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November Reach the World Auction..................................... November 1 Light For the Lost (Sec. 4).................................... November 3 Women’s Prayer Encounter................................. November 4-5 Credential Presentations – Eastern Zone.... November 5 Light For the Lost (Sec. 8).................................... November 7 Light For the Lost (Sec. 2).................................... November 10 Youth Pastors Retreat............................................. November 10-12 Light For the Lost (Sec. 5W)................................ November 14 Light For the Lost (Sec. 5E).................................. November 15 P B & J Retreat (Children’s Ministries)........... November 25-27

December Royal Ranger Winter Trace.................................. December 2-4 Spanish School of Ministry................................. December 10 OYM Student Leadership Retreat.................... December 27-30

January Prayer & Bible Conference................................. January 3-4 SOM Game Day (District Office)....................... January 7 STL Mini Tour (Haworth)....................................... January 12 OK Coaching Network (Spring Creek)........... January 13 Ordination Application Deadline.................... January 16 STL Mini Tour (Miami)............................................ January 17 WM Sectioinal LIFE Rallies................................. January 20 Healthy Church Network Retreat #1............ January 20-21 STL Launch (Tulsa Area)....................................... January 21 STL Mini Tour (Woodward................................... January 24 STL Mini Tour (Lawton)......................................... January 26 Youth Camp Registration Opens..................... January 27 STL Launch (OKC Area)......................................... January 28 ACMR Deadline........................................................ January 31

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Copyeditor Renae Elmore GENERAL PRESBYTERS


Frank Cargill Superintendent

Raymond Frizzelle Section 1

Craig Dacus Assistant Superintendent

Leo Guthrie Section 2

Tom Goins Secretary-Treasurer

Melvin Baker Section 3


Steve Rose Section 4

Curtis Owens Ron McCaslin

Bruce McCarty Section 5E


Darryl Wootton Section 5W

Doug Everaard Youth Ministries

Chad Brodrick Section 6

Dean Guthrie Children’s Ministries

Weldon Wright Section 7

Darren Pilcher Church Ministries

Micah Wells Section 8

Michelle Pilcher Women’s Ministries Jack Salkil Executive Administrator Lindell Warren Missions

David Brooks Section 9N L Duane Elmore Section 9S Don Barnes Section 10 Billy Martin Section 11

Happy Thanksgiving! “Give THANKS to the LORD and PROCLAIM HIS GREATNESS.” -Psalm 105:1 NLT No season or holiday so accurately describes the intent more clearly than THANKSGIVING! The very mention of the name kindles warm expressions of family and yes, food. The proclamation associated with the founding of America, however, carries a direct link with our God. What a wonderful opportunity to “practice” a Biblical admonition.

I wish it were possible for Linda and me to physically give a hug and a personal word of encouragement to every member of our ministerial family. Please know that you are highly valued and deeply loved by the Cargill family! As we join around our table with seats occupied by immediate family, be assured of our thoughts and prayers! Until we meet – either here or in heaven:

Ephesians 5:20

We give thanks for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 118:21 I Thessalonians 5:18 Philippians 1:3 I Timothy 4:4

Honored to Serve, Frank and Linda Cargill Oklahoma AG Ministries Pastor

“And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by PRAYER and FASTING.” -Mark 9:29 KJV We know that God is a God that answers prayer. We can all give testimony to the fact that we have received and experi-

WE NEED A MIRACLE – and consequently two days have been

enced that truth!

chosen. Sunday, November 27, has been designated for every church to join with us in a congregational, unified prayer for

The Oklahoma Executive Presbytery has asked that a Season

our new camp.

of Prayer be proclaimed in every church across Oklahoma. Every pastor holds the key for success.

THEN FOLLOWING – Tuesday, November 29, has been reserved as a day of fasting for a miracle. We are asking


that thousands join together on this one day in fasting and intercession. Please agree for a financial miracle, favor with contractors, and blessings upon construction. We further


request prayer for wisdom upon our district leadership team

There are two specific requests.

Would you help by encouraging your people to join with us


as an Oklahoma Family by believing God for a miracle?

This once-in-a-lifetime project offers unlimited potential for our Fellowship. This is an Oklahoma Project that must be shared with every person who worships in one of our churches. Across our state, approximately 60,000 people join in worship on any given Sunday!

and anointing upon our camp directors.

