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405.475.1100 @OKDCofAG

CAMP CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES With the advent of 2011, we are immersed in an ambitious capital campaign known as NEXT Generation. The goals are lofty but the impact of a new youth camp facility is immeasurable. Our District Celebration Sunday on November 7 produced faith promises and funding for almost 40% of our goal of partnering with 6000 NEXT Generation students.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE High school seniors planning to attend one of the 19 Assemblies of God endorsed colleges or universities may be eligible for a scholarship from the Riggs Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are made available by the Assemblies of God Trust.

Other churches and individuals have made commitments subsequently. A number of churches have scheduled their promotion during the early months of 2011. I am convinced the best days for the Oklahoma Assemblies of God are yet to come!

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must have a 3.5 GPA or higher, be involved in an Assemblies of God church and plan to attend an endorsed AG university directly following high school. Scholarship winners will be chosen based on their qualifications in these areas: academics, extracurricular involvement, Christian service, Christian life, financial need, personal essay and references.   Two scholarships of up to $30,000 each will be awarded, over a 4-year period, to one male and one female high school senior. Eight one-time scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded to high

The New Dining Center - Dorms in the background.

school seniors and distributed over the student’s first two semesters. The Riggs Scholarship Fund is one of three scholarship programs sponsored by the AGTrust in its efforts to train young leaders and empower future generations. Twenty high school graduates (2009 and 2010 winners) have already received a total of $200,000. The 2011 scholarship winners will be named in April 2011.   To download the application form, go to The application

submission deadline is February 15, 2011. The New Dining Center


If not us, who? If not now, when? Thanks for sharing our passion and dreaming our dream. At no other time have we had such an opportunity to change our world.

All resolutions for presentation to the Annual Oklahoma District Council must be submitted to the District Superintendent’s


Office 45 days prior to the District Council.

District Superintendent

The deadline for submission is Friday,

March 11.

CHURCH AND MONEY “Non-profits need management more than business does, precisely because they lack the discipline of the bottom line.” – Peter Drucker This “discipline of the bottom line,” as Drucker calls it, is THE driving force behind every business in existence. Every decision is carefully measured and strategically carried out for one purpose; profits. One question is every business leader’s brutal taskmaster. Will this decision make us money, or will this decision lose us money? It is really quite a simple proposition in its most basic form. The more money a business makes, the happier are its owners and potentially its employees. As a result, businesses the world over are dogmatic about controlling costs, increasing sales, and aligning incentives between employees and owners in order to maximize profits. Churches do not have this luxury. While a church does require money in order to operate; money is not (or at least should not be) the driving force behind its decisions. The motive for church leaders is changed lives, not financial profits. Because a church’s fundamental

KEVIN CONNER, MBA // Financial Accountant

motive is people-oriented and not money-oriented, often times the financial condition of the local church suffers. When the financial condition of the church is in peril, so too is its mission. Because of the importance of the church’s mission, it should be MORE concerned with financial management than the businessworld. Resources are scarce and ministry is expensive. The fact that God will provide is true enough, but that in no way excuses church leaders for being lazy stewards of its treasure. As you look toward the New Year now is an excellent time to put some financial guideposts in place that will ensure God’s purpose for the local church in which you serve continues to be viable and effective long into the future. Below are just a few simple things you can set in place.


Establish a budget and honor it. Setting a budget is important because it forces you to think through your

ministry from top to bottom. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to evaluate the effectiveness of each ministry within your church and determine whether its funding should be increased or decreased in the coming year. The benefits of

a budget are numerous, but no point is more important than this; once you make a budget, stick to it. If you increase one area, you probably need to decrease another area. Ministry is full of trade-offs, and the budget can help you truly put your money in the right places.


