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El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

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Dr. Lorin Swinehart writes about the wondrous city of Tenochtitlan, which in its time far eclipsed any of the glittering capitols of EuURSH7RGD\WKHVDPHVLWHLVKRPHWRDQRWKHUPDJQLÂżFHQWFDSLWRO Mexico City. 11


Antonio Rambles reviews Lakesider Rachel McMillen’s new mystery novel, Dark Moon Walking, and writes that the book is in the tradition of the great mystery novels of the 1940’s and 1950’s.




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Ed Tasca is hearing rain-birds, and has lived long enough at Lakeside to know that the sound means that more than rain is coming our way.


Teri Saya lived for many years in a small coastal town in California, where she could walk everywhere without having to think about much more than where she was headed. Now she lives near the downtown area of Guadalajara and . . . well, walking is a little different.

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Margaret Van Every writes about a near-miraculous event that is based on a true story.

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Celebrated novelist, Roberta Rich (of The Midwife of Venice and The Harem Midwife fame), who lives part-time in Mexico, writes about an explosion in her neighborhood caused not by miscreant humans but by a...dead chicken.


El Ojo del Lago aparece los primeros cinco dĂ­as de cada mes. (Distributed over WKHÂżUVWÂżYHGD\VRIHDFKPRQWK) &HUWLÂżFDGRGH/LFLWXGGH7tWXOR &HUWLÂżFDGRGH/LFLWXGGH&RQWHQLGR

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El Ojo del Lago / June 2014





Saw you in the Ojo


Editor’s Page %\$OHMDQGUR*UDWWDQ'RPLQJXH] For more editorials, visit: http://thedarksideofthedream.com

So Whatever Happened . . .?


ome time ago, in reviewing the HBO series The Newsroom, this column mentioned that the actor Jeff Daniels, playing the title role, had, in answer to the question, “Isn’t America the most exceptional country in the world?â€? replied, “No, but we used to be.â€? He was referring, of course, to the “Greatest Generation,â€? which had valiantly struggled through the Great Depression and then played a critical central role in winning the most catastrophic war in history. So whatever happened to that wonderful country that was once a beacon of hope to the entire world? The newsman mentioned above had spoken the truth because according to the top twenty universal yardsticks by which a nation is evaluated (such as Infant Mortality, etc.), the United States is woefully far down from the top in nearly every category. Recently, this view has been reinforced with the publication of the 2014 Social Progress Index. Its findings make for somber reading. In the Category Of: t#BTJD)VNBO/FFET UIF64SBOLT 23rd. t /VUSJUJPO#BTJD .FEJDBM  UIF 64 ranks 24th. t 8BUFS4BOJUBUJPO  UIF 64 SBOLT 33rd. t#BTJD4IFMUFS UIF64SBOLTth. t1FSTPOBM4BGFUZ UIF64SBOLTth. t"DDFTTUP#BTJD,OPXMFEHF UIF64 ranks 38th. t)FBMUIBOE8FMMOFTT UIF64SBOLT th. t 1FSTPOBM 'SFFEPN  $IPJDF  UIF US ranks 22nd. t 5PMFSBODF BOE *ODMVTJPO  UIF 64 ranks 13th. Moreover, the findings of this study have been buttressed by SFTFBSDI EPOF CZ 1SJODFUPO BOE Northwestern Universities that concludes that “the US govern-


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

ment does not represent the interests of the majority of the country’s citizens, but is instead ruled by the rich and powerful.â€? "OPUIFS XPSMEXJEF TUVEZ UIBU would seemingly reflect this was done by the Legatum Institute, which found that in the category of “well-being and life satisfaction,â€? the US ranked 11th. Most of the Top Ten were Scandinavian countries. In the “Happiness Factor,â€? SwitzerMBOESBOLFE $BOBEB .FYJDP  UIF64"#PUUPN-JOF PG UIF "NFSJDBO QFPQMF BSF VOEFS UIF1PWFSUZ-JOF‰BOEUIF64IBT the second highest child poverty rates in the entire developed world. 8IBU SFNBJOT VOEFOJBCMF JT that the United States continues to be the richest, most powerGVM DPVOUSZ JO UIF XPSME‰CVU BT much of the previously cited findings prove, such power, prestige and wealth does very little for the BWFSBHF DJUJ[FO XIFO  PG UIF DPVOUSZTXFBMUIJTPXOFECZPG the population. This incredible disparity between the rich and poor is the widest ever recorded, and began its latest incarnation with Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle-Down Theory,â€? which never worked and never will, according to the overwhelming majority of internationally-recogOJ[FEFDPOPNJTUT"TQSPPGPGUIJT  the federal minimum wage has not even kept pace with the rising costs of basic necessities for workJOHGBNJMJFT‰BOEUPEBZ it is worth less than it was in the early 1980s! The newest version of the theory is now being promoted by ReQVCMJDBO $POHSFTTNBO 1BVM 3ZBO (and possible presidential nominee JO  ‰XIP JT CPUI BO BEWP-

DBUF PG "ZO 3BOET DSFFE PG TFMĂśTI individualism, and is also a devout $BUIPMJD  XIPTF DVSSFOU MFBEFS  1PQF 'SBODJT  JT UBLJOH UIF $IVSDI CBDLUPUIFUFBDIJOHTPG$ISJTUBOE His compassionate concern for the poor. It will be interesting to see who wins the battle for Ryan’s soul. The larger issue is whether the U.S. finally recognizes its serious shortcomings, or instead wallows in its delusion of “exceptionalismâ€? until it’s too late to solve these problems. Yet the super wealthy still think everything is just danEZ‰BOE OP OBUJPOBM QSPCMFN IBT

ever been remedied until there was a consensus that there was a probMFN "T EFNPDSBDZ JO UIF 6OJUFE States’ rapidly degenerates into QMVUPDSBDZ‰NVDI MJLF UIBU XIJDI FYJTUFE JO UIF lead-up to the French RevoMVUJPO‰ DPVME a 21st century version of the “storming of UIF #BTUJMMFw CF far behind? Alejandro GrattanDominguez

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Proudly stands the city of Mexico, Tenochtitlan, Here no one fears to die in warโ€ฆ Keep this in mind, O princessโ€ฆ Who could attack Tenochtitlan? Who could shake the foundations of heaven? I remember the big lie my history UFYU UPME NZ HFOFSBUJPO CBDL JO UIF T  UIBU BU UIF UJNF PG $ISJTUPQIFS $PMVNCVTT รถSTU WPZBHF  UIFSF were perhaps a few million Native "NFSJDBOTIFSF In truth, a vast civilization flourJTIFE JO DFOUSBM .FYJDP BMPOF  DPOTJTUJOH PG BO FTUJNBUFE    QFPQMF "QQSPYJNBUFMZ   JOhabited its capital city Tenochtitlan, constructed upon two islands in Lake 5FYDPDP  B DJUZ TP CFBVUJGVM BOE BEvanced as to put the crude capitals of Europe to shame. The capital of the "[UFD&NQJSFGFBUVSFENVTFVNTBOE zoos, vast temples, two-story homes, an aviary teeming with colorful tropJDBMCJSET BOEIVHFQZSBNJET $BVTFXBZT DPOOFDUFE JU UP UIF mainland. Floating gardens dotUFE UIF MBLF  "O BRVFEVDU CSPVHIU fresh water into the city from miles away. Each day, the streets were TXFQUBOESFGVTFXBTDPMMFDUFE$Bnals crisscrossed the city facilitating DPNNFSDF 5IF "[UFDT DPVME รถFME BO BSNZ PG    QSPCBCMZ UIF worldโ€™s largest at the time, enabling UIFN UP FYFSU EPNJOBODF PWFS B DPNQMFYTZTUFNPGWBTTBMTUBUFTBOE subject peoples. 5IFZFBS3FFEPOUIF"[UFDDBMendar was a time of dire portents for the people and their emperor Moctezuma, the ninth of his line. 1 Reed was to herald in a new age, POF JO XIJDI UIF HSFBU 1MVNFE 4FSpent Quetzalcoatl would rise in the east and bring destruction down upon the dynasty, ushering in a new BHF"รถFSZDPNFUBOEPUIFSOBUVSBM phenomena added to the growing BOYJFUZ .PDUF[VNB XBT USPVCMFE by reports of strange white aliens making landfall on the east coast,


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

alighting from huge watercraft, men who wore suits of iron and travelled astride four-legged beasts. 0O /PWFNCFS     )FSOBOEP$PSUF[ BTBEJTUJDPQQPSUVOJTU TFU TBJMGSPN$VCBXJUINFOGPSUIF DPBTU PG .FYJDP  $PSUF[ XBT UP EFstroy the Empire, demolish TenochUJUMBO BOESFEVDFUIF"[UFDTUPTVCTFSWJFODF 5IF FYQMBOBUJPOT BT UP IPXBGPSDFPGNFOXPVMECSJOH EPXOBOFNQJSFPG  TPVMT reveal more about the biases of the XSJUFST PG NZ IJTUPSZ UFYU UIBO UIFZ EP BCPVU SFBMJUZ 8F XFSF UPME UIBU UIF "[UFDT XFSF USBVNBUJ[FE CZ UIF sight of men on horseback, believing that they were observing centaurlike creatures with four legs and men growing out of their backs. They were so terrified of Spanish firearms that they fled in terror. Moving inland, lured by tales of fabulous riches at Tenochtitlan, $PSUF[ GPSNFE BMMJBODFT XJUI WBTTBM states, resentful over the emperorโ€™s UBYFTBOEUIFLJEOBQQJOHPGDIJMESFO to become soldiers or sacrifices. The addition of these new allies swelled UIF SBOLT PG $PSUF[T JOWBTJPO BSNZ 8IFO $IPMVMB SFNBJOFE MPZBM UP Moctezuma, the Spaniards massaDSFE PGJUTDJUJ[FOSZ 5IF "[UFDT  B TLJMMFE  JOUFMMJHFOU QFPQMF  FYQFSU BSDIJUFDUT  BTUSPOPmers and surgeons, would not have been fooled for long by mounted men or noisy but unreliable Spanish NBUDIMPDLT5IF"[UFDTUSFBUFEUIFJS strange visitors lavishly, providing them with a palace. Their guests, however, began looting the city and abusing its citizens. Taking Moctezuma captive, they emptied the treaTVSZ  8IFO UIF TVCEVFE FNQFSPS was trotted out in chains, urging his people lay down their arms, a resistance movement grew around his CSPUIFS $VJUMBVBD  .PDUF[VNB XBT either strangled to death by his captors or stoned by his own people. The Spaniards flung his lifeless body into a canal, causing them to look like the perpetrators.

5IF"[UFDTTUSVDLCBDL TVSSPVOEing the palace. "GUFSEBZTPGCFJOHDVUPò UIF Spaniards attempted to sneak across the causeways in the middle of the OJHIU"XPNBOTPVOEFEUIFBMBSN  BOE B NBTTBDSF FOTVFE #VSEFOFE with loot, many Spaniards fell into the canals and drowned. Others died JOBIBJMPGBSSPXT8JUIUXPUIJSETPG IJTGPSDFMPTU $PSUF[CBSFMZFTDBQFE Tenochtitlan with his own life. Temporarily free of their odious WJTJUPST  UIF "[UFDT CFHBO DMFBOTJOH and rebuilding their city, but when $PSUF[SFUVSOFE IFGPVOEUIBUTNBMMQPY  DBSSJFE CZ POF PG IJT JOGFDUFE soldiers, had killed over half the population, leaving the survivors sick, weak and demoralized. One smallQPYJOGFTUBUJPOXBTUPGPMMPXBOPUIFS VOUJMVQUP  PGUIFPSJHJOBM   JOIBCJUBOUTPGUIFFNQJSF were to perish. Epidemics of measles, mumps and other European diseases also took a toll. "GUFSBCBUUMFMBTUJOHGPVSNPOUIT  $PSUF[ MFWFMFE 5FOPDIUJUMBO UP UIF ground, razing the temples and pyramids and stealing everything of value. In an act of unspeakable cruelty, typical of the European invasion PG UIF "NFSJDBT  IJT NFO TFU ÜSF UP the aviary killing thousands of beauUJGVM FYPUJDCJSET5IFNBKFTUJDDJUZPG Tenochtitlan was reduced to rubble. Material salvaged from the ruins was used to construct Spanish government buildings and cathedrals. 5P KVTUJGZ UIFJS DSVFMUZ  $PSUF[ FYQSFTTFE SFWVMTJPO BU UIF "[UFD practice of sacrificing victims to their sun god Huitzilopochtli and to Quetzalcoatl, their rain god, identified with the planet Venus, by cutting their hearts from their living bodies atop the elaborate pyramids. 4QBOJTITRVFBNJTIOFTTJTEJóDVMUUP synchronize with their own record throughout the region, where Native "NFSJDBOT XFSF SPVUJOFMZ CVSOFE alive, infants were thrown to ravenous wolfhounds, women’s breasts

XFSFTMJDFEPò BOE4QBOJBSETXPVME test their swords and their strength by decapitating Indians with one blow. Thousands were worked to death as slaves in Spanish mines and sugar cane plantations in an era of brutality that rivals the worst of the Nazi holocaust and the Gulags of Joseph StaMJO5SVUIJT $PSUF[TJNQMZIVOHFSFE after gold and would commit any unTQFBLBCMFBDUJOPSEFSUPBDRVJSFJU )FSFQFBUFEMZTFUUIFGFFUPG$VBVIUFNPD  UIF TVDDFTTPS PG $VJUBVac, on fire to force him to reveal the whereabouts of more of the precious mineral. )F UPME UIF "[UFDT i8F 4QBOJTI TVòFS B EJTFBTF PG UIF IFBSU  XIJDI can only be cured by gold.� 5IPTF "[UFDT XIP TVSWJWFE UIF epidemics were tortured, raped, NVSEFSFE BOE DPOWFSUFE UP $ISJTtianity at sword-point by their cruel VTVSQFST'BUIFS#BSUPMPNFPEF-BT $BTBT  OBNFE 1SPUFDUPS PG UIF *OEJBOTCZ,JOH$IBSMFT7 SFQPSUFE i5IF Spaniards have killed more Indians here in twelve years by sword, by fire, and enslavement than anywhere else in the Indies. They have killed young and old, men, women, and children, some four million souls during what UIFZDBMMUIF$PORVFTUT XIJDIXFSF violent invasions of cruel tyrants that should be condemned not only by the law of God but also by all the MBXTPG.BO"OEUIJTEPFTOPUUBLF into account of those Indians who have died from ill treatment or were killed under tyrannical servitude.� 5PEBZ .FYJDP$JUZJTBMBSHFBOE thriving metropolis, but it lacks the grandeur of Tenochtitlan, the city beneath the city, the foundations of heaven, destroyed by its murderous DPORVFSPST JO UIFJS crazed obsession for gold. Lorin Swinehart

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any times articles in this column pertain mostly to dogs, but cats, that certainly bring joy to our lives in their own unique ways, also deserve some recognition. Did you know that cats were music lovers? There is scientific proof that some cats like music. However, what type of music is debated. Some people say their cats prefer very rhythmic tunes while others say their cats like to rock out and others think classical music is the best. Some music has been written specifically for cats, with high pitches and sounds similar to those in the wild and nature. -JLF IVNBOT  DBUT IBWF EJòFSFOU UBTUFT CBTFE PO XIBU UIFZ XFSF FYQPTFEUPJOUIFJSFBSMZEBZT$BUTIBWF tremendous hearing and their elegant whiskers can detect even subtle vibrations. Your cat may be enjoying a senTPSZ USFBU BT XFMM BT NFMPEJFT ,FFQ playing music for your cat, although LFFQ UIF WPMVNF MPX‰UIFJS FBST BSF TFOTJUJWF‰BOE MFU IFS FOKPZ JU XJUI


you. " WFSZ TFSJPVT UPQJD BCPVU DBUT JT declawing. For those who do not know UIJT EFDMBXJOHBDBUJTUIFFRVJWBMFOUPG DVUUJOHBQFSTPOTĂśOHFSTPòBUUIFĂśSTU knuckle. Human toes are crucial to our balance, the same for cats! Declawed cats have to relearn how to walk, much as a person would after having his UPFTDVUPò$BUT̓BSFJOQBJO̓XIFOUIFZ BXBLFGSPNUIFTVSHFSZ ̓BOEUIFQBJO continues afterward. Nails can grow CBDLJOTJEFUIFQBX DBVTJOHFYUSFNF pain that you can’t see. Many countries have found this procedure to be so barbaric that it has been made illegal. "MTPUIFMBDLPGDMBXTNBZNBLFNBOZ cats feel so insecure that they tend to

El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

bite more often as a means of self-protection. One hopes that a declawed cat remains safely indoors at all times, but if he should ever get outside your cat would be far more vulnerable to predators and abusers. Several feline studies have shown a critical side efGFDU DBVTFE CZ UIJT TVSHFSZ  "SUISJUJT In the post-operative period, newly declawed cats shift their body weight backward onto the large central pad of UIFGSPOUGFFUBOEPòUIFUPFT5IJTFGfect was significant even when strong QBJO NFEJDBUJPOT XFSF HJWFO 8IFO this altered gait persists over time, it caused stress on the leg joints and TQJOF BOEGSFRVFOUMZJUMFBETUPEBNage and arthritic changes in multiple joints. There are simple things you can do to help your cat not use your furniture as a scratching post. First, clip the tip end of the toenail on a regular basis or have your Vet do this. Get a “cat-treeâ€? so UIFZ DBO FYFSDJTF  TUSFUDI  TUSFOHUIFO their muscles and get their ‘scratching ĂśY&ODPVSBHFZPVSDBUUPVTFUIFQPTUT by sprinkling catnip on it regularly. You can discourage your cat from scratching furniture by using a loud, firm voice whenever he or she starts to scratch. Try using a sprayer bottle with lukewarm water aiming the water stream

BU ZPVS DBUT CBDL "MTP USZ TQSBZJOH #JUUFS "QQMF PO UIF GVSOJUVSF:PV DBO CVZUIJTGSPNZPVSWFUPSQFUTUPSF"Oother solution may be a container of citrus air freshener that you can set on a table near the furniture or mist the GVSOJUVSF$BUTHFOFSBMMZEPOPUMJLFUIF smell of citrus. "OJUBT "OJNBMT BU BOZ HJWFO UJNF has available for adoption, kittens and adult cats of various colors, pureCSFFET  NJYFT  TJ[FT BOE QFSTPOBMJUJFT The right one [or two] is waiting for ZPV"OJUBJTPQFO'SJEBZUISV5VFTEBZ  ".o1.BOE1.o1.8FEOFTEBZTBUUIFUJBOHVJTDMPTFE5IVSTEBZT



n Dark Moon Rising, local author R. J. McMillen has proven herself to be a consummate story-teller. She’s forged an inventive premise, a continuouslyunfolding riddle that keeps the readFSDSBWJOHUIFUVSOPGUIFOFYUQBHF from beginning to end. Her choice of the Emerald Islands, waterways, and XJMEMJGF PG #SJUJTI $PMVNCJBT 1BDJÜD coast as the book’s setting makes for a rich and rare backdrop. 1BSU PG .D.JMMFOT HFOJVT JT IFS ability to write in a way that resonates for both the novice and the aficionado. You don’t have to be a NZTUFSZ CVò UP BQQSFDJBUF UIJT UBMF  but fans of the whodunit genre will find it more than satisfying. You don’t have to be a seaman to appreciate it, either, but sailors and fishermen will read in McMillen’s descriptions of life on the water the unmistakable ring of authenticity. This is a book that will make new fans for the mystery genre, and seduce city slickers and landlubbers alike with its call of the wild. McMillen’s writing style is crisp, straightforward, and eminently readBCMF CVUUIFBVUIPSXBYFTCFBVUJGVMly poetic when writing about clearly beloved islands, waterways and boats. No surprise, since McMillen divides her time between her homes BU-BLFTJEFBOEJO#SJUJTI$PMVNCJB 5IJT CPPL JT GVMM PG VOJRVF BOE memorable characters crisply drawn, and McMillen works hard to avoid mystery genre stereotypes. She seamlessly weaves setting and dialogue together to paint all of her characters as colorful mosaics, and even the supporting characters have great depth, dimension and originality. There are no drive-by characters in this book, and few are what they first seem. %BO$POOPS SFUJSFEFBSMZGSPNNF anti-terrorist beat, is guilt and griefstricken after his wife is brutally murdered in what is hinted at as a conseRVFODFPGIJTXPSL)FTUBLFOUPIJT boat to salve his grief and sort out his life, and now lives on the water. 8BMLFSJTB/BUJWF"NFSJDBODSJQpled years earlier by a fall in a Van-

couver robbery gone bad that ended XJUIIJTBSSFTUCZ$POOFS6QPO8BMLer’s release from prison, he returns to his ancestral home and lifestyle among the islands, where he reconOFDUTCZIBQQFOTUBODFXJUI$POOPS #FOFBUI UIF FOHBHJOH WFOFFS PG JUTNZTUFSZ UIJTCPPLFYQMPSFTTPNF weightier issues. Dan, retired from the work that has long defined him, wrestles with the conflict between being at the center of the action as no more than a civilian bystander struggling to orchestrate the actions PG PUIFST  8IFO FWFOUT SFUVSO IJN to informal police work, he finds in it an unlikely therapy for the grief and guilt arising from his wife’s murder. 8BMLFST BHFPME  MPXUFDI SFTPMVtions for otherwise unsolvable dilemNBT DBMM JOUP RVFTUJPO OPU POMZ UIF limits of technology, but the values which drive our techno-focused society. Dark Moon Rising honors the tradition of the great mystery novelists PG UIF AT BOE AT  *O .D.JMMFOT world there are no psychic profilers, $4* GPSFOTJDT  PS FMFDUSPOJD TVSWFJMlance, and yet in its old fashioned reliance on little more than intuition and powers of deduction it is literally as contemporary as the war on terrorism. This book will keep you guessing at the ending right up to the final chapter, and then leave you panting GPSBTFRVFM*UTBCPPLJOXIJDIFWerything clicks, and one well worth adding to your summer reading list. 1VCMJTIFE CZ 5PVDIXPPE &EJtions. "WBJMBCMF PO "NB[PO JO QBQFSCBDL GPS 64  BOE ,JOEMF GPS 64

