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HOW PSYCHEDELICS CAN HELP WITH PTSD There should be no argument that the brain is the most important organ in the body. It’s so important that it's protected by a 6 to a 7-millimeter thick, concave sheet of bone layered around it. It is responsible for all the communication between organs and for regulating the overall function of the body. If the brain is off, so is every other organ.



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THE MONTHLY CANNABIS REVIEW Talking Headz Co-op | Flower and All Flower Pre Rolls


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Craft cannabis and craft beers share many similarities, from the rise in popularity of their respective industries to the appreciation of both as an art and science. As the title of this article suggests, yes, the hops that have become so famous for giving craft beer their different flavor profiles and the plant we have celebrated for its medicinal purposes’ cannabis, are actually cousins! Humulus lupulus, the common hop or hops is a species of flowering plant in the hemp family Cannabaceae, which sounds like cannabis already, as cannabis also falls within this family. 9

JUNE 2022


We as humans use our senses to understand and learn about the world around us. Notably, cannabis and beer (hops), two really bring out our sense of smell and taste, arguably for sight as well. Who doesn’t like the sight of a beautiful, resinous craft bud or of a cold glass of craft beer with an appealing, unique color? This is exciting for people who like to try new things AND who like to have their senses teased and pleased. Both plants contain terpenes that lend to craft beer’s flavor profile, to craft cannabis’ taste and overall aroma for these two cousins.

They have some of the same terpenes like pinene, humulene, and myrcene. The fact that these plant cousins share some of the same terpenes lends to why both share some of the same words like dank, earthy, citrusy, floral, and skunky. This makes a lot of sense as to why these two would pair well together, not to mention these cousins also have their own mind-altering effects, in which terpenes can play a role, especially for cannabis. Not only sharing in chemical properties, but the buds of cannabis and hops sure do look similar to each other.



Lead by passionate people who thrive on creating new, yet quality beers and strains is another common characteristic within these industries. Cultivation of both plants has begun to lead to smaller, “hand-crafted” farms, which produce top-of-line premium buds and if you will, gourmet hops. What also makes this fun for everyone is that people can now try their hand at home brewing and growing cannabis in their homes! Some suggestive pairings of specific beers would recommend the skunky IPAs, lager style, fruity, sours, and even a few stouts with their deep, rich flavors.

Oklahoma native, who now perfects his knowledge of craft beer as a Colorado bartender, Justin Crawford, has some excellent pairings he himself has discovered and is excited to share. So, let’s get crafty with trying his personal recommendations: Horse and Dragon stout from Sad Panda brewery, a coffee stout that’s a hard hitter would pair nicely with a nighttime indica like the Night Nurse strain, known for its earthy, almost spicy coffee aromas.

New Terrain, a hazy IPA from North Star brewery would be paired best with an alike simple, hazy hybrid strain, like that of the classic Blue Dream buds. Trump Hands, an IPA session with a twist of an American style beer brewed by Cannonball Creek, has strong herbal hops, sounds like a complex beer but would go quickly with just about any strain of cannabis, especially the likes of either the potent indica, Purple Chemdog or an easygoing Sativa like Strawberry Cough. Juice Force Imperial IPA from New Belgium, is full of fruity delicious notes with a no hop burn and weighing in heavy at 9.5% ABV, would be complemented with a lighter, uplifting, and citrusy strain like that of Tangie or Super Lemon Haze.

Between both craft buds and beers, there are many and endless possibilities for pairings. Ultimately, there are never any right or wrong answers when exploring pairing cannabis strains with craft beers, so do not let those pretentious pricks that are growers and brewers tell you otherwise. Lastly, of course, be mindful and use both responsibilities!

In the '90s and 2000s, when thinking about weed-themed content, it was easy to write off every movie or show as a stoner "bro" comedy or the young adult living in mom's basement smoking weed or getting in trouble with law enforcement; however, that image slips further and further away from reality – if it ever was all that accurate. That said, pictures combined with propaganda films continued to create lasting negative associations with cannabis use that are only now regressing. As much as we laugh about it now, television made a lasting, damaging impression on cannabis. What about now? Now, the streaming age has brought diverse cannabis stories to the forefront! From cannabis-themed cooking shows, documentaries, and dramas to the timeless and beloved easy-going flicks seen in recent years, positive cannabis representation has popped up in small doses on the large screen. Films like Blade Runner and Inherent Vice have shown how a person uses cannabis and continues to work through their daily lives. Though, in Blade Runner's case, the future is bleak regardless of cannabis. Ha! While other movies have done the same, only a handful of examples have existed until recently, and in most cases, these films have flown under the radar and not received the budget or buzz. Today, however, that is changing in a variety of ways. A growing number of avenues have brought the varying uses and lifestyles of cannabis to the big screen. Moreover, cultural inclusion is making headway in the film fray! But what can we expect from cannabis and breaking down marijuana stereotypes? As the Miner survey revealed, cannabis consumers do not feel represented on the small screen. It is likely to assume that they feel the same towards films.

This reality television series is the equivalent of "Shark Tank" for the legal cannabis industry. Each episode follows cannabis business owners looking to compete for money and mentorship from investors Jamie Perino, co-founder of Euflora cannabis dispensaries; Brian Ruden, owner of Starbuds; and Joel Sherlock of Doventi Capital, which invests in legal weed.

Cooked with Cannabis A cooking show about cannabis? Say less. "Cooked with Cannabis" follows three chefs concocting three-course cannabis-infused meals for the chance to win $10,000. Co-hosts Kelis and Leather Storrs judge the contestants with the assistance of their best buds who guest star on the show, such as Elle King and Amanda Seales.

Photo credit:

Broad City

Photo credit:

JUNE 2022

The Marijuana Show

Photo credit:

Shows like the now-canceled Disjointed taught us that people want authentic cannabis representation or more characters that lean towards reality, like the veteran using cannabis to treat their PTSD or the office worker who microdoses to get through their day so they can get off their anxiety medicine. By including positive portrayals in works that do not make cannabis the central focus but rather just part of a character's makeup, we see productive cannabis users and fewer stoners, save for comic relief roles. But if television shows are more your thing, here is a few of my favorite:




One of the most warm-hearted stoner TV shows you can find on Comedy Central. "Broad City" traces the friendship of characters Illana Wexler and Abbi Abrams, two young girls making their way in New York City. The five-season show features the duo in a host of weed-related misadventures, including season 2 premiere "In Heat," where they revisit their old NYU dorms and uncover their old supply from their college days - a perfect show for smoking with your best friend.

Photo credit:

Photo credit: Photo credit:

The first mainstream series exclusively about cannabis, "Weeds" stars Mary-Louise Parker as a suburban mom. She turns to selling cannabis to maintain her lavish lifestyle following her husband's death. The eight-season crime dramedy is a must-watch, with a follow-up to the series currently in development at Starz with Parker attached to star and executive produce. The new show will pick up with the family ten years after the events of the original series, set in the era of legalization… keeping my fingers crossed!

One thing is sure The central role cannabis has played in the last few seasons is a testament to the advent of cannabis in mainstream culture. It's all about Tegrity!

South Park Weed the People "Weed the People" chronicles the stories of children living with cancer, and their families, who rely on medical cannabis to deal with their illness, battling mean-spirited legislation and former United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions's plan to roll back marijuana reforms in states like California. The emotional documentary examines the country's backward laws regarding scientific research on and usage of the substance, and the legal and technical barriers families face in caring for their children. Those are a mustwatch for sure. But how can I not mention "South Park"?

Over the years, has become an institution, an unbiased referee that many humans look to for sober, 360-degree judgment on various topics comprising the modern cultural landscape, whether they admit it or not. It is like a wacky magnifying glass, exposing the absurdities in society and hyperbolizing them to hilarious proportions. While "South Park” takes on the cannabis industry and culture may seem critical and borderline scathing, it is essential to remember the context – the writers have always prided themselves on being "equal opportunity offenders." They excel at recreating trends and clichés in the world of South Park, where the extreme becomes more extreme for us to realize, laugh at, and possibly take down a notch.





Colorado To Create A Task Force To Study Cannabis Delta-8 THC Products

2 New Mexico Tribes Closer to Recreational Cannabis Sales

Rhode Island Poised to Legalize Cannabis

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Two New Mexico tribes have signed an agreement with state officials recognizing the tribe’s authority to collect taxes on sales of cannabis products.

This week, Colorado's lawmakers passed a Senate bill (SB-205) to allow the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to limit the sale of delta-8 THC products and create a task force to study intoxicating hemp products and, meanwhile, focus on consumer protection.