Establish cash reserves. Unforeseen expenses can really hurt, unless you are prepared. Let’s be honest for

a minute. If you have a van, it is going to break down. If you have HVAC, it is going to need to be replaced. Walls will need to be painted, and carpet will need to be replaced. All of these things are very expensive, but all of things can be prepared for. Cash reserves can help alleviate the pain of these unforeseen expenses. Two simple things you can do to prepare for these expenses are:



Begin budgeting a small percentage of income into a reserve fund every month. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Consistency plus time will cause it to grow faster than


you think. •

Figure out the replacement cost for large capital purchases, divide that by its current estimated useful life, and put that money aside each month. (Example: New Van $20,000.00 / 72 months useful life remaining with current van = $277.77 per month).


Establish internal controls. As church leaders, we all believe the best in people. None of us wants to believe

that anyone would take money from the church, but it happens all of the time. One of the best ways to keep this from happening is to establish internal controls. These internal controls act as a series of checks-and-balances to mitigate both the temptation and opportunity for embezzlement. Multiple-millions of dollars are embezzled from churches every year, and much of it could be avoided with solid internal controls. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability ( is a great resource to help you get started. Take some time at the beginning of 2011 and put some serious thought into what you can do to tighten up the financial management of your ministry. It may feel counterintuitive, but by focusing some undivided attention on money at the beginning of the year, you may find yourself worrying less about it as the year progresses, and more focused on ministry to your community.


WELCOME: Milton D. Lewis

North Dakota

Kathryn R. Pierce


Jonathan M. Smith

North Texas

FAREWELL: Melissa Hanshaw


Travis & Heidi Hewuse


Tom Mathew

Southern Missouri

Ronald L. Masten


Eddie McElhannon


Francis & Angela Thayer


NEW PASTORS Mitch Williams

Ada Byng

Jairo Castro

Tulsa Iglesia Eficaz

James Williams

Ada Faith

Joe Smith


Randy Whitlow

Guthrie Living Waters

Paul Nix


Roger Baker


Steven McPherson

Atoka, First

Mark Radford

Bristow, First

Brandon Stratton

Tahlequah Calvary

Jesse Cantu

Hollis, First

Verlin Kelley

Weleetka, First

Phillip Crowley

Nowata New Life


Has it just been me or has anyone made the statement. “2011 already, where did 2010 go,” it seems that this last year has gone so quickly. Everyone is so busy that at times it seems nothing gets done. I look at the new camp facility and in one way it seems that it has been in process for such a short time and then it also seems that it should have already been completed. Sometimes in ministry if you are not careful you can feel a little overwhelmed. In fact, I was reading an article by Ralph Jean-Paul concerning that overwhelmed feeling. In his comments concerning the faster pace that we are forced to move along with, the increasingly busier schedule, and the requirements of time that is being placed upon us he had some guidelines that I feel would be important to follow. He first developed a plan by asking himself the following questions.


Executive Administrator

Did I anticipate the unexpected?

Have I agreed to do more than I am capable of?

Are the goals that I have set for myself clearly defined?

Am I managing my time?

Am I doing things that are the responsibility of others?

Am I spending time on unimportant things?

Afterwards he created this strategy. •

Define What is important

Cut the fat. Not a weight loss program but instead eliminate unnecessary things

Do things automatically. Take less time writing a check to pay the same monthly bill when you can have auto draft instead.

Learn to delegate

Learn to say no

Reward yourself when accomplishments take place.

Faye and I love and appreciate you and your families and wish the very best for you. IF we can ever assist please don’t hesitate calling.

PASSION FOR THE NEW YEAR As we face the new year with its many problems and obstacles a fresh dose of passion might come in handy. Reaching souls for Christ, planting churches and ministering cross-culturally should stir in us the deepest of passion. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. God wills that everyone be reached with the Gospel of Christ, let us find a way to do it. A few years ago I read in one of my cattle magazines an excel-

LINDELL WARREN // Missions Director


rica, will arrive in Oklahoma this summer for furlough/

lent article about passion. Former Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association President, Jim Birdwell of Fletcher, Oklahoma shared the following thoughts on passion.

Bill & Barbara Kuert, missionaries to Kenya, East Afitineration.

Shawn & Dawn Lee, missionaries to Northern Asia, should arrive stateside in late summer of this year.

