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ne thing is for certain, time doesn’t stand still. It’s hard to believe 2018 is already a quarter of the way

over. We’ve been busy at the Oklahoma Trucking Association working hard to be “THE Voice of Trucking” in Oklahoma. January was off to a quick start with new and exciting changes. We formed the Oklahoma Safety and Security Council. This new format is a positive way the association is able to move forward. The OSSC will be focusing on safety management, security, and education that is relevant to the trucking industry. OTA’s annual Midwinter Conference was a huge success this year. We had a jam-packed line up of speakers covering the effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado, and how the ALAN system works during disasters. The conference concluded with panels featuring the FMCSA, OCC, and DPS Troop S, as well as a trucking panel from some of the top leaders in our industry. Truck Day at the Capitol had another outstanding showing. Our Driver of the Year, Darryl Dunn, was recognized on the House floor and the Senate and the two million-mile drivers were applauded with a standing ovation. Thanks to everyone who attended, we were able to reach every House member and Senator at the Capitol and left behind information on what the trucking industry means for Oklahoma. Advocacy at the Capitol has been the main focus of my time these past few months. With ever-changing legislation, we have to make sure we’re staying focused on what’s going on and what changes are happening down to the last minute. I encourage each of you to stay in the know and watch for emails sent out about what YOU can do to help YOUR trucking industry.

Jim Newport President/CEO Oklahoma Trucking Association


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q

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he Anderson Memorial Bridge between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, sits near the heart of

“We built the Empire State Building in just 1 year— is it not a disgrace that it can now take 10 years just to

Harvard University. The structure’s elegant arches and

get a permit approved for a simple road?,” President

Georgian Revival design help it blend seamlessly into the

Donald J. Trump asked during his first State of the Union

surrounding architectural style of America’s oldest college.

Address on January 30. “Any bill must . . . streamline the

It took 11 months to build the original bridge in 1912. When it came time to repair it nearly 100 years later, the project dragged on for close to 5 years—and at a significant cost overrun.

permitting and approval process—getting it down to no more than two years, and perhaps even one.” President Trump released his Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America, a 53-page document

So with all the advantages of modern technology, why

that lays out six principles for reversing this unacceptable

did it take more than 5 times as long to repair the structure

course. Here is what the President is calling upon Congress

today as it did to create it outright more than a century ago?

to help him achieve:

Unsurprisingly, the reason has little to do with engineering

1. $200 billion in Federal funding to spur at least $1.5

or technical demands. Rather, the Anderson Bridge project

trillion in investments. Federal infrastructure spending

was a victim of a bloated, tangled patchwork of regulatory

will promote State, local, and private investments and

oversight, including a historical commission, environmental

maximize the value of every taxpayer dollar. Of this

agencies, and state transportation bureaucrats, among others.

$200 billion, $100 billion will create an Incentives

SAE and TMC type II tests The only tire and complete wheel assembly balancing product proven to improve fuel economy in independently run SAE and TMC type II tests.

The only tire and complete wheel assembly balancing product proven to improve fuel economy in independently run SAE and TMC type II tests.*

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www.counteractbalancing.com Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q


Program that will promote accountability by making

agency, one decision” structure for environmental reviews

Federal funding conditional on projects meeting agreed

will shorten approval processes while protecting natural

upon milestones.


2. A $50 billion investment in infrastructure for

6. Investment in America’s most important asset: its

Rural America. The bulk of the dollars in the Rural

people. The President’s plan would reform Federal

Infrastructure Program will be allocated to State

education and workforce development programs to

governors, giving States the flexibility to prioritize

better prepare Americans to perform the in-demand

their communities’ needs.

jobs of today and the future.

3. Empowerment of State and local authorities. The

“No longer will we allow the infrastructure of our

President’s plan would return decision-making

magnificent country to crumble and decay,” President

authority to the State and local level, including by

Trump said in August. “We will rebuild our country with

expanding processes that allow environmental review

American workers, American iron, American aluminum,

and permitting decisions to be delegated to States.

and American steel.”

4. Elimination of barriers that prevent efficient

That hard work has already begun. In its first year,

development and management of infrastructure

the Trump Administration has rolled back regulations at

projects. For example, more flexibility will be provided

an unprecedented clip and approved the Keystone XL and

to transportation projects that have minimal Federal

Dakota Access Pipelines. Now, the time has come to make

funding but are currently required to seek Federal review

a sustained investment in America’s future.

and approval.

“Washington will no longer be a roadblock to

5. Streamlined permitting to simplify the approval process. Working with Congress to establish a “one

progress,” the President says. “Washington will now be your partner.”





