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Brian Garvin, Arts, with Sterling Bryant

Annual Report on Giving 2012-13


(Fiscal year April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013)

$2,377,018 FUNDS RAISED




Student Support

Academic and educational programming

Capital projects




Courses (Full-time)

Ranges from

$3,500 – $5,500

820 229 115




Full-Time student loans*



Number of students who applied for student loans

Average per student

$2,180 Average unmet need after student loans *StudentAid BC statistics August 2012 - May 2013


Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Kathy Butler, Executive Director Okanagan College Foundation

Advancing futures

Thanks for taking the lead

What connects a 38-year-old mother of twins from Penticton, a 23-year-old tile setter from Vernon who wants to be a social worker and an enthusiastic Salmon Arm student with ambition to work as a health care assistant? Besides advancing their education and futures at Okanagan College, they share the connection of being recipients of scholarships or bursaries from our Foundation – along with 587 other recipients from throughout the College region.

At our annual general meeting, the Okanagan College Foundation’s Board of Directors offered up its thanks to outgoing President Jim Henderson for his nine years of service to the Foundation.

For Trina Carroll, who completed her Business Administration Diploma in June, her seven bursaries and awards helped her with child care, tuition, fuel costs and the pressure of a growing student loan. This support goes beyond helping her pursue a dream of a better life for her and her nine-year-old twins – it has allowed her to touch the lives of others in her community, to help them achieve some of their dreams. Throughout this report, we hope you will see that the impact of your support is deep and wide – and lasting. Looking to the future, Okanagan College has embarked on a $33-million capital renovation and expansion to renew and expand its trades training facilities at the Kelowna campus. The project is urgently needed at this time to ensure a steady supply of highly skilled, job-ready trades graduates for careers that are in demand by local, regional and national employers. It is an exciting project that we hope will inspire young people to explore and embrace careers in trades. It will also demonstrate to them the essential importance of their contributions to our communities, our province and our country. Our Foundation will focus on raising the additional capital needed to augment the $28 million in Provincial Government funding. But our sights are also set on supporting other priorities of Okanagan College over the next five years. We ask you to join us in making great things possible for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.

Jim joined the board in 2004, and came on as President in 2010, just as Okanagan College was embarking on one of its biggest and ultimately most successful fundraising campaigns – the five-million-dollar campaign for what was to become the Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation. Jim set the pace for the Foundation, and his commitment and focus has positioned the Foundation well for what’s ahead. Jim will be staying on as Past President, and thanks the board for the opportunity to work with a talented group of people from all walks of life – each one dedicated to providing Okanagan College students with a bright future.

Thank you for making your very important investment. Thank you for advancing futures.

Jim Henderson Kathy Butler President 2012 - 2013 Executive Director Okanagan College Foundation Okanagan College Foundation

Jim Henderson



Education in the basket One year ago, Brian Garvin took a corner that changed his life. “I crashed my motorbike,” says the 23-year-old Vernon resident, who’s a tile setter by trade. He landed in hospital with various injuries, including a broken collarbone. “It was the catalyst for me to go back to school. I wasn’t able to do manual labour for a couple of months.” Puzzling with his parents over his future, he learned his extended family had a long history in social work. “Dad suggested I try an aptitude test and see what comes up.” With nothing to lose, and a young wife encouraging him, Brian wrote the test through Community Futures. Sure enough, it pointed to social work.

I’m floored by the generosity.

Brian Garvin

In a way, he should have known. As a teen, Brian volunteered as a camp counselor, and he’s spent the last seven years providing respite care for Sterling Bryant, who has Down syndrome. So it all fit. But how was he going to pay for the education?