Saw you in the Ojo 11


Roaming thru Rome

8IBU DBO CF MFGU UP XSJUF about a place thatโ€™s been called i5IF &UFSOBM $JUZw GPS NPTU PG JUT OFBSMZ ZFBSIJTUPSZ อƒ The cityโ€™s been so widely photographed and the world has come to know it so intimately UISPVHIรถMNTSBOHJOHGSPN#JCMJcal epics to Fellini that no stone seems to have been left unturned. 8IBU DBNF BMJWF GPS NF BT * walked its streets was not only a Ruins of the Roman Forum sense of Rome as the thread upon XIJDITPNVDIPG8FTUFSOIJTUPSZJTTUSVOH BOEJUTVOFOEJOHQBSBEPYFT There are few places in which the past DPFYJTUTXJUIUIFQSFTFOUTPTFBNMFTTMZBT JO3PNFอƒ Here itโ€™s common to see trendy new CPVUJRVFTBOESFTUBVSBOUTJOTUBMMFEJODFOUVSJFTPMECVJMEJOHTอƒ-FHJPOTPG7FTQBTDJSDMF#BSPRVFGPVOUBJOTBOE$MBTTJDBMSVJOTอƒ Romans seem at once an unconscious FYUFOTJPOPGUIFSJDIQBTUXIJDITVSSPVOET them and at the same time casually indifferent to it. The cruise line has booked everyone JOUPUIF&YDFMTJPS)PUFMBTUIFUSJQXJOETUP BDMPTF5IF&YDFMTJPSJTGBNPVTBTUIFUSBWel residence of choice for celebrities from .BSL5XBJOUPUIF3PMMJOH4UPOFTอƒ "T * XBML UISPVHI JUT MPCCZ BOE PVU Roman Coliseum onto the Via Veneto I canโ€™t help but recall scenes shot here for Felliniโ€™s La Dolce Vita. .BOZPGBODJFOU3PNFTTVSWJWJOHTUSVDUVSFToXPSO XFBUIFSFE BOEWBOEBMJ[FE GPS OFBSMZ UXP NJMMFOOJB อƒ  TUBOE JO TUBSL DPOUSBTU UPอƒ  UIF BSDIJUFDUVSBM HSBOEFVS PG Renaissance Rome, some of which is built of marble stripped from their facings. The Roman Forum survives only as a disappointingly bare skeleton. Even stripped of its faรงade, though, UIF $PMJTFVN FOHVMGT WJTJUPST XBMLJOH UIF arena floor with its sheer size. I canโ€™t help but reflect on the fact that it was not until the latter part of the twentieth century that man first built stadiums to eclipse it in scope. "OPUBCMFFYDFQUJPOUPSVJOFE$MBTTJDBM 3PNFJTUIF1BOUIFPO Its simple, geometric perfection seems to leave nothing left unsaid, and to stand beneath its dome looking up through the circular eye open to the sky was for me a GBS NPSF TQJSJUVBM FYQFSJFODF UIBO XBML-

The Pantheon, Rome


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

JOHBNPOHUIFHJMEFEBOHFMTPG4U1FUFST̓ "MNPTU UXP UIPVTBOE ZFBST BGUFS JU XBT CVJMU UIF1BOUIFPOJTTUJMMUIFXPSMETMBSHest unreinforced concrete dome. The Vatican is an embarrassment of riches. It’s impossible not to be awed by the FOEMFTTUBCMFBVPGNBTUFSXPSLTJO4U1Fter’s basilica. It’s also hard not to be left with a sense that the intent of this place is to dwarf its awestruck human visitors and to glorify not so much the deity as the institution of UIF$IVSDI Only the Louvre can compare with the 7BUJDBO.VTFVNGPSUIFOVNCFSBOERVBM6W3HWHUÂśVEDVLOLFD ity of its works, and the building itself is a work of art, solid and imposing and classical in its detail. Here the works of old masters seen before only in art books leap out of the frame, larger than life and richly colored. It seems that every inch of every ceiling is covered in art, ornately framed in gold leaf. The Trevi Fountain, popularized in the U.S. by the movies Three Coins In A Fountain and Roman Holiday, TFFNT FWFS TP GBNJMJBS̓  *N TUBSUMFE  The Vatican Museum though, to see this monumental structure rising out of a residential neighborhood rather than as the anchor of a grand piazza, which was planned but OFWFSCVJMU̓ The fountain also famously appears in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, and when he EJFE JO  UIF GPVOUBJO XBT UVSOFE Pò BOE ESBQFE in black‌ a testimony to the way in which Rome’s old BOE OFX OPU POMZ DPFYJTU  but constantly intermingle. The spire of Trajan’s column, adorned with carvings Trevi Fountain, Rome depicting Rome’s Dacian 8BSTWJDUPSZ JOTUBOUMZFWPLFTBOJNBHFPGUIFTJNJMBSDPMVNOFSFDUFECZ/BQPMFPO JOUIF1MBDF7FOEĂ™NF The walk back to the hotel leads up the Spanish Steps, which on this day look NPSFMJLFUIF4QBOJTI#MFBDIFST CVSJFEBTUIFZBSFJOBTFBPGTFBUFEUPVSJTUT 8JUIUIFEBUFPGBSFUVSOWJTJUJOTPNFWBHVFGVUVSFBOENZUJNFJO&VSPQFESBXing to a close, I make the decision to skip Rome’s catacombs in order to carve out UJNFGPSBEBZUSJQUP/BQMFTBOE1PNQFJJCFGPSFøZJOHCBDLUPUIF4UBUFT

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Justice Is Just A Word %\-DQLFH.LPEDOO


ecently, a newspaper reporter from the Guadalajara Reporter asked an employed woman on her lunch hour what it felt like to be liberated. She replied she had no time for MJCFSBUJPO "MM PG IFS UJNF XBT TQFOU working to feed her family. If we truly believed in justice we could liberate many humans in our community simply by sharing everything we IBWF"SFUIFSFBOZWPMVOUFFST /P  #VUJTOUUIBUXIBUKVTUJDFJTBCPVUB balanced scale? I admit the word ‘justice‘ is a problem for me. Retaliation is often referred to as justice. The word justice linked to judgment comes to NJOE  #FJOH GBJS JT CFJOH KVTU  ZFU JG you open your eyes, and let even the local world filter in, you will see that fairness in this life is a myth. There are personal reasons why I have an aversion to the word ‘justice.’ During my father’s time, Henry Ford tried to break the unions in Detroit. :FBST MBUFS  * FYQFSJFODFE UIF IPQFlessness of families left in the wake of the auto industries abandonment of them. Their jobs were torn away, and given to people living in other parts PG UIF HMPCF "CBOEPOFE GBDUPSJFT were torn down leaving large tracts of wasteland as testimony that Detroit was once alive. It was simplistically said that the auto workers want-

ed too much money. The fact is that the factories were depreciated over a QFSJPEPGUJNF BOEUIBUUJNFIBEFYQJSFE"EFBUILOFMMXBTBUIBOE I had worked for the United States %FQBSUNFOUPG-BCPSBTB5+5$TQFDJBMJTU 5BSHFUFE +PCT5BY $SFEJUT  B program to entice employers to hire automobile workers who had been BEWFSTFMZBòFDUFECZUIFMPTTPGUIFJS jobs through foreign trade. I can attest to the abuses of this program. It was designed to take workers who had run out of unemployment beneĂśUTPòUIFXFMGBSFSPMMT BOETBWFUIF government money. It did save them a little: the time it took savvy businesses to systematically hire, take UIFJSUBYDSFEJUT BOEUIFOĂśSFUIFN  plus their tedious three- month process spent reapplying for welfare. These workers had believed in me. They would beg me for another job referral. The generation that followed the once proud factory workers of Detroit is now referred to as a subculture. Their families’ history of being hard- working people that had moved ‘up north’ from the poor south to work the assembly lines is seldom remembered. The hopelessness of permanent unemployment, where men sneak in to be with their women and children, lest they be left with no food stamps to sustain them, is sad. Those that ‘have’ feel it is unjust they contribute to social programs. They point to its failures. They demand we eliminate the government ‘waste’ of feeding hungry people. In my years working for ‘just’ programs in Detroit I saw no justice at all, and received none. Justice is a word too often flouted by the self-righteous, those who think in terms of black and white, and those who do not see beyond their own back yard. Janice Kimball


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014



n a survey reported in 2013 in The Atlantic that compared medical outcomes in 17 industrialized nations, the US ranked worst in the number of women dying in childbirth and in child mortality before the age of five.̓  *U SBOLFE second worst in death from cardiovascular disease and lung disease. Yet, the US continues to vastly outspend these other nations. Something is clearly XSPOH̓ The budget implications are very DMFBS̓  *O   UIF 64 NFEJDBM DPTUT XFSFPG(%1̓#Z UIFZBSF FYQFDUFEUPCFPG(%1̓5IJTSBQJE inflation of medical costs is clearly unTVTUBJOBCMF̓8FIFBSMPUTPGUBMLBCPVU getting medical costs under control, CVUMJUUMFQSPHSFTTIBTCFFONBEF̓̓ ̓ 0OF RVFTUJPO * GSFRVFOUMZ IFBS when the topic of single-payer health DBSF DPNFT VQ JTi8FMM  ZPV XPVMEOU want socialized medicine MJLF JO $BOBEB XPVMEZPV w8FMM BDUVBMMZ *XPVME̓ 8IFSFBT UIF 64 SBOLFE UI JO UIF Atlantic TVSWFZ  $BOBEB SBOLFE TFWFOUI̓ +BQBO 4XJU[FSMBOE BOE"VTUSBMJBSBOLFE "OEBMMUIFTFDPVOUSJFT spend far less than the US on health DBSF̓ So why the cost disparity? I am sure there are many factors: the cost of technology, the large profits of pharmaceutical companies and other suppliers, the administrative costs of the JOTVSBODFJOEVTUSZ UPOBNFKVTUBGFX̓ #VU  UP B MBSHF EFHSFF  * UIJOL JU JT UIF

tendency of US medicine to focus on WPMVNFPWFSWBMVF̓8IBUEP*NFBOCZ this? 1IZTJDJBOT  IPTQJUBMT BOE PUIFS providers are reimbursed for each procedure, test or other service they proWJEF̓1BUJFOUT JOTVMBUFEGSPNUIFDPTU of medical care by the insurance sysUFN IBWFOPJODFOUJWFUPRVFTUJPOUIF value they are getting for their medical EPMMBST̓%PDUPSTNBLFNPSFNPOFZJG UIFZQSPWJEFNPSFUSFBUNFOU8FIFBS stories about patients in other countries having to wait for non-urgent USFBUNFOUT̓*OUIF64TZTUFN QBUJFOUT BOEGBNJMJFTEFNBOEFYQFOTJWFUSFBUments, and the doctors often comply immediately, even when the chances GPS B HPPE PVUDPNF JT QPPS̓ 5IF TZTtem focuses on volume over value.

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“The Desert Fox�


t the beginning of WWII, Erwin Rommel was appointed commander of the troops guarding Hitler’s headquarters and he became personally known to Hitler. *O   IF assumed command of the 7th1BO[FS %JWJTJPO )F RVJDLMZ VOEFSTUPPE UIF tremendous possibilities of mechaOJ[FEUSPPQTJOBOPòFOTJWFSPMF *O )JUMFSBQQPJOUFE3PNNFM commander of the German troops to CF TFOU UP /PSUI "GSJDB UP IFMQ UIF Italians. He came to be called the i%FTFSU 'PYw CZ CPUI GSJFOE BOE FOemy, because of his audacious surprise attacks. His reputation soared and Hitler promoted him to field marshal. *O   UIF (FSNBO IJHI DPNmand entrusted Rommel with the defense of France’s Normandy coast BHBJOTUBQPTTJCMF"MMJFEJOWBTJPO)F

soon became doubtful that Germany could win the war and also doubted Hitler’s capacity to accept reality and NBLFQFBDFXJUIUIF"MMJFT Some of Rommel’s friends came to him and told him it would be his duty to take over as head of state in the event that Hitler should be overthrown. Rommel did not reject the suggestion, but on the other hand,

these men never revealed to Rommel that they planned to assassinate Hitler. 5IF"MMJFEJOWBTJPOPG/PSNBOEZ CFHBO JO +VOF   3PNNFM USJFE on several occasions to point out to Hitler that the war was lost and that IFTIPVMEDPNFUPUFSNTXJUIUIF"Mlies. In one letter, Rommel described to Hitler the overwhelming superiority of the enemy in artillery, UBOLT  BOE BJS QPXFS #VU TVQQMJFT GPS UIF (FSNBO "SNZ XFSF BSSJWJOH only sparsely. He said that the German troops were fighting with heSPJD DPVSBHF  BMUIPVHI UIF VOFRVBM CBUUMF OFHBUFE BHBJOTU UIFJS FòPSUT He concluded, “I must ask you to immediately remove us from the ineviUBCMFDPODMVTJPOTPGUIJTTJUVBUJPO"T DPNNBOEFS *GFFMPCMJHFEUPFYQSFTT this clearly.â€? In July, at the height of the invasion battle, his car was attacked by #SJUJTIQMBOFTBOE3PNNFMXBTIPTpitalized with serious head injuries. #Z "VHVTU  IF IBE SFDPWFSFE TVĂłciently to return to his home to convalesce. The attempt to assassinate Hitler XBT PO +VMZ     CVU JU GBJMFE  with terrible retribution among all the families of those involved. The

visit of the conspirators with Rommel soon came to light. Hitler did not want Germany’s most popular hero to be taken to court and then to the gallows. He sent two generals to Rommel with a cyanide pill, with the assurance that his name would remain unsullied if IFBWPJEFEBUSJBMoBOEUIBUIJTGBNily would remain safe. Rommel understood that his wife and son would be killed if he disobeyed. He told his wife what he must do, and then left with the men. They parked the car and he took the pill. Hitler declared a day of national mourning and he was buried as a national hero with full NJMJUBSZIPOPST5IFPĂłDJBMTUPSZXBT that he had died from his wounds in Normandy. Historians regard Rommel as a humane and professional soldier. Rommel made sure captured soldiers IBEBEFRVBUFSBUJPOT)FPODFESPWF CZB108DBNQXIFSFB#SJUJTITPMdier recognized that it was Rommel and saluted him. Rommel returned UIF TBMVUF8IFO IF DBQUVSFE TPNF #SJUJTI DPNNBOEPT  )JUMFS PSEFSFE UIFNFYFDVUFE CVU3PNNFMJHOPSFE UIFPSEFSBOEQMBDFEUIFNJOB108 camp and then had afternoon tea XJUIUIFN*OBOPUIFSDBTF B#SJUJTI commando was killed in a mission to assassinate Rommel, and Rommel ordered him buried with full military honors. 8IFO3PNNFMXBTJO'SBODF )JUler ordered him to deport the country’s Jewish population and Rommel disobeyed. Instead, he wrote several letters to protest the treatment of the Jews. Such stories gained Rommel unusual respect from people such as 8JOTUPO $IVSDIJMM BOE 64 (FOFSBM (FPSHF41BUUPO8IFO3PNNFMTJOvolvement in the plot to kill Hitler became known after the war, he rose in TUBUVSF5IFĂśMNThe Desert Fox made him even more famous. %VSJOHUIFXBS 8JOTUPO$IVSDIJMM  in parliamentary debate, spoke of Rommel as a “daring and skillful opponent and a great general.â€? 5IJT DBVTFE UIF #SJUJTI 1BSMJBNFOU to consider a censure vote against $IVSDIJMM 8SJUJOHBCPVU3PNNFMZFBSTMBUFS  $IVSDIJMM TBJE  i)F EFTFSWFT UIF TBlute which I made him in the House PG $PNNPOT )F BMTP EFTFSWFT PVS respect, because although a loyal German soldier, he came to hate Hitler, and took part in the conspiracy to rescue Germany by displacing the maniac and tyrant. For this he paid the forfeit of his life.â€? Fred Mittag


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

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License Plates


s with many ex-patriots, we recently struggled with the problem of owning a foreign plated car.8JUIUIFOFX immigration rules, we would need to IBWF B .FYJDBO QMBUF PO PVS WBO "T XF CFHBO UP FYQMPSF PVS PQUJPOT  PVS car provided an answer. The car’s computer went haywire, it was like riding in a clown car with the locks locking and unlocking for no reason, the alarms XPVME HP Pò  UIF IPSO IPOLFE XJUIout being activated. Five times in a row POFEBZUIFBMBSNXFOUPòXIFOJUXBT parked with no one around. The computer could no longer control the car. " OFX DPNQVUFS DPVME OPU CF GPVOE JO .FYJDP PS UIF 64"  UIF WBO had been converted to a handicapped WBO  BOE B EJòFSFOU DPNQVUFS XBT installed. The company that did the conversion was no longer in business. The car wasn’t worth very much, and was worth less than the import fee. It couldn’t be driven without the computer. The only choice left for us was to sell the car for parts. I nearly cried when the mechanic who purchased it showed photos of the car in various stages of what could only be described as decomposition. 8BJUJOH GPS UIF DPNQVUFS QSPClem to resolve, we were without a car GPS ÜWF NPOUIT8F GPVOE B HSFBU SFplacement vehicle. The purchase went TNPPUI BT HMBTT 8F ÜOBMMZ IBE B DBS


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

XJUI .FYJDBO QMBUJOH  -JLF TP NBOZ FYQBUSJPUT  XF XFSF SFMJFWFE UP CF JO compliance with the law, and felt that we were done with car problems. I had always prided myself in being a good driver. I followed all the rules. I stopped completely at stop signs, I was very careful. It seemed to infuriate the drivers behind me, but I was taught to make complete stops, and signal my turns. I went the correct direction on one-ways and even if I wasn’t the best at parking, I always parked correctly. #VU TJODF XF CPVHIU UIJT DBS  strange things began to happen to me. First of all, I noticed I only paused at stop signs. Then, I noticed that even UIPVHI*XBTTJYUIJOMJOFBUUIFTUPQlight, I started to honk before the light turned green! One day I stopped the car in the middle of the road just to have a conversation with someone on UIFTUSFFU*IFMEVQUSBĂłDUPUBML I then noticed that when I got in the car, I suddenly felt the need to make crazy turns, or turn without signaling. I even did “Yâ€? turns in the middle of the TUSFFUTUPQQJOHCPUIMBOFTPGUSBĂłD #VU * BMTP XBWF USBĂłD POUP UIF street when it looked like the other car would never make it onto the carreterra. I’ve started beeping and waving at people. I never did these things before *HPUUIF.FYJDBOQMBUFEDBS Soon I was parking the wrong diSFDUJPOJOUIFTUSFFU*UXBTPOMZBRVJDL step from there to driving the wrong way on a one-way. I even drove down one street in reverse. I just didn’t understand what was happening. I could not imagine what brought on this change in my careful ESJWJOHIBCJUT"UMFBTU*TUJMMVTFENZ seat belt. Then it dawned on me. It isn’t NFBUBMM5IFDBSIBTB.FYJDBOMJDFOTF plate. I think it’s because the car has a .FYJDBO QMBUF UIBU I have been driving MJLF B .FYJDBO 4P what was my contribution to this new relationship? This car spends more time in the shop than our Victoria Schmidt old van did!

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on’t gett m me e wrong. I llove ove ov Mexico. In n fact, fac act, t, so so much I bought a house here. #VUUIF crime!? It’s got to stop. Let me tell you u about the most recent nt incident. This year I bought, along with tw two wo of my neighneigh bors, the land adjoining houses. ning our houses The property was as long and skinny BT B QJFDF PG MJRVPSJDF  XJUI B MJUUMF house at the street end and the ashes of countless bonfires at the other end. The plan was we would cut it up, one UIJSEGPSFBDI#FMJFWFNF *XPVMEOPU have been so keen, if I had realized what it would lead to. 1FESP  PVS OFJHICPS XBOUFE UIF house on the street to turn into a carQFOUSZTIPQPVSPUIFSOFJHICPS +FTVT wanted the middle section so he could build another bedroom for his daughter, Marisol, who was pregnant. I wanted the back third section for a studio in which to write my third novel. The day after possession, I wandered over to scope out the tiny row house. Doùa Trini, the old lady who sold us the property had not bothered UP NPWF IFS TUVò PVU5IF IPVTF BOE back yard was overflowing with rusty car parts, tires, mattresses with suspicious looking stains, pots with holes, tattered clothes, lines hung with greying sheets, and vintage Quaker oil DBOT " EFDBQJUBUFE CPEZ XPVME OPU have been out of place. I was about to leave when something caught my eye. In the corner, sit-


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

on the hood tting ti ng o ng PG BB  $IFWZ P PG pick-up p pi ck-u up was the llargest la rg ge chicken I had ha d ever seen. "IFO UPCF " FYBDU 4UBSing. Eyes u n b l i n k i n g. "MM QVòFE VQ "MM $MFBSMZ EFBE BOE $MFBSM $MFBS filling up with poisonous gases. Soon TIF XPVME TPPO FYQMPEF /PU NZ SFTQPOTJCJMJUZ5IFIPVTFXBT1FESPT " DPVQMF PG EBZT MBUFS UIFSF XBT B LOPDLPOUIFEPPS*UXBT1FESPi:PVS DIJDLFOIBTFYQMPEFE wIFTBJEi$PNF BOETFFw*GPMMPXFEIJNOFYUEPPS4VSF enough, the hen was no longer staring unblinkingly at the world but was pecking around in the dust surrounded by twelve chicks. The word ‘broody’ took on a whole new meaning for me. "U UIF MPDBM GFFE TUPSF * CPVHIU B feed trough and a water dispenser. The chicks pecked away happily in the chicken feed I scattered for them every day, growing plumb and healthy. This went on for four weeks. Then one day UIFZ XFSF HPOF %JTBQQFBSFE "OE TP were the feed and water dispensers. The following week, a widow named Guadalupe opened a little grocery store selling eggs and chickens across UIFTUSFFUGSPN1FESPTOFXDBSQFOUSZ shop. I heard my chickens across the TUSFFUDSPXJOHBMMEBZ‰JOUIFNPSOJOH as I wrote. In the afternoon as I took a siesta. In the evening as I drank my margarita. I was furious. Guadalupe had stolen my chickens. Her store prospered. I can live with UIBU #VU IFSFT UIF QBSU UIBU PòFOET NF 8PVMEOU ZPV UIJOL UIBU B EJTcount would be in order to the gringa that gave her a boost into the merciless world of retail? No. Thirty pesos GPS B LJMP PG FHHT‰KVTU MJLF FWFSZPOF else. The other day, she was sitting out front, chicken wedged between her knees, plucking. She didn’t even look at me, even a “Buenos Dias.â€? $SJNF JO .FYJDP  %POU HFU NF started! Roberta Rich "VUIPSPGThe Midwife of Venice and The Harem Midwife

