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405.475.1100 @OKDCofAG

February has been declared OMBF month. The enrollment fee will be waived for all who join during February. Each Sectional Council during February will provide an opportunity for questions and for membership. Linda and I believe in this ministry. We have been active members since we were in our thirties and plan to remain supporters until God calls us home. Thanks for the privilege and the honor of serving our Oklahoma AG Family!

Are you a member of OMBF, Oklahoma Ministers Benevolence Fund? If the answer is YES, THANK YOU! You probably need not take time to read my article. However, if the answer is no, may I ask that you consider the value and importance of ministry to our ministerial family? OMBF is not an insurance policy! It should never be thought of in that regard. It is a “benevolence” program. It is not required that Oklahoma ministers participate, although I would strongly recommend involvement. The emphasis should be placed on helping “others” rather than asking the “me” question. Enrollment is voluntary but is open to all Oklahoma credential ministers, regardless of credential level, who are age 65 or younger. Don’t worry – those who are members and older than 65 will remain members for life or until payment of dues

Established in 1972, the Oklahoma District Council adopted a plan of action for the purpose of enabling ministers to collectively show Christian love and support to one another when one of their own is dealing with a death. The Oklahoma Ministers Benevolence Fund (OMBF) has proven to be an excellent vehicle for ministers from across the state to offer financial assistance to those facing the expense and grief due to the loss of a loved one. In the past decade alone, OMBF members have contributed over $700,000.00 to brothers and sisters in bereavement.

might cease. The Oklahoma District forwards a check to the designated beneficiary upon the death of a member (regardless of age). The ministry and its benefits are directed by our District Executive Presbytery; however, for a number of years the benefit has been set at $2,300. Speaking strictly for myself, I do not envision that figure being lower; instead, as additional members participate the benefit may well be increased. That would be my desire! How do you become a member? The details are found in the Oklahoma District Bylaws under Article 18 on page 46. A brochure containing an enrollment form has been included with this edition of Outlook. Each applicant should complete a separate form. You are welcome to copy the enclosed as many times as needed.

FRANK CARGILL // District Superintendent

idea what decision I would have made if I were in their shoes. I did not have all of the information they had. I was not the one up at night losing sleep over the potential fallout from an unpopular decision. It is ignoble and counterproductive to play Monday-morning quarterback. My time and effort would be much better spent developing the character to follow their lead.

A Trusted



Never break confidence. Part of being involved in a ministry team means learning information that absolutely must

be kept in confidence. Your leader needs to be able to “think out loud” with someone whom they can trust. They need to be able to talk through situations that might be delicate and not for public knowledge. To become a trusted advisor means to

February 2011 marks the beginning of my thirteenth year in full-time ministry. Like many other individuals, the totality of my career has been spent filling key staff positions, both in the local church context and now in the District context. Like many

keep those conversations confident.


Always tell the truth. This means that I have a responsibility to give my unvarnished opinion when I am asked for

of you, over the years I have accumulated experiences and

it, even if they will not like it. It means that the information I

stories; many of which would make you laugh, some of which

provide to my leader must be unfiltered and free from my pre-

would make you cry, and others that would simply leave you

disposed ideas. It means stepping up and owning my mistakes

shaking your head and wondering how in the world I get out of

and shortcomings. It means putting the good of my leader and

bed in the morning. I have learned many lessons through my

the organization ahead of what might be best or most comfort-

years working on ministry teams. Some of these lessons have

able for me.

been learned the hard way, and some have come a bit easier. Looking back; one lesson stands out among the others as it relates to serving effectively on a ministry team.


Disagree in private, support in public. When a decision has been made, the decision has been made. The time for

disagreement has passed. The time for disagreement was in

The Lesson: Never underestimate the importance of becoming a trusted advisor to your senior leader.

the private meeting held behind closed doors. Once a decision has been made public it is time to support your leader as if the decision were your own. If you cannot make that commitment,

While there are many upsides to leadership, it possesses more

then perhaps it is time to consider moving on.

than its fair share of downsides as well. Every decision is under scrutiny. Leaders either move too fast or move too slow. They

There are more of us involved in ministry who are not senior

are either too aggressive or too passive. They either care too

leaders than those that are. One day, if it is in the plan of God,

much about what people think, or don’t care enough. Watch

we will have our shot to lead. Until that time comes, make

your leaders close enough and you will see that many times

every effort to become the trusted advisor your leader desper-

they cannot win no matter what they do. Doing what they

ately needs.

believe would please the Lord and be in the best interest of the Church is a pressure-filled and often lonely life. Watching leaders walk this journey, I have made a concerted effort to do what I can. From my perspective that means becoming a trusted advisor to the leaders I serve. Here is what being a trusted advisor has come to look like for me.


