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At Aluri Construction we have crafted our approach to the home building business with our clients’ needs and desires as our top priority. As a full service design and construction company we strive to provide each client with a home designed specifically around their family’s individual lifestyle needs, desires and architectural design preferences. From traditional comfort, contemporary masterpieces, or luxurious flair we bring your vision to life!

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We are heading full steam into the New Year, and I am happy to present you with our first issue of 2017. Thumb through the pages, and you will find a splendid residence, a unique artist, an interior designer par excellence, and many new vendors of exciting products. Do you ever wonder what homebuilders build for their own families? Wonder no more. Bubba Vann has been building high-end homes for many years around South Padre Island. Many people say that they build their products with love, but in this case it was built for love. Bubba built the dream home that his wife envisioned. The home is located in Laguna Vista, TX at the edge of the Laguna Madre. It is a unique experience to explore a home that is owned by the builder. I am sure you will be as inspired as I was by the contemporary architecture mixed with farm house detailing and international decor. You will have to see it to believe it, but our Featured Artist gives new meaning to the word reproduction. Working directly on top of a canvas print of a religious painting, by a renaissance artist, Clarissa Meyers replicates the image with precious and semi-precious materials. These materials are used to add another layer of veneration to the concepts expressed in the original painting. Delve into our article and you will be as astonished as I was by her technique. Speaking of the renaissance, I’ve got a great story for you about a modern day renaissance woman. The modern definition means being as open to the world as possible, embracing all opportunities as they come your way, and learning as much as you possibly can through direct experience. Designer Nora Sandoval embodies these attributes and more. Today, she owns a thriving business that can fulfill your every design need 4 from start to finish.

If you are like me, you have a lot of project ideas for your home. Having recently purchased a very large t.v., I would like to have a built-in entertainment cabinet. It has got to have cabinets that can be child- proofed, and shelves to put my collectibles up high-out of the reach of little fingers. It’s about time I changed the worn carpet in my bedrooms. I just can’t decide what to get: tile, wood, carpet, or vinyl. You would think it would be an easy decision, but there are a number of concerns, such as how the product will be affected by water. My kitchen has never had a backsplash, but I have been thinking about glass for some time. The whole kitchen could stand to be repainted and the tile is outdated. Wow! This is becoming a huge project and it seems overwhelming. The list is never ending, but I know that one of our great vendors can give me exactly what I need and desire, and a great interior designer could help me make those difficult decisions. There are some new design ideas in our All Mixed Up article that are certain to pique your interest. Are you old enough to remember when it became okay in fashion to mix prints? That attitude has now trickled down to kitchen countertops. Our article is all about “mixing it up” in the kitchen, by pairing surfaces such as wood, stone, stainless steel, glass, marble, and tile, to name a few. The imaginative use of materials will add pizazz to your kitchen and designate you as a style leader.

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Rodriguez Home Center page - twenty

Homeowners Bubba and Mariana Vann have designed a casually elegant kitchen with a mix of contemporary and farm house style. The bar area is meant to be opened up during parties to add an element of sparkle. Spring 2017 olé decor

olĂŠ decor Spring 2017







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Spring 2017

Features 12

MAGNIFICENT HOMES A little gated subdivision in Laguna V i s t a , Te x a s s i t s r i g h t o n t h e B a y a n d there are only a handful of lots left. Have a look at the one you missed.


DESIGNER PROFILE Meet one of the most talented int e r i o r d e c o r a t o r s i n Te x a s . N o t f r o m Dallas or Houston but right here in o u r o w n R G V.


F E AT U R E D A R T I S T W h e t h e r y o u ’ r e r e l i g i o u s o r n o t . Yo u will agree that Clarissa Meyers is on t o s o m e t h i n g h e a v e n l y.


D E C O R AT I N G W I T H . . . Next to appliances, countertops have long been one of the most important elements when designing a kitchen. Check out the newest trend, that is p r o b a b l y h e r e t o s t a y.


D I S T I N C T I V E R E A L E S TAT E Check out this sweet little gem in Port Isabel complete with your own deep water boat slip and Island V i e w s . B e t t e r h u r r y, s p r i n g i s j u s t around the cor ner and this won’t be on the market long.