FRANK CARGILL // District Superintendent

Political Campaign Involvement & the Church 2012 shapes up to be a politically charged year in the United States. Political rhetoric is red-hot, and the dividing line between right and left seems to grow daily. All of us have opinions. In

The IRS has provided a resource website specifically for churches and charities that is full of publications, resources, and online mini-courses designed to assist them in navigating through issues such as these.

fact for many of us, our beliefs run deeper than mere opinions. They are deeply held convictions about which

The site – – provides one mini-course

we can become very emotional. Whether we like it or not,

specifically targeting the issue of church involvement in the

as leaders of exempt organizations, the Internal Revenue

political realm entitled “Political Campaigns and Charities:

Service (IRS) has placed some pretty clear restrictions as it

The Ban on Political Campaign Intervention.”

relates to “church involvement” in political campaigns. If we are unwise in navigating these choppy waters, we run the

This mini-course addresses questions such as these:

risk of jeopardizing the exempt status of our churches. What activities are prohibited? For an organization to be tax-exempt under section 501(c)3

What activities are permissible?

of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) it cannot “participate

Inviting candidates to speak in your church.

in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing

Publishing voting records and positions of political

of statements) any political campaign on behalf of (or in


opposition to) any candidate for public office.” This applies

Speaking out on social issues.

to all religious institutions – including churches. That being said, this does not mean that there are not activities you as

It would be wise for church leaders, both pastors and board

ministers, and the church as an exempt organization cannot

members, to become familiar with the limitations in place

do to promote civic-minded involvement.

when it comes to political campaign activity to protect the church’s exempt status.

Transfers WELCOME Adam Weatherly FAREWELL Tommy McCaul Doris J. Merrill Brian Pounds Steve Waldrop Donna Waldrop

FROM Peninsular Florida

TO Michigan Georgia North Texas Arkansas Arkansas


KEVIN CONNER, MBA // Financial Accountant

Missions Update In this approaching holiday season I am reminded of Jesus’ quote by Paul as found in Acts 20:35. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” No doubt, these

Oklahoma’s Newest Missionaries

words of Jesus have different shades of meaning. One thing this verse has always meant to me was the fact that “it is more blessed to give,” because I have something to give. I cannot give that which I do not have. I am blessed because I can give what He has blessed me with. What a wonderful time of year to offer thanksgiving to our Lord. We have been highly favored by God to give so that others might know the Supreme Giver. Our giving expresses our sincere thanksgiving to the Lord.

Jonathan & Ali Buras Jonathan and Ali are products of campus ministry. They have labored among us now for over two years at the University of Oklahoma as Missionary Associates. Most of their support as M.A.’s has come from their own converts at Louisiana State University. In September they were approved as U.S. Missionaries. With God’s help and the partnership of our churches and friends they should have their budget raised and be back on the campus in spring of 2012.

Other Missionary News Condolences are extended to Wilma Davidson on the passing of her mother, Pansy Mae (Barrick) Baker of Broken Bow on October 10, 2011. Wilma had been home to see her 97 year old mother just days before her mother’s home going. On September 29th, Ezra Don Grach was born to Tiffany and Stephen Grach. Ezra Don arrived weighing 8 lb. 7 oz., and measured 20 and 1/2 inches long. Dad, Mom and sister Eliza are all proud of their newest family member. Kristen McKnight with husband Stephen encouraging her gave birth to three little McKnights on October 3rd. Dalaney arrived weighing 5 lb. 15 oz., Maggie came weighing 4 lb. 11 oz. while brother Colin weighed in at 4 lb. 4 oz. All are home and doing well, including brother Lem. Congratulations to these families on their new additions.

Chi Alpha found both Jonathan and Ali as they were hanging out in the dorms as college freshmen at Louisiana State University. They both committed their lives to Christ their very first year at college and were radically changed by the Lord’s grace and love. Firsthand, they experienced the power of the Gospel to change students’ lives and committed themselves to seeing that change happen over and over again in the students around them. After graduating from Louisiana State University, they took a year to train through the Chi Alpha Internship Program in Louisiana. After completing the program and becoming licensed ministers, they married in June of 2009 and moved to Oklahoma to work full time with Nick Callaway and the Chi Alpha team at The University of Oklahoma. It didn’t take long to realize God has plans to reconcile the students at OU back to Him and He was inviting Jonathan and Ali to be a part. Now, they are US Missionaries with the Assemblies of God.  Together, they mentor and minister to the students at OU, continue to develop a lifegroup ministry for the growing OU Chi Alpha and work to see life change in and through students every day.

LINDELL WARREN // Missions Director

DARREN & MICHELLE PILCHER // Church Ministries Directors

Ladies Continue to Invest for Eternity!

