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Album edition New Books from Ukraine 2014–2015 Catalogue Editor: Oksana Khmeliovska Literary Editors: Iryna Baturevych, Olga Baker Translator: Maryna Mishchenko Designer: Aliona Solomadina Maker-up: Volodymyr Chumak Images from the films Enthusiasm (1931, director Dziga Vertov) and In Spring (1929, director Mykhailo Kaufman) provided for the cover by Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center. Project partner: The National Art, Culture and Museum Complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal”

The catalogue was published with support from Vivat Publishing House, Association of Book Publishers and Distributors of Ukraine, State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee of Ukraine, and Culture and Publishing Project Chytomo. Printed by Factor Druk Ltd., Ukraine The editor does not bear responsibility for the authenticity of the information about authorship and origin of the texts and photos provided for the catalogue by the publishers and cultural managers.

Writers about war

Photo by Nata Koval

Yuriy ANDRUKHOVYCH If I were to try and choose the one-andonly attribute describing the modern Ukrainian literature, I would go for “young�. Of course, it is not about the physical age, even though it does show to a certain extent, as the most active, interesting and open-minded authors are between 20 and 40 years old. First and foremost, however, it is about its maximalism, provocative acuity, and innovative density. These features are the indisputable advantages of youth, perhaps even of the eternal one. Ukrainian literature has huge prospects


lying ahead of it, and I am sure it will see ever more outstanding events and works. Being a Ukrainian writer today is like balancing on a very risky edge of pathos with its loud, lofty words. To put it differently, it is a special genuineness test. The war does not let forget about itself even for a moment. Life and death are no longer abstractions; they are filling with those wrenching specifics without which there is no literature. What is happening to us now will certainly turn into novels. It is already turning into them.

Photo by Rostislav Luzhetskyy

Oksana ZABUZHKO With every new day of the war, I increasingly want to be not a writer, but a publisher. …They are asking. And asking. And asking. They are asking for The Museum of Abandoned Secrets for the injured at the military hospital. They are asking for a whole list of my books for the libraries in the East. They are asking to come meet the readers (requests coming from the East, the South, the Centre…), to speak at a literary festival, at an art-forum, at an opening day of an exhibition, to give a public lecture about my favorite classic writer, and so on, and so forth. And every time, invariably, they ask to “bring some books”. Never throughout my whole career have I felt that I am in such a backbreaking demand, and never have I felt so helpless. It seems that, rudely awoken in the winter of 2014 from the grave 15-year-long sleep (at least, that was for how long Russia had been preparing to “gulp” Ukraine back into the USSR-2, filling our space with its suffocating propaganda mass culture), the country

for the first time discovered the extent to which it had been robbed, and, spitting out with disgust this surrogate chewing gum, it cried out in chorus to the heaven, “Bread!.. Please, some bread, some food for thoughts and senses, for preservation of our consciousness. Nothing will provide it better than a book...” And you are running your legs off, rushing amid this virtual crowd, being a funny postmodern parody of Christ with five loaves of bread under His arm — yet it is beyond your power to feed all the hungry, or to become a plug for the gaping lack of a national book infrastructure. Before entering its “hot” phase, this war had been “cold” for too long. Only now, it is becoming fully evident. Perhaps, this is, in fact, a war of a Book against a TV set. Perhaps, this is what the historians will write about it one day — when we win it. For, if we lose this war, there will be nobody to write. Never and nowhere. And this is exactly why we have no right to lose.


Photo by Taras Bovt /The Ukrainians

Andriy KURKOV Contemporary Ukrainian literature, which together with its readers went through two Maidans and came to the front line in Donbas, has matured dramatically and no longer resembles its past self. No, it has not coarsened. It has partly lost its romanticism, its detachment from reality. It has turned its attention to the “truth of life” again and to the social themes whose reputation was damaged by the Soviet era of socialistic realism.


However, the “truth of life” in today’s Ukraine is the war and the way it influences people and their fates, all of the people, both military and civilians, no matter where they live, far from the war, next to the war, or right in the war. The Ukrainian literature of the last two years has surprised a Ukrainian reader a lot. And it continues to surprise. Let’s hope that a European reader will notice and appreciate these changes in Ukrainian literature.

Serhiy ZHADAN It seems to me that today’s Ukrainian literature is very similar to the society in which it is created — which is quite natural. It is filled with contradictions and paradoxes, with long-standing traumas and completely unexpected ambitions, and it is constantly rediscovering traditions and searching for innovations. Most importantly, it is full of energy and internal movement, it is changing along with the society, seeking itself together with its readers

and remaining in an extremely sensitive and close contact with them. By and large, it is developing along with its readership, both shaping its readership and simultaneously taking its shape. It is a very interesting and important process — the rising of the society, structuring of the literature, pulling oneself together, and releasing one’s energy and one’s love. And this gives birth to the books that one wants to read over and over again.


Yuriy VYNNYCHUK When I presented my novel (Juri Wynnytschuk, Im Schatten der Mohnblßte) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, I was truly astonished by how sincerely my readers were concerned about Ukraine’s problems. It is true, however, that some of them thought that the war started by Russia covered almost the entire territory of Ukraine. Thus they were surprised when I was showing on the map the little nook occupied by enemy. Their questions often related to how Ukrainian literature lives in the wartime. And even though the war actually involves only a fiftieth part of our territory, it is present everywhere, for


each day several Ukrainian soldiers die. And this means that every day someone is buried somewhere. It is hard to write when you constantly have your Internet on and get distracted by news every hour. Yet it is impossible to fully shut it off. Most of our writers also serve as columnists and fight the war in mass media. Literature of the wartime is special. The war is certainly present in the literature, in one form or another, influencing the weight of written words. And for a long time, it will continue to leave its imprint on everything that Ukrainians will write.

Photo by Yurko Dyachyshyn

Agrafka A war is drawing us into the Bermuda Triangle of fear, despair, and hopelessness. You are trying to swim and to see the horizon, but instead you constantly feel the cold abyss underneath. These are dangerous times when the basic concept of survival remains the only priority, and the consciousness mutates when you read the emotionless statistics. Having barricaded ourselves with our own fears, we forget about many important things. Nevertheless, as the experience has shown, it is possible to read even on

the barricades. In your mind, you can hide somewhere in the lace of letters, in the spaces between the words. Reading serves as a means of an escape or a substitution for the reality, a way to see the undertints on the horizon again (and maybe even to see the land), a life buoy for the consciousness, a landmark for navigation in the dark waters. It is a highcalorie bonus to the daily information diet. It is the evolution from survival to life. We are fighting on all the fronts — homo legens vs. homo sapiens.


Books of political prisoners

The Strong Name of Nadiya


Nadiya Savchenko

Oleg Sentsov

This book is a documentary narrative intended for a broad audience. It is one large live letter to Ukrainians. It is a letter from a Russian prison, which for over a year has been holding the woman that became a symbol of the unbowed Ukrainian nation, whose name literally means “hope�, Ukrainian HOPE.

The collection of autobiographical stories by Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov. Sentsov tells his coming-of-age school adventures and his improbable redemption from polyarthritis via sport activities. It is a simple but elegant narrative also chronicling his passion for reading and cinema.

So who is she, Nadiya Savchenko? What is she like? Which things that we know about her are truth and which are already becoming a legend? Nadiya herself will give the answers to these questions on the pages of this book. She will do it in her typical emotional manner, recalling even tiny, but important events of her life, which shaped her temper, character, and invincibility. The author’s writing manner was left unedited.

ISBN: 978-966-2449-81-5 Oleg Sentsov is a Ukrainian filmmaker, best known for his 2011 film Gamer. He was arrested in May 2014 by the Russian Federal Security Service on suspicion of plotting terrorist acts in Crimea. Despite international outcry Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years in jail in August 2015. Stories were written long before his arrest. Laurus Rights coordinator: Anastasia Denysenko laurus.info@yahoo.com

ISBN: 978-617-7039-17-3 Nadiya Savchenko is a holder of Hero of Ukraine title and a delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe imprisoned in Russia. Russian human rights organization Memorial has officially recognized Savchenko as a political prisoner. European Court on Human Rights (ECHR) instituted legal proceedings against the Russian Federation in the case of Nadiya Savchenko and has assigned a priority status to this case. LLC Publishing Organization Justinian Rights coordinator: Irina Omelchenko edit@justinian.com.ua


Books about war


for children

Letters on the War. Children Write to Soldiers

The War That Has Changed Rondo

Collected by Valentyna Vzdulska and Oksana Lushchevska. Illustrated by Olena Staranchuk


This book includes letters written by Ukrainian children to soldiers fighting in the war in Eastern Ukraine. This bilingual Ukrainian-English publication will become a mediator in a dialog between children and adults on the topics of peace, freedom and social justice. We believe that this book will stir the interest of all concerned readers, as it focuses on the most significant emotions and human values. ISBN: 978-966-97380-5-9 Olena Staranchuk is a graphic designer, lecturer and co-founder of the Pictoric llustrator’s club. She lives and works in Kyiv. Bratske Publishers Rights coordinator: Bogdan Berezenko agape.kyiv@gmail.com

The War That Has Changed Rondo is a book that explains that a war has no heart and understands no language, but affects everyone and scars everybody. But if we jointly build a light machine and learn how to sing no matter what, then even the most fragile creatures can withstand and win. This book is also an occasion for a thoughtful conversation with children (or with yourself) about the events happening now in the country or elsewhere in the world, as it is written in the format of a magic story, which always leaves room for hope and optimism. The War That Has Changed Rondo was published in 2015, and that same year it received a special prize of Bologna Ragazzi Award in the category of “New Horizons”. The book has been translated into Slovak, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean (South Korea). The book is designed for children of 8–10 years of age. ISBN: 978-617-679-105-8 Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua


for children

Ukrainian Superheroes Comic Book Author: Lesya Voronyuk Artist: Sofia Rozumenko A series of comics about Ukrainian superheroes who challenge the biggest evil and fight for justice, the future of Ukraine and the whole world. The fascinating story of four brave heroes — Kobzar, Krip, Cyborg and Vira — also relates to real events. The book targets both children and adults. It has been translated into English and German. ISBN: 978-966-399-657-8 Bookrek Rights coordinator: Daria Maksymets daryna@bukrek.net

Glory to the Heroes! Tales of Front and Home Front Heroes for Children Tetyana Ruban, Zoriana Lisevych, Oksana Davydova, Veronika Baranovska, Olena Makoviy, Vadym Doroshenko, Oksana Samara, Lesya Borsuk-Yankivska This book is the authors’ humble contribution to the commemoration of the heroes who protect Ukraine. All the stories in this book are fictional. However, they always show respect for Ukrainian heroes and admiration for their fight. The stories target children aged 5–13. The main idea of the project is to make Ukrainian soldiers, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers, and medical workers into permanent characters of the books for the children of their contemporaries. In this way, we support patriotic education of children and lay foundation for popularization and even development of a pantheon of our, Ukrainian, heroes. The authors of the stories are young Ukrainian writers who care about the future of Ukraine. ISBN: 978-617-705-704-7 Publishing House Mother’s Little Sun, LLC Rights coordinator: Vadym Doroshenko tak_@ua.fm


for adults

Eyewitnesses’ Chronicle: Nine Months of Ukrainian Resistance Author: Oksana Zabuzhko Editor: Tetiana Teren This book traces in a chronological order the mood changes and deep psychological transformations in Ukrainian society from Euromaidan (November 2013) to the Antiterrorist Operation (summer 2014). It uses the most popular social media posts, internet statements, news feed fragments of the discussed time period to form a collective portrait of “the birth of the nation”. There is one thing that unites over a hundred of the authors of the collection: they all were living witnesses and participants of the most dramatic events in the modern Ukrainian history, and all their thoughts, feelings, evaluations and search for meanings were recorded in the “participating observation” mode. The book received a personal award from the President of the Book Publishers’ Forum in Lviv Oleksandra Koval (2014). ISBN: 978-966-97403-2-8 Oksana Zabuzhko is a Ukrainian poet, novelist, publicist and civic activist. She is the author of Field Studies in Ukrainian Sex and The Museum of Abandoned Secrets novels. Tetiana Teren is a journalist and cultural manager. KOMORA Publishing House Rights coordinator: Oksana Shchur oksana.schur@gmail.com

Private Diary. Maidan. War... Maria Matios It is perhaps the most expected book. It “tempers the reader with the truth” about the events of Maidan and about the ongoing war, which the author participated in or witnessed. This is a chronicle that begins at the end of 2013 and continues through the first half of the summer 2015. In a very touching and perceptible way, the writer describes the little stories of Ukrainian families. In her book during the bloodiest and the most dramatic days of Maidan, Matios defends the Nation from the atrocities of the Ukrainian riot police Berkut and from the brutal thugs hired by the government, titushky. She does it at Kyiv pretrial detention center, in courts, at hospitals, in soldiers’ trenches and dug-out shelters, in the towns and villages of Donbas that were destroyed by bombs… ISBN: 978-966-97403-2-8 Maria Matios is one of the most famous writers in Ukraine, author of over 20 books. Her novel Sweet Darusia has been recognized as a bestseller, have been 6 editions of the it, with the total circulation of 200,000 copies. Maria’s works were published as separate books in Austria, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Lithuania, Italy and Australia. Literary Agency Pyramid Rights coordinator: Tatyana Matskevich tetiana.matskevich@gmail.com


for adults

Catastrophe and Triumph. Histories of Ukrainian Heroes

I, an Eyewitness. Notes from the Occupied Luhansk

Maria Semenchenko

Valentyn Torba

This book tells the stories of those who went out to defend our land and preserve the nation’s unity, those who did heroic deeds by just doing their job well and staying true to the oath. It is also about their strength, will, and courage. It is about Heroes — the fallen and those who survived, went through and experienced it all. Over the duration of the war in eastern Ukraine, we in Den/The Day have collected and published many stories that could have filled several volumes. We keep writing them down. The book contains seminal stories of landmark events in this undeclared war in the Donbas. Perhaps you will like not all of them, but after reading this book you will never again see this war as abstract and distant, even if you live thousands of kilometers away from the front and never heard a Grad rocket bursting...

The book contains memoirs, diary fragments, and contributions to Den/ The Day, which were a window into unoccupied Ukraine for the author during his time under occupation. Sometimes, he had no power, or no hope of liberation, or no way to contact anybody beyond the limits of his encircled city, which turned into a trap. Still, he was convinced that readers in Kyiv or Odesa, Kharkiv or Lviv had to get an inside perspective on how the forces of evil crucified the east of our country. They had to do it not just for the record or to dwell on hot details, but above all to draw the right conclusions. This book’s ink smells of blood and is soaked with tears. It will tell its readers about loss and pain, heroism and helplessness, about experience of Ukrainians in the Donbas and about what we will have to endure in the future. Ultimately, it tells about things we have to be prepared for...

ISBN: 978-966-8152-65-8 Maria Semenchenko is the society section editor of Den/The Day and a civic volunteer. She was a member of the compiling team for photo album People of the Maidan. A Chronicle. The Ukrainian Press Group LLC Rights coordinator: Yaroslava Yatchenko marketing.theday@gmail.com


ISBN: 978-966-8152-63-4 Valentyn Torba is Den/The Day’s reporter. A former resident of Luhansk, he saw his hometown’s occupation firsthand and witnessed bloody Russian provocations that hit civilians. The Ukrainian Press Group LLC Rights coordinator: Yaroslava Yatchenko marketing.theday@gmail.com

for adults

“Trap”, or A Case without a Statute of Limitations

Art Barbiсan: Triangle 92, anthology

Ivan Kapsamun

This book is a collection of works by the regulars of legendary Art Barbican, which stood on the outskirts of Maidan near Khreshchatyk metro station during Dignity Revolution. This place was number 92 on a capture chart of Maidan, which did not happen. There were readings, lectures, exhibitions of most famous representatives of ukrainian intelligentsia.

