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photographer: Yvette Monell / yvettemonell@gmail.com

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen. 1 Peter 5:10, 11

issue #11\020


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Special Thanks to these contributors: Cindy Marshall


Aaron W. Towle Donna Moody Gray Thomas Jeffrey Vasseur Pam Herrin Will Sandburg

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publisher’s note issue #11\020

Dear Friends, This digital issue of St Augustine Magazine is to call attention to the Nation’s Oldest City that is alive and open for business! Friday, August 7th is First Friday Art Walk a great reason to get out. You’ll find information on galleries (most are Art Galleries of St. Augustine members) with links to click to get you to their sites. While the majority will be open this weekend you my want to confirm with your favorites. These area art galleries and all independently owned business need your support and encouragement to stay open. Recently, I was absolutely astonished reading over the Aaron W. Towle’s article on page 12 titled Freedom Never Dies. We published it last year long before COVID-19 pandemic. Aaron’s image he put with it was chilling back then, but today it actually could be seen as accepting in today’s society. Its as if he had seen the future. Ironically the shoot that Photographer Cindy Marshall and her gang did for the shoot that appears on this cover was taken last year but due to unforeseen circumstance was archived. The content and feeling have so much say there is no way to express how relevant it is today. It is a blessing to have such forward thinking contributors to share. This pandemic has been and is a daily challenge—please support the people and businesses in this issue and if you could take the time to email or Message your feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Peace and Blessings, Yvette Monell, Publisher


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Cindy Marshall Bluebird Photography

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Photographer Cindy Marshall


on the cover

byCindy Marshall

The Models: Teri Evans Caleb Reeves Ashely Ruiz Kendal Bouchard Jackie Fermin Maya Marlatt Coy Sauceman Ava Marshall Shayla Spoerle Aviona Evans Zaidyn Spoerle

WHEN WE FIRST STARTED PLANNING this shoot, it was coming up on 4th of July, and I just felt a lot of people tend to lose sight of that when we celebrate our Independence Day, we celebrate it for all Americans. We celebrate all the different colors of our skins, and diversities that make up this beautiful country. So I wanted a shoot that was an “Americana Summer” and the feel of that. I went back to the days of growing up with the united colors of Benetton ads I would see in magazines. I absolutely loved them. I loved seeing all the different ethnicities so beautifully shown. So I went back to that, and decided to keep it red, white, and blue everything to show THIS Is America. These are the faces of Americans. We called on all backgrounds to come join us, but on such short notice, we didn’t get to represent every background we wanted, but I feel, and hope the message came across. I had such incredible people who joined me in this project and making it come across the way it did. Kira Mccarty with On Site Muse Florida is my partner in crime. We have so many passion projects and we tend to share the same brain, so I love doing these shoots with her. She also did all the makeup. Jackie Fermin with Mane Event Artistry was incredible with the hair, Kim Myers with The Way We Were Vintage helped dress them all in great clothes. Cassidy Corwin gave us great flowers, and headpieces, and Classic Car Museum provided the amazing Ford Truck. There is no way this shoot could have taken place without the incredible talents, and help of everyone. In the end, our message should be clear—One Love.

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THIS Is America

These are the faces... Thank you and have a blessed day, —Cindy Marshall Bluebird Photography 904.540.9215 cmarshall4719@gmail.com

news by Aaron

W. Towle

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This article was inspired out of love for my country. Whether it is Memorial Day, July 4th or Veteran’s Day, we owe this rebel anthem to our brave military defenders. These words are dedicated to our active military forces and the countless veterans who came before – may your sacrifice and courage never be taken for granted. Indeed, freedom goes far beyond the political spectrum and their means to divide. It’s now time to put aside our differences, to look each other in the eye and work together for a brighter future. We only have one shot at freedom, so let’s make it ring by standing tall – one nation, under God, indivisible…


Freedom Never Dies

WHAT IS FREEDOM BUT A SOFT WHISPER FROM OPPRESSION? What is freedom beyond knowing you can vote and not be murdered for your beliefs, the ability to speak with your own voice, to earn your own dollar? Freedom is quite simple. Freedom is wearing your heart on your sleeve when the chips are down, using your power to spread compassion and courage. Freedom is not forced, it is not beaten into the pavement by faceless thugs, it is not sealed in a bottle filled with kerosene. I have seen freedom – it is my drug of choice – it flows heavy through my veins. Nobody will ever sacrifice greater than those who came before, their blood upon foreign soil, their bitter resolve to stomp out tyranny. I will never surrender my heart to politicians, never bow before some God that demands violence. I will not be fooled by hidden agendas or silenced by the sinister gears of corruption. Most importantly, I will never apologize for my interpretation of freedom. Always know who you are, and never be a pawn to circus politics, because the clowns will always leave you naked and hungry. What is freedom? I am freedom, and you can never buy my allegiance. My blood flows in three colors, red, white and blue. How about you? g

