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BEST CANNABIS VACATIONS My Cross-Country Journey Around the United States


2 7 Frozen Virgin Mango Mojito &

mini chocolate raspberry tarts

FROM THE CHRONIC TEAM It's April 2020! This month will be celebrating 4/20/2020 which is huge seeing how this only comes once EVER! This issue is just as big as the month itself. We have an exclusive interview with the new "The 420 Movie" star and stand up comedian, Aries Spears who you may recognize from MadTV and his numerous celebrity impressions. On another note please be safe and wash your hands. The quarantine is something none of us have experienced before and it for sure will be something we will remember. The cannabis industry is doing great as a whole and beating all odds. The cannabis community will inevitably be affected the longer the virus continues to spread. Make sure you read all about the effects it poses on page 5.




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The Unappreciated Holiday




Thank you for allowing us to continue keeping you informed on the local cannabis community and entertaining you with "Top Shelf News".

“I got high, and forgot I wasn’t supposed to get high.” – Ricky Williams / Running Back for Miami Dolphins



A Bud-Friendly Place to Getaway




Driving while high, DUI

GOING VIRAL: HOW WILL CANNABIS WITHSTAND COVID-19? THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC AND ITS EFFECTS ON THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY BY: RACHEL KLUBECK As of March 15, 2020, COVID-19, referred to as the “Coronavirus”, has been confirmed in 156 countries around the world, with 167,000 confirmed cases and over 6,456 deaths, according to the World Health Organization. The countries with the highest amount of confirmed cases are China (80,849), Italy (21,157) and Iran (12,729). The United States presently has 3,324 confirmed cases, and 63 Americans have died from COVID-19. These numbers continue consistently rise. COVID-19 has a higher mortality rate among the elderly and people with compromised immune systems, which has led to worldwide responses including a ban on travel from Europe to the U.S. for 30 days, a complete lockdown of Italy, the cessation of college classes, NCAA and professional sports, and social gatherings. With drastic measures being implemented on the governmental level to stop the spread of the virus, Oklahoma patients and businesses relying on the cannabis industry must consider the short and longterm effects COVID-19 may have on product production and access.


I. DISPENSARY SALES AND PANDEMIC PROCEDURES When it comes to national cannabis sales, dispensaries have reported a mix between seeing an influx of patients stocking up on their products and seeing fewer patients but with higher average ticket sales per patient, depending on the area of reported COVID-19 cases. When asked if COVID-19 had affected Oklahoma sales, dispensary chain 46 Releaf reported that despite public recommendation for people to stay home, medical marijuana sales had noticeably increased. Dispensaries should already have sterilization measures in place due to the very nature of medical patients and product consumption. With the COVID-19 pandemic now wreaking havoc on nearly every retail market, dispensaries must reduce interpersonal contact and adhere to sterilization standards to provide consumers medical grade products – from THC to packaging. Some precautionary actions dispensaries should take include: - Ensuring employees remain home if experiencing illness or sickness or experiencing sick-like symptoms; - Ensuring employees wear latex or other disposable gloves, especially if handling products; - Discarding and replacing latex gloves once an employee touches their face, coughs onto a glove, shakes hands with “sick” person, etc.; - Sanitizing all surfaces every hour of business, not forgetting the ATMS, POS surfaces, door handles, employee break stations, safe locks; etc.; - Temporarily removing the patients’ ability to smell products via open container; - Having an employee or security officer open doors for patients; - Prepackaging products, as possible; and - Allowing patients or caregivers to preorder products for pick-up to minimize contact and time spent in store. Delivery would be helpful to patients and businesses, particularly in times of social disarray or restrictions. The “Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act” (House Bill 3227) written by Rep. Jon Echols

was passed by the House unanimously this March and is rumored likely to pass the Senate vote. The bill would allow dispensaries to work with licensed transporters to deliver cannabis to patients and caregivers. The bill stipulates that patients and caregivers in private residences would be allowed to receive one cannabis delivery per residence per day. With less consumers shopping in stores, dispensaries may make (at least part of) their sales with delivery services, if passed. OKLAHOMA CHRONIC

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Processors that manufacture vape products have likely experienced a hit.  When the COVID-19 outbreak began in China in December 2019, most factories ceased production of vape hardware. Cannabis companies had few or no alternatives as they awaited Chinese factories to resume operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Cannabis industry analysts estimate 90%-95% of all parts that make up a THC vaporizer are manufactured in factories in Shenzhen, China. Of the 5%-10% of supplies that can be sourced within the U.S., domestic manufacturers lack the ability to serve the sudden demand of the cannabis market. Not just vapor hardware will be affected – delays are to be expected in cannabis packaging, plastics, and extraction and cultivation equipment. With factories in China slowly regaining movement, some companies have turned to domestic and/or alternative foreign manufacturers in India, Taiwan, and Mexico for product packaging. On the alternative, domestic manufacturers are experiencing an unanticipated and overwhelming influx in hopeful clients, causing the costs of production to increase due to demand. Many cannabis companies are finding they do not have the capital to switch from Chinese to domestic manufacturers, of which are already charging higher prices due to demand. Many of these same businesses do not have the capital to advance order and stockpile hardware or products. Companies which utilize overseas manufacturing facilities are encouraged to seek diversified options to ensure and maintain supply, as well as develop processes for ordering only what is necessary at proper times to preserve capital.

It should additionally be noted that cannabis companies should consider the precautions when reinstating manufacturing relationships with factories shut down by COVID-19. Inquiring as to the manufacturer’s COVID-19 employee testing and facility sterilization processes is highly advised.


Cannabis-sector stocks began declining roughly a year ago, a few reasons being (1) competition, with more progression in cannabis law and policy and legalization across the U.S., and (2) overhype and/or underperformance by publicly-traded cannabis companies. Cannabis companies already in a capital bind now find themselves in panic mode as COVID-19 causes uncertainty in nearly every broad market across the globe. Though cannabis companies searching for investment funding may be having difficulties, investors looking for the perfect opportunity may just have landed it. Corporate cannabis companies and investors building their portfolios report to receive attractive and rational valuations, generating strong returns. Mitch Baruchowitz, managing partner at Merida Capital Partners in New York, provides: “People that are starting to pay attention are looking at the raw numbers of the industry’s potential and feel pretty good about that. […] The coronavirus – it’s just another log on the fire of skepticism. It’s hard to argue with an industry that has sequential growth of 25% year after year. That’s a massive number.”

Baruchowitz is confident that after the virus is contained, there will prove to be a net positive for cannabis companies that can withstand the COVID-19 pandemic. IV. CONCLUSION

There is a clear state of unnerving confusion among all broad industries as COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing, and cannabis is no exception. Cannabis-related tourism in places like Las Vegas and California have experienced a noticeable decline. As of mid-March, at least 15 cannabis conferences, tradeshows, and events have been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. In Pennsylvania, all nonessential businesses were strongly encouraged to close their doors in response to the COVID19 threat. Pennsylvania dispensaries, however, fall under the same category as pharmacies, rendering them “essential”. Should Oklahoma be faced with the same decision to shut down business as we know it, let’s hope Governor Stitt and Secretary of Health Southridge follow suit and recognize the importance of medical marijuana to Oklahoma patients. In the meantime, keep the joints to yourself.