One thing I have noticed about those that are active and lead-

Asia, should arrive stateside in late summer of this

ing is that they have a real ‘passion’ for what they do. Hopefully, the following four principles will be utilized to make us all more effective.

Steve & Kristen McKnight, missionaries to Northern year.

Tim & Elizabeth Sebastian, missionaries to Southern Asia, will be back with us beginning this fall.

Passion is the first step to achievement.

Your desire

Gary & Wilma Davidson, missionaries to Ireland, are

determines your destiny. The stronger the “fire” the greater the

scheduled to be back in Oklahoma this fall for their

“desire” and the greater the potential. Most achievements are

furlough/itineration time.

not luck. They require a desire to accomplish.

Passion increases your willpower.

CANDIDATES ITINERATING Ted & Carolyn Heaston, Amanda Tyler, Gary & Shirley

If you want some-

thing badly enough you can find a way and the willpower to

Bohanon, and Blake & Katy Edgmon all continue to

achieve it. This attitude helped settle the west and was formed

itinerate and will reach their respective budget this

in the pioneers many of us came from. Anything worth having


Passion changes you.

is worth working for.

If you follow your own passion


Kirk & Karla Ford are wrapping-up their fund raising

rather than someone’s perception you can’t help but become

and will be leaving for their next term in a matter of

a more dedicated, productive person. We become products of


our passion.

Passion makes the impossible – possible.

We can

following his itineration. •

be anything we want to be, but we have to really want it. When we “want to” bad enough impossibilities vanish and things change for the good.”

doesn’t eliminate our problems but it gives us a desire to find solutions and turn them into positives.

Trent & Tina Morrow will itinerate until mid-spring when they return to Uruguay.

Fari Rider will itinerate through 2011 as she just arrived home before the holidays.

In conclusion Mr. Birdwell said, “Youth gives us our future,

age gives us our wisdom, but “passion” drives us all. Passion

Stephen Kuert will return to East Africa this summer

Jason & Roberta Roberts will itinerate through spring and into summer before returning to Mexico.

Grady & Janet Smalling continue to itinerate and should be cleared to leave by summer.

…in the Spiritual Formation of Local Congregations

DARREN PILCHER // Church Ministries Director



grandfather’s hand on his shoulder and heard the words,

of the most exciting places on the face of the earth. And, in

“Let’s go, boy, we’ve got work to do!”

discovering this excitement personally, the experience has also been the contrary – the most frustrating. The excitement

Surely, I must be dreaming, the boy thought. Work to do!

comes when spiritual growth in people can be measured; the

I thought that’s what we’ve been doing!

frustration comes when spiritual growth can’t be measured. As a pastor in more than one location, I’ve found the two experi-

“No, my boy. We did chores. Anything done in the

ences can even happen multiple times within a week (the joys

house, for the house, or around the house – them’s the

of pastoral ministry).

chores. The work is what happens in the field.”

Spiritual formation, better known as discipleship, can easily be

Congregations are never more involved, supportive, engaged,

misunderstood. To cut to the chase, church life is not as much

happy, excited, and connected than when they are “working in

about building a crowd as it is about sending Christ-followers

the field.” Testimonies of relational and spiritual breakthroughs

out – into neighborhoods, networks and nations as the agent

abound when the Church is outside the four walls. We, as

for spiritual change. That’s the New Testament model at its

church leaders, have the principles down. We just need their

core! When we see the Church of the Bible, we can quickly


observe a group of people experiencing community, growing in Christ and impacting the culture. How these essentials play out in the 21st Century is worth discussing. At the same time, let’s keep it simple: the pastoral responsibility is ultimately fulfilled in the description of Ephesians 4:12 – “to prepare God’s people for works of service…”

Bob Reccord and Randy Singer, in their book Made to Count, share this truth in story form: Renowned African-American pastor S. M. Lockeridge used to make a clear distinction between the things done in and for the church and the ministry and mission that take place outside the church walls. Telling of an old farmer who had his grandson visiting on the farm for a week, Lockeridge painted a poignant picture of the farmer waking his grandson for chores long before the sun rose. Sleepy, groggy, and aching for the security of the bed’s warm covers, the boy worked with his grandfather to feed the chickens, slop the pigs, water the flowers, milk the cows, and collect the eggs. He finally arrived at the kitchen where the aromas of a home-cooked farm breakfast saturated the air and greeted him. Finishing breakfast with a slight burp the lad felt his

