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Official publication of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association

September 2020 Volume 37, Issue 7

24th Annual David Bain

21st Annual Statewide





Memorial Golf Tournament

Memorial Service

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020

Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020

At Lincoln Park

At Oklahoma Firefighters


Museum & Memorial

All Proceeds Benefit Oklahoma Fallen & Living Firefighters Memorial

Streaming Live on OSFA’s Facebook Page Beginning at 2 p.m.




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2September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter

klahoma Firefighter September 2020

Volume 37 — Issue 7

Official Publication of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 20203

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Official publication of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association


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Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 20205

1st vice President

PresidenT n

Eric Harlow

Guthrie FD


Cliff Davidson Ringwood FD 580-554-1886 davidsoncliff@yahoo.com


Greetings Oklahoma Firefighters! I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected as we continue to have hot spots throughout our state. School has started for most communities and that in itself has started to present a whole new host of problems. Please continue to social distance and properly disinfect and sanitize! Even thought this is typically our slower time of the year with OSFA, we continue to stay busy. The board and staff have a lot of different things going on -- from membership renewals for the three associations to planning for next year’s convention. The board has made the decision to keep the museum closed to the public for the time being as we continue to monitor COVID numbers. This is also allowing Museum Director Gene Brown and his staff to accomplish a lot of tasks and improvements that wouldn’t be practical with the museum still open. I can’t wait for the Oklahoma Firefighters Museum to open back up and for everyone to see the improvements that have been made. Our goal is to have the museum and memorial looking better than ever for this year’s Memorial Service in October. I know many have asked the question about the job posting for the Executive Director’s position. I promise it will be coming soon. The board is continuing to work on ideas, qualifications and expectations for the next Executive Director. We want to set our association up for optimal success with this position, and we want to make sure the staff and office are functioning at their utmost efficiency before bringing someone new on board. Our Interim Executive Director Tippy Pierce is doing a magnificent job, and I want to personally thank him for his hard work and dedication to our association. On the pension front, our 2019-2020 Fiscal Year has ended and we are still awaiting the official numbers, but it appears to be in the neighborhood of 4.04%. Also, our plan has now surpassed $3 billion dollars! This is a huge milestone and shows the phenomenal success our plan has seen in recent years. A huge thanks to Chase Rankin, his staff and the system’s investment consultants, &Co Consulting. They’ve really knocked it out of the park! Your Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System is the NUMBER 1 government pension system in the nation based on the 10-year average return. This is huge. It just goes to show how solid of shape our system is in as we continue to gain ground every day. On the museum expansion front, the Museum Expansion Committee and Executive Board have begun the process of constructing a storage building on the east side of our property to store museum items and give us the ability to rotate apparatus in and out of the museum for repairs, restoration, etc. This project will include a lot of dirt work and new parking lot construction. A huge thanks goes out to Oklahoma County District 1 Commissioner Carrie Blumert who has committed her highway crews and equipment to assisting with this project. This will save our association a lot of time and money and will ultimately allow the expansion process to proceed sooner. Clark Construction of Midwest City is overseeing this project and we will be announcing an official ground breaking soon. In closing I want to do something I neglected to do in my article last month, and that’s to personally thank Past President Mike Kelley and Outgoing Past President Dereck Cassady. These two gentlemen have become great friends and I cannot thank them enough for their honorable work to our association and the Oklahoma Fire Service. Thank you both! Until next time, stay safe!


2020-21 OSFA Executive Board PRESIDENT

Eric Harlow • 405-520-2893 ericharlow200@gmail.com 1ST VICE PRESIDENT

Cliff Davidson • 580-554-1886 davidsoncliff@yahoo.com 2ND VICE PRESIDENT

Jim Ed Nimmo • 918-557-8379 jimnimmo7@gmail.com 3RD VICE PRESIDENT

Tony Lopez • 405-739-1343 tlopez@midwestcityok.org PAST PRESIDENT

Mike Kelley • 405-623-4338 mkelley@local157.org

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. If you are like me, you are ready for 2020 to be over with. I new I should have eaten those black-eyed peas on Jan. 1st. My mom always warned me about the bad luck that would happen if I didn’t eat them. We have been very fortunate to have the rain we have had, and it has been a blessing. It’s nice to see everything so green this time of year. The only downfall is having to mow the grass so much, but at least the fire calls are down. I am sure most all of you are aware of the CARES ACT money that is available to counties and communities. I urge you all to check into it. It provides funds for COVID related items. I encourage you all to read all of the rules and understand them before you start thinking that it’s just free money to do whatever with. This crazy COVID stuff isn’t over with yet. We have been very fortunate and haven’t been overwhelmed with it in our area so far. But from what I have seen, that can change overnight. With that said, I would advise you to make sure you are stocked up on the PPE you may need down the road. I was told that the state is done handing out PPE. So if you are going to need more for later, the CARES ACT funds would be a great way to stock up on any of the PPE you may need down the road. I am looking forward to the Ride To Remember coming up on Sept. 12 and the David Bain Memorial Golf Tournament on Sept. 16. I hope you are making plans to attend these two events. Everyone stay safe.

OSFA Administrative Assistant Positions The Oklahoma State Firefighters Association is seeking two (2) qualified individuals to fill the positions of Administrative Assistants in a small, family orientated office. These are full-time positions located at the OSFA campus in the Adventure District of Oklahoma City; pays $12-$15 per hour, depending on experience and provides a benefit package after one year of employment that excludes health insurance. QUALIFICATIONS • The OSFA is a membership organization that serves over 10,000 firefighters in the state and is rich in history and tradition. The ideal candidate shall be willing to support the mission of the OSFA and understand the need for flexibility, patience and tact and, have excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills as well as the ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. • Preference will be given to applicants who have understanding and previous use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook; the ability to operate a variety of office equipment and has experience with transcription of recorded meetings. • Detail oriented with excellent organizational skills. • Ability to prioritize work and perform under pressure at times while paying attention to details. • Experience working independently as well as a team

JOB RESPONSIBILITES • Perform a broad range of administrative support including, but not limited to, providing administrative support for the Association and handling of general inquiries, greeting and accompanying guests and members of the OSFA and the Firefighter’s Museum and Memorial and answering and operating a multi-line telephone system. • Serve as staff support for multiple annual events such as conventions, golf tournaments, memorial services and fire school. • Sort and distribute incoming mail and manage outgoing mail. • Operate and monitor fax machine and distribute accordingly. • Order and restock office supplies. • Coordinate monthly board meeting lunches. • Responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy front office and other housekeeping duties. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS • Must have the ability to stand or sit for long periods of time. • Ability to travel and work weekends on rare occasions. • Ability to lift boxes and supplies Interested applicants must email a cover letter and resume to sherin@osfa.info by noon on Sept. 11

6September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter

2nd vice PresidenT n

Jim Ed Nimmo

Tulsa FD

jimnimmo7@gmail.com • 918-557-8379 I’m going to tell a version of a preacher story. You all remember them, don’t you? I remember hearing them in church growing up. I don’t remember how old I was when I realized either the whole thing was largely made up, or some minister’s association was sending them out for preachers to use each Sunday. Either way, at some point I realized that although the story may have happened to a preacher, it didn’t happen to the preacher in front of me. I say “a version” of a preacher story because although it is going to follow the lines of one of those stories, and although I’m going to throw in a little bit of speculation at the end, it really did happen, and it happened to me last week. I had to grab a couple of things from the store while I was in the city for our board meeting this month, and I was fairly impressed with the level of compliance with the mask mandate put in place. As I walked into a “big box” retailer, folks were putting their masks on as they entered and those exiting were removing them. It was busy. I grabbed some deodorant and shaving cream and, to my surprise, didn’t see a single person not wearing a face covering. As I approached the checkout line, a young man was directing those who had less than five items to the customer service line which he indicated began behind a black rope. I headed that way just in time to have an elderly lady back out of the line she was in with her basket just in front of me. I would say she didn’t hear the part about the “less than five” items, but she made a beeline for the black rope. Oh well, it wasn’t the first time I’ve had an aging “Karen” cut in front of me in line with more than the specified number of items, and Mr. and Mrs. Nimmo didn’t raise me to make a fuss when it could be construed as disrespecting an elder. Most folks have heard of Karen (the lady with the wedge haircut who perpetually wants to speak to a manager). I’ve also heard of the funny name for a group of Karen’s. It’s called a “Komplaint”[sic] of Karens, if you didn’t know. I had never heard of the male version until I tried to coin it myself as “Jason” or some other name and was corrected by a friend of mine who is a 20ish-year veteran of the service industry. He told me the correct nomenclature for the male Karen is “Chad.” Chad is a little different than Karen. Chad just likes to make people feel uncomfortable from the relative safety of there being no possibility of anyone actually confronting him with anything other than talk. Don’t get me wrong, he loves confrontation, as long as there isn’t a possibility him losing. If you’re a Tombstone fan, he’s Johnny Tyler, or Ike Klanton, dressed in cargo shorts and an Under Armour shirt. So I’m waiting in line behind Karen and I hear the same manager address someone be-

hind me in a cheerful and friendly voice. “Sir, I have a mask for you!” I turned around and there was Chad. Chad was somewhere between 40 and 50. I knew our young manager was in trouble. Armed with only a cheerful voice and a disposable mask -- and absolutely no corporate or municipal backup -- this young retail manager had found himself in exactly the kind of situation Chad has been fantasizing about since May. I grinned under my mask. The whole thing was so predictable. Chad gripped the handles of his cart and braced against it as he prepared his response. “Nah, man, I don’t wear those.” In his best defensive yet flippantly defiant tone. Not to be that easily deterred, the young manager replied, again cheerfully, “Sir, it is a city ordinance that everyone wear a mask in retail businesses.” Chad had thought about this and quickly stated, “My Doctor told me not to.” The manager wilted, but again cheerfully replied, “OK, sir,” and quickly retreated. I fully expected the whole thing to go down like this, but I was a little disappointed the manager didn’t use a little personal discretion and ask if the doctor’s name was Dr. Pepper before he made his inevitable retreat. Every masked face in that area of the store was on Chad. He held his head up with pride, like Washington crossing the Delaware. I made it a point to make contact eye contact with Chad. I planned on tipping my hat and giving him the good guy nod. After all, he had just starred down the corporate beast on the leash of the deep state and came out on the other side unscathed with his liberty intact, but when we finally made eye contact, he looked away so fast I wasn’t able to. Here’s the deal. I don’t know for certain if mask mandates will work. I know they won’t if there is no compliance or enforcement at the ground level, and I haven’t seen any of the latter beyond requests by businesses desperate to stay open and in turn keep our economy rolling. If you don’t like wearing masks, I get it. I don’t either. But don’t hide behind civil liberty or some lack of fear as your reasoning behind it. The truth is, Chad gave up more liberty when he signed up for the Spacebook account he undoubtedly bragged about the encounter on. The same Spacebook account with the profile pic from the fishing trip where he and Dr. Pepper are both wearing HUK buffs over their mouth and nose to protect them from the UV rays. Wear a mask when you can. It’s not a big deal if you forget occasionally, just don’t be a Chad. I have it on Spacebook authority that the whole thing will be over with in November anyway, and if that is the case, what have you really lost other than people being spared seeing your beautiful faces. And all the people said, “Amen.”

