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September 2009

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Volume 62, Issue 9 – September, 2009

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1 Oklahoma Outlook


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Frank Cargill District Superintendent

The 53rd General Council of the Assemblies of God was recently held in Orlando, Florida. Total registration of ministers, delegates, fine arts participants, and friends reached approximately 25,000. The days spent together were inspirational and encouraging! Oklahoma was well represented. Linda and I were extremely pleased to see such a tremendous response from our great state. The times of worship and fellowship were delightful as we gathered with thousands of friends from across this nation as well as from around the world.

Pastor Herbert Cooper did an outstanding job

our prayers, and our support to those whom

as he delivered his heart and his passion

God has called.

during the Thursday evening celebration! His challenge of “One More” motivated the entire

Without a doubt, the Spirit of the Lord rests

body and called the General Council to a

upon this wonderful Fellowship. I firmly

commitment to evangelism with renewed

believe that the best days for The Assemblies


of God are waiting in the future!

I was PROUD to say – the preacher is from Oklahoma! He and Tiffany represented our District extremely well. Thanks, Herbert, for a job well done! The business session included the election of four national executive officers. All officers were confirmed on the initial ballot. As a district, we must continue to share our love,

Following General Council in Florida, Linda and I spent almost two weeks in Nairobi, Kenya. It was indeed a thrill to embrace and share ffellowship e ellowship with with our Oklahoma Okklahoma missionaries in that part of the world. We We were were also honored honored

From Jerod, h; Linda, Frank Car Cargill; rggill; Stephen, Barb and Bill Kuert Fr om Left: Katina, Jer od, Brice Smith;

to be in vited to minister during the General General invited

church. There national church. There are are pr presently esently almost

honored to preach I was was additionally additionally honored preach the

Council of the K enya Assemblies of God. Kenya

4,000 Assemblies of God churches churches across 4,000 across that

Or dination S ervice as 124 individuals were were Ordination Service

nation! W We e participated in the graduation graduation

rrecognized ecognized and gr anted the status of Ordained Ordained granted

W e wer e blessed to see first hand some of the We were

ceremony of 112 pr ceremony preachers eachers who had

Minister by by the K Kenya en e ya Assemblies of God.

things that God is doing across across K enya. The Kenya.

year education program completed a six year program and

K enya Assemblies of God has become a strong strong Kenya

were gr ible and Theology Diploma. were granted anted a B Bible

September 2009

Oklahoma Outlook


In Loving Memory Milton Andrew Haworth November 26, 1950 – April 19, 2009 Milton Andrew Haworth, 58, Hobart longtime Hobart resident, passed away after a lengthy illness on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at Elk View General Hospital. He was born November 26, 1950 in Seminole, OK to Clyde and Marcella Haworth. He spent most of his growing up years in Kiowa County. Milton served in the U.S. Army during Vietnam. He was licensed with the Southwestern Prayer Band in 1980; he was licensed with the Assemblies

of God 2 ½ years ago. Milton was the associate pastor at the Lighthouse Assembly of God in Hobart. Survivors include his wife, Rita of the home, 3 daughters: Linette Ballew and husband, Glen, Erie, CO; Wynona Howard and husband, Carl, Hobart, OK; 7 grandchildren: Michelle Lewis, Levi Ballew, Wesley Dodson, Annie Ballew and Elizabeth Ballew; 1 brother, Eddie Haworth, Hobart, OK; 5 sisters: Janette Medders and



husband J.R., Clinton, AR; Lora Mae Armstrong, Hobart, OK; Lola Wilson, Hobart, OK; Bonnie Howell, Hobart, OK; Brenda Judd and husband, David, Oklahoma City, OK; a host of nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, 2 brothers, Cecil and Don; 1 infant sister, Barbara Jo Haworth and 1 infant brother, Bobby Jo Haworth.

