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El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

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Maggie Van Ostrand remembers an actual situation that many at Lakeside can relate to: the death of a beloved dog and its sorrowful aftermath. However, Maggie being Maggie, there are some unusual twists in the story.


10 FICTION Antonio Rambles’ story about what should have been a normal trip from Lakeside to San Miguel de Allende. But the tale takes on an eerie dimension when a motorist encounters a young beggar sitting in a battered wheelchair astride the highway’s center stripe.



6 Editor’s Page 9 Dear Portia

Sandy Olson has a word or two (all humorous) to say about one of Lakeside’s residents most distinctive peculiarities: the “promotions” that so many of them grant themselves immediately upon crossing the border into Mexico.

14 Hearts at Work


20 Anyone CanTrain Dog

An opossum (in collaboration with Carol Bowman) writes about feeling so desperate that the unthinkable became its only alternative.

18 MEXICAN CUSTOMS Ilse Hoffmann worked for many years as a social worker here in Mexico, and relates how she learned to respect the beliefs of poor people, even when many RIWKHLULGHDVÀHZLQWKHIDFHRIUHDOLW\

22 LITERARY ODDITIES Addison De Witt has fun with a rather common species here at Lakeside: the “great novelist” types, who though they stand in judgment of budding novelists who are trying their best, have never completed a single novel, much less attained the slightest literary success.

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El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

15 Uncommon Sense

26 Profiling Tepehua 32 Lakeside Living




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EDGAR CAYCE—America’s Sleeping Prophet


n 1910, the New York Times called Edgar Cayce “America’s Most Mysterious Man”; after his death in 1945, JAMA, the highlyesteemed Journal of the American Medical Association, called Cayce “the father of holistic medicine.” What happened in between those years is one of the most fascinating stories of the 20th century. Edgar Cayce was born in a small town in Kentucky in 1877 to a poor though devoutly Christian family. As a quiet but highly inquisitive child, he could memorize pages out of a book merely by sleeping with it under his pillow. Later, he would further astound his family by being able to imagine events that had taken place months before and many miles away. He could also proscribe home-spun (and usually successful) cures for neighbors whose ailments had befuddled the local doctors. As he grew into his teens, his reputation for effecting “miracle cures” likewise developed, eventually spreading to towns throughout Kentucky and beyond. His method was always the same: under the loving eye of his grandmother, who would quietly take notes, young Cayce would enter a sleep-like state, say the subject’s name, and then slowly begin to “see” the actual cause and hence the best cure for the ailment. In doing this, his mind would go back in time, trying to find the root cause of the ailment. Coming out of his trance, he would remember very little of what he had said, but his grandmother had transcribed it all. Without exception, these “readings” were of benefit to his “subjects.” A few years later, however, a reading would take Cayce into a new dimension. The subject was a renowned urologist from New Orleans who, along with his wife, was visiting relatives in Kentucky. Considering his medical specialty, the man had an ironic ailment: at age forty, he could not control his bladder, and often awoke in a very wet bed. Distraught, the doctor had sought treatment


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

with specialists all over Europe; none had found a physical cause for the problem. Encouraged by his wife, who had heard stories about the remarkable cures the teen-aged Cayce had brought about, the doctor grudgingly agreed to see the boy. What transpired would be a life-changing moment for the doctor, but especially for Cayce himself. With the doctor and his wife in a darkened room inside the Cayce’s humble home, Edgar went into his sleep-like state, and as was his habit, began to go back in time, searching for trauma in the doctor’s past that might suggest the cause of the current problem. Tracking back a decade at a time, the reading finally ended at infancy; then, as Cayce later related, with a flash of light, the past went into a previous lifetime—and then even further back. The year was 1692, the place Salem, Massachusetts, during one of the most hideous moments in American history: the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Many were burned at the stake for being “witches,” but for lesser alleged crimes, some were repeatedly dunked in large vats of vinegar, which always made the “miscreants” violently ill. Now . . . imagine that the good doctor from New Orleans, in a previous lifetime, had been one those doing the dunking—and that for years afterward he had been psychologically crippled by guilt. Now presume this guilt was manifesting itself in one of his far more recent incarnations, and that the remorse was manifesting itself by causing his present humiliating condition. Then, believe that when Cayce came out of his trance, and his grandmoth-

er read out her notes to the doctor and his wife, the man, in tears and stunned to his core, quietly asked if there was anything he could do to atone for that ancient sin. Smiling, young Edgar said that a way would be shown to the doctor. Returning to New Orleans, the doctor decided to set aside a full day for the free treatment of people who ordinarily could never have afforded his professional services. The experience exhilarated him, and within a short time, the bed-wetting ceased, never to occur again. Of course, those knowledgeable about psychiatric techniques know that what Cayce was doing resembled what Sigmund Freud would introduce to the world during the latter part of the 19th century. But where Freud made deductions based primarily on what his patients told him, Cayce needed no such assistance; further, Freud could venture no further than one lifetime, whereas Cayce’s “passport” allowed him to travel much farther back in time. Moreover, while neither Freud nor any of his disciples could foresee the future, Cayce repeatedly did so—with amazing accuracy. Now, all this sounds rather preposterous, right—and probably just

a coincidence. But before Cayce’s life ended at age 68, he had conducted some 17,000 readings, about 14,000 of which are on record at the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Today, the A.R.E. draws millions of visitors from all over the world to its beautiful facility. The organization also has a huge presence on the web. Edgar Cayce is one of the most “documented” psychics in all of recorded history, having inspired several documentary films and dozens of books, the most famous, There is a River by Thomas Sugrue. Cayce’s readings covered thousands of topics, and he himself wrote many books, one of the most popular his book about Jesus Christ, as well as a book called Beyond Death: Visions of the Other Side. For those who are still skeptical, they should reflect on a few words by the greatest writer who ever lived: “What’s past is prologue.” (The Tempest) and “There are some things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, that are not dreamt of in your philosophy.” (Hamlet) Alejandro Grattan

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+$9($ $6+(6: :,//7 75$9(/ By Maggie Van Ostrand


recent flurry of interest in obituaries for pets has been appearing in newspapers from Philadelphia PA to Bremerton WA, according to the Associated Press. I didn’t put an obituary in the paper when I lost my beloved dog Markus; I was too grief stricken to think of it. We had been together for over 14 adventurous years. In fact, I was so busy suffering that I wouldn’t answer the phone or the doorbell to allow kind friends to comfort me. I wanted no consolation for none could dissipate the knot in my chest, nor fill the place in my heart where Markus once lived. It was far worse than my divorce. About a week into my period of self-imposed isolation, someone shoved a newspaper clipping under the front door. It was from the Los Angeles Times. It said grief counseling for pet loss was to take place at 7:00 p.m. that very evening at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center, about 40 minutes drive from my house. “Maybe I’ll go,� I muttered, “I really must do something. I can’t go on like this. It’s time to get a grip,� and I weaved through the freeway traffic to Glendale. Perhaps professional help would ease the pain and enable me to function. At the Information Desk in the Medical Center, I showed the man in charge the newspaper article and confirmed that grief counseling for pet loss was to be held in the Chaplain’s office in half an hour. The man clucked sympathetically, pointed me toward the appropriate door, and pushed a pamphlet across the desk claiming that reading it would help me accept and ultimately overcome my pain. Waiting in the hallway for the chaplain to arrive and unlock his office was a sad-looking woman dressed in black. She was shifting from one foot to the other, her hands twisting a damp-looking handkerchief with which she occasionally daubed at her eyes. Perhaps, I thought, if I can get her to talk about her pet, it will distract me


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

from my own loss. Isn’t that what life is all about? People helping people? Finding a connection? She looked at me and I don’t think I ever before saw so much sadness in a pair of eyes. She looked as I felt. A kindred soul. After introducing herself as Catherine Cooney, she asked compassionately, “When did you suffer your loss?� “I lost my Markus a week ago,� I sniffled, feeling my chin begin to tremble and my eyes to well up.  “It’s been nearly a year since I lost my Irving and I’m not over it yet,� she said slowly, gazing into the distance at an invisible horizon.  We talked about how difficult it was to be with someone for years and years only to have them suddenly go. Just like that. Snatched away when you weren’t expecting it. We talked about how, even if we had expected it, there’s really no preparation for the devastating feelings rampant in the survivor. She had opted for Irving’s cremation, as I had with Markus, and both of us had decided not to scatter the ashes but to keep them with us.  “My ashes,� I told the woman, “are in my car in the parking garage downstairs. I couldn’t bear going anywhere without Markus.� “Mine are in the bedroom we shared for so long. It’s comforting to know that part of my Irving is still with me.�  I confided that when I wasn’t driving around with his ashes, Markus also was kept in my bedroom where he had always slept. “Twin beds?� Catherine inquired, continuing, “That’s what we had after my Irving got so sick.� “No, we slept in the same bed. Markus never got sick. He just died.� “Oh you poor thing,� she said, putting her arms around me. What people say about sharing feelings and the magic of a hug is true. A bit of the sadness lifted from my mind and I began to hope that it wouldn’t be too long before I could return to work.

It was right about then that she said, “It’s worse at this time of year. My Irving was going to get an RV and drive us to Phoenix.” “What?” “Irving was going to rent an RV and we were going to drive to Phoenix. Say, what’s the matter. You’ve gone all white. You look just awful.” The woman was talking about her husband, not her dog. I had been directed to the wrong grief center. “Uh, I don’t feel well,” I said, swiping at my forehead with a Kleenex. “I understand, dear,” she said patting my arm, “It’s just too soon for you

to be out in public.” I literally ran out of the medical center and into the parking garage. On the freeway, I realized that life can have its up moments whether you want them or not. My message to surviving pet owners is to put your pet’s obituary in the newspaper, then call Catherine Cooney. It’ll help even more if you get an RV and drive with her to Maggie Van Phoenix. Ostrand


—Advice to the Lovelorn, the Overfed and The Deeply Disgruntled

Dear Portia: After years of widowhood, I have finally found a nice man here at Lakeside who has asked me to marry him. Like me, he has been living alone, and wants a sympathetic companion for whatever time is left to him. I am tempted to accept his proposal, though he is not nearly the man my late husband was. This gentleman here at Lakeside drinks too much, and has few interests other than hoisting beer with his loud-mouthed buddies and complaining about the political scene up in the States. Worst of all, however, he wants me to give up the little boutique I own in Chapala, claiming it diverts my attention and has yet to become a moneymaking enterprise. He’s right on both counts. Yet I love that small shop, which is about the only creative thing I have ever done in my entire life. Still I hate to walk away from a potential marriage that will probably prove no worse than most of the ones I see down here. Any advice? Confused in Chapala

Frankly, though I have what I hope is a happy marriage, I think the institution is vastly over-rated. In your case, I suspect it might prove downright discouraging. You list several items on the debit side, counter-balanced by only your notion of security. But if that security comes at the cost of your selfesteem and peace of mind, what have you really gained? I suggest you and Mr. Would-Be Wonderful move in together for the next few months, and if at the end of that period, he is drinking and complaining less, you might move on to stage two. But do not sell off your shop. Locating another mate will be far easier than finding something else you love to do.

Dear Confused: Your touching dilemma brings to mind a little poem I once heard. Most women get married, ‘tis true. They think it’s the best they can do. But why spend your life Being somebody’s wife When you might spend it just being you?

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raffic was creeping along the divided highway into Guadalajara when Richard turned off toward Ocotlan, and his traffic jam tension evaporated as he was at last able to press the accelerator to the floor. From time to time a heavily loaded truck slowed his pace, but he held out hope of reaching San Miguel de Allende well before nightfall. He’d jumped at the invitation to give a series of lectures on Spanish colonial architecture to an expat art group in San Miguel. He’d taught it as a college course in college back in the States, and three years into retirement he sorely missed the teaching experience. It didn’t hurt that the lectures would also carry him to cooler altitudes just as dust and heat


peaked along the lake ahead of the rainy season. The route was marked by few traffic signals or policia, but there were plenty of Mexico’s legendary speed bumps. The topes inflicted untold damage to the cars of inattentive motorists, and Richard kept an eye peeled for them. Long before he saw the tope ahead of the crossroads he saw a lone figure that grew into a man seated in a wheelchair astride the center stripe, a beggar’s cup in his hand. Slowing to a crawl as he approached the intersection, Richard rolled down his window and dropped a few coins into the outstretched cup. The young cripple’s face was expressionless and his dark eyes unreadable. The young beggar spoke not a word. As the road unwound ahead, Rich-

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

ard wondered if the young beggar had been born crippled or injured. Has he no one to care for him? he wondered. When Richard passed through on his return, the young man was again there and Richard again dropped coins into his cup. If the wheelchair-bound figure remembered him, there was no sign of recognition. Richard got a late start on the drive to his second lecture and daylight was fast fading as he approached the crossroad. He dropped coins automatically into the cup, glancing into his rearview mirror as he pulled away. His mouth dropped open in surprise as he watched the young man ably stand and wheel the chair off the road. “Sonofabitch,” he thought to himself, turned instantly from Good Samaritan to unwitting dupe. There was plenty of daylight left when he returned, but the intersection was empty. Richard crept over the tope, his eyes searching the hamlet for the wheelchair sitter. A reflected glint of sunlight tugged at the corner of his eye and he turned to see the wheelchair’s frame half-hidden in the roadside ditch. By the time Richard’s final lecture rolled around, the novelty of the drive had given way to road fatigue. Nearing the crossroad for the last time, he saw a figure standing astride the highway center line, a crutch tucked under one arm and a leg missing from above the

knee. As he slowed ahead of the tope he recognized the young man’s face, now sadly drawn and suddenly aged. When he peered into Richard’s open window, the pain in his dark eyes was broken by a flash of recognition, and he averted his gaze. Richard hesitated before spilling the contents of his pocket onto the front seat. Passing over the loose change he picked out a fifty peso note and stuffed it into the cup. “Muchas gracias, Senor,” spoke the young man for the first time, crossing himself as if in reminder of the God who had exacted such an ironic penance for charity so brazenly abused.



he’s driving home. Her small son sleeps next to her, strapped in his child’s chair. It’s nighttime. Cars are flowing in both directions in strings of weeping lights. A car overtakes from the right, fishtails across her path, jumps across the median and plows into an oncoming car. She pulls over. Horrible sound of metal tearing metal. Glass breaking. The driver’s side window caves in. The other car is still sliding forward into it. Blood. Night rain everywhere. Empty vastness of fields all around. Sea of lights on the road. Remnants of melting snow. Sirens. A row of sirens merge into one long wail. Ambulances, police cars, tow trucks. The man sits in his car, weeping. “Sir, breathe into this, please.” No alcohol. A bunch of red roses on the seat next to him. “My wife’s birthday… going to a concert… didn’t want to be late… God… God…” The woman sits in her car. Her small son wakes. “Mommy?” she strokes his cheek. “I’m right here, little sparrow.” A knock on the window. Policeman. “Can you tell me what happened, ma’am?” “I was driving slow because of the rain. My little boy had just fallen asleep. The other car overtook me on the inside. I don’t know

what happened. Suddenly he lost control, cut across me and drove into the oncoming traffic and hit that car.” The policeman looks at her little boy and smiles. “How ya doin, big fella?” The little boy hides his face in his own shoulder. “I have one about the same age at home.” Her phone. “Where are you? I was expecting you at home some time ago.”“I’m on the highway. There’s been an accident.” “You and Zach okay?” “Yes. We should be home in an hour.” The traffic flows again, slowly. She and her son are on their way. Then she sees her. She’s kneeling on the back seat behind her motionless mother. Behind the curtain of raindrops running down the car window. The little girl’s face, pressed to the glass, wideopen eyes, vacant, looking out. The noise of the metal cutting machine stops. The ambulance men carefully pull the body out. Home. Bedtime. He is on top of her, kissing her mouth. “Mommy, mommy.” “I’ll be right back,” he says. A naked man’s body walking away. Murmur of voices. That small face in the window. Not even saying ‘Mommy’. Staring out. The beauty of the man coming back. “I can’t.” “It’s okay. I’ll just hold you.” He holds her. =RÀD%DULVDV

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hen I moved to Lakeside, I heard for the first time the phrase “border promotion.” Generally, the “border promotion” is harmless, but foolish statements can lead to embarrassment for everyone. Therefore, I want to offer some suggestions on how to pull it off. I’m not here to discuss the morality of lying to your new friends. Remember, though, that it isn’t nice to use your border promotion to borrow money or get married. This brings me to my first important piece of advice. Google is Not Your Friend—It used to be easy to make an undisputed claim. Irving tells us he was on the editorial staff of Rolling Stone magazine, and hints at his affair with a famous singer with an affinity for Southern Comfort whiskey. He was interesting enough for me to do a Google search. Sadly, Irving’s story doesn’t stand up to scrutiny in the Rolling Stone archives or anywhere else. It’s very important to be vague. Specifics such as last names, dates, business ownership, or places of employment are risky. You don’t want to make fact checking too easy. Remember the Story —It’s critical to remember what you said, and to whom. Understand that Lakeside is a small area and people talk about each other. Tell the same story to everyone. There’s the Canadian who was variously an operatic tenor, editor at the Tattler in London, yoga instructor, and airline pilot, depending on his listener. Appearance—Don’t claim to be a professional person—lawyer, doctor, CPA—if you have a lot of missing teeth. People do judge by appearance. Get your teeth fixed and learn how to play golf or tennis. Buy a home in a gated community. If you want to have been a serious athlete, visible missing teeth— incisors only-- are not a problem, especially if you want to have been a Canadian hockey player. Writers and Artists—If you are not a real artist or writer you shouldn’t pose as one, since people will eventually want to see your work. Besides, we already have enough bad artists and writers at Lakeside. Prison Sentences—Claiming jail


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

time can be interesting. A little stretch here and there, especially in a foreign country, is a bonus. My friend Ken says he was in a Spanish prison and escaped the day he was cutting logs in the forest while under guard. He hung his red prison beret on a tree and therefore fooled the head counter and ran off. He says Interpol is still after him but we don’t know how to check this. Healing Arts—Some people say they’re masters of the healing arts, but it’s important to be judicious with hands-on treatments. Walter gives unsolicited neck rubs that go on for way too long. “Can you feel the energy?” he’ll say, mostly to women. The “healer” needs to know the difference between energy work and common groping. Religious Credentials—Go ahead and perform weddings down here even if you aren’t really a minister/ priest/rabbi/Buddhist nun. These services aren’t legal in Mexico, anyway. There are so many denominations and sects that these good folks confuse themselves and can’t check up on you. Also, you can pick up some spare change. Military Service—Be extra careful with references to military service. Look stressed and mumble something about your PTSD. Stay away from the American Legion in Chapala. A retired US Army colonel let selected people into his home to admire his portrait: full regalia, medals, ribbons and all. He enjoyed being addressed as “Colonel.” One day he had a serious accident and his friends loaded his body into an SUV and rushed him across the border to the VA Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. They found that he never served in the military. In summary, these tips should be enough to prop up any newcomer’s border promotion. Any further tips from readers will be credited anonymously. When I have more time I’ll tell you about how I won the Women’s Division of the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. I can’t quite remember the year— my short-term memory issues--and it might have been under my former married name, too, I forget which one. Some other time, maybe.

