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Cover Image Cover image was provided by Mary Marre(P006-009) // Country_Greece

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Calendar /

2017 ‘2017’ is a visual graphics calendar. By decomposing the Chinese character of each month and combining and replacing them with modern graphic elements, the designer is able to form an abstract visual expression. The cover is embossed with the image of a sunrise and phoenix, which are the all-time blessing symbols in China. The soft colour scheme on the cover and the rigid black and white inside pages also create a powerful visual impact.

// Designer(s)_Yan Weichen 言瑋宸 // Photographer(s)_Yan Weichen 言瑋宸 // Country_China

Gallery Vol. 38 / 05

Campaign /

Look beyond the Events ‘Technopolis’ is a multi-purpose space in the Technopoli’s Gas Museum for different types of activities including concerts, festivals, business events, seminars etc. To evoke the sense of a museum that is lost amongst

// Client_Technopoli’s Gas Museum // Designer(s)_Mary Marre // Photographer(s)_Mary Marre // Copywriter(s)_Mary Marre // Country_Greece

those activities, this poster and campaign design utilizes various pictograms symbolizing some of the events taking place at Technopolis. It invites viewers to discover the museum which is 'hidden' behind the events.

Gallery Vol. 38 / 07

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Campaign /

/ 08 - 09 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

New Balance 574 Promotion Design in 2016 Design agency LxU has created the social marketing campaign for 'New Balance - 574' 2016 promotion. Built around the main concept – people with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and those who tend to lose things - the project displays funny and amusing scenes of the characters through various mediums including visual, web, app, social media contents and gift design.

// Client_New Balance // Agency_LxU // Director(s)_Levi // Creative Director(s)_Tarzan // Art Director(s)_Una // Copywriter(s)_Carrotty Liu, Blur Zhang // Designer(s)_Wen Yunhui, Psycho // Illustrator(s)_Wen Yunhui, Psycho, Eilleen // Others_Sapphire, Xu Xia, Liao Aoyang, Luxixi // Country_China

Campaign /

/ 010 - 011 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Campaign /

/ 012 - 013 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Campaign /

/ 014 - 015 /

CD Jacket /

Wolf Gates To present the limited edition of the new album,

of the cover and the CD was designed to be matt

“Wolf Gates”, designer Ernesta Vala came up with a

black, to give a feeling of luxury. The design took

minimalistic and novel design while maintaining some

influence from Baltic and Scandinavian mythology,

neo folk elements.

especially Valhalla. The band describe the cover as

The symbol of “Wolf Gates” appears on all album

an unavoidable path of all human beings when a man

covers. In the design, Vala used a red thread to refer

has to enter different life stages and meet his own

to a man’s life where he can alter the image with

fears, personal metamorphosis and changes.

different threading placement. The background colour

// Client_Skyle with featured singer Aiste Smilgeviciute ( neo folk band ) // Creative Director(s)_Ernesta Vala // Art Director(s)_Ernesta Vala // Designer(s)_Ernesta Vala, Eduaras Marozas (technical) // Photographer(s)_Ernesta Vala // Others_Tomas Grieze // Country_Lithuania

Gallery Vol. 38 / 017

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

CD Jacket /

Vinyl Album Covers Album cover designs for three different music genres. Each design was based on the songs and album themes.

// Designer(s)_Gökçe Düzgün // Illustrator(s)_Gökçe Düzgün // Country_Turkey

/ 018 - 019 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Alt-J Album "Heroes on Mars" Cover Alt-J are an English indie rock band formed in 2007. The band's symbol is the delta sign, ∆, which is traditionally used in scientific study to indicate "change" or "difference". Alt + j on a Mac computer displays the delta sign symbol. For this new album "Heroes on Mars", designer Marion Fagnot has created a texture resembling planet Mars and used the triangle cut to refers to the group symbol.

// Designer(s)_Marion Fagnot // Illustrator(s)_Marion Fagnot // Photographer(s)_Marion Fagnot // Country_France

CD Jacket /

/ 020 - 021 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

CD Jacket /

/ 022 - 023 /

Freerange Records IWANT design has been designing sleeves for ‘Freerange Records’ for a number of years. To celebrate 20 years of Freerange Records releasing quality underground house and electronic music, IWANT design has developed a five vinyl box-set with cover image of the Freerange office, along with a brand new bespoke typeface, logo marques, and a new generic house bag for 12" releases.

// Client_Freerange Records 20 years // Studio_IWANT design // Country_United Kingdom

Environment /

Central Library of Castelldefels ‘PFP, disseny graphic’ was tasked with the designing the signalling of the Castelldefels Central Library. The new building, devised by architect Josep Muxart, was built with a square on its front. The studio came up with a cost effective, eye catching, and award winning environmental graphics system which made the library identifiable while creating a new congregational space for the citizens. The team painted a large alphabet soup image on the ground, with the paint and colours used for traffic signalling and in a stencil typeface, concealing the words of the different subject areas of the library (novels, poetry, science etc).

// Client_Ajuntament de Castelldefels / Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona // Studio_PFP, disseny graphic (Quim Pintó and Montse Fabregat) // Photographer(s)_Ago2-Oscar Ferrer-Diputació de Barcelona // Others_Josep Muxart // Country_Spain

Gallery Vol. 38 / 025

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

MéMO Visual identity design and signage of the new

printed notes.

municipal library of Osny, the 'MEMO'. The building

The logotype of the municipal library of Osny was

has pure and open forms, transparent and coherent

designed along with the signage. The letter “é” of

with the public space. The signage accompanies

the logotype is modular and flexible according to the

this serene atmosphere through its simplicity and

themes addressed by the library (e.g. video games,

effectiveness. This system offers users a practical

literature, computers). The stationery, cards of

tool in everyday life. Free surface space is provided

subscribers and bags of the media also employ this

for various information - workshops, readings and


lectures. Staff can use the graphical charters for

// Client_City hall of Osny, (95), France // Studio_Elodie Stephan // Designer(s)_Elodie Stephan and Noëmi Wüthrich // Photographer(s)_Romain Babel // Others_Triptyque Architecture // Country_France


/ 026 - 027 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 028 - 029 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Hive Café - Reliance HQ Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is an Indian

to co-exist in absolute harmony. A café is ideal for this

conglomerate, headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India.

project, people can exchange ideas over a nourishing

As the company moves towards a fluid and broader

meal. The studio used signboard to showcase the

outlook, it approached ‘Leaf Design’ to redesign their

design and express the brand attitude, along with

spatial branding in order to reflect the shift.

its refreshing colour scheme and straightforward

For an organization that values its diversity above

illustration brightening up the space.

anything else, the place needs to allow different views

// Client_Reliance ADAG // Studio_Leaf Design // Creative Director(s)_Sumit Patel, Sandeep Ozarde // Copywriter(s)_Gunjan Sah // Designer(s)_Sourajit Sengputa, Prayag Shah // Country_India


/ 030 - 031 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Reliance Headquarters Along with the Hive Café project, ‘Leaf Design’ also

space is succinct whereas in the communal space

developed the environmental graphics and signage

is more creative and playful. Although each space’s

for the offices of the headquarters. The design breaks

visuals are distinct, all the visual are tied together

the typical corporate approach and moves towards

with a coherent style.

an open and flowing outlook. The design in the work

// Client_Reliance ADAG // Studio_Leaf Design // Creative Director(s)_Sumit Patel, Sandeep Ozarde // Copywriter(s)_Gunjan Sah // Designer(s)_Sourajit Sengupta // Country_India


/ 032 - 033 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 034 - 035 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Info boards for Demo Day Information boards and signs for Demo Day held by Kitchen Budapest. Demo Day is an event where incubated talent groups can introduce their ideas and prototypes about their innovative ideas from various fields of technology. Designer Lilla Tรณth has created the event signage with a minimalistic approach, using simple black and white icons with an eccentric illustrative style.