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INDUSTRY AND FEDERAL NEWS RAYMOND MARTINEZ BEGINS TENURE NEW MOTOR store documents. In an era of instant communication, on- AS “More than FEDERAL 5,000 spectators gatheredCARRIER for the Pro-Am the-fly information access, and tech-savvy workforce, this Classic, and the Saint Francis/Tulsa Tough-race now has SAFETY ADMINISTRATOR state of affairs is fast becoming obsolete, Scott believes. 2,000 participants and 60,000 spectators! This is huge March 1, 2018 | FMCSA The Michigan Department of Transportation, a leader in U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chaosaves todayapproxswore “e-construction,” estimates that the agency imately $12 million in added efficiencies and 6 million in pieces Raymond Martinez as the by sixth Administrator the of P.paper annually using electronicfor document storage for its $1 billion construction program, while reFederal Carrier Safety (FMCSA). ducingMotor its contract modifiAdministration cation processing time from 30 days to 3 days. “Ray’s years of experience promoting traffic safety at the The second half of Scott’s interim study would focus on state level, as wellaas his knowledge of the commercial–motor implementing process known as “Road-Diets” that is, redefining existing highway lane space such as converting vehicle industry,four-lane, will help FMCSA fulfill its critical missionthat of an existing undivided roadway segment serves both through and turning traffic into a three-lane improving safety,”lanes said Secretary Chao. two-way, segmenttruck withand twobus through and a center, left-turn lane. Martinez most recently served eight years as the The reclaimed space could be allocated for other uses, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s Chairman and such as bike lanes, pedestrian refuge islands, bus lanes and/or parking. where he oversaw the agency’s 2,500 Chief Administrator

“Cycling and in Oklahoma is exploding both as budget a form with of exeremployees a $330 million annual operating cise to improve health and as a competitive sport,” Scott said. more than $1 billion in annual revenue. Martinez advised the

for our economy. So how is it that Oklahoma is considered one of the worst places in the country to cycle? We are governor and state legislature on allanswer, areas ofin motor ranked 45th in the nation. The part,vehicle is road access. Road Diets can have a significant impact without transportation traffic safety and was responsible for increasing ourand transportation budget. We do, however, need to follow through with funding earmarked for this developing the agency’s regulatory and legislative agenda and activity, as other states have.” all project prioritization. The League of American Bicyclists has encouraged states to consider five key areas when hoping to improve “It’s an honor and privilege to serveand my fellow Americans bike-friendly standings: legislation enforcement, policies and programs, infrastructure and funding, educain this capacity and, under Chao’s leadership, I look tion/encouragement, andSecretary evaluation and planning. forward working with allfor commercial vehicle stakeholders June 12 to was the deadline submission of interim study requests in the state House of Representatives, and to effectively reduce number said of truck crashes on House Speaker Jeffthe Hickman he and will bus announce by July 10 which studies he has authorized. our nation’s roads,” said Martinez. Martinez is a former Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, and also served at the U.S. Department of State.

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USDOT AUTOMATED VEHICLES ACTIVITIES February 23, 2018 | US Department of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation is partnering with a broad coalition including industry, academia, states and local governments, safety advocates, and transportation stakeholders to encourage the safe development, testing and deployment of automated vehicle technology. The Department of Transportation is committed to facilitating a new era of transportation innovation and safety, and ensuring that our country remains a leader in automated vehicle technology. The Department seeks to support the technology and transportation industry, state and local governments, and other key stakeholders as they consider and design best practices relative to the testing and deployment of automated vehicle technologies. The Department seeks to bring together various activities related to Automated Vehicles currently underway. The intent is to provide stakeholders and the general public with a central location to easily view specific Automated Vehicles topics currently being advanced by the DOT Operating Administrations


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q

at a holistic level. This section will provide readers with a clear snapshot of past and upcoming events and activities related to automated vehicles sponsored by the Department. Automated Vehicle 3.0 Public Meeting • •

AV Summit, March 1, 2018 The U.S. DOT is announcing a Public Listening Summit on Automated Vehicles Policy to seek input on Automated Vehicles 3.0.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) • •

Request for Information on Integration of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) into the Highway Transportation System To better understand what is needed to accommodate ADS technologies, and maximizing their potential benefits, the Federal Highway

INDUSTRY AND FEDERAL NEWS Administration (FHWA) seeks the public’s input through a formal RFI to supplement strategy development. Advancing the next generation of America’s transportation network can only happen with input from an array of informed sources, including stakeholders, industry experts and the public at large.