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H E M P C B D T E A - 4 B R A N D S 2 0 B E N E F I T S

WITH EVERY PART OF THE CANNABIS HEMP PLANT AND/OR CBD CONTRIBUTING TO THE BLENDHEMP TEA IS GAINING POPULARITY FOR ITS MULTI-LAYERED HEALING AND SOOTHING BENEFITS. Humans have been consuming tea since the beginning of time, and for good reason. Tea is known to have a multitude of health benefits: cardiovascular health, weight health, mental health, and stress health. (Fact Check: Web MD) Changing the tea game one cup at a time- hemp CBD tea. Hemp is high in CBD and low in THC (0.3% or less), making it perfect for body relaxation and stress relief. THC isn’t water soluble any way so, no need to worry about getting high (though I think it would be an added pleasure). Hemp tea is generally created by using crushed hemp flower, hemp buds, hemp seeds, hemp leaves, and hemp stalk. Brands like 2 Dye 4 Creations, Sky & Wyatt, Whole Circle Farms, and The Brothers Apothecary, make hemp CBD teas, infused and paired with other healing herbs. These brands took the beautiful and plentiful benefits of hemp and CBD and created magical tea blends. OKLAHOMA CHRONIC

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I have had the pleasure of consuming hemp/ CBD teas made by the brands above and became a fan. Each brand offered a deliciously blended tea that helped me ease into relaxation and left behind an assortment of medicinal healing. 2 Dye 4 Creations

This company offers a line of loose plant/herb teas that contain the stems of the hemp plant. The stem of the hemp plant is very absorbent and rich in cellulose and contains great thermal and acoustic properties. 2 Dye 4 Creations offer a variety of blends that are caffeine free and offer specific blends for certain pain/conditions. Learn more at:

Sky & Wyatt

The Brothers Apothecary

Turn On, Take Charge, and Be Still are names you will see associated with this brand of CBD tea. Each bag/sachet is blended/ paired with other plant medicines: peppermint, chamomile, green tea hibiscus, and spiced chai, and soothing to the soul. You’ll find 50 MG of CBD in each sachet.

This company offers a line of CBD products: capsules, smoking blends, and blended teas with 60 MG of CBD per bag/ satchel. Cosmic Cleanse, Oolong Passion, and Sensualitea are just a few of the names you’ll find while browsing their tea shop.

Learn more at: Whole Circle Farms

Whole Circle Farms offers loose leaf/herb, naturally sweet hemp tea blend. Each bag contains 40 grams of organic hemp, peppermint and licorice root. Peppermint is good for headaches and digestion, and licorice soothes gastrointestinal problems. Learn more at:

Learn more at: www.thebrothersapotheca I appreciate them all for different reasons. I love the softness of 2 Dye 4 Creations, the vibrant fragrance from Whole Circle Farms, the way Sky & Wyatt made peppermint compliment chamomile so beautifully, and the hefty sack loaded with hemp flower in The Brothers Apothecary collection.


20 Benefits Associated with Hemp CBD Tea Consumption Because hemp tea is made with hemp flower, hemp buds, hemp seeds, hemp leaves, and hemp stalk, the following benefits/ health benefits are associated with hemp tea:

1. Hemp seeds/hemp hearts are a great source of vitamin E. 2. Hearts/seeds are a good source of fat.

13. Hemp tea with CBD can aid with lowering neuropathic pain.

3. Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids good for the heart.

14. Infused with CBD, hemp tea can aid in treating anxiety and stress.

4. The seeds/hearts are loaded with omegas 3 and 6- good brain food.

15. Hemp flower contains CBD therefore teas with crushed hemp flower can aid in soothing chronic pain.

5. Hemp seeds are a plantbased protein source.

16. Hemp seeds contain zinc and potassium.

6. Like many seeds, hemp seeds are a natural fiber aiding in healthy gut.

17. Hemp flower has neuroprotective properties good for managing conditions like M.S. 18. Seeds/hearts are a good source of calcium.

7. Hearts/seeds are packed with folate, niacin, and vitamin B6.

19. Because of the omegas found in hemp, it can aid in improved skin.

8. Extracted hemp has antioxidant effects helping boost the immune system.

20. Hemp seeds contain copper and aid in healthy bone density.

9. Hemp contains high levels of nitric oxide good for artery and veins. 10. Reduced inflammation and therefore soothing for conditions like arthritis. 11. Hemp, seeds/hearts, are a good source of iron. 12. Can aid in reduced symptoms of PMS and menopause due to hemp seeds containing Gammalinolenic acid.


|Â 13

Conclusion In one loose leaf pack serving and/or one tea bag/satchel, are combined benefits that form a little health miracle. Because most of the plant is used to create these tea blends, this form of hemp CBD consumption very impactful. In one cup of hemp CBD tea, one can treat many layers of the body at once. Not only rich in hemp and CBD benefits, but also other medicinal plant benefits. Herbs have been healing us for years, and now that hemp has been freed, we can benefit from the super seed/plant/flower/stem/leaf. Important note: a little coconut oil/avocado oil is going to be needed when making hemp/CBD tea. CBD needs a little fat to activate.



In March, we gave you some tips for planting outdoor this cycle but

I recently took a position with an outstanding operation in Central

you don’t want to wait until October to yield. Your outdoor plants aren’t

Oklahoma and I went straight to my new boss for advice from a pro

mature until they are ready to go into flower and that isn’t until later

about how patients can improve their flower yields in their home grows.

this summer so those six plants can sit and grow while you flip a few

Steve DeFino is an Army veteran with a passion for cannabis. He

others into flower in a closet or in a tent in your spare space. You’ve

recognizes its medicinal benefits for pain as well as for the treatment of

seen everyone else’s tent grows and you want to outshine your peers

behavioral health issues such as a post-traumatic stress disorder, a

but how do you get massive buds with the least amount of effort and

condition many veterans live with. His passion for cannabis and his

with the most cost-efficient supplies?

loyalty to fellow service members are evident in his commitment and ethics. Here’s what he has to say about maxing your yield.

For your indoor grow, I can’t recommend a high-pressure sodium (HPS) or ceramic metal halide (CMH) light strongly enough. One of each

Steve DeFino here; I am the director of cultivation for Triceraterps

if you can afford it because these two bulbs help complete each other’s

Farms in Edmond, Oklahoma. Triceraterps Farms has been providing

light spectrums so that your precious ladies can bask in the full glory of

medicine to patients and veterans since 2012. We believe in purity and

canned sun. I can’t disparage LED lights because I simply don’t know

bringing the cleanest, most pure medicine to patients. Growing can be

enough about them, but as a commercial grower, I have yet to see any

fun and therapeutic but you have to train yourself to focus on discipline

grow yield as much with LED as with HPS or CMH. I am sure someone

and patience when it comes to the garden.

can, so don’t @ me, fellow growers. The point of this article is to make it simple for every day Oklahomans to grow their own medicine and I won’t give advice that I can’t prove out myself. Oklahomies, whatever lights you choose, please do research them well. An hour or two of reading about cannabis and its preferred light spectrum will save you a bunch of money and spare you frustration in failed lighting attempts.

Looking to increase your bud size and quality? Here’s a few tips I learned along the way to help just do that.

OKLAHOMACHRONIC First off, keep it simple when you first start out. You will need some AC, a dehumidifier, a light that matches the BTU’s of your cooling capabilities, and a good dual-purpose pen for PH and PPM/EC. Your environment needs to be stable and somewhat adjustable so instead of cramming plants in to maximize canopy space, take the time to line your plants in order, top them to even the canopy (do this BEFORE you go into flower, never after), and trim the lowers up slightly to keep the fan leaves and any lateral branching from bending into the soil. Height and symmetry will keep air flow consistently moving above and below the flowering canopy. This will improve the results for yield and overall quality. This will also help keep your flowers from developing black mold or powdery mildew or pests such as fungus gnats. Unhealthy plants get attacked first, no matter to infection or infestation. Nasty, evil bugs typically attack the weak plants first so a healthy, clean, and tidy garden keeps your plants vitality up and it makes it more uninviting for bugs to want to enter. Take it slow, this isn’t a race and the more patience you develop early on the more successful you will be later.

pH The single greatest factor for success, everyone that start to grow learns quickly that good, clean water with the right pH is the driving force for plant availability of nutrient uptake. Coco feeds at a pH of 5.5 to 6.0 and soil feeds around 6.2 to 7.0 pH. Make sure your pH pen is calibrated. Too many new growers commonly make this mistake, either thinking it’s already calibrated when they buy, or they calibrated it once and that’s it. You should typically calibrate and clean your meter each week or after each slurry test is completed. The next hurdle is to dial in your watering. Many new growers over or under water their plants. To be honest this comes with time. Once mastered, water quality and amount will be your most telling sign of healthy plants. *Pro tip: before you feed your plant, measure out the amount of mixed nutrient to water into your medium so you can monitor that amount the plant intakes and the amount of runoff the plant wastes. If you feed 500 ml of water/nutrients but your plant runs off 250 ml, you are overwatering. “Overwatering can lead to stunted growth, root rot, poor flavor, and a multitude of issues that you don’t want to waste your time on”, says Carisa. Monitor that and you will begin to understand the proper watering techniques that the plant desires. Keep a log and study your notes. Being able to look back when you see a problem will teach you what you did wrong early on so you won’t hopefully repeat it again.

