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Gratitude Annual Report on Giving 2014-15

Angie Pinchbeck, Associate of Science Degree student.

By the numbers

(Fiscal Year April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015)




Student support Academic and educational programming Capital Projects

$615,931 $225,827 $1,474,547

NUMBER OF GIFTS Individual Organization Alumni

1,097 227 236


726 awards totaling



Number of students who applied for loans Total unmet need of Okanagan College students Average unmet need per student after loans and other income


Meeting the Person Who Invested in Your Future:

1,513 $3,576,185 $2,163 $1,018


*StudentAid BC statistics


Pat Underhill and Tiffany Hogon (recipient of the 2015 Pat Underhill Bursary).

Gratitude We see gratitude in so many forms – from students grateful for awards and donors grateful for the opportunity to help transform lives, to Okanagan College staff and instructors grateful for the people who want to advance and catalyze the power of education. We, in turn, are grateful on so many levels – grateful to you for your support of our students and our campuses, for your involvement in our communities and for taking the time to read these stories. In these pages, you will meet Angie Pinchbeck, a rising Canadian poet of Aboriginal heritage, who also happens to be a double major in Computer Science and Math. Angie’s is a story of life-long learning and of travelling the world to find that the place where we find creative fulfillment is sometimes closer at hand than we ever thought to look. You will also meet Brad Atkins, who enrolled in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program in Vernon as a mature student, following in the footsteps of Tim Harder, an Okanagan College student lost far too soon. Hear how Atkins’ dreams are taking flight thanks to the memorial award established by Harder’s family and friends. These are just a few faces, a few of the stories of the lives changed by the generosity of donors like you. In total this year, more than 518 individuals received 726 awards valued at a total of $739,299 – an average of just over $1,000 per award. The impact of this support can hardly be put into words or even captured in a photo. It’s a deeper story, one of the most important chapters in the story of Okanagan College.

United by generosity This year—and every year—we are struck by how donors throughout the Okanagan and beyond pull together in support of students at our four campuses and facilities across the region. Your support makes Okanagan College more than the sum of its parts, more than just a place of learning. Your support makes us a community.

Kathleen Danielson, Residential Construction (Vernon), 2015 Woolliams Family Award

And if you’re looking for a big-picture, long-term example of impact, consider the $33-million Trades Training Complex under construction at the Kelowna campus. Midway through our campaign, support from industry and from all corners of the community has been incredible. Read how your support can make a difference here. And the building is just the beginning. Learn why $2 million of our $7-million goal is going to student and program support that will open doors. Find out how you can get involved and help us reach our goal ahead of schedule. To all those who have supported this project, we are truly grateful. In closing, what comes to mind is a message from Pavithra Mehta: “Invite your heart to be grateful and your thank yous will be heard even when you don’t use words.” Please know that there are many more thank yous for your support than you will ever personally hear. We want you to know they are expressed every day in the hearts of our students, their families and all of us at the Okanagan College Foundation.

Connor Butler, 2015 Rotary Club of Penticton Okanagan Automotive Award

Kayla Byers, 2015 Salmon Arm College Scholarship in Science

Alf Kempf Kathy Butler President Executive Director Okanagan College Foundation Okanagan College Foundation

Mike Chartrand, Kelowna, 2015 Water Engineering Technology Citizenship Award



Capital Campaign

Bright Horizons Campaign

Okanagan College President Jim Hamilton with members of the Okanagan College Students’ Union.

Building bright futures, building for the next 50 years of trades training in the Okanagan For more than 50 years, Okanagan College has been the region’s leading producer of tradespeople. Now, with support from the Province, from industry and our surrounding communities, Okanagan College is well underway on one of its largest capital projects ever: an unprecedented sustainable renovation and expansion of trades training facilities at the Kelowna campus.

With the recent announcement that The Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Penticton has now officially achieved LEED Platinum Certification (one of the first buildings of its size in the region to do so), we are setting an example about the level of sustainable construction possible with the skills and technologies that are the focus of Okanagan College’s training and education.

In October of last year, with a dedicated and focused campaign team (see panel inset) the Okanagan College Foundation launched the $7-million Bright Horizons, Building for Skills Campaign.

According to the British Columbia Labour Market Outlook, of the one million job openings expected in BC by 2022, 431,100 jobs will require College education or Apprenticeship training, with more than 160,000 directly related to trades and related occupations. Okanagan College is building proactively to train for this demand.

The goal? To raise $5 million for capital construction and $2 million for program and student support. And in so doing, raise awareness of the importance of trades in our communities. And finally, support Okanagan College in elevating trades training and further establishing our region as a hub for foundation and apprenticeship trades training. When doors open in spring of 2016, the three-storey trades tower along KLO road will cap off a 10,000-square-metre renovation and expansion in which 50-year-old shops and classrooms will be updated and blended seamlessly into new construction, with the overall goal of achieving LEED Platinum standards.