3rd vice president n

Tony Lopez Midwest City FD tlopez@midwestcityok.org


I hope everyone is doing well. This pandemic thing is really getting old. I know from our department, things are a lot different. Guys wearing masks in the station and rigs when they can’t social distance, training with 10 people or less, not able to eat out on occasions, only take-out, Zoom meetings with my officers. Our response has changed also in all the extra precautions with our PPEs. It seems like this could wear on a person. I know at times I have to sit back and take a deep breath and know that this will slow down some day. We need to be checking on each other and make sure everyone’s doing OK. Things have changed in my household. We sent our youngest daughter to college. I wouldn’t say we’re empty nesters, but it’s different when they’re not at home all the time. My wife and I haven’t been alone in 25 years, and she’s been working from home for the last five months, so you may need to say a little prayer for us. I’m not one who can put my thoughts down on paper, so bear with me on my articles. I hope they get better with each month. Lastly I would like to thank Chaplin Charles McDade for over 25 years of volunteer service to the Midwest City Fire Department. He has been there for us through all of the good times and bad times. He will be greatly missed. Stay safe and God Bless.

past president n

Mike Kelley Oklahoma City FD mkelley@local157.org

As summer draws to a close, our communities, state and nation still have as many questions as answers due to the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, firefighters do their best work in uncertain situations by addressing what they can control and mitigating the rest. Your OSFA is doing the same by making adjustments to committee meetings and events. At the beginning of this pandemic, committee meetings were curtailed and several events were canceled out of an abundance of caution. Following our recent convention, committees have been named and meetings will be held virtually and in person where needed. Our focus remains providing service to our membership. As such we have reaffirmed our partnership with OSU to provide classes throughout the state. Sheri continues to work diligently administering grants and getting training out to our members across the state. The Board made the difficult decision to make our annual Memorial Service a virtual event this year. Our rationale behind the decision was simply the safety of all participants. We have also decided to keep the Museum and Office closed to visitors until the next board meeting. While closed, the staff has been working hard on projects that will enhance the experience of future visitors. The OSFA is your organization and we will continue to work to assure that it is one you can be proud to belong to! Stay safe and God Bless!

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 20207

OSFA executive director (interim) n

Tippy Pierce tippy@osfa.info

Ret. Moore FD

• 405-424-1452

Greetings members! The OSFA is beginning to get back close to a normal state by using virtual electronic media, in office visits and call in. We have all the committees picked for this year. You will be notified as to whom is on these committees, and we appreciate each and everyone for their willingness to participate. The Memorial Committee is working on the upcoming Ride to Remember event Sept. 12. It is the largest continuous poker run in the world and a third of the proceeds are donated to the Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighter Memorial. Last year, Ride to Remember brought in $15,000 in donations to our Memorial, and it stands to do at least that much this year. It is set up and run by the Wind and Fire Motorcycle club we appreciate them. We also appreciate the OSFA Women’s Auxiliary’s assistance during this event. Michelle Cole (OSFAWA President) and her board are working wonders. We expect to have 2,000 people show up to draw a card at the Museum, and without all these folks and a few more helping, we couldn’t possibly do it. The Memorial Committee is also working on the David Bain Memorial Golf Tournament coming up on Sept. 16. The Educational Advisory Committee is working as hard as ever to bring you a tremendous OSFA John F. Futhey, II State Fire School in Tulsa again next year. The dates of the 2020 State Fire School are May 20-23. This wouldn’t be possible without the help and efforts of the Tulsa Fire Department and OSU-FST. This shows a commitment of the Oklahoma Fire Service to work together no matter if you are paid or volunteer. Trent Bryan from El Reno and this committee are doing outstanding work and are working though the problems that the virus has put us under. We will be having a ground breaking ceremony for the Museum Expansion. This will start the first phase of construction. The date is still to be determined but we are excited about the start. We appreciate everyone participating with this ceremony. The Statewide Memorial Service this year will be held Sunday, Oct. 4. Due to the Coronavius, this service will be virtually broadcast. We are sorry that we will be unable to bring all the love ones here to the Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial. But we will be getting the information out to the families so they can join in the cermony.

OSFA Administrative director n

Sheri Nickel

Orlando FD


• 405-424-1452

There is an old saying in the fire service that we have all heard at one time or another. “There’s two things that all firefighters hate -- the way that things are and change.” Without a doubt, this continues to withstand the test of time. The ugly truth is that we all have been a victim of change at one time or another in our lives, and most generally if you go into a new situation with an open mind, you will learn something that will make life better. The Oklahoma State Firefighters Association is in the process of going through a change. Your 2020-2021 board is in the process of making staff changes and our Event and Marketing Coordinator, Trisha Chain, is busy looking at ways to improve our website and upcoming events. You may also begin recognizing new features in the newspaper. We are in the process of hiring two new administrative assistants. One will be tasked with the front office responsibilities and the other one will coordinate membership. If you know of anyone who might need a job in these uncertain times, please have them send a cover letter and a resume to me at sherin@osfa.info. The OSFA committees have been appointed and meetings are underway to determine the outlook for the next year. With the uncertainty in planning our Memorial Service and State Fire School due to Covid, we are busy looking at a “Plan B” and are thankful that our committee members are willing to work through that with us. Zoom meetings and Facebook live are becoming increasingly popular, and we are discussing using those as alternatives. We are serving 541 fire departments this year. If there is anything that we can do to help anyone, please let us know. We work for you.

8September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter




Women’s Aux Report Courtney Thompson

George Fina Oklahoma City FD Retired Dear Brothers and Sisters, Do you know that you have people working for you and standing up for you at City Council meetings to make sure that you have the safest working conditions, best pay and benefits? The Pension board is continually working to make sure you will have a pension when the time arrives for your retirement years. When the time comes for all of us, that our life is over, firefighters will be there to comfort your love ones and to help with problems that come with a death. Firefighters are at the State Capitol working to protect and improve our benefits. All that is asked of you is to take part and stay involved. Remember that we are black, brown and white men and women in the Fire Service. We are one! PRESIDENT George Fina, OKC gomsoc38@gmail.com

2020-2021 ORFA Executive Board

1ST VICE PRESIDENT A.K. “Yogi” Cole, Tulsa ycole@ipa.net

3RD VICE PRESIDENT Mike Duncan, Dewey mduncan51@aol.com

2ND VICE PRESIDENT James Fullingim, Norman nfdchief@hotmail.com

PAST PRESIDENT Tippy Pierce, Moore fftip@swbell.net

Jr Board Member

Hi everyone! What a wonderful summer we have had. I have absolutely loved the cooler than normal temperatures! With summer coming to a close, it means it is back to school time. School is back in session and sports are starting to begin. Remember to stay hydrated and equipped for the heat even though it’s been cooler than normal. I’ve seen a lot of parents looking for child-sized masks for the kids. Target, Walmart and Kohl’s all sell children sizes for the schools that are requiring masks. I would love to hear about what local auxiliaries are doing to keep department morale up lately. Unfortunately, my local department (Slaughterville) had to cancel our summer picnic. We love having a picnic to bring all the firefighters, their families and our retired members together for an afternoon of fun. Last bit of update: Don’t forget that the 2020 Ride to Remember OKC will be on September 12! Would love to see you all out there! PRESIDENT Michele Cole momachel@aol.com VICE PRESIDENT Ashley Corbett ashleyc814@att.net SECRETARY/TREASURER Kendra Engle kedamo10@yahoo.com

2020-2021 Women’s Aux Executive Board JR BD MEMBER Courtney Thompson courtneythompson524@gmail.com PAST PRESIDENT Susan Walker sw233821@gmail.com

AndCo Consulting is an independent, SEC registered institutional investment consulting firm PROUD TO SUPPORT THE OKLAHOMA STATE FIREFIGHTERS ASSOCIATION

OUR VISION: To be a transformational organization viewed as the leader in our industry. OUR VALUES: Service – Put the needs of our clients, co-workers and community above our own Excellence – Always pursue perfection Humility – Demonstrate modesty, respect and introspection Integrity – Be honest and ethical in all circumstances Positive Attitude – Disposition of optimism and encouragement

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 20209

Question & Answers Oklahoma Firefighter asked last issue’s readers this question: “If you could write one new law that everyone had to obey, what law would you create?” Here is what they said: w Tony Lopez, Midwest City: The one law I think we should have is Be Nice to Everyone. w Tom Marcum, Mooreland: Once you pay insurance for so many years and haven’t used it or had a claim, the company had to cover you for so many years at no cost. w Eldon Henderson, Ret. Enid: I would write a law outlawing the sale of fireworks within the state. Each year, there are civilian injuries, as well as property loss, caused by fireworks.  Some years, Oklahoma firefighters have been injured responding to or operating at the scene of a fireworks-caused emergency. This is unnecessary and could be prevented by a law banning their sale. w Aaron Burns, Ret. Broken Arrow: That all cars were started after you pass a fingerprint breath alcohol machine and it sampled your DNA so you could not cheat.  w Darren Alexander, Cedar Country: The first law I would create would be that nobody can light anything on fire on a day that is 100 degrees, wind out of the south @25 mph and 7 percent humidity. I am writing this on August 3rd, so my thoughts might be a little biased.   One other side law: a person cannot use the term “freaking out” ever again to describe anything. That term is way overused. w Dr. Asa Don Brown, New York State Volunteer: If I were to develop a law, it would be to encourage the simple act of caring and being empathetic. w Kelly Ransdell, NFPA: The law would be that you must be “nice” or else ...

w Quintin James, McLoud: Mandatory that every rookie in the state (career or volunteer) has to go through a tour of the Oklahoma Firefighter Museum guided by Bob Noll -- and also complete Bob’s extensive scavenger hunt. w Bert Norton, Midwest City: If I had the opportunity to write a new law, I think I would address the non-factual messages that people spread. There are way too many people who jump out there and stir the pot without knowing the facts. I would require anyone who wanted to post, blog, report or start threads anywhere to provide data to back up what they are saying. w Bre Horn, Marshall: This one took some thinking, and I have come up with child predators never be released from jail nor be given parole so that this world can be safer for our child again. Also, that they be placed in general population -- not solitary confinement -- as they don’t deserve special treatment for their horrible crime.  w Jeremy Goodrich, Yukon: I really have two. That everyone respect each other, even when options don’t agree.   Also, that politicians have term limits like the president. No more career politicians.


SAFER Grant Sheri Nickel SAFER Grant Coordinator

We are approaching the end of the FY2015 SAFER grant. The last four years have flown by and have left some

of our heads spinning. Year-4 of SAFER Grant One would think that FEMA would offer an extension for us to make up for the lost time during the COVID-19 quarantine, Opened Nov. 29, 2019 when schools were closed and couldn’t deliver training, but that is not the case. Funds dispersed Unfortunately, we have quite a bit of money that we have to get spent on training. We are also behind on the physicals for on a first-come the new recruits because of the doctor’s office dealing with COfirst-served basis VID policies. And most recently, I have found out the bunker gear construction is now running 120-150 days from order to completion. I am working diligently on getting payments processed and have most recently acquired a contract with another doctor’s office in Oklahoma City to help get physicals performed. If you are one of the many who are waiting for your appointment, it will be coming soon. It is important to keep your appointment and try not to reschedule it. The physical is a requirement of the grant. Failure to comSheri Nickel plete it will result in termination from the grant and you will Grant Coordinator not receive bunker gear. If you have completed Firefighter 1 and have not passed the www.OSFA.info IFSAC test, you must retest before Thanksgiving. Contact OSUFST and make those arrangements. sherin@osfa.info With the grant funding coming to a close, I will not be able 405-424-1452 office to reimburse for tuition much longer. In the event that you 580-554-7123 cell should pass the test, you may still qualify for the physical (if you haven’t had one) and bunker gear (if there is still any availBecause of the success of this able). grant, OSFA was awarded a new Finally, congratulations to those who have completed the reSAFER Grant for 2020-2024 quirements of the grant and have gone on to complete Haz-Mat to sustain and enhance what Awareness and Haz-Mat Ops and are taking advantage of the is already being done! FY2018 SAFER grant and are enrolling in Firefighter 2. When we put our heads together to write that grant, we didn’t anticipate the response that we have had. Make sure that you watch for new classes rolling out that we haven’t been offering for the past few years. We are doing our best to freshen things up a bit and extend training that we haven’t been offering. The amount of training that we are able to give our volunteer fire departments is unsurpassed, and it is because of you all that it will continue.


w Ron Middleswart, Broken Arrow: The law I would like to see is reflective 4-inch house numbers on the curbs or streets. This would be for all houses -- no exceptions -- along with all counties having to put a blue reflective marker by all fire hydrants. w Tippy Pierce, Ret. Moore: That every child (boy or girl) had to serve two years in the military!