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Hearts at Work $&ROXPQE\-DPHV7LSWRQ “Count Your Blessings”


n the early 50’s, when our family finally succumbed to television, each Saturday night we watched together the very popular show, Your Hit Parade. Even as a young boy I was fascinated by female beauty and so I fell in love with the lovely and innocent-looking Gisele MacKenzie singing Count Your Blessings, which she sang for several Saturdays in a row. The lines that stuck are “and I fall asleep, counting my blessings.” For many years, for the most part, I have continued to fall asleep counting my blessings (and of course I have continued to fall in love with innocentlooking brunettes… and that has usually been a blessing). Even the king of outlaw country music, Willie Nelson, said “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” And he later added, “I´ve had more dumb luck than anybody I know.”


5RVDDQG5H\QD Louis Armstrong counts his blessings in What a Wonderful World, and who can forget Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music singing These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, things like “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens/Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens/Brown paper packages tied up with strings….” I remember Emily in Thornton Wilder´s play Our Town exclaiming ecstatically, “Oh, Earth, you´re too wonderful for anyone to realize you.” I discovered decades ago that one

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

type of Buddhism, for perhaps millennia, has used “blessing beads,” usually a string of 33 beads, because one ancient scholar decided that 33 was the number of people we could bless at one sitting without losing focus or becoming exhausted or feeling rushed. When I was living alone in a solar home on a high mesa in western Colorado, I adapted this idea to the 14 windows I had on the south side of the house. Each morning as I raised 14 window blinds I sent forth a blessing to whomsoever came into my mind. Each evening as I lowered those blinds, I did the same. Whether blessing others or counting our blessings…both come out of the same place inside of us, close to our heart. Some years ago I began making blessing beads out of polished agate, obsidian, jasper, strands of ten beads each, so that one could touch each bead and either send forth a blessing or remember a blessing received. I like to let my heart decide whom I will bless or what blessing seems to leap forth to be remembered. Now I usually just count using my ten fingers, and some nights I will do two or even three sets of ten. Each day has blessings inside of it and sometimes one special blessing. Here is one for me today. Reyna and Rosa, two young Mexican women who are sisters, are like granddaughters to

me. They clean house for me, care for me when I am sick, and bring me special gifts. I see them two, sometimes three, times each week. Today they brought me a lovely photograph, taken of them together earlier this week by the instructor at the beauty school they attend in Buena Vista. What a blessing. Every day I wake up excited about the blessings that lie just ahead, knowing that at every moment grace, in ways I might not even realize, is moving toward me, one step at a time. Jim Tipton


Living With Risk %LOO)UD\HU


am w writing riiting i this thi his in in the th he aftermath of the utter failure of the US Congress to pass even a watered-down measure to control gun violence. It looks inevitable that we will be facing the threats of terrorism and gun violence in the coming days. When I think back to our response to the events of September 11, 2001, it seems clear that the US implemented some good measures to prevent another attack, but that, on balance, it grossly overreacted. The so-called Patriot Act significantly eroded the privacy and freedom of US citizens.  All of us who fly get to experience some of the ridiculous policies th idi l li i implemented i l t d in the name of airport security.  And the extremely costly wars, in blood and money, in Afghanistan  and Iraq have drastically increased the US budget deficit and taken the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of people.  I am confident history will judge our reaction to 9-11 harshly.  This all has to do, I think, with how we view risk itself. Our overreactions to terrorist attacks are, essentially, attempts to reduce the risk of harm.  Ironically, these steps may not mitigate the risk much, but they often give the illusion of doing so. Of course, we face risk from a variety of threats.  In Mexico, we face the risk of being caught in the crossfire of drug gang violence, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Of course, we’d face this risk of random violence in many cities in North America and around the world.  We face risks from many nonviolent sources: food borne illnesses, carcinogenic chemicals, traffic accidents, identity theft, cyber attacks on our banking systems, and pandemics caused by viruses which may have become resistant due to the overuse of antibiotics. And how do we react to these risks? If you’re like most of us, you go on with your life because in most

cases, aside asid ide from from taking taki king reasonable reasonabl ble precautions, like wearing seatbelts, washing kitchen surfaces, changing your passwords, and avoiding people who have infectious diseases, there is little we can do. do. Most of these disasters are largely out of our control. So, we just accept the fact that we might be involved in a bad car accident, wake up with cancer someday, or have our credit cards compromised. We don’t dwell on the bad things that might happen; we just go on enjoying our lives, in spite of its risks. I think we may be starting to adopt a similar attitude toward violent acts.  We take reasonable precautions, then ti th gett on with ith it. it (I would add that, to me, a reasonable precaution against gun violence is to limit access to the most lethal weapons and check carefully into the background of those wishing to purchase firearms.) Risk is an unfortunate fact of living a free and autonomous life. We may expect our government to keep us safe, but all it can do is regulate to mitigate some risks. Living in a risk-free society, to me, would not be vibrant and fulfilling. We should value our freedom and accept that it comes with some inherent risk.

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,Âś9(*277$+$9($+20( %\D0H[LFDQ2SRVVXP 2KDQG&DURO/%RZPDQ



’ve gotta have a home and quick, since my due date is fast approaching. The 2013 Honda with Mexican plates, which the gringos drove into the driveway yesterday, had real possibilities. My friends told me that this model is quite tasty, the area under the hood makes a comfortable nesting place and the fresh smell of a new car can’t be beat. I considered the Land Rover that I saw parked there for a long time, but I just couldn’t sink my teeth into a foreign plated vehicle. I wanted a Mexican home for my babies.� What’s this? The gringos are putting suitcases into the back seat and they’re driving away. The lady made my long tail curl when I heard her say, ‘Well, it’s off to Texas to sell the Rover.’ Decision made. Wasting no time, the opossum lumbered back and forth between the flower box and the Honda, clutching soft bougainvillea petals in her clawlike paws. At the under-carriage next to the wheel, she climbed up and deposited each load onto the motor. Her excitement grew, but bulky engine wires protruded into her nest. No problem, she just chewed them off, sharpening her rodent-like teeth in the process. Ignoring the bitter taste of the fluid that spurted from severed tubes, she gnawed through rubber hoses and used the pliable material to provide extra padding in the mattress. The opossum could not believe her good fortune. Everything about her new home was clean and shiny; no grease or dirt built-up, no smell of gas or oil. Munching through never used wires and hoses was like chomping on blades of fresh grass. After a few nights, her mission was accomplished, her nest complete. But a snag in her plan unfolded- the gringos returned without their Land Rover. They jumped into the Honda, as the woman rubbed her hands back and forth in excitement. ‘I can’t wait to drive around in our new car,’ I heard her say. As the man started the engine, he bellowed foul words and the woman began to shriek, ‘Why are all the warning lights on? We’ve never driven it and owned it


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

for only five days! ’ The opossum’s eyes widened. “Oh no, the agitated man is opening the hood. He sees my nest.� Bougainvillea petals started flying, sticks and twigs and pieces of rubber sailed through the air. My home was destroyed with the speed of a tornado. The woman tore at her hair and ranted in a howling cry about the chewed wires. They said awful things about me. A huge truck pulled into the driveway, hooked itself up to the Honda and I watched as the foundation of mi casa was towed away. I decided to remain in the yard for a few days to see if the car returned so I could rebuild my nest. “Yep, here it comes; it’s back in the driveway.� But the opossum noticed that things had changed. As night fell and her workday began, the motherto-be crawled to the car’s wheelbase, ready for nest reconstruction. Her long snout drew in the acrid smell of moth balls. As she prepared to scale up to the motor, the intense odor alerted her that this would be no place to call ‘home.’ She sensed that time was running out and she needed a safe place to give birth to her litter. Frustrated, the ratty looking marsupial with her large belly, sniffed about the yard for a suitable alternative. A red-ripe tomato danced on the end of a hook inside a square open box with iron rails. Hungry, the opossum eyed the fruit and skulked into the enclosure to grab the juicy flesh. She heard a snap, a slam, as the trap door closed behind her. She had no choice, home sweet home. Her time had come. The opossum started delivering her brood inside the uncomfortable, but protected space. The woman walked into the yard to check on the trap. “Seeing me and my little ones’ hairless legs, tails and bodies emerging from my pouch, she screamed her familiar shriek, only this time it sounded hysterical and frantic. Sounds of Brook Benton’s tune, You’ve Gotta Have a Home, drifted from the window of the gringa’s house, as I looked through the iron bars of mine.�

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s a social worker in Mexico I tried for many years to help develop poor communities. Among the many difficulties I encountered were the prevalent beliefs popular among poor people, especially regarding cures and medicine. The first issue I tried to solve was the dirt floors of the houses. Since the little children used to crawl in the dirt without underwear, they got all kinds of stomach diseases: diarrhea, amoebae, worms, etc.; illnesses that sometimes were fatal. I paid a visit to the cement company and managed to get hundreds of sacks for the village. I then organized a campaign offering incentives and prizes to the first ten families who would put cement on their floors. The improvement went well. The women learned to sweep and mop, even disinfect the floors with Clorox and pine oil. The new floors were wonderful during the summer time; even for those who could not afford a bed, the cement floor was cooler, if they only extended their “petate,” a thin mattress made of palm leaves, like a Japanese cot. However, the wonderful idea did not seem to be so practical during the winter when the temperature lowered considerably. The cement floors were too cold. We had avoided the summer stomach diseases, but had neglected the winter ones: the flu, pneumonia, coughs, respiratory problems that they got as a result of the cold cement floor. Not such a great solution that I had found for them! After that, I learned to respect the country folks’ customs and not to impose my urban culture. I paid more attention to their traditions, beliefs, and cures. Some of them shocked me, but I had to respect them and quietly listen to what they had to say. Some of their prescriptions seemed natural and wise; others I do not think I would ever put into practice. They do not have much access to medical resources, so they have their own methods. I will let the reader decide if he/she would find any use for them. For diarrhea the country people drink a tea blend of three herbs: “Istafiate,” cinnamon, and guava tree


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

leaves, or a lemonade without sugar and blended with raw egg whites. For nausea and vomiting: they grill (almost burn) an avocado seed, grind it, sieve it, add water, and drink it, of course. For “empacho” (stomach indigestion) they massage the stomach of the sick person with cooking oil and drink mint and chamomile tea. For “torzon” (diarrhea with blood), a tea of “tamarindo” seeds boiled with molasses. For a hangover, a beer with a lot of lime juice or “menudo” (a spicy soup made out of the cow’s stomach with plenty of hot pepper). For heart problems, a tea of dried deer blood rehydrated in water. For kidney problems, they boil the corn cob threads (in Mexico we call them pelos de elote) and drink that as ordinary drinking water. For ulcers, they drink the water in which potatoes with skin were boiled. For a bad cough, chew the gummy part of mesquite fresh seeds that look like green beans, or drank a tea blend of oregano, cinnamon and onion. For a headache, attach to the sides of the forehead some “chiqueadores,” leaves of mint or other plant whose name I do not remember, it is somewhat purple, and leave them there overnight. They have a very special way to figure out the first day of the rainy season, “el comienzo de las aguas.” They say it should take place forty days after Easter Sunday. It makes sense to me. This year Easter Sunday was on March 31. According to the popular belief, the first rainy day was May 10. (Well, maybe some of the traditional Mexican beliefs are not so wise after all!) Ilse Hoffmann

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Anyone Can Train Their Dog %\$UW+HVV


og training is the process of modifying the behavior of a dog, either for it to assist in specific activities or undertake particular tasks. If you have been a student of dog training over the past twenty or more years you have encountered things like operant conditioning, positive dog training, lure and reward training, treat training, and marker training and/or clicker training. Operant conditioning is simply where the student forms an association between a behavior and a consequence. The others are simply various forms of this. Thankfully the old “yank and crank” or “jerk and pull’ advocates” are mostly not around any more but I’m sad to report that there are still those that believe that punishing the dog is way the to go. Positive training is simply luring the dog into a position (i.e. a Sit) or a movement (the Recall or Come) and rewarding the student when they perform the task. Initially the lure and reward is usually food because it is the easiest and most effective form of motivation at the early stages and subsequently we phase out the food and proceed through balls or toys and finally on to voice praise and physical confirmation and praise. Some of the confusion comes in the areas of marker training and clicker training and as in many cases the advocates of both maintain that their system is the best when in fact from the point of view of the student, they are mostly the


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

same. In a nutshell we use a marker (a single word like “yes”) to tell the student precisely when they have achieved the desired position or performed the desired act. With clicker training the click replaces the voice marker. I personally was using “lure and reward” training and marker training for many years before I even learned that it had a specific name. Due to the space constraints of this column and thanks to the internet I want to refer you to three sites that are free and will provide excellent sources of learning for those that are interested in furthering their knowledge. First I would choose “Mary Woodward’s Clicker Training Lessons”. This is a well presented overview followed by a series of lessons that can be copied and applied. There are many sites available but this is a great starter and if you never went any further you would have a good grasp of clicker training. Next I suggest “Gary Wilke’s Click and Treat.” Open his site and click on the moving clicker and start with his over view which is very detailed and informative. Next go to his 18 articles which take you step by step through the process of starting and training your dog and works right up to advanced training and problem solving. This has been my “go to” preference for some time. Finally we will switch and study Marker Training. For this I always refer students to an e-book from Leerburg. com by Ed Frawley. Open and go to “e-books The Power of Training with Markers and Clickers.” This is a free book of about 75 pages and is the most complete presentation you can find on Marker Training. Frawley clearly explains the differences and similarities and the pros and cons in his opinion. You have to wade through a few infomercials but the entire book is free and can be printed if you so desire. So there you have it−The “down and dirty” on positive treat training. Try it. Apply it. You will be happy and you’ll have a happy well trained dog. No ladies, it won’t work on husbands. Art Hess

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127$/(17.12:,7 7$//6 %\$GGLVRQ'H:LWW


here is a word in German-besserwisser— which translates as “know-it-all”, “wiseacre,” and “pompous ass.” In The Bunker, his perceptive book about the last days of the Third Reich, James O´Donnel shows Adolf Hitler as a classic example of the besserwisser. Late at night, to a paralyzing bored captive audience of the faithful, an amphetamine-charged Fuhrer would sound off on such diverse topics as the fidelity of Arctic dogs, Greek architecture, and the ancestry of Eleanor Roosevelt, subjects on which he was equipped with a vast fund of ignorance. My own besserwisser from hell was an individual I’ll call Reed. I first encountered him in Acapulco in the early 90’s. At the time, I was launching my career as a writer, church-mouse poor. I was breaking in by submitting ma-


terial to what were then two hungry markets: exposé and men´s adventure. (Wincing, I still recall some of the tiles of my published articles—Veracruz-Steaming Port of Call (Girls), The Day They Smeared Hitler´s Massacre Battalion, When They Rocked in the Pad of the Marquis de Sade, I Am the Love Slave of a Voodoo Priestess.) Reed in those days was a traveling salesman for a text-book publisher. Since his schedule was geared to that of colleges and universities, he had

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

summers off. I soon learned that Reed himself had writing ambitions. I also re-call the lofty condescension with which he viewed my then literary efforts. Never would he degrade himself by writing for Confidential or True Adventures. He was going to publish a lapidary masterpiece, a pastiche of war experience days in Paris, New York and Tangier, and philosophical insights into our culture and society that would put him in the Hemingway-FitzgeraldMailer-Jones category of leading writers to come out of world wars. Now many years have elapsed – and Reed has not published his novel, nor a novella, nor an article, nor a short story, nor as much as a joke. His next published script will be his first. Yet — in spite of this spectacular record of lack of success, his arrogance and superciliousness have not diminished an iota. To be fair, Reed has distinguished himself in another sphere — one involving such familiar movements as pouring liquid into a glass, bending an elbow, and raising the glass to one´s lips. If empty bottles were published manuscripts, Reed would match Georges Simenon, listed In the Guiness Book of Records as the most prolific of twentieth century writers. Reed´s credentials as a literary light

are matched only by his alcohol-fueled venom against writers who are, with varying degrees of success, making the creative effort. Is there a cure for the Reeds of this world? Will the day come when Reed realizes that the enemy is not writers who exceed him in industry and ability but his own lack of character and self-discipline? Will he one day acquire the modesty befitting a man with so much to be modest about? Frankly, I doubt it. Looking into Reed´s future, I see it adumbrated by these lines from the Bard: “Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps on this pretty pace...”