// Client_Kitchen Budapest // Designer(s)_Lilla Tรณth // Photographer(s)_BEET // Country_Hungary


/ 036 - 037 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Das Lab Das Lab is a co-working space in Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico. ‘Mandelbrot Studio’ came up with the idea side by side with the founders of the project - ‘CONNECT’. The challenge was to create a sense of belonging to a community of creativity and solidarity and show potential achievements from those interactions, thereby inspire people to “Think Bigger" – the slogan of Das Lab. Each detail was carefully crafted, from business cards, digital signatures, to each brush of paint on the walls.

// Client_Das Lab // Studio_Mandelbrot Studio // Creative Director(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Art Director(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Copywriter(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Designer(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Country_Mexico


/ 038 - 039 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 040 - 041 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Truth depends on where you see it from Truly | Urban Artists’ artwork presents, in a contemporary guise, an optical phenomenon called anamorphosis; a technique experimented with ever since the fifteenth century by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Hans Holbein. ‘Truth depends on where you see it from’ showcases the recent outcomes of the collective’s aesthetic and poetic studies, and highlights the relationship between geometrical abstraction and urban space.

// Studio_Truly | Urban Artists // Photo Credits_Beppe Giardino / we.mind // Country_Italy


/ 042

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 044 - 045 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

/ 046 - 047 /


Belgian Design on Tour As part of ‘Reciprocity Design Liège’, ‘Twodesigners’

strand board with clean white background which

has developed the design of the exhibition,

allowed the exhibited furniture to be centre of the

showcasing the work of the Belgian designers

show. The visual graphics on each module provides

featured by WBDM (Wallonie- Bruxelles Design Mode)

the signage function for the visitors to the exhibition

- an organisation which carries out the international

through the elliptic typography design. The overall

promotion of Belgian design and fashion industries.

design achieves a clean, succinct and avant-garde

The design team worked with the modules of oriented


// Client_WBDM (Wallonie Bruxelles Design Mode) // Studio_Twodesigners // Creative Director(s)_Jonathan HONVOH, Rodrigue STROUWEN // Photographer(s)_Germain OZER // Country_Belgium

Event /

D’obra (Brick by Brick. Ceramics Applied to Architecture) ‘PFP, disseny graphic’ has created neutral and basic visual graphics for the Barcelona Design Museum exhibition. With the heterogeneous characteristic of the exhibition, the design is neutral and eclectic. A reticular system (adaptable to different formats of the communication elements) refers to the architecture and the ceramic piece, while the grid structure acts as the main module of the architectural exhibition project.

// Client_Barcelona design Museum // Studio_PFP, disseny graphic (Quim Pintó and Montse Fabregat) // Photographer(s)_Borja Ballbé, Xavier Padrós (Museu del Disseny de Barcelona), PFP // Others_Albert Imperial, Pedro Azara // Country_Spain

Gallery Vol. 38 / 049

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

MULTIPLIED LxU Fifth Anniversary Exhibition 2016 is the fifth anniversary of Beijing based design agency ‘LxU’. As an important milestone in the development of the team, they put together this wellthought-out exhibition, MULTIPLIED, by collecting their previous accomplishments and memories and sharing their values and philosophy to more people, realising that “only multiplication can release the maximum possibility”. The design combines the pictographic essence of Chinese characters and the mathematical multiple sign, accompanied by the representative Chinese red colour scheme, creating a simple yet effective visual system.

// Client_LxU // Agency_LxU // Creative Director(s)_Levi, Una // Executive Director(s)_Gao Yun // Art Director(s)_Ze21 // Copywriter(s)_Blur Zhang // Designer(s)_Ze21, BigF, Psycho, Brian Tong, Matto Lau, Zhang Hanzhi, Guo Xueer, Hu Gen // Photographer(s)_Gao Yun, Ze21 // Others_Tarzan, Carrotty, Lu Xixi, XuXia, Eilleen, Deng Yi // Country_China

Event /

/ 050 - 051 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Event /

/ 052 - 053 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Event /

/ 054 - 055 /

Nuits Sonores ‘Nuits sonores’ is a French festival dedicated to

based design team ‘Studio Feixen’ has created a

electronic, independent, visual and interactive

playful visual system – their own Lego game version

cultures. It takes place every year around Ascension

of patterns and letters - with which they can build

for 5 days and 5 nights in Lyon. Its goal is to highlight

Lyon the way they envision it. Just like the visitors of

emblematic places of the city of Lyon, including

the festival shape Lyon the way they envision it: A city

streets, museums, industrial sites and more.

that is constantly changing and adapting along the

Wanting to have a little play with the design, Lucerne

rhythms and melodies of the music.

// Client_Nuits sonores // Studio_Studio Feixen // Country_Switzerland

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Event /

/ 056 - 057 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Seeing Round Corners Seeing Round Corners is Turner Contemporary's

objects and historical artefacts.

2016 Summer Exhibition and is the first UK exhibition

‘IWANT design’ was tasked with creating the graphic

to explore how artists have responded to the

identity, promotional material and interpretation

phenomenon of the circle, the disc or the sphere. The

for the exhibition. Taking a literal approach to the

exhibition showcases more than 50 works, presenting

visual identity, the visual uses curved type for the

a variety of processes and media including painting,

logo and plays with curves and arcs for supporting

sculpture, film and photography, alongside design


// Client_Turner Contemporary // Studio_IWANT design // Country_United Kingdom

Event /

/ 058 - 059 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Event /

/ 060 - 061 /

Identity /

Sports Games 2016 Self-initiated project from ‘Publimark Mullen Lowe’. The idea was to imagine having the “Sport Games” held in Cartago, Costa Rica. Cartago is a small province full of richness in its people, flora and fauna, history and colonial architecture. The logo was designed to gather Cartago’s most important historical icons, while the other cultural elements from Cartago were put together then transformed into a mosaic pattern.

// Agency_Publimark Mullen Lowe // Art Director(s)_Adriana Rojas Astúa // Copywriter(s)_Federico Nieto // Others_Tatiana Rojas Astúa, Giovanni Rojas (3D & Rendering) // Country_Costa Rica

Gallery Vol. 38 / 063

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 064 - 065 /

SOYO Frozen Yogurt Branding illustrations for SoYo Frozen Yoghurt, created at the Meanwhile Design Studio. Employing bright and pleasant colour scheme, illustrator Brett King transformed the combination of abstract figures of fruits and images of SOYO's yogurt products into a imaginative wonderland.

// Client_So Yo Frozen Yogurt // Studio_Meanwhile Design // Creative Director(s)_Brian Shields, Maria Langley // Illustrator(s)_Brett King // Country_New Zealand

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 066 - 067 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

GEEKPARK Rebranding Branding project for ‘GEEKPARK’, a hotbed of technological innovators founded in 2010. Its slogan is "Discover the Value of Products". The logo is a combination of the letter "G" in ‘GEEKPARK’ and the image of an eye, which implies connection and discovery.