“At Community Futures they call that the ‘yeah, but’. They wouldn’t let me back out. They said: think about what you can do, and put your attention there. Then look for the money.” The search was on. Sterling’s mother Jewel soon pitched in with a recommendation for Brian to receive the $1,000 John and Nancy Woodworth Entrance Award. “One year at our church’s kids camp, Brian was teamed up with Sterling. Subsequently I asked Brian to take Sterling to other camps as his support person,” Jewel recalls. “Instead of saying no, Brian said: ‘I’m totally stoked!’ He’s dedicated and he follows through – that’s a huge piece. There are other families that adore him too; social work just fits.” Not only did Brian receive the Woodworth award, but he also earned the Okanagan College Entrance Award for Mature Students, and the Silver Star Rotary Club Award. “I’m floored by the generosity,” Brian says. “It’s expensive going to school, and donors recognize that the cost of being a student is sometimes just about being able to feed yourself.” Brian is spending his summer working four to five jobs, plus providing respite care for Sterling, which includes making time for Sterling’s favourite outing – a trip to the basketball courts. “He likes playing basketball – he’s quite the player,” Brian says. Now with a year of Arts completed, Brian is confident he’s moving in the right direction. “I don’t want to be naïve and think I can save every family, but I want them to flourish as much as possible.”

Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Entrance Awards


of hope

Brian Garvin is already honing his social work skills with his friend and respite client Sterling Bryant.



Annual Awards


gives back

Support from student awards set Trina Carroll on a path where she is now giving back to her community, just like her new employer – restaurateur and entrepreneur Nikos Theodosakis.


Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Awards generate food for thought All it took was one donation to turn Trina Carroll’s life around. And since then, she’s been spinning. Two years ago the single mother of twins was just starting her diploma in Business Administration at the Penticton campus. Trina, 38, knew getting a post-secondary education was a good move, but with only a $9,000 student loan to carry everyone for four months and no other financial support, it was tough. “That first year was a burden,” she recalls. “There was a lot of peanut butter, hamburger and macaroni. I was going into debt in credit cards just to afford daycare and food, and I didn’t want to go back to the food bank line-up.” Determined to succeed, she poured energy into her studies, and started applying for awards through the Foundation. When she received the $500 Penticton Women in Business Award everything shifted as more awards and bursaries followed. “It made a world of difference,” she says. “We were able to shop for healthier options.” Soon other doors opened. Trina joined Enactus Okanagan College – a student-run non-profit organization. That led her to meet Nikos Theodosakis, owner of Theo’s Restaurant and founder of OliveUs Foundation which partners with Enactus on its InStill Life program.

Nikos hired her part-time to help with OliveUs. Inspired by everything that was happening, she then took a chapter from her own life and created MOMentum – a new Enactus program, focused on developing financial literacy, healthy cooking, and entrepreneurial skills. Trina was now helping 10 other single moms on their own journey. “I was taken by Trina’s passion for the program and her focus and determination,” says Nikos, who has since hired Trina on full-time for the summer. “Now she has her own ideas of what she wants to create – she’s talking about starting her own foundation – and it’s my opportunity to support her in that.” Trina graduated with her diploma, and now she’s taking her third year at the Penticton campus to obtain her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Her nine-year-old twins frequently tell her how proud they are. Credit card debt is a thing of the past. There’s money now for rent and textbooks. “I’m a whole different person now. I see opportunities now, where I used to see challenges,” Trina says. “Before I used to think I couldn’t do it. Now I look at something and figure: why not give it a shot? Thank you donors, a hundred times.”

Hundreds of thanks for Trina’s awards Birchard Family Endowment Fund Award $300 Okanagan Business Students’ Association Marketing Award $400 SIFE Community Award $2,500 TD Bank Financial Group Bursary - Business Administration $1,000 Walter Gray Endowment Fund Awards - Business Admin (Marketing) $800 Okanagan Fest-of-Ale Hospitality Award $1,000 Penticton Women in Business Award $500



Special student soars When Jeffrey Caslake neared his graduation, the Aboriginal community at Okanagan College’s Salmon Arm campus asked if he would like to graduate with them at the Aboriginal Convocation ceremony held each year in Kelowna.

The Shuswap Kids Club, and The Loft, where he was once a client. Two years ago he went to MacKenzie Camp at Mabel Lake to work with young people there, and ended up stepping in when the camp cook was injured.

It was quite the honour, as Jeffrey isn’t of Aboriginal origin. But over his five years on campus, the 23-yearold had become a member of the community.

“My goal is to be working with children and older people,” he says. “There aren’t many men working with kids, and there should be more out there.”

“He became so popular with the students here that we hired him as a peer mentor,” says Caroline Chartier, Aboriginal Transitions Planner.