“Rescued” is a fantastic tool for a church to use regularly in their new believer discipleship. We use “Rescued” weekly in our church as a resource tool for those who accept the Lord or rededicate their life on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

David Lermy, Community Life Pastor Lawton First Assembly To order call 405.475.1190 or email

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN A YEAR SINCE I STEPPED INTO THE ROLE OF LEADING WOMEN’S MINISTRIES IN OKLAHOMA. What a wonderful year the Lord has blessed us with! It is an honor to work with such awesome ladies from across our state. Thank you for making 2010 a great year for women’s ministries. We have many exciting things in store for the upcoming year of 2011. It is with great anticipation that we prayerfully plan and prepare for ministry to women. February 27, 2011, is National and Oklahoma Women’s Day in the Assemblies of God, a special day on our church calendar when we focus on ministry for and by women in our congregations across the nation. The 2011 theme, “Quiet Influence” and the verse, “Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in” (1 Peter 3:4, The Message), speaks to each woman who wants to be an “influencer” in the lives of those around her. Carol Kent, author of the theme message, and theme book, Becoming a Woman of Influence, says, “Our lives produce a type of fragrance that lingers with others, even after a brief encounter. What would happen if we decided to quietly influence lives on purpose? Not because we have to, but because we want to. Not because it’s our Christian obligation, but because it brings great meaning and joy to our lives. Not because

+ UPCOMING EVENTS + Ladies Road Trip WHEN: February 12th

We will be leaving from two locations: Oklahoma District Office | 10:00 a.m. Tulsa Carbondale Assembly | 9:45 a.m.

of duty, but because of love.”

WHERE: Spending time with girlfriends and checking

The 2011 National Women’s Day gives an opportunity for every

WHY: The Women’s Ministries 2011 LIFE project will

church to honor its women and encourage them to expand the

be the kitchen at the new campground!!! Join us as

ministries they currently share. I encourage you to use this op-

we catch a vision for the exciting plans coming to

portunity in your local church.

pass in Sparks, Oklahoma. Any lady is welcome to

out our new Oklahoma District campground.

join us on this Ladies Day out. We will be stopping for lunch. Make your reservations with our office if you plan on attending or bringing a group of ladies. (405)475-1190 or

MICHELLE PILCHER // Women’s Ministries Director

+ EMPOWER 2011 WHEN: March 25 & 26

WHERE: The Assembly in Broken Arrow PURPOSE: This Women’s Ministries Leadership training is for women’s ministries directors/coordinators, pastor’s wives, leadership teams, or any woman in ministry. You will be empowered, inspired and equipped for ministry to ladies in your local church!

DOUG EVERAARD // Youth Director

//The 52.4 Now Available! The best just got better! With volume four you get 52 new sermons, small groups, leadership materials, strategies and ideas.


AND for the first time we’re throwing in video support! Videos to introduce sermon series, countdowns, announcements and worship intros. Everything you need to build a healthy, vibrant youth ministry.

SWITCH: How to change things when change is hard. BY: Chip & Dan Heath

//STL Update “This experience is a great tool to teach your students about giving and reaching souls!” Please support our Oklahoma Missionaries.

“Hear my Cry: How Grace conquered cancer” By: Tish Hagee Tucker

I’m learning so many great lessons right now thru my sons fight with cancer, and it has become such a big part of our everyday life with our visits every week to the tenth floor of Children’s Hospital in OKC, that I thought some of these might be worth sharing with you! So as you have time


in your life please stop by the website and grab your Starbucks drink of choice and enjoy!