// Client_GEEKPARK // Studio_ // Creative Director(s)_Archer Zuo // Art Director(s)_Archer Zuo // Copywriter(s)_Archer Zuo // Designer(s)_Qian Lee, Lin Gao // Illustrator(s)_Archer Zuo // Country_China


/ 068 - 069 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 070 - 071 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Visual Identity of Kaunas 1st Music School Kaunas 1st music school is one of the first music schools founded in Lithuania. The main inspiration for the branding is notes and motifs from the musical instruments. The project consists of a logo for the identity, icons for different classes, posters for three representative classes - string class, piano class and folk instruments class.

// Client_Vilnius Academy of Arts Faculty of Kaunas, Kaunas 1st Music School // Designer(s)_Aur ja Jucevi i t // Illustrator(s)_Aur ja Jucevi i t // Photographer(s)_Aur ja Jucevi i t // Country_Lithuania


/ 072 - 073 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

/ 074 - 075 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Art Vilnius Fair Visual identity developed for a contemporary art fair. The comprehensive environmental campaign was inspired by the original logo. The stretched ‘Art’ and ‘Fair’ act as the main graphic and the layout basis.

// Client_Art Vilnius // Designer(s)_Denis Kuchta // Photographer(s)_Denis Kuchta // Country_Lithuania


/ 076 - 077 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 078 - 079 /

Carpenters Wharf Naming and identity design for Carpenters Wharf -

combining a ‘C’ and a fish symbol. Working with

a canal-side residential development in Fish Island,

letterpress artists, ‘Jack Renwick Studio’ used locally-


sourced wood to create bespoke prints that became

The brand captures the aesthetic of the building’s

the building blocks of the identity - a graphic system

architecture, whilst reflecting the spirit of Fish Island

based on the end-grain of wood stacks found in the

– a part of London with a rich industrial history, now

workshops that once populated the island.

home to a vibrant creative community. For fifty years

The idea of ‘making’ is intrinsic to the brand - from

the site was home to a luxury furniture maker, who

a history of craft in the area to the quality materials

shipped timber down the canal to use in their designs.

used, creating a building that is distinctive and feels

This became the inspiration for the name and visual

at home within the industrial landscape of Fish Island.


This led to the brand’s key messaging - ‘Made of

The brand mark references the craftsmanship of the

Character’ - which became the basis of the visual and

furniture makers through its dovetail joint - cleverly

verbal language.

// Client_Anderson Group // Studio_Jack Renwick Studio // Creative Director(s)_Jack Renwick // Design Director(s)_Tom Rogers // Copywriter(s)_Nick Asbury // Designer(s)_Nevs Hamling, Mike Reid, Ash Watkins, Susannah McGowan, Andrew Golden // Photographer(s)_Andrew Urwin // Others_Sev Furneaux, Thomas Mayo / The Caseroom Press // Country_United Kingdom

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 080 - 081 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Make My Day Make My Day (MM:D) is a restaurant built on the delightful premise of simple and refreshing vegetarian food in a pleasant environment. With the cheery yellow palette and fun emoticons, ‘Leaf Design’ delivered a happy brand message to the customers.

// Client_Make My Day // Studio_Leaf Design // Creative Director(s)_Sandeep Ozarde, Sumit Patel // Copywriter(s)_Gunjan Sah // Designer(s)_Dipto De, Saurabh Sethi // Country_India


/ 082 - 083 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 084 - 085 /

Pi Creative Studio Identity After 20 years of activity, the design studio “Paleta de Ideias” went through a major rebranding process in 2015. From the logo to the studio location, everything changed. The new name “Pi” refers to the famous mathematical constant. The identity was built upon the mathematical symbol, using the Pi sequence as a tool to explore its visual language. A set of fonts with geometric shapes were designed, where numerals were replaced by diverse shapes, creating mesmerising patterns when applied to the Pi sequence.

// Studio_Pi Creative Studio // Art Director/Designer(s)_Pedro Matos // Copywriter(s)_Dionísio Monteiro // Photographer(s)_Hugo Delgado // Direction(s)_Abel Rocha, Dionísio Monteiro // Country_Portugal

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 086 - 087 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Kitchen Budapest Identity concept for Kitchen Budapest, an internationally recognized innovation lab. The idea of the logo is based on an ingredient list, which represents the notion of Kitchen Budapest where people “cook” their ideas with various components. The design is versatile and adaptable across different media, each piece of the design corresponds to the logo yet has their own original modification.

// Client_Kitchen Budapest // Designer(s)_Lilla Tóth // Others_Dorottya Vékony // Country_Hungary


/ 088 - 089 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Adelie & the Stone ‘Adelie & the Stone’ came up with a new approach of

possibility of creating a unique and personalized

choosing presents by letting the customers compose

gift for everyone. They developed an all in one

a gift set that consists of various items for a particular

flexible construction, which allows the consumers to

occasion or situation. Inspired by Adelie penguin

combine various size boxes to create a personal set.

species’ love ritual, in which male penguins give

The customers become the author of a unique gift

the preferred female a stone as a symbol of love,

story. To add a finishing touch to the story, a group

“Adelie & the Stone” treats every single present as a

of calligraphers help the client to generate a unique

metaphor of that stone, which is meant to become a

name or message for the set or even for every item.

part or the starting point for a new story.

The calligraphy along with Adelie penguin illustrations

Design Agency ‘Maeutica Branding Agency’ drew

are essential parts of the brand identity.

from “Adelie & the Stone’s” aspiration to offer a

// Client_Adelie & the Stone // Agency_Maeutica Branding Agency // Art Director(s)_Karen Gevorgyan // Designer(s)_Karen Gevorgyan // Illustrator(s)_Anahit Margaryan // Photographer(s)_Arnos Martirosyan // Others_Maria Gevorgyan, Hovhannes Papoyan, Haykuhi Taksildaryan, Marina Ghazaryan, Nika Yepiskoposian, Inessa Mikaelyan, Ghukas Madoyan, Ani Gevorgyan // Country_Armenia


/ 090 - 091 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 092 - 093 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


Voxel Snack Bar Identity design and branding for ‘Voxel Snack Bar’. The concept ‘Video Games’ was inspired by ‘Voxel’s target consumers and the company’s eccentric characteristics. The visual is presented throughout the packaging, environment and social media, creating an atmosphere of joy. // Client_Voxel Snack Bar // Studio_Mandelbrot Studio // Creative Director(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Art Director(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Copywriter(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Designer(s)_Andrew Mandelbrot, Zero Mandelbrot // Country_Mexico

/ 094 - 095 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Visual Identity of Roma Created by ‘New! Creative Agency’, this special project was to give Rome a refreshed identity and let the visitors enjoy the old Rome from a new perspective. Rome is an open-air museum. It ‘wows’ each and every visitor with every turn, hence the studio presented Rome with a new slogan – “Museum Of Ahhh!” – which was purposefully chosen to express the joy of wandering and discovering the city. A contemporary serif font - Eksell Display Large – was chosen for the wordmark. Its character is a blend of modernity with hints of the traditional letterforms found in ancient times. The arrow symbol highlights the way-finding function of the identity. It is also used consistently across different touchpoints.

