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Annual Report on Giving 2013-14

Making Change Together


(Fiscal Year April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014)

$3,720,005 FUNDS RAISED

$478,893 $350,599


Student support

Capital projects

Academic and educational programming



Engineering Technologies


Foundational Trades



997 221 184

* for more examples see okanagan.bc.ca/tuition








Full-Time student loans*



Number of students who applied for student loans

Average per student

$2,591 Average unmet need after student loans

*StudentAid BC statistics August 2013 - May 2014


Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

Making Change Together

All for trades

There are many pathways in which the Foundation has become involved in recent years. We like to think of them as pathways that remove barriers, enable positive change, support new facilities – together they have long-term social impact and transform lives and communities. We invite you to travel a few of these pathways in this year’s report. You will meet Brett, who enrolled in the College’s Gateway to the Trades program – a partnership with Central School in School District 23. This alternative hands-on program works. Last year 14 of the 15 students in the program chose to continue their education by enrolling in a foundation trade. You will also meet Gabriella Carr, a single parent with three sons, who is of Metis heritage and just completed her first year of the Human Service Work program in Vernon with very high grades. She received entrance awards last fall totaling $4,000. These are just two students among the nearly 500 individuals who received 647 awards totaling $630,357: an average award of about $975. They all have stories. And while we don’t know them all, these two students are good examples of what can be accomplished through a gift. Our campaign for the $33-million Trades Training Complex at the Kelowna campus is perhaps the best example of gifts that give to many. We have attracted a terrific campaign leadership committee (see sidebars on pages 3 and 5), with additional support from industry representatives, all in aid of embarking on raising $7 million for the project and creating greater training opportuntities for students. We welcome your continued interest and support of this project that will have a tremendous impact in meeting the need for trades training. The commitment of our donors demonstrates the high value you place on access to education, academic achievement and commitment to community. Together, we are making change by building pathways to make great things possible for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.

The bar has been set high with the addition of three well-placed volunteers willing to put their efforts into raising $7-million for the new Trades Training Complex at the Kelowna campus. This past September, the Foundation announced that Ben Stewart, Dennis Gabelhouse, and Mike Roberts had each agreed to join the fundraising team and since then have been working hard to attract more people interested in this project which will elevate the skilled trades in the Southern Interior. Stewart, who is the former MLA for Westside-Kelowna, is taking on the role of Honorary Chair. Joining Stewart as Campaign Chair is Gabelhouse, who has a lengthy background in media and marketing – most recently at Global Okanagan where he was general manager. Rounding out the team is Mike Roberts, a retired veteran broadcaster and Okanagan College Honorary Fellow who has signed on as Campaign Ambassador. The Foundation is grateful to have such an exceptional lead team involved in this important capital project. For more information about the campaign and the many other volunteers who have since come on board, see the story on page 4.

This year the Foundation welcomed its new campaign leadership team, (from left) Dennis Gabelhouse, Mike Roberts and Ben Stewart.

Alf Kempf President Okanagan College Foundation

Kathy Butler Executive Director Okanagan College Foundation



Capital Campaign

Members of the Kelowna Auto Dealers Association were among the first to donate towards the new Trades Training Complex at the Kelowna campus.

Bright Horizons Campaign

Foundation builds support for new Trades Complex The Okanagan College Foundation has embarked on one of its largest fundraising campaigns, just a few short years after donors put their energy into helping the Foundation surpass its $5-million capital campaign goal for the Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation at the Penticton campus.


The $7-million Bright Horizons: Building for Skills campaign is set to support a Trades Training Complex for the Kelowna campus, with $5 million going towards capital for the construction of the $33-million complex and another $2 million to support trades students and their programs.

Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

Okanagan College has a lengthy history of exceptional trades training, but with current facilities stretched well beyond capacity, and many trades students studying at College facilities leased off-campus, it was clear it was time for change.

Capital Campaign Team Members

This extensive project will transform the face of the College, with a new three-storey facility and a complete retrofit of the existing trades training area. By Spring 2016, this complex will provide room for 2,400 students, making it the largest, most comprehensive and environmentally sustainable trades training facility between the Lower Mainland and Calgary.

