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IMPORTANT NUMBERS Fire/Police/Ambulance 911 RCMP Community Police 250-765-3549 Whitefoot Medical Clinic 250-765-0544 Poison Centre 1-800-332-1414 BC Nurseline 24 Hr Health Info 1-866-215-4700 Crisis Line 1-888-353-2273 Big White Concierge & Activities 250-491-6111 Big White Ski Resort 250-765-3101 Big White Ski Patrol 250-491-6160

GENERAL INFORMATION Elevation of Village: Average Temp: Elevation of Top Peak: Annual Snowfall:

1755 m / 5757 ft -5ยบ c / 23ยบ f 2319 m / 7606 ft 750 cm / 24.5 ft

STREET DIRECTORY โ ข MAPS PAGES 40-55 Bear Foot Place page 46 Berezan Way page 41 Big White Road page 40-51, 54-55 Crescent Kap page 41 Feathertop Road page 46-47 Feathertop Way page 47 Forest Lane page 40 Grizzly Ridge Trail page 40-41 Happy Valley Road page 42-45 High Forest Court page 40 Kettleview Road page 49-50 Lower Snow Pines Road page 40-41 Moonshine Crescent page 46 Porcupine Road page 49, 55 Raven Ridge Road page 46 Rock Ridge Road page 45 Snowbird Way page 42-43 Snow Pines Road page 40-41 Snow Pines Way page 40-41 Snow Pines Crescent page 40-41 Whiskey Jack Road page 49-51, 55 White Horse Lane page 45 Wolverine Road page 49-51, 55 Lighted Walkway Path page 41, 46-47


WELCOME TO BIG WHITE www.BigWhiteMtnInfo.com

Discover a true Canadian experience at Big White Ski Resort. Located in the picturesque Okanagan Valley, Big White is blessed with a mild sunny climate, champagne powder in the winter and endless activities – from skating on Canada's highest outdoor rink, scaling the 60 foot ice climbing tower, coming aboard an old-fashioned horse drawn sleigh, racing down the tube park to a relaxing massage, hiking to the Summit, soaking in your condo's hot tub or shopping in the Village Centre Mall.


Come wintertime, it’s no wonder Big White’s motto is, "It's the Snow”, with an average snowfall of 750cm (24.5 feet) of champagne powder blanketing the 2,765 acres of skiable terrain each year. In fact, the snow is so impressive, Big White has been awarded with “The best place to go

for quality snow” by Condé Nast, the World’s premiere travel magazine. Once the snow melts, the natural beauty just doesn’t stop. During the summer season, hike the marked walking trails, or take a scenic tour on the Bullet Chair and enjoy the mountain wild flowers and lush nature that surrounds you. You can even shred fresh downhill mountain bike trails in Big White’s brand new bike park - Bike Big White! For some wonderful summer images and Big White’s Summer Hiking Trail map see pages 56-59. Big White has a full array of facilities ranging from cafeterias to fine dining. A total of 20 restaurants, cafes and delis, which includes 8 lounges/bars, see pages 6-9. Big White’s variety of restaurants and lively pubs are stocked with the best of Okanagan wine and Canadian beer.

WELCOME TO BIG WHITE Now celebrating 13 YEARS of publishing this guide, we invite and encourage you to sample everything the mountain has to offer. We hope this guide helps to make your visit to Big White Ski Resort an enjoyable one! Please support the advertisers in the Guide and tell them you saw their ad!

top reasons to visit... Summertime at Big White! See what’s under the snow and enjoy a scenic hike up the mountain or try it’s NEW DOWNHILL MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK – Bike Big White!


Katie Jenion • Publisher



The Official VISITOR’S GUIDE and MAP BOOK of Big White Mountain

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Business Directory


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Enjoy BIG WHITE With 20 on-mountain restaurants, cafes, delis, pubs and nightclubs, there is no shortage of places to relax or replenish your energy level when it's time for a break. Enjoy a luxurious lunch, sit for a social drink to warm your soul, have a 'dinner date', or treat the family to a wonderful meal.


To thoroughly enjoy the BC Okanagan Valley's offerings, be sure to savour some famous local wines or try the new Big White White IPA from Okanagan Springs.


BLACK FOREST DAY LODGE Big White’s best mountain views At the base of the Black Forest Chair Open Daily 7:30am-4pm | see page 46

BLACK DIAMOND BAR & GRILL | 250.491.7750 Enjoy fresh steak & seafood cuisine. Tastefully prepared in-house for the most distinguished palette. www.blackdiamondbarandgrill.com | see page 50

THE BLARNEY STONE IRISH TAVERN Hearty breakfasts, lunches & dinners, family friendly and a great pint of Guinness! In the Inn at Big White | 250.491.2009 | see pg 50

CLOCKTOWER COFFEE CO. Big White’s newest specialty coffee outlet In Village Centre Open from 7am daily | see page 53

GLOBE Café, Tapas & Trattoria Mediterranean inspired dining with a difference: Coffee, Cocktails & Conversation | 250.765.1501 Whitefoot Lodge above The Market | pg 50 & 53

THE GUNBARREL GRILL Located upstairs at Snowshoe Sam’s In Village Centre | 250.765.1416 reservations@gunbarrelgrill.com | see page 50

HAPPY VALLEY DAY LODGE Full lunch and dinner menu including made-to-order family favourites In Village Centre | Open 10:30am daily | page 50