Isaac Leroy Snow May 16, 1924 – August 15, 2009 Isaac Leroy Snow was born May 16, 1924 near Austin, Texas to Marion Mathew and Purleen Guthrie Snow. He passed away August 15, 2009 at Sayre, Oklahoma at the age of 85years, 3 months and 1 day. As a young man he rode the freight trains, traveling to many places and working wherever he could, including a term with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). He joined the Navy during World War II, serving as a radarman in the South Pacific. He was married to Oleta Mae Hickman

3 Oklahoma Outlook

on July 12, 1946. Isaac and Oleta became Christians and dedicated themselves to working for the Lord, a commitment that he honored throughout his entire life. Isaac pastored churches in Dillon, Oklahoma and Gage, Oklahoma before he went to Erick, where he was pastor for 27 ½ years before retiring. He continued with his personal witnessing and e-mail ministry until his death. He was preceded in death by his parents and 10 brothers and sisters. He is survived by his wife, Oleta of the

home; 3 daughters, Peggy Patten and husband, Joe, Erick, OK; Patsy Richardson and husband, Jim, Erick, OK; Dr Pearl Merritt and husband, J.B., Dallas, TX; 4 grandchildren, Heather George, Ashely Wisner, Lisa Willis, Kristi Kincheloe; 5 great grandchildren, Ethan George, Tate George, Madelyn Wisner, Elianna and Hanna Kincheloe; and a host of other relatives and friends.

September 2009

Years ago, a man was building a house in rural New England. Needing water for his new home, he commissioned an expert to dig a well for him. The old well digger, seasoned in the art of his trade, scouted out the property, searching for the right spot to sink a shaft. Sure enough, he found an underground river and put in a well. Packing up his gear to leave, he left the homeowner with some important advice: “Every day you must pump some water from the well. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry.” The homeowner thanked the man for the advice, and for weeks he followed the well digger’s counsel and pumped water every day. As time went on, the homeowner began to take the cool sweet water for granted. One day he left on a trip and forgot to get someone to pump water for him each day while he was away. When he returned, the water at the bottom of the well was stagnant and almost gone. He tried pumping in fresh water, but nothing came out. Later, he went to town and told the well digger his well had dried up. The old gentleman asked, “Did you remember to pump water from the well every day?” The younger man confessed his neglect and asked why this mattered? The well digger replied, “The water in the well comes from an underground river that feeds the small tributaries of water which are connected to your well. Water must continue to flow through these small tributaries so the well can receive water. If you quit pumping the water, the ground will dry up slightly and

Open Churches Altus, Glad Tidings Broken Bow, Glover Farris Jones Kingston Lamont, Prairie View September 2009

the underground river can’t find its way to your well. This cuts off the water supply.” Then the old man concluded, “Remember, the source of the water is the Tom Goins river, not the well.” If the source of your financial strength is your own personal well of resources, you risk running dry! Recognizing the difference between the source and means can be tough. Our bank accounts, our abilities, and our intellects are not the sources of our provision and blessings. They are simply a means by which God, the Source, provides blessings. God provides for our needs according to his riches. He uses the material resources of our world as the delivery system to care for His children. To experience His abundance, we must first see Him as the Source of every blessing. We must take Him at His Word because we trust that His Word is true. Spiritual principals about giving relate closely to how God chooses either to bless us or to withhold His blessings. If we want our wells to contain enough resources to function effectively in our world, we must trust God and follow His teachings. The Bible teaches that giving generously out of love for God will tap you into God’s unseen river of blessings.