Environment/Water/Nutrient Temperature I cannot stress enough about having proper temperatures when feeding plants. Typically, your environment needs to be about 73°F to 80°F without carbon dioxide and with CO2 the temps should sit around 80°F to 87°F.

Your water temperature should be in the range 72°F to 76°F; this is the sweet spot for feeding plants in any growing medium. Too cold and the plant will not uptake correctly, stunting the plant and causing loss of yield. Too hot and plants will lock out, root rot will set in and plants will wilt and die. Periodically check your roots out, ESPECIALLY leading up to going into flower. Plants should always have healthy white roots. Dark discoloration, a slimy appearance, or foul odor can all indicate problems that will affect your yield. When it comes time to flush, don’t run gallons of water through. Feed your plants clear, pH’d water depending on your medium: 5.5-6.0 for coco and rockwool or 6.2 to 7.0 for dirt dirt/coco blends. Your intent is to run a normal drink plus 20% more water through your plant for just a little runoff. This breaks off the salt buildup and encourages the plants to pull any remaining nutrients through its structure to maximize the quality of your bud. Let’s take that healthy root zone you’ve spent this entire time managing and finish her out strong by using up what’s left in the soil versus choking out those beautiful roots. Keep it simple, clean and efficient, you will pull down a bountiful harvest. Steve’s advice is really foundational for your home grow. Clean water, clean environment, clean medicine. Leading up to flower, while your plants are still vegging out, you can take a few steps that I believe make a big difference in yield. First, a proper trim and defoliation a day or two before changing your light schedule. I aim for a crepe myrtle look on my plants: the bottom of the plants are stripped of any fan leaves and nodes that are not going to get light. Large fan leaves that obstruct light in the middle of the plant should be stripped and the branches should be pulled apart with proper structure such as staking or scrogging (fun word for trellis netting). You can start mixing a little blackstrap molasses into your nutrient regimen to bolster the trichome production and density of buds. Molasses is not for every day feeding and you may aim to only sweeten their juice a couple times a week, increasing the dose slightly during the main stages of flower and tapering off in the last two week as you begin to give them clear water. This advice may sound like hippie woo, but vibe with your plants. These living organisms need energy exchange. The entire process of growing is just converting one form of energy into another, into another. You are taking water, microbes, salts, fats, and sugars and turning them into homegrown medicine. Be sure that the intentions you pour into your medicine are pure and good. Sing to your plants, listen to music with them, thank them for everything they are going through to help heal you. They’ll return your kindness.


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MY CROSS-COUNTRY JOURNEY AROUND THE UNITED STATES Ever wonder about a west coast cannabis vacation? This piece is for you. The west coast cannabis scene; places to see, things to do, and cannabis! I am on a wild adventure around the United States, exploring all things cannabis and hemp. I have explored all recreational legal states on the west: CO, NV, CA, OR, and WA. I get asked a lot of questions about the best state for a dope cannabis vacation and so, this piece is all about my experience in each state and what I believe makes them great. I will also reveal my absolute favorite place, and why I recommend that EVERYONE experience it at least once. If you have never walked into a cannabis dispensary, let me walk you through the experience a bit. Picture it, legal state, summer 2020. You are walking through the streets of a city-center when suddenly, you set your eyes on a cannabis dispensary. You walk in and find yourself in shock! Well, there are sales associates (appropriate name is Budtender but you’ve never been into a dispensary so, you didn’t know that), organized merchandise, and informative information everywhere. Heck- they even have the recreational cannabis separate from the medicinal cannabis. The Budtender greets you, checks your I.D, and asks how they can assist. There’s a section with everything Sativa- separated by form: flower, topical, edible, and ingestible. There’s another section labeled “Indica” with the same set up. The Budtender is so much more available to you than any pharmacy associate ever has been, any Pharmacist for that matter. The Budtender helps you with your purchase, places it in a bag, provides you with safety and other informative information, and thanks you for coming in. You walk out with legal cannabis- having received more information and service than any liquor store you’ve ever visited. You walk out of the cannabis dispensary the same way you walk out of Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Target. Not the basement, not the garage, not an alley- nothing unprofessional like you may have imagined. Colorado Gorgeous weather, mountain views, and early bird cannabis specials. Here, Interstate 25 aligns Denver, Centennial, Castle Rock, and Colorado Springs. There is so much to do! But even more Cannabis. Visiting Colorado means, city views and nature views. It also means morning specials- 7a-9a, with deals like:


LAS VEGAS “Every Monday, the first 5 people in the door will receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks to enjoy your favorite morning drink on us”: The Green Revolution Colorado has 420 friendly lodging and through PotGuide, vacationers can find lodging deals like: “Book 2 or more nights directly with PotGuide and receive a free hat, t-shirt, or rolling tray...your choice!” Nevada Home of the 24-hour cannabis dispensaries. But not only that- many dispensaries offer rides and deliveries. Important to note that hotel stays make this a little harder because of hotel rules- due to federal cannabis law. My opinion is that cannabis is expensive in Las Vegas. But my understanding is that all states start off that way and then, the market starts to balance out and that leads to lower pricing. But I will say that the Cannabis I experience in Nevada was delicious!

It’s not so easy to enjoy Cannabis in Las Vegas as a vacationer because, most book accommodations on the strip and well, The Dispensary NV breaks down Nevada law on cannabis consumption and says: “You can smoke on your patio or porch as well but not on the sidewalks or streets. So, if you’re an out-oftowner, hopefully you know somebody who knows somebody who lives here because it’s illegal to light up on the Las Vegas Strip, in a car, in a bar, in da club, in a casino, restaurant or strip joint.” Even though consumption law is a bummer, there are many cannabis events in Las Vegas: Puff Pass and Paint, Sin City Cannabis Tours, Puff, Pass, Pastry, and more.


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OKLAHOMACHRONIC California The state that has been growing our cannabis for years! Rumors say that California grows 80% of the cannabis sold by independent/ freelance providers. Home to legendary Humboldt County, and the first state to legalize Cannabis for medicine in the United States. I love California. I am not crazy about the prices of cannabis in the legal sector but will say that the cannabis is beautiful! In California, you’ll find 2 grams of dank cannabis, infused with shatter, rolled in a Backwood, that was dipped in distillate, and rolled in kief. All I’m saying, California will take you to Mars. In areas like Sonoma County, vacationers can take cannabis tours with companies like Happy Travelers Tours. Vacationers that fly in can take advantage of 420 luxury limousine/ car services. The service will come to the airport when you land and take you to visit a selection of top California dispensaries in the area with special discounts included in your ride. Oregon My favorite of all places visited and explored! Astoria, Seaside, and Cannon Beach are amazing; but Portland has my heart. Home of “come as you are, we love you”, vegan and gluten free menu’s, and cannabis dispensaries on every corner. I love this place!

Portland is your Woodstock and big city vibe melting pot. There is always a hint of cannabis in the air. Many coffee shops and restaurants offer CBD infused food and beverages. I’ve had CBD infused teas, lattes, and pizza- yes- cannabis (CBD) infused pizza! It gets better- East Portland Coffee Roasters is a cannabis friendly café that has a 420 bus on site! Customers are allowed to bring their own cannabis- and consume in the 420-bus lounge! Then there is TJ’s on Powell- coffee and cannabis; customers can shop, consume brewed coffee, work, and vibe out to a dope musical playlist. There are spaces like The NW Cannabis Club in Portland. A club that offers memberships and hosts various cannabis events like movie night, dab wars, cannagar wars, etc. Non-members can gain access for daily fees. And if all of that isn’t enough, Portland also has cannabis friendly hotels like The Jupiter Hotel and the Delta-9 house where cannabis consumption is encouraged! But the best thing about Oregon is the support this place has given my career. Oregon has great people and brands that sponsored by tribute to Cannabis this month by allowing me to live on their farms- Botanical Joints and Fern Valley Farms! Community is definitely felt here.


