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18 TRAVEL Carol Bowman visits one of the poorest countries LQWKHZRUOGDQGKDSSLO\ÂżQGVVRPHOLJKWLQDOOWKH darkness.

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20 MEXICO/U.S. RELATIONS Mark Boyer thinks that with the current US administraWLRQDQVZHUVZLOOEHKDUGHUWKDQHYHUWRÂżQGEXWKH does pose what should be some important questions.

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26 ADVENTURE Robert James Taylor writes about a historic worldwide boat race which reminds us that the greatest stories are not always the most obvious, nor the winners necessarily the heroes.



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0DUJLH.HDQHVSLQVDWDOOWDOHDERXWD\RXQJPDQKRUULEO\GLVÂżJXUHGLQDFDUDFFLdent, but his mother is ecstatic that the one thing she thought most important about him had not been injured.




Well-known attorney Tom Eck rebuts our editor’s belief (pp. 6) that O.J. Simpson was guilty of murdering his wife and that the Not Guilty verdict in the criminal trial was a grave miscarriage of justice.


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El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

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Editor’s Page %\$OHMDQGUR*UDWWDQ'RPLQJXH] Justice Deferred But Not Forgotten


ote: After a recent meeting of the Ajijic Writers’ Group, I was chatting with Tom Eck, formerly a highly successful attorney and today a frequent contributor to the pages of the Ojo, when we discovered that hat we we strongly stro stro rong ngly ng ly disagree about the guilt of OJ Simpson when it came to the verdict handed down in the murder trial of Simpson’s wife, Nicole and Ron Goldman. What follows is an Ojo article that I wrote many years ago, and Tom’s rebuttal that he recently wrote, which is published in this same issue. __________________________ In October of 1995, a verdict was rendered in a Los Angeles courtroom which almost immediately was heard


world. aaround ar ou und d tthe he w o ld or d Simpson S mp Si mpso son so n had had just justt been acquitted of the murder of his wife of some 16 years, Nicole Simpson, and of Ron Goldman, a young waiter who just happened to have brought back to her a pair of eye-glasses which she had earlier left in the restaurant in which Goldman worked. Nicole was living at the time with her two young children in an apartment a mile or so away from the estate that she and OJ had shared for many years. In the opinion of many knowledge-

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

able people who had followed the trial, the evidence against Simpson had been overwhelming. Later, many legal journals and distinguished jurists would concur with this judgment. The evidence included: t"HMPWFXJUIUIFCMPPEPGCPUI/Jcole Simpson and Ron Goldman had been found at the rear of the Simpson estate. t #MPPE USBDFT PG both victims had CFFOGPVOEJO4JNQTPOT'PSE#SPODP t 4BNQMFT PG 4JNQTPOT IBJS IBE been found on Goldman’s shirt and on the other glove that had been left at the scene of the crime. t4PNFPG/JDPMF4JNQTPOTIBJSXBT found on the glove found at the rear of the Simpson estate. t0+4JNQTPOIBEGBJMFEBMJFEFUFDtor test by some “22 points,� which is considered “highly damaging.� t4JNQTPOT%/"IBECFFOGPVOEBU the scene of the crime. t 4JNQTPO IBE B QSPWFO IJTUPSZ PG having repeatedly battered his wife. Some of the frantic calls she had formerly made to Emergency #911 had been played during the trial. t %JTQPTJUJPO PG NPUJWF FWJEFODF contained proof that Nicole Simpson had recently denied Simpson’s attempt to reconcile with her, and on the day before the murder Simpson’s current girlfriend had walked out on him. t 5IF UJNFMJOF FWFOUVBMMZ FTUBClished that Simpson left plenty of time in which to commit the murders before he caught a flight that same night, bound for a business meeting in Chicago. t"TPDLDPOUBJOJOHUIFCMPPEPG/Jcole was found at the foot of Simpson’s bed. t0OUIFEBZ4JNQTPOXBTTDIFEVMFE to be taken into custody, he attempted to flee, taking with him several thousand dollars, a disguise and a passport. t 4PNF  FYIJCJUT BOEPS XJUnesses were presented by the prosecution, all bearing on the guilt of the defendant. Further, almost all the arguments against the aforementioned QSPTFDVUJPO FYIJCJUT XFSF TFFNJOHMZ shot down, one by one. 8IZUIFOTVDIBOJOFYQMJDBCMFWFSEJDU  #FDBVTF B KVSZ IFBWJMZ GSFJHIUFE with African-Americans was loathe to condemn to death a man who was an icon who had proven that people of his race could reach monumental heights, (though Simpson had never seemed to go out of his way to do anything much for his own people). The problem with UIF KVSZ XBT GVSUIFS FYBDFSCBUFE CFcause most educated people, blacks and whites, could not take so much time away from work to serve on the KVSZ  BOE IBE CFFO FYDVTFE GPSiIBSEship reasons.� That left a jury pool of relatively uneducated people.

Another reason was that the presiding judge was in way over his head and faced with a celebrity-studded defense team seemed to totally lose his objectivity. Judge Lance Ito’s careless conduct of the case was such that his reputation was forever tarnished. #VUUIFDSPXOJOHCMPXDBNFXIFO one of investigating detectives, Mark Fuhrman, who earlier had claimed to be totally non-racist, was proven to be otherwise. The defense had claimed that %FUFDUJWF 'VISNBO IBE QMBOUFE NPTU of the evidence cited above, a claim the prosecution had repeatedly annihilated, but which with the later revelations regarding racism gained an undeniable stature, albeit one utterly unconnected with the facts in the case. Yet given the EFTQJDBCMFIJTUPSZPGUIF-"1%WJTĂ‹WJT the black community, one could almost sympathize with the verdict. In 1997, however, the case was again tried, this time in a civil court that could not send Simpson to jail but if finding him guilty of the murders of his wife and Ron Goldman, could award the plaintiffs monetary damages. The turning point came when Simpson, forced to personally testify (as he had not in the criminal trial), was subjected UP B CMJTUFSJOH DSPTTFYBNJOBUJPO UIBU virtually sealed his fate. The award came to more than 25 million dollars in punitive damages, with another 8.5 million awarded to the Goldman family for compensatory damages. Of this combined sum, Simpson would pay, by most estimates, far less than even one percent of the award. Some years later, however, in an ironic twist for the ages, he was senUFODFE UP B NBYJNVN PG  ZFBST JO prison for armed robbery, (though eliHJCMFGPSQBSPMFJOBTTPPOBT 5IF TFOUFODFDBNFPO0DUPCFS  exactly on the day of the month that he was acquitted of murder in the criminal case. The sentence struck most people JODMVEJOHUIJTXSJUFS BTHSPTTMZFYDFTsive but in closing it seems appropriate to cite an old quote which has become a proverb: “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.â€? Those of a more modern generation NJHIUIBWFBEJòFSFOUFYQMBOBUJPOJUT called karma. Latest Update: O.J. Simpson was recently granted a parole, and will be free to leave prison after September 8. Note: Tom Eck’s rebuttal is published on QQ Alejandro GrattanDominguez

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hen the paralyzing news arrived in the late spring of 1865 that Robert E. Lee had surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox on April 9th, it was quickly followed by Joseph E. Johnston’s surrender in North Carolina of the Army of the Tennessee on April 26th. The ConfedFSBUF 4UBUFT QSFTJEFOU  +FòFSTPO %BWJT was on the run. The Great Rebellion, the American Civil War, was about to finish its course. That is for all but the defiant few. Major General Joseph Orville Shelby held a different view. “JOâ€? Shelby, lacking any military education or training, had found his mĂŠtier in war, proving to be a brilliant leader and tactician. He had risen to the command of the cavalry division of the Army of the TransMississippi. A Kentuckian by birth, a Missourian by choice, the fiery warrior swore he would not surrender to the hated Yankee tyranny. Shelby gathered his men together and enjoined them to GPMMPXIJNUP.FYJDP̓i8FXJMMKPJOGPSD-


FTXJUI.BYJNJMJBOPS#FOJUP+VĂˆSF[w̓ The army of France’s Napoleon III IBE JOWBEFE BOE EFQPTFE .FYJDBO 1SFTJEFOU #FOJUP +VĂˆSF[  SFQMBDJOH IJN XJUIBO"VTUSJBO)BQTCVSHQSJODF .BYJNJMJBO* BTFNQFSPSPG.FYJDP "CPVUTJYIVOESFEPG4IFMCZTNFO rallied to his banner. On May 26, 1865, the day the last remaining army of the Southern Confederacy officially laid down its arms in Shreveport, Louisi-

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

BOB  UIF SFNOBOUT PG 4IFMCZT #SJHBEF marched westward toward Houston. As Shelby’s brigade advanced, its ranks swelled gathering additional veterans unwilling to surrender. The governors of Louisiana and Missouri and some respected rebel generals joined his march. With the dissolution of the Confederate States of America, public orEFSEJTJOUFHSBUFEJO5FYBT̓*O)PVTUPO and Austin, Shelby’s troops suppressed mobs raiding the state’s treasuries. He stood before his men and shouted, “We know what the world would say about us. We will not take the money.â€? His men cheered him. #ZUIFUJNF4IFMCZBOEIJTNFOBSrived at the Rio Grande to cross into .FYJDP  64 4FDSFUBSZ PG 4UBUF 8JMMJBN Seward had begun to assert diplomatic QSFTTVSFGPSUIFXJUIESBXBMPG.BYJNJMJBO BOE UIF 'SFODI BSNZ GSPN .FYJDP The Grand Army of the Republic, a million men still under arms, stood an ominous threat to enforce the Monroe %PDUSJOF "MSFBEZ ĂśGUZFJHIU UIPVTBOE soldiers under the command General Philip Sheridan were approaching the 5FYBT.FYJDPCPSEFS The night he prepared to cross the RĂ­o Grande Shelby put the vote to his NFO +PJO UIF +VĂˆSJTUBT BOE ĂśHIU UIF 'SFODIPSNBSDIPOUP.FYJDP$JUZBOE

PòFS UIFJS TFSWJDFT UP .BYJNJMJBO 5IF HMJUUFS PG UIF 'SFODI &NQJSF JO .FYJDP against the alternative of fighting another futile war made their choice easy. As they rode south from Piedras Negras, Shelby’s scouts entered a village that had been massacred by bandits in an orgy of senseless and sadistic slaughter. Men, women and children lay dead in the streets, fed upon by vultures and dogs. The brigade moved swiftly by, chastened by revulsion and the realization that they had abandoned their homeland for this even more violent and forsaken place. Shelby reflected; Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and we have crossed our Rubicon. Near Monterrey in an ambush by the +VĂˆSJTUBT  UIF CSJHBEF MPTU UIJSUZTFWFO wounded and seventeen dead. The guerrillas made one further attempt BUBNCVTI#VU4IFMCZ FWFSBQSVEFOU commander, had placed outposts that warned the camp of the approaching enemy and made short work of their atUBDLFST LJMMJOHTJYUZOJOFJODMVEJOHUIF guerrilla leaders.  Another eleven Confederates also died. Seventeen were wounded. Although the occupying French troops were veterans of the Crimean War and North African campaigns, the CFTU UIF .BYJNJMJBO SFHJNF IBE CFFO BCMF UP BDDPNQMJTI JO .FYJDP XBT

the occupation of strategic cities. The +VĂˆSJTUB HVFSSJMMBT SVMFE UIF DPVOUSZside. The brigade reached Monterrey, where they encountered a garrison 'SFODI BOE .FYJDBO 3PZBMJTUB USPPQT̓  6OEFSøBHPGUSVDF 4IFMCZTFOUUIFGPMlowing message to the French colonel: “Sir, I have the honor to report that I am within one mile of your command. PreGFSSJOHFYJMFUPTVSSFOEFS *IBWFMFGUNZ own country to seek service with His *NQFSJBM.BKFTUZ UIF&NQFSPS.BYJNJMian. Shall it be peace or war between us?  If the former, with your permission, I shall enter your lines at once, claiming at your hands the courtesy due one soldier from another. If the latter, I propose to attack you immediately.â€? Respectfully, Jos. O Shelby 4IFMCZ BOE IJT *SPO #SJHBEF XFSF welcomed. He and his officers were lavishly entertained. Later, approaching Matehuala, Shelby received word that a small garrison of French troops was beTJFHFE CZ BCPVU UXP UIPVTBOE +VĂˆSJTtas. A surprise assault put the attackers UPSPVU5IVTJOUIFIFBSUPG.FYJDPFOEed the last battle fought by an intact Confederate military formation. Following Matehuala, the Confederates marched to San Luis PotosĂ­ where Shelby was informed by the garrison DPNNBOEFS UIBU .BSTIBM #B[BJOF  DPNNBOEFSPGBMM'SFODIGPSDFTJO.FYico, had ordered that without further BEPIFNVTUQSPDFFEEJSFDUMZUP.FYJDP$JUZ̓5IFCSJHBEFBSSJWFEJO.FYJDP City in early August, was well received and given quarters in a French army barrack. Arrangements were made for 4IFMCZUPNFFUXJUI&NQFSPS.BYJNJMJBOBOE.BSTIBM#B[BJOF The emperor and the marshal received the Confederates in a cordial, if informal audience. Shelby was accompanied by Major John Edwards. Edwards would become the principal TPVSDFPGUIFTUPSZPGUIF4IFMCZFYQFdition. In later years Edwards became a well-respected newspaper editor, founding the Kansas City Times after his SFUVSOUPUIF6OJUFE4UBUFTBOEMBUFSCFcoming editor of the St. Louis Dispatch. Shelby made an impassioned plea for his dream of recruiting an army of GPSUZUIPVTBOEFY$POGFEFSBUFTPMEJFST to provide the nucleus of a standing army. There were probably many reaTPOT UIBU NPUJWBUFE .BYJNJMJBO BOE .BSTIBM#B[BJOFUPSFKFDU4IFMCZTHSBOdiose proposal, but likely the fear of forUZ UIPVTBOE TFBTPOFE FY$POGFEFSBUF soldiers yearning to create a new ConGFEFSBDZ JO .FYJDP FOUFSFE JOUP UIFJS considerations. Nevertheless, the Americans were XFMDPNFE BOE .BYJNJMJBO PòFSFE BO opportunity to establish a colony in .FYJDP 5P CMVOU UIF FòFDU PG UVSOJOH loose a thousand penniless soldiers

JO UIFJS NJETU  .BYJNJMJBO QSPWJEFE B grant of fifty dollars in gold to each of Shelby’s troopers when the brigade disbanded. Edwards described the fate of the Shelby’s troopers: “. . . Few were willing to remain as colonists . . . some received permisTJPO GSPN #B[BJOF UP NBSDI UP UIF 1Bcific. On the long and dangerous road some died, some were killed and some took sail for California, for China, for Japan and for the Sandwich Islands. A few, hearing wonderful stories of pirate treasure . . . got aboard a schooner at Mazatlan and sailed away in quest of gold.â€? Shelby, joined by about fifty others, remained. They each received a land grant and together they founded CorEPCB$PMPOZTJYUZĂśWFNJMFTGSPN7FSB Cruz, naming the town they built, Carlota, after the empress. Located in a rich agricultural valley, at first the colony thrived. A reporter from the New York Herald visited in 1866 and wrote that to his surprise there were over five hundred families building new lives there. Shelby dedicated acreage to planting coffee, but his principal enterprise was a freight company under contract to the Imperial French Army to supply its outposts. Shelby brought his wife and two sons from Kentucky where they had waited out the war. The colony was short lived. In 1867 the French Army began its withdrawal GSPN .FYJDP "O BSNZ PG +VĂˆSJTUBT JOWBEFE UIF $PSEPCB 7BMMFZ  EFTUSPZJOH the Carlota settlement, burning farms and homes. Many of the colonists fled UP #SJUJTI )POEVSBT XIFSF BOPUIFS Confederate colony had sprung up, and some went even farther afield, to #SB[JMXIFSFUIFNPTUTVDDFTTGVMFYQBU Confederate colony flourished. Many, like Shelby, returned UP UIF 6OJUFE 4UBUFT where they gave their word never again to bear arms BHBJOTU UIF 6OJUFE Robert Drynan States.

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That Old d Woman Over by Beeulah %\-DPHV7LSWRQ



on, this land I’m gonna leave you is flat, wet, and poor‌sort of like that woman I used to poke around with over by Beulah.#VUTPNFZFBST when it’s not too hot, or too cold, or UPPXFU ZPVDBODPBYFOPVHIDPUUPO out of this land to keep you interested in Missouri, with enough left over for UBYFT BOE TPNF GVO OPX BOE UIFO XJUIBXJMMJOH.FYJDBOXPNBOw “Pa, when I was a boy‌that womBOJO#FVMBIyTIFVTFEUPDPNFPWFS here and help you out with the cotton.â€? “Son,â€? the old man said, unable to sit up, “Susanna came over here to help me out with you. The only cotton


UIBU#FVMBIXPNBOXBTFWFSDMPTFUP was the cotton she stuffed into her ears when I was trying to talk to her.� “I just remember Susanna was a lady.� “Lady? Susanna Salazar? Son, Susanna was no lady. Every man beUXFFOIFSFBOE#FVMBIDBOUFMMZPVIJT own stories about Susanna.� “Pa, you know those stories were started in country bars by overheated farm hands who wanted to be heroes to their buddies. When I was a boy I thought Susanna was beautiful. I used to get up in the middle of those hot summer nights just to stare at Susanna’s slender body, covered with tiny pearls of sweat, sleeping beside you.�

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

The old man worked his own body over to one side of the bed, struggling to be comfortable. i#VUACFBVUJGVM 4PO ZPVDBOUSFally say a woman is beautiful unless she’s got a good set of these.� With his two bony hands he cupped the papery skin on his sunken chest. “Pa, Susanna Salazar was the closest thing I ever had to a mother, but you were so damn mean she never would stay more than a month or two.� “Son, you ought to save calling ZPVS PME NBOANFBO GPS BGUFS UIF GVneral.� “Pa, the doctor says you’re failing fast, and so if you’ve got any faith left you better fess up a little right now.� “And you’re just the man to help me, Son?� “I’m the man here beside you right now, Pa, and I saw a lot when I was a boy.� “Are you going to be glad when I’m gone? “Pa, I’m going to miss you when you’re gone.� “Thanks, Son.� “Pa, did you ever miss anybody when they were gone?� “Well, Son, maybe I did and maybe I didn’t.� i8IPTPOFPGUIFANBZCF*EJET w

“You, Son, when you went off to basic training.� “Pa, you’re breathing too hard.� “Son, I’m just thinking, probably the last thinking I’ll ever do. I’ll be happy to be done with it.� “What are you thinking about, Pa?� “Son, there’s only one other thing I know for sure I’m going to miss after I’m dead.� “Pa, what’s that?� “I sure am going to miss that old XPNBOPWFSCZ#FVlah.� James Tipton

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Peter Luciano, President, Lakeside Little Theatre


alf way into his second two-year term, the President of the Lakeside Little Theatre takes time from his formidable schedule to sit down with the Ojo and reflect on his tenure, the current state of affairs and his plans for the future of Lakeside’s 52- year old theatre. On first meeting President Peter Luciano, you could be forgiven for thinkJOH IF MPPLT MJLF BOE FYVEFT UIF BJS PG Luciano Pavarotti and probably knows O Sole MioCZIFBSU"GUFSBOFYUFOTJWF interview, we discover an articulate, forceful leader who is proud to be the two-term president of the oldest English speaking theatre “South of the border.�


We also learn that President Peter knew virtually nothing about the theatre and UIFBUSFMJGFQSJPSUPIJTFMFDUJPOCVU a great deal about organizational management. 5IF UIFBUSFT CPBSE JO  XBT contentious and divided to the point of virtual stalemate. The theatre’s future hung in the balance with less than a mil-

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

lion pesos in the bank. Into the breach stepped then LLT historian, Peter Luciano, with a bold challenge: “I may not know much about theatre, but I know business, and the theatre ought to be run like one. That’s why I’m running for president.â€? 1BTU QPTJUJPOT JODMVEFE 7JDF 1SFTJEFOU  4FOJPS 7JDF 1SFTJEFOU  BOE $IJFG &YFDVUJWF 0ĂłDFS PG WBSJPVT IPTQJUBMT BOE BO FYFDVUJWF SFDSVJUJOH DPNQBOZ He and like-minded colleagues founded UIF0NOJ(SPVQJO BNBOBHFNFOU DPOTVMUJOHTFSWJDFJO#FWFSMZ .BTTBDIVsetts. And all of this wrapped up in a doctoral sheepskin in psychology from UIF6OJWFSTJUZPG/PSUIFSO$PMPSBEP -FBEFSTIJQ HVSV  +PIO .BYXFMM  points out that “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.â€? 5IF --5 #PBSE CPVHIU JOUP UIF MFBEFS almost unanimously. Let’s review the accomplishments of the Luciano presidency and his board. New revenue streams. A partnership with London’s Royal National Theatre Live allowing Lakeside audiences, via satellite, to view the likes of Amadeus, Obsession with Jude Law, and Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Only QFTPTBUJDLFU For those who have difficulty underTUBOEJOH#SJUJTIBDDFOUT BUUFOEJOTUFBE #SPBEXBZ )% TDSFFOJOHT UIBU HJWF VT 