Next Month’s Question -“What historical moment stands out most in your memory?” Everyone is Welcome to Participate!

Email Your Response to penelopes@osfa.info

ATTENTION Fire Chiefs and Department Heads The Oklahoma Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians helps mechanics and departments find training, servicing and parts for emergency equipment.

Need training for your mechanics?

Are the mechanics working on your equipment certified?

Think you cannot afford training?

O.A.E.V.T. CAN HELP! oklahomaevt@gmail.com


O.A.E.V.T. can provide FREE TRANING that can be tailored to your department

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By Greg Lindsay

Which Way is Out?

OKC Fire Department ing the exit, the fourth firefighter on the hose line trips and falls which causes him and the captain to lose contact with the hose. The remaining three crew members don’t realize that they have lost the last two crew members on their line and continue to exit Division two. The captain immediately calls a mayday and gives his LUNAR (location, unit, name, assignment, resources) report and advises command they are lost and disoriented. Command acknowledges and deploys RIT (rapid intervention team) to Division two for rescue. The crew that just exited Division two hears the mayday, and realizes they are missing two crew members. They redeploy the line back upstairs to initiate a right-hand search for the mayday crew. The mayday crew is found by the remaining hose line team and RIT simultaneously. The mayday crew is led out of the structure with no injuries.

Firefighters are unique in the sense that we frequently depend on systems of engineering controls and procedures to do our jobs safely. Sometimes, those systems are simple and only require a few steps to counteract the hazard. An example could be to wear medical gloves to prevent an exposure. Other times, the systems require several steps. Personal protective equipment, application of tactics and maintaining situational awareness for an interior attack is an example of a system requiring an engineering control measure coupled with a physical activity and a mental element. Simple or Before moving to the lessons shared, take a mocomplex, these are ways we do our jobs safely. Room Where Mayday Crew Was Lost ment to discuss this event. There are other times when what we are doing can generate other activities. We learn to manage these • What are some strategies you use to maintain conactivities in ways that make sense in a step by step manner. The featured report this month tact with your crew when operating on the interior? is an example of how that can happen. During an interior attack, a crew becomes separated • Do your strategies or systems of operation change significantly when moving to anand initiates a mayday. The report can be found by searching www.Firefighternearmiss.com other division? and using the title, Disoriented Crew Members Located During Mayday. • Do you have a protocol to initiate intervention teams in the event of a missing crew member? Discuss any other indicators for calling a mayday. Initial size-up • Many departments use a system to establish a mayday operation. Occasionally, acTwo-story residential structure with nothing showing from three sides. 360 identified smoke comronyms like LUNAR or UCAN are used to provide reminders of each step in the process. ing from the west side, this will be a working fire. Discuss your departmental procedure for initiating a mayday. • Do you use an after-action report to share the experiences of members in your departEvent Description ment? Truck 1 and Medic 1 were assigned to Division two for fire suppression of a suspected attic fire. While the message from these discussion points are largely specific to each department, Information is relayed to command from an outside unit and notices that there is fire in the sub-floor. they are universal in establishing a system to affect rescue of our own personnel. How this Command informs Division two of having fire underneath them. Truck 1 and Medic 1 decided to exit crew reacted to the situation is an example of a best practice in that they reacted quickly and with their hose line. made use of personnel familiar with the current operation. While in the process, visibility worsens to zero and fire conditions deteriorate around them. DurThese are the lessons shared from this report.

Our Firm’s strength is in plaintiff-side complex litigation, including the prosecution of securities, antitrust, and consumer actions.

Recommendations regarding this event • Interior crews need to create inspections holes both above them and below them to determine the location and extent of the fire. • Personal alert devices must be activated after calling your mayday and LUNAR report to assist in rescue crews locating you. If alert devises are not activated, command must remind mayday crews to do so. • If you believe you have a gas fed fire, utilities (especially Gas) need to be secured immediately. • Radio discipline on the fireground is crucial. During our mayday, we had problems with radio traffic procedures which had a negative impact on the fireground. Specifically, crew leaders talking/ transmitting over other crews and not letting messages be completed before initiating another conversation with Command. What changes are being implemented due to this event? Incident is still under review. Training and education will be given to department members on situational awareness, mayday, and finding and extinguishing hidden/void space fires. Describe the leading practices you noticed at this incident: Command and control; the mayday was called early and this was instrumental in the successful outcome. Key elements were immediate deployment of RIT, and the original suppression crews decision to redeploy back to their assigned location.

Best wishes to Oklahoma State Firefighters Association

In this event, the misstep of a firefighter while exiting caused the crew to become separated. Because the officer recognized they were disoriented, they had lost contact with the hose line and did not know which way to go, a mayday was initiated. Another way this could have occurred is when the crew exited the structure without the remainder of the crew, RIT could have deployed for a missing member. Either way, quickly initiating the procedure provides the best possibility for a positive outcome. One of the concerns recognized in this report involved radio discipline during the event. It’s not a surprise that communication is a contributing factor. There are several mayday events that resulted in a significant incident where radio traffic made the incident more complicated. Some protocols use changing the operational channel during a mayday, and others rely on more discipline for these events. Knowing the system you use and practicing often is a key to success. Occasionally, people hear the word “system”, and think “complicated.” A system is a set of steps or practices that work together for a desired outcome. As firefighters, we work within systems all the time. Other words to describe a system are protocol, algorithm, or process; these steps are useful in making our jobs safer. If you have had a nearmiss where a system or protocol helped mitigate the incident, I would like to hear about it. The process of submitting a report is easy, always anonymous, and could save the life of another firefighter. The best way we can help each other is by sharing best practices. Take a moment to share your best “best practice” today.

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202011

126 is pleased to sponsor the




Fred Alger Management, LLC 360 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 / www.alger.com

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39th Annual FSIO Conference

Mark Murdock FSIO President

October 1-3, 2020 At OSU-OKC Campus & www.fsio.org OKC FD Training Center Thursday, Oct. 1

“Legal Aspects of NFPA 1403” n Sam Hittle, Captain at Witchita FD “Leadership through Training” n General Meeting n Social Event

Friday, Oct. 2

(At OSU-OKC Campus)

n Jim Annas, Chief of Skiatook FD

Sam Hittle

Jim Annas

Dan Shaw

(At OSU-OKC Campus)

n Dan Shaw, Deputy Chief Fairfax FD &

Doug Mitchell, Captain FDNY “25 to Survive” n Banquet at 6 pm

Doug Mitchell

Saturday, Oct. 3

Scott Kleinschmidt

(At OKC FD Training Center)

n Mid- America FOOLS OKC Metro Chapter





VEIS T-t-T (Training the Trainer) Scott Kleinschmidt, Captain Wichita FD &  Seth Taylor, Captain Lewisville FD   “Ground Saws: A to Z  T-t-T” Rodney Foster, Shawnee Fire Chief “Instructor I T-t-T” Melanie Colvin, Lexington FD Captain  “ResourceOne for your Department”

Moore FD

• Firedoc004@gmail.com

Highs and Lows As I was thinking about what to discuss in this month’s article, I was approached by a young member of our department and was asked just what exactly kept me driven to continue to teach after so many years in the fire service. My response was easy and immediate with “I love what I do, and I want to teach others about it!” When you are blessed with being able to teach others about a job that you love, it shows. The enthusiasm and positive attitude you show when teaching others about your job is easily recognizable. But in the same respect, if you are not happy with your job or dislike the subject that you are teaching, it has the opposite effect, too. Are you constantly complaining about the job or subject that you are teaching? Do you act irritated or disgusted when you perform your job? Do you enjoy teaching others about the fire service or just going through the motions? Where do you stand on this? Teaching in the fire service can be extremely rewarding and frustrating, too. Many of us teaching feel at one time or another that you are wasting your breath and time. This is not a new or unique problem to any department -- it is widespread. We have all had to teach a subject that we have absolutely no desire to teach or lack the knowledge or experience to teach it. This can prove to be disastrous for the instructor and the student. This can be remedied by having the right instructor with the right attitude for the right subject. Every department should seek out several individuals within their department, or neighboring departments, to build a cadre of instructors. These instructors should not only be knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter they teach, but also be willing to share what they know with others. No one or two individuals in a department can or should teach everything. Younger more inexperienced members should not be ignored when they are interested in teaching, but instead be allowed to assist and learn from more seasoned instructors. After all, we have all been new at some point and someone gave us a chance to get involved. In some departments, instructors that have the responsibility of teaching lack the knowledge, experience, time, and resources to teach all that is required for the fire service. To remedy this shortcoming, some instructors choose to replace all methods of instruction with computer-based assignments or pass it to the company officer to just figure it out. This can be a beneficial tool, known as blended learning, but only if it is used to supplement the training that is either directed by or followed up by a knowledgeable instructor. And this can cause huge inconsistencies in training because not everyone learns the same. In other words, you cannot shirk your responsibilities as an instructor and expect good results. You must be involved! If the instructor does not have the knowledge or skillset to teach a subject, then they should find a suitable instructor who can. That is why it is imperative to have a cadre of instructors with specialized skills. Throughout our time in the fire service, we all go through highs and lows, and that is a normal thing. Do not get me wrong, I have not always been on that positive high because I have had plenty of lows, too. It is when we get stuck in that low that makes us and everyone around us miserable. So how do we get ourselves out of that low? I have found that for me that teaching outside of my department to be the most rewarding. Outside of your department you can teach subjects that truly drive you, those that you are passionate about. This can also benefit you in other ways, too. You can be around other instructors and learn from them, as well. Co-teaching a class or observing others teach is an opportunity to pick up on new things about the subject you are teaching and different ways to deliver the information. This builds your self-confidence and improves your delivery. Adult learners go to training activities for a specific reason, and that is to learn. These students are there to learn and can tell very quickly whether they want to listen to what you have to say or move on. If you’re knowledgeable about your subject matter and enjoy doing it, then it shows. These students tend to be more receptive and appreciative of your time and energy. Even with dull, boring and seemingly unimportant subjects, you can have a positive outcome with your students. Teaching opportunities are all around us and attitude is everything! Stay Safe and remember … Lead with Passion and Teach with Purpose!

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202013

Oklahoma Task Force One Deployment Variations By Josh Pearcy, Oklahoma City FD Oklahoma Task Force One Urban Search & Rescue (OKTF-1 US&R) is a state asset that is scalable in its deployment model. Most of the time when someone thinks of the US&R team, they think of the large 70 person Type I or Type II structural collapse teams. While this is where it all started and the model used to build up the Oklahoma team, the needs of past disasters has lead to the system adapting and adding resources of many different sizes and shapes. Oklahoma’s state team can be deployed with as little as four or five members all the way up to the traditional 70-person structural collapse team. Some of the situations that drive the need for the modifications are specialty events like localized flooding, trench collapses or searching for missing persons. There are times where a local municipality may only need a single boat team of 4-5 members to assist for one to two days, or possibly just standby in case of a greater need arises during the flood event. The team has also responded as a smaller specialized unit with canine deployments on several occasions to assist with operations around the state -- one of the latest times being the tragic event of a search for two missing children in the Tulsa area.