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FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT AND THE NEW DEAL %\'U/RULQ6ZLQHKDUW “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”


ranklin Delano Roosevelt was the pre-eminent Twentieth Century U.S. president, perhaps the pre-eminent man of the century, the descendent of Hudson Valley patroons, a privileged aristocrat, whose sympathies lay with the common man. Once a vigorous, young athlete, he was stricken by polio, leaving his legs paralyzed. Throughout his political career, he never permitted his legs, caged in heavy steel braces, to be seen by the public. With his optimism and ebullience, he led the nation through the Great Depression, altering for all time the federal government’s role in the U.S. economy. One of our greatest political orators, FDR energized the nation with his inspiring speeches and his homey weekly radio broadcasts, known as Fireside Chats. He appeared born for the presidency, manifesting a natural, easygoing, relaxed and folksy demeanor. The speculative boom of the Roaring


Twenties crashed in flames as the stock market plummeted during a few short days in October, 1929, spiraling the United States downward into the worst financial crisis in its history, causing unprecedented unemployment rates, widespread bankruptcies, foreclosures on homes and farms, and the loss of billions in a single day. Previously prosperous men soon found themselves living in hobo jungles

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

and Hoovervilles, hopping freights, rapping on the doors of strangers for handouts. As the cataclysm spread throughout the western world, democratic governments appeared impotent, giving impetus to nascent totalitarian movements in Germany, Italy and elsewhere. FDR, elected by a landslide, along with solid Democratic majorities, promised a New Deal for the American people. His program emphasized the Three R’s: Relief for the unemployed and the poor; Recovery, bringing the economy back to normal; Reform to alter the system in such a way as to prevent a repeat. During his first one hundred days, he ordered a bank holiday, ending a drain that had caused thousands of bank failures and the loss of billions in deposits. The Civilian Conservation Corps was created to provide employment for young men, mortgage relief was provided for farmers and homeowners, the Federal Trade Commission was given stronger regulatory authority, the Tennessee Valley Authority was created to generate hydroelectric power and control floodwaters. As part of the New Deal, Social Security became a reality, providing a safety net for senior citizens. Other New Deal reforms sought to end intimidation in the workplace and such management practices as blacklisting. The Wagner Act guaranteed employees the right to

form, join and support trade unions and to bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions. The National Labor Relations Board was given authority to correct workplace abuses, act as an arbitrator, and investigate charges of discrimination. The Securities and Exchange Commission was formed to regulate the securities industry, bringing enforcement actions against persons and companies who commit securities fraud. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was created to guarantee the security of people’s bank deposits. Congressmen forgot to be Democrats and Republicans and joined together to find solutions, in contrast to the rancor and vituperation that characterizes that institution today. FDR’s National Recovery Act was intended to eliminate cutthroat competition in business and industry by causing labor, business and the government to work together to set wages and prices and to enforce fair practices. The Supreme Court unanimously deemed the NRA unconstitutional on the grounds that it violated the separation of powers, causing FDR to propose his “court packing” scheme under which a younger justice would be added whenever a seated justice reached the age of seventy. FDR lost this battle, but many parts of the NRA were subsequently re-enacted through

new legislation. His battle was not over. In his second inaugural address, he observed, “I see one third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-fed.” Foreshadowing a debate that rages to this day, he argued, “The test of our progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.” New Deal reforms were essential and long overdue but did not end the Great Depression. With World War II raging elsewhere and our entry into that conflict looming, manufacturing revived and the manpower needs of industry and military service solved the unemployment crisis.

Some still argue that FDR opened the door to socialism, while others maintain that his reforms preserved a corrupt and inefficient system that required a total overhaul. He would have responded, “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt inspired a downtrodden people, initiated long overdue social and economic reforms, and provided unparalleled leadership during a time of crisis and despair.

Lorin Swinehart

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houghts of responsibility at age ten through 16 are non-existent in barrios like Tepehua. Very few young are looking into the future, wondering where they are going or what heights can they climb. They have no role models. They do not dream. What is the point? They can Love, but they cannot Dream, and as sexuality urges them forward, they slowly slip into the trap of poverty on an endless road to nowhere. They are left behind. She was only sixteen and a drug user. Became pregnant with twins and lost them after six months of pregnancy. A blessing? One year later she was pregnant again and her water broke at eight months. As she labored, friends took her to some clinics but they wouldn’t see her or take an echo. So they joined the line at the free hospital in Guadalajara. Once admitted, within the hour she had her baby. The baby was put into an incubator and the mother released just a few hours after the birth...which is the usual practice. Women have their babies and the same day they are home. At eighteen Maria met her 29-yearold lover. Her baby is now one year old. He has fathered many babies around the barrio. Maria is now two months pregnant again, and her man is prostituting to older gay men to make money. Money that is not for Maria or any of his children. He has left her, and Maria at two months pregnant is dancing nude at a bar to pay her rent. These


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

girls had no chance from day one. Their education stopped quickly if they had any at all. Their opportunity to get off the hill and to find a trade was nil. Poverty breeds abusers. A single mother of one eight-year-old child, after a long abusive relationship, found herself alone with a child she hated.  She hated herself and her ex-husband and the child who was holding her back now that she was free. She even went to DIF to find help because she thought she might kill her child. In the Tepehua Community Center, she found she was not alone, and after a few sessions learned it was not the child she hated, but what she had allowed her man to make her become. It is still work in progress, but she will make it because of basic education and group therapy. A mother in her late thirties has carried around her Cerebral Palsy daughter for nineteen years. Rigor mortis has set in, the child was never turned over in her bed, her body is fixed in one position. Bed sores and ulcers. She is fed with a tube directly into her stomach and now her mother is crying out for help...she has no more resources, and the government will not help her. The Tepehua Free Clinic is trying to get this vegetable child into an establishment, so the mother can finally get peace. But how she loves her child! If there is a God, He is sleeping. Tepehua is not all doom and gloom; there is a great deal of happiness there too. Happiness with very little. Hovels bathed in love and tight family groups, pride in endeavors and gratitude for everything they get. Large functional families and those that put the “fun” in dys’fun’ctional. Like Joann, who lives in a lean-to with her husband and four children, sharing one bed with a half dozen cats and three dogs. With a hoard of very contented fleas. Happiness? They are breaking ground behind the lean-to so as to build a 8x8x8 breeze block home with a corrugated tin roof. No utilities, but it is theirs.

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Ain’t Life Grand!



RIMINAL GENIUS AT WORK: A robber went into a convenience store and put a $20 bill on the counter, asking for change. When the clerk opened the register, the customer pulled a gun and demanded the contents. The clerk obliged and the thief fled. However, he just happened to forget his $20 bill on the counter. The total loot from the register was $5. Hah! AMERICA’S THIRD BEST SELLING board game is Parcheesi. It originated in India as “pacisi,” Hindu for “25,” the original number of tokens tossed in a roll. It dates back to the 16th century and was brought back to England during the British occupation. EVELYN (my wife) SAYS GOD is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button whenever we need something. WE ALL HAVE four openings in our heads for information to enter, but only one for it to go out. Keep that in mind, loudmouths! THE SMARTEST DOG breed is no match for the average wolf in the IQ department. A 100 pound wolf has a brain that measures 400 cubic centimeters. A comparable size dog has a 250cc brain. WHAT A GREAT imagination Jules Verne had. The French au-


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

thor predicted rocket flight, the submarine and television. And he didn’t pretend to be psychic, either! COPS LOVE THIS TYPE! Two thieves tried to open up an ATM cash repository by connecting a chain from the machine to the bumper of their truck. But the bumper came off instead. They fled in a panic, leaving the chain and the bumper at the scene. (Small problem, as their license plate was still on the bumper.) FRANCE IS THE only country where the money falls apart and you can’t tear the toilet paper.” — Famous film director Billy Wilder. MY IQ IS halfway between what my mother thought and the opinion of my mother-in-law. SIGN OUTSIDE A Dallas church: “Last chance to pray before entering freeway.” MY BROTHER IS a clinical psychologist. He says he majored in psych ceramics, the study of crackpots. EVELYN SAYS the most violence in a football stadium occurs in trying to get to the restroom at halftime. PABLO PICASSO, the most financially successful artist of this past century, was once so poor he had to burn some of his paintings in order to keep warm in winter. THE BEST POETS see the truth and express it in their works. Think of what´s happening in Europe today and ponder the lines of W.H. Auden: “In the nightmare of the dark/All the dogs of Europe Bark./ And the living nations wait,/Each sequestered in its hate.” A MAN AHEAD of his time was Earl Warren. When he was Governor of California in 1945, he proposed compulsory health Insurance for all citizens of the state, to be financed by a three percent payroll tax. The American Medical Association rose up in arms, so the Legislature turned it down.

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.D\'DYLV 376-765-3677 (cell: 331-171-1681) (or 765-3676 to leave messages) Email:

PAST EVENTS -XQH&KDUOLH.OHVWDGWRI&UX]5RMDZDVVHULRXVO\LQMXUHGE\DKLWDQGUXQGULYHUThe word has been passed along, but we want everyone to know so that if you can visit him at Ajijic Hospital/ &OLQLF$OOYLVLWRUVPXVWH[SHFWWREHVROGUDIĂ€HDQG Luau tickets for Cruz Roja Chapala. Charlie has talked of nothing else since the accident. He even hallucinated about them while he was on heavy pain meds. He has responded well to treatment but will be incapacitated for months while his bones heal. No surgery was required. He appears to be in good spirits and his wife Ann spent overnights with him while he was in Guadalajara. Please do Charlie Klestadt not call their home. Flowers, cards and gifts are not – Get Well Soon! desired and should be turned into cash donations for Cruz Roja. June 14 at Gloriosa Hair Salon there ZDV D ERRN VLJQLQJ E\ 'DYLG %U\HQ D OLIHORQJ PRWRUF\FOH ULGHU DQG FDUHHU SV\FKRWKHUDSLVW He introduced his book: Riding off the Edge of the Map. “In 2010 two other motorcyclists and I took a trip to Mexico’s stunning Copper Canyon. Most trips turn into ‘adventures’ because of mistakes. Horrible roads, a broken rib, and a stolen ELNH JDYH PH WKH RSSRUWXQLW\ WR UHĂ€HFW RQ the human reality that the farther you go the harder it is to turn back. However, I also have learned that for every two steps forward, I fall back three but get there anyway because I was going the wrong direction in WKHÂżUVWSODFH´ “Following an errant map, getting disoriented in the Canyon, and falling into danger parallel the journey of life in which old paradigms (maps), once our faithful guides, eventually lead us into trouble. My book, while describing the physical drama of the trip, explores among other things, this lifeinterest of mine: how to let go of maps that are no longer useful.â€?

Book cover of David Bryen’s exciting adventure “I invite you to look at my book Riding off the Edge of the Map. It’s for sale at Diane Pearl’s in Ajijic and at The Oasis Cloud in Riberas. It is also available on Amazon. com as a paperback and as a Kindle book. You can also order the book on my websiteâ€? -LP7LSWRQSUROLÂżFFUHDWRURISRHPVDQG short stories, says: “This book belongs beside two other classics, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.â€? -XQH  RQ WKH 3OD]D LQ $MLMLF WKHUH ZDV D ÂżHVWD LQ FHOHEUDWLRQ RI WKH OLIH RI -HDQQH&KDXVVHHZKRSDVVHGDZD\VXGGHQO\-XQH,WÂśVGLIÂżFXOWWRLPDJLQHKHUWZR columns in the Guadalajara Reporter with-


Jeanne Chaussee – a woman who spoke her mind

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

out her style and precision. The celebration stressed her love of Mexico and suggested we all plant something lovely in our gardens in her memory. Since I was given a cutting of Frangipani, a lovely tree with lightly scented SLQNĂ&#x20AC;RZHUVLWZHQWLQWRDVSHFLDOVSDFHLQP\ garden. Three cheers to Libby Townsend and others who helped put this celebration together. And again, donations to Cruz Roja will be appropriate. -XQH  WKH $MLMLF &XOWXUDO &HQWHU RSHQHG D SKRWRJUDSK\ H[KLELW &8%$ 72'$<E\-RUJH$6DQWDQDThe show will run until July 11. After 40 years of teaching Spanish and Hispanic culture at the university level, Jorge Santana retired to expand his collection of videos and photographs from 50+ travel studies abroad. Photography has been one of his passions. See his videos on YouTube World Culture Series: armsantana. The selected photos in this exhibit were taken during a California State University travel-study trip to &XEDLQ7KHLPDJHVUHĂ&#x20AC;HFWVRPHRIWKH scenes of CUBA TODAY. -D]]Ă&#x20AC;XWH It is a kaleidoscope of life on an island off limits to most Americans. This is a documentary of present day Cuba and Cubans in their struggle to survive within a country faced with many government restrictions, of life on the verge of dramatic change. He documents nascent private enterprise, food rationing, religion, music, classic cars, education. There is still time to take in this fascinating exhibit on Cuba Today. COMING EVENTS: -XO\DWWKH$PHULFDQ/HJLRQÂąORRNIRUWKDWOLVWLQJXQGHU$PHULFDQ/HJLRQ DQGDW/D%RGHJDRQ-XO\DQG$XJXVWSPWKH'RR:RSVZLOOVLQJ They have broken La Bodegaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s singing group attendance record. Perhaps you feel transported back to the 50s and 60s with their song choices. For example, Jack Fallon reminds you of temptations, singing My Girl. Then he may switch to Buddy Holly songs in a different tempo. Jack also sings Mustang Sally, but the ladiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; favorite is Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. Jerry Morse will sing Elvis Presley songs like Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Be Cruel and the romantic I Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Help Falling in Love, then switch to Willie Nelson with Always On My Mind. Call Javier at La Bodega at 766-1002 for reservations. Remember, have fun now. -XO\1DNHG6WDJHRIIHUV WKH-XO\UHDGLQJDo Not Go GentleE\ 6XVDQ=HGHUGLUHFWHGE\5RELQ/DZUDVRQMs. Zeder has been recognized internationally as one of the leading playwrights for family audiences in the United States. Her plays have been produced in all 50 states by professional, university and community theatres. Her work has also been seen in Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The Story: Lillian Boedecker Barron is 84 years old, vibrant, funny, wise, and recently deceased! Lillian had shared a special, long-distance bond with her granddaughter Kelly but suffered estrangement from her son Windsor, a colonel in the Air Force, as he moved his family from base to base all over the world. After her death Lillian discovers that she cannot â&#x20AC;&#x153;move onâ&#x20AC;? until the rifts are somehow mended. For reservations email nakedNaked Stage play reading or call Michelle Boudreau at 765-6408. Naked Stage presents minimalistic play readings for adult theatre lovers at 4 p.m., donation SHVRV%DURSHQVDWSPER[RIÂżFHDWSP3ULRUWRRUDIWHUWKH5HDGLQJ Danielâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is open for lunch and dinner. After the Readings, the manager Daniel is offering 2 x 1 Dinners and 2 x 1 Margaritas. The Naked Stage is located in Plaza de la Ribera (Formerly Sol y Luna). Drive West on the Carretera from Central Ajijic. Turn South on Rio Bravo. The theatre is

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behind the Don Pedro Restaurant two blocks down on the left. Meals will be served. 1RYHPEHUÂąWKH)HULD0DHVWURVGHO $UWHWKHDQQXDOIDLUIRU0H[LFDQDUWZLOOEH KHOGDWWKH&KDSDOD<DFKW&OXEOne artist, Arturo Salgado Vasquez, has created earrings he calls Arillo Estrella made from plata (silver) .925 with fresh water pearls. The technique is Filigrana-Cartoneado, list price $3,500 pesos, but he has given them to the Feria to help raise funds. You now have the opportunity to buy and wear this beautiful work of art. The Feria Silver Earrings will take offers over $2000 pesos and they will up for bids let bidders know in a few weeks via their next newsletter (July). Email offers to As a â&#x20AC;&#x153;silent auctionâ&#x20AC;? this is a creative approach and the earrings are truly beautiful. Mulitple Events: 7KH$PHULFDQ/HJLRQSRVWVFKHGXOH On July 17 there will be Sock Hop: 5 p.m. cocktails, 6 p.m. dinner/dancing to the Doo Wops, prizes for best dressed, twist, hoola-hoops, etc. Tickets $100 pesos at the Legion, advance sales only, 765 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2259, #114 Morelos at Guerrero, Chapala. The American Legion in Chapala is the largest post outside the United States, boasting 138 members or more, and there is a lot to do! They have: A restaurant and bar: Sundays 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 p.m. Legion grill burgers 2QVLWH &RQVXODWH DQG 6RFLDO 6HFXULW\ VHUYLFHV WKH ÂżUVW :HGQHVGD\ RI HYHU\ month $6HUYLFH2IÂżFHUDYDLODEOHWRZDUYHWHUDQVLQQHHGRIKHOS Card games such as Bridge and Pinochle Special events Celebrations on all patriotic holidays -USA Massages by appointment $\DUGVDOHWKHÂżUVW)ULGD\RIHYHU\PRQWKIURP WiFi for free (It has saved me a few times.) Contact for questions: 765 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2259.