The move announced by state officials Thursday after it was signed last week further formalizes potential involvement in the cannabis industry by the Pojoaque and Picuris pueblos, both in northern New Mexico.

The task force will submit a report to the general assembly by January 1, 2023. It will comprise 20 members, including state government representatives, experts in cannabis and industrial hemp regulation, and other stakeholders. The bill also allocates $587,347 to the Colorado attorney general's office to focus on the general consumer protection from synthetic hemp-derived intoxicating products, including delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC. The measure was introduced in the Colorado legislature last month and aimed to ban any intoxicating cannabis product that isn't produced by a statelicensed cannabis business or sold at a licensed dispensary.


JUNE 2022

Recreational marijuana sales began across the state on April 1, grossing around $2 million on the first day. The agreement means that cannabis products can now be sold in the pueblos and taxed by the tribes much like cigarettes and gasoline are sold and taxed now, according to state Taxation and Revenue Department spokesman Charlie Moore.




The state’s 12% tax on the product won’t be levied on products sold by the tribes. “New Mexico has a strong history of collaborating with tribes to efficiently administer taxes while recognizing tribal sovereignty and the limitations of state authority on tribal lands,” said Taxation and Revenue Secretary Stephanie Schardin Clarke.

After several years of fits and starts, Rhode Island is finally poised to pass a substantive cannabis legalization bill as soon as next week. An amended version of the previously-proposed cannabis bill is now on the fast track toward passage at the State House. Major developments in the amended bill include automatic expungement for past cannabis crimes, the creation of a Cannabis Control Commission, and the inception of retail sales as soon as December 2022.The amended bill was released Tuesday afternoon and approved Wednesday by both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Finance Committee. Having advanced through those committees, floor votes on the bills are expected to take place next week. One of the most significant changes from previous cannabis legalization bills in Rhode Island is a plan to adopt automatic expungement of prior civil or criminal marijuana possession charges (i.e. activities decriminalized by the current bill). The original 2022 legalization bill required those seeking expungement to request it from the courts, which raised numerous objections. The bill now poised for passage instead gives the Rhode Island courts until July 1, 2024, to automatically expunge past convictions, while allowing those who want to seek expungement sooner to request it.

On Tuesday afternoon, Governor McKee’s office thanked legislative leaders for addressing his concerns about separation of powers in their new bill.

While this bill is different than the governor’s original proposal – it does accomplish his priorities of making sure legalization is equitable, controlled, and safe,” a McKee spokesperson said in an email announcement. “We look forward to reviewing the final bill that comes out of the General Assembly and signing legalization of adult-use cannabis into law.” SOME OF HIGHLIGHTS OF THE BILL’S PROVISIONS Legalizes the sale and possession of up to 1 ounce of cannabis for adults ages 21 and older, with no more than 10 ounces for personal use kept at a person’s residence. Creates a Cannabis Control Commission, a new independent office charged with overseeing the cannabis industry in Rhode Island. Source:

e n o r d Mc dawn'sMa WRITTEN BY: MC DAWN


On the Mendocino coast in California, as you drive along Highway 1, you can smell the aroma of the forest that grows along the coast and blends perfectly with the ocean air. The Madrone farming community resides in Mendocino County. Cannabis artisans provide a streamlined approach to crafting cannabis by joining forces. From the soil to the harvest, they work synergistically together as growers. The farmers of Madrone aim to connect with others with heart and quality as well as to provide high-quality cannabis. Some of the most fertile land in Northern California is used to grow some of the best cannabis in the state. It is so easy to talk about just their fine craft cannabis, but Madrone has much more to offer than just cannabis; there is heart and compassion in this community.

In 2021, Madrone launched Food for Fam Can Drive. As a result of the partnership with vendors and Casa Flor, they collected over a ton of food cans and distributed them to people in their communities. Ten cans for one gram of cannabis. The program was a remarkable success. Madrone, their vendors, and Casa Flor deserve our respect. That is where compassion comes into play. This is an enlightening and inspiring story of giving hearts on the part of legacy farms and growers. Madrone's farmers learned through experience that working together was better than working individually. Using their combined strengths, farmers were able to get their products to market and avoid some of the mistakes others have made. Agricultural cannabis production is not for the faint of heart. It is difficult for farmers to pay licensing fees, and taxes, and make a profit. Trying to compete in today's market can be extremely difficult for small farmers. Since the price of cannabis per pound has dropped over the past year, breaking even is not enough. It is the popularity of the cannabis varieties (Strawberry Cough, Gelatti, Apple Fritter, Slurricane) that drive the retail cannabis market. Due to the mega-retail markets and reduced profit margins, several farms have gone under. According to Nat Buttrick, CEO, and cofounder of Madrone, "You don't have to belong to a group to achieve success, Some people just need a little boost to stand on their own." Working together is what it is all about. It has ebbed and flowed through the years to where it is today. Growing high-quality cannabis with a community-based approach. Nat and the team at Madrone are always trying to find the bright side of any situation. Their antics on Instagram make people laugh, as does the fun of working together. When it comes to "soil to the soul", Madrone hits the mark every time. You cannot go wrong with any of the farm brands from this gorgeous region. This divine plant is evident in every jar by its rich aroma, its smooth flavor palette, and the benefits it offers. That is Madrone Grown.

JUNE 2022


Photo credit: @madronecalifornia | Instagram


JUNE 2022




Trust Me!


Licensing Report Growers Processors Dispensaries Transport Laboratory Waste Disposal

As of May 15th, there are 7,724 growers within our state We have 1,489 licensed processors in the state We currently have 2,286 dispensary licenses with this great state We now have 118 Transportation Licenses We have 30 licensed labs We have 9 licensed waste disposal faclities

Active Licenses: 386,913 Patients & 1,805 Caregivers (368, 218 in May 2021)


(2,340 in May 2021)



2019 (JAN. TO DEC.)

2019 (JAN. TO DEC.)

..................... $24,156,269

..................... $30,594,902

2020 (JAN. TO DEC.)

2020 (JAN. TO DEC.)

.................... $56,245,888 2021 (JAN. TO DEC.) ..................... $66,173,758 2022 ( JAN. TO APR.)

........................ $19,284,445

..................... $71,593,772 2021 (JAN. TO NOV.) ..................... $83,265,745 November - $6,252,699

........................ $25,423,492

More than 90 cannabis-related bills were filed at the beginning of the session, but as lawmakers wind down their time at the Capitol, only 20 remain. Four bills have been signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt, while others are waiting to be heard on the floor or are working through conference committees.


Several of the bills are aimed at cracking down on the cannabis black market — an issue heightened by multiple large-scale illegal marijuana busts.

There are several medical marijuana bills making their way through the Oklahoma Legislature that could have a large impact on the industry. You may be asking yourself, how are new laws even made? Well, I am here to break it down for you! A law can come from many sources such as interest groups, government agencies, or the Governor. But this is just the idea stage. Someone, or more likely a group of people, then drafts the bill and files it. The Oklahoma Legislature has a two-part system, the House, and the Senate. Both play a crucial role in the passing of bills to become laws. The bills always start with the House and may make it to the Senate. The drafted bill is introduced by the Speaker of the House and undergoes First and Second Readings in the House. The Speaker then assigns it to a committee, or it goes directly to the calendar. Once a bill gets to the committee, the committee can decide if it passes or not. If the bill does not pass, the bill is dead. If the bill passes the committee or passes as amended, it makes it to General Order. This means it is available for the Floor Leader for possible scheduling for Floor Agenda. Once it makes it to the floor, the bill is explained, possibly amended, debated, and voted upon. There is a Third Reading and final passage by the House. If the bill passes the House, it moves to the Senate in a similar manner. If it passes the Senate, it goes back to the House! Once the bill goes back to the house if there are no amendments, the bill heads to the Governor. If the Governor signs the bill, it heads to the Secretary of State and it becomes a law at some point in the future. If the bill is returned to the House with amendments, it may go to the Governor, but the House may refuse to agree to the amendments and the bill goes back to the committee.