Tom Goins

New Pastors Pryor, First Savanna Seminole, Old Glory Sentinel Talihina, First Whitefield, Shiloh

Henry Beasley – Erick Stan Miller – Afton David Goff – Rattan, Victory Randy Cocheran – Cyril

Mark Miller – Tipton Scott Carper – Fletcher Jamie Austin – Tulsa, Woodlake Jeff Bradley – Collinsville Oklahoma Outlook


District Secretary / Treasurer


Missions Department

Missions Director

Every Church, Supporting Every Missionary, Going Everywhere, and Reaching Everyone

Only one other time in all my years as Missions Director have I given this space to Lindell Warren another writer. In fact, it was missionary Quentin McGhee that I gave this page to one month, years ago. This month, September 2009, I would like to give ink space to my very good friend Howard Cummings of Aurora, Colorado. Read carefully as Howard argues the case that Missions is a Ten. On a scale of one to ten, where would you rate missions as an essential and productive element of local church life? I give it a ten! First, let me say that missions and obedience to the Great Commission is to be the all-consuming purpose of the New Testament church; it is not simply one of several facets of the church mission statement. Some say, meaning well I’m sure, that missions is one of several “core values” in the church. I respectfully disagree! Missions is the very heartbeat of God and should pulsate through each dimension of church life. A church “mission statement” is meaningless unless reaching the lost permeates every one of its “core values!” Missions is the ultimate in positive impact upon a church. It’s a TEN in what’s good for the church. I’ll list just a few of those benefits: Missions is good for the church FINANCIALLY. In Luke 6:38, Jesus challenged His followers to “Give, and it will be given to you…” A strong global orientation in a local church stretches people to be givers. Givers tend to respond to any legitimate need, thus blessing the budget of the congregation. Churches that take positive steps to expand their outreach see the faith capacity of their membership expand to accomplish greater things for God. Conversely, churches that reduce their investment in missions to accommodate another project, such as building expansion or other local concern, often see the overall receipts start to shrink. God blesses a missions-minded church financially. Missions is good for the church GENERATIONALLY. It has been said that “God has no grandchildren.” The flame of passion for the lost must be lit in each succeeding generation of the church, and nothing lights that passion like a missions ministry.

5 Oklahoma Outlook

As children and youth hear missionaries speak, listen to the accounts of other cultures coming to Christ and identify with those dedicated people who are being used of God to build cross-cultural bridges, the Great Commission comes alive for them, not just their parents. This, in turn, keeps the flame burning in the church. Missions is good for the church RELATIONALLY. One of the most profound statements of our Lord came from His lips on the shores of Galilee, as He invited some fishermen to join Him in the redemptive enterprise; “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men!”(Matthew 4:19 NIV) A tragedy which surfaces far too often in the American church scene is the petty arguments and differences which divide Christians. To be sure, the Lord’s disciples were all too human, but Jesus kept them focused by keeping them fishing! It may be over-simplification, but what someone has said is none the less true – “you can’t fish and fight at the same time!” When churches are focused on reaching the lost of this world, they tend to be more team-spirited, not mean-spirited! Missions is good for the church PRAYERFULLY. Have you noticed just how much of our praying and prayer requests center on personal needs? Nothing wrong with this; Jesus heals the sick, breaks the bondage of addiction, meets financial needs, and mends our domestic distress. He wants us to “come to Him” when we are burdened down. However, when churches begin to focus on a “whole world” for whom Christ died, their prayer life becomes more comprehensive and all-encompassing. As they pray for others, perhaps people they have never met, and for missionary representatives who are tearing down pagan strongholds, they see the total church prayer life become more victorious and personal miracles increase. What the Rev. Oswald J. Smith once said is still amazingly applicable in this twenty-first century: “The light that shines the farthest, shines brightest at home!” So go ahead church leader; invite a missionary to speak, schedule an all-church missions conference or convention, challenge people to make a faith promise for missions, involve the children and youth in the romance of missions. Missions is a ten. Try it, you’ll like it.