OKLAHOMACHRONIC Washington I took a break from the road and stopped for 9 months on the southern coast of Washington. I rented a tiny beach apartment- 2 seconds away from the Pacific Ocean. Medicating in my yard was the best- most relaxing experience ever. Of course, this was only in the daytime because Washington is home to black bears and well- this Florida girl isn’t with it. What I was with though- whales. Along the Oregon/Washington coast- you can see whales living their gorgeous lives. The same is true for sea lions, seals, and bald eagles.

Because cannabis is generally grown indoors in Washington (due to the moist grounds from the constant rain), cannabis here is under constant grow and that means- very affordable cannabis. I was buying eighths for $8, infused shatter joints for $5, and $10 per gram concentrates. Washington, like Oregon, has a dispensary on every block; it’s a great place to explore ferries, it is home to the original Hempfest, and there are 420 friendly campsites in Washington! What I will always remember the state for- whales and my first farm visit/tour happened in Aberdeen, WA at the Sound Cannabis farm.

SEATTLE In Closing Oregon so far has been my favorite- but you’ll see that it really depends on your preferences and what you are looking for outside of cannabis- during your vacation. But remember- everyone should experience Oregon at least once. I am working my way from the west, to the south, to the Midwest, then the Northeast- to explore cannabis and hemp. I will report back on my findings in those regions. On my way over- I cannot wait to visit you all in Oklahoma! My current schedule says late summer.


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By Chef Buz @medibles_ok elcome back and good day to all my canna chefs out there. March is gone and winter is too, bring on the warm weather and the patio parties.

April is one of my favorite months, why you ask, well of course it’s because of 420. This is the time of year that we go all out for our love of annabis. 420 is a day to spread love and to share our love of cannabis and what better way to do that then to make some delicious ways to celebrate. First is one of my favorite drinks, I learned from my best friend Kelley in the Islands, a frozen virgin mango mojito. It’s a very refreshing drink and with a little Chef Buz twist it will also be very relaxing. I like this drink a lot because there’s so many variations you can make bu simply adding different fresh fruits. Then we have a nice little treat to go with it. Some mini chocolate raspberry tarts. These things are too good, I’m giving you warning now. So grab a bag of your favorite herb, twist one up and let’s get cooking with a Buz!

1 fresh mango, peeled 1 lime cut into wedges 10-12 mint leaves 1 Tbs of simple syrup, made with cannabis sugar, 1:1 mix 1-2 cans of Sprite 2 cup of ice

DIRECTIONS Put all ingredients in blender minus the sprite and two lime wedges. I like to leave the peel on the lime but you can peel it if you like it’s your preference. Start with one can of sprite and blend then check consistency before adding more if necessary. The last two lime wedges are for garnish on the glass. If you like you can also use 1 Tbs of infused VG instead of the simple syrup

INGREDIENTS All-purpose flour 1/2 package frozen puff pastry 1 large egg yolk 1 Tbs heavy cream 2 cups Red raspberries 2 Tbs granulated sugar 1 pinch salt Sanding sugar Chocolate sauce 2 Tbs Cannabis Butter 2 Cups Chocolate

DIRECTIONS Very quick and easy chocolate sauce, first you’ll want to simmer a pot of water. In a clean, dry bowl melt the chocolate over the pot of simmering water. Next add your cannabis butter, whisking the melted butter and chocolate together. You can refrigerate the 3xtra sauce for use later, just melt the same way as before. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Then lightly flour your clean work surface, unfold the pastry and cut into 4 squares and transfer to a baking sheet. Score the dough with a paring knife. Score a 1/2" border, using just the tip of the knife, around the edges of the dough being careful not to cut all the way thru. Then pop it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes, until the dough is firm. While that’s chilling out we will make the egg wash. Whisk together the egg yolk and cream and set aside. Now for the filling we will toss the raspberries, sugar, and salt in a bowl then divide the mixture among tart dough, keeping it in the center and not the borders. Almost there, now you’ll brush edges of tarts with egg wash and sprinkle with sanding sugar. Bake until the pastry is crisp and golden about 25 minutes. then remove from the oven and let cool on a baking rack. Take the canna chocolate sauce, with a fork, and drizzle over the tarts.


APR. 3-5, 2020



APR. 3, 2020



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Will Nagy - 46 Releaf April's Top Tender comes highly nominated he goes by Nagy and is extremely passionate about this industry much like most of the industry he has always been apart of it. He has always been the "go-to" for good bud amongst his friends. Will, is constantly looking to help break the stigma and really enjoys helping patients but this industry is more than that to him and its easy to tell. "Working in this industry makes me happy, it's just crazy" He loves the vibes this industry gives him and the way he looks at it is simple if he is happy and loves what he does then he can help others and help them make the best decision for themselves. Will summed up what this industry means to him "The worst day here, beats the best day anywhere else." Nagy has a ton of hobbies but spends a lot of his time being involved in the world of cannabis. In fact you can probably catch him toking on his favorite strain "Forbidden Fruit" while making music and rapping he even has some bars about that really speaks some truth into the industry. He also enjoyed motocross until he ended up breaking both of his wrist around the same time 788 passed he even took CBD and used cannabis rather than taking pills.


Make sure you stop in and ask for will next time you are in 46Releaf he is sure to make you laugh and will help you pick the best medicine for you. Unlike many dispensaries 46Releaf carries quality over quantity and they don't believe in stalking shelves just for profits.

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By Kayla Johnson

The Unappreciated Holiday

Photo: Courtesy of 420 Hippie Hill

If you’ve been on the internet any time in the last year, and you’re a cannabis consumer, chances are you’ve seen some variation on the meme about the month of April being 4/20 all month long this year. Well, lo and behold, the time is almost upon us, and for patients all across the state, whether they celebrate one day of the month or the whole month long, this year is one for the books.


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For thousands of Oklahomans, this is the first 4/20 they’ll ever be able to celebrate with legal cannabis. For others, this is just another in a long string of traditional celebrations, whether it’s been legal or not. For others still, there may be some confusion; what exactly is 4/20? How do you celebrate it? And why has it been taboo for so long?


OKLAHOMACHRONIC 4/20 is a two-sided celebration; on the one side, it’s a day for people to gather with others, appreciating and consuming cannabis. Whether they consider themselves medical patients or simply fans of the plant, of people around the world, even if they don’t consume regularly, make a point of consuming cannabis millions on 4/20, especially at 4:20 P.M. The origins of this tradition go back to the 1970s, when five high schoolers would meet at 4:20 P.M. to look for an abandoned cannabis crop. Even after they failed to find it, they started regularly meeting at that time to smoke together. For many, it’s been the socially acceptable time of day to take the first toke for years, though now that many are pushing the medical benefits of cannabis, that’s not the only time most consume. Throughout the decades, as the push back against cannabis prohibition has started to gain momentum, those who decided to gather on 4/20 began incorporating the second side of that 420 coin: protesting. Especially in countries and regions where harsh penalties against cannabis remain, it’s a common act of civil disobedience for large crowds

to gather in public and light up together to protest in favor of legalization or decriminalization. Here in the states, where it’s becoming more widespread and legalized in a majority of states at least medically, these have become part celebration, part informational events, encouraging people to come to learn more about cannabis. Despite the obvious passion many have for the plant and the celebrations surrounding it, 4/20 is still considered very much to be a ‘counterculture’ holiday, meaning it’s not part of the mainstream of our society’s culture. Because cannabis and the people who use it have been looked down upon for decades, the old stigmas still exist, especially when they concern large gatherings like those common on 4/20; just a bunch of potheads getting together to get high, rather than people and patients celebrating something that has changed their lives for the better. Whether this is your first 4/20 with a medical card, or your latest celebration of your medicine of choice, there’s a plethora of ways to celebrate the day (or month) as you prefer to. While this year seems like it will be hindered in part by the current COVID-19 outbreak, and many of the large gatherings may not be happening as they have in the past, celebrating at home can make just as much of an impact. Below, we’ve gathered five ways for you to celebrate 4/20, whether you’re quarantined at home or we’re able to puff it up in the streets.


