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El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

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Carol Bowman takes a look at the life and times of Eva Peron, a woman who is still a legend in most of the countries throughout Latin America.



/RLV 6FKURႇ UHYLHZV RQH RI WKH PRVW popular (and helpful!) books of all time, Dr. M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled.


Dr. Lorin Swinehart’s moving account about what happened to Jesus’s apostles after Calvary. Regardless of one’s religious denomination, one has to be deeply impressed with the love and loyalty of some of those who had been closest to Christ during his life on Earth.


John Comando, relatively late in life, feels like he’s in high school again as he ruefully reviews the local social scene—and concludes that some people simply have way too much time on their hands.


&KULVW\:LVHPDQ¿QGVWKDWPRYLQJRQ after a great personal loss can have its humorous side—especially if there are RႇVSULQJZKRVXGGHQO\DFWOLNHSDUHQWV toward their own surviving parent.

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Ruth Fisher takes on a tough task: writing a funny poem about a very bad smell—and succeeds at it!

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El Ojo del Lago / April 2016


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(Photo: Faith in Action: Two teenagers, 16 and 18, about to hang in Iran under Sharia law for homosexuality committed when they were 14 and 16.) “One is absolutely sickened, not by the crimes that the wicked have committed, but by the punishments that the good have inflicted.” –Oscar Wilde

“Church And State” The separation of church and state was one of the great achievements of the European Enlightenment, of which the United States is an offspring. The struggle began in the Middle Ages. The Church had enormous power and landholdings. Popes could force obedience from kings through the power of excommunication. An excommunicated king lost his subjects’ obedience and allegiance. Northern German kings longed to be free from Vatican control and they saw Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation as their ticket. Catholics saw the Protestant Reformation as a threat and so began a series of devastating religious wars that lasted 124 years, from 1524 to 1648. The Enlightenment concept that government’s power comes from the consent of the governed was a profound shift from the belief that it came from God in the form of divine right of kings and the pope as the Vicar of Christ. The consent of the governed has become the foundation theory of western democracies. The Church was on the wrong side in the French Revolution (17891799) by being allied with the landholding aristocrats. The Revolution confiscated Church property and sold the lands to pay the public debt. By 1796, Napoleon was in control and he defeated the pope’s army. Napoleon even arrested a couple of popes. Mexican history also weakened the Church. The Constitution of 1857


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

took Church property, reduced the Church’s role in public education and the keeping of birth, marriage, and death records. President Venustiano Carranza strengthened the laws against the Church in 1917, leading to the Cristero Rebellion, Mexico’s own religious wars. The development of the scientific method coincided with Enlightenment political ideas. Discoveries by scientists such as Galileo and Darwin directly challenged Church teachings. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were instrumental in breaking Anglican political power in Virginia because of Anglican persecution of the Baptists and others, and their power to tax citizens. This was part of Madison’s résumé for separation of church and state when he wrote the Constitution. It was surely a betrayal of the Enlightenment and the Constitution when “one nation under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” became our national motto. There are groups in America that are trying to impose biblical law on the land. “Re-constructionist” Christians, for example, favor a return to biblical law that includes stoning to death. County Clerk Kim Davis could not distinguish between the legislated marriage laws of the state and the church sacrament of marriage. As far as the state is concerned, marriage is a legal contract that deals with property, children, sickness, taxes, etc. The state has no religious interest in mar-

riage and couples may marry in any church – or in no church at all. Nothing required Kim Davis to attend or officiate at church wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples. But she must issue marriage licenses in the county office, because that is the business of the state and taxpayers give her $80,000 a year to do the public business. Furthermore, Kim Davis took a binding oath to support the Constitution, the same constitution that established the Supreme Court with which she now disagrees. Her oath was to execute the office of County Clerk according to law, not according to her religion. She had the option of resigning. The question of same-sex marriage is now settled law, a right protected by the Constitution. Kim Davis was violating the constitutional rights of others by imposing her peculiar religious belief onto public law. The freedom to swing her fist ends where another citizen’s nose begins. Kim Davis has betrayed the European Enlightenment, the evolution of English common law in America, and the Constitution. Her religious beliefs may rule within the walls of her church. But as soon as she steps away from the church door, the pub-

lic laws of America reign supreme and she must comply like any other citizen. The Treaty of Tripoli states that “the United States is in no way a Christian nation.” The Senate passed it unanimously and President John Adams signed it. Kim Davis needs to crawl out of the Dark Ages and progress at least as far as1797 and the Treaty of Tripoli. Fred Mittag

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THE MANY FACES OF EVA (e.g., Eva Maria Ibarguren, Maria Eva de Duarte, Eva Perón, Evita, and Maria Maggi) %\&DURO/%RZPDQ


have just one valuable possession; the love that my people have for me. Shed no tears for me.” This line, said by Evita to her adoring citizens during her last days, sparked the words for the enduring song, ‘Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.” On July 26th, 2002, exactly 50 years after her death, Eva Perón’s, great niece, Cristina Alvarez Rodriquez, inaugurated the Evita Museum in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Housed in the mansion which Eva bought in 1948, restored and designated as the location of El Hogar de Transito, a shelter for women and children with no resources, the interactive museum creates an atmosphere


where people can understand the life of the most important woman in Argentina’s history. I visited the Museo Evita recently and watched actual film footage, as Eva Perón, always the proverbial actress, reinvented herself from birth to death. Her assortment of names represented the role she was playing and

El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

her audience. It began when influential businessman, Juan Duarte fathered five children with Eva’s mother, Juana Ibarguen, despite his being married to another woman at the time. As per Argentine law, illegitimate children didn’t have the same rights as offspring of married parents. When Eva’s father died, his ‘second family’ was barred from attending the formal funeral. Duarte’s wife had no intention of allowing her husband’s mistress and his bastard children the legitimacy they deserved. Duarte, who had financially supported Juana, left her destitute. In his will, he granted her children the use of his name after his death. Eva never forgot or forgave the humiliation and poverty she, her siblings and her mother suffered. According to biographers, Marysa Navarro and Nicholas Fraser in their book, Evita—The Real Life of Eva Perón, Eva’s baptismal papers indicated Eva Maria Ibarguen, was born May 7, 1919. But when Eva married Colonel Juan Perón, her birth certificate read Maria Eva de Duarte, born May 7, 1922. Eva realized that a forged birth record that concealed her illegitimacy would be her only protection from her future husband’s military cohorts and political constituents. Ironically, Juan Perón’s birth certificate had also been forged. The fact that his parents were not married at the time of his birth would have denied him entry into the military. Juan’s grandmother, assisted by persons of influence, erased this damning evidence from his birth record. The document tampering allowed him entry into military school and Argentina’s army, where he attained rank of Colonel and head of Department of Labor. Had the birth facts for both Eva and Juan not been altered, the history of Argentina, as we know it, and the story of Evita would never have unfolded. General information about Eva’s penchant for acting, her escape to Buenos Aires from her impoverished family at the age of 15 and her gradual rise as a radio personality and film star are well known. Biographers Navarro and Fraser refute the notion that she fled with actor Augustin Magaldi, but report that Eva’s mother accompanied her to the audition. When Eva was awarded a radio contract, she remained in the capitol with family friends. In 1944, Eva met Colonel Perón at a government fundraiser to aid earthquake victims of a destroyed Andean city. Their attraction to one another proved immediate. Political turmoil erupted for Perón, imprisoned when the military junta feared his growing popularity with labor unions. Workers known as Los Descamisados, the shirtless ones, threatened national strikes

unless Perón was released. On October 17, 1945, he reunited with Eva, who had supported him throughout these turbulent times. Indebted to her devotion, Perón, 48, married Maria Eva de Duarte, 24 with her newly ‘edited’ identity, five days later on October 22, 1945. He ran for President of Argentina as head of his Perónista Party, and she became the first spouse in the country to campaign with the candidate, her husband. On Inauguration Day, June 4, 1946, the First Lady Eva Perón stood next to the President instead of behind him, a sight never seen by the Argentine people. As wife of the President, she asked to be known as ‘Eva,’ but as the person who would address the concerns of the public, she wanted to be called, ‘Evita.’ She became an adored, pop-culture figure overnight. As we proceeded through the museum, the full extent of Eva’s outreach of social programs to help the poor, the elderly, women and children unfolded. I understood Evita’s rise to iconic stature in the eyes and hearts of the people of Argentina with more clarity. In 1948, she inaugurated the Fundación Eva Perón, which became the keystone of her legacy. Monies from the foundation built 12 hospitals, a school of nursing, homes for the elderly and orphaned children. The Tren Sanitano, a train that traveled throughout Argentina, provided free vaccinations, medicines, x-rays and medical treatment to the poor along the route. She built ‘City Evita’ where destitute mothers and children could live in single family dwellings rather than in ramshackle tenements. She provided equipment and money so that children could participate in sports. Every year, the foundation gave away 200,000 bicycles, 500,000 sewing machines, shoes, pots and pans, common things that families needed. Evita spearheaded the suffrage movement to give women the right to vote and in 1951, Argentina’s Congress included elected female representatives for the first time. They were all Perónistas. After her diagnosis of cervical cancer in 1950, Evita worked longer hours, throwing herself deeper into the social needs of her people, perhaps sensing her fading time to help. Despite desperately wanting to run for Vice President alongside her husband during his bid for a second term, she withdrew because of her health. The obscure facts I learned about Evita’s life proved most interesting to me. Supported by biographers Navarro and Fraser, I offer a few: Eva Perón was the first woman on the cover of Time Magazine during her lifetime; she wore pants, she was Argentina’s only First Lady to stand next to the President in

the Official Portrait, she was the first person in Argentina to have chemotherapy, and to undergo a radical hysterectomy. During the May, 1952 parade through Buenos Aires to celebrate Juan Perón’s second inauguration, Eva was so weak that she wore a body cast of plaster and wire under her luxurious coat, so that she could sit upright. She weighed 82 pounds. Evita died on July 26, 1952 at the age of 33. Most jarring was the fact that Perón’s first wife also contracted cervical cancer and died at the age of 30. These two women, bound together to the same man at different times, met the same fate. It makes for a mysterious connection. Evita’s death caused more drama than her life. Several weeks prior to her demise, the Congress had awarded her the title of ‘Spiritual Leader of the Nation’ and indeed the public’s mourning reached epic proportions. They had lost their ‘angel of hope.’ Granted a State Funeral, previously reserved for heads of State and a Requiem Mass in the Cathedral, Evita’s body was embalmed and placed in a glass casket. Juan Perón intended that she would be on display forever. Three million people lined the streets on the day of the funeral, eight were crushed to death and 2,000 injured as the public rushed to be near the casket as it rolled by; every flower shop in Buenos Aires had been stripped bare and flowers from Chile had to be

flown in. The film footage of her funeral shown in the museum displayed these somber, striking images. During the construction of a memorial to showcase her body, Perón’s magic failed without Evita. A military coup overthrew him in 1955 and he fled, leaving Evita behind. The military junta stole her casket and it went missing for 16 years. In 1971, it was revealed that her body had been interned in a crypt in Milan, Italy under the name of Maria Maggi, yet another identity. The military government made it illegal to possess pictures of Juan and Eva, or even to speak their names. The government tried to erase Evita’s sainthood, but failed. Juan Perón returned to Argentina from exile in Spain in 1970 with his third wife, Isabella. He was elected President for a third term, and ironically his wife was elected Vice President. Eva’s dream became Isabella’s reality. Perón died after one year in office and his wife became the first woman President of any country in the Western Hemisphere. Isabella had Evita’s body returned to Argentina and she rests now in the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires in the Duarte family mausoleum. A steady stream of worshippers still leaves roses every day. Movie director Fabienne RoussoLenoir sums up the adoration that Evita still evokes in the Argentine people. He said, “In all of Latin America, only one woman has aroused an emotion, devotion and faith comparable to those awakened by the Virgin of Guadalupe. In many homes, the image of Evita is on the wall, next to the Virgin.” Carol L. Bowman

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wish I had come across (back in the 80s) one of the seven million copies of The Road Less Traveled written by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M. D. (1936-2005).  As a single working mother struggling to raise two sons, I would have benefitted from its information about love. By trying to be both mother and father, I was conflicted between being a gentle woman and a disciplinarian. What I found intriguing in this book were Dr. Peck’s accounts of his patient’s life stories and how he (and they) learned the consequences of a lack of love in their troubled lives--especially love from their parents. He found that the absence of love is the major cause of mental illness and the presence of love is the essential healing ingredient. To quote Dr. Peck in his Introduction to the 25th Anniversary Edition: “Had The


Road been published twenty years previously, I doubt that it would have been even slightly successful. Even more important, the same was true for the practice of psychotherapy. The result was that by 1978 when it was originally published, a large number of people in

El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

the US were both psychologically and spiritually sophisticated and had begun to deeply contemplate ‘all the kinds of things that people shouldn’t talk about.’ They were almost literally waiting for someone to say such things out loud.� The nurturing ingredients recommended by Dr. Peck for developing love are obtained via self-discipline, i.e. delaying gratification, assuming responsibility, dedication to reality, and balancing. Practice leads to spiritually higher levels and thus to a more authentic love. Scott Peck postulated that there is a force toward evolution that pushes humanity to grow counter to its lethargy. He calls this force “love�—“the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.�  What are we growing toward? The author postulates the “terrifying idea� that we are growing to Godhood—to become like God (or like Christ). I also recommend the final two books written by Dr. Peck: People of the Lie and Glimpses of the Devil.  He determined that laziness, carried to its ultimate extreme, is evil. Truly evil people actively avoid extending themselves. Rather than nurturing others, they eventually destroy others in this cause—to the point of killing, if necessary. In these two books, psychiatrist Scott Peck called for a scientific investigation of evil, pos-

session, exorcism and related phenomena that persist in human consciousness.     His feeling was that: “(The) possibility of unification of religion and science is the most significant and exciting happening in our intellectual life today. But it is only just beginning. For the most part both the religious and the scientific remain in the self-imposed narrow frames of reference, each still largely blinded by its own particular type of tunnel vision‌â€? Lois Schroff

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Venice’s backstreets

Acres of cars are stacked within parking garages and lines of pedestrian passengers are streaming onto the ferry as the departure time to Venice approaches. The drive from Verona to Venice that began right after breakfast took less than two hours, which promises arrival in time for lunch at a Venetian trattoria. The Alps are still clearly visible for the first part of the drive, but the highway soon becomes a beeline across a coastal plain. It’s easy to see why Vene-



El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

tian forefathers fled this indefensible terrain and moved wholesale onto the islands of the lagoon. It’s doubtful, though, that they could have imagined how their swampy islands would one day become one of the world’s first post-Roman republics, or that it would become the pre-eminent economic and maritime power of its era and a bastion of the Italian Renaissance. Causeways connect Venice to the Italian mainland by rail and motor vehicle, but no cars, trucks, or busses are permitted beyond their city terminals. Getting around in Venice is strictly by water taxi or on foot. The ferry terminal not only connects Venice with the Ital3DOD]]RHQWU\ZD\9HQLFH,WDO\ ian mainland, but also to ports all up and down the Adriatic coast, and on to Greece. The very mention of Venice recalls the iconic images of its canals and its Piazza San Marco, but since two days afford ample time to see them – and other postcard sights – I first wander instead off the beaten path. Many of Venice’s most intimate and captivating spaces can be found along the pedestrian lanes that lace its islands. Walkways broken only by the largest canals follow pedestrian bridges over the smaller canals, but their loosely organized grid sometimes twists to follow


There’s a chance to grasp, if only fleetingly, a sense of how people defined community before they were isolated from each other by freeways and shopping malls and suburbs. At the end of this walkabout, I can think of no better place to emerge from the quiet alleyways than into the storied atmosphere of Harry’s Bar. Harry’s is the home both of carpaccio and the Bellini, and is also famous for its very dry (10:1) martini. Harry’s is at least as well known, though, for the unending stream of celebrities who have paraded through its doors since it opened in 1931.


Mark’s Square. Then it’s on to Padua.

the route of the waterways. Here, away from the friendly chaos of the canals, are quiet residential streets punctuated by family-owned shops and pocket piazzas. The scent of the sea and swarms of tourists are never far away, but within Venice’s labyrinth of narrow, stone lanes and alleys there is sense of serenity and timelessness. Wandering untethered to a parked car with no footsteps to retrace is a deliciously liberating experience.  On these small islands, it’s impossible to get lost for long. The lack of motorized vehicles necessarily slows the pace in Venice and allows the city to unfold before visitors in richly elegant slow motion. There’s time to fully absorb the colors and aromas. There’s time to linger for a longer look or to laze over a leisurely lunch or espresso.


Its guest book bears the signatures of Toscanini, Marconi, Somerset Maughan, Noel Coward, Charlie Chaplin, Barbara Hutton, Orson Welles, Truman Capote, Georges Braque and Peggy Guggenheim. Harry’s was also a favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s and other fans have included Alfred Hitchcock, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Aristotle Onassis, and Woody Allen. Still ahead to see in Venice: The fabled canals and the Piazza San Marcos – St. Antonio RamblÊs

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,'(1 17)<,,1*$ $3 36<&+23$7+²-DFNWK KH 5LSS SHU3 3DUWW %\0LFKDHO-DPHV&RRN3K'5HWLUHG&OLQLFDO3V\chologist


etâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s examine the traits of a psychopath which is a disorder that affects 1% of the population of the world. Just the mere mention of the words conjures up a whole host of Hollywood movies. The Zodiac Killer, Norman Bates, and of course Jack the Ripper. What might spook you is that you have in your life time actually met one or even married one. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re laughing because youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re reading this and you are still alive. To show symptoms of this disorder does not mean they are going to slash or strangle somebody. The psychopath is a genius at disguise because he or she lives their own reality in their minds. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a misinterpretation that these people live a reclusive


lifestyle because of their disorder. Most psychopaths portray a superficial charm endearing themselves to people that they want to get close to. This is because they are driven by ego and a high selfesteem. They believe that they are highly intelligent and cannot be outsmarted by anyone. They manipulate and lie extremely well because they have the ability to change themselves like a chameleon depending on the scenario. They do this as a protection mechanism to avoid being exposed due to their disorder. They are fraudsters and emotional fakes who cannot empathize on an emotional level. This often becomes the psychopathâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Achilles Heel, because essentially they are cruel.