Automated Driving Systems (ADSs) and certain unconventional interior designs. Data for Automated Vehicle Safety •

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) • •

• •

Request for Comments on Removing Regulatory Barriers for Automated Driving Systems The National Highway Traffic-Safety Administration (NHTSA) seeks comments to identify any unnecessary regulatory barriers to Automated Safety Technologies, and for the testing and compliance certification of motor vehicles with unconventional automated vehicles designs, particularly those that are not equipped with controls for a human driver. Further, NHTSA seeks comments on the research that would be required to remove such regulatory barriers. Public Meeting on Removing Regulatory Barriers for Vehicles with Automated Driving Systems, March 6, 2018 NHTSA is announcing a public meeting as part of the Agency’s effort to seek public comments to identify any regulatory barriers in the existing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to the testing, compliance certification, and compliance verification of vehicles with

Within and across all modes of transportation, data exchanges will be key to accelerating the safe deployment of Automated Vehicles in the United States. This includes mutually-beneficial exchange of data between private sector entities, with infrastructure operators, and policy-makers at different levels of government. As part of planning for 3.0, U.S. DOT is working with stakeholders to understand critical use cases for data exchange and the appropriate federal role to enable such exchanges while protecting privacy and proprietary interests. U.S. DOT drafted Guiding Principles on Voluntary Data Exchanges to Accelerate Safe Deployment of Automated Vehicles to help bring government and industry stakeholders together for meaningful conversations around automated vehicle-related data exchanges. U.S. DOT hosted a Roundtable on Data for Automated Vehicle Safety in December 2017 to discuss potential priorities for voluntary data exchange to accelerate safe deployment of automated vehicles. The Department intends to publish additional automated vehicle notices for public comments in the coming weeks.

OMNIBUS UPDATE March 9, 2018 | ATA

Nearly six months into Fiscal Year 2018, a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill for the fiscal year could be moving as soon as next week, in view of the March 23rd funding deadline. But in a divisive midterm year, hurdles remain. For example, under family planning language contained in the Senate’s fiscal 2018 Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill, the Trump Administration would be unable to deny funding to Planned Parenthood. In addition, the President has threatened to veto the entire spending package if it will take the Senate spending bill’s approach of including $900 million for the $30 billion New York-New Jersey program known as Gateway that includes a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River linking

New Jersey and Manhattan. Also, not necessarily considered a “poison pill” — but a policy rider nonetheless — lawmakers on the Senate Commerce Committee have talked about including a telecom package in the omnibus. Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Patty Murray (D-WA.) are hoping their Obamacare stabilization language might get in the final spending bill. Other potential riders include tax-glitch fixes, changes to the 340B drug discount program, election security funding and more disaster aid requests. As the negotiations on a final spending package progress, ATA continues to make an all-out, full court press push for including our F4A clarification language in the final spending agreement. Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q


STATE NEWS GOV. FALLIN DELIVERS 2018 STATE OF THE STATE ADDRESS February 5, 2018 | Governor Mary Fallin’s Office

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today delivered the annual State of the State Address in front of a joint session of the Oklahoma Legislature. In it, Fallin focused on the urgent need to improve the state’s budgeting process, saying the Step Up Oklahoma plan proposed by a group of community and business leaders is the best option for lawmakers to sufficiently fund education, public safety, health, and the state’s infrastructure needs.

AN HISTORIC, DEFINING MOMENT Fallin, in her final State of the State address, opted not to talk about her accomplishments during her seven years in office. Instead, she urged lawmakers to focus on solving the state’s budget crisis and address important policy goals “Make no mistake about it: This is an historic, defining moment before us. We are in a unique period as this legislative session begins with a concurrent special session. We also are at a special point in Oklahoma’s journey because the prospect of a brighter path forward is so very near. “What we do as a unified group of people elected by the citizens of our state could be considered the moment in time that changed Oklahoma.”- Governor Mary Fallin The governor said lawmakers should also consider reforms proposed in the Step Up Oklahoma plan, saying revenue alone will not stabilize the state’s budget situation. “We have to include reforms as well. My budget includes money for agency performance and accountability efforts, which will ensure public resources are being spent appropriately and help address public confidence in state governance.” – Governor Mary Fallin

CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORMS Fallin asked lawmakers to invest in ways to be smarter on crime, but yet remain tough on violent criminals. “Too few Oklahomans are getting the treatment they need for substance abuse and mental health issues, and are instead winding up in our criminal justice system. We need to stop warehousing moms and dads, sons and daughters in prison when many just need substance abuse treatment. “We need to continue our focus, and can do so without jeopardizing public safety. There are bills proposed by the Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force that are smart, datadriven solutions to safely and prudently fix our criminal justice system. Send them to me to sign.” – Governor Mary Fallin


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q


CALLS ON LAWMAKERS TO APPROVE TEACHER PAY RAISE Fallin, for the third year in a row, challenged lawmakers to approve a pay raise for public school teachers. The Step Up Oklahoma plan includes a $5,000 pay raise for teachers. Fallin said teachers will see the increase not just as a way to help pay bills, but as a validation of their vital vocation. “What kind of future do we want to have? Do we find it acceptable to have four-day school weeks? Is it acceptable for Texas to steal our teachers and leave our classrooms short of teachers?” – Governor Mary Fallin