DINING www.BigWhiteMtnInfo.com


KETTLE VALLEY STEAKHOUSE and WINE BAR Largest steak selection & wine list in the resort In the Happy Valley Day Lodge | 250.491.0130 Open for dinner daily at 5pm | see page 42

MOONLIGHT BISTRO A delicious respite from an action packed day At the base of Gem Lake Express Open from 8am-4pm | see page 35

MOOSE LOUNGE Live Apres entertainment from 4pm to 6pm Happy Valley Day Lodge Open at 7:30am daily | see page 42

SK8ERS Only steps away from Canada’s highest skating rink In The Happy Valley Day Lodge Open from 9am daily | see page 42

THE WOODS Upscale, family dining in the heart of the Village In Village Centre Open from 11am daily | see page 51 & 53


SNOWSHOE SAM’S PUB Up to Twenty Beers on tap! In Village Centre | 250.765.5959 snowshoesams.com | see page 50

...and on your way to BIG WHITE... See more to explore on a “Day Trip” pgs 26-27


MY NEIGHBOURHOOD RESTAURANT | Kelowna Where your favourites are MY favourites! 260 Hwy 33, Kelowna | 250.765.0221 Open 7am Daily | www.mnrkelowna.ca



A simple dish that’s delicious ANYTIME!

Italian Style Pork Chops for 2-3 2-3 pork chops ½ cup Picantelli olives (or any quality olive) 5 shallots 3 heads of garlic 4 large tomatoes Olive oil Parmesan Reggiano cheese for garnish


*To complete the meal, add your choice of vegetable and potatoes. They can be roasted in the oven while you are roasting the garlic for the pork chops.


Cut a cross in the bottom of each tomato with a sharp knife. Dip your tomatoes in boiling water for about 1 minute, then in cold water to stop them cooking. Peel the skins and chop them in small pieces (or use a food processor to chop them). Peel your shallots, then toss them with 2 of the garlic heads in a drizzle of olive oil. Add them (all whole – just cut off the bottom of the garlic head) on a pan and roast in the oven at 400F for approximately 40 minutes.

*You can cook your potatoes and vegetable at the same time, even in the same pan. Chop the remaining head of garlic finely and add it in a large saute pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Add your fresh chopped tomatoes and let them stew for about 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, and fresh basil or oregano if you like. Cook your pork chops as you normally do (in a pan or the oven) – I like them medium, 135F internal temperature (using a thermometer is always the best way to know when your meat is cooked properly). Once the garlic and shallots are roasted, remove the garlic cloves from the head. Add your roasted shallots and roasted garlic along with the olives to your tomato sauce. Plate your meal, distributing all the tasty elements of the sauce to each plate. Garnish with shaved Parmesan and voila! Book Chef Martin for Cooking Classes or Catering 250-878-8500. Scan QR to see video.

Recipe Courtesy: The Chef Instead Scan to see more on Chef Martin and check out more recipes and ideas at www.thechefinstead.ca. Call Chef today for your memorable personalized Big White dinner!

There are lots of options:

You may also enjoy having someone else take care of your meals; all you

top reasons to visit... 118 runs, 5 alpine bowls and TELUS Terrain Park! Challenge all 2,765 acres of terrain! The vast and varied terrain that creates a natural thrill that leaves everyone from novice to expert hungry for another run.

have to do is order, then cook or bake! Have a local company like Vacation Food Service deliver your grocery and shopping needs to your rental unit. Get Roasted! Jacky’s Bean Stock has an interactive coffee roasting and savouring experience you don’t want to miss, see below.

See the ads in this section for more information and tell them you saw their ad in the Big White Guide!


Are you staying at Big White for an extended period of time? If so, you will want to pre-plan some of your meals. There are some great restaurants in the Village (see pages 6-9) but some nights you might want to stay home for dinner. Most units are equipped with full kitchens. Try the easy recipe in this section and wow your family and friends.





Drive BIG WHITE Big White Ski Resort is 56 km (35 miles) South East of Kelowna, the largest city in the Okanagan. From Kelowna, follow Highway 33 for 32 km (20 miles) until you reach Big White Road. Another 24 km (15 miles) and you will arrive in the main village. If you aren't comfortable driving in snow, see these ads for some great options! If you do plan to travel British Columbia roadways when wintry conditions are a possibility, you should carry chains or have snow tires. When you come to a posted sign on the highway stating “Winter Tires or Chains Are Required Beyond This Point”, you must be ready to install chains or have proper winter tread tires before proceeding.


Speed limits are for dry conditions. Keep in mind that it can take about


For more Shuttle info see page 27 For Activities Pricing info see page 22

three times as long, or as far, to stop on snow and ice than it does on dry pavement. Be extra cautious in danger zones: intersections, lane changes, turns and stops. In snow, tires barely grab the road, so accelerate, turn and stop gently. If ice and bare patches alternate, brake in the bare spots and coast over the ice. Apply that same rationale to bridges, which freeze before roadways, and try to reach “bridge speed” before you get there. Four-wheel-drive owners: even though your system is great for moving around in the snow, it doesn’t help you slow down! Word to the wise: slow down safely! A word about snowplow drivers. They’re up when you’re asleep, work in conditions you avoid in order to clear

For up-to-date highway conditions, please see the BC Hwy’s Ministry road report at www.drivebc.ca.


your way to the slopes. So be kind, give the plow plenty of room and keep your beams low. Above all, be like a tortoise and practice patience.