Mike Roberts Campaign Ambassador

The Foundation spent 2013-14 pulling together an exceptional team of volunteer supporters to get this campaign underway with Honorary Chair Ben Stewart, Campaign Chair Dennis Gabelhouse and Campaign Ambassador Mike Roberts taking the lead. The groundwork has now been laid and already the campaign is reaping the rewards. Before groundbreaking for the new complex even took place, trade industry leaders from the Central Okanagan had already stepped forward to show their support by not only volunteering their time, but by providing significant donations to get this project well underway. With this full team in place, the Bright Horizons: Building for Skills campaign now has a committed and diverse group of people who understand how valuable and important the trades are to the future of the local economy. The campaign team is committed to ensuring that Okanagan College attracts students who are capable of forging a new generation of skilled trades workers ready to embrace the technology and skills needed for a new age. More information about the project and the campaign can be found on the Foundation’s website at www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca. To reach any member of our campaign team, call the Foundation office at 250-862-5630 (toll-free 1-888-650-6968), and we’ll be happy to help you.

Ben Stewart Honorary Chair Dennis Gabelhouse Campaign Chair

Jim Hamilton President Okanagan College Alf Kempf President Okanagan College Foundation Raghwa Gopal Vice President Okanagan College Foundation Sharron Simpson Community Chair Okanagan College Foundation Heather Schneider Regional Dean Central Okanagan Okanagan College

Steve Moores Dean of Trades and Apprenticeship Okanagan College Kathy Butler Campaign Director & Executive Director Okanagan College Foundation Anne Kirkpatrick Development Officer Okanagan College Foundation John Haller Development Officer Okanagan College Foundation Allison Ramchuk Development Officer Okanagan College Foundation Karin Wilson Campaign Communications Coordinator Okanagan College Foundation Samantha Blandon Campaign Assistant Okanagan College Foundation

Industry Sector Volunteer Chairs Methal Abougoush (Boyd Autobody & Glass) Hugo Cookson (Cookson Motors Ltd.) Brian Crowley (PrairieCoast Equipment Inc.) Jason Friesen (Voyager RV Centre) Graeme Jenkins (Enterprise Steel Fabricators Ltd.) Oscar Krueger (Krueger Electrical Ltd.) Adam Rich and Cordelle Rich (Sentes Automotive) Debbie Robert (Retired Co-owner, L. Robert Enterprises) Patrick Waunch (Rambow Mechanical Ltd.) Gord Wilson (TEAM Construction Management Ltd.)

Volunteer Sector Co-Chairs College Department Representatives Corey Bransfield (Automotive Service) Alan Cohoe (Retired from Recreational Vehicle Service) John Euloth (Collision Repair) Alf Leimert (Carpentry) Doug Noble (Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Mechanics) Dean Nutter (Welding) Brad Oliver (Plumbing/Mechanical) Tom Stapleton (Electrical)



Solid Investment Scotiabank backs education for non-profits At its 182nd Annual General Meeting held in Kelowna, Scotiabank put its mark on the future of the non-profit sector in BC’s Southern Interior and beyond.

by their non-government funders to do more with less, and to provide demonstrated progress in the areas of financial sustainability and social return on investment.

The venerable institution and third largest bank in Canada selected Okanagan College as the recipient of a $100,000 grant to establish the Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence at the Okanagan College School of Business.

Through the centre, more students will be able to engage in such projects, which will ultimately help non-profits in key areas such as leadership development, fundraising capacity, accounting, marketing, evaluation capacity, communications, human resource management and technology.

This generous donation will support students and faculty by expanding course content and research that will ultimately assist the hundreds of non-profits that exist in the Okanagan region. The aim of the centre is to provide non-profits with more expertise so that they can reduce their reliance on external funding – a challenge many non-profits face every year. Students at the Okanagan School of Business already provide support for more than 30 non-profit organizations, but there are many more requests that go unfilled. Their need is great because so many are now being asked


Scotiabank President and CEO Brian Porter made the announcement at a special event held at the Kelowna campus. Okanagan College President Jim Hamilton notes that the gift from Scotiabank acknowledges the importance of the partnerships that the Okanagan School of Business has established with non-profit and community organizations in the region, and this generous donation will help to both expand and enrich work that will ultimately benefit the entire community.

Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

Corporate Support

From left: Okanagan School of Business student Drew Vincent, Okanagan College Board of Governors Chair Tom Styffe, Okanagan College President Jim Hamilton, Scotiabank President and CEO Brian Porter, Kelowna Community Resources Executive Director Ellen Boelcke, Okanagan School of Business Dean Dr. Heather Banham.



Student Awards

Supporting Generations

Gabriella Carr has been soaking up everything she can learn from her professor Mark Nishihara.


Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

Powerful teaching, powerful learning So often in life, a vocation simply takes time to emerge. Life experience adds up, and eventually something happens that lets you know you’re on the right track.

marriage dissolved. At 32, she found herself the solesupporter of three sons under the age of five. It was time to do something positive for everyone.

This spring when Gabriella Carr sat down with a group of developmentally challenged adults in the Accessing Community Training program at the Vernon and District Association for Community Living, she knew without a doubt her future was changing for the better.

“I feel a strong sense of loyalty to those who have helped me.”

“I was doing my practicum, and each of the students have the equivalent of kindergarten to Grade 3. As I was working with them, it just struck a chord in my heart and I remembered that I grew up in a household where we fostered about 50 students over the years, many of them with similar challenges.” Carr shared her love of art with the students, and they shared their hearts with her, as she helped them improve their math and literacy skills. Experiences like this have kept happening for Carr ever since she decided to take the Human Service Worker Program. Her professor, Department Chair Mark Nishihara, says Gabriella is simply a natural. But getting here wasn’t easy. Carr’s parents encouraged her to enter university after she graduated from high school, but it didn’t stick. She took a few courses, and that was it. “I wasn’t ready,” she says.

Gabriella Carr

“I’ve been through a lot of adversity – the school of hard knocks,” she says. “Entering this program has been like therapy. I need to do this to support my family, not just financially, but to support them as well through what I’m learning.” With the commitment made, practical support quickly followed suit, with more than $4,000 in grants and bursaries provided through the Okanagan College Foundation and the Metis Foundation to support her as she works towards becoming a fully trained clinical counsellor. “I feel a strong sense of loyalty to those who have helped me. I’m very diligent and cautious that I use these funds towards good things that will facilitate my education.” Now she sees a bright future for herself and her children. “Research shows that the higher I go with my education, the more likely they will pursue advanced education. I want the best for both me and my children.”

She opted to work at her parents’ restaurant, and then life intervened. She married, had children, and then the

Grateful thanks Betty and Kathleen Atkinson Memorial Bursary - $600 Cookson Family Award - $1,900 Jennifer Cusworth Memorial Bursary - $250 Peter and Maryann Ricketts Endowment Fund Award - $750



Change happens It’s been a big year for Brett Stuart-Ayers. He moved out on his own, started his foundation trades training, received a bursary, and said yes to public speaking. In a word, this 18-year-old student is on a mission. But more than that, he’s rapidly climbing out of circumstances that were getting him nowhere. “I never really felt like I had a chance before,” StuartAyers recalls. “But my teacher convinced me I could do this. He helped me get out of the rut I was in.” Only a short time ago, Stuart-Ayers was spiraling out of the education system. He was clashing with his teachers, and even when he switched to Central School in Kelowna, it didn’t feel much better. “It was just hard for me to go to school every day. I didn’t want to surround myself with those kinds of people. I didn’t want to be there.”

“It’s all about the people you surround yourself with.”

Brett Stuart-Ayers

Fortunately, he was steered to the Gateway to the Trades program, a 10-week introductory program done in partnership between the College and School District 23. There he met Okanagan College Instructor Jim Ingram, who convinced Stuart-Ayers he had what it took to complete school and become an RV Service Technician. Stuart-Ayers finished his 10 weeks and went into the Dual Credit program. Now he’s almost finished his Level One training and Grade 12 too.

With his new outlook on life, Stuart-Ayers now seizes opportunities, and people had taken notice. He keeps up with his studies and maintains a part-time job. When the School District went looking for someone to receive one of this year’s Rotary Club of Kelowna’s Foundation Gateway Awards, Stuart-Ayers was a natural. The result was an extra $500 in his pocket. “That bursary was a big help, especially with groceries. It kept me in school.” Now Stuart-Ayers gives back where he can. Unfamiliar with public speaking, he jumped at the chance to publicly thank his donors at the annual Donor Appreciation event in Kelowna. And he was among those who helped successfully nominate Ingram for the College’s Teaching Excellence award. “Jim really makes me want to come to school every day,” Stuart-Ayers says. Ingram says nothing is as rewarding as helping students like Stuart-Ayers see possibility for the first time, and to have donors willing to contribute financially helps students maintain that vision. “Some students have family problems, drug problems, legal problems, and we can’t let them stay down there,” Ingram says. “A lot of these kids haven’t had a chance. There’s been nobody there to use as an example as to how you can keep your head up and keep moving. “If you can get them on a road where they can see some success, they may stumble and fall on their way, but they’re seeing that they can get up. They can do it.”