Jeffrey wants to get his Health Care Assistant certificate. To prepare, he’s now working with volunteer tutor Leona Fillion to improve his literacy skills. She has no doubt he’ll succeed.

Jeffrey attended convocation and was the last to cross the stage amid thunderous applause. A few months later, Jeffrey was centre stage once more to receive the Salmon Arm College Adult Special Education Award from his long-time instructor Wanda Radies in recognition of his achievements. It was a big moment. “Everyone here has helped me, and taught me how to get something that I wanted to get very badly,” he says. “When I came here I told Wanda I wanted to move into my own place – that was my goal. And now I’m on my own.” Independence hasn’t been his only achievement. Jeffrey now has his Basic Skills Certificate B, his First Aid certificate, and his FOODSAFE certificate. He also holds down part-time jobs at Tim Horton’s,

“He’s quite capable of learning, and it speaks to his dedication that he’s determined to do so.” Jeffrey’s infectious positive attitude, caring nature, and outstanding organizational skills, have made him virtually indispensable to those he works with. Caroline says she doesn’t know what things will be like without him. “He’s just a very thoughtful, kind human being,” she says. “With people who have special needs, sometimes we don’t see everything that’s there in that person and he’s a fine example of how much we can miss.”

Contribute locally The Okanagan College Foundation manages endowments for each campus. The capital generates income for annual awards, many addressing areas of greatest need. Contributions can be designated for a particular campus, or College-wide, to build the capital or to support annual awards. Campus Endowment Fund Balances:


Kelowna / OC Wide $1,180,776

Salmon Arm $200,164

Penticton $151,423

Vernon $46,795

Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation


Recognizing achievement Jeffrey Caslake enjoys spending time with Aboriginal Transitions Planner Caroline Chartier, who encouraged Jeffrey to become a peer mentor.



Donors think big

The Leo Plamondon and Family Entrance Bursary for Trades It wasn’t the lottery, but for Leo Plamondon a good turn on the stock market was just enough for him to think: it’s time. “I made a few bucks,” Leo recalls. “All my life I wanted to give something, and I finally accomplished what I wanted to – help young people improve their education.” At age 91, Leo can still remember how difficult it was for him to attend school. The country was in the thick of the Great Depression when he was in Grade 8 and his parents told him they didn’t have the $12 it would cost to buy Grade 9 textbooks. Leo was out. It took years before he returned, and it was Okanagan College that helped him get his air brakes licence. He became a heavy equipment operator, and helped build some of the biggest dams in the province – including the W.A.C. Bennett Dam on the Peace River near Hudson’s Hope and the Mica Dam outside Revelstoke.

attended the College, taking sciences, arts, health, business, technology and trades. “Our family has had a very long relationship with the College – essentially 40 years,” says Leo’s daughter Colleen Wilson, who not only attended the College, but worked for the College for eight years as a Manager in Human Resources. “We all benefited from our time at Okanagan College to get the education our parents never had the chance to pursue, establish our careers and pass on that expectation to our children.” Leo’s donation of more than $37,000 worth of shares also provided a practical benefit – he avoided capital gains taxes by transferring the shares directly to the College, versus selling them and donating the cash. “What I really like is that this is going to continue in perpetuity,” he says. “And with it going to students in Penticton, it will help the College attract matching funds from the Jim Pattison Foundation. When I handed it over to the College, it felt great.”

His experience at the College set the tone for the entire family. Today, three generations of Plamondons have

Lorraine Hartmann Memorial Award Born in 1944, Lorraine Hartmann worked in various careers, including as a dental assistant and retail shop owner, before serving as a member of the Okanagan College Board of Governors from 1995 to 1999. She maintained her connection with the College through a bequest in her Will which led to an annual endowment for female students with diabetes.


Oline Rorbeck Smith awards Born in Denmark in 1918, Oline Rorbeck Smith settled in the Penticton area where she worked with her husband in the hotel industry. Inspired by her carpenter father, Oline bequeathed $92,161.54 for trades and technology students. Her gift will now support Sustainable Construction Management Technology students with a $1,000 tuition credit in the second semester of each of the three years of the diploma program.

Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Okanagan College employee Erika Henfling chats with Motor Vehicle Trades Department Chair Cam McRobb about the award she established to benefit trades students. In the foreground is an engine that was one of many in-kind donations the College receives – this time from General Motors.

Revving up New award for students “People come out of trades training with good job prospects,” Erika says, having also seen her brother Helmut’s success through his work in both power engineering and as a millwright. “Last year when they made the big announcement about the trades expansion, I thought I’d like this scholarship to be in the trades area.”

When Erika Henfling walks through the trades building at the Kelowna campus, it’s impossible not to think back nearly 50 years ago when she was a young teenager working her first job as a library page. “The College was the B.C. Vocational School back then, and the Trades department was in a separate building just a short walk from where I worked in the library,” says Erika, who has worked for the College now for 43 years, and is also an alumnus of Okanagan College. This year two students from the Motor Vehicle Trades department became the first recipients of the new Hermann Henfling Automotive Award, named in honour of Erika’s father. The award reflects the hard work her father did, working as a carpenter in Germany before immigrating to Canada in 1929 and eventually coming to Kelowna where he worked in a machine shop, and later operated a front-end loader.

People come out of trades training with good job prospects.

Erika Henfling

The award also reflects the many years Erika has benefited from students working on her own vehicles. “I took my beloved Mustang there for repairs, and now my Honda Accord that I’ve had for 26 years,” she says. “It’s a beater, but it’s in lovely condition because of the students in the Trades department.”



CAPITAL PROJECT This new canopy held up with wood beams manufactured by Structurlam Products Ltd. of Penticton will provide outdoor protection from the elements for an optimum learning experience for Okanagan College students training in Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport, and Welding trades at the Kelowna campus. The structure includes multiple bays for outdoor shop instruction. The canopy has sufficient height to accommodate a crane that can move heavy equipment, including large commercial engines.

Pillars of strength 12

Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Trades Expansion and campaign Towering timber beams and a large canopy now grace the grounds outside the Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Building at the Kelowna campus of Okanagan College.

The canopy has been designed by CEI Architecture Planning Interiors and will double the learning space for 370-plus students that are trained in these programs each year.

The canopy is an important part of phase one of the $33-million expansion and renovation of the trades training facilities at the Kelowna campus – the largest renovation and expansion project undertaken by the College since it was established 50 years ago.

The innovative Trades Complex project will not only upgrade some of the oldest buildings in the College system, but it will bring under one roof virtually all of the trades students taking programming in the Kelowna area, as more than 750 students stream back to the main campus from two off-site leased facilities.

In addition to the canopy, the Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport building has been completely modernized and expanded adding more shop space, classrooms, locker rooms, storage and offices to the building. The canopy will be a truly unique learning space for trades students in the Heavy Duty and Welding programs. Located just north of the Heavy Duty/ Commercial Transport shop, it provides students with a dynamic and integrated indoor and outdoor shop space. Constructed by PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc., the impressive canopy is held up by wood beams produced by Structurlam Products Ltd.

As part of the College’s commitment to sustainability, Central Okanagan Regional Dean Heather Schneider notes that the new Trades Complex has the goal to operate with net zero energy. As a start towards that goal, a 197 kW Solar Panel PV Array system, provided by SkyFire Energy in Calgary, is being installed above the canopy structure. The B.C. government has committed $28-million for the project under B.C.’s Skills and Training Plan, with the additional five million dollars to come from donors who want to help encourage people to enter the trades and address the nation’s chronic shortage of these skilled individuals.

Quick facts Project: $33-million capital project Funds to be raised: $5-million capital, plus $2-million for programs and student support Capacity: 2,408 students and apprentices Square metres: Kelowna Trades Complex: 10,649 Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Building: 566 Outdoor canopy shop space: 1,858 Green initiative: LEED platinum certification, with goal of net-zero energy Projected annual energy cost savings: $220,000 Projected completion date: Spring 2016 Architects: Diamond Schmitt (in association with David Nairne + Associates), CEI Architecture Planning Interiors, Meiklejohn Architects Inc. If you are interested in this project and how you can support it, please contact us at 1-888-650-6968.



Trust funds

Megan Bradford (centre), who plans to study Human Kinetics, receives an award from Yasmin and Rick Thorpe.