1 km = 0.62 miles Fuel: 3.78 litres = 1 US gallon. KELOWNA TO BIG WHITE (approx.) 56 km • 45 minutes to 1 hour PENTICTON TO BIG WHITE 126 km • under 2 hours KAMLOOPS TO BIG WHITE 218 km • 3 hours VANCOUVER TO BIG WHITE 450 km • 5 hours 15 minutes CALGARY TO BIG WHITE 654 km • 8 hours 15 minutes EDMONTON TO BIG WHITE 947 km • 11 hours SEATTLE TO BIG WHITE 631 km • 7 hours 30 minutes







From the airport, either rent a car and have the flexibility for day trips (see pgs 26-27) or if you aren't comfortable driving in snow, take a taxi, pre-book a shuttle or book a limousine and arrive in luxury. (see pgs 12-13). Kelowna International Airport (YLW) is the biggest and busiest in the BC Interior and the 10th busiest in Canada; especially during the winter holidays when more than 7,500 travellers pass through each day! Dec ‘17 proved to be the busiest month ever, with 166,537 passengers! Serving 1.7 million passengers, YLW offers 66 daily non-stop commercial flights with Air Canada, WestJet, Alaska Airlines, Air North Yukon's Airline, Central Mountain Air, Pacific Coastal Airlines and now Flair Airlines to many locations including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Victoria, Prince George, Edmonton, Cranbrook and Whitehorse. Plus seasonal service to Winnipeg, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Varadero. For up-to-date info visit www.ylw.kelowna.ca.

ESTIMATED FLIGHT TIMES TO KELOWNA • CANADIAN CUSTOMS INFO www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca From Vancouver BC 52 minutes From Victoria BC 55 minutes From Calgary AB 57 minutes From Edmonton AB 1 hour 8 minutes From Seattle WA 1 hour 5 minutes From Toronto ON 4 hours 40 minutes From Montreal PQ 6 hours (connection) From Las Vegas NV 1 hour 57 minutes

From Denver CO 4 hours 45 minutes (connection) From Los Angeles CA 3 hours 45 mins (connection) From Honolulu HI 6 hours 40 minutes (connection) From Hong Kong HK 12 hours 20 minutes (connection) From Sydney AU 18 hours 30 minutes (connection) From Brisbane AU 17 hours 15 minutes (connection) From London GB 10 hours 59 minutes (connection) From Auckland NZ 14 hours 15 minutes (connection)





There is nothing quite so magical as a ski holiday to bring families and friends together and create lasting memories. When planning your ski vacation, an important aspect of your trip will be choosing where you stay. Big White Ski Resort offers plenty of options with capacity for 17,000 guests in hotels, condominiums, private chalets and hostels. Are you looking for a quiet get-away or do you want to be a part of the action? We have something for everyone...Wherever you stay, we are sure you will enjoy your vacation!






Winter EVENTS!

For Summer Activities see BigWhite.com or pages 56-57

November 23rd • 2017/18 Season Opening Day! Tentative December 1 • Winter Warm Up

To kick off the Christmas season, Big White will host a fun-filled nighttime celebration in Happy Valley that will include a huge bonfire, hot cocoa, music and so much more!

December 2 • Big White Light Up

Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies for everyone as we kick-off the Holiday season by illuminating thousands of LED lights in the Village Centre.

December 3 • Big White Christmas Market

Held in the Village Centre Mall, 8:30am to 4:30pm, this event will feature a variety of hand-made crafts from local vendors as well as Big White Christmas souvenirs.

December 17-24 • Santa’s Workshop | Photos with Santa

Big White's photographer will be snapping commemorative photos with Santa.

December 23 • Breakfast with Santa in Happy Valley

Santa will be munching on his favourite breakfast pancakes with maple syrup and hanging out with the Loose Moose.


December 24 • Christmas Eve Celebrations | Church service & parade


December 25 • Ski & Snowboard with Santa December 25 • Christmas Movie Marathon December 8-9 • Big Reds at Big White | See page 30

The Okanagan’s best wineries come together for an evening of wine tasting, delicious food and entertainment. See page 30 for more information.

December 8-10 • Big White Winter Rally

Performance rally teams will be testing the limits of speed and snow on the forest roads near Big White Ski Resort.

ACTIVITIES • ANNUAL EVENTS December 31 • Ring in the New Year with Big White

Join us for an evening of family fun with firework display at 8pm and midnight.

January 26 • Australia Day

Show your Aussie spirit and dress in your best green and gold.

February 10-12 • Family Channel Family Day Weekend at Big White

Big White partners with Family Channel for an amazing weekend of family fun. A full line-up of events and activities in celebration of BC Family Day weekend!

February 14 • Valentine's Day February 17-22 • President's Week March 3 • TELUS Kelowna Cup

Get your skis and snowboards ready, there’s more than $10,000 in prizing to be won at the 4th Annual TELUS Kelowna Cup!

March 17 • St. Patrick's Day April 6-8 • Peak Pride April 8 • Sessions Slush Cup April 8 • Last Day of the 2017-2018 Season

It's your last chance to ski and ride at Big White for the season!