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS The governor, during her speech, reminded lawmakers of the policy strides taken by the Department of Human Services in

the Pinnacle Plan to meet the needs of abused or abandoned children. Oklahoma has the highest number of gains in foster care homes in the nation. Fallin asked legislators to recall the Oklahoma Standard – of neighbor helping neighbor - and of the state being Oklahoma Strong – when in the face of crisis Oklahomans came together and solved the problem. “The people of Oklahoma expect excellence and demand we solve our state’s problems. That is why we were elected – to lead, roll up our sleeves, get to work, solve problems, and find solutions. “This is a defining moment for our state. We have two clear choices – We can continue down a path of sliding backwards, or the second path is to say ‘Enough is enough! We can do better! We deserve better! Our children deserve better!’ “This is a great opportunity to address ongoing challenges, to strengthen our state’s image and brand.” – Governor Mary Fallin Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q


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OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today set a

followed procedures and gathered the more than 66,000

June election date for the medical marijuana ballot measure.

required signatures to submit the issue to a vote of the

Fallin filed an executive

people,” said Fallin. “I’m

proclamation placing State

fulfilling my duty as

Question 788 on the June

governor to decide when

26 primary election ballot.

that election will occur this

The governor’s other option


was to place the issue on the

November general election

the measure would permit


doctors to recommend a

Supporters of an initiative

patient, who is at least 18

petition asking voters to

years old, for a state-issued

legalize medical marijuana

medical marijuana license.

gathered enough signatures

A license holder would be

in 2016 to schedule a

allowed to legally possess up

statewide referendum on the

to 3 ounces of the drug, six

If approved by voters,


mature plants and six seedlings. These limits can be increased

“Backers of this proposal to legalize medical marijuana

by individual counties or cities.

Alex Grove (320) 894-3689 Alex.Grove@wallworkfinancial.com

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The New Cascadia: The Future of Trucking

The AeroX configured new Cascadia with Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain is a powerful competitor in today’s transportation industry. Equipped with a GHG17 DD15® engine, a DT12™ ® transmission w/Intelligent Powertrain Management 4 and 2.16 axle ratio, the AeroX is engineered to increase fuel efficiency by up to 8% over a similarly spec’d Cascadia Evolution.* In addition, Freightliner engineers, with input from master technicians, designed the new Cascadia components and systems to reduce critical vehicle failures... changes that make for easier, faster repairs and less customer downtime. And last but not least, the new Cascadia offers operator conveniences such as increased storage, better positioned switches & steering wheel controls and an instrument cluster with digital smart gauges and displays. To find out more about all the advantages of owning a new Cascadia and available options, come by Premier Truck Group and visit with us today.





*Based on Model Year 2016 Cascadia Evolution with an Integrated Detroit™ Power Train (IDP) including a GHG14 DD15 ® engine, DT12™ automated manual transmission, Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM) and 2.41 direct drive axle ratio.


EVERY CAUSE FOR OPTIMISM Oklahoma House of Representatives State Rep. Tom Gann | January 31, 2018



is shrinking by the day. We may

State Rep. Tom Gann says

in fact finish this fiscal year with a

Oklahomans have every reason

surplus and not the deficit predicted.

for optimism when it comes

Let’s not tax the additional revenue

to the state budget, funding a

thousands of Oklahomans will

teacher pay raise and paying

receive due to the federal tax cuts.

for core government services.

Let’s encourage them to spend it on

None of that is dependent

the things they need.”

upon passing the largest tax

increase ever put before the state

Gann, who serves on the House


Special Investigation Committee,

said now is not the time to raise

“I was emboldened by President

taxes. Instead, it is time to continue

Donald Trump’s State of the

to look at how and why money is

Union address and the wave

spent by state agencies.

of optimism it sparked,” said

Gann, R-Inola. “He spoke of

The investigation committee, for

lowering taxes on all Americans

instance, has heard from leaders

and on corporations. These

at the state Health Department

changes already are resulting in

about how more than $30 million

jobs coming back to America,

of taxpayer money was spent

bonuses and higher wages for

inappropriately, resulting in an

employees, not to mention the

emergency appropriation of state

return of the can-do spirit that

funds. Gann said the committee is

helped build this nation. The

just now beginning to see instances

president’s plan can work here

of gross abuse of tax payer dollars

in Oklahoma as well.”

and is seeking to unravel how it

was covered up for years. The

Gann said he felt he must speak

committee’s work already has

out against the over-exaggerated

stretched to other agencies.

view that the state’s economy is

still struggling and taxes must

“We haven’t yet done anything

be raised.

to correct the problem,” he said.

“We are only now discovering the

“In fact, our economy is on the

depths of the issues. Before we ask

upswing,” he said. “Reports

our citizens to pay more in taxes,

from the state treasurer show

let’s take time to make sure we

revenue is up for 11 of the

have implemented proper spending

past 12 months compared to

reforms first. We may find we have

the previous year. That trend

enough money to fund teacher pay

is continuing. The budget hole

raises and fund core services.”