I have to be honest with myself. I used to be naïve enough to think that when my leader made a decision I thought

was less than stellar, if I would have been in their shoes I would have done it differently. The truth of the matter is, I have no

KEVIN CONNER, MBA // Financial Accountant

SOM La Fiesta


May 8, 2011 for information contact





WELCOME: Russell Herren

North Texas

Bradley D. Schroeder


Robert S. Roche


FAREWELL: Kettly K. Casimir

Peninsular Florida

Derrick Hornback

Southern Missouri


Tulsa South Heights

Kelly Coffey

Tonkawa First

Chip Howington


Scott Olson

Tulsa New Hope Worship Center

Bradley Schroeder

Fairview First

Michael W. Smith


Bob Warman

OKC Capitol Hill

missionalMARRIAGES (Godly Marriages Really Do Matter)

being missional as much as it is reaching out to broken families. If you are reading this article, it’s a strong chance that you

Think about some of these ideas in your ministry to marriages:

are in ministry. In that case your life is being examined to some degree. If you are married and in ministry, your marriage

Conduct a Marriage Renewal Weekend.

is being watched, sometimes even scrutinized. The need has

Honor longevity in marriage (50 years or more).

never been greater for the godly example witnessed in the

Teach on biblical marriage in corporate gatherings.

union of a man and woman. The “live in” culture along with the

Offer childcare for date nights among married couples.

“no fault” divorce epidemic seems to inch taller as an increasing norm. The church has the healthy alternatives to these destructive patterns and the church must speak! And, a grow-

Design a marriage retreat or promote a marriage conference.

ing marriage in ministry is critical to everything the church has to offer. The stress and challenges that come with ministering

Michelle and I are passionate to see marriages strengthened

to people from all walks of life can potentially take its toil on

in our churches. A nation is only as strong as her churches. A

the minister and his family. Working at deeper intimacy must

church is only as strong as her families. The local church is

be on the mind and heart of every married minister. Also, the

the only hope for keeping the marriage strong. Let us know

church must speak relentlessly to the very real issues between

how we can serve you. Jimmy Evans said, “Your marriage has a

husband and wife by offering creative outreaches, teaching and

100 % chance of success. All you need is the right tools.”

relationships. Reaching out to marriages proactively is key to

+ CHECK OUT THESE TOOLS Local Church| Marriage Ministry Idea North Church in Edmond Lead Pastor Rodney Fouts Event: Couples Date Night

iMarriage by Andy Stanley

Location: North Church When: Quarterly Details: Dinner and Entertainment with childcare provided For more information, contact North Church at 405-341-1200 or visit their website at

Love Talk: Speak Each Other’s Language Like You Never Have Before by Les & Leslie Parrot

DARREN PILCHER // Church Ministries Director


Women’s Leadership Training/ GM Power Surge March 25 & 26 | The Assembly in Broken Arrow


Early bird registration by March 4th/ $45 Regular registration after March 4th/$55 (Bring a group of 5 or more and save $5 off each lady)


1:00 p.m................................. Registration 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.................Workshops 7:00 p.m................................. Evening Gathering | Ministering to a Woman’s Heart

with Kerry Clarensau, National Women’s Director


9:30 to 10:20 a.m.............. Workshops 10:30 a.m.............................. Morning Gathering | Coming Close to Suffering

with Janet & Grady Smalling, Missionaries working to

fight sex trafficking in Europe, America, and Oklahoma

Kerry Clarensau,

National Women’s Director

10 Workshops to choose from ….

The Organized Leader/ Gwen Rutz Building a team of Committed Volunteers/ Linda Goldner How to Plan Big Events/ Debbie Pratt How to Use the National Website/ Alex Kennedy A Leaders Relationship with God/ Kerry Clarensau Establishing/Revitalizing WM’s in the Local Church/Michelle Pilcher Teach Like Beth Moore…Even on a Bad Hair Day/ Dorcas Schroeder Creativity with Icebreakers and Themes/ Cyndi St John Conflict Resolution/ Stephanie Nance Time Management/Lisa Kirkley Girls Ministries Workshops will also be offered.