Aaron W. Towle is a Media Specialist living in Green Cove Springs. Having worked as a military journalist as well as a graphic artist, he has a wide range of publishing and editorial skills. He is also an artist with a passionate finger pressed firmly on the pulse of the industry. 13 StAugustineMagazine.com


byNorma Sherry Rappa

Little Red Book She’s guided by the written word Always in her demure grasp is a book of words Her bible of sorts She worships the flow of letters gathered together They uplift her Give flight to her spirit They enlighten her willing and eager quest She scribbles thoughts on the edges of her pages She can’t help herself The words move her Inspire her And motivate her Breathtaking words like Toni Morrison, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Maya Angelou Stream through her sinew She grasps her book tightly She senses she’s on the precipice of knowledge The words stream together sentences are birthed And thoughts are born

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Spatique 1103 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard ~ 904-436-5883


Lenny Foster

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FOR TWENTY YEARS, LENNY HAD THE good fortune of owning and operating The Living Light Photography Gallery in Taos, New Mexico. His work is on view in prominent institutions in New Mexico such as: The Harwood Museum, the Albuquerque Museum and the Hubbard Museum of the American West. His work is also part of permanent collections in the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky, The Ross Museum at Ohio Wesleyan University, Oklahoma University’s College of Allied health and The Snite Museum at The University of Notre Dame. In addition, he is honored to have his work added to many private collections worldwide.


Lenny Foster continued

In 2013, Lenny published his first fine art book, “Healing Hands,” and in the summer of 2016, he published, “Enchanted Land: A Taos Twenty Year Retrospective” (Art book winner for the 2016 New Mexico /Arizona book awards). Lenny began 2017 by publishing his first volume of haiku poetry and imagery inspired by his last month in Taos, while staying at the Historic Mabel Dodge Luhan House. As a fairly new resident of St. Augustine, Lenny is redefining his unique and spiritual vision. A community with such a rich, deep and diverse history and culture; coupled with its varied and fascinating architecture gives him a sense that he will be inspired and creating for quite some time. Since he opened Gallery One Forty Four, he has planned to further explore, create and showcase imagery that inspires. His recent ethereal seascapes and Magnolia botanical imagery certainly speak to that. In another of his new bodies of work, the “Where We Stand” series, Lenny turns his inspired and unique eye towards the history of the African American experience in St Augustine. Using shoes he’s positioned and photographed in places of historical significance and or shoes representing Historical figures in the African American experience, including the Civil Rights Movement, Lenny ‘s images and narratives, sheds light on an important and often neglected part of St. Augustine’s African American history. Lenny is also in the beginnings of his “Street Saints” series, inspired by discovering the African origins of the seldom seen Saints of color in the Catholic religion. With the recent shutdown of businesses in downtown St Augustine, the less fortunate, homeless population has become more visible. The unexpected result of that is, instead of only focusing on their physical appearance or perceived moral depravity or prejudging them based their circumstances and race as many do, Lenny has had personal encounters with them and now focuses on their inner divinity or “Saintliness” which is inherent in most of us. The interaction with the Street Saints has brought about a heartfelt creative collaboration and has been enlightening for the “Saints”, for Lenny and hopefully and ultimately for those that encounter this work. Some of his work can be seen in person at Gallery One Forty Four, 144 King Street St. Augustine and on-line at galleryonefortyfour.com and Lennyfoster.com

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Lenny Foster continued


Lenny Foster continued


Lenny Foster continued



The ArtBuying of Wine


by Jeanne

Maron, Owner of The Gifted Cork & Gourmet

THERE REALLY IS AN ART TO BUYING A GOOD BOTTLE OF WINE. The first and foremost objective is to know what you are pairing the wine with (what’s for dinner?) or what you are in the mood for. I recommend that you shop at a good wine shop that specializes in quality wines at reasonable prices. Make sure your salesperson (or the owner) knows what they are talking about and knows their inventory. He/she should qualify what you are looking for and what kind of price range you are comfortable with. After that is out of the way, it’s time to find out what your comfort zone is with unusual varietals and countries. To find the perfect shop, make sure the salesperson is friendly and down to earth. They should be into wine and your needs. If they seem bothered with helping you or look down on you, it’s time to go elsewhere. The shop that gets you and hits a home-run most of the time is a good fit. No one is perfect, so if they get it wrong the first time give them another chance. If they bomb again, it’s time to start seeking another store. Learn how to ask for a great bottle. You might want to ask what is new or the latest trend. Many of my customers ask me what my favorite bottle is. Considering my palate is pretty developed, my wine choice is probably not the best wine for a newbie. However, if the salesperson is taking a certain wine home that evening, it’s probably a decent bottle. It never hurts to ask. The salesperson should ask you what you typically like to drink and should qualify if you want something similar this time. If my customer loves oaky/buttery Chardonnay’s, then unoaked Chardonnay would not be a good fit, no matter what the price. Furthermore, beware of store’s endorsements on the labels. That scenario tells me they are trying to move that wine or it’s a hidden item with a lot of profit built into it. If there are shelf-talkers (or descriptions) on the wines, evaluate the wine based on terminology you understand, or, you can put stock into critics’ ratings. Be sure you’ve enjoyed the same wines as those trusted critics in the past so you know you have a similar palate. If it’s a critic or award you’ve never heard of, take the information with a grain of salt. Ask your salesperson what’s new or exclusive to their store. Many wineries sell their newest products to wine shops to help build a label before the wine hits the big-box stores. Many times you can get some great bargains passed on from the store since they might have gotten specials to help build the brand. Ask for a sample. Many times, the stores may have the wine open or are willing to open one bottle for a potential client. The worst thing they could say is no. No matter where you shop, buy a wine for the juice, not the label. Use the help of knowledgeable salespeople and go for it. The art of wine is in the sharing, and shopping should not be a chore. g ­ —Cheers to you! Jeanne Maron 26 StAugustineMagazine.com