El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

To achieve their goals they are completely devoid of guilt from the pain which they may inflict on others. They will vehemently deny responsibility for their actions and, as in most cases with people who suffer from this disorder, they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seek psychological help. This only fuels them to carry on their parasitic lifestyle feeding on othersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; achievements, stealing othersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; idea or plans, which can often be seen in the workplace. This trait of the psychopath is usually what the movie industry picks up onâ&#x20AC;Ś someone who has no remorse. And, because of their spontaneous behavior they tend not to lay down roots or sustain a long term relationship. Research shows that psychopathic tendencies can be detected at an early age. I personally think this is a grey area because behavioral problems in children so young can be disguised or misdiagnosed as a host of other behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder or mild autism. What is it that we learn first in lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the ability to talk, then walk, and as we get a little older we lie and manipulate our parents. We soon are able to divide and rule the weakest parent to get what we want. As I mentioned earlier, exposure is their biggest fear. Most psychopaths will have been involved in criminality because of their disorder. They tend to lean

towards committing fraud or becoming con artists. Their reality does not comprehend that they may be caught and due to this they will reoffend. Again, psychopaths cannot perceive themselves in long term relationships so they are usually promiscuous and easily get bored with any form of routine. Those that do get married get divorced after a short period of time. Think about it now, you may have met one without even knowing, but again youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re still alive. These are commonly defined traits of this disorder in being able to identify a psychopath, but it is the X Factor question that turns them to committing heinous acts of violence. I chose to examine Jack the Ripper case because of its worldwide notoriety and the abundance of theories as to the identity of who he, or she, was. Like all unsolved murders it is a perfect vehicle for conspiracy theories ranging from the bizarre to the credible. Unsolved now for nearly 128 years, let me give you a little background before the next part of this article. The facts we do know from the Modus Operandi are that he murdered five women in the White Chapel area of London from August through November 1888. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not to say there were not others. The psychopath in many cases evolves because they crave attention. The five murders attributed to Jack drew attention because of the grotesque nature in which they were murdered and mutilated. It became a signature for him. In the height of the publicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s appetite for information about the case an inexpensive broadsheet newspaper in London increased its circulation to one million a day which was unprecedented at the time. In the next article I will look at the murders themselves and some of the theories as to who Jack the Ripper was. Could he have been a member of the Royal Family, a doctor, or a member of the Free Masons? Michael James Cook

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THE BRAVEST OF MEN—The Lives of the Apostles After Calvary %\'U/RULQ6ZLQHKDUW


he reign of the Emperor Nero was a dark time for many in ancient Rome. After a great fire destroyed much of the city in 64 AD, Nero looked about for a scapegoat. He settled upon resident Jews, Christians and others. He ordered that Christians be thrown to the dogs, crucified, and tortured to death in the arenas in every horrendous fashion imaginable. Like so many others at the time, the Apostle Peter incurred the displeasure of Roman authorities. The historian Eusebius tells us that after being arrested in Rome in 67 AD and spending ninety days chained to a pillar, Peter was, at his request, crucified upside down, so as to not die in the same position as had Jesus Christ. While the careers of some of the Twelve Apostles are sketchy, there is reason to believe that most died cruel and painful deaths either by imperial fiat or at the hands of frenzied mobs. The activities of St. Andrew, the brother of Peter, may have taken him north of the Black Sea to the cannibalistic Scythians, but most of his time was spent among the Greeks. He was finally arrested in the Greek city of Patros, imprisoned, scourged and crucified on an “X” shaped cross with ropes instead of spikes, so as to prolong his agony. St. Thomas, probably traveled throughout present day Iran before journeying to the Malabar Coast of India, where locals who objected to his teachings speared him to death. Three saints named James were prominent in the church in Jerusalem. Two were Apostles who traveled with Jesus. One was converted after the resurrection. St. James the Great, the son of Zebedee, was the brother of the Apostle John. He may have wandered as far as Spain in his missionary travels before returning to Jerusalem, where he was beheaded in 42 AD on the orders of King Herod Agrippa. St. James the Less is, again, something of a mystery. We know little of him. He was most likely martyred in


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

Jerusalem during the persecutions of 62 AD. St. James the Righteous, believed by many to have been a brother of Jesus, served as head of the church in Jerusalem and had the authority of an Apostle, even though he was not one of the original twelve. This James was highly successful in converting Jews, so much so that he incurred the wrath of the Sanhedrin. When invited to address the citizenry from a cornice of the temple, it was expected that he would deny that Jesus was God. When he announced the opposite to the throng, he was hurled from the top onto the pavement, where a mob began to stone him. Finally, one ruffian dispatched him with a huge hammer. St. Philip may have, like Andrew, proselytized among the Scythians. Having aggravated the Roman governor of Phrygia, a province in Anatolia, he was martyred at the age of 87 by first stoning and then crucifixion, like St. Peter, upside down. St. Bartholomew traveled throughout Asia Minor, Persia and Armenia. On August 24, 62 AD, he was skinned alive and crucified in Armenia. St. John may have been the only Gospel writer to have actually known Jesus. It seems that he served with St. Paul in Rome for a time, where he was arrested and boiled in oil but miraculously survived. He later survived an attempted poisoning. John is believed to have penned the book of Revelations, which many scholars believe described the Neronian persecutions, while living in exile on the island of Patmos. He lived into his nineties until he died of natural causes, unusual among the Apostles. Little is known of St. Matthew, other than that he was once a tax collector serving the detested Roman occupiers. He probably was not the author of the Gospel of St. Matthew, although he may have penned a collection of the sayings of Jesus, which were later included in the Gospel bearing his name. Matthew may have

ranged as far as Egypt and Ethiopia before dying of natural causes in Persia. St. Simon and St. Jude were the only two Apostles who died together. As the story goes, they incurred the wrath of an evil sorcerer who stirred up a mob against them in the Punjabi city of Kalyana. Jude is reputed to have turned to Simon, saying, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I see that the Lord is calling us.â&#x20AC;? The howling mob stoned the two elderly Apostles. St. Simon was run through with a spear. Subsequently, St. Jude was sawed to pieces. Little is known of St. Matthias, the disciple chosen by the remaining eleven after the suicide of Judas. He may have traveled among the Armenians and the Scythians. All we know is that he was martyred by stoning in Jerusalem. This brings us to the unfortunate man named Judas Iscariot. Had he not betrayed Jesus or if he had repented of his offense, as St. Peter did after denying him, there would be schools, hospitals and monasteries today named in honor of St. Judas. Jesus said of him that it would have been better if he had never been born. Certainly, a guilty conscience is a heavy burden, perhaps enough to drive a man to suicide.

According to St. Luke, Judas purchased a field with his ill-gotten thirty pieces of silver. St. Matthew tells us that Judas hanged himself, whereas Luke says he fell and his bowels burst out. It is not difficult to imagine that a hanged man would become bloated and burst after a time. Jesus says that in the end all offenses will be forgiven. Perhaps there is even hope for the tragic figure of Judas. Lorin Swinehart

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ometimes I feel like I’m back in high school. I’m pretty much retired, and traded-in life in a large metropolitan area for life in an area of Mexico where thousands of retired expats have made their homes. It’s a small town. Rumors, the business of small towns, run rampant. It’s a town where too many retired busy-bodies have too much time on their hands. They’ve exchanged the water cooler for long lunches where they can make small talk and conjure the latest “haveyou-heard” stories. Many of us here are single, and are often the subjects of nasty ru-


mors and undeserved insinuations. I like to go out in the evening and dance. I have lots of female friends, with whom I like to talk. Every once in a while, I even have a date where we go for dinner. So, people often see me with different women or at places where some of us single retirees hang-out. It seems that being seen with different women is a cause for concern among the chatterers. Likewise, women who are seen with different men or go alone to places where single men hang out, are also the subject of rumor mongerers – male and female. And when a couple is seen to-

El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

gether more than two times, it’s often assumed that they’re – say it’s not so – sleeping together. Maybe some of us scandalous singles are actually looking for a relationship whether it be companionship or sexual or both. Some of us might be considered serial daters. Those of us who have been married before remember what it was like before we got married. We’re reminded how difficult it was to find the right person – how many dates we churned through before we settled down. So how, I might ask, are we to find a relationship if we don’t date? In my short tenure in this small community, I’ve been the subject of rumors that I didn’t know were being passed around started by people I don’t know. Occasionally I meet someone who tells me, “I’ve heard about you. You date a lot of women,” to which I usually reply, “What do you know that I don’t?” And besides, what’s the big deal if I do? I’ve heard rumors from female friends about other guys that aren’t true. Please tell me, for example, how a guy who hasn’t had a date for six months, and hasn’t slept with a woman for over a year can get a bad reputation? As we all know, women also suffer from ugly rumors that small, idle, minds like to foster. In this town, the chatter usually takes the following forms: She’s just looking for a guy with money. She’s sleeping with everyone in town. She likes young Mexican guys. She only hangs out with gay guys. Most people, including me, who become the subject of rumors just shrug them off. It does become annoying, however, when I meet someone new and interesting, and

she immediately says “I’ve heard about you.” Or, after a first date, one of her friends, whom I’ve never met, has whispered in her ear about what a terrible person I am and she doesn’t want to go out again. Hmmm. Now, I’ve talked with many single retirees here that have given up on dating and consequently sex. For them, there’s a store in town that caters to their sexual needs. Sex ondemand is available – no questions asked – as long as you have a supply of batteries or there’s no electrical outage. And many of the married among us have long ago retired to separate bedrooms. Maybe it’s just hormonal changes that come with getting older. Maybe it’s due to a lack of confidence because of erectile dysfunction or bodies that don’t look nice anymore when facing the mirror. A psychologist friend who recently moved here remarked how sad it was that so many people looking for companionship and connection, at this time in their life, are afraid to act. We all want to be socially accepted. But the smallminded jerks make it difficult for the insecure to be who they are and who they want to be. Maybe the chatterers live their lives in bitter frustration. Maybe they’re just bored. And, maybe they’re just not nice people. I guess if I want to meet a woman for coffee, have a glass of wine, or go out to dinner, the two of us will have to dodge the daggers. Maybe even ruin our reputations. And heaven forbid we should be seen together more than two times. They might accuse us of doing… what they did in the 1960s. But there are some of us who are alive-and-kicking. And while we’re out having fun, the busy-bodies can go have sex with themselves. This isn’t high school anymore.


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LIFE ONGOING—Just a Cup of Coffee %\&KULVW\:LVHPDQ


n last month’s article, “One is a Lonely Number,” I wrote about what it is like for one survivor in a committed relationship when that relationship is no longer existent. What happens after the dust settles is often interesting and sometimes fun. For me it was my son Greg’s reaction to having a mother who was/is facing the world as a single after being for decades, half of a partnership. My daughter-in-law, Jenny, is a wonderful beautician and has her own little shop in  Reno, Nevada.  When I’m in town I always go to her, get a good hair-do and chat. On one particular visit she asked me what I had planned for the afternoon.  I told her I was meeting a gentleman for a cup of coffee. Some time later my son called and told me his wife was busy that evening and could  he treat me to dinner.  Sounded fun and we went to a nice restaurant and the chat began. “Mom, I know you’re lonely and Dad would want you to be happy, but you need to  know that there are problematic men out there.” “Son, it was just a cup of coffee” “I know Mom, but you need to be very careful” “Son, I lost my husband, not my common sense. BUT, did I tell you he could cook?  What IF he came over and fixed me a lovely dinner and I said, Thank you for the lovely dinner and now you should probably go home.  Would that be O.K?” “Sure, Mom, I guess so.” “Well what if I said, ‘That was a lovely dinner and breakfast wasn’t bad either and  NOW you should probably go home.” “Mother!!!  - You’re grossing me out!!” “I have a solution, dear son. Why don’t we agree to keep our private lives private?” My son, heaving a sigh of relief, agreed. That settled I went home only to receive a protective note from my brother:  it read: Hi Sis, One of the difficult things about losing a mate is the lack of


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

intimacy. Aside from your coffee date, there are so many criteria that you need to apply to possible relationships all of which you’ll need to be aware of and also be very critical (not to be obvious) of the following people to avoid…  My own comments are in parenthesis. 1. No druggies, no alcoholics, ever, period! (Darn, sounded fun.  I’d make a such a great co-dependent!) 2. No sexual or mental diseases (Well, if I notice...) 3. No religious zealots. 4. No liars, period! (So much for good story tellers and I love a good yarn.) 5. No criminal activity - including lingering tax issues. 6. No friggin’ deviates: LGBT’s, pedophiles, etc. 7. No morons (Now there’s a vote of confidence!) 8. No fantasizing liberal shit-heads. (Too bad, they’re fun and plentiful around here.) 9. Nobody with income below yours. (Katy, bar the door!) 10. No sociopaths, and of course, no psychopaths (Politicians are thus out Doesn’t that come under #4?) 11. No slovenly types, including ‘compulsive collectors of junk.’ (Wouldn’t I have to get into their houses to find out about that?) 12. No gung-ho hunters or ‘gun nuts.’ (Darn.  I like to hunt.) So pick what you can live with, and don’t be too hasty and don’t be dismayed if the one you pick, doesn’t return your feelings!   From your brother who loves you. I wrote back that I’d placed the ad, but think my phone went dead. With all this protection, I may just be single for the rest of my life, but I will feel well-loved nonetheless. My conclusion: If I ever have  just a coffee date again, I’ll keep it a secret! christywiseChristena man@me.com Wiseman

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his musical comedy ran offBroadway for 3,672 performances, the second longest run for such a show in history. It’s an entertaining spoof on all things Catholic and nun-like, with some awful puns (they can’t give up the habit) thrown in. The all-female cast has a lot of fun putting on what purports to be a fundraising show, and the audience is cleverly included in various ways – for example, there’s a Q & A session, with prizes for correct answers. Why the fundraiser? It seems that 52 nuns have died from botulism after a fatal dose of vichyssoise, and after burying 48 sisters Reverend Mother splurged on a 60-inch flat screen color TV. She didn’t leave enough money to bury the other four sisters, who are now stored in the freezer—hence the need for money before the next Health Department inspection. Anyway, much of the opening ten minutes is spent on this crazy explanation, together with a history of the Order, most of which was inaudible. There was a problem with the sound, particularly at the side of the stage, and also with some of the singers who didn’t enunciate the words sufficiently clearly. It’s a difficult skill which takes a lot of training and practice, as for example when performing a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. Then when we got into the real entertainment, there were some very


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

good numbers. I particularly enjoyed the dying swan dance by “Sister Mary Leo” (Heather Hunter) and the very skilful ventriloquist act by “Sister Mary Amnesia” (Judy Hendrick). As part of the latter, Mac Morison was the voice of the puppet, while Judy fooled us by lip-synching the words. I also enjoyed seeing some old friends return to the LLT stage. Cindy Paul played “Sister Robert Anne” as the frustrated understudy who never gets a fair chance – actually she does finally do a cute number in Act Two. I think the last time that Cindy appeared here on stage was in 2004 as the lead in “Proof.” Welcome back, Cindy! And Kristine Moily puts in an appropriately named appearance as “Sister Mary Sunshine” – Kristine was last at Lakeside in 2009 as the young wife in “The Mousetrap.” Wendy Petersen was excellent as the senior nun “Sister Hubert” with a sly humor and an interesting contralto singing voice. I should also mention back-up chorus members Amaranta Santos, Allyson De Jong, Lila Wells and Amy Friend. Finally, there’s a wonderful performance by Peggy Lord Chilton as “Reverend Mother.” Evidently Peggy broke her leg as the show was about to open, but it takes more than a mere broken limb to stop her from going on stage. She played her part from a wheelchair and with a little help from her friends. What a trouper! Barbara Clippinger put together a lively and well-paced show, and also had the clever idea of adding the Rick Stevens song “Would Jesus Wear A Rolex” – a great number which wows the audience before the fun finale “Holier Than Thou.” Thanks to all those backstage who worked so hard on this show, including Stage Manager Win McIntosh, Assistant Stage Manager Sandy Jakubek and Assistant Choreographer Heather Hunter. A good time was had by everyone, and especially by an appreciaMichael Warren tive audience.

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My Friend Susan %\5XWK)LVKHU

My friend Susan is a pet lover’s nut, She’ll latch on to any old mutt, Dogs, birds, cats and rabbits, She’s got it bad, like Elly Mae Clampett. A little baby squirrel once caught her eye, She jammed on the brakes to check the little guy, Scooped him up and put him in the car, Headed for home ‘cause it wasn’t too far. The little baby squirrel acted kinda rash, Thinking he’d escape up under that dash. Sue arrived home with her brand new friend, Little did she know t’was the start of the end! She searched high and low just wondering where he went, Was he under the seats or into a vent? Food was put out to temp the little mite, And then she had to wait for several nights. By day three with her hopes still high, The stench in the car was enough to make her cry, The truth hit home that squirrely hadn’t made it, And with each passing day, the aroma hadn’t faded. Various scents were placed in the car, Incense burners and coffee in a jar, Nothing seemed to work by the end of a week, Masks couldn’t cover the stench and the reek. The next thing she knew, the flies started buzzing, Prompting my friend to a’cursing and a’cussing, “Will this ever end,” she ranted and she raved, Thinking this all might send her to her grave. Susan checked the “net” for a possible tip, It said time would help her get a grip, Patience not being Sue’s real strong suit, She chucked it all in and jumped off a butte. The moral of this I really must admit, That I haven’t much to do but write this shit, Don’t adopt squirrels in the hurly and burly, Or you’ll finish like Sue and wind up squirrely!


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

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erself and I learned a valuable lesson from this hand which we played against Lew and Trudy Crippen at the Lake Chapala Duplicate Bridge Club in Riberas. Sitting South Lew dealt and opened a 15 to 17 high card point 1 No Trump. Holding a hand of similar strength I ventured a penalty double which was quickly followed by three passes.