The response to the campaign in its first nine months has been nothing short of inspiring. Support for the project has come from every sector and every corner of our region. Donations of all shapes and sizes have come in from large organizations, small businesses, families and individuals. Even students. As you’ll read in the coming pages, one of the most affirming and motivating donations has come from Okanagan College’s own students. Just as members of our community at large have stepped forward to show us the value they place on education, so have those within our own hallways, shops and classrooms.

Capital Campaign Team Members New space and equipment is just the beginning. Reaching our $7-million goal means achieving that vital $2 million in student and program support that is truly-life changing for our students.

Ben Stewart Honorary Chair

For some, it can mean the difference between being able to attend or stay in school, or not. As Okanagan College President Jim Hamilton points out:

Mike Roberts Campaign Ambassador

“The generosity of donors across our region is helping us create new scholarships, bursaries and other programs that are opening doors for students. It’s about transforming lives through education—helping students access training for careers that are in high demand.”

Steve Moores Dean of Trades and Apprenticeship Okanagan College

Dennis Gabelhouse Campaign Chair

Jim Hamilton President Okanagan College Alf Kempf President Okanagan College Foundation Raghwa Gopal Vice President Okanagan College Foundation Sharron Simpson Community Chair Okanagan College Foundation Heather Schneider Regional Dean Central Okanagan Okanagan College

With several new shops and classrooms already completed and in operation – including the Heavy Duty Mechanical Trades Shop, as well as the updated Automotive Service Technician and Carpentry Shops, we are already getting a glimpse of the leading-edge learning environments Okanagan College is building with the support of donors like you. Thank you to everyone who is lending a helping hand with this project; you are part of the ripple effect you will read about in the following pages.

“It’s about transforming lives through education. Helping students get a skilled trade they can use to build a bright future.” Jim Hamilton To learn more about the Bright Horizons Building for Skills campaign’s current needs and opportunities to get involved, please visit www.okanagan.bc.ca/campaign, or call the Foundation office at 250-862-5630 (toll-free 1-888-650-6968), and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Kathy Butler Campaign Director & Executive Director Okanagan College Foundation Anne Kirkpatrick Development Officer Okanagan College Foundation John Haller Development Officer Okanagan College Foundation Allison Ramchuk Development Officer Okanagan College Foundation Tyler Finley Campaign Communications & Marketing Specialist Okanagan College Foundation Samantha Blandon Campaign Assistant Okanagan College Foundation

Industry Sector Volunteer Chairs Volunteer Sector Co-Chairs Methal Abougoush (Boyd Autobody & Glass) Hugo Cookson (Cookson Motors Ltd.) Brian Crowley (PrairieCoast Equipment Inc.) Raf DeGuevara (Westbank First Nation) Jason Friesen (Voyager RV Centre) Graeme Jenkins (Enterprise Steel Fabricators Ltd.) Karen Kilbrei (Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services (Kelowna) Inc.) Oscar Krueger (Krueger Electrical Ltd.) Adam Rich and Cordelle Rich (Sentes Automotive) Debbie Robert (Retired Co-owner, L. Robert Enterprises) Patrick Waunch (Rambow Mechanical Ltd.) Gord Wilson (TEAM Construction Management Ltd.) Okanagan College Department Representatives: Corey Bransfield (Automotive Service) Alan Cohoe (Retired from Recreational Vehicle Service) John Euloth (Collision Repair) Alf Leimert (Carpentry) Doug Noble (Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Mechanics) Dean Nutter (Welding) Brad Oliver (Plumbing/Mechanical) Tom Stapleton (Electrical)



Capital Campaign

The Ripple Effect Campaign donors empowering Okanagan College and its students In the last 15 years alone, Okanagan College has trained more than 20,000 tradespeople. That’s thousands of men and women working across Western Canada and beyond. The economic impact is huge. But the social and community ripple effect is even greater. Donors throughout the region are helping make trades training a reality for Okanagan College students. Donors like Cliff and Lois Serwa, who have donated $50,000 to the Bright Horizons campaign. Their connection to the College dates back more than 50 years to when Cliff Serwa worked on the excavation and fill for the Okanagan College Kelowna Campus site (then BC Vocational School). “Having worked around the trades, I can certainly appreciate the importance of formal training, now more than ever, as the trades become increasingly technical,” says Serwa. “But the reasons for supporting go well beyond that.” “We’re very proud to be able to give back and support an institution that continues to have such a far reaching impact on students from all walks of life in the Okanagan. Whether it’s supporting students fresh out of high school, or mature students, or single parents going back to school to find employment so they can support their families; the opportunities Okanagan College creates valley-wide are truly invaluable.” Like the Serwas, Bill and Mary Schoof also saw an opportunity to build bright horizons for students through a gift that had special meaning for them. Schoof, a retired journeyman, donated his 40-plus-year collection of machinist tools to Okanagan College after learning about the renovation and expansion project and the need for support.