GPS FYBNQMF  Romeo and Juliet--a revival, Oklahoma, Gypsy. 0OMZ  QFTPT B ticket. In all, nine combined screenings UIJTTFBTPOPOUPQPGUIFTJYNBJOTUBHF offerings. These additional revenues paid for repairs, replacements and renovations long overdue. Just take a moment to admire the elegant new lobby and bar, the re-tiled, re-styled entrance, the beautiful new landscaping, and the spruced up Angel Terrace. New speakers and acoustical improvements, a digitized sound board, new theatrical lighting, a rotating stage UIBOLTUP%BWF)VUDIJOTPO TPMBSFMFDtricity and more. Major renovations (capital improvements) to both stage and seating will USBOTGPSN UIF UIFBUSFHPJOH FYQFSJence. Stay tuned... $SFBUFE UXP OFX #PBSE QPTJUJPOT  1MBZIPVTF.BOBHFSBOE%JSFDUPSPG%Fvelopment. 3FDPNNFOEFE UP UIF #PBSE UIBU Lakeside Little Theatre welcome to their stage the bi-lingual high school QMBZFST GSPN UIF %SBNB %FQBSUNFOU of the American School Foundation in (VBEBMBKBSB #PBSEBQQSPWFE  UIF UBMFOUFETUVEFOUT .FYJDBOBOE"NFSJDBO  performed twice the play Lincoln and Mexico CBTFE PO %S .JDIBFM )PHBOT wildly successful book, Abraham Lincoln

and Mexico. President Peter Luciano announced that the two performances represented a major move for the 52 year-old theatre, a move to create a long-term relationship with the American School Foundation of Guadalajara, one of the top 15 high schools in the world. He praised the kids, the school’s drama department and declared that all the proceeds from the two performances would be given the school’s drama department. Cheers rang out loud and clear. "QQMJFEGPSB$UBYFYFNQUTUBtus available to non-profit organizations whose earnings don’t inure to any private individual. Thus potential donors in the States can write off their donations. A generous percentage of the proceeds from each main stage play goes to various Lakeside charities, most recently Tepehua Centro Comunitario, 0QFSBUJPO "NPS  BOE7JMMB *OGBOUJM (VBdalupe y San JosÊ. Since sourcing and recruiting new talent and volunteers is a leader’s job, President Peter has hit on an ingenious idea and plan. He is contacting all organizations in the States and Canada that assist retirees from the entertainment industry. He is painting a near-irresistible picture of retirement in beautiful Lakeside where actors can continue performing in our 52 year-old theatre. One

professional actor has already said yes. You’ll see him on stage soon enough! Also, meanwhile, Peter has found time to take acting classes so he could BQQFBS  GPS FYBNQMF  XJUI IJT BDUSFTT wife Candace face to face in last year’s smash hit drama Other Desert Cities not to mention a starring role in the even bigger smash hit Chicago. “Acting became a hobby,� he acknowledges. (Speaking of his lovely and talented wife, Candace, hurry, you can still buy tickets to her one-woman performance, Marilyn aka M.M.xx). We’ve introduced Candace; now MFUT JOUSPEVDF UIF #PBSE UP XIPN 1FUFS HJWFT NBYJNVN DSFEJU 1BTU 1SFTJEFOU‰(FPSHFUUF 3JDINPOE'JSTU 7JDF 1SFTJEFOU̓ ̓ ̓   $PMMFUUF $MBWBEFUTDIFSnd 7JDF1SFTJEFOU‰.BSZ)VOU5SFBTVSFS‰̓̓̓̓̓̓̓ "MGSFE ,JSLMBOE  +S4FDSFUBSZ‰%JBOB 3PXMBOE1MBZIPVTF .BOBHFS‰$BSPMZO $PUISBO%JS PG %FWFMPQNFOU‰%FOOJT .D$BSZ5FDI13‰(BSSZ 1FFSMFTT1SPEVDUJPO .BOBHFS‰#FUI -FJUDI'BDJMJties Manager—Norm Whelpdale HonorBCMF.FOUJPO%BWF.D*OUPTI̓ #BDL JO 4IBLFspeare’s day, Stratfordon-Avon’s population was a good deal less than Lakeside’s today. Yet look what happened to the Globe! Mark Sconce

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of the month



eet Rodolfo. He was born January 26, 2003 and came to Niños Incapacitados in August 2015. Rodolfo was a normal boy enjoying normal boy things until one morning when he awoke and realized he could not feel his legs. "GUFS OVNFSPVT UFTUT  %PDUPST EJagnosed Transverse Myelitis. 5IF FYBDU DBVTF PG USBOTWFSTF myelitis is not known. The inflammation is thought to be the result of the immune system mistakenly attacking the spinal cord. One thing that is known is transverse myelitis often develops at the same time as, or soon after, a viral bacte-


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

rial infection. In some people transverse myelitis can be linked to autoimmune EJTFBTFTTVDIBTMVQVT WJUBNJO# EFöDJFODZ  .4  -ZNF %JTFBTF BOE some cancers which can cause an autoimmune reaction. Suffice it to say, Rodolfo is now in a wheelchair and has not had the use of his legs since this happened. We are happy for him that he has not displayed any of the other symptoms which can develop; weakness in his arms, sensory alterations and bowel and bladder dysfunction. Rodolfo’s treatment plan consists of therapy three times per XFFL BOE CPUPY USFBUNFOUT UISFF times a year. He is also taking an anti-parkinson medication to help reduce the shakes and an anti-inflammatory. To date we have reimCVSTFEUIFGBNJMZ QFTPT %BEJTBOJOTQJSBUJPOBTIFIJNself is disabled having been diagOPTFEXJUI%ZTUPOJBDBVTJOHNVTcle contractions throughout his body; however he is diligent about taking Rodolfo weekly for his therapies in Guadalajara. Thank you for the opportunity of presenting another of our children to you. Remember, we see families BUMPDBUJPOT +PDPUFQFD "KJKJDBOE Chapala. Should you be interested in attending a clinic, please contact #BSC $PSPM   GPS +PDPUFQFD PS /JDPMF 4FSHFOU   for Ajijic and Chapala.

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eing wrong is easy. Realizing and admitting we are wrong is more difficult. Yet, I cannot help but wonder how much better the world might be if we had a more refined ability to admit error. I recently read The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis, about the genius QBSUOFSTIJQPG"NPT5WFSTLZBOE%BOiel Kahneman, who revolutionized the standard thinking in economics. Most economists had assumed that people made decisions based on rational behavior. Tversky and Kahneman demonstrated that most of our decisions are, in fact, based on irrational paradigms. Kahneman, who received the /PCFM1SJ[FJO&DPOPNJDTJO MBUFS wrote the bestselling book Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow in which he outlines much of the work he did with Tversky for a lay audience. Tversky and Kahneman determined that we use heuristics that often tend to reinforce our preconceived notions about reality. Rather than EJTQBTTJPOBUFMZFYBNJOFUIFFWJEFODF before making a rational decision, we often have a tendency to decide based on fear or other emotions. As a result, we are wrong much of the time, even though we are usually confident we are right. One of the most common erroneous tendencies is confirmation bias, the “tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way UIBU DPOĂśSNT PVS QSFFYJTUJOH CFMJFGT or hypotheses.â€? (Wikipedia) Scientists DBO EP UIJT XIFO JOUFSQSFUJOH FYQFSJmental results. If they are looking to prove their hypothesis, they unconsciously tend to filter out data which does not confirm it. Physicians can do this when a patient’s symptoms seem to fit a predictable pattern; they can ignore evidence which may point in another direction. We may all do this when we consume news. First of all, we tend to get our news from sources which are already biased in our direction. Secondly, when presented with information which does not conform to our preconceived beliefs, we tend to reject it.


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

%LOO)UD\HU $BTFJOQPJOU*OUIF641SFTJdential Election, many on the left refused to believe that Trump could win despite his drawing huge crowds at his rallies and the persistent unpopularity PG )JMMBSZ $MJOUPO  "OPUIFS FYBNQMF 5IPTFXIPTVQQPSUFEUIF64JOvasion of Iraq, as well as many competent journalists, believed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons, despite conflicting evidence. In our private lives, we jump to conclusions, react emotionally, and depend too much on what we want to be true. We are frequently wrong. The problem is not being wrong. We are fallible. We will inevitably be wrong TPNFUJNFT#VUCFMJFWJOHXFBSF/05 wrong is where the difficulty lies. In my critical thinking class, I would pose a hypothetical situation to the class. Would you prefer to undergo surgery by a surgeon who is able to understand and admit when he or she is wrong? Of course, we wouldn’t want our surgeon to blindly push ahead, unaware that they had misjudged a medical situation. The ability to admit we are wrong, that we do not have all the answers, is a form of intellectual humility. Good thinkers understand that they may not always have sufficient evidence and that they will have a tendency to look at evidence which conforms to their QSFFYJTUJOHCFMJFGT*XPVMEBTLNZTUVdents if, when entering into an argument with a friend or loved one, would they be able to admit that they might not have all the information, that they might be wrong. Most would resist UIJTJEFB#VUUIJOLBCPVUJU*GXFEP not, or cannot, consider the possibility that we might be wrong, what’s the purpose of the discussion? Food for thought, especially these days.

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he outdoor market in the slum neighborhood of Gautam Nagar, on the outskirts of New Delhi, India seemed temporary and chaotic. The faces of the merchants who stood behind kiosks slapped together with odd pieces of wood, plastic and metal, TIPXFE UIF BOYJPVT TUSBJO PG WFOdors needing to make a sale. Women wearing faded saris and carrying frayed shopping bags moved along the stalls, perhaps searching for produce worthy of their precious few rupees. Sitting Yoga style on overturned plastic buckets, old men donning turbans and threadbare kurtas seemed to spend their day watching life slip away. We cut across the busy street, keeping Anwar, our Overseas Adventure Travel guide, within eyesight. Losing the outline of his tall frame for even a second made my feet and QVMTF NPWF GBTUFS %VTU CJMMPXFE BT young desperados restless from their idleness, zigzagged through the disorder on their rusty scooters and motorbikes. The elders followed our movements with their curious eyes, as if to question what purpose these pale Westerners had in this shantytown. I agreed. What were we doing dodging rickshaws and jumping out of the path of errant motorcycles in this place where the likes of us were as rare

as rain in April? Anwar turned onto a less traveled but scarier street that paralleled the train tracks to our right and like disciples, we followed without hesitation. This was no place to get distracted and swept up by the adventure. He stopped at a narrow storefront and bought every individually wrapped cracker and cookie package on the racks. The shopkeeper beamed at his fortune that one sale had probably accrued more money for him than he might make in a week. Loaded down with these goodies for our intended hosts, we proceeded toward our destination around the corner onto an even bleaker alley. Its crumbling buildings with faded facades shouted p-o-v-e-r-t-y. Garbage tumbled down the middle of the street, EFTFSUFE FYDFQU GPS B SBU SVNNBHing for a tidbit. This dank, grey slum seemed lifeless and without hope. Anwar stopped in front of a narrow door that displayed a sign, Badte Kadam. As we entered, everything changed. Youthful laughter filled the space inside. Yellow walls displayed bright hand-crafted murals, including a flower garden of tulips painted along the bottom of the room’s perimeter. Teenagers sitting on carpets that covered the floor were engaged in lively conversation and young

children appeared to be receiving informal instructions in a side room. Anwar distributed the snacks. Smiles of delight beamed back at this small PòFSJOH8FIBEBSSJWFEBUUIF%FMIJ Community Center of the Federation of Street and Working Children. Save the Children reports that India has the largest population of TUSFFULJETJOUIFXPSME XJUI  JO %FMIJ BMPOF (JSMT OVNCFS   most of whom have suffered physiDBM BOE TFYVBM BCVTF $IJME USBĂłDLJOH GPS MBCPS FYQMPJUBUJPO BMMPXT GPS  PG %FMIJT UPUBM XPSLGPSDF UP CF children under the age of 18. Torture, drug abuse, harassment by thugs, police brutality and disappearance of some kids didn’t seem to cause any public uproar. The non-governmental organization CHETNA (Childhood Enhancement Through Training and Action) under the auspices of UIF6/$POWFOUJPOPOUIF3JHIUTPG the Child stepped in and developed hubs throughout the country to provide a safe haven from the injustice UIFTFLJETTVòFSEBJMZ%SVHSFIBCJMJtation, health clinics, minimal education and hot meals provide a respite for kids who live on the street. These victims of abuse decided to UBLF DIBSHF PG UIFJS QMJHIU %FTQJUF being uneducated, without identity or empowerment they started a newspaper and called it Balaknama, The Voice of the Children. In its 15th year of publication, the media has finally taken notice of this monthly tabloid that reports on the struggles PG TMVN LJET JO %FMIJ $// BOE UIF ##$SFDFOUMZEJE57DMJQTXJUIQIPUP shoots. The day we came, 17-year old editor, Shambhu, 16-year old lead reporter, Joyti, and a large group of young staff gathered to meet us, the first group of Western travelers to hear their story face to face. Sanno, advisor for the newspaper and former editor who relinquished her role when she turned 18, made her opening remarks in Hindi. Anwar translated. “Every child who grows

up on the street has his or her own story of pain, sorrow, horrific incidents and joy, she said. “These stories are shared among other street kids without much hesitation.â€? Balaknama allows for their accounts to become part of the public record through the power of the pen. 3FDFOUMZ FYQBOEFE UP  QBHFT per edition, the newspaper circuMBUFT DPQJFTJO)JOEJ BOETJODF   UIBOLT UP WPMVOUFFST   copies are printed in English. CHETNA pays for the printing, but layout, editorial discretion of selected stories, typing and copy editing remains the complete responsibility of the teenagers. The newspaper has a staff PG  XSJUFST BOE  WFSCBM SFQPSUFST TPNFBTZPVOHBT,OPXOBT baatooni, these illiterate news gatherers, deprived of any schooling, report their stories orally to the main writers. Shambhu handles the one official camera. Newspapers, distributed free of charge to police stations, community organizations and shopkeepers, may be purchased by the public for two rupees. Joyti, who never stepped foot in a regular classroom, learned to read and write at the Center. She sleeps in a homeless shelter at night. 4IF FYQMBJOFE UIBU UIFZ NVTU CF very careful not to reveal sources of atrocities in the newspaper as harm could come to the children reportJOH UIFN #PUI +PZUJ BOE 4IBNCIV passionately described their most important public disclosure. Police used to order the street kids to dispose of body parts left on the train tracks following deadly accidents or TVDDFTTGVM TVJDJEFT #FJOH GPSDFE UP carry out this horrific task and worse, without pay caused much trauma for targeted street kids. Once this practice had been revealed in their newspaper, top authorities demanded this police brutality to cease. No fake news from these young journalists, just the dirty truth. #FGPSF MFBWJOH  XF PòFSFE NPOetary contributions to a surprised but humble staff. I looked at these proud, determined street kids and started to comprehend the miracles happening here on a daily basis and the work that could change their lives forever. I realized that our trek through the slum neighborhood had been worth it for us and for them. For more information or to subscribe online: balaknamaeditor@gmail.com or web editor@balaknama.org. Carol L. Bowman


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

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IMPRO OVING U.S S.-M MEXICO RELATIIONS: What Aree the Quesstio onss? %\0DUN%R\HU


 have been corresponding with a North America publication that requested ideas for an article on ways for improving U.S.-Mexico relations. Rather than provide solutions or pathways, I submitted questions. I think we have sometimes become too quick to jump to answers, and are not always taking the time needed to more deeply understand and reflect PO UIF JTTVFT "T B 64 FYQBU MJWJOH JO .FYJDP  64.FYJDP SFMBUJPOT BSF very important to me. You will see that sometimes my questions are pointed and sometimes my questions are more open-ended, which JTCPUIFYQSFTTJWFPGBQPJOUPGWJFX


and also genuine inquiry. Here are my questions, and I would be curious to know your questions.   8IFO POMZ  PG JMMFHBM JNNJHSBOUT JO UIF 64 BSF .FYJDBO  XIZ BSF .FYJDBOT CFJOH UBSHFUFE when there are also large numbers of Asian, Canadian, European, Irish, and other illegal immigrants?   )PX EPFT UIF 64 FYQFDU UP CVJME SFMBUJPOTIJQT XJUI .FYJDP XIFO UIF 64 1SFTJEFOU VTFT CVMMZJOHSIFUPSJDUPXBSE.FYJDPBOE.FYJDBOT FYQFDUTGPS.FYJDPUPQBZGPSB XBMMPO64MBOE QSPQPTFTUBSJòTPO HPPET QSPEVDFE JO .FYJDP  NPDLingly (?) threatens to send AmeriDBO USPPQT JOUP .FYJDP  FODPVSBHFT

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

other countries to cease production JO.FYJDP FUD ̓  8IZJTUIFSFOPSFDPHOJUJPOGPS .FYJDPT BDDPNQMJTINFOUT JO QSFWFOUJOH BQQSPYJNBUFMZ   JMMFgal immigrants each year from Central and South America from crossing UISPVHI.FYJDPJOUPUIF64  8IZJTUIFSFOPBDLOPXMFEHFment that illegal immigration from .FYJDP QFBLFE JO   BOE IBT been declining ever since? Likewise, why is there no acknowledgement UIBUNPSFJMMFHBMJNNJHSBOUTBSFFYJUJOHUIF64UIBOFOUFSJOH  8IBUJTUIFUPUBM64UBYQBZFS investment in border defense and construction and maintenance of a wall as it relates to factual return on JOWFTUNFOUGPS64TBGFUZ  8IZEPFTUIF64BTTVNFUIFZ can drop criminal illegal immigrants from other parts of Central and South "NFSJDBJOUP.FYJDP 7) What will be the social and economic impact of illegal immigrant EFQPSUBUJPO GSPN UIF 64  BOE IPX is this considered a net gain? 8) Why was Fair Immigration Reform never seriously considered by UIF64 ̓   )PX DBO $BOBEB BOE .FYJDP create a stronger partnership to enIBODF/"'5"XJUIUIF64   )PX DBO QSPQBHBOEB GSPN UIF 64 BCPVU .FYJDP  JODMVEJOH GSPN 64 HPWFSONFOU  CF CFUUFS monitored and more responsible? 11) How can the masses of legal and illegal guns and military shipNFOUT GSPN UIF 64 JOUP .FYJDP CF CFUUFSDPOUSPMMFECZUIF64 12) When illegal drugs are an issue of supply and demand (with UIF 64 BT UIF NPTU WPSBDJPVT DPOsumer of drugs and pharmaceuticals JO UIF XPSME  IPX XJMM UIF 64 BTsume greater ownership for its own drug issues rather than its frequent TUBODF PG QPJOUJOH UP .FYJDP BT UIF problem? Likewise, which drugs are realistically deserving of criminal offense?

 8IFSF BSF UIF SFQPSUT PG UIF tangible benefits of immigrants to a country’s progress?  8IZJTOUUIFGBDUVBMJOGPSNBtion being communicated that immigrants commit fewer crimes than 64DJUJ[FOT TPBTUPCFHJOUPEJTQFM the myth of immigrants as criminals?  8IBU JT UIF .FYJDBO HPWFSONFOUT SFBM MFWFM PG TVQQPSU GPS FYQBUT XIP MJWF JO .FYJDP  BOE IPX DBO FYQBUT CFUUFS TFSWF BT B CSJEHF CFUXFFOUIF64BOE.FYJDP  )PXDBOUIF64BOE.FYJDP work together for greater mutual benefit in trade relations, while also reducing governmental corruption? 17) What are the sources of legitimate communication that build greater understanding and support CFUXFFO DJUJ[FOT JO UIF 64 BOE .FYJDP  BOE IPX DBO TPVSDFT PG MFgitimate communication become increased and more broadly accessible? 18) What are the consortiums CFUXFFO 64 BOE .FYJDP DJUJFT BOE states that generate greater understanding and opportunities?  )PXDBOFYQBUTCFDPNFNPSF committed to a win-win relationship for their home country and host country, and not support agendas or candidates that contribute to a winlose between countries?   8IJMF HPWFSONFOUT BSF UZQJcally engaged in their own public and private negotiations, how can the PEOPLE of countries take a more active role in creating their own forums for agenda-building and collaboration? 21) What are greater opportuniUJFT GPS DVMUVSBM BOE FEVDBUJPO FYchange between countries? 22) What are greater opportunities for integrated social interaction JO64BOE.FYJDBO communities? Mark Boyer What did I miss?