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lot of us w h o come from developed ped d parts of the world worrld take our drinking g water w for granted. 8F IB IBWF IBE BWF IBE BWF to become a little more mindful of it since moving here, but still do not realize the problems faced by some of our NPSFVOGPSUVOBUF.FYJDBOOFJHICPST In most barrios the people, especially UIF DIJMESFO  DISPOJDBMMZ TVòFS GSPN parasites and other water- borne disFBTFT 1PPS XBUFS JT POF PG UIF NBKPS reasons for inferior health in all the barrios. Intestinal parasites are insidious creatures that can only be identiĂśFE UISPVHI FYQFOTJWF MBCPSBUPSZ UFTUT"U5FQFIVB$PNNVOJUZ$FOUFS  UIF3PUBSZ$MVCPG"KJKJDJOTUBMMFEBSFverse osmosis water system. 3PUBSZ XBT TUBSUFE JO  CZ B ZFBSPMEBUUPSOFZOBNFE1BVM)BSSJT)JTWJTJPOXBT w 8IZOPUIBWFBGFMlowship composed of business men GSPN EJòFSFOU PDDVQBUJPOT  XJUIPVU SFTUSJDUJPOTPGQPMJUJDTPSSFMJHJPO w#Z  3PUBSZXBTTQBOOJOHUIFHMPCF then two world wars changed the face of Rotary as they were banned from parts of the Far East and Eastern EuSPQF̓5IJTXBTSFFTUBCMJTIFECZ  PQFOJOH UIF 3PUBSZ $MVC UP XPNFO RVJDLMZGPMMPXFE BOEJOBMMSVMFT and documents on Legislation was standardized for Rotary Internationally. 5IF 3PUBSZ $MVC PG "KJKJD  B NVMUJ national, by-lingual club, in partnership with Rotary International, has

embraced Lakeside with programs throughout the area - setting up water systems in some rural villages, creating libraries, helping education and music QSPHSBNT̓ The reverse osmosis water system installed by Rotary at Tepehua was a major improvement in the lives of the citizens there. Reverse osmosis proDFTTFTUIF$JUZXBUFSUISPVHIBTQFDJBM filter tank, reducing the solids, arsenic BOE PUIFS DIFNJDBMT 5IF $JUZ XBUFS has long been known to be contamiOBUFE5ISFFZFBSTBHPUIF$JUZDPVME OPUBòPSEUIFDIMPSJOFOFFEFEUPUSFBU UIFXBUFS5IFRVBMJUZUIJTZFBSJTVOcertain, but the fact the water companies are so pervasive probably tells its own story. #PUUMFEXBUFS BUQFTPTBgarrafon, is prohibitive to most residents of Tepehua. Treating the illnesses associated with the consumption of bad waUFS JT FWFO NPSF DPTUMZ 8JUI 3PUBSZT help the people of Tepehua can come to the center and fill their bottles with clean water free! Rotary has helped with the MaterOBM )FBMUI QSPHSBN JO .FYJDP  FTQFcially the free clinic of Tepehua and $&%&+0PG"KJKJD TVQQMZJOHNPOFZGPS education and family planning. They are also helping financially to patch up the leaking houses before the rainy season, and many other things that space here does not allow. Rotary is solid proof that organizations working together can change many things about our wounded societies around the world. For information on the local Rotary $MVCPG"KJKJD DPOUBDU4ZMWJB)BNJMUPO  Rotarian. CMVFCFMMTNFYJDP!HNBJMDPN, or SPUBSJPNJLF!HNBJMDPN For more information about the TeQFIVB$PNNVOJUZ$FOUFS http://www.facebook.com/tepeIVBDPNNVOJUZDFOUFS̓ .PPOJF!ZBIPPDPN


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

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:,6'202)7+(38(%/2 (Based on a true story) %\0DUJDUHW9DQ(YHU\


break into a sweat whenever I recall that night last December because I can’t think about it without reliving it. 8IFOZPVNFBTVSFUFSSPS UXPNJOutes is forever. It was several weeks before /BWJEBE $BSMJUPT BOE * CPBSEFE B bus in our village and headed for Monterrey to do some shopping. I’m a single mom and people would call me QPPS CVU$BSMJUPT NZCPZPGTJY JTNZ treasure. He is all that matters to me. I work every day cleaning houses so it takes a long time to save enough pesos to spend on anything other than food and shelter. Once a year we go to the city to buy a few small things to brightFO PVS IPMJEBZ $BSMJUPT BTLT GPS OPUIing, but his smile shows me that one simple new toy opens a window in his IFBSU‰BKPZUIBULJETXIPIBWFBMPUPG toys don’t feel. My sister lives in Monterrey and when we make this trip we also stop by her place, which is within walking distance of the centro comercial. The neighbors in my village have IJOUFE UIFZ EPOU UIJOL $BSMJUPT JT BMM there. He’s a loco perdido (lost crazy person), they say, and the school won’t BDDFQU IJN )FT B RVJFU CPZ  MJWFT JOside his head and almost never speaks. Other kids don’t invite him to kick a ball around the street or play games. I see nothing wrong with my boy. I don’t care if his eyes don’t work together, maybe he sees and understands things other children with their perfect eyes can’t. Nonetheless, I don’t altogether trust his KVEHNFOU8IFOFWFSXFHPPVU*IPME fast to his hand. I won’t let him skip ahead on his own. 8FTUFQQFEPòUIFCVTBOEJOIBMFE the sickening fumes as it rumbled away. "MMNZTFOTFTBSFBMFSUXIFOXFNBLF this trip. I smell and hear danger all BSPVOE NF BOE CFDPNF FYUSB QSPUFDUJWFPG$BSMJUPT*HSBTQIJTIBOEUJHIUMZ and we walk toward my sister’s apartment. I call her on my cell just to let her know we’ll be knocking on her door in a few minutes. Her voice is reassuring. *UTPOMZCVUBMSFBEZJUTOJHIUIFSF in December and there’s no light on the sidewalk. I have premonitions, but UFMMNZTFMGUPSFMBY XFSFBMNPTUUIFSF I look over my shoulder every few minVUFTUPTFFJGBOZPOFJTGPMMPXJOHVT8F


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

are alone as we hurry over the uneven pavement in the dark. *U IBQQFOFE TP RVJDLMZ  * DBOU FYQMBJO XIBU QSFDFEFE JU " DSB[FE NBO appeared from nowhere and snatched $BSMJUPTPVUPGNZHSJQ CFOUIJNCBDLward by the hair and held a knife to his UISPBU$BSMJUPTEJEOUDSZPSTDSFBN KVTU SFNBJOFERVJFUMJLFBCJHMJNQEPMMBolsa, the man indicated, gesturing with his head toward my purse. I remembered the common wisdom PGNZQVFCMP"MM.FYJDPLOPXTJU/PX was my time, the test. I had to do it even though it went completely against my instincts as a mother to yell for help and try to defend my child. Never look a thief in the face. That is the wisdom of the street. The worst thing you can do is look a thief in the face. He’ll then do you more harm, maybe even kill you to stop you from identifying him. Don’t look at him, I repeated to myself again and again. I stared at my sneakers, their three colors, their worn places, their dirt. I prayed. I did not look up, did not look in his face. * TBX IJN POMZ POF TQMJU TFDPOE  $BSMJtos bent back, the knife... I stared at my sneakers. First let go of my boy, I said as I started to slip the purse strap from my TIPVMEFS)FJOTUBOUMZESPQQFE$BSMJUPT to the ground, grabbed the purse and disappeared into the night. Shaking, I knelt on the sidewalk and IVHHFE $BSMJUPT What a brave young man you are, my son*EJEOUFYQFDUIJN UPSFQMZ8FKVTUIVHHFEGPSBGFXNPments. I remembered my cell phone still safe in my coat pocket and I called my sister, told her to notify the police and ask them to meet me at her address. 5IFQPMJDFDBNFRVJDLMZBOE*SFQPSUFE UIFDSJNF5IFJSÜSTURVFTUJPOUPNFXBT What did he look like, his clothes, his distinguishing features? I don’t know. I said. I looked only at my shoes. *U XBT UIFO UIBU NZ CSJMMJBOU $BS-

litos found his voice. I know just what he looked like, Mamå. He wore a grey hoodie, had messy, long hair, red eyes, a scar on his cheek$BSMJUPTBTLFEGPSQBper and pencil and then drew a detailed portrait. I had never known he had that ability. No one had ever guessed he could draw like an adult. 8F TUBZFE JO NZ TJTUFST BQBSUNFOU that night, too tired and shaken to take the bus home. Later we got a call from the police saying they had found the TVTQFDUXJUIUIFIFMQPG$BSMJUPTTESBXJOH/FYUNPSOJOHUIFZDBMMFEBHBJOUP say they’d found my purse in the bushes near the crime scene . . . empty.

$BSMJUPT BOE * XFSF QIZTJDBMMZ VOharmed and went home more grateful than ever to have each other. For Three ,JOHT%BZ*CPVHIUIJNDSBZPOTBOEQBper. He’s now enrolled in the children’s art program at the church, and our little pueblo has begun to treat him with more respect. They now call him un genio loco—a crazy genius. Margaret Van Every

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Hearts at Work $&ROXPQE\-DPHV7LSWRQ Kissing Can Slow the Aging Process


round the holidays I wrote a column about kissing, with a focus on famous movie kisses. That generated a lot of pleasant comments, and so with the romantic days of early summer upon us, I thought I would revisit that theme. Here’s what a few celebrities have to say about kissing: i0STPO8FMMFTLJTTFENFXJUIIJT TPVM  OFWFS XJUI IJT MJQTw‰&BSUIB ,JUU “I kissed my first woman and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I have never had time for UPCBDDPTJODFw‰"SUVSP5PTDBOJOJ i" LJTT JT B MPWFMZ USJDL EFTJHOFE by nature to stop speech when XPSET CFDPNF TVQFSøVPVTw‰*OHSJE#FSHNBO i%POUIBWFTFY NBO*UMFBETUP kissing, and pretty soon you have to UBMLUPUIFNw‰4UFWF.BSUJO ,JTTJOHBHJSMJTMJLFPQFOJOHBKBS PGPMJWFT‰IBSEUPHFUUIFĂśSTUPOF  CVU UIF SFTU DPNF FBTZ‰"OPOZmous “I wasn’t kissing her. I was whisQFSJOH JO IFS NPVUIw‰$IJDP .BSY (replying to his wife, who caught him kissing a chorus girl) i"OZ NBO XIP DBO ESJWF TBGFMZ while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it EFTFSWFTw‰"OPOZNPVT i" NBOT LJTT JT IJT TJHOBUVSFw‰ .BF8FTU "OE  PG QBSUJDVMBS JOUFSFTU UP those of us here at Lakeside, kissing can even slow the aging process,JTTing on the lips tones the muscles of the jaws and cheeks. French kissing, BDDPSEJOH UP LJTT DPOOPJTTFVS "OdrĂŠa Demirjian in her book kissing, iJT UIF NPTU FòFDUJWF XBZ UP UJHIUFOUIFVOEFSMZJOHGBDFNVTDMFT"MM UIBU UPOHVF UBOHPJOH SFRVJSFT UIF øFYJOHPGUIJSUZGPVSGBDJBMNVTDMFTw Instead of snacks, Demirjian recommends more smooching, which JUTFMG DBO CVSO VQiUXP UP TJY DBMPries a minute (as compared to elev-


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

en calories on a treadmill).â€? Scientific tests also demonstrate, she says, that kissing is good for the skin, NBLJOHJUiTIJNNFSMJLFTFRVJOTw ,JTTJOH DBO BMTP SFEVDF CMPPE pressure and improve circulation as arteries and veins open up, and “good passionate kissing causes a norepinephrine, dopamine and phenylethylamine rush...creating feelings of delirium.â€? 4IFBMTPHJWFTUIJTBEWJDFi,FFQ your lips soft and moist at all times. You never know when a kiss might present itself!â€? $MFBSMZXFBSFUBMLJOHBCPVULJTTes on the lips, sometimes slightly PQFOMJQTBOEXFBSFUBMLJOHBCPVU that type of kiss possibly being complete in and of itself. For some here at Lakeside, that means no more worries about revealing your naked body or about needing to take a double-dose of Viagra and then hoping it will work. The job at hand is now to kiss well. 8JMMJBN$BOF JOIJTCPPLThe Art of Kissing, surveyed thousands of people about their attitudes toward LJTTJOH BOE IF EJTDPWFSFEiUIBU  QFSDFOU PG XPNFO BOE  QFSDFOU of men are convinced a kiss can remain purely platonic. He also reported that women like longer kissing sessions than men do and that PWFS  PG UIF XPNFO TBJE UIFZ find those long kissing sessions FRVBM UP PS PGUFO NPSF TBUJTGZJOH UIBOTFYJUTFMG"OEXIPEJEIFEJTcover are the most sensual and sophisticated kissers? Older women. 8FMM  JUT UJNF GPS some of us to get together here at LakeTJEF BOE PòFS TUJMM another way to slow the aging process. Jim Tipton



eso-American cuisine is one of the oldest in the world.$BSCPOTBNQMJOHT FTUBCMJTI JUT CFHJOOJOH JO .FYJDP   years ago. Elaborate pottery, cooking utensils and obsidian knives and spoons attest to its importance. 5IF .FYJDBO DVJTJOF FWPMWFE BSPVOE DPSO #FJOH TJNQMF JO JUT SBX NBUFSJBMT  developed its arts in the direction of flavor, given by the great, imaginative use of herbs and condiments tempting the sense of smell. Moctezuma’s cooks knew BCPVU UIJSUZ EJòFSFOU XBZT PG QSFQBSJOH his main dishes. These were placed over small charcoal braziers to keep them warm. Food was served on dishes of fine RVBMJUZBOEESJOLJOHWFTTFMTBOEQJUDIFST were made of the finest materials. It was not unusual for him to have three hundred guests to dine. $VJTJOFTBSFCBTFEPOUSBEJUJPO.BOZ people would be horrified to eat the flesh of the iguana, the lizard found in most of USPQJDBM"NFSJDB XIFSFJUJTTUJMMBQSJODJpal dish. It is served roasted, or baked with peanut or chile sauce in tamales, in stews and every other imaginable form. The meat tastes somewhat like frog’s legs and is greatly esteemed. The creature is a tree dweller and feeds on leaves and fruits. Its ferocious dragon-like appearance is more UIBOPòTFUCZJUTTPGU UFOEFSUBTUZNFBU Some tasty dishes of special interFTU BSF 3FE 4OBQQFS  5PUPN[UMF  TUVòFE with oysters and shrimp and baked in corn leaves. Frog’s Legs Tenochtitlan, prepared with ground peanuts and dried red QFQQFS "KPMPUFT 5MBIVBD  UIBU BSF OFXU or mud puppies dressed with aromatic epazote cooked over charcoal in corn EPVHI"DPDJMFT TNBMMGSFTIXBUFSTISJNQ JOBOPNFMFUUF"IVBDMF CSJRVFUUFPGFHHT

GSPNXBUFSCFFUMFTPSøJFT$IBSBMFT UJOZ sardine-like fish (we know them well in $IBQBMB ESJFEJOUIFTVOBOETFSWFEXJUI XJME QFBT $POFKP &OUSBNQBEP SBCCJU NBSJOBUFE JO QVMRVF DPPLFE XJUI TQJDFT BOE CBMMT PG DPSO EPVHI 1VFSDPFTQĂ“O UFRVJMFSP  XJME CPBS SPBTUFE JO B UFRVJMB sauce. Most dishes are composed of a bewildering number of ingredients and deliDBUFMZ CBMBODFE øBWPST  MJLF UIF 1VFCMB Mole. Mole comes from the word “molerâ€? to ground. Often, well over twenty ingredients are ground in a molcajete, the black stone mortars we all know. Some of these are cloves, sesame seeds, peanuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, almonds, aniseed, slivers PG CJUUFS DIPDPMBUF BOE TFWFSBM EJòFSFOU kinds of chiles. The base is a stock. Into the pot are thrown tomatoes, garlic and onions, bananas and orange peel grated. The sauce thickens and is later reduced UPDPOTJTUFODZ"OBNCSPTJBMTBVDF.PMF is served with turkey meat and sprinkled lightly with toasted sesame seeds. "UPMF XBT B QPQVMBS ESJOL TFSWFE JO 1SF)JTQBOJD UJNFT /PXBEBZT POF DBO buy instant atole.) Made from the juice of young maize, confected with spices, musk and sugar, could be consumed hot or cold. The markets of Tenochtitlan must have been a miracle of varied products. Snakes, eels, flowers, cream cheeses, nopal cacti, dogs, pigs and all manner of baskets containing frogs, ants, grass hopQFST  CJSET5IF HPSHFPVT GFBUIFST PG FYPUJDCJSETBOEUFYUJMFTXFSFBWBJMBCMF"TB NFEJVNPGFYDIBOHF RVJMMTPGUIFHPPTF were filled with gold dust. The less affluent used cocoa beans. 5P UPQ Pò B TVNQUVPVT NFBM  UIFSF was nothing like a pipe or a thick cigar.

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he rainbirds are here and that means the beginning of the rainy season. "TZPVLOPX SBJOCJSETBSFOPUSFBMMZ birds at all and no one has ever seen one chirring. They’re really insects I’m told, probably cutter ants sawing EPXO ZPVS DZQSFTT USFF 8IFO UIF rain does occur, it will pour mostly at OJHIU#VUJGJUPDDVSTEVSJOHUIFEBZtime, it will not come down between the hours of two and four. This year .FYJDBO GBSNFST BSF QSFEJDUJOH B plentiful rainy season. Not sure how they know this, but, oddly, they were interviewed after coming out of the movie Noah. )VOESFET PG ZFBST BHP  UIF "[-


tecs who settled here took weather matters into their own hands by sacrificing handsome youngsters to the god Tlaloc, god of rain, fertility, BOEXBUFSBOEGFBSFEGPSIJTBCJMJUZ to send hail, thunder and lightning. Sacrifices continued until the rains came, in which case they would record that number of sacrifices as the right number of sacrificial treats to achieve divine satisfaction and tubs of jicamas and camotes. It seemed good value for youngsters at the time. In a preposterous and bizarre sort of way, one has to admit the agri-business scheme worked and, weirdly, continues to work to this day.

El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

8IBUUPMPPLGPS 5IFSBJOTXJMMCF refreshing. They clean the air and the lungs and bring the gushing flora and salitre here to full bloom. They also occasionally combine with cement dust in the air to give us sightings of the Virgin Mary. "DDPNQBOZJOH UIF SBJOT BSF PGten furious winds, especially during hurricane season, September/October. Hurricanes seem to be getting more powerful (the word hurricane itself apparently named after a misFSBCMF .BZBO HPE  )VSJLBO o UPEBZ hurricanes are called Jubal, Todd and Rita). Hurricane winds have been powerful and chaotic enough UP DSBTI UISPVHI .FYJDPT HFOFSBM trash dumps and recycle misplaced DIJDLFOCPOFTBOEUSJQMF"CBUUFSJFT 8IBUUPMPPLGPS 4PNFPGVTXJMM ÜOEPVSSPPGGVSOJUVSFBUUIF1FNFY Some of us won’t find our roof furniture at all. Some of us will have OFXSPPGGVSOJUVSF"MMXFOFFEUPEP is turn it upright and hope no one claims it. Often, driving winds will actually whip moving cars around, where it becomes possible to be TUPQQFE CZ BO PóDFS GPS NBNCP ing on the highway. Lightning can be a nasty and unpredictable weather condition. Even if you’re indoors, you’re still not safe.

:PV NVTU TUBZ Pò DPSEFE QIPOFT  computers, and other electrical FRVJQNFOU"WPJEQMVNCJOH JODMVEing sinks, baths and faucets. Stay away from porches, windows, and doors. That leaves you in the middle PG ZPVS MJWJOH SPPN XJUI i8IBUT "QQwBOEBCPOH"MTPJUJTOPUBEWJTable to lie on concrete floors even if you’re on your fifth michelada. 8IBU UP MPPL GPS  /P PVUEPPS area is safe during a thunderstorm, especially if you are anywhere near B ;FUB (BT USVDL 8IFO PVUEPPST  FYQFSUT SFDPNNFOE UIFTF TUFQT UP reduce your risk of being struck by lightning: $PNF EPXO GSPN FMFWBUFE heights. That means: get to ground level, not put the bong away. Never shelter under a tree, stay away from bodies of water, stone statues, high metal gates and church TQJSFT*OPUIFSXPSET HFUPVUPG"KJjic. If your power is out and the roof EPH OFYU EPPS IBT CFFO TUSVDL CZ lightning, don’t hook jumper cables UP JUT FBST $BMM $'& BOE IBWF UIFN do it. If it’s raining inside your house, you have a leak (lightning also enters through wall and roof cracks). If you do not have a leak anywhere in your house during rainy season -- your roof, your windows, your skylights -- this is God’s way of saying he is pleased with your life choices and the right cauking. 8IBU UP MPPL GPS  *G OP MJRVJE PS electric states enter your home during the rainy season, please be kind enough to notify this magazine (not UIF FEJUPS o IF has no divine connections) and let us know about this miracle, so that we might come to your home and be healed. Ed Tasca

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hat started as a very windy March morning turned into a perfect day for a walking tour of San Juan CosalĂĄ. 5IJT USBEJUJPOBM  TNBMM .FYJDBO WJMMBHF JTPGUFOPWFSMPPLFECZUIFFYQBUTXIP know it only for the fish restaurants, the strip of topes, and Viva Mexico #VU JG you listen to the pride and enthusiasm


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

in Gerardo Tolentino Zamora’s voice when he tells you about his birthplace, you will understand that there is much more to this town than one sees cruising through it on the carreterra. *O BO FòPSU UP SBJTF GVOET UP provide activities and support for the children, Gerardo gives IJTUPSJD UPVST PG 4BO +VBO $PTBMĂˆ "U UIF ĂśSTU TUPQ  XF XFSF introduced to the oldest church in Lakeside and older than all in (VBEBMBKBSB*UXBTCVJMUJO CZ "MPOTP EF "WBMPT  UIF DPVTJO PG )FSOBO $PSUFT  5IF 'SBODJTcan friar Martin de Jesus oversaw the building of this church in order to bring about the change from worshipping many gods UPDFMFCSBUJOH$ISJTUJBOJUZ5IJTDIVSDI VSDI XBT EFEJDBUFE UP 4U +PIO UIF #BQUJTU *O UIF T  UIF NBJO BSFB JO GSPOU PG the church was used as a hospital durJOHUIFXBSJO.FYJDP%VFUPBMBDLPG government funding from the National *OTUJUVUF PG "OUISPQPMPHZ BOE )JTUPSZ BOEUIF$BUIPMJD$IVSDI UIJTMPWFMZIJTtoric monument has become dangerPVTMZDMPTFUPDPMMBQTF"MUIPVHINBOZ attempts have been made to gain funds to preserve this piece of history, none have come forward.