An event for women’s ministries directors/coordinators, leadership teams, pastor’s wives, or any woman in ministry. Come be empowered, inspired and equipped for ministry to ladies in your local church.

MICHELLE PILCHER // Women’s Ministries Director

Janet & Grady Smalling Missionaries working to fight sex trafficking in Europe, America, and Oklahoma




Seven Reasons for Giving to Missions

Within the context of Jesus encounter with the rich young ruler, Peter said to Jesus, “we have

left all and followed thee.” Peter really asked a question, “What’s in it for me, or what am I getting out of this?” Jesus did not upbraid Peter for the question, but clearly answered him, “more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting.”

LINDELL WARREN // Missions Director

We always get more (in return) than we give or leave behind in God’s economy. So it is with missions. Giving to missions does things for us. We not only enjoy material blessings, we also grow and develop in other areas of our lives when we give to reach the lost. Join me now please as I discuss what giving to missions does for me, or the seven reasons for giving to missions.


It brings the world to my door. When we give to missions we learn more about our world. Missionaries and the auxiliary ministries teach us valuable lessons regarding how the rest of the world lives. Take for instance BGMC, which now stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. BGMC provides valuable lessons for our children on lands and customs of far away people. Through missions participation prejudices subside and a greater understanding of different people groups begin to grow. Education happens when we give to missions.


Missions giving keeps me abreast of what is happening spiritually around the world. Our partners in missions report to us the growth of the church in distant, out-of-the-way places. They let us know that miracles still happen, while many believers continue to risk everything for the sake of the Gospel. Our giving comes back to us when we hear reports of conversions and miracles.


Giving to missions builds relationships with our missionaries. We discover the world harvesters struggle with many of the same things we struggle with, and they want out of life what most others want – love, acceptance, relationships, hope and security. Through different mediums of communication, as well as personal encounters here and on their field we develop a deep trust and appreciation for the missionary. Missionaries need friends, dependable loyal friends.


Missions giving bridges the generations. Please notice where I placed this point, number four, in the middle. I contend that missions in our Fellowship provides the bonding agency or the glue that helps hold us together. From small children to senior adults a place can be found for giving, expression and working for God through missions. A lot of grandparents sponsor teenagers on mission trips. Speed the Light fundraisers often incorporate all ages, and I might add, it usually turns out to be fun for everyone.

It‘s one thing to write a check for missions. It is quite another to place our, soon to be grown, children on the altar for God’s service. Giving to missions includes our personal life, our children or posterity, as well as our financial resources. The generations in the church stay bound together through missions.


Giving to missions enhances my prayer life. Missionaries leave two challenges when they visit a church. Obviously, they challenge the people to invest monetarily in their calling. Secondly, they challenge everyone to pray for them. The second challenge has to be the most important. We must pray for our missionaries, we want to pray for our missionaries. Praying for what we have ownership in becomes easier than praying for that we know nothing about. Prayer becomes vital in meeting our faith promises. Often we commit, not knowing the source of the commitment. Through prayer faith takes hold and we believe God will bless us to give.


Giving to missions increases my faith. Yes, we must exercise faith in meeting our giving goals. Through the years my faith has grown. Occasionally, someone will be asked by the Spirit to make a rather “walk on water” faith promise that turns out miraculous. For the most part, our faith journey stays within the incremental process of “ever increasing faith.” As my good friend, Ben Tipton once said, “Don’t try to run the marathon if you haven’t been jogging.” My faith has been enriched and reinforced by hearing missionaries speak, reading their testimonies, and being apart of their lives. The bible says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”


Missions Giving provides me a vehicle on which to fulfill the Great Commission. I can go to the “regions beyond” through my giving. I can share Christ to people of other lands and cultures by giving to missions. How thankful I am for all our missionaries and how very thankful I am for their emissary work in representing us who remain with the stuff.