American Legion typical Happy Hour 3 - 6 /DNH&KDSDOD6RFLHW\ /&6

Casi Nuevo Celebrates Its 10th Year Casi Nuevo was conceived as a thrift shop to sell donated clothing and household LWHPVDWDIIRUGDEOHSULFHV$OOSURÂżWVZHUHIRUWKHEHQHÂżWRIWKHVWXGHQWVDWWKH6FKRRO for the Deaf, now known as the School for Special Needs Children. Casi Nuevo now DFFHSWVFRQVLJQPHQWVDQGVKDUHVDOOSURÂżWVZLWKWZRDGGLWLRQDOFKLOGUHQÂśVFKDULWLHV the LCS Community Education Program and Have Hammers...Will Travel. &DVL1XHYRKDVH[SDQGHGLWVFKDUWHURQFHDJDLQWRGRHVWDWHVDOHV7KHÂżUVWHVtate sale took place last month and was a great success. The entire contents of Mary Alice Sargentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two-story house were sold in one day! LCS depends on your support to help these three charities. Donations are accepted as are consignments of furniture, household goods, rugs, lamps, appliances, art work, pottery, kitchen gadgets, books, etc. For your convenience, you may place donations in the drop-box outside the video library at LCS or pick-up, and delivery of larger items can be arranged. Contact Jacqueline at 766-1303 for assistance. Volunteer salespersons are always welcome. This is a fun job, and you can work full or part-time. We will train you. Spanish is not required, but some Spanish helps. The Casi Nuevo store is located on the carretera in Riberas del Pilar on the corner across from 7-Eleven. Easy to locate-itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the shop with the red door, open 10 am to 3 pm, Monday to Saturday. LCS Finds Parking Solution Thanks to the Ajijic Delegado, Hector EspaĂąa, LCS now has permission for members to use the beach area in front of Yveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant for parking during LCS service


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

hours. Members wishing to use the parking area will be allowed in at no fee. Nonmembers will have to pay the municipal government. A parking attendant will be working at the corner of Paseo del Lago and Ramon Corona. Small tips are encouraged. LCS members wishing to use this parking area during LCS hours should come to the RIÂżFH IRU D VSHFLDO SDVV WR SODFH RQ WKH GDVKERDUG VKRZLQJ WKDW \RX DUH D FXUUHQW member. Permits are good through December 31. Please respect this membership privilege so that it can continue into the future. /DNHVLGH/LWWOH7KHDWUH 7KH //7 LV KDYLQJ DXGLWLRQV IRU WKH ÂżUVW WZR SOD\V WKLV -XO\ IRU SHUIRUPDQFHV LQ 2FWREHUDQG1RYHPEHU7KHÂżUVWLVLocal Hero, Audition dates July 12 &13 with registration at 9:30 and auditions at 10am. The show is October 4 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 13. Planned cast: 15 men including one of African descent and 5 women. LLT encourages everyone, experienced or not to come out. Local Hero is a modern day fable based on WKHÂżOPRIWKHVDPHQDPH,WLVDZKLPVLFDOĂ&#x20AC;LJKWRIIDQF\IXOORIPHPRUDEOHFKDUDFWHUV relating the tale of what happens when Big Oil meets Wee Scotland. The play marks CheckoZD\ÂśVZULWLQJGLUHFWLQJUHWXUQWR//7IRUWKHÂżUVW time since his back-to-back hits â&#x20AC;&#x153;An Inspector Callsâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Being Thereâ&#x20AC;? in 2004-2005. For information or scripts, email neal@checkoway. com or call 766-2847. The second play is The Heiress by Ruth & Augustus Goetz, directed by Rosann Wilshere. A period drama, this is a touching story of a woman who loses her heart but gains her dignity. Cast: 6 women and 3 men. Auditions are July 26 and 27, registration at 9:30, auditions at 10. Everyone is encouraged to come out. Poster of movie/play The performance dates are Nov 8-17. For scripts and information contact Rosann: VIVA La Musica: This is the 2013 Summer Sunday concert series at St. Andrewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church, Riberas del Pilar. A cash bar will serve champagne during intermission. Come and join us! $200 members, $300 general, free for music students. Tickets are available at LCS, 10-12 or at Diane Pearlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Jul 21 4 p.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cronopius String Quartet & Cuatemoc Garcia, Flute: Bocherini, Reicha, Shostakovich, Gamboa and Ginastera Aug 18 Issac Ramirez Cello & Andres Sarre Piano: Toussaint, de Falla, Faure and Piazzola Sep 15 Nury Ulate & David Mosqueda Prelude Flute and Guitar: Solo Guitar Bach, Ponce and Turini, Flute and Guitar Back Oliva & Pujol Buenos Aires Suite Oct 13 Quartet Tania Touby Piano, Konstantin Zumbilov Violin, Robert Nelson Viola and Yalissa Cruz Cello playing Mozart and Brahms Piano Quartets Viva Bus Trips to the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra Jul 14 10:30 departure â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Moncayo, Sinfonietta, 6KRVWDNRYLWFK3LDQRFRQFHUWR1R3URNRÂżHY6\Pphony No. 5, Guest Conductor, Anatoly Zatin, Vlada Vasilieva, piano Get tickets for bus trips at LCS daily 10-12 or by contacting Marshall Krantz Remember buses must be booked in advance; therefore it is necessary for us to hear right away! Joyce Vath receiving the award on behalf of her late husband, Richard. The tribute Viva Summer Schedule is the Gilmore Brown Award. ,W LV WKH ÂżUVW WLPH HYHU WKDW LW was given posthumously by the trustees of the world-famous Pasadena Playhouse. Richard had been a past president of the Playhouse.

Joyce Vath

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agnicide is defined as the killing of a prominent person, usually, though not always, by an obscure someone anxious to have his or her brief fling with fame. In literature, we have the spectacle of a magnicide that kills not persons but reputations. Tolstoy claimed Shakespeare was overrated and Mary McCarthy characterized Lillian Hellman as “a bad writer, every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.’’’ I have no such divided feelings when I contemplate attacks on Marcel Proust. I consider Proust not only the greatest writer of all time but pretty close to the greatest genius of all time. Though he was in poor health his entire life and died at the relatively early age of 51, the breadth of his knowledge and the depth and acuity of his insights are almost beyond belief. Proust could write with dazzling brilliance on such diverse topics as art, music, architecture, history, society and the sexual mores of his day. What is more astonishing is that Proust was as emotionally immature as he was intellectually gifted. Maurice Sachs, who knew him well, describes him as “sort of a monster child, whose mind had all the experiences of man, but whose soul was ten years old.” Throughout the vast body of Proust’s work there is a consistent focus on two cultures: the Jewish and the homosexual. He was, as noted, half-Jewish and wrote extensively about the role of Jews in French society, particularly during the tense period of the Dreyfus Scandal. His sexual orientation was predominantly gay though he did have relationships with some highly desirable women. One was the celebrated courtesan Laure Hayman, who would regularly visit Proust in his famed cork-lined room. On the gay side, Proust practiced both activism and voyeurism. He had a financial interest in a male brothel. Returning to the theme of magnicide, a singularly witless gutter attack on Proust was mounted by the English critic Andrew Sinclair in The London Times. Commenting on what he perceives as Proust’s lack of qualification to produce a major literary work, Sinclair writes that “Proust never worked for a living, never married, never had children, nor understood many of the things which occupy most people’s lives. He spent his latter years in a cork-lined room, writing and revising and sleeping, leaving only at night


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

to go to grand occasions or male brothels. Such a life is not exactly good material for discovering wisdom.” This has to be the stupidest critique ever written. Does Sinclair believe that Proust would have been a better writer if he had held a nine-to-five job and presided over an Ozzie and Harriett household? It is precisely because Proust did have the financial independence to lie in bed all day working on his novel and then go out to grand social functions and, yes, male brothels, that he was able to acquire the material that went into his masterwork. Beneath his decadent exterior, Proust had a hard core of integrity and courage. During the Dreyfus case, Proust fell out with many of the aristocrats he had so carefully cultivated when he became an ardent advocate of the wrongfully accused officer. Some may argue that, being half-Jewish, Proust didn’t have much choice in the matter. This is not the case. Such full Jews as the publisher Arthur Meyer took the anti-Dreyfus side: Proust, a baptized Christian, could easily have done the same. I’ll conclude these comments relating an incident in which my admiration for Proust turned out to be the cause of domestic discord. A few years back my wife and I were in Paris. I was gathering material for a talk and slide show to be titled “The Paris of Marcel Proust” in which I would show transparencies relating to Proust’s life and career. One port of call was the Bois de Meudon, southwest of Paris, where Proust had fought a duel. We went out there on a chilly, drizzling May afternoon and to make things worse, I got fouled up with the map and took a wrong turn. My wife, who is Mexican, was getting increasingly annoyed. Finally, exasperated, she said: “Why couldn’t that pinche Proust have fought his duel in one of those nice Paris parks instead of coming out to this God-forsaken place?” To that, I must admit, I had no snappy Proust-like comeback.

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The Poets’ Niche %\0DUN6FRQFH PVFRQFH#JPDLOFRP Li Bo (701-762) and Tu Fu (712-770) Poets of course festoon every era in every country, kingdom, and dynasty. Consider China! Ancient China: The Yuan Dynasty, The Ming Dynasty, The Song… Yet how amazing that the two most illustrious poets should emerge from the Tang Dynasty and were contemporaneous and even good friends. How illustrious? Even today, over a billion folks will point you to Li Bo and Tu Fu, beloved and recited. Li Bo, the elder of the two, began wandering the country at 19, probably in search of the Taoist Way. Years later he was accepted by a group of court poets. Legend has it that the romantic Li Bo drowned while sitting drunk in a boat and attempting to seize the moon’s reflection in the water. Yes, he was a winebibber who appreciated friendship, the passing of time, and the joys of nature. Regular imbibers will appreciate his freshness of imagination! Now, if Heaven didn’t love wine, there wouldn’t be a Wine Star in Heaven. And if earth didn’t love wine, Earth shouldn’t have the town of Wine Spring. But since Heaven and Earth love wine, loving wine is no crime with Heaven. The light, I hear, is like a sage; the heavy, they say, is called the worthy. If I have drunk with the sage and worthy, what need have I to search for immortals? Three cups and I’ve mastered the Way; a jarful and I am at one with Nature. A man can get hold of the spirit of drinking, but no point explaining to those who abstain. Trans. by Elling O. Eide The younger poet, Tu Fu, edges out Li Bo for the Best-Chinese-Poet-Ever accolade. Here are a few reasons why: Moonlit Night In Fuzhou, far way, my wife is watching the moon alone tonight, and my thoughts fill With sadness for my children, who can’t think of me here in Changan; they’re too young still. Her cloud-soft hair is moist with fragrant mist. In the clear light her white arms sense the chill, When will we feel the moonlight dry our tears, leaning together on our window-sill? Trans. by Vikram Seth Following a traditional Confucian education, Tu Fu became a wanderer like Li Bo and even met him during his sojourn. He experienced painful poverty and hunger along the way and yet became a master of all the poetic genres of the day. Beautiful Woman Who is more fair than she? She lives alone, an empty valley home. She was from a good family, but they’re gone since discord came to Kuan; Her brothers killed; their high estate now dearth. It is a callous world that scorns distress! Hope gutters like a candle -her husband’s eyes have kindled on fresh-bought jade; as morning glory curls, he sees new smiles, while old love cries unheard. The spring was pure in its mountain pools but darkened in descent. She waits – her maid may come from selling jewels with straw again for the roof. She picks some flowers, no more for her hair. The pine tree’s needles fall from her numb fingers. She forgets the cold -wearing a thin silk shawl. She leans at sunset by a tall bamboo. Trans. by Simon M. Hunter In translation, of course, we cannot duplicate the nuances in tone, rhythm and racial memory, but even so, the poems are lyrical and soothing. Tu Fu’s death, they say, was due to overindulgence in food and wine after a ten day fast. That gut-wrenching demise notwithstanding, we proudly named our Pekinese Tu Fu.


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

Mark Sconce

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FROM OUR WEBOARD (Entries from various people) One word to describe Mexico!

Adaptable / Fulfilling / Spicy / Bi-polar / Alive / Rising / Mixedbag / Surrealistic / Home / Irresistible / Unpredictable / Challenging / Enigma / Beautiful / Dicey / Damaged / Raw / Friendly / Longevity / Slow / Finding Itself / Emerging / Enigmatic / Best / Refreshing / Agreeable / Heaven / Padrisimo / Incomprehensible / Hypercritical / Paradoxical



y eight-year-old computer was dying, and it was worse than losing my beloved dog. After all, I spent more time with my computer than anyone else, and he knew all my intimate secrets. I tried purging his system. I tried defleaing, er.. defragging. I would have tried byte-to-bite resuscitation but didn’t know how. My playmate had been signaling he wasn’t well. Responses were as slow as a basset hound’s. He tried to perk up when I freed memory but couldn’t. It was time for Buddy to go—after all in

human years, he was 120. After the end of the work week, conscientious as always, he shut down—literally. He sent me a message that this was probably his end, a notice I’d never seen before. The blue screen said he would try one more time and if this was the first time I’d seen this message, he might return. It was as though he was circling in his bed, trying to find his final resting spot. He limped back to life but over the weekend, I felt that I had to be humane and end his struggle. I saved many memories, introduced him to his successor, Sparky, and shut him down for the last time. I couldn’t believe how emotional I was about a collection of metal and plastic. I wanted to kiss the screen goodbye but then realized that wasn’t where his core was. A tear escaped when I couldn’t bring myself to kiss his CPU but I knew he would understand. One of these days I’ll run Kill Disc after I tell him the new pup is starting to obey but can never replace his fatherboard. At least there won’t be any ashes to hide in the closet. Sunny Glessner


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

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ariachi music is not to be confused with Gregorian chants. Pope Gregory would not have confused the two (even though he is credited with inventing the chants) because mariachi music was unheard of in the 7th century. But some 1000 years later in Mexico – 1852, to be more precise – Father Cosme Santa Anna made the distinction, and he made it with a vengeance. That was the year he wrote a letter to his bishop complaining about the noisy band playing across from his church in Rosamorado, Nayarit, a city not too far from Guadalajara. He ordered the band to stop the irreverent music and, to make sure they did stop, he hijacked their instruments. His priestly garb must have done the trick because the rest of that evening was quiet and peaceful in Rosamorado. Aside from this extraordinary act of bravery, his letter to the bishop is significant because, before then, no one had figured out where the word mariachi came from. It used to be thought that the word was a corruption of the French word for marriage and that it came into use in Mexico during the brief reign of Emperor Maximilian (1864-1867). History buffs can thank Father Cosme for setting the historical record straight. His letter complaining to the bishop contains the word mariachi marking its first appearance (in print) on record. The letter was dated more than a decade before France ever thought of invading Mexico. So much for the French connection. Let’s just leave it that nobody knows where the word came from, and probably few people care. What people do care about is the music. In November of 2011, UNESCO put mariachi music on its list of important cultural traditions. Today there are mariachi schools, mariachi classes, and mariachi degrees in many countries, including the


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

United States, Japan, and Columbia. With that kind of following, it’s hard to understand what the pious Padre Cosme was complaining about. Maybe he was just a grouch. Mariachi music is string, brass, and powerful voices. The lyrics tell of lost loves, rebellions, death, and national pride. The classic, at least in Guadalajara, is the city’s anthem by that name. The expressions on the musicians’ faces tell more than the lyrics. There is not much to suggest that mariachi music had roots tied to Indian music. Indian music was rhythmic, repetitious, and had a tight melodic range. The Indians made their music from drums, gourds, turtle shells, and flutes. The rhythm section tried very hard not to miss a beat as doing so could offend the gods, for which the punishment was death. The Spanish newcomers didn’t like Indian music. They were accustomed to solemn church music, elegies to mourn deaths, and celebratory music to stir the King’s subjects. They also didn’t like the sensual movements of natives who danced to it. The Colonists’ biggest problem with Indian music, however, was the fear that Indian music would return the Indians to their pagan gods. So they outlawed it. Nevertheless, the clergy soon realized that the singing of mass could attract the Indians to Christianity. The first bishop of Mexico, Juan de Zumárraga, believed that Indians were converted to Christianity more by music than by anything else. People who may be offended by bawdy mariachi music – like Father Cosme was – and people who may be horrified by lewd body movements made to the clinking of turtle shells – like the friars were – can take comfort in knowing that Mexico has many other songs and dances, such as are the performances of the internationally acclaimed Ballet Folklórico.

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ou may have seen him strolling down 16 de Septiembre after his volunteer stint at LCS, stopping every few steps to acknowledge a former student or someone he had just met. Possibly you spotted him at the Balneario in San Juan Cosala catching up on his reading. Once he jumped out of my pantry closet with a pot cover on his head. You may see him walking briskly with his two schnauzers in the Chapala Haciendas where he has lived these past ten years. Introducing Walter, Walt, or Waltito Wherell. Wherever you spot him you can’t miss his warm smile and sparkling blue-green eyes. Always dressed meticulously, trousers having a sharp crease and a colorful shirt. In the cool weather there is always a sweater


around his shoulders in a youthful style. His footware is always appropriate. I was introduced to him at the beginning of my first full-time year, eight years ago, here in Ajijic. I had decided

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

that I would have to drive my car here from Massachusetts. I wondered if I could do the trip alone. Walt said, “No problem, fly me up and we’ll drive back together.” I was speechless. How could someone I had known for such a little time make an offer like this? Of course I accepted his offer. Over the years I have watched, and sometimes participated, in his kindness to people in need of anything you can imagine, from bringing a friend back to Ajijic to die, taking care of an aging and ill friend, bringing together groups of people who he thinks will enjoy meeting each other, organizing a party to go to a new restaurant, to inviting friends to his home for an amazing slice of grilled lamb. He is a happening guy. Want to visit another part of Mexico or travel around Europe? Easy, “We’ll rent a house, split all the expenses, and a good time will be had by all. “ The only part of Mexico that Walt hasn’t visited is Durango. Why? He doesn’t know. “One friend wrote of Walter’s loyalty to his friends, even taking about two hours to write down all of his favorite restaurants in Puerto Vallarta”. This may seem like a small thing, but multiply this by questions on everything from which credit cards don’t charge a foreign exchange rate, what

is the best route to Zacatecas, how can I do my FM3 without an intermediary, what do I need to know about the culture here to show respect for the Mexicans? Walt is the oldest of three boys brought up in a comfortable family with parents who represented both ends of the political spectrum. These differences opened the door to spirited dialogue and the importance of reaching out and learning about other universes. “Life is about reaching out and sharing the abundance we are given.” These lessons were made real by daily events such as the requirement to share a new bicycle with a neighbor. Decisions had to be well thought out including both the benefits and the consequences not only for himself, but also for those around him. Now Walt is a master of research on any topic with the ability to crystallize massive amounts of information to an understandable few paragraphs. Walter told me that his favorite 8th grade teacher admonished his students, “In life you always go forward. You can’t go back and change things.” This statement led Walter to analyze carefully, “What is it I need to understand to make this work?” The Ajijic community has benefitted from Walter’s participation in the Red Cross, The School for Special Needs, LCS to name a few. Positivity, connectedness, sharing resources, reaching out, new adventures mixed in with a wry sense of humor are Walter’s watchwords. Friends are many, diverse, and crosscultural. Walt’s sense of humor is contagious. When he was teaching ESL at the Wilkes Center he mixed up the Spanish words for cochina-pig and cocina-kitchen. The students thought that was hilarious and Walter laughed along with them. As one friend wrote, ”He is the brother I never had, but even better, the ideal, ever present and discreet friend everyone would love to have.”