/FYU XF XFSF USFBUFE UP UIF Aztec Dance of San Juan CosalĂĄ. This group is open to all area children who are interested in learning the historical dances under the direction of Simon Rameno $BTJMMBT  5IF EBODFT BSF B NJYUVSF PG $BUIPMJDBOE"[UFDSFMJHJPOT5IFTFDIJMdren perform throughout the lakeside DPNNVOJUJFT BOE BSF PGUFO SFRVFTUFE to perform around the lake at special events and in parades.

"RVJDLTUPQUPTFFBUSBEJUJPOBMCBLery named San JuanXBTOFYU5IFGBNily was following the tradition for making bread known as tachiual, which is PWFSZFBSTPME"MUIPVHIPSJHJOBMMZ this was made by the women, it is now something in which all family members participate. This popular bakery makes UIF SFHVMBS CPMJMMPT PS XIBU 4+$ SFTJdents call birotes) that are sold in the local stores and from the bread trucks that cruise the streets. #FGPSF XF SFUVSOFE to the plaza for a wonderful meal prepared by d local women and a look lo aat some of the children’s aart, we learned about five vvery special crosses in San JJuan. The crosses are from the time this area was th DDPOWFSUFE UP $ISJTUJBOJUZ 1SJPS UP $ISJTUJBOJUZ DPN1 ing to town, every neighin borhood had a special b HPE  " DJSDMF TUPOF XBT H sset for human sacrifice UP IPOPS UIJT HPE 8IFO UP Martin de Jesus arrived, M he began the process of destroying the altars and installing a cross. The cross was the visual reminder that the village OFJHICPSIPPET XFSF $BUIPMJD 0OF PG UIF MPDBM HPET XBT *YUMBMDBUFPUM  XIJDI means man that turns his head with anger. It’s fitting that he is no longer honored. Rather San +VBO $PTBMĂˆ IBT people like Gerardo who remind us to turn our heads with joy as we visit the unknown corners of this traditional .FYJDBOWJMMBHF Carol Curtis



had one of the most interesting days of my life at Super Lake the other day when I was exiting an aisle and there stood a woman, starring at me, hauntingly, wantonly, and I could not divert my eyes from her. Oh, what to do, what UPEP *HOPSFIFS 1SFUFOE*EJEOUTFF what was before me? I chose to step GPSXBSE BOE LJTT IFS  B RVBSUFSMJQ LJTT POUIFNPVUI"OEUIFO*TUFQQFECBDL She’s eighty something, I’m seventyone. Her husband has his back turned to this small event and doesn’t realize what’s going on. Still, the haunting, wanting look persists. I step forward again and give her a hug. Not a lascivious full body hug, but BQPMJUJDBMMZQPMJUFIVH"OEBT*EPTP  she whispers in my ear. “It’s been a long time since this has happened to me.� #ZUIJTUJNF UIFTIFQIFSEJOHTJYUZ something-year-old son has emerged from an aisle and gives me a look, as in, i8IBUTHPJOHPO w*HJWFIJNBHMBODF  BT JO i*UT VOFYQMBJOBCMF w BOE IF HPFT about his herding of this doddering old couple. Of course, we will cross paths again, somewhere near the freezer section, XJUIPVU B XPSE CFJOH TQPLFO #VU * could see he’s wondering, who’s this guy putting moves on my mother? Of course, it was me, the innocent one, who saw a fellow human being XIP OFFEFE UP CF UPVDIFE "XBLFOFE FWFO "OE * UIPVHIU UP NZTFMG 

they don’t do this anymore, neither the son nor the husband has touched this woman in years. The husband is out of touch and the son thinks only about NBSTIBMMJOH IJT QBSFOUT BCPVU "O PME age condition we all face. Marshaled or “the Marshaller.� It’s coming whether we like it or not. Days after this encounter the event still resonates with me. I did something living, human, unplanned, and giving and it made think about her and about me and how in these blue days of retirement when we feel so useless, there was in my waning life, a shining moment. She was once a beauty and once I was a king and when I kissed her on the lips for just a moment, we were awakened once again.

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Sandy Olson

Phone: 331-283-8529 Email: sandyzihua@hotmail.com

PAST EVENTS TRUTHS AND LIES FROM THE NA.('67$*( The Long Weekend is a Naked Stage reading of a comedy. The play was directed by Don Chaloner. HOLDING HANDS WITH A STRANGER 0DUJDUHW9DQ(YHU\ recently read from her new book of poetry Holding Hands with a Stranger at the OasisCloud CafĂŠ in Riberas del Pilar. Her audience thoroughly enjoyed her commentaries as well as the verses themselves. Front, left to right: Avril Stephenson 0DUJDUHW9DQ(YHU\ and Roseann Wilshere Holding Back, left to right: Dick Yanko, Hands with a Stranger Clay McAdam and Ed Tasca is available at Diane Pearl Colecciones or directly from the author at margaret.vanevery@gmail.com 2DVLV&ORXG &DIp hosts â&#x20AC;&#x153;Meet the Writers Luncheons.â&#x20AC;? The social hour starts at 11:30, the readings at 12. Lunch follows. For reservations call 765-765-3516 or email: info@oasiscloud.mx :(7+,1.:($7((128*+ Local cooking teacher /X]PD*UDQGH has opened a school in Ajijic. Beside her regular classes, she offers tours of street food vendors and local markets. Recently, a group went with her to Jocotepec. They started with tacos sudaMargaret Van Every d o s (steamed) with shredded cabbage and salsa. Luzma discussed variations on salsa and the individuality of salsas for both restaurant and home cooks. The group made a few more stops. The tour ended at the square at Birreria el Tartamudo â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Stuttererâ&#x20AC;?, the best birria (stew) place in Jocotepec, followed by a taste of jericalla (cinnamon custard) at the local mercado. For information about Luzmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s classes, email her at casagrandeajijic@ live.com or call 376-766-0955. Left to right: Luzma Grande, Bob Dietz, 648($.<:+((/5($',1*6 Mary and Brad Phelps La Rueda (the wheel), a new coffee/gallery in San Juan Cosala, stages PRQWKO\UHDGLQJVLQ(QJOLVK7KH\DUHKHOGRQWKHÂżUVW Wednesday of each month. The next reading will be on July 2. In May three Mexican writers joined the roster. Isidro Xilonsonchitl read a poem in Spanish and .ULVWLQD 7UHMR translated. It was an incredible poem that had the crowd whistling and catcalling at the end. Other readers were Michael Warren, Harriet Hart, Mel GoldEHUJ<RODQGD5DPLUH]0LFKHO (an English translation read by Michael Warren), .HOO\+D\HV5DLWW, and -XG\ '\NVWUD%URZQ reading an English translation of the poems of the late (UQHVWR7UHMR Writers who want to read, or those needing further information, can contact -XG\ '\NVWUD%URZQ at 387 761 0281 or email her at MXERE#KRWPDLOFRP

Poet Isidro Xilonsonchitl


COMING EVENTS The Naked Stageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s June show is Light Sensitive by

El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

Jim Geoghan. It will be directed by 5RELQ/DZUDVRQShow dates are June 27, 28, and 29. The playâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s title refers to the blindness of its main character, ex-cabbie Tom, whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s DIUDLGRIÂżQGLQJOLJKWLQKLVGDUNZRUOG+LVEHVWIULHQGZKRZDVKHOSLQJ7RPMXPSVWDUW his car when the battery exploded and blinded Tom, is riddled with a guilt that keeps him at Tomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beck and call. Seeking a way out, he brings in a woman--a reader from the Lighthouse for the Blind--to distract Tom. The e-mail address for future reservations: nakedstagereservations@gmail.com. Reservations guarantee a seat until 3:50, after which seats will be sold to those waiting without reservations. The Naked Stage is located at #10A Rio Bravo. Directions: west on the carretera from Ajijic, south on Rio Bravo, about two blocks down behind Danielâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant on the east side. Danielâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is open for lunch and dinner with a no host bar available at 3:00 p.m. 7KHER[RIÂżFHRSHQVDWDQGWKHVKRZVWDUWVDWSP NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY (and he means it) Lakeside Little Theatre Board members, headed by President Peter Luciano, went on retreat to the beach last month and came up with exciting new ideas for the coming year. The theater will be offering an ongoing series of workshop training opportunities for potential new actors and crew members. First, on Monday, July 7, there will be a volunteer expo intended for those who would like to be crew members or otherwise help backstage. The free three-hour session will be followed by a theatre tour and a chance for participants to visit with department coordinators on the terrace afterwards. There will be a sign-up sheet at the door, starting at 9.30 am. LLT Production Manager .DWKOHHQ1HDO is coordinator of the expo. Then, July 9, 10, 11 and 12, there will be an ac- LLT President Peter Luciano torsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; workshop consisting of lectures, experiential exercises, scene run-throughs with feedback from the facilitator, and independent work on scenes and rehearsals. Roseann Wilshere will coordinate the workshop. Peter envisions that at the end of the workshop the actors will perform in a group of ten minute one act plays, and new crew members will work behind the scenes. Friends and family will be invited on July 26 and 27. Participation is free for LLT members and 100 pesos (the membership fee) for nonmembers. For further information and early sign-up for the actorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; workshop, go to the LLT website at lakesidelittletheatre.com. ,7Âś6$%86<086,&$/6($621 -RKQ .HHOLQJ 9LYD 0XVLFD 3UHVLGHQW has announced the summer program for Lakeside music lovers. -$/,6&23+,/+$5021,&25&+(675$ )ULGD\ -XQH   +RPDJH WR 5LFKDUG 6WUDXVV 1R , (Conductor: Marco Parisotto) Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel, Four Last Songs, An Alpine Symphony. 6XQGD\ -XQH  6\PSKRQLF -D]] (Conductor: Marco Parisotto) Bernstein: West Side Story; Gershwin: Walking the Dog; Ellington: Harlem; Gershwin: I Got Rhythm, Rhapsody in Blue. )ULGD\-XO\%DURTXH (Conductor: Jean-Christophe Spinosi) Handel: Orlando Overture, Water Music; Telemann: Flute Concerto; Vivaldi: Two Flute Concertos; Handel: Royal Fireworks. 6XQGD\ -XO\   ,PSUHVVLRQV RI ,WDO\ (Conductor: John Nelson) Verdi: Four Sacred Pieces; Puccini: Edgar; Giordano: Fedora; Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana; Respighi: Roman Festival. )ULGD\-XO\+RPDJHWR5LFKDUG 6WUDXVV 1R (Conductor: Marco Parisotto) Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier; Schumann: Cello Concerto; Strauss: Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Ticket prices for all bus trips are 250 pesos for Viva members and 350 for non-members. Tickets are available at LCS Thursdays & Fridays 10-12. Friday trips leave at 4.30 p.m. and stop at a better restaurant in Guadalajara before the concert. Sunday trips leave at 10.30 a.m. Buses leave just east of Farmacia Guadalajara. Seats are reserved only when tickets are purchased. Viva orders the symphony tickets ten days ahead, so please make your purchase before that time. VIVA SUMMER CONCERTS 6XQGD\ -XQH   6HUJLR 3DUUD pianist and composer, will play pieces by Bach, Mozart, Liszt and Debussy. He is a Viva scholarship winner who will be studying at the

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El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

Saw you in the Ojo 35

Pianist Sergio Parra

University of Illinois. 6XQGD\ -XO\   &HVDU %HFHUUR bass baritone, singing operatic music, accompanied on the piano by Tim Welch. He is another Viva scholarship winner and will be studying voice in Mexico City. 6XQGD\$XJXVW*XLWDU5HFLWDO by Duo Medina-Gracian, a virtuoso guitar duo from Guadalajara playing wonderful music ar-

ranged for two guitars. These concerts will be in the Auditorium at 4.00 p.m. Tickets are 200 pesos and will be on sale at the Auditorium, Diane Pearl Colecciones, and LCS ticket booth Thursdays & Fridays 10-12. ',11(5:,7+7+(%5($.)$67&/8% JRÂżJXUHÂŤ

The Breakfast Club grew out of an idea from the group that plays bridge at the Lake Chapala Society. The club started three years ago this summer. The name refers to John Hughesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; movie The Breakfast Club DYDLODEOHRQ1HWĂ&#x20AC;L[ ZKHUHÂżYHKLJK school students--the jock, the recluse, the brain, the beauty and the rebel--meet in detention, where they eventually discover how they have a lot more in com- Sergio Medina and Hugo Ernesto Gracian mon than they thought. To bring together our maybe not-so-much-in-common Lakeside people, :HVOH\ )LQN organized a Thursday evening dinner group that meets at Adelitaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant every Thursday at 5:30. Wesley says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a club but not a club.â&#x20AC;? People who are interested can email him at ZHVÂżQN#JPDLOFRP. He sends out the menus weekly and people sign up. Adelitaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s offers a one third to one half off discount on meals to the club. The Breakfast Club is open to everyone and their visitors. Wesley says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have a pretty good time.â&#x20AC;? LIFE AS A HUMAN Photographer -LOO )O\HU has been a part of the arts community at Lakeside since 2003. S Recently, Jill was asked to submit Only Three Empty Seats an article for the online magazine, Life as a Human, on her professional life and her progression through photography. You can read it and see some of her recent photos at: http://lifeasahuman.com/2014/ photography/photography-adventure-workshops-in-ajijic-mexico/. Jill teaches photography and Photoshop classes, both group and private. These classes center on basics: composition and lighting, optimizing your camera, using manual settings, portrait photograSK\XQGHUVWDQGLQJPRYHPHQWWH[WXUHGHSWKRIÂżHOGDQG PXFKPRUH,Q3KRWRVKRSVWXGHQWVOHDUQDERXWÂżOWHUVKRZ to change contrast, hue and saturation, how to control light and dark, and to use all other basic tools. Jill also leads photographic tours of the area, which enable both professionals and total amateurs to see and experience different parts of the Mexican culture and landVFDSH)RULQIRUPDWLRQHPDLO-LOODWIRWRĂ&#x20AC;\HU#\DKRR com. A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN One way to enjoy a quiet or not so quiet Sunday afternoon is to relax at the Ajijic Plaza with old and new friends. You can do some serious people watching and enjoy excellent coffee at the CafĂŠ. A GREAT DEAL ON FURNITURE ,WZDVDOLWWOHNQRZQIDFW WRWKLVHGLWRUDQ\ZD\ WKDW+DYH+DPPHUÂŤ:LOO7UDYHOWKH /DNHVLGH SURJUDP WKDW WHDFKHV ZRRGZRUNLQJ VNLOOV WR 0H[LFDQ VWXGHQWV DOVR LV D ÂżQH resource for Spanish colonial furniture and doors. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how it works: visit the well-equipped Have Hammers workshop at Hidalgo (Carretera) #110, near the 7-Eleven, and browse their catalogs or bring in a photo. Master carpenter Lalo Roblado will create your special order. The turn around time on orders is about two weeks. The telephone number is 376-766-4830. (ORL*RQ]DOH]+DYH+DPPHUÂśVFKLHIYROXQWHHUVSHQWÂżIWHHQ\HDUVFUHDWLQJ6SDQLVK colonial style furniture in New Mexico and brought those designs to Lakeside.


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

An example: one current order is for a beautiful 66â&#x20AC;&#x2122; long, 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122; deep buffet with hand carved doors and D SRO\XUHWKDQH ÂżQLVK VXSHULRU WR lacquer). It will sell for 5000 pesos. The wood used is #1 pine lumber, kiln dried. The client can also get the benHÂżWRINQRZLQJWKDWEX\LQJIXUQLWXUH here is helping to pay for Laloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salary, which comes in total from the From left: Dale Ritchie, Susan Kolev, Jim sale of special orders. Have Hammers teaches LakeByers and Dan Schaller side residents the fundamentals of carpentry. Ages range from age ten up. Students go at their own rate. Some of their eventual products are tables, bookcases, night stands, and coat wall racks. AUDITIONS FOR ART Auditions for the July reading Art by Yasmina Reza, to be directed by Jim Lloyd, will be held on Wednesday, June 18 at 10:00 AM at The Naked Stage Theatre. The comedy, which raises questions about art and friendship, concerns From left: Master Carpenter Lalo Robla- three long-time friends, Serge, Marc, do, Student Jorege Santos and Instructor and Yvan. Serge, indulging his penchant for modern art, buys a large, exEloi Gonzalez. pensive, completely white painting. The cast of four men includes the narrator. Check for script copies at jelloydinmex@yahoo.com. Performance dates for Art are July 25, 26 and 27.

ONGOING EVENTS NO MORE GRAFFITI! Nanette and Antonio de Enciso, San Antonio activists, have organized a movement WRUHPRYHJUDIÂżWLIURPEXLOGLQJVDQGURDGZD\VLQ&KDSDOD6DQ$QWRQLRDQG5LEHUDVGHO Pilar. Their most recent effort was a big job of cleaning the underpass on the libramiento. 9ROXQWHHUVJRRXWHYHU\)ULGD\WRORRNIRUJUDIÂżWL7KHLQIRUPDOFRPPLWWHHZHOFRPHVLQformation from the public. They appreciate photos, so they can see colors and surfaces, to better decide on what cleaning materials to use. 1DQHWWHVD\VÂł,I\RXVHHJUDIÂżWLSOHDVHVHQGDQHPDLOÂąSUHIHUDEO\ZLWKDSKRWRWR QRFKDSDODJUDIÂżWL#JPDLOFRP/DNHVLGHUHVLGHQWVVSRWWLQJJUDIÂżWLLQ$MLMLFFDQHPDLO'DQ Houck at houck1022@gmail.com.â&#x20AC;? HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Join others every third Wednesday at 10, to share your expertise on growing vegetables and herbs in the Lake Chapala area. The next meeting will be on June 18 at Azul Frida Restaurant, Carretera #62. New members can contact -RKQ0F:LOOLDPV at mcwilliamsmx@gmail.com or by phone at 376-766-0620 )520%22.72029,( &KHFNRXWWKLVUHYLHZIURPWKH/$7LPHVONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME By Richard Vasquezâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;LA Times Special Correspondent Âł$ PRYLH D JHQHULF ¾¿UVWÂś GHSLFWLQJ WKH OLIH RI D proud and incorruptible Chicano painter has prePLHUHG WR VWDQGLQJ RYDWLRQV ,W LV WKH ÂżUVW IHDWXUH ÂżOP ZULWWHQ GLUHFWHG DQG SURGXFHG E\ 6SDQLVKVXUnamed people in that state of mind called Hollywood. Only Once in a Lifetime is the title of the movie, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exactly what it was to the three dozen Latinos involved in its making. After its premiere in San Antonio, Texas, at the San Antonio Film Festival, local headlines read: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Applause Thunders.â&#x20AC;? Emmy-winning producer Moctesuma Esparza, forePRVW&KLFDQRÂżOPPDNHUDQGDQ2VFDUQRPLQHHODVW\HDU IRUWKHÂżUVWWLPHKDGDXWRJUDSKVHHNHUVOLQHGXSLQIURQWRI him after the showing. $VGLGWKHÂżOPÂśVFRSURGXFHUZULWHUGLUHFWRU$OHMDQGUR *UDWWDQ'RPLQJXH] and its star Miguel Robelo. It was a ÂżUVWIRUWKHPWRR´*UDWWDQÂśVQRYHODQGPRYLHDUHQRZDWWKH/&6 - AMERICAN LEGION IN CHAPALA Saturdays: 3:30 - 6:30 p.m. Fish Fry Sundays: Burgers & Dogs 12 - 3 p.m.

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7+(3('(675,$16 %\7HUL6D\D


y awareness and love of the Mexican culture is growing. I have had to adjust to my new environment through PCTFSWBUJPOBOERVJDLSFøFYFT5IFUIFater, the mall, the grocery store, pretty much everything is within walking disUBODFUPPVSIPVTFIFSFJO.FYJDP *MJWFEUIFMBTUZFBSTPOUIF$BMJfornia coast in a tiny town where everyone knew each other and where the nearest large city was a two-hour drive one-way. Therefore, needless to say, I am thrilled to be able to step outside my door and just walk where I need to go. 8BMLJOH JO .FYJDP JT WFSZ EJòFSFOU GSPN XBMLJOH JO $BMJGPSOJB :PV SFBMMZ have to be aware of your surroundings or you could seriously hurt yourself! $PCCMFTUPOFT  DSBDLFE  VOFWFO TJEFwalks, and sinkholes are just a few of the obstacles that you encounter. I see women wearing five inch, spiked heels here and wonder how they do it. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like UIFZIBWFBTJYUITFOTFBOETPNFBNB[ing balance! They walk by in groups gigHMJOH UFYUJOH PSUBMLJOHPOUIFQIPOF  not even looking in front of their feet and yet they seem to get through the gauntlet unscathed. The first time I was here, I immediately tripped over an uplifted sidewalk and nearly face-plantedâ&#x20AC;Ś I was wearing tennis shoes. 4UBOEJOHBUBDSPTTXBMLJTBOFYQFSJFODFJOJUTFMG#VTFTøZCZTPRVJDLMZZPV


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

DBO GFFM UIF TVDUJPO PG UIF BJS 1FPQMF crowd in close, waiting for the little HSFFO NBO UP TIPX IJNTFMG $BMJGPSnia has a little green man light, but he stands still and sometimes gives no clue as to how many seconds you have before he becomes a red hand. However, JO$BMJGPSOJBZPVSFQSFUUZTBGFCFDBVTF pedestrians have the right of way. )FSFJO.FYJDP UIFMJUUMFHSFFOHVZ is animated. He starts out walking, then walks a little faster, then runs which means you should run too because when he turns red and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re still in the crosswalk, consider yourself a living piĂ&#x2014;BUB 0ODF USBĂłD TUBSUT NPWJOH  NPTU of them wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop for you, they just go BSPVOEZPVBOEIPOL8BUDIZPVSUPFT CFDBVTFUIFZHFUWFSZDMPTF"HBJO ZPV really have to pay attention. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been told the safest way to cross an intersection is in large groups. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why everyone bunches up at the corner and move as a herd when the little green man starts to walk. Then there is an illegal practice in $BMJGPSOJBUIBUXFDBMMi+BZXBMLJOHw*UT when you cross a busy street in the middle of the block where there is no crossXBML)FSFJUJTFYQFDUFEBOEDPNNPO The street is usually four lanes. Two going one way and two going the other, and in the middle is an island, which is BCPVUGFFUXJEFBOESVOTEPXOUIF length of the block. It usually has trees and grass, like a little park. Once you make it across the first two lanes, you get a respite on the â&#x20AC;&#x153;islandâ&#x20AC;? until there JTBOPQFOJOHJOUSBĂłDPOUIFOFYUUXP  and believe me, you want that opening to be wide. The cars move very fast! The tricky part is once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve bought some groceries or things from the mall, you have to get yourself and the bags youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re carrying back across the four lane road. Timing is essential because now youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re slowFS XJUI UIF FYUSB weight. Remember the old video game â&#x20AC;&#x153;Frogger?â&#x20AC;? Yeah, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kinda Teri Saya like that.