Masters Week Dates

Jan 29 to Feb 2 • Feb 26 to Mar 2 • March 26-30

Cruz the Blues Weekends

Dec 28-29 • Jan 20-21 • Feb 10-11 • March 20-21

Never Ever Days • Dec 16-17 • Feb 3-4

This year Big White is offering 4 “Never Ever Days” for those who have never skied or snowboarded before! Available to all Okanagan Residents who are aged 19+. Register @ bigwhite.com - Only 50 packages available each day.


Ongoing Events



Weekly EVENTS! During Ski Season

For Summer Activities see BigWhite.com or pages 56-59 MONDAY

Master's Monday • 9:30am to 11:30am 50+ can join in a 2 hour group lesson followed by a gourmet lunch at Kettle Valley Steakhouse.




Kids Craft Corner • 3pm to 5pm Happy Valley Day Lodge • Fun for the whole family, with live entertainment for adults and free popcorn and craft supplies for the kids. Bingo Night • 6:30pm to 8pm Happy Valley • Get ready to yell BINGO! You can win some great prizes!


Ladies Day • 10am • Join other ladies of similar skill level for a 2 hour skiing, snow-

boarding or snowshoeing group lesson, followed by a luncheon at Happy Valley at Noon with wine tasting, and prizes. Bonfire & Hot Chocolate • 5pm to 6:15pm Happy Valley • A great ski holiday wouldn't be complete without a steaming cup of hot chocolate by a roaring campfire. The Ultimate Family Gameshow Night 6:30pm to 8pm • Happy Valley • Are you Big White’s smartest family? Find out with some of your favorite game shows, as well as some brand new challenges.


Family Channel Carnival Night 6:30pm to 8pm • Village Centre Mall An evening of carnival activities, prizes, face painting and of course, carnival treats.


Firework Display • 8:15pm • Happy Valley Enjoy the world famous fireworks show!


Interdenominational Church Service 8:30am to 9:00am • Join Pastor Jack.

Bonfire & Hot Chocolate 5pm to 6:15pm • Happy Valley

Catholic Church Service 3:30pm to 4:30pm • Join Father Wayne.

Giant Novelty Game Night • 6:30pm to 8pm Happy Valley • Oversized cards, huge dice, giant snakes & ladders and more!



Bonfire, Hot Chocolate & S’mores 5pm to 6:15pm • Happy Valley Family Channel Carnival Night 6:30pm to 8pm • Village Centre Mall

Family Après Ski • 4:00pm to 6:00pm Happy Valley • Kick back and relax in the family atmosphere of the Moose Lounge. All Events are subject to change without notice. Visit www.bigwhite.com for more info or contact the Resort Concierge at 250.491.6111


Trivia Night • 7pm to 9pm • Happy Valley Pit your wits against our quizmaster at our weekly Trivia Night! Take part in our authentic, British-style ‘Pub Quiz’ with prizes and drink specials every week.




Day Skiing • “IT’S THE SNOW!” Abundant snowfall, mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine make it ideal.

Lifts open from 8:45am to 3:30pm


Adult: $95/day Youth/Senior: $80/day Child: $54/day

Peak Season: (Dec 17 to Jan 2) Adult $105 Youth/Senior $89 Child $62 Multi-day & Season Passes available. Visit www.bigwhite.com for more details.

Night Skiing

Night skiing is available Tuesday - Saturday weather permitting. Check online for pricing. Plaza Lift: 3:30pm to 8pm Bullet Chair: 3:30pm to 8pm TELUS Park: 5pm to 8pm Thurs to SatÈ

10 Fridays: Starting in January


Join us Friday evenings for amazing deals! $10 Night Skiing • $10 Ski/Snowboard Rentals $10 Tubing and Skating • $10 Dining Specials!

Snow Hosts


Join our knowledgeable Snow Hosts for a complimentary mountain tour everyday at 10:15am. They will show you the best ski and snowboarding spots on the mountain and provide information on Resort amenities and services.


choose your own adventure. No previous experience is needed and if you can walk you can snowshoe! Extensive trail network. Get off the beaten track and explore the winter wonderland.

Ice Climbing Tower

Ice climbing is an exhilarating winter sport and is fun for the whole family. Our expertly trained and avid climbing staff are on hand to help and encourage you all the way to the top. Our impressive 60 ft. ice tower located in Happy Valley Adventure Park, offers beginner to advanced options for all ages. Big White provides the climbing gear for your ice climbing adventure. See ad page 23.

Dog Sled Rides

Dog sledding tours are a great way to get the family out on an exciting adventure while enjoying the breathtaking scenery Big White has to offer. Experience the thrill of mushing through Big White’s famous backcountry as the enthusiastic and powerful Canadian sled dogs take you on an unforgettable winter excursion.

Sleigh Rides

Explore Big White's pristine beauty as Clydesdale horses guide the sleigh through the snowy forest. Keep warm and snuggle under blankets as you explore the enchanted forest trails under a star-filled night sky. Then Cross Country Skiing 25 km (15.5 mi) of Nordic trails perfect for it’s on to our cozy cabin in the woods where Canadian cross-country skiing. Perfectly you can sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious groomed backcountry ski trails offering levels gourmet dinner prepared by the chefs from the Kettle Valley Steakhouse. from beginner to advanced.