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View From The South Shore

%\.HUU\:DWVRQ NHUU\UZDWVRQ#JPDLOFRP The Amazing Life of Trails


riving along the southern shore of Lake Chapala you may glimpse at times a seemingly empty, vine-covered trail. Only ten meters off the highway, these trails run nearly continuously along the highway, unless there is a better jog or jaunt a block or so over. The trails are used all day long by walkers, riders on horses and burros, cattle, goats, men with wheelbarrows, men with machetes, whole Indio families taking turns carrying a garrafon of water. The trails are rich with sweet treasures. All of these travelers simply reach up and pluck the guamuchiles - small, sweet ball fruits in a peapod - whenever needed. The red-stained fruit pods are a burst of sweetness and energy, just be careful of the stone-hard seed. In the city people use long cane poles with a hook to pull down the fruits, but over here no pole is needed.  Pitaya is another free harvest along the trails. Watch for particularly young, small green nopal cactus leaves; flick them to the ground with your knife or machete. Wrap in a plastic bag and keep the spines well away from your horse or body. At home, cut out each spine and slice thin so they look like green beans. I love them grilled, many boil them but they get slimy like okra. Another trail bounty is the leaves of the towering bay or laurel trees. Planted in abundance on the south shore about thirty years ago, perhaps in some zesty government campaign, they remind me of southern France, or northern Califor-


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

nia. When you find a small sapling bay tree, pluck some tasty small leaves for your next pot of soup. Travelers along these trails do not limit themselves to the accidental harvest. With all the weekend homes along the south shore, trees groaning with fruit are plucked as needed. Avocado, orange, tangerine, lime, all lower their boughs over the trails as if to offer the fruits to the traveler. No wood is wasted; it is all carefully gathered and piled onto burros. Even the grasses are harvested with machete and piled on horses or burro so high that you can hardly see the animal, then brought home and dried. How refreshing to use this resource instead of cultivating and mowing under the artificial lawns of highways back home. Each traveler not only takes from the trail, they also give back to the trail by bending back overgrowing vines or snapping a twig that grows into the walkway. Those with machetes hack at the larger limbs as they pass. If it cannot be snapped off, then twist or pull it a bit each time to be continued by the next traveler - this is a communal effort. While most of the trails on which I ride my horse daily are accessed by car or truck, many mountain trails are accessible only on foot or by mount. On these rugged trails burros will suddenly appear alone, loaded down with milk buckets, opening gates by pushing the pushgates with their noses until they reach the dairy. There, their burden is removed by the dairy owner and the burros wait for their owner to appear to lead them back home to feed, and to open the now pull-gates.  And the wildlife! Birds, squirrels, deer (yes, really), scampering field mice, and thousands of lizards. Sometimes it looks like my approach is breaking up a lizard convention as they fly in all directions. The trails have little coves for resting, often with a perfect stone or log for sitting and contemplation where many hundreds or thousands of travelers have rested before; so many magical places just waiting for discovery. Not just a boring side of the road, K Kerry rry Watson it is another dimension. Ke

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The Ojo Crossword

ACROSS 1 Fraud 5 Shove 9 Produce eggs 14 Earnings 15 One time 16 Robber 17 Epochs 18 Russian ruler 19 Warble 20 Omega´s partner 22 Heavenly body 24 Digit 25 Ado 27 Past 31 Gape 32 Tinge 34 Caesar´s three 35 Indonesian island 38 Latest 40 One of the Key´s 42 Bad smells 44 Clip 46 Strength 47 Musical composition 48 What a nurse gives 50 Chewy candies 51 Bard´s before 52 Lysergic acid diethylamide 55 Not yours 57 Dried-up 59 Not let go (2 wds.) 61 Resort hotel 64 Lined up


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

66 Bundled hay 68 Santa__ 71 Reverent 73 Has 3 identical siblings 74 Seasoned rice 75 Italian currency 76 __Minor (Little Dipper) 77 Relieve someone 78 Association (abbr.) 79 Acme DOWN 1 Perspire 2 Monte__ 3 Open 4 Tulle 5 Drug 6 Unsaid 7 Sell illegally 8 Newspaper name 9 Eye infection 10 Picture 11 Help 12 Teeny 13 Football assoc. 21 Expression of surprise 23 Negative 26 Possess 28 Sign 29 Number of notes in an octave 30 What a mob does 31 Encircle 33 Tree 35 Tires 36 Love 37 Individualist 39 Intelligence 41 Helps 43 Sun´s name 45 Walk slowly 49 Divide 53 Her 54 W. Cameroon seaport 56 Knock off 58 Same 60 Clark´s partner 61 Drink noisily 62 “__ porridge hot…” 63 Large, whitish antelope 65 Defunct football league 67 Turquoise 68 Cycles per second 69 Brim 70 Lager 72 Newsman Rather

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met her in my junior year ar of of high school. Arrogant, snobnobno bish and condescending. ng. Patricia was her name –not Patt or Patty —Patricia. If I had been a girl, I would have disliked herr even more. She looked a lot like ke actress Lee Remick, had a great fig figgure and wasn’t shy about flaunting it. When one had the privi-lege of receiving a response from her, it was always terse and patronizing. She had a way of manifesting an aura of superiority, self-importance and confidence completely unjustified by her zip code. Her father was a machinist, not a banker, doctor or lawyer. She didn’t come from wealth, but she acted as if she did. Spoiled, self-absorbed and phony. She refused to run for office, prom queen or cheerleader, announcing to her minions that it was beneath her to allow those of inferior intellect to exert any control over her life or her


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

happiness. I doubted that she really happiness ever experienced happiness, and as to intellect, she was only an average student. She had mentioned to others that her grades were “a protest to the pedestrian courses that the school had to offer.” I wondered whether it was just rationalization for laziness or overcompensation for her own intellectual shortcomings. Two years later, after my freshman year in college, I found the answer. She was not a smart as she led everyone to believe. She married me.




7DNH D %LWH 2XW RI Transito, our First 7RZQ7RSLFV3UHVHQWDWLRQD6XFFHVV TransitoLV0H[LFRÂśVWUDIÂżFSROLFH7KHLUUHVSRQVLELOLWLHV include keeping the roadways open and safe. In this area WKH\GULYHZKLWHYHKLFOHVZLWKEOXHLGHQWLÂżFDWLRQ We asked several questions including: what documents are required to keep in your car, and which can be substituted with copies. The answer was, the vehicle registration, your drivers license and, if the vehicle was imported, your importation permit. None of the documents can be substituted with copies. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in an accident you better have your car insurance paperwork with you. Though they have the right to ask for your immigration documents, they generally wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t. We asked what reasons allow them to impound a vehicle: the answer is many! Too many to list here. Bottom line, keep your vehicleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s paperwork legal in Mexico and if the vehicle was imported, that means keeping it legal in the country from whence it came. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t park in illegal ]RQHVDQGGRQÂśWREVWUXFWWUDIÂżF On the question of mordida (bribery) they cannot address the problem unless victims have the courage to report incidents. If they threaten to impound your vehicle ZLWKRXWFDXVHWKHDGYLFHZDVWRRIIHUWKHRIÂżFHU\RXUNH\V and call the bluff. An agreement was struck that LCS would work with Transito at the state and local level to produce a bilingual complaint form that you could turn in at LCS. To mitigate the fear of retaliation LCS will deliver the complaint (denuncia) directly to the state commander. With this the comPDQGHUFDQDGGUHVVWKHRIIHQGLQJRIÂżFHU V DQGKRSHIXOO\ put an end to the problem. For full information look for Dale Palfreyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coverage of the event in the June 21, edition of the Guadalajara Reporter. In July we hope to have a representative from customs (aduana) here to address the topic of nationalizing foreign cars. At the time of writing this no date has been given. We will send a separate announcement when we have a ÂżUPGDWH August 14th, Notaria Publica #2 will return to discuss the critical importance of having a will here in Mexico and the process required to put one in place.


July 2013 &$1$0'$< As this article goes to press only a few days remain before our CAN-AM celebration begins. We hope you come and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have a good time. Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s restaurant is cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. Tomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar is making Chili and our own June Cooper is whipChildrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Volunteers ping up the deserts. Beer, wine, and cocktails frozen drinks and refreshments will be available. Enjoy two wandering minstrels: Ajijic Trio, and Recuerdos de Mi Mexico. Students from La Piedad will be here to practice their English and share some of their countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heritage and traditions with us. Finally the Jam Band will wrap things up in the afternoon with live music and dancing. Support our commuQLW\RIQRQSURÂżWVEULQJ\RXUDSSHWLWHVDQGWKLUVWDQGEHUHDG\ for a good old summer party. Tickets are available from The Lake Chapala Society, Diane Pearl Colleciones, and Opus Boutique.

%HWW\6FKUDGHU Life member Elizabeth Schrader passed away in June. Betty volunteered at LCS for 18 years in many capacities. She will be remembered most for pioneering the Post Life Program, now a community institution. Along with her husband Bill, the two of them were active in advancing LCS and it is upon the shoulders of past volunteers such as Betty and Bill that we now stand. Thank-you for your years of service Betty, we already miss you. Just a reminder, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to take advantage of the new 3RVW/LIH(PHUJHQF\5HJLVWU\GHWDLOVLQWKH6HUYLFH2IÂżFH

6SHFLDO7KDQNV A special thanks to all the members who generously donated computers and computer equipment to LCS. Your donations are salvaged for components for use by both LCS and the Wilkes Center or rebuilt so we can provide a student in our student aid program with a computer. If you or your friends have computer equipment you no longer use, please consider making a donation. We accept computers--both desktops and laptops, keyboards, mice, printers and other related accessories.

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Attention Bibliophiles: New Releases Located along the back wall of the second of the libraryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s several rooms is the current collection of new UHOHDVHV 0RVW RI WKH ÂżFWLRQ DQG QRQÂżFWLRQ KDUG cover, large format trade paperbacks and the familiar small paperbacks are recent releases, although some were published a bit earlier in the decade. These library purchases and donations cover an unusual and extensive variety of subjects. Some of RXUQRQÂżFWLRQWLWOHVIHDWXUHSROLWLFVSKLORVRSK\HFRnomics, history, biography, medicine, music, and more unusual subjects like the history of money, cultural anthropology, climate science, and bioinformatics. Fiction favorites include novels, short stories, poetry, mysteries and thrillers both domestic and foreign, big novelized histories, and romances set in distant times and places.

7KH0H[LFR&ROOHFWLRQ A surprisingly varied collection of volumes solely about Mexico is housed in Room Three of the LCS library. The collection includes many works on Mayan and Aztec history and the European conquest. Ancient sites of great archeological, artistic, and arFKLWHFWXUDO VLJQLÂżFDQFH HVVHQWLDO IRU XQGHUVWDQGLQJ Mexican culture and history, and volumes on the cities, settlements, symbolism, and languages of the indigenous peoples are included here as well. The FROOHFWLRQ LQFOXGHV ÂżFWLRQDOL]HG KLVWRULHV WKDW YLYLGO\ recall the clash of cultures resulting from the Spanish conquest. Books in the collection are organized by the Dewey GHFLPDOV\VWHPDQGDUHHDVLO\LGHQWLÂżHGE\WKH0H[LFDQĂ&#x20AC;DJODEHOVRQWKHVSLQHV1RQÂżFWLRQYROXPHVRQ everything Mexican include political and contemporary histories, cuisine, decorating, travel, and the arts. Local Authors Collection This small collection of books by lakeside writers-a YHU\ YDULHG PL[ RI ÂżFWLRQ DQG QRQÂżFWLRQ LQFOXGHV D half-dozen works by the beloved Neill James. The collection is arranged alphabetically by author.

7KH0DJD]LQH5RRP A lending library of magazines galoreâ&#x20AC;Śfrom art, news, opinion, sciences, drama, photography, travel, gemstones, architecture, fashion, food, sports, and animals domestic and wild, are on these shelves. And weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got books for sale--cheap. Hard-covers are only WHQSHVRVDQGSDSHUEDFNVJRIRUVHYHQERWKÂżFWLRQ DQG QRQÂżFWLRQ :H DOVR KDYH D ÂłEULQJ RQH ERUURZ oneâ&#x20AC;? puzzle exchange, including what is reputedly the ZRUOGÂśVPRVWGLIÂżFXOWWRDVVHPEOHMLJVDZSX]]OH Donations are always welcome. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re open daily. /RRN IRU XV EHWZHHQ WKH 6HUYLFHV 2IÂżFH DQG WKH OLEUDU\RIÂżFH


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

Volunteers Needed â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Registered nurses for blood pressure. Building and Grounds Coordinator - someone to help oversee and keep in good condition our gardens and buildings Membership Manager - Train and schedule volunteers who process new and renewing memberships. Public Relations Manager - a big job waiting for the right person! Webmaster (or web team) wanted to maintain and improve the LCS web site. Data Base Manager - We need a person with good, not necessarily remarkable, skills in Access data base systems.

'LG<RX.QRZ" The LCS Project Patio Table has all kinds of publications and resources for things Mexican: textbooks and practice cards for our members taking Spanish classes, beautiful large format soft cover publications showcasing some of Ajijicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s many lovely homes, greeting cards by students from the very popular LCS Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Program, and calendars depicting lakeside scenes by local artists. In addition to the familiar free editions of the Lake Chapala Review, the Patio table still offers delicious chocolate treats. This monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s LCS bus trips will go to Galerias Mall on Wednesday, July 10, and Tlaquepaque on Wednesday 24. Check at the table for details.

7DONLQJ%RRNV$7LQ\7UHDVXUH Nestled on the back veranda at LCS is a little treasure of a library housing hundreds of audio tapes. Our collection has two components: through a special arrangement with the Library of Congress project for the disabled, we acquire audio tapes of virtually all kinds of publications. This collection is available to U.S. citizens only. The second component is a collection of audio tape donations available to the public including lost radio classics from yesteryear like The Shadow and Dick Tracy, beloved works of Edgar Allan Poe, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sherlock Holmes. Side by side with audio readings of The Aeneid, The Odyssey, and Shakespeare, are works by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen Crane, O. Henry, and the Bronte sisters. 3RSXODU ÂżFWLRQ E\ 7RP &ODQF\ 'DQ %URZQ -RKQ *ULVKam, Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz and many other contemporary writers, make up about 90% of the donated audio collection. Visit us on Thursdays from 10 am to noon and browse at your leisure. We operate on the honor system, so you may borrow as many tapes as you like for as long as you like. Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated by our volunteer staff. Look for the blue double doors on the LCS back veranda.