If you would like to review a flow chart on this process, please follow this link:

A few bills target standardizing operations, and others add more regulations and fees to the licensing process. Overall, bolstering the OMMA’s authority, increasing penalties for violations and implementing measures to mitigate impacts on natural resources were key areas of focus during this legislative session. Signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt: HB3019- Requires purchased marijuana leaving a dispensary to be contained in an exit package, which is described as an opaque bag. It would also require marijuana containers to be printed with “For use by licensed medical marijuana patients only,” and “Keep out of reach of children,” on the container. The container may be clear. SB1543- Removes the OMMA as a division of the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The OMMA would instead function as its own distinct entity. SB1367- Does a few things related to punishments for unauthorized transfers of cannabis: Would raise the penalty for purchases or transfers of value of medical marijuana by a marijuana business, its employees or agents of the business to unauthorized persons. For the first offense, the fine is $5,000 (up from $1,000) and $15,000 (up from $5,000) for subsequent violations occurring within a oneyear timeframe. Would raise the penalty for marijuana patients to share or sell marijuana to unauthorized persons. For the first offense, the fine is $400 (up from $200). For the second offense, the fine is $1,000 (up from $500), and the offender will have their license permanently revoked. Would raise the penalty for marijuana patients, caregivers, businesses or employees that share or sell marijuana to an unauthorized minor. For the first offense, the fine is $2,500 (up from a citation). For subsequent offenses, the offender is subject to a citation and fine of $5,000 (no change). Would revoke licenses upon the second incident of businesses, employees or agents fraudulently or inaccurately reporting within a 10-year period. HB3530- Creates the County Sheriff Public Safety Grant Revolving Fund, which would be used for law enforcement relating to marijuana. It would be funded by money received by the OMMA, as well as any federal funds, grants or donations from public or private sources. For legislation still in conference committees, committee reports for the bills are sent to the originating chamber and then the opposite chamber for approval or rejection. Upon approval, the bill is read on the floor. Upon rejection, the bill can go back to the conference committee.

For questions or more information email

- Jade

JUNE 2022



When I reflect back on raising my son, I realize that I intentionally stocked my parenting toolbox with some nifty gadgets and gizmos. In addition to having degrees in education and counseling, I embraced methods from parenting courses such as Love and Logic because… I like to love AND I like to be logical. Plus, their philosophy appeared to have the chill vibe I was looking for.

“Our children learn that the quality of their lives depends on the quality of their choices.”



Even though I aimed to provide loving and logical responses, I still could have used cannabis in my parenting toolbox to keep me from missing the mark as many times as I did. In the words of Alanis Morisette, “who would have thought to figure…” I’m not going to lie. Maintaining a loving and logical mindset twenty-fourseven isn’t humanly realistic. And since I’m being honest, I’ll admit to enjoying the occasional illogical decision because perfection really isn’t my style when it comes to relationships.

But, regardless of the enjoyment I get out of the periodic tiff, I know that I definitely would have utilized cannabis to enhance the days and nights of parenting. Looking back to all of the imaginative dragon rides, Lego towers, and McDonald’s PlayPlace climbing sessions, I sure could have used a handy cannabis device to relieve aches and pains in addition to boosting my creativity when needed. You might agree there are just some things over-thecounter meds and caffeine can’t deliver.

by Alesha Wilson, M. Ed.

Certified Cannabis Therapy Consultant

My son incorporated a lot of imagination into his play. As much as he loved a favorite character or superhero, he loved to modify their features and powers more. That’s probably the reason why he is such a natural DM (Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons) with his friends. Had I been able to utilize the creative benefits of my favorite 5mg edible, I probably would have participated so much more in the adventures of playtime with no doubt about my ability to act responsibly. I did just fine as a mother, and have a terrific son to show for it, but it does make me wonder, what if.


JUNE 2022


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” - Albert Einstein Now that cannabis is a part of my daily health routine, I’ve discovered the benefits of pain relief, creativity, and a quiet mind. As parents, I don’t have to convince you of the value pain relief and creativity have when it comes to raising your children, but having a quiet mind might need some explanation. It really never occurred to me to seek a quiet mind until I became aware of how much I was missing. If you’ve ever watched a favorite movie after consuming a certain amount of cannabis only to discover scenes you never “saw” before – you might know what I’m talking about. I noticed a (new to me) scene just last night in Sherlock Holmes, and I have seen that movie over 10 times without cannabis! This leads me to really question, what did I miss when my son was growing up? Did I miss complete scenes because my mind was filled with the hubbub of the past and future? Not only what did I miss, but how many times did I give the excuse of being too tired or feeling too much pain? I have stumbled my way through the cannabis world as I know it today and found many a strain that took me to far-away places and some left me appropriately in the couch. Keeping in mind the consequences of misuse of cannabis and even the accidental overuse, I encourage parents to find what works for them in different situations and times of the day. It can be tricky to experiment with different cultivars and consumption methods during peak parenting times and for this reason, I recommend scheduling time to train for your cannabis tolerance. In addition to training for tolerance, I encourage parents to educate their children on their usage before someone else does. The nation seems ok with an over-the-counter pain med break, a caffeine break, and even a cigarette smoke break, but what we really need is a break from the stigma of cannabis. I remember telling my young son that as soon as cannabis became legal, I was going to use it. Even though the thought of his mom consuming cannabis probably caused some concern, I knew it was going to be a part of my life in the future and I wanted him to hear a loving and logical perspective of cannabis. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to practice what I preached as it pertains to making quality decisions. I’ve always been a bit of a cheerleader for the underdog and maybe that is part of my attraction to cannabis. Yet, after consuming cannabis for the past 3 years and witnessing the benefits to my mind, body, and spirit, maybe cannabis will win the race in my lifetime. As a writer, we get to choose how we approach an article. Through cannabis and parenting, I could have weaved in my experience as a licensed professional counselor under supervision, offering examples of how some parents’ cannabis consumption (in 2005) was linked to neglecting the responsibilities of raising their children, however, I decided to assign energy towards a lighter side (of cannabis and parenting) with my hindsight viewpoints. Even though my son is 24 years old, I still look for opportunities to improve our communication and evaluate my level of support and I am grateful he gets to see my cannabis-infused parenting style now because I want to leave behind as many loving and logical memories as I can. “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” Charles R. Swindoll 20

JUNE 2022

Driving High written by: Chynna Jasmine Pearson

As more states are legalizing what are the impacts and or correlations in DUI. Is alcohol DUI decreasing?


e all know that driving drunk is a horrible and dangerous thing to do. In fact, before any state had legalized recreational marijuana, there were nearly 10,000 deaths associated with driving under the influence of alcohol according to the US Department of Transportation. The next year, 2012, had an increase of drunk driving deaths - 10,322. When Ohio became the 25th state to legalize marijuana in 2016, drunk driving deaths were 10,497, that account for 28% of all traffic-related deaths. In 2020, there was a 9% increase in drunk driving deaths and at that point, there were nearly 35 states with some sort of legalized marijuana. Does marijuana have any correlation to these statistics? Let’s find out. 22

JUNE 2022

Now that marijuana has been legalized in over half of the United States, you may have seen some commercials condemning driving high as well. Like many people who partake in marijuana, you may be thinking that driving high can’t be as bad as driving drunk. Many of us have no idea what the statistics are when it comes to driving under the influence of marijuana. While it has been recorded by many, both in professional and personal areas, that people driving while under the influence of marijuana tend to be more careful than drunk drivers there is no definitive scientific answer. Regardless, driving under the influence of anything is dangerous and can end up ending someone's life or your own.

First of all, even at a quick glance, you can tell the data is all over the place. Why is that? Scientific testing is behind on how to test for cannabis intoxication in comparison to testing for alcohol. Additionally, alcohol impairment is typically more visibly apparent than cannabis impairment. A 2010 study conducted by the National Library of Medicine explains the effect on driving that cannabis has in comparison with alcohol. “In summary, laboratory tests and driving studies show that cannabis may acutely impair several drivingrelated skills in a dose-related fashion, but that the effects between individuals vary more than they do with alcohol because of tolerance, differences in smoking technique, and different absorptions of THC.

Overall, though, case-control and culpability studies have been inconclusive, a determination reached by several other recent reviewers. Similar disagreements have never existed in the literature on alcohol use and crash risk.” The Washington Post reported,

“For marijuana, and for a number of other legal and illegal drugs including antidepressants, painkillers, stimulants and the like, there is no statistically significant change in the risk of a crash associated with using that drug prior to driving. But overall alcohol use, measured at a blood alcohol concentration threshold of 0.05 or above, increases your odds of a wreck nearly seven-fold.” This doesn’t mean we all can just smoke and drive all we want but it does mean that we have very little proven data on smoking weed and driving. The Post also goes on to say that THC affects different people in different ways. Some people are only mildly affected by it while some will fall asleep on the couch 30 minutes after a five milligram edible or three puffs from a joint; it is all subjective. This year it was reported by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health that 40% of people who reported using alcohol and marijuana also had a DUI between 2016-2019. The subjects of this study had claimed that “8% reported daily alcohol use, 20% daily cannabis use, and 21% met criteria for alcohol use disorder, and 18% for cannabis use disorder. Over a quarter of the sample (28%) reported simultaneous alcohol/cannabis use.” This fact may lead some people to believe that cannabis is now simply adding to the intoxication of those who are actively drunk driving and not decreasing it as we have hoped. Let’s take a look at what drunk driving statistics are from this year when the state legalized recreational marijuana. For this, we will only cover the first five legalized states since they’ve had the longest time to adjust.