OKLAHOMACHRONIC Cannabis painting party: Obviously, this isn’t an idea for anyone under the weather, but if you’re able to, consider hosting a painting party. Everyone brings their own medicine and everyone pitches in for canvases and paint. Expressing creativity, especially around your friends, is a great way to honor what cannabis offers, and no matter what you decide to paint, you’ll come out with a custom piece to hang in your home or office. Pay it forward: If you’re able, consider paying it forward at your local dispensary. Pay for a preroll for someone else to be able to snag it for a penny, or consider going all in, and prepaying for someone else to purchase an ounce for half off, or even less. Part of what makes the cannabis community special is the fact that we go to great lengths to help those who can’t afford their medicine, and 4/20 is a great day to make something like that happen


Take a puff for those who can’t: Whether they’ve passed on, or have been imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes, it’s important to remember those who aren’t able to enjoy the same freedom. Liberty is a big part of the cannabis movement, and until all cannabis-convicted people are able to partake, we can’t be done yet. Get outside and get busy: Many within the cannabis community find that nature and cannabis go hand in hand, so what better way to honor the plant than by getting outdoors and doing something beneficial for the environment? Plant some flowers for the bees, pick up trash in your neighborhood, anything that gets you outdoors to appreciate nature and give back a little. Make brownies: Pot brownies are basically the classic edible; there are few more delicious ways to celebrate your canna-freedoms than by indulging in a classic recipe that brings back fond memories for so many. Make them as basic or wild as you’d like, and make sure to stay hydrated once they kick in.



In case you haven’t been paying attention, the world has gone absolutely mad. I’ll be twenty-nine in October this year, and in my fairly-short stint on this rock so far, I’ve never experienced anything like what has been happening the last few weeks around the globe, and I’m guessing more than a few of you feel the same way. So many of our lives have been turned upside down and altered dramatically from just two weeks ago, and while I’m fortunate enough to be able to continue writing during all of this, it’s not always easy to keep a positive mindset. I’ve been reminded often this past week of the importance of finding the levity in a situation, that old adage of ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’, and while our situation is anything but funny, I was still excited to get the chance to speak to somebody who knows a thing or two about humor and laughs, and to be able to share that with you all while we’re in midst of social distancing.

Aries Spears is no stranger to making strangers laugh; from the standup comedy clubs of New York and MADtv to a podcast and appearing in an upcoming cannabis-culture movie, his career has taken him across the country, splitting sides and pushing boundaries on occasion like most good comedians. Even in the midst of a global pandemic that has put millions around the globe in lockdown, I was able to catch up with Aries and chat about where he’s been, where he’s headed next, and the upcoming premiere of The 420 Movie, which is every bit as stoner-centered as you’d expect with a name like that. While he doesn’t consume the plant as much as he once did for his own reasons, his views on cannabis and the importance of letting people choose for themselves help shine a light on an often-underserved area of the cannabis community: the occasional user, someone who maybe doesn’t work in or with the industry often, but has still found relief when they really need it.

OKLAHOMACHRONIC At times, some of these folks find themselves facing an almost peer-pressure situation from one of the more toxic sides of the canna-community to use more, and his non-judgemental attitude is one that many could learn from, both within the cannabis community and elsewhere. You started performing in different comedy clubs throughout New York City when you about 14 years old. What made you want to want to go down that path and be a comedian? Have you always been a bit of a clown? Well, I just sucked at everything else. (After laughing) No, comedy was just something I’d always been a fan of. You know, growing up in the 80s, watching Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live was a huge inspiration. My father was a big movie and comedy buff so being introduced to Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, and movies like Let’s Do It Again and Uptown Saturday Night, stuff like that, it’s just always been something that’s been in me, from day one. Did you always want to branch out into acting from the very beginning? Or was that something that came along later on? You know, I just think acting is part of it, it’s just part of the business. It’s like buying sneakers, you know, laces come with it so if you’re gonna be a comedian, acting, the two just go hand in hand. I know you’ve done several projects besides just your stint on MADtv, where you were the second longest-serving cast member with 198 episodes, but besides your work there, what’s been your favorite thing that you’ve done in the past? Umm, cashing the checks. (Laughing) No, you know they all their high marks, but I really just, I love when I get the chance to just be creative and entertain people, all of the rest of this ‘stuff’ that comes along with the business, it’s’s deflating. What’s one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome in your career so far? Probably knowing when to keep my mouth shut. (Laughing) This is a funny business, and it’s not what you think it is before you get a chance to find out what it really is, so trying to navigate through this minefield and trying to do things right can be really tricky.

Do you think things have gotten a little stickier over the last decade or so in that regard? Or do you see it as somehow easier to do what you do as a comedian? Oh, it is much more challenging today than it once was, but this is a hard business to be in period, so the fact that things have gotten tougher definitely don’t make things any more enjoyable when you’re in the middle of it.

In your opinion, the comedians and those in Hollywood who are fairly open with their cannabis use or pro-cannabis views, do you think that plays against them, even in today’s world with the big pushes in legalization? I think we’ve all already got so much to be uptight about, and whatever brings calm and peace, I’m all for it. You know, it’s one of the least dangerous things people can do, and I think people need to be more open-minded and not judge people for their choice to use it or not to, in Hollywood or not. What’s your own experience with cannabis been like in the past? I don’t smoke as much as I used to, but nonetheless, when I did in the past and when I do now, it’s always been good to me.

"I THINK PEOPLE COULD REALLY USE JUST SOMETHING LIGHT RIGHT NOW." Just out of curiosity, have you tried edibles? Do you have a favorite? You know, I did, and the first time I did it, no one really gave me a warning that they were ten times more potent than when I’m smoking, and so the first time I did it, I think I did way too much and sent me through an experience that I never want to go through again. (Laughing.) But now, I think I’m more open to it again because I know how to control it. That was probably my worst experience with cannabis.

Let’s talk about The 420 Movie, that releases on April 7th. I got a look at the trailer, and it really kind of gave me a vibe of the kind of classic ‘stoner’ movies of the 90s, something like Half Baked. It looked just fun, and upbeat, and easy-going, something just to make people laugh. Do you think that’s kind of making a comeback? We’ll see how successful it is. (Laughing) Of course, I hope it does well, but I think people could really use just something light right now. It was fun to be a part of something like that, you know, and I hope it’s something that people can appreciate. What made you want to get involved with the project? A. You know, I was looking for work, and B., it just seemed like a funny idea, and they wanted me, you know, so if I’m wanted, I’m probably gonna give myself to you (laughing).



What was your favorite part of working on the film? Just being able to play a dirty, wild insane cop. Like I said, you know, I love when I can just be creative and entertain people, so it was a lot of fun to just kind of let loose and be creative. Do you see yourself doing more cannabis-based comedy in the future? I’ll do whatever comes my way under two conditions: it’s at least semi-good, and the check is clearable. (Laughing) As long as it goes through, I’m happy.

What’s one thing you’d say to encourage people to check the movie out? It’s a comedy, and it’s a comedy about cannabis, that’s reason enough to go see it. (Laughing) If you like laughing and you like cannabis, you should go see it. Why do you think this kind of ‘light-hearted’ cannabis comedy has been such a staple of the cannabis community for so long? They’re feel-good kind of movies, you know? I think we live in such tight times right now that people are just going to be looking for some funny means of escaping for a while, let their hair down and let their guard down without being judged for it.

JUST BE CREATIVE I know you don’t consume as much as you used to, but what’s your preferred method on the occasions that you do partake? Bong? Blunts or Joints? Still sticking to a soda can? (After laughing.) Nah, I’m a blunt man, I definitely prefer them, but that’s kind of the way black dudes do it. Do you have a favorite flavor of wrap? Anything with grape, that’s just the official Negro flavors. (Laughing.) In your opinion, do you think legalization for cannabis will ever reach a federal level? You know, I hope it does. If there’s a way they could make money off of it, I’m sure they would make it completely legal, so once they figure that out. I’m sure it’s coming but for now, it is what is, you know, but I certainly hope change is on the way.