*Open to the Public ** US Citizens (S) Sign in Required (C) Membership card required &58=52-$ Cruz Roja Sales Table Cruz Roja Monthly Meeting +($/7+,1685$1&(  IMSS & Immigration Services Met Life Insurance 6DQ-DYLHU+HDOWK%HQHÂżWV

M+T+F 11-1 2nd W 2-4 M+T 10-1 T+TH 11-2 7+

+($/7+ /(*$/6(59,&(6 Becerra Immigration F 10:30-12:30 Blood Pressure F 10-12 Diabetes Screenings 2nd+3rd F 10-12 Hearing Services (S) M and 2nd+ 4th SAT 11-3 Information Desk M-SAT 10-2 Loridans, Marquez & Assoc T 10-12 Optometrist (S) TH 9-3 Skin Cancer Screening (S) 2nd +4th W 10-12 US Consulate (S) 1st W 10:30-12:30 /&63$7,2 LCS Patio-Bus Trips & Sales Table M-F 10-1 LESSONS Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art* Exercise Have Hammer Workshop Demo* Intermediate Hatha Yoga Line Dancing

SAT 10-12 M+W+F 9-10 W 10-12 T+ TH 2-3:30, SAT 1-2:30 T+TH 10-11:10

LIBRARIES Audio TH 10-12 Book & Video M-SAT 10-2 Library of Congress Talking Books** and Books on Tape TH 10-12 Wilkes M-F 9:30-7, SAT 9:30-1 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Bridge 4 Fun Everyday Mindfulness Genealogy iStuff Discussion Group Mac User Mahjong Needle Pushers Scrabble Tournament Scrabble Windows Computer Group

M+W 1-4:30 M 10:30-12 Last M 2-4 F 9:30-10:30 3rd W 3-4:30 F 10-2:30 T 10-12 M+F 12-2 T 12-2 F 10:30-11:45

6(59,&( 6833257*52836 AL-Anon Step Study M 4:30-5:30 Gamblers Anonymous W 11-1 Lakeside AA M+TH 4-5:45 MS Support Group 3rd W 3-4 NiĂąos de Chapala & Ajijic F 10-12 Open Circle SUN 10-12:15 SMART Recovery W 2:30-4 7,&.(76$/(60)

:RPHQRQWKHWK)ORRU   Paris, in the HDUO\ V $IĂ&#x20AC;XHQW -HDQ/RXLV -RXEHUW LV D VHULRXV uptight stockbroker married to starchy, class-conscious Suzanne, and the father of two arrogant teenage boys currently residing in a boarding school. He lives a steady yet boring least until fortuitous circumstances, and their charming new maid 0DULDPDNHKLPGLVFRYHUWKHVHUYDQWVÂśTXDUWHUVRQWKHVL[WKĂ&#x20AC;RRURI his own luxury building. Fabrice Luchini Sandrine Kiberlain Comedy -DFN 5HDFKHU         ,Q D KHDUWODQG FLW\ ÂżYH SHRSOH are shot dead by an expert sniper. Police quickly identify and arrest the culprit, and build a slam-dunk case. But instead of confessing, the accused man writes the words, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Get Jack Reacher.â&#x20AC;? Tom Cruise Rosamund Pike Action/Crime Rust And Bone    Alain and his young son leave Belgium for Antibes to join his sister and her husband, but Alainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bond with Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, grows deeper after Stephanie suffers a horrible accident. Marion Cotillard Mathias Schoenaerts Drama/Romance 5RERW$QG )UDQN      In the near future, Frank, a retired cat-burglar lives alone, while his successful son, Hunter, tries to care for him from afar. Finally, Hunter gets him a robot caretaker, but Frank soon learns that it is quite useful as a burglary aide. As Frank tries to reboot his old profession, the uncomfortable realities of a changing world and his worsening dementia threaten to take him beyond what any robot can do for him. Frank Langella Liv Tyler Comedy The Impossible    Maria, Henry and their three kids travel to Thailand to spend the Christmas holidays in a villa on the coastline. Their perfect paradise vacation becomes a life-changing nightmare when a distant sound becomes a roar. There is no time to escape the tsunami that sweeps Maria and one of their children away from Henry and the younger one. Who will survive, and what will become of them? Naomi Watts Ewand Mcgregor Drama 6FDQGDOHWDO  For the moneyed, the powerful and even the President, if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in trouble, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only one person to call2OLYLD3RSH2OLYLDDOHJHQGDU\SURIHVVLRQDO¾¿[HUÂśPDNHVSUREOHPV go away before anyone even knows they exist, Her spectacular success is mostly due to her unbreakable rule of always trusting her gut. But no matter how careful you are, when you do damage control for a living, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re bound to cause some damage to your own life. Kerry Washington Columbus Short Television Series/Drama Please see the announcements posted on the Video Library bulletin ERDUGDQGWKHELQGHUVRQWKHWDEOHWRDVVLVW\RXLQVHOHFWLQJDÂżOP The Video Library can transfer your VHS tapes (thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home movies, of course). 50 pesos per transfer - thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cheap.

&285,(561(('(' When youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re expecting visitors from north of the border or when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going north and returning in a timely manner: Mail6WRSE\WKHRIÂżFHDQGSLFNXSPDLOIRUIHOORZPHPEHUV Stamps6WRSE\WKHRIÂżFHDQGDVNLIZHQHHGVWDPSV Video -Ten DVDs donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take up much space, contact %RRNV - You can also bring books if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re driving. Contact Brenda dawson at

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As mentioned in a previous edition, the Audit and Advisory Committee has been looking for several candidates to serve on this essential component of LCS governance. The committee has found several possible candidates. Thanks to all of you who expressed an interest in this important function. If you are a member who wishes to participate in LCS projects RURWKHUFRPPLWWHHVSOHDVHFRQWDFWWKHRIÂżFHIRUDYDLODEOHRSportunities. Your participation is both valuable and appreciated.

Word of our successful new direction has spread and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve agreed to a second estate sale. We will bring high quality items to Casi Nuevo for sale beginning Thursday, June 27. View photos of all the items on the school web site at Click on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Estate Saleâ&#x20AC;?. 2XU SURÂżWV VXSSRUW &DVL 1XHYRÂśV WKUHH FKLOGUHQÂśV FKDULWLHV The School for Special Needs Children (formerly School for the Deaf), LCS Educational Program and Have Hammerâ&#x20AC;ŚWill Travel. Contact Jacqueline Smith at for further information on our services.


5HPLQGHU7KHUHZLOOEHQR)LOP$ÂżFLRQDGR showings for July. They will resume on August 22nd. Titles will be announced by e-mail in the middle of August.

/&6WKDQNVFHUWLÂżHGRSWRPHWULVW /X]=HSHGDIRUKHU\HDUVRI VHUYLFHODNHVLGH /&66LQJOHV&OXE1HZV Most LCS Singles activities have been suspended until the fall. The only ongoing summer event will be the Singles Club Happy Hour starting at 5 pm the third Wednesday of each month at Mel's Diner on Colon. The next Happy Hour will take place July 17th. Look for a variety of drink and dinner specials.

Beginners Spanish Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget - beginnersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; introduction to Spanish class is offered every month. The three week crash course in Spanish basics and Mexican culture is only $150 pesos for members and runs Tuesdays from 12 to 1:30 pm. Sign-up in the Services OfÂżFH

:DUUHQ+DUG\6SDQLVK The next 7 week term for Warren Hardy classes begin July 6LJQXSLQWKH6HUYLFH2IÂżFHRUWKHZHHNEHIRUHRQWKH%OXH Umbrella Patio. Levels 1 - 4 available. LCS members only.

&UX]5RMD5HPLQGHU Cruz Roja summer hours will be three days a week- Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from July 20th to August 30th. Be sure to visit their table, and when you see the triangular clear plastic Cruz Roja box here at LCS or at local businesses, please make a generous donation.

5HPLQGHU/&6)LQGV3DUNLQJ6ROXWLRQ LCS now has express permission for our members to use the beach area in front of Yvesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Restaurant for parking during our service hours. Members will be allowed to park free. Nonmembers will have to pay a fee. A parking attendant will be at the corner of Paseo del lago and Ramon Corona. Small tips are encouraged. Current members who want to park during LCS hours should FRPH WR WKH RIÂżFH IRU D VSHFLDO GDVKERDUG SDVV 3HUPLWV DUH good for one membership year.

The Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Program During the fourth week of July the Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Program will EHFRQGXFWLQJWKHÂżUVWRILWVNLQGÂł6XPPHU$UW&DPS´$ZHHN long extension of the Saturday program but with small group specialized instruction on watercolors, jewelry making, oil painting and more. Thank you to all of the other groups who have voluntarily made room for this trial program by vacating their traditional spaces.


16 de Septiembre #16-A, Ajijic, Jalisco /&60DLQ2IÂżFH   2IÂżFHLQIRUPDWLRQDQGRWKHUVHUYLFHV0RQGD\Âą6DWXUGD\DPWRSP*URXQGVRSHQXQWLOSP LCS BOARD OF DIRECTORS President - Howard Feldstein (2014); Vice-President - Ben White (2015); Treasurer - Michael Searles (2015); Secretary - John Rider (2014); Directors: Karen Blue (2014); Lois Cugini (2015); Ernest Gabbard (2015); Aurora Michel Galindo (2015); Fred Harland (2015); Cate Howell (2015); Ann D. Houck (2014); Wallace Mills (2015). Executive Director - Terry Vidal

The LCS Newsletter is published monthly. Deadline for submissions is the 17th of the month preceding publication. News items may be e-mailed to Reba Mayo; cc to Terry Vidal Note: The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all submissions according to time, space availability and editorial decision.


El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

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Pag: 44

$1,0$/&/,1,&63(76+23 $1,0$/6+(/7(5$& Tel: 765-5514 Pag: 33 - CLINICA VETERINARIA SAN ANTONIO Tel: 766-0808  3DJ - DEE’S PET HOTEL Tel: 762-1646  3DJ 0$6.27$¶6/$.( Tel: 766-0287 Pag: 52 - PET FOOD AND GROOMING Tel: 766-3062 Pag: 51

$57*$//(5,(6+$1'&5$)76 - ART HOUSE Tel: 765-5097  3DJ '(/&25$=Ï1'(/$7,(55$  Tel: 333-657-5682 Pag: 14 - DIANE PEARL COLECCIONES Tel: 766-5683 3DJ =$5$*2=$ Tel: 766-0573 3DJ

$872027,9( - CANADA EURO US Cell. 333-815-7436 - LINEA PROFESIONAL Tel. 766-2555, Fax. 766-0066

Pag: 21

:$5:,&.&216758&7,21 Tel: 765-2224 Cell. (045) 331-135-0763

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Pag: 33 Pag: 11 Pag: 31

%((5 /,48256725(6 %(72¶6:,1( /,4825 Cell (045) 333-507-3024 - MODELORAMA Tel: 766-2678, 765-2055

Pag: 52 Pag: 53

%/,1'6$1'&857$,16 - HUNTER DOUGLAS Tel: 766-0026 48,&.%/,1'6 Tel: 765-5067

Pag: 45 Pag: 43

- AJIJIC DENTAL Tel: 766-3682 &'0$5Ë$/8,6$/8,69,//$ Tel/Fax: 766-2428 &'6$1'5$$1$<$025$ Tel: 765-3502, Cell: 331-218-6241 - DENTAL EXPRESS Cell: (045) 331-121-6518 - DENTAL HEALTH ONE Tel: 1060-826 - DENTAL PLASTICA LIFT Tel: 108-0595 '5$/%(572'212/,9(5$ Tels: 765-4838, 765-4805 '5&$5/26&(5'$9$/'e= Tel: 766-0336 '5)5$1&,6&2&2175(5$6 Tel: 765-5757 +e&725+$52''6 Tel: 765-3193

%22.6725(%22.6 6$1',%RRNVWRUH Tel: 01 (33) 3121-0863 

'59,&725-<28&+$ Tel: 766-1973

/$.(&+$3$/$&(17(5)2563,5,78$//,9,1* Tel: 766-0920 3DJ

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+($5,1*$,'6 Pag: 12 3DJ Pag: 41 3DJ


- SPRING CLEAN Tel: 765-2953

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*$5'(1,1* 3DJ


Pag: 34

- THE BEST HORSE YARD IN AJIJIC Tel: 331-751-7520, 331-075-3269


$'2%(:$//6,11 Tel: 766-1296 - LA NUEVA POSADA Tel: 766-1444, Fax: 766-2049 48,17$'21-26( Tel: 01-800-700-2223 - VILLAS DEL SOL Tel: 766-1152

Pag: 13 3DJ Pag: 23 Pag: 49

,1685$1&( - BLUE ANGEL Tel: 766-0547 3DJ - EDGAR CEDEÑO - MEXICO PROTECT Cell: (045) 33-3106-6982 3DJ 3$5.(5,1685$1&(6(59,&(6 Cell: (33) 3809-7116 Pag: 45 - PROTEXPLAN U.S. Toll Free 1-800-608-5743 Mexico Toll Free 01-800-681-6730 Pag: 49 - RACHEL’S INSURANCE Tel/Fax: 765-4316 Pag: 21 6.<0(' Tel: 766-0096 3DJ - TIOCORP Tel: 766-3978 3DJ

/(*$/6(59,&(6 - ISHOPNMAIL


Pag: 14

.5)851,785( Pag: 41 Tel: 766-4666 - 7(03850$775(66$1'3,//2:6 Tel: (52) 333-629-5919, (52) 33 3611-3049 Pag: 23


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/$.(6,'(+($5,1*6(59,&(6 Cell. (045) 33-1511-4088

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)(55(7(5,$<7/$3$/(5,$*$/9(= Tel: 766-0880, Fax: 766-2440 3DJ - REAL ORTEGA & SONS-+DUGZDUHIRU&DUSHQWHUV Tel: 765-7556, 765-2404 3DJ


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- BUGS OR US Tel: 762-1516 Pag: 51 - EXTERMINIO DE PLAGAS Tel: 765-3237 3DJ - FUMIGA Tel: 766-6057, Cell: (045) 333-391-3215 3DJ - VIDA VERDE Tel: 106-0884 Pag: 51

%287,48( &/27+,1*6725(6 &8*,1,62386%287,48( Tel/Fax: 766-1790 ),$*$%287,48( Tel: 766-1816 - MI MEXICO Tel: 766-0133




(0(5*(1&<+27/,1( $0%8/$1&(&58=52-$ ),5('(3$570(17  POLICE $MLMLF   &KDSDOD   /D)ORUHVWD 



- CASA DE LAS FLORES Tel: 766-5493 - CASA DEL SOL Tel: 766-0050 - CASA TRES LEONES Cell: (045) 331-350-6764




%(' %5($.)$67


- FRESH BEAUTY SALON Tel: 766-4596 - GLORIOSA Tel: 766-3372 - GRECO SALON Cell: 331-113-2778 - JAMES DON SALON Tel: 766-4073


1(:/22.678',2 Tel: 766-6000

- EL OJO DEL LAGO Tel. 765-3676

- ACTINVER $MLMLFRI¿FH   &KDSDODRI¿FH   - BANCO MONEX Tel: 765-8100 01 800 0036 663 - INTERCAM Tel: 766-5978 - MULTIVA Tel: 766-2499 


$54*867$925,9(5$0(1'2=$ Tel: (044) 333 952 6475 Pag: 43 - CABO DO MUNDO- INTERIOR DESIGN Tel: 766-0026 Pag: 45 - DITO HUBER Cell: 044 331 519 3094 3DJ - RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Tel: 766-4482, Cell: 333-821-8519 3DJ

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

- GARDEN CENTER Tel: 765-5973 / 5:$7(5*$5'(16 Tel: 766-4386 - VIDA VERDE Tel: 106-0884

Pag: 42



/,*+7,1* Pag: 51

48,&.%/,1'6 Tel: 765-5067

*5,//6 - NAPOLEON Tel: 766-6153

/$:2)),&(5,1&216$/$6 &2 Tel: 766-4714, 766-4813

0$//0$5.(7 3DJ


Pag: 43

Tel: (376) 766-5514 )5,'$<$57,6$160$5.(7 021'$<0$5.(7 


0($7328/75<&+((6( - TONY’S Tel: 766-1614, 766-4069

Pag: 22

0(',&$/6(59,&(6 - CHAPALA MED Tel: 765-7777 Pag: 25 '(50,.$'HUPDWRORJLF&HQWHU Tel: 766-2500 Pag: 12 - DOCTOR PINTO OPTICAS Tel: 765-7793 3DJ '5$0$57+$5%$//(67(526)5$1&2 Cell: (045) 333-408-0951 Pag: 19 *2/$%/DNH&KDSDOD Tel: 106-0881 Pag: 39 - HOSPITAL ANGELES DEL CARMEN Tel: (01) 3813-0042 3DJ - ISILAB Tel: 766-1164 3DJ /$.(6,'(0(',&$/*5283 Tel: 766-0395 Pag: 33 - PLASTIC SURGEON-6HUJLR$JXLOD%LPEHOD0' Tel: 108-0595 Pag: 41 3/$67,&685*(5<'U%HQMDPLQ9LOODUDQ Tel: 766-5513, Cell 044-333-105-0402 Pag: 29 - PLASTIC SURGERY & RECONSTRUCTIVE 'U0DQXHO-LPpQH]GHO7RUR Tel: 765-4805 Pag: 39 3/$=$0217$f$+($/7+ %($87< Tel: 766-5513 Pag: 29



Tel: 766-0523

322/0$,17(1$1&( (48,30(17$1'322/0$,17(1$1&( Tel: 766-1617 3DJ

5($/(67$7( - AJIJIC HOME INSPECTIONS Tel: 766-2836 Pag: 15 - ALL IN ONE REAL ESTATE SERVICE Tel: 766-1161 Pag: 15 %(9 -($1&2)(// +RPH2I¿FH Pag: 45 - CHULA VISTA NORTE Tel: 766-2177 Cell: (045) 33-3841-8867 3DJ &2/':(//%$1.(5&+$3$/$5($/7< Tel: 766-1152, 766-3369 Fax: 766-2124, Tels: 765-2877 Fax: 765-3528 3DJ - CONTINENTAL REALTY Tel: 766-1994 3DJ )256$/(%<2:1(5 3DJ )256$/(%<2:1(5 Tel: 33-8421-8881 3DJ - GEORGETTE RICHMOND Tel: 766-2077 Pag: 11 - MPR REAL ESTATE Tel: (315) 351-5167 Pag: 49 12e/23(= Cell: (045) 331-047-9607 Pag: 19 3(7(567-2+1 Tel: 765-3676 3DJ 5$8/*21=$/(= Cell: 33-1437-0925 3DJ


- NUMBER FOUR Tel: 766-1360 3,==(5,$726&$1$ Tel: 765-6996 7+(&2))((.,1*'20 Cell: 33-1115-6584  - TONY’S Tel: 766-1614, 766-4069 - YVES Tel: 766-3565

62&,$/25*$1,=$7,216 3DJ

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/$.(&+$3$/$62&,(7< Tel: 766-1140 Pag: 49-52 /$.(6,'(63$< 1(87(5&(17(5$& Tel: 766-3813 - LOS NIÑOS DE CHAPALA Y AJIJIC Tel: 765-7032 3DJ

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5(7,5(0(175(671856,1*+20(6 - LA CASA NOSTRA Tel: 765-3824 - LA VALENTINA Tel: 766-5179 /$.(&+$3$/$1856,1*+20( Tel: 766-0404 - THE BLUE HOUSE Tel: 766-3558

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6$7(//,7(679 $-,-,&(/(&7521,&66$'(&9 Tel/Fax: 766-1117, 766-3371 3DJ - SERVICIO BELTRÁN Tel: 765-3949, 766-4586 Pag: 52 6+$:6$7(//,7(6(59,&(6 Tel: 331-402-4223 3DJ