September 2009

September 2009



Christian Education Director

Jack Salkil

OKLAHOMA TOP 10 Gretchen Moore Zackery Minor Ricky Weisser DD Jask Time Travelers Christopher Korstjens All Hands & No Feet Zackery Minor Timothy Weisser Annie Shell Dallanira Borrego Kyle Nelson Dude,Where’s My Power? Rylie 1 Achord Gals Andrea Money Micah Cain James Redden Megan Woodley Hayden Hefner Parker Millsap Hayden Hefner

First Assembly of God First Assembly of God The Bridge Assembly First Assembly of God First Assembly of God Cathedral of the Hills Central Assembly of God First Assembly of God The Bridge Assembly The Bridge Assembly Templo Jardin Del Eden First Assembly of God Lakeside Assembly First Assembly of God First Assembly of God First Assembly of God First Assembly of God Capitol Hill A/G First Assembly of God Assembly of God Capitol Hill AG Memorial Assembly of God Capitol Hill A/G

Muldrow, OK B’ville, OK Mustang, OK Bixby, OK B’ville, OK Edmond, OK Enid, OK B’ville, OK Mustang, OK Mustang, OK Olustee, OK Broken Bow, OK OKC, OK Miami, OK Miami, OK Muskogee, OK Muldrow, OK OKC, OK Miami, OK Lone Grove, OK OKC, OK Purcell, OK OKC, OK

Traditional Photography (4) T-Shirt Design (5) Visual Art 2D (7) ASL Group (2) Children’s Lesson Group(8) Children’s Lesson Solo (4) Puppetry Group (5) Puppetry Solo (4) Puppetry Solo (5) Puppetry Solo (10) Short Sermon (7) Wind Brass Solo (3) Rap Group (7) Songwriting (9) Small Vocal Ensemble (2) Small Vocal Ensemble (5) Female Vocal Solo (4) Male Vocal Solo (7) Male Vocal Solo (9) Spanish FVS (5) First Person Essay (4) Poetry (10) Short Story (4)


Lakeside Assembly of God OKC, OK Central Assembly of God Enid, OK Oklahoma represented well at the National Fine Arts Festival 2009 in Orlando, FL with over twenty students placing in the top ten within their category and two students taking top honors by walking away with the award of merit in their division. Oklahoma Youth Ministries would like to honor Seth Urbina of Oklahoma City Lakeside Assembly of God for his award in the Sketch Writing

Sketch Writing (1) Web Design (1) division and also Nathan Ward from Enid Central Assembly of God for taking first place in Web Design! These students, along with all those who placed in the top ten and all those participants who competed at National Fine Arts have represented Oklahoma well and have done much to develop their talents for ministry! We are proud of all your hard work!

Kids have BGMC

LIFE ? Fund

Youth have STL Men have LFTL

Women’s Director

What is the District

Women have

LIFE Linda Stamps-Dissmore

LIFE stands for L adies I nvesting F or E ternity. LIFE is the Missions Arm of the Oklahoma Women’s Department. Each month the Oklahoma District Women’s Department sends financial support to many organizations. • Save Europe’s Children • Africa’s Children • Asia’s Little Ones • Highlands Child Placement Service — maternity and adoption center • Hillcrest Children’s Home — for abused, neglected and abandoned children • OKC Inner City Church — reaching out to the poor of OKC • Freedom House — Teen Challenge for women coming out of prison • New Lifehouse — Teen Challenge for adolescent girls with substance abuse • Sonrise Ranch — Teen Challenge for young men with substance abuse

The LIFE fund also provides scholarships to Oklahoma students attending Central Bible College, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, and Evangel University. When a new missionary goes to their place of ministry, the fund helps them purchase household linens, furniture, appliances, etc. After their furlough they receive additional funds to make it possible for them to return to their field of service. Every year missionaries and their families receive birthday and Christmas gifts from the LIFE fund. Our retired missionaries are also blessed by the LIFE fund when they receive cards and gifts for their birthdays and Christmas. This includes our U.S. missionaries to Prisons, the Deaf, Native Americans, Chi Alpha, church planting, Inner City, Muslims, Youth Alive, KidCare America, Rural Compassion, etc. Elite Ladies is also funded from your faith promises. This provides our ministers’ widows with the special September 2009