Snow Shoeing


Fun for everyone! Guided tours for varying levels A variety of daily Canadian snowmobiling of ability or rent your own snowshoes and tours take place on trails catered to all skill



levels, from family cruising to advanced powder riding. Drive your own snowmobile or double up with a friend and see Big White in a new and exciting way. See ad this page.

Kid’s Snowmobile Track

Miniature snowmobiles are great fun for the kids. Kids get to experience the thrill of mini snowmobiling on a track built specially for them! This gives children an opportunity to try out kids’ snowmobiling in a safe environment. See ad page 25.

Big White Tube Park

Feel the wind in your face as you zoom down our thrilling Tube Park. Located in the Happy Valley Adventure Park, tubing offers fun for snow enthusiasts of all ages. No skill or equipment required. Full-Day Tube Pass: 6 yrs and older, $23 • 5 yrs and under, Free. 5 Day Unlimited Tube Pass: 6 yrs and older, $69 • 5 yrs and under, Free. Lace up your skates and take a spin on Canada's highest largest outdoor skating rink. Whether you're looking for a leisurely skate with your family and friends or a friendly pick up hockey game with the locals, this world class rink is guaranteed FUN. 11:00am-9:00pm Daily, Weather dependant. Pricing: FREE, Skate Rentals $11/hour

Fat Bikes

Explore Big White's backcountry terrain on a fat bike! Yet another way for skiers and non skiers alike to enjoy and explore the mountain. Two trails designated for fat biking, you’re sure to enjoy the adventure. "All Prices subject to change without notice.

For more information or pricing contact the Resort Concierge at 250.491.6111 Or visit online at www.bigwhite.com


Ice Skating



KIDS AT BIG WHITE As a parent, I want to know my kids are having a great time and at Big White Ski Resort, I know they are! Ski Canada has rated The Big White Ski Resort Kid's Centre as the Best Resort Feature for Kids in Canada. If your kids are aged 18 months to 5 years and are too small for skiing or just can’t handle a full day on the slopes, the Tot Town Daycare is perfect. It was voted Best Place to be Abandoned by Your Parents by Ski Canada Magazine. Even though this is a ski resort, there's a lot more to do than just ski or board! The Big White Tube Park & Kid’s Snowmobile Track are a blast for kids of all ages! There's a reason Big White Ski Resort was voted Family Ski Resort of the Year by Snow Action Magazine, there's so many ways to create lifelong family memories! And remember, safety is important! Big White Ski Resort offers a free helmet program to protect your child as they master the slopes.


- Katie Jenion


Photo Courtesy: Brian Storm, Capture Your Action Photography



KIDS AFTER DARK With a fun supervised activity happening almost every night of the week, there is lots to do once the sun goes down! Pre-register at The Kid’s Centre before 3pm. Craft Night Monday 4:00 to 5:00pm • Come to the Kid's Centre for a fun evening of free arts and crafts. Ages 4+ Climbing Wall and Dinner Tuesday 6:00 to 8:00pm • Our Kids Centre staff will provide supervision on the climbing wall and a hot dinner for kids to enjoy! Ages 7+

Friday 5:00 to 8:00pm • Pizza Party and Games Night Join us for a Pizza Party, climbing wall and a fun evening of board games. Ages 7+ These are just a few of the many activities planned for you. See pages 18 to 23 for more or pick up an updated Weekly Events Calendar. For more information on Ski School Activities, please contact 250.491.6101


Wednesday and Saturday 5:00 to 8:00pm Dinner and Big White Tube Park Come to the Kid's Centre for a fun evening of dinner and tubing at the Big White Tube Park. Ages 5+



DAY TRIP! EXPLORE the Okanagan!

Photo Courtesy: Guilherme Pizzolato • City Park at Night

260 Hwy 33 • 250.765.0221 www.mnrkelowna.ca Perhaps you’re ready for a break from all the activities on the slopes and you’d like to explore the Okanagan for a bit? Check out the businesses on this page and if you need a ride check out page 27 and pages 12-13 for more information.


Don’t forget to ask about the Kelowna Rockets Ice Hockey Trips! A Great


Package, you get a ticket and transportation to and from the game. Please contact the Concierge for availability at 250.491.6111 Or see ad below to call direct! If you need Guides to find these or many other day trip locations and activities, just pick up the newest Kelowna, West Kelowna and Vernon Map Book & Guides anywhere!

Shuttle departs Kelowna from the Superstore on Hwy 97. Tickets are $18pp return. Must book and pay in advance. Service operates Tue & Wed. To book, call Concierge 250.491.6111 or e:concierge@bigwhite.com. www.bigwhite.com/explore-bigwhite/mountain-services/shoppingshuttle On Mountain Shuttle: Complimentary Runs daily from 7am to 11pm (with the last loop starting at 10:30pm) on a ½ hour schedule throughout the resort. www.bigwhite.com/explore-bigwhite/mountain-services/mountainshuttle


Need a Lift?

Shopping Shuttle: Departs Big White from Happy Valley car park near the Day Lodge. Drops off outside Superstore on Baron Rd (off Hwy 97) takes approx an hour.

top reasons to visit... At Big White, we believe that 'time is your ultimate luxury, so use it well.' With 15 lifts and an uphill capacity of 28,000 skiers and riders per hour, you'll never wait more than a few minutes - even at the busiest times.