“If you’re learning a trade you need more than books, you need the right tools in your hand as well,” says Schoof. “The College already has great equipment, of course, but I know that good tools are always in demand, always appreciated. I was glad to hear that they would benefit students and I’m happy to see them put to good use.” The donated tools were worth thousands of dollars but were priceless in what they symbolized, explains Steve Moores, Okanagan College’s Dean of Trades and Apprenticeship. “We appreciate that Mr. Schoof has chosen to share an important part of his life’s work to inspire our students,” says Moores. “It has certainly resonated with our students as a physical example of a donor wanting to help equip them for the future.” Local service clubs are also recognizing the ripple effect. The Rotary Club of Kelowna has donated $75,000 and also supports numerous bursaries and the College’s Gateway to Trades program which benefits local high school students. “Trades are a key thrust in our economy,” explains Dennis Campbell, Club Past President, “and so it seemed only natural for us to support the training of these young apprentices. When you think about it, you can’t step out your front door and go very far without coming into contact with something that a tradesperson has helped to build, wire, plumb, weld, and so on.” The value—and indeed the added potential ripple effect—of student and program support shines through when you meet students who are charting a new path thanks to scholarships, bursaries, and other aid from donors.

Cliff and Lois Serwa.

There are students like Les Mortimer (see photo on page 10), father of two young children, who returned to school at Okanagan College as a mature student to build a bright future for himself and his family. Mortimer, a student in the Plumbing and Pipefitting foundation program, says he benefitted from the generosity of donors who wanted to invest in his future. This spring, he received the Leo Plamondon and Family Entrance Bursary for Trades. And with an eye on the future, he hopes one day to be able to pay it forward—a goal which starts with sharing his gratitude, he says. “My kids are my biggest priority—they’re the reason why I’m going back to school. To be able to train here, and stay close to them,

means the world to me. I am so grateful for the support of College donors who want to help students like me succeed.” Mortimer is an example of the ripple effect. Right behind him are the more than 2,600 students that will train in the new Trades Training Complex in Kelowna, when doors open next spring. As donor Lois Serwa notes, “The value of a gift lies not in its price but in its potential.” Every week our campaign donors are showing us their belief in our students’ potential.




Poet in Motion There is poetry in science and science in poetry. One Okanagan College student traveled the world and found that the place where her two passions converged was closer to home than she ever could have imagined. Angelina (Angie) Pinchbeck is a name you’ll want to remember. She might be the source of the next breakthrough in computer science. Or she might blow your mind with her spoken word rhymes. Either way, her boundless enthusiasm and polite demeanour are impossible to ignore.

“And I get to experience that because someone in the community believes in me and wants to support my education. That’s an incredible feeling. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

The 2015 recipient of the Canadian Aboriginal/First Nation Fiction Writing Scholarship (valued at $2,000), Pinchbeck is currently pursuing an Associate of Science degree at Okanagan College, with a double major in Computer Science and Math.

Pinchbeck received the Canadian Aboriginal/First Nation Fiction Writing Scholarship on the strength of her short story “Turning Over a New Leaf”—a narrative that explores a young woman’s struggles for meaning amidst underlying threads of environmental concern woven deftly throughout. In less than eight pages, Pinchbeck creates for the reader a deeply personal, almost haunting tone that verges on the mythic.

After enrolling at Okanagan College as a mature student, Pinchbeck says she immediately felt at home—a feeling she credits to the engaging and inspiring atmosphere created by her professors.

When asked about her plans for the future, Pinchbeck is quick to point out the importance of life-long learning and spontaneity—both skills she puts to work as much in the math lab as she does on the spoken-word stage.

“The professors here are so accessible, so friendly, so passionate about their topics, it just makes for such an engaging learning environment,” explains Pinchbeck.

“On stage, it’s different every time. You never know what’s going to happen, and that is part of the beauty of it. I learn something new every time. It’s the same with every class I take at the College,” Pinchbeck adds. “And what’s better than learning? It’s how we grow.”

Pinchbeck’s is an especially feel-good story when you consider that the classroom wasn’t always a place she felt inspired. “It’s funny to sit here now and think of high school and think ‘How did I ever hate school?’” she laughs, noting that her travelling experiences, which took her across Asia and other destinations, helped her gain perspective on how lucky we are as Canadians to have such a strong post-secondary education system.