Spring 2017 olé decor


raises the bar for the reclaimed wood look Preservation captures the seductive beauty of reclaimed wood with Colorbody™ rectified porcelain that’s both more versatile and easier to maintain than real wood. Sensual organic colors add depth and sophistication while extensive variability entices the eye to linger and savor every last detail. Advanced 3d imaging replicates the gorgeous nuances of reclaimed wood, aged and enhanced with heavily grained saw cuts, and worn, scraped, unfinished boards.


Brings new meaning to natural beauty.

Marazzi's Block™ series emphasizes naturalness and imperfection while expressing beauty in this new Colorbody™ rectified porcelain interpretation of hand-cast concrete. Updated with an alternating matte/glossy surface treatment atop a lightly troweled structure, this collection in six colors effectively adapts to different design styles. Block’s Sicilian majolica-inspired 6"x6" porcelain decos reinterpret tradition with contemporary taste for those seeking more romantic, nostalgic and poetic moods. These beautifully crafted visuals in two colorways incorporate sinuous movement and individual expression on walls, countertops and floors.




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At Treviño Construction, our customers’ home-buying experience is as beautiful as our homes. It’s a simple formula: we listen to what you want, and then we deliver over and above what you expect. As building partners with you, we invite your input every step of the way. We build every home as if it were a showcase home-one that we will be proud to put our name on. Rich details, innovative designs, and superior craftsmanship define our standards of excellence in construction.Our basic models include a selection of extra design features (usually known as “upgrades”) at no additional cost to you. Call us to experience Treviño Construction’s customer-focused service that begins with the first visit and continues long after you move in. Financing is available, and brokers are warmly welcomed.

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Location Laguna Vista, Texas Spring 2017 olé decor


The contemporary architecture of this stunning home is accentuated by slate colored roof tiles and white stucco finish supplied by ABC Supply in Harlingen, TX. pg. 18

Nestled in a crook of the bend on the Lower Laguna Madre is a quaint gated subdivision most people would agree is the best little hidden piece of real estate in Texas. TEXT BY: LINDA



here’s no better way to admire nature from within your home than to look at it through a massive picture window. When you have access to a million dollar view, the last thing you want to do is to obscure it. Our feature home was designed to take advantage of the view by Mariana Vann, wife of Gallery Built Homes owner Bubba Vann. For her own dream home, she convinced Bubba to depart from the Mediterranean style he prefers to build. While the facade of the home has features reminiscent of that style, such as multiple elevations, ceiling beams, low pitched roofs, and stucco walls, the similarity ends there. This exterior is all straight edges and angles, giving it the clean lines of contemporary architecture.

olĂŠ decor Spring 2017




Cook like a professional on this commercial-style range supplied by Stevenson’s Appliances in Brownsville, TX. pg. 19

Once you step through the front door, you are instantly grabbed by the view of the Laguna Madre and the barrier reef. The home was designed to maximize the view of South Padre Island, especially the night lights. In the living area, the Vanns installed a set of three tall vertical picture windows, adjacent to one another, to create a wide view in the living room. Invigorated by the beautiful view, I then turned my attention to my immediate surroundings. In the living room, twenty-six foot ceilings, with a clerestory and a second floor balcony create a sense of expansive space. Most home designers use only ninety degree angles on all corners inside and out. In this interior, standard right angles are mixed with unexpected acute and obtuse angles, creating visual interest. The neutral color palette has been deliberately chosen to avoid competing with the focal point, the lagoon. The primary color is light beige, with only slight variations in tone. Off white walls, gray and beige wood look ceramic tiles, and a large sectional sofa covered in a light beige linen create an overall appearance of lightness and neutrality. Accents of silver and navy are used sparingly. In keeping with their minimalist approach, furniture and decorations from 14

around the globe have been added sparingly. Wood and other organic materials are juxtaposed against metal and hard manmade objects. For example, there is a six foot tall coconut tree that has been carved into a vase. A section from an Indonesian tamarind tree serves as a side table. To fit this home, its sides were painted silver. Two coffee tables with chrome bases and concrete tops are imports from India. There is coral from Tulum, Mexico, and rustic wood is paired with shiny mirrors. In order to fully facilitate the view of South Padre Island, the exterior wall facing the lagoon, in the dining area, has been set at about a twenty degree angle facing the city. The dining table is positioned parallel to the angled wall in order to have