This is not some kind of alternative history, this is the very history hidden from us. The book is a documentary evidence provided by The Day, on how and why the most resonant crimes were possible: the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, the kidnapping and beating of public figure Oleksiy Podolsky, the assassination attempt on the life of the MP of the 2nd and 3rd convocations Oleksandr Yeliashkevych. This is the core of the modern history of Ukraine in terms of human tragedies, chances missed, and the country’s deformation, which eventually led to the war. Why was this even possible and when did it start? And most importantly — when will the country get rid of the dangerous “virus”? The answers to these questions are contained within a book. ISBN: 978-966-8152-64-1 Ivan Kapsamun is the politics section editor of The Day. Since 2009 he has been constantly and steadily unraveling the resonant case of Gongadze and Podolsky, author of numerous articles, that denounce the “Kuchma’s system” and tell the true contemporary history of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Press Group LLC Rights coordinator: Yaroslava Yatchenko marketing.theday@gmail.com

Authors: Yuriy Andrukhovych, Oleksiy Byk, Andriy Bondar, Valeriy Verkhovskyi, Olena Holovina, Igor Holfman, Ruslan Gorovyi, Evhen Dykyi, Olena Dubova, Andriy Yermolenko, Serhiy Zhadan, Pavlo Zharko, Oleksandr Zakletskyi, Maria Zolotova, Said Ismagilov, Oleksandr Komiakhov, Pavlo Korobchuk, Oleh Kotsarev, Vitia Kravets, Vano Kruger, Serhiy Kuzhmich, Oleksa Mann, Mr. BrownGreen, Oleksander Motsar, Antin Mukharskyi, Oleksiy Nikitin, Svitlana Povaliaieva, Artem Polezhaka, Siargey Prylutski, Lesia Roy, Anton Sanchenko, Ivan Semesiuk, Oleksiy Sudarenko, Ihor Tykholaz, Anton Tselovalnyk, Evhenia Chupryna, Oleh Shynkarenko. ISBN: 978-966-97508-4-6 Luta Sprava Publishing Rights coordinator: Andriy Goncharuk info.lutasprava.com


for adults

Annexation: The Island of Crimea. Chronicles of Hybrid War Taras Berezovets The book examines the mechanisms and technologies of the so-called “hybrid war” unleashed by the forces of the Russia (“little green men”) on Crimea. He studies the intelligence and outreach operation of Russian special services, which have been working to prepare the annexation of Crimea since 1991. The book contains documents, photos, that serve as the evidence of the criminal nature of the occupation of the peninsula. The book chronologically covers the period from February 18, 2014, the beginning of the mass shootings at the Independence Square in Kyiv involving Russian special services, through March 18, 2014. It contains exclusive testimonies provided specially for this book by Ukrainian, Russian and international politicians and military experts, journalists and activists. ISBN: 978-966-2665-69-7 Taras Berezovets is a political expert, has been working for a long time with top Ukrainian politicians. From the first days of the annexation of Crimea, he has been fighting the Kremlin propaganda machine, organizing scholarly events in Ukraine and abroad. Also he created project Free Crimea. As part of the project’s activities, the analytical report on the human rights situation was prepared — Black Book of Occupation of Crimea. Bright Star Publishing Ltd Rights coordinator: Dmytro Kyrychenko dk@brightstar.com.ua 18

The Maidan: An Untold Story Sonya Koshkina Numerous books on the Maidan have mushroomed since its victory in February 2014. Most of them, however, reproduce popular blogs and personal stories without sufficient conceptualisation of the protest. This book makes a step further. Its ambition is to reconstruct the whole picture of the protest in every detail. Thus, the author explores the schemes of movements of the special forces, publishes for the first time the orders they received, sheds light on the role of the Russian instructors. She describes new facts about the mass killing on the Maidan, which were only recently established by the ongoing investigation and remain unpublished. Her recordings of those who faught against the Euromaidan are unique. ISBN: 978-966-2665-58-1 Sonya Koshkina is a pen name of Ukrainian journalist Kseaniia Vasylenko, who writes on a wide variety of political issues including democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, etc. She runs as editor-in-chief an online portal LB.ua, which is one of the most successful online political journals with up to 3.5 million readers monthly. Bright Star Publishing Ltd Rights coordinator: Dmytro Kyrychenko dk@brightstar.com.ua

for adults

#Euromaidan — History In the Making

War. Journalism From The Front Line

Volodymyr Kadygrob, Kateryna Taylor, Gleb Gusev, Taras Liutyi, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Kateryna Sergatskova

Olga Kashpor

This book is dedicated to Ukraine’s 201–2014 Revolution of Dignity and Democracy. The movement’s first sparks were ignited in Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square). It has always been a place for gathering and debate, but the Revolution has brought a whole new meaning to the “Maidan”. It is much more than a place. It is a movement that has transformed civil society and demands political accountability. The Revolution’s mass protests forced Ukraine’s corrupt President to flee and ushered opposition leaders into power. Through vivid photographs and accompanying text, this book documents and explains Euromaidan — as a historical event, as a set of shared values, and as a form of self-organisation and creative expression. This book assembles the most compelling photographs taken by Ukrainian photographers at the Maidan; this hardback album studies the archives of over 600 photographers.

The war in Ukraine isn’t confined to the eastern front. Visual arts, fiction and journalism have become the site of other, no less important battles. This book offers a panorama of the 2014–2015 war in Donbas as seen by TSN’s journalists (the team of a news program on channel 1+1). Despite their love for their country and their deep anguish over its present challenges, these journalists remain faithful to the tenets of objective and balanced reporting. War. Journalism from the front line offers 28 personal stories of the journalists who keep going back to the war zone. Merging essays with photographs, the book provides witness testimonies. The numbers of casualties cited for some incidents are not yet final. They are updated as new information comes in. ISBN: 978-966-500-372-4 OSNOVY Publishing Rights coordinator: Dana Pavlychko danapavlychko@osnovypublishing.com

ISBN: 978-966-500-355-7 OSNOVY Publishing Rights coordinator: Dana Pavlychko danapavlychko@osnovypublishing.com 19

for adults


The Airport

Yevhen Polozhiy

Sergei Loiko

This novel is based on a true story and describes the active military operations of Ukrainian army against the separatists in 2014. It focuses on “Ilovaisk pocket”, which came to be the biggest defeat of Ukrainian army during the war. It seems that Ukrainian military are just a step away from surrounding Donetsk. To do so, they need to seize the small town of Ilovaisk, an important railway junction to the east from Donetsk. The ATO headquarters are sending volunteer battalions, territorial defense battalions, and Ukrainian Armed Forces units into the attack, about 2,000 people altogether. However, these forces are obviously not large enough for blockade and attack... On August 23 and 24, Russian regular army enters the war on the territory of Ukraine, crossing the border in mass numbers and creating the so-called “Ilovaisk pocket”, in which Russians shoot columns of Ukrainian soldiers at a pointblank range. The same tragic fate befalls the army units hurrying to help... This is a book about courage and cowardice, feats and betrayal, the incredible heroism and humanity of Ukrainian soldiers and officers.

The events of the novel begin at the Airport and unfold minute by minute within the last five days of its more than 240-day-long siege. Although the novel is based on real facts, all the characters are fictitious. Day and night, a little Ukrainian garrison of the Airport is fighting back the attacks of the enemy, which outstrips it both in manpower and in equipment. However, at this ruined down to its foundations Airport, the treacherous and cruel enemies face something unexpected and incredible. They face “cyborgs”. This is how the enemies themselves called the defenders of the Airport for the latter’s superhuman persistence and stubbornness of the doomed. The Airport is not a chronicle, nor an investigation or a memorial. ISBN: 978-966-2665-68-0

Yevhen Polozhiy is journalist and writer, the author of many novels.

Sergei Loiko is a correspondent and photographer at The Los Angeles Times, has covered the armed conflicts, revolutions and wars in Nagorno-Karabakh, Romania, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He has covered Ukrainian revolution and the subsequent war with almost no interruptions since its first day of November 30, 2013 till February 2015. He was the only foreign correspondent, who visited Donetsk airport in October 2014 and spent four full days with the “cyborgs”.

Folio Publishers, LTD Rights coordinator: Yevhen Krasovytskyi foliotrade@gmail.com

Bright Star Publishing Ltd Rights coordinator: Dmytro Kyrychenko dk@brightstar.com.ua

ISBN: 978-966-03-7358-7


for adults

Artist of the War

Three-Letter War

Maxim Butchenko

Kateryna Sergatskova, Artem Chapay, Vladimir Maksakov

This is the history of modern Ukraine shown through the prism of the fate of small people involved in the military confrontation in Donbas. The plot focuses on the real-life story of two brothers, Anton and Serhiy. Anton dreamt of becoming a painter, but he couldn’t make it and has to earn money in a mine. He lives with a wasted talent in his heart and poverty and hardships around him. When the war begins, he finds himself in the separatists’ “militia”. The second brother, Serhiy, is poles apart from Anton. He is prosperous, lives abroad, and supports the official Ukrainian government. Will they be able to come to mutual understanding in the world where hatred and love, justice and cruelty, life and death collide? ISBN: 978-966-03-7356-3 Maxim Butchenko is a journalist, blogger and contributing editor of the weeklies Novoe Vremya (“The New Time”) and Obozrevatel (“Observer”). Folio Publishers, LTD Rights coordinator: Yevhen Krasovytskyi foliotrade@gmail.com

The book Three-Letter War is a collection of news reports, commentaries and eyewitnesses’ accounts of what was happening in Ukraine from February 22, 2014 (President Yanukovych’s flight) till the beginning of 2015. It features materials by two Ukrainian journalists, Kateryna Sergatskova and Artem Chapay written during those ten months. The book also includes an important text by the Moscow philologist Vladimir Maksakov, who one summer enrolled in “Donetsk People’s Republic” army, was taken captive, and then described his experience in detail. The authors themselves have visited the “hot spots” in Ukraine, repeatedly crossing the borders between the territories under the control of Ukrainian army and those controlled by the “militiamen” of “Donetsk National Republic” and “Lugansk National Republic”, and meeting soldiers and civilians on the both sides of the front lines. ISBN: 978-966-03-7168-2 Folio Publishers, LTD Rights coordinator: Yevhen Krasovytskyi foliotrade@gmail.com


for adults

Non-Fraternal Max Kidruk This is a very recent and relevant investigation of the relations between Ukraine and Russia, from the times of the Pereyaslav Treaty till our days. It dispels the hardened myths of the “eternal fraternity” between the two nations, analyses the causes of today’s conflict, and makes forecasts regarding the First hybrid war. The book discusses the 300 years of “friendship and fraternity”, the fall of the Soviet Union, the Budapest Memorandum, the Black Sea Fleet, and the “gas wars”. The book has been translated into Polish. ISBN: 978-966-14-8789-4 Max Kidruk is an author of ten books, a programmer and a tireless traveler. Even before he wrote “Bot”, the first Ukrainian technothriller, which has been translated into Russian and Polish and has opened the author’s way to the international arena, Kidruk received the International Literary Contest “Coronation of the Word” 2009 and 2012 awards, “Discovery of the Year” diploma from KS book selling chain in 2009, and “Book of the Year 2010” award. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

Hybrid War: To Survive and to Win Yevhen Magda A hybrid war is a new phenomenon in international relations. Russia has been using this mechanism to subordinate Ukraine to its interests, while formally preserving the sovereignty of the country. In his book, Magda tells about the historical, energy, information and psychological aspects of the hybrid war and lists the reasons due to which Ukraine has become a victim of Russian aggression. The author does not limit himself to the statement “Putin is to blame for everything”, instead, he analyses the reasons of the weakening of Ukraine, notes the main manifestations of aggression, and offers a recipe for victory in the confrontation against the biggest country of the world. ISBN: 978-617-724-646-5 Yevhen Magda is associate professor at the Publishing and Printing institute of the National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnic institute”, and executive director at the Centre for social relations, Ph.D. in Political Science. He is one of Ukraine’s leading political experts and an author of numerous journalistic articles on Ukraine’s domestic and foreign policy. Vivat Publishing House Rights coordinator: Lina Shatilova e.shatilova@vivat.factor.ua


for adults

100 Days in Captivity, or Call Sign 911

Volunteers. Mobilization of the Good (anthology)

Valeriy Makeyev

Compiled by Irena Karpa

This book is a confession of a volunteer, who has gone through the war in the East of Ukraine and found himself in the jail in a basement, where no laws or rules work, and instead everything is built exclusively upon human relationships. It is a documentary story about the parallel dimension that exists just several hundreds away from Kyiv. Violent militiamen, Russian paratroopers, psychological interrogations, humiliations, and tortures — few people can survive these. But he has survived... and written about it, in a controversial, contradictory, non-conventional, but honest manner. The book received a special award at the Lviv Publishers’ Forum in 2015. Separate parts of the book were published in Belarusian and Israeli media.

People for people! This motto has powered hundreds of volunteers in the ATO zone. Full of pain and outrage, faith and bitterness, sadness and hope, these are the stories of the people who, having forgotten their rest, help internally displaced persons and ATO soldiers and risk their lives trying to save others’. The book features works by famous Ukrainian authors, including: Serhiy Zhadan, Irena Karpa, Max Kidruk, Halyna Vdovychenko, Larysa Denysenko, Iren Rozdobudko, Iryna Slavinska, Halyna Shyyan, Andriy Lyubka and Kateryna Babkina.

ISBN: 978-617-7318-09-4

ISBN: 978-966-14-8777-1 Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

Valeriy Makeyev is a lawyer, writer and volunteer. He has written dozens of scholarly articles on legal topics, also won high-profile cases against both state bodies and powerful private companies. Makeyev is one of the organizers of “Orthodox Service for the Home Front” initiative. Together with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, he has travelled the war in the East of Ukraine, from the borders of Crimea to Slaviansk and Shchastya in Donbas. Every week, he brought humanitarian aid to the war zone. Rights coordinator: Valeriy Makeyev +38 050 447 29 57, makot@ukr.net 23

for adults


Kyiv Junta City

Bohdan Zholdak

Dmytro Savchenko

UKRY, a cinematographic story by Bohdan Zholdak, a renowned Ukrainian writer and scriptwriter, is a battle prose about the current Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukrainian Donbas.”Ukry” is a derogatory name for Ukrainians used by separatist forces. It is a solid action based on real events of the RussianUkrainian hybrid war, where Ukrainians desperately play with death, standing their ground and protecting their dignity. To be read by almost all generations.

The collection of multifaceted texts united in this book is a new expression of the controversial ideas of the literary experimentalist Dmytro Savchenko. In his typical manner, the author operates the words on the verge of a sketch, an essay, poetry, and non-fiction, fostering his own genre of provocation. The theses presented in the versatile parts of the book launch an impudent attack on the philistine format of thought and might trigger outrage of “normal citizens.” Yet this book will at the very least arouse the interest of creative and moderately insane types, and, perhaps will even give cause for founding some radical political sects.

ISBN: 978-617-585-087-9 Bohdan Zholdak is a famous Ukrainian writer, playwright and scriptwriter born in Kyiv. He graduated from the department of philology of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (1971). He is a member of the writer’s union and the cinematographer’s union. He had worked as a teacher, film editor and radio presenter. Since 1981 he had been a lecturer of movie and television scriptwriting at the Karpenko-Karyi University. He is the author of more than a dozen books, movie scripts and plays. His works were published in the USA, Japan, Croatia. A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Rights coordinator: Taras Malkovych tmalkovych@gmail.com

ISBN: 978-966-399-652-3 Dmytro Savchenko is a writer, journalist, columnist and philosopher. He was born in Kyiv. In 2004, he graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a degree in philosophy. He works as a radio presenter, participates in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) as a military journalist, actively helps political prisoners and gives lectures. Savchenko has published several poetry and journalistic books. He defines his writing style as “provocation”. The field of his interest lies in totalitarian art, religious philosophy and geopolitics. Bookrek Rights coordinator: Daria Maksymets daryna@bukrek.net


for adults

ATO. Stories from the East to the West Margaryta Surzhenko Born in Lugansk, the young author has repeatedly asked herself, “Why do we live in Ukraine, but speak Russian?� In 2012, Margaryta witnessed the events in Lugansk, which began to escalate in the spring of 2014. In summer, she left the city and visited Kryvy Rig, Lutsk, and the village of Holovyni in Volyn region. These events inspired her to write the book ATO. Stories from the East to the West. ISBN: 978-617-7236-15-2 Diskursus Publishing House Rights coordinator: Oksana Karpyuk ladiscursus@gmail.com

Crimea the Ukrainian Way This book is a collection of short stories about the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, annexed by Russia. The book includes 23 texts by Ukrainian authors who have won the short prose contest. The stories are divided into four groups, namely fiction, social texts, political texts, and texts about love. The list of the authors includes both debutants and experienced writers, such as Vladyslav Ivchenko and Anna Bagryana. After all, the anthology, whose emergence was triggered by a tragedy, is an additional proof of how literature lasts, moves and responds to the most painful circumstances. ISBN: 978-617-7236-38-1 Diskursus Publishing House Rights coordinator: Oksana Karpyuk ladiscursus@gmail.com


for adults

Undeclared War. Unknown Facts and Chronicles of the ATO

The Book of Changes

Olga Kalinovska, Oleh Kryshtopa, Yevhen Nazarenko, Valentyn Trokhymchuk, Daryna Fedenko

This collection of short stories by famous Ukrainian journalist and writer describes war that suddenly came to Ukraine and changed the lives and minds of millions of people. The heroes of the stories are connected with each other and with the author with the complex web of personal relationships. They, along with the whole country go the way of change — from stagnation to the revolution, from Maidan to war. Stories that happen to the characters seem to be incredible, but this is a new reality in which you learn how to survive. The book has all chances to become in the future one of the fiction documents of the era in which we live.

This book commemorates everyone who gave his or her life and those who survived in the battles. Its main goal is to remember everything, day by day. Later, historians will argue about when it actually began. As every secret war, it does not have a certain beginning date, and only God knows when it will end. In addition to the chronology of the military actions, the book offers analytical materials that help gain understanding and get rid of at least a little bit of fear. ISBN: 978-966-14-9647-6 Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

Andriy Tsaplienko

ISBN: 978-966-14-9635-3 Andriy Tsaplienko is a known Ukrainian journalist, writer and director. Since 1999 he works as a war correspondent. As a journalist he has traveled to many “hot spots” around the globe. From the first days of the war in Ukraine he has been working on the front line in the East. By shooting the coverage from the firing line he tries to understand, whether this war was really inevitable. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua


for adults

Naked Nerve Svitlana Talan A war tears masks off people’s faces, strips their souls naked, and makes its own division into good and evil... Nastya believed she had a strong and united family and that they would always help each other and be together in the most challenging times. But the spring of 2014 showed who is who… Severodonetsk, a town in Eastern Ukraine, came under the control of the separatists. A chasm seemed to open wide, and the closest people found themselves on different sides: Nastya’s son Gennadiy, who had been injured at Maidan, decided to fight against the so-called Novorossia, and her daughter Ivanka, on the other side, joined insurgents’ militia… Everybody made their own choice, and the relatives’ roads parted. Is it possible to bridge the abyss that the war has put between them? ISBN: 978-966-14-9095-5 Svitlana Talan has repeatedly become a finalist of the all-Ukrainian contest Coronation of the Word and received an award from the ANTIAIDS foundation as the author of the “Best Novel Addressing Acute Social Issues”. In 2012, Focus magazine recognized Talan as one of the most successful Ukrainian writers. The heroes of her novels are people of strong spirit who do not betray their conscience even in еру most difficult situations. The author lives in a town of Donbas liberated by Ukrainian army from separatists and invaders. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua 27

Books for Children


Stars and Poppy Seeds

My Little Kyiv


My little Kyiv is an activity city guide for children tells about the history and culture of ancient city of Kyiv in a popular and entertaining way. It includes quizzes and activities. The book introduces the city to children in series of illustrated walks with their parents. Kids can fix their experiences and observations on the pages of the book, turning it in their own journey diary. French translation of the book is underway.

