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December 2010 Volume 3, Issue 2

The Lamp A Newsletter from Oldfields School

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Upcoming Campaigns and Fundraising Introducing...Our New Indoor Riding Arena Reflections on Giving

Upcoming Campaigns and Fundraising Initiatives By Taylor Smith, Head of School Boarding schools and Oldfields in particular will have a multitude of challenges during the upcoming years. Although the School remains well-grounded philosophically, these challenges will make it difficult to sustain the quality of education over the next decade and beyond. As a result, the Board of Trustees is launching a capital drive, the goal of which is to raise 30 million dollars by the School’s 150th Anniversary in 2017. The key concept in our campaign is sustainability. We must raise sufficient endowment to allow the School to sustain itself financially. We must also build and maintain a facility that will sustain the quality of the education to which our alumnae have become accustomed. In addition, as the School renovates and/or constructs new buildings, we must also seek ecological sustainability. I am very excited to present three fundraising initiatives that the School will be taking during the upcoming year. These mini-campaigns are part of the overarching campaign, “30 By 150,” and are designed to meet the immediate needs of the School. Although our focus during the next six months will be on these three mini campaigns, we welcome any gift. As a matter of fact, during the last year, some of the most generous gifts have been made to endow scholarships and to help us maintain the older buildings on campus. NEW RIDING FACILITIES Although we have identified few capital needs that must be addressed during the next ten years, construction of a new riding arena and the renovation of the existing riding facilities became imperative and rose to the top of our list of objectives as the result of the condemnation of the indoor ring last winter after record-breaking snowfall. The fundraising for the new riding facilities will occur in three phases. The first focus will be on the new indoor riding arena, which will cost approximately 1.5 million dollars. Although our beautiful new riding arena was completed in October, we still need to add an additional 40 feet to the north end. Subsequently, the School will need an additional one million dollars in order to endow the building’s maintenance. The third phase will allow the School to upgrade the present stable facility and will cost an additional one million dollars. The total cost of all three phases will be 3.5 million dollars, one million dollars of which will be used as an endowment for the riding facilities.

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Upcoming Campaigns and Fundraising Initiatives, cont. There are many naming opportunities available. Anyone who has donated over $10,000 will be recognized on a plaque in the new facility. Although fundraising will continue in order to complete this project, our goal is to fund phase one by March 1 so that we can create a plaque of recognition and dedicate the arena during Alumnae Weekend. IN HONOR OF JAN SCOTT

Jan Scott

Ralph O’Connor

The “Octagon Room,” as we fondly refer to this uniquely shaped room, is one of the special architectural features in the George S. Nevens, Jr. Library. It is positioned in the heart of the library, with a beautiful vaulted ceiling surrounded by windows and topped by a cupola. Due to the physical structure of this room, the library receives striking rays of light throughout the day. The interior walls display the architectural renderings from October of 1999 for the new science and library Rodney addition. The School has been inspired to name this room, which is at the center of learning in the Nevens Library, for Jan Scott, former teacher, coach, dorm parent, director of development, and assistant head of school at Oldfields in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Although she was primarily an administrator at the end of her career, she never lost sight of the importance of what happened in the classroom building. She was a voracious reader and clearly understood the value of an Oldfields education and the commitment to Each Girl’s Success. This Jan Scott campaign has been “jump started” by the generous donation of $100,000 from a past parent. Our goal is to raise a total of $350,000 that will be put in escrow for ten years and will be used to pay off the bond’s balloon payment in 2020. Once again, our goal is to raise these funds by March so that we can dedicate the room during Alumnae Weekend. We are committed to bring back as many former faculty as possible to Alumnae Weekend 2011 and it would be fitting to dedicate this room at that time, when many of Jan’s former colleagues are in attendance. IN HONOR OF RALPH O’CONNOR AND SCOTT MENZIES The third mini-campaign is designed to honor former board chairs, Ralph O’Connor and Scott Menzies, who led the School through difficult financial times, by raising $500,000. This money will be designated to help renovate Old House while making it more environmentally sustainable. Ultimately, the School is seeking to raise six million dollars to upgrade the buildings on the entire campus, to make them more sustainable in the future. Once again, our goal is to complete this campaign by March so that we can make a dedication during alumnae weekend. WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Scott Menzies

We have started sending solicitations for each of these three mini-campaigns to

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Upcoming Campaigns and Fundraising Initiatives, cont. various constituents whom we feel may have an interest in supporting one or more of these campaigns. These targeted mailings will be completed in November. We do not always know everyone who may have a specific interest in a campaign, so if you did not receive a solicitation and want to know more about how your gift can help us to reach our long-term goals, please do not hesitate to contact me or Director of Development Laurie Hurd.