Spring 2017 olĂŠ decor


Exotic furnishings and decor add subtle textures that create a cozy tropical feel and were all “found” by Tropical Home Furnishings. pg.19

a direct view of the city while dining and working in the kitchen. Even though the dining room and kitchen are directly under the second story of the house, the ceilings are still about sixteen feet tall. The dining table sits under a perfectly delineated rectangular ceiling. It has a lighted inset clad with painted tongue and groove paneling. A rectangular fringed crystal chandelier adds a bit of bling over the rustic trestle style table and tufted upholstery wingback chairs. All of the design elements in this home are so cohesive that you may not immediately realize that this house also speaks farmhouse. The large carriage house style chandeliers hanging over the kitchen island, the six panel doors, the cross-buck design on the glass in the cabinets add a homey feel. All the kitchen cabinets are Shaker style. Shaker design originated from a religious movement that began in the 1770s during the American colonial era. This style favors an unornamented functional aesthetic that lends itself well to contemporary designs. Trademark characteristics of Shaker cabinets include flat paneled doors with rail frames. Bubba extended the Shaker style into the hallway and engineered unique casings for the doors and baseboards. The kitchen repeats the light color palette and appliances are barely visible. The refrigerator is covered with cabinet panels and the large stove is white. A textured white ceramic backsplash and quartz countertops with flecks of white, gray and beige complete the look. It requires two flights of stairs to reach the second story. Light washes over the staircase through the glass balustrade. The treads on the stairways and landing are all clad in the same tile that covers the floor. Two windows on the exterior wall at the landing flood the stairwell with olé decor Spring 2017

light. Overall, it has a stark minimalist look. A six light black orb chandelier with a cut ball crystal dangle adds a touch of the organic to the architecture. At the top of the staircase, a larger second landing acts as an anteroom for the master suite, and as a secondary private sitting area. It’s a very cozy spot, with a built-in cabinet with storage and shelving for decorative items and a large screen television. Natural objects like coral are contrasted with metallic items that reference nature. Several aluminum deer heads and two steel sun ray sculptures adorn the wall above the sofa. The sitting area has a half wall. A corridor leads to the children’s rooms and a private television room for sports enthusiasts. I experienced a moment of vertigo when I first stepped into the

ABOVE: The splashy contemporary variegated wallpaper is also supplied by

Rodriguez Home Center pg. 20




Spring 2017 olé decor


A cohesive look is maintained throughout the home with beautiful wood-look ceramic tile floors provided by Rodriguez Home Center. pg. 20

corridor, because the walkway has the same glass balustrade as the staircase. Coffee’s just at hand at the bar in the master suite. The bedroom proper has minimal furnishings: a large bed, mirrored three drawer bedside chests, a mirrored console and two lounge chairs. The nailhead design on the night stands repeat the nailhead trim on the headboard. There’s really no need for large chests and bureaus in master bedrooms anymore. The master closet takes their place. A luxurious spa style bathroom is on everyone’s wish list today, and the master bath ticks all the boxes. White marble with gray veining covers the floor and large shower. There are two vanity areas and a beautiful freestanding oval bathtub. You would probably expect that any newly built luxury home will be “smart.” This one probably has an IQ of over 140. For those who aren’t up to speed, a ”Smart Home” is the term commonly used to define a residence that has appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the

olé decor Spring 2017

world by Internet. Today’s luxury homes place a huge emphasis on entertaining, particularly outdoors. This home’s outdoor kitchen is a grill master’s dream with a traditional grill and a smoker. There’s a counter with a sink for prep and a large island for serving and eating. The island was made from a solid piece of granite that is a showstopper. When I gazed down at the surface, I was mesmerized. It was like peering into a tidal pool. The interior color palette is repeated outside, with sand colored unpolished travertine tile flooring that complements the granite. However, the cool blue of the infinity edge pool and the sparkling multi-colored iridescent tile on the spa surround definitely make a vibrant color statement. Decorative elements around the pool’s perimeter include an enormous man-eating clam, a large pot dredged up from the sea bottom, and a 250 year old trough from India. This home design proves that you don’t have to live in a rustic farmhouse to experience the warmth and coziness of a traditional family home. Two styles have been deftly integrated to produce a contemporary bayside paradise.