Pag: 19 3DJ

6(/)6725$*( /$.(&+$3$/$029,1* Tel: 766-5008 67520:+,7(029(56 Tel: 766-4049


086,&7+($75( %$//(7)2/&/Ï5,&2'(/$8'(*3DJ '-+2:$5' Tel: 766-3044 Pag: 52 7+(1$.('67$*(5($'(5¶67+($75( Tel: 765-3262 3DJ 9,9$/$086,&$  3DJ

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3(5621$/$66,67$1&( - JUSTUS HAUSER Tel: 763-5333, Fax: 763-5335 Emergencies: 01 (33) 3441-8223 1(:&20(56 ILSE HOFFMANN Tel 01(33)3647-3912 Cell 33-3157-2541

- HYDROPOOL Tel: 766-4030 - TERMAL COSALA Tel: 01 (387) 7610-494/ 7611-100 - TOTAL BODY CARE Tel: 766-3379

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 7+(5$3,676 - PROFESSIONAL REHABILITATION Tel: 766-5563

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&$5/26$1'5$'(/7RXU*XLGH Tel: 333-4000-838 - CHARTER CLUB TOURS Tel: 766-1777 - INCREDIBLE HENDERSON TOURS - PRIMO TOURS MEXICO Cell: 331-456 - 4175

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- TV REPAIR SERVICIO BELTRÁN Tel: 765-3949 :$7&+ &/2&.6 Tel: 765 5190, Cell: (045) 33-1331-9226

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The Ojo Crossword


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3+$50$&,(6 - FARMACIA CRISTINA Tel: 766-1501 - FARMACIA EXPRESS II Tel: 766-0656 )$50$&,$0$6.$5$6 Tel/Fax: 765-5827 - FARMACIA MORELOS Tel: 765-4002 - FARMACIA UNICA


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3$,17 48,52=,PSHUPHDELOL]DQWHV Tel: 766-2311 48,52=3LQWXUDV Tel: 766-5959

- SELF STORAGE-BODEGAS CHAPALA Tel: 766-0661, Tel/Fax: 766-1045 Pag: 22

.$6$)8(57( Tel: 766-0026

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&2/':(//%$1.(5&+$3$/$5($/7< Tel: 766-1152, movile: (045) 33-1175-9632 3DJ - FOR RENT Tel: 765-2671 3DJ 0$1=$1,//29$&$7,215(17$/6 Tel: (314) 100-6773 or (314) 125-28173DJ - RENTAL LOCATERS Tel: 766-5202 Pag: 42 - SANTANA RENTALS Cell: 315-104-3283, Pag: 49 - VILLAS DEL SOL Tel: 766-1152 Pag: 49

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Saw you in the Ojo 55


FOR SALE: Hitch for a U Haul trailer, used a few years ago only once to haul a trailer coming from the U.S. down here. Can haul up to 2000 lbs. Current website shows the price for a new hitch at $170 U.S. I would sell it for $100 U.S. Call me at 766-3025 or write FOR SALE: 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander, 81k Miles, Loaded with Options and excellent condition. New struts and shocks. American plated. Price: $6,000. Call: 376-765-6570 :$17(' Pickuo/Scooter/Car. TRANSPORTATION needed badly. Car was totaled by drunk driver. Cheap please. marsmex@yahoo. com. FOR SALE: Black Side Mirrors for a Dodge SUV or Truck, Price: $500p each, new $76.95 USD each. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: 2001 Honda Civic EX. Mexican plated. White with gray interior. Great gas mileage. Clean. 118,000 km. Asking $65,000 pesos or best offer. English/Spanish spoken. Pictures sent upon request. Call: 33-1560-7390. FOR SALE: Cavalier 1994 azul metalico estandar 2 puertas austero 3 dueĂąos, buenas condiciones, detalles tapiceria, llantas, tablero, otros. Buena maquina, 6 cilindros, buena carrocerĂ­a. $22,000 a tratar. Debe $3,300 refrendos e infracciones. Dejo en 19,000 y tu pagas los adeudos. FOR SALE: Extremely low mileage, Mexican plated vehicle in excellent condition. Tinted windows. Front and rear bumper protection bars. Extra headlights on roof. Nissan warranty. FOR SALE: Mex. Plated â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08 Nissan Xtrail 4x2, 2.5 litres, 4 cylinder, 5 door, automatic transmission, panoramic sunroof. Price: $185,000. For more information email FOR SALE: Lincoln Aviator 2004, Mexican plated. Beautiful, looks like new. Mechanic A+. Well maintained. I go back to Canada so I will sell my car. The car is in the Ajijic-Chapala area, ready to go. Paperwork will be done at S&S. Call: 376-108-0475. FOR SALE: $ PRVW UHOLDEOH FDU ,QÂżQLWLÂśV luxury model, Q-45 in nice clean condition. Mostly long distance miles. Oil changed every 3, 333 miles. New battery, brakes and tires. Engine clean and dry. Insurance value $4,000. SD plates. Price: $2,000 USD. Call: 331-2647881/ 106-0930. FOR SALE: Encosed utility carge trailer. U.S. Cargo enclosed utility trailer in excellent condition. 5x8x6. Price: $1000 USD. Call Olga 387-761-0514.


FOR SALE: Logitech Trackman Mouse, T-BB18 New $35USD Used $100p.Call: 7654590. FOR SALE: Logitech Trackman Mouse, LOGITECH TRACKMAN MARBLE T CH11 TRACKBALL MOUSE New $35USD used $100p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Scaner Hp 2300c Seminuevo (OHVFiQHUGLJLWDOGHVXSHUÂżFLHSODQD+36FDQJet 2300C. Los botones rĂĄpidos automĂĄticos proporcionan escaneado y copiado a color, con una resoluciĂłn Ăłptica de 1200 ppp y color GHELWV7LSRGH6FDQQHU'LJLWDOGHVXSHUÂżcie plana ResoluciĂłn Ă&#x201C;ptica: 1200 x 1200 ppp Ă rea de DigitalizaciĂłn: 216 x 297 mm Niveles de escala de Grises: 256 Colores disponibles: Plata $650 pesos. FOR SALE: Impresora HP PhotoSmart 7550. tecnologĂ­a photoret iv. Llega a imprimir hasta 12 pĂĄginas por minuto en color, con una resoluciĂłn de 4,800 x 1,200 puntos por pulgada y en negro 17 pĂĄginas por minuto. Las cuatro ranuras que lleva leen casi todas


las tarjetas de memoria y todos los tipos de PHGLR FRPSDFW Ă&#x20AC;DVK VPDUW PHGLD PXOWLPHdia, secure digital,y memory stick. Se puede imprimir desde las cĂĄmaras digitales hp, sin la necesidad del ordenador. En la parte delantera de la impresora tienes la pantalla lcd. Precio $850 pesos. FOR SALE: Panasonic DMC-FS3. Excelente cĂĄmara digital de 8 mega pixeles con una resoluciĂłn excelente. Precio: $2,650 pesos. FOR SALE: Dell S-Video TV Out Adapter Cable DP N 044CTV C/O CN Rev A00 Price: $100 pesos. FOR SALE: Kit De 6 Cables Para Proyector. Numero de parte Dell: X1853 Este kit es compatible con proyector Dell 2200MP y puede ser que funcione con otros proyectores. Consiste en: cable Stereo 3.5 mm , adaptador de grĂĄÂżFRV GH 9LGHR FDEOH &RPSRQHQWH FDEOH GH video-RCA, cable USB cable y un cable S-Video. No incluye el cable VGA-RCA que normalmente viene en el kit. Precio: 340.00 pesos. FOR SALE: SeĂąalador apuntador laser a control remoto RC LASER POINTER V-108 nuevo sin usar en su caja. Para uso en juntas, conferencias, clases. DiseĂąo simple y conveniente. alcance de 15 metros para control remoto. 200 metros para la luz del laser. funciĂłn de avance y retroceso de pagina. se conecta por USB. no requiere drivers. soporta Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Linux & Mac OS. Dimensiones: 11.9 x 1.4cm. Peso 60g. Baterias: 3 LR44. Precio: $390.00 pesos. FOR SALE: SeĂąalador apuntador Leedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Laser Presenter Pointer Power Point USB controller 1650-41sl. Nuevo sin usar. para uso en juntas, conferencias, clases. Dispositivo pequeĂąo que permite controlar su computadora/laptop remotamente con la pluma/seĂąalador/apuntador cuando se conecta por el USB al equipo. Tiene cronometro y reloj y funcion de scrolling del mouse. Solo conecta y usa. Baterias: 3 LR44. Precio: $325.00 pesos. FOR SALE: Dell HDTV Molex-HDTV-Component-to-DVI-304pin-Cable-4287216001. DVI-3 RCA M1-DA to 3 RCA VIDEO SPLITTER P/N:42.87216.001-A Length:1.8M Conditions:New. Precio: $260.00 pesos. FOR SALE: Cable de video VGA 6 pies de largo Golden Bridge E156437 Style 2990 30V Low Voltage 15M/15M COMPUTER VGA MONITOR CABLE-6FT LONG - Black. Nuevo. Se usan para conectar cualquier monitor VGA a un equipo de computo o proyector. 6pies 15Pin S-VGA Monitor Cable. VGA / SVGA. Male to Male Connectors. Molded. Magnetically Shielded. Precio: $350.00 pesos. FOR SALE: Abit desktop computer.4Meg memory, 250Meg, hard drive, 2 dvd drives, 500 watt power supply, no monitor. XP pro system. Full documentation. Price: $1,800 pesos. Call: 766-4694. FOR SALE: Laptop Dell D630 para el hueso. Le falla el chipset de video. Ofrece. Laptop Dell D630 Seminueva Disco duro de 150GB, pantalla 14.1 pulgadas, Procesador Intel Core 2 Duo a 2.0GHZ, Memoria Ram de 2GB Expandible hasta 4GB, Quemador de CD y DVD, :LÂż/HFWRUGHWDUMHWDV6PDUW&DUGLQWHJUDGR Trusted Platform Module 1.2 y lector de huellas digitales, Puerto serial, conector de acoplamiento, 4 USB, VGA, salida para auriculares/ altavoz, RJ-11, RJ-45, energĂ­a CA, micrĂłfono integrado. Con cargador. Te dejo la mochila gratis incluida. Precio: $2,800 pesos. FOR SALE: Roku 2 HD streaming Unit. View hundreds of free movies, newscasts and subscription sporting events. Works through your internet router and existing TV. View www. for details. I bought two units but I only need one. Price for the unused Roku 2 is $60 USD or $750 pesos. Call: 376-763-5126. FOR SALE: Cordless mouse and keyboard.

El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

new, never used. Precio: $360.00 pesos. Call: 766- 5686. FOR SALE: KINDLE FIRE HD plus jacket. Paid $560 3 month ago-Barely used. Price: $300 UD. Call: 376-76-53796. :$17(' Wanted to buy. Epson Stylus Photo R1800 or Epson 2200 in good condition. Prints on 13x19â&#x20AC;? paper. FOR SALE: Used backpacks for Laptops, brand Ping and Dell. Price: $490 pesos. FOR SALE: Fuchsia Hard-shell Case for Mac, Sin usar. Las compre en USA para un familiar pero su Lap no es la Aluminium Unibody. Cubiertas Hardshell Case for Aluminium Unibody MacBook Pro 13â&#x20AC;?. Transparent Fuchsia Price: $590 pesos.


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: transport. Driving to Vancouver or Calgary Canada?? Do you have room to take a dog with you. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to a new home and unfortunately the airlines wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take him during the summer months. We would be happy to pay for this service. Want more info......please call me 376-765-3147. FOR SALE: Outward Bound Pet Car Seat. Price: $250 pesos. Call: 765-4590. Beautiful good natured Puppy. This beautiful female poodle is available now at Lucky Dog. She is approximately 10 months old, weighs about 6 kilos, and will be spayed today. Her name is Nieve, and her human went NOB and didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take her along. Wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you give her a home?. $300 peso donation fee. :$17(' A loving home for a furry girl. Due to my health, Maggie needs someone to love her and provide a good home. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been spayed, recently vaccinated,and wormed. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very sweet, good natured. It kills me to have to give her up. FOR SALE:  JROG ÂżVK DQG D OLOO\ 3DLG SHVRVIRUÂżVKDQGOLO\ZLOOVHOOIRU pesos. FOR SALE: Dog Kennel- Pet Mate Deluxe. Premium kennel for small to medium dog. Has grilles for windows, opening/ removable grille door top can separate easily from bottom to make an open dog bed. Price: $500 pesos. FOR SALE: French Poodle Puppies Cachorro. 2 meses. dame solo lo de sus gastos: parto, cola cortada, desparasitada, vacuna, comida. Tienen su carnet. Solo quedan 2 hembras y 1 macho, son muy cariĂąosos y juguetones compaĂąero de juegos perfecto para los niĂąos; te lo puedo llevar a tĂş casa. Checalos sin compromiso. Los venden de $1,000 a $1,500; yo solo para sacar los gastos $600. Precio: $990.00 pesos. FOR SALE: chestnut gelding. 11 year old, Ă&#x20AC;D[HQ PDQH DQG WDLO  KDQGV ([FHOOHQW trail horse--goes everywhere. Not spooky. Rides out alone or with a group. Will walk quietly if other horses run ahead. Not afraid of WUDFWRUVEXVHVWUXFNVÂżUHZRUNVRURWKHUORXG noises. Moving to Ensenada--cannot take him with me! Price: $500.00. Call: 376-106-0627.


FOR SALE: Jaccuzzi 5-8 personas. Modelo Faenza Esparta. En vende despuĂŠs nueva construcciĂłn. Ajijic centro. Precio: $12,000. Pesos. :$17(' Exercise Bike. in good condition. Contact Roz in Ajijic at 766-0867 or email FOR SALE: KITCHEN SCALE. Digital. Range: 0-11 lbs, 0-5,000 grams (precision 1 gr). New, never used, but box open. Duplicated wedding present. White color, LCD screen. Price: $26.00 USD. FOR SALE: MICROWAVE / CONVECTION KENMORE OVEN 1.5 cu.ft. DIGITAL. Used but well cared, includes Recipe / Instruction

book, temperature sensor, delivered to your place.Settings: MICRO 0-100 %, CONVECTION 120-450 F.External dim.: 15â&#x20AC;? x 18â&#x20AC;? x 24â&#x20AC;? Internal dim.: 10 7/8â&#x20AC;? x 14â&#x20AC;? x 15 1/4â&#x20AC;?. Price: 150.00 USD. :$17('a stationary bicycle in good condition, used or new. FOR SALE: â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;FREESPIRITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 2 in 1 ROWER/ INCUMBENT BIKE exercise combination. Folds up for convenient storage. Bought in Canada but rarely used - like new. Automatically scans speed, distance, time, calorie and pulse, using 2 AA batteries. Ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Manual included. Price: 2,500 pesos. Call: 376-7662985. FOR SALE: Dishwasherâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;industrial, Hobart â&#x20AC;&#x153;under the counterâ&#x20AC;? LX30 Commercial Dishwasher. Wash cycle: 85 seconds/150° F (66°C), rinse cycle: 10 seconds, 180° F (82° C). In excellent condition. $2,000 US, or best offer. Call at: 376-765-4521 or e-mail at: FOR SALE: Complete set of TaylorMade R580 (Titanium woods) Golf clubs and bag paid $3000 in 2008 and played only about 20 times; would leave it at $800 USD. Please contact Yvon Belair at 376-108-0475. :$17(' Newly arrived - just signed a rental agreement, move in on the 5th of July. Need dishes, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, linens (twin & matrimonial), blankets, pillows, towels, desk, washing machine, fans, and refrigerator. Living on disability - so as inexpensive as possible, please. FOR SALE: :D\ÂżQGHU 9 'LJLWDO 9HKLcle Compass Thermometer. Price: $300p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje 4000. this is for 2 whole house voltage regulators. Price: $1,500p each. Call: 7654590. FOR SALE: Super Jack Garage Door Opener Complete with arms and 2 keychain remotes, includes manual. Price: $2,000p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Green Table Cover for game playing surface Dia 34â&#x20AC;? Price: $50p. Call: 7654590. FOR SALE: Aqua Plus Water Filtration SysWHPZLWKH[WUDQHZÂżOWHUV3ULFHS&DOO 765-4590. FOR SALE: Weight Bench with bar and weights. Price: $1,000p Excellent condition. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Heavy Duty Lawn Furniture Covers nice green. Price: $200p each. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Magnalite Professional GHC Cookware 8 piece set well seasoned. WIth handle covers on all pans. Price: $1,000p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Heavy duty 3 tiered cart stainless steel from Home Depot. Price: $800p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: COMPLETE SHAW SYSTEM. Receiver, 2 remotes, cable, dish w/ dual LNB, with the possibility of piggy back programing with a local Ajijic couple. $100.00 USD or peso equivilent. Also, very beautiful 55â&#x20AC;? LONG TABLE with beveled edge glass top for sale. 250 pesos. SURGE PROTECTOR. We have one too many. 300 pesos. Paid 500.00 for it. Call: 7665019. FOR SALE: GarrafĂłn Agua Bonafont Pet 20 Litros Vacio. Tengo 4 en perfecto estado que ya no usare. $40 c/u o sea 20% debajo de su costo. FOR SALE: Despachador papel Junior Kimberly color humo diseĂąo practico fabricado con plĂĄstico ABS, que proporcionara durabilidad y resistencia, cuenta con una segueta plĂĄstica para cortar el papel de una manera fĂĄcil y rĂĄ-