We know that what happens spiritually at a camp or retreat is of utmost importance. But having said that, we know the need of

Because of women giving to missions, much has been

physical nourishment, fellowship and laughter around a table

accomplished for our Oklahoma missionaries this year. By the

are huge contributors to the experience.

end of 2011 at least 10 missionary families will have received household funds. This is so important when setting up home

Let me ask you, have the ladies in your church given to the

on a foreign field.

kitchen project? Any amount whether small are large will help make a difference! Send your money to the Oklahoma

In addition to meeting the continuous needs and projects of

Women’s Department and designate funds as “kitchen project.”

missionaries, we are endeavoring to raise funds for the NEXT kitchen project. This new district camp facility is a necessity as we minister to the entire family. From the camp kitchen we will be feeding children, youth, women and men of all ages.

Be watching for the 2012 Women’s Ministries Packet coming to your local church!

The 2011 MAIN EVENT Men’s Conference was everything it was planned and hoped to be. Men from across the state converged onto the campus of NORTHchurch in Oklahoma City to what has become an event full of testimonies. Great energy. Great fun. Great inspiration. And, changed lives from a GREAT GOD! The experience was manly to the core with a professional boxing ring and boxer, straight talk to the issues men face, a rockin’ conference band, and a hilarious comedian to close out both sessions. Next year’s MAIN EVENT has been slated for October 26-27, 2012, back at NORTHchurch in OKC. Reaching men on purpose!

DOUG EVERAARD // Youth Director

@oklahomayouth @ouoakley

Seasons of Life Fall has got to be my absolute favorite time of year. I absolutely love the time from mid-October to the end of December. I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of the

away; 7 A time to tear, And a time to sew; A time to keep silence, And a time to speak; 8 A time to love, And a time to hate; A time of war, And a time of peace.

holidays, the excitement of spending time with family, or just the season itself. But of all the seasons - winter, spring, summer, and fall…. (no, I don’t feel a song coming on) - fall is my favorite.

Every change or season we go through is fixed and determined by God. We must take things as they come. It is not in our power to change what God has appointed for us. So as we go through the

In life, especially in ministry, we face different seasons. Not just

change of seasons in our life, we must continually depend on the

the ones mentioned above, but as you read in Ecclesiastes 3, you

grace and comfort of the Lord to see us through those seasons.

will see the different seasons that we go through in life.

Knowing that God has complete control of what each believer faces in life, we have also got to realize that if he leads us to it, he

1 To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under

will also lead us through it.

heaven:2 A time to be born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted; 3 A time to kill, And a time

Everything is made beautiful in its time. Each season of life we

to heal; A time to break down, And a time to build up; 4 A time to

go through is beautiful. In all these seasons, we can still be

weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance;

fruitful for our Lord. God has awesome things for us to do, no

5 A time to cast away stones, And a time to gather stones; A time

matter what season we are going through right now.

to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing; 6 A time to gain, And a time to lose; A time to keep, And a time to throw

DEAN GUTHRIE // Children’s Director

In Memory Of Glen Lee 9/1/1931 – 9/13/2011

Glen began pastoring in 1961 in Fittstown, OK. He also pastored in Shattuck and Newcastle

Reverend Glen Lee age 80 of Lexington,

before moving back to OKC and becoming

formerly of Oklahoma City, went home to be

the pastor of the Lighthouse Assembly of

with the Lord on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God where he pastored for 21 years. Before

at his home in Lexington. Glen was born on

retiring, he was the Senior Adult Pastor from

September 1, 1931 in Oklahoma City to Jasper

1993-2002 at Bethesda Assembly of God. In

J. Lee and Beulah E. (Pierce) Lee. He was the

2003, Glen and Kathryn moved to Lexington

4th son of five children. He grew up in Antioch

to be close to their family. Throughout his

and later Elmore City where he graduated with

life, Glen’s passion was sharing the gospel

the class of 1951. After high school one of his

and loving people. He dedicated his entire

first jobs was working as a cabinet maker in

life to spreading the good news of God’s

Pauls Valley. In 1957, he moved to OKC and

love through his son Jesus Christ. He will be

went to work for Okla. City Linen Service. It

remembered as a loving husband of 52 years,

was then he met the love of his life, Kathryn

a wonderful father, grandfather and great-

Boutwell. They were married on February

grandfather, a special brother, beloved pastor

7, 1959 in Pauls Valley and that same year,

and a dear friend to all those that knew him.

received his ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.