In an attempt to establish tricks in my longest suit I led my fourthbest spade, the 4. This was covered by the 6, 10 and declarer’s King. Lew now led the diamond king from his hand which held the trick followed by a low diamond which I won per force. Meanwhile, Herself had followed with 3 and then the 5 of diamonds to show an odd number of cards in that suit. I now took some time out to de-

El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

cide what my next move should be. The play so far showed that declarer held the king, queen and 9 of spades (and possibly more), as Herself would have played one of those cards at trick one instead of the 10 had she held it. I had to hope that South had only those three spades otherwise our chances of beating the contract were remote. I needed a quick entry to partner’s hand and I had to decide between a club and a heart switch. Looking at dummy and my own hand, I concluded that it was more likely that declarer held the heart ace, otherwise he would be wide open in that suit. Therefore I led a low club, which a grateful Lew lapped up as he quickly claimed 7 tricks, making his doubled contract. So how could Herself and I have done better on this deal without guessing? Let’s go back to tricks 2 and 3 when declarer led the king and another diamond. Sitting East, Herself correctly played her lowest card in the suit to begin a count signal. But when I was forced to win the second diamond, we afterwards concluded that Herself might have followed with the diamond 10 instead of the 5. This would have tended to show a suit preference for hearts (the

higher ranking of the two side suits), as it must have been an unnecessarily high card since she was known to hold one smaller in that suit! Now if I were sufficiently awake I could have cashed the heart king and when it held continued with the 7 to partner’s ace. Now a spade return would have produced a total of 8 tricks for our side to defeat the contract by two tricks – doubled! In the post mortem we agreed to play suit preference signals in similar situations in future whenever possible. In all our years playing together we could not remember discussing opportunities of this nature. Rare though they may be, taking advantage of situations like this can often be the difference between being winners and also-rans! Admittedly the play of the diamond 5 would not have guaranteed a club entry in the above hand but in that case there was probably no way to defeat the contract. Unfortunately the lesson came too late to benefit us on that occasion but just wait until the next time! Questions or comments: email: masson.ken@ gmail.com Ken Masson

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Hearts at Work $&ROXPQE\-LP7LSWRQ The Only Prayer Remaining


talian musician Arturo Toscanini was one of the most acclaimed conductors of modern times. At various times he directed La Scala (Milan), the Metropolitan Opera (New York), the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and the NBC Symphony Orchestra. I have in recent months been writing about walking and also about presence, that energy we sometimes witness in others and even in ourselves that exists before a single word is uttered. One music critic wrote of Toscanini: “He brings a charge of electricity into the hall that cannot and does not enter in at any other time. If only certain persons felt this galvanization of the atmosphere one might be accused of romanticism or hero worship for mentioning it. But everybody feels it.” Paramahansa Yogananda, who introduced Kriya Yoga—the yoga of action—and meditation practices to tens of thousands of people in the thirties and forties, and through his Autobiography of a Yogi and his disciples such as Roy Eugene Davis continues to strongly influence us today, encouraged us to live every moment with intention, to be totally conscious and in control of every movement we make, every tone of voice, every thought, every feeling so that everything about us is in alignment with our primary purpose, to consciously realize God inside of us and in this life. These extremely subtle energies go far beyond the physical world and certainly the gifted conductor Toscanini understood these energies. Even on a much more worldly level, the successful military commander leads his troops into battle with a similar clear intention, totally conscious and in control of every movement he makes. I think of what confidence Napoleon must have expressed in his walk--in the presence his walk demonstrated--when, having been imprisoned by the emperor of France, he escaped from Elba, the island of exile, returned to the mainland alone and on foot, where he shortly confronted the massive array of French troops sent out to capture him. Below average in height, with thin legs and thick torso, hardly the public’s image of a dashing hero, he strode boldly up to the French officers, spoke with them…and the result? Those troops became his new army, ready to march against the very emperor who had sent them forth to capture him! Ralph Waldo Emerson in his essay Napoleon; Man of the World writes that “Having decided what was to be done, he did that with might and main. He put out all his strength. He risked every thing and spared nothing, neither ammunition, nor money, nor troops, nor generals, nor himself.” Earlier in the same essay Emerson writes that “As he is, he inspires confidence and vigor by the extraordinary unity of his action.” Well, enough said. This column perhaps concludes these months of ramblings about walking and presence. It is time for all of us to throw away the words and to rediscover the earth under our feet…and thereby to rediscover our own presence far deeper than words. It is time for all of us to take a stand in the moment. Years ago I wrote a poem titled “The Giant Alphabet” that concludes with these lines: The heart in loneliness sometimes stumbles to a high meadow, where in late day the sun casts its holy luck over our long history of desire, where the only prayer remaining is the one we stand on and begin again to say. Jim Tipton


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

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he barrio of Tepehua is a sprawling nest of homes in various shapes and sizes... growing out of the unforgiving rock of hill above Chapala. For some hovels there are no roads but they are connected to the world by steps that join upper roads to lower roads. A test of stamina. When you are half way down you begin to think about the climb up. The Tepehua Community Center has a program called Habitat Tepehua, mainly funded by sporadic grants from Rotary International. Its purpose is to repair the homes in dry season, preparing for heavy rains, if not through leaking roofs, through run off hitting the walls of mountainous terrain homes. This is adventure season, when this writer tours homes checking on requests for help, along with Gustavo the contractor who buys needed material for individual problems. The plan is that we supply material and people find their own labor or do it themselves, under the watchful eye of Gustavo...and if work isn’t completed in two weeks or so, the material is removed for another home. The views most hovels have is worth a million dollars in California.... rolling hills, blue mountains, an incredible sky that makes everything look like a bowl beneath it. (Omar Khyyam wrote: And that in-


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

verted bowl we call the sky, whereunder crawling cooped we live and die, lift not your hands to it for help, for it impotently rolls as you or I.... harsh...but the truth.) Crawling patches of cement blocks seemingly winding their desperate way between rocks to climb out of the bowl. The astonishing thing is, with all this wondrous view, the cement blocks have few windows, or if they do it is a high tiny slit of light that makes its way into dark interior.  It is like returning to the security of the womb. Security and privacy are sacred in these hills. Although they have plenty of nothing, it is theirs and yet it is coveted by others. The cement walls and floors hold the previous seasons damp because sunshine is an uninvited guest.  For sunshine they live outside; when sun begins to slip behind hills, people retreat into their security. Lights or candles go on and a hundred little nativities spring up the mountain side, bolted doors...and the sound of families coming together. There are main streets in Tepehua, Solar City lights come on (yes, Solar), and keep the night at bay...here you will see children unsupervised playing in the streets until they tire around midnight...or whenever the parent calls them in. For most of these children there is no school...for the responsible families there is a curfew. Season by season we patch up the homes, they have dignity in living. Where we can and if we have the money, we try to deal with sewer run off.  Primitive septic tanks over flow and follow gravity down the mountain and find their stopping place that creates health hazards and stench to the homes beneath. Especially in the rainy season. Still, pride and grace live there. The writer has been invited into homes, so humble, but you feel the peace, sending you back to your own comparative grandeur that is irritating. One takes a second look at the dust collectors we have and wonder why we have them. Is it the primitive need to horde? Or the security blanket?

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he narrative film Pat y Paco is set for filming in Ajijic in April. It is a compelling intercultural and inter-generational story of two boys, one gringo, one Mexican, living in Ajijic but in very different worlds. Besides the talented local people who will be involved, the production is attracting top-grade professionals in the film industry, including one of Canada’s top cinematographers and Kodak Lifetime Award-winning Manfred Guthe CSC. He has been nominated for, and awarded, many top filmmaking awards including Best Cinematographer at the New York Film Festival. Another fine filmmaker, Natalie Garza, a talented filmmaker from Mexico City is also joining the team. Writer and director is John Friesen, a Canadian with more than twohundred roles in movies and television. Casting for speaking and major roles is nearly complete. However the production will need 100 background performers. There are nearly 50 Ajijic locations and more than 25 speaking parts.

All actors are local residents. A film that has grown naturally out of its environment is unique and special. That is how the script was created. Pat y Paco has the qualities of a fairy tale or fable and the feel of magic realism. The story celebrates the mystery, magic and joys of young friendship. The film exudes optimism, joy, creativity, and above all portrays it on a human scale. It is a tribute to the magic of the Lakeside area. The project is a truly community effort. It is entirely non-profit with everyone working for free. It therefore has a very low budget of only $10,000 US to pay for unavoidable costs such as food and accommodations for the volunteer crew, insurance, transportation costs, etc. This low budget is possible because everyone is donating their time and talent. For more information or if you want to be involved please contact John Friesen at 3317494422 or email jfriesen1@b ell.net. Or visit patypaco.com.



hey were “snow birds.” Here for the winter and wanting a pet. They adopted a pet and the pet was ever so grateful. They named him “Freddie.”  He now had a wonderful life.  He now belonged. He rewarded his masters with unconditional love. For their part, they seemed so happy to have him. Many “Freddies” have found loving homes which last for years. For some, however,  one fine day  a “Freddy” will find himself dumped on the side of the road, while the very


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

people he had loved and trusted with his life, and for whom he would have given his life, speed off to their summer homes. He has to wonder what he had done wrong to be treated so cruelly. Some “Freddies” are found

and rescued; some turn feral and live for awhile, abandoned and destitute. Some outcomes you don’t even want to know! Freddy’s story is all too common here at Lakeside in late April or early May.  Sometimes it happens at other times of the year as well. There are those who volunteer their time at the spay and neuter clinic and those who volunteer to take care of the cast off pets until they can find new homes. Those are the unsung heroes in our community.   There are those who spend time to find a good new home for their pet if they honestly know that their lifestyle

for whatever reason doesn’t give their beloved animal all it deserves. They suffer the loss, but know their pet is better off in another loving home. Finally there are those who dump their loyal pets as they drive on to their next destination.  They are the unidentified, shameful damned in our community. Into which category do you belong? If you cannot  or will not take your dog or other pet with you when you leave, begin early to find him a good, loving home or better yet, don’t adopt in the first place.

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Sandy Olson

Phone: 331-283-8529 Email: sandyzihua@hotmail.com

COMEDY TURNS TO DRAMA Visiting Mr. Green is the next offering at The Bravo! Theatre. It is directed by Jayme Littlejohn and stars Roger Larson and Ken Yakiwchuk. Mr. Green, 86, is almost hit by a car driven by young executive Ross Gardiner. Found guilty of reckless driving, Ross is ordered to spend the next six months making weekly visits to Mr. Green. What starts off as a comedy about two people who resent being in the same room together develops into drama, as family secrets are revealed and old wounds are opened. This show runs April 8-10 and 14-17, Sundays at 4 p.m. and at 7:30 p.m. all other days. The Bravo! Theatre address is Rio Bravo #10B. Tickets are 200 pesos and are available at Diane Pearl Colecciones and Mia’s Boutique or by emailing mymytickets@gmail.com. VIVA LA MUSICA AND LIVE FROM THE MET Viva la Musica is offering bus trips to all the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra spring concerts at the Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara. Tickets are 350 pesos, (450 for non-members), available at the LCS box office Thursdays and Fridays 10 a.m.- noon. Buses depart from the carretera, just east of Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic. Here are the concerts in April. Viva bus trips, call Rosemary at 376 766-1801. Viva la Musica offers bus trips to Live from the Metropolitan Opera at the Teatro Diana in Guadalajara. Tickets are 350 pesos, (450 for non-members), available at the LCS box office Thursdays and Fridays 10 a.m. to noon. Buses depart from the carretera, just east of Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic. Saturday April 9: Madame Butterfly by Puccini; featuring outstanding soprano Kristine Opolais as Butterfly the young geisha, and Roberto Alagna as Pinkerton the American navy officer. Bus departs 9:30 a.m. Saturday April 16 Roberto Devereux by Donizetti, featuring Soprano Sondra Radvanovsky as Queen Elizabeth I and tenor Matthew Polenzani as Robert Devereux. Bus departs at 10.30 am. Thursday, April 21 Liszt and Mozart. Guadalajara tenor Cesar Delgado singing Mozart arias and Liszt Faust Symphony. Marco Parisotto, conductor. Bus departs 4:00 pm for a restaurant. The concert starts at 8.30 pm. Saturday April 30 Elektra by Strauss; soprano Nina Stemme, unmatched today in heroic female roles, portrays Elektra in a primal quest for vengeance, and legendary mezzosoprano Waltraud Meier as Elektra’s fearsome mother. The bus departs at 10.30 am. For more information call Rosemary Keeling at 376 766-1801 Viva is also sponsoring trips to the Jalisco Philharmonic at Teatro Degollado. Thursday April 7 “Jalisco Talents” – Schubert, Symphony No. 8, Ponce, Mexican Balad with piano soloist Santiago Lomelin; conductor Jose Kamuel Zepeda. The bus departs at 4.00 p.m. with a stop at a fine restaurant. The concert starts at 8 p.m. Sunday April 17 “The Art of Mendelsohn” – Mendelsohn, Violin Concerto with violin soloist Leticia Moreno; and Symphony No. 5.  Bus departs at 10.30 a.m. The concert starts 12.30. Symphony bus tickets are 350 pesos, (450 for non-members), and are available at the LCS Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to noon. SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT THE MOVIES Democrats Abroad once again is sponsoring a series of interesting movies at the Cinema del Lago, Bugambilias Plaza. The shows are listed below. April 10 Climate Refugees Mass migrations are expected by scientists, politicians and even the US military. The film shows current migrations and projects future changes. April 17 Crossing Mexico’s Other Border Central American migrants are forced to battle drug cartels, corrupt police officers and human traffickers. Also War on Whistle-blowers. They take to the media to expose the fraud and abuse. April 24 Standing Army Since WWII, the US has silently encircled the world with a web of military bases, an irritant to many. May 1 The Great Debaters Denzel Washington portrays Melvin Tolson, a professor who inspires students in 1938 to form a debate team. Showtime on Sundays is at 1:30 p.m. The entrance fee is 50 pesos. For more information, contact Info-Mx-LakeChapala@DemocratsAbroad.org. OPEN CIRCLE Sunday morning finds many Lakeside residents at the Lake Chapala Society and Open Circle, a forum on a variety of stimulating topics. A social hour with coffee and snacks at 10:00 a.m. is followed by an interesting lecture and discussion at 10:30.


Directing this ongoing event are David Bryen, Director, and Margaret Van Every, Program Coordinator. Here’s the program for the month. April 10 Syrian Refugees. Presented by Kelly Hayes-Raitt 12 million people—half of Syria’s population—have fled their homes since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war four years ago. Kelly, who spent the summer of 2008 living in Damascus and helping Iraqi refugees, was in Berlin last September right after Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders to 800,000 Syrian refugees. She will update us on this crisis with her recent experiences. April 17 Calling Dr. Google Presented by Santiago Hernandez, MD. Dr. Hernandez will tell us when and how to use the Internet as a tool when it comes to our health. Dr. Hernandez grew up in Chicago since the age of two after his family emigrated from Michoacan. He currently practices in Chapala. April 24 Saving the Brain. Presented by Beatriz Gallagher, CNS, PhD In over thirty years of practice, she has continued studying diverse aspects of clinical nutrition. Dr. Bea will tell us what promotes optimal function, what nutrients keep it healthy, and strategies to sharpen memory and recover some lost abilities. May 1 Conquest of the Americas by Sword and Cross Presented by David Greenstein The discovery of the “New World” was arguably the most important event of the prior thousand years. After Columbus arrived, within a relatively short period of time, a few hundred Spaniards warriors had taken the Caribbean and conquered the Aztecs of Mexico and the Incas of Peru, peoples numbering into the millions. How was this possible? COME AND MEET THE TV STAR Azucena la de Jalisco, star of Channel Four’s Noche a Noche TV program is giving a performance April 14 to benefit La Ola Orphanage in Jocotepec.  La Ola Casa Hogar is a family atmosphere orphanage, currently housing 20 children.  The website to learn more is www. laolacasahogar.org

Azucena and Alas de Mexico Mariachi She will be accompanied by her band, Alas de Mexico Mariachi. Opening for Azucena is Lulu del Lago. The event will be at La Palapa Del Guayabo restaurant in Chapala, Paseo Ramon Corona No. 24 (at the end of the Chapala malecon).   The doors open at 4:30, dinner will be served at 5 p.m. and the concert begins at 6 p.m.  Dinner is included in the price of the ticket, and additional drink tickets will be available. Price is 500 pesos per person.  A limited number of VIP tickets at 1000 pesos are available. VIP ticket holders will have the opportunity to personally meet Azucena, and get a personalized autographed photo.   Tickets will be available from 10 am to noon at LCS on March 29, April 5 and 12.  Call 331336-9340 for more information. (Tickets also available at Diane Pearl’s and Mia’s Boutique-387 763 0749. bgnickel@yahoo.com) SEE BEHIND THE WALLS… Now see beautiful homes on Behind the Walls Home Tours to benefit children at the School for Special Children in Jocotopec.  Join the last tour on April 14.  Tickets are 200 pesos. Tickets are available at Diane Pearl Colecciones or at Charter Club Tours at the Plaza Montana.  If not sold out, tickets will be available at the Pier.  The tour leaves at 10:30 a.m.  For more information call Jessie Wynant at 766-1438, Kathy Baker at 766-0420,

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El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

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or Leslie Martin at 766-2274. ARE YOU A CUMBERB***H TOO? That’s what they call those of us ladies who are enamored of Benedict Cumberbach. The Lakeside Little Theatre, in its collaboration with London’s National Theatre Live, has broadened its Playhouse Series to be a key offering throughout the year.  This offering deserves special mention: Academy Award winner Benedict Cumberbach plays Hamlet on April 16 and 17. He takes on the title role of Shakespeare’s great tragedy. As a country arms itself for war, a family tears itself apart. Forced to avenge his father’s death but paralyzed by the task ahead, Hamlet rages against the impossibility of his predicament, threatening both his sanity and the security of the state.  Reserved seat tickets for each performance are 200 pesos each. Show times are Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Here are other scheduled performances through August. La Traviata, opera by Giuseppe Verdi,  April 30-May 1 Everyman by Carol Ann Duffy, with Chiwetel Ejiofor, May 14-15  Giselle by Marius Petipa, May 28-29  As You Like It by William Shakespeare with Rosalie Craig, June 18-19  Lucia di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti, July 16-17  Cavalliera Rusticana/Pagliacci,  Pietro Mascagni/Ruggero Leoncavallo, August 13-14 Choose and reserve your seat at the time you purchase and pick up your tickets at the LLT Box Office on a first come, first served basis. Reserved seat tickets for each performance are 200 pesos each. Performances are Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 3:00 p.m. LLT Box Office Hours: Tickets are available for upcoming two shows at a time at LLT Box Office every Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon and one hour before curtain. Also reserve tickets at tickets@lakesidlelittletheatre. com or call (376)766.0954. COME JOIN THE GROUP The Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation is holding a Passover Seder at Roberto’s restaurant on Friday, April 22, at 6 p.m. Passover is one of the major Jewish festivals, relating to the exodus from Egypt after 400 years of slavery. The dinner is open to the public. Cost is 500 pesos for non-members of the temple and 350 pesos for members. Get tickets at Diane Pearl Colecciones or email lcjcac@gmail.com. RAKE THOSE COALS…. The next Naked Stage show is The Cocktail Hour, by A.R. Gurney. It’s  directed by Dick Yanko. Performance dates are April 29, 30, and May 1. “The family sits around raking over old coals and settling old scores with a quite new and beguiling freshness”--The New York Post.