“I feel such a strong sense of gratitude and excitement to be here,” she says. “When Monday rolls around I think to myself ‘It’s Monday. I get to go back! I get to learn.’”

Angie Pinchbeck.

“I feel such a strong sense of gratitude and excitement to be here.�

Angie Pinchbeck











nvolvement accountabil-



learn guid


de titu gra Gratitudemis-




-Jonah Cramer, Automotive Service Technician program, Kelowna Recipient of the Wooliams Family Award


“I am so excited and grateful for this award. It is a huge boost and will help with tuition for the next course I’m taking, as I continue my studies and pursue my dream of a career in the wine industry. Being able to continue my education has put so many opportunities within my reach.”




values directions

- Kathleen McCaffrey, Viticulture program, Penticton Recipient of the BC Wine Information Society Bursary




“I cannot say thank you enough for this award. It has helped me greatly by supporting my financial needs and has motivated me to achieve my educational goals.”


integrity b


“Receiving this bursary will help me complete my program. But the impact of the support goes beyond alleviating financial stress. I feel incredibly inspired by the fact that someone in our community recognizes my hard work and wants to help me with my future.”

- Laureen Shannon, Business Administration Diploma program, Salmon Arm Recipient of the Al Neale Bursary


lead innovat


d tion












key integri-


suppor valconnecting

achievement www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca 11


From Ski to Sky Chasing the dream of flight Last year, we shared the story of the creation of the Tim Harder Memorial Award. Tim Harder’s dream of becoming an aircraft mechanic and pilot ended when his life was tragically cut short by a motor vehicle accident in August 2013. His parents Drs. James and Joyce Harder established the award in his name to assist mature students enrolled in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) program at Okanagan College. Now, the award created in Harder’s memory is inspiring another student to pursue the lofty goal they shared. Meet Brad Atkins. Airplane and helicopter enthusiast. Certified mountain guide. Backcountry avalanche awareness and safety expert. Skier. Climber. Adventure seeker. Volunteer. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Tinkerer. Recipient of the first annual Tim Harder Memorial Award. “I couldn’t be more grateful for this award,” says Atkins. “I can’t even put it into words. It takes an incredible weight off my shoulders to know that I have these funds to put towards living expenses and tuition for the rest of my program.” Born in Winnipeg, Atkins moved to British Columbia in 2001. The self-proclaimed “prairie kid, born and raised,” quickly fell in love with BC’s mountain culture, developing an interest in skiing, ski patrol, and avalanche safety and awareness training. Like Harder, Atkins enrolled in the AME program at Okanagan College’s Aerospace Campus in Vernon as a mature student. Also like Harder, he took the road less traveled to return to the classroom, working a variety of backcountry/outdoor jobs to help fund his education.


Prior to enrolling in the program, Atkins founded and grew his own business Backcountry Avalanche Awareness, which offers a number of avalanche skills training courses. He has maintained the business while juggling the intensive 48 weeks of training for his AME M-License through Okanagan College, followed by another adventure in the form of 14 weeks of training at Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek. Atkins credits the award as one of the reasons he has been successful in managing work and school. “It’s been a challenge returning to school as a mature student, completing my courses while still running my own business,” says Atkins. “But I’m so excited for the career this will allow me to have, and it’s been very fulfilling to be able to continue helping people through education while also continuing my own education.” Atkins says one of the most rewarding moments of his time at Okanagan College was meeting Harder’s parents, Jim and Joyce, when they traveled from Calgary to Vernon to present him with the award. “This award played a huge role in my being able to get through the program. I feel very privileged, and I want to express my deepest thanks to the Harder family and their friends and to let them know just how much this award means to me.” Atkins completed his program in late June. His plans for the future? “I want to help people. I hope to get hired on with an aerial forest firefighting unit. What better way to put my skills to good use?”

Brad Atkins (centre, back) recipient of the Tim Harder Memorial Bursary with Jim and Joyce Harder and family.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for this award. I can’t even put it into words. It takes an incredible weight off my shoulders…”

Brad Atkins

www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca 13


Legacies of learning Memorial awards inspire students “The generosity of the Santosham family will continue to aid future students in their educational endeavors for many years to come.” Nathan Milligan

Dr. Tom Santosham

Over the past year, the Okanagan College Foundation team has worked with donors to create 31 new awards. As we look back at these awards and reflect on how they came to be, nowhere is the theme of gratitude more fitting, or more poignant, than in the memorial awards created to honour seven individuals this year. In October 2014, the Okanagan College family lost a beloved and highly respected member when Professor Tom Santosham’s car slid off the road and into a lake near his home in Penticton. Dr. Santosham died in the accident. Shortly after this tragic loss, the Santosham family decided that it would be fitting, given Dr. Santosham’s passion for teaching, to create an annual award that would support business students at Okanagan College’s Kelowna campus where he taught courses in global marketing for 14 years, as well as a memorial award to be distributed to two students in the class that Santosham had been teaching before his passing.