Recent project completed by Paulson Construction in New Braunfels, TX.

PAULSAN Construction was founded in 2007. President JP Sandoval has over 18 years experience and expertise in building customers homes and commercial projects. Paulsan Construction is an integral part of Nora Design Showroom, with their combined experience, they will help you with your remodeling and construction projects.

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N O RA : professional interior designer and builder.

I’ve been designing for more than 20 years. I still get asked, from time to time, why I chose interior design. As a young girl, I was always fascinated by buildings. I remember that as a child living in the Rio Grande Valley, I’d play in the mesquite thickets and create rooms by draping sheets over the mesquites. Then, I decorated my rooms with flowers and paintings. After working in the fashion and clothing industry in Houston, my employers noticed my talent for freehand drawing and color coordination. I was asked to relocate outside of Texas, but my heart yearned to return to the Rio Grande Valley. Not long after that, I had the privilege to interview with Joe Stroud of Strouds Home Furnishings. He recognized the passion and enthusiasm I felt for furnishings, colors, and textures. As a store manager, I spent nine years in management and became involved in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom drapery and bedding. I then began developing floor plans and collaborating more on the construction side of the design industry. Ultimately I moved into actual remodeling and construction. My years of experience in these multifaceted projects gave me the expertise to manage both large and small projects. Nora Design Showroom carries over 200 manufactures and will design furniture to meet our client’s needs. We are not limited to any manufacture or design. I make sure I keep up with new trends and understand the concept behind them.


Spring 2017 olé decor

Consulting with an interior designer is not about imposing my ideas and personal taste on a client. It is about capturing a lifestyle that offers function and comfort without sacrificing style. It is a complex but enjoyable process. I ensure their taste, design style, and lifestyle are reflected in the outcome. I treat this as my home, so I involve my clients throughout the process. It’s about helping the client develop their vision while analyzing their design requirements. The goal is to create a flexible functional environment that relates to the client’s image. Our team extends beyond our staff to include specialized vendors, artisans, subcontractors, fabricators, and engineers to ensure our clients receive the very best in design and project management. I find inspiration in all things, both natural and man-made. When I see a beautiful structure, whether it’s a 16th century building in Europe or a high tech architectural high rise, I immediately think of the engineering, planning, logistical material sourcing, workmanship, and management that it took to accomplish. I start to break down each step in reverse. I have been asked many times; “How do you come up with these ideas?” When I draw interior elevations for projects, I can vividly see what my client desires and with precise execution I create their dream home. Nora Design Showroom’s professional staff is trained to create a functional and quality interior environment. These services include concept development, budget development, floor plans, interior/exterior elevations, color story, space planning, conceptual drawings, fine furniture and accessories, custom window treatments, draperies, window treatment, custom bedding, furniture re-upholstery, custom designed furnishings, cabinetry design, cabinetry fabrication, front door design and fabrication, wallpaper, hardware, decorative glass tile, whole house painting, wood and cabinetry staining, faux paint, custom murals, kitchen and bath renovations. Nora Design Showroom provides various services including: consultant/project coordination or general contractor/project manager for both new construction and remodeling projects for both residential and commercial projects. We are a one stop shop and will provide everything you need to build and create your dream. We provide free initial consultations in our 6000 square foot showroom. In the business world, being on time, on budget, and on quality usually defines a successful project, but I have to add one caveat to that, Customer Satisfaction. Our client’s happiness with the process as well as the finished product is important to us. We believe one happy client always leads to a new opportunity with another and we have the pleasure of renewed relationships with past clients as well as new relationships by referral. To us, that speaks volumes about our professionalism and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Come by our showroom and let us make your dream a reality!!!

w w w. n o r a d e s ig n s h o w room .com 1901 W. Hackberry Ave. in McAllen, TX. 956 664 2200 olé decor Spring 2017



DEVINE I N S P I R AT I O N Mary Teaches Her Son the Ten Commandments (Sandro Botticelli - 1444/5 - 1510) _the crown of thorns around the left wrist of Jesus is made of blessed Rose Petals:

Available exclusively at Nora Design Showroom 1901 W. Hackberry, McAllen Tx. 956 664 2200