Express Bus in the Okanagan: West Kelowna, Kelowna, & Mission buses run every Fri, Sat & Sun plus holidays. $25 round trip or $20 one way. For more e:tickets@bigwhite.com w w w. b i g w h i t e . c o m / p l a n - y o u rtrip/get-big-white/groundtransportation/express-bus



Aprés ski and

THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING HAPPENING AT BIG WHITE! You've never celebrated a holiday until you've celebrated it at Big White! There are so many exciting things to do in the evenings at Big White. Our restaurants and bars have special events happening all the time.


Once you’ve taken that last ride on the slopes, that’s when the After party begins! Check out nightly Events at your favourite spot or see pages 20-21 for even more weekly happenings!




top reasons to visit...


Taste More Than The Champagne Powder! With 20 on-mountain restaurants, cafes, delis, pubs and nightclubs, there's no shortage of places to relax or replenish your energy level when it's time for a break.


APRĂˆS SKI December 8th & 9th Big Reds at Big White. Sip and savour the best BC has to offer. From single varietals to Bordeaux style blends, this wine tasting event is designed to showcase all the amazing Big Reds from the Okanagan Valley. Participants have the opportunity to sample the latest wine

offerings from over 30 Okanagan Wineries, all while enjoying delicious Chef creations from the Resort’s fantastic restaurants. Big White Ski Resort wants to see your photos! Hashtag #dinebigwhite or upload your pics at www.bigwhite.com


For even MORE Okanagan Wineries please pick up one of our Kelowna Map Book & Guides for a great wine section including Wine Routes. Also online at www.okmapguides.com




BIG WHITE • OVERVIEW Photo Courtesy: Brian Storm, Capture Your Action Photography

Check out the following maps for a more detailed view of each area and see page 1 for a Street Directory BUILDINGS Administration G12 Alpine Timbers I12 A12 Aspens Bear’s Paw J11 Black Bear 1 J12 Black Bear 2 I11 Black Forest Day Lodge H17 Blacksmith Lodge J14 Bullet Creek Cabins G16 Chateau Big White G12 Copper Kettle Lodge D17 Chateau On The Ridge J10 Crescendo I13 The Crescent I13 Eagles Resort I12 Edge J14 Feathertop C16 The Forest N3 Glacier Lodge I14 Greystoke Inn D13 Grizzly Lodge G14 Grizzly Ridge M3 Happy Valley Day Lodge L15 High Forest N1 The Inn at Big White H11 The Legacy J11 Legends J11 Moguls D12 Monashee Inn C13 Perfection J10 Pinnacles J14 Plaza On The Ridge H10 Ponderosa E13 Ptarmigan Inn F12 The Raven L13


Rock Ridge Estates Silvertip Landing Snowbird Lodge Snowcrest Village Snowfall Lodge Snowshoe Sam’s Snowy Creek Lodge Snow Ghost Inn Solano Ridge Solitude South Point Spyglass Stonegate Resort Stonebridge Lodge Sundance Resort Sunridge Tamarack Terraces Timber Ridge Timbers Ten Skiers Towering Pines Trailside Heights Trappers Crossing Winter Ridge Whitefoot Lodge Whitetail Townhomes White Crystal Inn Woodcutter Cabins

I13 J6 L13 E12 M14 G12 F14 H10 B13 K14 K15 L14 H13 F14 E16 E12 E11 F16 B12 K15 F11 G14 M12 G11 G10 G12 M13 G13 K13

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ACTIVITIES • TELUS PARK www.BigWhiteMtnInfo.com



snowcat drivers keep the park in top shape and are continually building and Big White's TELUS Park has been named modifying the features to keep things one of the best terrain parks in North fresh and exciting! America, out of 20 terrain parks TELUS Park regularly partners with nominated in the USA TODAY Provincial, National and International 10Best Awards. sporting organizations to supply event TELUS PARK is serviced by the TELUS venues for many disciplines of snowsChair, an 1,800 foot long, 500 vertical foot ports, from grassroots kids events to double chair that takes you to the top of National and World Cup events. As a the park and lets you watch the action result, the park plays host to events that along the way. It also has a standard 12showcase the Olympic disciplines, such foot half pipe and a full-time snowcross as ski and snowboard slopestyle, snowcourse to help strengthen basic skills in board cross and ski cross, halfpipe and skiing and snowboarding. Something for international World Cup para-snowall ability levels and ages. The Snowcross boardcross and banked slalom. course, small, medium and large park lanes, rails and boxes, provide a great For the ultimate park experience, head to place to have fun. Dedicated terrain park the award winning TELUS Terrain Park.







top reasons to visit...


Your Own Private Hot Tub! Soak in the breath-taking views from your private balcony and allow your hot tub to envelope you in relaxation. Watch the snow fall, blanketing the resort in powder for tomorrow's adventure.



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MAP • HAPPY VALLEY www.BigWhiteMtnInfo.com


top reasons to visit... At Big White, "It's the Snow" is our motto, with over 750cm of light, dry, fluffy powder falling annually! Come and ski or ride in the worldfamous 'snow ghosts' – our frosty, snow-caked trees.


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MAP โ ข WHITE HORSE www.BigWhiteMtnInfo.com


top reasons to visit... Epic Winter Weather & Elevation. Daytime temps average -5ยบC perfect for a wide range of winter activities! With a moderate base elevation of 1,755 meters, the only thing that will take your breath away will be the views!