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of the month

%\%DUE&RURO Meet Pablo Rafael


ablo was born June 29, 2012 to two loving parents. He was born by cesarean and at the moment of CJSUI IBE UP CF QVU PO PYZould be gen to help him breath. He would kept in hospital for two months due to complications. Upon his discharge the doctors advised his parents to continue with the current regime of prescribed medications. Mom told us that during her pregnancy, she had regular checkups at the local health center and there was never any mention that she was carrying a Down Syndrome baby. Down Syndrome as we know occurs when an individual has a full or QBSUJBM FYUSB DPQZ PG DISPNPTPNF 21. This additional genetic material alters the course of development and causes the characteristics associated with Down Syndrome. 1FPQMFXJUI%PXO4ZOESPNFIBWF an increased risk for certain medical conditions such as congenital heart defects, respiratory and hearing probMFNT  "M[IFJNFST EJTFBTF  XFBLFOFE immune system, poor eyesight, childhood leukemia and thyroid conditions. Down Syndrome is also one of the most common causes of mild to NPEFSBUF MFBSOJOH EJĂłDVMUJFT .BOZ of these conditions however are treatable so most people with Down Syndrome can lead healthy lives. Five months after he was born, an electrocardiogram revealed that 1BCMP IBE B IPMF JO UIF QBSU PG UIF wall between the lower chambers of UIFIFBSUBOEXPVMESFRVJSFTVSHFSZ The family was presented to NiĂąos *ODBQBDJUBEPTCZUIF4PDJBM8PSLFSBU %*'JO"VHVTU5IFQBSFOUTXFSF desperate to raise the monies needed GPS1BCMPTTVSHFSZ 0WFS UIF OFYU DPVQMF PG NPOUIT  surgery had to be postponed due UP 1BCMPT EFUFSJPSBUJOH IFBMUI )F had one infection after another. His CSFBUIJOHEJĂłDVMUJFTXFSFBDPODFSO for the doctors as was his low weight. He was prescribed new medications


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

as well as food supplements to help build up his immune system and increase his weight. In the meantime, a concerned individual came forward and arranged GPS 1BCMP UP TFF B OFX EPDUPS 5IF family was stressed out for months after being told that the heart surHFSZXPVMEDPTU QFTPT5IFZ could not believe their good fortune when the surgeon advised that he will waive his fee, leaving the family to pay only hospital services and surgery supplies which amounted to  QFTPT 5IFPUIFSHPPEOFXTJT1BCMPIBE IFBSUTVSHFSZJO%FDFNCFSBOE is doing well. His checkups continue to be positive. To date, NiĂąos Incapacitados has reimbursed the family  QFTPTGPSUSBOTQPSUBUJPO GPPE supplements and medicines. Most of the needs of individuals with Down Syndrome are the same as GPS BMM PG VT8JUI BQQSPQSJBUF IFBMUI and educational services and the supQPSUPGIJTGBNJMZ 1BCMPDBOMPPLGPSward to a long and fulfilling life. "T%JSFDUPSPGUIF+PDPUPQFD$MJOic, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to another one of our children. 1MFBTF OPUF UIBU /JĂ&#x2014;PT *ODBQBDitados regular monthly meetings are suspended for the summer months. They will however resume in September. NiĂąos Incapacitados clinics in $IBQBMB "KJKJDBOE+PDPUPQFDDPOUJOue. If you would like to see firsthand what we do, please do not hesitate to DPOUBDU3JDI1FUFSTFO   PS #BSC $PSPM   UP BSrange a visit. If you would like to learn more about NiĂąos Incapacitados, please visit our website at www.programaniĂąos .org

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BABY BOOMERS â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Reinventing Retirement in Mexico %\.DUHQ%OXH 5HYLHZE\+DUULHW+DUW


idlife Mavericks: Women Reinventing Their Lives in Mexico by Karen Blue told the stories of 16 women who moved to Mexico to build better lives, and gave readers â&#x20AC;&#x153;the courage to make significant changes in their lives.â&#x20AC;? Her new book focuses on baby boomers who have retired to Lake $IBQBMB5IF CPPNFST ZPVMM NFFU JODMVEF DPVQMFT  TJOHMFT  "NFSJDBOT  $BOBEJBOT BOE #SJUT  HBZT BOE TUSBJHIUT  full-timers and part-timers. 1BSU  QSPĂśMFT CPPNFST CVJMEJOH CFUUFSMJWFTGPSUIFNTFMWFT 1BSUGFBUVSFTFYQBUTXIPIBWFEJTDPWFSFEUIFJS QBTTJPO BOE 1BSU  IPOPST UIPTF XIP have decided to give back to the community in a significant way. The purpose of the book is to motivate boomers facing retirement to create one full of â&#x20AC;&#x153;potential, passion and purpose.â&#x20AC;? The author defines baby boomers BTUIFNJMMJPOQPTUXBSCBCJFTCPSO JOUIF64"BOEUIFNJMMJPOCPSOJO $BOBEB CFUXFFO UIF ZFBST  BOE 5IPTFCPSOĂśSTUXFSFJOøVFODFE by events such as the assassinations of .BSUJO -VUIFS ,JOH  +PIO BOE 3PCFSU ,FOOFEZ UIFNPPOXBML 7JFUOBN8BS  TPDJBMFYQFSJNFOUBUJPO DJWJMSJHIUTBOE XPNFOT NPWFNFOUT  TFYVBM GSFFEPN and drugs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They appear to be more FYQFSJNFOUBM JOEJWJEVBMJTUJD GSFFTQJSited, and more oriented toward social causes.â&#x20AC;? #PPNFST CPSO BGUFS  XFSF JOøVFODFECZUIF$PME8BS SBHJOHJOøBUJPO  HBTPMJOF TIPSUBHFT  "*%4 8BUFSHBUF  BOE /JYPOT SFTJHOBUJPO  BOE BSF more cynical and distrustful, and less optimistic. You will meet a cast of characters pursuing a variety of interests post SFUJSFNFOU 5JN BOE "SMFOF  GPSNFS IFBMUIQSPGFTTJPOBMT PQFOFEB$FOUFS for Spiritual Living, leaving medical science behind to embrace Science PG .JOE 1BVM  B GPSNFS HPWFSONFOU bureaucrat, took up photography and $IBSMJFT DBSFFS JO UIF PJM JOEVTUSZ IBT been replaced by his â&#x20AC;&#x153;higher calling,â&#x20AC;? SBJTJOHGVOETGPSUIF3FE$SPTT%JBOF TQFOUIFSGPSNFSMJGFBTBOBSUJTUOPX sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an entrepreneur. These individuals are modern day pioneers who left UIFJS DPVOUSZ PG PSJHJO UP FYQMPSF MJGF abroad and, in the process, discovered themselves.


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

#MVF XSBQT UIF CPPL VQ XJUI Why Choose Chapala?.FYJDPPòFSTSFUJSFFT a rich cultural heritage, spectacular beaches, a great climate, low cost of MJWJOH BOE DMPTF QSPYJNJUZ UP UIF 64 BOE$BOBEBNJMMJPO"NFSJDBOTDVSSFOUMZ MJWF JO .FYJDP QSFEJDUJPOT BSF BOPUIFS  NJMMJPO XJMM NPWF IFSF JO UIFOFYUZFBST $IBQBMB JT UIF MBSHFTU FYQBU DPNNVOJUZ JO UIF XPSME #MVF BUUSJCVUFT UIJT UP .FYJDBO WBMVFT QFPQMF PWFS possessions), attitude towards time (live in the now), and the slower pace. -BLF$IBQBMBJTCFBVUJGVM UIFXFBUIFS canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be beat, residents have access to health care and the cost of living JT MPXFS UIBO VQ OPSUI 8IBU BSF UIF ESBXCBDLT   #MVF DJUFT UIF MBOHVBHF barrier, the noise and the casual attitude towards getting things done. She closes by saying: â&#x20AC;&#x153;In this book, I tried to paint a realistic picture of the boomers who chose Lakeside, their reasons for moving here, and the lives they have built for themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them better and I hope you did, too.â&#x20AC;? I did. The author uses a style that makes the reader feel they are right there in the room with her. The opening and closing chapters are informaUJWF BOE DMFBS5IF  DIBQUFST JO CFtween introduce us to real retirees who HFOFSPVTMZ TIBSF UIFJS FYQFSJFODFT Local readers have a chance to get to know their neighbors better and readers still living up north get a chance to encounter inspirational mentors. Baby Boomers Reinventing Retirement in Mexico will assist countless boomers make one of the biggest decisions they will ever make: where and IPXUPSFUJSF(P#PPNFST(P#MVF #PPLJTBWBJMBCMFBUUIF-$4

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-FTT FYQFSJFODFE QMBZFST BSF PGten confused by the seemingly interminable number of conventions that have crept into competitive bridge in SFDFOUZFBST8IFOBTLFE *BMXBZTBEWJTF UIBU  XJUI B GFX FYDFQUJPOT  UIFZ forget about these gadgets until they IBWFBDRVJSFEUIFCBTJDQSJODJQMFTBOE then slowly add those with which they are comfortable and which make sense to them. "NPOHTU UIF FTTFOUJBM DPOWFOtions that even very new players need BSF4UBZNBOBOE#MBDLXPPE GPMMPXFE RVJDLMZ CZ /FHBUJWF %PVCMFT  /PSUI South in this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deal would have benefitted greatly if they had had the latter ammunition in their arsenal when they played the hand at the Lake $IBQBMB%VQMJDBUF#SJEHF$MVCJO3JCeras. North opened the bidding with a standard 1 club over which East bid 2 diamonds, a weak jump overcall in his partnershipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s methods. South now CJE  IFBSUT  8FTU QBTTFE BOE /PSUI bid 3 hearts. Even though South held 17 high card points, with 2 small diamonds in his hand, he rightly rejected thoughts of slam and closed the auction with a bid of 4 hearts. 8FTU MFE UIF EJBNPOE RVFFO  UPQ of a doubleton in his partnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suit. Declarer covered with dummyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s king and the trick was won by Eastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ace. East now cashed the diamond jack and continued with a third diamond which gave declarer an unpalatable choice: SVò MPX BOE CF PWFSSVòFE CZ 8FTU or pitch a card from a side suit and let 8FTUUBLFUIFUSJDLXJUIBMPXSVò%Fclarer settled for the latter and ended up making his contract but got a very low match-point result. So how would Negative Doubles have helped their cause? In the early


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

days of bridge, any time a player said â&#x20AC;&#x153;doubleâ&#x20AC;? it was for penalty but it soon became clear that the opportunities for penalizing low-level contracts were few and far between. Negative Doubles came into vogue as a means of conveying specific information to partner after he/she has opened the bidding and the opponents have interfered, as in the above deal. Had NorthSouth been playing them, South would have doubled at his first call to tell partner that he held 4 hearts and 4 TQBEFTBOEBUMFBTUQPJOUTBTIFXBT forcing his partner to bid at the 2 level. #Z BSCJUSBSJMZ DIPPTJOH UP CJE hearts, the partnership ended up playing in a 4-3 fit rather than the superior  ĂśU IBE UIFZ CJE TQBEFT  #VU BOother bonus would have come their way if North had been declarer: the defenders could not successfully attack diamonds from the East hand. If East did lead his diamond ace the contract XPVME IBWF NBEF XJUI  PWFSUSJDLT the lead of any other suit would result in 1 overtrick. There is an abundance of information on the Internet on Negative Doubles, as well as many other conWFOUJPOT1SPGFTTJPOBMQMBZFSBOENBOZUJNFTXPSMEDIBNQJPO-BSSZ$PIFO has written a very concise overview of Negative Doubles which you can find online at: http://w w w.larr yco.com/ #SJEHF"SUJDMFT"SUJDMF%FUBJMT BTQY BSUJDMF*% 8IFOZPVSFBEJU CFTVSFUPTIBSF it with your favorite partners so you are on the same wave length. Questions or comments: email: masTPOLFO!HNBJMDPN Ken Masson

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ancy gave Fred thirty days to decide about leaving his wife. It started as a fling, when they met up at their fortieth high school reunion. Nancy was not a TUSBOHFS UP NBLJOH RVJDL DPOOFDUJPOT with men. Though married, she took trips alone and had little adventures with new men. Her plan for Fred was sparked by their history together as lovers in high school years ago. They were both more than ready to start an BòBJS)FFYQMBJOFEUP/BODZi.ZXJGFT a hundred pounds overweight and I EPOUIBWFTFYXJUIIFSBOZNPSFw Nancy called it a fling when she UBMLFEBCPVU'SFEUPIFSGSJFOET#VUTIF DPVMEOUFYQMBJOUPIFSTFMGXIZ TIPSUMZ after it started, she asked her husband Steve to move out of their home. That twenty-four year marriage was gone in three weeks. Now she was free to meet Fred on his business trips around the country, have wonderful meals and make love together. He told her, â&#x20AC;&#x153;You have the body of a thirty-yearold,â&#x20AC;? and she loved hearing that, loved UIFQIPOFDBMMTBOETFYZFNBJMT #VU BGUFS B GFX XFFLT IFS EFMJHIU XBT NJYFE XJUI HSPXJOH SFTFOUNFOU that she couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t talk to him on weekends when his wife was home. She wanted Fred to move into her house and make a new life with her. She brushed aside any concern about his career. Whatever it is, he can do it from

San Francisco, TIF UIPVHIU  OPU RVJUF sure of what he did for work. /BODZHBWFIJNBOVMUJNBUVNi8F wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t communicate for thirty days TP ZPV DBO IBWF  EBZT UP EFDJEFw She flew to Hawaii, on a trip planned months earlier with a friend. It didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t HP XFMM UIF GSJFOE XBT BOOPZJOH  UIF rented condo too far away from the shops, the hikes and outings not much fun, and she ate too much. "UUIFFOEPGUIPTFEBZT TIFĂśOBMMZ called him. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hi, Nancy.â&#x20AC;? He sounded surprised. Had he thought of her at all, she wondered. i8FMM  /BODZ  NZ XJGF QSPNJTFT UP lose weight and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going into couQMFTDPVOTFMJOHUXJDFBXFFL8FSFHPing to try and make a go of it.â&#x20AC;? She was TUVOOFE "GUFS IF FOEFE UIF DBMM TIF pushed the conversation to the back of her mind, saying to herself, This isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the end. #BDLJO4BO'SBODJTDP TIFDBMMFEIFS GSJFOE5FSSZ XIPBTLFE i8IBUBSFZPV HPJOHUPEPOFYU w â&#x20AC;&#x153;I told him I want to have dinner XJUIIJNUIFOFYUUJNFIFTJO4BO'SBODJTDP #VU IF EFDJEFE UP TUBZ XJUI IJT wife.â&#x20AC;? i"OZXBZ JGIFTIPVMEDPNFBSPVOE  youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d have a cheating man on your hands. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be likely to do that to you, too.â&#x20AC;? Nancy, irritated, said nothing but UIFOFYUEBZTIFFNBJMFE5FSSZi:PVSF too negative to be my friend. I need someone supportive and I want to let our friendship fade.â&#x20AC;? She poked the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sendâ&#x20AC;? button hard and the email went into cyberspace. She closed the computer, and looked around the room. It isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the end, TIF UIPVHIU i* DBO HFU IJN CBDLw " tinge of fear emerged: maybe if things didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work out (but they would), she would take Steve back. He was a better kisser than Fred, after all. She went into the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea. Sandy Olson


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

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FATHER HUNTING In the village of my child all my fathers XFSF$BQUBJOTBOE$POEVDUPST NFOBOEUIFJSXPSLJOHT were forever coming home and leaving. In my village, there were long stretches of empty beach, great white seagulls always out of reach undertows that carried sand castles out to sea .Z#PHBSU%BEEZCFDBNFBCMJOEDPOEVDUPS with a wooden heart that dangled in the window of a caboose. He could whistle like a train leaving, or the echo of a foghorn calling me across a cold, hard sea. 8IFSFFWFSMJGFTKPVSOFZDBSSJFENF there was always one street I looked for, each house complemented a neighbors, from each a soft glow in the mist gave the aura of home. One street I came to know wherever I went, where every door passed brought me closer to far away from where Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d ever been. I was forever slipping ashore, sliding back out to sea, each time Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d meet this man along the way I knew from some forgotten place in time, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d tell him that I was too old to settle down, when I stayed in one place too long the feet didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t listen anymore, the mind did all the walking and my hands turned to old stone. He takes my hand, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d feel the rough hand of passing years, like a blind beggar searching my pockets of fear for change. 8JUIUIFZFBSTESJGUJOHMJLFUIFDIJMETJGUJOHUIFTBOET beneath the monkey bars for change, time pretends forgetfulness and carries with it the feeling of being loved without ever having done my time. Why is it so difficult to bring to an end the well of it when dry? Something in the male of this that suffers the new start, the beginning of the end. Having hunted in all the unfilled spaces of a lifetime I closed in on my prey. I could hear myself, gull scream in a voice the sound of waves retreating into sea. 8IBUNJHIU*IBWFCFFOUPIBWFrecognized NZ$BQUBJO NZ$POEVDUPS5PIBWFQBTTFEPWFSBOETFUUMFEUFOEFSMZ on the familiar. Old rags and brittle bone had been where I had been and covered his tracks well. My father let his bones die. He let his legs ground to sand. I had been denied the final moments of the hunt. 8IBU*IBECFFOMPPLJOHGPSXBTUIFNVTJDNBO who sits in the first chair made of sand and driftwood alive to the pause, listening to his flesh grow old cell by cell TPNFPOFXIPMJTUFOTGPSIJTOBNFUPQMBZPòUIFEJTUBOUDMPVET BOEESJGUPWFSUIFTFBUPXBSETIPNF8IBU*JOIFSJUFE was a gathering of shells and stones along the shore, and a yearning for the undertow, and in the eyes of a boy the waving good-bye from the rear of a caboose. The bus parks on the side of the road 5IFESJWFSPQFOTIJTUIFSNPT QPVSTIJNTFMGBDVQPGDPòFF stares into the rear view mirror. I had come this far. My children and their children it seemed would miss the bus. This being the final remains, the echo of a train leaving, suited me. It all went something like this: IFNBEFBTJNQMFFYJUUISPVHIUIFSFBSEPPS BOEMFUUIFESJWFSĂśOJTIIJTDPòFFJOQFBDF

By John Thomas Dodds 48

El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

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n August 21, 2009, Mexico decriminalized personal possession of less than five grams of marijuana. #PPNFSoBO FYQBUMJWJOHPOUIF#BKB1FOJOTVMBoEFcided to try some pot right away. )F TBZT IJT ĂśSTU FYQFSJFODF XBT sharing a joint, and most of his friends JOOPSUIFSO#BKBXFSFTUVOOFEUPMFBSO that he had never tried marijuana back JOUIF64"CFDBVTFIFGFBSFECFJOHBSrested. They coached him on what to do, and tried to help him avoid coughing. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Not too much,â&#x20AC;? he says they told him. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hold it in. Now, let it out slooowly.â&#x20AC;? He says the high began in a few minutes and lasted about two hours. #PPNFSTOFYUIJUTXFSFGSPNBQJQF people passed around at a neighborhood party. He says the pipe wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stay lit, and he burned his thumbnail with the lighter flame. He managed to inhale enough to make him seem funnier than usual, and told people at the QBSUZIFNJHIUXSJUFBCPVUUIFFYQFSJence. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They laughed and told me everybody else already knew what it was like,â&#x20AC;? he says. *O OPSUIFSO #BKB  QBSU PG UIF NBSJKVBOB DVMUVSF JOWPMWFT UIF QSJDF EJòFSFODFCFUXFFOQPUTPMEJOUIF64"BOE UIFTUVò.FYJDBOTTFMMPOUIFTUSFFU"DDPSEJOHUP#PPNFS TPNFVTFSTJO#BKB TBZ IJHIRVBMJUZ IPNFHSPXO NBSJKVBOB JO UIF 64" SFUBJMT GPS BSPVOE 


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

QFSPVODFJO$BMJGPSOJB5IFTBNFVTFST TBZUIFBTLJOHQSJDFGPS.FYJDBOQPUJT KVTU   XJUI QMFOUZ BWBJMBCMF BU  per ounce. #PPNFS DPVMEOU UFMM JG UIF 64" TUVò JO UIF QJQF BU UIF QBSUZ XBT BOZ CFUUFS UIBO UIF .FYJDBO KPJOU 'SJFOET told him that the high from eating pot lasts longer than smoking it, so he gave  UP B VTFS GSJFOE UP NBLF B CBUDI of brownies and arrange a little focus group of neighbors to test the premise. "MMUIFUFTUFSTTBJEUIFZIBEFYQFSJences with marijuana in other places. 0OF QFSTPO XBT BU8PPETUPDL " TFDond said he smoked pot once in an "NTUFSEBN DBOOBCJT DBGF  BOE IBE trouble finding his hotel for a couple PG IPVST BGUFSXBSE " UIJSE TBJE TIF smoked her first joint in high school, and smoked a lot more in her twenties while riding bare-breasted on the back PGIFSCPZGSJFOETNPUPSDZDMF"GPVSUI bragged that she did a full Lady Godiva at a small hometown parade back in Oregon, after borrowing a horse from BGSJFOEJOUIFTIFSJòTNPVOUFEQPTTF 5IFYHMBTTCBLJOHQBOQSPEVDFE brownies almost an inch thick, and UIF CBLFS DVU UIFN JOUP TJYUFFO Y TRVBSFTÂ&#x2030;FBDI XJUI TMJHIUMZ MFTT NBSJjuana than two medium-size joints. The group started watching a DVD movie and nibbling the brownies. i"GUFS FBUJOH B XIPMF CSPXOJF  * GFMU UIF FòFDUT JO BCPVU BO IPVS w TBZT #PPNFS iBOE*XBTTUJMMXJEFBXBLFBU  BNw .PTU PG UIF PUIFST UPME IJN a few days later that they had similar FYQFSJFODFT "QQBSFOUMZ  CBTFE PO #PPNFST GPDVT HSPVQ  .FYJDBO QPU JT good enough. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not suggesting people should try marijuana, or that people should never try it. Those are individual choices. Most people I know are aware that some studies show it contains carcinogens, just like tobacco products. In addition, some U.S. authorities still insist that marijuana use can lead to other ESVH VTF #PPNFS TBZT IJT GSJFOET JO OPSUIFSO#BKBMBVHIBUUIBU â&#x20AC;&#x153;The only drug it leads to is ViagraÂŽ to help you follow up on those mellow feelings,â&#x20AC;? one friend told him. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a significant law enforcement

NJMFTUPOF UIBU .FYJDP SFEVDFE QFOalties for personal possession of less than five grams of marijuana. However, #PPNFS TPPO SFBMJ[FE IF XBT BO PVUMBXCFDBVTFIJTCBUDIPG#BKBCSPXOJFT XJUIBOPVODFPGQPUFRVBMFEUXFOUZ eight grams. You Idiot, he says he finally realized. You finally realized that you are in Mexico, where possession of more than the new limit still means mandatory time JOB.FYJDBOKBJMGPSBUMFBTUBGFXEBZT  maybe weeks, or months. He says he could imagine la policia knocking on his door and asking him, â&#x20AC;&#x153;ÂżQue pasa, seĂąor?â&#x20AC;?