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q


2018 TRUCK DAY @ CAPITOL Photos provided by UPT, Holly McClure & Oklahoma House of Representatives


s you know, advocacy at the Oklahoma Capitol is important for the trucking industry. With new lawmakers being elected, making our presence known takes a constant effort. Truck Day at the Capitol is one of the Oklahoma Trucking Association’s annual events that helps get professional drivers in the legislature’s office. This year on March 1, OTA staff, carrier and allied members, as well as newly awarded 2 million mile and professional drivers met at the Capitol to be recognized by both the House and Senate. Before heading to the House gallery, everyone teamed up and hit the halls. Every House and Senate office was given information pertaining to the trucking industry and let them all know we are “The Voice of Trucking.” Representative Steve Vaughn took the 2017 Driver of the Year, Darryl Dunn, down to the House

floor where Representative Vaughn told his story and recognized what an amazing accomplishment it is to be named “Driver of the Year.” He then turned his attention to the gallery introducing the other drivers whom were all acknowledged with a standing ovation. Senator Darcy Jech then shined the spotlight on the drivers in the Senate chamber. The drivers were acknowledged and Darryl Dunn was introduced. Once again, Darryl and his fellow drivers were praised with a standing ovation. The Oklahoma Trucking Association would like to thank our Truck Day at the Capitol sponsors for providing breakfast and printed materials to be left behind: Bruckner Truck Sales, Glass Operating Group, Great West Casualty Company, Groendyke Transport Inc., HELP Inc., Miller Truck Lines, Premier Truck Group, and the Oklahoma Safety & Security Council. Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q



e all know that in Oklahoma our weather can change at the drop of a hat. But what do you do when you’re in your vehicle and this happens? Oklahoma’s spring weather can bring on many challenges. From wildfires to tornadoes, driving during these events can be hazardous. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself while you’re out on the road. DOWNED POWER LINES Never drive over downed power lines. Even if not energized, they can become entangled in your vehicle. Be especially careful when driving or parking a vehicle near downed wires. If downed wires are in the street, near the curb or on the sidewalk, use extreme caution. Stay at least 300 feet away from all downed wires — and keep others from going near them as well. Any wire on the ground or hanging from a pole must be considered live. Telephone and cable TV wires may be entangled with electric wires and also must be treated as live. In the event that a wire comes down on a vehicle with passengers, stay in the vehicle until professional help arrives to safely remove you from the vehicle. If you MUST get out of the vehicle because of fire or other lifethreatening hazards, jump clear of the vehicle so that you do not touch any part of the car and the ground at the same time. Jump as far as possible away from the vehicle with both feet landing on the ground at the same time. Then hop away from the vehicle to a safe distance, making sure both feet land on the ground at the same time with each hop. This will prevent your legs from “bridging” current. Running may cause your legs to “bridge” the current resulting in a shock. FLOODING Floods are the number one killer out of all natural disasters. If you encounter high water avoid it. If you can’t, drive to the highest point possible. Do not drive into water! Two feet of moving water can wash away most cars and trucks. THUNDERSTORMS Thunderstorms can make roads slick and reduce visibility. You’ll want to make sure you can see upcoming hazards and have plenty of time to avoid them. Turn on your headlights. Use your low beams, not your high beams. Reduce your speed. Wet roads usually are more slippery than they seem. Increase the distance between your car and the car ahead so that you can brake if the car in front of you suddenly stops — or if your own brakes fail. Depending on the severity of the storm, the capabilities of your vehicle and your comfort level, you might want to stop well off the roadway to wait out the storm. Be sure to park away from trees and turn on your emergency blinkers to alert other cars and trucks. If lightning strikes, stay inside your car. It provides insulation against lightning. Avoid touching metal surfaces and stay away from power lines. HAIL STORMS Stop driving and pull to a safe place so hail doesn’t break the windshield or any windows. Driving compounds hail’s impact with your car. Avoid stopping under an overpass to prevent accidents, look for other areas of cover. Avoid ditches due to possible high-rising water. Stay inside the vehicle. Hail falls at fast speeds, and it can cause injury to those in its path. Keep your car angled so the hail is hitting the front of your car. Windshields are reinforced to withstand forward driving and pelting objects. Side windows and back glass are not, they’re easier to break. Lie down, if possible, and keep your back to the windows. If you have a blanket, cover yourself with it to prevent possible debris from hitting you.