“It’s all about the people that you surround yourself with,” Stuart-Ayers says. “If I start to think I don’t want to do something, Jim will push me through it. He wants to see students pass, and he also helps you get there.”


Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

Community Support

New Beginnings

Brett Stuart-Ayers (right) says instructors like Jim Ingram have helped him set a new course for the future.



Program Support

Modern Technology

Students at the 8th Annual Western Canada RoboCup Junior Competition benefitted from an $8,000 donation from TELUS to the Okanagan College Foundation.

Donors wired for the future Modern technology reaches into virtually every aspect of our lives – at home with our smartphones and tablets to the myriad of technologies now used in many workplaces. Donors have become increasingly aware that just as industry needs to keep pace, so too do educational institutions when it comes to preparing students to work in current settings. This year, donations from a variety of sources provided new resources to expand and upgrade technologies.


Each year, hundreds of elementary and high school students from throughout the Okanagan region take part in the Western Canada RoboCup Junior Games, organized by the College’s Electronic Engineering Technology Professor Nadir Ould-Khessal. Students develop their electronics skills with a variety of creations, building robots that can dance, play soccer or perform simulated rescue operations. This year, long-time Okanagan College Foundation supporter TELUS provided the event with an $8,000 grant

Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

that was used to construct new competition platforms. The event has put Okanagan College on the world map as a key player in engaging young people in the field of electronics. Meanwhile, an anonymous donation of $149,500 benefitted two departments in need of upgrades and replacements to critical technologies. The Mechanical Engineering Technology department was able to use its portion of the funds to upgrade its robotics lab by replacing electronic components with new pieces. The result is a state-of-the-art lab with six complete work stations, including conveyors. Funds from this donation also went to another department that sees an increasing reliance on technology – the high-demand industry of welding. The department was able to purchase a new shear; an item used for seven hours each day to cut through massive pieces of metal. The machinery exceeds all safety and technology standards, ensuring student safety while providing top quality training.

“Modern technology increases human capabilities by providing easy access to information, improved communication, improved entertainment, convenience in education, increased efficiency and productivity,” says Gopal, who is one of the Foundation’s Vice-Presidents. “The reason I created the award was to help innovation and creativity in that area so that we as Canadians don’t lag behind and are continually innovating.” The Raghwa Gopal Innovator in Technologies Award is open to students enrolled in any of the College’s technology programs including Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Construction Management Technology, Network and Telecommunications Engineering, Water Engineering, and Computer Information Systems. Support for technologies is expected to be an ongoing focus as the College continues discussions with its many program advisory council members about what is needed to keep current – and better yet – what is needed to succeed in today’s workplace.

The importance of technologies and innovation was also underscored this year thanks to the generosity of software entrepreneur Raghwa Gopal, who has established an annual award that will provide two deserving students with $1,500 each.

Society with a nose for success The BC Wine Information Society toasted a unique partnership with Okanagan College this past year with a $300,000 donation for a wine and food sensory centre at the Penticton campus. The sensory centre offers a classroom-style setting similar to those already in existence at Brock University and Niagara College in Ontario. The 24-seat classroom includes a kitchen and multimedia technologies that allows instruction to be broadcast worldwide. In this research-oriented, sensory-controlled environment, instructors teaching viticulture, winemaking or hospitality will be able to guide students on what to expect from various varieties once they reach the glass. The new $480,000 facility is slated to open later this year, and will be available for students enrolled in related diploma, certificate, and Continuing Studies programs. The society expects the centre will also be used for research purposes for both the wine and food industries. From left: Okanagan College Food, Wine and Tourism Director Jonathan Rouse, Okanagan College President Jim Hamilton, BCWIS General Manager Laura Kowalchuk, BCWIS President Keith Bevington, and Okanagan College Foundation President Alf Kempf.



Memorial awards honour former students Every year dozens of individuals and organizations choose to support Okanagan College and its students through the Okanagan College Foundation.

The Tim Harder Memorial Award has been established to help mature students studying Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Many of the donations go towards establishing new awards to support students who have chosen to enter a selected field, have reached a high level of academic achievement in their program of choice, or are in need of financial support.

