintings featured in this article are in the home of Jeff and Letty Roerig on Sunset Drive. The historic house was built in the 1920’s. The Roerig’s own over thirty pieces of my art.

5000 followers and the most devoted clients turned friends. I participate annually in “Brownsville Living. Be part of it.” This social network, founded by Craig Grove, promotes Brownsville and reaches over 30,000 people.

Currently, I am working on a few projects, such as refurbishing and adding my art to furniture. I am at a place in my life where I can feel that although I have been at this for years, I am really only just beginning. Just thinking of painting makes me smile. Art is always in my heart, always on my mind, and I am always inspired by my environment: even in something as simple as a beautiful color that catches my eye.

My paintings are featured and raffled The unsealing of a canvas from its plastic always makes me smile because it at this event at Cobbleheads annu- is like opening a gift that smells so great. I will always continue to dance with ally. I also have clients all over the the brush and expand my need to explore the depths of my soul through the world that follow me and many who magic and beauty of art. are now my friends. A lot of my art is spread far and wide and can be found in homes, clinics, and offices. – Katharine Martinez

“Eye on the sky, always.”

olé decor Summer 2017


7 Series

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