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top reasons to visit... It's so easy to get here! Non-stop flights from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Whitehorse, Toronto, Seattle, Phoenix & Las Vegas. Take a regularlyscheduled Big White shuttle, and you'll be on the slopes in an hour.


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Daytime & Après-Ski family friendly activities and events for all ages every day! Enjoy live entertainment, go skating, play hockey, try tubing or gather around the bonfire to watch the fireworks.



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SUMMER TIME AT BIG WHITE! Summer Opening Weekend • June The sun is shining, the snow is clearing and Big White is opening for the summer season! Get ready to hike and bike the picturesque landscapes that Big White has to offer and come see “What’s under the snow”! Canada Day Celebrations • July To celebrate Canada’s big day, Big White will be hosting the highest Canada Day festivities in the country – celebrating at 7000ft! Stop by for a slice of birthday cake and a high five from Loose Moose. 4th Annual Craft and Country Beer and Mountain Fest • July This July, Big White will host a weekend of country music and craft beer tastings. With over 20 BC craft breweries & cideries in attendance, famous local entertainers, and a kids fun zone, this is a weekend the whole family will enjoy! Wellness Weekend • July Featuring two days of yoga classes at Rhonda Lake and the Black Forest Day Lodge as well as meditation seminars and cooking classes, Wellness Weekend blends yoga, mindfulness, hiking and good nutrition, the perfect combination to have you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

See what’s under the snow and enjoy the



Bike Big White!


Ciderfest • July Big White has invited Cideries from all over the Okanagan to bring their delicious thirst quenching beverages up the mountain for you to taste. Come on up and enjoy a weekend of sunshine, cider tastings, and great live music! Geo Hiking • August Don’t miss this fun weekend activity the whole family will enjoy! Geo Hiking is a free GPS scavenger hunt with hidden treasures and great prizes. The more treasures you find, the greater your reward! 3rd Annual Huckleberry Festival • August August is festival season, and Big White thinks the huckleberry deserves a festival of its own! This year, Big White will attempt to make the biggest pie in B.C. - with more than 75lbs of fruit! Expect family fun, live music, an outdoor BBQ, and pie - lots and lots of pie!


4th Annual L’Alpe de Grand Blanc • July The L’Alpe de Grand Blanc is back! Now in its 4th year, this challenging 60km road bike ride from Kelowna to Big White is open to all cyclists – from casual to competitive – and is sure to push any rider to their limits.

Movie on the Mountain Nights - July thru August Big White’s Movie on the Mountain nights take place various weekends throughout the summer on the resort’s NEW 25ft outdoor movie screen. Bring your blankets. Admission is FREE!


For more details visit online at www.bigwhite.com or contact the Resort Concierge at 250.491.6111





ADVERTISERS BUSINESS DIRECTORY Businesses are listed alphabetically under the related heading. Be sure to visit these businesses and tell them you saw their ad in the Guide!


top reasons to visit... Canada's Largest Totally Ski-in SkiOut Resort Village. Whether you choose economy or luxury - you can ski right from your door! Something for every style and budget.

Big White Ski Resort City Office in Kelowna 1894 Ambrosi Road Call us at 250-765-3101 or 250-491-6262 Visit us at www.bigwhite.com

ACCOMMODATIONS Allura Direct • Mountain Vacation Rentals See www.alluraDirect.com or call 1-866-425-5872 • pages 17, 41 & 54 Central Reservations • Big White Ski Resort 250-765-8888 • 1-800-663-2772 cenres@bigwhite.com see inside & back cover and page 15


Big White Kids Centre 250-491-6101 • page 25 Big White Ski Club & Rio Tinto Alcan Big White Blazers 250-863-5884 • page 44 Big White Ski School 250-491-6101 CRIS Adaptive Adventures www.AdaptiveAdventures.ca • page 45 Energyplex • Kelowna www.energyplex.ca • page 26 Jacky’s Bean Stock • Coffee Roaster www.jackysbeanstock.com • page 11 Kelowna Rockets • 250-979-0853 www.kelownarockets.com • page 26 Kid’s Snowmobile Track 250-807-2897 • page 25 Okanagan Observatory 250-300-8759 • page 42 Outback Snowmobile Tours Call BW Activities 250-491-6111 to book Or 250-807-2897 for info • page 23

Central Reservations Big White Owner Relations 250-491-6185 owner.relations@bigwhite.com • page 15

Powder Hounds Adaptive Snow Sports 250-861-3302 • page 44

ChaletsAtBigWhite.com 250-491-9496 • 1-888-491-9496 • page 16

Sleigh Rides • Call Big White Concierge 250-491-6111

Okanagan Chalet Rentals See www.OkChalets.com or call 1-888-763-6373 • page 15


Big White Concierge & Activities Desk 250-491-6111

Owner Direct • www.OwnerDirect.com 1-888-869-6377 • page 15 The Urban Retreat Hostel Email: bigwhitehostel@berezanhg.com 250-765-7920 • page 16 Valley to Summit Vacation Rentals zalposki@gmail.com • 250-491-2181

top reasons to visit... It's a parent's vacation too! Cruise down our immaculately groomed runs, satisfied knowing that your children are being introduced to the exciting world of mountain fun at the Big White Kids Centre.