These are examples of times that the full 70-person structural collapse team are simply not needed, but the equipment and resources that the team can provide could still be used. Questions often come up about what is needed to request assistance from Oklahoma Task Force 1 and what support is the requesting agency expected to provide. OKTF-1 can be requested at any time through the Oklahoma Emergency Management Resource Hotline. This is the same hotline that departments can use to request wildland task forces, helicopter water drops, water rescue resources and many other types of assistance. When the request is placed, they will ask for a few details like: • What is the current situation? • Who is currently in charge? • Where does the resources need to respond to? • Who is the point of contact for the event? After gathering these few answers, the request goes through a quick approval process depending on the nature of the request, and the resources are dispatched to your area. When it comes to the US&R team, the team responds as a self-sustainable resource with fuel, water, and supplies for the first 72 hours before needing to establish a supply chain for further operations. It is the goal of the US&R team to respond when requested and assist the local agency while working under the local agencies command structure and not depleting the local resources to support the lodging and care of the US&R team.

n www.CONRADFIRE.com n (913) 780-5521

Exclusive Pierce Fire Apparatus Dealer in Oklahoma, Kansas and Western Missouri




Conrad Fire Equipment and Steve Martin would like to thank and congratulate the Norman Fire Department on the recent purchase of its Pierce Arrow Tanker/Pumper

STEVE MARTIN (405) 620-1891

RYAN REEVES (405) 269-3844

ROGER BROWN CARY PROVENCE (405) 623-8216 (785) 865-6941

Firefighters Serving Firefighters

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Museum news

Oklahoma Firefighter Museum Additions And Improvements

Gene Brown

A big thanks goes out to three FDs for recent donations to the museum. Depew FD donated a Federal Q siren and museum archivist Bob Noll built a custom stand for it (below). Gotebo FD donated several sections of hose that are now being used on one of the museum rigs (middle left). And Nicoma Park FD donated a hard suction hose that is the correct size for one of the museum trucks (bottom left). And although the Museum is closed to the public, repairs are going full steam ahead. The clockworks of the Centennial Clock were restored. The light over the alarm box is now working. And Quintin James has been polishing trucks.

Museum Director geneb@osfa.info 405-424-3440

Hello Everyone! Things here at the museum are moving fast. We are still closed but we are getting a lot done. The Memorial is looking great. We should complete our work on it very soon. We are working on the trucks in the museum. Buffing and waxing them. It has been a slow process but worth the work. The Hollis Fire Department has donated a 1928 Seagrave Pumper. We are in the process of getting it here to the museum. It is very complete, and we look forward to the restoration. It will make a great addition to your museum. Thanks to Hollis FD for their generous donation. We will make you proud! We look forward to showing off all the things we have completed while we have been closed. Please be safe out there. Also, be sure to purchase tickets to win the Kabota side by side. The ORFA organized the fundraiser, and proceeds go to a great cause — the Firefighters Museum Expansion. Thank you for all your support.


Museum Report Quintin James Museum Staff

As you all know, the Oklahoma Firefighters Museum has been closed for several months now, but we have been hard at work. During this time, we have been able to get all hands on deck for some much-needed improvements to the Memorial and Museum. On the Memorial grounds, we have repaired 50+ lights, pressure-washed all the concrete and repainted the concrete in and around the pools. On the Museum side, we have repainted the garage door and three doors on the west side, along with the hand rails. Also, I am currently doing some paint correction on our apparatus’ to get them clean and shiny for when we open back up. That is just a small percentage of the improvements we have been working hard on. We look forward to y’all coming in to check everything out for yourself when we open back up.

Help support your Oklahoma Firefighters Museum Expansion and the Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial PURCHASE AN OKLAHOMA FIREFIGHTER LICENSE TAG! Money received from the purchase of each tag goes directly to financing upkeep on the Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial and Oklahoma Firefighters Museum. Oklahoma Firefighter tags cost $35 a year (on top of regular tag fees) and $20 goes directly to the Museum/Memorial.   Tags can be purchased from local tag agents any time during the year -- not just with your regular plate.

And they can be customized to 6 letters as approved by the Tax Commission.

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202015

Firefighters Museum Expansion Fundraiser Organized by ORFA

RIDE TO REMEMBER Oklahoma’s First Responders Memorial Motorcycle Run


Saturday, Sept. 12


9 a.m. at Papa’s Leather Barn

(6623 NW 23rd, Bethany, OK) $25 - Single Riders $35 - Couples $10 - Additional Passengers


Grand Prize: Kubota RTV‐XG850  1 ticket for $25 or 5 tickets for $100    Tickets can be purchased at:    www.osfa.info/gift‐shop/donations/  

Drawing will be held the Saturday of the 2021 OSFA Convention  (dates to be decided). Winner will not have to be present to  win. Deadline to enter is the Sunday before the 2021 OSFA  Convention. Sales are online only. 

All Vehicles Are Invited To Participate All Money Generated Goes To 501c3 Non-Profit Organzations: n Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial n Emergency Responder Assistance Program n Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial

Join us in 2020 on our 13th annual Memorial Motorcycle Run as we visit three Memorial sites and ride in support of Oklahoma’s First Responders. We have risen to the top of the world’s largest single venue Poker Run (1,911 entries in 2017) and continue to support our state’s First Responders each year.

16September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter

Remembering D By Joel Bain, Midwest City FD


My dad loved serving people. He was always willing to help 20 out in any way he could. He me loved all the events that the fire Bo department or OSFA hosted. to I can remember him talking Ok about the firefighter balls and Fir musters that he attended. I was To at a few of these as a little boy. ma mo He loved cooking chili and peppers for the legislators, and, cu of course, had to wash it down ag with some beer and margaritas. Mi He was at the OSFA/Mume seum most of his days if not at the fire department or at one OS of our ballgames. His vision Pr of helping keep the Memorial tee in tip-top shape was to sell as Ad many firefighter license plates as possible. He drove all over the state talking to firefighters about their pensio at the OSFA, but also to sell the license p up-keep and maintenance of the memo It is an honor to have the Memorial G dad’s name. The ironic thing is my dad any team that he played on. He has a ha it, and they all say the highest score. But that didn’t matter to him. What h everyone was having a great time toget beer and a good cigar! If you haven’t purchased a firefighte as some of the shirts and hats for the go will benefit the Oklahoma Firefighters M Thank you to everyone in advance.

Honoring O



David Bain

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202017

24th Annual David Bain



Memorial Golf Tournament

A few months before the 012 Memorial Golf Tournaent, the OSFA Executive oard voted unanimously rename it the David Bain klahoma Fallen and Living refighters Memorial Golf ournament in honor of the an who kick started the Meorial fundraising campaign. David Bain, who sucumbed to cancer in 2003 at ge 47, spent 22 years on the idwest City Fire Departent. He served in many roles at SFA, including 1996 OSFA resident, Memorial Commite Chairman and Director of dministration.

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020 At Lincoln Park (WEST COURSE) You Can See the Firefighters Memorial From the 6th Fairway!

4 Man Scramble / Shotgun Start $100 per Person / $400 per Team Includes Green Fees, Cart & Dinner at Oklahoma Firefighters Museum

ons and what was going on plates that would fund the rial and museum. Golf Tournament in my was the worst golfer on andful of trophies to prove

Registration Begins at Noon Tee Off at 1 p.m. OPEN TO ALL Don’t have to be a Firefighter Register Online Today at www.osfa.info

he cared about was that ther! Oh, don’t forget your

er tag, please do so, as well olf tournament. All proceeds Memorial and Museum.

David Bain at the Oklahoma Firefighters Memorial with Joel’s wife Megan and their oldest daughter Emma, who is now 19.

All Proceeds Benefit Oklahoma Fallen & Living Firefighters Memorial

Oklahoma’s Firefighters Through The Years 2007

The 21st annual Statewide Oklahoma Firefighters Memorial Service is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 4, in Oklahoma City. It will look a little different than in years past due to the public health crisis. But the tradition of paying tribute to fellow firefighters who have passed will continue.

2005 2004


Instead of dealing with warm weather while wearing masks, firefighters and family members are invited to watch the ceremony live on the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association’s Facebook page starting at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 4. The ceremony, rich in fire service traditions, will begin with a march to the Memorial by Oklahoma Fire Pipes and Drums, followed by the laying of the wreath, a 21-bell salute and the ringing of the bell for each Oklahoma firefighter lost last year. Go to www.osfa.info for the most up-to-date info regarding the event.




18ď źSeptember 2020ď źOklahoma Firefighter


OSFA 100 Years Plaques delivered to fds around oklahoma

OSFA Staff has been delivering 100 Year plaques to Fire Departments that have been OSFA members for 100 continuous years. We are proud to be representative of departments all across this great state, and this plaque is just a small token of our appreciation of your association participation.

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202019


Museum Archivist

Bob Noll

Museum Staff

The Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum always has projects in various stages. One of our current projects in making a work bench typical of what might be found in a fire house in the 1920s era. The display consists of two work stations. One work station is a hose coupling vise that is expressly designed for holding pin-type hose lugs. This vise is part of a kit that was originally purchased in the early 20th century. Additional components of the kit include taps and dies for rethreading 2-and-a-half inch National Standard Hose couplings, fire hydrants, appliances and engine discharges and intake. Also included is a device to return “egged” couplings to round, and numerous spare parts for the taps and dies. This kit, which is one of two, was originally purchased by the Oklahoma Inspection Bureau. The other part of the work station is a device used to field recouple 2-and-a-half inch fire hose. This coupling ring expander, while missing its mounting base, is essentially complete enough to visualize how it worked. While the vise mentioned above can only be used on pin-type couplings, the ring expander can be used on any 2-and-a-half inch fire hose coupling. We are in need of 2-and-a-half inch fire hose with

bobn@osfa.info 405-424-1452

pin-type couplings for this exhibit. At left is a photo of a 2-and-a-half inch male coupling, as I have found that contemporary firefighters have generally one see rocker lug couplings. And appliance with pin couplings would also be a welcome addition to our collection at the museum. These items -- be they suction strainers, nozzles, double male/double females or caps of any size -- would be welcome additions. If you have something you wish to donate, please contact me.







W e Of f loa d, Te st AND R e loa d

Let us show you why we are professionals at what we do

888-384-TEST n


20September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter


in memoriam Joe Crook, Crescent FD

The Final Fire Alarm sounded for Crescent firefighter Joe Crook on July 27. He was 36. Joe was the type of person who could turn a stranger into a friend in a matter of minutes. His passion for caring for others was shown in his brave and heroic work with the Crescent Volunteer Fire Department. He made his career in the elevator trade as an elevator mechanic. Everyone who knew Joe knew he had a love for the outdoors. He enjoyed hunting with family and friends, and passed on that love to his daughters.

Dan Dye, Cheyenne FD The Final Fire Alarm sounded for Cheyenne firefighter Dan Dye on Aug. 5. He was 60. Dan volunteered on the Crawford and Reydon Volunteer Fire Departments before transferring to the Cheyenne Volunteer Fire Department where he dedicated over 30 years of service. Dan had served as Captain and Assistant Chief and was currently known for his roll as “Lieutenant Dan.” He also volunteered his time with numerous organizations and was well known throughout Roger Mills county for his willingness to help those in need at any time of the day or night. His greatest love was his family and especially his grandchildren.

Carl Summers, Davis FD The Final Fire Alarm sounded for Davis firefighter Carl Summers on Aug. 5. He was 75. In 1979, Carl became a volunteer fireman for Davis FD . He retired in 1994 after 15 years of service when his health prevented him from continuing his firefighting career. He spent his last years working for the City of Davis and as the ticket office manager at Turner Falls Park. With sports being one of Carl’s favorite pastimes, he helped reorganize the Jaycee’s, run the Davis Men’s Association and later, the Davis Kid’s Association. This passion gave Carl the nickname of Davis’ oldest T-ball player.

Governor signs COLA for State Pensioners OKLAHOMA CITY – On Aug. 6, State Rep. Avery Frix (R-Muskogee) attended the ceremonial bill signing for House Bill 3350, which granted cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for retirees in Oklahoma pension plans, including teachers, firefighters, police, public employees and justices and judges. The bill was formally signed into law in May and took effect July 1. Ceremonial bill signings allow lawmakers and some of their constituents most affected by legislation to attend. HB 3350 bases COLAs on the number of years individuals have received retirement benefits from the state. Those retired for five years or more as of July 1 received a 4% increase in monthly pension payments. Those retired at least two years but not five got a 2% increase. Frix, the principal author of the bill, said he’s fought for COLA legislation since being elected in 2016. “After talking to so many state retirees who have waited so long for an increase in their benefit,” Frix said, “it was gratifying today to see pen put to paper to symbolize the relief this legislation brings for these dedicated public servants.”