Kendall Ross and Nathan Milligan received the awards and were struck not only by the incredible love for learning and for teaching displayed by Dr. Santosham, but by the thoughtful generosity of the Santosham family. “It was truly a privilege to have been educated by such a humble person who had an abundance of life and career experience,” says Milligan, who completed his final semester as a Bachelor of Business Administration student this April. “He was a wonderful professor who was truly passionate about teaching.” “The generosity of the Santosham family will continue to aid future students in their educational endeavors for many years to come.” Also inspiring: the Anne and Ted Chudyk Fund in Memory of George Ryga, which is intended to be a creative catalyst for students interested in social justice, in tribute to the legendary Canadian author who devoted his life to this cause. The Roy Clemens Memorial Award in Aviation and Margaret Fane Rutledge Award in Aviation, helping future pilots take to the skies in this the 25th year of Okanagan College’s Commercial Aviation program.

New Funds for 2014-15 This year donors helped to create 31 new funds boosting financial support to arts, science, trades, technologies, business students and programs at Okanagan College. Gordon Rose Memorial Bursary Thomas V Santosham Award in Business Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence Roy Clemens Memorial Award in Aviation Margaret Fane Rutledge Award in Aviation Okanagan College Students’ Union Bursary Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Fund


Penticton Science Merit Award Pushor Mitchell LLP Scholarship Kelowna Garden Club Award South Okanagan Boundary Labour Council Trades Award Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association Excellence Scholarship Penticton Campus Essay Prize Yakima Enological Society Award


Grateful to inspire Alumnus gives back, mentors students on financial literacy When our alumni choose to give back to the College it affirms the value of post-secondary education. But that is just the beginning. It also inspires. It unites our campuses, adds to our sense of community. It sends a powerful message to current students that they are connected to a network of alumni who are invested in their success and want to help them get the most out of their time at Okanagan College. Dale K. Lamb was raised in the Okanagan Valley and has called the valley his home for over 35 years. He studied Business Administration at Okanagan College in 1990; he went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a focus on business, economics and statistics from the University of Victoria. After university Lamb entered the corporate financial industry and became an advisor with Mutual Life of Canada in 1995. Over the past 20 years as an advisor licensed with Sun Life Financial, and running as an independent company, DKL Financial Services Inc., Lamb has been a leader and one of the top performers in the financial field in Canada and world-wide. During this time, he has remained in touch with Okanagan College and is very supportive of students—especially when it comes to mentoring students on building financial skills and knowledge. In 2015, Lamb has been providing a series of free seminars for students on the basics of protecting their income, and saving and investing their money. Lamb has also stepped forward with a $50,000 donation to Okanagan College, in support of the Bright Horizons Building for Skills Campaign behind the renovation and expansion of the Trades Training Complex along KLO Road.

Vernon Campus Health Care Assistant Bursary National Bank Financial Business Award PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. Award Stewart & MacRae Family Award ROV Consulting Award Anne and Ted Chudyk Fund in Memory of George Ryga White Kennedy LLP Accounting Award transCDA Awards for Heavy Duty Mechanical Trades Trevor Braem Memorial Award

From left to right: Okanagan College President Jim Hamilton, Vice President of DKL Financial Services Inc. Andrew Gilchrist, President of DKL Financial Services Dale Lamb, and Bright Horizons Campaign Chair Dennis Gabelhouse

“When I heard about the new trades facilities at Okanagan College and the way this space would elevate training to a whole new level for students in our community, I thought ‘What a great way to show my own children that giving back is important.’” “I’m grateful for the opportunity not just to support students, but also to inspire young people—and everyone in our community—that whether it’s a few dollars or thousands, by giving back and paying it forward, we can all have an impact.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity not just to support… but also to inspire.” Dale Lamb

McCubbin Environmental Awareness Award BDO Kelowna Bursary BDO Vernon Award Life Sciences Award - Kelowna Tom Santosham Memorial Award Okanagan Basin Water Board Water Engineering Technology Award Elsie and Allan Farrar Nursing Award Gary McEwan Sustainable Construction Management Technology Award

www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca 15

Planned Giving


A Fresh Start

Shortly after retiring in the Okanagan, David Perron and Patricia Kully decided to secure their legacy by supporting students in the place they now call home. Their fund supports immigrants and single parents.

Leaving a legacy, opening doors for students After migrating from Ottawa to the Okanagan, David Perron and Patricia Kully began looking for ways to make a difference in their new community—they found it through supporting students who, like them, have traveled a long way to get here.