Winter Gatherings

DID YOU KNOW… Daughters of our Oldfields alumnae are eligible for a $10,000 legacy scholarship? Please contact the admission office for more information at 410-472-4800 or email

January 18 January 20

Village of Golf, FL Vero Beach, FL

Stay tuned for the dates of several other Florida gatherings that will take place in late January. Please contact the Alumnae Office for more information: (443) 662-1018

Do you know someone who would make a great OLDFIELDS GIRL? Referrals from members of the Oldfields family have brought us some amazing girls! Please give this coupon to waive the OS application fee to a girl whom you think would contribute to our community. Thank you for helping to get the word out about Oldfields!

OLDFIELDS SCHOOL APPLICATION FEE WAIVER This coupon entitles one admission candidate to a full application fee waiver. If mailing, please attach this coupon to your Oldfields application. If applying online, please enter fee waiver code “1867.” Thank you for your interest in Oldfields!

(410) 472-4800

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INTRODUCING... Our New Indoor Riding Arena

For 132 years, riding has been an integral part of the Oldfields experience. On any given day, one might find a student wandering across the grounds on her favorite horse, a riding instructor teaching a lesson in the outdoor ring, or a faculty child feeding a horse a handful of carrots. To ensure that we continue our equestrian program’s tradition of excellence and offer a wonderful experience to future generations of Oldfields riders, the School must maintain cutting edge facilities. This is why we are especially pleased to unveil our new indoor riding arena. Oldfields girls and horses have a longstanding history with the School. Instituted in 1878, the School’s popular riding program quickly grew, leading to the hiring of a full-time director of riding in 1916. Since our establishment, Oldfields has been known for its success in interscholastic competitions, on the local and rated hunter and jumper circuit, and at combined training competitions. The accomplishments of several of our notable alumnae, including three-time Olympian Helena “Lana” duPont Wright ’57, have also drawn attention to the program. The School’s previous indoor facility was constructed in 1988, and served Oldfields well for many years. However, having outgrown this space, the School is pleased to present our new state-of-the-art arena. Located on the site of the previous structure, the new arena is 120 by 200 feet, or 24,000 square feet. This is a good size, as it allows us to accommodate our student riders with greater ease and safety, and enables the School to host local and interschool horse shows. The size and design of the arena also provide flexibility for future growth within the riding program, in terms of the number of student riders, as well as the ability to host various activities. Over the past few months, members of the Oldfields community have watched the arena rising on the hill. In early October, with the finishing touches complete, the riders were thrilled to be able to occupy the space.

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During Fall Family Weekend 2010 on October 16, we officially revealed the new arena in a ribbon cutting ceremony. Director of Riding Kate Worsham and Associate Director of Riding Rachel Mering ’04 christened the new space by riding in on horseback. It was an exciting moment as horses Paddington and Dream Street went trotting boldly across the new footing. Everyone is extremely pleased with the end result. Kate has noted that not only does the building function well and ride beautifully, but it is also “the most beautiful indoor riding arena” that she has ever seen! A more formal dedication ceremony will be held during Alumnae Weekend 2011. This ceremony will honor the generous contributors who are helping to bring the riding facilities to a new and improved level. Oldfields’ new facility maximizes the space that is dedicated as a riding surface, yet also allocates room for spectators, restroom facilities, and a meeting room that doubles as a horse show office and concession stand. A permanent ring fence constructed on the interior of the arena frames the actual riding space, while a moveable barrier is available to create a holding area or a warm-up area. These design features allow for the ring space to be altered to suit daily lesson needs, as well as accommodate horse shows. On the outside of the permanent ring fence, space is available to house spectators, jumps, and a judge’s stand. The riding surface consists of the sand and EuroFelt Prime blend that our horses prefer. The footing is maintained using a new Kubota tractor and Kiser water wagon to keep the moisture level correct and the arena surface smooth and consistent. In addition to the lovely footing, the horses are quite content in the arena due to the large overhead doors and windows which wrap around the building and give it an open air feel. It is nice for the girls and the horses to be working in the arena and then stop to rest and be able to look outside and catch a glimpse of one of our resident foxes on the hillside! With wonderfully bright and natural-looking overhead lighting and two large fans to increase air flow in the arena, the riders and the horses are bound to have a great riding experience at any time of day and during all the seasons. The School has always been committed to providing a safe and satisfying experience to all its riders. Our new indoor riding arena allows many students to participate in our program, makes the School more attractive to prospective students, and provides a venue for local shows. The School looks forward to sharing the love of riding with present and future generations of Oldfields girls, as well as with the community at large. Now that our new indoor arena has been completed, we are excited to show it off and share it with the local community! Please contact Kate Worsham at if you are interested in using this space for schooling horses or hosting an equine-related activity.