something to think about Levi’s jeans from almost new to extensively worn

A Wine & Gift Boutique as Unique as St. Augustine is Ancient

Fine wines from Argentina Australia California France Italy Spain & More

Wine Tasting Daily Sample 5 Wines for $5 Hours Mon-Thu 11-7 Fri & Sat 11-10 Sun 12 noon - 5:30

64-A Hypolita Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084

thegiftedcork.com • (904) 810-1083 27 StAugustineMagazine.com


ArtSpeak byLaura O’Neal



YOU MAY NOT KNOW A CHAGALL FROM A KANDINSKY OR, LOCALLY speaking, a McKenna from a McCormick. You also don’t need to, and don’t let that keep you from visiting St Augustine’s galleries and museums! You can still hold your own in a conversation about art by following a few simple tips. By acquainting yourself with a few vocabulary words you’ll be an art conversationalist before you know it! Are you viewing a person (portrait), place (landscape) or thing (still life)? It’s also important to get off to a good start with your conversation by referring to the art as a “piece” and not a “picture.” Shading and texture give the piece FORM and contributes to REALISM. LINE is a way to discuss the shaping of the objects within the piece. In a portrait, are features defined and detailed or more subtle? Form and Line either give the object movement or a sense of being static. Use your in-tuition. No one can tell you you are “wrong” about how you see it. If you are viewing Realism, images of Whistler or Harrison comes to mind. more>


IMPRESSIONISM is when the artist uses brush strokes to create move-ment with an emphasis on light. Monet and Ferguson are good examples of this style. If the artist used blurry strokes or created the composition using geometric shapes the style is EXPRESSIONISM. If you are viewing a piece and secretly thinking, “My four year old could have done this,” you are looking at ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM. Meyers and Pollack fall into this style. That said, there is a great deal of complexity in a good abstract painting. From CUBISM to MINIMALISM, there are dozens more specific art movements. Keep cool and carry on with your Minimalist conversation discussing Segal or Rothko. One technique that a dear ceramic sculptor friend of mine would use was to create his own term if someone backed him into a corner. He would say, “Oh! I just love the use of PASHWA in this piece!” The trick is in the placement of the accent over the last “a” and that you say it with convic-tion and flair! You will leave the biggest art snob’s head spinning with that one! You can also discuss the NEGATIVE SPACE in the piece. This is the art of talking about what is NOT there. Take a look at the COMPOSITION, (aka, the placement of the objects in the piece). If the subjects are unrealistically placed, such as a cow flying over the trees, you could safely say you are looking at a SURREAL painting. Check out Stewart and Dali. Then there is MEDIUM with the plural form being MEDIA. I am not refer-ring to the psychic sort, CNN or the New York Times. Rather, media re-fers to the source from which the art was created. There is watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage, photography, pastel, clay, batik, encaustic, glass, precious metals, wood and any other source you can imagine to create art. A combination of more than one media is called MIXED MEDIA. Some local favorites include, respectively, Bashore, Hubley, Tompkins, Lupoli, Hamilton, Peterson, Pellegrino, Tatter, Sinclair, Long, Bagnal and Velucci. At the end of your gallery visit, what matters most is that you “felt” some-thing and that you opened yourself to the experience. HONESTY is the best way to ArtSpeak, whether you love it, hate it, or just don’t get it. Finally, go back over this article. If this subject has piqued your interest, Google search works for the famous historical artist whose names were mentioned in this piece. See examples of their work so you can better understand their style. Now, carry on with your own art gallery tour throughout St. Augustine and have your own personal “scavenger art hunt.” There are many local artists mentioned in this article who are just waiting to have you seek out the galleries where they are represented. Find the Dalis! Discover the Flagler College Crisp-Ellert! Go off the beat-en path down Riberia Street and discover the word IMPASTO and associate local artists with it. (Hint: highly textured!). A great time to hone your new “ArtSpeak” skills is to attend a First Friday Art Walk! 5 - 9 pm every First Friday. Free Trolley rides will help move you through your art stroll as well as complimentary parking at the San Sebastian Winery. Rain or shine…ALWAYS a good time! g 29 StAugustineMagazine.com

Egret Wings

Linda Burek Linda Burek is a Fine Art and documentary nature photographer. She and her husband travel regularly in an RV, giving them an opportunity to take photographs and videos. They maintain a regular blog showcasing their art and experiences at www.landrtravels.com. They published two books: The Gifts of the Day: Traveling and Camping with Dogs and The Gifts of the Day: Where’s Dart? which document their experiences traveling with words and images. Linda has won the top 100 in the 2018 North American Nature Photographers Association Showcase Photo Competition, third place in the St. Augustine 2019 Member Show at the St. Augustine Art Association, and several awards in Florida Camera Club Council photo competitions. lindaburekphotography@gmail.com 443-223-6567