://CONNECTED I have had over a dozen conversations with different student ministry leaders from around our state that are working in non-denominational churches and the common thread that everyone of them have commented on is how great our teamwork and network is of A/G youth pastors. One guy put it this way, “You don’t know what you’ve got til its gone.” We have a great ministry network if you have not yet had a chance to get connected please take some time below and check out these resources. In a day when relationships and community are vital for ministry it’s our desire at OYM to help facilitate connections between youth pastors and student ministry leaders across our state.

@oklahomayouth @ouoakley

If you are a new youth pastor in the state of Oklahoma, or you have moved to a different home but still minister at the same church, or you have moved to a new place of ministry, please go to this link and fill out or date your information so that we can up-


date our mailing lists. This will allow you


to receive mailers for all of the upcoming OYM events throughout the year. If you have not been receiving them , there is a good chance that we do not have your information. We send mailers to the church and to your home. So if your not receiving either one please go online and update your information. If you need further assistance please give us a call at OYM. The website is

Think Missional | Becoming the People God Intended

If you have not already joined the E-group, you are missing out on a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Join more than 300 youth pastors from across the state and get connected. Whether you have a question about “How to..” or want to know more about an upcoming event, or you just want to get to know or stay in touch with other youth pastors, this is a great resource and its free. Go to www.oklahomayouthmin-

DOUG EVERAARD // Youth Director and click on the “E-group pop up” and fill out the info. OYM will then get you approved and on to the group.

an affordable place to have an event. The camp is fenced and private; hiking trails, great camping, close to town and easy to get to. The Pastor Rob Center/picnic area is an excellent place to have an outing. The addition of two cabins, snack bar, FCF General Store, kitchen, meeting rooms and sleeping quarters in the Eubanks center makes the camp desirable for many groups.

Q. What are your future goals /vision for Camp Adventure?


Royal Rangers can and should include a variety of interesting activities in addition to camping. I would like to conduct sports camps in the summer. Sports camps have become very popular

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Marvin Lemke,

with many churches; also music camps, ministry camps and

our Oklahoma District Royal Rangers Coordinator. Marvin

other speciality camps.

started his ministry with Royal Rangers in 1967 as an outpost commander. From 1982 until 2006 he served on the Regional

Q. What do you believe would help you reach your

Royal Rangers staff and on the National camp development

goals and vision for the camp?

committee for the National camp at Eagle Rock, MO. Marvin was appointed Oklahoma District Coordinator in 2005 and resigned

We have great facilities, but we would like to add two more

his national positions in 2006 in order to devote more time to

cabins, a restroom/shower house adjacent to the cabins and a

Oklahoma. Our discussion is probably about the Districts best

basketball court.

kept secret, Camp Adventure located in Chandler, OK.

and a lake stocked with fish. The additional facilities would

We have a great sand beach near the cabins

allow us to reach more kids through camping and speciality

Q. When was Camp Adventure first established?


The land was purchased in 1989 by the Oklahoma District. Rev, Jim Eubanks was the RR Commander at that time and he started to develop the property. Under his leadership several bathhouses, amphitheater, and an 8800 square foot building that was named the Eubanks Activity Center was built. In 2005 the name Rangerland was changed to Camp Adventure.

Q. What ministries or organizations use the camp? Of course Royal Ranger events are held at the camp, but with the improved facilities the camp is now being rented by other Christian organizations and groups. Men’s retreats, ladies retreats, church staff training, family reunions, church youth groups, Boy Scouts, and other Christian camping organizations

If you would like additional information concerning Camp Ad-

have all benefited from Camp Adventure. On several occasions

venture contact Marvin Lemke, District Royal Ranger Coordina-

we have had two different groups using the camp at the same

tor, at (405)728-4721 or


Q. Why do you think Camp Adventure is attractive to these groups? Many of our churches in our fellowship are small in size and the cost of renting a facility can be quite high. The cost for the use of Camp Adventure, its location and the facilities makes it

DEAN GUTHRIE // Children’s Director

Our new facilities include 16 new cabins (some might call them dorms) that are currently under construction. The below picture shows the progress on this project. Each cabin consists of approximately 6,000 square feet. We are excited!