// Agency_New! Creative Agency // Creative Director(s)_Tomas Ramanauskas // Art Director(s)_Marija Kisieliute // Copywriter(s)_Aiste Jure // Designer(s)_Lina Marcinonyte // Country_Lithuania


/ 096 - 097 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

BARKAS BarKas is the private, corporate restaurant at the headquarters of Kaspersky Lab – an international software security group – in Moscow, Russia. Specialists of Province Design Studio have created a gastronomic-IT image for the restaurant. The concept is based on pixel-art style, which refers to the golden past of computer consoles and 8-bit games. The logo is divided into 2 parts: the word “BAR” is written using usual block type and the word “KAS” is deliberately pixelated. The corporate style uses 8-bit analogs on as many as media and items as possible.

// Client_Kaspersky Laboratory JSC // Studio_Province Design Studio // Creative Director(s)_Denis Raudsepp // Art Director(s)_Egor Belozerov, Pavel Bogdanov // Copywriter(s)_Artemii Fominykh // Designer(s)_Elena Trofivova, Daria Obukhova, Egor Belozerov // Illustrator(s)_Elena Trofivova, Daria Obukhova // Photographer(s)_Alexander Yarysh // Others_Tatiana Titova // Country_Russian Federation


/ 098 - 099 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 100 - 101 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Drama Burger, Restaurant Design In the city of Vilnius, a gourmet burger joint has opened. The owners needed a fresh name and a fresh approach to the design and the name of the establishment. ‘NEW! Creative Agency’ came up with the name “Drama Burger” to emphasize the sensational taste and the variety of the food. "We created "Drama" because there's so much going in a burger - the drama of taste." Along with slogans expressing the difficulty in choosing an option in “Drama Burger”, the team decided to draw a imaginative illustrations to reflects the brand philosophy. // Client_Drama Burger // Agency_NEW! Creative Agency // Creative Director(s)_Tomas Ramanauskas // Copywriter(s)_Tomas Ramanauskas // Designer(s)_Lina Marcinonyte // Illustrator(s)_David Schiesser // Photographer(s)_Darius Petrulaitis // Country_Lithuania


/ 102 - 103 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 104 - 105 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Maryam Ummi Together with Tata Rupa - Kreavi Indonesia, ‘Nero Graphic Atelier’ has accomplished a rebranding project for a micro-enterprises in the city of Surabaya (Indonesia). The company produces ‘Roti Maryam’ which is one of the specialties of the Middle East. The city of Surabaya is known for its multi-culture. Hence the concept of branding design employs different cultural elements, combining the charm of the Middle East, the simplicity from the Japanese style and the exotic Morrocan's pattern. The brand’s name ‘Ummi’ was derived from Arabic language which means mother. // Client_Roti Ummi (Tata Rupa – Kreavi Indonesia) // Studio_Nero Graphic Atelier // Creative Director(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Art Director(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Designer(s)_Yohanes Raymond, Ronny Jonathan // Illustrator(s)_Azat Ayupov // Country_Indonesia


/ 106 - 107 /

Umamido: "The Way of the Savoury" 'Pinkeye Design Studio' has revamped a full visual

language based on tradition but spiced up with

identity for 'Umamido' - a ramen shop that only uses

playful twists. The existing 'Umamido' logo was

excellent ingredients and serves the tastiest bowls of

freshened up and placed into a grid-like system


inspired by the Japanese tamami flooring and typical

In keeping with the brand image, the studio

Tokyo-style fashion posters. This visual system is also

developed the traditional Japanese themes in

a highly functional framework for the various printed

stark black and white contrast, resulting in a visual

items such as menus and order cards.

// Client_Umamido Ramen Shop // Studio_Pinkeye Design Studio // Creative Director(s)_Ruud Belmans // Designer(s)_William Fort // Photographer(s)_Greg Smolders // Country_Belgium

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Childhood Period Park Childhood Period Park is an early development toddler centre in Moscow. Developed by ‘Plenum’, the identity and interior is fun, entertaining, and educational without being preachy. The team asked the little visitors of the upcoming centre to draw different dinosaurs and those figures became the inspiration and basis for the original graphics.

// Client_Childhood Period Park // Agency_Plenum // Creative Director(s)_Egor Myznik // Art Director(s)_Egor Myznik // Copywriter(s)_Roman Urban // Designer(s)_Anna Bolshakova, Irina Vasilenko // Others_Alice Loginova, Ilya Lazuchenkov, Anna Bolshakova, Alina Andreeva, Anna Fedorova // Country_Russia


/ 108 - 109 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 110 - 111 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

New Branding Cyber U Cyber U is a centre of interaction, entrepreneurship and art founded fifteen years ago. It’s constituents are three academies: Art, Business and Technology. Its anniversary presented the opportunity and challenge to renovate their visual identity, making it an accurate representation of its expertise, while at the same time giving it a modern look. The logo design can be developed and transformed in terms of further development depending on the need of each academy - an arrow for Business, a pencil for Art and a computer of Technology. Furthermore, the colour palette is vibrant, grabbing the attention of the young and innovative audience.

// Client_Cyber U // Studio_Arcade // Art Director(s)_Adriana Rojas Astúa // Developer(s)_Óscar Gabriel Taylor Rojas // Others_Carlos Ulloa Saénz // Country_Costa Rica


/ 112 - 113 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Pinafamília Pinafamília is a visual identity developed for the

regardless of age, gender and kinship.

'family visiting program' of São Paulo's Pinacoteca

In the design, the graphic elements interact with each

museum. The program aimed to attract family visits to

other and they were put into a playful and flexible

the museum. Developed by design agency ‘Casa Rex’,

visual system which, just as the contemporary family,

the visual identity was created without reducing the

also comes with a myriad of different arrangements.

term 'family' to stereotypes - any group is welcome,

// Client_Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo // Agency_Casa Rex // Creative Director(s)_Gustavo Piqueira // Art Director(s)_Gustavo Piqueira // Designer(s)_Gustavo Piqueira, Samia Jacintho // Others_Marianne Meni, Caroline Vapsys, Alex Gyurkovicz, Marcela Souza // Country_Brasil


/ 114 - 115 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Artel Troika Russia Artel Troika organises individual tours around Russia

of familiar Russian images. The new style is based on

for foreigners; both tourist and expatriates. The

Cyrillic decorative letters that have become familiar to

company’s clients are adult and well-to-do Europeans

people through ancient books and Russian fairy tales.

and Americans.

Specifically for the project, the team has recreated

The team from Province Studio has developed a new

the entire English, French and German alphabets with

corporate look for Artel Troika. The purpose was to

illustration that related to the rich Russian culture.

avoid kitsch and clichĂŠ visuals and create a system

// Client_Troika LLC, Russia, Moscow // Studio_Province Design Studio // Creative Director(s)_Denis Raudsepp // Art Director(s)_Egor Belozerov, Alexander Popov, Pavel Bogdanov // Copywriter(s)_Artemii Fominykh // Designer(s)_Elena Trofivova, Daria Obukhova // Illustrator(s)_Elena Trofivova, Daria Obukhova // Photographer(s)_Alexander Yarysh // Others_Tatiana Titova // Country_Russian Federation


/ 116 - 117 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 118 - 119 /

Sasaki Rebrand Sasaki, a global planning and design practice founded in 1953, approached BMD to identify and refocus the core essence of their firm to lead a bolder, more ambitious organization. A collaborative process of research conducted with the practice’s staff yielded a new brand positioning focused on “defining the future of place.” This optimistic, collaborative message is reinforced in Sasaki’s new visual identity. A word mark generated from four core geometric shapes shifts in colours to create vibrant logo variations. These shapes are then used to form patterns, visual language elements, and a custom alphabet. The resulting identity was implemented across physical and digital points.