31 StAugustineMagazine.com

Zora Bora Gallery This wonderfully unique gallery is made up almost entirely of local artists who have a deep love for our city and show it in their work. With our over 45 different artists represented there is always something new to see. A little bit of everything around every corner. From glass wind chimes, pottery, jewelry, book sculptures, beeswax paintings, wine barrel art and everything in between. The Gallery owner herself has been a local artist for the last 15 years and has a true passion for both our community and handmade works of art. Our mission is to provide a fun beautiful welcoming space for artists to display and sell their work.

28 Cuna St, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 904-417-0474


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Marlene Zullig Stained Glass Artist Commissions accepted zulligm@gmail.com 904-687-6365

Inspired by the ocean and the natural beauty of historic St. Augustine, Marlene’s award-winning work is an eclectic mix of functional art from lamps and mosaic mirrors to one-of-a-kind stained glass windows and panels.

Marlene Zullig Represented by: P.A.St.A. Fine Art Gallery 214 Charlotte Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084 904-824-0251

35 StAugustineMagazine.com

ArtBox ArtBox...a mixed experience San Sebastian Art District ArtBox is a contemporary art gallery with a funky urban vibe. We represent local, regional, and international artists/artisans. ArtBox invites you to experience our eclectic gallery. You will find paintings, artisan furniture, fine art photography, pottery, sculpture, a variety of exquisite jewelry, gemstones, and gifts. We are THE destination for art classes, artist workshops & talks. Come join us for the best painting parties in town! All lead by ArtBox artists. There’s always a party at ArtBox! Don’t forget to ask for one of the Mavens when you come in! Visit our ArtBox online gallery at ArtBox137.com Complimentary parking out back...... ask@artbox137.com I 904-770-7445


37 StAugustineMagazine.com

The Art Studio A beautiful gallery by the Sea. Open in 2011, Artists, Architects, Art Lovers & City officials saved a Historic Building, originally built in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Art Studio inhabits the former South Beach Hotel, the other, ravaged by time and Hurricanes was demolished. Before the Art Studio, the building was also used for City Hall of St. Augustine Beach. Now home to over 140 artists that show, sell their work, donate & volunteer time to keep the studio running. Besides Art Exhibitions, we also host workshops, classes for all ages that are very affordable-some Free, and represent other forms of artistic expression including Theater, Film, Music and Storytelling. 370A A1A Beach Blvd. St. Augustine, FL 32089 904-295-4428


39 StAugustineMagazine.com

The Studio Martha G Ferguson is an award winning artist from St Augustine who paints in oil and watercolor. In her paintings, Martha captures the spirit of the local scene in our charming old town. Her style is impressionistic focusing on the light and mood of the subject. Martha is an avid plein air artist and participates in many paint out events throughout the year. Now located at The Studio on Aviles Street in the art district of St Augustine, Martha offers classes in watercolor and oil painting.. 407-810-5710


41 StAugustineMagazine.com

Crisp-Ellert Art Museum Built in honor of Dr. JoAnn Crisp-Ellert and her husband, Dr. Robert Ellert, the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum offers Flagler College students, staff, faculty, and the Northeast Florida community a venue for fostering a deep appreciation of contemporary art. Our free programming includes exhibitions by regional, national and international artists, as well as artist talks, readings, and film screenings that provide opportunities for critical engagement, and a platform for vital interdisciplinary dialogue. In 2016, we initiated the CEAM Artist Residency, a regular program of artists-in-residence to engage in themes of place-making while collaborating with and fostering diverse perspectives on aspects of St Augustine’s local community and environment. 74 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084 904-826-8530

flagler.edu/ceam 42 StAugustineMagazine.com

P.A.St.A. Fine Art Gallery

P.A.St.A. Fine Art Gallery is the oldest existing co-operative fine art gallery in historic St. Augustine representing local award-winning artists. Located south of the Plaza on Charlotte Street in the historic art district, P.A.St.A. is filled with a variety of artworkfrom traditional to contemporary. You will find a wide variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography, stained glass, mosaics, jewelry, mixed media, sculpture, and other fine art. Hours: Monday-Sunday 12 -5pm. Other hours by appointment. Open until 9pm during First Friday Art Walk. 214 Charlotte Street, St. Augustine, Florida 32084 904-824-0251

pastagalleryart.com 43 StAugMag.com


avilesgallery.net 45 StAugMag.com

Lightner Museum Lightner Museum is housed in the former Alcazar Hotel, built in 1888 by Henry Morrison Flagler. Home to one of the premier collections of fine and decorative 19th-century and early 20th-century art in the country. The five floors display furnishings, paintings, Victorian art glass, cut and blown glass, and natural history specimens. In addition to the Museum’s diverse collections, the Lightner is an architectural and historical treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places, located in downtown St. Augustine 75 King St. Open every day, 9 am to 5 pm 904-824-2874