_the cross held by Jesus with his left hand is made of Olive twigs that were blessed on Palm Sunday. April 9, 2014 in the Church where the body of Luisa Piccarreta is entombed in Corato, Italy:

CLARISSA MEYERS Clarissa Meyers purchases two-dimensional giclée prints (inkjet prints of original artwork) of the Old Masters and embellishes them with three-dimensional objects. Her Madonna of the Chair is by the Italian artist Raphael. The images are selected for their specific religious content. She makes choices based upon the religious ideals she feels people have forgotten. For example, an artwork by Tintoretto features his vision of the “woman clothed with the sun…the moon under her feet, and…a crown of twelve stars.” from Revelations 12:1. Meyers wants to remind people to think about the lady in the sky, or to think about the ten commandments, because then “the world would be a better place.”

Her own religious fervor inspires her to embellish the image with precious and semi-precious materials such as gold and crystals (Swarovski, Austrian and Czech) and other items she has picked up while traveling in Europe. She employs three types of gold: gold leaf, gold lamé and gold thread. Gold leaf comes in thin fragile sheets. First, a glue is brushed on the surface, and then the gold is applied to the surface with a brush. Gold lamé is a fabric that has metallic fibers woven into it. Gold threads can be threaded on a needle and passed through cloth or laid on the surface of cloth and stitched down (called "couching"). Other fabrics such as brocade and a veil from Portugal are also utilized. Pictures may vary in size, but each one is intricately embellished. It takes from three to four weeks to complete one if she works on it full-time. Much of the work involves trial and error in working with the materials to find the perfect effect. She states: “sometimes I start off with one thing and then end up with something completely 34

_the Ten Commandments are on the Torah in Hebrew

different.” Madonna of the Chair had two renderings that were completely redone before the third and final rendering. Once her creation is completed, it is placed in a shadow box and framed at Artline Art & Picture Framing. A shadow box is necessary because the embellishments create a raised surface. She then selects a frame that complements it. Once completed, you cannot tell there is a shadowbox.

About ten years ago, a renewed interest in religion inspired her to make Bible markers. They were designed so that you could not close your Bible. The intention was to inspire people to read the Bible on a daily basis. For her second project, she created Bible stands, adding the same embellishments that were on the markers. One day, her assistant suggested that she use the same technique to embellish a picture. After procrastinating for several years, she finally did it and was extremely happy with the results. About five years ago, she was asked to donate one of her creations to the Bishop’s Dinner fundraiser auction. Against her husband’s wishes, she donated this first embellished picture and it sold at the auction. Since then, she has continued to donate yearly to the fundraiser. The Bishop has one of her markers and stands in his office. Today, she has stopped making the markers and stands, because the pictures take up all her time and attention. Ultimately, Meyers hopes that people who have purchased her pictures are inspired by them to come together as a family in the evening to pray or to be more devoted to God.

Spring 2017 olé decor


Mixing it up in the kitchen is nothing new to most of us, but how about mixing up your kitchen counters.


Spring 2017 olĂŠ decor


ixing and matching kitchen cabinet doors is a big trend, and now we’re seeing a marrying of materials in countertops too. Combining different styles of countertops in contrasting colors and textures has several benefits. It creates visual drama, offers versatility and can help stretch a budget. If you’ve had your eye on an expensive slab of marble or stunning hardwood, for example, you’ll be able to use it in a small area as a focal point while installing something more affordable in the rest of the room. Surfaces can be tailored to functions, such as a heat-resistant top for the cooking zone and a warm wood for the eating area. So whatever your style or taste, there’s room for more than one countertop material in your kitchen. Gonzalez Tile of Brownsville executes a flawless triple play with Wood, Granite, Quartz. Game over! pg. 20

Magma Gold granite and butcher block island Flat Polish finish. One word HARMONY! Earthy Stone pg. 5

Wood combos. Wood is the stalwart of the kitchen surface, but if you want something a bit different, try pairing it with a contemporary composite or natural stone. Many people pick wood for its good looks, but it needs regular oiling when used around the stove and sink to prevent scorching and water damage. Therefore, if you desire the beauty of wood but want to be practical too, use wood just in the eating area to save a heap of time on maintenance. I love the combination of distinctive wood grains, such as zebrawood or iroko, with modern pale surfaces, such as limestone.

olé decor Spring 2017


Paired up. Kitchens that feature countertops in the same finish as the cabinets have a smart, uniform look. It’s a good practice to follow when combining materials to avoid having the space look overcrowded. If you are mixing a wood with a colored surface and cabinets, consider the tone of the wood. Color varies within wood countertops, and the result can feel either warm or cool. Pairing wood with the right color is crucial. Combos that work well are pale oak with deep gray and rich walnut with cool green.