Reflect. I never make New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I’m exhausted after the Christmas season. But it’s always wise to reflect on the past year and what’s going on in my life at the present. Reflection helps me take stock in my personal life and ministry, and to remember where my priorities lie. This new year I intently consider Oklahoma Girls Ministries. For the past seven years it has been an honor to serve Oklahoma girls and leaders as the District Missionettes, now Girls Ministries Coordinator. I reflect on the awesome things God has brought to our District Girls Ministries. And I evaluate my own passion and sense of continued call for this special area of

in the beginning IT WAS GOOD

ministry. I ask myself some tough questions: as I get older can I still relate and be relevant to girls? Do I still feel that this is God’s plan for my life?

I am happy to report - YES! I am still passionate and have a deep love for reaching and teaching girls! Refresh. Even though I still feel a continued calling for Okla-

In reading through the first chapter of Genesis, five times God responds to His creation “it was good” and on the sixth time “and indeed it was very good” That’s what we’re believing for in 2011, to continue to build on

homa Girls Ministries, I get tired and stuck in the proverbial

the foundation that has been laid and look forward to the awe-

rut. So I need God to bring refreshing to me and to stir me up!

some opportunities ahead. We have six dreams this year that we

“Give me new ideas and renewed creativity, Lord”, is my prayer.

would appreciate your prayers for :

I depend on Him to give me restored energy and vitality as I endeavor to serve the girls and leaders of our district.

1. Active, thriving XA ministries & Outreaches on 25

Release. After reflection and refreshing I need God to release

2. 100 students involved on short term XA mission

campuses the vision! I know that God has big things in store for me and

teams, reaching out across our state & around the

for Oklahoma girls. I’m ready, Lord! I’m trusting You to help


us dream big! I am believing that not only will He release the

3. Support raised for every campus missionary

dream and vision but also the resources and support!

4. Intercessory Prayer covering for each of our XA

So…“Welcome 2011, I’m glad you have arrived”!

5. International student ministries connecting with

chapters & leaders students from around the globe 6. Seeing XA leaders, churches, alumni & students working together to see our campuses & World changed would indeed be very good!



Girls Ministries Coordinator

Chi Alpha Coordinator

OKLAHOMA DISTRICT NEWS PRAYER REQUEST Doug Everaard-son’s healing from cancer.


Joseph Bowles-employment, direction in ministry.

Lewis Alfred (L.A.) Haymaker, son of Charles

Clint Gray–healing for Robert Hass and himself.

Oscar Haymaker and Coral Estella Anderson

Rhoda Sims–healing

was born April 11, 1914 in Wellston, Okla-

Robert Haynes–healing from lupus and Rhuematoid arthritis.

homa. He took his heavenly flight on Sunday November 28, 2010 at St. Joseph Hospital in


Hot Springs, Arkansas..

2001 Duramax Diesel Dooley with new 5th wheel and open road trailer with 3 slides. Contact Ken Burge

Reverend Haymaker moved to Bartlesville in 1930. He was

at (918) 967-4088.

married to Alice Little on June 19, 1932 and she preceded him in death on February 14, 1989. In 1951 he was asked to pastor


First Assembly of God in Dewey, Okla. where he served for 17

Help for Pastors call (918) 758-4147 or visit

years. Lewis received his Ordination with The Assemblies of

God in 1954. In 1958 he was asked to serve as pastor of First Assembly of God in Pryor, Okla. While in Pryor he served for 11


years as the Sectional Presbyter for Section One of the Okla-

Looking for a pianist and worship leader in Eufaula area.

homa District Council of the Assemblies of God. Lewis married

Contact Jerry Gessel at (918) 429-0582.

Ann Christy March 28, 1991 and they lived in Bartlesville until 2006 when they moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas. His favorite

Part time youth/music minister. Contact David Pollard at

pastime was flying his Cessna 170.

Earlsboro Hilltop (405) 214-8282 or send resume’ to church at P. O. Box 21 Earlsboro, OK 74840.