These numbers are from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and reflect statistics from alcoholrelated traffic deaths and do take into account the population:


Legalized in 2012, there were 221 deaths accounting for 35% of all deadly crashes in the state.


Also legalized in 2012, the states had 195, accounting for 36%.


Legal since 2014, had 36 deaths, accounting for 45%.


Legalized two years later (2016), there were 1,241 deaths, accounting for 35%.

We can compare these to the states where cannabis is fully illegal:


Experienced 66 deaths, accounting for 29%.


Had 39, accounting for 35%.


Had 98, accounting for 24%.


Also legal since 2014, had 185, accounting for 37%.

South Carolina

Lastly, had 335 deaths, accounting for 32%.

JUNE 2022


One of those is the fact that during the COVID-19 pandemic, drunk driving deaths increased by nearly 5% even though the total miles traveled had decreased by 14.5%. In just a year the death rate increased by .25%. There are always more factors to drunk driving statistics than we can record. With all this information, it can be reasonably concluded that drunk driving is still very rampant with an unfortunate death count still sitting around the 10,000’s annual. Additionally, it seems that some people didn’t stop drinking and driving but simply added marijuana to the equation. While this is not the majority of people, we all still must remain vigilant while driving during typical “partying hours.” I, like many other people, am disappointed with these statistics. I had hoped that there would be an obvious change happening and there doesn’t seem to be. Although there may be other factors contributing, just by looking at the numbers cannabis legalization hasn’t made a huge impact positively or negatively when it comes to drunk driving. We shouldn’t give up hope, however, with proper education, we can still manage some change within our lifetime.

APRIL 2022




Captain's Canna Mahi Tacos Yields: 6 tacos



Approximately 1hour and 15mins


Twist one up and Let’s get cooking

INGREDIENTS 6 Mahi fillets, about 3oz each


6 flour tortillas

8 oz Roasted red pepper

1 cup shredded white cabbage ½ Cup shredded carrots ½ shredded red cabbage ½ red bell pepper, thin sliced ¼ Cup white wine vinegar ½ Tablespoon Canna olive oil

(store-bought is fine)

½ Cup sour cream 1-2 Jalapeno ¼ teaspoon garlic powder ¼ teaspoon onion powder Salt and black pepper to taste

1 tsp sugar

Hey, hey and good day to all my canna chef’s out there, I hope everyone is blessed. I’m just getting back from a trip to the US Virgin Islands, my favorite place on this beautiful earth, and getting to see some good friends and enjoy some amazing food. I love fresh seafood, Mahi Mahi, lobster, conch, Ahi, and Wahoo, all locally caught and all absolutely delicious.

½ teaspoon salt and black pepper ½ Tablespoon Canna olive oil 1-2 Tablespoon Cannabutter 2 Tablespoons of cilantro, chopped

DIRECTIONS 1. The first thing I like to do is to make the Roasted Red Pepper sauce and put it in the refrigerator to chill. In a blender mix all the ingredients until smooth and then season with the salt and pepper to taste. Place in a

So for this month’s recipe, I am doing my famous fish taco recipe, Captain’s Canna Mahi Tacos. I know it can be hard to find fresh fish in some areas but with this recipe, you can substitute the Mahi for any white fish, Cod, Tilapia, or Swordfish and still have a delicious meal. We will also be making my award-winning Roasted Red Pepper and Jalapeno Sauce for them so grab a bag of your favorite herb, twist one up and let’s get Cooking with a Buz!

JUNE 2022

2. Now let's make the slaw for the tacos, mix the white wine vinegar, canna olive oil, sugar, and salt and pepper in a bowl, and whisk well. Then add the shredded cabbage and carrots and toss until evenly coated and place in the refrigerator to chill. Let's start on the Mahi fillets, I like to make mine with a Caribbean Jerk seasoning, you can find that recipe in my book “Cooking with a Buz,” but for today I will be sauteing it with a little Canna olive oil and cannabutter. 3. Now is the time to add blackening season or cajun if you’d like. Then heat the olive oil in a pan, once it’s warm add the fillets and season with salt and pepper, cook for about 3-4 minutes before flipping, and now I like to add the cannabutter to the pan and finish cooking for about another 3 minutes. The fillets should have a nice brown and the fish will be flaky and no longer translucent.

COOKING with a 26

squeeze bottle or bowl and refrigerate.


4. Take your tortillas and butter one side and cook until lightly brown the fold and add the Mahi fillet, the cabbage slaw, and top with the roasted red pepper sour cream sauce and garnish with the cilantro, don’t forget to squeeze a little lime juice over them too.




JUNE 2022


Dr. Feel Good's

The Healing Company a.k.a. Heal Billy


If you love the ultra fruity extreme terpene-rich strains, you simply must try the strain, Pineapple Hash Train grown by the dedicated crew over at Dr. Feel Goods. Dr. Feel Goods is a small batch craft, terpene-focused cultivator of high-quality craft indoor flowers. Pineapple Hash Train has a bold tropical flavor and aroma that matches and displays underlying grassy notes from the hash plant in the lineage. Smooth and potent this top-shelf terpene-rich flower will please any patient. Dr. Feel Goods strains are selected for optimum terpene profiles that enhance the entourage effect, therefore, delivering even more powerful medicine to patients. They have a variety of terpene-rich strains. Good news dispensaries, Dr. Feel Goods flower is available wholesale. Don’t miss Pineapple Hash Train or any of the quality medicine Dr. Feel Goods is producing.

Blazed Dispensary

The hardworking team over at Heal Billy Pot Farms knocked their grow of this noteworthy pure Indica strain out of the park. The Godberry Strain is believed to be a cross of the legendary God Strain and the original Blueberry strain. This 100% True Indica strain shows up to represent its Landrace lineage. It goes without saying that the strain is incredibly potent. Its scent is unlike anything you may have tried before. As for the flavor and aroma, the fruity berry and gassy undertones combine to produce an intense terpene profile. You will feel the high overcome your body and mind in no time. It offers a cerebral and body buzz unlike any other. Even the most experienced Indica Lovers may exhibit symptoms of couch-lock. The crew at Heal Billy Pot Farms has a winner with Godberry. If you see Godberry or any strains by the Heal Billy team, don’t pass them by! They won’t last long on any shelf.


HEAL BILLY POT FARMS - 580.695.1378

Medicine Man a.k.a. High Society CARTS


Our friends over at Blazed Dispensary are at it again. Always providing patients with outstanding Cannabis products, the hardworking team at Blazed Dispensary has a new product that has become an instant fan favorite. They have taken their already amazing carts to the next level. Blazed sauce carts give the full cannabis experience with the convenience of an easily concealable and handy vape cartridge. These terpene-rich little gems give full flavor and do not slack when it comes to effects. These Sauce Carts are done right by the good folks over at your friendly neighborhood Blazed Dispensary. Stop in Blazed and be sure to ask for these terprich sauce carts, you will not be disappointed! As always, Blazed Dispensary continues to provide patients with consistency and quality In all of the products they sell. Don’t miss out, these are selling quickly!


JUNE 2022

6001 S SHIELDS BLVD, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73149 | (405) 724-8744

The Medicine Man brand is getting to be a well known staple on the Oklahoma Cannabis Market by providing quality products to patients with very patient friendly pricing. Medicine Man gives back to patients with their top of the line Edibles, concentrates, pre rolls and hugely popular Vape carts. Your local high society dispensary will always be stocked with medicine man products, go by and see our friends at High Society and try their Vape Carts. Coming in many different flavors, These true quality carts are a cart lovers dream come true. Look for the Medicine Man brand at your local High Society and other select dispensaries. Cart lovers new and seasoned, will not want to miss these full flavor carts. They are quickly becoming the crowd favorite.