When you shop on AmazonSmile (smile. amazon.com), the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers. The Oklahoma State Firemens Museum Inc. is one of the charitable organizations, and that is your museum. There is no cost to charitable organizations or to Amazon Smile customers. The shopping experience is identical to Amazon.com with the added benefit that the

AmazonSmile Foundation will donate to your Museum, if selected! Just make sure to shop at smile.amazon.com instead of the regular Amazon site. Simply add it as a bookmarked page to your home screen, so it will basically be an app. The link that automatically adds the Oklahoma Firefighters Museum as the charity is https:// smile.amazon.com/ ch/73-6109355.

Frix pointed out that it has been 12 years since these former state employees received a COLA, even as they’ve seen the cost of health insurance premiums and other living expenses rise. Frix held an interim study on the COLA last year asking each of the state pension plan managers to respond to whether a COLA would affect the upward trajectory of their plans funded status. Their responses combined with positive actuarial analyses convinced other lawmakers to support the legislation. The measure passed unanimously in the House with a vote of 99-0 and in the Senate by a vote of 41-5. Frix said the COLA represents a fiscally responsible agreement that keeps the state’s pension plans on healthy financial footing. He thanked his fellow lawmakers, including Senate author Roger Thompson, for support and the governor for signing the bill. He also thanked the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Oklahoma Public Employees Association, the Oklahoma Retired Educators Association and the Oklahoma Education Association for their input on the bill.

Support Oklahoma Firefighters Museum by shopping at AmazonSmile

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202021


NFPA REPORT Kelly Ransdell


National Fire Protection Association Are you getting ready for Fire Prevention Week- Covid addition? Hey There Y’all! It is my pleasure to be working with Oklahoma in this new capacity. Bob Sullivan has done a great job of keeping you informed over the last few years. I look forward to getting to know you better when things open back up so we can be together in person, but in the meantime we can connect virtually. This past year, we hosted our first Fire Safety Summit in Oklahoma City. Your state leaders did a great job of pulling things together that included all the partners in your state fire service. Fire Prevention Week™ (FPW) might look a bit different this year. NFPA has put together some “Out of the Box” ideas to help you reach your community with life-saving messages in the event that traditional open houses, school and community visits aren’t able to be held. For more ideas, watch a recording of our “Out of the Box” Fire Prevention Week Webinar. • Get it delivered: Partner with home-delivery services operating in your community to share FPW resources. Whether it’s restaurant take-out, grocery delivery, or even newspapers or real-estate publications delivered by mail, reach out to businesses that can help you get important FPW information to everyone! Tip: This is a great way to reach Generation Z with targeted cooking safety messages. Young adults aged 20–34 are at the highest risk of non-fatal cooking injury. Work with local take-outs restaurants and social media channels to spread the word: Order take out when tired or under the influence. • Become a YouTube star: Record yourself teaching NFPA’s 10-minute lesson plan on cooking safety and, for extra entertainment, schedule a guest appearance by Sparky the Fire Dog®! Don’t forget to check out NFPA Kids’ YouTube channel for loads of fire safety videos. • Reaching teachers/students virtually: If visiting schools is not an option, we have a few ideas. Plan something with your schools each day. Share on your social media channels or work directly with the school administration. Ask schools to include the cooking family checklist (English, Spanish and French) in their email communications. The checklist is form fillable and can be customized with your department’s logo. Record yourself reading The Story of Sparky and provide a video link to the school. The new Story of Sparky Educator’s Set comes complete with a large format story book, 30 small books and a Sparky Stuffy. If you are camera shy, we have you covered. Watch fourth-grade school teacher, Nichole Watson, delightfully read the story to her class. Provide teachers with story lesson plan or ask to “Zoom” in and teach the lesson yourself! Tip: Share 5 days’ worth of fun grade-level-aligned, standard based activities that teachers can do during the week. • A new type of truck tour: Set a time and invite community members to “observe from the curb” as you do a drive-by to celebrate FPW! Use Fire Prevention Week in a Box materials to create drop-off bags to deliver fun and educational materials, from adult brochures and FPW News to activity books stickers and posters. Tip: Make an impression by affixing the colorful FPW banner outside your fire station or on your truck! • Crayons at the ready: NFPA’s new “Stay Away from Hot Things” coloring sheet (English, French and Spanish) is sure to inspire creativity! Have parents and caregivers (safely) submit photos of their completed creations online (or email them to you) – along with their family’s home fire escape plan. Tip: Offer a FPW prize pack for a few of the participants, and curb-side dropped off in a big, red truck! Wow! • Reaching older adults: More and more people are discovering that coloring is an effective stress reliever and mood booster. Make copies and deliver the cooking themed adult coloring sheet to your local senior centers and assisted living homes. If they are not accepting visitors, connect with administrators and send the PDF via email. Why not “Zoom” in and talk to residents for 15 mins about cooking safety? I hope you are as excited as we are about reaching your community for Fire Prevention Week 2020!


educational Advisory Brian Brush

Midwest City FD

Educational Advisory Committee The State Fire School in Tulsa has been an incredible event that we have all come to look forward to with great anticipation. It was incredibly difficult to have to cancel it in 2020 knowing that the there is a very real cost to education, training, motivation and fellowship for the firefighters of our state and beyond. What moved us all forward so quickly was the same eager anticipation to get it back in 2021 and a belief that our sacrifice was temporary.

As we have gone through summer and head into the fall, it is becoming clearer that some things we thought would be temporary might be here to stay. Unfortunately, as I write this, the future of events like this across the country are less certain than we had hoped. With all that said, I want to provide a reassurance that the mission of the committee and the intent of all members is to deliver the best quality event we can, to the most people we can, in the safest manner we can; that is unchanged.

Our “Plan A” is to continue our past successes and have a State Fire School in Tulsa in May. We are still navigating how our current environment (which changes weekly) would influence that plan. We are also working on contingency plans for any number of potential challenges from group size to travel restrictions and lack of access to facilities. While we are starting to come to grips with the fact that State Fire School may never look the same, none of us are willing to accept the fact that our firefighters will go another year without access to some version of the things that make our annual event so great. It is my hope that the next report will contain updated timelines and information for the 2021 event. Until then, be good!

22September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter


1723 West Tyler, Stillwater, OK 74078 • (800) 304-5727 • (405) 744-5727 • Fax: (405) 744-7377

September 2020 CLASS SCHEDULE Current as of August 19, 2020

Courses are subject to change • Call or check online for changes in courses

All courses are FREE unless otherwise noted

NIMS ICS 400 (EMI) Advanced Incident Command System (78658)   Sept. 1-2 (16 hours) Autry Technology Center - Enid EMS Instructor Update (79039)    Sept. 1 (8 hours) • $500 - All Participants Moore Training Center Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76006)    Sept. 2 (8 hours) Moore Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76007)    Sept. 3 (8 hours) Moore Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76008)    Sept. 4 (8 hours) Moore Fire Department Hazardous Materials Operations for WMD Refresher (77024)    Sept. 9 (8 hours) Yukon Fire Department Hazardous Materials Decontamination - OK-RRS Basic Operation (76013)    Sept. 10 (6 hours) El Reno Fire Department OEM - FEMA G.191: ICS-EOC Interface (76460)    Sept. 10 (8 hours) Tahlequah / Cherokee County Emergency Management Hazardous Materials Operations for WMD Refresher (77025)    Sept. 10 (8 hours) Yukon Fire Department Hazardous Materials Operations for WMD Refresher (77026)    Sept. 11 (8 hours) Yukon Fire Department Introduction to Grain Handling Hazards (77196)    Sept. 11 (4 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant Pipeline Awareness for Emergency Responders (78579)    Sept. 11 (4 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Flammable Gas Emergencies (LPG) (75910)   Sept. 12 (12 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Basic Response to Grain Handling Hazards (77197)   Sept. 13 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Oklahoma Emergency Vehicle Drivers Training TtT (77660)   Sept. 12 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Oklahoma Emergency Vehicle Drivers Training TtT (77675)   Sept. 13 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Basic Fire Department Standpipe Operations (77662)   Sept. 12 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Certification: Fire Fighter I Live Burn Evaluation (78435)   Sept. 13 (8 hours) Gordon Cooper Tech - Shawnee

Wildland Fire Fighting: Fundamentals (77665)   Sept. 12-13 (16 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Fire Fighter I Live Burn (78436)   Sept. 13 (8 hours) Gordon Cooper Tech - Shawnee

Electrical Safety for First Responder (77673)   Sept. 12 (4 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant Oklahoma Emergency Vehicle Drivers Training (77674)    Sept. 12 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Responding to the MAYDAY (79237)   Sept. 13 (8 hours) Okemah Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76010)    Sept. 14 (8 hours) Sapulpa Fire Department

OEM - FEMA G.288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management (76381)   Sept. 19 (8 hours) Pontotoc Co Emergency - Ada Flammable Gas Emergencies (LPG) (77933)    Sept. 19 (12 hours) Autry Technology Center - Enid Calling the MAYDAY (78978)    Sept. 19 (8 hours) Tecumseh Fire Department Rope Rescue Technician Level II Part A (78983)    Sept. 19-20 (16 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant Vehicle Rescue Technician Level I Part A (79041)    Sept. 19-20 (16 hours) Altus Fire Department Water Shuttle (79072)    Sept. 19-20 (16 hours) Drumright Fire Department

New Vehicle Technology (77710)   Sept. 12 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76011)   Sept. 15 (8 hours) Sapulpa Fire Department

Oklahoma Emergency Vehicle Drivers Training (79079)   Sept. 19 (8 hours) Adair Fire Department

Trench Rescue Technician Level I (77720)   Sept. 12-13 (16 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76012)   Sept. 16 (8 hours) Sapulpa Fire Department

Introduction to Farm Rescue (79104)   Sept. 19 (8 hours) Hitchcock Fire Department

Introduction to Farm Rescue (77721)   Sept. 12 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Hazardous Materials Operations for WMD Refresher (76014)   Sept. 16 (8 hours) Lawton Fire Department

Wilderness Search and Rescue (79169)   Sept. 19 – Sept. 20 (16 hours) Temple Fire Department

Certification: Fire Fighter I (78434)   Sept. 12 (8 hours) Gordon Cooper Tech - Shawnee, Vehicle Rescue Technician Level I Part A (78974)    Sept. 12-13 (16 hours) Owasso Fire Dept Training Center Pump Operations (79130)    Sept. 12 (8 hours) Hominy Fire Department Calling the MAYDAY (79235)    Sept. 12 (8 hours) Bearden Fire Dept., Okemah Hazardous Materials Awareness for WMD-HazMat Emergencies (75908)    Sept. 13 (8 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Hazardous Materials Operations for WMD Refresher (76015)   Sept. 17 (8 hours) Lawton Fire Department Hazardous Materials Operations for WMD Refresher (76016)    Sept. 18 (8 hours) Lawton Fire Department Hazardous Materials Operations: Core Competencies (78995)    Sept. 18-20 (24 hours) Mid-America Tech - Wayne

Wildland Fire Fighting: Skills (79218)   Sept. 19-20 (16 hours) Coweta Fire Department Trench Rescue Technician Level I (79267)    Sept. 19-20 (16 hours) Western Tech Center - Elk City Basic Response to Grain Handling Hazards (78737)    Sept. 20 (8 hours) Hitchcock Fire Department OEM - EMI Basic Academy (76372)    Sept. 21-Oct. 30 (116 hours) Broken Arrow Public Safety