The book tells a story of a little girl named Dora, who above all loves to count. Dora has been surrounded by numbers and various formulae since her childhood, as her parents are famous mathematicians. Unlike other children who count little elephants in order to go to sleep, Dora counted all the animals in the world including sea-cows, tapirs and platypuses. Stars and Poppy Seeds was named the best book of the summer in “Book of the Year 2014” contest (nomination “Children’s Fest”). The book was one of the winners of Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014 contest in the nomination “Opera Prima”. Stars and Poppy Seeds has been translated to Korean (South Korea), Spanish (Argentina), Chinese, and Slovenian.

ISBN: 978-966-2449-50-1 Age 4+ Laurus Rights coordinator: Anastasia Denysenko laurus.info@yahoo.com

ISBN: 978-617-679-051-8 Age 3+ Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua


Who Will Make the Snow Taras Prokhasko and Mariana Prokhasko This the first book of the “mole trilogy” created by Taras and Mariana Prokhasko. Every new book is a separate adventure of the family of moles and their thirteen babies. Who Will Make the Snow tells about friendship and mutual help, care and homely cosiness, and about who actually makes snow… The fairy tail gained the first prize in the BBC Book of the Year 2013 competition in the BBC Children’s Book of the Year nomination. It also received LitAkcent of the Year 2013 award in the nomination “Prose and Poetry for Children”, topped the Book of the Year 2013 ranking in the nomination “Children’s Holiday”, and was included in the international White Ravens Catalogue in 2014. The book has been translated into Korean (South Korea), Latvian and Czech. ISBN: 978-617-679-027-3 Age 6+ Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua

Where Did the Sea Disappear Taras Prokhasko and Mariana Prokhasko Where Did the Sea Disappear is the second joint book of Taras and Mariana Prokhasko’s mole stories. This time, the big mole family is heading to warm faraway lands, where grapes grow, which can be used to make plenty of nutritious raisins for the winter. Only Murkavka, Povz and Martina are staying at home in the Beech Forest. Yet the children are not scared to be on their own, because, after all, they have friends. Moreover, a famous singer Sonia Sadova is coming to the Beech Forest, and a real detective story is coming along… There is also a surprise hidden in the book, a special QR-code leading to the website with the songs from Sonia Sadova’s album (performed by Dana Binnytska, the singer of the PolishUkrainian group DagaDana). In 2014, Where Did the Sea Disappear was included in the list of 20 best books of the Best Book of Lviv Publishers’ Forum award. ISBN: 978-617-679-091-4 Age 6+ Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua


How to Understand a Goat Taras Prokhasko and Mariana Prokhasko The third book of Taras and Mariana Prokhasko’s “mole saga” How to Understand a Goat will entertain both children and adults who still remember how it feels to be a child. After all, only a child can write letters to Santa and honestly believe that he or she can ask for absolutely anything and get it, from tangerines to a flying ship. One can use this ship, poetically named Metaphor, to set out on a journey to the sea, together with Murkavka, Povz and their friends. One can live on an island and learn to understand... even a goat. ISBN: 978-617-679-165-2 Age 6+ Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua

Taras and Mariana Prokhasko Taras is a writer, journalist, and one of the representatives of Stanislav phenomenon. Taras was born in 1968 in Ivano-Frankivsk. He graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv majoring in biology (1992). He participated in the student movement of 1989–1991 and in the Revolution on Granite in Kyiv in 1990. Taras worked at Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Carpathian Forestry, taught at a school in his native town, worked as a bartender, a guard, a radio presenter at Vezha FM station, and was employed at an art gallery, a newspaper, and a TV studio. He is a member of Ukrainian Writers’ Association. Mariana was born in 1976 in Uzhgorod. As a child, she moved to Ivano-Frankivsk with her parents. In 1998, she graduated from the Precarpathian National University with a degree in English Philology. Since then, she has taught private English lessons to children of different ages and done translations. Mariana and Taras Prokhasko are the authors of the “mole trilogy” (Who Will Make the Snow, Where Did the Sea Disappear, How to Understand the Goat) published by the Old Lion Publishing House.


How Many?

A Coin

Halyna Kyrpa Illustrated by Olha Havrylova

Ania Khromova Illustrated by Anna Sarvira

This board book offers children a harmonious verbal and visual game of asking questions and searching for answers in two languages: Ukrainian and English. It will promote the development of imagination, attention, language skills and help to set a friendly dialogue between children and adults.

Little Romko lost his coin, but did not get upset for too long, since he acquired something much more valuable. This Ukrainian-English bilingual board book tells a story of the extraordinary in everyday life and illuminates how a bit of humor and imagination might make a perfectly ordinary day unusual.

ISBN 978-966-432-135-5 Age: 2+

ISBN 978-966-97380-1-1 Age: 3+

Halyna Kyrpa is a Ukrainian writer and translator. She is the author of several poetry books, school readers and anthologies. She translated into Ukrainian the works of Hans Christian Andersen, Astrid Lindgren, Knut Hamsun, Ulf Stark and other world famous writers. She lives in Kyiv.

Ania Khromova is a poet, author, translator and mother of two children. She lives in Netanya, Israel.

Olha Havrylova is a ceramic artist, illustrator, and animator. She was awarded with the highest honors at the international competition “The Art of the Book” and “The Best Book of Ukraine.” She lives in Kyiv. Bratske Publishers Rights coordinator: Bogdan Berezenko agape.kyiv@gmail.com


Anna Sarvira is an illustrator and co-founder of the Pictoric illustrator club. She illustrates children’s books and magazines. She took part in many exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. She is the winner of the COW International Design Festival. She lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. Bratske Publishers Rights coordinator: Bogdan Berezenko agape.kyiv@gmail.com

Mr. Catsky, Mira and the Sea Oksana Lushchevska Illustrated by Violetta Borigard Mira dreams about the sea, but it is so far away! One day an unusual guest visits her, and suddenly Mira plunges into an unexpected journey. Will it be adventurous? Will Mira experience some fortunes and misfortunes on the way? Will she reach the sea? This bilingual Ukrainian-English board book tells a story of friendship, imagination, and what happens when one faces life’s exciting and sometimes uneasy dilemmas. ISBN 978-966-97380-4-2 Age: 4+ Oksana Lushchevska is a writer and translator. She is an author of 14 books for children. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Georgia studying children’s literature since 2012. She lives in Athens, Georgia, USA. Violetta Borigard is an artist, illustrator of children’s and young adult literature, author of stories and art books for children. She graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Printing majoring in book graphic design. She lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. Bratske Publishers Rights coordinator: Bogdan Berezenko agape.kyiv@gmail.com


How Petryk Pyatochkyn Counted the Elephants Natalia Huzeyeva The book is a collection of three stories about the most amusing and restless boy in the world. Who fools around, plays pranks and fantasizes most than anyone? Who can get into trouble without even getting out of his bed? It is all Petryk Pyatochkin! This boy, who resembles a beam of sunshine, goes to kindergarten where he has many friends. The book offers the stories of the great adventures of the fidget Petryk. They tell how he managed to count all the colorful flap-eared baby elephants in the distant Africa, how he became friends with the robot Tasia and set off in search of the real Santa Claus. ISBN: 978-617-69-0120-4 Age: 4+ Natalia Huzeyeva is a writer, script writer, translator, and the author of the literary and cartoon characters Petryk Pyatochkyn and Kapitoshka. The movies with these characters were included in the “Golden Collection of Animated Films of 1943–1991”. She is a member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine and a jury member of the International Children’s Festival of TV Films “Dytiatko”. She worked as a research associate, a translator and an editor at the film production studio Kyivnauchfilm. Her scripts were used for production of 14 animations and two science fiction films. The overall edition of her books about the droplet Kapitoshka, the Petryk and the girl Olenka amounts to more than 5 million copies, which have been distributed all over the world. Vivat Publishing House Rights coordinator: Lina Shatilova e.shatilova@vivat.factor.ua 34

The Painted Fox Ivan Franko Illustrated by Kost’ Lavro The Painted Fox is one of the most well-known fables by Ivan Franko, a prominent Ukrainian writer. The rollicking and presumptuous Fox jumps through hoops to impress his friends with his wicked nimbleness. Even when he gets into real trouble, the sly Fox ultimately manages to turn everything out for his own benefit. Though, in his endless egotism the Fox forgot a wise proverb: “You can get through the whole world with lies, but you won’t return”… ISBN 978-617-585-079-4 Age: 5+ Ivan Franko (27.08.1856–28.05.1916) was a Ukrainian author, scholar, journalist, and political activist who gained prominence among Ukrainian writers at the end of the 19th century. He wrote dramas, lyric poetry, short stories, essays and children’s verse, but his naturalistic novels chronicling contemporary Galician society and his long narrative poems mark the height of his literary achievement. A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Rights coordinator: Taras Malkovych tmalkovych@gmail.com


The Bunny’s Christmas

Yulia Laktionova Illustrated by Polina Doroshenko

Ivan Andrusiak, Julia Pilipchatina

Little homeless dog Mayechka has found a family. What is friendship, happiness and art in a dog’s way? Dive into the magic world of Mayechka and her friends with every page of the book, and then share your emotions with your friends and family! Take the post cards attached to every page — with or without an occasion, they will always come in handy! ISBN 978-617-7156-50-4 Age: 3+ ADEF Company Group Rights coordinator: Alla Istomina m4@adef.com.ua

On winter days the bunny misses the sun. He cannot enjoy the snow until he receives a sunny present from Saint Nicholas and celebrates the sunniest holiday of the year — Christmas. This book invites its readers to spend their winter — both workdays and holidays — together with the bunny and his forest friends. ISBN 978-966-97422-5-4 Age: 3+ Ivan Andrusiak is a poet and children’s writer, essayist, translator, editor. He is a winner of many literary prizes and awards. His works have been translated into twelve languages. The story Eight Days of Chipmunk`s Life entered the prestigious catalogue of the world’s best books for children “White Ravens”. He is also a member of the Ukrainian Center of International PEN and the chief editor of the publishing house “Fountain of Fairy Tales.” Fountain of Fairy Tales Rights coordinator: Oleg Rybalka oleg@fontan-book.com


Colored Things

Counting-Out Game



As always, the board book Colored Things from the creative studio Agrafka is a real artistic phenomenon. Designed for the smallest readers, the book teaches children not only to distinguish colors, but also to notice the “colored things” in the world around. The book is special not only due to its minimalistic and classy design and its psychological conformity to children’s development, but also because of the peculiarities of the print designed for the youngest readers (e.g. laminated cardboard and rounded edges of pages).

As always, the board book Counting-Out Game from the creative studio Agrafka is a real artistic phenomenon. Designed for the youngest readers, it teaches children to count from 1 to 10. At the heart of the book, there lies a famous folk rhyme known to every baby. The book is special not only due to its minimalistic and classy design and its psychological conformity to children’s development, but also because of the peculiarities of the print designed for the youngest readers (e.g. laminated cardboard and rounded edges of pages).

The book was included to the Critics Rating’s top 10 editions for children and teens and was featured in the “Seven Ukrainian Board Books for the Youngest Readers” ranking.

The book was included in the “7 Ukrainian Pop-Out Books for the Youngest Readers” and “The Best Counting-Out Game” rankings.

ISBN: 978-966-10-3260-5 Age: 2+ Educational Book — Bogdan Rights coordinator: Tatiana Budna t_budna@bohdan-books.com


ISBN: 978-966-10-3188-2 Age: 2+ Educational Book — Bogdan Rights coordinator: Tatiana Budna t_budna@bohdan-books.com

Tashenka and Cactus Illustrations and text by Slava Shults This is a board anti stress drawing selfmade book. This is one and only book that combines a story for a child and a drawing book for mom. It helps you to turn back the hands of time. What is the best thing for a child? Only a book created by lovely mother. ISBN 978-617-7307-29-6 Age: 4+ Slava Shults was born in 1992 in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). In 2011 she graduated from Theatrically-art College and entered Kharkiv state academy of design. Slava Shults is an active participant of many art exhibitions. ASTRA Publishing Rights coordinator: Anzhelika Faikova publish@astrabook.com

Hand-in-Hand with a Turtle. Ivasyk, Jesusyk and Marichka (two books in one)

Vasyl Karpiuk, Hrystyna Strynadiuk In this book a well-known poet, Vasyl Karpiuk, and a young artist, Hrystyna Strynadiuk, both born in the magical Ukrainian Carpathians, use their special imagery to speak to you and your child — natural, real, free from convention and prejudice. You and your child will travel to magical worlds, beginning with the fairy-tale Carpathians, together with Ivasyk, Jesusyk and Marichka — and you will see that ‘it is nice walking hand-in-hand with a turtle… The book got to the Longlist of Critic’s Rating 2014 (Ukraine). ISBN 978-966-97422-6-1 Age: 3+ Vasyl Karpiuk is a poet, writer and publisher. He is an author of the collection of selected works Rubbish, poetic book BRUSTURY and a number of articles in periodicals. He is also a chief editor of the publishing house “Discursus”. Fountain of Fairy Tales Rights coordinator: Oleg Rybalka oleg@fontan-book.com


The Funny Stories

I Have Painted Fairy Tales

Vitaly Kyrychenko

Vitaliy Kyrychenko

These are the cheerful stories happening with a little boy. The funny fact is that all of those stories are autobiographical and these adventures really happened in the life of the writer and painter Vitaly Kyrychenko. And as we all know, everything that happens in life has its instructive meaning. The book was published in Russian and Ukrainian.

The book contains reproductions of paintings of the contemporary painter Vitaliy Kyrychenko, along with the accompanying fairy tales, which he wrote himself for children. Each picture has a secret that the tale reveals. In addition, each picture can be colored, as there is a separately designed coloring book where the pictures are converted into outlines. The idea behind the coloring book is: color the picture better than the painter did. Thus, one perceives the picture mentally, visually, and through motion. This book by the painter Vitaliy Kyrychenko is a charming fairy tale that tells of important things: friendship, taking care of family, nature, family values, and love. It reveals all the beauty of a sunset and a sunrise, and touches our secret dreams and thoughts.

ISBN 978-966-471-173-6 Age: 12+ Masters’ Time Publishing House Rights coordinator: Alina Mekhed alina.mekhed@masterclassbook.com

ISBN 978-966-471-186-6 Age: 5+ Vitaliy Kyrychenko is a painter and author of three books for children. He also creates the illustrations for his books. Masters’ Time Publishing House Rights coordinator: Alina Mekhed alina.mekhed@masterclassbook.com


Ukrainian Fairy-Tale Illustrator: Victoria Skakandi The book is a part of series “Magic Fairy-Tales”. The kindest, cutest, wisest and most loved Ukrainian fairy-tales are collected in this wonderful book! A bright cover, sweet illustrations by Viktoria Skakandi and full texts… Every child should have a book like that in his or her home library. ISBN 978-617-09-2055-3 Age: 4+ Victoria Skakandi was born in 1978 in Kyiv and graduated from the faculty of Graphics at National Academy of Art. Illustrating children’s books is both her job and her hobby. Victoria managed to create her own style that combines true-to-life and decorative elements. Her illustrations for fairytales look especially captivating. Ranok Limited Publishing House Rights coordinator: Olga Nazarova olga.shaposhnikova@gmail.com

Figures from Paper and Wire Oleksiy Cherepanov The book is a part of the series ”Skilled Little Hands”. The book contains a special technique of making figures from crepe coloured paper on a wire carcass. Each work step is described in detail; each workpiece is accompanied with a picture of the animal and some curious facts about it. Creative work will entertain and develop your child, whereas bright hand-made figures can be used further as a stylish decoration for your room or as a souvenir to remember. ISBN 978-617-09-1899-4 Age 7+ Oleksiy Cherepanov is a gifted Kharkiv artist, who illustrated fabulous children’s books among which are The Tales of Uncle Remus, Wind in the Willows etc. He has been working for over 20 publishers worldwide and for over 10 years he has been working for “Ranok” Publishing House. Figures from Paper and Wire is one of the examples of his talented and fruitful work for children. Ranok Limited Publishing House Rights coordinator: Olga Nazarova olga.shaposhnikova@gmail.com


Go, Dragons! Kateryna Shtanko Kateryna Shtanko, one of the most beloved Ukrainian children`s illustrators, has practically abandoned painting. Recently Shtanko has felt volcanic impulses towards writer`s work. Instead of illustrating someone else`s works, she decided to write her own. And the most incredible thing is she has easily written a fascinating story! A Kyiv schoolboy, keen on biology, accidentally grows… a dragon who changes his everyday life drastically… This fabulous tale is both a detective story and a mockery of a detective story. This is the first story of the prominent Ukrainian illustrator and if you only knew how hard it was to persuade her to illustrate her own book… Go, Dragons! is BBC Children’s Book of the Year 2014. ISBN 978-617-585-071-8 Age 12+ Kateryna Shtanko is one of the most renowned and most beloved Ukrainian book illustrators. She was born 24 July 1951 in Simferopol and finished the Crimean Art School in 1973. She graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in 1979 and held a creative residency at the Academy from 1979–1983. She has participated in and has won many awards in Ukrainian and international exhibitions. She is the author of several dozen illustrated books for children. A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Rights coordinator: Taras Malkovych tmalkovych@gmail.com


Through the Woods, the Sky, and the Water (books 1—3)

Serhiy Oksenyk When a twelve-year-old boy suddenly becomes responsible for others, when the entire scary forest is rising against him, when he has to decide himself what is good and what is bad, and every step of this dangerous journey could happen to be the last — will he manage to reach the aim of his journey? Will he be able to save people without turning into a werewolf? Will the fact that he is still a teenager help him or hinder? The book is intended for teenagers and all the fans of fantasy. ISBN 978-617-7173-10-5 (v. 1) ISBN 978-617-7173-11-2 (v. 2) ISBN 978-617-7173-12-9 (v. 3) Age: 12+ Serhiy Ivaniuk (pen name: Serhiy Oksenyk) is a literary critic, writer, journalist and translator. He holds a PhD in philology and serves as an Associate Professor of Literature and Foreign Languages at the National University of KyivMohyla Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine). Ivaniuk holds a degree in journalism from Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Since 2006 he has been the editor-in-chief of Odnoklasnyk (“Classmate”) magazine. Ivaniuk has released over 100 publications in Ukrainian, Russian, German, English, Swedish, Georgian, and Chuvash. This number also includes his translations from English and Russian. Smoloskyp Publishers LTD Rights coordinator: Rostyslav Semkiv mbf.smoloskyp@gmail.com