“Caring doesn’t have a price tag. Whatever each of us can do to help, big or small, benefits students and their successes benefit us all.” Patricia Kully A family reunion first brought the couple to the Valley five years ago. By the time the visit was over, they had both fallen in love with the region and decided to make it their retirement home; they moved to West Kelowna a year later. Perron was recently updating his will and began to think about what kind of legacy he and Kully could leave. Given their passion for education—his background is in technology and hers is in secondary education—making a gift that would break down barriers to post-secondary education was a natural fit. A tour of The Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence at Okanagan College’s Penticton campus left them inspired by the College’s dedication to teaching and innovation. They began looking at existing funds and student awards they might support, and thought long and hard about how best to make a gift that would have a lasting impact.


“The College is very welcoming,” says Kully. “We were searching for ways to establish a deeper connection to the community and one of the ways we found it was through our involvement here.” Having lived for many years in Ottawa, both Perron and Kully had been touched by the incredible diversity of experiences, knowledge, and cultures brought to Canada by immigrants, and even more so by the struggles faced by new Canadians. “It was comforting to know that we could have a discussion about our needs, our intentions, and our ability to help,” says Kully. “Caring doesn’t have a price tag. Whatever each of us can do to help, big or small, benefits students and their success benefits us all.” The couple decided that leaving a legacy didn’t have to wait until they were gone. In December 2014, they established the Perron Kully Fresh Start Fund which will provide annual awards of $1,000 or more to students in any Engineering Technology Diploma program seeking to improve their opportunities through education. “We want to ensure that people new to Canada can gain the skills and training they need to feel comfortable, to be accepted in the workforce, and to put their talents to use,” says Perron. “Everyone can understand the added challenges also facing single parents, so if we can help them in some small way to be successful in their education, what a true partnership, and what a wonderful legacy, that would be.”

involvement accountability





gratitude miss

rections Financial Report April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015



It has been a busy and very rewarding year for the Foundation, with the Capital Campaign officially launching in October of 2014, the creation of 31 new awards this year, more than any year previous in the Foundation’s 13 year history.

To date, the Okanagan College Foundation has raised and disbursed to students at Okanagan College’s campuses in Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, and Vernon more than $9 million in scholarships and bursaries. In total, the Foundation has raised more than $23 million, including student awards, capital projects, programming and an endowment that now totals over $8.3 million since the Foundation was formed in 2002. At the close of the fiscal year, our assets total $13,285,884.




We are grateful to Okanagan College for supporting our campaign efforts through the funding of administrative and fundraising costs, ensuring that donor funds go to their designated purposes.

Number of endowments Number of annual award funds Number of donations received Value of gifts-in-kind received


195 268 1,295 $1,277,007.52




2014-15 Gross Revenues - $3.4 Million

values direction







Capital Campaign Endowment Capital Annual Awards Endowment Awards Grant Revenue – SIDIT Program Support Interest and Dividends

Gain (Loss) on Disposal Unrealized Gain Gaming Event Revenues Other Revenues Interest from Life Insurance Policy




242,938 50,000

322,933 152,766


2014-15 Expenditures - $1.6 Million 453,566 739,299

43,088 373,442

Scholarships and Bursaries Capital Campaign and Other Fund Raising Expenses Investment and Management Fees Program Support Gaming Event Expenses


www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca 17

Thank you Our donors support student awards, programs and facilities; this support enhances the learning experience and expands opportunities for students. Donations for student support provide vital funding for books, tuition and living expenses. 100 per cent of your dollar amount contributed goes to students. We have more annual donors to thank than this space will allow, so we have listed donors who gave $500 or more between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed.

Individuals Anonymous (8) Methal Abougoush Charles and Irene Armstrong Dr. Heather Banham Tom Beardsley and Donna Lomas Samantha Blandon Dr. William and Patricia Bowering Gail Braem Dr. Jayne Brooks James Burns Beverley Busson Kathy Butler Patricia Campbell Alan Carter Barbara Christian Sarah and Danielle Chritchley Allan Coyle Helen Currie Bernice De Mara Andrea Deakin John DeHart Shawn Desaulniers Laurance and Dale Donovan Jaskinder Dulay Kim East Ed and Del Fearns Tony French Dennis Gabelhouse Sheldon and Shauna Gardiner Jan Gattrell Gary Geddes Anne Giroux Raghwa Gopal Rick Goulden Christine Graydon John Haller Jim and Liz Hamilton Sandra Hand Katerina Hay Jim and Sandra Henderson Erika Henfling Ronald Jacobsen Dr. Thomas and Kathleen Jasper Alf Kempf Fred King Anne Kirkpatrick Gabriele Klein Barry Lapointe Donna Lester-Smith Derek Lownsbrough Larry Lund