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Mexican Plumbing


ne of my very first challenges after moving to Mexico was the bathroom. No just not the question of flush or notto-flush, it was the water faucet. I mistook the “Câ€? faucet for cold water, and received a nice little burn. Yes, I learn the hard way. Now I know the “Fâ€? is for frio, which means cold. And the “Câ€? is for caliente, which of course means hot. After living here for a while now, and having had the opportunity to visit many different baĂąos, I find challenges in so many of them. In many places, only one of the washbasin faucets is actually functionJOH 6TVBMMZ UIF DPME XBUFS JT UIF POF that works. Remember, “Fâ€?= cold. I’ve found bathrooms the size of telephone booths and some the size of the master bedrooms. I’ve seen toilets that bring new meaning to the word “throne.â€? There was one where I had to walk up stairs to get to the landing where the toilet was and I’ve seen toilets crammed into corners so tight that one needed to sit side-ways. Of course, after one has negotiated the way to the bathroom, it is best to check to make sure there is toilet paper before using the facility. I admit being surprised that one had to pay for toilet paper at some public facilities, or pay for the toilet itself. I remember one night jumping from one foot to another digging in my purse trying to find a 2 peso


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

coin to put in the slot at a gas station restroom. Now when I travel, I make sure I have 2 pesos coins, toilet paper and a Ziploc plastic bag in the car in case there are no wastebaskets. To flush or not to flush? That is the question. You must remember where you are. We have plumbing that dates CBDLIVOESFETPGZFBST6OMFTTUIFSFJTB sign telling you it is OK to flush, put the TP in the wastebasket! OK, that unpleasantness aside. Could someone please tell me why, in a nation of people who are mostly of short stature, that the showerheads are mounted at about 6 feet? I need a step stool in order to adjust my showerhead. I’ve lived JO GPVS IPNFT JO  ZFBST  BOE UIFZ BMM had shower heads that were mounted very high. Mirrors? I confess to hating mirrors. In our guest bathroom, the mirror is mounted so high that I can only see the very tip of my head reflected in the mirror. Our maid sits on the counter, and then gets on her knees in order to clean the mirror. (Which is more than I would do!) And what about doors? I saw one house where you walked through a doorway, and walked down a spiral tile staircase to reach the bathroom. No doors. Our master bedroom has an attached bathroom with no door‌ and no shower door. There is a beautiful archway into the bathroom, and another archway leading into the shower, which by the way is so large an entire family could shower at the same time. However, our guest bathroom has a door on the shower. Of course, that shower is so small that one has to walk all the way into the shower and flatten their body against the wall in order to shut the door. I joke a lot, but the ingenuity used in some of these bathrooms is astounding. #VU POF PG UIF NPTU important things I’ve learned is to cover the floor drains and keep the sink drains closed to keep out those nasty creepy crawlers! Victoria Schmidt

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29(5$ $0 0,/ //,2 21* *5,1*26 &$17% %(: :521* %\*UHJ&XVWHU


f you’re in your 60’s it’s likely you are pondering a ‘What next?’ dilemma, appraising lifestyle choice in the glaring light of America’s medical care and social security train wreck. Adding UP UIF DPNQMFYJUZ JT B MJLFMJIPPE your parent’s future is part of this MJGF  EFDJTJPO -JLF OFWFS CFGPSF in our history, our parents are living longer, staying active, and facing (with their grown-up children) an uncertain future. The question for many: can we afford quality senior care, while not draining a lifetime of assets and savings? For my family, this quandary is more than philosophical. My wife Jane and I were quite content living in rural Oregon’s high desert. We lived in one of the country’s most desirable recreation and retirement DJUJFT #FOE 8FIBETPMJEBOETBUisfying late career jobs, work-fromIPNFøFYJCJMJUZBOEIFBMUIZ ĂśUMJGFstyles. Then things changed, as we were KPJOFECZBOFXSPPNNBUFNZ year old Mom. We’ve embraced this change with open arms, yet came over time to accept how tenuous our situation had become. Today millions of Americans are at least considering overseas options, a whim scarcely considered a generation ago. And for many, the


reality of taking along aged parents JT OPX TRVBSFMZ QBSU PG PVS AXIBU OFYUMJGFTUZMFEFDJTJPO You say, “Hmm, are we ready to look elsewhere, even moving abroad?â€? Many of us boomers have cozied up to the idea of living overseas. It may have started as a trivial, somewhat voyeuristic form of acDFQUBODF QFFLJOH GSPN PVS 64 MJWing rooms at media outlets House Hunters International and International Living. A “Wouldn’t it be fun?â€? form of escapism has seeped into our retirement consciousness. For us, the first decision to resolve: was migrating with Mom the right thing to do? An unsuccessful BOE FYQFOTJWF HP BU BTTJTUFE MJWJOH in Oregon (more and more like allinclusive resorts for active boomers BOEPSUIFJSQBSFOUT HPUVTTFSJPVTly talking about options. There had to be a better way. The jaw dropping cost and insular, institutional NFNPSZDBSFFYQFSJFODFDPOWJODFE VTUPEPTPNFFYQMPSJOH BOEUPPVS ĂśSTUPGNBOZABIIBNPNFOUT It went down like this: one of Jane’s childhood friends from Palo "MUP $" IBE BEPQUFE .FYJDP TPNF  ZFBST BHP  NBSSJFE B .FYJDBO  and raised three multi-cultured DIJMESFO*O IFSBJMJOHNPUIFS  Alice, became perhaps the first patient in history to be airlifted FROM

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

B IPTQJUBM JO 8JTDPOTJO 50 .FYJDP  where she comfortably bedded down for her remaining years in a Lake Chapala care facility. We visited Alice at adult-living facility in the community of Riberas del Pilar, Chapala. Subsequent investigation found Chapala home to a half dozen care facilities. While varying in quality, facilities and price -- as do rest homes just about anywhere, we became more confident there were viable options for RVBMJUZ TBGF BòPSEBCMF DBSF It was never really a question of what country would top our list. As educators Jane and I spent the better part of three decades ilMVNJOBUJOH .FYJDP UP USBWFM BHFOUT around the world (www.magicofNFYJDPDPN). There’d be no international house hunting in Nicaragua or Thailand for us; we fell hard for .FYJDP'SFRVFOUUSBWFMUISPVHIPVU Latin America only made us more convinced we’d find that perfect TQPUAGPSFJHOZFUGBNJMJBSBOESJHIU OFYUEPPS It’s not unlike the path many of you have come upon over the last PSTPZFBST(PPOWBDBUJPO ĂśOE a place that clicks, make the timeshare down payment, and start to wonder why your special place can’t CFDPNFZPVSZFBSASPVOEIPNF'PS TPNFQMBDFT MJLF.FYJDP UIFCPPN CFHBO MPOH CFGPSF UIF  IPVTing crash, and is now at breathtaking pace. No one really knows the real number, but a commonly-sited figure is over one million Americans are now residing full-time under the .FYJDBOTVO Your first inclination might be UP KPU EPXO B TIPSU MJTU PGAXIZ XF $"/5 EP UIJT OPX #F DBSFGVM:PV may find writing down the obvious obstacles becomes a roadmap rather than an off ramp to a new generational partnership, in a foreign land. 0VS TFDPOE ABI IB NPNFOU came months after Mom moved in with us in Oregon. Following a visit with a friend in Guadalajara, Jane CSPVHIUNFUXPTCPPLTBCPVU .FYJDP MBLFTJEF MJWJOH CZ XSJUFS %BOF $IBOEPT  BDUVBMMZ B nom di plum GPS #SJUJTI XSJUFS 1FUFS -JMMZ who adopted Lake Chapala as his IPNFBOEMJWFEMBLFTJEFGPSPWFS ZFBST *O BO FSB CFGPSF HBUFE FYQBU communities, the books recount the challenges and everyday curiosities that endear so many norteamericanosXJUI.FYJDP The books awakened memories PG TVNNFS  0VS GBNJMZ PG ĂśWF spent nearly a month in a rented hillside house just outside of the town of Chapala. Reading these TDISPOJDMFTPGEBJMZWJMMBHFMJGF

awoke in us a yearning for the esTFODF PG .FYJDP MJWJOH TDFOJD  TBGF small-town simplicity married with big city conveniences and comforts a short drive away. i$IBQBMB IVI %JEOU"NFSJDBOT and Canadians used to go there to retire?� In fact, yes; the villages lining the Lake’s northern shore have CFFOBUUSBDUJOHFYQBUTGPSEFDBEFT Chapala is both a town and a lake .FYJDPT MBSHFTU  5VDLFE CFUXFFO shoreline and sierra is a sting of cobbled and colorful colonial era WJMMBHFT"UBRVJUFIPTQJUBCMF  feet altitude, Chapala is a half hour from Guadalajara’s international airport and under an hour to the nearest Costco and the city’s world-class medical care. We’d be under three hours’ drive to the coast (Manzanillo), be able to get familiar brands at Ajijic’s scenic view Walmart, and had found an assortment of home SFOUBMTGPSVOEFSBNPOUI #VUXFXFSFOUSFBMMZMPPLJOHGPS a gringo bubble of country clubs BOE FYQBUMFE GBSNFST NBSLFUT What cinched the deal was ChaQBMBTBNBMHBNBUJPOPG.FYJDBOWJMlage simplicity, spectacular scenery, the world’s best climate, and a better place for Mom. Yes, there are going to be decisions and tradeoffs – and some hard ones. You will approach your spouse and likely conclude: it’s just not practical, it’s not the right time, we won’t see our grandkids, we need to work a few more years before retiring, we don’t speak any foreign languages. Picking up and moving abroad is daunting to even the most seasoned global traveler. And it’s not everyone’s path to a successful, sustainable lifestyle migration. %FNPHSBQIFST UFMM VT BO BTUPVOEJOH   "NFSJDBOT SFBDI retirement age every single day, and few are financially equipped nor emotionally prepared to manage their own retirement – and even less so while caring for an aging parent. For us, fulfilling a dream decades old became something much more UIBOBOFTDBQJTU57TIPX*SPOJDBMMZ  it was Mom’s fading memory that helped us decide it was time to start making some of our own. Ed. Note: Greg Custer is a tourism marketing veteran with over thirty years working, teaching and writJOH BCPVU .FYJDP He resides with his wife Jane in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jalisco. Greg Custer

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his is a story of a man who dreamed he could aspire to greatness in his pursuit of the impossible – “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp�- yet the Gods conspired against him in his endeavour. England- 1968  5IF #SJUJTI XFSF in the grip of sailing fever: Sir Francis Chichester had achieved the colossal challenge of sailing around the world, single handed, a year earlier, though he did make one stop in Australia. The London Sunday Times announced The Golden Globe race around the world- single handed, but without stopping, and would award a prize of


 QPVOET   QPVOET JO UPday’s money) for the fastest time. The deadline date for departure was OctoCFS st. Nine men entered the race, FJHIU XFSF FYQFSJFODFE TBJMPST BOE UIFOUIFSFXBTBNZTUFSZNBO%POBME $SPXIVSTU $SPXIVTU  BHFE   MPWJOH husband and father of four young children, a brilliant troubled electrical engineer living in Somerset, was the dark horse. His business was having little TVDDFTTJOTFMMJOHIJTA/BWJHBUPS BNBSJtime device), and he sought a possible way out of his worsening financial woes by entering the race. He was a weekend sailor, so the very notion of his ability to sail around the perilous Southern

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

Ocean alone seemed ludicrous. &OUFS 4UBO #FTU B MPDBM NJMMJPOBJSF  already propping up Crowhurst’s electronics company was talked into backing Crowhurst: he would finance the craft Crowhurst believed would have UIFGBTUFTUTQFFE#VUUIFSFXBTBQSPviso: if Crowhurst failed to finish, he would have to buy the boat back- the first fatal miscalculation; added to that, Crowhurst re-mortaged his home. Enter Rodney Hallworth, a local press hack, who seized on the chance of building the publicity and thus feeding the progress of Crowhurt’s voyage to Fleet St. He fed Crowhurt’s fantasies of fame and fortune- he would later betray the Crowhurst family. Crowhurst was beset with problems from day one: his boat was built far too quickly and far too late to be sea worUIZCFGPSFUIF0DUPCFSEFBEMJOF%BZT prior to departure Crowhurst knew it XBT IPQFMFTT  CVU #FTU BOE )BMMXPSUI told him it was too late to pull out- it was unstoppable. The night before he sailed Crowhurst wept alongside his wife, Clare, saying “the boat is not SFBEZw )F XBT CPYFE JOUP B DPSOFS PG no escape- but the show had to go on. Thousands lined the Teignmouth harbor as he set sail unceremoniously (his sails tangled and had to be towed back). His wife and children watched him sail across the horizon- effectively sailing into oblivion. He made slow progress, the hatches leaked and the bilge pump was already inoperable. His only communication was by radio and Morse code. Conditions got worse by the day- he knew his vessel had no hope of surviving the ravages of Cape Horn. If he went forward he was committing suicide, and yet, if he returned he was financially ruined; there was no way out. He decided to fabricate his progress- he would lie and deceive. He started to send messages that he was now making much faster progress, saying he DMPDLFENJMFTJOPOFEBZ BOEOPX Crowhurst , this unknown outsider, the underdog, became the newspapers

darling. Crowhurst simply cheated: he circled around the coast of Argentina, out of sight, for months, with the intention of slipping in behind the others when they returned upon entering the Atlantic Ocean, northbound to England. He stopped radio contact. Crowhurst kept two logs booksone for his fake position and one for his real position. Months later, when he resumed radio contact (he said his radio failed for some time) he was to learn that only two others were still in UIF SBDF OBNFMZ ,OPY +PIOTUPO BOE Tetley, and they were now around the Horn on the final leg home. When he was certain they were well ahead of his QPTJUJPO$SPXIVSTUXPVMEASFFOUFSUIF race, but it was imperative he came in last so that his log books would not be scrutinized. Tetley heard, by radio, that Crowhurst was only two weeks behind him and, fearing Crowhurst could catch him up, pushed his own embattled triNBSBOUPPIBSE BOEPO.BZth 1969, Tetley’s vessel gradually came apart. His Mayday calls were answered by a %VUDI WFTTFM IF XBT QJDLFE VQ GSPN his life raft-now out of the race. Now the situation for Crowhurst XBTBEJMFNNB,OPY+PIOTUPOXBTBMready back in England (he was the first to depart months earlier, and took the longest time). This meant Crowhurst could then actually be the fastest. Crowhurst had the audacity to carry out the IPBYCVUOPUUIFDPOTDJFODFUPEPTP His log books would undergo scrutiny and his deception would be there for the world to see: there was no way out. The torment overburdened him and the terrifying isolation of months at sea finally led him into a state of madness: such are the delicate mechanisms of the mind. Later his logs books revealed PWFS   XPSET PG IJT EFTDFOU JOUP mental chaos, with these final words: “It is finished. It is finished. It is the mercy.â€? Crowhurst was gone. His boat was found floating in the Sargasso sea by the captain of the A1JDBSEZ XIP XBT UIF ĂśSTU UP SFBE UIF log books, and saw the deception. Hallworth sold the log books to the Sunday Times8IFOUIFUSVUIPGUIFIPBYXBT out, the humiliation for Clare Crowhurst and her family was immensely painful. She is still alive today and does not believe her husband committed TVJDJEF,OPY+PIOTUPO CFJOHUIFPOMZ one who returned, EPOBUFE UIF  pounds prize money to the Crowhurst Appeal Fund. Today on $BZNBO #SBD JO UIF Caribbean is the remains of Crowhurst’s craft, stripped and forgotten. Robert James Taylor

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ell, young man, you’re waking up.� Pete heard the voice but couldn’t focus on the form . “Who are you? Where am I?� i*BN%S6HVFTTP:PVBSFJOBIPTpital in Rome. You were in a very serious accident, and you were brought to us by field workers who saw the crash. Lucky for you one of the women had medical training. She saved your life. You have been here for three weeks and JO WFSZ CBE TIBQF %P ZPV SFNFNCFS the accident? “ Kaleidoscopic pieces flashed in his mind. His heart raced as things came back. He was on vacation, driving through the Italian countryside. His Fiat hit a pothole and vaulted over a wall. “You had many broken bones, and severe burns on your face and scalp. Luckily you were pulled from the car CFGPSFJUFYQMPEFE:PVSSFTDVFSTTBWFE you from being crisped. We will start reconstruction of your face very soon.�


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

“Reconstruction? Give me a mirror!� “I’m not sure you want to see yourself.� “Give me the damn mirror!� Pete took the mirror, holding it as the doctor removed his bandages. He gasped, then screamed. The face staring back was too hideous to believe. No nose, no lips or ears. His scalp looked like roast pigskin. “Twenty two and a living nightmare.� He murmured. He looked at his bandaged hands, then at the doctor, a question in his eyes. Touching his shoulder, the doctor said, “Your hands will be fine.� :FT JUTIPSSJCMF#VUXFEPBNB[JOH things today. I’m pretty sure you will be happy with the results.� i%PNZQBSFOUTLOPXBCPVUUIJT w “No, we had no way of finding them. We don’t even know your name. You had no identity on you.� Pete asked for a phone and called his parents, told them that he decided UPUBLFBOFYUFOEFEUPVSPG&VSPQF BOE would keep in touch. He did not mention the accident, knowing they would be frantic with worry. Months went by as the surgeries progressed. Finally the doctors had

done all they could. The day came to remove the bandages. Taking a deep breath, Pete grabbed the mirror and looked at his face, looked at the doctor, then looked again. “What the hell?� %S6HVFTTPTISVHHFEi8FIBEUP work with the donor parts we had available. It happens that your particular parts came from an Irish fellow.� #FGPSF UIF BDDJEFOU 1FUF IBE GBJS skin, black curly hair, flat ears, and a prominent nose. Now he had red curly hair, ears that stuck out, full lips and a SVEEZDPNQMFYJPO5IFPOMZUIJOHUIBU resembled him was the nose. It was still prominent. “What’s with the nose? It doesn’t look Irish? “No, it’s from a Jewish donor, the only part of him we could save. The Irish nose just didn’t seem to fit you, Mr. #FDLFOTUJFOw A month later, here he was at his parents’ apartment building. How was he going to tell them he was part Irish? He walked inside and boarded the elevator. As it climbed so did his appreIFOTJPOT"SSJWJOHBUUIFth floor, Pete walked down the hall and knocked on IJTQBSFOUTEPPS5IFZXFSFFYQFDUJOH him but he was afraid he’d scare them if he just walked in. “Who’s there? Is that you Peter?� called his mother. “Yeah, sort of.� The door flew open, his parents rushed to him, then came screeching to a stop. “Peter!� gasped his mom, “What’s happened to you? Where did you get the red hair? Those big ears?� Pete sighed. “Sit down and I’ll tell you both all about it.� Pete recounted the story about the accident, the hospital, the only donor parts available being from an Irish man. “The good news is my nose is Jewish and my hands are my own. His mother’s hands flew to her CSFBTUw0I UIBOL(PE 1FUFS%PFTUIBU mean you can still be a doctor?�

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aomi and Jewel were sitting in the rental car they had driven from the Denver airport to here, a retreat center up Boulder Canyon, in the mountains, Sunflower Retreat. They were here to heal the hopelessness that was consuming them. Jewel’s 12 year old son had recently committed suicide and Naomi’s 15 year old daughter had died in a car crash with Jewel as the driver. They sat looking over the landscape without seeing it. Jewel opened her door slowly, as if she had just enough energy to do so. Naomi followed in an emotional state of not quite being here. #PUINPWFEGPSXBSEUPXBSEBQBUIUIFZ thought would lead them to the retreat center. They walked across a meadow


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

displaying its wildflowers and orange and green lichen clinging to boulders, unaware as they both were deeply into their thoughts. At the edge of the meadow the path led into the pine forest, its scent of pine enhanced by the warmth of the sun streaming through the trees and illuminating the path… neither Naomi nor Jewel were present to the beauty surrounding them. Automatically putting one foot in front of the other, moving deeper into the woods where the silence could be heard. The stillness began to wrap itself softly around Jewel and she took a long, slow, deep breath and found herself standing at the threshold of an old overgrown Labyrinth. She turned to Naomi who was standing just behind her on the path which seemed to be encased in a porous mud colored cocoon. Jewel put forth her hand, beckoning to Naomi, and as she did, vivid colors appeared, enveloping Naomi, bright orange Indian paintbrush, the blue of Columbine, purple lupine and filtered sunlight’s soft yellow warmth. Jewel moved closer to Naomi and said in a hushed voice, “Are you aware of the beauty and miracle of life that is unfolding around you”? Jewel asked in a hushed voice. Naomi opened her eyes wide, sensing the wonderment around her. She reached out to take Jewel’s hand, and together they took a first step into the Labyrinth toward healing their pain.

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SQUEEZING “THE JUICE�—A Study of LAPD (Police) Evidence “Management� %\7RP(FN


n June 12, 1994, Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered outside of Nicole’s home in Brentwood, California. Nicole’s throat was slit in a “Columbian Necktieâ€? fashJPOBOE(PMENBOTVòFSFEPWFSTUBC wounds. The two bodies, left in pools of their blood, evidenced hard-fought struggles. The knife cut in Goldman’s shoe; the bruises on his knuckles, and the blood on and under Nicole’s fingernails, all pointed to them having injured their killer, causing one police investigator to comment. “He put up a good fight. I’d like to see the other guy.â€? Although there appeared a mountain of evidence against him, the alleged culprit, O.J, Simpson, was acquitted. A tsunami of protests and indignation flooded the country. A closer analysis of the details, however, particularly the time line and evidence tampering, presents a compelling argument in favor of


the legitimacy of the verdict‌ Time of the murder: The un-melted ice cream 7BHVF BOE DPOUSBEJDUPSZ UFTUJNPOZ PGBEPHCBSLJOHBCPVUQNTVSGBDFE  but the undeniable fact was that the cup of ice cream in Nicole’s house was still un-melted after midnight when the police arrived –forensic evidence that the murders actually took place after 

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

#ZQN0+XBTPOBQMBOFUP$IJcago. When informed of the murders, he quickly returned, leaving behind his golf clubs. He spoke to the police without an attorney and gave blood samples which XFSF QSFTFSWFE XJUI &%5"5IFSF XFSF no visible signs on him of any altercation. Evidence Tampering by Police No evidence was found in OJ’s possession, or in the limo, on the plane, in the hotel, or on any of his bags. All the evidence was collected from areas, or on items that the police and lab personnel had easy access for tampering. There is compelling evidence of police corruption and evidence tampering from the very beginning of the investigation on through the trial. Mark Furman’s racial hatred, as well as evidence of tampering in previous cases--a practice not uncommon at the time in the -" QPMJDF EFQBSUNFOU  XBT FYQPTFE in court. Even the search warrant was based upon perjury. —The Search Warrant 5IFUSJBMKVEHFEFUFSNJOFEUIBU%FUFDUJWF1IJMJQ7BOOBUUFSIBEDPNNJUUFE perjury in the warrant application for the search of Simpson’s house.  Among PUIFS NJTSFQSFTFOUBUJPOT  7BOOBUUFS stated that Simpson had suddenly taken flight to Chicago when, in fact, police knew the trip had been planned for months. And he unequivocally asserted that the substance found on Simpson’s #SPODP XBT CMPPE  XIFO JO GBDU JU IBE not yet been tested. In the house search, the plumbing was dismantled to find traces of blood that Simpson presumably left when he washed off. Nothing was found, no blood, no bloody clothes, no bloody shoes and no weapon. If OJ so efficiently disposed of the bloody clothes, why would he leave the sock and the gloves in two visible places? —The Glove The glove, found conveniently in the bushes near the murder scene with the blood of Ron and Nicole’s, was still wet, according to Furman, who “discovered’ the glove, in the dark several hours after the murders. It should have been dried by then, suggesting the blood was swabbed from the un-dried pool of blood of victims themselves and planted. There was an unidentified Caucasian hair on the glove. —The Bronco Furman testified that he never PQFOFEUIFEPPSPGUIF#SPODP ZFUIF TBX B TQPU PG CMPPE BU  BN OFBS UIF door jamb that could only be seen with the door open. Most of the blood tracFTJOUIF#SPODPXFSFGPVOEEBZTBGUFS TJYPUIFSJOWFTUJHBUPSTIBETDPVSFEUIF #SPODP GPS TVDI TUBJOT 5IF %/" XBT intact, proving that it was placed there more recently than the murders —The Bloody Sock /P CMPPE XBT TQPUUFE VOUJM TJY

XFFLTBGUFSFWJEFODFDPMMFDUJPO&YQFSUT testified that the blood on both sides of the sock showed it had been applied when the sock was not worn. More imQPSUBOUMZ  UIF CMPPE DPOUBJOFE &%5" from preserved blood. Original pictures of the room where the socks were found showed no sock there. It magically appeared in later photographs. —The Rear Gate #MPPEPOUIFSFBSHBUFXBTiEJTDPWeredâ€? three weeks after the murders, and after the crime scene had been torn down, despite being where it should IBWF CFFO TVCKFDU UP UIF TUSJDUFTU FYamination. 5IFMFWFMTPG%/"JOUIFCMPPEXFSF significantly higher than stains collected three weeks earlier and preserved. The %/" TIPVME IBWF CFFO TFWFSFMZ DPSrupted by then. The stains contained the &%5" PG B QSFTFSWFE TBNQMF  TJNJMBS UP that found on the sock, despite supposFEMZ CFJOH FYQPTFE UP TVOMJHIU  NFUBM and paint for three weeks. —Lie Detector Simpson did miserably fail the test. #VU JG IF LOFX UIBU IF XBT HVJMUZ  XIZ would he agree to take one, and not just lawyer up? More importantly, the accuracy and validity of polygraph  testing has long been controversial. There is no evidence that any pattern of physiological reactions is unique to deception. An honest person may be nervous when answering truthfully and a dishonest QFSTPO NBZ CF OPOBOYJPVT &WFO QSPponents admit that they are accurate at CFTUPGUIFUJNF5IBUJTXIZUIFZ are not admissible. There is no question that Simpson’s erratic behavior with the #SPODPSJEFTIPXFEBNBOUIBUXBTJO an emotional state that could well affect his polygraph results. In the final analysis, the mountain of evidence is reduced to a molehill when the timelines and police tampering are factored in. The jury was instructed that they could disregard any evidence brought forth by a dishonest party or witness. They simply chose to ignore any of the testimony and evidence of the inept and corrupt police. "T %FUFDUJWF 7BOOBUUFS MBUFS SFmarked, “The defense caused our mounUBJOPGFWJEFODFUPNFMUMJLFBDVQPG#FO and Jerry’s ice cream.â€? That melted cup of ice cream was not enough to support a conviction. So, was OJ squeezed by his Nevada proDFFEJOHTBOEZFBSQSJTPOTFOUFODF  That’s another story‌ (Ed. Note: We welcome Letters to the Editor endorsing one viewpoint or the other. Letters should run no more UIBOXPSET

Tom Eck

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here’s not a snowball’s ll’ss he chance in Hell,� she snarled at him as h he e beat a hasty retreat out the door. or. r ld Everyone knew she was a feisty o old o dame, but she still felt compelled tto reprove the fact often enough to ree’d e’ mind herself of the fact. Lately, she’d ng been feeling herself mellow. Growing n teary-eyed at the sight of kittens o on rttYoutube videos—having little hearthe er flutters when she glimpsed other n women’s grandchildren in photos on cell phones. When she stood back to consider this strange new course of events, she could only view it as she might view a mysterious disease—look at the symptoms, try to figure out a cure. Surely, being around children or kittens might help; nothing like reality to pop the bubble of a fancy.