Lewis is survived by his wife, Ann and his children, Mrs. Curtis (Carolyn) Wilkinson, Mrs. John (Rebecca Sue) Wilson, Robert

Skedee Assembly needs 20 pews 10 or 11 ft. Contact Lance

Haymaker, Tammy Christy and Michael Christy. Together they

Howell at (918) 767-2665.

had 18 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. In addition to his father; mother and wife, Alice, Lewis was preceded


in death by four daughters, Kay Fluty, Leann and Deann, and

Reverand & Mrs. Robert Yandell announces the marriage of

Janna Ruth Haymaker; one son, Larry Christy and a sister, Mrs.

their son, Rev. Jonathan Yandell to Rev. Angela Woodley on

Linnie Blair. He will be missed by his family, church family and

10-16-10 at Ardmore Crystal Rock.

friends. Funeral services were held on Friday, December 3, 2010 at


Bartlesville First Assembly of God with Pastors Charles McKnight and Darryl Wootton as the officiants. Interment was at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Bartlesville under the direction The Arnold Moore Funeral Service.

Year End Contribution Statements Internal Revenue Service Publication 1771 – Charitable Contribution Substantiation & Disclosure Requirements states, “A donor cannot claim a tax deduction for any single contribution of $250 or more unless he or she obtains a contemporaneous, written acknowledgement of the contribution from the recipient organization” (p. 3). While your church will incur no penalty for failing to acknowledge a contribution, and it is ultimately the donors responsibility to obtain the written acknowledgement; it should be noted that the donor cannot claim a tax deduction with out such an acknowledgement and future donations may be withheld if one is not received in a timely fashion. To be allowed a tax deduction, donors must receive a written receipt from a church that satisfies ALL of the following requirements:

PASTORS’ REPORTS Mark Miller, Tipton, reports 2 people filled with the Holy

with Reverend & Mrs. C. Lynn Bullard, many

touches. Also many healed in revival with Rever

end & Mrs. Kenneth Clay.

Charley Hudspeth, Newkirk, reports 3 adults saved 4

2. It must identify the donor by name. 3. It must contain, either in detail or summary form, all contributions provided by the donor in the calendar year. However, detailed listings provide the donor with the ability to better identify potential discrepancies.

rededicated, and 2 healed. A 60 yr. old woman

saved for the first time, delivered and healed.

Also a couple in their 70’s were saved in revival

with Rev. & Mrs. Jack Salkil.

Raymond Frizzelle, Miami First, reports 9 adults saved in

regular service, 3 in jail and 2 boys saved in Royal


Terry Stone, Tahlequah, 29Eleven Church, reports several

first time conversions were saved in Elevate Stu

dent Ministries.

John Randell, Edmond Oaktree, reports 4 saved in regular

1. It must be in writing.


Ken Burge, Kerr Community Church, reports great revival


Jerry Ogdon, Vinita Family Praise, reports 10 saved in

regular services. One healed of heart disease and

1 of nerve damage.

Keith Peach, Farris, reports l lady filled with the Holy

Ghost at Turner Falls Ladies Convention.

Phillip Ludwyck, Mooreland, reports 6 saved.

4. It must state whether the church provided any goods or services to the donor in exchange for the contribution. If the church provides no services or the only goods or services provided were intangible religious benefits, the receipt MUST contain a statement to that effect. 5. It must be received by the donor on or before the following two dates: the date the donor files a tax return claiming a deduction for the contribution, or the due date for filing the return. As a general rule, your church should send these written acknowledgements on or before January 31 of the following year. RESOURCES FOR DETAILED IRS RULES: IRS Publication 1771: Charitable Requirements & Disclosure Requirements. Published (2010) by Department of the Treasury 2009 Church & Clergy Tax Guide: Chapter 8 – Charitable Contributions. Richard M. Hammar, J.D., LL.M. CPA Published (2009) Christianity Today International; Carol Stream, IL.

EVANGELISTS’ REPORTS Robert and Jan Teel reports 12 saved and 2 filled with the

Holy Ghost in October.

Dale Floyd reports over 400 men and women saved in

prison services this year.

Rickey Austin reports 5 saved in November services.

Oklahoma Outlook | January 2011  
Oklahoma Outlook | January 2011  

This is a publication put out for the ministers of the Oklahoma District by the Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God