recognition they deserve through birthday cards, Christmas gifts, and a special luncheon each year. Through your giving to the LIFE fund, we are able to give support to various projects as they arise throughout the year. Examples include building a teachers’ apartment for a school in El Salvador, buying linens for the new boys’ dorm at Sonrise Ranch, helping to send Chi Alpha students to the World Summit where they have opportunity to respond to missionary needs, building the girls’ dorm at the Bible School in Bangladesh, Longdale Indian Camp scholarships, remodeling the kitchen for the Bible School in Brazil, buying a building for ministry to women in the Republic of Georgia, etc. As you can see, our missionaries depend on Oklahoma women to help them fulfill the call God has placed upon their lives to reach the “unreached” with the Gospel.

Oklahoma Outlook


Oklahoma District Royal Rangers Pow Wow 2009 was an outdoors camping adventure with life-changing spiritual impact. As the Ranger Outposts of our state gathered together once more at Camp Adventure in Chandler, OK, the theme, Forward in Faith, set the expectation for another dynamic Rangers Camping event. During the day the boys competed in contests of skill like the “Boat Race”, Frogman Relat”, “Rock Wall Climbing” and more. Then in the evenings, boys and men gathered around the Council Fire to worship and to hear from God. Special speaker, Paul Stanek, Former National Deputy Commander, dynamically shared the Word and the Holy Spirit impacted hearts.


Altogether, 605 boys and men were registered for this year’s Pow Wow. While we all love the campfires and fellowship and fun, any Ranger Commander will tell you that the true focus of the ministry is to “reach, teach and keep boys for Christ.” With that in focus, we humbly petitioned God to send Holy Spirit power to our Council Fire worship services and the Spirit moved on the hearts and lives. 7 were saved, 31 rededicated their lives, and 4 were filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. To God be all the glory. With God’s help, the Royal Ranger ministry is continuing to reach, teach and keep boys for Christ. Our God Reigns,

Pastor Jeff Twombly Oklahoma District Outreach Coordinator

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries P. O. Bo x 2 7 7 7 ; No rman, OK 7 3 0 7 0

(4 0 5 ) 3 0 8 -3 7 3 7 XAo kl aho ma@ao l . co m

www. XAo kl aho ma. co m

Greg Tiffany Oklahoma XA Coordinator

9 Oklahoma Outlook

September 2009

Pastors’ Reports Charley Hudspeth, Newkirk reports 5 rededications, 2 healed, and 1 saved in regular services. Eddie McElhannon, Preston, reports 1 saved and 3 filled with the Holy Ghost in regular services. Rick Ring, Yarnaby, reports 1 rededicated. Dale Tarp, Wilson, reports reports 1 filled with the Holy Ghost at youth camp, 1 in revival with Joe Oden, and 1 saved in special weekend outreach. Don Staggs, Miller Flat, reports 12 saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Terry Stone, Tahlequah, reports several saved and rededicated in regular services. Ron Butler, Webbers Falls, reports 5 saved in regular services. Ten saved or rededicated in revival. In July a young man was saved and delivered from drug addiction. Gary Mullen, Sallisaw, reports 73 saved at VBS, 6 saved at funeral, 11 saved and 3 rededicated in regular services and 1 saved in home. Larry Hatfield, Chickasha, reports several saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Lee Jones, Stilwell, reports 2 saved. Edgar Clark, Wright City, reports 2 saved in regular services in June.

Evangelist’s Reports Ken Burge reports 14 saved, 12 filled with the Holy Ghost, and many healed. Kettly Casimir reports 13 saved, 2 filled with the Holy Ghost and 2 healed.


Evangelist’s Reports Alex Hanna reports 2000 saved during last Arabic TV broadcast. Thirty muslims were saved and some received healings from the USA, Canada, and Middle East. Robert and Jan Teel report 59 saved, l filled with the Holy Ghost in revivals and Kids Krusades in OK. and Kansas.