Kibbles Kibb Ki bble bb les underfoot les le unde und un derf rfoo foo oott and and gumdrops g mdro gumd gu mdro md rops p in ps in the sheets could surely cancel out DVUF "MUIPVHI TIF IBE OP FYQFSJence with such cures, since they’d never been necessary before. Jake had wanted kids long ago. Actually, he’d gone on wanting them for a good twenty years—as long as she might have provided them—but her refusal had been as determined

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

as her response today, when he had asked if she perhaps would be interested in a Caribbean cruise. Her on a cruise ship with old men in madras shorts and women in beauty-parlor hairdos? She tried to think of what she would do on a boat. She had taken an oath years before to never play shuffleboard and bridge made her dyspeptic. She’d discovered this in college, waiting for Karen Schuller to play her hand, drumming her long perfectly polished fingernails on the bridge table, screwing her little red DVQJE CPY NPVUI JOUP B QFSQMFYFE knot. “Play the damn card!� she’d screamed internally, afraid that if the bitch ran one more finger tattoo on the table that she’d slam her fist down on that perfect hand. It seemed easier to give up bridge than to give up the aggression she felt every time she heard the sharp drumming and viewed that pensive mouth. Cruise ships, she was sure, were full of Karen Schullers, all grown up, with fingernails an inch longer, lips forty years more wrinkled. And they made you eat things like lobster and crabs—giant underwater bugs that no one would ever convince her XFSF NFBOU GPS DPOTVNQUJPO #VU the truth was that aside from these

irritations, being cooped up in a cabin with Jake for a week or more didn’t carry any attraction for her any more. The old coot got stranger by the day. Just last night, on the couch, XBUDIJOH3BZ%POPWBO IFIBEUSJFE to hold her hand. Forty years married and like a teenager, furtively reaching over. They’d been done with all that syrup years ago, but now, why, was he thinking hand holds and Caribbean cruises? What month was it? She tried to TPSU PVU B SFBTPO 7BMFOUJOFT EBZ  birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas–– not that they ever observed any of them. Finally, she gave up. There was no accounting for old men in their first states of senility. She would just have to put up with it, but she didn’t have to go along. She settled herself more solidly into her chair and grabbed the remote, switching on UIF 57 DPOOFDUFE UP IFS DPNQVUFS Millie Perkins had Facebooked her BOPUIFS LJUUFOCVOOZ WJEFP 4IF tried to resist, but found herself moving the mouse over to the arrow. The bunny had floppy ears and the puppy had very long hair and a little vest. 4IF DMJDLFE Pò UIF57 RVJDLMZ XIFO Jake came into the room, but didn’t greet him. “Clara?â€? he asked tentatively. She pretended not to hear. Honey? In his hand was an envelope that looked sort of crumpled and a bit dusty‌ like he’d been hanging onto it for awhile. “Remember your last checkup? The results came a few days ago.â€? She looked up at him and his face looked soft like the face of the bunny. Something was written on it– –a different sadness that she hadn’t seen before. He sat down beside her on the couch and risked once more taking her hand. And this time she let him. Judy DykstraBrown

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ear Sir: Regarding Mark Gregory’s letter (August Ojo) in reTQPOTFUPi"OPUIFS7JDUJNPG4PDJBMJTNw  an earlier Ojo piece, it always surprises me how Mr. Gregory, a self-declared “solid capitalist, conservativeâ€? and many 64 DJUJ[FOT MJLF IJN LOPX FYBDUMZ XIBU “’The Founding Fathers’ (interesting DBQJUBMJ[BUJPO  IBE JO NJOEw #VU  UIFO I am only a misguided social democrat from the “utopiaâ€? of the great frozen /PSUIBCPWFUIFth parallel. All I know is that I worked hard at my profession, BOEJOUIFZFBSTCFGPSF*SFMPDBUFEUP .FYJDP *OFWFSTBXBIPTQJUBMPSBEPDtor’s bill. Now, for the last 15 years I also have enjoyed a pension that allows me to live comfortably – all paid for with in-


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

DPNFUBYEFEVDUJPOTGSPNNZNPOUIMZ paycheck. In addition, I also paid propFSUZUBYFTPOIPVTFT*PXOFEBOEBTNBMM ranch which went towards the infrastructure and services of the city or the county where I lived and the schools, even though I did not have any children. Something else that also amazes me is the ready-made meaningless phrase i(PECMFTT5FYBTwPSUIF64" XJUIXIJDI such nonsensical hogwash ends. I believe that “God� could not care less about UIF 64 PS BOZ PUIFS DPVOUSZ * BN TVSF  however, that Mr. Gregory and others who use this predictable ending know exactly what was in God’s mind when he PSTIFMFUUIF64TUFBM5FYBTGSPN.FYJDP or Guantanamo from Cuba or allowed Russia to steal the Crimea from the 6LSBJOF "T Bi$ISJTUJBOw o UIPVHI * BN not sure if in Mr. Gregory’s eyes being Catholic counts – I also know this: Capitalism and Imperialism are in my book the most un-Christian ideologies, at least based on the words of that revolutionary called Jesus Christ. I don’t recall Him ever saying: After I performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, I sold them to the hungry multitudes at a markup. And as far as volunteer work like sponsoring refugees or delivering food hampers to the poor, one does that as a human being, Christian or not, in addition to any government programs that NBZFYJTU(PECMFTTiTPDJBMJTUw$BOBEB Karl Homann -BLFNPOL!PVUMPPLDPN

Mountain Lake %\1DQF\*UHHQKHDUW

Rosy blush caresses the mountains. Then Sun above their up-curved rim. Pours his light upon the waters, Makes a dappled path of bright shimmers. .JTUBSJTFT FYDJUFECZ4VOTÜSTULJTT Energy abounds: birds sing morning melodies; The distant rooster crows; nearby cows graze; The flowers awaken; all colors come alive. Swallows glide and dive for breakfast. 5IFHSFFOPGUSFFTBOECVTIFTTPGUFOUIFCMVFFYQBOTF As mist is taken by the Sun that made it, The deep blue lake’s sparkles spread. Our Lake Room allows us to see the splendor. Its great window lets in the radiance. And later we sit on our flowered terrace To take our fill of food, beauty and breezes grace. Our bodies and our minds are content and blessed. We have found home in this elevated land. Here the air cleans and refreshes. We celebrate love and peace. All is grand.

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Sandy Olson

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GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT! That is to say, Lakeside Little Theatre season tickets go on sale NOW. Get them on September 6 and 7 from  BN UP  QN BU UIF UIFBUSF  PS DBMM   PS email tickets@lakesidelittletheatre.com. They will also be available later if you have missed this notification. LITTLE THEATRE PLAYHOUSE SERIES Lakeside Little Theatre is pleased to announce the 1MBZIPVTF4FSJFT5IJTXJMMCFUIFGPVSUITFBson of collaboration with London’s National Theatre Live. All of these are actual performances recorded in stunning high definition before live audiences and TIPXOPO--5TYGPPUTDSFFO4UJMMUPDPNFBSF September 9-10 Obsession by Jan Peter GerJude Law rits, Simon Stephens Jude Law stars in the stage production of Obsession, SFDPSEFE MJWF GSPN UIF #BSCJDBO Theatre in London. October 14-15 Peter PanCZ+/#BSSJF November 18-19 Cyrano de BergeracCZ&ENPOE3PTUBOE "OUIPOZ#VSHFTT December 2-3 Il VoloXJUI1MBDJEP%PNJOHP/PUUF.BHJDB January 27-28 Angels in America 1&2 by Tony Kushner March 3-4 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee April 7-8 Yerma by Simon Stone, Federico Garcia Lorca 1FSGPSNBODFTBSF4BUVSEBZFWFOJOHTBUQNBOE4VOEBZNBUJOFFTBUQN5JDLFUT QFTPT GPSUIFVQDPNJOHTIPXTDBOCFQVSDIBTFEUXPXFFLTQSJPSBOEUIFXFFLPGUIF TIPXBUUIF--5CPYPĂłDF8FEOFTEBZBOE5IVSTEBZGSPNBNVOUJMOPPO BOEPOFIPVS before curtain. OPEN CIRCLE Sunday morning finds many Lakeside residents at the Lake Chapala Society and Open $JSDMF BGPSVNPOBWBSJFUZPGTUJNVMBUJOHUPQJDT"TPDJBMIPVSXJUIDPòFFBOETOBDLTBU BNJTGPMMPXFECZBOJOUFSFTUJOHMFDUVSFBOEEJTDVTTJPOBU September 10 Discover Ayurveda, India’s Traditional Health System Presented by Mahadevi Prem Ayurveda teaches us that we are all unique and that our path toward perfect health is equally unique. 7JCSBOU IFBMUI JT PVS OBUVSBM TUBUF  UIF SFTVMU PG IBSmonious living. Ayurveda involves nutrition, herbs, massage, and lifestyle. And because the five senses are gateways into the body, mind and consciousness, it also involves aromas, sounds, and color. Maha will share the principles of this ancient wisdom and provide a simple guide to staying healthy and happy by adjusting our daily habits. Mahadevi has spent more than ten years learning "ZVSWFEBBOEFYQFSJFODJOHUIFCFOFĂśUTPGJODPSQPSBUing its practice into her life in keeping with the California Ayurveda Colleges programs and her personal process with an Ayurveda medical doctor. She is a Thai massage therapist, Theta healer, Moon Mother, MagMahadevi Prem dala priestess, energy healer and devotional singer. She gives individual sessions and leads ancient ceremonies, healing circles, classes and workshops.    September 17   Karma Presented by Victor Youcha -BTUZFBS7JDUPSTQPLFUPVTBCPVUTQJSJUVBMMBX‰UIFMBXPGLBSNBBOEQBSBMMFMQFSDFQtions of spiritual law in various belief systems. Today he will elaborate more fully on this topic. He has had an interesting year since the last talk. His wife Linda had a very serious stroke folMPXJOHTVSHFSZUPDPSSFDUBOBOFVSJTNBOEJTOPXJOBOVSTJOHIPNF7JDUPSIJNTFMGSFDFOUMZ underwent heart catheterization, with stents inserted in two arteries. Thus, pondering the MFTTPOTPGLBSNBJTGPSFNPTUJO7JDUPSTNJOE̓ "MJGFMPOHTQJSJUVBMTFFLFS 7JDUPSIBTTUVEJFEXJUI-BLPUBNFEJDJOFNFOBOEIBTCFFOB student of the spiritual teachings of ECKANKAR for the last 18 years. A licensed chiropractor, he still practices part time and has been giving seminars to students and faculty of the chiroQSBDUJDDPMMFHFTJO.FYJDP7JDUPSBOE-JOEBBSSJWFEJO"KJKJDJO September 24 Clarifying Cross-Cultural Conundrums


Presented by Dr. Linda Sonna 1TZDIPMPHJTU BOE BVUIPS %S -JOEB 4POOB XJMM EJTDVTT UIF EJòFSFODFT JO .FYJDBO BOE /PSUIPGUIF#PSEFSXPSMEWJFXT WBMVFT BUUJUVEFT CFMJFGT BOEDVTUPNTUIBUDPNNPOMZDPOfound intercultural encounters. %S 4POOB TFSWFE BT QSPGFTTPS PG NVMUJDVMUVSBM DPVOTFMJOH BU $BOBEBT:PSLWJMMF 6OJWFSsity for ten years and was a nationally self-syndicated columnist. She authored ten parenting CPPLTBOESFDFOUMZSFMFBTFEBNFNPJSPGIFSNPUIFSTZFBSTJO.FYJDPFOUJUMFE5PSUJMMB1FBOVU#VUUFS5SVF$POGFTTJPOTPGBO"NFSJDBO.PN5VSOFE4NVHHMFS%S4POOBJNNJHSBUFE UP.FYJDPJO XIFSFTIFMJWFEJO4BO.JHVFMEF"MMFOEFVOUJMNPWJOHUP-BLFTJEFUIJT month. October 1 Why I Call It Yoga Presented by Dean Niles %FBOXJMMUFMMVTIJTQIJMPTPQIZPG:PHBBOEFYQMBJOUIFEJòFSFODFCFUXFFODMBTTJDBMZPHB and modern yoga. He will discuss the different modalities he has borrowed from and provide FYBNQMFTPGFYFSDJTFTUIFBVEJFODFDBOEPBUIPNF)FXJMMEFNPOTUSBUFIPXUPSFMFBTFUIF UFOTJPOXFDBSSZJOPVSTIPVMEFSTBOEFYQMBJOUIFJNQPSUBODFPGEPJOHUIJTJOUFSNJUUFOUMZ UISPVHIPVUUIFEBZ̓)FXJMMMFBEVTJOTPNFCSFBUIJOHFYFSDJTFT BMTPFYQMBJOJOHUIFJSJNQPSUBODF BOEDPODMVEFXJUIBEFFQSFMBYBUJPOFYFSDJTF %FBOIBTMJWFEZFBSTJO.FYJDPBOEUBVHIUCPUISFHVMBSZPHBBOEDIBJSZPHB̓)FMJWFE almost 11 years in the Kripala Yoga Center studying many different types of yoga. He is 87 years old and his good health and vigor attest to the value of practicing yoga and staying øFYJCMF  YOU TOO CAN LOOK LIKE THIS‌ ‌‌that’s if you join in the annual “Thrill the Worldâ€? dance event at the Ajijic Plaza on Saturday, October 28. Rehearsals start on September 9 and continue up until the event. You can join in at any UJNFBUUIF"KJKJD$VMUVSBM$FOUFSGSPNQN Rehearsals will continue each Saturday until the October 28 event.  There are also WednesEBZSFIFBSTBMTTUBSUJOHPO4FQUFNCFSGSPN 5-7 pm. Event planners have chosen Tepehua and The School for Special Children, AKA School for UIF %FBG MPDBUFE JO +PDPUFQFD  BT UIF CFOFĂściaries of this year’s event. Val Jones tells us that Cortlandt Jones is the dance captain this year.  He is featured in the original “Thrillerâ€? video and can be seen dancing just off of Michael Jackson’s right shoulEFS̓4IFTBZT i*UT7&3:DPPMUPIBWFIJNBTEBODFDBQUBJOUFBDIJOHUIFDIPSFPHSBQIZBOE performing with our Ajijic group.â€? OLD SPARKS FLY

The Cast (left to right): Pierre Blackburn, Liz White, Rosann Balbontin, Don Beaudreault 5IFOFYUQSPEVDUJPOGSPNNaked Stage is Private Lives, by Noel Coward. It’s directed by Fred Koesling.1FSGPSNBODFEBUFTBSF4FQUFNCFS  BOEBUQN As the play opens, we meet Amanda and Elyot. A flamboyant and dazzling  divorced couple, they discover, while honeymooning with their mousy new partners, that they are staying in adjacent rooms at the same hotel.  Old sparks fly and their perpetually stormy relationship reignites...much to their current spouses’ dismay!  After everything, is it possible that they are still in love with each other?  Naked Stage is at Hidalgo #261, on the mountain side and directly across from the Catho-

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El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

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lic Church.  Reservations are recommended. For more information and reservations, email nakedstagereservations@gmail.com. For those who use Facebook, look for The Naked Stage for breaking news and updates. WE HEAR FROM VIVA LA MUSICA 5IJTJTFYDJUJOHOFXTGPSNVTJDBOECBMMFUMPWFST)FSFBSF7JWBCVTUSJQTUPUIF %FHPMMBEP5IFBUFS Thursday September 14 Mexico Sinfonico conducted by Marco Parisotto, Contreras: Mariachitlan, Moncayo: Huapango, Marquez: Cello Concerto with soloist Carlos Prieto, Revueltas: La Noche de las Mayas#VTMFBWFTBUQNXJUIBTUPQBUBHPPESFTUBVSBOU Friday September 22 #BMMFU Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev, performed by the UBMFOUFE #BMMFU EF +BMJTDP #VT MFBWFT BU  QN /P EJOOFS TUPQ  QFTPT  GPS OPO members), Wednesday October 18 Hungarian Impressions, conductor Marco Parisotto, Kodaly: Suite, Liszt: Piano Concerto No.1 XJUI %BOJFMB -JFCNBO  QJBOP  #SBINT Hungarian Dances, #BSUPLMandarin Suite#VTMFBWFTBUQNXJUIBTUPQBUBHPPESFTUBVSBOU Thursday October 26 Saint-Saens Organ Symphony No. 3 conducted by Marco Parisotto, XJUI"MEP%FHBEJMMP PSHBO*WBO1FSF[ DFMMPConcertĂł No.1 TPMPJTU&SJD1JDBSE#VTMFBWFTBU QNXJUIBTUPQBUBHPPESFTUBVSBOU Sunday November 19 Gustav Mahler, Resurrection Symphony, conducted by Marco PariTPUUP /JDPMF)FBTUPO4PQSBOP $BTTBOESB;PF7FMBTDP$POUSBMUP XJUIUIF;BQPQBO.VOJDJQBM$IPJS%JSFDUPS5JNPUIZ3Vò8FMDI#VTEFQBSUTBUQNGPSQNDPODFSU̓/PEJOOFS stop. Sunday November 26 Operatic Gala directed by Marco Parisotto, Nicole Heaston, soQSBOP-PSFO[P%FDBSP UFOPS.P[BSU Don Giovanni#FMMJOJ Norma; Puccini, La Boheme and Turandot#VTEFQBSUTBUBN Thursday December 14 #BMMFU5IF/VUDSBDLFS DPOEVDUPS+FTVT.FEJOB #BMMFUEF+BMJTDP%JSFDUPS%BSJVT[#MBKFS5IJTJTBOBOOVBMTFMMPVU#VTEFQBSUTQN/PEJOOFSTUPQ QFTPT QFTPTGPSOPONFNCFST  "MMUIFBUFSTFBUTBSFQSFNJVNPSDIFTUSBTFBUT5SJQTUPUIF4ZNQIPOZBSFQFTPT  GPSOPONFNCFST 5SJQTUPUIF#BMMFUBSFJOEJWJEVBMMZQSJDFE5JDLFUTBSFBWBJMBCMFBUUIF-$4 UJDLFUCPPUI5IVSTEBZTBOE'SJEBZTUPOPPO PSDBMM3PTFNBSZ,FFMJOHBU SINGING ON A STAR The Lake Chapala Chorale is back in full swing these days, rehearsJOHBOBMM#SPBEXBZ revue that director Cindy Paul says will be “nothing short of dazzling.â€? “Singing on a Starâ€? premiers on 4FQUFNCFS  BOE will be repeated OcThe Chorale in Rehearsal tober 1, 8 and 15, all 4VOEBZT  BMM BU  QN BU-B#PEFHB5IFNFNCFSDIPSVTIBTIBEUXPWFSZTVDDFTTGVMTFBTPOTBOEJTXPSLJOHPOBUSBEJUJPOBM$ISJTUNBTDPODFSUGPS%FDFNCFSBTXFMM "EWBODFUJDLFUTHPPOTBMFJONJE"VHVTUGPSQFTPTFBDIBU%JBOF1FBSM$PMFDDJPOFT BOE.JBT#PVUJRVF PSZPVDBOQBZQFTPTBUUIFEPPS JGUJDLFUTBSFTUJMMBWBJMBCMF-B#Pdega Restaurant offers a cash bar before the show and during intermission. TURF WARS IN ASSISTED LIVING Lakeside Little Theatre’s latest production is Ripcord. It’s directed by Collette Clavadetscher. Show dates are September 29-October 8. The performances BSF BU  QN BOE  QN 'JSTU 4BUVSEBZ and both Sundays are matinees. The plot: “Set in The Cast: Georgette Richmond, Zane Pumiglia, UIF #SJTUPM 1MBDF "TBarbara Pruitt, Linda Freeman, Al Kirkland, Johan sisted Living Facility, this comedy centers Dirkes and Damyn Young. around Abby, who takes pride in her residence in one of the most coveted rooms in the rest home. Things turn sour quickly when she must take in Marilyn, a new roommate to share her precious space. 5IJTIJHITUBLFTDPNFEZFYBNJOFTPVSFYQFDUBUJPOTPGXIBUJUNFBOTUPHSPXPMEJOUXFOUZ first century America.â€? 5JDLFUTBSFQFTPTBOEBSFBWBJMBCMFBU--5T#PY0ĂłDF UPOPPOFWFSZ8FEOFTEBZ