L0101: Foundations of Emergency Management (76374)   Sept. 21-25 (40 hours) Broken Arrow Public Safety Emergency Services Instructor (Instructor I) (78829)    Sept. 21-24 (32 hours) • $3000 - All Participants Del City Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76017)    Sept. 23 (8 hours) Edmond Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76018)    Sept. 24 (8 hours) Edmond Fire Department OEM - FEMA G.191: ICS-EOC Interface (76455)    Sept. 24 (8 hours) High Plains Tech - Woodward Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher - Part B (76019)    Sept. 25 (8 hours) Edmond Fire Department Leadership for Small Departments: Administration (79268)    Sept. 25 (8 hours) Elk City Skills Center Fire Fighter I Live Burn (78049)    Sept. 26 (8 hours) Tulsa Fire Safety Training Center Flammable Gas Emergencies (LPG) (78711)    Sept. 26 (12 hours) Madill Fire Department Rope Rescue Technician Level I Part A (78841)    Sept. 26-27 (16 hours) Guymon Fire Department Rope Rescue Technician Level I Part A (78932)    Sept. 26-27 (16 hours) Guymon Fire Department Water Shuttle (79036)    Sept. 26-27 (16 hours) Piedmont Fire Department Vehicle Rescue Technician Level I Part A (79043)    Sept. 26-27 (16 hours) Kiamichi Tech Center - Durant

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202023


fire service training


Chuck McDade

Caroline Reed OSU FST Director creed@osufst.org 405-744-5727

Greeting Everyone! I wanted to take a brief moment and thank Kim Edd Carter, the Director of Homeland Security, who is retiring this August. Director, Carter has been a strong supporter of the Emergency Response community and training throughout his term as Director. His leadership at the Department of Home Land Security has provided the support for regional response teams throughout the state. Congratulation! We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the new adventures retirement brings.

Wildland Incident Commander’s Toolbox (79230)   Sept. 26-27 (16 hours) Welty Volunteer Fire -Bristow Leadership for Small Departments: Training (79269)   Sept. 26 (8 hours) Elk City Skills Center Hazardous Materials Awareness for WMDHazMat Emergencies (78848)    Sept. 27 (8 hours) OSU/FST/FESTC Basic Response to Grain Handling Hazards (79046)    Sept. 27 (8 hours) Guymon Fire Department

ahead of you. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but that may not be true. I receive an e-mail from the U.S. Fire Administration every time a firefighter dies in the line of duty. In the month of August this year there was a young man in his 20s who died while on duty from what might have been a heart attack. Every year there are young firefighters who die from injuries while on duty. So I hope that you will join me in being delighted and thankful every morning when you wake up. Be thankful you woke up. Be thankful you have a job. Be thankful for your family. Be thankful for friends. There is so much to be thankful for. Plus, there are many benefits for taking this approach to life. One, it will make you a more pleasant person to be around. Second, it may well extend your life. Having a thankful attitude is one of the traits of people who live a long and happy life. I hope your day is a great one.

To post prayer requests and find up-to-date information on the Oklahoma Fire Chaplains, go to www.okfirechaplains.org.

OKC 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb


Oklahoma Emergency Vehicle Drivers Training (79115)   Sept. 26 (8 hours) Kenwood Volunteer Fire -- Salina

Midwest City FD Chaplain

An amazing thing happened to me this morning. I woke up and realized that I was still in the land of the living. Isn’t life grand? I found that waking up alive is always the best way to start a day. So every day I wake up, I put a smile on my face and say “Thank You Lord for this day.” You may be wondering where this is going, and I would have to respond, “Me too.” However, at the age of 73, I have too many friends who are no longer with me in this world. I also have several friends who may not be in this world for another year come January 1, 2021. Life is a gift, and I am determined to appreciate every day the Lord gives me. I know that many of you who are reading this article are young and thinking that you have many years

September 2020 CLASS SCHEDULE Introduction to Farm Rescue (79045)   Sept. 26 (8 hours) Guymon Fire Department

Chaplain’s corner

Leadership for Small Departments: Tactics (79270)   Sept. 27 (8 hours) Elk City Skills Center Certification: Hazardous Materials Operations (78997)    Sept. 27 Mid-America Tech -Wayne

By Sept. 12, 343 firefighters and 61 law enforcement officers will have climbed 110 floors to honor the FDNY 343, PAPD 37, NYPD 23, NYFP 1 and to commit to the promise of “Never Forget.” They did, so we will.

Fire Fighter I Academy (77693)   Sept. 27-Oct. 10 (96 hours) • $15000 - All Participants OSU-PSC - Stillwater Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher Part B (76009)    Sept. 28 (8 hours) Chickasha Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher Part B (76020)    Sept. 29 (8 hours) Shawnee Fire Department Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher Part B (76021)    Sept. 30 (8 hours) Shawnee Fire Department

Proceeds benefit the Oklahoma Firefighters Foundation.

WHERE: Virtual Event for 2020

WHEN: Between Sept 1 and Sept. 12

WHO: Active (Career or Volunteer) or Retired firefighters  

Active (Career or Reserve) or Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Go to www.okcstairclimb.com for more information

OKC 9/11 Memorial St WHY WE CLIMB

Firefighter Registratio June 1, 2020 @ 0

Every year for the last nine years, there has been an OKC 911 Memorial StairClimb held in September. It is scheduled on a Saturday as close to September 11th as possible. We each climb 110 flights of stairs that represents 110 floors of one “Twin Tower” that collapsed during the 9/11 attack on America. The purpose is to honor the 343 firefighters and the 61 law enforcement officers who gave their lives trying to help save others. Each registrant carries a lanyard with a name and short bio of each of the fallen heroes. There is also an accountability tag with the fallen hero’s name. At the end of the climb, each climber attaches the name tag to an accountability board and rings a bell to honor his/her hero. Each climber pays a registration fee which helps support an apartment for burn victims’ families and firefighters’ families. It is located only four miles from the Integris Baptist Burn Center in Oklahoma City. The apartment is free to those who need to use it. Utilities and rent are paid for by the Oklahoma Firefighters Foundation from the proceeds of the StairClimb. Since 2019, this apartment has assisted four firefighters’ families from across our state. Members from the Mooreland, Claremore, Tulsa and Lawton Fire Departments have all had family members who have benefited from this program.

Go to www.okcstairclimb.com for m

-- Mike “Rookie” Billingsley, Ret. Nichols Hills 2019 & 2020 Participant

24September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Chase Rankin

Terri Williams

Executive Director

6601 Broadway Ext., Oklahoma City, OK 73116 405-522-4600 • 1-800-525-7461 toll free • 405-522-4643 fax www.okfirepen.state.ok.us

Martha Pierce

Executive Secretary

Than Dinh

Member Services Coordinator

Vicki Mulbery

Accounts Payable Administrator

Thelisha Clark

Tim Van Horn


Assistant Director (CFO)

Keely Swonger

Records Administrator

Assistant Controller

Latoya Battle Data Processor

n CONSENT AGENDA (August 21, 2020) CHECKS TERMINATED IN JULY 2020: Arkoma Jessie L. Henry Asher Dallas W. Barnes Chouteau Joan A. Sellers Cleveland Beverly E. Sisk Colbert Sharon Wilson Eufaula Syble D. Shropshire Foss Mary F. Delp Garber Opal M. Barber Granite Mary L. Hahn Hugo Virginia Roberts Lamont Marilyn K. Dowell Meeker Elmer L. Wyatt Oklahoma City Sharon Burton Oklahoma City Boyce W. Capps Oklahoma City George D. Miller Jr. Randlett Deborah Overstreet Tulsa Joanne Turpen Tulsa Barbara Buker Tulsa Anna Smittle Tyrone Alma Jean Jeffries $5,000.00 DEATH BENEFIT: Ada Altus Asher Canton Cromwell Dibble Dibble Fairview Hulbert Krebs Krebs Lindsay Meeker Midwest City Muskogee Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Salina Seiling Spiro Sterling Stonewell Tulsa Tulsa

APPLICATION FOR ENTRANCE INTO THE PENSION SYSTEM: Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased Deceased

Tishomingo Funeral Home On Behalf Of James H. Cape Kincannon Funeral Home One Behalf Of Ralph L. Walker Sr. Cooper Funeral Home On Behalf Of Dallas W. Barnes Myrla Barnes, Death Recipient Of Francis D. Eliot Cheryl Atwell, Child Of Ralph L. Collins Ryan Keely, Child Of Byron L. Kelly Cooper Keely, Child Of Byron L. Keely Pierce Funeral Home On Behalf Of Gene Eitzen Bonnie Kile, Widow Of Paul S. Kile Tami S. Shipley, Child Of John F. Shields Chris Shields, Child Of John F. Shields Carol Horner, Widow Of Richard C. Horner Parks Brothers Funeral Home On Behalf Of Elmer L. Wyatt Deborah L. Roberts, Child Of William R. Cox Sherry Ann Brewster, Widow Of Michael K. Brewster Ronnie W. Capps, Child Of Boyce E. Capps Steven D. Capps, Child Of Boyce E. Capps Yanda & Son Funeral Home On Behalf Of Donald R. Payne David Lee Coats, Child Of Homer L. Coats Redinger Funeral Home On Behalf Of Mackey Louthan Mallory-Martin Funeral Home On Behalf Of Roy R. Wooten Fletcher Funeral Home On Behalf Of Douglas L. Lovett Criswell Funeral Home On Behalf Of Phillip L. Nuner Butler-Stumpff & Dyer Funeral Home On Behalf Of Stavey L. Ward Evans Memorial Funeral Home On Bhelaf Of Ralph E. Irving

APPLICATION FOR SURVIVING SPOUSE FOR CONTINUATION: 08/01/2020 Canton Twila Alexander, Widow Of Fred O. Alexander 08/01/2020 Colcord Sharon A. Crites, Widow Of William W. Crites 08/01/2020 Coweta Nancy C. Griffin, Widow Of Frank C. Griffin 08/01/2020 Fairview Stella J. Eitzen, Widow Of Louis Gene Eitzen 08/01/2020 Jet Debra Dubois, Widow Of Ben L. Dubois 08/01/2020 Midwest City Anna M. Brice, Widow Of Charles L. Brice 08/01/2020 Oklahoma City Betty Levescy, Widow Of David A. Levescy 08/01/2020 Oklahoma City Emma N. Reynolds, Widow Of Donnie W. Reynolds 08/01/2020 Rush Springs Vangilene Miller, Widow Of Herbert J. Miller 08/01/2020 Spiro Nathalyn Wooten Widow Of Roy Wooten 08/01/2020 Tulsa Janet M. Irving, Widow Of Ralph E. Irving 08/01/2020 Warner Janice K. Glass, Widow Of William E. Glass 08/01/2020 Yale Emma Hensley, Widow Of Carl W. Hensley

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Greenfield Hobart

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CITY Chandler Sallisaw

HIRED 08/21/2014 08/30/2017

TERMINATED 01/01/2018 09/04/2019

n MEETING (July 17, 2020) Members Present: Mike Kelley (In Person), Jim Ed Nimmo (Via Zoom), Cliff Davidson (In Person), Dana Cramer (In Person), Matt Lay (In Person), Brent Baggett (In Person), Tony Lopez, (In Person), Eric Harlow (In Person), Ron Kreiter (Via Zoom), George Fina (In Person), Janet Kohls (Via Zoom). Members Absent: Brandy Manek, Brent Bryant. Others Present: Chase Rankin, Executive Director (In Person); Terri Williams, Executive Secretary (In Person); Scott Vanhorn, Assistant Director (In Person); Marc Edwards, Legal Counsel (In Person); Troy Brown, and Tony Kay, &CO (Via Zoom); Gilbert Garcia (Via Zoom); Janna Hamilton (In Person); John Haug and Wilfred Small, Ardian (Via Zoom). Robert B. Luton/Bartlesville - Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty” Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Baggett to modify the Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Thomas A. Mills Jr./Bartlesville – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty” Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Cramer and seconded by Kelley to deny the Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Steven N. Kelso/Durant - Application For Disability In The Line Of Duty” Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and Lopez to approve the Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. David C. Mcspadden/Bristow– Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Cramer to modify the “Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Roger Whited/Hominy – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and seconded by Kelley to approve the Application for “Disability in the Line, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Mark D. Mitchell/Lawton – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Baggett to modify the “Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service” effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Chance Finley/Moore – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Lay to modify the Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service”

effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Ryan Murray/Norman – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective June 10, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Davidson to deny the “Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective June 10, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Timothy Bennett/Oklahoma City – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Baggett to modify the Application for Disability in the Line of Duty” to “Service”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Bob Lester Jr./Oklahoma City – Application For Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Cramer to modify the Application for Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service” effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried.

Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Oklahoma “Disability in Line of Duty”, effective202025 July 1, FirefighterSeptember ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 2020. Ayes: Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Kreiter, Lay, Lopez, Cramer, Fina, Baggett, Kohls, Davidson, Nimmo, Harlow and James S. Clark/Tulsa – Application For “DisKelley. Nayes: None. Motion carried. ability In Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion made by Kelley and seconded Robert Page/Tulsa – Application For “Disby Cramer to modify the Application for “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective ability in Line of Duty”, to “Service” effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Kelley and seconded by Lay to modify the July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None Motion to “Service, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kreiter, Lay, Lopez, Cramer, Fina, Davidcarried. son, Bagget, Kohls, Nimmo, Harlow and Kelley. Robert K. Kerr/Tulsa – Application For “DisNayes: None. Motion carried. ability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and secJeff Riggs/Tulsa – Application For “Disability onded by Kelley to approve the Application for In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, “Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and seconded 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, by Kelley to modify the Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service”, effective July 1, 2020. Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Ayes: Kreiter, Lay, Lopez, Cramer, Fina, Davidson, Baggett, Kohls, Nimmo, Harlow and Eric N. Lassiter/Tulsa – Application For “Disability In Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July Kelley. Nayes: None. Motion carried. 1, 2020: Motion made by Kelley and seconded by Cramer to modify Application for “DisabilDavid Umfleet/Tulsa – Application For “Disity in Line of Duty”, to “Service’, effective July ability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective 1, 2020. Ayes: Kreiter, Lay, Lopez, Cramer, Fina, July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and Davidson, Nimmo, Baggett, Kohls, Harlow and seconded by Kelley to modify the Kelley. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service”, July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kreiter, Lay, Mark Lewis/Tulsa – Application For “DisLopez, Cramer, Fina, Davidson, Baggett, Kohls, ability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective Nimmo, Harlow and Kelley. Nayes: None. Motion carried. July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and seconded by Baggett to modify the Application for “Disability in the Line of David A. Walker/Tulsa – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, EfDuty”,to “Service”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kreiter, Lay, Lopez, Cramer, Fina, fective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay Baggett, Kohls, Davidson, Nimmo, Harlow and and seconded by Baggett to modify the Kelley. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, to “Service”, July1, 2020. Ayes: Kreiter, Lay, Vance G. Massey Jr./Tulsa – Application For Lopez, Cramer, Fina, Davidson, Baggett, Kohls, “Disability In Line Of Duty Pension, EffecNimmo, Harlow and Kelley. Nayes: None. tive July 1, 2020: Motion made by Nimmo and Motion carried. seconded by Lay to approve Application for

Mark E. Stuckey/Owasso – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and seconded by Kelley to approve Application for Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Ray C. Hammons/Tahlequah – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Nimmo and seconded by Davidson to approve the Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried Danny Baker/Tulsa – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion made by Lay and seconded by Kelley to modify the Application for “Disability in Line of Duty”, to “Service” effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried Brent Beachly/Tulsa – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Cramer and seconded by Nimmo to deny the Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson, Fina, Cramer, Lopez, Kohls, Lay, Kreiter, and Baggett. Nayes: None. Motion carried. Earl Blevins/Tulsa – Application For “Disability In The Line Of Duty Pension, Effective July 1, 2020: Motion was made by Lay and seconded by Kelley to approve the Application for “Disability in the Line of Duty”, effective July 1, 2020. Ayes: Kelley, Harlow, Nimmo, Davidson,

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26September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter

The Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness By Asa Don Brown, Ph.D., C.C.C., D.N.C.C.M., F.A.A.E.T.S. Member, Board of Professional and Scientific Advisors American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress Diplomate, National Center for Crisis Management Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

Dr. Asa Don Brown is an author, international speaker, psychologist and consultant. He was born in Tulsa, attended Westmoore High School and currently lives in New York where he trains as a New York State volunteer firefighter.

As a species, human beings are socially driven. Unlike the wolverine who has been described as the “ultimate loner,” we were not designed to be loners or isolated from other human beings. For this reason, the pandemic has created a whole new perspective on life. It is because of the pandemic that we are being forced to experience social isolation. In some cases, the social isolation is spurring on a variety of mental and physical health conditions. The most prevalent health condition would be loneliness. Dr. Lisbeth Nielsen of the National Institute of Aging explains that “social isolation and loneliness do not always go together.” It is not uncommon to associate loneliness and social isolation, but the two concepts are distinctly different. The research of Dr. John T. Cacioppo also of the NIA found that social isolation and loneliness are distinctly different while having similar features. According to Dr. Cacioppo, “Social isolation is the objective physical separation from other people (living alone), while loneliness is the subjective distressed feeling of being alone or separated. It’s possible to feel lonely while among other people, and you can be alone yet not feel lonely.” (NIA, 2020, Online) As a society, we often associate loneness and social isolation with seniors, the vulnerable, and those with major health concerns. Seldom do we think of a young family living in an urban sprawl or a healthy individual living in the suburbs as being forced to socially isolate. This new age of social isolation has not been brought on by an individual of mature age or financial restraints; rather, it has occurred because of a pandemic that has universally created a mandate for isolation. In your wildest of imaginations, have you ever envisioned a time that our global community would be mandated to be socially isolated? Isolation brings with it many forms and hardships. The restrictions of social interaction and connection have created a whole new paradigm. The paradigm is not an experiment but rather a medical necessity. The problem with social isolation are the feelings that develop from it. In some cases, an individual may feel as though they have been abandoned, rejected, or tossed out. Dr. Cacioppo reminds us that “as a social species, we are accountable to help our lonely children, parents, neighbors, and even strangers in the same way we would treat ourselves. Treating loneliness is our collective responsibility.” The pandemic has abruptly changed our perspectives and worldview. For many who suffer from loneliness, the feelings and emotions are frequently described as a sensation of emptiness and hollowness. Loneliness occurs when an individual is isolated from others. Isolation is not always self-imposed. It commonly occurs when an individual is incapable of being mobile or self-sufficient. The immobility maybe related to finances, physical or mental health challenges. In many cases, isolation is composite of an individual’s life. THE HEALTH RISKS The health risks associated with social isolation can be detrimental. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the risks can rival issues such as: smoking, obesity

Roberts Testing Pump Testing in your Community 405-834-5975 • groberts1960@gmail.com

and physical inactivity. The known health risks associated with loneliness are an increased chance of developing dementia and other cognitive impairments; an increased risk of developing heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure; and the risk of developing depression, anxiety and suicidal ideology. According to the CDC, “loneliness among heart failure patients was associated with a nearly 4 times increased risk of death, 68% increased risk of hospitalization, and 57% increased risk of emergency department visits.” (CDC, 2020, Online)

POTENTIAL RISKS The potential risks of social isolation are multiple. Social isolation can lead to the increase consumption of alcohol and substance abuse. Research has indicated that when an individual is isolated that there is greater potential of being abused. The most vulnerable in our society have a greater chance of being sexually, physically, emotionally, and verbally abused. SOCIAL ISOLATION As a species, we are hardwired to be socially minded. Even through the language with which we speak, we have developed expressions related to our social angst (e.g. she broke my heart; he severed my heart strings). In 2018, Cigna conducted research on more than 20,000 U.S. adults ages 18 years and older. The intent of the research was to examine loneliness in America. The research discovered that a great percentage of Americans were considered lonely. Interestingly enough, the research found that there were no major differences amongst races, but it did find that Generation Z and Millennials tend to have a bleaker outlook and higher loneliness scores than that of previous generations. There is ample evidence that indicates that loneliness has a dire effect upon the human condition. Social isolation can cause an individual to feel detached, withdrawn and at odds with others. It has been known to have a considerable effect upon one’s appetite; inability to fall sleep or to maintain sleep; weight gain or loss; and many other biopsychosocial issues. FIRST RESPONDERS For first responders, the pandemic has had a significant effect. First responders are naturally driven to be socially conscience and team players. The pandemic’s effect has caused many to feel as though they are no longer part of an active team. As you may know, a vast majority of the United States Firefighters are volunteer. According to the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, the volunteer departments account for approximately 85 percent of the nation’s fire services. Keeping this in mind, first responders are naturally driven to be around others; to serve; to protect; and are often socially conscience. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not only made it difficult for these same service-minded individuals to be socially active, but to be capable of participating in monthly meetings, trainings, and fire calls. Many fire departments are now relying upon video conference calls for federally and state mandated trainings and meetings. It has not only had an effect upon the individual firefighter’s ability to be an active member, but it has dampened the common social atmosphere that you will find in many fire halls. MOVING BEYOND THE PANDEMIC Moving beyond the pandemic can occur now. You do not have to wait for the pandemic to subside to find relief from your personal anxiety or stress. Please remember that you are not alone on this journey. We have all been forcibly isolated from our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. Yet, we are not entirely isolated. We have many avenues with which to connect with others. You can connect through a video conference, instant messaging, emails, chat forums, texting, a traditional phone call, and even, an old fashion postage mail. Relieving your personal angst can occur through many avenues including: getting plenty of rest, eating a well balanced diet, exercise, meditation, breathing, and coping strategies.You might consider taking a virtual course on meditation, breathing and strategies to manage stress and anxiety. Social isolation does not have to lead to loneliness. It is important that you recognize that you have avenues with which to make your personal connections. The most important thing that you can do is to let others know how you are feeling.

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202027

28September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter


OSFA Executive Board Highlights

Roll Call: Eric Harlow, present; Cliff Davidson, present; Jim Ed Nimmo, video call; Tony Lopez, present; Mike Kelley, present; George Fina (ORFA), present. Others Present: Tippy Pierce, Gene Brown, Sheri Nickel, Trisha Chain, Bert Norton, Bob Allen, Dean McFadden (video call), Don Armes, Eric Hamilton. Correspondence: Thank you card from Stavros Scholarship winner Breanna Guthrie OEM Report: Allen Allen thanked Davidson for bringing his concerns to his attention and encouraged others to report any issues they encounter. After review, it was found that a breakdown occurred through miscommunication and an ineffective policy with many discrepancies. Allen stated OEM would like to review their policies with representation and input from the OSFA Board and utilize the OSFA’s reach by helping educate the fire service on policies. OEM is working toward approved task force unit reimbursement, where OEM will reimburse the unit within two weeks of their return and OEM will file for reimbursement from FEMA. Board expressed their thanks for OEM’s willingness to meet, discuss, and incorporate them in a solution. Legislative Report: Armes The final approved interim study list will be published soon and will be monitored as needed. The coronavirus is affecting state government, but they must still find a way to govern. Museum Report: Brown Brown reported the quotes received for memorial lights needed, Harlow recommended obtaining an additional quote from Elliot in Stillwater. Maintenance has included refreshing paint jobs, replacing memorial ground lights with LEDs, powerwashing concrete, rewaxing floors, and restoring the Ward LaFrance. Brown received a quote for 12 7-gallon bushes from Greenstock Nursery and will plant in late September. The mowing contractors broke a window and are replacing it. Sharon FD donated surplus airpacks and gear, some of which will be dispersed to Yuba FD. Webbers Falls FD will be donating surplus they received. Poteau FD donated a ladder to the Museum. Museum Expansion Committee: Pierce There was a pipeline not shown on the original site plans that will require the location of the storage building to be altered; the proposed new plans feature the building facing north and the small parking lot doubling. Board discussed the current storage building can stay temporarily but will need to either be moved to the south of the new building on an extension of the pad or torn down. County Commissioner Carrie Blumert has expressed interest in the project and will be assisting with items like dirtwork and paving. Board discussed eliminating the current parking lot to create one continuous parking lot, but cited elevation changes. FST Report: McFadden There are some classes still continuing with training, but several are postponing again. There is a Grain Bin/Farm Rescue program that is being offered throughout the state that is sponsored by Oklahoma Farm Bureau. FST is hosting as many classes as they can safely. Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Report: Nickel Three Firefighter 1 classes have finished in Poteau, Durant, and Ponca City; two in Dewey and Shawnee have just started. Nickel is working with FEMA to release remaining money in the travel budget into the training budget. There is a Firefighter 2 in Ardmore starting; Nickel is working with FEMA to get login privileges to access the second grant online.