The cast from left to right: Director Dick Yanko, Bob (BJ) Jones, Lila Wells, Patrick DuMouchel, Clay McAdam, Debra Bowers


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

The cast from left to right: Director Dick Yanko, Bob (BJ) Jones, Lila Wells, Patrick DuMouchel, Clay McAdam, Debra Bowers  THE NEW LOCATION Hidalgo ( the carretera) #261 across from the Catholic Church in Riberas de Pilar just east of the LTH sign on the mountain side. Diana Rowland says, “The bar is being run by animal welfare groups and is called “The Dog House” All profits from the bar go to the animals. The Naked Stage ticket profits for the readings are still donated to Cruz Roja.  We’ve been able to maintain the current suggested donation of 80 pesos but have had a lot of expenses due to the move. Anyone wishing to top off their donation to $100 pesos can be assured that the extra will be kept in a separate fund for Cruz Roja.” For more information and reservations, email nakedstagereservations@gmail.com and, for those who use Facebook, to look for The Naked Stage for breaking news and updates. A NIGHT TO SHINE It was a wonderful evening for members attending the Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic’s 30th annual awards banquet. Roberto’s restaurant did an outstanding job of catering a delicious three course gourmet dinner. President Monica Molloy says, “It was CASA’s Academy Awards night and it truly was a night for us to shine!” DIAMONDS AND DENIM The Niños Incapacitados Diamonds and Denim Ball last month at the Hotel Real de Chapala was a huge

From left: Monica Molloy, President; Rick Feldmann, Top Winner of 2015 Bing $ZDUG WKUHH¿UVWSODFHVDQGPRVWSRLQWV in a calendar year); and Lorraine Keefer, the most distinguished, longest serving Board member (now retired), presenting the award success, even with the threat of rain, wind, and cold. The evening’s agenda featured a silent auction, a live auction, raffle of a large TV and tequila, and photo ops by a show horse at the hotel’s entrance and in a western “arena” in the back. With diamonds-and-denim based decorations at Jane Hainsworth winning a the entrance and on the tables, the almost 450 attendees responded in turn with terrific outfits to match the live auction item theme., waiters offering to wear western bandanas, and a tasty theme-based menu. THEY HAVE 150 MEMBERS Can you join up and make it 151? Judie Keck, the 2016 President of The Chapala Garden Club says, “New members are invited to join one of the most vibrant and fastest growing yet longest established organizations on Lakeside.” Members are heavily involved in community projects and enhancing the area’s good looks. The club meets on the third Wednesday of every month. For more information, visit www. chapalagardenclub.org or talk to Judie Keck at 387.761.0199. Left to right, front row, Judie Keck, President, Mary O’Leary, Vice President.  Second row,  Sandy Feldman, Outgoing President and Garden Tours, Nancy Seagall, Secretary and Webmaster. Standing, Rosemary Grayson, Public Relations, Karen Rowell, Treasurer, Jean Mare Harmon, Membership, and Joan Ward, Gardens and Programs.

The 2016 Board Members.

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t was a beautiful wall. Completed just two years ago without the assistance of Mexico, as demanded by then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, it had done a marvelous job of shutting out the feared wave of illegal aliens from Mexico. It was electrified, fueled by the sun, emitting just enough power to keep the lights on all night long, while shocking into unconsciousness those who tried to scale it. “A masterpiece of American ingenuity, ¨ Bill O´Reilly of Fox News had crowed, as the wall neared completion six months ahead of schedule. He didn’t mention that many of those who had toiled in the hot desert sun in the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were exactly the kind of illegal immigrants that the wall was designed to shut out. No one cared. Help, and a lot of it, was needed to build that barrier as fast as possible in the race between intrusion and exclusion. One of the workers had been Gustavo Nuñez. Fifty, and wizened, he needed all the money he could muster to pay for his wife’s medical bills in her losing fight against cervical cancer. With phony documents, he began working immediately. He suspected that his employers, government subcontractors, knew that the documents were false, but all they wanted was the appearance of legitimacy. They needed workers. Although an electrician by trade, Gustavo started as a mason, laying the concrete blocks that would forever bar his gente from the promise of a better life north of the border. His family, back in the town of Navajoa in the state of Sonora, suffered insults and threats from many of those who stayed behind, as the nightly local news reported the progress in the construction of what most believed was the end of hope. When he returned home on a furlough, his family cried, as they told him of their sufferings. Gustavo’s heart was heavy, but there seemed to be something in his determined brown eyes that assured them that all would be well.


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

“We need the money,” he reminded them, “and what I am being paid in the next year, I cannot make in a lifetime here in Navajoa.” Still, many of those who knew Gustavo could not believe that he would sell out for a few pieces of silver. After a month, Gustavo’s expertise as an electrician became known. He was then assigned the task of wiring the solar panels to the lighting and the electrification of the razor wire topping the 18-foot wall. More howls from his gente back home. He truly was Judas reincarnated. But Gustavo plodded on, ignoring the insults of his townspeople, with the look of a man who knew something. After the wall’s completion, he returned to Navajoa. The insults and snubs continued. At times, he would leave town for weeks on end. Many gossiped that he could not bear the shame in his heart. Others whispered that he had another family somewhere. But Gustavo said nothing. As far as the United States was concerned, the wall was doing a magnificent job. Illegal immigration had come to a halt at the price of thousands who had perished from electrocution or dehydration. But the United States didn´t care. Then things began to change. Few workers were on hand in the United States to pick crops that just rotted in the fields. Then the cold. At first, an Arctic freeze impaled Canada, but moved into the United States, destroying, what crops remained. The cost of food skyrocketed in the United States. No one expected the deep freeze to last even into April. But in May, snowstorms continued to blanket the country as far south as Shreveport, Louisiana. Food became scarce. Riots started. With the U.S. government so deep in debt from the construction of the wall, funds were not available to quell the rampage of the starving hordes. The cold continued. By June, pure pandemonium strangled the country. Little food. No gasoline. People were still freezing to death. Some suggested

that they look south to Mexico and Central America. Perhaps that is why civilization had survived there for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years. Others told of freezes in the north occurring millennia before where virtually all had perished. “Gustavo, what are we going to do if the gringos swarm down upon us like a pack of starving wolves? We cannot defend ourselves against so many,” Jose, Gustavo´s brother, asked. A sly smile crept onto Gustavo’s face. “Jose, where do you think that I have been going these past months? With many, many of my fellow gente,

we have been quietly traveling to the border, using the sun and our Mexican ingenuity to electrify of the wall on our side, too. With no gasoline and no cars, the gringos will have to walk south to Mexico, as many of our compatriots had to do when travelling north. Just as we Mexicanos had no chance to get past the wall into the Estados Unidos, they will have no chance to get past that same wall and into Mexico.” Tom Eck

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ow time flies, it seems like only yesterday that Jaltepec hosted its annual Christmas Dinner and Luncheon fund raising events, followed by its Open House on January 28th. We would like to send our deep appreciation to all who attended and contributed to sponsoring the various Jaltepec students whom are in need. By means of the Sponsorship program, these students from predominantly very low income families are given the gift of an education that that will remain with them all of their lives and contribute to their ongoing success. These Sponsors, small, medium and large donors, are the students “Silent Partners.” Through their generosity they know that they are making a profound difference in the lives of the students that they have helped sponsor. Thank you. 2016 has been a very successful year and also a very challenging year at Jaltepec. A major change was the formation of the one year “Preparatoria” in September 2014. Due to the need to create a firm foundation of education prior to entering the two year program, Jaltepec established a one year intense Preparatoria instead of the normal three year High School Preparatoria. 12 Students enrolled in September 2014 and of those who


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

graduated, eleven were accepted in 2015 for the two year Jaltepec Technical Universitario en Hoteleria degree. The challenging news is that we have more qualified students in need of sponsorship in 2016 than in previous years. At Jaltepec our sponsorship programs are very flexible, from one time donations, (we have many in the $500 to $3,000 peso’s level), annual donations designated for those in most need, or either part time or full time student sponsorship – it is the sponsor’s choice. For information or donations, please contact Linda Buckthorp, by email buckthorplm@gmail.com or 766-1631

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Embarrassment o off Necessities


efore moving to Mexico, co, ngs there were so many things I took for granted in my nd daily life. I could flip a switch and ity. have a constant current of electricity. co, In the years prior to moving to Mexico, cal I could count the number of electrical erioutages on one hand. I never experiter enced a “brown out” until the day after ad we moved to Mexico. And while I had SA surge protectors in the good old USA ng to protect equipment from lightning er, I strikes and resultant spikes in power, never had to purchase a voltage regulator to protect my equipment from the voltage changes on a daily basis. Another thing I took for granted was my telephone service. Our telephone service was never interrupted. Here, our telephone goes out every single time it rains. When we do finally get the repairman to appear, it isn’t raining, so he tells us there is nothing wrong with the line. We’d call when it is raining, but, you know, the phone is out! There is one utility that I never experienced problems with in the States and that was water. Every single time I turned on my faucet, there was water. And I never had to wait for the water to get hot. It came out of the faucet that way, and cold water was actually cold (especially in the winter!) Here in Chapala, the “cold” water comes out warm and never gets cold. This is especially true in the summer before rainy season starts. And then there are times when there is no water at all. I’ve had to learn all kinds of things about water. First off, you cannot always count on having water every time you turn on your faucet. Secondly, you have to be a diagnostician to figure out what the problem is when there is no water. Is it because the tinaco is empty? Did the water pump not pump water from the aljibe to the tinaco? Is there water outside? Is everyone in the neighborhood out or is it just ours? Is there a problem with the City? What is the problem with the City? How long will it take to fix? I’m not saying this could


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

R happen hap app ppen pen en NOB, NOB OB, B, I’m I’Im sa sayi y ng yi g it hardNEVER saying l ever happens….and h d that h I never had h d ly to give it a second thought! I never learned that air gets into the water pipes when the water stops being delivered, and that the pipes need to be blown out after the water starts up again. Of course, I could educate a lot of Mexicans about freezing water pipes in the winter, and the resulting problems, but my point is that I never gave access to water a second thought. I took it for granted that these things would always be there for me. I’m embarrassed to say, that even while making arrangements to move to Mexico, I didn’t consider that as a Nation, Mexico has all of these conveniences, but that their infrastructure is so much older and so much more fragile, and that there would be problems with delivering the service. It never occurred to me that electricity, gas, water would never be there for any reason other than a massive storm, and then it would be restored within minutes or hours, not days. And I think this is symptomatic of our lives before we came to Mexico. We were spoiled. We didn’t always appreciate the wealth of services we had. We took our utilities for granted. And while we all took turns complaining about paying for these services and infrastructure, did we truly appreciate what we had? We were living with an “embarrassment of necessities.” Victoria Schmidt

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THE OJO INTERNET MAILBOX (Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issues.)

BUS SERENADE Dale Oliver Decent voice and a nice gracious appearance do pay off! mejim :-) jIM UNCOMMON COMMON SENSE FEBRUARY 2016 Alec Maidan Everything old is new again. Thank you for that historical perspective. The one (at best two) dimensionality of US politics is troubling but given the lack of knowledge also inevitable. In light of Hilary Clinton’s ‘win’ in Iowa during which coins had to land six times in a row in her favor (and did!) would you not agree that the outcomes of US elections are so fixed that international observers should be invited to oversee them? #OSCARSSOWHITE: IT’S NOT ABOUT THE OSCARS! Alec Maidan My solution to the Hollywood


dilemma is not to watch their ‘talkies’... ever. It mightily clears the mind (I believe) and leaves me free to see what other nations are saying about themselves. The only requirement is that one be literate and learn the little trick of reading the subtitles and watching at the same time. Kind of like walking and chewing gum. Of course Hollywood as an extension of the State has spread like a cancer over the planet. It has often destroyed local national and regional cinema. Mexico is a good example of this. Just take a look at what is on at the local movie houses. And no it is not a ‘choice’ Mexicans have made. Generally US interests/businessmen buy up distribution and the movie theaters themselves and give preference to US ‘talkies’. Local film-making withers and dies. So it is the same kind of ‘choice’ as US elections. This has happened in Germany and the UK as well as (for all I know) Outer Mongolia too. Books have been written about it. But with

El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

some searching and clever downloading there are thousands if not tens of thousands of treasures out there. Only a few of them make it into the tiny ‘foreign film’ section of festivals and maybe even the Oscars. ONE IS A LONELY NUMBER Oma Christy, while I have not felt the loss or pain that you describe here, I can imagine, that after living with another person for forty years makes them almost, an extension of You! I always remind my husband, that I have lived with him longer than anyone else in his life. Life unfortunately is filled with loss on many levels. The loss of growing up and leaving your parents to start your own life, watching your own children begin their life adventure without you, losing a parent, sibling, spouse or even a pet. All of these “losses” are emotional challenges that we all must endure at some point in our lifetime. It’s how you move forward through these losses that help to make you stronger person. No two people deal with emotional pain in the same way. So, all of us must learn to accept and support the way in which another individual handles their loss. It is not up to any of us to judge because we have never lived in that person’s shoes and walked the journey of their life! I enjoyed reading this article and I hope that you continue on this path. Thank you! Gene spoon I find your writings well stated and certainly need to be heard by many. Death of a spouse or loved one is singular, death of a loved one plural. We often blend the two in hopes of keeping them alive. The assumption that intimacy has also died leads one to an unnecessary death, your recognition of that is well stated. Keep writing and teaching, great job! Bravo! John Webb Christy writes much truth here. Aging is less about fond memories and more about regret and loss: the words unspoken and the deeds undone. For

Christy most poignantly her spouse’s love song never written, never sung, carried away to wherever he went after his final breath. “One” may be lonely, but still a number. The surviving spouse, the “One” handles grief in a myriad of ways and we do so with both a public and private face. Years after her spouse of fifty plus years passed away my mother would admit she still got “weepy” (her word) when only alone she thought about her departed partner. The loss of intimacy is rarely spoken of when a spouse passes away and it can never be recaptured with youth’s ferocity nor with the comfort and familiarity aging brings. It once was and no longer is, but the yearning to bring it back is real. Capturing it again is like getting struck by lightning - twice. I had the good fortune to serve in the Army in Vietnam with Christy’s spouse. I understand her loss. I’ve lost my youthful comrade in arms and I miss him dearly too. I hope we read more from Christy. John Webb (aka Whiskey Bravo, my call sign from Vietnam) I HATE HATE! Pam and Steve We, like, so love this and since Justin Bieber isn’t up for an Oscar this year, we, like, plan to, like, totally boycott the Oscars. But first, like, we’ll be, like, getting matching beard-stubble tattoos and, like, a sexy, new blue Honda Civic. AP/ CAPSTONE—A NEW WAY OF LEARNING Miles Beacom Great stuff. Teaching people to think and not what to think is a worthy goal. Einstein once wrote, “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” I can now call myself a researcher. THE OLDER MAN—Part One Christena Wiseman I so enjoyed this honest look at the ageing male. His brutal honesty and self-evaluation were superb.