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

and Thursday, also one hour before curtain. Email: UJDLFUT!MBLFTJEFMJUUMFUIFBUSFDPN̓  PS DBMM     SHE WAS A BEAUTY No doubt about it, Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful woman—but troubled— and she met with a mysterious end. The recent LLT mounting of MM.xx, directed very ably by Peggy Lord Chilton, showcased the talents of our Candace Luciano. This critic’s opinion, (with impeccable credentials as a season ticket holder), is that Candace gave a very compelling performance as Marilyn. And furthermore—how many of us could memorize 51pages of dialogue and also look that good walking around the stage in Marilyn-style underwear? DREAMS OF AJIJIC 5IFQFSGPSNBODFi-PT4VFĂ—PTEF"YJYJDoFO1BMBCSBTF*NĂˆHFOFTw 5IF%SFBNTPG"YJYJDoJO8PSET BOE *NBHFT  XBT B QFSGPSNBODF CZ  DIJMESFO BU the Ajijic Cultural Center, the outcome of a one-

Candace Luciano as Marilyn Monroe week camp under the umbrella of La Cochera Cultural. La Cochera says. “Stay tuned as the dream unfolds in future projects.� The maestros were Antonio Lopez Vega (co-founder), Yolanda Ramirez, Karuna Gomez Mont, Abel Miguel, Emilia Galtes, Krstna Trejo, Xill Fessenden, Luis Caballo, Alesxay Morales, Alejandro Garza

Hernandez and Juan Navarro. DOWN WITH SMALLPOX $POHSBUVMBUJPOTUP$POOJF%BWJT .% .1) GPSBDIJFWJOH B (PME .FEBM XJO JO UIF  (MPCBM &CPPL "XBSET JO UIF̓ /PO'JDUJPO  *OTQJSBUJPOBM7JTJPOBSZ DBUFHPSZ GPS Searching for Sitala Mata, Eradication of Smallpox in India. LOS NIĂ‘OS DE CHAPALA Y AJIJIC It was a beautiful summer day for the NCA graduation celebration. There were dancers, speeches from local luminaries, and the awarding of congratulatory certificates. Students from preschool to university levels were honored. The event ended with a graduation cake and piĂąata. NCA assists qualifying, underprivileged children and ZPVOH BEVMUT JO UIF -BLF $IBQBMB BSFB GSPN *YUMBIVBDĂˆO EFMPT.FNCSJMMPTUP+PDPUFQFD UPBDIJFWFUIFJSNBYJNVN educational potential:  supports the cost of school fees, Connie Davis books, supplies and uniforms, and where indicated, proWJEFTBOJODPNFTVQQMFNFOUBOEPSBTTJTUBODFXJUISFMBUFENFEJDBMOFFET Sponsors, volunteers and donations are always welcome. To support this worthy charity, check the website: lakesideninos.org.

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welve -and-a-half hours after taking the oath, Denis Jones was knocking back his second beer of the day at O’Malley’s, a dingy working stiffs’ tavern on Avenue “B,� around the corner from his dump on East 6th. He’d stumbled out of bed earlier, but a pounding head had defeated him, and he’d fallen back onto stinking sheets. Christ! Had he sicked up in the middle of the night? The too bright morning sun blazed through windows which hadn’t been washed in memory. He’d sat for a while on the edge of the mattress, staring blankly at his battered Olivetti across UIFSPPNMJLF%FOJTJUIBETFFOCFUter days. Something was rolled into it but not by him. Last he remembered he’d yanked PVUBQBHFPGIJTANBTUFSXPSL CBMMFE it up and tossed it into a corner. Then he saw what was there now—the


mindless rubbish he’d scrawled on the back of a place mat, very drunk, in Antonio’s the night before, after Kati and Zac had forced something with garlic into him; Antonio’s, the place where the bocce balls drove him nuts. i#Z UIJT PBUI XSJU "VHVTU XIBUever in this so-called year of the -PSE  BU XIP LOPXT XIBU VOseemly hour, I do, pledge, affirm and solemnly swear on my mother’s head and putative pater’s privates to eschew all manner of inebriating MJRVJET IFODFGPSUI BOE GPSFWFS % Jones, Esq.â€? Jesus! What a buffoon he

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

was. What a bloody horse’s ass. A second page, written on the back of one of his discards, was unmistakably in Kati’s hand: “Fortunately you have just passed out, thus rendering you unable to do anybody any harm, at least for UIFOFYUGFXIPVST*ODBTFZPVIBWF been operating in a blackout, let me “affirmâ€? that you very nearly got a perfectly nice, albeit very tight young man, killed by your drunken bravado. %POPU *SFQFBU EPOPUUFMFQIPOFPS ring my bell. You are reckless, you are dangerous, I can’t take any more. K.â€? %FOJTHSPBOFE)FSFNFNCFSFE,BUJ BOE;BDQPVSJOHIJNJOUPBUBYJ IBVMing him up the four flights, taking off his shoes. He remembered the “nice young man.â€? His miserable two rooms were closing in. He had to get out, get a beer. The thirst was killing him, and the fucking jim-jams—insides like jelly, legs like lead. And the dirty sun. “I’ll take another.â€? “Hair of the dog?‌ You sleep in your clothes?â€? “Joe, just give me another.â€? i-JUUMFFBSMZJOUIFEBZ %FOJTw %FOJTMPPLFEVQBUUIFDMPDLCFhind the bar. Cedars wouldn’t be open. The Kettle of Fish would, but he knew he’d never make it across the park. Mommies with baby buggies; Frisbees; pretty, unattainable girls walking their dogs; old guys playing chess; hopefuls setting up oils and easels; young lovers holding hands, imagining, God help them, it was forever. Sunday in Washington Square. Forget the White Horse, way the hell west on Hudson. He didn’t want to run into good old buddy Zac. Or those holier-than-thou intellectual TOPCT GSPN UIFi7PJDFw  )F XBT GFE up with it all, the aura of the Welsh bard lingering on—and his nameTBLF #PCCZ  UIF TPOHTUFS  #FTJEFT  Kati’s place on Charles was en route. And that was out. Over and out. “How’s the girl? Great hair? Legs

UIBUOFWFSTUPQ #JHHMBTTFT $MBTTZ w “Joe, please.â€? “You screw up?â€? “Ah Joe, fuck all.â€? “So? What?â€? “So, there’s a construction site OFYU UP B KPJOU PWFS JO $IFMTFB  BOE one great mother of a derrick, threefour stories. Well, there was a guy, athletic type, boozing at the bar, getting an early start like the three of us—me, Kati, Zac. One thing led to another‌I bet him he couldn’t climb to the top of the the damn thing‌ told him I’d go first‌I went up, came down, he went up like a monkey, then froze‌had to go back up and talk him down.â€? “Lucky you didn’t kill him.â€? “That’s what she said.â€? “Lucky you’re not in jail‌. How’s the novel going?â€? “It isn’t.â€? “Why don’t you write about mountain climbing stuff. You did that, didn’t you? Climb mountains? #FBUT derricksy  (P IPNF  %FOJT  wash up. You don’t smell so good.â€? %FOJT QBJE IJT UBC BOE IFBEFE out. “Give her UJNF%FOJT let her miss you,â€? Joe called after him. 5IFTPCXIPMJWFEBCPWF%FOJT  the one who beat on his wife and LJET XBT FYJUJOH UIFJS XBMLVQ )F TIPWFEQBTU%FOJT NVUUFSJOHTPNFthing in Spanish and kicked at a kitten cowering behind a garbage can. God, %FOJTthought, I hate this town. He plucked the kitten up and walked across the street to Carmelita’s deli. “She too little, can only take milk. I got Carnation in can. You wan’?â€? “Yeah, give me a couple.â€? i* HJWF ZPV CPY UPP:PV KFTT QVU paper in. She what they call calico, mean she a girl.â€? "GUFS TFUUJOH PVU UIF NJML  %Fnis cleared debris from the kitchen counter, a wooden slab which doubled as a lid for the tub. He dealt with garbage, empty bottles, overflowing ashtrays, grimy clothes and sheets. Finally he gathered up the tossed SFNOBOUT PG IJTAPQVT  NFUIPEJDBMMZ shredded them, and scattered the QJFDFTJOUPUIFLJUUFOTCPY5IFOIF UPPLBCBUI#ZUIFUJNFIFEĂśOJTIFE  the kitten had emptied her saucer and had scrambled onto the matUSFTT#JHFZFTMPPLFEVQFYQFDUBOUMZ %FOJTHVFTTFEIFEDBMMIFS$BMJ * HJWF ZPV NZ PBUI $BMJw %FOJT said. “Nobody’s ever going to kick you again. I give you my oath.â€? "OE UIFO %FOJT CFHBO UP UIJOL of the integrity of the mountain—of uncorrupted snow and sapphire sky and silence. He inserted a fresh sheet of paper into his Olivetti, and typed i$MJNCJOH%FOBMJ wBOECFHBOUPDSZ

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his pre-season fundraiser is a one-woman show, featuring a stellar performance by Candace Luciano as “Marilyn� looking back on her life in the hours and days before her death in 1962. At the time Marilyn Monroe was chronically depressed and addicted to barbiturates; in the previous year she had undergone surgery for endometriosis, had a cholecystectomy, and spent four weeks in hospital care – including B CSJFG TUJOU JO B NFOUBM XBSE #VU the author chooses to water down most of her real life struggles, and presents us with a sugar-coated Marilyn. $BOEBDF-VDJBOPHBWFVTBOFYtraordinary rendering of Marilyn, true to her style and mannerisms. She held the stage with confidence, and deserves a special award for the largest number of lines memorized and delivered while changing DPTUVNF PO TUBHF %VSJOH UIF QMBZ a back projection screen showed pictures of Marilyn earlier in her life, or shots from her movies. J. E. Jack (aka “JJ�) put this together and found some rare footage which was illuminating and interesting. ConHSBUVMBUJPOT ++#ZUIFXBZ *EJEOU see a mention of Some Like It Hot which is one of my all-time great movies, and one for which Marilyn Monroe won a Golden Globe Award GPS #FTU "DUSFTT %JE * NJTT TPNFthing?


ear Sir, Not long ago, my dear husband bought me the Spanish version of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. We had read parts of it at my Spanish class in Melaque and loved it. As I was about to finish reading this touching novel, it appeared the August issue of El Ojo. What fun to find and read Michael


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

6OGPSUVOBUFMZ  UIF QMBZ JT OPU worthy of Candace’s performance and JJ’s ingenuity. We mostly know about Marilyn Monroe’s difficult life BOEIFSEFWFMPQNFOUBTBTFYTZNbol, so the play lacks tension. Some more anecdotal material would have been good, either about her NBSSJBHFT UP +PF %J.BHHJP BOE Arthur Miller, or her contract battles with the studios. She certainly wasn’t a dumb blonde. The author recognized that fact, and gave her some smart lines – though in my opinion she should have suffered more and been even smarter. Peggy Lord Chilton staged the show with her usual professional UPVDI  BOE #FUI -FJUDI XBT BO Fócient Stage Manager. I should also mention Johanna Clark in Wardrobe for the costumes which were beautiful and appropriate to the period. Thanks to all for putting on this pre-season fundraiser, and special thanks to Candace Luciano for her performance. Marilyn would have been proud of her. Michael Warren

MacLaughlin criticizing the book as a potential contemporary publisher. It made me smile again after the sad ending of the book. And without diminishJOHUIFFYUSBPSEJOBSZCFBVUZBOENFTsage of Hemingway’s creation. What coincidence, thank you Michael. Latika Pierrette Claude 

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ccording to Wikipedia, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller� album burst upon the world stage in November, 1982, with a production budget of $750,000 USD. and is still the world’s best seller. Michael Jackson was also instrumental in breaking the racial barriers in pop music, opening the way for other black entertainers to sucDFFE VTJOH.57 BOESFTVMUJOHJO his White House visit to President Reagan. This was also a time when no black artist graced the cover of magazines, with editors claiming UIFZEJEOUATFMMUIFQSPEVDU "MUIPVHI #MBDL )JTUPSZ'VUVSF has taken steps in the right direction, equality for all, due mainly through the arts, white supremacy is raising its ugly head again, and lack of tolerance for others is predominant.  One of its founders, %BWJE%VLF SBOUJOHBOEUFBDIJOH hate, used his contributors’ money to pay gambling bills, pleaded HVJMUZUPGSBVEBOEUBYFWBTJPOJO   ZFU TUJMM NBOBHFE UP ESBX those who fear that which they do not understand. Equality is not something to fear; immigration and other cultures coming together is a strengthening factor. Michael’s life, like many artists


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

in history, was a tormented one – he was never sure what color of skin he could be comfortable JO̓  5PEBZ  XPVME IF FOKPZ #MBDL Pride? There was no doubt he endowed the world with an incredible gift. A legacy like no other. Music. “Thrill the World� is an annual International event attempting to break a world record of zombies from as many countries as will participate, and its author Ines Markeljevic’s intent was to unite UIFXPSMEUISPVHINVTJDEBODF (VJOOFTT #PPL SFDPSEFE UIF first event in Toronto, Canada JO   DMBJNJOH   QFPQMF QBSUJDJQBUFE JO  $JUJFT GSPN  countries. After costs, the rest of the money raised went to charities around the world. :06 "3& */7*5&% UP QBSUJDJpate this year. The actual event will be on October 28th in the AjiKJD1MB[BT$VMUVSBM$FOUFSBUQN̓  The rest of the world will be dancing with you.  Rehearsals will be twice a week starting on September 9th from QN VOUJM QN  BOE 8FEOFTEBZ from 5pm until 7pm. You do not have to attend both, unless you have two left feet.  You can also practice at home...just google Ines Markeljevic’s instructions for zombie dancing. $PTUUPQBSUJDJQBUFJTQFsos a ticket, which will also get ZPVB##2NFBMDBUFSFECZ.BOJY  with some of the proceeds going to the Tepehua Community Center, AC, whose Mission is to help Women and Children help themselves by leading them into education, which is the only way to stop poverty, bigotry, and the other ills that plague our nations. Should you wish more information or how you can help, conUBDU MBEZEFF!HNBJMDPN̓  5IFZ will need organizational help too. Lets do our part.

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ubtitled Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need, Klein, award-winning journalist and author of four other best sellers, takes aim at the Milton Freidman-based corporate world economics now engulfing us with dirty air, water and land. 3FWJFXJOH UIF UIFNF FYplained in her earlier book, The Shock Doctrine, TIF BQQMJFT UIJT UP %POBME Trump’s daily Twitters that keep America and the world off balance. What is new in this book is that TIF FYQMBJOT UIBU XIBU XF OFFE UP understand in our bones is that the spell of neo-liberalism has been broken, crushed under the weight of MJWFE FYQFSJFODF BOE B NPVOUBJO PG evidence. What for decades was unsayable is now being said out loud by candidates who win millions of votes: free college tuition, double the miniNVN XBHF   SFOFXBCMF FOFSHZ as quickly as technology allows, demilitarize the police, prisons are no place for young people, refugees are welcome here, and war makes us less safe. The book concludes with a copy

of what is now being tested in Canada (Naomi Klein’s home)—The Leap Manifesto, created by a collection of activists in diverse fields determined to counter what appears to be an avalanche of wrongs that need righting if the human race is to survive on this planet. In a weekend conference attended by representatives from multiple NGOs, each attempting not to focus entirely on their specialized issues, they began by asking questions such as: what are the qualities we value most in people?--what do these qualiUJFTMPPLMJLFXIFOFYQSFTTFEJOQVCMJD BTQPMJDZ 5IJTMFBEUP GPSFYBNQMF  how do we create a nurturing culture that welcomes those in need, and valVFT FMEFST GPS UIFJS FYQFSJFODF 0OF of the co-leaders of this conference focused on the refugee flows we are now seeing, stating that it is just a glimpse of what is to come. Climate change and migration are intimately linked and we are going to see massive displacement of people caused by sea-level-rise and drought in the decades to come. How will we handle this crisis in a loving and humane way? The reason this Canadian Manifesto is prefaced by the word Leap is that the changes are needed NOW. It is a word similar to Shock that has been employed to quickly make changes that governments and corporations prescribe. Policies are being made daily by governments worldwide, but FTQFDJBMMZ CZ UIF 6OJUFE 4UBUFT UIF current empire ruling the world) that can and do work against the freedom of and caring for individuals. We can choose to change this. As Naomi Klein has said, “let’s leap.� Lois Schroff


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

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Our Vanishing Rainforests

No matter where they are, all rainforests are in danger of destruction, and with them thousands and thousands of plants, animals, birds and inTFDUT XJMM EJTBQQFBS .FYJDPT forests are home to some of the most endangered mammals in America. The tapir, the manatee, as well as wild cats such as jaguars, pumas, ocelots and jaguarundis live in the Sian Ka’an, an area made up of sea, tropical forests, flood jungles, marshlands, mangroves, lagoons, shallow ocean areas and a coral reef. 5IFSF BSF TQJEFS NPOLFZT  XIJUFUBJMFE EFFST BOE  TQFDJFT PG CJSET such as the rare quetzal, stork, harpy eagle, humming bird, white ibis, the BMNPTU FYUJODU KBCJSV  UPVDBOT BOE UIF:VDBUBO QBSSPU 3FQUJMFT MJLF DSPDPdiles and sea turtles also inhabit the area and many varieties of snake and, of course, a large variety of spiders and insects (including the leaf-cutter ant BOEUIFQSBZJOHNBOUJT 5IF  BDSF$BMBLNVMSBJOGPSFTUJO$IJBQBT  just north of the Guatemala border, is home to many of the same species and is one of the few places on earth where jaguars still run free. The plight of the Lacandona rainforest is particularly dire. A century ago, the jungle stretched out over  NJMMJPO IFDUBSFT and was inhabited by BSPVOE   QFPple. Today, although


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

TISVOLFO UP   IFDUBSFT BOE IPNF UP TPNF   people, this fragile and heavily pressured environment still DPOTUJUVUFT  QFSDFOU PG /PSUI America’s tropical rain forests. .PTU PG .FYJDPT USPQJDBM USFFT BSF GPVOE UIFSF BMPOH XJUI  percent of the country’s speDJFT PG NBNNBMT   QFSDFOU PG SFQUJMFT   QFSDFOU PG CVUUFSøZ TQFDJFT BOE  QFSDFOU PG CJSE species. Today, it suffers not only the usual woes of overpopulation, illegal hunting and clear-cut logHJOH CVU  TJODF   IBT CFFO the site of a small scale war between the EZLN (Zapatista National Liberation Army) and the Federal troops trying to contain them. The Lacandon Indians, who have been living in the area for hundreds of years, are not guilty. They have always respected their environment and are bitterly vociferous in their protests against current abuses, and with good cause. A spokesman for the international environmental watchdog, Greenpeace, warns that the Lacandona jungle is being destroyed faster than South America’s Amazon jungle and, if nothing is done to stop the abuses, will not survive another twenty years. The Lacandons also denounced mistreatment of local peasants by army troops, and growing alcoholism and prostitution arising from the military presence. Though actual hostilities have been minimal, the impact of having soldiers driving tanks, building roads, establishing new outposts, overflying the jungle and cutting firewood has been devastating. They also indiscrimiOBUFMZIVOUMJ[BSET NPOLFZTBOEPUIFSTQFDJFTUPTFMMUIFTLJOT%VFUPUIF conflict, authorities had no access to many parts of the jungle, making it impossible to implement conservation programs and prevent illegal logging. Furthermore, park rangers and inspectors were threatened and prevented from carrying out their conservation work in Chiapas. So we are losing our rainforests. So what? What’s so important about a bunch of dumb trees? And wouldn’t all that land be put to better use growing food crops for a hungry world? You’d be surprised. 3BJOGPSFTUTPODFDPWFSFEPGUIFFBSUITTVSGBDFOPXUIFZDPWFSPOMZ BOEFWFSZNJOVUFBOPUIFSBDSFTBSFEJTBQQFBSJOH"OFTUJNBUFE plant, animal and insect species are lost each day. The biodiversity of the SBJOGPSFTUT JT BTUPVOEJOH 0OF IFDUBSF DBO TVQQPSU  UZQFT PG USFFT BOE twice that many higher plants, That equals the plant diversity of all North America. Only about one percent of those plants have been investigated for their medicinal possibilities. A conservative estimate puts the number of useful, but undisDPWFSFE  ESVHT BU  in the Amazon rainforests alone. Considering that TPNF    PS BCPVU 25 percent, of all pharmaceuticals prescribed today are derived from only 95 of UIF   LOPXO plant species and that UIFNPTUQSPNJTJOHDVSFTGPS"*%4BOEDBODFSDPNFGSPNSBJOGPSFTUJOHSFdients, the potential loss to medical science alone is staggering. Two drugs EFSJWFEGSPNPOFTNBMMQMBOU OPXFYUJODU SFEVDFEUIFGBUBMJUJFTGSPNDIJMEIPPEMFVLFNJBGSPNUPQFSDFOU8IBUJG *UIBTCFFOFTUJNBUFEUIBUUPQFSDFOUPGBMMTQFDJFTPOFBSUINBLF

their homes in the rainforests. The figures BSF JOFYBDU CFDBVTF the various layers of such forests provide ecological niches for so many birds, animals, insects and reptiles UIBU BO FYBDU DFOTVT is virtually impossible. #JPMPHJTUT BSF SFBTPOably certain that in the highest reaches of the canopy, hundreds of GFFUBCPWFUIFHSPVOE XIPMFDPNNVOJUJFTFYJTUUIBUIBWFOFWFSFWFOCFFO sighted, much less identified and studied. Contrary to popular belief, rainforests are not hot, soggy hellholes. Their POMZSFRVJSFNFOUJTDN BCPVUJODIFT PGBOOVBMQSFDJQJUBUJPOBOE  like those of the Pacific Northwest, they flourish in relatively cold climates. &WFOJOUSPQJDBMBSFBTXIFSFUFNQFSBUVSFTSBSFMZHFUCFMPXEFHSFFT'BISenheit, they seldom get much higher either. In fact, the yearly temperature variation is so minimal there can be a wider spread in one day than over the course of the year. Loss of trees can, and does, affect the world’s climate. Satellite pictures show dramatic alterations in temperature and rainfall patterns over wide areas far beyond the actual sites of deforestation. %FTQJUF BMM UIBU SBJO  GPSFTU øPPST SFNBJO SFMBUJWFMZ ESZ "MNPTU BMM UIF moisture is impounded within the plant tissues themselves and the same is true for most of the nutrients so that the soil of a forest floor is thin and poor. Even though the slash and burn agricultural techniques used by jungle dwellers are bad enough, they do return some of those nutrients to the soil in the form of ash. Still, yields are so poor after a year or two that new plots must be prepared while the old recover. Cutting down and hauling away the trees puts nothing back while allowing heavy rains to leach out what little is left so that no trees will ever grow there again. Neither will BOZUIJOH FMTF -FGU BMPOF  UIF SBJOGPSFTUT QSPWJEF BO BTUPVEJOH  QFSDFOU of the world’s diet. So much for cutting down the trees to feed the hungry. Still not convinced? Think about this. Every school child knows the cycle; IPXBOJNBMTJOIBMFBJS VTJOHUIFPYZHFOJOPSEFSUPMJWFBOEFYIBMJOHDBSCPO EJPYJEF XIJMFQMBOUTVUJMJ[FUIBUDBSCPOEJPYJEFJOUIFJSHSPXUIBOEQSPEVDF PYZHFOJOSFUVSO0VSWBOJTIJOHSBJOGPSFTUTDVSSFOUMZQSPEVDFQFSDFOUPG UIFFBSUITPYZHFOTVQQMZ8IBUIBQQFOTXIFOBMMUIFUSFFTBSFHPOF