Donors decide what to name the award and in some cases this presents a unique opportunity to honour a family member or friend who made an impact on others prior to their death. This year, two new awards were established to honour two individuals – both men with strong connections to the aviation industry and Okanagan College. Tyler James Hand was a pilot when he died at age 34 as a result of a long and courageous battle with brain cancer. His widow Kristy Folk says he received his training through Okanagan University College and the family decided that creating an award would be a good way to honour Tyler’s memory and his passion for aviation. The

annual $1,000 Tyler Hand Memorial Award for Aviation will be provided to a student who has successfully completed their first year of study in the Commercial Aviation diploma program and plans to continue. Also established this year was the Tim Harder Memorial Award. This award will provide two individuals enrolled in the College’s Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – M Category program with a $1,000 award. “Tim led an adventurous life as a racing ski coach, white water rafter, and canoeing guide,” his parents Joyce and James Harder recall. At age 30, he decided to enter the Aircraft Maintenance program at Okanagan College with plans to become an aircraft mechanic, followed by a commercial pilot license. His ultimate goal was to fly in the north in the summer and pursue his ski coaching in the winter. He successfully completed his first year at Okanagan College, but his life ended in a tragic motor vehicle accident in August 2013. He was 31. “We decided to establish this award to help another young adult to pursue their dream. We hope that the recipient of this award will be someone who will share Tim’s enthusiasm for life and dedication to helping people.” Donors like the families of Tyler and Tim spend considerable time and energy creating awards that are meaningful and reflect their values. Each one is a true gift that lives on by helping future generations reach their goals.

New credit for first-timers Each year, thousands of students graduate from Okanagan College and over time the value of their education begins to build. There are opportunities to contribute in a variety of ways including taking that first step of becoming a donor. Now the Canada Revenue Agency has decided that becoming a donor to charities like the Foundation is something that


deserves a bit of extra recognition – at least for that year when the decision is first made to make a charitable contribution. The First-Time Donor’s Super Credit (FDSC) is a temporary non-refundable credit that will supplement the Charitable Donation Tax Credit (CDTC) for individuals by adding another 25% to the rates used for up to $1,000 in donations.

Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

The credit can be claimed only once in the 2013 to 2017 taxation years, which gives alumni – or any other first-time donor – a bit of time to make giving a cornerstone for future success. For more information on the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at www.cra-gc.ca. or contact the Okanagan College Foundation about making a donation.

New Awards, new benefits

Recent graduate Jamie Maloway re-energized his department with a contribution to the Foundation

Alumnus plugs in to donating Alumni have a unique perspective on their post-secondary institution because they know its value more than anyone else. The result is sometimes a profound sense of gratitude, and that was certainly the case for Jamie Maloway after he completed his diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology at Okanagan College in 2013. Maloway praised the instruction he received, but he also saw that in a field that is so dependent on keeping up with the times, a bit of something extra could go a long way.

Before the year was out, Maloway had a position working as a QAHW analyst at Delta Controls in Surrey, B.C., and in short order he donated $1,000 to the Foundation for the EET program to use as it saw fit. “I believe Canada’s future as a technological heavyweight in the global economy depends on today’s investments, and that is most definitely something I feel is worth supporting,” he says.

New Awards for 2013-14 This year donors helped to create 24 new awards boosting financial assistance to the trades, technologies, business and other programs at the College. Okanagan School of Business Young Entrepreneur Awards Okanagan College NTEN Department Award The Factory Foundation Trades Entrance Bursaries Fairfield Inn & Suites Tourism Award Oline Smith Trades Awards Jim Henderson 3rd Year Business Student Award Kempf Family Award Woolliams Family Award SICA Patrick Waunch Award Rotary Club of Kelowna Foundation Gateway Award Allnorth Civil Engineering Technology Award Kelowna Hotel Motel Association Hospitality Award Alumni Student Involvement Award

Beardsley-Lomas Scholarships Raghwa Gopal Innovator in Technologies Award Clara Sulz/Jack and Marguerite Scott Family Bursary Fund Tyler Hand Memorial Award for Aviation Tim Harder Memorial Award Ben Minuk Memorial Award Chief Robert Louie Aboriginal Business Student Award (2012 Golf Tournament Straightest Drive Contest) Clarus 360 (Koessler) Award Okanagan Basin Water Board Award (one-time) Okanagan College Board of Governors Past Chair Award Valley First Business Student Award (2013 Golf Tournament Straightest Drive Contest)



Planned Giving

The children of Dr. James and Eileen Miltimore decided this year to re-invigorate an award in their parents name. From left: Lee Miltimore, Anne Giroux, Jane Grey, Maureen Green, Cherie Miltimore, and Earl Miltimore.