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ow would anyone think it’s acceptable to take your dog, just days after she’d given birth, to a seldom used gravel road and tie her to a fence post? Then walk away? That’s where we found beautiful Audrey. The man who told us where to find her said she’d been there for three days. We untied her and brought her to the Ranch. Yes, she was hungry and thirsty. But what she needed most was love. From the moment we had her, the kisses never stopped. Luckily we were able to get


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

Audrey into an immediate foster home and she blossomed. Her coat is glossy, her eyes are bright and she loves to run. At her foster home is an older Golden who had begun to forget how to play, but he can’t resist Audrey either. She’s reteaching him the joys of chase as he tries to keep up with this playful imp. She loves soft beds and cuddly toys. If she can get to it, a roll of toilet paper is a lot of fun as well. The most amazing thing about Audrey is how she bonds to her person. After just a few days with her foster mom, we noticed that Audrey did not like to let her out of her sight. Audrey’s eyes followed her everywhere. I guess she wanted to make sure she was never abandoned again. Sadly, this is only a short-term foster and Audrey desperately needs a new home. If you have room in your home and a place in your heart, please consider Audrey or one of the other beautiful dogs at the Ranch. It seems that whatever wrong has been done to these dogs can be righted by just a bit of love and caring. Contact us at: www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com 331.270.4447

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Anyone Can Train Their Dog %\$UW+HVV artthedogguy@yahoo.com Tips and Ideas


ikipedia says this about dog training: Dog training is the application of behavior analysis which uses the environmental events of antecedents and consequences to modify the behavior of a dog, either for it to assist in specific activities or undertake particular tasks, or for it to participate effectively in contemporary domestic life. My definition is somewhat simpler. Dog training is teaching the dog to do what we want, how we want, when and where we want, and additionally to teach the dog to not do the things we don’t want him to do. That being said here’s some tips and ideas that I hope


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

will prove useful. Always set your dog up to succeed. We all know about choosing a familiar and comfortable environment with no distractions but also make the task simple, small, and easy. Build on many small successes. Avoid failures. Practice many times a day with short two and three minute sessions. Get attention, maintain focus. Make training sessions fun and happy. Remember there must ALWAYS be a reason for the student to perform the task. When teaching the student what you want him to do, a positive action results in a positive consequence. Initially we use food because it is a strong motivator and a strong positive motivator results in the student willingly wanting to repeat the task. When teaching the dog what we don’t want him to do his negative action produces a negative or unwanted consequence thereby discouraging him from repeating the offense. Decide exactly what it is you wish to teach. Break it into the smallest teachable and learnable components. With a treat in hand lure the dog into position or through the desired action. Some training books will refer to this as “shaping” the action.” When the dog is successful, “mark” the success. This is done with a vocal response such as “yes” or a clicker. This is your way of telling the dog he has done what you want him to do. Now offer the treat and reward the action. Repeat this simple process and always reward. Use the 80% rule. When your dog performs the task successfully 4 out of 5 times, then and only then do you change the criteria. That is you change the environment, lengthen a distance or duration, or introduce some distractions. Never change more than one part of the criteria at a time. Make small changes, build on successes, avoid failures, practice often and always reward. Never let the dog repeatedly do what you don’t want him to do such as ignoring a recall or repeatedly pulling on the leash. If you do not correct and change this action you are simply

reinforcing this action and telling the dog that this is another acceptable way to perform this task. Set, follow, and enforce, Rules, Regulations, and Limitations. Remember, Discipline is not Punishment. All members of a family have to follow acceptable practices and this must always include the dog. Violations are not “cute” or “just something that little dogs do”. Good manners make for loving pets. Now a few ideas: If the puppy persists on nipping your hands, simply keep your hands away from the dog. If he can’t reach them he can’t nip them. Save the petting until he calms down. When you have a problem, remove the dog from the problem or the problem from the dog, i.e. if the dog chews your slippers or socks close the bedroom door as in remove the dog from the problem, or pick up your damn socks. This is also when we use crates and gates to train youngsters. When you leave the dog alone for a length of time give him something to do. Forget the pricey dog toys. Go to the butcher and get large hard beef bones. The end of the femur is ideal. Give it to the dog raw. It will keep him occupied for hours plus it’s a great way to keep his teeth clean. If the dog digs in the lawn when you can’t correct him, simply put dog stool (yep that’s pieces of poop) in the hole and slightly cover with the dirt from around the hole. Dogs don’t like getting dog poop under their toe nails If the dog gets into the garbage put Vicks or vanilla on the lid. Dogs don’t like the smell. Vicks is a great cure all for those nicks and cuts or little bites. Also works well on itchy insect bites (people too). If the dog persists in getting into the plant in the pot just take the lid off the Vicks and set it in the pot beside the plant. If the dog digs in plants or around trees put crumpled up chicken wire around the area or I don’t like the look of chicken wire so I use 8 to 10 inch pieces of that long thorny shrub found on the road side or near the lake. These have very long, strong, and sharp spines; the farmers use them in their fences to control livestock. They are large enough that dogs won’t try to ingest them, they avoid them, and being natural looking they aren’t unsightly in the yard. Avoid the old rule of “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” If the dog pulls on the leash, don’t keeping pulling because you are encouraging him to pull. Don’t try to force your dog into a down by pushing on his shoulders because you are simply encouraging him to resist and push back. The best and last idea for today is make training fun and enjoy your dog. Loose Leashes, Happy Tails!

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icky Martin may have found a broader fan base and superstar status Livinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; La Vida Loca in 1999, but for those of us livinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; la vida Lakeside, the rewards are just as satisfying. Life along Lake Chapala may be less dramatic and scaled down than Martinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s but it is, nonetheless, as pleasing, rewarding, and fulfilling. There are many reasons to love living here. Each resident has his or her own. Some are common, universal in nature. Others can be quite personal. Here is my Top 10 list: 10. Jacarandas: Jacarandas trees are not unique to Lakeside. They can be found in a variety of tropical places. But their contradictory purple color, simul-

taneously vivid and soft, is incredible. The breathtaking canopies formed by Jacaranda trees are a feast for oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eyes and spirit. 9. Sunsets: While many places around the world boast of more spectacular sunsets, Lake Chapalaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pastel western skies at dusk are as calming, soothing, and healing as can be found anywhere. 8. Musicians: The abundance of local musicians astounds me. Certainly the quality of talent varies, but when gifted troubadours who stroll through restaurants or serenade passengers on busses entertain, they make mundane activities an enjoyable adventure. 7. Views: Whether one gazes across

the lake at the opposite shore with its mountains, standing like sentries, or turns around and looks at the ridges behind us, the views are impressive, relaxing, and induce a sense of security. 6. LCS and American Legion: Like an extended family, the Lake Chapala Society and American Legion serve and support the plethora of ex-pats, emigres, and adventurers from El Norte. Their programs, activities, and assistance to both English and Spanish speaking Lakesiders are an appreciated addition to our community. 5. Restaurants: The variety and quality of local restaurants and food carts is astounding. Whether it is traditional Mexican fare or Italian, Greek, Thai, American, Tex-Mex, Sushi, French, Chinese, German, etc., it is available here. We all have our preferences, but we also have the opportunity to explore, experiment, and discover new flavors and anoint new favorites. 4. Mexican People: My admiration and respect for the people, the local Mexican People, is deeper than the Copper Canyon. Their culture, traditions, work ethic, pride in their appearance, pride in their history, family values (which expose what a joke that politicized phrase is in the US), patience, dignity, and beauty make each day a joy for me. I sincerely thank them for allow-

ing me to live among them and to learn from them. I believe observing and interacting with the Mexican People has made me a better person. 3. Weather: It is said the year-round Lakeside climate is among the best in the world. Some accounts say it is second; others claim it is third. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not quibble; the weather here, over-all, is as perfect as it can get. To describe the climate here, I simply paraphrase the 1988 film Field of Dreams: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Is this heaven? No, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lakeside.â&#x20AC;? 2. Expenses: My rent is one-third what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d pay north of the border. My combined phone and electric bill is less than $30 USD. I can ride the local bus from Ajijic to Chapala for nine pesos. Greater distances cost a few pesos more. But no destination is more than $1 USD. The bus to Guadalajara costs 50 pesos or approximately $3.00 USD. Restaurants, as Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve previously mentioned their variety and abundance, offer bargains unheard of in the US; it is not uncommon to have a substantial meal, a beer, and pay the tip for about $10-$12 USD. Prescriptions are a fraction of what they are in the US. On the other hand, some items are more expensive here or more difficult to find. But they are the exception; generally speaking, living along Lake Chapala is pretty darn cheap. 1. Children: There is nothing I love more about life along Lake Chapala than the children. Their faces are beautiful, their voices musical, their behavior nearperfect. I rarely hear crying or demands. I do hear, however, laughter, glee, and an appreciation for what they have. The tweens and teens, too, are well-behaved and respectful, and they also exude happiness. This elation, whether seen in the little local children or the older ones, is contagious and it fills me with joy. And that joy, the feeling I experience seeing and hearing the children here is, for me, the strongest reason why I enjoy livinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; la Tom Nussbaum vida Lakeside.



El Ojo del Lago / April 2016



einz, your 57 varieties are 55 too many. Coca-Cola stick with full fat and diet (and a little Zero, Vanilla, Lime...). Samsung just have a big and little version of the Galaxy smartphone (not the billions of variations). The world is complicated enough without the constant increase in choice we are offered as consumers. The insidious idea that companies should cater to every customer whim means that there are a million different options in the hope that it matches 100% of our picky consumer requirements. Instead we, the public, decide that even if a product meets 95% of our demands we get all uppity and want to know why we can’t have something more. We have all become Verruca Salts, the character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who wanted everything and wanted it now. While we are at it, Wonka why do you need bubblegum that contains a three course meal? What is wrong with mint or fruit flavours? Most of the time soup, soft drinks or mobiles will meet our needs (not that having a smartphone is on Maslov’s hierarchy) so why do we have to be given the choice to have something that is ever so slightly

different? If I am having tomato soup then I don’t want to decide betw tween Tomato & Basil, Plum Tomato Basil Soup with CremeFraiche, Tomato and Butt Butterbean, Tomato with Fiery Mexican Spi Spices, Tomato with a Kick Orga of Chilli or Organic Cream of Tomato. vari These are all varieties offered by Heinz but all I want is tthe simple ‘classic’ red gloop to which I can then add Worcestershire sauce. What Wh I don’t understand is why companies companie have to mess with the classics to be a bit more ‘on trend’ (looking at you sweet chilli) or become healthier by hiding extra vegetables in their recipes. As I sit at my desk I can see a tub of chocolates that hold eight mini versions of the most popular confectionary snacks. Of this I can guarantee that the toffees will be gone in seconds, while the coconut based horrors will take a while to disappear. All that will be left are the nougat as nobody really likes these. So from the 750g of chocolates there are 93.75 g of wasted options. Stop making my life more complicated, make it simpler. I know I could just ignore the other options but I don’t want to have to work to be ignorant of the multitude of products on offer. I didn’t make the problem and I have no control over offering a solution, I have tried not buying the “sundried tomatoes with organic basil and a splash of cream” but it still appears on the shelves of my local store. Life is full of decisions so all I want is less flavour. Henry Ford got it right when he said that “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” I just wish I could have had my Model T in Midnight Charcoal Black.

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The Wearable Art of San Lorenzo Zin nacantán %\0DUJDUHW9DQ(YHU\


n a recent tour of Chiapas, I had no intention of buying any of the weavings, richly embroidered clothing and table linens, pottery, jewelry, and folk art. I had simplified my life in a massive purging before moving to Mexico and had come to believe at some level that “the more I have, the less I am.” I had not given myself permission to buy it back. I didn’t miss it...that is, until I saw it and was so seduced by it I had to buy some of everything. So much stuff, in fact, I feared they wouldn’t take my suitcase for the flight home. The world is like a museum. We learn to admire what we see without having to own it, but then reason is susceptible to getting waylaid, supplanted by “I must have it. It will enhance my image.” We get into the question of is it vanity or appreciation run amok when it comes to wearable art. The Tzotzil Maya women of San Lorenzo Zinacantán in the central Chiapas highlands weave the indestructible cotton fabric on which they embroider the brilliant, shimmery floral designs of their huipiles, skirts, and belts. They each wear the same skirt for years, maybe their entire adult life, because it is too tough to wear out. Imagine no fashion, no envy, no need for change, no need for a closet! Every skirt is a masterpiece, every skirt is of the same cut, the same cloth, only the floral pattern varies. Every woman is an unselfconscious walking work of art. The skirt is a tubular affair in black, with subtle silver threads catching a glint of light here and there. It is a long, modest skirt gathered at the waist in two folds that open triangularly at the center front, revealing a panel of luxuri-


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

ant embroidery. The back of the skirt is also richly adorned with brilliant floral designs. The one-size-fits all tube, which accommodates even a pregnancy, is secured by a colorfully woven sash that wraps around the waist more than once and miraculously stays put. One doesn’t find these skirts for sale in the markets, perhaps because few tourists would risk a skirt held up by only a sash and a prayer, and God forbid the consequences of a sneeze. The women who wear this art live in meager, often floor-less houses with no indoor plumbing, high up dusty, unpaved roads. Summer or winter, rain or shine, they descend to the village in their elegant skirts, perhaps a purple satin embroidered blouse to go with it. On their dusty feet a pair of plastic flipflops. One sees such art afoot throughout Zinacantán, but to the wearer it is simply the uniform of every day. Everyone’s got one, so what’s the big deal? I wondered if they had exhausted the capacity to see their uniform as wearable art? Too, this is not just a uniform but is also their work. Someone told me that on feast days, the women are required to wear another kind of skirt altogether, just something, not particularly prettier, to differentiate the special occasion from the quotidian. My tour made a visit to the very basic home of a family of weavers, whose colorful work was strung out on display all over the barren front yard. We all looked at the table runners, pillow covers, belts, purses, and blouses—most of which we had seen in our own tianguis.

After admiring the young sales attendant, whose beauty was gilded only by the just-described skirt, I finally said to her, pointing, I want to buy one of those, please, but I don’t see any for sale. Oh, she said, and brought one out from somewhere. But I want one like yours with the scalloped hemline, I protested. Oh, she said, and found one of those. But I must try it on first, I demurred, and she said that would be fine and just as magically produced a full-length mirror. I kept my blue jeans on, of course, and cautiously climbed into the cotton tube. I pulled it up and she folded it in the front and wrapped around the glittery sash. The ladies of the tour goaded me on with oohs and aahs. I did think it looked chic over my jeans, plus I appreciated that it would be one of a kind in my own village, an important consideration when buying wearable art. She gave me

a few lessons in tying the sash, though they were lost on me. I still feel guilty for how little she asked for it, but I didn’t bargain up the price. We were both happy. She expressed undying gratitude by hugging and kissing me and I hugged and kissed her back. We walked down the dusty mountain road with our arms around each other’s waist and we kissed again before I climbed into the bus. I told her I would think of her every time I wore it, which made her smile because she told me she had made it herself, but don’t they all say that? Soon as I got home, I visited the seamstresses at Fiaga and commissioned them to apply some velcro to the folds at the waist. They also put in some darts. Now that it fits perfectly and stays up, I have only one problem—when do I ever have an occasion dressy enough to wear this masterpiece.

CORRECTION, PLEASE! The Index of featured articles in our March issue included Gabrielle Blair’s excellent article (pp. 54) on the Bolshoi Ballet. Mistakenly, we mentioned that Gabrielle herself had been a member of the Bolshoi. Instead, she had been with the London Festival Ballet in England. We regret whatever embarrassment our error might have caused Ms. Blair.

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The Ojo Crossword

ACROSS 1 Competent 5 Thin paper 10 Wood cutting tools 14 Sky light 15 Pointed at 16 Syrian bishop 17 European grand duchy 19 Catamount 20 Cycles per second 21 Hazes 23 W. Australian capital 26 Representative 28 Pigpen 31 Past 32 Walk slowly 33 Veneration 34 Brain removal 6\QWKHWLF¿EHU 39 Sisters sibs. 40 Central points 42 Computer code for characters 45 Dark chocolate quality &KLHIH[HFXWLYHRႈFHU 50 Dark Igneous rock 53 To be 54 Surface to air missile 55 Type of alcohol 56 Eagle´s nest 58 High ranking man- mid East 60 Lodge 61 Self-esteems 63 Expounds 69 Not there


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

70 Mr. Ryan 71 TV´s Reimer 72 Soft white cheese 73 Sharp 74 Petite '2:1 1 Sign language 2 Heat unit 3 Careless 4 Build 5 Taxies 6 River (Spanish) 7 Flightless bird 8 Unnaturally curly 9 Inching forward 10 Seasoning 11 Chasm-like 12 Compass point 13 Jazz instrument 18 Miles per hour 22 Stink 23 Crony 24 Freudian term .QRFNRႇ 26 Weapons 27 Gal´s pal 29 Twain 30 Shekel 32 Also 35 Kimono sash 36 Indian groups 38 Yang´s partner 40 Sate 41 Fall mo. 42 American Cancer Society (abbr.) 43 Ocean 44 Behave 45 Beam 46 Hearing part 47 __ Lanka 48 Encounter 51 National capital 52 Islamic greeting 56 Atmosphere 57 Correct 59 At sea 60 Baptistery 61 Extremely high frequency (abbr.) 62 “To the right!” 64 Wing 65 Forbid 66 Thai 67 European sea eagle 68 Slick

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60 years of “People Helping People”


Lൺ඄ൾ Cඁൺඉൺඅൺ Sඈർංൾඍඒ


www.lakechapalasociety.com The 2016 LCS Board L to R - Monica Powers, Lois Cugini, Geoffrey Kaye, Cate Howell, Ben White, Carole Wolfe, Howard Feldstein (former president), Michael Searles, Fred Harland, Barbara Hildt & George Radford. Missing - Matthew Butler, Garry Musgrave, Yoly Martinez.

News from the 2016 AGM Ben White addressed the members with his report. LCS has focused three areas since he came into office for 2014-2016 and accomplishing the following: • Improved the perception of the LCS in the eyes of members and the greater lakeside community. • Last year at the Annual General Meeting members voted to change the LCS mission statement to ”promote the active participation of lakesides’ inhabitants to improve their quality of life.” By making this commitment we signaled to the community that our focus was based not just the ex-patriots, but everyone living at lakeside. • Optimize programs and services to assure continued relevance. • Offered programs at Career Day at the Chapala Prepatoria. • Children’s Art Program expanded the Art Camp. • Lakeside Little Theatre teamed with the Children’s Art Program and produce the first Children’s Theatre Summer Camp this past August. • Initiated a series of events that included 60 Years of Service; a Student Aid Summit; 1st Annual Mariachi Festival featured Mariachi Internacional Guadalajara and Mariachi Estrellas de Chula Vista from San Diego California; the Children’s Art program teamed with Ajijic Society for the Arts for the 5th Annual Open Studios; and LCS hosted the Arts & Crafts Fair featuring local artists and showcasing up and coming Children’s Art Program artists Orlando Ibarra, Karina Gutierrez and Saul Garcia. • LCS offered a vast array of services for members with more than thirty programs available at LCS each week; working with INAPAM to facilitate acquisition of cards for special discounts; invited Seguro Popular to attend our health fair to explain the benefits of the program and enroll members in their health insurance plan. • Unveiled a new web site with a much more welcoming and current user interface to help keep our members informed of all of our offerings and events. • In September Café Corazon opened on campus to service our members and this past January they renewed their contract for one


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

April 2016

year. • Re-engineer LCS campus infrastructure to meet current and future needs. • LCS purchased Ruth Darling lakefront property which now will enable LCS to build new facilities in the future without interruption of services and retention of our existing green space. To note, the funds for the purchase came from two generous donors who believe in the need for LCS to expand to meet its mission. • LCS offered our members this past August the opportunity to hear from Notario #2 about wills in Mexico. Since August is the time when wills are offered at half price to initiate more estate planning to assist in our sustainability in the future for our long term plans. • In summation this year LCS is augmenting existing offerings and implementing new and improved programs to support our mission. This will require additional funding. Membership dues, donations and fundraisers are key components to help finance our mission. To that end the LCS has recently formed an Annual Giving Fund with the goal of raising 400,000 pesos this year. It will be 11% of our total 2016 operating budget. If each member contributed 200 pesos we would meet this goal. President Ben requested that every member donate. Members can contribute in two ways: using the envelope enclosed in the directory and drop off at the LCS Service Office or go on line to the LCS website and click on donate to annual giving and make your donation there.

Auditor’s Opinion on Financial Statements Cate Howell introduced Aldo Martinez and read the opinion issued by Salles Sainz-Grant Thornton with respect to the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2015 as follows:

Unqualified Opinion In our opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of The Lake Chapala Society, A.C., as of December 31, 2015 and 2014, and its financial performance, and its cash flows for the years then ended, in accordance with Mexican Financial Reporting Standards.