Darrell L. Miles 4/11/1942 – 9/30/2011

After a brief one-year retirement in Grove, Oklahoma, Gayle and Derrell became the pastors of the Topsy Assembly of God in Eucha,

Reverend Derrell L. Miles joined the saints


of God around the throne on September 30, 2011. Derrell was born in Grapeland, Texas,

While pastoring in Smithville, Missouri,

on April 11, 1942, to Delray and Lorene Miles.

Derrell felt the call of God to go to Ivory Coast

He was the fourth of five siblings. He grew up

West Africa as a missionary. After one year of

in the east Texas area. He met and married the

language school in Switzerland, Derrell and his

love of his life, Gayle, while attending

family spent three years ministering in Ivory

Southwestern University in Waxahachie,

Coast. Derrell also served the mission field of

Texas. Derrell and Gayle were married on June

Lome’ Togo West Africa and ministered with

8, 1963, in Kansas City, Kansas. They were

the West African School of Theology. Besides

blessed with two beloved children, daughter,

his missionary journeys to Ivory Coast and

Julie LaNell and son, David Lewis.

Lome’Togo, Derrell’s ministry took him and Gayle to Brussels, Zaire, Honduras, Ecuador

Derrell and Gayle entered ministry immedi-

and a memorable trip to South Korea.

ately after their marriage working at Chicago’s Teen Challenge ministry for a short time. Their

He was a graduate of SAGU and received his

first pastorate was at the Assembly of God

Masters in Bible, Theology and Christian

church in Pelham, Georgia. Other pastorates

Literature at the AGTS. He also received a

include Assemblies of God churches in Mober-

degree from the language Arts Institute for the

ly, Missouri; Smithville, Missouri; Paola, Kansas;

French language.

Ft. Smith, Arkansas; Bloomington, Indiana; and Boynton Beach, Florida.


PASTORS’ REPORTS Phillip Clements, Barnsdall, reports 11 saved in regular services. Brad Jones, Wright City, reports several healed and reports of new jobs, promotions, and answered prayers. Bob Wingo, Dustin, reports one filled with the Holy Ghost. Monroe Lowrimore, Sallisaw, reports five saved on Sunday morning following the Baptism service.

PRAYER REQUEST Doug Everaard - son’s healing from cancer. Nathaniel Dash - employment. Focus on God’s vision.

INFORMATION Help for Pastors call (918) 758-4147 or visit

BIRTHS Rev. & Mrs. J. Travis Stewart announce the birth of their son, Joshua Lynn Stewart born 5-16-11 at 8:12 A.M. weighing 7 lbs. 2 ozs. and was 18” long. Joshua was welcomed home by his 2 year old brother, Titus.

DONATIONS Verdigris has a 12 foot projector screen for a needy church. -Call Michael at (918) 266-2523.


NEW PASTORS Christopher Stephenson, Gans David Lewis, Wright City- Chihowa I Chuka

Raymond Frizzelle, Miami, reports 14 saved in regular services and 19 saved in jail ministry. Randy Cocheran, Cyril, reports five saved and several rededicated in regular services. Charley Hudspeth, Newkirk, reports five saved, two rededicated, two filled with the Holy Ghost and four healed in Phoenix area churches and in regular services. Three rededicated and one healed in service with Chresten Tomlin and two healed in worship services. Oren Jackson, Watonga, reports one child healed of lead poisoning and one healed of blockage in bowel. Henry Beasley, Erick, reports several saved and healed. C. Lynn Bullard, Poteau, reports three saved in regular services. Tag Rowan, Glover, reports 18 saved from January to August. Gayle Miles, Topsy, reports five saved. John Newland, Waurika, reports two filled with the Holy Ghost and two healed in revival. Three saved in youth services. Gary Walden, Peggs, reports many children saved.

EVANGELISTS’ REPORTS Bob & Jan Teel report 88 saved and three filled with the Holy Ghost in August. Donna Drake reports ten adults and 11 teens filled with the Holy Ghost. Twenty personal prophecies and 20 delivered in revival in Wisconsin. Dale Floyd reports over 80 men and women saved in prison ministry. Oliver Swaim reports three more tabernacles in Ghana. Fifty was the goal and will be reached when three more are completed. Marna Hillard reports several saved at a cowboy church while vacationing. Huey Long reports 33 saved since June 2011. Two confirmed miracles, lung cancer and intestinal disease.

November 2011 Outlook  

The latest edition of the Oklahoma Outlook!

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