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veryone knows Rambling Roy, ubiquitous documenter of everything worthy in our Lakeside villages. Roy’s been documenting all his adult life, starting back in 1955 in Montreal where he acquired on-the-job skills of filmmaking. A total novice, he chanced VQPOXPSLXJUIUIF/BUJPOBM'JMN#PBSE of Canada as schlepper and film loader. It just happened to be the largest documentary filmmaking organization in the world. Eight years later he produced, TDSJQUFE  BOE EJSFDUFE IJT ÜSTU NJOute film, Country Auction, now a classic. In his twenties Roy had no real career vision. His career moves were often the result of an impulse or conversation


with a stranger. A bad snowstorm, for FYBNQMF  QSPNQUFE IJN UP BCBOEPO IJT KPC XJUI UIF 'JMN #PBSE BOE MFBWF Montreal once and for all. He drove to LA with fantasies of directing Hollywood films, but a bum in the studio parking lot persuaded him he’d be hapQJFS JO 4BO 'SBODJTDP 3PZ EJE B 6UVSO and after driving all night found himself approaching SF at sunrise, the Golden Gate swathed in fog, light just breaking through. “Wow,â€? he said, “I’d drive a cab in SF before I’d make a film in LA!â€?It was /PWFNCFS UIFEBZ+',XBTTIPU A short time later, Roy, 28 years old, jobless, was seated at some luncheon OFYU UP UIF IFBE PG UIF $PNNVOJDBUJPOT %FQBSUNFOU  6$ #FSLFMFZ 5IJT stranger said she was looking for someone to teach film editing at the new Film %FQBSUNFOUBOETIFCFMJFWFE3PZXBT the man for the job. A college dropout after one year, Roy demurred, but this woman persisted and hired him on his FYQFSJFODF XJUI UIF 'JMN #PBSE 3PZ soon began holding evening classes at the SF Art Institute. 5IF#BZ"SFBEVSJOHUIFTXBTUIF epicenter of cultural fermentation, and Roy made the most of it—taught film at 6$#QBSUUJNFGPSUISFFZFBSTBOEUIFO at the SF Academy of Art. He had a retSPTQFDUJWFFYIJCJUBUUIF4'.0."BOE XPSLFEGPS,2&% 1#4 EPJOHDBNFSBPO assignment. His subjects included Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Mario Savio

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

'SFF 4QFFDI .PWFNFOU  +PBO #BF[  and Peter, Paul, and Mary, among othFST)FEPDVNFOUFESFUVSOJOH7JFUOBN 7FUT  UIF +PIOOZ $BTI DPODFSU JO 4BO 2VFOUJO  BOE UIF 3FOBJTTBODF 1MFBTVSF Fair in Marin County. In ’65 he formed his own film comQBOZ  3PZ /PMBO 'JMNT   EVSJOH which period he won gold medals for several documentaries. Noteworthy and a huge hit in Europe was his feature film Last Free Ride, which took three years in the making and captured the counterculture of the Sausalito houseboat peoQMF%VSJOHUIBUUJNFIFBMTPEJEBEPDVNFOUBSZPO$VCB  'SPNUIFTUP NJET IF XBT USBOTJUJPOJOH UP WJEFP and computers. Renaming his enterprise Nolan Productions, he produced several award-winning multimedia productions and subcontracted to the %JTOFZ $IBOOFM "NPOH UIPTF WJEFPT included portraits of Jack O’Neill, inventor of the wetsuit, and Siegfried Hansen, inventor of the spacesuit. *UDIJOH GPS B DIBOHF BGUFS  ZFBST of filmmaking, Roy took up remodelJOH IPNFT  XIJDI IF EJE GPS UIF OFYU eight years. He then met Margarita FettXFJTT BOE UIFZ ESPWF BO 37 UP #FMJ[F and Panama. They decided to settle in .FYJDP BOE JO  CPVHIU QSPQFSUZ on the shores of Lake Chapala at the base of Mt. Garcia. Since then he’s never been idle. “Margarita was production coordinator, interviewer, translator, and narrator in almost all of the videos we produced here,â€? Roy says. “She helped NBLFUIFTFWJEFPTQPTTJCMF#FTJEFTCFing best friends, we’re a good team.â€? Together they made three documentaries about the Lake Chapala area, The Spirit of Lake Chapala, In the Shadow of Mount Garcia, and Reformatting Retirement at Lake Chapala. Roy is currently producing a fourth video in the series, Lakeshore Expats Visit Guadalajara. “These videos were made to inspire people anywhere in the world who are pondering what they’ll do with UIFSFTUPGUIFJSMJWFT w3PZFYQMBJOT*OBEdition, he’s made others to promote LCS, local charities, and events, including the weekly Open Circle presentations for the past eight years, amounting to BCPVUSFDPSEJOHT /PXJOIJTT 3PZJTNBLJOHQMBOT GPS UIF OFYU EFDBEF i* XBOU UP IPOPS Neill James in a docudrama, using a treasure trove of historical photos and an actress to play Neill.â€? He’ll begin production as soon as he can get funding. He’s also seeking sponsorship for a sequel to his 1966 on-location film Fidelisimo. He wants to find out what’s happened to the teenage Becados (scholarship students) that he filmed in ’66. After the Revolution, Fidel set up a program to educate over a quarter million poor kids brought to Havana from all over Cuba. What are they doing now?

8IJMFJO$VCBIFAMMNBLFBEEJUJPOBMWJEeos about the current state of Cuban art and music. Also awaiting funding is A Taste of Mexico—The Story of Mole, about the evolution of this national culinary treasure. Mole was the result of a competition announced by Moctezuma for the best dish in the realm using chilies and chocolate. As though all this weren’t enough, Roy is soon to release his memoir Living My Dream as a Filmmaker. Simultaneously he’s assembling a short compilation of out-takes from some of his films to be packaged and sold with the book. Separately he’s packaging a collection of selected old films entitled I Was There and I Filmed It—San Francisco in the 60s & 70s. 3PZT WJTJPO GPS UIF OFYU UFO ZFBST  Here’s a sampling: “As I get older I’ll need a live-in housekeeper, a property caretaker and caregiver support on the premises. I XBOUBOFOFSHFUJD.FYJDBODPVQMFUPĂśMM this job and will need to prepare a living space for them in my home.â€? “I plan to renovate the two casitas on my property and build several more to rent to older folks like me, possibly artists, writers and photographers. I want to create a small self-sustaining community powered by solar energy and completely irrigated. Since I enjoy designing and building homes, I’m looking forward to this and have already drawn up plans.â€? i8JUIPWFSZFBSTFYQFSJFODFNBLing videos and teaching filmmaking, I’d like to give classes in my home. The classes would be small and held when students are on vacation. I will arrange GPSDSFEJUTUPCFHJWFOGSPNUIF6OJWFSTJUZ PG (VBEBMBKBSB PS 6/". UP DPVOU toward students’ degree programs elsewhere. I may also give lectures in Guadalajara.â€? What counsel can Roy give on how to maintain the spark for the remainder of our lives? “I realized at an early age that I had to find a need and fill it. My guiding philosophy has been to help make a better world while having fun doing it. My films accentuate the positive. Another important thing is that I’ve always worked with trusted associates. .Z HPBM GPS UIF OFYU EFDBEF JT UP TUBZ healthy, active, and continue making videos that contribute to creating a better world. I want my work to inspire the viewer to do the same. If only one person is inspired, then I have TVDDFFEFEw7JTJU3PZT website: www.lakechapalavideos.com where you can access many of his current Margaret Van and past videos. Every

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6<03+21<,,1$ $0 0,1 125. .(< %\5DFKHO0F0LOOHQ


smile softened the lines on Margaretâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face as she watched her husband slide the white shirt off its hangar and hold it up to the light. How many times had she watched him perform this same ritual in the thirtyseven years of their marriage? How many imagined motes of dust had those long, slender violinistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fingers flicked off the pristine white twill? /FYUXPVMEDPNFUIFCMBDLNFSJno wool trousers with the satin stripe. Once they would have been in a slim fit that emphasized his lean height, but twelve years ago, on his forty-fifth birthday, Andrew had decided those no longer flattered his more mature body and so he had switched. %JE IFS DMPUIFT TUJMM øBUUFS IFS body? Margaretâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s smile widened and she instinctively reached her hand down and stroked the fabric that clung to her legs. Once she had taken as much care as Andrew with her appearance. On those nights when she accompanied him to the symphony she would take hours to decide what to wear. Perhaps a light mauve silk ESFTT UP DPOUSBTU XJUI IJT CMBDL UVYedo and highlight her pale hair. Small sapphires in her ears to match the cornflower blue eyes Andrew had said he fell into every time he looked into them. Open-toed stilettos to add a little height and elegance to her short frame â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or perhaps strappy sandals to show off a new pedicure on the toes he had liked to nibble. The sound of a zipper and the crinkle of plastic drew her attention back to the man she had shared so much of IFSMJGFXJUI)FIBESFNPWFEUIFUVYedo jacket from its protective bag and was sliding his arms into the sleeves, settling it on his still-broad shoulders, smoothing the satin-faced lapels over his chest. She could see his reflection JO UIF NJSSPS  IJT FZFT FYBNJOJOH FWery fold and crease as he inserted the POZYTUVETJOUPUIF'SFODIDVòT Her eyes studied the familiar planes of his face, the strong cheekbones, the wide mouth, the heavy


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

eyebrows, the long lashes that shielded the black depth of his eyes. She had always loved his eyes. They were alive, sparkling, yet had an unlimited depth that seemed to hint at some ancient wisdom. He only had to shift the focus of those eyes a fraction of an inch to see her: after all she was sitting right behind him, no more than eight feet away, but she knew he wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t. She had become invisible. She could see his lips moving, his head nodding slightly. He had already left her. He was already up on stage, his musicians lifting their instruments in readiness as they waited for the first movement PGIJTCBUPO UIFBVEJFODFIVTIFEFYpectantly behind him. He was already hearing the delicate nuances of the #BDI'VHVFJO(.JOPS UIFSJTJOHDSFscendo of Rimsky-Korsakovâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ScheheSB[BEFoPSXBTJU%WPSBLUPOJHIU It really didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter. She would not be there. She would never be there again. The mauve dress had long ago gone to the thrift store, along with all the stilettos and the strappy sandals. There were no more fancy pedicures to adorn her toes. There would only be these shabby fleece sweatpants that were the only thing she could drag up her crippled legs, and the ugly felt slippers that hid her gnarled feet. Andrew had his Scheherazade: she had her Multiple Sclerosis. She heard the front door slam as she wheeled her chair down the hall to the kitchen. He hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bothered to say goodbye and she knew it would be several days before he returned: it seemed the new second violinist needed his personal attention. The Chardonay she had put in the fridge should be chilled by now and there was a Wynton Marsalis concert on the television. Andrew despised both. Funny how life brought opportunity along with challenge. Rachel McMillen

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MILITARY INSURANCEâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tim me! %\(G7DVFD


ilitary and d security systems of of any kind are socialist. stt. #FDBVTF UIFZ BSF DPOPO Oen nt trolled by the government and represent the will of of the collective. And in the he he event that a loosely-threaded administration got into power and is pissing everybody off, maybe that governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s giving me, personally, a bad name. Now, have you ever asked the question, why donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t countries privatize defense systems and the military? So that each of us can choose whom we believe represents a threat and should be taken out. Of course, you IBWF*UTUIFVMUJNBUF%JTOFZGBOUBTZ Swimwiththefishesland#VUJUTUIFSFBM thing. In a true free-market system where competition and consumer choices should make up the pulse of any in-


dustry isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t d i â&#x20AC;&#x2122; it i only l fair f i that h we get to dustry, pick and choose our enemies, and be able to act accordingly by providing the military wherewithal to take them out. The system is ages-old. Mercenaries, Samurai, The Swiss Guard, Condottieri, French waiters â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all paid warriors determined to rid places of their employerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s enemies. .*-*5"3: */463"/$& 0VS DSBDL insurance industry would have a whole new liability category they DPVMEFYQMPJU-JLFUIFZEJEXJUIiBDDJdental death insuranceâ&#x20AC;? that pays benefits only if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re polished to death by a Zamboni. This would be chestpounding free-enterprise designed to

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

enthrone you as Commander in Chief or, more accurately, cappo di tutti cappi. It would provide you with military options the way health insurance provides you with medical and surgical options. Call on Special Ops, surveillance capabilities, spies, misinformaUJPO FYQFSUT  XBMMCVJMEJOH FOHJOFFST  FYQMPEJOH4BNTVOHCBUUFSJFT UIFMPU And donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget those drones and F16 Fighter Jets. (And thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more, if you FOSPMMCFGPSFUIF+VMZUI4BMFFOET

With the right insurance policy and the right qualifications, you can set the crosshairs roaming on jihad groups, drug cartels and anybody with leaf blowers. Or, if the nation of Lichtenstein pisses you off for any reason you can organize a coup and make yourself Prince, as long as you have the Conquistador Insurance Rider. Equally important, the costly bureaucracy and outrageous spending PGUIF64HPWFSONFOUTNJMJUBSZDPNQMFYJTFMJNJOBUFE8JUIUIBUFYUSBĂśWF PS TJY USJMMJPO EPMMBST  UIF 64 DPVME then buy Saudi Arabia. And move it to Idaho. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s see if their Royal Family can grow a potato. How is such insurance possible you ask, if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re still with me and havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t turned to the cover to make sure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not reading Soldier of Fortune Magazine. The first question would be what area of the globe youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to cover: The whole globe, one hemisphere, a continent, a region, a country, or just your particular town or neighborhood. This choice will of course impact your insurance premium, but you could join up with others and share grievances and geographic locations. This is called an alliance, and, if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re bigly smart, you really donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need it. Not surQSJTJOHMZ UIFSFXPVMECFQSFFYJTUJOH conditions that could disqualify you for certain coverage: Do you believe you may be under attack from enemies of freedom, decency and democratic processes, such as, say, members of your current government. Is your Facebook page permanently

in Farsi?/Do you believe foreign agents can trace your family back to the â&#x20AC;&#x153;old countryâ&#x20AC;??/Are you wearing a tattoo of Putin drinking from someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s postsurgical pre-frontal lobe./Do you have alternative protection. Are you a made man?/ Do you travel cross-border and internationally with a firearm? If not, why not? Finally, you have plan options to consider: Basic Plan. $PWFSBHF FYtends only to home invasion by alien [PNCJFTBOEFYUFOETUPCBUUMFTUBLJOH place up to and including your local :PVS ĂśSF UFBN XPVME CF BSNFE with paint guns and led by mayors GSPN5FYBTCPSEFSUPXOT /PUSFDPNmended) Bronze Plan. Would be simiMBSUPUIF#BTJD1MBO CVUJUXPVMEBMTP include neck tattoos, cigarillos, night vision goggles, tactical military planning based on reenactments of the 4FDPOE#BUUMFPG.BOBTTBT"OETPNF dental coverage. (Not recommended) The Silver Plan would be the principal selection for most. Often called the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Forget Sanctionsâ&#x20AC;? Plan. With it, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d head down to your local armory where hired contractors sit in conference â&#x20AC;&#x201C; like walk-in clinics. Fill out a short report that a nation or rogue group has pissed you off. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not crazy about the olive oil youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re getting from Italy because theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re diluting it XJUI$BOPMBPJM #PPUTPOUIFHSPVOE til they straighten up! Warning shots PWFS /BQMFT %POU HFU VQTFU (FU UIF Silver Plan. Finally, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the White Gold Supremacy Plan. It includes a cuttingedge remote that allows you to laser into Highly-Covert Special Forces located everywhere in the world, espeDJBMMZVOEFS,JN+VOH6OTIBNNPDL  a message to immediately step in and secure a cease and desist, including any ad hoc persuading, over whomever is screwing with nice people. This plan would be a huge hit while watching the news. You just click your remote and wherever somebodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acting like scumbags, you just make their whole land masses disappear. Plus, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d get bonus points every time you used this coverage. With enough points, you would then be able to plan Armageddon. And, get this, select your own judges for Judgment %BZ"OEBMMUIJTXPVMECFDBSSJFEPVU at your command by Giant A.I. TransGPSNFST %FĂśOJUFMZSFDPNNFOEFE

6OJOTVSFET  :PV DPVME CF TVCTJdized by NRAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Poor Peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Action Group, providing you with automatic weapons, military instructions and night goggles. They will also train as snipers all children over the age of five. Ed Tasca

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Focus on Art %\5RE0RKU Estela Hidalgo â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Woman Nature Loves



very flower is a soul blossoming ...â&#x20AC;? Gerard de Nerval    Sculptress Estela Hidalgo, confided, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I adore plants and animals --- I find in them endless inspiration for my sculptures.â&#x20AC;? Her works confirm her words - they reach for rare perfection and beauty that only nature could inspire. %FSJWFE GSPN OBUVSF  &Ttelaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sculptures are nuanced, three dimensional, spiritual and physical destinations - created by combining organic materials she discovers in the environment around Ajijic with carved, cast or sculpted components.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;I see in each of the objects I collect how it might work in sculptures I am

mentally contemplating.â&#x20AC;? This prescience was apparent when Estela sculpted the remarkable form that lay hidden within the base of a tree located in the southwest corner of the Zocalo of Ajijic. Â %VSJOH NZ ĂśSTU JOUFSWJFX XJUI the artist, I felt a spiritual connection with her works of art. Estelaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s striving for beauty give her works viable presence â&#x20AC;&#x201C; they evoke new life - life as proposed by neuroscientist Christof Koch whose studies indicate every fiber of creation shares in a universal consciousness. Perhaps IJT 2VBOUVN 1IZTJDT WJFX PG UIF universe is why participants often feel a spiritual connection with her art. For many, communication, and B TQJSJUVBM FYDIBOHF  XJUI XPSLT PG BSU TFFNT OPSNBM  FWFO FYQFDUFE Her intuitive visions draw viewers into the world populated by natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s children. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nourish your love of nature, for

that is the true way to understand artâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;?   Vincent Van Gogh Her sculptures are also stories about nature told in a symbolic and metaphorical language so that the viewer becomes enmeshed in humanityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s relationship with nature. Stories told with forms, dimensions, UFYUVSFT BOE DPMPST  amplified by Estelaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creative interaction with the natural world. Her sculptured stories remind us that we are nature, our actions are organic components of nature, and our dreams and visions reflect humanityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s enduring relationship with nature. Our focus is enlarged, and the physical, spiritual and emotional world in which we live comes into sharper focus. Structurally Estelaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s works are reminiscent of Ikebana, the Japanese art of creating the perfect floral arrangement.   Estelaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Spirit of Aphrodite is an ideal combination of materials (wood, stone, bronze, and objects from nature) which together form a floral passage which suggests a bird in flight. This outward thrust enables the sculpture to occupy and shape the surrounding space. Her attention to the visual weight and balance of components (the warmth of the bronze, the cold of the alabaster), significantly contributes to the perception of the sculptureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intrinsic beauty. In contrast her sculpture Moon Flower is compact, focused inward, and has a well balanced integration of materials. Cast bronze vines embrace a base of carved, aged wood a bronze sepal cradles a sculpted alabaster flower with organic anthers and delicate filaments that together provide variety, scale and line color. Estelaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deft use of materials in all of her works, demonstrates her sculp-

tural genius. Moon Flower offers a perfect symphonic movement of the visual elements - a destination familiar and loved. Her sculptures stand as stark, yet beautiful, analytic propositions that

integrate abstraction on top of abstraction with visual metaphors to create new realities. They speak a coded language - a modality set by the creative force, or weight, of her works - which insures her art significant presence. Participants are made part of the process of creation, if only for a moment. Her philosophical understanding of art provides a conceptual foundation that shapes our aesthetic response, not to her methodology or the works structure, rather to deepen our union with the broader universe. The life of this woman nature loves is fully committed to her work and the environmental causes she supports - Estela shared as we parted, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I would rather die for a cause than live without purpose.â&#x20AC;? Link to works Rob Mohr online IUUQTQMVTHPPHMFDPNQIPUPTBMCVNT