46 StAugMag.com

St. Augustine Art Association Founded in 1924, the St. Augustine Art Association is a nonprofit art organization recognized as the epicenter of the local art community. Artists and enthusiasts come together to create, collaborate, and celebrate the pursuit of artistic excellence through monthly juried exhibitions, enrichment programs for all ages, and outreach initiatives that engage the community with art. Take part in annual events like the St. Augustine Festival of Art, the annual Plein Air Paint Out in the spring and October’s Tactile Art Show for the Blind. The St. Augustine Art Association is located at 22 Marine Street in historic downtown. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday noon to 4pm and Sunday 2 to 5pm; Free Admission.

sstaaa.org 47 StAugMag.com

The W.B.Tatter Studio Gallery The gallery scene in St. Augustine, especially here “ON THE BOULEVARD!” is growing. As an art community, We are supportive of each other and tend to send visitors on to see everyone’s unique styles. I was introduced to the art of batik in Mexico while attending Instituto Allende. Fascinated by the technique, I have developed a style all my own. My work often reflects the people and places from my travels throughout the Caribbean, Central & South America. My batiks have been exhibited and collected worldwide. I was proud to be the recipient of the ROWITA Award. The Dr. Gail Pflaster ROWITA (Recognizing Outstanding Women in the Arts) lifetime achievement award for women in our community who have made significant contributions to the arts. The W.B.Tatter Studio Gallery is a collection my batik paintings, pillows, clothing & art gifts. A potter, a jeweler, and 2 sculptors work are also at my gallery. I love being an artist...making a living doing what I love! 904-907-1270 | 501Anastasia Boulevard

wbtattergallery.com 49 StAugustineMagazine.com

Maria Reyes-Jones Fine Art Gallery New Fine Art gallery/Artist Studio open! Moving up to St. Augustine from Orlando, award-winning artist and Florida native Maria Reyes-Jones brings her unique sense of color to the area. The gallery features her fine-art reproductions, and fresh-off-the-easel, original acrylic paintings. From large-scale triptychs to small personal gems, you’ll find something special at Maria Reyes-Jones Fine Art Gallery. Her work has been featured twice as the poster for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. When you see her sidewalk sign out on Riberia Street, at the San Sebastián Marina, you’ll know something is cooking at the gallery, or give her a call to schedule a time to see the gallery. Come on, get happy, with her bright, vibrant work. 134 Riberia Street Unit 103, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 407-619-1338


53 StAugustineMagazine.com

Neff Jewelry And Gallery

It’s worth finding this unique gallery and jewelry store on a charming tree-lined street just north of the City Gates - in a two-story Victorian just off San Marco Blvd. You’ll find two floors of original paintings, a fine jewelry collection, including pieces crafted by goldsmith Dan Neff. Among the artists working in this legendary establishment, you’ll meet: Teri Tompkins award-winning painter and author of The Master Artist Within, available in the gallery. Jan Neff painter, jewelry designer, and GIA gemologist. Dan Neff master goldsmith specializing in gold and platinum jewelry. 7 Rohde Avenue I 904-829-5003

neffjewelers.com 52 StAugustineMagazine.com

The Courtyard Gallery The Courtyard Gallery features an eclectic blend of antique, vintage, and contemporary art as well as estate and new jewelry. Paintings, prints, sculpture, items for the home, and even authentic Samurai Swords can be seen at this gallery. Also available are numerous works by the Florida Highwaymen and beloved Saint Augustine artist Emmett Fritz. The Courtyard Gallery is located in the Lightner Museum complex in downtown St. Augustine. A lovely place to stroll, shop and view the historic architecture of one of Henry Flagler’s original hotels. 75 King Street, Ste. 123, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 904-599-8522

the-courtyard-gallery.com 55 StAugustineMagazine.com

Lost Art Gallery lostartgallery.com

Lost Art Gallery is a unique collection of Fine Art and Antiquities from around the world. Our collection ranges from European Old Masters, to 20th century Contemporary and Modern artists. We believe in having an eclectic selection so there is something for everyone. While we love having museum quality artists available for the classic connoisseurs, we also offer a wide range of contemporary and regional artists. Lost Art Gallery was founded by fine art appraiser Victoria L. Golden who has been providing appraisals for museums and private estates for over 25 years. She is joined by her son Alexander who is engaging and knowledgeable. Our mission is to provide the highest quality artwork for our clients at the most affordable prices. Lost Art Gallery 210 St. George Street, C-1 St. Augustine, 32084 904-827-9800

Sea Spirits Gallery and Gifts seaspiritsgallery.com

Sea Spirits Gallery and Gifts located south of the plaza on St. George Street, was chosen by the Editor of Southern Living Magazine as being a hidden treasure of St. Augustine. The stunning showroom specializes in sea inspired paintings, sculptures, hand blown artisan glass, beautiful International jewelry like Ancient Roman glass, unique men’s gifts, and nautical items. Owner Victoria Golden is a fine art appraiser and was initiated into the noted Explorer Club for her ocean conservation, and archaeological contributions. Her passion for the sea and her love of art and artifacts are evident everywhere in the gallery. Come find your special treasure! Sea Spirits Gallery and Gifts 210 St. George Street, C-2 St. Augustine, Fl. 32084 904-679-3811