4P  BGUFS IJT UISFF NBSJKVBOB FYQFriences and understanding the new .FYJDBOMBXCFUUFS #PPNFSEFDJEFEUP just say no/PNPSFTIBSFEKPJOUT QVòT from a party pipe, or yummy brownies for dessert. No mas. Nada. He figured he would sleep better, both literally and figuratively. "OE IF TBZT IF implemented his new policy in a few weeks, right after he got rid of those leftover brownies in his freezer. Mikel Miller

'$5.(1&2817(5 %\.DWK\3ULFH


rom a distance, I could see the old woman leaning in against the door, smacking it with her open hand, calling out to someone, unseen, inside. )FSÜMUIZ SBHHFEESFTTIVOHPòIFS spare frame and she radiated desperBUJPO $VSJPVT  * DPOUJOVFE UP XBUDI her as I approached down the dusty sidewalk. 8JUIFWFSZTUFQ *ESFXDMPTFSBOE considered my choices. I could avoid any interaction with her by simply crossing the street. I could insulate myself from her, ignore her, pretend * IBEOU TFFO 0S EJEOU DBSF "GUFS all, she was none of my concern. Or, I could continue down the sidewalk on this side and say hello. Risk an encounter. She looked like she DPVMEVTFBGSJFOEMZi#VFOPTEJBTwTP* stayed my course. #ZOPX *XBTDMPTFFOPVHIUPTFF the tears on her cheek. She turned away from me and sagged against the door frame, a pool of urine collecting at her feet. Shame and embarrassment shown in her eyes as she glanced up. I, too, felt shame. My heart went out to her and I wanted to help but spoke very little Spanish. I wracked my brain but found I had no words of kindness and understanding to PòFS*XBTBUBMPTTUPLOPXXIBUUP TBZ #FTJEFT  EJE * SFBMMZ XBOU UP HFU

JOWPMWFE  8IBU DPVME * EP  SFBMMZ  The door she was trying to enter was MPDLFE&WFOJG*DPVMEFYQMBJOUPIFS I wanted to help, how would I help? 8IFSF DPVME * UBLF IFS 8IBU DPVME I do? 8JUIPOMZBGFXGFFUMFGUCFUXFFO us for me to make a decision on what to do, I jumped back a little when the door in front of the old woman TVEEFOMZ øFX PQFO " HSVò WPJDF addressed her and, while I could not understand the words, the tone of WPJDFXBTWFSZVOLJOE"SPVHIIBOE reached out to grab her, yanking her inside, leaving nothing but a puddle on the sidewalk and dismay in my heart.

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NORTH AMERICA: An Oil and Gas Powerhouse



orth America Oil and Gas reserves is growing exponentially mainly because of better sourcing and drilling techniques. Look to Mexico for an example. .FYJDP has huge oil-and-gas SFTFSWFTFTUJNBUFE BU CO CBSSFMT PG PJM FRVJWBMFOU  DPNQBSBCMF UP ,VXBJUTÂ&#x2030;CVU MBDLT UIF UFDIOPMPHZ UP develop non-conventionals, such as TIBMF HBT BOE EFFQTFB DSVEF 1SFTJEFOU 1FOB /JFUP JT MPPLJOH UP NBLF reforms that would allow foreign companies to partner with the statePXOFE PJM DPNQBOZ  1FNFY  UP CSJOH the wealth to the surface. This is a good thing for their economy in the long run. Í&#x192;5IF4BVEJ1SJODF"MXBMFFESFDFOUMZ warned: â&#x20AC;&#x153;the kingdomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oil-dependent economy is increasingly vulnerable UP SJTJOH /PSUI "NFSJDBO FOFSHZ QSPEVDUJPOw "MXBMFFET DPNNFOUT XFSF QFOOFE CFGPSF .FYJDP BOOPVODFE JUT intended energy reforms. The thought PG .FYJDPT SFTPVSDFT øPXJOH PO UP the global market has got to make the prince increasingly nervous. 5IF SFBMJUZ PG /PSUI "NFSJDB CFcoming an â&#x20AC;&#x153;oil-and-gas powerhouseâ&#x20AC;? UISFBUFOTNPSFUIBOKVTU01&$OBUJPOT *OSFTQPOTFUPUIF64"5PEBZFEJUPSJBM  'SBODFT#FJOFDLF QSFTJEFOUPGUIF/BUVSBM3FTPVSDFT%FGFOTF$PVODJM /3%$  wrote an â&#x20AC;&#x153;opposing viewâ&#x20AC;? proclaiming: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Increasing domestic oil and gas production is no panacea for our nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s energy needs or economy.â&#x20AC;? Energy and the Economy "QQBSFOUMZ  TIF JT OPU BXBSF UIBU regions with oil-and-gas development have some of the lowest unemployment in the country--states with reTPVSDF FYUSBDUJPO TVDI BT 5FYBT  .POUBOB 0LMBIPNB BOE8ZPNJOHBMMIBWF unemployment rates below the national average and North Dakota has the MPXFTUJOUIFDPVOUSZBU.ZIPNF TUBUF PG /FX .FYJDP TIBSFT UIF SJDI 1FSNJBO #BTJO XJUI 5FYBT 5IFSF  UIFZ UFMM NFi"OZPOF XIP DBO QBTT B ESVH test can get a job.â&#x20AC;? Fracking 0G DPVSTF  #FJOFDLF SFTPSUT UP UIF environmentalistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; standard claim: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The fracking that is driving our oil and gas surge has grown at breakneck speed.â&#x20AC;? She


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

continues: â&#x20AC;&#x153;states have responded with weak rules and limited enforcement.â&#x20AC;? Environmental groups  MJLF #FJOFDLFT /3%$ XBOUUIFGFEFSBMHPWFSONFOUUP add regulation on fracking--which will increase the cost and slow the growth of drilling. States have been regulating hydrauMJD GSBDUVSJOH GPS NPSF UIBO  ZFBST with great success. This proposed rule is just another layer of unnecessary regulation that will cause significant delays and hinder natural gas production, Environmentalistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hyperbole about the use of hydraulic fracturing would lead the general public to believe that the practice is new. In fact it has been sucDFTTGVMMZ VTFE UP FYUSBDU PJM BOE HBT for more than  ZFBST--and, over the decades, it has been refined and made HJBOU UFDIOPMPHJDBM MFBQT "UUFNQUT UP link fracking to water contamination have repeatedly been EJTQSPWFOÍ&#x192; 8IFO FOWJSPONFOUBMJTUT SFGFS UP â&#x20AC;&#x153;clean energy,â&#x20AC;? they are most often referring to wind and solar--which proEVDF FMFDUSJDJUZ  BMCFJU JOFòFDUJWFMZ  JOFĂłDJFOUMZ BOE VOFDPOPNJDBMMZ 0OMZ a tiny fraction of electricity in the US is produced from oil. The oil we import goes toward the transportation fleet. 6OUJMUIFSFBSFRVBOUVNMFBQTJOUFDInology, there will never be a massive shift from petroleum-based vehicles to FMFDUSJD 4P #FJOFDLFT ESFBN PGiDMFBO energy resourcesâ&#x20AC;? will not reduce our â&#x20AC;&#x153;reliance on oil and gas.â&#x20AC;? -FUT CVJME UIF ,FZTUPOF QJQFMJOF BOE XPSL XJUI .FYJDP UP VTF UFDIOJRVFT QFSGFDUFEJO"NFSJDBTPJMĂśFMET  to bring its wealth to the surface. North "NFSJDB DBO CF BO PJMBOEHBT QPXFShouse--but government energy poliDJFTIBWFUPDIBOHFMJLFJO.FYJDP5IFO prosperity and liberty can be restored. The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizensâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Alliance for ResponMarita Noon sible Energy (CARE)

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The Ojo Crossword

ACROSS 1 Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beyond the planet 6 Invitation abbreviaton 10 Twist 14 Rebound 15 Water pitcher 16 Scent 17 Bye 18 El_(Texas city) 19 Bare 20 Russian ruler 21 A deviated one makes you snore 23 Downwind 24 Tiny body part 26 City in Ohio 2IÂżFH 31 Factor of ten 32 United States 33 Tremble 36 Sock 40 Meshes 42 Type of partnership 43 Fancy car 44 Linden 45 Acts of kindness 48 Swamp 49 Economics abrv. 51 Pelt 53 Frightener 56 Land mass 57 Boy 58 East 61 Fire


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

65 Asian nation 67 Lip 68 City in Ohio 69 Very large truck 70 Long time 71 Water birds 72 Hospital (abbr.) 73 Endure 74 Speak in public DOWN 1 Get out! 2 Note_(plr.) 3 Opera solo 4 Compel 5 Flightless bird 6 Disgust 7 Switch 8 Chest wear 9 Haughtier 10 Aced 11 Grown 12 Cowboy show 13 Primp 21 Speak indistinctly 22 McDonald´s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Big_â&#x20AC;? 25 Ingest 27 Small boat 28 Short hit 29 Exploiter 30 Appraise 31 Extinct bird 34 Dash 35 I want my _ +LJKÂżGHOLW\VRXQGV\VWHP 38 Sign 39 Cornmeal cake 41 Prophet 45 Legit (2 wds.) 46 Relax 47 _ Lanka 50 Executive director 52 Face coverer 53 Splash 54 Gem carved in relief 55 John _ (U.S. President) 56 Concerning 59 Thought 60 Freudian selves 62 Realm 63 Purchase amount 64 Joint 66 Clip 68 Past

THE OJO INTERNET MAILBOX (Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issues.)

â&#x20AC;&#x153;AMERICANâ&#x20AC;? IS NOT A LANGUAGE! B. Garrison You have chosen a few, isolated instances and used those to paint every conservative with the same broad brush. You have a forum in this magazine to present your point of view, but instead you use it to insult those with whom you disagree. Frankly, I am surprised that El Ojo del Lago would print such a bigoted diatribe. I have a RVFTUJPO GPS ZPV %P ZPV  BOE PUIFST like you in the Democrat party, resort to this because you do not know how to make an argument for your point of WJFX #FMJFWFNF XFPOUIFSJHIUDBO come up with a lot of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Democrats are stupidâ&#x20AC;? moments to match every one PGZPVST %PFT&MJKBI$VNNJOHTTUBUFment on Guam tipping over, for instance, represent the average reasoning ability of everyone in the Democrat QBSUZ 8IZEPOUZPVUSZQJDLJOHUIPTF

points with which you disagree with us - killing babies on demand, amnesty GPS DSJNJOBMT  "$" BOE UIF SVJOBUJPO PG UIF "NFSJDBO IFBMUI DBSF TZTUFN  and address those in a civil, intelligent manner? I am beginning to think that Democrats would rather yell, scream, demand, insult and bully rather than actually think. THE PATRON SAINT OF SAFE TRAVEL Jennifer Pruim *USBWFMUP5BYDPGPSCVTJOFTTTFWFSBM UJNFT QFS ZFBS BOE IBWF VTFE .FYJDBO CVTFT OP GFXFS UIBO  UJNFT * am amazed every time at their ontime-ness, cleanliness (and I am only speaking of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;first classâ&#x20AC;? buses that #JMM %FBO SFGFST UP* TFF OPX UIFSF BSF iFYFDVUJWFw CVTFT UIBU BSF FWFO fancier), cleanliness, the clean safe highways, how they usually manage UP TLFEBEEMF JOUP BOE PVU PG .FYJDP

$JUZ UIFJSDPNGPSU"OEBMXBZTTPRVJFU BOEOJDFJOTJEF XJUIUIFFYDFQUJPOPG sometimes too-loud movies) due to UIFQPMJUFOFTTPG.FYJDBOT.ZFYQFSJences have all been pleasant so far, and BUTVDIJODSFEJCMZMPXQSJDFT"MXBZTTP impressed. and happy on my bus rides. 5IBOLZPV 4U$ISJTUPQIFSBOEFWFSZone else involved in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;first classâ&#x20AC;? .FYJDBOCVTTZTUFN CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES â&#x20AC;&#x201D;WHO ARE WE? Cesar Cisneros In response to the article by R. Nipper, I want to say this to him and to the rest of the so called constitutional conTFSWBUJWFT(PIPNFHFUPVU BOEDSBXM back inside the sewer from where you FTDBQFE:PV MJWF IFSF JO .FYJDP BOE have the audacity or perhaps stupidJUZ UP TQFBL BHBJOTU FRVBM SJHIUT GPS Hispanics, blacks, gays and any other SBDJBM HSPVQ UIBU JT OPU PG 8BTQ &Vropean background. Your reasoning is that of an ignorant backwoods denizen who has never interacted with any other people but only their own small circle where inbreeding is the norm. You people are refugees here. Outsiders, foreigners and racist. You have no sense of respect for your host country and should be deported. Not to the US, but back to your ancestral homeMBOET #FDBVTF RVJUF USVMZ ZPV EP OPU

EFTFSWFUPCFDBMMFE"NFSJDBOTTJNQMZ because you are not. You are parasites XIP MBOEFE PO UIF "NFSJDBO DPOUJnent and massacred the population there and stole the land, renamed it BOE EFQSJWFE UIF BDUVBM "NFSJDBOT of their lives, freedom and language. Your constitution is a joke and a pack PGMJFTUIBUFYDMVEFEUIF"NFSJDBOJOdigenous and included the foreign land thieves like you who imagine ZPVSTFMWFT BT UIF FYDMVTJWF PXOFST PG the ravaged country. It should read i8FUIFTFMGJOEVMHFEBOETFMGFOUJUMFE peopleâ&#x20AC;? It is as artificial and plastic as an amusement park with the logo of a mouse. You know what I am talking about. You lack culture, tact and good manners. The whole world despises you and laughs at your ignorance or common knowledge about other cultures and customs. You are the epitome of the ugly gringo. RITA GOLDEN GELMAN Dr. Robert Friedman * BN XSJUJOH B CPPL BCPVU PVS FYtended family, their geneology, their histories and stories. Rita will have a major roll in our anthology, story book I am her motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brother, Rita is my niece. I am mystified by her, amazed and astonished by her lifestyle, but always proud of what she does and who TIFJT6ODMF#PC

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;People Helping Peopleâ&#x20AC;?


Lŕľşŕś&#x201E;ŕľž Cŕś ŕľşŕś&#x2030;ŕľşŕś&#x2026;ŕľş Sŕś&#x2C6;ŕľźŕś&#x201A;ŕľžŕś?ŕś&#x2019;



June 2014

8SGDWH RQ /&6Âś &RQWLQXHG 1HWZRUNLQJ ZLWK/DNHVLGH*RYHUQPHQW By Ben White, LCS President Last month I wrote about our strategic initiatives, particularly our outreach to the Mexican community. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) and the Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art ProJUDPDUHRXUĂ&#x20AC;DJVKLSSURJUDPV2XUVWXGHQWDLGSURJUDP ensures 40 economically disadvantaged young people to attend university. Our summer remedial educational program helps 60 elementary school aged children catch up on their studies. At LCS we are also actively advocating for the needs of members and the Lakeside community. We work very closely with the Chapala Municipal Government. Last week Yoli Martinez Llamas, President of the Chapala Chamber of Commerce, Terry Vidal, LCS Executive Director and I spent an hour talking with Chapala Transito Director Pedro Salvador Garcia. He has been recently appointed head of Transito WUDIÂżFSROLFH DIWHU\HDUVRI service. He is very interested in, and wants to be responsive to, LCS member concerns. We talked at length about TransitoRIÂżFHUVSXOOLQJSHRSOHRYHUIRUÂłDOOHJHG´WUDIÂżFRIfenses and seeking mordida (bribes). We discussed the Transito Compliment/Complaint form we developed based on member input. He liked the form and asked that LCS be a collection point for the form. If you wish to report an inciGHQWFRPHWRWKH/&6RIÂżFHZLWKLQKRXUVRIWKHLQFLGHQW complete the form, and we will deliver the report directly to Sr. Garcia. &ULWLFDOLQIRUPDWLRQQHHGHGWRLGHQWLI\WKHRIÂżFHULQYROYHG is the date, time and location of the incident, and, if posVLEOHWKHRIÂżFHUÂśVEDGJHQXPEHU+HXUJHGPHPEHUVQRW to pay the mordida and to ask for a ticket for any alleged offense. He pledged to work with anyone who is wrongly ticketed and asked that if a member committed an offense, they should pay the ticket and not complain. We agreed that was fair. On Tuesday, June 3rd the Chapala DIF will be at LCS to assist eligible members to obtain their DIF card. If you are 60 years old, you can join the Pensionado (senior discount) program which entitles eligible retirees to discounts (5%50%) on hotels, travel agencies, doctors, medical services, bus and other transportation, museums, theatres, restaurants, hospitals and more. For more information visit: http:// www.focusonmexico.com/Applying_for_DIF.html. For information on what to bring with you to apply for your card, see page three of this edition or go the LCS web site home page. 2QWKHÂżUVWDQGWKLUGZHHNVRIHDFKPRQWKWKH-DOLVFR$Wtorney General is collaborating with the LCS to provide /DNHVLGHUHVLGHQWVWKHRSSRUWXQLW\WRÂżOHDFULPLQDOUHSRUW (denuncia). If you have been a victim of a crime in the past \HDU\RXFDQÂżOHDFRPSODLQWZLWKWKHDVVLVWDQFHRIDELOLQgual lawyer from the Ministerio Publico. You can also follow-up on an existing complaint. It is important for anyone


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

who has been a victim of a crime to report it. Even if the crime is ultimately not solved, the reports will help authorities understand where crimes are occurring and how they can better allocate their resources. These initiatives are the result of our continued networking with local government. Other groups we continue to engage with are: Chapala Police Department, Chapala Chamber of Commerce and the Tecnologico Superior. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve developed good working relationships with Ajijic Delegado Hector Espana and Chapala Mayor Joaquin Huerta and will continue to work with local government representatives to Continued on page two

Presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Message continued


further the interests of LCS members and the Lakeside community. On Sunday, June 1st at Open Circle, I will make a presentation on the history of the Lake Chapala Society from 1955 to today. Former LCS Presidents Charlie Smith (2004-2007), Nancy Creevan (2008-2009) and Howard Feldstein (2010-2014) will deVFULEHVLJQLÂżFDQWHYHQWVWKDWRFFXUUHGGXULQJWKHLUWHQXUH

On July 2, celebrate our NOB national birthdays during this IXQÂżOOHGHYHQW 2QFH DJDLQ DUHD QRQSURÂżWV KDYH EHHQ LQYLWHG WR GLVSOD\ their wares and introduce themselves to all of us. There is VWLOOOLPLWHGVSDFHVRLI\RXUQRQSURÂżWKDVQÂśWDOUHDG\VLJQHG up, now is the time, see June on the Cafe patio Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 1 pm. This year we have asked Sol y Luna to be the musical act to entertain you. From salsa to bosa nova and classic rock, this trio provides a great sound for all of us to dance the afternoon away. Once again Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s restaurant will be providing delicious Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Brats. Tickets are $50 pesos before the event or $100 pesos at the door.

Dues Increase Coming! Nowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the time to take advantage of this great opportunity. Membership dues are about to increase. If you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t done it yet, consider this attractive incentive: you may purchase future memberships at the 2013 rates through June 30, 2014. Compare these rates with the old ones and this is a no-brainer for savings. The new rates for 2014 will be single memberships-$550, double-$950, triple- $1350 and quad-$1700 pesos.

Maintaining Your Solar Electric 6\VWHP Cleaning and maintaining your solar panels is important because lack of proper care can reduce the amount of energy your system generates. You can keep your panels at maxiPXPHIÂżFLHQF\E\SUHYHQWLQJGLUWDQGRWKHUHQYLURQPHQWDOHOHments like little bird gifts from settling on the panels. Make sure to wash them at least once a month. You can easily clean your solar panels by using plain water with the occasional swipe of a squeegee to improve results. Make sure to use the squeegee while the panels are wet. Don't use any abrasive products to wash the solar panels. Never use soap and/or glass cleaners. Remember not to use high water pressure directly on the panels.

$MLMLF6RFLHW\RI$UWLVWV7+$1.<28 Volunteers and children of the LCS Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Program celebrated when ASA board members presented the program with DGRQDWLRQIURPWKHSURÂżWVRI$6$ÂśV2SHQ6WXGLRVHYHQW The LCS Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Program (CAP) recently received a gracious donation of $13,000 pesos from the Ajijic Society of Artists $6$ $SRUWLRQRIWKHSURÂżWVIURP$6$ÂśVDQQXDO2SHQ6WXGLRV event has been donated to CAP for the last two years. The funds are used for ongoing art supply needs for the weekly free program and also to support the annual Art Camp held in July. LCS thanks ASA for its past and continuing support Back row left to right: Ben White, LCS President and ASA Board members, Ken Caldwell, Deena Hafker and Barbara Passarello. Surrounded by the kids from the free weekly art program.

LCS Facilities Upgrades and Improvements El BaĂąo :HÂśUH UHGHVLJQLQJ WKH EDWKURRP DQG LQVWDOOLQJ QHZ Âż[tures to make our cafĂŠ lavatory handicapped-accessible for our members and guests. Pond Scum Begone The long-awaited and much-needed pond cleaning and restoration will take place next month. We apologize for the stinky mess, but it will be over soon.