Re: Generation Gift to Okanagan College expands Discovery of a scholarship fund in their parents’ name has prompted the next generation to make the same commitment, and a little bit more.

“I didn’t hear of it again until I got a call from the College saying there was an award in my family’s name and was I connected,” she recalls.

Maureen Green, who lives in Summerland, was surprised when she learned that an ongoing endowment fund existed to support Okanagan College students studying the environment and conservation at the Penticton campus.

Recognizing $500 doesn’t go as far as it did almost 15 years ago, Maureen approached her five siblings about topping up the award in honour of their parents. They agreed.

Green’s father was Dr. James Miltimore, an animal research scientist who worked for many years at the Summerland Agricultural Research Station. While here, he served on the local school board and was a member of the Okanagan Regional College Council which helped establish Okanagan College as the region’s first academic training institute back in the 1960s. In 2001, the Kootenay Okanagan Electric Consumers Association set up the Dr. James and Mrs. Eileen Miltimore Award to provide an annual $500 award. Maureen and her mother presented the award that first year, thinking it was a one-time event.


“We feel education is important and certainly it was important to my mom and dad,” she said. “It’s also nice to have a college that is local. That’s what my father wanted to see, because back then there were so few places in the province where you could get an academic education.” Thanks to the extended Miltimore family, the award is now worth $1,000 annually – enough to provide a solid foundation for any student who wishes to walk along the path that Dr. Miltimore envisioned.

Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

Financial Report April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 It has been a very good year for our Foundation in many ways, not the least of which was generating more than $3.7 million in revenues – the largest revenue year in the Foundation’s 12 year history. Our assets are now $12,090,078 – much of that due to our commitments to the College’s capital projects. Since the Foundation was established in 2002, the cumulative value of awards given to students in that time is over $9.5 million. Donations and investment returns for endowments bring the total of endowed funds to $8.3 million at the close of the fiscal year. We are grateful to Okanagan College for supporting our campaign efforts through funding of administrative and fundraising costs, ensuring that donor funds go to their designated purposes.

Number of endowments Number of annual award funds Number of donations received Value of gifts-in-kind received

188 251 1,218 $448,605.34

5,364 31,860

2013-14 Gross Revenues - $3,720,005 Capital Campaign Endowment Capital Annual Awards Endowment Awards Grant Revenue – SIDIT Program Support Interest and Dividends

Gain (Loss) on Disposal Unrealized Gain Gaming Event Revenues Other Revenues Interest from Life Insurance Policy Forgiveness of Loans Payable


652,295 1,529,405

206,842 260,031 350,599

2013-14 Expenditures - $1,109,467 17,406




50,000 63,008







Scholarships and Bursaries Capital Campaign and Other Fund Raising Expenses Investment and Management Fees Program Support Gaming Event Expenses Other

Audited financial statements available upon request.



Thank you Our donors support student awards, programs and facilities, which enhance teaching and expand opportunities for students. Donations for student support provide vital funding for books, tuition and living expenses and 100 per cent of what is contributed goes to the students. We have more annual donors to thank than this space will allow, so we have listed donors who gave $500 or more between April 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed.

Individuals Anonymous (3) Dr. Mark Anselmo Charles and Irene Armstrong Howard Atkinson Mary Bailey Dr. Heather Banham Tom Beardsley and Donna Lomas Dr. Jayne Brooks Kathy Butler Alan Carter Sarah and Danielle Chritchley Ted and Ann Chudyk William Cooke Anne Cossentine Allan Coyle Bernice De Mara Laurance and Dale Donovan Kim East Helen Egri Kristy Folk John Foote Clayton Gall Sheldon and Shauna Gardiner Jan Gattrell Charity Gerbrandt Raghwa Gopal Christine Graydon Jim and Liz Hamilton Harry Harder Katerina Hay Jim and Sandra Henderson Erika Henfling Robert Hollinshead Dr. Thomas and Kathleen Jasper Elaine Joughin Alf Kempf Fred King Anne Kirkpatrick Victoria Kish Ute Koessler Donna M. Lester-Smith Jamie Maloway Lorna Markle Barry McGillivray Diane McGillivray