El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

Saw you in the Ojo 59

675$,*+7$552:³,1-818,7<´&$5'6 ²*LYH5LVHWR%R\KRRG0HPRULHV %\'U/RULQ6ZLQHKDUW


wo evenings a week, when I was between the ages of six and nine, I would put aside all else in order to tune into Mutual Radio, that I might thrill to the adventures of the great Comanche hero Straight Arrow. The 292 episodes, advertised by Nabisco Shredded Wheat, SBOGSPN57MPPNFEPOUIF horizon, but almost concurrent with the radio series was the publication of a comic strip, comic books and those wonderful Straight Arrow â&#x20AC;&#x153;Injun-uityâ&#x20AC;? $BSET  &BDI CPY PG /BCJTDP 4ISFEEFE Wheat contained the latest one. Printed upon each was a wilderness skill, survival skill or Native American art form. I gulped down repeated breakfasts of shredded wheat in order to wheedle my parents into purchasing the latest CPYPGUIFTUVò BOE*DPMMFDUFEUIFDPNplete set of cards. The skills appealed to my overly active pre-adolescent imagi-

nation, and I attempted many of them. My collection somehow vanished over the decades, but friends have given me duplicates from their own stockpiles. I have since copied all of them off the internet. I keep them safely preserved in plastic envelopes in a three-ring notebook on my bookcase. My apologies to my Native American

brothers and sisters for the insensitive term â&#x20AC;&#x153;Injunâ&#x20AC;? but that is what the cards were called back in that far lessenlightFOFEFSBLOPXOBTUIFT I bear the happy memories yet, as well as one very evident scar from NZ BUUFNQUT 0OF DBSE FYQMBJOT IPX UP NBLF MFBUIFS NPDDBTJOT 6TJOH NZ dadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s razor sharp pocketknife, I carefully followed the pattern, cutting my moccasins from scrap leather. The leather was thick and tough. I had to force the thin blade through in order to create holes for the laces. I pushed too hard and sliced into the fourth finger of my left hand. That was the only serious mishap. #FGPSF * FWFS CFDBNF B #PZ 4DPVU  * learned how to build a campfire and how to cook things on a spit or with a reflector oven, thanks to Straight Arrow. I knew how to set up a proper camp, to string and fire a makeshift bow and arrow. I put Straight Arrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tracking directions to work in the fields and woodlots of my grandfatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s farm. I knew why Indians never got lost, according to Straight Arrow, and orienteering came naturally to me later on. Straight Arrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s horsemanship guides came in handy over the years, even when, as a small boy, I led Grandpaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two huge draft horses to the trough in the pasture to drink. Chopping firewood was more a game than a chore UPNF6TJOHESJFETFBXFFEGPSUJOEFS  * FWFO FYQFSJNFOUFE TVDDFTTGVMMZ XJUI starting a fire with flint and steel on the cement floor in my parentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; basement, smoking up the house in the process. I never attempted to make a bow by following Straight Arrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s directions, and I speculated for years in vain about creating snowshoes, but I learned canoe-man-ship from him long before I ever entered a canoe. Even though we had no poisonous snakes in my part of the country, I could recognize the difference between good ones and bad ones, thanks to Straight Arrow. I could find directions by using a wristwatch as a compass, and I could send up smoke

signals, even though I had no one to send them to. That brave Comanche warrior taught me how to make a bedroll, turn a tin can into a stove, prevent forest fires, make a ground bed upon which to sleep under the stars, to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and practice a rudimentary form of first aid. Who was this hero of the glory days of the American West, who provided such knowledge and inspiration? He was a fierce Comanche warrior who MJWFE NPTU EBZT  $MBSL ,FOU BOE #SVDF 8BZOFMJLF  JO UIF HVJTF PG VOFYDFQtional white rancher Steve Adams. In UIF T  "EBNTIBE JOIFSJUFE UIF #SPLFO #PX 3BODI  MPDBUFE JO TPVUIern Colorado near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, from his adopted white parents. Whenever trouble came, in the form of rustlers, stage coach robbers, and other bad guys, Steve rushed to a secluded cavern where he donned his warrior garb, mounted his great palomino stallion Fury, picked up his quiver of gold tipped arrows and rode off to successfully restore peace and justice to the Old West. His Comanche war cry, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kaneewah!â&#x20AC;? sent chills up and down our spines. Every boy in that halcyon time knew that a cowboyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s horse was his best friend and fantasized endlessly about having his own palomino stallion, just like Fury or like Roy Rogersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trigger. No other color of horse would do. A nationwide horse naming contest gave Fury his moniker, and some lucky child somewhere won a beautiful palomino colt. 6OMJLFNBOZPUIFSPMESBEJPIFSPFT  Straight Arrow did not make it to television. Yet, he lives on in the imaginations of us old boys who once thrilled to his FYQMPJUT Dr. Lorin Swinehart

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT All those who contributed literary material to our magazine this past year (and including in this issue) are cordially invited to attend our 23rd Annual Awards Luncheon, and encouraged to bring along Lu guest. a gu g ess :KHQ: Sept. 19. 7LPH: 12 noon. Place: Tango Restaurant in Ajijic. These yearly luncheons are the Tingen Familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s way of saying thanks to the many wonderful writers who contribute so much to our success. 6HH\RXWKHUH


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

Saw you in the Ojo 61

The Ojo Crossword

ACROSS 1 Pincer 5 Svelte 9 Building places 14 Capital of Peru 15 Invited 16 Dance 17 Wading bird 18 Vessel 19 Atop (2 wds.) 20 Fables 22 African country 24 Inlet 25 Slanted font 27 Deli 31 Star__ 32 Recent 34 Rock group 35 2-dimensional space 38 Elver 40 Toothbrush brand ([SUHVVLQGLႇHUHQFH 44 Scarlet 46 Grand 47 Piousness 48 Mold 50 Russian ruler 51 Incorporated (abbr.) 7RXFKDႇHFWLRQDWHO\ 55 Little Mermaid´s love 57 Small shed 59 Raised-soleshoe 61 Disconnected 64 Clergyman


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

66 Type of peace prize 68 White poplar 71 Teen hero 73 Peter, for short 74 Religious text 75 Imitation 76 At sea 77 Major division in a long poem 78 Defect 79 Not as much '2:1 1 Hike a mountain 2 African nation 3 Friendliness between nations 4 Clean 5 Compass point 6 Politician 7 Perfect 8 Magician /DUJHÀDWERWWRPHGERDW 10 Opp. of doric 11 Trinitrotoluene 12 Freudian term 13 Tire 21 Title of respect 23 Whiz 26 Ball holder 28 Mid-Eastern dwellers 29 Slang term for man 30 Fire remains 31 Firm 33 Licked 35 Molded salad 36 Rhinoceros 37 Construct 39 Headed 5HVHUYH2ႈFHUV7UDLQLQJ&RUSV 43 Cheat 45 “Light” cola type 49 Before, poetically 53 baboon 54 Levy 56 Lodge 58 Performance brilliance 60 Large wave 61 Very fat 62 Lavish parties 63 Animal insects 65 Comedian Jay 67 Opaque gem 68 American Kennel Club (abbr.) 69 Snake 70 European sea eagle 72 Downwind



Can An Over 70 Couple Find nd Happiness At Lakeside? Mainecoons To answer the question in your title:  Certainly but there are a lot PG DPPM QMBDFT JO .FYJDP BOE PUIFS places where you can find happiness too.   This one is getting really busy and you might prefer something quieter.  If you are snow-birding that opens up a lot of options that you wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t consider during the hotter months. nothernewbie We visited here for the first time BCPVU   ZFBST BHP BOE TUBZFE B week. Went home and put the house on the market and returned for another week to â&#x20AC;&#x153;make sure.â&#x20AC;? When we first moved four years ago we rented but now own. Havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been sorry for a minute. The kids donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like that we live here and I hear that a lot. Otherwise no complaints. tomgates %FQFOETPOIPXNVDIUIF44JOcome is and how much your home will fetch and how much other nesteggs you have. I only ask that as I am a retired financial advisor so you can PM me with details. This is all pretty basic stuff.  seoulguy Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve asked the one question I havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t so far posted in these forums. *N OFBSMZ   BOE *WF TQFOU B MPU PG UJNF JO B MPU PG QMBDFT JO .FYJDP  BMXBZTPOFYUFOEFEWJTJUPSTUBUVTÍ&#x192;/PX am considering temp visa. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m very GBNJMJBSXJUI$IBQBMB"KJKJD*WFCFFO BMM PWFS UIF .FYJDBO XFTU DPBTU BOE #BKB  XPSLFE JO %' BOE )FSNPTJMMP 

studied Spanish S aan Sp nis ish h in in Cuernavaca ca in in order orde or der der de to do business sine si ine ness ss in in that that th at language.. I have never tried the Maya Riviera. I like being g on water, and Co[VNFM TPVOET PVOET OJDF #VUCVU happiness, ss, I wonder wonder. My sugsug gestion iss get the practicalities out ut of the way first, MJLFJODSFBTJOH$0-GPSFYQBUTJO IJHIEFOTJUZBSFBT TVDIBT1UP7BMMBSta, safety ( a big one; Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d never considFSSFUVSOJOHUP0BYBDBTUBUF PSHPJOH TPVUIPG"DBQVMDPOPX%' XFMM ZPV canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t breathe properly), what about your Medicare, canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use it, banking, getting monthly cash, skimming is there and here, what about politics and with politics legislation, it can all DIBOHF PO B EJNF  UP XJU  64"  /PWFNCFS/PUMFDUVSJOH KVTUTBZing happiness may be relative to settling the practical questions. One last thing, sell out before you try out?? 5SZJUPVUGPSTJYNPOUIT BZFBS PSBT suggested above, snowbird. Travel around, get a taste to coastal living in .FY WJTJU(%-BOE%'  rvanparys Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m 77Â and my wife is 75. We moved here a year and a half ago... We spent a month here and fell in love with the BSFB 6QPO SFUVSOJOH IPNF  XF QVU our house on the market and it sold in three days. That put us on the fast USBDL 8F IBWF MJWFE PWFSTFBT GPS  years so this was just another country and culture to adjust to. We decided to buy immediately

since we have pets and renting with animals animal is sometimes difficult... We made the right decision. As m stated above, medical insurance is a problem although the care p IFSFJTFYDFMMFOUÍ&#x192; IFSFJT 8FCSPVHIUMCTPGiTUVòw 8F with us u and that cost about $2 a pound... pound Not cheap... However, we wish that we had brought w some more furniture... Cost Co of Living is considerably less than th in Washington state. For VT MPXFSUBYFTBOEVUJMJUJFTNBLF VT MPX a large difference. We have CFFODMPDLJOHPVSFYQFOTFT C since we arrived and I would be happy to share if you PM me. mhopkins2 * BN  NZ XJGF JT younger) and we narrowed our retirement locations to Cuenca, Ecuador and here at Lakeside.  We visited Ajijic first and never made it to Cuenca.   That XBT  ZFBST BHP Í&#x192; 8F IBE TUBSUFE UP simplify (5 vehicles, 2 boats, etc.) and just continued until all was gone.  The EJòFSFODFJOUBYFTBOEJOTVSBODFXJMM amaze you.  We had planned to rent the entire time but found a home we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t pass up.   We have catastrophic insurance but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mind

paying the $15 per office visit to UIF EPDUPS Í&#x192; 1SPQFSUZ UBY JT  QFS ZFBSBTPQQPTFEUPOFBSMZQFS month in the NW.  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve listed and prioritized what is important to you in retirement.  Safety and friendliness are probably at the top of the list and for that, Lakeside is terrific.  Our social calendar is far busier than it ever was when we were living in Oregon.  Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a streak of advenUVSF UIBU SVOT UISPVHI NPTU FYQBUT here which is a good common denominator and fodder for many interesting stories.  Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find many NW brethren here. El Saltos Gracias and we love visitors. As the governor of Oregon used to say to Californians â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nice to see you come and nice to see you goâ&#x20AC;?. %POUUFMMBOZPOFCVUXFBSFIFSF BOEIBWFOFWFSVTFEPVSBJSDPOditioning. The key is to live up on the hill where you get the sea and land CSFF[FT 8F QBJE KVTU VOEFS  64 per month for electric last year. To each his own. No, we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have any solar power, it wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make economic sense. He used to say, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Come and visit but please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stay.â&#x20AC;?

Saw you in the Ojo 63

Over 60 years of â&#x20AC;&#x153;People Helping Peopleâ&#x20AC;?


Lŕľşŕś&#x201E;ŕľž Cŕś ŕľşŕś&#x2030;ŕľşŕś&#x2026;ŕľş Sŕś&#x2C6;ŕľźŕś&#x201A;ŕľžŕś?ŕś&#x2019;



2017 LCS Annual Giving Campaign September first marks the start of LCSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s second Annual Giving Campaign which will run GPSGPVSNPOUITVOUJM%FDFNCFS     #FMJFWFE UP CF UIF PMEFTU BOE MBSHFTU FYQBUSJBUF PSHBOJ[BUJPO JOUIFXPSME GPSPWFSZFBSTUIF Lake Chapala Society has been a force for good at Lakeside. From helping newcomers successfully integrate into our community to providing continuing education and stimulation for our longerterm residents, the LCS provides everything from Spanish language instruction to a highly-regarded childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art program. We offer over 65 programs, services and activities to the Lakeside community. A very specific LCS strategy has been to contain the cost of NFNCFSTIJQ EVFT BOE QSPHSBNBDUJWJUZ GFFT UP B NJOJNVN 0VS thinking is that this will make the membership benefits available to a wider audience, and in order to support this strategy, LCS requires funding over and above that provided by dues, fees and special events. This is the purpose of the Annual Giving Campaign. Monies collected through the campaign are treated the same as all other sources of revenue such as membership dues and program fees. They go directly to support all the LCS programs and services that members, non-members, and the community at large like, value and enjoy. The LCS continues to be a very positive influence in our community. Even if you are not currently a member, I would urge you to help TVQQPSU BÍ&#x192; HPPE GSJFOE UP UIF FOUJSF -BLFTJEF DPNNVOJUZ %POBUJPOT can be made online at the LCS website   lakechapalasociety.com.  Follow the donation links or make your donation in person at the LCS Service Office. Respectfully, George Radford 7JDF1SFTJEFOU$IBJSPGUIF'VOE%FWFMPQNFOU$PNNJUUFF

Follow Us on Facebook Follow us on Facebook. Keep up on all things LCS. -JLFVTBUXXXGBDFCPPLDPNMBLFDIBQBMBTPDJFUZ

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss Jane M. Payette a former ESL volunteer, our condolences to her family.


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017


Welcome Alfredo Perez Aldana -$4/FX&EVDBUJPO%JSFDUPS â&#x20AC;&#x153;Education is the key to having a better societyâ&#x20AC;? is the guiding conviction of Alfredo Perez Aldana, who has taken the IFMNBT&EVDBUJPO%JSFDUPSBTQBSUPGPVS continuing efforts to improve ourselves. "MGSFEPJTFYQFSJFODFEJOQMBOOJOHBOEFYecuting programs, educational events and certification and evaluation. He earned a masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree from the Instituto TecnolĂłgico de Monterrey and will ensure the advancememt of the LCS mission. Alfredo is certain heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the right place, at the right time to.

Two Important Upcoming Events For several years LCS has supported Ajijicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual Fiestas Patrias. An event held in every town DFMFCSBUJOH .FYJDBO JOEFQFOdence. This fund raiser helps our local delegation for the big night on September 15. Seating is limited. The entertainment and food are included in the price of the ticket.

Oktoberfest is a celebration well known throughout the world. In celebration of the harvest and earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bounty, our OkUPCFSGFTUIBTNPSFPGB#BWBSJBO flair as LCS celebrates all cultures living lakeside. And what better way to do it than with a pretzel and a beer!?

Deadline for 2018 Annual Directory *GZPVXPVMEMJLFUPCFJODMVEFEJOUIF-$4.FNCFSTIJQ directory, make sure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve renewed you membership, if it IBTMBQTFE CZ4FQUFNCFS

Texas Shopping Extravaganza

New Intro to Lakeside Program


New to Lake Chapala? LCS in partnership with Lake Chapala Resource Academy, is pleased to present â&#x20AC;&#x153;Introduction to Lakesideâ&#x20AC;? available to LCS members only. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll learn about your new community, your new neighbors and your new neighborhoods. Topics include: Daily life: banking, shopping, medical, transportation, etc. Housing information: major housing developments, utility payments, maids and gardeners Cultural insights: fiestas, traffic, greetings and other social protocols, noise and time perspective 5IFOFYUNPOUIMZDMBTTJT5IVSTEBZ 4FQUFNCFS GSPNBNUPQN 4FBUJOHJTMJNJUFE TJHOVQTPPOJOUIF4FSWJDF0ĂłDF$PTUJT.9/QFS person and includes a copy of Street Smart Maps for navigating lakeside.


Wanted! Blood Pressure monitoring group is looking for volunteers with mediDBMOVSTF FEVDBUJPO UP UBLF CMPPE QSFTTVSF PO 'SJEBZT GSPN  BN UP 12 p.m. on the LCS campus. Data base assistant is needed to help us maintain our data bases in good condition. Garden Crew needs volunteers to trim, plant, weed, and maintain our lovely gardens. Information Technology is looking for volunteers familiar with IT support, networking, and wireless functionality. Position requires climbing stairs several times a day. ÂĄQue Ganga! needs volunteers Mondays and Thursdays. Special Events needs volunteers to greet guests, collect tickets, and help with fiesta decorations. If you are an outgoing person and have a bit of flair, this may be for you. ESL Program at Wilkes is looking for volunteer instructors. For more information about volunteer opportunities, see the website at volunteer@lakechapalasociety.com or fill out an application in the Service Office.

Fall Personal Enrichment Program

Introduction to Spanish This casual class for the beginner that covers the Spanish alphabet, simple vocabulary and QISBTFT:PVHFUUJQTBCPVU-BLFTJEFBOEÍ&#x192;.FYJDBODVMUVSFÍ&#x192; 4UBSUJOHUIFĂśSTU5VFTEBZÍ&#x192;PGUIFNPOUIBOEDPOUJOVJOHGPSUISFFXFFLT UIFÍ&#x192;OFYUTFTTJPO XJMMTUBSU5VFTEBZ 4FQUFNCFS GSPNUPQN-FBSOJOHNBUFSJBMTBSFQSPWJEFE5VJUJPOJT $175 pesos. Sign up at the LCS office or on our website at www.lakechapalasociety.com. Your membership must be current for the duration of the class.

Saw you in the Ojo 65



El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

5IFMJCSBSZOFFETDPVSJFSTUPCSJOH%7%TBOELFFQPVSJOventory current. We pre-pay them, and have them delivered to the address of your choice. Email keanhombre@prodigy.net. NY. (ST) For lack of good English language movies, you may enjoy GPVSGPSFJHOöMNTBOEBGFX#SJUJTIBOE"NFSJDBONPWJFT P.K. #7669 Yes, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the name, P.K., an Indian comedy of ideas about a stranger in the city of Rajasthan, India, who asks questions that no one has asked before. They are innocent, child-like questions, but they bring about catastrophic answers. Masquerade #7678 Amid national chaos and fear for his life, tyrannical King Gwanghae orders his trusted councilor Heo Kyun to find a royal body double. He hires Ha-seon, a peasant mimic who bears a perfect resemblance to the King. Korean historical drama. Headhunters #7671 A Norwegian thriller3PHFS#SPXOIBTBQSFUUZHPPE MJGF#ZEBZ IFTBDPSQPSBUFSFDSVJUFSXIPHPFTIPNFBUOJHIUUPBNBHOJöDFOU IPVTFBOETUVOOJOHXJGF6OGPSUVOBUFMZ 3PHFSTJOTFDVSJUJFTMFBEIJNUPTFFL a lifestyle well beyond his means. Now for the above referenced films: Their Finest  "O FOUFSUBJOJOH  CVU OPU BXBSEXJOOJOH   öMN XJUI#JMM/JHIZ XIPJTBMXBZTHPPE BCPVUBGPSNFSTFDSFUBSZ OFXMZBQQPJOUFE as a scriptwriter for propaganda films, who joins the cast and crew of a major production. Yeah, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a comedy.

TED Talks Learning Seminars

Thursday Film Aficionados

Tuesdays In the Sala 12 noon to 1:15 p.m. Members only. Bring your card. September 5 Green the Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Deserts and Reverse Climate Change Allan Savory, grassland ecosystem pioneer %FTFSUJĂśDBUJPO JT IBQQFOJOH UP BCPVU UXPUIJSET PG UIF worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes -- and his work may show -- that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert. September 12 In Praise of Conflict +POBUIBO.BSLT #JPFUIJDJTUBOEMBXZFS Conflict is bad; compromise, consensus and collaboration are good -- or so weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re told. Lawyer and bioethicist Jonathan Marks challenges this conventional wisdom, showing how governments can jeopardize public health, human rights and the environment when they partner with industry. An important, timely reminder that common good and common ground are not the same thing. September 19 No One Should Die Because They Live Too Far from a Doctor %S3BK1BOKBCJ QIZTJDJBO Illness is universal -- but access to care is not. Physician Raj Panjabi has a bold vision to bring health care to everyone, everyXIFSF8JUIUIF5&%1SJ[F 1BOKBCJJTCVJMEJOHUIF$PNNVnity Health Academy, a global platform that aims to modernize how community health workers learn vital skills, creating jobs along the way. September 26 The Pursuit of Ignorance %S4UVBSU'JSFTUFJO /FVSPTDJFOUJTU What does real scientific work look like? As neuroscientist Stuart Firestein jokes: It looks a lot less like the scientific method and a lot more like not knowing quite what weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for. In this witty talk, Firestein gets to the heart of science as it is really practiced and suggests that we should value what we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know -- or â&#x20AC;&#x153;high-quality ignoranceâ&#x20AC;? -- just as much as what we know. Costco Returns Costco returns Thursday, September 21 from  11 a.m. to 1 QNÍ&#x192; UP SFHJTUFS OFX NFNCFST  SFOFX FYJTUJOH NFNCFSTIJQT  and offer information on special sales and offers.