Prayer Requests Larry Henderson – loss of wife. Larry Heath – needs a healing miracle. Clint Gray – financial miracle. Rebecca Morphew has a 2 month old grandson who will be having heart surgery.

Reverend and Mrs. Barry Prock announce the arrival of their grandson, Baron Matthew Prock, born 5-1-09 to Dustin and Kathy Prock, weighing 7 lbs. 4 ozs. And was 19 ¾” long. Welcomed by sisters Nevaeh and Lailah.

Congratulations Reverend and Mrs. Michael Lobmeyer of Iglesia Oeste Asamblea De Dios paid off their land and building on 6-30-09. Newkirk Assembly purchased property with building next to sanctuary for new family life center, debt free.


Information Help for Pastors call (918) 758-4147 or visit

For Sale 97 Ford 15 passenger van. Good condition. Contact Kent Jensen at (918) 443-2434 $4,000 OBO. Bongo and Congo Drums. Blonde wood. Contact Charles at (918) 284-7868. 96 Fold up theatre seats. Maple. Contact Don Ramsey at (405) 382-2520.


If anyone has a van to donate contact Afton First Assembly at (918) 316-6681. Teen Challenge Freedom House needs good running mini vans. Also they have projects for church groups, roofs, windows, and many other various needs. Jerry Ogdon of Vinita Family Praise needs a Children’s Pastor. (918) 323-1184. Kelly Martin needs a 15 passenger van. (405) 759-2283. Piano for a small church. Contact Rev. Tom Goins (405)475-1100.

Reverend and Mrs. Steve McKnight are proud parents of Liam Connor McKnight born on 7-09-09 weighing 7 lbs. 9 ozs. And was 19” long.

Open for Calls Section 1 Jim Ballard – (918) 485-0216 James Bell – (918) 253-2130 Don Dorsey – (918) 341-1737 Evelyn Hurst – (918) 341-8750 Rhonda Rock – (918) 341-1870 Allen Whittenberg – (918) 485-8220 Section 2 Jeffery Ainsworth – (405) 824-3693 Ken Burge – (918) 967-4088 Chester Cooley – (918) 522-4734 Frank Salazar – (918) 427-0749 Donald Youker – (918) 721-5951 Section 3 Cathy Barnes – (580) 345-2688 Roger Barnes – (580) 345-2688 Jerry Cooper – (580) 326-3006 Gabriel Elliott – (580) 212-9408 Sherry Lambe – (580) 746-2340 Larry Lewis – (580) 587-2545 Rita Knight Lewis – (580) 587-2545 Kenneth Stafford – (580) 933-7186 Section 4 Raymond Doke, Jr. – (918) 302-8701 Rodney George – (918) 652-7542 D. Fay Ketchum – (918) 689-2851 Phillip McGovran – (918) 756-7703 John Phillips – (918) 426-4335 Diane Twist – (918) 616-2630 Rachel Willis – (918) 339-4411

September 2009

Section 5 Chuck Burton – (918) 261-5437 Betty Calabrese – (918) 523-5029 Karen Coon – (405) 620-0517 Barry Douglas – (918) 446-6473 William Eccles – (918) 369-8403 Donna Emberton – (918) 291-0549 Bill Epps – (918) 835-5582 David Fink – (918) 946-4990 Gordon Garrett – (918) 627-1172 Mike Griffin – (918) 695-0510 Charles Harness – (918) 284-7868 J. F. Herring – (918) 258-7099 Kevin Howell – (918) 398-7524 Randy Jackson – (918) 267-7134 Henry Kellogg – (918) 246-9797 Clarence Lambert – (918) 272-7129 Charles Matlock – (918) 363-7712 John McDonald – (918) 446-0905 Glen McGuire – (918) 627-2827 Tom Nace – (918) 337-0805 Dr. James Phifer – (918) 557-9151 Robert Polvado – (918)774-3627 Nicholas Robinson – (580) 317-7904 Rodney Smith – (918) 446-4036 Lisa Turner – (918) 321-3097 Dean West – (918) 245-1708 Stephen Woodrow – (918) 355-8661