Crisp-Ellert Art Museum flagler.edu/ceam

Built in honor of Dr. JoAnn Crisp-Ellert and her husband, Dr. Robert Ellert, the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum offers Flagler College students, staff, faculty, and the Northeast Florida community a venue for fostering a deep appreciation of contemporary art. Our free programming includes exhibitions by regional, national and international artists, as well as artist talks, readings, and film screenings that provide opportunities for critical engagement, and a platform for vital interdisciplinary dialogue. Tripp Harrison Studio & Gallery In 2016, we initiated the CEAM Artist Residency, a trippharrison.com regular program of artists-in-residence to engage in themes of place-making while with The Tripp Harrison Studio & Gallery houses a variety of artists. Since Tripp andcollaborating Kathleen Harrison and fostering diverse marine perspectives on aspects opened the gallery in 2006, the goal has always been to represent and coastal fineof St Augustine’ s local andofenvironment. artists. This is a space where traditional art intersects with thecommunity warm feeling tropics. It’s our King Street, St. Augustine, pleasure and mission to help you find a perfect74addition to your collectionFLor32084 home. All it takes is a step-through our doorway to enter our world of coastal fine art. Don’t stay curious about our gallery, stop by. Located at 22 Cathedral Place, St. Augustine, FL 32084, 904-824-3662.

The Georgia Nick Gallery & The Studio gnick.faso.com

The Georgia Nick Gallery and The Studio at GNG are Fine Art Galleries located in the historic Hamblen-Holiday Building at 11A and 11F Aviles Street, the Oldest Street in the United States. Our Galleries feature Award Winning North Florida and International Artists. Our Artists paint on non-traditional surfaces such as tile, marble, stone and glass along with beautiful framed oils, acrylics, watercolors, and photography. If you are looking for a unique remembrance of St. Augustine we carry local Authors. Our Jewelers include a Silversmith and a Woven Gold artisan. We also host a Leather Craftsman, Wood Turner, Wood Sculptures, and a Knife Maker. There is a little of the Spirit of St.Augustine in every corner of The Georgia Nick Gallery. AGOSA 2020 GALLERIES OF ST. AUGUSTINE

00 58 StAugMag.com StAugustineMagazine.com

Cutter & Cutter Fine Art Galleries cutterandcutter.com

After Opening in 1998 as an eclectic gift shop, our small family-owned business quickly evolved to become a major fine art dealer. Today we have galleries in historic Saint Augustine, and in Sawgrass Village, Ponte Vedra Beach, that service our local art market and with our newly redesigned website we are able to accommodate clients across the globe. Our galleries are warmand inviting and offer a large selection of originals, fine art prints, sculpture, glass and much more fromboth established and emerging artists. We truly offer something for every taste, style and budget! Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and provides art collectors with impeccable customer service. St. Augustine - 25 King Street, Ponte Vedra Beach - 333 Village Main Street #640

Coconut Barrel “The Artisan Market” coconutbarrel.com

Owners Kori & Steve Smith were led to open Coconut Barrel to give local Artisans a place to showcase their work every day. We are like a full time Art & Craft Festival indoors featuring over 200+ Artisans! Aunique shopping experience which displays the talent we are surrounded by locally in Saint Augustine. Each Artisan has created their own store front which will allow you to experience their individual styles, personalities & passion. Discover all kinds of art, jewelry, pottery, glass, fiber-art, candles, soap, wind chimes, wreaths, shell-art, repurposed furniture, baby gifts & clothing, photography, greeting cards, macramé’ and many more hand-crafted products. Mon.-Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-5. See you at The Barrel! 3175 US Hwy 1 South, Saint Augustine, FL 32086 59 StAugustineMagazine.com

The Bold Art Gallery

Facebook.com/TheBOLDArtGallery Original, unique, bold and beautiful Artwork and Photography by Artist Brenda Basham Dothage. Brenda is an artist, author, photographer and co-owner of The BOLDArt Gallery. She has a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from UOP and a baccalaureate degree in English from Cal State University (CSUB). In addition to her artwork, writing and photography she was an instructor for self-image workshops, crisis counselor/first responder for sexual assault survivors and coordinator for a children’s planning council. An Art Gallery is the best venue for the art lover. The consumer is able to leisurely browse, appreciate and become one with the artwork. This is instrumental in their ability to discover favorite and preferred styles of representation in which to purchase. 51 Cordova, Suite B., 904-436-5723.