THE TABERNACLE? Acts 7:44 Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness, as he had appointed, speaking unto Moses, that he should make it according to the fashion that he had seen. KJV Acts 7:44 Our ancestors had the Tent of God’s presence with them in the desert. It had been made as God had told Moses to make it, according to the pattern that Moses had been shown. TEV Reading the scripture from Acts gives us a description and furnishes the summary of the building of the Tabernacle. There were specific instructions from God conveyed through Moses. I especially like what is said in Today’s English Version which speaks of our ancestors and the tent that they had in the wilderness. I believe that instructions and inspirations were given through the guidance of the Holy Spirit regarding the building of the new camp at Sparks. The heritage that has been placed before us is so extremely valuable. Our ancestors had the Tent of

Cabins The Dining Center consisting of 22,000 square feet and will provide space and opportunities that will be more serviceable than one can imagine.

Dining Center The NEXT major facility to come will be The Worship Center. Perhaps this would be the appropriate moment to ask, have you become a NEXT Generation Partner? Financial support has never been more vital than today! The dream is alive and the project is moving forward but we desperately await every Oklahoma church, every Oklahoma minister, and the thousands of NEXT Generation Partners that will turn the dream into a reality. Please pray for the continued construction of the new camp and if you have made a commitment please fulfill that commitment. Also, would you remind your people to continue their commitments? If they have not made a commitment to be a NEXT Generation Partner, please encourage them to do so TODAY!

God’s presence. Our new camp will have The Worship Center. Yes, our new facilities will be second to none yet the Pentecostal heritage that has dominated our past must be experienced by a new generation. Our new camp must become known as a place where lives are changed and life-long visions are dreamed. What an opportunity will be extended to us when we see the many lives being changed for God’s glory.


Executive Administrator

Feliz Año Nuevo Pues, el nuevo año ya llego y tiempo está marchando. En este nuevo año tenemos una nueva oportunidad más para toca nuestras ciudades con la palabra del Señor. Podemos usar este nuevo tiempo para construir nuevas iglesias; iglesias que tendrán la capacidad para congregar más gente. El Hermano Juan Diaz y su iglesia Jesucristo es mi Fortaleza compraron el terreno el año pasado y estan preparando para comenzar la construcción este año para el nuevo edificio. Estamos esperando una buena iglesia de más de 9,500 pies cuadrados. El Hermano Velio Estrada y sus miembros ya comenzaron con la primera piedra para su nuevo edificio. Este edificio tendrá la capacidad de congregar alrededor de 1,200 personas. Gloria a Dios por la visión que El Señor a puesto en las mentes y corazones de nuestros pastores para construir. Podemos usar este nuevo tiempo para evangelizar los hogares alrededor de nuestras iglesias. Tenemos pastores que se están reuniendo mensualmente planeando crusadas y eventos para el nuevo año. Tenemos un nuevo año del Instituto Bíblico Oklahoma. Esperando más que 100 alumnos este año. Con tres niveles de estudio, nuestro instituto va a crecer y comenzar a mandar mas lideres a las iglesias para evangelizar y tocar su comunidad y sus alrededores. Gracias a Dios para cada uno de nuestros pastores. Cada uno está trabajando mas y mas cada día para tocar su comunidad y su ciudad.

Noticias que podemos usar... MARK FITZGERALD // District Spanish Coordinator

Las juntas de las secciones comenzarán en Febrero, y cada ministro del Distrito de Oklahoma necesita asistir. Hay sesiones por la mañana y por la tarde. Nuestro Superintendente Frank Cargill dirigirá cada sesión. Las sesiones tendrán tiempo para negocios, comida, alabar al Señor y convivir. Has planes ahora para acompañarnos. Si necesita saber cual sesión estará más cerca de usted, al igual que días y horarios, no dude en llamarnos.

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but a couple of months before I turned 17 years old I accepted Jesus as my Savior. That was the beginning of “My Story”. After graduating high school I married an Assemblies of God preacher’s kid (my wonderful husband, Arlis) and we

And the greatest of these is Love! What makes it easy to love college students?

attended the church his dad pastored in Yale, OK. My church

The energy—great way to stay young, surround yourself

background had been Church of Christ, so the Assemblies of

with collegians.

God was very new to me. One day as we were cleaning out

The hope—with the future leaders of our state, nation and

the basement of the church I discovered a Junior Missionettes

world on our campuses, what a great way to change our

book and I was hooked! With the permission of my pastor, I


started a Missionettes Club and went around the neighbor-

The faith—Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost.

hood asking girls to attend. It was so much fun the group just kept growing and then we added clubs for younger girls.