AND ENTERTAIN PEOPLE" So what’s next for you? Are you diving into another project right away, or are you turning your attention to something else? Right now, I’m mainly working on my standup. I’ve got a couple of dates coming up for shows, though with the virus happening, you know, we may not get to do all of those, so we’ll see, but I’ve really enjoyed getting focused on my standup again. I also have a podcast, Spears & Steinberg, that’s available on all streaming platforms like Apple, Google Play and Spotify, I’ve been working on growing that too. Since you’re focusing on your stand-up so much again, what’s your favorite thing about being a stand-up comedian? (Laughing.) All the groupie ass you get when you get off the stage.

Even in the midst of a pandemic that most of us haven’t seen in our lifetime, my conversation with Aries was a surprisingly uplifting one that gave a staunch reminder of the importance of finding humor, even when life isn’t funny. Whether you’re a MADtv fan from the days of old, or you’re keen on catching The 420 Movie when it releases April 7th, it was inspiring to hear his passion for performing and entertaining people through his own words, and it’s obvious, even from our brief conversation, that he takes pride in his work as a comedian. It was equally inspiring to hear someone who, in their own words, doesn’t consume cannabis as often as they once did, yet still fully support the right of other adults to make that choice for themselves, even if they only wish to consume occasionally. His non-judgemental outlook is one that can be applied to a lot of things right now, and through his work, it’s something he’ll continue to share, even when it’s bleak.

"IF YOU LIKE LAUGHING AND Have you ever performed in Oklahoma before?


You know, I haven’t, and I’m really hoping this virus thing starts to blow over soon so that I can get out there and perform, it’ll be good to, you know, experience it in a new place.


I know we talked a little bit about how tough it is to be a comic in today’s world or to be in Hollywood, do you see that getting progressively worse over the next few years, or do you think this is a turning point where we could maybe put our feet down? Actually, you know in some weird way, I’m hoping this Coronavirus thing helps turn it around. We’re all gonna be trapped in our homes for the next foreseeable future, people are gonna be starving for entertainment, and I think they’ll be ready to take it however it comes, maybe they’ll open their minds back up a little bit.


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Hempton Heights BY KAYLA JOHNSON

Back in February, I shared the story of Hempton Heights, a cannabisfriendly resort opening in the woods around Langley, Oklahoma. The brains behind it, Nicole Holt and Jeff Lipe, shared a vision of a place for cannabis patients to just get away, without worrying whether or not they would be booted from their vacation for their choice of medicine. Throwing their time, passion and energy wholeheartedly into the project, I could tell, even then, that it was going to be a unique place, something really special for the cannabis community to enjoy. A few weeks later, I had the privilege of being invited to stay during their soft opening, to check it all out for myself now that the renovations were complete and they were about to be open for business. My husband and I happily accepted, and while we were expecting a great time, we didn’t realize just how incredible it would be.

Upon arriving (later than we’d planned thanks to a surprisingly hectic day), we were greeted like we were longtime family friends who’d come for a visit. The main building houses the office, the spa (which was still getting the finishing touches when we were there), the future Bong Boutique, kitchen, and guest lounge, which is fully stocked with everything from board games to s’mores supplies 24/7.

Walking in the front door, we were immediately greeted by the incredibly kind Wendy, who made the check-in process an absolute breeze. It was cozy, a fire was going, and most notably, people were openly medicating in the main room, chatting away. Immediately, it was obvious that this really was something unique, and really needed. After we made our selection from the breakfast menu for the next day (provided by the one and only Tiffany Dartez of White Rabbit Medicinals), we were given the numerical passcode to our cabin, and off we went.

We were given Cabin #5

to stay in, and whatever I expected when I opened the door, our little abode was far more. Cozy, vintageyet-modern decor is the best way I can describe it; I never knew I needed a burgundy velvet sofa until I stayed here! Our cabin was complete with a kitchen area, which included everything from forks and plates to wine glasses and an opener. Each of the cabins at Hempton Heights was decorated by a different member of High Maintenance Productions, each with its own theme, and each one outfitted with an ashtray, rolling tray, and other supplies the average cannabis consumer needs.

"It was cozy, a fire was going, and most notably, people were openly medicating in the main room"

Hempton Heights is very communal and friendly, with a strong aroma of cannabis mixed in One of my favorite parts of our little getaway was being able to go outside after the others had gone in, and share a joint by the fire with my better half, without worrying if someone might spot us and report us to the manager. It was a freeing feeling, and if you do nothing else when you make a trip to the Heights, share a joint with someone you love at 2 AM while you make s’mores. I promise, it’s worth being tired the next day. The more I looked around our cabin, the more I realized how much time and effort Nicole, Jeff, and the others at the resort had taken to ensure they covered every base possible; there wasn’t a thing that we needed once we settled in. Once we dropped our bags off, we took a quick look around; everywhere, there were guests relaxing. Some had already gotten a fire going in the pit, relaxing there with music and bud, while we could hear a large group of other guests in their cabin across the parking lot with their windows open, enjoying the fresh air and their cabin both. Including the duplexstyle cabins (which are unbelievably quaint and lovely, by the way), every cabin has a decently-large porch with chairs, something many were making good use of. Everywhere we looked, people were just relaxing, out in the open, with their friends and their cannabis. It was something I really thought I’d never see in Oklahoma, and it was amazing to be a part of it.

After grabbing dinner in town, it was dark by the time we came back to the resort. The firepit was burning strong, and there were several people enjoying it. Some of them had arrived together, others had met when they sat down, and there wasn’t a stranger amongst them. The whole atmosphere of Hempton Heights is very communal and friendly, with a strong aroma of cannabis mixed in.


If you really need something to motivate you out of bed on Saturdays during your stay at the resort, look no further than Breakfast with Mother Rabbit; while we arrived too late to snag a cannabutter bunny from the nearby dispensary for our breakfast, it was still an unbelievable treat. We opted for the stuffed french toast, which came with a blueberry sauce, eggs, and a choice of sausage or bacon. Cooked in the main building’s kitchen while you relax by the fire, it’s an open-medicating area, meaning we, and the others who had gotten up for breakfast early, were able to relax with our cartridge or flower before breakfast. I’m sure the early-morningmedicating didn’t hurt, but the food is phenomenal; like her infused products, you can really tell that Tiffany is passionate about cooking, and passionate about cannabis. While the food was obviously the high point of the morning, it was also a joy to watch her work, and watch how the atmosphere positively impacted the others in the room.

In case I haven’t made it clear by now, Hempton Heights is the definition of a ‘one of a kind’ place. Something about being surrounded by nature, in a place where the other guests aren’t going to judge you for your cannabis use, brings a whole new level of relaxation.

This next decade is one that could completely change Oklahoma’s story, and with all of the work it’s going to take to see it happen, a place for cannabis patients, advocates and industry members to relax together in a stress-free environment is going to be a vital part of the journey. I’m honored to have been able to share the story of this place, and I can’t wait to go back this summer. With the addition of an event barn coming, as well as the now-up-and-running spa and Bong Boutique, the possibilities aren’t just for vacation; events like weddings or even company retreats are just a few ideas.