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TORNADOES AND HIGH WINDS Quickly assess your situation and decide what you should do. Do not take shelter under overpasses or bridges. The wind from a tornado can accelerate as it blows through the underpass, likely sweeping everything away. Find shelter in a building if possible. If a building is not available, get out of your vehicle and find the lowest level of shelter such as a ditch or ravine. Protect your head and neck with your hands. However, be sure to watch for rising water if taking shelter in a ditch or ravine. Don’t try to outrun a storm. Heavy winds may cause a loss of control of the vehicle. Motorists are advised to get off the road as quickly and safely as they can. If you spot a tornado moving in your direction use the 90-degree rule. That means driving away from the tornado at a 90-degree angle or in a different direction from the tornado’s path. If the tornado is headed right toward you, don’t stay in your car. WILDFIRES Do not drive into areas of thick smoke. That means the fire is nearby and it could cross the roadway at any time. Be careful when pulling off a road or driving into a field. Hot catalytic converters can ignite vegetation. Avoid being caught in your car. A vehicle offers no protection from radiant heat. Flee ahead of a fire so that you won’t be caught by it while driving. If caught in your vehicle, put the air conditioning on recirculate and leave the engine running. Park behind a solid structure, if possible, to help block heat. Point your car in the direction of the most likely escape route. Get down on the floor as low as possible, preferably below window level. If you have water, drink it. If you have enough to spare, wet a small cloth to breathe through. If still moving, drive carefully with your headlights and hazard lights on due to reduced visibility. Pay attention to any possible pedestrians, fleeing livestock and wildlife. Stay calm and escape the vehicle after the main fire passes. Be aware that wildfires in high wind conditions may change direction quickly and cross back over previously burned areas. SOURCES: Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, AAA Oklahoma, American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency. Washington, Connecticut and Minnesota departments of transportation also provided information.

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We understand you are in business to make a profit. Our Value-Driven® Company modules can help you reduce losses and increase profits by focusing on influencing employee behavior, changing culture, improving communication, and managing risk successfully. We believe it is everyone’s job to do what they can to prevent losses. We have developed a variety of training tools to help get all employees involved in safety. From seminars and webinars to Self-Service e-Tools and FAQs, we have solutions to fit your operations. We see “Critical Crashes” as a risk to your company. Our Value-Driven® Driving program focuses on helping drivers do what they can to prevent these types of accidents: rear-end, loss of control, lane change, and run under. All of our driver training programs are FREE to our insureds and can be accessed 24/7 on Great West’s Online Learning Library. GREAT WEST CASUALTY COMPANY – No matter where the road takes you, you will discover that at Great West, The Difference is Service®.

NEW MEMBERS Our diverse membership enables us to represent the interests of the trucking industry in Oklahoma. Together we are driving Oklahoma forward. Help welcome our new members today!

ALLIED MEMBERS COFFEY, SENGER & MCDANIEL PLLC David Senger - Partner 4725 East 91st Street Suite 100 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137 http://www.csmlawgroup.com COUNTERACT BALANCING BEADS Mishelle LeBlanc - Vice President Operations 70 Waston Parkway South, Unit 8 Guelph, ON N1L0C3 http://www.counteractbalancing.com Services Provided: Manufacture of balancing beads and other wheel related products. NETRADYNE INC Chris Parsons - Regional Sales Manager 4950 Antler Dr Greenwood, AR 72936 http://netradyne.com Services Provided: The Netradyne Driveri™ vision-based driver recognition fleet safety program leverages Artificial Intelligence; counting safe driving as safe driving -- removing fleet manager guesswork. Driveri™ captures every moment and of the driving experience, rather than a small sample of triggered data, protecting your drivers, your brand, while helping to create exceptional customer satisfaction experiences. UNITED AXLE Cara Carroll - Vice President 24850 Amah Parkway Claremore, Oklahoma 74019 http://unitedaxle.com Services Provided: Our innovative process of spindle replacement is not only affordable but, also quickly completed on-site giving you a more desirable alternative to replacing the entire axle housing. Our process reduces down time and gets you back on the road sooner. In the trucking industry, we understand TIME =MONEY!


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n February 28, 2018 the Oklahoma Trucking Association hosted its annual Midwinter Conference at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Oklahoma City. With record high attendance, the agenda was packed with speakers from around the nation. Thank you to the following speakers: Jeff Hunt, Centennial Institute - CO Christian University; Chas McSoud, Gibbs, Armstrong & Borochoff; Kathy Fulton, American Logistics Aid Network; Officer Kyle Canaan, Norman Police Department; and Lynn Gray, OK Employment Securities Commission. Jeff Hunt, the Vice President of Public Policy at Colorado Christian University, kicked off the conference talking about the effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado. Mr. Hunt presented relevant information about what has occurred in Colorado and what challenges Oklahoma may be faced with. Chas McSoud from Gibbs, Armstrong & Borochoff followed up on this topic by presenting on what the potential impact will be if State Question 788 passes. “Jeff Hunt and Chas McSoud were informative and objective as to what the “pros and cons” will be to employers and the potential legal challenges in OK, if or when this referendum is passed by the voters,” Glenn Rose, Seaboard Foods, stated when asked about content at this year’s event. “I also found the break out session that showed the overall employment numbers for Oklahoma to be quite beneficial so that as a company, in the panhandle, we can anticipate what the potential workforce numbers can be and what the overall economic forecast is for our state.” The agenda allowed for dynamic breakout sessions.