Tony and Franca Lunelli Jamie Maloway Dr. Jeffrey B. Marliave Diane McGillivray Dr. Barry McGillivray Dr. Sharon McMurtry Paul Mulvihill David Perron and Patricia Kully Debra Peterson Michael O’Neill The Rose Family Priscilla Russell Art Salt Brian and Tessa Sansom Kristi Santosham M. Penny Santosham Shireen Santosham Dr. Mathuram Santosham Heather Schneider William Schoof Cliff and Lois Serwa Art Sewell Family Lee Seymour David and Janet Shaw Robert Tait and Edward Papenfus Rick and Yasmin Thorpe Laura Thurnheer Forever Young / Terry and Steven Tuck Ross Tyner Pat Underhill Deborah Warren Dr. Maurice Williams Lynda Wilson Neil and Gillian Woolliams Joan Woolsey Craig and Susan Wyllie

Organizations Anonymous Air Liquide Canada Inc Andrew Sheret Limited. ASTTBC Foundation Bannister Automotive Group BC Fruit Growers’ Association BC Lung Association Bell Media Black Press Group Ltd. BMO Financial Group Boyd Autobody & Glass Brandt Tractor Ltd. British Columbia Wine Information Society Cactus Club Cafe

Canadian Federation of University Women - Kelowna Canadian Federation of University Women - Penticton Canadian Federation of University Women - Vernon Canadian Geological Foundation Central Okanagan Foundation Chartered Accountants Education Foundation of B.C. CIBC CIBC Wood Gundy City of Kelowna CLAC Coldstream Women’s Institute Community Foundation of the North Okanagan Community Foundation of the South Okanagan / Similkameen Cookson Motors Ltd. CYMA Management Ltd. D.K.L. Financial Services Inc. Diamond Jubilee Chapter IODE EB Horsman & Son Ltd. Emil Anderson Construction Co Ltd. Environmental Operators Certification Program Event Matrix Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott FH&P Lawyers Foothills Medical Centre Fraserway RV LP GFS Canada Gloria Di Dio Foundation Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. Grant Thornton LLP Chartered Accountants Hegion Garden Service Ltd. Holy Spirit Catholic Women’s League (CWL) Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C. Jim Pattison Foundation Kalamalka Fly Fishers Club Kalamalka Rotary Club of Vernon Kamloops Exploration Group Keldon Electric & Data Ltd. Kelowna & District Dental Society Kelowna Automobile Dealers Association Kelowna Bar Association Kelowna Corvette Club Kelowna Garden Club Kelowna Geology Committee Kelowna Home Support Society Kelowna Hotel Motel Association Kelowna Kia

Kelowna Ready Mix Inc. Kelowna Toyota Ltd. KF Aerospace Kilo-Womp Electric Kinsmen Club of Westbank Kiwanis Clubs of Kelowna Kiwanis Club of Kelowna – High Noon Kiwanis Club of Penticton KPMG LLP Ladies Auxiliary to Branch #40 Penticton Landsman Properties Ltd. Lexlaur Properties Inc. Locke Property Management Ltd. MacKay & Partners Charitable Foundation Mathtoons Media Inc. Minerva Foundation For BC Women Nixon Wenger Lawyers North America Construction Ltd. Okanagan Basin Water Board Okanagan British Car Club Okanagan Chefs’ Association Okanagan Chrysler Jeep Dodge Okanagan Classic Thunderbird Club Okanagan College Board of Governors Okanagan College Association of Administrators Okanagan College Faculty Association Okanagan College Students’ Union Okanagan Fest-of-Ale Society Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board (OMREB) Okanagan Mustang Association Okanagan Valley Newspaper Group Okanagan Wine Festivals Society P.E.O. Chapter BA Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce Penticton Lions Club

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Sun-Rype Products Ltd. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. TEAM Construction Management Ltd. TELUS TELUS Communications Inc. TELUS Community Ambassadors TELUS Foundation Thompson Okanagan Dental Society (TODS) Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association Transportation Career Development Association of BC (transCDA) Trico Charitable Foundation Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd. University of British Columbia Vancity Community Foundation Vancouver Foundation Vernon Dental Association Vernon Students’ Association Vernon & District Home Support Society Vernon Temple #21 Pythian Sisters Vernon Valley Lodge #18 Independent Order of Odd Fellows Vernon Women In Business Volcanic Hills Vineyards and Cellars Ltd. Voyager RV Centre Ltd. Water Supply Association of BC Western Financial Group Westwood Electric WH Laird Holdings Ltd. White & Peters Ltd White Kennedy Chartered Accountants Wyatt Auto Parts Yakima Enological Society Okanagan College Foundation strives for accuracy in recognizing donors. Please contact us at 1-888-650-6968 regarding any discrepancies.