Please note some numbers are not in use during the off-season.



Vacation Food Services 778-363-1870 • page 11


Granite at McKinley Beach • Acorn Homes www.graniteatmckinley.com • 1-866-942-2676 3450 McKinley Beach Dr • Kelowna www.acornhomes.com • page 32 & 54

Big White Electrical Ltd 250-765-0505 • page 45

Grizzly Ridge www.grizzlyridgeestates.com • page 40 & 64

Big White Spa Services Ltd. Hot Tub Sales, Service and Repair 250-491-2181 • page 51

Predator Ridge • www.PredatorRidge.com Offering you a way of life other people only dream about and a truly unique ownership opportunity in the Okanagan real estate market. 1-888-578-6688 • page 33 & 54

Majordomo • Property Services Hot tub services, sales & repairs Full service rental property cleaning & maintenance. Phone 250-861-4117 www.majordomopropertyservices.com SD Clean Image Services Inc. 250-808-7756 • 250-863-6653 • page 54 Valley to Summit Housekeeping Services zalposki@gmail.com • 250-491-2181

MASSAGE & SPA SERVICES Elevation Village Spa • elevationspa@telus.net 250-491-7799 www.elevationspa.ca • page 53 Mountain Massage 250-470-1086 • page 53

Weninger Construction & Design Ltd. 250-765-6898 • page 49

REAL ESTATE AGENTS Premier Canadian Properties Jake Bregolisse • Brian Pedersen • page 5 250-765-1577 • www.bigwhitrealestate.com

RE/MA) Ken Mitchell • 250-470-2143 Jesse East • 250-862-1234 Jason Neumann • 250-808-7700 pages 3 & 50 Royal LePage • Big White Property Group Andrew Braff • 250-469-4754 Steve Nicoll • 250-470-7011 Gary Turner • 250-826-9991 Inside Front Cover & pages 43 & 57


Locksmith • Daniel Adkin 250-863-6653


The Big White community is very proud of all the business owners on the mountain who give it their all to make them one of the best ski resorts in Canada.




Snowshoe Sam’s Pub 250-765-5959 • page 9 & 31

Black Diamond Bar & Grill 250-491-7750 • page 6 & 51

The Woods In Village Centre • page 9

Black Forest Day Lodge At base of Black Forest Chair • page 6


The Blarney Stone Irish Tavern 250-491-2009 • page 6 Clocktower Coffee Co. In Village Centre • page 7 & 51

Urban Distilleries • Kelowna 778-478-0939 • page 27


The Gunbarrel Grill 250-765-1416 • page 7, 31 & 50

Jacky’s Bean Stock • Coffee Roaster www.jackysbeanstock.com • page 11

Kettle Valley Steakhouse 250-491-0130 • page 8 Moonlight Bistro At base of Gem Lake Express • page 8


My Neighbourhood Restaurant • Kelowna 250-765-0221 • page 9 & 26

Globe: Café, Tapas, Trattoria 250-765-1501 • page 7

Happy Valley Day Lodge In Village Centre • page 7


The Chef Instead 250-878-8500 • recipe page 10 & ad 50

SERVICE • COMMUNITY Big White Community Policing 250-765-3549 • page 51 & 62 Big White Fire Department 250-765-3090 • page 63 Big White • Telus TV and Internet 250-491-6185

Moose Lounge Happy Valley Day Lodge • page 8

Canadian Ski Patrol www.joinskipatrol.ca • page 44

Sk8ers Happy Valley Day Lodge • page 8

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary 1-800-355-7352 • www.rdkb.com • page 61

BrainTrust Canada • www.braintrustcanada.com 1-888-762-3233 • page 37 Capture Your Action • Brian Storm 416-886-1923 • page 54 Catholic Independent Schools 3665 Benvoulin Rd, Kelowna • 250-762-2905 superintendent@cisnd.ca • www.cisnd.ca Cobalt Design • Kelowna Plans • Furnishings • Décor • page 48

Rev Sheila Tegart Weddings and Memorials • 250-808-7756 Okanagan Map Guides Ltd www.okmapguides.com • 250-763-4848 OkTire Rutland • 350 Gray Road, Kelowna 250-765-7416 • page 13 Serwa Bulldozing • www.serwa.ca 250-860-2388 • 250-861-0675 • page 41 Total Restoration Services Inc. 250-491-3828 • www.totalrestoration.ca

Altitude 250-491-6133 • page 52 Big White Beer and Wine 250-491-6105 • page 52 Dizzy(s 250-491-6142 • page 52 Mountainside 250-491-6127 • page 52


ABC Bookkeeping at Big White Email info@kelownabookkeeping.com


Players Choice • Kelowna www.playerschoicesports.com • page 40 The Rider 250-491-6126 • page 52 Sheepskin Bouti”ue • Kelowna 250-765-2300 • page 26

TRANSPORTATION & TOURS Big White Shuttle 250-765-8888 • 1-800-663-2772 • page 12 Budget Car & Truck Rentals www.bcbudget.com • 1-888-368-7368 page 14 & maps 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 50 & 55 Heart & Sol Tours • www.heartandsoltours.com 1-844-223-7167 • 250-762-7167 • page 43 Kelowna Airport • ylw.kelowna.ca Okanagan Limousine Inc • www.ok-limo.com 250-717-5466 • page 13





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