The clean lines and black and tan wood/granite combo scream sophistication. AA Granite & Marble pg. 22

Who said glass was fragile. This one inch green tempered glass countertop on this kitchen island looks and cool as iceberg ice and takes a pounding from the hardiest of meat tenderizers. Get your slab from the folks at Glass Mart pg. 26

Practical finish. Bakers know the benefits of rolling dough on a chilled surface (it doesn’t stick so much). Why not include a glass section or a marble slab of at the end of a wood or laminate counter to handle the job? It also creates an interesting visual feature.


Spring 2017 olé decor

Raw edge. Polished concrete countertops make a statement and can be perfect for channeling an industrial look. However, their texture and finish can feel a little cold and uninviting for an eating area. Try pairing yours with a smooth and clean-looking surface, such as a composite material. Composites are man-made materials that use rock minerals suspended in tough resin. They are stainresistant, easy-care and antibacterial.

Color blocks. The steely shine of stainless steel, the deep veins of marble, mix in an end section of the perfect granite slab, topped with warm wood tones for your butcher block island. Don’t be afraid to use multiple materials throughout your kitchen surfaces where each one will naturally create its own station.

The gray and white striations of this granite countertop seem to pop even more with the butcher block bookends. While the black range and matching granite in the background says you’re no ordinary cook. Ultimate Granite pg. 32

olé decor Spring 2017


The professional touch. Stainless steel countertops are hygienic and can withstand heat, water, and stains. However, steel is pretty chilly to touch, and it does scratch, so it’s probably not the ideal material for a breakfast bar, which sees a lot of cutlery action. Pairing it with another smooth and sleek surface for the eating area, such as limestone, will make your serious kitchen welcoming yet very functional.

In this kitchen Astro Marble masterfully demonstrates the delicate dance between Cultured Marble and Quartz. pg. 35

Attractive opposites. Marble has seen a resurgence in popularity in the kitchen. Its bold veining adds drama to backsplashes, islands, and other surfaces, and each slab of natural marble varies in color and pattern, However, that beauty comes at a price. Therefore, dedicating a sizable chunk of work surface to another material, such as wood or laminate, can save you a bundle and still retain that classic look.


Spring 2017 olĂŠ decor

Cool monochrome. If you want to play it calm and collected with a sophisticated blackand-white palette, consider upping the ante with a standout island. Choose wraparound black countertops to bring focus to this central feature, and white surfaces for the rest of the space so that it feels light and bright.

This beautiful rustic meets refined is a perfect example of how opposites do attract. Aluri Construction inside cover

Compare and contrast. Galley kitchens can often feel a little featureless, thanks to their long and narrow layout. Try raising the pulse by mixing some rough with the smooth. A chunky, tough concrete countertop opposite a skinny porcelain surface will create a stunning contrast that’s sure to get your heart racing. As you can see mixing materials for kitchen countertops has many benefits. You can save money by using a less expensive material for your perimeter countertops while splurging on something more luxurious for an island top. Plus, mixing materials is a great way to add visual interest to your kitchen and avoid the overabundance of one color or material.