New rules create flexibility Canada’s Income Tax Act now allows a new form of trust fund where both the income and capital may be directly used for purposes designated by donors. The Expendable Named Fund is a new trust fund option that permits the Okanagan College Foundation to hold and invest the donated funds for a period of time, and then – either in stages or in an immediate way – draw down the capital for a particular purpose. Long-time supporters Rick and Yasmin Thorpe have structured their scholarship fund this way. The advantage to this kind of trust fund is that it creates a greater impact by allowing the use of both capital and income, as opposed to restricting the capital endowed in perpetuity and only using the income. In the case of Rick and Yasmin, they felt they wanted to see the benefit of their donations during their lifetime and wanted to release their family from advising on the fund after they have passed on. Expendable Named Funds are just one of many methods donors can use to help students who are being taught ideas and skills necessary to shape careers in the coming decades.


Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Endowments are another type of trust fund where the capital is held and invested in perpetuity, and the investment earnings form an ongoing and reliable source of revenue that can be spent for a designated purpose whether to specific programs, student awards, or other aspects of the College. In every case, these trust funds are assigned a separate account to ensure the funds maintain their purposes, and for ongoing financial reporting. Donors may wish to talk with one of the Advancement staff about other forms of giving, which can range from gifts-inkind, to one-time awards in memory of a loved one. For more details about donating to the Okanagan College Foundation or to discuss changes to your fund, feel free to get in touch. You can reach us at: Phone: 250-862-5630 Toll-free:1-888-650-6968 Email: foundation@okanagan.bc.ca.

New Awards We are encouraged by our donors’ interest in the College, especially for programs in the trades, health and technologies, as well as students starting their college studies. There were 23 new awards established between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013, expanding the horizons for more Okanagan College students every year. ASTTBC John Leech Technology Leadership Award (Annual) Barbara Parker Award (Annual) Budge Hodson Memorial Award (Annual) Business Student Global Change Scholarships (Annual) Central Okanagan Naturalists’ Club Bursary in Environmental Sciences (One-time) Fred Bille Memorial Award (One-time) George Wilson Viticulture Studies Award (One-time) Greg Schroeder Memorial Fund (Annual) Hermann Henfling Automotive Award (Annual) Kate Gilchrist Memorial Award (Annual) Leo Plamondon and Family Entrance Bursary for Trades (Endowment) Life Sciences Award - Kelowna (One-time) Locke Property Management Tuition Bursary (Annual) Lorraine Denommee Memorial Bursary (One-time) Lorraine Hartmann Memorial Award (Endowment) Okanagan College Half Marathon Award (Annual) Okanoggin Barbers Tools of the Trades Award (One-time) Orion Lodge #51 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of British Columbia and Yukon Bursary (One-time) Pat Underhill Bursary (Annual) Procera Networks Award (Annual) Shaw Family Nursing Award (Annual) Silver Star Rotary Club Award (Annual) The Tony and Judy Lloyd Family Innovation Fund (Expendable Named Trust)

Create a plan that reflects you For a Student Award, consider:

Planning Options:

• • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Merit Financial need Emergency needs Competition prize winner Program Or a combination

Annual Awards Endowments Expendable Named Funds Grants Gifts-in-Kind Commemorative or Memorial Giving Planned Gifts – bequests, insurance policies and trusts



Financial Report April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013 Since the Foundation was established in 2002, the cumulative value of awards given to students in that time is over $9.2 million with an additional $2.9 million in donations since 2005 to permanent endowments, bringing the total of endowed funds to over $7.3 million. The Foundation continues to experience a healthy financial situation, with total revenues for the year of $2,377,018. Net assets at year-end were over $9.4 million. Donations for scholarships, bursaries and awards provide vital funding that allows students to reach their full potential while lessening the financial strain of costs for books, tuition and living expenses. Donor contributions also assist with building new learning spaces and purchasing leading-edge technology, ensuring that Okanagan College’s programs are taught using the most current equipment available. Number of endowments Number of annual award funds Number of donations received Value of Gifts-in-Kind received

183 237 1,164 $220,244

2012-13 Gross Revenues – $2,377,018 Capital Campaign Endowment Capital Annual Awards Endowment Awards Grant Revenue - SIDIT Program Support

Interest and Dividends Gain on Investment Unrealized Gain on Investment Gaming Event Revenues Other Revenues Interest in Life Insurance Policy


15,888 34,401 8,029


318,653 232,030


94,717 50,000

2012-13 Expenditures – $1,188,320

27,540 35,537

164,032 298,893


3,024 127,285



Scholarships and Bursaries Capital Projects Fundraising Expenses Investment and Management Fees Program Support Gaming Event Expenses Other

Audited financial statements available upon request.


Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Alf Kempf

We are your community Alf Kempf is the new President of the Okanagan College Foundation, having accepted the three-year position after serving as Vice President and Chair of the Foundation’s Advancement Committee, focused on marketing and fundraising. A partner with Pushor Mitchell law firm in Kelowna since 1985, Alf grew up in the Okanagan and like thousands of people here, spent his first year of studies at Okanagan College before continuing on with his education and returning home. Those were the days when high school students at the tender age of 13 had to choose their path – either academics or industrial education. Today Alf says the choices for students are far more complex and the opportunities for strong viable careers in the trades are greater than ever before. Alf sees the possibilities, and wants to ensure every student gets the chance they need to grow and contribute. “We help people here,” he says. That means providing financial support so people can gain the education they need and desire through awards like the Kempf Family Award.

That’s the key reason behind the $33-million Trades facility expansion and renovation at the Kelowna campus - and the Foundation’s capital fundraising focus for the next three years. As a long-time fundraiser for political parties at both the federal and provincial level, having also spent eight years on the board of the Kelowna Community Resources Society, Alf is well-positioned to take the lead in attracting funds to meet that objective. With this eye for the needs of the larger community, Alf wants to hear from you. Your ideas, your concerns, and your support are all key to the future direction and success of the College, the Foundation, and ultimately the community. Share your thoughts with Alf by emailing him at Kempf@pushormitchell.com. Tens of thousands of students have attended Okanagan College over the last 50 years. Today, like Alf, those alumni contribute to this region in virtually every aspect of our economy. The next 50 years will be even brighter, and with your support Okanagan College students will continue to know they are supported and encouraged to take on life’s challenges with an education that is not only comprehensive, but relevant.

Part of that function is ensuring students also have the infrastructure necessary to support an education that reflects the needs of a modern marketplace.



Thank you Our donors support student awards, programs and facilities, which enhance teaching and expand opportunities for students. Donations for student support provide vital funding for books, tuition and living expenses – 100 per cent of what is contributed goes to the students. We have more annual donors to thank than this space will allow, so we have listed donors who gave $500 or more between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed.

Individuals Anonymous (3) Charles and Irene Armstrong Dr. Heather Banham Harold Barclay Tom Beardsley and Donna Lomas Dr. Jayne Brooks Kathy Butler William L. Cooke Allan Coyle Irene J. Dayton Andrea Deakin John and Gayla DeHart Bernice Demara Laurance and Dale Donovan Kim East Helen Egri Sheldon and Shauna Gardiner Janice E. Gattrell Larry Gilchrist Raghwa Gopal Harry Grossmith Jim and Liz Hamilton Estate of Lorraine Hartmann Jim and Sandra Henderson Erika Henfling Dr. Tom M. Jasper Shelley Johnson Anne Kirkpatrick Mel and Dina Kotler Philippe Launier Ronald Lee Donna M. Lester-Smith Barry and Cindy Lipscombe Tony and Judy Lloyd John and Marie MacKenzie Mary-Louise Mahaney Dr. Jeffrey B. Marliave Mary Lou Mauro Dr. Barry McGillivray Diane McGillivary Dr. Sharon McMurtry Laurie and Ben Minuk Clifford Nelson Milton Orris Nickolas Pattie


Leo Plamondon John A. Ruddock Priscilla Russell Brian and Tessa Sansom Warren Schimpf Tatjana Schmidt-Derstroff Estate of Vern Schroyer Louise V. Seaton Jean Serres Cliff and Lois Serwa Steve Sever Art Sewell Family David and Janet Shaw Estate of Oline Rorbeck Smith Deborah L. Spencer David Stickland Rick and Yasmin Thorpe Forever Young / Terry and Steven Tuck Patricia C. Underhill Deborah Warren Cher Watkins Dr. Maurice and Linda Williams Lynda Wilson Craig and Susan Wyllie