Awards President Ben White on behalf of the Board gave a Life Membership to Marianne O’Halloran. Service Recognitions were given to: Ruth Darling, Jerry Smith, Emile Badawy and Luz Maria Zepeda Urias, our certified optometrist. (Continued on next page)

From the Executive Director

AGM News (Continued from page 1)

I am of the opinion that the Lake Chapala Society touches everyone lakeside - members and non-members, nationals and foreigners! And we do so in different ways, touching each group in its own way. With a 60 year tradition of “People helping People,” we have come a long way and the future holds certain truths undeniable, new people are arriving daily; the needs of current residents are changing, as are the needs of the Mexican community. LCS is deeply embedded in each and plans to keep pace. I am also of the opinion that LCS membership dues have not kept pace with our intention to improve. Since 2010 the LCS has had a strong commitment to our vision and professionalism. This includes following a path of compliance with Mexico’s laws and tax regulations causing new expenses that had been ignored. Now LCS boasts two years of a clean financial audit performed by the world class accounting firm of Salles Sainz Grant-Thorton. No small feat, at no small cost. As you can imagine, costs have had dramatic increases while membership revenues have not. Currently our membership dues do not meet our planned payroll costs let alone all of the other costs LCS has to provide through the myriad of diverse services that we perform. We have additional revenue streams including designated donations but we need one more very important one. What am I getting at? With a 22 year NOB professional background working in non-profits I’m very familiar with the best practices aimed at creating financial stability and sustainabilty within them. Now traversing the sixth year of a new management paradigm, LCS is launching a long overdue annual giving drive. We hope that all people lakeside recognize the important contribution that LCS makes towards optimizing the quality of life we all share. For 2016 we have set a goal to raise $400,000 pesos through an annual giving drive. Please help us to meet this goal by visiting the office and using our annual giving envelope to contribute. Better yet we have made it very easy by going online and contributing at: http://lakechapalasociety.com/weebly/annual-giving.php Please encourage others to contribute to LCS. Ask yourself what would Lakeside be like (or have been like) without the LCS? Be sure that with your support we will continue to do our job!

Terry Vidal, Executive Director acknowledged the following for their outstanding service to LCS to Robert Katz, Glorine Barnhardt and Chuck Ball.

Ratification of Reserve Fund Deposit Michael Searles, Treasurer spoke on behalf of the Board which has approved the allocation of $50,000 pesos to the reserve fund to continue our strategy to accumulate up to 12 months of our operating costs into the Reserve fund. This transfer will bring the total reserve fund to a total of $600,000 pesos.

2016 Work Accomplished Audit Committee • Oversight of successful completion of the external audit; • Coordinated LCS response to audit findings; • Along with Treasurer, coordinated with Grant-Thornton to develop the clean opinion of LCS finances for 2015. Campus Committee • Submitted a conceptual building design to include classrooms, meeting space, and other space requirements to integrate the English and Spanish libraries; the Board approved the conceptual design and instructed the committee to obtain cost estimates; • The committee developed and sent a Request for Proposal (RFP) to qualified architectural firms; the committee has received three responses and is in the process of evaluating proposals. Community Committee • Developed a marketing plan that addresses: soon to be retirees and retirees 0-2 years, lakeside residents of 2+ years, Mexican Business and Professionals, Mexican families living at Lakeside, and recurring members and donors; • New member orientation class is being offered every three months and has been well received. Fund Development Committee • Annual Giving Fund has been approved by the Board; • Ad-Hoc committee has been established in anticipation of a Capital Campaign to re-engineer the LCS campus based on the work of the Campus Committee; • Coordinating with Community Committee to develop strategies to increase membership and update/develop marketing brochures. Program Committee • Based on one of the goals of the marketing plan to implement a adult continuing education program the committee has developed the policy and structure to implement a pilot program this summer. Finance Committee • Implemented procedures to accompany the policies to strengthen internal controls and ensure financial assets are managed properly; • Performed the annual Internal Control Questionnaire; • Reviewed the current investment vehicles used by LCS and made recommendations that will yield a higher return without an increase in risk; • Participated in the preparation, review and adoption of 2016 budget; • Worked with Grant-Thornton on the 2nd external audit of LCS financial records.

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Video Library Additions - April APRIL ACTIVITIES *OPEN TO PUBLIC ** US CITIZENS &58=52-$ CRIVC (Cruz Roja) Sales Table M-F 10-1 CRIVC (Cruz Roja) Monthly Meeting 2nd W 2-4 +($/7+,1685$1&(  IMSS & Immigration Services M+T 10-1 Lakeside Insurance T+TH 11-2 +($/7+ /(*$/6(59,&(6 Becerra & Galindo Services TH 10:30-12:30 Blood Pressure M+ F 10-12 Drug & Herb Consultation 4th M 10-12 Hearing Aid Services M & 2n+ 4th SAT 11-4 Sign-up Ministerio Publico W 13+27 April 10-2 My Guardian Angel M+TH 10-1 Optometrist Claravision TH 9-4 Sign-up Skin Cancer Screening 2nd +4th W 10-12:30 Sign-up US Consulate W 6 April 10-12 Sign up 10 - 11:30 LESSONS (C) Chair Yoga F 2-3* Children’s Art SAT 10-12* Children’s Reading Program SAT 9-10* Exercise M+W+F 9-10 Fitness Thru Yoga M +F 2-3:30, SAT 1-2:30 Intermediate Hatha Yoga T+ TH 2-3:30 Laughter Yoga 1st W 4-4:45 Line Dancing T+TH 10-11:15 Scottish Country Dancing TH 11:30-1:30 Stretch & Balance Exercise T + TH 8:45-9:45 LIBRARIES Audio TH 10-12 Book & Video M-SAT 10-2 US Library of Congress Books**/ Talking Books TH 10-12 N.J. Biblioteca Publica (WEC) M-F 9:30-7, SAT 9:30-1* SOCIAL ACTIVITIES (C) All Things Tech F 9:30-11:30 Beginner’s Android Classes TH 10-12 Sign-up Bridge 4 Fun T +TH 1-5 Coversaciones en Espanol M 10-12 Everyday Mindfulness M 10:15-11:45 )LOP$¿FLRQDGRV 7+ Needle Pushers T 10-12 Open Gaming M 1-4 Open to public 2-4* Scrabble M +F 11:30-1:30 Senior High Tea 3rd F 2:30-5 Sign up & Cost Spanish/English Conversation SAT 11-12 Tournament Scrabble T 12-2 6(59,&( 6833257*52836 Caregiver Support Group 2nd+4th W 10:30-12:30 Have Hammer Workshop Demo 1st & 3rd M 10-12 Information Desk M-SAT 10-2 Lakeside AA M +TH 4:30-5:30 Memory Loss Resources TH 11-1 Open Circle SUN 10-11:30 Toastmasters M 7-8:30 7,&.(76$/(60)


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

In case you have not heard, we are liquidating our VHS tapes inventory. We have several hundred tapes for sale starting at 5 pesos a tape and dwindling down to one peso each, depending on quantity purchased. No tape player? We have solutions. Drop by the Video Library and check out the variety of titles available. New additions for April, 2016 Michael #7230 John Travolta whimsically playing a happy -go-lucky angel. Intern #7240 Robert Deniro as a 70 year old, widowed, retiree starting over – comedy In the Mood for Love #7224 Chinese drama about “foreign affairs” get it? Foreign AFFAIRS. King Lear #7233 Ian McKellen gives a tour-de-force performance as the tragic monarch. Martian, The #7229 Matt Damon stranded on the hostile planet. Secret Honor #7241 One man’s speculative drama about Richard Nixon in his office dictating his thoughts (venting his wrath) into a tape recorder. Imagine Me and You #7242 Newly married, confused Rachel meets Luce. The above are just a few of the new additions. Please see the LCS web page or the color coded catalogs at the Video Library to assist you in selecting a movie of your choice, especially foreign films and TV series. Are you going north and returning before the end of May? Is anyone coming to visit? We need couriers. We buy the movies on line and have them shipped to an address of your choice. All you hafta do is stuff them in your luggage. Each traveler may legally bring 10 new DVDs into Mexico. 10 DVDs do not take up much room.

Android Classes LCS will be offering two classes in the use of Android cell phones and tablets on Thursday, March 31 and Thursday, April 7, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. in La Sala. (Classes will be in the same time slot as the iPad classes which have been suspended until the end of August.) You must be an LCS member, have an Android device, and be registered to attend. To register, send an email to lcsandroidclasses2016@outlook.com with your LCS membership number. Topics will include an overview of Android, setting up email, downloading apps, using widgets, using your cell phone as a GPS, managing apps and data, photos and photo editing apps. More details will be provided once you are registered.

Follow Us on Facebook Now you can follow us on Facebook. Keep up on all things LCS - programs, activities, special events, updates and news. Like us at www.facebook.com/ lakechapalasociety.

Savor Our Wine Tasting Festival

We Still Need You Contact the LCS Volunteer Coordinator Rachel McMillen at volunteer@lakechapalasociety for more information. The Garden always needs volunteers to plant, trim, weed and maintain our beautiful gardens. Seniorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; High Tea Project, offered the third Friday of each month needs volunteers for this popular monthly event or the it is in jeopardy of ending. Events Coordinator is looking for volunteers to greet guests, collect tickets and help with fiesta decorations. If you have a bit of flair and are an outgoing person, this may be for you. Pulitzer Prizes? Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Still Got Em For all you lovers of exceptional writing, we have a collection of Pulitzer Prizeâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;winning fiction on our shelves waiting just for you. The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction is one of seven Pulitzer Prizes awarded annually for outstanding contributions to American letters, music and drama. The prize for fiction recognizes distinguished work by an American author, preferably dealing with American life, published during the preceding year. Fortunately for LCS members, many Pulitzer Prize winners and nominees are included among our extensive collection from the past decade. In 2010, nominated works included In Other Rooms, Other Wonders, 2011 winner A Visit from the Goon Squad, and 2011 nominee Privileges. No award was given in 2012, but finalists included Swamplandia by Karen Russell now residing on our shelves. Winners from 2013 and 2014, The Orphan Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Son and the Goldfinch are waiting for you in our collection, as is the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. ESL for COPS LCS signed an official agreement with the Municipality of Chapala to give English lessons to the Police department and the Tourist Inspectors. In April an 8 week course will begin at City Hall in Chapala with 50 students. Each class is 2 hours long and the sessions will be repeated until the entire force has received some English training. We are very proud of this event and are working hard to help keep the community safe and working together.

Our popular wine tasting event returns to LCS Saturday, April 16 from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Join us for an afternoon of unlimited wine tasting featuring an extensive selection of fine wines from Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. Wines will be paired with delicious cheeses and appetizers available for purchase to enjoy with your selections. You may purchase your favorite libation by the glass, the bottle or the case. Admission-only tickets to this event are 50 pesos for members and 100 pesos for non-members. Purchase tickets at the Service Office. There will be no ticket sales at the door.

THE LAKE CHAPALA SOCIETY, A.C. 16 de Septiembre #16-A, Ajijic, Jalisco LCS Main Office: (376) 766-1140 Office, information and other services - Monday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Grounds open until 5:00 p.m. LCS BOARD OF DIRECTORS. President - Ben White (2018); Vice-President - Cate Howell (2017); Treasurer - Michael Searles (2017); Secretary - Carole Wolff (2018); Directors: Matthew Butler (2018); Lois Cugini (2017); Fred Harland (2017); Barbara Hildt (2017); Geoffrey Kaye (2018) Yoli Martinez (2017); Garry Musgrave (2017); Monica Powers (2018); George Radford (2018); Immediate Past President: Howard Feldstein. Executive Director - Terry Vidal

The LCS Newsletter is published monthly. Deadline for submissions is the 17th of the month preceding publication. Submit all news items to newsletter@lakechapalasociety.com 1RWH7KHHGLWRULDOVWDয়UHVHUYHVWKHULJKWWRHGLWDOOVXEPLVVLRQVDFFRUGLQJWRWLPHVSDFHDYDLODELOLW\DQGHGLWRULDOGHFLVLRQ

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El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

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$'9(57,6,1*',5(&725< (/2-2'(//$*2 Tel. 765-3676


- GLORIOSA Tel: 766-3372 - GLOSS - Nail Salon Tel: 766-0375 - PANACHE Tel: 766-2228


$1,0$/&/,1,&63(76+23 - CLINICA VETERINARIA SAN ANTONIO Tel: 766-0808  3DJ - DEEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PET HOTEL Tel: 331-765-7074  3DJ )855<)5,(1'6*URRPLQJ %RDUGLQJ Tel: 765-5431  3DJ /$.(6,'()5,(1'62)7+($1,0$/6$& Tel: 765-5544  3DJ 0$6.27$¶6/$.( Tel: 766-0287  3DJ - PET PLACE Cell: 333-1964-150  3DJ 3(7)22'$1'*5220,1* Tel: 766-3062  3DJ

$57*$//(5,(6+$1'&5$)76 - ART HOUSE Tel: 765-5097 3DJ - AZTEC STUDIOS Cell: 331-539-6247 3DJ - DIANE PEARL COLECCIONES Tel: 766-5683 3DJ - EL CORAZON CREATIVO / THE CREATIVE HEART Tel: 766-0496 3DJ - LA BELLA VIDA Tel: 766-5131 3DJ 62/0(;,&$12 Tel: 766-0734 3DJ - ZARAGOZA GALLERY Tel: 766-0573, 766-7049 3DJ

- CASA DEL SOL Tel: 766-0050 - CASA FLORES Tel: 766-5493 - CASA TRES LEONES Cell: (045) 331-350-6764

- FRATS Tel: 765-2505, 765-3946 - LINEA PROFESIONAL Tel. 766-2555, Fax. 766-0066






%(72¶6:,1( /,4825 Cell: (045) 333-507-3024

&8*,1,62386%287,48( Tel/Fax: 766-1790 0,0(;,&2 Tel: 766-0133 - OLGAS Tel: 766-1699




- CALLI Tel: 766-5922  3DJ - CHOICES - FURNITURE & ACCESORIES Tel: 766-4831  3DJ +20('(&25 Tel: 106-0856  3DJ - 7(03850$775(66$1'3,//2:6 Tel: (52) 333-629-5919, (52) 33 3611-30493DJ






%($87< 3DJ 3DJ 3DJ

*(1(5$/+20(6(59,&(6$PDQFLR5DPRV-U Cell: (045) 331-520-3054 3DJ 0$5%/( *5$1,7( Tel: 766-1306  3DJ :$5:,&.&216758&7,21 Tel: 765-2224  3DJ


El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

/$.(6,'(+($5,1*6(59,&(6 Cell. (045) 33-1511-4088

+27(/668,7(6 $'2%(:$//6,11 Tel: 766-1296 - LA NUEVA POSADA Tel: 766-1444, Fax: 766-2049


*2/) 3DJ

*5$1,7( 0$5%/( 0$5%/( *5$1,7( Tel: 766-1306 





- NAPOLEON Tel: 766-6153


+$5':$5(6725(6 - FERRETERIA Y TLAPALERIA GALVEZ Tel: 766-0880, Fax: 766-2440 3DJ




/,9(2 Cell. 333-100-9934


,1685$1&( /$.(6,'(,1685$1&(('*$5&('(f2 Cell: (045) 33-3106-6982 3DJ 3$5.(5,1685$1&(6(59,&(6 Tel: 765-5287, 765-4070 3DJ 3527(;3/$1 U.S. Toll Free 1-800-608-5743 Mexico Toll Free 01-800-681-6730 3DJ

6,/9(56+237/$;&2 Cell: 33-1172-0174


/80%(5 - REAL ORTEGA & SONS-+DUGZDUHIRU&DUSHQWHUV Tel: 765-2404, 765-3404 3DJ

- CENTRO LAGUNA Tel: 766-5514


0($7328/75<&+((6( 3DJ

- ATLAS COUNTRY GOLF COURSE Tel: 3689-2620 EXT 120 / 0



$8720$7,&*$5$*('22523(1(56 Tel: 766-4973 3DJ

$-,-,&:$7(5*$5'(16 Tel: 766-4386 - GARDEN CENTER Tel: 765-5973



*$5'(1,1* 3DJ





$-,-,&'(17$/ Tel: 766-3682 &'0$5Ã&#x2039;$/8,6$/8,69,//$ Tel/Fax: 766-2428 &'6$1'5$$1$<$025$ Tel: 765-3502, Cell: 331-218-6241 - CHAPALA DENTAL CARE Tel. 765-5584, 766-3847 '(17$/(;35(66 Tel: 106-2080 - DENTAL HEALTH ONE Tel: 106-0826 '5$$1*(/,&$$/'$1$ Tels: 765-5364 '5$/%(572'212/,9(5$ Tels: 765-4838, 765-4805



/$.(&+$3$/$&(17(5)2563,5,78$/ LIVING Tel: 766-0920 3DJ




- TEPEHUA TREASURES Tel: 763-5126, 763-5147


- BUGS OR US Tel: 762-1516  3DJ (;7(50,1,2'(3/$*$6 Tel: 765-3237, Cell: 331-102-0834 3DJ

&+,5235$&7,& '59,&725-<28&+$ Tel: 766-1973 - INTERLAGO CHIROPRACTIC Tel: 766-3000

6.<),71(66 Tel: 766-1379 - SUPER SENIOR FITNESS Cell. 333 458 1980


%287,48( &867206(:,1*





()),&,(17:($/7+0$1$*(0(17 Tel: 766-4836 3DJ - TIOCORP Tel: 766-4828 3DJ



- AFRODITA Tel: 766-6187 - CRISCO SALON Tel: 766-4073 - CHRISTINEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Tel: 106-0864


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,17(5&$0 Tel: 766-5980 08/7,9$ Tel: 766-2499