Laurie Minuk Estate of John Moss Vern Nielsen David Patton Debra Peterson Shannon Prodor Ivan Rebeyka Klaus Reichwald Anna Ristau Robert Rose David Ross Priscilla Russell Brian and Tessa Sansom Heidemarie Schroter Gerry Scott John Scott Sheilagh Seaton Cliff and Lois Serwa David and Janet Shaw John Staniszewski Ardiss Stutters Robert Tait and Edward Papenfus Rick and Yasmin Thorpe Forever Young / Terry and Steven Tuck Patricia Underhill Kendra Valois Deborah Warren Cher Watkins Lynda Wilson Neil and Gillian Woolliams Craig and Susan Wyllie

Organizations Alberta Children’s Hospital - Cardiology Clinic Alberta Children’s Hospital - Division of Pediatric Surgery Allnorth Consultants Limited Andrew Sheret Limited Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. ASTTBC Foundation BC Hydro - Head Office BC Lung Association Berry & Smith Trucking Ltd. BMO Financial Group

Annual Report on Giving 2013-14 Okanagan College Foundation

British Columbia Government Retired Employees’ Association British Columbia Wine Information Society Canadian Federation of University Women - Kelowna Canadian Federation of University Women - Vernon Canadian Tire Penticton / Doug and Lorraine MacMillan Central Okanagan Foundation Chartered Accountants Education Foundation of BC Chinook Cardiology Inc. CIBC CIBC Children’s Miracle Foundation City of Kelowna Cloverdale Paint Inc. Coldstream Women’s Institute Colin & Lois Pritchard Foundation College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta Community Foundation of the North Okanagan Community Foundation of the South Okanagan / Similkameen Cookson Motors Ltd. Credit Union Foundation of BC CYMA Management Ltd. Diamond Jubilee Chapter IODE Environmental Operators Certification Program FH&P Lawyers Foothills Medical Centre Fraserway RV LP George Ryga Centre Society GFS Canada Gloria Di Dio Foundation Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. Grant Thornton LLP Chartered Accountants Hegion Garden Services Ltd. Holy Spirit Catholic Women’s League Jim Pattison Foundation Kalamalka Fly Fishers Club Kalamalka Rotary Club of Vernon Kamloops Exploration Group Kelowna & District Dental Society Kelowna Bar Association

Kelowna Chartered Accountants Association Kelowna Corvette Club Kelowna Geology Committee Kelowna Steel Fabricators Kinsmen Club of Westbank Kiwanis Club of Penticton KPMG LLP Ladies Auxiliary Branch #40 Penticton Lambert & Paul Construction Ltd. Lexlaur Properties Inc. Locke Property Management Ltd MacKay & Partners Charitable Foundation Minerva Foundation For BC Women National Research Council of Canada Nixon Wenger Lawyers North America Construction Ltd. Okanagan British Car Club Okanagan Chefs’ Association Okanagan Classic Thunderbird Club Okanagan College Association of Administrators Okanagan College Board of Governors Okanagan College Faculty Association Okanagan Fest-of-Ale Society Okanagan Mustang Association Okanagan Testing Laboratories Ltd. Okanagan Wine Festivals Society Ovations Ontario Food Services P.E.O. Chapter BA Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce Penticton Lions Club

Penticton Women in Business Procera Networks Pushor Mitchell LLP R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd. Ramada Penticton, Kettle Valley Station Pub, Coast Penticton Hotel / Robin and Janice Agur RBC Foundation Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of B.C. Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Ricoh Canada Rotary Club - Kelowna Rotary Club of Kelowna - Capri Rotary Club of Kelowna Foundation Rotary Club of Penticton Rotary Club of Penticton - Okanagan Rotary Club of Vernon Rotary Club of Vernon Silver Star Royal Canadian Legion Branch #25 (Vernon) Scotiabank Shuswap Community Foundation Shuswap Division of Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board Shuswap Women in Business South Okanagan Naturalists’ Club South Okanagan Retired Teachers’ Association Southern Interior Construction Association Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT)

Structurlam Products Ltd. SunCentral Inc. Sun-Rype Products Ltd. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. TEAM Construction Management TELUS TELUS Communications Inc. TELUS Foundation The Hollypark Organization Inc. Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Tobago International Holdings Inc. University of British Columbia Vancouver Foundation Vernon & District Community Land Trust Society Vernon Dental Association Vernon Student Association Vernon Temple #21 Pythian Sisters Vernon Vipers Junior A Hockey Club Vernon Women In Business Water Supply Association of BC West Coast Chemical Company Ltd. Western Financial Group White & Peters Ltd Windsor Plywood Foundation Wyatt Auto Parts Okanagan College Foundation strives for accuracy in recognizing donors. Please contact us at 1-888-650-6968 regarding any discrepancies.

