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T& D Furniture 249 N Pearson Rd Pearl, MS 39208 601.932.5489

T& D Furniture Case Study Pearl, Mississippi

We’ve been with Okinus since the very beginning, partnering for growth and expansion. Jamie | T & D Furniture, Manager


Started in 1990 with just a few sofa sets, T & D Furniture now services customers throughout Mississippi and the surrounding states. The current location has over 30,000 square feet of showroom space. After 26 years, T & D still operates with the same fundamental goal. That goal is to always put customers first and to provide excellent customer service to ensure that our customers come back again and again. T & D has grown their relationship with Okinus over the past ten years to present day.


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T & D’s history with Okinus dates back to the economic downturn of 2007, at a time when many of their customers were experiencing financial challenges, facing bankruptcy, and quite simply, traditional financing was no longer an option. “At this time, we noticed a downturn in finance approvals for our customers, through our standard finance options,” explained Jamie, T & D Manager. Okinus presented a solution to this dilemma with their dynamic lease-purchase program.


“Okinus has helped T &D Furniture reach demographics we wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise. And I’ve loved watching these customers return over the years,” says Jamie. The Okinus customer has proven to be a faithful, with a 33% repeat/return rate for T & D Furniture. Jamie shares a particularly impactful story of a T & D customer who was visiting the store to purchase beds. “A single mother was shopping for beds for her two children, as she needed to provide the beds in order to obtain custody of her babies and unfortunately couldn’t qualify for traditional financing. Thankfully, we had Okinus available as an alternative, which provided the financing she so desperately needed. Over the years, I watched this mother return for more furniture for the kids and their home.” Jamie also added that Okinus’ credit reporting feature was a major benefit for this customer, providing an opportunity to rebuild her credit and eventually qualify for a home purchase.


T & D promotes the Okinus Lease-Purchase message heavily through their advertising and marketing messages, especially present on their website. Their favorite Okinus feature is the easy online application process. Linked to the T & D website, customers can apply prior to their store visit, giving them buying confidence upon arrival. T & D Furniture says that they tell customers there are several ways to sign up for Okinus:


The first way is apply online from their home on the T & D Furniture website. Many of the T & D customers are driving from a far distance. Registering online allows them to get signed up, and everything is ready to go when they arrive.


They can also apply right in the store on T & D computers. Okinus plays a strong part in the overall sales volume at T & D Furniture. With approximately 15 – 20% of the store’s overall revenue originating through Okinus leasing, store management expands, “Our revenue from Okinus covers our annual payroll.”


of Okinus customers made a repeat purchase with T & D Furniture during 2017.

The Okinus customer is remarkably loyal. 33% of Okinus customers made a repeat purchase with T & D Furniture this year. When asked why would recommend Okinus to additional businesses, the answer was clear: “Okinus can provide the ability to reach different demographics and build a loyal customer base, which will continue to return again and again.” - Jamie , T & D Furniture, Manager

One of the unique benefits of working with Okinus is their Area Managers. If we ever have any issues or complications, they’re just one call away! He provides that comfort for us.

Brittney | T & D Furniture, Sales Manager

Okinus Marketing Department

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