2921 NW 10TH ST, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73107 | (405) 493-9550


Herbs that work synergistically with the Cannabis Plant Written by Dr. Pepper Hernandez

ND, Ph.D., BHHP, CNHP Naturopath, Nutritionist, Cannabis Therapy Consultant, Board Certified HHP

It's planting season and if you have a few spots in your garden, you may want to plant some companion plants. Several common herbs work well for many different alignments and discomforts, but did you know that some of them work well with cannabis? The following are the top synergistic herbs I highly suggest using.

Cannabis and Lavender Lavender is known for its calming properties. Apart from having a pleasant scent, and being effective in aromatherapy and massage, lavender and cannabis have something else in common. Both are abundant in the terpene linalool. The word terpene refers to an aromatic molecule. In combination with THC, linalool can be used as a muscle relaxant, which would enhance the effect of lavender. Linalool increases CBD's anticonvulsant properties when combined with whole-plant medicine. It has anti-inflammatory effects on its own. Together, these compounds are known to reduce sensitivity to pain. In making cannabis topicals, adding lavender plant matter or oil may enhance the herb's relaxing and pain-relieving qualities. Lavender can also be added to edibles and cannabis tea for maximum benefits. And who doesn't love some raw cannabis lavender chocolate?

Cannabis and Rosemary Did you know that rosemary, cannabis, and black pepper all contain the terpene betacaryophyllene? Several studies have found that this terpene binds to cannabinoid receptors. Black pepper is one of the ingredients some companies are using to help CBD to get absorbed into the body more readily. When beta-caryophyllene is added to a cell receptor called the cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) it has been known to help regulate immune function and inflammation. There is research and evidence that BCP can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. We all know rosemary is good for mood, stress, blood flow, and memory. Can you imagine the potency of mixing them? So, maybe try adding plenty of rosemary and black pepper into your infused goodies. It is a great way to amplify the therapeutic effects of all three of these herbs.

JUNE 2022


Cannabis and Holy Basil Another stress-relieving plant is Tulsi. Sometimes known as Holy Basil. Cannabis with high THCA content and Holy Basil have been shown to help with anxiety and stress reduction. Both have the terpene Eugenol. Holy Basil has been proven to contain properties that lower cortisol (the stress hormone). As humans, we can all benefit from developing a stressrelieving self-care routine. You may manufacture a simple extract of this herb by heating it in oil in the same way that cannabis oil is made. If you make a salve out of it, you can use it topically to relieve pain. Use avocado oil as the base for a delicious salve.



Cannabis and Echinacea Echinacea, another fantastic herb, contains chemicals similar to cannabis in some ways. Nacylethanolamines (NAEs) are chemicals that interact with the enzyme that breaks down endocannabinoids in the body. As a result, a cannabis combination can help to enhance endocannabinoid tone. Echinacea contains Nalkylamines that bind to the CB2 receptor. Which in my opinion is a huge plus. These substances are cannabimimetic. These chemicals resemble cannabinoids and interact with the endocannabinoid system. Echinacea is commonly used to stimulate the immune system during the common cold, and we now know that cannabis has the potential to do the same. Increasing your immune system's strength can help you fight infection. Echinacea is historically known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The herb may also have analgesic properties. So combining it with a nice whole-plant cannabis tincture sounds like a perfect match.


Cannabis and Black Cohosh Black Cohosh, like cannabis, has the ability to alleviate mood swings and hot flashes associated with menopause. This plant is known to help maintain hormonal balance in the endocrine system. If you are looking for a natural hormone regulator, you should look into the research and ask your primary care.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. The information provided is derived from research gathered from external sources. Please check with your Cannabis Educated Primary Health Care Physician or Cannabis Therapy Consultant before beginning any new diet or lifestyle change. It would be smart to check with a herbalist or naturopathic doctor before experimenting with that herb combination.

Black Cohosh

Dr. Pepper Hernandez ND, CTC, CNHP is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Cannabis Therapy Consultant, and the Founder and Education Director of the Cannabis Holistic Institute. To find out more about her private practice, educational programs, videos, and other offerings you can find her on the massive inter-webs, social platforms, or at

Black cohosh includes a phytoestrogen that is thought to help women restore some of the estrogens they lose during menopause. Black Cohosh can be a great addition to your favorite cannabis medicine. In closing, I hope I have given you some ideas of what to try right out in the garden. Many other herbs work well with cannabis, so do some fun investigating. As always choose organic and microdose anything and everything. Go forth, Go Cannabis…

Holy Basil



JUNE 2022

Jim Belushi



his month's cover is none other than Jim Belushi; the Blues Brother, the performer, the director, the producer, the writer, the actor,

the farmer, and more. Chronic was lucky enough to get in touch with him to discuss his current cannabis endeavors, Belushi’s Farm, Growing Belushi, and his partnership with Oklahoma’s own Glazed Edibles. Jim Belushi is the owner of Belushi’s Farm, located at the Rogue River riverfront in Southern Oregon’s Banana Belt. When asked how he chose this location for his farm he explained that he never had another choice in mind.



I’m an improvisationally trained actor and we are taught to explore and so you just do things that are in front of you and you react to them. Then you heighten them. It’s a complicated concept for improv... I was invited by my friend to the Rogue River in the spring and fall and they had the most beautiful property. [Our] families just had the greatest time, it’s such a spiritual place. It felt so beautiful there... I went into the river one time, naked, and I came out and it was like a baptism. I turned to the guy and I said, “Do you know of any properties around here?” Later on, he came to me and was like, “I know of one and you’re either gonna love it or hate it.” I say, “Let me see.” [The property] was this dilapidated, Elks picnic ground. No house, it was just like a stage, which I loved! It’s right along the river, like 200 feet. It took me a few years to get it... but then I bought it. That place was meant to be mine and I just kept heightening it. Built a house, made a big yard, built a stage, put up a wood fence... Then I got to know my neighbors, Becca and Charlie. Becca I just fell in love with, she was just the greatest woman ever. She had an 80-acre farm behind me and unfortunately, she came down with a sickness and passed away. She wanted me to have the property. So I bought it from her and now Charlie lives there. So then all of a sudden I had 80 acres of farm and cannabis became legal in Oregon so I thought, “The new agriculture!”

Jim Belushi; the Blues Brother, the performer, the director, the producer, the writer, the actor, the farmer, and more.

JUNE 2022



From there, he contacted Dan Aykroyd who put him in touch with Captain Jack who came to the farm along with another of Belushi’s friends, Jeffery Iverson, and they started to grow the first 48 plants on the farm. After that, “it just kept getting heightened.” The farm now has four GroTech greenhouses with the best technology, the best Rogue soil, Advanced Nutrients, dehumidifiers, brand new highquality LED lights from Fohse, and a total control brain that operates everything. “We are growing the best cannabis since we started.” Belushi said, “We keep getting better and better. I am just loving life. I’m loving the medicine of it, the spirituality that comes along with it. I love the stories, and I love the people I’ve met…cannabis has been a huge help to their health. All the people in the community, it’s really been a blessing. Once I dove in that river and made that decision, my life took a beautiful turn.” Belushi has met many people through cannabis, one of those people is Johnny Wheels, a wonderful singer and harmonica player. Johnny Wheels had a terrible swimming accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. The two met because Belushi’s Farm has a Chocolate Hashberry strain that stops the spasms in Johnny’s legs. 37

JUNE 2022

“I met him at a dispensary visit and now we are great friends, we jam together, he has come to the farm, he was on Growing Belushi. And that’s just one out of dozens and dozens of people who have been brought into my life.” Belushi’s Farm isn’t just any regular farm, the locals who have used the grounds since the ‘40s are still able to use the land. There have been multiple marriages held therefrom during and before Belushi’s Farm arrived. The Elks have a picnic event that is still held on the grounds every year, and so does the Cattlemen’s Association. But, Belushi’s favorite events are “the harvest parties. We got the band there, Dan Aykroydcomes, we sing on the stage, Johnny Wheels comes. We invite people from dispensaries and local businesses. We have a peaceful, joyous time. The Cattlemen's Association comes and they bring a big grill and they cook for the party! There is a real community feel there.” As the farm progresses through its 5th year, Belushi still feels that every day is a new experience. “It’s new every day, baby. I just explore and heighten. I had no idea that this would happen, I just live in the moment.

We get the things we need to get, improve where we need to improve and learn what we need to learn about this medicine. I know WAY too much information. I mean I know that we keep the soil at 64 degrees in order for the micronutrients to transfer. I prune, cut, trim... I’m farming, baby!” The farm offers a wide range of strains and brands: Chasing Magic (Jim’s Secret Stash), The Blues Brothers, Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica, and more. Belushi’s personal favorite strain is their Cherry Pie.

