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Nr. 1 – January/February 2012

Passion for Music & Lifestyle


Interview with Sound Healer

Iris Barkhuysen

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Passion for Music & Lifestyle

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Boni Li-A-Sam

Welcome to the 1st edition of Oleander Magazine in 2012. In the September 2011 edition I express my own experiences with the Essence of Music. Therein I express the Organic Universal Connection of Music and its effect on the Human Soul, Body and Spirit. Sound is a very pure element within this Universe that can evoke also a transformational healing effect on the inner frequencies within our body, soul and spirit. In this edition I share and explore these aspects with Sound Healer Iris Barkhuysen. Boni Li-A-Sam

Iris Barkhuysen, as a child growing up in Holland, started speaking and writing in English without any formal teaching. She had a knack at an early age with languages and speaks Dutch, English and German. Her background in both in the corporate world as the spiritual she has walked both sides of life. She now is a lightworker, workshop facilitator, author, and a very gifted (sound)healer in a multitude of disciplines including several eastern massage therapies, Body Shift, Accupressure, Shiatsu, DoIn, Meditation, Voice and Sound Healing. Her personal spiritual development has been the prime priority in her life and she is a very passionate about finding the truth within herself and the world we live in. Iris has researched and traveled the world, studying belief systems and esoteric bodies of knowledge, ultimately looking to connect these truths and understandings to a greater truth.

Interview with Iris Barkhuysen ‘Sound is the movement of Life itself‌’ When did you become aware of your interest in cosmic frequencies and healing with sound? In my childhood I was always singing. And later on in my teens, music became more and more important in my life. I also enjoyed singing in several bands. To me, sound in spirituality is the translation of energy in the human voice. I became aware of this process unfolding within me that words first originate in the mind. It is an expression of the mind in words first and in sound later. Sound, however is not created in the mind first but goes directly to the heart. During the period 2004 and 2005 I developed my interest in Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage among other interests within the field of Eastern healing. During healing sessions I noticed that there where certain frequencies within the human body that are trapped. Therefore the experience of full harmonization within body and soul can be blocked by these frequencies. When I use my voice in a intuitive and loving way, it enables to open the meridians of these trapped emotions and frequencies in the body. And the energy of renewed and higher frequencies can floate into these areas.

How did you develop your healing ability in connection with sound? I received a lot of positive feedback from so many people and I became aware that I was able to transcent my healing intention through Sound. After my father passed away in 2007, I underwent a change in my direction by asking myself what I really wanted to do in my life. Should I continue to work with my voice or should I add some other elements to enrich the process. Muriel - one of the first Light Beings on Earth - inspired me to connect my voice healing abilities to music. Sound is the movement of life itself. And the sound of the gong is very close to the sound of the Universe.

Everything you do and manifest in life is created by sound. From origin, all human beings are using sound. I also noticed that people who are singing and can not keep their own tonality straight are often not able to position themselves firmly and consistently into this world. Have you always been supported by other people to develop your talent within this field? My family and other people trusted me in the development of my senses. However, they didn’t understand what I was talking about. And they could not conceive the idea that this was my Soul Mission in life. I was very sensitive to any critic at the time from other people. But I feel much more comfortable with myself now in relation to my passion and talent. I am more self centered, autonomous and can fully embrace my Pure Authentic Self… What or who inspired you to become a sound healer? I inspired myself. Music and sounds where always very important aspects within my life. I have sang in some bands when I was young. Playing different kinds of music, such as pop, funk, jazz and blues. The more freedom in any music style has my fullest passion and attention. And now I am creating Sound without any melodic structure. Together with my cousin Walter Barkhuysen, I do this once a month in what is called a Diamond Sound Experience.

Are there any people who still inspire you today? Oh, yes, Mantra Sikh singer Snatam Kaur brings so much light into her music which I very much enjoy. Also Dutch singer Stef Bos is someone who I admire because of his pureness. He has stayed very close and authentic towards his music. And he has never sold his soul for commercial gain or purposes. One of my desires and missions would be to bring about unity amongst large groups of people through sound and music. For instance, being able to give and share in a large setting, such as a stadium, would be a great way to use sound in the most powerful way of transformation. That is something I would say ‘Yes’ to right away!!

Diamond Light Awareness by

Iris Barkhuysen

This book brings forward an extraordinary refreshing point of view of the first teaching of the reality beyond duality into the trinity of your true essence. The Diamond Geometry of Light activates the full DNA and accelerates the ascension process. This book offers specific exercises and practices that help you use these tools to breath the Diamond Light back into your Awareness. The female Merkaba is an important component to the Diamond Light. It is a message for everyone and specifically useful for those people that are ready to take the next step in their own personal evolution. Broadening your Awareness is the key.

Do you have other interests besides your artistic healing profession? No not really. My greatest interest still remain to reach people and open their consciousness in which sound and music and Diamond Light Awareness, serve as my main expression. And I love to help animals who are somewhat lost and lonely by giving them my care, love and attention. What is your favourite animal and most favourite landscape? I do love all animals. However the squirrel is my most favourite animal. And cats are my second choice so to speak. And if it comes to landscapes, I have no special preference. I love being in different kinds of landscape.

Sedona, Arizona USA

What is your favourite kind of music? Music that has a great amount of Soulfulness in it and a deep vibe of intutiveness. Especially free music without a certain structure. Music that radiates with a field of LIGHT. For instance the different variations within a piece of classical music. In general, Pop music is monotonous because it is programmed. The same melody and sound energy is repeated over and over again. It is like forcing a certain truth upon you. in classical music however, there is much more variation in melody, structure and sound. And therefore it is not forcing any certain truth upon you. But many different angles of the message is presented by different shades of light.

What is your favourite kind of food? Any food that is made with care, love and that contains a certain vibration of light in it. Good food is created simply for my enjoyment.

What is your definition of spirituality? If you replace the word Spirituality with the word intuitiveness, then the load of this word is completely removed. And everybody understands what you are talking about. What is your current and next project? My main passion and mission is to bring Light into the awareness and consciousness of as many people as possible, by making use of words and sound. And to create a life of abundance for myself… I also would like to move from small venues into larger venues; to bring the ‘experience of sound’ into concert form. Create songs in the moment itself on stage. And offer my knowledge to businesses as well as they are in grave need of transformation. What is your own definition of success? To be completely happy with what exists in the Here and Now! Also when I notice that people open their eyes and are aware of their existence. And my greatest challenge is to be fully connected to my own existence in the Here and Now.

What or who inspired you to conceive IWINKTA? Iwinkta is the name of my business. Iwinkta literally means 'an invitation to be a woman' and comes from the Sioux Native Americans. What it means to me is an invitation for the more feminine aspects of yourself to come forward and merge in harmony with the more masculine energy in us all. â– 

Painting by Rebecca Latham

Changing isn’t hard, being yourself is‌

DeVille 2002

Oleander Magazine Nr. 1 - 2012  

Interview with Sound Healer Iris Barkhuysen

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