23rd Annual Okanagan College Foundation / Western Financial Group Charity Golf Tournament – 2014 Sponsors Twenty-three years and going strong! Our 23rd Charity Golf Tournament was another wonderful day on the links with more than 150 people teeing it up at Okanagan Golf Club in support of students. More than $47,000 was raised; these funds provide vital financial assistance to students throughout the year. Thank you to all our golfers, sponsors and volunteers. Apple Valley Promotions Brandt’s Creek Pub Canadian Restaurant Supplies Capital News Firehall Brewery FortisBC GFS Canada Gore Mutual Insurance Company Grant Thornton LLP ICBC ICS (Interior Cleaning Supplies) Intact Insurance Kelowna Toyota MQN Architects Northern Computer

Okanagan College Athletics and Recreation Okanagan College Culinary Arts Okanagan College Trades & Apprenticeship Okanagan School Of Business Orchard Ford PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. Peace Hills Insurance Pepsi Power Plant PrairieCoast Equipment ProSign Pushor Mitchell RBC RBC Wealth Management (PH&N Investment Counsel)

Rod Charlesworth Ricoh Canada Saavani Skin Care Scotiabank Siemens Staples Canada Stutters Disaster Kleenup TD Commercial Banking TELUS Total Restoration Services Turner Volkswagen Audi Valley First Williams Engineering WSP Canada Inc.

www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca 19

Leadership Thank you to all of our volunteers for actively supporting the Foundation’s mission. We also wish to thank all those at Okanagan College, including President Jim Hamilton, the College’s Board of Governors and its Chair, Tom Styffe, our Treasurer, Roy Daykin, the College departments and the Advancement staff who do so much with such dedication and energy. We recognize that it takes a full team pulling in the same direction with eyes on the goal and remembering we do this for our students.

Volunteer Leadership


Honourable D. Ross Fitzpatrick, Honorary Patron Dr. Steve Tuck, President Emeritus

Roy Daykin, Vice-President, Finance & Administration, Okanagan College


Advancement Team

Alf Kempf, President, Okanagan College Foundation Jim Hamilton, President, Okanagan College Tom Styffe, Chair, Okanagan College Board of Governors Beverly Busson, Vice-President, Governance (Shuswap-Revelstoke) Raghwa Gopal, Vice-President at Large (Central Okanagan) Ret Tinning, Vice-President, Advancement (South Okanagan) Raf DeGuevara (Central Okanagan) Sharron Simpson (Central Okanagan) Lynda Wilson (Shuswap-Revelstoke)

Directors Retiring in 2014-15 Frank Richter (Central Okanagan) Vern Nielsen (Central Okanagan) Cher Watkins (South Okanagan)

Directors Joining in 2015 Anne Clarke (North Okanagan) Bob Eby (North Okanagan) Gladys Fraser (North Okanagan) Keith Grayston (Central Okanagan) Alan Sanderson (Central Okanagan)

Kathy Butler, Director, Advancement & Alumni and Executive Director, Okanagan College Foundation Dawn Douglas, Executive Assistant, Advancement & Alumni and Board Secretary, Okanagan College Foundation Anne Kirkpatrick, Development Officer John Haller, Development Officer Allison Ramchuk, Development Officer Katerina Hay, Alumni Relations & Annual Appeal Coordinator Richard McAdam, Donation Processing & Database Clerk Samantha Blandon, Campaign Assistant Tyler Finley, Campaign Communications & Marketing Specialist Bobbie-Jo Koutsantonis, Advancement Assistant

Credits Tyler Finley, Writer Tyler Finley, Katerina Hay, Stephanie Landry, Photographers

Our Mission Okanagan College Foundation advances the power of education by engaging individuals and communities in contributing to Okanagan College. We contribute to Okanagan College by:

• helping students with scholarships, bursaries, awards and other financial support • building relationships with donors • supporting capital projects and programs • managing financial resources responsibility and ethically

Please contact us at: Okanagan College Foundation 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8 Phone: 250-862-5630 Toll-Free: 1-888-650-6968 Fax: 250-862-5627 www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca Email: foundation@okanagan.bc.ca Support the Bright Horizons, Building for Skills Campaign Visit www.okanagan.bc.ca/campaign Charitable registration tax number - 862488194 RR0001

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Okanagan College Foundation Annual Report - 2014-15  

The Okanagan College Foundation annual report provides a snapshot of the many ways in which donors help to transform the lives of students....

Okanagan College Foundation Annual Report - 2014-15  

The Okanagan College Foundation annual report provides a snapshot of the many ways in which donors help to transform the lives of students....