July 16, 2020

NVFC Report: Nickel Events are cancelled but NVFC is still giving out stipends. OFCA Report: Norton The OFCA Board met recently; discussed planning the Winter Workshop January 20-22 and the Conference in 2021, partnerships, and increasing membership. Norton requested working with Pension’s Administrative Rules Chairman to discuss certified CPAT testing sites. Harlow stated they will be picking new committees soon and will let him know of the new chair. ORFA Report: Fina Fina discussed continuing work started by the Cornerstone Committee and would be willing to begin visiting groups that would like to start chapters, if requested. Members present discussed the importance of staying in the habit of communicating and can potentially utilize video conferencing to interact with ORFA chapters. Executive Director’s Report: Pierce Pierce discussed purchasing a paid video conference package via Zoom with OSFA, ORFA, and the OFCA, and will look into options. OSFA membership: 534 departments, 1 new (Strother) with 11,826 members. For the 2019 membership year, there were 23 departments that dropped membership and 55 that added. Pierce discussed possibly visiting with some departments that dropped membership. ORFA membership: 4,415; ORFA Museum expansion fundraiser has raised $1,225; 2020-2021 ORFA and OFCA membership renewals were sent; Brent Hatcher membership 251; digital Oklahoma Firefighter 966 subscriptions. 2020-2021 Associate Membership renewals were mailed, so far there are six returned for OSFA and eight for OFCA. Board reached consensus to keep the Museum and offices closed to public and will revisit the topic next month. The Paycheck Protection Program was extended by 16 weeks; Pierce inquired about a timeframe of hiring a receptionist, Board stated it will be discussed in Executive Session; The Ride to Remember is still scheduled to occur September 12; Chris Neal would like to work with OBI to see if a program can be developed for firefighters to receive free heart scans if they donate blood so many times a year. Consensus reached for Pierce to attend Chamber of Commerce meetings on behalf of the organization. Pierce gave updates on Federal bills, PCG contract, and deliveries of the 100 year plaques. Pierce thanked Nimmo for attending the department citation presentation for Webbers Falls; they were very appreciative. An AD&D benefit check was delivered, slightly delayed due to no beneficiary named. Old Business MASA enrollment for staff; Pierce discussed he will bring a proposal to next month’s meeting. New Business Pierce discussed an all-digital Oklahoma Firefighter may be an opportunity to save money, but is not feasible at this time and cost-saving would not be significant. The discussion can be revisited if things change. Board reviewed OSFA/Museum/Memorial challenge coins that can be sold or given to dignitaries. Board requested pricing for 500 and 1,000 pieces; Chain will follow up with pricing and final artwork before ordering. Board reviewed proposed sponsored email from Ring; consensus reached to deny a sponsored email and offer advertising opportunity in the Oklahoma Firefighter. Nickel discussed benefits of having a 5- to 10-minute video highlighting history of the organization and membership benefits; recommending Caleb Marcum. Selection of Committees: Financial Advisory: Mike Kelley (Chair), Ret. OKC; Mike Bower, Ret. Midwest City; Larry Bogges, Ret. Lawton; Herb Bradshaw, Ret. Warr Acres; T. Dick Cagle, Ret.

DATES TO REMEMBER Sept. 12, 2020 Ride to Remember OKC 2020 Sept. 16, 2020 24th David Bain Memorial Golf Tournament at Lincoln Park West Golf Course Oct. 4, 2020 21st Statewide Oklahoma Firefighters Memorial Service at Firefighters Museum & Memorial Tulsa; James Crawford – Fort Supply; Steve Douglas – Ret. Choctaw; Clifford Lewis, Ret. OKC; Joe Marlow, OKC; Jim Minx, Ret. OKC; Tippy Pierce, Ret. Moore; Mike Smith, Ret. Laverne; Nick Terhune, Norman; Terrell Thompson, El Reno; Mark Zeckser, Ret. Midwest City. Museum Expansion: Mike Bower (Chair), Ret. Midwest City; Chis Bain, Ret. Nichols Hills; Jesse Bain, Broken Arrow; Gene Brown, OSFM; David Buckles, Ret. Moore; Mike Caniglia, McAlester; Dereck Cassady, Ponca City; Mike Duncan, Ret. Dewey; Eric Harlow, Guthrie; Kenneth Helms, Enid; Jordan Hughes, El Reno; Clifford Lewis, Ret. OKC; Gary Marrs, Ret. OKC; Jim Minx, Ret. OKC; Casey Morrison, Claremore; Tom Smith, Ret. OKC; Nick Terhune, Norman; David Thompson, Slaughterville; Scott VanHorn, Ret. OKC; Tony Young, Ret. OKC. Legislative: Brady Bond (Chair), Garber; David Carter (Vice Chair), OKC; Eric Acosta, Tulsa; Cory Beagles, Deer Creek FPD; Justin Beard, OKC; Herb Bradshaw, Ret. Warr Acres; Ricky Burns, Choctaw; T. Dick Cagle, Ret. Tulsa; Dereck Cassady, Ponca City; Yogi Cole, Ret. Tulsa/Keys; Dana Cramer, Ret. Norman; Cliff Davidson, Ringwood; Mike Duncan, Ret. Dewey; George Fina, Ret. OKC; Brian Foughty, Ret. Moore; Larry Hansen, Ret. OKC; Eric Harlow, Guthrie; James Heap, Frederick; Richard Kelley, OKC; Scott Kirby, Mill Creek; Matt Lay, Tulsa; Travis Miller, Tahlequah; Tony Morgan, OKC; Jim Nance, Tulsa; Tippy Pierce, Ret. Moore; Cary Provence, Yukon; Randy Rose, Ret. OKC; John Soos, Ret. OKC; David Thompson, Slaughterville; Terrell Thompson, El Reno. Memorial: Scott Van Horn (Chair), Ret. OKC; Yogi Cole (Vice Chair), Ret. Tulsa/Keys; Jesse Bain, Broken Arrow; Eric Biedermann, OKC; Larry Bogges, Ret. Lawton; Mike Bower, Ret. Midwest City; Herb Bradshaw, Ret. Warr Acres; T. Dick Cagle, Ret. Tulsa; John Craig, OKC; Sammye Cravens, Civilian; Robert Doke, Ret. Chickasha; Jordan Hughes, El Reno; Clifford Lewis, Ret. OKC; Cody Middick, Frederick; Jim Minx, Ret. OKC; Bert Norton, Midwest City; Phil Ostrander, Ret. Tulsa. Safety & Health: Justin Hackworth (Chair), Tahlequah; Rick Chisum (Vice Chair), Okmulgee; Kenny Barone, McAlester; Donnie Bennett, OKC; Eric Biedermann, OKC; Brian Christy, Midwest City; Yogi Cole, Ret. Tulsa/Keys; Melanie Colvin, Lexington; Steve Day, Ret. Woodward; Mike Duncan, Ret. Dewey; Leslie Feerer, Fargo; Clint Greenwood, OKC; Larry Hansen, Ret. OKC; Tony Lopez, Midwest City; Tom Low, Stillwater; Richard Smith, Rolling Hills; Tony Stewart, Kingfisher; Terrell Thompson, El Reno; Bryan West, OSU-FST. Volunteer Fire Service: Cory Beagles (Chair), Deer Creek FPD; Brady Bond (Vice Chair), Garber; Joe Bennett, Sooner; Eric Carranza, Springer; Colton Castle, Jet; Melanie Colvin, Lexington; Cliff Davidson, Ringwood; Mike Duncan, Ret. Dewey; Travis Fortune, Fairview; Bryon Fox, Rolling Hills; Craig Hannan, Perkins; Travis Harris, Kildare; Richard Hines, Granite; Scott Kirby, Mill Creek; Tom Marcum, Mooreland; Nicholas Nadeau, Strother; Lin Newton, Valley View; Charlie Starbuck, Slapout; Evan Stevens, Tipton; Randal Sullivan, Eufaula; Mike Weinkauf, Orlando. Meeting adjourned: 12:59 p.m. Next meeting: Aug. 20, 2020

OSFA Snapshots

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202029

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Receiving new bunker gear for fulfilling the requirements of the OSFA’s SAFER grant were firefighters from Aline FD and Waukomis. El Reno Firefighter 1 began Aug. 21. This was the first of the LAST three classes that will be funded by the 2015 SAFER grant. Enrollment opened Aug. 25 for the Tahlequah class and the Woodward class starts Sept. 8.

Webbers Falls FD received the OSFA Department Citation on July 14 for dedication to serving their community despite the obstacles they have faced.

Congratulations to the Ponca City online FF1 class that graduated July 22. The graduating firefighters will soon reap the rewards of the OSFA’s SAFER grant.

Seeing You Around If you are out and about and see a firefighter car tag, snap a pic of it and email it to osfa@osfa.info. We don’t need an exact location, just a city or neighborhood.

Spotted in Midwest City

Students began the Ardmore area online Firefighter 2 class July 21, thanks to the 2018 FEMA SAFER grant awarded to OSFA for the Recruitment and Retention of volunteer firefighters in the state of Oklahoma. Students will receive reimbursement for their mileage and per diem for the three skills days required for this class.

30September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter


Norman FD Retired


Fire Chief: Travis Fortune FD formed:  1903 Joined OSFA:  1910 ISO rating:  4 Volunteer Firefighters:  21 Paid Firefighters:  2 Population:  2,600 (Approx.) Square Miles Covered:  202

E-1 2016 Pierce   1500 pump/1000 tank

Calls Per Year: 275 (Average) Number of Stations:  1

Fire Chief Travis Fortune

Number of Engines: 4 Number of Tankers:  1 Number of Brushpumpers:  3 Number of Rescue Apparatus:  2 The City of Fairview was born out of the opening of the Cherokee Outlet on September 16, 1893.  The town received its name from an early-day settler because of the scenic location near the Cimarron River.

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E-1 1970 Ford/Boardman   1000 pump/500 tank   Now a parade truck

E-2 2005 Kenworth/Pierce   500 pump/1800 tank

E-3 1995 Freightliner/Pierce   1250 pump/1000 tank T-3   2000 Freightliner   200 pump/4600 tank

Rescue-18 1991 Ford/Swab

Rescue-1 2008 Chevrolet/Neel

Oklahoma FirefighterSeptember 202031

Fire - Rescue - Ambulance Crash Repair

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Osage Unit was hit hard in the passenger door and body corner. Bed was removed, corner and complete side was replaced along with a new pass side door.

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When It Needs To Look, Feel and Function Like New


Before Photo

After Photo


32September 2020Oklahoma Firefighter

Profile for Oklahoma State Firefighters Assoc

Oklahoma Firefighter September 2020 newspaper