Heroes Willy-Nilly

Volodymyr Arenev

Illustrator: Mikhail Tymoshenko Text adaptation: Cyril Horishny

In this world the post-mortem souls are placed into balloon-like spheres. All the late relatives stay in the house, their balloons just hanging in the icon corner. Also they could be put into the Souluary (soul + ossuary), specific building made to serve as the final resting. What is more, sensitive people are able to communicate with the souls in the spheres. The grandfather of the protagonist is a former rebel from connected peninsula and a famous poet. After the grandfather’s death the soul is placed in a sphere, and grandson has to carry it around with him. The book is devoted to the problem of growing up. Awards: “Best creator of children’s ScienceFiction or fantasy books”, Spirit of Dedication EuroCon 2014 in Dublin, Ireland, for Ukrainian Edition of the book. Three other award in Russia and Ukraine, including Critic’s award Kniguru, New Horizons Award and Book of the Year at the biggest Sci-Fi and fantasy community. ISBN 978-966-518-656-4 Age: 12+ Volodymyr Arenev is a pen name of fiction writer Volodymyr Puzii, well known by his numerous short stories in magazines, almanacs and for his standalone novels (23 books and more than 200 short stories and novellas publications in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian, French and English). Rights coordinator: Oleksandr Kurdiuk v.arenev@gmail.com, +38 096 458-63-69

It is one of the first graphic novels in Ukraine based on the novel of Ukrainian literature classic Ivan Franko. The main character is a Ukrainian who is not accustomed to independent action. His fate changes dramatically when he willy-nilly finds himself in street battles between the Poles and the Austrians during the “Spring of Nations” revolution in 1848 in Lviv. On the illustration the reader will recognise significant for the city places and buildings. ISBN 978-966-97431-0-7 Age: 10+ Mikhail Tymoshenko is the artist, works in the genres of painting, cartoons and graphics. When he was 19 years old, the young artist returned from Romania to Ukraine which is the country of his grandfather. Tymoshenko graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts, he often participates international exhibitions. Cyril Horishny is a photographer and publisher. After he got a master of history degree at Sorbonne university, returned to Ukraine, a ground of his grandparents. He explores the life of the mountain people of the Carpathians — Hutsul. He collaborates with the international press and holds his the exhibitions of his photographs in galleries and museums around the world. Leopol Publication House Rights coordinator: Cyril Horishny mail@leopol.net




Courage and Fear

Sketches of Initial Rus’

Olga Gnatiuk

Oleksiy Tolochko

The book describes life in the occupied Lviv from the perspective of personal history. It mainly focuses on the behavior of people who face the threat of death. It is not the only singularity of the book based on diaries, memoirs, letters and even interrogation protocols. It shows the fate of people and, simultaneously, the fate of Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish intelligentsia, the complex relationships between them, the various manifestations of solidarity and hostility rooted in bravery and fear. The reader is invited to reflect on how the current understanding of the World War II was shaped under the pressure of national narratives that left no room not only for other narratives, but also for individual testimonies. The matrixes of national history turned into a tight frame for historical research of the period. So it would be good to try and go beyond those boundaries. The book has been published in Ukrainian and Polish. In 2015, it was names the Book of the Year and won the Grand Prix at the Lviv Publishers’ Forum.

The history of Kievan Rus’ emerged from annotated retelling of the chronicle. It mostly remains so today. But the chronicle Povest’ Vremenykh Let was created at the beginning of the 12th century. The chronicle is separated from its first events by two and a half centuries. Its messages for the most part are legendary or even invented, and the chronicler did not have any reliable sources known to us today. Its narrative is built on typical medieval “story of origin” which means telling where the ruling princes come from and how they gained their people. This is an outstanding literary work, but a completely false story. There is no reason to construct our knowledge of the past on Povest’ Vremenykh Let any more. A new book by the leading Ukrainian historian Oleksiy Tolochko is an attempt to conceive the initial history of Rus’ without Povest’ Vremenykh Let and conventional intellectual frameworks.

ISBN: 978-966-378-404-5 Olga Gnatiuk is a Polish translator of Ukrainian origin, professor at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw University and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In 2006–2010, she was Culture and Science Adviser at the Polish Embassy in Ukraine. She studies and promotes Ukrainian culture and literature, is the author of popular science books.

ISBN: 978-966-2449-68-6 Oleksiy Tolochko is a historian, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Science. Author of acclaimed Kievan Rus’ and Little Russia, Istoria Rossiyskaya by Vasiliy Tatishchev: Sources and Reports. He lives and works in Kyiv. Laurus Rights coordinator: Anastasia Denysenko laurus.info@yahoo.com

Dukh i Litera Rights coordinator: Svetlana Zheldak litera@ukma.kiev.ua 43

Awesome Ukraine

Awesome Kyiv

Authors: Iryna Tsilyk, Artem Chekh Translator: Alyona Sydorenko

Tamara Krawchenko, Svitlana Kostrykina

As the title suggests, Awesome Ukraine is more than a guide! Simply put, it is all that is awesome about Ukraine — from national dishes, to historical facts, symbols, mythology, popular culture and much more. This book has a highly stylized design and a unique layout with photos spanning the decades. In it you will find explanations as to why our national symbols are the blue and yellow flag and the tryzub; why Ukrainians are sentimental towards the nightingale, vyshyvanka and salo; why we are proud of Pylyp Orlyk, Serge Lifar, the Klychko brothers and the AN-225 “Mriya” airplane; why Kazantyp has attracted young people for years; and why the centre of Europe is located in Zakarpattia Oblast.

Kyiv is intoxicating. The city explodes with art and culture. Across Kyiv’s numerous squares locals debate politics, play chess and gossip. Its layered history, lush parks and hidden islands along the wide Dnipro provide for endless exploration. Its tree-lined promenades entice lovers to stroll, and revelers to gawk. It’s a city of flâneurs. Of poets. Of politics.

ISBN: 978–966–500–370–0 OSNOVY Publishing Rights coordinator: Dana Pavlychko danapavlychko@osnovypublishing.com


With this book we are pleased to share with you our love of Kyiv! The book is neither a guide nor a manual. Rather, it’s an insight into the city we adore — wonderful, fascinating and strange. You’ll find references to major historical events, famous and talented residents, art, culture, sports, literature, traditions and even beloved street food on its pages. ISBN: 978-966-500-357-1 OSNOVY Publishing Rights coordinator: Dana Pavlychko danapavlychko@osnovypublishing.com

The Book of Kyiv

Along the Street of Old Kyiv

Editor: Kateryna Mishchenko

Olga Druh

The Book of Kyiv invites you to the intellectual walk through the Ukrainian capital. Numerous locations of The School of Kyiv — Kyiv Biennial 2015 form a peculiar critical route at the intersection of architectural, cultural, historical, artistic, and urban perspectives on contemporary Kyiv — the city experiencing intensive historical changes and redefining itself.

The book tells about the central historical districts of Kyiv, the development of the architectural environment of the city, about its streets, houses, and churches, in particular the ancient architectural complexes of St. Sophia Cathedral and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, which are a part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Authors: Oleksandr Burlaka, Dobrynia Ivanov, Nikita Kadan, Angelina Kariakina, Yustyna Kravchuk, Svitlana Libet, Olha Martyniuk, Stanislav Menzelevskyi, Natalka Neshevets, Lesya Prokopenko, Oleksiy Radynskyi, Anastasia Riabchuk, Kateryna Ruban, Nazariy Sovsun, Tetiana Telegina, Svitlana Tsurkan, Ihor Tyshchenko, Volodymyr Yermolenko. ISBN: 978-617-7110-28-5 Medusa Right coordinator: Kateryna Mishchenko booksmedusa@gmail.com

The book uses materials from public archives, museums and libraries. Ancient and modern photographs, watercolors, lithographs, engravings, and paintings (about 1,000 illustration) help form a complete image of the capital of Ukraine. In 2014, the book received President’s of Ukraine Prize “Ukrainian Book of the Year” in the nomination “For the substantial contribution to the development of Ukrainian studies” and became the winner of the All-Ukrainian Ranking “Book of the Year 2014”. ISBN: 978-966-603-849-7 Olga Druh is an Honored Culture Worker of Ukraine, a scholar at the Museum of History of Kyiv and the head of its section “Kyiv of the late 17th — early 20th centuries.” Publishing House “Svit” Rights coordinator: Serhiy Dzioba real@svit.gov.ua


The Ukrainian Academy of Art, a Brief History

Anatoliy Kryvolap and the Ukrainian Sublime

Olena Kashuba-Volvach

Jennifer Cahn

The history of Ukrainian art illustrates various phenomena that fundamentally altered the established flow of events and defined the further development of Ukraine’s culture. Art historians frequently refer to them in an attempt to create their own versions of the past. Where Ukraine’s visual arts of the twentieth century are concerned, it is impossible not to mention the founding of the Ukrainian Academy of Art in 1917.

Аnatoliy Кryvolap and the Ukrainian Sublime is the first book in the Englishlanguage series, “Ukrainian Art in Transition”, about art and artists in contemporary Ukraine.

ISBN: 978-966-784-579-7 Olena Kashuba-Volvach, Ph.D., is an art historian and independent curator. Rodovid Press Rights coordinator: Lidia Lykhach rodovid2@gmail.com

Ukrainian painter Anatoliy Kryvolap is famous in his own country and his works are being sold actively on the international auction block, but his work and history are little known to a wider audience. Anatoliy Kryvolap and the Ukrainian Sublime introduces to an English-speaking audience his vibrant, layered landscapes, detailing Kryvolap’s story as a traditionally trained Soviet artist who broke all the rules, surreptitiously, until independence allowed him to become a symbol of the new Ukraine. A brief biographical essay and critical review of his work by art historian and curator Jennifer Cahn is followed by full-color images of his recent paintings. ISBN: 978-966-784-587-2 Jennifer Cahn, Ph.D. is an art historian and independent curator writing on modern and contemporary Ukrainian, Russian and Soviet art and museums. Rodovid Press Rights coordinator: Lidia Lykhach rodovid2@gmail.com


Staging the Ukrainian Avant-Garde of the 1910s and 1920s

Paysages Instables, Artistes Ukrainiens entre Révolution et Guerre

Myroslava M. Mudrak, Tatiana Rudenko

Natalia Chermalykh

This bilingual catalog accompanies an eponymous exhibition at the Ukrainian Museum in New York, open from February to October 2015. It is the first publication of its kind to examine the artistic avantgarde specifically in the context of the Ukrainian stage. Featuring seven articles by leading international scholars in the field, Staging investigates how the 20th-century European modernist trends of Symbolism, Cubism and Futurism found their expression in Ukraine’s theaters. A period of immense creativity, the 1910s and 1920s saw artistic collaboration across genres — novelists wrote for the stage. Of particular focus are the productions of the Berezil Theater; 142 works by such artists as Alexandra Exter, Oleksandr Khvostenko-Khvostov, Borys Kosarev, Vadym Meller and Anatol Petrytsky are included in the full-color catalog of works that follows the essays.

Author Natalia Chermalykh explains her concept: “Today, the post-Soviet space has shown itself to be fractured into diametrically opposed political realities, but in the last year, discussions about political orientations have gradually been replaced by the issue of survival, life, and death. Certainly 2014 will go down in history as the first push that preceded a series of deep, tectonic displacements that permanently changed the Ukrainian political landscape: the revolutionary Maidan, the annexation of Crimea, and the military actions in the Donbas are just some of them”.

ISBN: 978-099-085-220-9 Myroslava M. Mudrak, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita at The Ohio State University where she has taught in the Department of History of Art since 1988. The focus of her research is the unfolding of modernism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Tatiana Rudenko is the head curator at the Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema Arts of Ukraine in Kyiv where she has worked for 17 years. Rodovid Press Rights coordinator: Lidia Lykhach rodovid2@gmail.com

The book comprises two parts: one visual and one textual. The first half is a selection of works by Ukrainian artists across generations: Vlada Ralko, Nikita Kadan, Serhiy Bratkov, Mykyta Shalenny, Mari Bastashevski, Yevhenia Bielorusets, Alevtina Kakhidze, the groups Zhuzhalka and Shylo, Oleksandr Hliadielov, and others. The second half includes conversations with artists recorded by Natalia Chermalykh throughout 2014 and 2015. ISBN: 978-966-784-583-4 Rodovid Press Rights coordinator: Lidia Lykhach rodovid2@gmail.com


Ukrainian Painting Masterpieces Dmytro Gorbachov, Ph.D., professor This large-size album consists of reproductions of Ukrainian painting works stored in museums of Ukraine, from Alimpiy Pechersky to Kazimir Malevich. The author presents a new art history concept of the evolution of Ukrainian painting. A big time range covered allows to illustrate its various genres and to highlight the processes of formation and development of major artistic styles in Ukraine. The book includes the following sections: “Byzantine-Rus’ Style”, “Orthodox Gothic”, “Renaissance”, “Baroque”, “Rococo”, “Enlightment”, “Biedermeier”, “Romanticism and Neo-Romanticism”, “Realism and Plein Air”, “Postimpressionism”, “Secession”, “Avant-Guard”, “Boychukizm”, “New Realism” and “Folk Art”. The book is an inexhaustible source of knowledge in cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people and an attempt to fit Ukrainian art into the global cultural process. ISBN: 978-966-577-114-2 State Specialized Publishing House “Art” Rights coordinator: Prybiega Nina mystetstvo@ukr.net


Mykola Pymonenko Iryna Ogievska, Ph.D., member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine The album consists of reproductions of the works by Mykola Pymonenko, an outstanding Ukrainian painter of the late 19th — early 20th century (1862–1912), who in a credible and poetic manner depicted village life, portrayed Ukrainians’ customs and way of life, and created vivid folk images. The book targets a wide range of experts and readers. ISBN: 978-966-577-209-5 State Specialized Publishing House “Art” Rights coordinator: Prybiega Nina mystetstvo@ukr.net

The Artist. A Tale Taras Shevchenko The publication contains an autobiographical story of the prominent Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko (1814–1861). This literary work, written in Russian, shows the development of the artist’s inner world of aesthetic views and beliefs at the time of his residence and studies in St. Petersburg in 1830s–40s. The text is supplemented by almost 350 illustrations to the author’s works made by Ukrainian, Russian and Western European painters. The book also features reproductions of rare documents, photographs etc. The foreword, compilation and review were completed by Oleksandr Boron’, who holds a Ph.D. in Philology and the position of the Senior Researcher at Shevchenko Studies Department at Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. ISBN: 978-966-577-207-1 State Specialized Publishing House “Art” Rights coordinator: Prybiega Nina mystetstvo@ukr.net

Desyatynna Church of the Virgin in Kyiv Viktor Sochenko, Ph.D., Professor, Honored Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Architecture The publication highlights the issue of revival of the memory of the first monumental stone church of Kyivan Rus, namely Desyatynna Church (Church of the Dormition of the Virgin, or Church of the Tithes), which was built in Kyiv at the end of the 10th century after the adoption of Christianity in Kyivan Rus. Based on the analysis of historical sources and archeological findings of the 19th–21st centuries, the author suggests a new concept of preservation and museum conservation of the remains of Desyatynna Church. He also offers architectural project recommendations for possible memorialization of this unique temple and valorization of this prominent historic site of the ancient Kyiv. The book is intended for professionals, wide reading audience, and all those interested in the monumental architecture of Kyivan Rus. ISBN: 978-966-577-201-9 State Specialized Publishing House “Art” Rights coordinator: Prybiega Nina mystetstvo@ukr.net


Peresopnytsia Gospel. Beginnings and Present Peresopnytsia Gospel is an outstanding manuscript memorial of the Old Ukrainian language and art of the 16th century. It is one of the first Ukrainian translations of the canonical text of the Four Gospels and one of the symbols of the Ukrainian nation. The purpose of this book is to make the original texts comprehensible to a modern reader. For this purpose, each left page features a reduced copy of the original, whereas the right one contains its edition in the modern Ukrainian language. Such layout allows the reader not only to read the text, but also to compare the way Ukrainians spoke in the 16th century to the way the Holy Scripture sounds today. The book was made in full compliance with the original, framed in natural leather, and decorated with a gilded medallion.

Vrubel’s Angels Iryna Margolina This book introduces the reader to a new and unusual aspect of the works of the world famous painter Mikhail Vrubel in his “Kyiv period”, namely the angelic theme. It discusses the preparation and creation of Cyril icons and monumental compositions, as well as the sketches for the murals of St. Volodymyr Cathedral. The book reveals interesting details of the painter’s stay in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, as well as his circle of contacts. The numerous memoirs of contemporaries, letters and photographs of the time serve as a historical and biographical background of the story about Vrubel’s Kyiv masterpieces. As a vivid accent, the book features reproductions of the works by this genius of modernism. ISBN: 978-966-06-0630-2

ISBN: 978-966-187-092-4

Iryna Margolina is a historian-medievalist, culture scholar, author of four books and over 200 scholarly, as well as popular scientific articles. She is also a famous researcher of the unique 12th-century monument of the Kyiv Cyril Church.

ADEF Company Group Rights coordinator: Alla Istomina m4@adef.com.ua

Specialized Publishing House Lybid Rights coordinator: Olena Boyko info@lybid.org.ua

This book is a winner of the national contest “The Best Book of Ukraine”.