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Reflections on Giving By Laurie Hurd, Director of Development The first time I came to Oldfields, I was struck by the feeling that I belonged here. What exactly engendered this “knowing” within me? It was a general atmosphere of positive energy driven by the belief in a special mission. Many impressions remain, such as Barbara Latrobe’s bright eyes and welcoming smile; the housekeeping staff’s friendliness and careful attention to our guest room; the camaraderie among the girls in morning meeting; Taylor Smith’s leadership and confidence in the future; and parents who said Oldfields changed their daughters’ lives. Clearly the adults loved Oldfields and what it stood for, while the students conveyed a sense of purpose and ownership for the community. My daughter, who is 24, came to visit our new home in Jane House recently. We toured the campus and stood on Chicken Hill looking at the magical scene below us after sunset. We walked through the buildings and reached Niven Theater. Standing in the quiet, feeling embraced by the spirit of past Oldfields girls, she looked around and said, “I think I could have done well here.” These are some personal moments that have inspired my gift to the 2010-11 annual fund. Oldfields has a history of educating young women who make a difference. This tradition began with Anna Austen McCulloch when she opened her doors in 1867 and began to teach a few children in Old House. Today, we teach 145 students from around the globe. As an independent non-profit, we rely upon annual fund dollars to make up the difference between tuition revenue and operating costs. We are striving to make the action of giving annually as vibrant a tradition as the ceremony to become a “Green” or a “White”. Your gift of any amount makes a tremendous difference. Your support increases our rate of participation which is important when we apply for grant monies. Many foundations award grants to organizations that can show strong support from their own constituents. Our faculty and staff have already given at an impressive 100%. Here’s what you can do: 1. Make a donation to the annual fund. Your gift closes the critical gap between tuition revenue and operating costs and improves our opportunities for grant monies. 2. Your gift is tax deductible and can be made any time (all at once or over time between now and July 30, 2011). 3. You may give online at or you may contact my office at 443-662-1016 to make a pledge or gift. So, what personal moments inspire your gift to the annual fund? Please make this important tradition your habit. Together, our gifts will help keep the magic in the walls of Oldfields.

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The Lamp Our Wish List

Bring Oldfields Home for the Holidays Deck the halls this holiday season with apparel, ornaments, and keepsakes from Herky’s! Beat the crowds and shop online at or contact MK Koehler at 443-662-1012.

Building and grounds has expressed the following needs: A compact car A four-wheel drive pick-up A light duty cargo van Please contact Director of Development Laurie Hurd if you are interested in making a donation. Thank you for your support! (443) 662-1016

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Upcoming Events January


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Mid-Winter Break Begins at 3:00 p.m. Mid-Winter Break Ends at 7:30 p.m. Winter Dance Concert Day Student Acceptance Letters Sent Winter Sports Awards Banquet


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100 Nights Dinner Spring Break Begins at 1:00 p.m. Spring Break Ends at 7:30 p.m.

PHONE: (410) 472-4800 FAX: (410) 472-3141 WEB: E-MAIL: FACEBOOK: / Glencoe-MD/OldfieldsSchool/32389833996 Editor: Eliza Broaddus

Winter Break Ends at 7:30 p.m. Admission Open House Village of Golf, FL Gathering Vero Beach, FL Gathering In-House Horse Show Winter Production: Alice in Wonderland at 7:00 p.m. Winter Production: Alice in Wonderland at 2:00 p.m.

10% post consumer recycled fiber

OLDFIELDS SCHOOL 1500 Glencoe Road Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152

Oldfields School 1500 Glencoe Road Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152

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The December 2010 newsletter of Oldfields School.

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