pida. Perfecto para cualquier negocio como UHVWDXUDQWHV\HGLÂżFLRVS~EOLFRV/DUJRFP Alto: 27.5 cm. Ancho: 12 cm. Precio: $726 grs $250 pesos. FOR SALE: Looking for a carrier for the back of a car for a wheelchair or bicycle. Must be able to securely attach to the rear of a 2011 Honda CRV. Need it to carry a wheelchair to the U.S. Any fair price. Please contact Raphael via emial at: FOR SALE: Banco tubular con asiento tapizado en vinipiel blancos. Ideal para uso en barras de cocina. barras de bar. cafeterias. stands. mostradores. locales comerciales. Tengo 6. Casi siempre se usaron con funda. Estan como nuevos. Precio:$300 pesos c/u. FOR SALE: six boxes of 4X4 off white tiles. Also one box of matching decorative tiles. Price: $250 pesos per box. FOR SALE: Beautiful ladies desk. Perfect to be use any where. Can be used as a hall table. Also two beautiful lamps. Price: $1,800 pesos. FOR SALE: Beautiful ornate chest of drawers. Made by local craftsmen. A real asset to any home. Use as a sideboard or dresser for the bedroom. Price: $6,000 pesos. FOR SALE: &OHDQLQJ RXW P\ RYHUĂ&#x20AC;RZLQJ bookshelves. Hundreds of Hardbacks, Lg size & reg.paperbacks, Authors include James Patterson; Anita Shreve; Patricia Cornwall; Sandra Brown; Ken Follett; Dan Brown; Phillipa Gregory; Ayn Rand, and many more. Email me at for a complete list of offering. 10 book mĂ­nimum order. HB=12pes; LG=9pes; Reg=7pes. Upper Ajijic-easy parking for pick-up. MOVING SALE: Decorative wrought Iron w/ glass top patio table. Made in Jocotepec, top is 20â&#x20AC;?x37â&#x20AC;?, Stands 18â&#x20AC;? high: $300p. Macetas by â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alexâ&#x20AC;? in El Chante, 2 Lg. w/Elefante pattern, one w/very Lg. Scheffalera, one w/â&#x20AC;?Roseâ&#x20AC;? type thornless cactus. Others have ferns and colorful plants (names?), All macetas have metal stands. $Bargain prices. Photos on request. Contact: MOVING SALE: Tea Kettle, whistling, chrome/black: $200p Elec. Htrs. (2): $100p ea. or both $150p Macetas by â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alexâ&#x20AC;? in El Chante w/plants Prices vary but all Low. photos on request. Contact by email please; doslocos9@ FOR SALE: Wt. Bench & Barbell w/spin on collars. Seat of bench is reinforced, Weights are2- 5 lb & 4-3 lb plates. Price: $1,000 pesos. Please reply to: MOVING SALE: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kingsdownâ&#x20AC;? Kingsize Body Blend mattress w/mattress cover (2) box springs, frame w/short legs. Bought at â&#x20AC;&#x153;DormiMundoâ&#x20AC;? $11,000p Allows you to move unlike â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Memory foamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;/Tempurpedic. Like sleeping on a cloud! Check it our on google. Futon, black steel frame, Navy Blue/Floral pattern pad $2,000p. Lg. 2 pc. Ent. Cntr. handmade by Mexico Rustico $3,500p (paid $5,000p). Dresser, 6 full drawers w/glide rollers, also by Mexico Rustico $2,000p. Drafting Table, full size $1,200p (paid $1,650p in Guad). Pls. reply to: photos on request. FOR SALE: 2 bottle water stand, Surge protector, Patio table/4 chairs and umbrella, Wrought Iron picture frame, Plants, candles and holders, hangers, tea kettle, ZDIĂ&#x20AC;H PDNHU  IW &KULVWPDV WUHHPLVF Christmas items, lights, etc., toaster, crock pots, Misc. fabric, clear plastic containers, table w/ beveled edge glass top 55â&#x20AC;? X 18½â&#x20AC;?, FUDIWVLONĂ&#x20AC;RZHUV-XQHWK6DWXUGD\XQtil 3:00. Venusiano Carranza 17ÂŞ Ajijic. FOR SALE: Medications. Not outdated. Lipitor 80mg(Name brand and generic). #100, price is 1/2 of pharmacy. Plavix 75mg, #100. Price 1/2 of pharmacy. :$17(' Beaded Curtain. for single doorway. Phone: 331 319 1012 or email FOR SALE: Used for two years. Electric wheelchair, Invacare Pronto M94 complete with manual, extra braces for legs, charging system. 25 miles to each charge. New lists $6,900 USD. Good Condition. Price: $3,000 USD, negotiable within limits. BEST OFFER FOR: Solar Energy. Gift &HUWLÂżFDWH ZRUWK  86 IRU %RVFK 6RODU Module c-Si M 60 NA30117. Will Sell for US $ 300.00 or best offer. Call 765-7010. FOR SALE: We bought a stationary spin-

ning bicycle for $3,000 pesos. We are moving back to Canada. Great exercise! Used 2 times. Beautiful red and grey body, with chromed wheel covers. Price: 800 MXN. e mail: martin. FOR SALE: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kirklandâ&#x20AC;? Dog foodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;dry. I have ONE dog, but I bought enough food for 20. Price: $375 pesos-less than half Price. Call: 766-3826. FOR SALE: Barbed wire, new roll see it in Upscale Resale, nr Maskaras clinic. Tel: 1060882. FOR SALE: Kit de seguridad con cĂĄmaras y Sistema avanzado de circuito cerrado de televisiĂłn H.264 con DVR (grabador de video digital) inteligente con 4 cĂĄmaras para video vigilancia 24 x 7 de su casa o negocio. El DVR incluye disco duro SATA preinstalado de 500GB para 1 aĂąo de grabaciĂłn. Price: 4,900 pesos. :$17(' I need a large used refrigerator, the color is not important or if it has scratches. Just in good used condition. Also need used freezer. FOR SALE: Shisha Hookah de 27 centĂ­metros de una sola manguera. Precio: $290 pesos. FOR SALE: Impermeabilizante, 3 buckets of white Fester 10 year roof sealer. Fester cost $2,340 pesos. I purchased too much. For sale at $1,200 pesos each. Call: 766-4694. FOR SALE: Prindle 16 w trailer. Main sail and trampoline are almost new. Pontoons and all rigging in new condition. Price: 18,000P Call: 01-387-761-0125. FOR SALE: 6DLOERDW &ODVVLF 6XQÂżVK Âżberglass day sailer for sale complete with two ZKHHOWUDLOHU0XOWLFRORUVDLO$QHZVXQÂżVKLV priced at $42,000 pesos but this one is available for $14,000 pesos. Call 376-763-5126. :$17(' I am looking for over the ear headphones (like Sennheiser or Sony) for watching TV. FOR SALE: Beautiful metal piece to hang on wall is 4 feet wide and 3 feet high. Very colorful and in as-new condition. 2 years old. It is WURSLFDO ÂżVK DQG , FDQ HPDLO D SKRWR LI \RXÂśUH interested. Price: $2,000 pesos. :$17(' Jobs for Have Hammers! Please bring us your custom carpentry jobs... large & small! Need some shelves? a pantry? maybe a table? Reasonable prices PLUS you are Supporting the School! Call: 376-766-4830. FOR SALE: We are selling furniture from our show suite and doing a new one for 2013/2014 season. Items below cost. You can see them at FOR SALE: Sofa, clean-line contemporary style, ready for re-upholstery, or use existing denim slipcover. Was custom-made by Metropolitan in SF--expensive when new--high-quality materials. Price: 2,500 pesos OBO. Call: 766-1043 FOR SALE: Various Items. Shaw system DSR401MN - GEN INST - DISH AND Remote. Replica of Mexican show, dancing horse, approx 3 feet tall-3 feet long-unique hand carved saddle sitting upon black leather blanket, embroidered in gold all around, genuine leather cinches, stirrups, leather headgear and reins, real horses hair tale-mounted on pedestal, UHSOLFD RI EULOOLDQW ÂżJKWLQJ URRVWHUPDGH IURP metal, stands 3 feet high, great for home or garden. Call: JOHNNY 766-2210. FOR SALE: Espejo de baĂąo con botiquĂ­n en dos puertas y 4 cajones usado. Tiene 1 metro de ancho, 70 centĂ­metros de alto y 14 centĂ­metros de profundidad. Tiene tres sockets para luz. La parte de las puertas mide 56 centĂ­metros de alto y 26 centĂ­metros de ancho cada puerta y la parte de los cajones mide 23 centĂ­metros de ancho por 7 centĂ­metros de alto. En $890. FOR SALE: Lavabo con llave mezcladora y mueble, usado, remodele baĂąos y ya no lo usare, 60 centĂ­metros de ancho, 50 centĂ­metros profundidad, y 85 centĂ­metros de alto. En $390. FOR SALE: WC usado rosa, sin asiento, remodele baĂąos en otro color y ya no se usara PDVWUDHVLVWHPDGXDOĂ&#x20AC;XVKSDUDDKRUUDUDJXD En $340. FOR SALE: someone to share my Mailbox at MBE. Cost is Aprox. $10. per Month. Call: Jerry at 766-0397. FOR SALE: Camara Digital PowerShot

ELPH300 Roja casi nueva semiprofesional 12.1 Megapixeles con sensor CMOS Zoom optico de 5x Video Full HD (1920 x 1080) diseĂąo compacto, moderno y elegante compatible con nuevas tarjetas SDXC, y tarjetas Eye-Fi. Ancho 9.14 cms, alto 5.58 cms, peso 141 gramos con pila y memoria (no incluye memoria). Price: $1,900 pesos. FOR SALE: Car Top Carrier. Like New. Holds 18 cubic feet plus of stuff! Brand: Sport Rack Includes lock and u-bolts. Price: $2,000 pesos. FOR SALE: Furniture stuff. Sofa rustic and opens into a twin sofa bed $2,000 pesos. TV and 5 DVD changer $1,200 pesos, TV is 21 inch with remote. Also other 21 inch color TV with remote $700 pesos. Equipale table and 6 chairs each with cushion $3,000 pesos. Bedroom set, dresser, 2 end tables and matrimonial bed and frame $3,000 pesos. corner rustic cabinet / bookshelf $1,500 pesos. Glass rustic coffee table $1,000 pesos. FOR SALE: 5HĂ&#x20AC;HFWLYH *ODVV 7LOHV/LQHUV Daltiles GR11 361P/GR11 161P (Blue Lagoon) Tiles - 76.2 mm x 152.4 mm (3â&#x20AC;? x 6â&#x20AC;?) Liners = 25.4 mm x 152.4 mm (1â&#x20AC;? x 6â&#x20AC;?) 80 SQ FT - 7.43 SQ Mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Included: Non-sanding Grout and sealer. Price: $ 15 US per SQ FT. FOR SALE: Outdoor Lounge Chairs. Hampton Bay (Home Depot name brand) outdoor lounge chairs, rust proof aluminum frame, fully welded construction, all weather cushions. Have 2 for sale at $1,800.00 pesos each. Will email pictures on request. Call: 766-5686 FOR SALE: Koblenz all-purpose canister vacuum still in original box--never used. Picks up wet and dry debris, handy air blower to inĂ&#x20AC;DWHPDWWUHVVHVEDOORRQVHWF/LJKWZHLJKWDQG easy to use. Added bonus: unblocks backed up drains in seconds. Price: $998 pesos. Call 765-7629. FOR SALE: Pop up camper. used, very serYLFHDEOHFDPSHUÂżWVVKRUWEHGSLFNXSVHOIFRQtained, rustic but cute. Call for details. Steve 766 -3576. FOR SALE: Tequila Patron. I just saw a promo and ajusted my prices: 2 from XO CafĂŠ $290 each; 12 from Silver $495 each; 12 from Reposado $545 each; 12 from AĂąejo $590 each; and 3 from Platinum $2,950 each. FOR SALE: 9-Volt Batteries. Brand new package of Energizer Industrial 9-Volt batteries. Price: $200p. Call: 765-4590. :$17('hiv medicine, do you have some extra hiv medicine you would like to share or sell, or can you bring it from USA or Canada, please contact me (itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not easy to get it here in Mexico). FOR SALE: Electric Smoker that could be converted. 15â&#x20AC;? cooking diameter. Price: $300p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: 3â&#x20AC;? King Size foam pad 72â&#x20AC;? x 72â&#x20AC;?. Price: $350p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: Fireplace Screen. 26â&#x20AC;? in diameter very unique. Price: $350p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: 4 new Watair Atmospheric Water Generators. Makes pure (hot and cold) water from the air all around us. Simplemente crea agua pura del aire (caliente y frio) que estĂĄ a nuestro alrededor. -- $1,000.00 US each or best offer. FOR SALE: Stove- US Range cast iron and stainless steel 4 burner stove with griddle, in great condition. Price: $1,200 US or best offer. Call at: 376-765-4521 or e-mail at: FOR SALE: Bride wedding dress. Vestido de Novia talla tipo 30/32 De $24,000 a solo $15,000. Usado una sola vez en Octubre de 2012. Importado. FOR SALE: Water pressurizer 3/4 HP. HidroneumĂĄtico- Bomba centrĂ­fuga horizontal ESPA PRISMA 15-3M DiseĂąadas para la presurizaciĂłn de viviendas domĂŠsticas. Destaca por operaciĂłn extremadamente silenciosa y capacidad auto aspirante hasta 2 m. $2,500 pesos. FOR SALE: CĂĄmara digital Samsung 10.2 mega pixeles es55 rosa 3X zoom 6.3-6.318.9MM pila recargable. Precio: $600. FOR SALE: Horno de Microondas Sharp R410DW Carousel 1.3 pies Exterior Fondo: 44.8cms. Alto: 31.5cms Ancho: 55.1 cms. Precio: $900 pesos. FOR SALE: GPS Mio s305 v2 packed. Price: $1,000 pesos.

FOR SALE: B.c. Rich Kerry King Metal Master Warlock Electric Guitar. Like new. Price: $3,500 pesos. FOR SALE: HAYWARD Power-Flo II PUMP Made in USA Volts 115 Horse Power 1.0 price new $4,890 pesos asking $2,000 pesos. Call: 376-766-0149 FOR SALE: Taser/Stun Gun. 7.8 Million volts. NON-LETHAL and 100% legal in Mexico. 7KLVZLOOGURSDQ\PDQDQGWKHVRXQGĂ&#x20AC;DVKZLOO make most back off. It will also stop dogs (they hear the ZAP sound and stop in their tracks. I have two. Price: $475. FOR SALE: Color Shield hair conditioner. Garnier Nutrisse Fortifying Color Shield CondiWLRQHUIRUFRORUWUHDWHGKDLUĂ&#x20AC;R] PO  Rated 5 stars out of 5 to protect color while nourishing hair. Qty 4. Price: $112 pesos each. FOR SALE: SAMSUNG 27â&#x20AC;? TV. Silver With remote and manual. Price: $1,500 pesos. Call: 765-7123. FOR SALE: Wheeled clothes racks. Two Black iron 75â&#x20AC;?High x 72â&#x20AC;? long very maneuverable clothes racks. Price: $1,200 pesos each. Call: 765-7123. FOR SALE: Inversion Table. Professional anti-gravity inversion table for athletes and rehabilitation of the spine and brain blood circulation. Price: $3,200 pesos. Call: 765-7123. FOR SALE: Covered wardrobe rack. Chrome shelving on wheels with two zipper cover. $2,500 pesos. Call: 765-7123 FOR SALE: 3 pieces iron patio set. 2ft 6 inch diam glass table top. 3 seater couch with cushions.2 seater couch with cushions. Price: $3,000 pesos. Call: 765-7123. FOR SALE: Double bed AA condition, mattress: Ortopedico Stelaris, little used. Includes wooden base, headboard and night table. Price: $5,000 pesos. Tel: 766-3550. FOR SALE: SHOWER PANEL mod A030A with 3 sprinkles and waterfall on top of it, massages your body while having a bath, still in box. Price: $1,900. E-mail: leopoldoernesto@ â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 376-766-1833. FOR SALE: LITTLE GIANT submersible pump never used, removes water to 1/8 of surface I have the invoice as well. Price: $1,600. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 376-7661833. FOR SALE: Scalex Device, Distance & Map Measuring Tool for Construction Estimating. The perfect measuring device for Architects and engineers. Also good for blueprints. Price: $100 p. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: 2 wireless phones, one phone is 1 year old and the other is 5 years old. I have upgraded to a more extensive system. Both are in good working order. Any reasonable offer accepted. FOR SALE: Construction Master Pro Model 4060 This little gadget does everything. $300 Pesos. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: KYB Rear gas shock absorbers IRU&KU\VOHU0LQLYDQVÂżWV3ULFH $400 pesos. Call: 765-4590. FOR SALE: 2 very nice but unused metal chaise lounges, verdigris greenish blue with adjustable backs and wheels, complete with cushions. $125 US each or peso equivalent. Call: 766-2266 FOR SALE: I have a box of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Recover onâ&#x20AC;? Acido Acexamico medication (crystals). There are 10 packets in one box. I opened the box, but did not use the medication or open any of the 10 packets. Cost $897.30 MXN. Since I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t end up using it, perhaps someone else could? Would like to get $500 MXN if possible, or make an offer. FOR SALE: 27â&#x20AC;? Philco. Silver in Color. Price: $1,200 pesos. Call: 765-4275. FOR SALE: US Range cast iron and stainless steel 4 burner stove with griddle; Price: $1,200 US. Please call (376-765-4521) or email me ( FOR SALE: Oval wooden dining room table; Price: $250 US, or best offer. 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 3 1/2â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Please call (376-765-4521) or e-mail me ( FOR SALE: The John Frieda JFHA Hot Air Brush has 2 heat settings plus cool shot. Titanium ceramic coated barrel gives safe, even heat with no damaging hot spots. Price: $475 pesos. Call 765-7629.

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El Ojo del Lago / July 2013

El Ojo del Lago - July 2013  

Ajijic and Chapala newspaper devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.

El Ojo del Lago - July 2013  

Ajijic and Chapala newspaper devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.