// Client_Sasaki // Agency_Bruce Mau Design // Creative Director(s)_Laura Stein // Country_Canada

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 120 - 121 /

Dodi Dodi is a school material brand based on educational toys. For this project Pum developed the entire design and art direction for the identity and packaging.

// Client_Dodi // Studio_Estudio Pum // Creative Director(s)_Felipe Magario, Javier Cifre // Art Director(s)_Felipe Magario, Javier Cifre // Designer(s)_Felipe Magario, Javier Cifre // Country_Brazil

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 124 - 125 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Rising Stairs This project was made for the school evaluation committee. Aiming to express the school’s progressive development of the research field and creative work, the design uses the symbolic pencil and staircase as the visual foundation and an uplifting colour scheme to emphasize the achievement of the Department of Design.

// Client_Taiwan Tech // Designer(s)_Chieh-Ting Lee // Copywriter(s)_Taiwan Tech // Region_Taiwan


/ 126 - 127 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Sweet Virtues Branding, packaging, marketing and website design for Sweet Virtues, an innovative, forward thinking, health-conscious lifestyle start-up. The visual system focuses on reflecting the brand’s value and philosophy through the vibrant yet subtle colour scheme and graphic elements of those natural ingredients, making sure the brand image comes across as a confident, luxurious and at the same time with an earthy existence.

// Client_Sweet Virtues // Studio_IWANT design // Country_United Kingdom


/ 128 - 129 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

2016 OPEN HCI Open HCI is an annual student-organized workshop that lasts for 5 days where students from both design and technology backgrounds are recruited and work as teams on design projects. The workshop focuses on pursuing radical and exciting ideas instead of conservative projects, and the topic of this year is "GITOPIA 超覺未來 , featuring a balanced, futuristic and harmonious future world. After five days of brainstorming, discussion and prototyping, in the final demonstration, all the teams bring their proposals to the table such as intelligent products, interactive programs, images and films, in both the form of slide presentation and live demo. The red and blue colour scheme chosen for this design stands for humans together with technology and the movement of these two colours reflects their relationship.

// Agency_OpenHCI'16 Committee // Creative Director(s)_Chieh-Ting Lee, Jar Chen // Art Director(s)_Chieh-Ting Lee // Copywriter(s)_Open HCI committee // Designer(s)_Chieh-Ting Lee, Jar Chen // Illustrator(s)_Chieh-Ting Lee // Photographer(s)_Jun-Yo Liu, Nick Chou, Sonia Chen // Others_Chieh-Ting, Lee, Jar Chen, Xin-Cheng Hou, Samantha Lin, Yu-Tung Hsiao, Shih-Yu Liu, Chun-Mao Tseng, Violeta Chung, Holy Ho // Region_Taiwan


/ 130 - 131 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 132 - 133 /

Illustration /

New York Times A collection of editorial illustrations for the New York Times about daily issues and politics.

// Client_New York Times // Art Director(s)_Alexandra Zsigmond (New York Times) // Illustrator(s)_Eiko Ojala // Country_Estonia

Gallery Vol. 38 / 135

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Sarau Even there are only two major colours used, the illustration is vivid, fun and vibrant - as though the characters will pop out of the ‘Sarau’ labels. It is festive, full of life, and attractive. // Client_Les rimes d’en Rim, Vinics // Studio_Enserio // Creative Director(s)_Miquel Amela, Ferran Rodríguez // Art Director(s)_Miquel Amela, Ferran Rodríguez // Designer(s)_Miquel Amela, Ferran Rodríguez // Illustrator(s)_Miguel Bustos // Photographer(s)_Sílvia Poch // Country_Spain

Illustration /

/ 136 - 137 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Maxim Foodtruck - GhostKarcher Collaborated with ‘Karcher’, this illustration was created for Maxim Magazine, Czech Republic. Using festive colours and an entertaining illustration style, the designers created a scene of a food truck where ghosts (Slimer) are playing havoc vandalising and eating. The characters are in the middle of a rescue mission with the ‘Karcher’ cleaners.

Illustration /

// Client_Maxim Magazine // Art Director(s)_Mario Carpe // Designer(s)_Mario Carpe // Illustrator(s)_Mario Carpe // Photographer(s)_Radek Brousil // Others_Tereza Kopecká, Viktor Martiník, Lucie Stancíková // Country_Czech Republic

/ 138 - 139 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Travel Book. Kazakhstan "Travel Book. Kazakhstan" is the first book about the country in an “edutainment� format. 19 vivid maps with 700 authorial illustrations are full of enthralling facts about the Kazakhstan. The book portrays the attractive culture and attractions in the country including national heroes, modern celebrities, nature and animals, museums and religious architecture.

// Agency_Green Penguin Media // Creative Director(s)_Iryna Taranenko // Art Director(s)_Julia Kurova // Copywriter(s)_Maria Vorobjova // Designer(s)_Marta Leshak, Elena Kobilinska // Illustrator(s)_Marta Leshak, Elena Kobilinska // Country_Ukraine

Illustration /

/ 140 - 141 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Nusantara – The Indonesia’s Vision Design Series ‘Nusantara’ is a colossal project that aims to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the independence of Indonesia. The logo design was inspired by the letters of Java. ‘Nusantara’ is a term used to describe the archipelago that stretches from Sumatra to Papua, which is now largely the territory of Indonesia. The illustrations capturing the rich Indonesian culture are used on a variety of media such as wine label, post stamp, and postcard, and there are accompanying books of each design concept.

// Client_Nero Atelier // Studio_Nero Graphic Atelier // Creative Director(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Art Director(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Designer(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Illustrator(s)_Ronny Jonathan, Kezia Widi // Country_Indonesia

Illustration /

/ 144 - 145 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Illustration /

/ 146 - 147 /

Eid ul Fitr – Chocolate Packaging Series Eid ul Fitr (Lebaran) is an important holiday for Muslims as it stresses the importance of unity for the Islamic community and marks the end of the holy fasting month (Ramadhan). ‘Lebaran Nyok!’ – A phrase from Betawi meaning inviting all to celebrate Eid - is a project celebrating Eid ul Fitr. ‘Nero Graphic Atelier’ introduced the width of culture that still exists today through the vibrant illustration of the chocolate packaging.

// Client_Nero Atelier // Studio_Nero Graphic Atelier // Creative Director(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Art Director(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Designer(s)_Yohanes Raymond // Illustrator(s)_Kezia Widi // Country_Indonesia

Miscellaneous /

Whimsical Playing Arts | First Edition This deck of 54 cards shows the reinterpretation of the known playing cards symbols with an artful and whimsical twist. The design uses a monocolour scheme and elegant linear illustration, each card is elaborately curated. The back of each card is decorated with a 3D diamond pattern. // Copywriter(s)_Oksal Yesilok // Designer(s)_Oksal Yesilok // Illustrator(s)_Oksal Yesilok // Country_Turkey

Gallery Vol. 38 / 149

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

The Great Artist of Tomorrow will Go Underground ‘“The great artist of tomorrow will go underground” Marcel Duchamp’, is an activity for young artists. This project is a series of visual designs. The concept idea presents the standpoint of ‘underground’ through the punk style which is inspired by punk DIY zine. All graphics focus on the process of experimenting, observing, discussing and studying in different contexts.