“It is a 19% THC and 3% terpenes, and it leans toward a Sativa. I’m a lightweight, so I just take like one or two hits and I feel good. I’m articulate, I’m charming, I’m funny. I used to call it “The Marriage Counselor.”

When you’re in a pickle with your partner, you take one hit of Cherry Pie, and suddenly you’re on the other side,” he explained. The farm does have some strains that are more potent with a higher THC percentage than Cherry Pie, and one of them is the Black Diamond OG. Belushi said, “it’s really killing it, and so is our Chocolate Hashberry. Captain Jack’s has a low THC count but it has a 5% terpene count, the majority of it is myrcene. I’ll tell you, I went to a Grateful Dead concert and I took a hit and the girl I was with, I didn’t even know who she was suddenly. It was so potent, that I felt like, “I know you, but I feel like I don’t know you.” [laughs] I mean, I do not smoke Captain Jack’s strain anymore.” [laughs] (If you’re into a strain like that, Select is making some vape pens with Captain Jack’s.) The farm is also the location where Growing Belushi is filmed. So far they have two seasons available and are waiting on a pick up for the third. During season two, the farm went through some troubling times. Belushi began talking about these difficulties from the production standpoint: We didn’t have a lot of money. We had to do it with a budget in mind. The most difficult thing is that there are so many stories to tell. It was hard to choose which ones to put in the show because of time restraints. It was difficult to get the greenhouses done before the show was done filming. But the most difficult thing was what happened at the end of the 3rd episode (If you want to avoid a spoiler, skip to the next paragraph!) My barn burnt down. That was a heartbreak. I was grateful nobody got hurt but there was a lot of love in that barn. But we rebuilt! That’s season 3! On Growing Belushi, you can tell that Belushi is loving the life he lives. He gets to wake up every day, go with the flow, and do what he loves with the people he loves. The best part is that’s what he’s been doing his whole life. “I’ve been improvising since 1976 and most projects you can adlib on. This project is totally improvised, made up on the spot, camera rolling. It’s just beautiful because you can really see how you are. The relationships are authentic. Chris, my cousin, has never been in front of a camera before. What a star he turned out to be, he is so funny! It’s just been so fun.”


Belushi continued and explained the purpose of the show is all about giving an authentic look at how it is to grow medicine in your backyard.

JUNE 2022




JUNE 2022

JUNE 2022



“My thing is I want to bring competence to the cannabis industry. I wanna create confidence in the new users, in the curious, to show ‘look, this is how it’s done.’ What you ingest is going to be clean. Look at it in a real way, as a business, and as a medicine. Instead of what Reefer Madness said about it.”

Reefer Madness was a ludicrous way of looking at marijuana but it has had a large number of repercussions that echo to this day like the War on Drugs. Thankfully, there are organizations today to try and change these issues, one of them is the Last Prisoner Project and Belushi works as an advisor for it. He got involved with the project due to Steve DeAngelo and Mary Bailey, losing their event venue so Belushi said they could use his yard. During the event, he was blown away by the people and their dedication to freeing the over 40,000 men and women who are incarcerated due to cannabis-related charges. I am on the advisory board, we did a Blues Brothers concert, and we raised money for the project. I mean, I met a lot of men and women whose stories are so sad about how they got into prison. The War on Drugs, that war failed. This war on drugs has always been a failure. It’s the time! It’s time to let these people out! Free them! Then everybody in this industry should hire them. Because they were the ones that were the true pioneers of cannabis. They are the ones who took the arrows in the back, for us. So we can enjoy what we are doing. We oughta bring joy back to them and we gotta help heal their families because when you go to prison it collapses your family.

Belushi is right, especially since there are so many people that reach for cannabis as their medicine of choice. When people can make millions of dollars off of cannabis, there shouldn’t be anyone in jail for it in states that have legalized it. Not only is Belushi working with The Last Prisoner Project, but he also has some cool partners in the business sector. One of those partners is Glazed Edibles. Glazed Edibles are Oklahoma-owned and run. The edibles are created with Belgium artisanal chocolates and infused with high-grade Oklahoma cannabis extract. They use full-spectrum strain-specific BHP oil. They began working together because Belushi was visiting Tulsa on a business trip. He was meeting up with Ox Distribution who he is now working with as well. He said, “They are really great people, I feel so good with them holding my brand in their hands.” As for Glazed Edibles, that was just a happy coincidence. Belushi explained that a friend of his brought him to meet their cousin who makes chocolate edibles. “ I went down there and she had a beautiful store and the two Katies are beautiful people. Their product - I’ve never tasted anything like that. I thought, “Wow we should partner up since I’m looking to do a chocolate line!”

JUNE 2022


And we did! It was very easy. They were so lovely.” (Mr. Belushi says ‘Hi’ to the two Katies’! He loves y’all!) Belushi and Glazed Edibles are currently making some Chasing Magic Bon Bons and Chocolate Joints. The Bon Bons are incredible looking. I have personally never seen an edible that looked so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat it. They come in the flavors Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Meringue & Strawberry Cream. The joints come in milk and dark chocolate. Belushi said he favors the milk chocolate joints since he was raised on Hershey’s. Be sure to keep an eye out for both products, they are delicious! As for what he’s got for his future, Jim Belushi has a movie coming out this fall called Gigi & Nate. Be sure to keep an eye out for the trailer! Hopefully, Growing Belushi will be picked up for season three and we can see all-new stories from Belushi’s Farm. Lastly, you can find some of the Belushi brands in stores around Tulsa and Oklahoma City (always check WeedMaps for places nearest you). Pick some up and keep living life and heightening it, just like Belushi.


JUNE 2022





by: Alesha Wilson

What is one of the most exciting things to happen as an Oklahoma cannabis dispensary owner?

One of the most exciting things (of course we’ve had lots) but Tommy Chong was scheduled to do a meet and greet in March when the pandemic first started. Of course, it had to be canceled but we were able to get with Tommy Chong and his team and we created a drawing for 15 lucky patients that got to do a Zoom call with our staff and them. We were so excited and nervous and everyone came up with questions to ask him… and I have to tell you, he is one cool dude! He made it easy for us. He did all of the talking. He is hilarious! We told him when he comes to visit (Oklahoma) we’re going to put him on a horse because he talked about bull riding and how it was such an interesting sport. I’ve heard that you are a really cool family business, how long have you been in the cannabis business, and is this your first business?

We are definitely a familyowned business and through the years we’ve had several businesses and still continue that way. We received our first license in October 2018. We had not been in the cannabis industry (before). We recently sold a business of 22 years - selling trailers, haulers equipment, and so on. We have owned the land (that Urban Leaf Company is on) for around 15 years. As we started the building process, just before Oklahoma became medically legal, it was going to be used for maybe a plumbing or electrical company and that’s why we have overhead doors – which has allowed us to have a very unique dispensary with classic cars always inside. We change them out every couple of months. Nikki’s green 1972 truck is the mascot. 46

JUNE 2022


Why did you decide to open a dispensary?

The reason why we chose to get into cannabis is that we have several friends and family who have had to move to legal states to help their sick kids and (more specifically) kids with cancer, as well as adults with different health issues. We were excited to be able to help. After my eyes took their gaze off the beautiful Lincoln Continental on the showroom floor, I noticed a couple of walls with signatures on them. Tell me about that.

We honor our veterans with the wall signing. It is such an honor to see the veterans that have served our county. Those who have served put their signature and date of service… for all of us to appreciate. It literally gives me chills to watch (them sign). We also love when family members put their loved one’s name and date of service as well. We also give veteran discounts. While I was there, a customer seemed to be asking about products for her pet.

Pet CBD is really important, they need it for anxiety, joints, seizures, and being elderly. Storms in Oklahoma can be treacherous for pets as well. Several of your online reviews mention that the “staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.” What training and requirements do they have?

While we were building, the staff attended bud tending classes with certifications, and several have certifications in CBD as well. They are compassionate about cannabis, which keeps them learning and expanding their information.

Urban Leaf Company

17990 NE 23rd St, Choctaw, OK 73020

Follow them on Instagram @urbanleafchoctaw

I remember hearing folks talking and laughing about ‘budtenders’ needing knowledge and training, but you come to Urban and see the difference. They are not allowed to ask ‘How high do you want to be?’ But (rather) ‘How can I help!? With so many dispensaries in the metro area, how do keep customers coming back to Urban Leaf Company?