They officially opened their doors for general business on March 7th, and as of now, booking is now open on their website, for both a stay at the resort, and any spa services you may be interested in. There’s no shortage of stress in the world right now, so if you’re a cannabis patient looking for a bud-friendly place to getaway for a while, Hempton Heights is more than worth a visit.

bud-friendly place to getaway OKLAHOMA CHRONIC

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Written By Dr. Pepper Hernandez Ph.D, NHP, NHC, CNHP, CTC

GERANIOL Though cannabis contains over 200 different terpenes, there are about 10 primary terpenes and 20 secondary terpenes that we will be discussing in this column. One that sticks out when you have a nose for it is Geraniol. As it has similar qualities as last month's terpene, Linalool. Geraniol is most famous for its presence in geraniums, where it helps shape the blossoms’ distinctive, delicate scent. Geraniol is a terpene found in numerous species of other flowers such as palmarosa and roses. Fruits and vegetables like peaches, lemons, carrots, passionfruit, blackberries, and blueberries also exhibit this terpene. Besides cannabis, Geraniol can be found in herbs like citronella, nutmeg, coriander, and tobacco. If you are looking for one trick for finding Geraniol-rich cannabis cultivars, it is to look for cannabis flowers or products rich in linalool. This tends to correlate with higher levels of Geraniol in general. So let your nose find that flower hint for you. Not only does this flavorful terpene contribute to the aroma of cannabis, but it also displays significant therapeutic potential for numerous conditions. OKLAHOMA CHRONIC

| 54

OKLAHOMACHRONIC Potential medical benefits attributed to geraniol include: Antioxidant Anti-tumor Neuroprotectant Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal Anti-viral Anti-spasmodic For relieving pain Researchers have examined the benefits of Geranium essential oil in several human and animal studies. And have found it to be very helpful in a number of dis-ease and dis-aliments. Read the article at for more information on these studies. Patients suffering from these ailments have all found aid in the Geraniol terpene: Edema Menopause Perimenopause Stress Anxiety Depression Allergies Shingles Pain Diabetes Hyperglycemia A fairly recent study published in 2016, in The Journal of Cancer Medicine showed that Geraniol was able to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells by altering the expression of master genes involved in cell proliferation. This prevented cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. Now, this doesn't mean that you should rub cannabis all over you, but who's gonna tell? Some cultivars are known to have higher levels of geraniol such as Amnesia Haze or cannabis with Skunk in the name. Of course, asking for a COA at the dispensary is the best way to ensure that, that flower you are taking home has the terpene you are looking for in it. Here is a shortlist. Happy hunting and happy 420! Some well known Geraniol cultivars are: Lavender Amnesia Haze Great White Shark Afghani Headband Island Sweet Skunk OG Shark Master Kush

| 56

Dr. Pepper Hernandez ND, CTC, CNHP is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Cannabis Therapy Consultant, the Founder, and Education Director of the Cannabis Holistic Institute. To find out more about her private practice, educational programs, videos and other offerings you can and find her on the massive interwebs, social platforms or at Go forth, Go Cannabis...



All information in this article is for educational purposes only. The information provided is derived from research gathered from external sources. Please check with your Cannabis Educated Primary Health Care Physician or Cannabis Therapy Consultant before beginning any new diet or lifestyle change.



In the last decade, cannabis has become more mainstream than it’s probably ever been in history. It’s estimated that 21% or more of the adult population of the United States of America uses cannabis on a regular basis, and more than half of all adults have tried it at least once in their lives. We’ve gone from Reefer Madness to mom-and-pop pot shops in the blink of an eye, basically, and as legalization, both medical and recreational, continue to spread across the country, change is rippling out, impacting everything from banking to American sports leagues. The fact that a growing number of professional athletes, trainers, and even coaches are coming out in favor of the benefits of cannabis is pleasantly surprising on its own, but there’s mounting evidence that some of the organizations that run these leagues are seeing the green light for themselves.

There are five major sports leagues in the United States: hockey, baseball, football, soccer and basketball. Of these, the National Hockey League (NHL) is by far the most lenient and up-to-date in its policies towards cannabis and players who choose to use it. The NHL continues to test players for cannabis on a random basis, however, they’ve made one significant change: players are no longer punished if their test comes back positive for THC. No suspensions, no fines, no bans. They’ve taken steps to treat it like alcohol; if a player has ‘abnormally high levels’ of THC, they’re encouraged to seek help if they need it. Otherwise, their players are free to consume, provided they don’t show up for practice or games stoned to the bone. This change in organization policy is a fair reflection of the views of most Americans these days, and helped inspire changes within other athletic organizations as well.


Major League Baseball (MLB) is another prime example of shifting perspective; in midDecember of 2019, MLB decided to remove cannabis from its banned substances list, and similarly to the NHL, treats it the same as alcohol, encouraging players to seek help if they feel they have a problem. While it’s no longer a banned substance, players are still at risk for potential discipline for using or possessing the drug. After the change in policy was announced, MLB made a point to send a memo out to all teams, warning them not to show up to the ballpark under the influence of cannabis. While not quite as ‘with the times’ as their baseball counterparts, the National Football League (NFL) has in recent weeks taken great strides in shifting the focus of their cannabis policies from punishment to care. In their latest collective bargaining agreement (or CBA) that’s going to be voted on by players soon, the testing window for cannabis would be dramatically changed, from four months to just two weeks at the start of the season. It also raises the threshold of what they consider a ‘positive’ test, and for those who do test positive, they no longer face lengthy suspensions.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) remains by far the most stubborn; cannabis remains firmly planted on their list of banned substances, and during the regular season, players are subject to four random drug tests. In addition to being firm in their decision to keep it a banned substance, the punishments are steep if you test positive: after your first positive test, players are required to enter a drug program. For a second positive test, they face a $25,000 fine. A third test could lead to a five game suspension, and a fourth doubles that. Despite their staunch opposition to their players using cannabis, a vast portion of NBA teams reside in states where cannabis is medically or recreationally legal, meaning they can’t continue to avoid the conversation forever. While the NBA is still the harshest towards those who use cannabis in professional sports, Major League Soccer has one of the vaguest policies towards cannabis. There is no set number of tests that could be done every year, and their testing is done unannounced at random times throughout the year. There’s no definite outline of what fines or penalties a player might face for a positive test, either. In general, MLS and the teams within the league follow the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances, upon which cannabis remains.

Outside our own sports here in the U.S., our American athletes with their eyes on the Olympics still have to take care: the International Olympic Committee has become surprisingly lenient on cannabis over the years, with a testing threshold that’s more forgiving than the average employer’s test, but due to the questionable legality of cannabis in most places around the world, WADA continues to list it as a prohibited substance, and the plant continues to be banned by the IOC. Despite the national and international leagues that are still dragging behind, the fact that the NHL, MLB, and NFL are taking steps to protect players who choose to use it is a massive step forward. Millions of Americans across the country watch these leagues throughout the year; thousands of these people may still be considering cannabis to be a dangerous gateway drug that’s only fit for addicts or lazy people. By not punishing athletes who use it responsibly, the leagues are sending a message that cannabis isn’t something to fear, it’s something that helps people, everyone from the cancer patient on your block to your favorite athlete, trying to find pain relief in retirement or between games. It brings a whole new level of normalization without taking away from the game we’re watching; it’s just one more way that cannabis is becoming less of a social taboo.

"IMAGINE HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO KNOW THAT THE SAME MEDICINE THAT HELPS YOU IS HELPING YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETE And for young cannabis patients, this is especially a bright beam of hope. Imagine how it felt to see your favorite sports star on a poster in your room, then imagine how it would feel to know that the same medicine that helps you is helping your favorite athlete. That normalization is especially important for our younger cannabis patients; they’re the next generation of advocates, activists, politicians and athletes. Seeing this change will help spark further change down the road. Professional sports have long been a pillar of American culture. Sunday football games, watching the World Series or a cup match, these are all things that so many of us can relate to. Seeing these athletes be able to access cannabis without fear of punishment is a reflection of the same rights we’ve been fighting for here in Oklahoma: the right to medicate how we choose, without it impacting our jobs. It’s been a slow change for these national sports leagues, but it’s happening; if it can happen for our sports and nationallevel athletics, then it can happen for all of us.