// Client_Bangkok Art and Culture Centre // Creative Director(s)_Pichaya Aime Suphavanij (Curator) // Art Director(s)_Manita Songserm // Designer(s)_Manita Songserm // Country_Thailand


/ 150 - 151 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Light ‘Light’ is a series of business cards enabling us to discover the contemporary architecture of Le Havre (France). The project presents an eclectic graphic vision of the discipline that can be found in Le Havre. The design is created to be easily identifiable through the shape or the contour.

// Designer(s)_Chengcheng LI // Illustrator(s)_Chengcheng LI // Photographer(s)_Chengcheng LI // Country_China


/ 152 - 153 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Souvenir playing cards for MUZEON park of arts These souvenir playing cards were made for MUZEON park of arts, a park that has a collection of no less than 700 sculptures of Soviet and Russian sculptors, located outside the Krymsky Val building, Moscow. All illustrations feature the sculptures of MUZEON where the connection to the original sculptures can be found on a note inside the package. The pattern design on the cover and packaging consists of the Muzeon logo.

// Client_MUZEON park of arts (Moscow) // Creative Director(s)_Tatyana Zhilyaeva, Alexander Lartsev // Designer(s)_Tatyana Zhilyaeva // Illustrator(s)_Tatyana Zhilyaeva // Photographer(s)_Tatyana Zhilyaeva // Country_Russia


/ 154 - 155 /

Packaging /

Molotov Wishes ‘Molotov Wishes’ is Aktiva Design’s special gift to

for a happy life: Love, Success and Health. Inspired by

their clients and friends. The yearly gift is a small

the Sailor Jerry designs, which were familiar among

bottle of Moët Champagne, but the packaging is never

the sailors back in the WWII, each design embodies

the same each year. Collaborating with tattoo artist

one of those elements.

// Studio_Aktiva Design // Illustrator(s)_Javier Rodriguez // Photographer(s)_Aktiva Design // Country_Spain

Javier Rodríguez, the result represents 3 key elements

Gallery Vol. 38 / 157

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Golden A 4-set liquor packaging series based on a chosen art movement ‘Art Deco’. Instead of copying the conventional Art Deco appearance, a modern twist was infused into it. The name ‘Golden’ was based on the "Golden Era" of classic Hollywood. Gin was the chosen liquor to represent the drink of the era. // Designer(s)_Kaleena Chung // Illustrator(s)_Kaleena Chung // Country_United States


/ 158 - 159 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Tin Man Filling Station Tin Man is a local filling station for the adventurous beer enthusiast. The amber growlers serve as the pinnacle to the brand, so it was important that the look of them displays boldness and a unique sense of self, much like the contents inside. The complexion of the brand is a combination of metallic steel grey, deep black and acidic coral. To round out the experience, the proprietary drinking glasses added points to the whole design.

// Client_Tin Man Filling Station // Studio_EME Design Studio // Creative Director(s)_Joel Martinez // Art Director(s)_Boni Soto // Copywriter(s)_Joel Martinez, Boni Soto // Designer(s)_Joel Martinez, Boni Soto, Ricardo Arellano // Illustrator(s)_Joel Martinez, Boni Soto, Ricardo Arellano // Photographer(s)_Richard Hill // Country_United States


/ 160 - 161 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

The big question about wine ‘The big question about wine’ range from Rioja DOC was brought out with a series of witty and amusing illustrations. Each wine is presented by a character and a big tailor-made question word.

// Client_The big question about wine. Rioja Wine. // Studio_Moruba // Creative Director(s)_Moruba // Illustrator(s)_Cachetejack // Country_spain


/ 162 - 163 /

Momentán Wine Label Momentán is a special release for renowned Hungarian winery Gere Zsolt, made from the crossbreeding of Merlot Cuvée and Cabernet Franc. The concept of the wine labels is based on the name Momentán, meaning ‘In the Moment’. Hourglass shaped label and the falling typography evokes the concept of passing time. // Client_Gere Zsolt // Agency_KJG Design // Designer(s)_József Gergely Kiss // Photographer(s)_József Gergely Kiss // Country_Hungary

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


Winehunters As six friends just acquired a vineyard, they decided to produce their own excellent wine. By exploring wine countries around the world in order to understand trends and find inspiration, they became the “Winehunters”. Design agency developed the identity and packaging design for this group of wine aficionados and their proud premium range. The design not only corresponds to the brand’s name, but reflects their attitude in the pursuit of perfection. With sporty elements and an elegant colour palette, the packaging speaks of quality and sophistication.

// Client_Winehunters // Agency_Peter Schmidt Group // Creative Director(s)_Dennis Dominguez // Designer(s)_Aurelio Escuredo, Juliana Fischer // Others_Tobias Gagelmann // Country_Germany

/ 164 - 165 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 166 - 167 /

Mazelprost In 2015, Israel and Germany celebrated the 50th

the Hebrew expression “Mazel Tov!” and the German

anniversary of their diplomatic relations. ‘Mazelprost’,

word “Prost!”. Its transparent label, seal and colour

the world's first hummus beer, was created as

scheme reflect the current trends within the craft beer

the official drink to celebrate the German-Israeli

market to give ‘Mazelprost’ an optimistic and modern


image. In December 2015, Mazelprost was added to

‘Mazelprost’ combines not only two specialities from

the collection of the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

these two countries - hummus and beer - but also

// Client_Embassy of Israel, Berlin, Germany // Agency_Peter Schmidt Group // Others_BBDO Berlin, BBDO Tel Aviv // Country_Germany

G / the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /











/ 168 - 169 /

Mokuzai Sake Mokuzai (ćœ¨ć??) Sake is an original Japanese Rice

seasons, the new geometric logos for the bottles

Wine brand based in Tokyo, Japan. The new in-

were constructed with strokes and basic shapes. The

stock product of Mokuzai Sake is a series of four-

special visuals were stylized with influences from

season rice wines. Inspired by the previous products

the Kakejiku, the Japanese hanged scroll landscape

of Mokuzai, the new sake package design takes

paintings. The final designs show Kakejiku's key

advantage of the material of wood, which perfectly

components (mountains, clouds, and the sun) made

translates the brand's name in Japanese. By extracting

with strokes and geometric shapes, which mimic the

and simplifying the Kanji characters of the four

style of the logos.