With so many dispensaries around us and in the metro area, it all stems from excellent products, (that have been) well tested, and (having a) compassionate staff. A ‘Welcome back’ saying is always important. We remember names and faces! Nikki and I came up with the name Urban Leaf Company because we wanted it to be very modern to go with the concept. Nikki is the purchaser of products and makes sure the books and records for testing are accurate and she accepts only the best for our company. Plus, we always have drawings and giveaways. Do you have anything else you’d like to share?

A question I get asked a lot is what I think about the cannabis industry and our business. I get to sit back behind the scenes and just listen to the folks coming in that really need cannabis. It’s been sad a portion of the time, but most rewarding. Seeing people coming off of opiates and maybe spending their last days pain-free and living life. It is hard mentally sometimes but we are blessed.

“Touching back on our dispensary, we’ve made it a very safe atmosphere, with one way in and one way out, bulletproof glass, and a huge security system.” We did purchase some of Mac N Jack while we were there.

We were asked to do a commercial that aired when Tommy Chong was in Seattle on the Dab Roast. That was very exciting! Exciting for other people in other states to get to see us and what we’re all about. I wanted to say I am so glad that you got to come and see the store and experience what we’ve all worked very hard for. It definitely gives you a better perspective of this place that we are so proud of.


JUNE 2022

The Monthly CANNABIS


JUNE 2022



By Melissa Hall, M.Ed.


ack on the hunt, and the hot Summer Sun has already made its presence felt. When looking for the best Cannabis products in Oklahoma, there are many things to consider. One is how many cannabis products are on the market. With so many products available, I often have readers ask me what I prefer or ask me where they can find a certain product because they have tried it before and loved it. This is when you let the brands lead the way, Recognizable, consistent, and credible brands that produce quality products will always be known as the best. I thought what a perfect month to feature a growth that not only has that recognizable brand with super fire products but a brand that gives back to patients. Talking Headz Coop is known for its catchy cool logo, its large variety of strains, and good neighbor reputation, Talking Headz Coop is a woman-owned and operated cultivation facility located in Western Oklahoma. With a large variety of strains, Talking Headz Coop provides something for everyone as far as flavor profiles. With strains such as freedom punch, Animal Tree, Blueberry Breath, Clementine, Garlic Storm, Lemon Jeffrey, Champagne Patties, and Skunkberry. Rainbow Rozay, Grape Blow, and many more crowdpleasing strains, the hardworking team over at Talking Headz Coop show up with the terps! The flower is impressive, but what we found just as impressive about this growth is their strainspecific all Flower Pre-rolls. These pre-rolls stand out among others and the team at Talking Headz wants patients to have quality medicine at an affordable price so their pre-rolls come with a very budget-friendly sticker as well, and the quality was not lost! We had a chance to chat with the owner of Talking Headz Coop and learn more about this grow that truly values Patients over profits. The Chronic: How long has your team been growing and how big is your team? Talking Headz Co-op:We began actually growing in March 2020. We have expanded from our old single-room building to having 12,000 sq ft of flowering space. Our team is currently 8 full-time people and then we use trim teams. The Chronic: What products does Talking Headz have on the market? 51

JUNE 2022

Talking Headz Co-op: We currently have 24 different strains of the flower we offer, we like to keep changing it up and pheno hunting. Every medical patient likes and needs something completely different, so we try and continuously hunt, improve and provide variety to patients. We also have our popular all-flower, strain-specific pre-rolls, and new concentrate line. The Chronic: What drives you to continue on in this Industry and what sets Talking Headz apart from every other grow? Talking Headz Co-op: “It is fun to learn and get lost in the plant and process. I love talking to other growers, and I love learning from others. I love hearing all the different ways and techniques, I love how passionate people are about bringing good quality products to patients. This would lead to my thoughts on what sets us apart and I think Nothing....... I think we are just like any grower I've ever met in this industry. We are trying to stay in business currently, but we are also trying to grow great new strains and great new flowers with all different types of medical benefits for patients. We are all passionate, we are all committed.” This attitude has made Talking Headz Coop a great example of striving for growth and forfeiting ego. This is why talking Headz continues to impress and keep putting out quality flowers, pre-rolls, and concentrates for patients. Definitely look for Talking Headz co-op products at a dispensary near you. Follow them on IG @talkingheadzcoop for locations to purchase their awesome products. This review was extra special and we would love to Thank Curtis Taylor for letting us use the amazing photography he did for Talking Headz Coop in this issue. Better known as Curt Ice from his IG handle, This Cannabis Photographer extraordinaire is known all over the country and beyond as one of the most accomplished Cannabis Photographers in the industry. He began photographing cannabis in 2016 and it’s something that He’s very passionate about. “Each plant is incredibly unique and being able to document that will never get old for me. I’ve worked with some wonderful brands across Oregon, California, and Oklahoma. My works have been featured by the likes of High Times, Forbes, Cannabis Now, Weed World Magazine, California Leaf, and Skunk Magazine.” Curt Ice told The Chronic. Recently, he Returned to his Roots. A native of Oklahoma himself, he has relocated his career back to OK. We are so excited to see what amazing collaborations he will do with the amazing farms here in OK. Follow Curt on IG @notcurt_ice and check out his website to book! We would like to thank the Talking Headz Coop and Curt Ice for giving us a behind-thescenes look! Providing True quality medicine that patients can truly afford is something to always be applauded. 53

JUNE 2022

As Always, Be sure to medicate responsibly and Stay Lit in Oklahoma.

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Don't Panic It's Organic!

How Psychedelics

PTSD? Written by: Dom Hart

There should be no argument that the brain is the most important organ in the body. It’s so important that it's protected by a 6 to a 7-millimeter thick, concave sheet of bone layered around it. It is responsible for all the communication between organs and for regulating the overall function of the body. If the brain is off, so is every other organ. It is appropriate to suggest that brain health is at the top of everyone’s wellness lists! Good foods (like leafy greens, fatty acids, antioxidants, and B-vitamins) along with a lifestyle that caters to one’s specific health needs, can help maintain brain health and balance. There are instances where the brain health of an individual is interrupted bluntly, sometimes violently by trauma, which causes an imbalance of communication between the brain and the duties that it carries out. Functions such as blood pressure regulation, memory, and emotional expression are negatively impacted. Brains that are affected traumatically require careful, calculated attention to help them heal, so that the lives of the people can flow with fewer interruptions. 59

JUNE 2022

While there are a variety of pharmaceutical options for coping with the symptoms of trauma, alternative treatment methods such as psychedelic therapy have been making headway (pun intended) in the scientific world! The purpose of such therapy reaches far beyond the maintenance of psychiatric disorders, to heal the interruptions the brain has had to endure. The evidence for psychedelic therapy is greater than the evidence against it; all of which is that psychedelics are schedule 1 substances in the United States and that if not regulated someone could have a bad trip (although this is near impossible because if you’re following this series of psychedelic coverage throughout the magazine, then you know that last month’s issue gave great tips on how to NOT have a bad trip. I digress). This is not meant to demonize medications, but to open up a dialogue for additional effective options. It's time to change the topic from PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, to PTSD, psychedelic therapy (is) so dope! Join the conversation!

What is PTSD and How does it affect the brain and body?

According to, “Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic psychiatric disorder that may occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/combat, sexual assault or who have been threatened with death, sexual violence or serious injury.” When an individual is exposed to trauma, the brain is affected in several ways that disrupt the flow of the informational process and response. The limbic system, the part of the brain that governs emotional processing, social behavior, and coping mechanisms, is the part that is most notably impacted by trauma. The breakdown can be traced from experience to impact through observation of the following.

Without the correct balance of communication, hormones, and activity, individuals can exhibit signs of PTSD that include: -flashbacks, recurring thoughts and dreams, distressing thoughts, and physical signs of stress -staying away from places or avoiding people, objects, and other reminders of traumatic events -being easily startled, stressed, angered, or irritated -suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety -difficulty with sleep, concentrating -engaging in reckless or borderline behavior -memory issues, distorted recollection, and view of self, -negative self-talk and emotions -loss of interest in social activities and hobbies -social isolation and dissociation (National Institute of Mental Health Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Parts of the brain affected by PTSD: The prefrontal cortex - is the executor of the limbic system (the behavior system of the body) both physiologically and pathologically (in body function and mental health). The PFC has a direct connection to the amygdala, sending signals to that area to regulate stress response. The PFC is also responsible for rationalization. Amygdala - associated with the processing of emotions and fear (fight or flight). The amygdala receives messages from the PFC and acts as an alarm system for the body. Hippocampus - the information and messenger center. The hippocampus receives messages from the amygdala and is known for memory function. It is considered one of the most plastic regions of the brain due to the amount of space needed for recall and response (also called declarative memory) and information coding. The pathways and mechanisms between certain endocrine factors, neurotransmitters, and brain wiring are set up in a delicate equilibrium. Deregulation of neurochemical transmission to these parts of the brain is like a haphazard mixing of poison and antidote.