'5)5$1&,6&2&2175(5$6 Tel: 765-5757 3DJ 2'2172&/,1,&. Tel: 766-5050   3DJ


(0(5*(1&<+27/,1( $0%8/$1&(&58=52-$ ),5('(3$570(17  POLICE $MLMLF   &KDSDOD   /D)ORUHVWD 


- TONYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Tel: 766-1614


0(',&$/6(59,&(6 $/(;3(5$/(6&DUHJLYHU Tel: 766-1632 / 33-1027-1501 3DJ $/7$5(7,1$'U5LJREHUWR5LRV/HyQ 2SKWKDOPLF6XUJHRQ Tel: 766-1521 3DJ &$6,7$0217$f$ Tel: 766-5513 3DJ &+$3$/$0(' Tel: 765-7778, Cell: (045) 33-3950-9414 3DJ &/,1,&$<)$50$&,$0$6.$5$6 Tel: 765-4805 3DJ '(50$72/2*,67 Tel: 765-2400, Cell: (045) 333-170-6570 3DJ '(50,.$'HUPDWRORJLF&HQWHU Tel: 766-2500 3DJ '5+(&725%5,6(f2*,QWHUYHQWLRQDO &DUGLRORJ\ Tel: 766-1870 3DJ '5-8$10$&(9(60LFURELRORJLVW Tel: 766 1244, Cell. 33-1429-1343 3DJ '5*$%5,(/9$5(/$ Tel: 765-6666, Cell: 333-128-6347 3DJ '5/8,6,9Ã&#x2C6;1*21=Ã&#x2C6;/(=5(<1262 TEL: 766-2228 3DJ

'5$&/$8',$/&$0$&+2&+2=$ 2SKWKDOPRORJLVW Tel: 765-7777 3DJ '5$0$57+$5%$//(67(526)5$1&2 Cell: (045) 333-408-0951 3DJ - GO LAB Tel: 106-0881 3DJ +263,7$/$1*(/(6'(/&$50(1 Tel: (01) 3813-0042 3DJ - ISILAB Tel: 766-1164 3DJ /$.(6,'(&$5',2/2*<&/,1,& Tel: (387) 763-0665 3DJ /$.(6,'(0(',&$/*5283 Tel: 766-0395 3DJ 0(',17(*5,7< Tel: 766-5154 3DJ 252=&251  3DJ - PLASTICA LIFT Tel: 108-0595, 766-3355 3DJ 3/$67,&685*(5<'U%HQMDPLQ9LOODUDQ Tel: 766-5513, Cell 044-333-105-0402 3DJ 48$/,7<&$5( Tel: 766-1870 3DJ 5,&$5'2+(5(',$0' Tel: 765-2233 3DJ 9$5,&26(9(,1675($70(17 Tel: 765-4805 3DJ

029(56 /$.(&+$3$/$029,1* Tel: 766-5008 67520:+,7(029(56 Tel: 766-6153


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1856(5< /$63$/0$6  Cell: (045) 33-3170-1776/33-1195-71123DJ

3$,17 48,52=,PSHUPHDELOL]DQWHV Tel: 766-2311 48,52=3LQWXUDV Tel: 766-5959


Cell: (045) 33-1892-2194 3DJ - CIELOVISTA Tel: 766-4867 3DJ &2/':(//%$1.(5&+$3$/$5($/7< Tel: 766-1152, 766-3369 Fax: 766-2124, Tels: 765-2877 Fax: 765-3528 3DJ - CONTINENTAL REALTY Tel: 766-1994 3DJ &80%5(6 Tel: 766-4867 3DJ - DON SNELL Cell 33-1005-9129 3DJ - EAGER & ASOCIADOS Tel: (376) 766 1917, 1918 3DJ )256$/(%<2:1(5 Cell: 333-808-0324 3DJ )256$/(%<2:1(5 Tel: 765-2671 3DJ )256$/(%<2:1(5 3DJ *(25*(77(5,&+021' Tel: 766-2077 3DJ *(5$5'20(',1$ Cell. 331-121-7034 3DJ -8',75$-+$7+< Cell: (045) 331 - 395 - 9849 3DJ 0355($/(67$7( Tel: (315) 351-5167 3DJ - NOÃ&#x2030; LOPEZ Cell: 331-047-9607 3DJ - PEPE SASSO Tel: 766-2077 3DJ 3(7(567-2+1 Tel: 765-3676, 331-323-0893 3DJ - RAUL GONZALEZ Cell: 33-1437-0925 3DJ - VISTA ALEGRE Tel: 766-4867 3DJ

5(17$/63523(57<0$1$*(0(17 &2/':(//%$1.(5&+$3$/$5($/7< Tel: 766-1152, movile: (045) 33-1175-9632 3DJ - FOR RENT Tel: 765-2671 3DJ - FOR RENT Cell. 33-3349-5599 3DJ -25*(7255(6 Tel: 766-3737 3DJ 0$1=$1,//29$&$7,215(17$/6 Tel: (314) 100-6773 or (314) 109-06573DJ - RENTAL CENTER Tel: 765-3838 3DJ 520$ Tel: 766-3163, 766-5171 3DJ - SANTANA RENTALS Cell: 315-104-3283  3DJ



0$18(/)0$*$//$1(6+20(6(59,&(6 Cell: 33-1863-2136  3DJ - CYNTHIA ORNELAS Cell: 33-1075-2479  3DJ 1(:&20(56,/6(+2))0$11 ilsecarlota40@gmail.com, www.guadalajarachapalatravelguide.com Tel 01(33) 3647-3912 Cell (045) 33-3157-2541

$-,-,&7$1*2 Tel: 766-2458 3DJ - CASA FUERTE Tels: 3639-6474 / 81  3DJ - COLIBRI GARDEN Tel: 765-4412  3DJ *$8&+27(48,/$ Tel: 766-0764 3DJ - GO BISTRO Cell: (045) 33-3502-6555 3DJ -$60,1(¶6&ODVVLF,QGLD Tel: 766-2636  3DJ /$&$6$'(/:$))/( Tel: 766-1946 3DJ - LA CASA DEL CAFE Tel: 766-2876 3DJ - LA HACIENDA DE DON PEDRO Tel: 766-4906 3DJ /$0,6,21 Tel: 108-0887 3DJ - LA NUEVA POSADA Tel: 766-1444, 766-2049 3DJ ³/$7$9(51$´'(,48$7752025, Tel: 766-2848 3DJ /2602//(7(6 Tel: 766-4296 3DJ 020¶6'(/, 5(67$85$17 Tel: 765-5719 3DJ - PANINO Tel: 766-3822 3DJ - PIAN THAI RESTAURANT Tel: 766-2020 3DJ - PIZZERIA TOSCANA Tel: 765-6996 3DJ 7+(3($&2&.*$5'(1

3+$50$&,(6 )$50$&,$&5,67,1$ Tel: 766-1501 )$50$&,$(;35(66,, Tel: 766-0656 )$50$&,$0$6.$5$6 Tel/Fax: 765-5827 )$50(; Tel: 765-5004


3+<6,&$/5(+$%,/,7$7,21 ),6,21(:/,)( Tel: 766-4284, Cell. (044) 331 293 1270


5($/(67$7( $-,-,&+20(,163(&7,216 Tel: 766-2836 3DJ - ALL IN ONE REAL ESTATE SERVICE Tel: 766-1161 3DJ %(9 -($1&2)(// +RPH2á&#x201A;&#x2C6;FH 3DJ - CHULA VISTA NORTE Tel: 766-2177

Tel: 766-1381  - TONYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Tel: 766-1614, 766-4069 - YVES Tel: 766-3565


5(7,5(0(175(671856,1*+20(6 - CASA ANASTASIA Tel: 765-5680 / 33-3452-5864 3DJ - LA CASA NOSTRA Tel: 765-3824 3DJ 0,&$6,7$1XUVLQJ+RPH $VVLVWHG/LYLQJ Center Tel. 106-2081, Cell. 045 33-1115-9615 3DJ 1856,1*+20(/$.(&+$3$/$ Tel: 766-0404 3DJ - OHANA Tel: (01387) 761-0403 3DJ - THE BLUE HOUSE Tel: 766-1695 3DJ


- RESPIRO SPA Cell: 33-3157-7790 - TOTAL BODY CARE Tel: 766-3379


7$;, - ARTURO FERNANDEZ Cell: (045) 333-954-3813


72856 - CHARTER CLUB TOURS Tel: 766-1777


75((6(59,&( - CHAPALA TREE SERVICE Tel: 762-0602


:$7(5 7(&12$48$ Tel: 766-3731, 108-0808


$-,-,&(/(&7521,&66$'(&9 Tel/Fax: 766-1117, 766-3371 3DJ 6+$:6$7(//,7(6(59,&(6 Tel: 33-1402-4223 3DJ

6&+22/ - INSTITUTO TERRANOVA Tel: 766-2401, 766-3033


6(/)6725$*( - SELF STORAGE-BODEGAS CHAPALA Tel: 766-0661, Tel/Fax: 766-1045 3DJ

62&,$/25*$1,=$7,216 /$.(&+$3$/$62&,(7< Tel: 766-1140 3DJ /261,f26'(&+$3$/$<$-,-,& Tel: 765-7032 3DJ

62/$5(1(5*< - ESUN Tel: 766-2319, 01-800-099-0272


63$0$66$*( - LA BELLA VIDA Tel: 766-5131

Saw you in the Ojo


The Ojo Crossword

Saw you in the Ojo 63


FOR SALE: 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer in excellent condition with nearly new tires, well maintained and records available. )XOOORDGHGVHDWVIROGGRZQĂ&#x20AC;DWIRUWUDQVSRUW or storage. Roof rack and trailer tow package. Jalisco plates and clear title. $89,000.00 Pesos. Call Lester at 331-039-5150. FOR SALE: Toyota Pick Up. 4 cil, automatic, paid 2016 stickers, Jalisco plates, new all terrain tires, chrome rims, new paint, new seat, Alpine sound, no mechanical problems, call or text anytime Price: $4500 US or equivalent in pesos. Call: 331-007-8873. Email: Sergiogudino5@gmail.com FOR SALE: Volkswagen Crossfox 2008, 90000 km, 4 cylinders, Standard Manual, Very Good Condition, Good Tires, (2 replaced recently) Jalisco Plates. Price: $98,000 Mexican Pesos or USD $5300. Contact Israel at: 331-144-5997. :$17(' Looking for a Merc Benz, preferably C-Class, about 2004. Reply here if you have one youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to sell. Also interested in older 1980s (W123 or W126) model. :$17(' Roof Rack & Carrier for Honda Fit. FOR SALE: 2005 HONDA CRV. New tires, regular oil changes. Bought from original owner three years ago. Price: $126,000 pesos ($7,000US) Please email me at bstiles1063@ gmail.com or Call: 331-821-7980. FOR SALE: Classic VW bug for sale, 17 aluminum rims new tires, engine very strong, Jalisco plates, papers on hands paid 2015 newer, paint OK interior call or msg, anytime OBO. $2500 USA dollars or equivalent, Volkswagen Beatle, 1981, White-Purple, Standard Transmission. Email: Sergiogudino5@ gmail.com FOR SALE: Seat seven comfortably, all back seats can be folded down to be converted into a cargo van. American made Mexican plated at the border. navigation system. Call hm: 376-763-5736 or cell 331-735-7066. FOR SALE: Are you returning to Canada, we have a great car to exchange for a similar Jalisco plated car. Our car is in excellent condition, had every service and never had a problem; we want it down here but cannot import it. It has sport shift, individual heating/ cooling and heated seats. No damage at all, in excellent condition, mainly driven back and forth to MX. Price: $10,000.00. Please phone 766-3118. FOR SALE: 2012 GMC Terrain SLT every option +front and rear bumper guards. this car is garaged, fully loaded, excellent rubber, and clean. 22500 miles. Edmunds private party value 23,650 US. kelley Blue Book 23,330. 30 LI LQWHUHVWHG ZLWK UHDVRQDEOH Rá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU 1R need to sell. South Dakota title, registration renewed for 2016 and emissions done. FOR SALE: 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander. 4 Cylinder, Proof of Dealer Check-ups, Very spacious, Economical to Operate, Includes 8 months insurance and 2016 registration. Price: $190,000 pesos. Email: bruce@jbfraser.com. FOR SALE: Mercury Villager GS. One owner well maintained. 7 pass very clean nonsmoker. U.S. plated with current 2016 tabs, and ready to be driven back to the U.S.A. Price: $3800,00 or Peso equivalent. For more info call 106-0691. FOR SALE: 2007 Ford Focus. Excellent condition. One owner. Price: $130,000. Call: 331-299-7835. FOR SALE: HONDA XR 250. Excellent runner new tires and rims Excel lots of extras very well maintained Plated for 2016 in my


name no less than 20mil. Price: $20,000.00 Pesos. FOR SALE: Only 44,000 miles, Great fuel economy 28/35 mpg, Roomy cargo space 57.3 cu ft with rear and front pass seats down, 0DJLF 6HDW UHDU VHDWV IROG Ă&#x20AC;DW 9HU\ JRRG condition, Perfect body, All service done by Honda dealer, Jalisco plated. Price: $8200.00 USD or peso equiv.


FOR SALE: Amazon Gift Card $US - Receipt included. Originally priced US $51.95 selling for US$50 or peso equiv. FREE: to good home with helpers who can remove a 200 lb., perfectly working Sony 36â&#x20AC;? TV which was top of the line 14 years ago. Beautiful picture. We didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use it all that much, so thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life left in it. Probably a lot of it. Took two sturdy young guys to deliver it LQWKHÂżUVWSODFHVREHDUWKDWLQPLQG0RGHO #KV 32FS100 TV Trinitron is it. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to JRIRUDÂłVPDUW´79ÂżQDOO\5HOXFWDQWO\%XW esposo is determined and we have limited space to keep it as a â&#x20AC;&#x153;spareâ&#x20AC;?. FOR SALE: HP Stream 11-d008TU 11.6â&#x20AC;? Laptop $3600. Includes carrying case and can be updated to Windows 10. This only maybe has 10 hours of use on it, pretty much brand new. Price: $3600p. Call: 106-2103 FOR SALE: Epson Ink #60. I have 1 packet of Colour ink and 2 packets of Black ink, you can have them for half price. Call: 766-3118. Email: gbarbor@gmail.com. FOR SALE: Smart TV, Dongles & WiFi Adaptor. RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player(DSB872WR) with 1080p HDMI output. Price: $27 USD or peso equivalent. NetGear Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter Still in cellophane wrapper: Price: $10 USD or peso equivalent. 7-Port USB 2.0 Squid Hub Price: $5 USD or peso equivalent. NetGear Neo-TV Prime GTV-100 including remote keyboard Price: $60 USD or peso equivalent. Tronsmart T1000 Mirror2TV Wireless Display HDMI Dongle Support Miracast DLNA EZCAST AirPlay Compatible with Android OS / Apple iOS / Samsung AllShare Cast S5 S4 S3 Note3 Note2 Note10.1 / Google Nexus4 Nexus5 Nexus7 / DELL VENUE 8 PRO Price: $29 USD or peso equivalent. Vsmart V5II EZcast Smart TV Stick iPush Miracast DLNA Airplay WiFi Display Receiver Dongle for iOS Android Price: $19 USD or peso equivalent. FOR SALE: Amazon Fire TV Amazon has recently reduced their price to $85 USD. So, I will also (or peso equivalent) for a hardly ever used one with KODI (tvaddons.ag) already side-loaded. Also, TWO Fire TV Sticks for $40 (or peso equivalent) each. VPN required for Amazon Prime movies and TV, but not for Amazon Prime music or KODI (tvaddons.ag). 3ULFHVDUHÂżUP FOR SALE: Projector Lamp for Dell 2300MP. Also used bulb--unknown hours-200 pesos. Price: $850 pesos. Email: dyett@aol. com. FOR SALE: +3 2á&#x201A;&#x2C6;FHMHW 3UR  :L)L printer rarely used. Compatible with Ipad using free HP print mobile app. Price: $1900 MXN. Call: 766-1710. FOR SALE: Nintendo Wii. System comes with 8 game discs, remote with jacket, balance board, manuals, and cables. Price: $1700 MXN. FOR SALE: iTunes U.S. $50.00 Gift Card - Amazon Gift Card - still packaged. Originally $51.95 U.S. (receipt provided) No longer using iPad. FOR SALE:/RZSURÂżOHGHVNWRSLQFOXGHV lcd screen cannot upload pic of lcd screen

El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

cannot get it low enough in resolution and to VKRZ WKH ORZ SURÂżOH RI SF QRWLFH WKH PDUNLH next to pc. Price: $1500 pesos. Call: 045-331402-0742. FOR SALE: Total 3 Genuine Canon printer ink cartridges; 1 - CL 41-color. 2 - PG 40-black. Price: $600mx. Email: dottiemat@ gmail.com. :$17(' I am buying used Desktop Computers. Do you have a pl PC gathering dust? Call me for quick sale. Thank you â&#x20AC;&#x201C; SNS. Call: 331-526-7026. FOR SALE: Desk top computer monitor 19â&#x20AC;? (Synch Master 920 WM), bought in 2008. Price: $40 US. Email: adbond@ieee.org. FOR SALE: Wireless PCI adapter. TPLINK 54 Mbps wireless G PCI adapter (model TL-WN350g) still in box, new $68.59, now $30.00 US. Email: adbond@ieee.org.