// Client_Mokuzai Sake // Designer(s)_Alex Dang // Country_Canada

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 170 - 171 /

Billy X Club Packaging and Brand Visual Identity ‘Pinkeye Design Studio’ created a full packaging range

mono-colour paper packs, creating a subtle interplay

and revamped the visual identity for Billy X Club, a

between the complexities of the lacy patterns and

new fragrance brand. The project entailed the creation

the delicacy of the colour palette. The base colour

of six highly detailed and intricate illustrations within

tones were derived from the tonality of the fragrance

a bold and vivid colour scheme and high-gloss

and then tweaked to create a colour palette that

varnish, to conjure up tales of sensual faraway places,

is consistent in saturation and vibrancy across the

sultry princesses, and animalistic goddesses.

range. The existing brand logotype was also reworked

All illustrations are printed in single colour on the

to achieve a more balanced image and visual acuity.

glass perfume bottles, and in spot varnish on the

// Client_Billy X Club // Studio_Pinkeye Design Studio // Creative Director(s)_Ruud Belmans // Designer(s)_Sebbe Greffe // Photographer(s)_Greg Smolders // Country_Belgium

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 172 - 173 /

Beautifood Identity and packaging for the leading brand of gastronomic souvenirs - Young and Beautifood. To turn regular products from the pantry into something extraordinary, ‘Supperstudio’ developed a series of amusing stories which will woo the consumers. Each packaging features a story which was expressed by ingredient related colours and illustration, providing differentiation between each range.

// Client_Young and Beautifood // Studio_Supperstudio // Creative Director(s)_Paco Adín // Art Director(s)_Paco Adín // Country_Spain

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

CS Electric CS is the largest electrical company in Belarus, Designer Angelina Pischikova developed a clever packaging solution for their products. Lightbulb inventor Thomas Edison referred to a firefly as an ideal cold light source, which prompted the idea of using various forms of light bulbs as the luminous part of various insects.

// Client_CS // Designer(s)_Angelina Pischikova // Photographer(s)_Yury Rumovsky // Country_Belarus


/ 174 - 175 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

What you see is what you get Packaging design for confectionary maker Cloetta’s Allsorts Black and White edition. The appearance of the packaging reflects the colourless sweet content and the silver print and matt finish give a palatable touch to the functional cardboard exterior.

// Client_Cloetta’s Allsorts Black // Agency_Bond Creative Agency // Designer(s)_Marko Salonen // Country_Finland


/ 176

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

T2 Mini Fruits “Imagine wandering through bustling markets and

is 100% glueless and environmentally-friendly. The

enchanting souks lined with alluring scents, quirky

design is printed on Metsä Board’s uncoated fresh

wares and exotic flavours. A basket of sweet bananas

fibres paperboard to echo the natural feel of the fruit,

to your left, freshly cut watermelon up ahead.

while the logo has been reworked to resemble tiny

Inspired by bountiful fruit baskets found in bustling

fruit stickers. With practicality in mind, T2 Fruits were

marketplaces, T2 Fruits is part of T2’s 2016 Christmas

designed to make it easy for the teas to be popped

campaign, The Grand Most Exotic Bazaar.”

inside during assembly.”

“Just as nature intended, the T2 Fruits packaging

// Creative Director(s)_Christopher Stanko // Copywriter(s)_Emily Rees // Designer(s)_Christopher Stanko // Photographer(s)_Dan Crawford, Zarina Heron // Others_Metsa Board // Country_Australia


/ 178 - 179 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

T2 Tea 2016 Core Range T2 teas range of luxurious tea boxes and packs. This vibrant collection uses a combination of spot UV and hot foil stamping throughout to create stunningly aesthetic tea boxes and packs. This gives the consumer the feeling that things are supposed to be mixed and matched, encouraging them to find exactly what they’re looking for, from tea leaves to gift sets. A sans serif font feels modern and the colour palette gives it an edgy vibe, making this perfect for a modern tea drinker.

// Creative Director(s)_Christopher Stanko // Copywriter(s)_Emily Rees // Designer(s)_Christopher Stanko // Photographer(s)_Haydn Cattach // Others_Marsha Golemac // Country_Australia


/ 180 - 181 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

T2 Tea Cotton Teabags This T2 Tea range has been designed in a more stylised fashion compared with other existing designs in the teabag category. The name of the tea has been stitched onto the box and works well in combination with foil stamping for the finer details. This innovative design has been chosen as an ideal medium to help the consumer make an association between the thread on the outside box and its contents, cotton teabags. The textural element of the stitching creates shelf presence. The stitching is intriguing, enticing customers to reach out and explore the packaging.

// Creative Director(s)_Christopher Stanko // Copywriter(s)_Christopher Stanko // Photographer(s)_Dan Crawford // Country_Australia


/ 182 - 183 /

Egglow Lamp Packaging Packaging design by Dastan Miraj. This conceptual design is easy to manufacture and noticeable among the rigorous lightbulb packages on the market.

// Designer(s)_Dastan Miraj // Photographer(s)_Dastan Miraj // Country_Kyrgyzstan

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

“Real Shit - Smell the difference” Laurina Paperina - the artist renowned for her dark, evocative yet uplifting work - joins forces with ‘Real Shit’ – An Italian start-up selling wholesome organic manure sourced straight from the farmyard - to create a limited edition to support the fight against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) ‘Real Shit’ and Paperina believe that contracts like TTIP & CETA threaten the wellbeing of animals and are passionate in their belief that food should be created in holistic, nurturing environments rather than in the sole interest of large food corporations. The design is witty and whimsical, the rustic illustrations and deliberately clumsy fonts appropriately complement the content, creating a powerful visual impact.

// Client_Real Shit // Creative Director(s)_Laurina Paperina, Alan Dindo // Art Director(s)_Laurina Paperina // Illustrator(s)_Laurina Paperina // Photographer(s)_Alan Dindo // Others_Federico Lodolini, Riccardo Mercati // Country_Italy


/ 184 - 185 /

Hello Hungry An enthusiastic drink inventor approached 'New! Creative Agency' with an idea to launch a liquid meal replacement in London. Focused on the niche market of office people, the team has created a brand, an identity and much more, a solution - ‘The essential liquid meal for survival in the office jungle’. The name is “Hello Hungry”. Standing out so that in no way should the product resemble a protein shake or a fruity dessert. The team also illustrated the ingredients and crafted words to offer customers a visual temptation to the delicious and healthy “Hello Hungry”.

// Client_Hello Hungry // Agency_New! Creative Agency // Creative Director(s)_Tomas Ramanauskas // Copywriter(s)_Aist J r // Designer(s)_Dovydas Stonkus // Country_Lithuania

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 186 - 187 /

Little Dish Pots and Pies Taking inspiration from colourfully enamelled

the brand’s premium quality - standing out on the

cookware, a retro style design was applied to the new

shelf. The graphic treatment of the card sleeve speaks

‘Little Dish’ brand

to both parents and kids, whilst bold colours assigned

Structurally, the ‘pot’ and ‘pie’ containers are a first of

to different protein sources help with product

their kind, with bespoke shapes, colour, surfacing and


embossed details on unique handles to communicate

// Client_Little Dish // Agency_Pearlfisher // Creative Director(s)_Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher // Design Director(s)_Fiona John, Pearlfisher // 3d Design Director(s)_Mike Beauchamp, Pearlfisher // Senior Technical Project(s)_Jenny Cairns, Pearlfisher // Others_Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher; Darren Foley, Pearlfisher; Jack Hart, Lucy Moss //Country_United Kingdom

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Big Food The Designers Association of Madrid (DIMAD) needed to create a brand for a new concept of food market An innovative proposal that combines gastronomy and design. The design from ‘Supperstudio’ is a powerful, versatile and very recognizable logo and identity design built around the brand ‘Big Food’. It connect young audience who are looking for a more carefree, creative and compassionate option. Using thick and trembling fonts, bright, neon colours and one prominent feature – transforming the two “o” from the word “food” into two big eyes.