Officer Kyle Canaan from the Norman Police Department discussed drug recognition in the work place while Lynn Gray from the OK Employment Securities Commission discussed the state of Oklahoma’s economy. New member Chris Parson from Netradyne said, “As a first-time attendee to the OTA Midwinter Conference, I had a great overall experience to be able to network with fleets as well as other allied members. This gave me insights to Oklahoma fleets unique concerns as well as what they share with other fleets across the region.” The Midwinter Conference concluded with two panels. Eric Pearson, FMCSA; Lynne Jones, OCC; Captain David Moffitt and Lieutenant Darrin Rose all discussed questions regarding regulatory enforcement moderated by Shaphan Parker from Freymiller. Bob Acker, Bruckner Truck Sales, lead the best trucking practices panel with questions to David Snapp, Groendyke Transport; Darrin Karley, Seaboard Foods; and Jo-Don Clanton, Pioneer Transport. Both panels provided fantastic information on moving the trucking industry forward. The Oklahoma Trucking Association would like to thank the following members for their contribution to our Midwinter Conference: Grand Sponsors: Bruckner Truck Sales, MHC Kenworth, Premier Truck Group, Rush Truck Centers, and UPS. Safety Awards Presenting Sponsor: J.J. Keller & Associates. VIP Reception Sponsors: Great West Casualty Company, Hamm & Phillips, Help Inc., Melton Truck Lines, Southwest Trailers & Equipment, and Summit Truck Group. Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q




Because of


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2nd Place – FTC Transportation, Inc.

1st Place – The Waggoners Trucking

2nd Place – Pioneer Transport

1st Place - ABF Freight System, Inc.



2nd Place – John Christner Trucking

1st Place- Melton Truck Lines

3rd Place – Freymiller

2nd Place – Walmart Transportation

1st Place – UPS

3rd Place – FedEx Freight, Inc

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Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q





1st Place – AAA Cooper Transportation

1st Place – Miller Truck Lines, LLC

1st Place – BKEP Crude LLC




1st Place – United Petroleum Transport

1st Place – LuGreg Trucking, LLC

1st Place – Groendyke Transport, Inc.

GRAND TROPHY WINNER BKEP CRUDE LLC “Blue Knight Energy Partners” The 2017 Grand Trophy, presented by Great West Casualty Company, was awarded to BKEP Crude LLC (Blue Knight Energy Partners) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. BKEP owns and operates a diversified portfolio of complementary midstream energy assets consisting of approximately 9.8 million barrels of combined asphalt product and residual fuel oil storage located at 55 terminals in 26 states, 6.9 million barrels of crude oil storage located in Oklahoma and Texas, approximately 6.6 million barrels of which are located at the Cushing, Oklahoma, Interchange, approximately 655 miles of crude oil pipeline located primarily in Oklahoma and Texas and approximately 150 crude oil transportation and oilfield services vehicles deployed in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. BKEP provides integrated services for companies engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of crude oil, asphalt and other petroleum products. BKEP is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For more information, visit the Partnership’s web site at www.bkep.com.

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Freymiller – Willie Hardin

Freymiller – Francis White

John Christner Trucking – Jeff Auzenne

John Christner Trucking – Richard Carstens



John Christner Trucking – Terry Chaney

John Christner Trucking – Derek Guiterrez

John Christner Trucking – Robb Lewis Jr

John Christner Trucking – Rocky Losh

John Christner Trucking – Thomas Smith

John Christner Trucking – Bill Wrenn Jr

Melton Truck Lines – Melchor Aguirre-Ramirez


John Christner Trucking – Wayne Simonson

Melton Truck Lines – Donald Easler

Melton Truck Lines – Ronald Harrison

Melton Truck Lines – Edward Land


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q

Melton Truck Lines – Ed Lachance

Melton Truck Lines – Joseph Rego



Melton Truck Lines – Albert Shed

Miller Truck Lines – Artie Baskett.