+HOS:DQWHG5HDOO\ We need volunteers to help keep our programs running smoothly. If you enjoy helping others and are a member interested in volunteering, talk to an area manager or go to WKHVHUYLFHRIÂżFHIRUDYROXQWHHUDSSOLFDWLRQ Â&#x2021; /RYH%RRNV"&RPSXWHU6DYY\" The LCS Library needs volunteers to work one day a week at the circulation desk. We need people who love browsing through a library to discover its hidden treasures. ,I\RXÂśUHLQWHUHVWHGSOHDVHFRPHLQWRWKHPDLQRIÂżFHIRUD volunteer application. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be happy to put you to work! Â&#x2021; IT Position Open :H QHHG D TXDOLÂżHG FDQGLGDWH ZKR KDV H[SHULHQFH LQ building computers, installing software, working with networks including overall trouble-shooting. Position requires climbing stairs several times a day. Please contact Robert Katz at bobkat1226@gmail.com Â&#x2021; 2IÂżFH6WDII1HHGHG :HQHHGYROXQWHHUVLQWKHRIÂżFH,I\RXKDYHSHRSOHVNLOOV weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to see your smiling face at the front desk assisting members and guests. If you have computer experience, we need data entry volunteers for our membership and SRVWOLIHSURJUDPV6HH$GHOD$OFDUD]LQWKHVHUYLFHRIÂżFH Â&#x2021; &KLOGUHQÂśV$UW&DWDORJ Help us catalog our Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art collection going back three, maybe even four decades. View the catalog at: www. lakechapalasociety.com/website/Community_Programs/ childrens_art_collection.php. Requires a person with good observational skills. This job is also for the person who likes to work on his/her own in a quiet atmosphere.

Saw you in the Ojo 57



*Open to the Public ** US Citizens (S) Sign in required (C) Membership card required &58=52-$ Cruz Roja Sales Table M-F 10-1 CRIV Monthly Meeting 2nd W 2-5 +($/7+,1685$1&( IMSS & Immigration Services M+T 10-1 Met Life Health Insurance T+TH 11-2 San Javier Last TH 10-12 +($/7+ /(*$/6(59,&(6 Acupuncture 1st +4th + Last F 9-2 Becerra Immigration F 10:30-1 Blood Pressure F 10-12 Diabetes Screening (no sign up) 2nd+3rd F 10-12 DIF T 10-2 Hearing Aid Services (S) M+2nd+4th SAT 11-4 Loridans Legal T 10-12 Ministerio Publico 1st+3rd W 10-2 Optometrist (S) TH 9-5 Pharmaceutical Consultations 4th M 10-12 Skin Cancer Screening (S) 2nd + 4th W 10-12 US Consulate 2nd W 10-12 /&63$7,2 LCS Patio, Bus Trips & Sales Table

M-F 10-1

LESSONS Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art SAT 10-12* Chidrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Reading Program SAT 9-10* Exercise M+W+F 9-10 HH Workshop Demo W 10-12* Intermediate Hatha Yoga T+ TH 2-3:30, SAT 1-2:30 Line Dancing T+TH 10-11:15 LIBRARIES Audio TH 10-12 Book & Video M-SAT 10-2 Library of Congress Books**/ Talking Books TH 10-12 Wilkes M-F 9:30-7, SAT 9:30-1 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES All Things Android M 10-11:30 Bridge 4 Fun M+W 1-5 Conversaciones en EspaĂąol M 10-12 English/Spanish Conversation SAT 11-12 )LOP$ÂżFLRQDGRV 7+ )LOP$ÂżFLRQDGRV VWUG7+ )LOP$ÂżFLRQDGRV QGWK/DVW7+ Genealogy Forum Last M 2-4 iStuff Discussion Group F 9:30-10:30 Mac OS 1st Mon 12-1 Mac User Group 3rd W 1-2 Needle Pushers T 10-12 Open Gaming (open to the public from 2) M 1-3:45* Pathways to Inner Peace SAT 2-3:30* Scrabble M+F 12-2 Tournament Scrabble T 12-2 Windows Discussion Group F 10:30-11:45 6(59,&( 6833257*52836 Gamblers Anonymous W 11-1 Information Desk M-SAT 10-2 Lakeside AA M +TH 4-6 Open Circle SUN 10-12:30 SMART Recovery W 2:30-4:30 7,&.(76$/(60) The discussion, philosophy, digital camera, and Mah- jongg sessions will be postponed until September.


El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

New for June See the Video Library bulletin board and the binders on the FRXQWHUWRÂżQGÂżOPVRILQWHUHVW Changing Lanes # 6523 The story of what happens one day in New York when a young lawyer and a businessman have a small automobile accident on F.D.R. Drive and their mutual road rage escalates into a feud. %HQ$IĂ&#x20AC;HFN6DPXHO/-DFNVRQ Mandela A Long Walk to Freedom #6516 A chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through his inauguUDWLRQDVWKHÂżUVWGHPRFUDWLFDOO\HOHFWHGSUHVLGHQWRI6RXWK$IULFD,GULV Elba Naomie Harper Mother and Child #6525 A drama centering around three women: A 50-year-old woman, the daughter she gave up for adoption 35 years before, and an African American woman who wants to adopt a child of her own. Naomi Watts Annette Bening Door to Door #6528 A made-for-television movie about Bill Porter a doorWRGRRUVDOHVPDQZLWKFHUHEUDOSDOV\7KHÂżOPZDVSURGXFHGIRUWKH717 cable network and was nominated for twelve Emmy Awards, winning six. Porter had been told for many years that he was not employable, but he threw all of his effort into working as a salesman for Watkins. Despite the pain of his medical condition, he would walk eight to ten miles a day to meet his customers. Based on a true story. William Macy Emma Thompson The Rookie #6527 Jim Morris is a Texas high school chemistry teacher and coach of the school's baseball team. He's always loved the game and as a way of motivating his players, he agrees to go to a professional tryout if they win the championship. Based on a true story. Dennis Quaid J.D. Evermore Four new series: House of Cards #6531; Duchess of Duke Street BBC #6547, The Grand #6542, and Veep #6534 a comedy with Julia LouisDreyfuss The above is a partial list of new additions for June. The complete list and DGHÂżQLWLYHUHYLHZRIHDFKÂżOPFDQEHIRXQGRQWKH/&6ZHESDJHDQGDW the LCS Video Library in the green catalogs. Spoiler alert: We have been informed that the movie Blue is the Warmest Color #6501 (foreign) borders on soft core porn. Ooooops! If you have any VHS tapes that you would like to have transferred to DVD discs, the Video Library can do that for you for 50 pesos a tape â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cheap. To stay current the Video Library is dependent upon the availability of couriers. If you are traveling north and returning in a timely manner or if you have someone coming to visit, we could sure use your help. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy. We order the DVDs, pay for them and have them shipped to the address you designate. They donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take up much room. Please contact Tom at keanhombre@prodigy.net.mx for details. Thank you.

DIF comes to LCS On Tuesday, June 3 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Talking Books Library you LCS members can apply for a DIF discount card for seniors. If you are 60 years old, you can join the Pensionado (senior discount) program which entitles eligible retirees to discounts on many activities and services. To obtain a DIF card you will need the original and two copies of : Â&#x2021;9LVD WHPSRUDU\RUSHUPDQHQW  Â&#x2021;3DVVSRUW SKRWRDQGVLJQDWXUHSDJH  Â&#x2021;3URRIRIDGGUHVV 7(/0(;&)(ELOOQRPRUHWKDQPRQWKVROG  Â&#x2021;,QIDQWLOVL]HSLFWXUHV ZLWKRXWJODVVHVIURQWRQO\  Â&#x2021;%ORRGW\SH QRGRFXPHQWDWLRQQHHGHG  Â&#x2021;1DPHDQGFRQWDFWSKRQHQXPEHULQFDVHRIDFFLGHQW There is both a state and federal DIF card; currently only the state card is available. See the website for additional information on DIF discounts.



Our personalized estate sale services are available to people who are FKDQJLQJKRPHV'RQÂśWZDQWWRWDNHLWZLWK\RX"7RRPDQ\LWHPVWRÂżW after downsizing? Let our team of experts sell your excess household items quickly and make your moving job easier. We also buy selected items for cash. Our experienced team will price your items and showcase them for quick sales. No item is too small or too expensive. Large consignment LWHPV"1RSUREOHP:HFDQUHFRPPHQGDORZFRVWTXDOLÂżHGPRYHU to pick up and deliver consignment items to our store. Contact our manager Jacqueline at 766-1303 or email jacquelinesmith230@gmail.com for further information. :HDUHDQDOOYROXQWHHURUJDQL]DWLRQ3URÂżWVVXSSRUWWKHFKLOGUHQ in our three charities: LCS Community Education Program, School for Children with Special Needs, and Have Hammer...Will Travel. We are the red store with the corner door across from 7-Eleven in Riberas de la Pilar. Our hours are from 10 am to 3 pm Monday through Saturday. Call 376 106-2121 for more information.


Gracias Donors A heartfelt thank you to all of the generous donors who have contributed â&#x20AC;&#x153;stuffâ&#x20AC;? to LCS. The things you donate are used by LCS for operations, the Student Aid program, the Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Program, Needle Pushers, the libraries. Your donations are essential to our continued success. If we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t put it to good use, when appropriate we send it to Casi Nuevo. Some of the books we sell, donate to area schools and libraries or donate to a local village that uses the paper to make the EHORYHGÂżUHZRUNVWKDWNHHS\RXXSDWQLJKW .

%XV7ULSVIRU-XQH June 12 - Galerias Mall $250 pesos. Leaving from the sculpture on the carreterra in La Floresta at 9:30 am. Leaving from Costco to return at 4 pm.

&KLOGUHQÂśV$UW&DUGV$YDLODEOH Our wonderful childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art cards are again available at the CafĂŠ PaWLR WDEOH <RXU WZHQW\ ÂżYH SHVRV ZLOO KHOS VXSSRUW RXU SRSXODU &KLOdrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Saturday Program.

Report Crime!


$OOÂżOPVVKRZQLQWKH6DOD No food No pets 3OHDVHQRWH$OOÂżOPVWKLVPRQWKZLOOEHDWSP 1RÂżOPVLQ-XO\ZLOOUHVXPHLQPLG$XJXVW June 5 2:00 pm Seven Boxes 2012 Paraguay Victor receives an unusual offer - carry seven boxes of unknown content through Market #4 in Asuncion, Paraguay, but things are not as simple as they seem June 10,12 &13 2:00 pm The Best of Youth Italy 2005 7KLVEULOOLDQWHSLFKRXUVORQJÂżOPZLOOEHVKRZQLQWKUHH separate segments in the same week. One of the most FRPSHOOLQJ ÂżOPV HYHU PDGH LW FKURQLFOHV WKH \RXWK HPRtional development and milestone events in the lives of two brothers between 1966 and the early 2000s. June 19 2:00 pm <RX:LOO%H0\6RQ France 2013 An observation of the strained relationship between the owner of a prestigious vineyard in Burgundy and his son. June 26 2:00 pm 7KH%XWWHUĂ&#x20AC;\ÂśV'UHDP Turkey 2014 In a small Turkish town, two young poets with tuberculosis try to survive while publishing their poems. As they both fall in love, their lives will never be the same.

&HOHEUDWLQJ\HDUVDW/&6 For the past 18 years Luz Maria Zepeda Urias, owner of &ODUDYLVLRQLQ*XDGDODMDUDKDVEHHQ/&6ÂśFHUWLÂżHGRSWRPetrist. Claravision has been providing complete optical services to LCS members and the public with excellent service. Since 1996, using the best quality materials and high-tech laboratories, Claravision has offered patients free comprehensive eye examinations, and lenses of any type including FRQWDFW OHQVHV SURJUHVVLYH ELIRFDO DQWLUHĂ&#x20AC;HFWLYH WUDQVLtion, and prescription sunglasses. Luz specializes in difÂżFXOWSUHVFULSWLRQVVXFKDVGRXEOHYLVLRQDQGSULVPVDQG offers a wide selection of frames at affordable prices. These services are available to members and the public by appointment every Thursday from 9 am to 3:30 pm in the LCS eye clinic. Congratulations, Luz for your excellent service from LCS DQG\RXUPDQ\VDWLVÂżHGFOLHQWV


LCS BOARD OF DIRECTORS President - Ben White (2016); Vice-President - Cate Howell (2015); Treasurer - Michael Searles (2015); Secretary - Carole Wolff (2016); Directors: Lois Cugini (2015); Ernest Gabbard (2016); Aurora Michel Galindo (2015); Fred Harland (2015); Ann D. Houck (2016); Keith Martin (2016); Wallace Mills (2015); Pete Soderman (2016);

Executive Director - Terry Vidal The LCS Newsletter is published monthly. Deadline for submissions is the 17th of the month preceding publication. News items may be e-mailed to Reba Mayo rebaelizabethhill@yahoo.com; cc to Terry Vidal tqv56431@yahoo.com Note: The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all submissions according to time, space availability and editorial decision.

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El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

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%((5 /,48256725(6

(/2-2'(//$*2 Tel. 765-3676

$/&2+2/,&6$121<0286 3DJ

$1,0$/&/,1,&63(76+23 - CLINICA VETERINARIA SAN ANTONIO Tel: 766-0808  3DJ '((¶63(7+27(/ Tel: 762-1646  3DJ /$.(6,'()5,(1'62)7+($1,0$/6$& Tel: 765-5544  3DJ 0$6.27$¶6/$.( Tel: 766-0287  3DJ - PET PLACE Cell: 333-1964-150  3DJ - PET FOOD AND GROOMING Tel: 766-3062  3DJ

$57*$//(5,(6+$1'&5$)76 - ART HOUSE Tel: 765-5097  3DJ - DIANE PEARL COLECCIONES Tel: 766-5683 3DJ - FERIA MAESTROS DEL ARTE Tel: 106-1281, Cell: 333-843-5903 3DJ - THE CREATIVE HEART Tel: 766-0496 3DJ - EL PALOMAR Tel: 01 (33) 3635-8089 3DJ


%$1.,19(670(17 3DJ 3DJ

%($87< - GLORIOSA Tel: 766-3372 1(:/22.678',2 Tel: 766-6000 - PANACHE Tel: 766-2228

- HUNTER DOUGLAS Tel: 766-0026  48,&.%/,1'6 Tel: 766-3091



%22.6725(%22.6 - SANDI - Bookstore Tel: 01 (33) 3121-0863 

),1$1&,$/6(59,&(6 3DJ

%287,48( &867206(:,1*




- SUPER SENIOR FITNESS Cell: 045 333 458 1980


'59,&725-<28&+$ Tel: 766-1973 - INTERLAGO CHIROPRACTIC Tel: 766-3000


- BUGS OR US Tel: 762-1516 - FUMI-TECH Tel: 766-1946 - TOTAL MOSQUITO CONTROL Tel: 766-3583

Pag:  3DJ 3DJ








- TEMPUR, MATTRESS AND PILLOWS Tel: (52) 333-629-5919, (52) 33 3611-30493DJ 3DJ


&216,*10(176+23 3DJ





- CABO DO MUNDO- INTERIOR DESIGN Tel: 766-0026  3DJ 48$/,7<:25.0$16+,3 Cell: (045) 33-3459-5533 3DJ - EME ARQUITECTOS Tel: 765-4324  3DJ - GENERAL HOME SERVICES -$PDQFLR5DPRV-U Cell: (045) 331-520-3054 3DJ - INSTALA Tel: 333-359-0219  3DJ - MARBLE & GRANITE Tel: 766-1306  3DJ - ROOFING & WATERPROOFING SPECIALIZED 2I¿FH&HOO3DJ :$5:,&.&216758&7,21 Tel: 765-2224  3DJ

$-,-,&'(17$/ Tel: 766-3682 - BDENTAL Tel: 766-1521 &'0$5Ã&#x2039;$/8,6$/8,69,//$ Tel/Fax: 766-2428 &'6$1'5$$1$<$025$ Tel: 765-3502, Cell: 331-218-6241

El Ojo del Lago / June 2014



- L & R WATER GARDENS Tel: 766-4386 - VIDA VERDE Tel: 106-0884


3DJ 3DJ 3DJ Pag: 11


+($/7+ - AZUL Y VERDE Tel: 3317372701, 3314564175 3DJ /$.(&+$3$/$&(17(5)2563,5,78$/ LIVING Tel: 766-0920 3DJ

+($5,1*$,'6 /$.(6,'(+($5,1*6(59,&(6 Cell. (045) 33-1511-4088


+27(/668,7(6 - ADOBE WALLS INN Tel: 766-1296 - LA NUEVA POSADA Tel: 766-1444, Fax: 766-2049 - PUNTA SERENA Tel: 01-800-713-3020  48,17$'21-26( Tel: 01-800-700-2223  - VILLAS DEL SOL Tel: 766-1152 



,03257(',7(06 - CASA GOURMET Tel: 766-5070


,1685$1&( - BLUE ANGEL Tel: 766-0547 3DJ - EDGAR CEDEÃ&#x2018;O - MEXICO PROTECT Cell: (045) 33-3106-6982 3DJ 0(;,&2(;3$7,1685$1&(&203DJ 3$5.(5,1685$1&(6(59,&(6 Cell: (33) 3809-7116  3DJ - PROTEXPLAN U.S. Toll Free 1-800-608-5743 Mexico Toll Free 01-800-681-6730 3DJ 5$&+(/¶6,1685$1&( Tel/Fax: 765-4316 3DJ - TIOCORP Tel: 766-3978 3DJ - WEST COAST MEXICO INSURANCE Tel: (818) 788-5353 3DJ

/,*+7,1* *5$1,7( 0$5%/( - MARBLE & GRANITE Tel: 766-1306 

48,&.%/,1'6 Tel: 766-3091


*5,//6 - NAPOLEON Tel: 766-6153


- TELARES LOS REYES Tel: 766-5640


/80%(5 - REAL ORTEGA & SONS-+DUGZDUHIRU&DUSHQWHUV Tel: 765-2404, 33-1261-0053 3DJ






%287,48($-,-,& Cell: 331-773-1000 - CUGINIS OPUS BOUTIQUE Tel/Fax: 766-1790 - MI MEXICO Tel: 766-0133 2/*$¶6&XVWRP6HZLQJ Tel: 766-1699

%(' %5($.)$67 - CASA DE LAS FLORES Tel: 766-5493 - CASA DEL SOL Tel: 766-0050 - CASA TRES LEONES Cell: (045) 331-350-6764







- INTERCAM Tel: 766-5978 - MULTIVA Tel: 766-2499

%(72¶6:,1( /,4825 Cell (045) 333-507-3024 - LICORES PAZ

./,1,..(1'(17$/&(17(5 Tel: 108-0799 3DJ - DENTAL EXPRESS Tel: 106-2080 3DJ - DENTAL HEALTH ONE Tel: 1060-826 3DJ - DENTAL PLASTICA LIFT Tel: 108-0595  3DJ '5$/%(572'212/,9(5$ Tels: 765-4838, 765-4805 3DJ '5)5$1&,6&2&2175(5$6 Tel: 765-5757 3DJ - HÃ&#x2030;CTOR HARO DDS Tel: 765-3193  3DJ

(0(5*(1&<+27/,1( $0%8/$1&(&58=52-$ ),5('(3$570(17  POLICE $MLMLF   &KDSDOD   /D)ORUHVWD 

0$//0$5.(7 - CENTRO LAGUNA Tel: (376) 766-5514


+$5':$5(6725(6 - FERRETERIA Y TLAPALERIA GALVEZ Tel: 766-0880, Fax: 766-2440 3DJ


0($7328/75<&+((6( - SONORA´S FINE MEAT Tel: 766-5288 721<¶6 Tel: 766-1614


0(',&$/6(59,&(6 $/7$5(7,1$'U5LJREHUWR5LRV/HyQ Ophthalmic Surgeon Tel: 766-1521 3DJ - CASITA MONTANA MEDICAL SANCTUARY AND BEAUTY SPA Tel: 766-5513 3DJ - CHAPALA MED Tel: 765-7777 3DJ - DERMATOLOGIST Tel: 766-1198, 765-2400 3DJ '(50,.$'HUPDWRORJLF&HQWHU Tel: 766-2500 3DJ - DOCTOR PINTO OPTICAS Tel: 765-7793 3DJ '5$0$57+$5%$//(67(526)5$1&2 Cell: (045) 333-408-0951 3DJ '5-26(+$52)(51$1'(=*HQHUDO 6XUJHU\*DVWURHQWHURORJ\ Tel: 766-5154 3DJ - GO-LAB Lake Chapala Tel: 106-0881 3DJ - HOSPITAL ANGELES DEL CARMEN Tel: (01) 3813-0042 3DJ - ISILAB Tel: 766-1164 3DJ /$.(6,'(0(',&$/*5283 Tel: 766-0395 3DJ - MED INTEGRITY Tel: 766-5154 3DJ - PLASTIC SURGEON-6HUJLR$JXLOD%LPEHOD0' Tel: 108-0595 3DJ 3/$67,&685*(5<'U%HQMDPLQ9LOODUDQ Tel: 766-5513, Cell 044-333-105-0402 3DJ - PLASTIC SURGERY & RECONSTRUCTIVE 'U0DQXHO-LPpQH]GHO7RUR Tel: 765-4805 3DJ 5,&$5'2+(5(',$0' Tel: 765-2233 3DJ - VARICOSE VEINS TREATMENT Tel: 765-4805 3DJ

029(56 /$.(&+$3$/$029,1* Tel: 766-5008 - STROM-WHITE MOVERS Tel: 766-4049


086,&7+($75( '-+2:$5' Tel: 766-3044 3DJ 7+(1$.('67$*(5($'(5¶67+($75( Tel: 765-3262 3DJ

1856(5< - LAS PALMAS Cell: 33-3170-1776/33-1195-7112 3DJ - SAN ANTONIO VIVERO Tel: 766-2191 Pag: 11

2)),&(6833/,(6 - OFFICELAND Tel: 766-2543


3$,17 - PRODUCTOS DE CALIDAD REAL Tel: 765-3404


 3(5621$/$66,67$1&( - NEWCOMERS - ILSE HOFFMANN ilsecarlota40@gmail.com, www.guadalajarachapalatravelguide.com Tel 01(33)3647-3912 Cell 33-3157-2541