// Client_Dimad // Studio_Supperstudio // Creative Director(s)_Paco Adín // Art Director(s)_Paco Adín // Designer(s)_Paco Adín // Country_Spain


/ 188 - 189 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 190 - 191 /

Pams Confectionary Illustrated by Brett King, this series of fun and colourful packaging is a real eye-catcher. Each bag of treats features a vivid cartoon character that corresponds to the content.

// Client_Pams Confectionary Range // Agency_Brother Design // Art Director(s)_Paula Bunny // Illustratior(s)_Brett King // Country_Finland

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

CbyB Packaging design for Brigaderia's chocolate range, a Brazilian confectionary store specializing in Brigadeiro sweets. Each pack was designed with black and white vintage style engravings, topped with a simple yet bold coloured illustrations. It is an experiment on a visual play with contrasting yet harmonious combinations.

// Client_Brigaderia // Agency_Casa Rex // Creative Director(s)_Gustavo Piqueira // Art Director(s)_Gustavo Piqueira // Designer(s)_Gustavo Piqueira, Samia Jacintho, Danilo Helvadjian // Others_Marcio Takeda, AndrĂŠs Acosta, Marcela Souza // Country_Brasil


/ 192 - 193 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Help Remedies New York City-based boutique pharma company Help Remedies needed to refresh their current packaging and introduce new variants to the portfolio. Pearlfisher refined the existing identity, colour-coding the embossed pill shape to visually strengthen the brand architecture and improve ‘stand-out’ and immediacy of recognition. The evolution dials up the brand’s equities, creating a powerful secondary language to be used across further touch-points and communications.

// Client_Help Remedies // Agency_Pearlfisher // Others_Jonathan Ford, Tess Wicksteed, Mike Branson // Country_United Kingdom


/ 194 - 195 /

Teahouse Exclusive’s Everyday Line Packaging design for "Everyday Tea" by Teahouse Exclusives, a family business that has been operating since 1879, while continuing to meet the exacting needs of today's restaurants, hotels and retail outlets. The eight cartons of the series are packed to a high standard of quality. The design features loosely sketched drawings of different cups and teapots, highlighted with striking splashes of colour. Each individual variety is apparent as it employs a typography that has been 100% handpicked for Teahouse Exclusives, just like the tea itself.

// Client_Market Grounds // Agency_Peter Schmidt Group // Creative Director(s)_Katrin Niesen // Designer(s)_Christian Gebert, Rachel Beyerlein // Country_Germany

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

FM Shower Gel This shower gel package is ideal for those who love to sing in shower. The illustrative characters Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, the bright pop colour choices, and the sponge top are all designed to add a little fun for shower time.

// Designer(s)_Aleksei Pashnin // Country_Russia


/ 196 - 197 /

Poster /

Trudebwoys Sound Posters A series of posters created for the Moscow concerts of famous reggae, dancehall and jungle artists held by Trudebwoys Sound during the last few years.

// Client_Trudebwoys Sound // Art Director(s)_Alexey Barhan // Designer(s)_Alexey Barhan // Illustrator(s)_Alexey Barhan // Country_Russia

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 200 - 201 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Typo London 2017 A rebrand project for Typotalks London 2017. The project was to design a typographic word mark/logo for TYPO London. Setting the tone for the posters, the final refined word mark is an elliptical yet clever black and white design. Each poster was printed in both positive and negative. The design was legibly and hierarchically considered for the information presentation.

// Creative Director(s)_Brian Liu // Designer(s)_Brian Liu // Photographer(s)_Brian Liu, Sunny Lee, Joe // Country_United States


/ 202 - 203 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Moon Flow/月印萬川 Chinese characters form the essence of Chinese culture. There is an old saying that painting and calligraphy are homologous with ages. "Moon Flow" is a project that is composed of ten posters, taking inspiration from rock songs sung by XuWei, a Chinese indie rock musician. The design attempted to dig out something new of Chinese characters through the graphics, the layout, and the decomposition of the character.

// Creative Director(s)_Hunk Xing // Art Director(s)_Hunk Xing // Copywriter(s)_Xuwei // Designer(s)_Hunk Xing // Country_China

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 206 - 207 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

/ 208 - 209 /


Character Exchanging While the act of illegally selling the valuable parts of animals keeps on increasing, this series of posters displays three cases of animal poaching activities. The silhouettes form images of an elephant, deer and shark while the blood red cut-off parts indicate the valuable tusks, antlers and fins. The project was made to offer a new perspective – what if the parts that were taken off belonged to the human being, for instance our most valuable hands.

// Art Director(s)_Yue Syuan Wu // Region_Taiwan

Publication /

4+1 An editorial magazine based on four chosen art movements correlating to four dance styles, finding relationships between line, form and composition. The story is told through typography and visual exploration.

// Designer(s)_Kaleena Chung // Country_United States

Gallery Vol. 38 / 211

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Anuario El Gato y la Caja ‘El Gato y la Caja’ (The cat and the box) is a scientific

and designing their 2016 publication. The challenge

communication project that aims to bring science

was to translate videos, research, multiplatform apps,

to pop culture through modern social platforms.

audio-visual contents and many more contents they

The team behind the project publishes an annual

produced this year into visual language. The result is

compilation of their productions.

a clever and straight forward design with a cutting-

Design studio ‘The Negra’ was tasked with editing

edge style.

// Client_El Gato y la Caja // Studio_The Negra - Fábrica Visual // Country_Argentina


/ 212 - 213 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Welcome to the jungle, guide de l’emploie Welcome to the Jungle is a quarterly thematic employment guide. ‘Violaine et Jérémy’ was in charge of the editorial design and art direction for the first annual guide. Unlike most of the usual corporate and clichéd designs in the human resource field, the team gave the magazine a fresh, modern yet elegant look to attract young job-searchers. Collaborating with talented illustrators, ‘Violaine et Jérémy’ specially developed two title fonts for the publication – ‘Welcome’ and ‘canopée’.

// Client_Welcome to the jungle // Studio_Violaine et Jérémy // Illustrator(s)_Cruschiform & Gazhole, Charlotte Pollet, Anne-Margot Ramstein, Marie Mignot, Aurore Petit // Country_France


/ 214 - 215 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 216 - 217 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord ‘Violaine et Jérémy’ has developed the identity, typography, poster and 2016-2017 program for ‘Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord’. The studio decided to give a playful feeling to this season, creating the frisky and childlike title fonts fun Dida (black) and Scali (condensed). Contributed by talented Yann Kebbi, the vivid illustration and the pleasant and light-hearted colour palette appropriately express the delightful seasonal atmosphere.

// Client_Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord // Studio_Violaine et Jérémy // Illustrator(s)_Yann Kebbi // Country_France


/ 218 - 219 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /


/ 220 - 221 /

Student /

Wallet - Nail Scissors Package Design The great designs are usually the simple ones. Designer Annabella Hevesi has designed an industrial and contemporary packaging solution for scissors. The packaging praises the design of the scissors by simply displaying the product itself. The result is a metal/plastic sheet of credit card size which encompasses the scissors, allowing them to be brought safely in a wallet.

// Institution_Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design // Designer(s)_Annabella Hevesi // Consultant Teacher_Alexandra Nagy // Country_Hungary

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