Experiences like this can do more than interrupt the brain, they can disrupt several lives at a time in the process. As more breakthroughs in psychedelic research are revealed, and people become more comfortable with changing the narrative surrounding such ideas, those persons who experience disorders like PTSD can see less interruption, less management, and more healing of the brain.

What are psychedelics? Psychedelics, better known pharmacologically as hallucinogens, are substances that produce mindaltering effects that can permanently change perception, mood, and several other cognitive mechanisms of the brain. These changes are widely reported as positive. Psychedelics are also reported as non-habit/addictionforming, and generally safe for the body. These few reasons alone are enough to at least consider psychedelic therapy as an option for the treatment of symptoms associated with PTSD. There are a few different types of psychedelics, some well known and used recreationally, that have helped the healing journey of some people who experience PTSD and other chronic disorders. Again, these substances are classified as schedule 1 drugs by the FDA and are generally frowned upon but have been proven to produce psychotherapeutic effects for people that consumed them intentionally.

3,4- Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) is the most recently studied and published psychedelic to be released for public review, with consistent scholarly articles available as recently as 2021. Other “classical” psychedelics, naturally derived substances that contain psychedelic compounds, include psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) (naturally occurring in the bark and roots of trees located in Central and South America), and are also cited as brain healing agents in published studies.

How can psychedelics help treat PTSD? The healing mechanism for psychedelic therapy involves the intricate connectivity and communication of the brain. The same areas that are negatively affected by trauma, can be positively impacted by the passing of a psychedelic substance like psilocybin through the blood-brain barrier. Observations of therapy on the same areas, the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the amygdala, and the hippocampus, that are impacted in a person who experiences PTSD, produce results that tip the favor for psychedelics. PFC - Psychedelic therapy promotes dendritic growth (cellular communication pathways between regions of the brain). This part of the brain is especially good because dendritic growth is hampered when the brain is affected by PTSD or other chronic conditions. Amygdala - Psychedelic therapy promotes efficacious communication between the PFC and the amygdala’s ability to process the codes that come from the PFC. Thus the messages sent from the amygdala, governing appropriate fear association and response Hippocampus - Psychedelic therapy promotes neurogenesis and volume in the hippocampus. This process, which takes an overwhelming shape during adolescence in language development and emotional intelligence, aids in the regulation of mood and memory coding in adult brains. The promotion of neurogenesis due to psychedelic therapy is not the only positive aspect of healing a brain affected by PTSD, but it is an extremely vital one.

The successive healing of cognitive-behavioral and perceptual mechanisms in the brain is the proof! Building new pathways by which the brain communicates with itself can improve the function and quality of life for those experiencing PTSD and other chronic conditions in ways that are made better through intentional psychedelic therapy.

Psych Your Mind! There are side effects for every option; many of the top pharmaceuticals that are pushed in the mental health industry have been reported as causing further memory issues for patients suffering from disorders like PTSD. These same patients may encounter other symptoms of PTSD exacerbated by the chemical miscalculations of traditional pharmaceutical therapies. Psychedelic therapy has been suggested in not so subtle ways by those of us in the “alternative health community” for decades, as a more bioavailable and viable option for mental health and wellness. Even pious people of many religions have experienced their version of a higher power, surely a healing happening, through the aid of psychedelic therapy. In carefully curated environments and with responsible, intentional dosing integrated with therapies that may already be implemented, such as cognitive therapy, psychedelics have a fair place in the future of mental health and psychiatric medicine. May the minds of many of our fellows meet less interruption and more harmony as they heal.


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Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man is bringing his TICAL cannabis brand to Michigan

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s weed house is actually really chic?

Tory Lanez Detained at Las Vegas Airport After TSA Finds 'Large' Amount of Marijuana: Report

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man — known as being one of the forefathers of celebrating cannabis culture — is bringing his marijuana brand to Michigan.

When longtime Hollywood collaborators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg launched their cannabis brand Houseplant in March 2021, it could have been just another run-of-the-mill celebrity weed brand, leveraging the likeness of a high-profile pot smoker to sell a small assortment of goods — a few that contain THC and a few that don’t.

Tory Lanez was reportedly detained at a Las Vegas airport over the weekend after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents allegedly found marijuana on his person, PEOPLE can confirm.


JUNE 2022

After being temporarily detained, Lanez was allowed to leave without the marijuana he was carrying. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tells PEOPLE that "it was determined that [Lanez] would not be arrested due to the fact the marijuana did not amount to trafficking weight." The case, authorities said, will now be forwarded to the Clark County District Attorney's Office.

And that’s pretty much what the duo has done, outfitting a small cottagestyle house just off the main drag in Hollywood (they’d prefer not to divulge the specific location, but it’s close to their production-company offices) with pieces of their ever-expanding universe of wares, which currently includes table lamps, gravity bongs, tray and grinder sets, a lighter caddy shaped like Rogen’s dog Zelda and a handful of takes on the ashtray. The space, which they’ve dubbed the Houseplant House, serves as a showcase for the home goods and a combination party pad and VIP event space.

A representative for Lanez, as well as one for the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

About 3% of cannabis business owners in Michigan are Black, according to a recent Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency survey of new licensees.


TICAL will launch its initial product in five Black-owned Detroit dispensaries including Remedy, House of Zen, House of Mary Jane, West Coast Meds and Viola. That was by design. "We know that African Americans and many of Michigan’s diverse communities have had a very hard time entering the regulated Michigan market," Vereen said.

The rapper, 29 — whose real name Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson — was allegedly detained at the travel hub early on Sunday morning when authorities reportedly found a "large" amount of weed in one of his bags, TMZ reported.

A year later, though, Houseplant seems to be the little side hustle that could, blossoming from three strains of weed and three home-goods offerings (a ceramic ashtray set, a three-album vinyl box set of music and a blocky table lighter) into a full-blown lifestyle juggernaut that includes 14 strains and enough well-designed non-weed goods to stylishly furnish a small home.

"TICAL’s approach and our message aligns with the diverse, working-class people of Michigan, the kind of people Method Man grew up with," Nathaniel Vereen, co-founder of TICAL, said in an email. "Being that Michigan is the birthplace of Motown and Method Man’s iconic influence in music, we believe it to be a perfect match."

Paul McCartney issued a tongue-in-cheek response following his arrest in Japan back in 1980. The superstar Beatle was arrested in Japan in 1980 for possession of cannabis. After arriving in Tokyo, authorities found 219 grams of the controlled substance in Paul's suitcase.

After his alleged detainment, Lanez shared a series of posts on his Instagram Story promoting a gig that he later booked for that same night at the Drai nightclub at Caesar's Palace. "Vegasssss I'll be in the f---ing city tonight!!!!!!' he said in one post, as he added in another: "Vegasssss @DraisLV Letssss f-- thiiissss upppppppp tonighhhttt."


The brand, called TICAL (which stands for Taking Into Consideration All Lives and is the name of Method Man’s first solo album), will launch Tuesday with an infused prerolled joint called "Sweet Island Skunk" in partnership with Rochester Hills-based Glorious Cannabis Co.

Paul McCartney's cheeky response after 1980 cannabis arrest in Japan

The penalty for possession in Japan was much harsher than in the USA at the time, seven years of hard labour. However, McCartney was deported after spending ten days in a Japanese jail, he believes his 'celebrity' helped him get away so leniently. Speaking about the incident, Paul McCartney said: "When the fellow pulled it out of the suitcase, he looked more embarrassed than me. I think he just wanted to put it back in and forget the whole thing, you know, but there it was. I didn’t try to hide it. I had just come from America and still had the American attitude that marijuana isn’t that bad. "I didn’t realize just how strict the Japanese attitude is. I made a confession on the night I was arrested and apologized for breaking Japanese law, but they still wanted to know everything. I had to go through my whole life story—school, father’s name, income, even my medal from the Queen." In 2004 the music legend said the cannabis was 'too good' to flush down the toilet, so he decided to take it with him. When asked about the incident at a red carpet event, McCartney said: "I don't think what I do in the privacy of my own room matters." He then jokingly added: "Never again." Before offering a big wink to the cameras.










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