olĂŠ decor Spring 2017



ecently, Fishing’s Future was awarded the 2016 Roland Sigurdson Outstanding Aquatic Education Program Award naming Fishing’s Future as the #1 Aquatic Education Program in America by the Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA). Award ceremonies took place on October 26, 2016 at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife National Training and Conference Center just outside of Washington DC. Competition was strong as many other programs throughout our nation were in the competition, including the Boy Scouts of America. Fishing’s Future Founder and President, Shane Wilson, graciously accepted the honor stating, “This award goes out to all volunteers and supporters who have taken part in making Fishing’s Future what it is today. There are hundreds of Fishing’s Future volunteers who give freely of their time to share the joys and knowledge of fishing within their communities and we could not do it without them.” Fishing’s Future (FF) was started in 2007 on the Island of South Padre on the southernmost tip of Texas. Over the last several years, FF has shared some level of angling education with more than 600,000 individuals nationwide. In 2016 alone, they reached more than 140,800+ individuals and logged more than 16,700+ volunteer service hours across the country. It is no wonder they are #1 in the nation. The idea of Fishing’s Future began when Wilson was employed as the Administrator of a local School District’s Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP). Students who misbehaved were sent to DAEP to continue and/or complete their High School education. Wilson understood, “These kids were good kids who just made some bad decisions and when two or three of them got together, their decision making abili-


ties plummeted.” During his 12-year tenor at the Alternative School, it became apparent that many of these adolescents were making bad decisions simply because they did not have active positive parental engagement in their lives. In response, Wilson came up with an idea to start an Angling Education Program to “rehook” the parents to their children. He wanted to reconnect families and found himself reflecting back on his own childhood where fishing was instrumental in strengthen his family’s bonds Reconnecting the family unit became Wilson’s mission and angling education was going to be the vehicle he used to accomplish that goal. His battle cry became “families forever” and from there, the logo was born! Two lowercase “f”s representing “families forever” were turned around to embrace each other signifying the theme and then the program’s name “Fishing’s Future” was chosen. Wilson ponders, “When you teach, education is the foundation and the future, so angling education is truly the future of fishing.” Wilson has pushed hard to grow the organization ever since that first day and this past October’s recognition from AREA as the Nation’s leader in Aquatic Education was indeed a tribute to his labor of love. As a volunteer non-profit organization, FF receives inquiries daily to form new partnerships, open new chapters and schedule additional events. Donations from corporations, foundations and private individuals are the only supplements keeping Fishing’s Future afloat. Currently more than 56 chapters are spread across America and over the next 5 years, Fishing’s Future expects to double in size. FF plans to have several chapters in every state and at the rate they are growing and the recognition they are receiving, Fishing’s Future is on the way to becoming a household name. As the organization flourishes, more sponsors are required to continue the everlasting effects this program has on youth and their families. They invite you to get involved, get “hooked in”. For more information visit their website or follow them on twitter and Facebook. Fishing’s Future Founder and President, Shane Wilson, ardently extended a heartfelt thank you to the Aquatic Resources Education Association, U. S. Fish & Wildlife, the many volunteers, sponsors, and participants of FF and a special thanks to Roland Sigurdson and his family.

Spring 2017 olé decor

Boater's Paradise

123 Isabella Point Port Isabel Texas Welcome to Port O' Call, a waterfront townhouse community. Features include a top level master bedroom with a wrap around balcony, an upstairs sun deck overlooking the beautiful South Padre Island, and a convenient back patio, for entertaining, that overlooks the water. Thirty minutes from the Brownsville airport and 20 minutes from Mexico, this centrally located waterfront home is perfect for all the members of the family. Only fifteen minutes away is the World Champion South Padre Golfing Community, where you will be greeted by a professional golfer ready to meet your needs. Space X's next generation space craft which is designed to carry humans into the International Space Station is just a few miles away, making this the ideal location to relocate. Just imagine, being able to see a rocket launch from your very own balcony. • 3 Bedroom • 2.5 Bath • Fully Furnished • Boat Slip • Deep Water Channel • Double Sun Decks • Phenomenal Views OFFERED AT $365,000 mls:87321 INQUIRIES Que Padre Realty Lenny Cavazos 956 874 5890

The middle ground: not necessarily a position of compromise.

the DINING ROOM Celebrate being together in the room that is the heart of what home is about. Create a space that welcomes you and your guest and makes each moment a special occasion.


Sumptuous Elegant Luxury is a lifestyle category today and at Hooker we create LUXE looks with today's astute consumer in mind. Epoque, Bardot, Avalon, and Bling are all luxurious collections with an opulent point of view..... and several of our luxury collections have become a gold standard, in particular the Bling bed is a popular style statement today. 1901 W. Hackberry Ave. @ Bicentennial McAllen TX 78501 | 956-664-2200 NoraDesignShowroom

Ole Decor Magazine Spring 2017  

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