Ukrainian Art Vadym and Danylo Shcherbakivsky The new edition of the fundamental two-volume work by Vadym and Danylo Shcherbakivsky Ukrainian Art (1913, 1926) eliminated the inconsistencies in the sources. To draw a more complete picture of Vadym and Danylo Shcherbakivsky’s achievements in the field of the history of Ukrainian architecture, the two volumes feature their major works in the field. This edition was amended with a name index and a geographic subject index. The text and the illustration captions are written in Ukrainian and French. The publication is intended for architects, art historians and anyone interested in art and architecture. ISBN: 978-966-2562-67-5 Vadym (1876–1957) and Danylo (1877–1927) Shcherbakivsky are the outstanding Ukrainian scientists that during the first third of the 20th century formulated the tasks of Ukrainian art criticism. They were the authors of Architecture in Different Nations and in Ukraine (Vadym Shcherbakivsky, 1910), Ukrainian Art (Vol. I, Vadym Shcherbakivsky, 1913), Ukrainian Art (Vol. 2, Danylo Shcherbakivsky, 1926), Ukrainian Carpet (Danylo Shcherbakivsky, 1927), and other works. Savchuk O. O. Publisher Rights coordinator: Oleksandr Savchuk savchook.book@gmail.com

Ukrainian Wooden Churches Mykhailo Dragan The book consists of two volumes: the first one contains the text, while the second one is illustrative, featuring more than 150 high-quality photographs of wooden churches in Galicia made in 1920–1930. The publication contains notes and improved geographic subject index. The book was included in the list of 20 best books of the year 2014 at the Lviv Publishers’ Forum. The abstract and illustration captions are written in German. The publication targets architects, historians and anyone interested in architecture. ISBN: 978-966-2562-55-2 Mykhailo Dragan (1899–1952) is a prominent Ukrainian art critic, an author of classic works about Ukrainian sacral architecture and art, and a research fellow at the National Museum in Lviv. He is the author of Ukrainian Wooden Churches (1937, 2014), Ukrainian Decorative Carving of the 16th and 17th Centuries (1970) and other works. Savchuk O. O. Publisher Rights coordinator: Oleksandr Savchuk savchook.book@gmail.com


Prominent Ukrainians

Distant Close Ones

Prominent Ukrainians is a project about famous Ukrainian people. It promotes Ukrainian history and culture in terms of modern graphic art. The new look at outstanding personalities expressed on the posters offers an alternative to conventional portraits in school textbooks. Young artists who depict prominent Ukrainians belong to the Illustrators’ Club Pictoric that boasts the number of important creative achievements. Their works have been recognized at the international artwork exhibitions and published in the famous international journals. Their illustrated and original books have been widely disseminated. This is the very first exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian illustrators, which was travelling across the country and was available to anyone. Additionally, the author’s posters caused a great interest among specialists from the Library of Congress, who adopted a decision to accept a collection of 23 portraits of prominent figures in its fund.

Volodymyr Yermolenko

ISBN: 978-617-7110-18-6 Pictoric Rights coordinator: Anastasia Denysenko pictoric.ua@gmail.com

Distant Close Ones is the second book by Ukrainian philosopher and journalist Volodymyr Yermolenko. This book is about Rousseau, Casanova, Hoffmann, Flaubert, Derrida, Sontag, Bart, Gary and, simultaneously, about intimacy, pleasure, invisibility, loss, sluggishness and sensuality. This book is about people and their lives, their pain and joy, and, at the same time, about the meanings that these people have constructed out of their experiences. This is a book about how one can transform weakness into strength and shortcomings into advantages. It also tells how distant classics can suddenly become close as if they were friends or relatives. ISBN: 978-617-679-120-1 Volodymyr Yermolenko is Ukrainian philosopher, writer and essayist. He was born in Kyiv. He graduated from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the Central European University in Budapest. He has received degrees of Candidate of Philosophy and Doctor of Political Studies (School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences: EHESS, Paris). He currently teaches at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In 2011, he published his first book Narrator and Philosopher: Walter Benjamin and His Time. His book Distant Close Ones was published in 2015 and won an award from the small philosophers’ jury in the Best Book of Publishers’ Forum in Lviv contest. Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua




Felix Austria

The House in Baiting Hollow

Sofia Andrukhovych

Vasyl Makhno

The book describes the town of Stanislaviv (now Ivano-Frankivsk) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is an average town on the eastern outskirts of the “happy Austria”, where people live, suffer, fall in love that meets no response, become enthusiastic about science and quack performances of world-famous illusionists, have fun at balls and carnivals, go for walks and bury their secrets in carved drawers. And against the background of this era, which for the posterity will be increasingly overgrowing with myths of idyllic life, there appear the fates of the two women whose lives have intertwined as closely as the trunks of trees. This inextricable link does not give the space neither to live, nor breathe, nor stay, nor go. In 2014, Felix Austria received a special award from the Publishers’ Forum in Lviv and won the contest BBC Book of the Year. The book has been translated into German (Austria) and Czech.

In his first short prose collection, Vasyl Makhno tells of the events occurring at different times and on different continents. However, no matter who narrates the story, whether it is a man in his fifties, an elderly widow, or a small boy, you believe them, for there are no author’s generalizations, conclusions, or admonitions in the book. These are impartial, honest and devoid of pathos stories about the fates of completely different people. But it is their honesty and imaginary simplicity that make this prose magical; and the seemingly familiar and unpretentious details add mystery to them and keep the reader involved from the first page to the last.

ISBN: 978-617-679-082-2 Sofia Andrukhovych is a writer, translator and publicist. She was born in 1982 in IvanoFrankivsk. She is the author of the prose books Milena’s Summer (Smoloskyp, 2002), Old People (Lily-HB, 2003), Their Husbands’ Wives (LilyHB 2005), Salmon (Nora-printing, 2007) and numerous publications in the press. Felix Austria (Old Lion Publishing House, 2014) is the author’s new novel. Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua 54

ISBN: 978-617-679-162-1 Vasyl Makhno is a poet, novelist and essayist. He was born in Chortkiv, Ternopil region. Makhno is the author of ten books of poetry, the most recent of which is Rover (Krok, 2015), two books of essays Gertrude Stein Park of Culture and Recreation (Krytyka, 2006) and There Was a Bag Rolling (Krytyka, 2011). Makhno’s works have been translated and published in twenty-five languages, including English, Belarusian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, Lithuanian, German, Polish, Russian, Serbian, and Czech. Since 2000, he has lived in New York. Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua


Life of Maria

Serhiy Zhadan

Serhiy Zhadan

The contents of Mesopotamia include nine prose stories and 30 specifying poems. All texts in the book relate to a single environment, and the characters transfer from one story to another, and then to the poems. Philosophical digressions, fantastical images, exquisite metaphors, and special humor — this book has everything that attracts us in Serhiy Zhadan’s works. Everyone understands in his or her own way what Mesopotamia is. For instance, it can be a hill of the city of Kharkiv sunken between two silted rivers. Or it can be any other interfluve, with its typical interlanguage, inter-culture, inter-statehood, and other tragicomic challenges that await us in between birth and death. In short, it is not likely that something has substantially changed in this world within the last five or six thousand years. We have no choice but repeat the same Mesopotamian feats and sins. Zhadan has no choice but compose poems and prose about them. After all, who else between the Don and the San can write in such a wrenching manner about what happens to everyone, everywhere and always?

The easiest thing to do in the times of war is to hate foes. The hardest thing is to reach common grounds, even with friends But we have to try, or the war will never end. And in order to reach understanding, we need to talk — with anyone, anyhow and about anything. The most important is not to lose humanness, that is love and attention. In his poetry collection Life of Maria, Serhiy Zhadan talks — about the dearest letters and burned bridges, about lost places and destroyed cities. He talks in rhymed poems and free verses, in his own words and in translated ones. He talks to friends and foes, to saints and not-so-saint ones, to soldiers that were killed and refugees that are alive, to Rilke, Milos and, of course, to us. He does it to save if not us, than at least our children.

ISBN: 978-966-14-6541-0 Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

ISBN: 978-617-614-085-6 Serhiy Zhadan is a Ukrainian poet, novelist, translator, and civic activist. He is also a winner of international awards and the author of the novel that BBC Book of the Year contest recognized as the best book of the decade. He is a person who unites the East and the West… His literary works have been translated into thirteen languages. Serhiy Zhadan is an active organizer of literary life in Ukraine and a participant of multimedia art projects. MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ Rights coordinator: Svyatoslav Pomerantsev pomer@meridiancz.com


The Executed Renaissance The Executed Renaissance represents a unique era in the history of Ukrainian literature. This short period, spanning 1920s through early 1930s, offered a century worth of talented artists, daring artistic experiments and doubtless masterpieces. Giddy with freedom they got after the dissolution of the Russian empire, Ukrainian intellectuals finally claimed a place for themselves with all the pent-up energy of decades. However. the blossoming of Ukrainian poetry, prose, translations, theater and arts did not fit Stalin’s plans. Every artist of note of the era encountered first-hand the repressive apparatus of the totalitarian state. Most biographies of the artists of the time end in “was executed”, “died in exile”, or “committed suicide”, Even those that did manage to survive never got a chance to continue their unique and daring artistic experiments of those years. The present collection contains the poetry of Pavlo Tychyna, Mykhail’ Semenko, Mykola Zerov, Ievhen Pluzhnyk and Maksym Ryl’skii, the prose of Mykola Khvylovii, Hryhorii Kosynka, Iurii Ianovskii and Ostap Vyshnia, the most prominent artists of the Executed Renaissance. ISBN: 978-966-500-365-6 OSNOVY Publishing Rights coordinator: Dana Pavlychko danapavlychko@osnovypublishing.com

Ukrainian Avant-Garde Poetry Compiled by Oleg Kotsarev, Julia Stakhivska A unique anthology of Ukrainian avantgarde poetry of 1910s–1930s. The most complete collection of avant-garde poetry that gives the readers access to the texts that sometimes have not been reprinted for several decades. The book contains poetry of more than forty poets of different avant-garde moods, from famous (Mykola Bazhan, Mike Johansen, Valerian Polishchuk, Mykhail’ Semenko, Geo Shkurupii, and others) to less known or forgotten authors (Yevhen Bunda, Mykola Skuba, Mykola Tereshchenko, Jaroslav Tsurkovsky, and others). In 2014, the book won the Best Book of the 21st Publishers’ Forum in Lviv contest. ISBN: 978-966-2164-71-8 Julia Stakhivska is a poet and an illustrator. She has also authored the poetry books Red Little Men (2009) and Verde (2015). She received awards from Smoloskyp publishing house and Young Wine contest. She has also illustrated several books for children and participated in the translation project Prompted Milosh. Oleh Kotsarev is a poet, novelist, journalist and critic. He has authored eight poetry collections and one prose book. He won awards from Smoloskyp publishing house, Valerian Pidmohylny award, and prizes from Young Wine contest, Kryvbas Courier magazine, and Kyiv Laurels festival. Smoloskyp Publishers LTD Rights coordinator: Rostyslav Semkiv mbf.smoloskyp@gmail.com


Bot Max Kidruk His predecessor has returned home in a zinc coffin, but Timur knows nothing about it — and, having postponed his wedding, he heads for a desert in Chile to take care of some bots. A bot is an opponent in a video game, merely a program that emulates the actions of a human. Timur wrote a bunch of those when he was designing 3D first-person shooters. But he has no idea that the bots he has created are waiting for him at his destination, only this time they are embodied in flesh‌ Bot is the first Ukrainian techno-thriller. It has been already translated into Russian and Polish. ISBN: 978-966-14-5064-5 Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

Bot 2. The Guayaquil Paradox Max Kidruk Timur Korshak, a former programmer and a resident of Kyiv, Ukraine; Reverend Headhunter, and Laure Dupre, a psychiatrist, set off to Ecuador in search of the psycho-creature that subdues the consciousness of the inhabitants of Guayaquil, causing bouts of cruelty. In the city, Timur finds himself chased by throngs of people with bloodshot eyes. He understands that the psycho-creature is looking for him, the programmer, to preserve itself as a species. What he cannot understand is: how did IT infect so many people? ISBN: 978-966-14-5686-9 Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua


Cruel Sky


Max Kidruk

Oleksandr Mykhed

A tragedy happens at the airport Paris Nord, involving a plane assembled at the Ukrainian plant Aronov. Only four people survive after the plane runs into a snow plough, which, seemingly on accident, appeared to be on the landing strip. Diana, the daughter of the engineer who designed the plane, heads for the location of the tragedy. The girl begins to actively investigate the case. But somebody really doesn’t want her to find out the truth. Diana’s life and those of her relatives are in danger.

Astra is a dynamic psycho thriller. The main character of the novel, the adventurer Victor Varetskyj, meets at the party two business men who see some potential in him. They have returned from the workshop Astra in the mysterious locality in the Carpathians, and they seem to be enlightened with its results. In few days Victor receives an invitation to attend the workshop. Only after some time he has realized that his life has changed radically — Astra started the surveillance on him.

ISBN: 978-966-14-7843-4

Although the novel is fictional, it is still based on deep study of the canon of world philosophy and rethinking of the key provisions.

Max Kidruk is an author of ten books, a programmer and a tireless traveler. Even before he wrote Bot, the first Ukrainian technothriller, which has been translated into Russian and Polish and has opened the author’s way to the international arena, Kidruk received the International Literary Contest Coronation of the Word 2009 and 2012 awards, Discovery of the Year diploma from KS book selling chain in 2009, and Book of the Year 2010 award. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

ISBN: 978-617-7192-19-9 Oleksandr Mykhed is a writer, curator of art projects, author of over 150 publications in the key Ukrainianmass media, and different media in Belarus, USA, Germany, Serbia and Poland. He combines in his multidimensional activity theoretical research and art practices. The selected essays are translated into English, Polish, Serbian and Russian. His collection of short stories Pontyyizm was longlisted for BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year awards and for the the LitAkcent Ukrainian Book of the Year (the prize of the web-portal of literary critics). Rights coordinator: Anetta Antonenko anetta@anetta-publishers.com


Dandelion-Grown Yard (in two volumes)

Valeriy Shevchuk The two volumes by Valeriy Shevchuk have brought together the previously unpublished works of the renowned Ukrainian writer. The short stories written in 1960–2006 show how the author’s writing has changed, and how a young and inexperienced writer grew to win Shevchenko National Prize in Literature and became a master of psychological and Gothic prose. The first volume contains the stories written in 1960–1964. The second volume contains the works produced in 1965–2006. ISBN 978-966-10-4236-9 ISBN 978-966-10-4237-6 Valeriy Shevchuk is a recipient of the Ukraine’s National Taras Shevchenko Prize and Antonovych Foundation Award, along with such literary awards as Yevhen Malaniuk Prize, Olena Pchilka Prize, Oleksandr Kopylenko Prize, Ivan Ohienko Prize, and the humanities prize “Recognition” (2001). Shevchuk is also an Honorary Professor at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and one of the founders of Zhytomyr prosaic school. Educational Book — Bogdan Rights coordinator: Tatiana Budna t_budna@bohdan-books.com

Jacob’s Century Volodymyr Lys The book has won the Grand Coronation of Word contest, has been recognized as the “Best Novel of the Decade”, and has received a prize in the BBC Book of the Year contest. This book is about a man with a real male character, a real male aim, and a real male life, which is inseparable from the life in Ukraine in the 20th century. Jacob Mekh could save a life and could kill. He had an opportunity to move to the safer Poland, but chose to stay in Stalin’s USSR. He could have given up and died long before turning a century old, but he never surrendered and lived to celebrate his 100th birthday. One day, a stray girl enters the life of the old Mekh, her presence short-lived as a butterfly. She asks him if he has ever loved, and from the depths of his memory there arise his love, the pain of loss, the cycle of wars and regimes, family happiness and distress, and sins and remorse... ISBN: 978-966-14-1007-6 Volodymyr Lys is a writer, whose works are admired both by political and cultural elites of Ukraine. The list of his awards is impressive, featuring numerous prizes from Coronation of the Word contest, including the Grand Coronation, Hryhoriy Skovoroda International Literary and Artistic Award, and Man of the Year award. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua


November Syndrome, or Homo Compatiens

13 Short Stories, or Things We Pass by Without Noticing

Viktoria Amelina

Ruslan Gorovy

To understand the motives of the work, one needs to note that Homo Compatiens is a person capable of excessive sympathy. This is exactly what Kostiantyn Nechay, the protagonist of this philosophic novel, is. He has a remarkable ability to deeply penetrate other people’s souls. This ability can be perceived either as a pathology, or as the greatest gift. The character sympathizes even with the people he has never seen. The events of the book unfold during a number of revolutions all over the world, including the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity of 2014. As the author herself notes, this is a text about the ability to save each other. However, an attentive reader will see here much more.

In his new book, we see life as it is. This is the leading motif of his works. His stories, such as “Scary Fairytale”, “Butterfly”, and “Philosophy”, are full of vivid details of human existence, where love and hatred, thirst for life and inevitability of death are inseparable, and where each character faces the need to make a choice. Every reader makes his or her choices together with the characters, whereas the author himself only acts as an observer, skillfully lining up all episodes into one life history. Non-trivial plots, realistic pictures of life, wonderful Ukrainian language, the subtleties of psychology, and, occasionally, absolutely absurd characters’ decisions — this is what awaits you on the pages of this book, the book which is filled with humanity and empathy for all of us from its beginning to its end.

ISBN: 978-617-690-171-6 Viktoria Amelina was born in a Russian speaking family in Lviv. When she was fourteen, she moved to Canada together with her father, but later she decided to return to Ukraine. Ever since her childhood, Amelina has wanted to be a writer, but she chose IT field instead and spent ten years working as a programmer and manager at international companies. Meanwhile, she has also traveled half of the world, from Nepal to Silicon Valley. As of now, she has ended her IT career and devoted herself to writing. Vivat Publishing House Rights coordinator: Lina Shatilova e.shatilova@vivat.factor.ua


ISBN: 978-617-690-168-6 Ruslan Gorovy works as a film director and helps Ukrainian army. He believes that he will be rewarded in the afterlife for the TV show Children’s Search Service, which he created. Vivat Publishing House Rights coordinator: Lina Shatilova e.shatilova@vivat.factor.ua

Apricots of Donbas


Liubov Yakymchuk

Oleksiy Chupa

This is a book of poems that not only deeply penetrate the soul, but also tear the inside apart. These are the poems about love and apricots, sense of home and homeland, about Donbas and Ukraine, poetry and pain, transformation, silence and speech, about decomposition of poetry in rhymes and rhythms. It is about all these things and about the fact that “there, where no apricots grow, Russia begins”.