Miller Truck Lines – Thomas L. Bowen III

Miller Truck Lines – Tommy Conatzer

Miller Truck Lines – John Devine

Miller Truck Lines – Kirk Hines

Miller Truck Lines – Steven Huff

Miller Truck Lines – Ever Robles

Miller Truck Lines – Robert Taylor

United Petroleum Transports – Glenn Goddard

UPS – Mark Berry

UPS – Jim Dyer



UPS – Gregg Dyer


UPS – Chuck Hetts

UPS – Steve Massengal

UPS – Robert Solis

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q





John Christner Trucking – Bobby Allison

John Christner Trucking – Anthony Dorsey

John Christner Trucking – Paul Leibfarth



UPS - Earl Doss


Melton Truck Lines -Albert Adams

John Christner Trucking -Bobby G Allison


John Christner Trucking -Robert Horvath


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q

John Christner Trucking -Darryl Dunn


John Christner Trucking -Owen McNabb

John Christner Trucking -DiAnna Ramsey

United Petroleum Transports -Richard Rodriguez

John Christner Trucking -Samuel Salazar

John Christner Trucking -Thomas L. Smith


United Petroleum Transports -Carl Thederahn

United Petroleum Transports -John Thurman

John Christner Trucking -David Washman


DARRYL DUNN - John Christner Trucking Oklahoma driver, Darryl Dunn from John Christner Trucking (JCT), was selected as the 2017 Oklahoma Driver of the Year. Throughout Dunns’ 33.5 years as a professional driver, he has accumulated over 5 million miles. Dunn volunteers his time and donates money to Midway Baptist Church. Safety Manager, John Mallory’s letter of recommendation said “Darryl has gone above the call of duty; he is always safe and courteous to all employees and customers going the extra mile to make them happy. He is one of those drivers that eat, sleep, and live trucking 24/7.” Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q


CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE Dear Members and Friends of OTA! Welcome to 2018! For a winter season the freight business and activity at the OTA couldn’t be more robust. The balance of the year promises to continue this trend. Thank you for your membership and participation in OTA. On February 28th the packed room of members and guests enjoyed a full day of informative speakers and discussions at our Midwinter Conference in Oklahoma City. That evening we celebrated the safety accomplishments of our award winning fleets in our annual safety contest and recognized the accomplishments of many of our industry’s professional drivers including the naming of our Oklahoma Driver of the Year, Mr. Darryl Dunn of John Christner Trucking. The next morning, March 1st, many of us participated in a very successful “Truck Day at the Capitol.” We split up into teams and visited every state Representative and state Senate office. Many of us were able to have direct timely discussions with Representatives and Senators and express our industries views on current and potential laws and regulations that could both positively and negatively impact our companies and the trucking industry. Finally that morning we were so proud when our professional drivers who were with us were introduced and appreciated in both houses of the legislature. On March 15th the OTA held the very first meeting of the “New” Oklahoma Safety and Security Council! Over 40 people, many of whom who had never been to our OTA headquarters, attended this organizational meeting. They are off to a running start. Be prepared to participate in a great Oklahoma Truck Driving Championships on June 1 and 2 in Oklahoma City. Be on the lookout for many more new events and activities by this council. I encourage all trucking professionals with an interest in safety to participate in this new council. Please also put on your calendars the dates for our 86th Annual Convention. This year it will be held at the River Spirit Resort in Tulsa on August 22-24. Much more info regarding this event will be coming out very soon. Thank you so much for your support, participation and membership in OTA. It’s an exciting time to be a member of OTA! Collectively we are “The Voice of Trucking” in Oklahoma. Safe travels down the road, Greg Price


Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q

August 22-24

Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine | 1Q



SAVE THE DATE OTA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Thursday, April 5 – OTA Office NATMI CDS/CSS CERTIFICATION - APRIL Monday, April 16, 2018 – Friday, April 20, 2018 OTA Office – 3909 N Lindsay Ave - OKC 2018 SUPERTECH COMPETITION Friday, May 4, 2018 Francis Tuttle Diesel Center – 7301 W Reno - OKC 2018 TRUCK DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIP Friday, June 1, 2018 – Saturday, June 2, 2018 Oklahoma City SUMMER SHOOT-OUT Tentative Friday, June 8, 2018 Location TBA, Check OTA website for information NATMI CDS/CSS CERTIFICATION - JUNE Monday, June 18, 2018 – Friday, June 22, 2018 OTA Office – 3909 N Lindsay Ave - OKC 86TH ANNUAL CONVENTION Wednesday, August 22, 2018 – Friday, August 24, 2018 River Spirit Resort – 8330 Riverside Parkway – Tulsa OTA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Wednesday, August 22 – During Annual Convention NATIONAL TRUCK DRIVER APPRECIATION WEEK Sunday, September 9 – Saturday, September 15 NATMI CDS/CSS CERTIFICATION - OCTOBER Monday, October 15, 2018 – Friday, October 19, 2018 OTA Office – 3909 N Lindsay Ave - OKC TMC FALL TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP Tuesday, November 6 & Wednesday, November 7 Francis Tuttle Reno Campus – 7301 W Reno – OKC FALL CLAY SHOOT Date: TBA, Check OTA website for information OTA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Thursday, December 6 – OTA Office **Dates are subject to change please check out OTA website for updated information

To learn more about our upcoming events and ways to get more involved visit oktrucking.org/events, call Rebecca Chappell at 405.525.9488 x1 or email rebeccachappell@oktrucking.org


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