Organizations Anonymous AC Motor Electric Ltd. Andrew Sheret Limited ASTTBC Foundation BC Brake Rebuilders & Distributors BC Fruit Growers’ Association BC Lung Association Bibby-Ste-Croix BMO Financial Group British Columbia Government Retired Employees’ Association British Columbia Wine Information Society Cactus Club Café Kelowna Canadian Federation of University Women - Kelowna Canadian Federation of University Women - Vernon Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) South Okanagan Central 1

Report on Giving 2012-13 Okanagan College Foundation

Central Okanagan Foundation Central Okanagan Naturalists’ Club Certified General Accountants Association of British Columbia CIBC CIBC Children’s Miracle Foundation Cloverdale Paint Inc. Coldstream Women’s Institute Community Foundation of the North Okanagan Community Foundation of the South Okanagan / Similkameen Credit Union Foundation of B.C. CYMA Management Ltd. Diamond Jubilee Chapter IODE Enterprise Steel Fabricators Ltd. FH&P Lawyers FortisBC Fraserway RV LP G. Little Electric Ltd. GFS Canada Glen Herman Professional Corporation Gloria Di Dio Foundation Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. Grant Thornton LLP Chartered Accountants Hegion Garden Services Ltd. Holy Spirit Catholic Women’s League Home Hardware Building Centre Interior Savings Credit Union Interior Testing Services Ltd. Jim Pattison Foundation Kalamalka Fly Fishers Club Kalamalka Rotary Club of Vernon Kamloops Exploration Group Kelowna & District Dental Society Kelowna Bar Association Kelowna Chartered Accountants Association Kelowna Corvette Club Kinsmen Club of Westbank Kiwanis Club of Penticton KPMG LLP Krueger Electrical Ltd. Ladies Auxiliary to Royal Canadian Legion Branch #40 Penticton Lexlaur Properties Inc. Locke Property Management Ltd.

MacKay & Partners Charitable Foundation Minerva Foundation for BC Women Nixon Wenger Lawyers Okanagan British Car Club Okanagan Chefs’ Association Okanagan Classic Thunderbird Club Okanagan College Alumni Association Okanagan College Association of Administrators Okanagan College Board of Governors Okanagan College Faculty Association Okanagan Fest-of-Ale Society Okanagan Jewish Community Association Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board Okanagan Training & Development Council Okanagan Wine Festivals Society Okanoggin Barbers Oliver Osoyoos Winery Association Orion Lodge No. 51, A.F. & A.M of BC and Yukon P.E.O. Chapter BA P.J. Mechanical Systems Inc. PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce Penticton Fabricating Penticton Lions Club Penticton Regional Hospital Penticton Women in Business Pushor Mitchell LLP R.E. Postill & Sons Ltd.

Ramada Penticton, Kettle Valley Station Pub, Coast Penticton Hotel / Robin and Janice Agur RBC Foundation RDM Holdings Inc. Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of B.C. Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Ricoh Canada Rotary Club - Kelowna Rotary Club of Kelowna - Capri Rotary Club of Penticton Rotary Club of Penticton Okanagan Rotary Club of Vernon Rotary Club of Vernon Silver Star Royal Canadian Legion Branch #25 (Vernon) Scotiabank Shuswap Community Foundation Shuswap Division of Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board Shuswap Women in Business Skaha Rotary Club Smythe Tool Sales South Okanagan Naturalists’ Club Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust Structurlam Products Ltd. Summerland Penny Lane Sun-Rype Products Ltd.

TD TD Bank Financial Group, Pacific Region TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. TELUS TELUS Communications Inc. TELUS Foundation Thompson Okanagan Dental Society (TODS) Tobago International Holdings Inc. University of British Columbia Valley First Vancouver Foundation Vernon & District Community Land Trust Society Vernon Dental Association Vernon Student Association Vernon Temple #21 Pythian Sisters Vernon Women in Business Volcanic Hills Vineyards and Cellars Ltd. Water Supply Association of BC Western Financial Group White & Peters Ltd. White Kennedy Chartered Accountants Windsor Plywood Foundation Wyatt Auto Parts Okanagan College Foundation strives for accuracy in recognizing donors. Please contact us at 1-888-650-6968 regarding any discrepancies.