23rd Annual Okanagan College Foundation / Western Financial Group Charity Golf Tournament – 2013 Sponsors In its 23rd year, this popular tournament proved its worth, resulting in more than $47,000 raised, thanks in part to sponsors, a large team of volunteers, and 152 enthusiastic golfers. The tournament plays a vital role in providing financial assistance to students throughout the year so that they can continue with their education. Apple Valley Promotions Brandt’s Creek Pub Canadian Restaurant Supplies Firehall Brewery Focus Corporation FortisBC GFS Gore Mutual Insurance Company Grant Thornton LLP ICBC ICS (Interior Cleaning Supplies) Intact Insurance Kelowna Toyota MQN Architects Northern Computer

Orchard Ford Okanagan College Athletics & Recreation Okanagan College Culinary Arts Okanagan School of Business PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. Peace Hills Insurance Pepsi PowerPlant PrairieCoast Equipment ProSign Pushor Mitchell LLP RBC RBC Wealth Management (PH&N Investment Counsel)

Ricoh Canada Saavani Organic Skin Care Scotiabank Siemens Stutters Disaster Kleen-Up TD Commercial Banking TELUS Total Restoration Services Inc. Turner Volkswagen Audi Valley First Western Financial Group Williams Engineering



Leadership Thank you to all of our volunteers for actively supporting the Foundation’s mission. We also wish to thank all those at Okanagan College, including President Jim Hamilton, the College’s Board of Governors and its Chair, Tom Styffe, our Treasurer, Robert Eby, the College departments and the Advancement staff who do so much with such dedication and energy. We recognize that it takes a full team pulling in the same direction with eyes on the goal and remembering we do this for our students.

Volunteer Leadership


Honourable D. Ross Fitzpatrick, Honorary Patron Dr. Steve Tuck, President Emeritus


Robert Eby, Vice-President, Finance & Administration, Okanagan College

Advancement Team

Alf Kempf, President, Okanagan College Foundation Jim Hamilton, President, Okanagan College Tom Styffe, Chair, Okanagan College Board of Governors Beverly Busson, Vice-President, Governance (Shuswap-Revelstoke) Raghwa Gopal, Vice-President at Large (Central Okanagan) Frank Richter, Vice-President, Finance (Central Okanagan) Ret Tinning, Vice-President, Advancement (South Okanagan) Raf DeGuevara (Central Okanagan) Vern Nielsen (Central Okanagan) Sharron Simpson (Central Okanagan) Cher Watkins (South Okanagan) Lynda Wilson (Shuswap-Revelstoke)

Directors Retiring in 2013-14 Sigrid-Ann Thors (North Okanagan)

Kathy Butler, Director, Advancement & Alumni and Executive Director, Okanagan College Foundation Dawn Douglas, Executive Assistant, Advancement & Alumni and Board Secretary, Okanagan College Foundation Anne Kirkpatrick, Development Officer John Haller, Development Officer Allison Ramchuk, Development Officer Katerina Hay, Alumni Relations & Annual Appeal Coordinator Dianne Bayes, Donation Processing & Database Clerk (on leave) Richard McAdam, Acting Donation Processing & Database Clerk and Advancement Assistant Jade Bethune, Acting Advancement Assistant Karin Wilson, Campaign Communications & Marketing Specialist Samantha Blandon, Campaign Assistant


Karin Wilson, Writer Chris Stanford, Photographer Christine Ulmer, Photographer

Our Mission Okanagan College Foundation advances the power of education by engaging individuals and communities in contributing to Okanagan College. We contribute to Okanagan College by:

• helping students with scholarships, bursaries, awards and other financial support • building relationships with donors • supporting capital projects and programs • managing financial resources responsibility and ethically

Please contact us at: Okanagan College Foundation 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8 Phone: 250-862-5630 Toll-Free: 1-888-650-6968 Fax: 250-862-5627 www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca Email: foundation@okanagan.bc.ca Contribute to our Bright Horizons Campaign. Visit www.okanagan.bc.ca/campaign Charitable registration tax number 862488194 RR0001

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Okanagan Foundation Annual Report 2013-14  

Okanagan Foundation Annual Report 2013-14