It’s great to be a part of God’s business of creating light in the midst of dark places.

Not only did I enjoy being a sponsor for those girls, the Mis-

Most of all the Love of God—where we can see students

sionettes curriculum helped disciple me. I had to study very

through God’s eyes and embrace His heart for the campus &

hard each time I taught a lesson because I didn’t have that

the World!

basic Bible background. As the girls learned and grew in the Lord, so did I! Why did I think it was so important some twenty-eight years ago to bring girls together as a club and invest my time and energy in them? As a girl I experienced many challenges and heartaches and made some poor choices. If I had just known the Lord as a girl and teen I wouldn’t have the pain, memories, lack of trust and much more that I experienced. A quote that I use frequently sums it all up “We build girls so we don’t have to repair women”! I love that statement because I see how true it is almost daily in women who are the walking wounded of society.

SALT Update - Over 1,025 students and staff gathered for our annual South Central SALT Conference in Dallas December 29 - January 1. The attendance made this the largest regional SALT conference ever.  The speakers were  prophetic, the worship  anointed,  and students were empowered to make a

That is my story (a very condensed version) and why I do what

difference on their campus, the marketplace and around the

I do! I am passionate about helping girls find their way to

world. 167 students were baptized in the Holy Spirit for the

Jesus so He can save them from the pain and show them His

very first time. Spiritual gifts were in operation as words of

plan for their lives. I would have never dreamed all those years

knowledge, words of wisdom and healings were manifested

ago that I would be the Oklahoma District Girls Ministries Co-

throughout the Spirit energized worship gatherings. On New

ordinator and have the honor of serving girls and leaders.

Year’s Eve, when the clock struck 12 the altars were packed with students CRYING OUT 4 REVIVAL—What a great way to start a year! For more information, & updates about upcoming XA opportunities check out join us on facebook or use your cell phone and text OKXA to 86677


Girls Ministries Coordinator

GREG TIFFANY // Chi Alpha Coordinator

OKLAHOMA DISTRICT NEWS PRAYER REQUEST Doug Everaard-son’s healing from cancer.

PASTORS’ REPORTS Charley Hudspeth, Newkirk First, reports 3 adults saved in

worship service. New nursery constructed and

furnished debt free.

Raymond Frizzelle, Miami First, reports 33 saved during

Christmas program and 6 saved in jail ministry.

O. Doug Jackson, Watonga First, reports several healed. Scott Horstman, Hartshorne First, reports 13 saved.

Clint Gray–healing for Robert Hass and himself.

Tag Rowan, Glover River Cowboy Church, reports 3 saved

Anita Davis–pray for family

DONATION 80 dark blue choir robes. Contact Merwin Pickney at (918) 622-7100.

in regular service.

Lorn Starling, Tryon First, reports 1 rededicated. Mark Fox, Meeker Midway, reports 5 saved in regular ser

vice, one filled with the Holy Ghost, and 1 deliv

ered from drugs.


Brad Jones, Wright City First, reports 5 saved in regular

Help for Pastors call (918) 758-4147 or visit

NEEDED Skedee Assembly needs 20 pews 10 or 11 ft. Contact Lance Howell at (918) 767-2665. Coweta needs a full time worship leader. Contact Steve Lee @ (918) 486-3110.


C. Lynn Bullard, Poteau Calvary, reports 4 rededicated,

1 saved, and 2 filled with the Holy Ghost in Re

vival with Robert and Jan Teel.

Randy Cocheran, Cyril First, reports 1 saved in regular


Clint Gray, Arpelar Faith, reports 1 53 yr old saved. Charles Parker, Stratford, reports 1 saved.

BIRTHS Reverend & Mrs. Kurtis Ivey announces the birth of their


daughter, Josie Kate , born 12-13-10, weighing 7 lbs 1 oz and

David Crittenden reports many healed.

20” long.

Deana Clingerman reports 1 saved at OKC Downtown



Alex Hanna reports 225 Arabs & Muslims saved thru

Arabic Christian TV programs. Eighty-five

received deliverance and miracle healings.

Pastor Cargill has delcared Sunday February 13, 2011 as Pray4Gray Day!

Oklahoma Outlook | February 2011  
Oklahoma Outlook | February 2011  

This is a publication put out for the ministers of the Oklahoma District by the Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God