22nd Annual Okanagan College Foundation / Western Financial Group Charity Golf Tournament - 2013 Sponsors In its 22nd year this popular tournament proved its worth, resulting in more than $54,000 being raised. The tournament plays a vital role in providing financial assistance to students throughout the year so they can continue with their education.

Apple Valley Promotions AVIVA Canada Boundary Fencing Brandt’s Creek Pub Capital News Dirty Laundry Vineyard Firehall Brewery FortisBC Grant Thornton ICBC Intact Insurance Kelso Technologies Knight Easton & Associates

Northern Computer Okanagan College Athletics & Recreation Okanagan College Culinary Arts Okanagan College Trades & Apprenticeship Faculty Okanagan School of Business PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. Peace Hills Insurance Pepsi Pushor Mitchell LLP RBC RBC Wealth Management (PH&N Investment Counsel)

Ricoh Canada Saavani Organic Skincare Scotiabank Siemens Staples Advantage Stutters Disaster Kleenup Sysco HRI TD Commercial Banking TELUS Turner Volkswagen Audi Valley First Western Financial Group



Leadership Thank you to all of our volunteers for actively supporting the Foundation’s mission. We also wish to thank all those at Okanagan College, including President Jim Hamilton, the Board of Governors and its Chair, Tom Styffe, our Treasurer Robert Eby, and the College departments and the Advancement staff who do so much with such dedication and energy. We recognize that it takes a full team pulling in the same direction with eyes on the goal and remembering we do this for our students.

Volunteer Leadership

Honourable D. Ross Fitzpatrick, Honorary Patron Steve Tuck, President Emeritus


Jim Hamilton, President, Okanagan College Alf Kempf, President, Okanagan College Foundation Beverley Busson, Vice President, Shuswap-Revelstoke Raghwa Gopal, Vice President, Central Okanagan Vern Nielsen, Central Okanagan Frank Richter, Vice President, Central Okanagan Tom Styffe, Chair, Okanagan College Board of Governors Sigrid-Ann Thors, North Okanagan Ret Tinning, Vice President, South Okanagan Cher Watkins, South Okanagan Lynda Wilson, Shuswap-Revelstoke

Directors retiring in 2013

Jim Henderson, Past President, South Okanagan Denny Kaulback, Shuswap-Revelstoke Lorraine McGrath, Central Okanagan


Robert Eby, Vice President, Finance & Administration, Okanagan College

Advancement Team

Kathy Butler, Director of Advancement & Alumni, and Executive Director, Okanagan College Foundation Dawn Douglas, Executive Assistant & Foundation Board Secretary Anne Kirkpatrick, Development Officer Katerina Hay, Alumni Relations & Annual Appeal Coordinator Dianne Bayes, Donation Processing & Database Clerk (on leave) Richard McAdam, Donation Processing & Database Clerk Marcy Nelson, Advancement Assistant (on leave) Jill Buehler, Advancement Assistant Karin Wilson, Campaign Communications & Marketing Specialist Samantha Blandon, Campaign Assistant


Chris Stanford, photographer James Murray, photographer

Directors joining us in 2013 Raf DeGuevara, Central Okanagan Sharron Simpson, Central Okanagan

Our Mission Okanagan College Foundation advances the power of education by engaging individuals and communities in contributing to Okanagan College. We contribute to Okanagan College by:

• Helping students with scholarships, bursaries, awards and other financial support • Building relationships with donors • Supporting capital projects and programs • Managing financial resources responsibly and ethically

Please contact us at: Okanagan College Foundation 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8 Phone: 250-862-5630 Toll-Free: 1-888-650-6968 Fax: 250-862-5627 www.okanagancollegefoundation.ca Email: foundation@okanagan.bc.ca Like us on Facebook “Okanagan College Foundation”

Profile for Okanagan College

2012-13 OC Foundation annual report  

The Okanagan College Foundation stimulates support from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations to enable students to participate in l...

2012-13 OC Foundation annual report  

The Okanagan College Foundation stimulates support from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations to enable students to participate in l...