Section 6 Michelle Crane – (405) 214-8281 Elvin Ellis – (405) 382-1737 Clarence Gene Herndon – (405) 762-0534 Dale Jennings – (405) 379-5187 Chris Lee – (405) 567-3900 Michael Pierson – (405) 756-7420 Jess Power – (405) 382-1216 Cindy Robertson – (405) 323-8359 Johnny Squires – (918) 225-0214 Jo Ann Stewart – (405) 567-3895 Oliver Swaim – (405) 273-2088 Gary Thompson – (405) 379-9988 Don Wilburn – (918) 352-1246 Leon Williams – (405) 258-0091 Section 7 David Boutwell – (405) 344-6922 Ronald Brannan – (580) 795-7343 Jonathan Chambers – (405) 926-0820 Leonard Crogh – (580) 224-9119 Alan Davenport – (580) 775-5774 H.H. Davis – (580) 226-0454 Eva Rounsaville – (580) 371-3057 Roger Rounsaville – (580) 371-3057 Gerald Stevens – (405) 428-1613 Section 8 Scott Betts – (580) 796-2702 J. David Evetts – (405) 864-7609 Gary Miller – (580) 478-3926

Marilyn Murray – (580) 402-0590 Richard Ventonis – (580) 471-1759 Section 9 Rickey W. Austin – (405) 672-7077 Lloyd Avery – (405) 969-2968 Joseph Bowles – (405) 487-7187 Michael Bridge – (405) 735-6804 Barbara Bruner – (405) 375-5310 Kettly Casimir – (301) 368-3615 Thomas Collins – (405) 631-3730 Don Colwell – (405) 872-5599 David Crittenden – (405) 794-0986 Joey Crozier – (405) 969-2881 Gene Drain – (405) 216-8467 Barry Dunn – (405) 741-2284 Marna Hillard – (405) 834-0221 Glen Lee – (405) 527-0791 Tim Manzanares – (405) 823-9822 Kerry McClure – (405) 301-3110 David McMullikin – (405) 219-6885 Ben Odell – (405) 720-1050 Martin Perryman – (405) 773-5096 Bruce Richardson – (405) 732-3492 Ron VanMeter – (405) 447-5476 Dennis Wheeler – (405) 703-2035 Section 10 Jeremy Black – (405) 320-1589 Joy Kerley Burchett – (620) 779-1572 Jim Capps – (405) 224-3543

Peggy Carter – (580) 444-3559 Kent Crawford – (405) 933-1494 James A. Doan – (580) 255-0392 Alex S. Hanna – (580) 536-2419 Eugene Howeth – (405) 320-5330 David Hunter – (580) 429-4447 Stephanie Hunter – (580) 429-4447 Lester Marsh – (405) 462-7587 Becky Morphew – (580) 252-2914 Charles Parker – (580) 476-2181 Glen Ryswyk – (580) 529-2290 Steven Snow – (580) 549-6086 John West – (580) 549-6435 Section 11 Larry Henderson – (580) 334-5601 Woodrow Walton – (580) 938-2694 Andrew Young – (580) 328-5685 Section 12 Bob L. Benson – (580) 464-3320 Marvin Boyles – (580) 492-4238 Mark Carpenter – (405) 489-7262 Clayton Everhart – (580) 846-5633 Thomas McEwen – (580) 535-4023 Lance Perritt – (405) 226-1449 Ronald Thiessen – (405) 247-7629 Miscellaneous Grady Adcock – (501) 922-0871 Paul DeWolfe – (806) 934-2082

Oklahoma Outlook


Oklahoma Outlook September '09  

This is a publication put out for the ministers of the Oklahoma District by the Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God.