This book is a shock, a revelation, and an allusion... “These slaves whom I’ve brought up will never be able to become people,” reads the suicide note from the aquarium owner Oles Shenkalyuk. However, this is not an ordinary aquarium, as those who live in it are… adults who have been reduced to fractions of their original size with the assistance of some medication. Forced to survive, these people fish continue to following the society laws: they eat, sleep and breed… Meanwhile, the owner of the aquarium performs experiments on them and establishes his own laws in the mad society created by his ruling arm. This society does not consist of humans, but of biomass that has no ability to think, make independent decisions and take real actions. Is it fiction? Most certainly, it is. But maybe we can recognize ourselves in one of the participants of this deadly ride of transformations?

ISBN: 978-617-679-135-5 Liubov Yakymchuk is Ukrainian poet and journalist. She was born in Pervomaysk, Luhansk region. She graduated from the Luhansk National Taras Shevchenko University and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She is the author of the poetry collections, Like FASHION and Apricots of Donbas. She has received a number of literary awards, including the International Slavic Poetry Prize. In addition, she has a joint music and poetry project with the contrabass player Mark Tokar. Their most famous projects are Apricots of Donbas and Woman, Smoke and Dangerous Objects. Yakymchuk’s poetry has been translated into English, Swedish, German, French, Polish, Slovak, Russian and Hebrew. Old Lion Publishing House Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua

ISBN: 987-617-690-061-0 Oleksiy Chupa was born in 1986 in Makiyevka, Donetsk region. He studied philology and worked as a machinist at the by-product coke plant, simultaneously writing his first novels. In 2014, after several months of occupation, he had to leave Donbas. Vivat Publishing House Rights coordinator: Lina Shatilova e.shatilova@vivat.factor.ua


The Case of Ataman Zeleny Andriy Kokotyuha Medical doctor Artem Sheremet had always recognized scalpels as his one and only weapon — but the cruel reality of the civil war in Ukraine in 1919 changed his life drastically. He was forced to take real weapons in his hands and plunge into the vortex of the unrest. He went through a lot of challenges in his life and had to experience nearly everything — fierce struggle, betrayals, loss of dear people, and love… ISBN: 978-966-14-7632-4 Andriy Kokotyukha is a well-known writer, screenwriter and journalist. Several of his novels have been transformed into films, and the list of his literary awards is impressive: Kokotyukha has gained the first prize in the prestigious literary contest Coronation of the Word five times already. In 2012, the author won the honorable title of Golden Writer of Ukraine. Andriy Kokotyukha’s books always have a tense plot, a tough intrigue, and sincere emotions. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

Why I Don’t Get Tired of Life Jaroslav Melnik A short story collection. Unexpected plots from the popular writer. These stories inspire to live notwithstanding all the hardships and trials. His heroes are ordinary people who find themselves in unpredictable situations and are not afraid to challenge the fate... A man lives multiple lives in his new, young and healthy body. A scientist destroys the world to meet God. A TV reporter suddenly turns into a character of a writer’s book. More to that: where does God live? What is truth, and what is deception? ISBN: 978-966-14-7840-3 Jaroslav Melnik is called a unique phenomenon of the modern literature, and there is a good reason for it. Three countries of Europe have the honor to consider his works a part of their golden literature fund. His books have repeatedly been shortlisted for Book of the Year award in Lithuania and have also been nominated for the Europe Book Prize. In 2012, the author became the finalist of the BBC Book of the Year award and won this prestigious contest with his book Distant Space in 2013. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Svitlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua


The New Old Lady Larysa Denysenko The New Old Lady is a funny, kind, and bright story about the life of the warm-hearted Varvara and her restless friend Zoyka, who both are so old “that one cannot believe it even when she regards herself in a mirror”. The women are trying to find out who is the “new old lady” that has appeared in the life of Varvara’s grandson Slavik and is bothering “the little boy”. Playthings of Flesh and Blood is an enchanting carnival novel with an inevitable happy end. The eccentric Eric, who poses as Erica, that is, dresses up as a woman, and the blind girl Mira — what will come out of the meeting of such different people, who almost became… girlfriends? ISBN: 978-966-14-6304-1 Larysa Denysenko is a Ukrainian writer of Lithuanian and Greek origin. She received legal education and holds a degree in Law from Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. She also studied law at the Central European University and through the bill drafting study program at the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands. Larysa is a lawyer who specializes in international, civil and administrative law. She is an author and coauthor of manuals and almanacs in corruption, judicial system, death penalty, human rights and children’s rights. Denysenko writes columns, short stories and essays both for glossy magazines and business weeklies, such as Focus and Profile. Her texts were also featured in the iconic Esquire. Russia magazine. Family Leisure Club Rights coordinator: Iryna Grimailo irina.grimailo@bookclub.ua 63



A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA (founded in 1992) The first privately owned children’s publishing house to be established in an independent Ukraine. A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA has been selling and buying rights to and from many countries around the world — from the UK (Тemplar Publishing) and the U.S. (Alfred A. Knopf) to Australia and South Korea. An internationally acclaimed author Paulo Coelho considered our edition of The Snow Queen, illustrated by the highly lauded graphic artist Vladyslav Yerko, as “perhaps one of the most extraordinary children’s books I have ever seen.” A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA’s Ukrainian-language editions of the last three volumes in the Harry Potter series came out before any other translations in the world in our own distinct covers. Address: 1/2 Baseina St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004 ababahalamaha.com.ua Rights coordinator: Taras Malkovych +380 50 355 04 77 tmalkovych@gmail.com

ABC STORY Publishing House LLC (founded in 2012) ABC STORY books and apps cater for pre-school children to adults and are designed to promote child development, enrich relationships, and foster creativity and imagination. Address: 5 Korchagincev St., Apt. 506, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61171 +380577812027 www.abcstory.com.ua abcstory.ukr@gmail.com Rights coordinator: Liliia Solovinska +380504025491 ukrkniga@gmail.com

ADEF Company Group (founded in 1995) The publishing house releases about 30 book titles a year. ADEF Company Group includes a design studio, a publishing house, printing and digital production, and book distribution. It specializes is history, religion, and biographies of famous people. The publishing house cooperates with museums, historical foundations, archival documents, personal archives; it also conducts scientific expeditions to obtain objective information when preparing the publications. Address: 32 Hmelnytskogo St., of. 40, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01030 adef.com.ua Rights coordinator: Alla Istomina +380 44 284 08 57, +380 50 4628145


Anetta Antonenko Publishers (founded in 2014) Publishing house specializes on modern Ukrainian literature: rights and promotion in Ukraine and in the world, modern world literature, significant works of contemporary philosophers, sociologists and political scientists around the world. During a short period of time our publications have already found their readers and became successful. The work of the publishing house was noted in the rating “TOP 100 People of Culture of the New Time 2014”; in the rating “Book of the Year 2014”, the book by Alain Badiou Century was chosen the best in the nomination “Sophia”, and translation of Julio Cortazar entered the seven leaders. Anetta Antonenko was earlier a co-owner and director of the publishing house “Calvaria”, she has invariably headed it for 19 years (until May 2014). During her professional career she introduced to readers such prominent Ukrainian writers as Lyubko Deresh, Yurko Izdryk, Vasyl Shkliar, Vasyl Kozhelyanko, Maria Matios, Yurko Pokalchuk, Oles Ulyanenko, Igor Rymaruk, as well as the world renowned names — Francis Fukuyama, Samuel Huntington, Susan Sontag, Jean Baudrillard, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Federico Garcia Lorca, Jorge Luis Borges, Anthony Burgess, Ian McEwan and many others. Address: 32B Gogolivs`ka St., of.12, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01054 anetta-publishers.com Rights coordinator: Anetta Antonenko +380 44 4860330, +38 066 988 4085 anetta@anetta-publishers.com

Art Publishing House (State Specialized Publishing House “Art”) (founded in 1932) Art Publishing House releases 10–15 books a year. The publishing house specializes in art books and photo albums; art history, aesthetics, theater, cinema, history and culture, state building and regional literature; art postcards, and calendars. In the recent years, it has cooperated with such authors, as Dmytro Gorbachov, Dmytro Malakov, Ivan Drach, Mykola Zhulynsky, Valeriy Shevchuk, Ivan Rodichkin, Olena Rodichkina, Vira Rich, Tetiana Kara-Vasylieva, Gryhoriy Logvyn. Address: 63 Melnykova St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04050 Rights coordinator: Prybiega Nina +380 50 352 71 94 ukrainemystetstvo@ukr.net

ASTRA Publishing (founded in 2014) ASTRA Publishing offers activity, picture, fiction and coloring books and magazines for pre-school children and young readers. Address: 199b Moskovskiy Avenue, of. 418a, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61037 +380 57 763 27 06 astrapublishing.com Rights coordinator: Anzhelika Faikova +380 50 824 05 82 publish@astrabook.com 66

Bookrek Publishing House (founded in 1992) Bookrek Publishing House owns a printing base and publishes more than 100 books every year. Textbooks for national minorities’ schools, along with other educational and scientific manuals, constitute the largest part of Bookrek’s portfolio. The textbooks are published in Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Gagauz, Bulgarian, Yiddish and Hebrew. As for fiction, Bookrek mainly publishes books for children, modern prose and poetry, and translated literature. The list of the authors of the publishing house includes: Shevchenko National Prize winners Vasyl Gerasymiuk, Ihor Rymaruk, Leonid Talalay and Anatoliy Kychynsky; Zirka Menzatyuk, a winner of Lesya Ukrayinka Prize, awarded to authors of books for childred; and the scientist Oksana Ivasiuk. Address: 10 Radyshcheva St., Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58000 bukrek.net Rights coordinator: Daria Maksymets +380 67 372 03 06 daryna@bukrek.net

Bratske Publishers (founded in 2009) Bratske Publishers publishes 5-6 children books per year. In 2014, the publishing started new series of bilingual picture books that is highly appreciated by readers in Ukraine and abroad. Address: bratske.org.ua Rights coordinator: Bogdan Berezenko agape.kyiv@gmail.com

Bright Star Publishing Ltd. (founded in 1999) Releases 50 book titles a year. Bright Star Publishing publishes the books under the brands (imprints) Bright Star and Bright Books. The scope of publishing interests of Bright Books includes fiction and non-fiction by both Ukrainian and foreign authors. Some of the most famous non-fiction authors bear such celebrated names, as Walter Isaacson, former US President George Bush Jr., Donald Trump, John Maxwell, Gary Chapman, Robert Kiyosaki, and James Dobson. One of the most popular products in the fiction section is Warm Stories series. Most of the books of the series became bestsellers. Among the authors of the series are Nadiyka Gerbish, Iryna Slavinska, Khrystyna Berdynskyh, Mila Ivantsova and Tetiana Belimova. Address: 3 Collectorna St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02002 +38 044 593 2061 ibrightstar.com.ua Rights coordinator: Dmytro Kyrychenko +380 44 593 2061 dk@brightstar.com.ua


Cartography Publishing House (State Research and Production Enterprise “Cartography”) (founded 1944) Number of books published during the year: up to 100. Specialization: cartographic products in paper and digital form. Address: 54 Popudrenko St., Kyiv, SME-660.02660 ukrmap.com.ua Rights coordinator: Oleksandr Maliuk +380 44 292 4033 admin@ukrmap.com.ua

Discursus Literary Agency (founded in 2013) Specializes in modern fiction, popular scientific and translated literature, and nonfiction. Authors: Yuri Andrukhovych, Taras Prokhasko, Stepan Protsiuk, Margaryta Surzhenko, Viktoria Amelina, Bogdan Oslavsky, Pavlo Arye, Olga Derkachova, Christina Kozlovska, Andriy Zhurakivsky. Publishes 30 titles per year. Address: 43 Hrun country road, Brusturiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine, 78641 discursus.com.ua Rights coordinator: Oksana Karpyuk +380 97 860 1866 ladiscursus@gmail.com

Dukh i Litera (founded in 1992) Dukh i Litera (Spirit and Letter) Research and Publishing Association were founded in 1992. It publishes 50 titles per year. One of the leading ukrainian publishing houses in humanaties: theology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology. Autors: Paul Ricoeur, Charles Taylor, Yaroslav Pelican, Sergey Averintsev, Valentine Silvestrov, Hannah Arendt, Arvo Pärt, Adam Michnik, Sergei Parajanov, Vocabulaire Europeen des Philosophies. Dictionnaire des Intraduisibles. Vol. I, II, III (led Barbara Cassin). Address: 8/5 Volos`ka St. room 210, h. 5, University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine litera@ukma.kiev.ua duh-i-litera.com Rights coordinator: Svetlana Zheldak +380 44 425 60 20 vlestana@mail.ru


Educational Book — Bogdan (founded 1996) The publishing house was established in Ternopil (Ukraine). The publishing house produces about 360 books a year. Major activities: publication of Ukrainian and translated fiction literature for children and teenagers, art books, toy books, popular scientific literature, educational and teaching manuals for primary, middle and high schools, dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias; creation of e-books. Authors: Mykola Vingranovsky, Yuri Illenko, Valeriy Shevchuk, Volodymyr Rutkivskyi, Andriy Kurkov, Volodymyr Lys, Lesia Romanchuk, Volodymyr Bilinsky, Maria Chumarna, Oleksandr Vilchynsky. Address: 34a Stepan Bandera Ave, Ternopil, Ukraine, 46002 office@bohdan-books.com bohdan-books.com, bohdan-digital.com Rights coordinator: Tatiana Budna t_budna@bohdan-books.com

Folio Publishers, LTD (founded in 1989) Folio publishing house offers about 500 titles per year: fiction, non-fiction, Ukrainian and translated, classic and contemporary authors, gift books. Authors: Andriy Kurkov, Yuriy Vinnichuk, Serghiy Zhadan, Andriy Kokotiuha, Gunter Grass, Orkhan Pamuk, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mo Yan, Jo Nesbo, Steig Larsson. Address: 21a Rymarska St., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61023 folio.com.ua Rights coordinator: Krasovytskyi Ievgen +380 50 344 45 59 foliotrade@gmail.com

Fountain of Fairy Tales (founded in 2014) “Fountain of Fairy Tales” is the Ukrainian publishing house with specialization in modern Ukrainian children book. It offers over 10 titles per year. It’s priority is to discover of new names, trends, styles in children literature. “Fountain of Fairy Tales” develops only Ukrainian authors and illustrators. All books of the publishing house are exclusive and newly created. Thus we focus on internal and external markets by proposing our books for young readers worldwide. Authors: Ivan Andrusiak, Oleh Chaklun, Sashko Dermansky, Juriy Bedryk, Serhiy Pantiuk, Oksana Kutsenko, Halyna Maniv, Oleksandra Dorozhovets. Address: 13/2-B, Yaroslaviv Val St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01054 Rights coordinator: Oleg Rybalka oleg@fontan-book.com +380 50 380 92 87


Justinian Publishing Organization, LLC (founded in 2001) Justinian publishes legal literature. In 2015, Justinian published five books. Authors: Oleksandr Merezhko, Vadym Belianevych, Anatoliy Dovgert, Nataliya Kuznetsova, Vladlen Goncharenko, Sergiy Shkliar, Gennadiy Druzenko, Volodymyr Ryzhy, Oleksandr Melnychenko, Petro Boyko. Address: 17-25 Herzen St., of. 91, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04050 justinian.com.ua Rights coordinator: Irina Omelchenko +380 67 441 15 15

Klub Simeynoho Dozvillia (Family Leisure Club) (founded in 2000) “Family Leisure Club” is one of the biggest publishing houses in Ukraine. The company belongs to German media holding Bertelsmann AG. Each year it produces more than 15,000,000 copies of books, which constitute about 30 per cent of all the books published in Ukraine. “Family Leisure Club” publishes fiction, non-fiction, and books for children, all meant for widest circles of readers. The publishers’ portfolio includes works of the Ukrainians’s bestselling authors such as Sergiy Zhadan, Yuriy Andrukhovych, Vasyl Shklyar, Volodimir Lys, Max Kidruk, Dara Korny, Svitlana Talan, Andry Kokotyukha, Irene Rozdobudko and others. Address: 20-а Gagarina Ave., Kharkov, Ukraine, 61140 www.bookclub.ua Rights coordinator: Switlana Sklyar svitlana.sklyar@bookclub.ua

Komora Publishing House (founded in 2013) Komora Publishing House specializes in Ukrainian and translated fiction and nonfiction. In 2015, Komora published 8 books. Among the authors of the publishing house are Oksana Zabuzhko, Volodymyr Dibrova, Jacek Denel, Kateřina Tučková, Melinda Nadj Abonji, Srdjan Srdic. Address: 3 Kudryashova St., of. 133, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03035 +38 044 221 05 84 komorabooks.com Rights coordinator: Oksana Shchur +380 66 174 11 95 oksana.schur@gmail.com


Laurus (founded in 2011) Laurus offers children’s books, prose and poetry in Russian and Ukrainian languages, compelling books on history and philology, non-fiction works, and academic periodicals. Address: 13, Tereshchenkivska St., apt. 3, Kyiv, 01004 laurus.ua Rights coordinator: Anastasia Denysenko +380 44 234 16 30 laurus.info@yahoo.com Facebook: Laurus

Leopol Publishing House (founded in 2009) “Leopol” is specialised in visual arts of the past and of the present. Set up in Lviv (Lemberg), it promotes cultural heritage of all Ukraine. “Leopol” invites its readers on journey through time to get a better insight into fascinating history and present alike of this country. It welcomes authors coming from various fields of knowledge and from different artistic disciplines (painting, photography, graphism, illustration). One of our most popular books is the graphic novel The Unwilling Hero, which is based on the eponymous short novel by famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko (1856–1916). Address: 9/10 Nekrassova St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79010 leopol.net Rights coordinator: Cyril Horiszny +380 50 575 31 03 mail@leopol.net