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"HIDEAWAY FARMS" impressive pheno-hunting skills, stellar genetics and very admirable “good neighbor” reputation BY Melissa Hall, M.Ed. Back on the hunt again, and reminiscent of good smoke past, I was thinking about last year when I ran across a quite exceptional grow of the strain


Hidden Pastry (Secret cookies x Kush Mints). It quickly became a new favorite strain of mine and I’ve had my eye on the grower of my beloved Hidden Pastry every since that day. Imagine my surprise when I literally stumbled across something so spectacular on sight alone, that I knew I had to share it with everyone. To top it off, this marvelous find was grown by the same farm as that Hidden Pastry. Hideaway Farms, out of pheno-hunting skills, stellar genetics and very admirable “good neighbor” reputation, Brian Kugel, the owner of Hideaway Farms, and the rest of the guys have made a name for themselves as top shelf contenders across the state. An extended background in solventless and solvent hash, edibles and growing organic made Hamilton Martyn-Farewell the perfect fit for lead grower at Hideaway. “Our mission at Hideaway Farms is to cultivate top shelf organic cannabis with a small carbon footprint.” Martyn-Farewell stated in reference to what is really at the heart of the farm. Now, back to that remarkable flower that so flauntingly caught my eye. An instantaneous fan favorite and Indica Lover crowd pleaser, Slurricaine has become a household name for experienced Cannabis users worldwide. Bred by In House Genetics, this offspring of Do-si-Dos (Face Off OG x Girl Scout Cookies) and Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple) is truly representative of its drunken, stormy namesake. If Sunset Sherbet is the heir to the proverbial Girl Scout Cookie throne then Slurricaine rightfully takes its place as the heir apparent successor to reign over the Purple Punch dynasty. The effects of Slurricaine are Intoxicating and synonymously well known of the popular Hybrid. It is said to be a strong leaning Indica Hybrid by even the most seasoned Cannabis users. But, it is the unmistakably aesthetic bag appeal that will draw you in first and foremost.

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Tonkawa, Oklahoma. Known for their impressive

In true centerfold fashion, Slurricaine is a strain you can almost always depend on for true Cannabis glamour. Deep purple hues are highlighted with violet flashes of color against a faint emerald and exceedingly frosty white canvas. Trichomes overcrowd the spectrum of shades. Fiery orange hairs stand out and add a whimsical touch to the picture perfect nugs. The impeccably dense buds are symmetrical and consistent giving the Hybrid winning structure. A long, perfect cure tops off the package. The perfect amount of moisture remains in the flower, making it smooth and not harsh. Slurricaine may have the look that the others may only dream about, but she is more than just another pretty face. Remember those intoxicating effects?

Photography by Carly Boston @concentratecarl

Well, first the aroma is a bit intoxicating itself. The terps show up for business as

Finally, those killer effects that really put Slurricaine on the map. The terpy aroma and flavor

in most In House Genetic strains. Sweet

are exceptional to say the least, the stop and stare bag appeal is outstanding but it is the

and spicy blueberries, strawberries and

highly meditative and mildly sedative effects that make this one a frequent buy for so

cranberries, creamy vanilla and tropical

many. Some people say the effects are slightly psychedelic in nature with a carefree resolve

fruity notes come on strong but are

of consciousness being the result. Stress and Anxiety can be wiped away instantly as a

quickly overthrown by the gassy and

cerebral wave hits first. The onset of the physical effect takes a bit more time but once it

earthy fumes representative of that OG

starts, there’s no going back. It’s a gradual progression into a fully relaxed state. Whether

ancestry. The one of a kind, deep, dank

you call it couch lock or not, this smooth, relaxing feeling eases your muscles, soothes the

aroma definitely screams heavy hitter.

mind and is definitely going to be great for insomnia. Slurricaine may remind you of a

The flavor of this insta-classic is complex

tropical, frozen treat, don’t underestimate this one. It is the real deal my friends. The guys

and leaves your palate pleasingly

over at Hideaway did an exquisite job with their grow of Slurricaine, they have earned their

confused. Berry bursts blend with the

rightful place on any top shelf.

fuel taste of the Kush side. A creamy, sweet and smooth contrast satisfies

Always remember to medicate responsibly and Stay Lit Oklahoma.

thoroughly through each inhale and leaves a very memorable impression.

Hideaway Farms, Slurricaine: 5

= Highest Rating







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HOUSE BILL 3960 DRIVING WHILE HIGH, DUI This bill offers protection for those who are not impaired, and for those who may have THC in their system still, but not enough to be truly impaired.

By Kayla Johnson


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One of the biggest issues that is facing every state with legalized cannabis is when to consider someone ‘impaired’ by cannabis when they’re operating a vehicle. For decades, police officers have used the good ole excuse of smelling cannabis in a car as an excuse to search vehicles, pat people down, or even just outright arrest them based only on a supposed aroma of cannabis. Many of these people who have been arrested in a similar situation over the years has likely also faced a ‘driving while impaired’ or ‘driving under the influence’ charge, especially if they were tested afterwards and found to have any amount of THC in their system. It’s been a sore point of contention for both patients and local law enforcement officials, even here in Oklahoma, and while there hasn’t been a spike in DUI arrests since State Question 788 was passed, it’s been an important topic for many industry meetings with the legislature.


When I first heard that Representative Scott Fetgatter of Okmulgee was putting forward a bill, House Bill 3960, to revise DUI laws in regards to cannabis, I have to admit, I was fairly nervous. It was included in a wave of cannabis-related legislation that came through once the legislative session began, many of them blatantly pushing back against Oklahoma’s cannabis industry and the patients. Once I read over the bill myself, however, the impression of 3960 that I got was more akin to taking steps to prevent some of the bullying and discrimination that has happened in the past. To clarify before we continue: it is illegal to drive or operate a vehicle under the influence of any substance, legal or not. What this bill offers is protection for those who are not impaired, and for those who may have THC in their system still, but not enough to be truly impaired. Under HB 3960, there are a few changes to how police would handle drivers suspected of driving while high. Firstly, it removes one of the oldest tricks in the book from their arsenal: “An officer shall have made an articulable observation, other than the odor of marijuana, including, but not limited to, glassy or red eyes or slurring speech, to request that the driver submit to a field sobriety test for marijuana.”


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This essentially ensures that cops aren’t able to pull patients over and give them the business as they have in the past, even if their car absolutely reeks from cannabis, provided they aren’t showing additional signs of potentially being under the influence. So if your flower is in your bag in your car, and you can still smell it, it’s not automatically a reason for law enforcement to submit you to a field sobriety test, or a reason for them to rip your car apart looking for weed. In addition to this protection, 3960 goes further: “Evidence of the presence or concentration of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or their metabolites, excluding 11-nor9-carboxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or derivatives is admissible.

However, no person shall be convicted of the offense of operating or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while such person’s ability to operate such vehicle was impaired by marijuana, THC, or their metabolites, excluding 11-nor-9-carboxydelta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or derivatives in the absence of additional evidence that such person’s ability to operate such vehicle was affected to a degree that the person was rendered substantially incapable, either mentally or physically by marijuana, THC, or their metabolites, excluding 11nor-9-carboxy-delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol, or derivatives to the extent that the public health and safety was threatened or that said person violated a state statute or local ordinance in the operation of a motor vehicle.”

"HB 3960 APPEARS TO FORCE POLICE TO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT A SUBJECT BEFORE IMMEDIATELY DECIDING THAT THEY MUST BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF CANNABIS" I know, it’s a big chunk of text with some tongue-twister words in it, but it’s an exceedingly important portion of the bill; in layman's terms, just because you have THC in your car or in your system does not mean you were driving while impaired. It basically says that it has to be proven that the amount you have in your system was enough that you were impaired while behind the wheel before you can be convicted of it. For years, this has been a weapon used against those who have consume cannabis; THC generally stays in a person’s system for a relatively long period of time, even after they’ve consumed it, and it has been the subject of many passionate arguments for many because the law offered no clarity on what is and isn’t considered impaired.

While with any bill, there’s the chance that HB 3960 could backfire, leading more police to target cannabis users who may be prone to things like red eyes, even if they’re not considered ‘under the influence’. Until technology helps us get to a point where we have an on-the-spot testing device that accurately shows if someone should be driving or not, it’s going to take us keeping on our toes to ensure that bills like 3960 actually do benefit us or protect us, rather than open the door for further harrasment or discrimination. While HB 3960 appears to force police to take a closer look at a subject before immediately deciding that they must be under the influence of cannabis, it’s a bill worth keeping a close eye on ourselves, to ensure it functions as intended and protects both the patient and the officer from a potential incident of discrimination. I applaud Rep. Fetgatter for taking a reasonable approach to the problem, rather than deciding to continue to bring the hammer down on patients who, for the most part, are just trying to do the right thing.


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