3+$50$&,(6 - FARMACIA CRISTINA Tel: 766-1501 - FARMACIA EXPRESS II Tel: 766-0656 )$50$&,$0$6.$5$6 Tel/Fax: 765-5827


5($/(67$7( $-,-,&+20(,163(&7,216 Tel: 766-2836


- ALL IN ONE REAL ESTATE SERVICE Tel: 766-1161 3DJ %(9 -($1&2)(// +RPH2I¿FH 3DJ - CHULA VISTA NORTE Tel: 766-2177 Cell: (045) 33-3841-8867 3DJ - CIELOVISTA Tel: 766-4867 3DJ &2/':(//%$1.(5&+$3$/$5($/7< Tel: 766-1152, 766-3369 Fax: 766-2124, Tels: 765-2877 Fax: 765-3528 3DJ - COLLINS REAL ESTATE Tel: 766-4197 3DJ - CONTINENTAL REALTY Tel: 766-1994 3DJ - CUMBRES Tel: 766-4867 3DJ - FOR SALE BY OWNER Cell: 333-100-3013, 331-833-3095 3DJ - FOR SALE BY OWNER Cell: (045) 33-3149-9415 3DJ - FOR SALE BY OWNER Cell: 333-955-1699 3DJ - GEORGETTE RICHMOND Tel: 766-2077 Pag: 11 /25(1$&%$55$*$1 Cell: (045) 331-014-5683 3DJ - MPR REAL ESTATE Tel: (315) 351-5167 3DJ - NOÉ LOPEZ Cell: 331-047-9607 3DJ 3(7(567-2+1 Tel: 765-3676 3DJ - RAUL GONZALEZ Cell: 33-1437-0925 3DJ - VISTA ALEGRE Tel: 766-4867 3DJ

5(17$/63523(57<0$1$*(0(17 &(1785<$QD0DUtD0DUWLQH]+HUQDQGH] 3DJ Tel: 766-2612 /13 /14 &2/':(//%$1.(5&+$3$/$5($/7< Tel: 766-1152, movile: (045) 33-1175-9632 3DJ - FOR RENT 3DJ Tel: 765-2671 - FOR RENT 3DJ Tel: 3615-9356 -25*(7255(6 Tel: 766-3737 3DJ - MANZANILLO VACATION RENTALS Tel: (314) 100-6773 or (314) 109-06573DJ - RENTAL CENTER Tel: 765-3838 3DJ - RENTAL LOCATERS Tel: 766-5202 3DJ - SANTANA RENTALS Cell: 315-104-3283,  3DJ - VILLAS DEL SOL Tel: 766-1152  3DJ

Tel: 765-5719 - NUMBER FOUR Tel: 766-1360 - PIERROT Tel: 33-1097-9154 - PIZZERIA TOSCANA Tel: 765-6996 7$%$5.$ Tel: 766-1588  7+(3($&2&.*$5'(1 Tel: 766-1381  721<¶6 Tel: 766-1614, 766-4069 - YVES Tel: 766-3565


5(7,5(0(175(671856,1*+20(6 - ALICE NURSING HOME Tel: 766 1194, 766 2999 - EL PARAISO Tel: 766-2365 - LA CASA NOSTRA Tel: 765-3824 - LA PAZ ESTATE Tel: 01 (387) 761-0910 - LA VALENTINA Tel: 766-5179 - THE BLUE HOUSE Tel: 766-1695


63$0$66$*( - MARIALE Tel: 766-4229 - RESPIRO SPA Tel: (045) 33 3157 7790 - TOTAL BODY CARE Tel: 766-3379


 7$;,'5,9(5 *8,'( - ALEX PETERSON - Professional Driver & Guide Cell: 333-577-7765 3DJ




/(6/,('67521*3K',QGLYLGXD0DULWDO  )DPLO\7KHUDSLVW Tel: 766-5374 3DJ - RESPIRO SPA Tel: (045) 33 3157 7790 3DJ




- CHAPALA TREE SERVICE Tel: 762-0602 3DJ /$.(6,'(75((6(59,&(6 /$1'6&$,1* Tel: 766-5360 3DJ




Pag: 11

6&+22/ - INSTITUTO TERRANOVA Tel: 766 2401, 766 3999

- ESUN Tel: 766-2319


6$7(//,7(679 - SHAW SATELLITE SERVICES Tel: 33-1402-4223 $-,-,&(/(&7521,&66$'(&9 Tel/Fax: 766-1117, 766-3371


- TECNO AQUA Tel: 766-3731



6(/)6725$*( - SELF STORAGE-BODEGAS CHAPALA Tel: 766-0661, Tel/Fax: 766-1045 3DJ

62&,$/25*$1,=$7,216 /$.(&+$3$/$62&,(7< Tel: 766-1140 3DJ /261,f26'(&+$3$/$<$-,-,& Tel: 765-7032 3DJ

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The Ojo Crossword

5(67$85$176&$)(6 $-,-,&7$1*2 Tel: 766-2458 3DJ %5812¶6 Tel: 766-1674 3DJ - CASA FUERTE Tels: 3639-6474 / 81  3DJ - GO LE CLUB Cell: (045) 33-3502-6555 3DJ - HACIENDA DE DON PEDRO Tel: 766-4906 3DJ -$60,1(¶6&ODVVLF,QGLD Tel: 766-2636  3DJ -$5',1'(1,1(77( Tel: 766-4905 3DJ - LA CASA DEL WAFFLE Tel: 766-1946 3DJ - LA NUEVA POSADA Tel: 766-1444, 766-2049 3DJ - “ LA TAVERNA”DEI QUATTRO MORI Tel: 766-2848 3DJ - LOS MOLLETES Tel: 766-4296 3DJ - LOS TELARES Tel: 766-0428 3DJ - MANIX Tel: 766-0061  3DJ 0$48,1$  3DJ 0(/¶6 Cell. 331-402-4223 3DJ 020¶6'(/, 5(67$85$17

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CARS FOR SALE:1LVVDQ3DWK¿QGer, SUV, Bronze, low kms. All options, Jalisco plated. Price: $160,000 pesos. Call Jerry 376-766-0397. FOR SALE: 1LVVDQ 3DWK¿QGHU 1998, Excellent car. Brand new tires Michelin (paid 10,000 pesos at Costco). Sun roof. Excellent motor. 15 to 16 l low cost gasoline per 100 km. Normal usage for this type of car (6 cylinder). Mexican plated. Price: $42,000 pesos. Call: 376-766-0149. FOR SALE: 2006 Renault Clio Mex Plates. Very good condition with newer tires, well maintained. Good village car and comfortable on road. See it a t H2Ole in Bugambilias Plaza or call 766-5999. Tio Bob. Price: $52,000 pesos. FOR SALE: Clean mini suv with u.s. plates. This is a very clean four wheel drive, one owner Gran Vitara, same vehicle as a Chevrolet tracker with better trim. Currently has Oregon plates good thru June of 2015. I can assist a U.S. citizen to title in South Dakota and get a Mexican permit in your name with no trip to the border. This car is ready to travel, also has cruise control. Price: $45,000 pesos. WANTED: Cash Paid. Wanted good used car or SUV in good condition. Jalisco plates. Must pass mechanic check. FOR SALE: Voyager 2003. Very good shave, A/A. Price: $60,000 pesos. Call: 331-269-2696. FOR SALE: Voyager 2005, two owners, all the maintenance records at the dealer, all the keys, good tires, DVD player. Price: $65,000 pesos. Price: 331-269-2696. FOR SALE: One owner Malibu 4 cylinder engine, luxury car, new Michelin tires. Price: $165,000 pesos. Call: 331-269-2696. FOR SALE: Smart 2011. It´s a one Owner car, all the maintenance records at the dealer, new tires, 3 Cylinder cheap on gas, Price: $ 143,000 pesos. Call: 331-269-2696. FOR SALE: New Mazda3 Touring 2011. Excellent One owner car, 4 cylinder engine, automatic, very low milles. Price: $190,000 pesos. Call: 331-2692696. FOR SALE: Jeep Cherokee 1996. Mexican plated; removable SONY stereo takes iPod input; minor dents, few scratches, oxidized top coat; 50% + left on brakes; 90% on Michelin tires; nearly new shocks. Price: $44,500 MXN. FOR SALE:1LVVDQ3DWK¿QGer, SUV, Bronze, low kms. all options, Jalisco plated. Price: $160,000 pesos. Call Jerry 376-766-0397. FOR SALE: ford load newly painted, runs good, just painted, US plated. Price: $31,000 pesos. Call 765-3239 FOR SALE: Fast reliable Grand Am Great and reliable car, fully loaded,


Jalisco plates all paperwork up to date. Price: $55,000 pesos OBO. FOR SALE: Wildwood Travel Trailer. 1 Bedroom, Laundry room, 1 bathroom, wood kitchen, fridge, stove, microwave, sound system. Price: $11,000 USD. FOR SALE: Motorhome. 1989 Sprint Class B+ 19 RvBy Mallard Clean in and out, hardly ever used No one ever lived in it, no pets no smokers 5.7 EFI Fuel injection,56k miles Fully self-contained 2 burner stove, threeway refrigerator, air awning, Tires are in great Condition, Shower bathroom Cold A/C Sleeps 4 Dining room TV, South Dakota Plates. Price: $5,500 USD. FOR SALE: I am heading back NOB and will have available to sell my Jalisco plated CRV, It is in excellent condition and it has just been serviced at Honda in Guadalajara and the maintenance is up to date. Price: $200,000 p.

COMPUTERS FOR SALE: Printer HP LaserJet P1006. Upgraded my computers to Windows 8 and cannot use this printer anymore. My ad is for Windows 7 or less users. Perfect laser printer, with brand new cartridge (paid more for the cartridge then I am asking now). My phone 376-766-0149. Cell: 331-1432361 Roland. Price: $1,000 pesos. FOR SALE: Printer cartridges. 122 HP tricolor printer cartridge, have 2 of these $200 pesos each. Hp 57 Tricolor cartridge $200 pesos. HP 75 XL Tricolor $200 pesos. WANTED: Used computer. Local needy student needs computer for school. Do you have one in working order (lap top or deck top) that you could donate? Call: 765-4951. FOR SALE: Monochrome Laser Printer-Copier. Multifunction printer=More speed. More expandability. Print and copy up to 27ppm. Builtin Ethernet network interface allows for sharing with multiple users on your network or connect locally to a single computer via its USB interface. Automatic duplex for producing two-sided output. Stand-alone copying - No PC required. 35-page capacity auto document feeder. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Scan Toâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Feature: Email, Image, OCR, File. Price: $125.00 U.S. Call: 333-398-8008 (9-5pm). FOR SALE: I have many accessories available for sale like Bluetooth keyboard, cables, camera connector, cases etc. Send a PM with questions and what you need. FOR SALE: 8VHG+32IÂżFHMHW$OO in-One printer J3600 with new color ink cartridge. Price: $70 USD. FOR SALE: Backup Battery. Used APC UPS 350 Computer backup & surge protector, 350VA, 120V. Price: $20 USD. Call: 376-766-2225.

El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

FOR SALE: SLR camera, Includes camera, memory card, battery charger, 18-55mm lens, 55-200mm lens, carryLQJ FDVH XY ÂżOWHUV VPDOOHU QHRSUHQH cover....plus book Nikon D3100 for dummies. All like new condition. Price: $600 USD. Call: 376-765-3147. FOR SALE: HP 7115A Printer Cartridge. Ordered by mistake in TX - AT COST Compatible HP 7115A / 2613A / 15A / 13A Black Laser Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet 1000/1005/1200/1200N/12 00SE/1220/1220SE/3300MFP/3320n MFP/3320MFP/3330. MFP HP LaserJet 1300/1300N/1300XI Canon LBP 1210 Printers. $350.00. Call: 376-7664217. FOR SALE: Acer Aspire V5. Has Windows 8, the newest system by Microsoft. 12 inch screen. Platinum color. 9 months old. Excellent for travel computer. Price reduced. Price: $250 OBO. FOR SALE: USB Memory Stick Flash Drives: 1GB(100 Pesos); 4GB(150 Pesos); 32GB (320 Pesos). Contact me at ernst_graf@yahoo.com or call me at 766-3210.

PETS & SUPPLIES FOR SALE: Puppies. AKc black male and black & white parti puppies ready about July 4th. Smart, loyal, handsome, non-shedding. Accepting deposits. 376 106 2022 Sue Schools. Price: $6,000 - $9000. WANTED: We just lost our 14 year old pit bull and are looking for a young male, Does not have to be pure bred, but are looking for a smaller variety, such as Staffordshire bull terrier. Must have a friendly disposition and get along with our other dogs. BEST OFFER FOR: Large Bird Cage. White, 4 1/2 ft. by 2 feet square, dome top. Excellent condition for cockatiels or budgies. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m hoping to give the cage to someone with birds that need more space. Not for resale. Call for info or appt. to see cage. FOR SALE: Wintec Western Saddle, Black, Synthetic, 16 inch. Very comfortable saddle, easy care, as you only have to wipe down with a damp cloth. Price: $3,500 pesos. Call: 331751-7520. FOR SALE: 0DJQLÂżFHQW  \HDU old Quarter Horse, locally bred and schooled to a very high riding standard. Perfect on mountain trails as well as quiet to ride and reliable in town trafÂżF$OO VKRWV DQG ZRUPLQJ XS WR GDWH completely sound and free from any vice. Open to any veterinary inspection pre-purchase. Can be seen in Ajijic, by appointment. More photos available by email. Price: 40,000 pesos. Tel: 331-751-7520.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Homericâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Para spa, Personal Salon Treatment for Healthier

looking skin With Adjustable Temperature Control Included 6lbs of Pure ParDIÂżQZD[+\SRDOOHUJHQLF1RVFHQWRU dyes. Price: $400p. Call: 765-4590 FOR SALE: Panini Maker or use to grill meats or anything. $1000p barely used. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: TomTom XXL 550T GPS. Price: $800p, includes carrying case and charger. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE:7UXH+(3$$LU3XULÂżHU 50255-HD. $600p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: RYOBI AIRgrip Laser Level. Complete with instructions, new batteries and lens cap in zippered case. Model ELL0001. Price: $250MXN. Call: 376-766-1213. WANTED: Room Divider. 6 ft. tall6 to 8 ft. wide may be any style and any material such as wood, metal, rattan etc. prefer used, but may consider new! Call 376-766-2902. FOR SALE: Nutri Bullet with all of the attachments. I paid over $100 us for it, would like $1,000 pesos(thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a 30%discount) or best offer. Please call me 331-466-4553 or email me artelauri@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: Vitamix in excellent condition, stainless steel, with vitamix book and stomper. Price: $1000. Please contact me at 331-466-4553. FOR SALE: Pretty glass punch bowl - complete service for 18 people. Price: $530MXN. Call: 376- 766-1213. FOR SALE: Super cooling; 7,500 BTUs; Economical to use. Power Supply: 115V, 60HZ. Outlet: 3 prong grounding 125V, 15 Amp. With Instructions and Remote Control. Price: $1,850 MXN. Call: 376-766-1213. FOR SALE: Great rug/carpet cleaner with tools and instructions. Economical to use and used 6 times only. Regular 120 circuit and has grounding plug. Price: $650 MXN. Call: 376-766-1213. FOR SALE: 8 year old 26 cu. ft. Samsung side by side refrigerator with water and ice dispenser. The freezer side is cold but doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t freeze. The fridge side works properly. Price: $2,500 obo. FOR SALE: wood dining table that was purchased from Mexico Rustico two years ago. It is 46 inches in diameter, and 31 inches high. We have had six people dine around this table. I had the glass top made the day we brought the table home. We may be able to help with delivery within about a 15 minute drive of our home in FOR SALE: Beautiful 3d metal Ă&#x20AC;RZHU DUW LQ DSSUR[ IW ; IW IUDPH Price: $3,000 pesos. FOR SALE: Beautiful metal art to decorate your home or exterior. $500 pesos each All 3 for $1,200. WANTED: 2IÂżFH FKDLU ZLWK JRRG lumbar support at reasonable price. FOR SALE: Iron hammock frame in 2 pieces, custom-made locally. Needs

paint touch-up. Price: $750. FOR SALE: BBQ Portable. Grill mate Model 026044 10K BTU Stainless Steel Finish, New 67 to 75 dollars and on sale for 55 without the small propane tanks. English Ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Manual included. Price: $250 pesos. FOR SALE: DVD VCR Combo SOD\HU ZRUNV JUHDW DQG KDUG WR ÂżQG Price: $500p. Call: 045-331-382-4771. FOR SALE: Portable Room Air Conditioner. Price: US $100 FOR SALE: E-Ciggarettes. I have about $500 worth but will sell for US $100 - all perfect condition. FOR SALE: Diamondback Bicycle/ bicicleta. I bought it in Los Angeles, CA from Dickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sporting Goods back in August 2013 and brought it to Mexico in September 2013. So it is less than a year old. I paid $375.00 US dollars brand new. It is a unisex bike, 21-speed, medium frame (17â&#x20AC;?), 26â&#x20AC;? tires, Shimano brakes Normal wear and tear. I will include the bottle holder, pump, and locks. Price: $3,500 pesos. FOR SALE: Cuisinart Coffee/ Spice Grinder, almost new used 2-3 times. Perfect condition. Price: $100 pesos. FOR SALE: Like new, used one dry season, York, roll around room air conditioner. 12,680 BTU. Price: $2,500 mnp. FOR SALE: Recliner rocker in very good condition. Blue fabric. Made by Paliser. If interested, I can email a picture. Price: $3,500. FOR SALE: Equipales set, with round dining table and two chairs, plus one additional larger rustico side chair. All for $1,200 pesos. Call: 376-7663681. WANTED: Looking for paper shredder for home use. Good condition at reasonable price. Call: 333 488-2773 or 765-7629. WANTED: Looking for the pasta roller cutter set attachment for my Kitchen Aid machine Maybe you have one youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t using? FOR SALE: Beautiful Shaker Bedroom Set. All 100% maple furniture, queen bed, mattress and box spring. Two dressers and two bedside tables. FOR SALE: Scarfs of all different colors and sizes 60+ These were donated to Needle Pushers to raise money for yarn and fabric. $30 - $50p each. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Moving sale-furniture. Modern Wooden Dining Table with 6 chairs in excellent condition $3,500 pesos. Sofa seats 4, cream colored in excellent condition $3,000 pesos. 2 Bedside tables rustic, with red detail. Can be sold together or separately $300 pesos each. You can call to see it at 33 36268541 or contact us via e-mail. FOR SALE: HDMI Cable Steren 12 ft. male to male Elite cable. Compatible with 3D. $80p. Call: 765-4590. WANTED: Rubber Hex Dumbbells. Used Fitness Equipment wanted Free weights and benches only. No cardio junk. Need rubber hex dbs. 12, 20 & 25. FOR SALE: 16 ft Prindle catamaran sailboat w trailer. Overall in great shape. Hulls and rudders are clean. New stays and almost new sails and trampoline. Price: $16,000 pesos. Phil 01-387-761-0125. WANTED: need microwave and a steamer. Call: 765-3239. FOR SALE: Moving household

items. Moving-downsizing sale many ÂżQHLWHPV%URQ]HEUDVVEXGGKDIXUQLture, decorations and plants etc. Notify me for private showing in Villa Nova by email catchcan_ph@outlook.com. FOR SALE: King size Mexican pillow top mattress, two years old. Two Sealy single frames bought at Dormimundo. Price: $4,000.00 pesos for all three. FOR SALE: Ping Zing 2 Iron Set. Real good condition set of clubs. 3 through PW. Excellent grips, Regular shafts, Black Dot. Bought new have various other items for golf. Price: $200 USD or equiv. Pesos. Call: 333721-5715. FOR SALE: Antique wood furniture, 90 years old, dark brown, good condition. Not big, easy to put anywhere, a beauty. FOR SALE: 2 living room tables, black middle part white, modern design. Can be sale separately. Price: $800 Pesos each. FOR SALE: Standing modern lamp, marble base black, with intensity switch. Price: $1,000 pesos. FOR SALE: 2 table lamps modern style, different model, could be used in bedroom or living room. Price: $800 Pesos. FOR SALE: Microwave Sharp Carousel 1,200 Watts, white. Price: $1,200 peso. Call: 766-2811. FOR SALE: Scuba Diving Gear. Beuchat BC vest with Tusa Console, Two tropical wet suits and bag of spares and accessories. Not used for last 15 years. US$200 the lot. FOR SALE: Used Kenlock 3000GLB Tripod, US$30 and PanTilt/ Head handle assembly. US$10. FOR SALE: Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator with daily and weekly points plus tracker. Works and has a battery in it. Price: $100p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Rosetta Stone Language Learning Success Spanish Level 1 & 2. Price: $400p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Motorola Talk about model fr60. Set of two in excellent condition in original box with instruction manual. Range of 2 miles. Comes w/ belt clip. Requires 3 AA batteries. Price: $599 Pesos. FOR SALE: Beautiful Walnut Dining Table. 40 inches by 60 inches, plus two leaves of 12 inches each. Opens to 7 feet. Table has Felt pads to protect the top. Top is like a mirror. Price: $3,000.00 pesos. Call Adilia at 387 763-0907 Located in Las Fuentes in Jocotepec. FOR SALE: Large organic container garden. More than 16 CF of rich, organic garden soil, tested in correct range for PH/N/Phos/Pot. Solarized & no weed seeds or insects. Price: $4,000mx Call: 766-5431 Jeannie. FOR SALE: %RZĂ&#x20AC;H[ 5HYROXWLRQ Brought from the US. Paid $3,500.00 US dollars. With all the attachments. Selling for $20,000.00 pesos. Call Adilia: 387-763-0907. Avenida Las Fuentes 8, Las Fuentes, Jocotepec. FOR SALE: Circular and straight Knitting needles, many lengths and sizes. $10p each set. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Nice, very sturdy, upholstered bamboo patio furniture: 3 cushion sofa, 2 cushion love seat, with throw pillows, and glass-top coffee table. Price: $6,500 pesos obo.

WANTED: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m in search of inexpensive glass plates, bowls, cups, platters, etc. Donations would also be welcomed. I hand-paint these glass items for sale and a portion will go to various local animal charities. FOR SALE: Restaurant furniture and equipment for sale. Equipale table and chair, wood high chairs, Very Large Wood Bar used in a bar, bar stools, coolers, very large stainless steel sink, gas grill and fry stand. Negotiable. Call: 333-185-8026. FOR SALE: Bicimoto/Scooter. Have used this bicimoto 10 times since I bought it 2 months ago. It works great and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really easy and fun to ride. Price: $4,300. FOR SALE: Wrought iron glass top

table 32X18 very good condition. Price: $950 pesos. Call: 01-387-763-0908. FOR SALE: Blue area rug approx 8 by 5. Price: $1,800 pesos obo. FOR SALE: Golf Cart Electric Walk-Behind. Very Good condition Just reduced from $300 must sell, leaving Mexico. This is a used cart. Similar used ones on eBay sell for $600 USD plus shipping. This does not have remote control so you simply walk behind it with a hand speed control. Price: $150 US. Call: 763-5086. WANTED: Looking for someone to share a mailbox at the new ishopmail located in the Laguna shopping center. Price: $200 pesos per month. Call: 766-5896.

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El Ojo del Lago / June 2014

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El Ojo del Lago - June2014  

Ajijic and Chapala newspaper devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.

El Ojo del Lago - June2014  

Ajijic and Chapala newspaper devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.