Luta Sprava Publishing (founded in 2014) The mission of “Luta Sprava” is promotion of cultural phenomena — literature, painting, design, music, — that are relevant and accordant to present. Authors: Andriy Yermolenko, Ivan Semesiuk, Oleh Shynkarenko, Vano Kruger, Olaf Klemensen, Oleksandr Komiakhov, Mykola Stepanchenko, Nikita Vlasov, Olesia Drashkaba. Address: 29-A / 19 Shchorsa St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01133 lutasprava.com Rights coordinator: Andriy Honcharuk info@lutasprava.com


Lybid Publishing House (State Enterprise “Specialized Publishing House Lybid”) (founded in 1835) Publishing house releases about 100 books titles a year. Lybid is one of the oldest publishing houses in Ukraine, closely connected with the history of Kyiv National University, its scientific schools, education and traditions of the university book publishing. Today Lybid positions itself on the book market as a publisher of educational, scientific and popular scientific literature. It represents the names of the classics of Ukrainian literature and their new fiction works, along with translations from other languages. The publisher specializes in history, philosophy, psychology, culture, the Ukrainian language and literature, natural history, etc. Authors: Lina Kostenko, Valeriy Shevchuk, humanitarian scholars Ivan Dziuba, Mykola Zhulynsky, Anatoliy Halchynsky, Volodymyr Panchenko; historians Vasyl Ulyanovsky, Iryna Margolina, painter Serhiy Yakutovych and others. Address: 32 Pushkinska St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004 lybid.org.ua Rights coordinator: Olena Boyko info@lybid.org.ua +380 67 209 7157

Masters’ Time Publishing House (founded in 1999) The mission of the publishing house “Masters’ Time” is to create children’s books needed for the evolution of the soul as one creates works of art. It aims to produce books that bear useful and true knowledge, reveal the structure of the universe, form correct images, give experience and leave an aftertaste. Publishing House has already released 20 books this year. Authors: Vsevolod Nestayko, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Serhiy Kozlov, Andrey Makarevich, Ivan Andrusyak, Natalia Huzyeyeva, Korney Chukovski, Anatoliy Grygoruk, Ulrich Hub, Vitaly Bianki. Address: 28 Vasilkivska St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03022 masterclassbook.com Rights coordinator: Alina Mekhed alina.mekhed@masterclassbook.com

Medusa (founded in 2013) An independent book project founded as a self-organized platform of translators and researchers. Medusa aims to promote the intellectual books and publish translations of such authors as Pierre Bourdieu, Boris Buden, Ben Judah, Edward Said, and anthologies Image, Body, Order. Gender Studies in Interdisciplinary Spectrum and The Book of Kyiv. Address: Prov. Laboratornyi 26-103, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01133 medusa.kiev.ua Rights coordinator: Kateryna Mishchenko booksmedusa@gmail.com, kat.mishchenko@gmail.com 72

Meridian Czernowitz (founded in 2010) Meridian Czernowitz is not a traditional-style publishing house. Book projects are rather one of the stages in the development the poetry festival that bears the same name. Each of the projects engages experts who work with an author’s manuscript. Meridian Czernowitz publishes only high-quality literary texts by moderns authors, which includes books in Ukrainian and Russian and bilingual editions (in German and Ukrainian). Releases 5–7 book titles a year. Authors: Yuri Andrukhovych, Igor Pomerantsev, Oksana Zabuzhko, Serhiy Zhadan, Taras Prokhasko, Yuri Izdryk, Milena Findeis, Nilsen, Andriy Bondar, Taras Malkovych, Dmytro Lazutkin, Ostap Slyvynsky, Andriy Lyubka, Grygoriy Semenchuk, Bogdana Matiyash, Irena Karpa, Kateryna Babkina, Midna. Address: 55 B Vizhnitskaya St., Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58000 meridiancz.com Rights coordinator: Svyatoslav Pomerantsev pomer@meridiancz.com

Mother’s Little Sun Publishing House, LLC. (founded in 1996) Releases five book titles a year and five monthly magazines for children and teenager. The publishing house specializes in books for children and teens. Authors: Lina Kostenko, Maria Lyudkevych, Roman Skyba, Svitlana Prudnyk, Vadym Doroshenko, Oksana Davydova, Yulia Smal. Address: 93-a Zakrevskogo St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02232 feya.net.ua Rights coordinator: Vadym Doroshenko +380 44 362 58 50, +380 95 600 2852 tak_@ua.fm

Oko Publisher (founded in 1991) Number of books published during the year: 80. Specialization: illustrated editions and gift books, intellectual literature, e-books for entertainment and learning. Presents two series of non-fiction publications. Address: 7 Pushkinska St., 5th floor, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61057 +380 57 731 5524 artoko.org Rights coordinator: Anastasia Tieriekhova +380 67 293 0955


Old Lion Publishing House (founded in 2001) The publishing house releases about 80 books a year. This includes children’s, adolescent, and adult fiction and non-fiction. From the youngest to the eldest, everybody will find among the Old Lion Publishing House’s books the one she or he likes: board books, fairy tales, poems for kids, stories for schoolchildren, teen series, exquisite poetry, fascinating novels, atlases and albums of incredible beauty and even anti-stress coloring books. Old Lion Publishing House cooperates with the best Ukrainian and international authors, including Sally Green, Johanna Basford, Francoise Barbe-Galle, Jeremy Strong, Andrzej Stasiuk, Alexandra and Daniel Mizelinski, creative studio Agrafka, Patrik Ouředník, Sofia Andrukhovych and Taras Prokhasko. Address: 15-A Lemko St., Lviv, Ukraine, P.O.B/ 879, Ukraine, 79008 +38 032 240 4798 starlev.com.ua Rights coordinator: Ivan Fedechko +380 97 696 0703 ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua, lev@starlev.com.ua

Osnovy Publishing (founded in 1992) Osnovy Publishing was founded by Bohdan Kravchenko and Solomea Pavlychko. Over the past twenty years, Osnovy has published over three hundred titles. After the collapse of the USSR Ukraine critically needed literature in Ukrainian. Osnovy was created to fill in this need. Today Osnovy is actively developing a new range of books — books with unique content and design, conceived and created by Ukrainian authors, designers and illustrators. Osnovy’s repertoire continues to grow ranging from beautifully crafted coffee table photography compilations to series of children’s books and fun travel guides. Address: 10 Darvina, St. Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004 osnovypublishing.com Rights coordinator: Dana Pavlychko +380 50 331 42 80 danapavlychko@osnovypublishing.com

The Pyramid Literary Agency (founded in 1995) The agency publishes approximately 120 book titles each year. The literary agency Pyramid is a multifunctional publisher. The range of its themes and genres varies from fiction, scientific and educational literature to magazines. Authors: Maria Matios, Galyna Pahutyak, Oleg Lysheha, Kost’ Moskalets’, Roman Ivanychuk, Anatoly Dnistrovy, Vasyl Gabor, Volodymyr Danylenko, Olexandr Zhovna, Petro Yatsenko. Address: 11A Pekarska St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79006 +38 032 235 5328 piramidabook@ukr.net Rights coordinator: Tatyana Matskevich +380 97 570 72 09 tetiana.matskevich@gmail.com 74

Ranok Limited Publishing House (founded in 2000) Ranok Limited publishes about 400 book titles every year and specializes in publishing children’s books (various cardboard toy books, fiction and developing literature for children aged 0 to 16) and textbooks (textbooks, exercise books for schoolchildren, methodical literature for secondary school teachers). Ranok is the leader among the children’s publishing houses in the number of new releases and copies printed. The leading authors of the publishing house in the section of children’s literature are: Iryna Sonechko, Rinat Kurmashev, Gennadiy Melamed, Natalie Koval, Julia Kasparova and others. Address: 21a Kosmichna St., 7th floor, of. 701, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61145 ranok.com.ua Rights coordinator: Olga Nazarova +380 66 703 83 44 olga.shaposhnikova@gmail.com

Rodovid Press (founded in 1992) More then 20 years Rodovid Press specializes in publications on the art history, contemporary art and heritage of Ukraine. It releases albums, monographs and calendars, and a special Art Series. Most of the publications are at least in two languages: Ukrainian and English or French. Address: 17 Khreschatyk St., r. 45, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001 rodovid.net Rights coordinator: Lidia Lykhach — Founder and Director of Rodovid Press +380 44 289 48 29, +1 816 677 87 96 rodovid2@gmail.com

Savchuk O. O. Publisher (founded in 2010) In 2010—2015, the publisher released 15 fundamental works in Ukrainian art studies, ethnography and cultural history. The publishing house positions itself as a scholarly institute that focuses on the classical works in the field of Ukrainian humanities. The publisher’s most famous authors are: Stefan Taranushenko, Gnat Hotkevych, Fedir Vovk, Pavlo Zholtovsky, Vasyl Shcherbakivsky, Danylo Shcherbakivsky, Mykhaylo Dragan. Address: 21 Sotsialistychna St., apt. 6, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61093 savchook.com Rights coordinator: Oleksandr Savchuk +380 67 572 8575, +380 95 462 1810 savchook.book@gmail.com


Smoloskyp Publishers LTD (founded in 1967) Smoloskyp was founded in 1967 in Baltimore, USA; since 1992 in Kyiv, Ukraine. It offes about 30 titles per year. Ukrainian classic and contemporary literature, memoirs, books on politics, history and dissent movement. Series “Executed Revival”, “Political Ideologies”. Since 1995 Smoloskyp provides Literary contest for young authors. Authors: Vyacheslav Chornovil, Petro Hryhorenko, Vasyl Stus, Vasyl Symonenko, Jevhen Hrytsyak, Marichka Savchyn, Oleh Kotsarev, Myroslav Laiuk, Yulia Stakhivska, Olena Herasymyuk. Address: Mezhyhirska St. 21, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071 smoloskyp.org.ua Rights coordinator: Rostyslav Semkiv +380 44 425 23 93 mbf.smoloskyp@gmail.com

Summit-Book Publishing House (founded in 1996) Publishing house offers about 30 titles per year: fiction and non-fiction. Authors: Garry Kasparov, Michael Willard, Georges Eekhoud, Iryna Govorukha Address: Summit-Book, 25 Observatorna St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04053 sbook.com.ua Rights coordinator: Stepurin Ivan +380 50 352 25 25 sinbook@ukr.net

Svit Publishing House (founded in 1946) “Svit” publishes about 50 book titles a year. Specialization: educational and methodical literature for middle and high school, monographs, dictionaries, reference books and fiction. Authors: Olga Gis`, Olga Druh, Ihor Kalynets, Roman Lubkivsky, Maria Lyudkevych, Galyna Malyk. Address: 21, Galicka St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79008 svit.gov.ua Rights coordinator: Serhiy Dzioba +380 32 235 6525, +380 67 335 0676 real@svit.gov.ua


The Ukrainian Press Group LLC (founded in 1996) It is founder and publisher of the all-Ukrainian newspaper Den/The Day, published since 1996, which is one of the most moderate and patriotic publications in Ukraine. It comes in three languages — Ukrainian, Russian and English. A distinctive feature of the publication is its multifaceted humanities education work, done in the framework of various socially important projects, including publishing its own book series, Den’s Library, since 2002. This series, like the newspaper itself, aims to cultivate in Ukrainians, especially the younger generation, feelings of patriotism and national identity based on knowledge of their own history. As of now, the series includes over 20 positions, some of which have been reprinted more than once. Authors: Larysa Ivshyna, James Mace, Oxana Pachlovska, Serhii Krymsky, Volodymyr Panchenko, Petro Kraliuk, Maria Semenchenko, Valentyn Torba. Address: 121D Peremohy Av., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03115 day.kiev.ua Rights coordinator: Yaroslava Yatchenko +380 97 985 04 34 marketing.theday@gmail.com

Vivat Publishing House (founded in 2013) It is a part of the Factor corporate group, was established after the merger of two big publishing houses of the city of Kharkiv, Argument Print and Pelican. Today, Vivat is one of the five biggest publishing houses in Ukraine. Vivat has nearly 5,000 titles in its assortment and releases about 500 new books every year. It promotes its print products under three brands, i. e. Pelican (books for children), Argument (applied literature) and Vivat (gift editions). The publishing house sells over 1,5 mln books per year. Vivat has more than 1,000 trade partners in all regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries. The publishing house cooperates with leading publishers from Great Britain, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany and the USA. Authors: Boris Reitschuster, Viktor Shenderovich, Natalia Chub, Antuan Arzhakovsky, Yevhen Mahda, Natalia Huzeieva, Marcel van Herpen, Anatoliy Chupa, Viktoria Amelina, Ruslan Horovy, Evhen Medresh. Address: 10 Gomonenko St., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61037 vivat-book.com.ua Rights coordinator: Lina Shatilova e.shatilova@vivat.factor.ua

ZeitGlas (founded in 1995) ZeitGlass is a publishing house an international literary and art magazine. Founded in 1995 the publisher gives equal opportunities both to known authors as well as to beginners. Magazine is being released in three languages English, Russian and German. Address: 31/32 Shevchenko St., Kaniv, Ukraine, 19000 zeitglas.io.ua 77

Creative Ukraine



All-Ukrainian Festival of Ukrainian Book for Children “Alphabetic Kingdom of Wizards and Angels” (since 2010) All-Ukrainian Festival of Ukrainian Book for Children is an annual international event organized by the Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine in Kyiv. The annual festival of Ukrainian Book for Children is held at the unique place in the Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine, which is located in the ancient monastery’s Printing-house of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Each year the Festival holds more than 100 events including the presentations from famous writers, artists, publishers, literary and theatrical performances, workshops. The old technology of making books, paper, manuscripts with the close contact of Museum artefacts are presented in the modern workshops. The next festival will take place on October, 8–11th, 2015. e-mail: valentbook@gmail.com

Art Festival Artgnosis (since 2014) Artgnosis is the first art project in Vinnytsia, which is intended to involve much bigger audience of artists and spectators to the cultural life of the town. Artgnosis is an explosive combination of the most prominent representatives of modern Ukrainian literature, music and theatre. Ukrainian young top-musicians, poets, writers and actors are participators of the festival. The main festival’s aim is widening of Ukrainian cultural space of Vinnytsia by involving city’s inhabitants to new musical, literary and theatrical tendencies of Ukraine in general. e-mail: artgnosis2015@gmail.com +38 (093) 535 94 24, Odnorog Maryna

ArtFest March Cats (since 2006) The festival is an annual international event organized by the Assembly of Artists “Rotunda” and partners from Uzhhorod, Zakarpattya region. The purpose of the festival is to create an innovative environment that is focused on literature but also includes an interest in contemporary art, theater, music, etc. ArtFest promotes Ukrainian literature and contemporary art in Carpathian land. It focuses on current social issues and involves foreign guests. The next festival will take place on March, 25–27th, 2016. e-mail: vikkovrej@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/artfestbereznevikoty/


CYCLOP Video Poetry Festival (since 2011) CYCLOP is a video poetry festival established in 2011 by the NGO Ukrainian Literary Center for the purpose of supporting and popularizing video poetry as a new cinematic genre and school. The festival takes place in Kyiv (Ukraine) annually. The festival program features video poetry-related lectures, workshops, round tables, discussions, presentations of international contests and festivals, as well as demonstration of the best examples of Ukrainian and world video poetry, a competitive program, awards ceremony and other related projects. The Festival is one of 10 biggest video poetry festivals throughout the world. CYCLOP collaborates, makes joint projects and film screenings with partners in Argentina, Austria, Canada, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Scotland, UK, USA, etc. website: cyclop.in.ua e-mail: info@cyclop.in.ua Facebook: facebook.com/CYCLOP.in.ua

Intermezzo Short Story Festival (since 2015) It is a fresh current in the Ukrainian cultural landscape first held in May 2015 in the city of Vinnytsia. The festival focuses on the genre of short prose and crossroads of storytelling in literature and cinematograph. It is meant to be an annual event, a tribute to the Ukrainian writer and public figure Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi (1864, Vinnytsia — 1913). The organizers believe that Kotsiubynskyi’s short stories belong to the heritage of world literature while integrating Ukrainian culture into the context of European modernism. Readings, discussions, performances, lectures, screenings and after-parties elegantly intervene with the urban space of Podillia capital. Organizers of the festival are NGO Institue of Culture Management, Vinnytsia City Council and Literature-Memorial Museum of M. Kotsiubynskyi. II Intermezzo Short Story Festival is to be held on May 20–22nd, 2016 in Vinnytsia. website: intermezzofest.com e-mail: info@intermezzofest.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/intermezzofest

International Arsenal Book Festival (since 2011) Arsenal Book Festival is an annual international event organized by the National art, culture and museum complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” (Art Arsenal) in Kyiv. The landmark of the festival is creation of innovative multidisciplinary milieu, which is focused at book market and literature, but also includes contemporary art, illustration, music, performance, film, creative labs for children. The aim of the festival is to inspire reading, promote international literature exchange, and strengthen Ukrainian book market with bringing together new audiences and ideas. In 2015 the Arsenal Book Festival was attended by more than 60000 visitors, with more than 40 international authors in the program. The book fair that is part of the festival welcomed over 150 publishers and other cultural exponents. All profits from the fair are allocated for restoration of space, which is the former military factory built in 18th century and transformed into major art exhibition venue in 2010. VI Arsenal Book Festival and fair will take place on April 20–24th, 2016. website: artarsenal.in.ua/eng e-mail: biblio.arsenal@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/BookArsenal 80

International Art Festival “Ї” (“JI”) (since 2014) Art Festival “Ї” is the annual international event organized by the team of young cultural figures in Ternopil, Ukraine. Festival focuses on the creation of multidisciplinary artistic platform that brings together artists from all over Ukraine and abroad. “Ї” is the perfect combination of literature, music, painting, photo, film and other arts in a single festival. The aim of the festival is primarily a reader-viewer-listener communication with Ukrainian and foreign authors and vice versa. e-mail: mystetskyi@gmail.com