Open to LCS members only. Bring your card. All films shown in the Sala from 2-4 p.m. No food. No pets. September 7 Get Me Roger Stone64"Í&#x192;Í&#x192; "OFYQMPSBUJPOPGUIFMJGFBOEDBSFFSPG3PHFS4UPOF 3FQVCMJDBOEJSUZ trickster and longtime Trump adviser, who helped create the real estate mogulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s political career. (98 minutes)     September 14 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 64"Í&#x192;Í&#x192;  *OT0SFHPO BCBDLXPPETNBOCSJOHTBXJGFIPNFUPIJTGBSN )JTTJYCSPUIFSTEFDJEFUIFZXBOUUPHFUNBSSJFEBTXFMMÍ&#x192;Í&#x192;5IJT"DBEFNZ Award winning musical has some of the best dancing ever put on film, BOEUIFTJOHJOHPG)PXBSE,FFMBOE+BOF1PXFMMJTĂśSTUSBUF NJOVUFT Í&#x192;Í&#x192;Í&#x192;Í&#x192;Í&#x192;Í&#x192; September 21 Eat Drink Man Woman5BJXBO The senior chef at the Grand Hotel in Taipei lives with his three daughters. This multiple Academy Award winner (seen here about ten years ago) will have your mouth watering. One of the top food movies FWFSNBEFXJUIBOFOEJOHUIBUZPVXPOUTFFDPNJOH NJOVUFT

September 28 What A Wonderful Family 2016 Japan " IVTCBOE BOE XJGF IBWF CFFO NBSSJFE GPS  ZFBST5IF IVTCBOE asks his wife what she wants for her birthday. She replies that she wants BEJWPSDFXIJDITFOETUIFFOUJSFGBNJMZJOUPDIBPT NJOVUFT 

Look to the Skies - Globos Rising! Enjoy the spectacular launching of those wonderful hot-air flying spheres called globosBTQBSUPGUIFBOOVBMDFMFCSBUJPOPG.FYJDBO*OEFpendence, Children who attend the LCS Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Program, in collaboration XJUIUIF"KJKJD4PDJFUZPGUIF"SUT XJMMQBSUJDJQBUFJOUIFEFTJHOBOEFYFDVtion of these colorful creations scheduled to be launched on this perfect GBNJMZGVOEBZBUUIFTPDDFSĂśFMEOFBS#VHBNCJMJBT1MB[BTUBSUJOHBU p.m on September 9.

Bus Trip Thursday, September 21 Galerias Mall/Costco $PTUJTQFTPTGPSNFNCFSTBOEQFTPTGPSOPONFNCFST &OKPZ NBKPS SFUBJMFST BOE SFTUBVSBOUT #VT EFQBSUT QSPNQUMZ BU  BN from the sculpture in La Floresta. Regular bus trips will resume this fall. Look for more information in UIFOFYUJTTVFPSPOUIFXFCTJUF



The LCS Newsletter is published monthly. Deadline for submissions is the 17th of the month preceding publication. Submit all news items to newsletter@lakechapalasociety.com Note: The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all submissions according to time, space availability and editorial decision.

Saw you in the Ojo 67


El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

Saw you in the Ojo 69





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El Ojo del Lago / September 2017


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5(7,5(0(175(671856,1*+20(6 - CASA ANASTASIA Tel: 765-5680 / 33-3452-5864 - LA CASA NOSTRA Tel: 765-3824 1856,1*+20(/$.(&+$3$/$ Tel: 766-0404 - OHANA Tel: (01387) 761-0403


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62&,$/25*$1,=$7,216 /$.(&+$3$/$62&,(7< Tel: 766-1140 3DJ /261,f26'(&+$3$/$<$-,-,& Tel: 765-7032 3DJ

63$0$66$*( - FRAU SPA Tel: 766-4393, Cell. 33-1736-5772 - GANESHA SPA Tel: 766-5653 - LA BELLA VIDA Tel: 766-5131 - TOTAL BODY CARE Tel: 766-3379


7$;, $57852)(51$1'(= Cell: (045) 333-954-3813




* TOURS - CHARTER CLUB TOURS Tel: 766-1777 - CHILLINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; TOURS Tel.: 376 108 1738 / Cell.: 4421188442 - LYDIAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TOURS Tel: 765-4742, (045) 33-1026-4877



6$7(//,7(679 $-,-,&(/(&7521,&66$'(&9 Tel/Fax: 766-1117, 766-3371 3DJ 6+$:6$7(//,7(6(59,&(6 Tel: 33-1402-4223 3DJ

The Ojo Crossword


Saw you in the Ojo 71


FOR SALE: Utility/Cargo Trailer For Sale 18,000 pesos, 6.5 x 10 feet utility trailer converted to cargo trailer (sided and topped 3/4 of way back). Reliable. Jalisco plated. Call: 765-3668. Chapala. Email: hxc954@gmail.com FOR SALE: 2008 Nissan Tiida Emoticon, Jalisco plates. 4 door, 4 cylinders, automatic, AC, power doors, windows and rear view mirrors. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got 122,500 km. We are asking for $88,000 pesos or best offer. My phone number is (387)761-0068 or cell: 045-331-384-0679. FOR SALE: Looking for U.S. plated car for student. Email: susannahreeser@ icloud.com. FOR SALE: I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra that I recently drove here from the U.S. It is in excellent condition, about 40,000 miles, 4 door, air conditioning etc. Price: $9,000 USD - must jointly drive car to border to have my sticker removed. Email: dlemel@dlemel.net. :$17(' Starting university in August, looking to buy a small car in good condition so that I can get to school, I would prefer a four cylinder, and it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to be very new. My dad is a mechanic so no worries about minor details. You can email me at es336011@gmail.com :$17(' I am in need of an automatic transmission, air conditioned, 2005-2010 automobile in good condition. Sooner rather than later. Email is ernemarti@hotmail. com, Chapala phone 765-3134, my cell is 360-301-3464. FOR SALE: FORD ESCAPE 2005. NO LIKINGS, CERO oil drops, Cero antifreeze consumption, Runs Incredible Great, 183,000 miles, Temporary import permit expired, A/C doesn´t work, $250 USD to Âż[HG3ULFH86'&HOO3KRQH 559-6671, Gerardo. FOR SALE: Wanting to buy a Jalisco plated car from an American or Canadian. $Q\ LGHDV RQ KRZ WR ÂżQG RQH (PDLO ODUU\ÂżHOG#JPDLOFRP FOR SALE: I have a 2001 Super BeeWOH ZLWK IRXU YHU\ VSLá&#x201A;&#x2021;\ DQG YHU\ H[SHQsive-- designer wheels and tires. I would be willing to trade them for regular sized wheels and good quality tires for my Beetle. Write me if interested: Email: 39carrol@gmail.com. FOR SALE: Motorcycle -Year 2011 - KAWASAKI-KLR 650 - Now $92,500 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; pesos. 2011 - Kawasaki motorcycle. Only 8200 miles, Mexican plated, Located in Las Fuentes near Jocotepec. Call Rick â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cell: 333-497-6446 FOR SALE: Nissan Altima model 2.5, 4 cylinders, very economic, has air conditioning, cruise control, a stereo with a CD player and Bose audio system, power windows,120,000 km. Price: $89900 Pesos. Call:  FOR SALE: 2009 Clio hatchback, auto trans - 4 cyl - 4 door, air conditioner, elect doors locks and windows - CD player, 95,200 km, needs new trans gasket. SHVRV(PDLOVLONĂ&#x20AC;HXUV#RXWORRN com. FOR SALE: 2006 BMW X5 M $195,000 pesos. 87000 km, 20â&#x20AC;? original/ factory wheels tires 85%. Email: chard-


mex@icloud.com. :$17(' Classic Mazda Miata 19891997. Willing to pay more than the car is worth if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the right car. Email: issaction@ icloud.com. FOR SALE: 13â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Scamp Travel Trailer $125,372 Chapala, Jalisco, Purchased new in 2010, driven to Mexico. Lightweight, sleeps two, toilet, shower, gas range, fridge, sink. Has to be picked up at the ERUGHU ÂżUVW RI -XO\ DQG EURXJKW EDFN LQWR Mexico by new owner in order to legalize. $7000 USD.


FOR SALE: I have a set of Epson 195 cartridges for sale. One each black, magenta, Cyan and Yellow. Current cost $1,096 pesos at Wal-Mart. Will sell for $600 pesos. %RXJKWDQHZSULQWHUWKDWXVHVDGLá&#x201A;&#x2021;HUHQW cartridge. Best to contact me by email: chazgree@yahoo.com. Name is Charlie. FOR SALE: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m selling a complete home security system that was purchased on SMART-HOME at Centro Laguna shopping center. I can install the system at no charge. Please contact me at 1(719)2357795. :$17(' I am in need of a used server rack. contact me atbobkat1226@gmail. com. FOR SALE: HP Laptop for Sale (Used). Now i have replaced it with new parts. Also itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an English keyboard and Operating System (Windows 10) Hard Drive 500GB (New), 8GB DDR3 (New), Battery (New), Quad Core CPU AMD 2.0GHz. Price asking: $6,000.00 Peso. Email: justineverest@gmail.com. FOR SALE: Sony S-VHS Hi-Fi stereo editing video recorder. Model slv-r-1000 with remote. Loaded with features and mint condition, like new probably used 5hrs total. Asking $300 us. Call: 333-444-7868. FOR SALE: Wireless HD Audio/Video transmitter. IOGEAR model GW3DHDKIT up to 100ft. Full 1080p and 5.1 digital audio. Like new used for approx. 2 hours. Asking $160 US. Call 333-444-7868 FOR SALE: Laptop and Copier both Samsung 2016 (English) A â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Laptop Computer, Model NP940X3L. B- Copier, Xpress M2070FW Little used. Call specialist: Luis 376-766-5933 (o) or Cell: 332-340-7501 or Heriberto Cell: (045) 331-016-7480 both professionals FOR SALE: Large package of HP 02 ink, including: 5 black, 7 light magenta, 9 magenta, 7 cyan, 9 yellow, 8 light cyan. Price: $450mxn. Please call 376-7655085 or write britkennels@msn.com FOR SALE: Computer accessories. Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro Controller, Tandy A/B Switch w/connectors, Belkin 4 Way Data Switch, 3 RCA Audio Video Switch (laser disk, VCR, CD, DVD) to TV w/cables, D-Link 2.4Ghz Wireless Range Extender (w/setup disk). Price: $350mxn. Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com FOR SALE: ADATA HV100 portable hard drive, capacity 1 TB. New, never used, my ancient desktop canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use it. Cost  SHVRV Rá&#x201A;&#x2021;HUHG IRU  SHVRV &DOO 766-3870 or mexrayh@gmail.com FOR SALE: Logitech Computer Key-

El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

board â&#x20AC;&#x201C; English. USB connector, Mod. Y-UM76A $295 pesos. Include contact information when replying via this web forum or to this email address: mex4sale@gmail. com :$17(' computer speakers or dog whistle or other similar device. Email: bdmowers@gmail.com. FOR SALE: HP 6550 B American Keyboard $3000 pesosSelling my old laptop could not edit 4k video great for someone looking to surf the web, play solitaire, watch YouTube videos or use Photoshop. If interested please call me:  FOR SALE: Wireless Keyboard, mouse and laptop base w/fan. KB/Mouse used one time. Wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sell separately. Call: 376-765-6348. Collect in Chapala Haciendas. Free digital camera w/purchase.


:$17(' Need to buy a medium size dog crate. Not for airline use, just around the house. Email: camillenparadise@hotmail.com FREE FISH: For Garden Ponds. /RWV RI VPDOO ÂżVK WKH\ JURZ WR DERXW ´ ORQJ  1RW *ROGÂżVK EXW RI 0H[LFDQ RULgin, some with, Long tails (Males?), they need regular feeding, Bring container. Call: Tel. 766-3273 FREE: I rescued 3 puppies that showed up on my patio. There are 2 males and 1 female and are about 2.5 months old. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve given them their vaccinations and deworming. Contact Barb at 376-763-5663 if you would like to meet these delightful pups.


FOR SALE: Young girl bicycle SCHWINN, CRUISER, excellent condition, color mauve with front wire basket and mud guards on both wheels. Top brand, sturdy build. Asking $75.00US. Call 376-7661965 or e-mail at michgirou@yahoo.ca. FOR SALE: Samsung UN19F4000 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV. Samsung TV $1500p slightly used in the box. Email: julieywayne@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: Dark Brown Ultra Suede Queen size Hide a Bed, includes an ottoman. In excellent condition. Slept on once. Price: $4800p. Email: julieywayne@yahoo. com FREE: Would like to give some to people that teach music to kids, maybe a good stack to each person interested. Box full of books. Email: julieywayne@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: Honeywell HFD-120-Q ,RQL]HU$LU 3XULÂżHU ,Q ([FHOOHQW FRQGLWLRQ not used much. $1000p Almost looks new. Email: julieywayne@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: Complete Shaw Equipment and Service. $14,000p. HD DSR600 receiver with remote for $2500p. 1 dish with switch and dual LMB for HD $2000p. Service is paid through May 5, 2018 with CP Electronics, at $60 usd a month = $8400p. FOR SALE: Vizio VA19LHDTV10T 19â&#x20AC;? 720p HD LCD Television. Price: $1000p FOR SALE: Gently used, 4-5 years old. Two oven shelves, 6 burners, comal. 3RUEHVWRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU FOR SALE: 2 folboats kayaks with extra equipment and lessons. $20,000 pesos. With equipment. Please see them

Todo Bueno Consignment and thrift shop in Riberas Phone 331-016-0619. FOR SALE: I have seven pieces of various sizes of a chain link fence. It served as security on the top of the patios in the house I bought. They range from about six feet to 8 feet high and about 5 feet or so wide. Come and have a look if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re trying to fence in that garden. Hoolia 376-7657569 FOR SALE: PANASONIC 50â&#x20AC;? High 'HÂżQLWLRQ 3ODVPD 79 ,QSXWV &DEOH  HDMI, 2 Video, 2 others. Excellent condition, c/w manuals and remote Model THC50 HD18 - 4500pesos. Call 766-5128 FOR SALE: I have 3 pine kitchen stools for sale in fairly good condition has a few dings on them. Asking $1000 pesos for them. Call 766-4971 if interested. FOR SALE: Dark brown glazed talavera type tiles...2 3/8â&#x20AC;? square....apps 140 pcs...$200 MX. Willie: 766-4489. FOR SALE: Set of 2 nice little end tables. Tables measure 23 1/2â&#x20AC;? x 20â&#x20AC;? x 24 3/4â&#x20AC;? tall. There are large wheeled casters on the legs making them easy to move around. Price: $1,500.00 for the set. 376766-2521 or PM here. :$17(' Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m looking for a good used apple iPhone 5 or 6 for the Telcel network. Eric. 332-310-2084. :$17(' Largish patio umbrella, preferably with stand. Sharon at 331-196-6423 :$17(' 2 comfy easy chairs and 32â&#x20AC;? Smart TV. Sharon 331-196-6423 FOR SALE: Pool Table. Pool cues are ÂżEHUJODVVDQGQRWZRRG7DEOHEDVHPDGH of 1â&#x20AC;? Italian stone. Table surround made of pine wood. Call 331-382-4771 for appt. Buyer must arrange for transportation. Price: $25,000 pesos. :$17(' I have a mailbox at the ishop mailbox center at #144 on the Carretera in San Antonio. I can share with 2 more people. The best way to contact me is at dms555@comcast.net or call 376766-3281. I have paid through August 17th and would like to share the cost with one or two others. Cost per month is $34.00. Diane Schmidt :$17('I want to purchase a treadmill. Email: ljkelly24@yahoo.com. :$17(' I want to purchase a practice piano--I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want an electric keyboard. My only requirement is that it is tunable. Email: ljkelly24@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: ESPA half HP water pump. Very good condition. Reason for sale, upgraded. Asking $1,850 MXN. Tel: (376) 765-5085 or email: scrubs1946@ msn.com. FREE: Dried Mesquite Wood. About a cubic yard/meter. Cut into 1â&#x20AC;&#x2122; logs. Thick, heavy, dried for over a year. Great for grilling...will last you a lifetime. PM me. Email: kimanjo@gmail.com. FOR SALE: Prince EXO3 Hornet 110. Originally priced at Tennis Mart online at $129 U.S. , ZLOO VHOO LW &+($3 IRU  SHVRV I bought 2 of them and only really needed one which I am using. If interested send me an email: IRWRĂ&#x20AC;\HU2003@yahoo. com. FOR SALE: 1LVVLQ77/Ă&#x20AC;DVK0DUN,, Di 622 power zoom, 24 - 105 mm. FabuORXV Ă&#x20AC;DVK FDQ ERXQFH OLJKW +DV RSDTXH

OHQV WR XVH WR GXOO LQWHQVH Ă&#x20AC;DVK ,W KDV TTL (Through the Lens) metering. Used price at New York stores is $75 U.S.; new 1LVVLQĂ&#x20AC;DVKLV86Will sell for $50 U.S. OBO. Write Jill: IRWRĂ&#x20AC;\HU#\Dhoo.com FOR SALE: Sigma lens, almost brand QHZ PP ZLWK EDJ DQG ÂżOWHU Use with Nikon camera, maybe others. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an 18  PP ]RRP  86 RU PDNH DQ Rá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU Send me an email: IRWRĂ&#x20AC;\HU#\DKRR com. FOR SALE: Nikon D200 professional camera for sale with Nikon 18-200mm zoom. It comes with 3 batteries, several 6'FDUGVDEDWWHU\FKDUJHUDÂżOWHUIRUWKH lens, a sunshade and a camera bag. The lens used goes for about $425 USED and new about $650. Plus the batteries each cost about $40.00 (or $120 for all 3) I will sell the camera with the lens, batteries and all the equipment listed above for $430 86&RQWDFWPHDWIRWRĂ&#x20AC;\HU#\DKRR com FOR SALE: IKEA single blue bed sofa, new condition with spare beige cover. Price: $300 USD. Call: 763-5272. FOR SALE: GE 5.8GHz 3 Handset cordless phone system w/answering machine and dash mount charger for cell phone. Price: $250mxn Please call 376765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com FOR SALE: Bird ScarerAuto function

w/5 - 30 mins. intervals for large area protection. Sounds of hawks and owls may scare away rats, mice and rabbits. Time interval adjustment. Special chip recording of actual predatory calls from hawks, falcons & owls. Price: $350mxn Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@ msn.com :$17('I will be traveling a good bit and would like to purchase a used kindle in good working condition solely for my month long travels. The model is not important but it really needs to be in good working order, some books loaded would be a plus. Call Richard in Chapala at 331-116-6081. :$17('We are looking for a twin or full bed and frame. Email: paschall1964@ gmail.com. FOR SALE: Icom ICR-75 30kHz60MHz Receiver. Like new with power supply, carrying handle, and DC power cable. $10,000 MXN Firm. FOR SALE: Loveseat -- dark rattan ZLFNHU IUDPH FXVKLRQV JHQWOH SLQN Ă&#x20AC;RZered pattern. Decorative chest -- 42 in/106 cm wide, 31 in/79 cm high. Bookcase -- maple hardwood, 31 in/79 cm wide, 80 in/203 cm high. All top quality, to view call 766-3870 or mexrayh@gmail.com FOR SALE: Yamaha P-80 electronic piano, with stand and travel cover. Full size 88-key, voices include piano, organ and KDUSVLFKRUG 2á&#x201A;&#x2021;HUHG KDOI SULFH DW 

pesos. Call 766-3870 or mexrayh@gmail. com FOR SALE: JVC RS-1 1080P DILA Projector + Spare Lamp. Original lamp is still very bright. Complete with remote and original user manual. Big price reduction, now only $4000 pesos or $240 U.S. at current exchange rate. PM me or email houck1022@gmail.com :$17(' Looking for a bench press and weighs, i.e. dumbbells and barbell. Email: planzee@ymail.com. :$17(' I will be returning to Ajijic mid-September, for the next one to two years. I am looking to share the cost for a Shaw box and active account. I would prefer an Ontario account (to watch Maple Leafs games) However, the box and acFRXQWFRPHÂżUVW(PDLOmseng49@gmail. com. FOR SALE: 3 Onyx wall sconces. 9.5 in tall. 7.75 in from wall. Calux brand. Price: $750MX for all 3. Willie: 766-4489. :$17('Looking for a recliner chair in good condition with built in lift. Email: v.v.kaskow@gmail.com. FOR SALE: Almost-new refrigerator for sale. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 14 cu ft, silver-tone, Mabe. Price: $5000 pesos. Email: is4916@protonmail.com FOR SALE: Cubeta Comex outdoor paint. 19 L, Comex Prima, vinyl Acrylic, I bought it last month. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s never been

opened. Price: $900 pesos obo. Email: is4916@protonmail.com :$17(' 15 pound hand weight, also a 12 pound and a 20 pound. Email: bdmowers@gmail.com. FOR SALE: Dean Koontz Frankenstein series 5 booksPrice: $250 pesos for the set. Email: bdmowers@gmail.com. :$17(' Propane or gas portable generator. Email: sunshineyday2013@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: VINTAGE ROOF TILES, Circa 1900 Approximately 350 to 400 (XURSHDQ VW\OH Ă&#x20AC;DW WHUUDFRWWD JUHHQLVK ÂżQLVKRQRQHVLGHYHU\XVHDEOHFRQGLWLRQ Located in Chapala. Only 6 pesos per tile, sold as one lot only. Call: 331-116-6081 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Richard. FOR SALE: Garmin nuvi 3450. Perfect condition, works perfectly. OS & maps are up to date. Price: $2,500 pesos. Call: 7664558. FOR SALE: Slightly over 100 meters of fabric for only $1845. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s approximately $1USD/meter. Several â&#x20AC;&#x153;boltsâ&#x20AC;? are large enough for curtains, tablecloth. Call: 376765-5085.

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El Ojo del Lago / September 2017

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El Ojo del Lago - September 2017  

Ajijic and Chapala magazine devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.

El Ojo del Lago - September 2017  

Ajijic and Chapala magazine devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.


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