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery Butterfieldgarage.com

Open since February 1999, Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is the brainchild of artist Jan Miller. Her vision was to create an artist-run gallery that would encourage creative experimentation with fine arts and fine crafts. The 1927 building’s original use was a garage and “showplace” for cars. The iconic neon sign was discovered during renovation, and became the gallery’s name. With over 30 artists, Butterfield maintains a reputation for showcasing the area’s most distinguished professionals. Our mission is to be a leader in the presentation of traditional and contemporary visual arts in Northeast Florida, and to encourage direct accessibility and dialogue between artists and their customers. Open daily from 11 to 5, first Fridays til 9 at 137 King Street, 904-825-4577

61 StAugustineMagazine.com

Locals Only Artisan Market

localsonlyartisans.com XXXXXXX

LOCALS ONLY Artisans Market is fresh on the art scene! The owner, Diana Suissa, a former school teacher, originally thought to use the 3000sf industrial warehouse as a furniture consignment shop but that quickly morphed into what is now an eclectic mixture of veteran as well as up and coming young artists showcasing their varying talents under one roof. “I thought it would be great to have a one stop shop where people could come to see many different crafts and styles of artistic expression. Every corner is filled with art to include fine jewelry, iron and metal work, woodwork, pottery, photography and painting. Open six days a week (closed Mondays) at 950 Anastasia Boulevard, this artisans market is quickly making an impression.

High Tide Gallery

thehightidegallery.com HIGHTIDE GALLERY in St. Augustine on Anastasia Island is a beautiful gallery featuring local, coastal, and creative art. This gallery features over thirty local artists with various and wondrous pieces including fine art paintings, ceramics, stone work, dry brush, acrylic sandwash, wood turning art, glass sculpture, jewelry, and much more. High Tide Gallery is a den of joy that has been enjoyed by both locals and guests to St. Augustine for over 14 years. New owners Sherry and Wayne McNees would love for you to stop by and meet the art! Located at 850 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine 904.315.6690

62 StAugustineMagazine.com

Cynthia Pierson


AFirst Coast Artist and Instructor, working in Watercolor and Pastel; especially portraits. I describe my work as impressionistic realism. I believe, I have never not been an artist. 904-819-1776

Debra Mixon Holliday debramixonholliday.com

Bearing witness to the natural worldis a theme that pervades my art. Working in a variety of printmaking techniques, including etching andcollagraph, I create images basedon observation of the small stories of our wildlife andthe environments they rely on. Instagram: dmixonholliday Represented by Butterfield Garage Gallery, 904-825-4577

Deborah Lightfield Lightfieldart.com

Only artist in Florida creating Ocean Wash Artwork. The ocean is involved in the process by painting the surface with a wave of sand, then a swirl of acrylic is applied. Images are found, then painted. instagram: Deborah Lightfield High Tide Gallery 904-252-5932

Nancy Hamlin-Vogler

EasternSunPrintworks.com As a diverse two-dimensional artist, I employ mixed media, including paint, silkscreen and collage. I approach my work through observation and intuition, taking inspiration from unusual discoveries, my backyard studio, and world travels. At Butterfield Garage Art Gallery 904-829-1952 62 StAugustineMagazine.com

True Relaxation Through Crystal Salts A Salt Spa Oasis‌in the Heart of Old Saint Augustine A luxurious place to relax, recover and recharge

(904) 814-8641 saltaugustine.com

28 Cordova Street • Saint Augustine

Beauty Supply Company Professional Salon & Barber Supplies

Ammar Providing Knowledgeable Assistance And Quality Products Since 1981

Hair, Nails, Skin Care, Wigs, Hair Extensions, Braids, Weaves and So Much More! 223 W. King Street a 904-829-6544 ammarbeautysupplyco.com 63 StAugustineMagazine.com

Pamela Geiger

PamelaGeiger.com “For a Plein Air Painter, juggling the play of mood, light and color is constant. Each location is an encounter —weather, water, terrain —subtle and complex. Asense of connection rises within as I balance these natural threads on the canvas.” Geiger on Plein Air Oil Painting PamGeiger@me.com

Teri Tompkins

TeriTompkins.com Portraits in oil Large environmental paintings for public spaces Author of The Master Artist Within - a manual for creative people rep by: Neff Jewelry and Gallery 904-829-5003

Tom McConnell

staugustinenaturephotos.com First got into photography at the tender age of eight by pestering my dadto let me use his Konica SLRanddarkroomequipment until he relented. Today, I grabmy camera andgo back to nature whenever I can. Please visit my website andbrowse the galleries of nature photos for sale. 904-794-4500 - staugustinenaturephotos@gmail.com

Valarie Pothier-Forrester vpforrester.com

I aminspired by our natural surroundings and the scenery around St. Augustine. I lead the Anastasia Plein Air Group and also participate in a number of area Paint Out Invitationals.

64 StAugustineMagazine.com


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — —— — — —— ———— —— —— —————— —— —— ———————— — ————— —— ————— ArtBox launches its first ever annual “ B O X in g D AY S “ SALE EVENT throughout the month of August.

Join us for First Friday ArtWalk, have a glass of BOXwine with us and sift through BOXES of deeply discounted local art!