Green Wave International Book Exhibition Fair (since 1995) Book exhibition-fair held in the open air in Odessa (Ukraine) is one of the milestone book forums in Ukraine, event of the year for the whole book community. Green Wave program includes presentations of novelty books and meetings with the authors, meet-the-artist sessions, autograph signing sessions and workshops from famous writers, book competitions, Green Wave movie hall, reader’s contests, specials and so on. Concurrently with the Green Wave, there take place IV Odessa International Korney Chukovsky Festival of Children’s Literature which is the only festival in Ukraine entirely devoted to children’s literature and creativity. The next book exhibition fair will take place on August 4–7th, 2016. website: http://expodessa.com/books/ e-mail: info@expodessa.od.ua Facebook: www.facebook.com/greenwaveod

Kyivski Lavry (Kyiv Laurels) International Poetry Festival (since 2006) Kyiv Laurels International Poetry Festival is one of the largest and most reputable literary events in Ukraine. The founder and permanent organizer of the festival is the magazine about modern culture “SHO”. The festival has been held in Kiev (in mid-May) since 2006. Over the years the festival was attended by more than 500 poets, literary critics, musicians and artists from Belarus, France, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA and other countries. Each year the festival determines the winners of Kyivski Lavry Poetry Award. In 2011, the Festival also founded a Youth Poetry Prize. website: sho.kiev.ua e-mail: sho@sho.kiev.ua


Kharkiv BookFest (since in 2015) Kharkiv BookFest is a series of public events united by a book theme. These include exhibitions, tours, film screenings, literary evenings, publishers’ meetings and a big book fair in the city garden. The festival emphasizes the role of Kharkiv in Ukrainian book world. The city is de-facto the biggest center of national book publishing industry. It hosts four out of five biggest publishing houses, and its printing capacities can meet the needs for publishing all the books released in Ukraine. Book Council meeting is one of the most important events of the festival. The Council brings together at one table the biggest book publishers and government representatives to discuss shared challenges in the book publishing industry, such as the task of identifying Ukraine in the book world as a bilingual country, the methods of counteracting counterfeit products and e-piracy, and revival of the culture of reading. Organizers: Factor company group, Vivat publishing house, Kharkiv City Council and Yuri Sapronov’s Charitable Foundation. website: http://www.bookfest.com.ua e-mail: pr@vivat.factor.ua

Kyiv Book Fair MEDVIN (since 1999) Kyiv Book Fair MEDVIN: Book World is a traditional book event in Kyiv organized by MEDVIN exhibition company and supported by Ukrainian Book Publishers and Book Sellers Association. Curators of cultural program of the fair are Kapranovy brothers, Ukrainian writers, publishers and famous civic activists in Ukraine. MEDVIN has also twice successfully held EUROCON — European Science Fiction convent. MEDVIN is a meeting place for everybody who likes books. website: http://www.medvin.kiev.ua/index.php/exhibitions/books е-mail: valery@medvin.kiev.ua

Kyiv Comic Con (since 2015) Kyiv Comic Con is the first Ukrainian major festival of popular culture dedicated to cinematography, comic books, video games, animation, cosplay, literature and board games. The program of the festival features presentation of new comic, manga and fiction books (both Ukrainian and new translations), lectures and workshops with well-known artists, large film program with presentation of new Ukrainian fiction movies, indy films, anime and cartoons, meetings with cast and creators, cosplay show, presentations of new Ukrainian video and board games. There is also separate program for children aimed at both entertaining and introducing them to the fine examples of popular culture. This includes artistic reading, art classes and other creative activities. website: comiccon.kiev.ua e-mail: comicconkyiv@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/comicconkyiv


Meridian Czernowitz (since 2010) International Literary Corporation has now four main areas of focus: International Festival of Poetry, Paul Celan Literary Centre, Meridian Czernowitz International Residence for writers and translators and the Publishing House. MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ International Festival of Poetry is the event built on the foundation of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian city Chernivtsi (AustroHungarian: Czernowitz). The overall objective of the festival is returning of Chernivtsi to its place that was lost on the cultural map of Europe as well as the development of dialogue between contemporary Ukrainian poets and their foreign colleagues. Festival takes place annually in Chernivtsi during the first or second weekend of September. The participants of the festival are the most prominent writers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Great Britain, The USA, Denmark, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, France, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. More than a hundred of writers from all around the world have become participants of the festival throughout the 6-year period of its existence. website: meridiancz.com Svyatoslav Pomerantsev, President, pomer@meridiancz.com Evgenija Lopata, Coordinator, lopataevg@meridiancz.com Liliia Shutiak, Press Secretary, shutiak@meridiancz.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/meridiancz

Publishers’ Forum NGO (since 1994) Publishers’ Forum NGO was founded in Lviv to promote reading among Ukrainians and development of Ukrainian book market and literature. Among most notable annual events are: Lviv Publishers’ Forum (held since 1994) The event combines international book fair (over 400 exhibitors) and literature festival (over international and Ukrainian 300 writers). Next event: September 14–17th, 2016. National Children Reading Competition BOOKMANIA The competition has been held since 2002 year in Lviv and in 2005 became national. It aims to encourage children aged 12–14 years to read their favourite books. The main prize is a trip to Lviv Children Festival. During 2002–2014 in the competition took part over 700 000 teenagers from all regions of the country. Children Festival SLONIA (held since 2007) The festival program includes more than 400 various master-classes on art, music, theater, ecology, since, etc., but the focus of festival is still literature. The part of the festival is children literature book fair. Next event: May, 2016. website: bookforum.ua e-mail: bookforum@gmail.com, litfest@bookforum.com.ua, presa@bookforum.com.ua



Agnon Literary Center (since 2015) Agnon Literary Center is a non-profit literary organization located in Buchach (Ukraine) since July 2015. The main goal of Agnon Literary Center is to promote literary projects for community of a small town Buchach, a place, where Nobel Prize laureate writer Shmuel Yosef Agnon was born. Agnon Literary Center will develop projects in different areas such as literary meetings and book presentations, literary club, translation and publishing projects, local history projects; literary residence project. e-mail: agnoncenter@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/AgnonCenter

Center of Literary Education (since 2013) Center of Literary Education is an educational organization providing a platform for sharing experiences, professional development and communication of participants of the cultural process. Mission of Center is to create new opportunities for development. Major projects and spheres: Writing skills course, Summer literary school, Literary tour to Poland (and other countries in future), lectures on literary skills, schools for publishers and literary managers, special courses of well-known Ukrainian and foreign writers, children’s program (literary schools for children and teenagers), publishing projects. Lecturers: Yuri Andrukhovych, Oksana Zabuzhko, Serhiy Zhadan, Irena Karpa, Taras Prokhasko, Yuri Vynnychuk and others. e-mail: litosvita.org@gmail.com website: litosvita.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/litosvita

Dobra Lystivka (A Kind Postcard) Charity Fund (since 2014) Charity fund raising money by production and sale of unique exclusive postcards by famous Ukrainian and international designers, and artists. All profit from sale goes to rehabilitation programs for disabled children in Ukraine. Currently fund cooperates with the organization “Mission to Ukraine” (misiavukrainu.org). The project is quite unique not only in Ukraine but also in the world as it is one of the few projects where a national product is produced and all profit goes to charity. At the moment organisation works with such famous artists as Mariana Luiz Johnson (Argentina), Conrad Rosed (Spain), Takashi Yamamoto (Japan), Maguma (Spain), Thiago Neumann (Brasil), Valentina Brostean (Italy), Rado Javor (Slovakia), Gediminas Pranckevicius (Lithuania), Mindkillerink (USA) and many others. There are totally more than 100 artists from 12 countries taking part in the project with more than 300 varieties of postcards. website: http://dobralystivka.com e-mail: order@dobralystivka.com +380-67-2092740 84

Independent Art Association Magnum Opus (since 2011) Independent Art Association Magnum Opus is a non-profit literary organization located in Poltava, Ukraine. It was created on September 7, 2011. The association implements various ideas, projects and artistic events and unfolds activities within Poltava. Areas: texts, photos, art events, cultural management. The association is not officially registered. Events: “Open cinenight”, “Open University Maidan”, “Megamarsh in embroidered shirts”, literary presentations, house concerts, poetry evenings. Projects: “People read”, “#Vstol”. website: vk.com/magnum_opus_poltava, www.facebook.com/magnum.opus.poltava e-mail: magnumopuschannel@gmail.com

Literature.RV (since 2011) Non-governmental organization that organizes 70 literary events in Rivne (Western Ukraine) since 2011, mostly the presentations of prose and poetry books, meetings with publishers and illustrators; poetry evenings. Organization aims to organize its events at the highest level: the authors are provided with the necessary conditions for living in the city and communication with the audience; and the audience is provided with affordable tickets and comfortable rooms. And it all gives off as the average number of spectators at the events reached the mark of 107 people last year. Literature.RV is interested in collaboration with participants from Poland, Germany, France, Britain and other EU countries. e-mail: literatura.rv.org@gmail.com Facebook: fb.com/literature.rv

Litera: Open Readings (since 2015) Litera: Open Readings is a non-profit literary project located in Chernihiv (Ukraine). The main aim of Litera: Open Readings is to develop cultural and literary sphere of Chernihiv as well as to give an opportunity to citizens and guests of the town to express themselves. Litera: Open Readings is suitable for such kinds of activities as literary meetings, book presentations, discussions, theatrical performances, public lectures, workshop sessions, etc. e-mail: masha_chevan@mail.ru Facebook: www.facebook.com/Л-І-Т-Е-Р-А-1502130530007710


Pictoric Illustrators Club Pictoric is a proactive community of Ukrainian graphic designers, illustrators and artists, distinct by their singular vision and unique artistic style, whose works are reflecting, anyhow, current trends in graphic arts. Pictoric Club views its mission as the promotion and development of quality artworks and precisely of illustrations, able to represent Ukraine internationally. Pictoric organizes annually international illustration exhibitions within the framework of Book Arsenal Festival. Other activities organized by Pictoric over the year are public lectures, exhibition events, workshops delivered by Ukrainian and foreign illustrators. Curators: Oleg Gryshchenko, Anastasia Denysenko, Anna Sarvira, Olena Staranchuk. e-mail: pictoric.ua@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/pictoric.ua

Ukrainian Library Association (since 1995) It is a national professional NGO representing about 67,000 librarians across the country and about 40,000 libraries. ULA members work in public, college, university, school and special libraries. It has 20 regional and special chapters in all regions of Ukraine and sections according to branches of library and information science and librarianship. It strives to be the chief advocate for the people of Ukraine to achieve and maintain high-quality library and information services. The ULA has been collaborating on different projects with international organizations, including the British Council in Kyiv, the Goethe Institute in Kyiv, U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, and IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board), Parliamentary Development Project, the European Commission (under its IST Programme) and others. web-site: ula.org.ua e-mail: info@ula.org.ua

Ukrainian Literary Center (since 2008) Ukrainian Literary Center (Litcentr) is a cultural organization and online platform that promotes literature in Ukraine and around the world in general. The platform was founded in 2008. The main goals of Litcentr platform are: promoting Ukrainian literature and literary events; organization of readings, festivals, competitions, presentations, concerts, cultural events and projects; supporting and promoting projects combining literature with other arts; holding own educational events; creating translation projects in order to promote and popularize Ukrainian literature worldwide; cooperation and mutual projects with Ukrainian and international cultural groups, organizations and embassies of different countries in Ukraine; publishing activity. website: www.litcentr.in.ua e-mail: info@litcentr.in.ua Facebook: http://facebook.com/litcentr.in.ua


Small Publishings`Union Mali.UA (since 2015) Mali.UA is a union that aims to promote books and book projects of indie-publishers as well as help them to communicate with partners, take part in exhibitions and fairs and appear in mass-media. Among the union’s members are either well-known publishers (for example, Bratske or Meduza) that have great chances in mass-market or unique projects for readers with sophisticated tastes as well as limited editions and selfpublishing projects. Small Publishing’s` Union was founded by the well-known in the sphere of publishing media Chytomo project’s editorial. website: chytomo.com e-mail: chytomo@gmail.com

State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine The central executive body with special status under the control of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This body formulates and implements the state policy in the publishing field. Address: 2 Prorizna St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001 e-mail: a.kononenko@ukr.net, sector@comin.gov.ua

The Depths of Art Charity Foundation (since 2014) It is a non-profit organization located in Kyiv (Ukraine), organizing a cycle of socio cultural forums aimed at building a tolerant civil society by means of establishing of cultural relations, communications and creative relations between the regions. The project carries out two weeks cultural forums in the administrative centers of geographically opposite regions of Ukraine. For today there were two stages of the project: two week Doncult Forums in Kyiv in October—November 2014 and in Lviv in June 2015, devoted to culture and art of Donbas region. Each forum included the following programs: lecture and discussion; visual (exhibition projects); musical; theatre; literary; cinema; educational for children and adolescents. website: www.dofa.fund e-mail: dofa.fund@gmail.com

Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association (UPBA) (since 1999) It is a national charitable non-profit organization. UPBA is an initiator and coorganizer of major book exhibitions and fairs currently existing the country: Publishers’ Forum (1994), Book World or Medvin (1999), The World of Books (2000), Ukrainian Book Days in Odessa Region (2001) and others. The UPBA was involved in resolving the majority of legal conflicts that arise between the subjects of publishing business, the publishers and booksellers or state fiscal services. Since 2011, the UPBA has been a member of the International Publishers Association. The UPBA President is Oleksandr Afonin. Adress: 4 Triokhsvyatytelska St., office 526, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601 website: www.uabooks.info e-mail: upba@ukr.net 87

Ukrainian Research Center of Children’s and Youth Literature (URCCYL) (since 2009) An integral part of the activities of the URCCYL is the creation of professional scientific dialogue in the field of children’s and youth literature. The organization consists of representatives of researchers, scientists, writers, publishers, librarians, higher academic circles, universities, institutes, departments, centers, public organizations, editorial boards, etc. from all around the Ukraine. The main publications of Centre are its own professional periodicals Literature. Children. Time. Journal of Ukrainian Research Center of Children and Youth Literature released as the results of annual International Symposium Literature. Children. Time. To promote the reading as a cultural value the URCCYL is organizing its main sociocultural project All Ukraine Reads to Kids which includes such projects as Creative Reading, Multilingual Reading, Readings Clubs for Teenagers, School Readings etc. Uliana Baran is the president of URCCYL. Adress: 26/6 Stryjska St., Lviv, Ukraine, 79011 +38 067 8769797 website: http://urccyl.com.ua/en/ e-mail: urccyl.new@gmail.com

Yizdetz Literary Travel Project (since 2014) Yizdetz Literary Travel Project is a cultural initiative engaged in the development and popularization of literary tourism in Ukraine. The project was founded in 2014. The mission of the project is to promote cultural tourism and leisure, motivate for travelling and research culture and to establish communication between regions of the country. Yizdetz works in two directions. The first one is the creation of a literary guide that combines the format of a short prose collection and a proper tourist guide, which will tell about the interesting and little-known locations of Ukraine through writers’ eyes. Yizdetz literary guide will come out at the beginning of 2016. The second direction of work is organizing excursions and weekend tours to interesting literary locations involving top Ukrainian writers, literary historians, art historians and managers of cultural projects. e-mail: yizdetz@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/yizdetz

Zoryana Fortetsya (Star Fortress) Literary Union (since 2008) Zoryana Fortetsya Literary Union is a nonprofit literary organization. The main goal of the Union is development of Ukrainian Sci-Fi & Fantasy literature and consolidation of writers, artists, translators, publishers and fans. Union provides Ukrainian-language sci-fi and fantasy story contest, which is run twice a year, master-classes and workshop for young writers, and promotes sci-fi & fantasy actions and writers on Ukrainian literature festivals. website: http://starfort.in.ua e-mail: starfortess@gmail.com Facebook: facebook.com/groups/starfort/ 88


Art Studio Drabyna Drama.UA Residence for directors and playwrights emerged as an attempt to establish communication and cooperation between professional theater environments from different cities of Ukraine. Some residences aimed to create a specific theater product (i.e. a stage reading or play), whereas others had educating and developing goals and intended to build the theatre community. The list of the residents of the Art Studio Drabyna includes the directors Pavel Yurov and Anton Romanov; the playwrights Oksana Savchenko, Mykola Homanyuk, Yevhen Markovsky and Marie Vakula. website: drabyna.org e-mail: viktoria.shvydko@drabyna.org, oksana.danchuk@drabyna.org

The Residence for Poets and Translators It is the project elaborated by MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ International Literary Corporation in 2013. It has no analogues in Ukraine. The overall objective of the project is the promotion of Chernivtsi and Ukraine in the world. Such a residence project was initiated by the Initiative Group of the Festival Meridian Czernowitz: Igor Pomerantsev, Petro Rychlo, Mark Belorusets, Joseph Zissels, Yuri Andruhovych, Serhiy Zhadan. Within the framework of the project, the invited writers/translators have an opportunity to live and work in Chernivtsi for four weeks. Six-eight authors from Ukraine and Europe become participants of the Residence each year. The first residents were poets and translators from the German-speaking countries — Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and then — from Romania, Poland, Israel and other countries. The only requirement for the residents is mentioning of the residence when publishing texts created in Chernivtsi. website: meridiancz.com Svyatoslav Pomerantsev, president, pomer@meridiancz.com Evgenija Lopata, coordinator, lopataevg@meridiancz.com

Stanislav Phenomenon Residence (since 2013, Ivano-Frankivsk) Eligibility criteria for the residence are talent and 18 to 30 years of age. In different years the list of the jury members included Taras Prokhasko, Yuri Andrukhovych, Galyna Petrosanyak, Vasyl Karpyuk and Vitaly Chupak. The preference is given to the candidates with high-quality works who are not yet widely known. The aim of the residence is to discover new talents. website: fenomen.in.ua e-mail: konkurs@fenomen.in.ua






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New books from Ukraine  

It is a catalog of new Ukrainian books. It consists of such sections: books about war, children, fiction, non-fiction, creative Ukraine.

New books from Ukraine  

It is a catalog of new Ukrainian books. It consists of such sections: books about war, children, fiction, non-fiction, creative Ukraine.


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