—— —— — —— ———— ———— ———— ———— —— —— ———— ———— —— ————————————————————— 137 King Street unit 103 • Saint Augustine, FL 32084 (904) 704-1121

65 StAugustineMagazine.com

Tina Henle HenleGallery.com Nature, culture and architecture are the inspirations for Tina Henle’s award winning photography. “My art is a constant calling to witness and share the beauty and complexity of this world.” 340-332-1628 • Butterfield Garage Gallery

Gail Beveridge Fine Art gailbeveridge.com

Oil & acrylic are my media and capturing the essence of special moments is my goal in creating a work of art that sparks a connection with the viewer. Instagram: beveridge_gail 904-635-2927

Jackie Hird Photography jackiehird.com

Jackie preserves the essence of St Augustine with her photography. Her images transport you to the time and place they were captured so you can appreciate her vision. High Tide Gallery • Rembrandtz Gallery • The St Augustine Beach Art Studio &Gallery 904-553-8614 • instagram.com/jackiehirdphotography

Don Davis

dondavispotterystudio.com Ancient forms are inspiration for contemporary expression in Don’s ceramic artwork. Surface treatments and firing methods are equally important but always intended to serve the form. This is titled ‘Frondoso’ drdavis@brighthouse.com • 386-562-2384

66 StAugustineMagazine.com

Cindy Wilson

cindy-wilson-batik.squarespace.com I’ve always been artistic. My early pen and ink drawings, and a love for printmaking is very evident in my style of batik. I transitioned fromfull time graphic artist to Batik artist 6 years ago. The process and complexity of batik have totally grabbed my imagination. At Butterfield Garage Art Gallery 904-501-1906 • instagram: cindywil.batik

artgalleriesofstaugustine.com FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK! First Friday of the month 5 to 9pm

67 StAugustineMagazine.com

family by Aaron

W. Towle

photo: Cindy Marshall



WHILE MANY OF US ARE TRYING TO REMAIN POSITIVE AND searching for ways to stay productive during the Covid crisis, many are also trying to keep our children engaged in stimulating intellectual activities. Many parents are now juggling the dynamics of working from home while their children run amok with all this additional spare time. This can be challenging, no doubt, and while it may test our patience as we reach for that bottle of Tylenol, we must remember that our little ones are absorbing and feeling our energy. This includes the fear and anxiety of what is presently happening. It is easy to dismiss their innocence in times of distress, but we must not neglect or underestimate the importance of their developing minds. How we act is directly imprinted in their daily activities. Their behavior is nothing less than a response to their changing environment. Just remember that the important social dynamic of school has now been abruptly removed. Until further notice, children are now existing in an adult world, unfairly exposed to real adult tensions and stress. I am not a psychologist, but I do know that children are far more perceptive than we give them credit for. They are much more aware of their surroundings and are doing their best to understand the situation for what it is. We should remember this before we snap at them or impart discipline simply for acting their age. Before we treat them unduly for being young, let’s take a moment to consider the circumstances. Let’s treat them with kid gloves. We are all in this together, young and old alike. Let’s lead with patience, wisdom and tolerance – our little ones are watching! g 68 StAugustineMagazine.com



in closing

by Aaron

W. Towle

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, IT SEEMS OUR WORLD HAS TURNED upside-down and inside-out. What was once normal is now restricted. What was once casual is now strained by the gears of science and government. While it is easy to give in to fear and anxiety, I am confident that Covid-19 is NOT the end of the world. Let’s be rational folks. It’s been quite some time since the collective will of humanity has endured a crisis – and that is exactly what this is – a crisis. Despite the circumstances, despite the wall of constant media coverage and negativity, despite the mass hysteria and diabolical conspiracy theories, I am confident we will prevail. It is our destiny as a species to overcome adversity, to buck the odds and bring our best resources together. Life is too short. We cannot live in fear or be intimidated by forces beyond our control. The best thing we can do is remain positive and find ways to help one another. Regardless of whether you support your government or not, it is best to simply follow instructions and play it safe. Avoid large crowds, wash your hands vigorously, and for God’s sake – stop clinging to every crumb of impending doom on the television and internet. We are better than this! Are things bad? Yes, but they could be worse. Our homes are not concentration camps. While most of us are blessed to have electricity and hot water, we need to stop bitching about toilet paper and quarantine. Why? Because there are countless legions of homeless people who have absolutely nothing… NOTHING! Let’s face it, the homeless are the most vulnerable. They don’t stand a chance against a deadly virus. While the rest of us have jobs and opportunities, a safe place to call home, they live in a perpetual state of crisis. Covid-19 will only complicate their difficult existence, so keep that in your conscience the next time you stuff your shopping cart full of pretzels and beer. Will things improve? I believe so… eventually. Could anyone catch this nasty virus? Of course, but I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to prescribe any best remedies for your safety and well-being. That’s not my place. However, I would suggest having a little faith and using common sense. Eventually, they will discover an antidote, a vaccine, whatever miracle drug you choose to call it. Just realize they will never find a cure for stupidity, so be smart out there, use your best judgement and have a little compassion for our brave medical heroes fighting on the frontlines. Without them, WE don’t stand a chance. God bless and stay safe everyone… g

This Too

painting by Marina Syntelis

o Shall Pass


photo: Cindy Marshall

Profile for St Augustine Magazine

St Augustine Magazine Issue #11/020  

Special First Friday Artwalk Issue The Nation's Oldest City is Open for Business!

St Augustine Magazine Issue #11/020  

Special First Friday Artwalk Issue The Nation's Oldest City is Open for Business!