FOR SALE: Dog stairs only 1 left. Two VHWVRIVWDLUVIRUGRJVXSWRSRXQGV,QÂżQH condition and measuring 18 inches deep, 14 inches wide and 12 inches high. The cover is machine washable. The stairs are collapsible. Asking $150 pesos each or both for $250 pesos. Call: 766-5870 or email: bjmiller@ prodigy.net.mx


:$17(' Looking for an instructor to give my wife and me ballroom dancing lessons. Private or small group. Email: michsrose@yahoo.co.uk. FOR SALE: Double (matrimonial) mattress 54 in. x 74 in. and wooden base. No stains no pets. Used very little in guest room. Price: $3000 pesos. Call: 766-4105. FOR SALE: Green plastic dividers 4 inches HDFK LQ OHQJWK7KHUH DUH ÂżYH DQG  GLYLGers. They are cleaned and ready for your garden. Asking $300 pesos for all. Email bjmiller@prodigy.net.mx or Call: 766-5870. FOR SALE: Two garden obelisks, silver in colour. One is 2 feet 8 inches tall and the other is 2 feet tall. Ready for your garden climbers. Two for $200 pesos. Email bjmiller@prodigy. net.mx or call 766-5870. FOR SALE: Grass trimmer 13 inch with three prong extension cord. Truper whipper snipper 13 inches with extra line. Used for a short time on very small lawn. Cleaned and ready for new owner. Includes manual and 16 foot three prong extension cord. Paid 847 pesos for trimmer. Asking $600 pesos for both. Email bjmiller@prodigy.net.mx or Call: 7665870. FOR SALE: 4 wheel mobility scooter. SHVRVRUEHVWRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU2ULJLQDOZKROHVDOH $18,000 pesos, retail at Lake Med $28,000 pesos. Details call Bev 376-106-2070. :$17(' Want to buy 16 - 20 foot catamaran. Email Rob at robertjgagnon@yahoo. com. Thanks. Or do you know where I can rent one? :$17(' Looking for corded AC tools: sanders, drill, hacksaw, handsaw, pipe wrench, and more. Call Rob at 766-5992 or email robertjgagnon@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: Shaw Satellite dish and 3 receivers. Paid two years ago $598 US/These will be available on April 12 as we are moving then. Will hold with a deposit. Price: $300Mx. Call: 376-106-2143. Email: rmolson75@gmail.com. :$17(' )XUQLWXUH DQG KRXVHKROG VWXá&#x201A;&#x2021; Furnishing empty house. Looking for two matching mid-century nightstands. Queen bed and mattress. Double bed and mattress. Mid-century table lamps. Mid-century or mod-

HUQODUJHFRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HHWDEOH$OOVRUWVRIWKLQJVHPDLO photos to robertjgagnon@yahoo.com or Call: 766-5992. Thanks, Rob. FOR SALE: Pool or Lawn Chair. 2 Blue Lawn chair pads and 1 white plastic lawn chair. These are used, but in good condition. Price: $500 for all. Email: dlmitch99@gmail. com. FOR SALE:.LQJ6L]HGĂ&#x20AC;HHFHEODQNHWZLWK satin trim. It is 102x90 inches, light blue and is machine washable. Price: $590 Pesos. Call: 766-2275. FOR SALE: Freezer. 7.5 Cubic Ft. Very JRRG FRQGLWLRQ 3ULFH  86 ÂżUP (PDLO drchiro12mex@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: 1LFH Rá&#x201A;&#x2C6;FH GHVN PRGHUQ great shape, Please email for pictures. $1,500 pesos. Email: bstiles1063@gmail.com. FOR SALE: (TXLSPHQW IRU ZDWHU SXULÂżFDtion purposes. $2000 USD or mxn equivalent. See it at plaza messico next to Dr. Pinto. FOR SALE: White Mabe Gas Clothes Dryer, in Good Condition, used very little, located in Chapala Price: $3500 pesos. Call: 331-174-7133. FOR SALE: 'Lá&#x201A;&#x2021;XVHUV IRU \RXU VWRYH ´ Heat Master Flame Tamer. A must for slow simmers on Propane Mexican stoves at high altitude!! Provides uniform controlled heating for electric or gas stove tops. Constructed of aluminum steel Changes your pan into a double burner Special air pockets. High QualLW\+HDW'Lá&#x201A;&#x2021;XVHU0DLQWDLQV3HUIHFW6LPPHULQJ & Slow Cooking On All Fire Surface. Price: $400. Call: 766-1717. FOR SALE: Sony CMT-DV2D Micro HiFi System AM/FM Radio, Cassette player, Single CD Player + Remote. Plus 2 Pioneer Model CS903 Speakers with 4 Tone Selector, Norm, Soft 1, Soft 2 & Crisp. Power indicators: db -27 -26 -24 -22 -19 -16 -13 & overload. Each speaker measures 45 cm wide x 25 cm deep x 71 cm high. Great sound & ideal for Garden or Patio setting. Call to arrange for a demo, Tel: (376)765 5085. Asking $75 USD or MXN Peso equivalent. FOR SALE: I had my vintage Bernina 830 red accessory box stolen while being shipped to Mexico. I will pay $100 dollars US or in pesos for another one. The one I was supposed to get had about 14 feet. Please PM me if you locate one. Email: jausten09@yahoo.com. FOR SALE: Whirlpool refrigerator. Approx size: 162cm tall X 64 wide. $4,000p OBO. :$17(' Bench sander. This is a sander where the sanding belt runs vertically and there is a platform perpendicular to the sanding belt. FOR SALE: 4-foot satellite dish. Take it away for 1,000 pesos. LNB, holder, and tripod with it, if you want them. Call: 376-766-5347. FOR SALE: Teeter Back Stretcher. Portable back stretcher for realigning your spine and relieving back pain. Contoured foot supports secure your ankles while you pull the leverage handles. Commonly lengthens skelHWRQE\WRLQFKHVWRLQFUHDVHĂ&#x20AC;H[LELOity. Folds to 20 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 5.5 pounds. The P3 is notably compact, with a folding frame that collapses to 20 by 3.5 by 11.5 inches - small enough WR ÂżW LQ WKH WUXQN RI \RXU FDU ZLWK HDVH$QG EHVWRIDOOWKH3HDVLO\DGMXVWVWRÂżWDOPRVW any user. Just slide the shroud to the desired setting and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re set. Made of lightweight aluminum, the P3 weights 5.5 pounds. Used but in great condition. Includes a sturdy carry bag. Price: $1,000 MXN. FOR SALE: Fitbit HR. It was sent to me as a replacement, but the original one I purFKDVHGHQGHGXSZRUNLQJÂżQH/RZHVWSULFH

on Amazon is $130.00 KWWSVZZZÂżWELWFRP mx/chargehr email or 376-106-0880 day time only. Price: $110.00 USD OR $2000 Pesos. FOR SALE: Used aluminum/ pvc windows, sizes 92â&#x20AC;?X48â&#x20AC;? and 48â&#x20AC;?X48â&#x20AC;?, one wooden connecting door 29â&#x20AC;?X80â&#x20AC;? and one metal door 29â&#x20AC;?X80â&#x20AC;?. Price: $4000.00 Call: 766-5119. FOR SALE: Boat Sea swirl 21 Feet. Model 2001 type bow rider 10 people max capacity, motor volvo penta inboard open to negotiation. Price: $17,000 us dollars. Email: adriar@prodigy.net.mx. FOR SALE: PORTA-BOTE folding boat; tough, white polypropylene hull, 12.5 feet ORQJLQFKHVZLGHIROGVWRLQFKHVĂ&#x20AC;DW inches wide; weighs 69 lbs., capacity 750 lbs.; EXLOWLQĂ&#x20AC;RWDWLRQVHDWV KLQJHVQHHGWREH replaced); 5 hp outboard with 3-gal. remote tank; oars; mast, boom, sail, dagger boards, rudder needs repair; 2-wheel dolly; anchor, line, cushions, folding seat backs, life jackets, etc. To see photos of boat, go to www. porta-bote.com. Boat & motor cost $2652 USD new. Take everything for $10,000 pesos. Call: 766-5347. FOR SALE: 29 inch color stereo TV by Daewoo, plus stand/cabinet. Flat screen, 3+ AV outlets, remote, ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s manual, excellent condition, sound and picture. Cabinet is light-colored laminate wood, holds TV on top with 2-door storage area below, 23 inches high, shelf for DVD player. Available in October; can deliver. Price: $1200 Pesos. Call: 376-766-4898. FOR SALE: Two matching end tables, black, wicker, each with one drawer and shelf below. 29â&#x20AC;? high, 17â&#x20AC;? square, perfect height for my sofa. Price: $300 Pesos. Call: 376-7664898. FOR SALE: Rawlings Softballs 4 original packaging. Price: $250 pesos, Call: 7654667. FOR SALE: Rustico Furniture, entertainPHQW FHQWHU FRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HH DQG HQG WDEOH H[FHOOHQW condition Call: 766-1071. FOR SALE: ROCKER/RECLINER, beige soft fabric, great condition. Price: $4900 pesos. Call: 766-1071. :$17(' I need a sat receiver Motorola DSR319RTC or compatible please call or email 766-4456, Cell: 333-104-7455, Ssnnkenn7@ aol.com. FOR SALE: *UHDW ZDWFK IRU ÂżWQHVV WLPH alarm/heart rate/pedometer etc. Sport line S12. Price: $900 mxn. Ph. 766-3536. FOR SALE: 2014 Dual Axle trailer, excellent condition only used to come here,15â&#x20AC;&#x2122; deep 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;9â&#x20AC;? wide 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;6â&#x20AC;? high, is registered in Mexico. Se Vende Remolque 2014, 4.60 metro largo y 2.10 metro de ancho y 2 metro de altitud. Price: $6,500.00 US or $97,500 pesos. Call: 766-3118. FOR SALE: Coleman 40 qt. travel cooler works on 12 volt or 120 volt. Has had very little use. Price: $1000.00 Pesos. FOR SALE: Roberts Knee kicker rug stretcher used it one time, almost new. Price: $500.00 pesos. Call: 333-391-0987. FOR SALE: Star Choice Shaw Direct HDTV DSR 505 satellite receiver with remote. Price: $1,700 pesos. Call: 376-766-1316. :$17(' Want to purchase a used travel trailer, preferably between 23â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Call: 333117-7031. FOR SALE: Double/Matrimonial size mattress. Reversible style. Hotelero Ortopedico (Hotel Orthopedic) with tempered steel springs. Navy striped cover. Will consider reasonable Rá&#x201A;&#x2021;HUV 3KRWRV RQ UHTXHVW 3ULFH  SHsos. FOR SALE: Color TV .Sat. DVD. Cable. Ready with remote call bill 765-7144. Price: $900.00ps. FOR SALE: &Rá&#x201A;&#x2021;HH DQG  PDWFKLQJ HQG tables, French provincial, walnut color. Call: 0DNHDQ2á&#x201A;&#x2021;HU FOR SALE: Swivel Rocking Chair. The chair is very comfortable it is light green with stripes. Price: $900.00ps. Call Bill: 765-7144. FOR SALE: Obus Forme Ergonomic Seat LQ EODFN UHFHLYHG IURP $PD]RQFRP ÂżUVW week of January 2016. Receives very good reviews. I paid $40 plus shipping and handling but will not charge for S/H. Price: $30

USD. Please call: 376-766-3103. FOR SALE: Apple i-phone 4s. Factory unlocked excellent condition. I upgraded to the newer one. Call: 376-766-3536. Price: $200 USD. FOR SALE: WILSON TENNIS RACKET, BALLS AN. Titanium light weight. Total new price about $2,000 pesos. A steal at listed price. Call me if interested at 331-395-7146. Price: $800 pesos. FOR SALE: QUALITY MADE MENS WARM COAT. Chester and Peck quality made Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s OHQJWK8OWUD6XHGHÂżQLVKDQGOLQHGZDUP coat. Lined in black fabric with a dark brown collar. Inside pockets. Nice and warm for the cold evenings and mornings here at Lakeside. Size: ETXG. Call: 331-395-7146 or email if interested. Price: $795 Pesos. FOR SALE: BLACK & DECKER 12 VOLT CORDLES. Good working condition. Lithium Ion Battery - Holds a charge up to 18 months. 3/8 in. key-less chuck. The 11 position clutch prevents stripping and over-driving screws. Up to 600 rpm with 200 lbs maximum torque. Comes with two driver bit extensions and battery charger. Integrated LED light illuminates the surface for easier drilling in dark places. Compact and lightweight design allows users WRFDUU\RXWGULOOLQJWDVNVLQFRQÂżQHGVSDFHV and with ease. Soft grip handle provides added comfort during use. Call me 331-3957146, if interested. Price: $550 Pesos. FOR SALE: Mobile Power - CARS/EQUIPMENT. By plugging an inverter directly into a 12-volt lighter socket, you can turn your YHKLFOHLQWRDPRELOHRá&#x201A;&#x2C6;FHRUKDYHSRZHUWR run Equipment, electronics, Cell, camcorder, stereo, laptop computer, 27â&#x20AC;? TV, small power tools, portable work light and small kitchen appliances. Compact/lightweight, This unit can provide 150,320 to 560 watts. Two WKUHHSURQJSOXJVDQGRQRá&#x201A;&#x2021;VZLWFK&RQYHUWV 12 volts to 120 volts A.C. Only used a few times to run my laptop in my car for GPS. Comes with original manual and cables to connect directly to your 12 volt car battery. Price: $675 Pesos. FOR SALE: Oster Blender with 10 speeds. Similar model currently selling at Walmart for $599p. Great for making smoothies, etc. Selling for less than half the price at Walmart. In good condition. Call me if interested 331-3957146. Price: $225 pesos. FOR SALE: Large mesquite china cabinet. On consignment Casi Nuevo Thirft shop, Riberas, across form 7-11. Price: $8000 pesos. FOR SALE: Thomasville lighted hutch, excellent condition on consignment at Casi Nuevo Thrift shop by owner. In Riberaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s across from 7-11. Price: $17000 pesos. FOR SALE: Girls bedroom set Pink and white, headboard, chest of draws; bed etc., for sale Casi Nuevo thrift shop Riberas across form 7-11. On consignment sale by owner. Priced right to sell quickly. Price: $5500 pesos. FOR SALE: King Size Bed Headboard. Walnut color bookcase head board with mirrors and light. Price: $900.00ps. Call: 765PDNHDQRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU FOR SALE: This is a large mirrored headERDUGZLWKOLJKWÂż[WXUHIRUGRXEOHEHG3ULFH SV&DOOPDNHDQRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU FOR SALE: Bedroom furniture, I have two queen beds with headboard and frame mattresses are in good condition. Two night WDEOHV 2QH DUPRLUH KROGV D ´ Ă&#x20AC;DW VFUHHQ One chest , two mirrors, and a leather love seat. Style is rustic. Call me for more details Jim 387-761-0162. All for $2500 pesos or $1500 US. FOR SALE: King size Canopy Bed in beige ÂżQLVKERDVWVDFKDUPLQJDUFKHGGHVLJQWKH set includes headboard, footboard and canoS\SHVRVRUEHVWRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU3OHDVH&DOOIRU more details Cell: 333-493-0533. FOR SALE: Two twin beds or you can do a queen size bed the mattress is included. Call Gladis: 376-106-0918. FOR SALE: Twin-Double converts two twin beds into a King bed. Installs in 2 minutes. An 8â&#x20AC;? wide Sheepskin panel covers the center of the beds and a strong 2â&#x20AC;? wide adjustable belt wraps around the sides, safely securing the mattresses together. Removable & wash-

able. Rarely used so it is in like new condition. Price: $450 pesos. Call: 766-1648. FOR SALE: Pressure tank ALTAMIRA Sky35. Refurbished with brand new diaphragm, never used. 35 gallons, 100 psi, 1 inch connect. Price: $3,500 MXN. FOR SALE: One Kirkland lawn lounger presently selling for $3000 pesos new. Call Murray at 331-857-0672.We live in Riberas, mountain side. Price: $1000Mx. FOR SALE: Hardly ever used so like new condition Patio Umbrella. I will try to post a picture. Price: $1500 Peso or US equivalent. FOR SALE: Shaw DSR600 HD receiver complete with remote, power cord and HDMI cable. Free and clear to be activated. $2400 pesos. Call: 766-4105. FOR SALE: Shelving unit. Built locally by builder next to Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s restaurant. Six months old and will sell for $1500MXN. Call Murray at 376-106-2143. FOR SALE: Computer desk six months old, light wood built locally. Paid 1800 pesos DQG ZLOO VHOO IRU  RU EHVW Rá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU 6KHOYLQJ unit with six shelves, 6 months old , light wood, built locally. Paid $2600 pesos, will sell for $1500 obo. Call Murray 331-857-0572.We live in Riberas. :$17(' Looking for a SCUBA tank to borrow or rent for occasional repairs to our pool. FOR SALE: Dish USA receiver with DVR model 625 serves 2 TVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at the same time. Only need one receiver. Record & playback on either TV. Also includes 8 foot Dish antenna. Price: $3500 Pesos. FOR SALE: Living Room Set: Couch, Love Seat, and Chair. Scotch guard on the fabric. Needs cleaning and repair work on the skirts, but overall itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in good shape. Price: $7,000 pesos. FOR SALE: A Soldierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Story by Omar Bradley original from 1951. Omar Bradley was Patton boss. Price is higher because it LVVLJQHGE\2PDU%UDGOH\&RQGLWLRQÂżQH Pages. Price: $500 Pesos. FOR SALE: Four large Mexican Chairs, FRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HHWDEOHDQGRQHKLJKVLGHWDEOHDOOZRRG and leather. Price: $250.00. Call: 766-3118. FOR SALE: Living room set. Couch, love seat, chair. Light brown. Mexican made. Clean. Like new no smoking no pets. $5000 pesos. Will sell couch only separately $2500 pesos. Call: 766-4105. FOR SALE: Patio Table & 6 Chairs. 4ft diameter glass top table with 6 chairs. Durable Synthetic wicker. Same table with 4 chairs retails @ $15,900pesos. Price: $12,000pesos. Call: 376-765-7123. FOR SALE: Bathroom equipment. Indoor Jacuzzi and bidet. Jacuzzi ($484 new) used only one year, includes shower Size 6 ft by 2ft ÂżWVLQSODFHRIVWDQGDUGEDWKWXESHVRV Bidet ($566 new) has been installed but never used. $3000 pesos. Phone 387-761-0517 email jfwmx2@gmail,com. FOR SALE: Boat. Ski Centurion 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 351 Ford Cleveland engine, comes with trailer/ cover. Must sell, owner returning to USA. Price: $3,495. Call: 766-0261. FOR SALE: Handmade Egyptian, Mainly burgundy with beige background, some green and blue. Extremely tight weave. The size is 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Picture available upon request. Price: $25,000.00 pesos. Call: 108-0819. FOR SALE: Battery for UPS/No Break. 12V, 26Ah power rechargeable SLA battery. Genuine UPG battery. Can be used for computer, wheelchair, emergency exit light, alarm, etc. Price: $550. Pesos. :$17(' Weight Bench & Weights. I am looking for exercise weights, weight bench or other exercise equipment. Call: 331-5267026. FOR SALE: Sony Alpha 100 DSLR. ExFHOOHQW GLJLWDO VLQJOH OHQV UHĂ&#x20AC;H[ FDPHUD  mega pixels 18-200 zoom lens comes with Lowepro camera bag. 1 owner. purchased QHZFDPHUD3ULFH86'RUEHVWRá&#x201A;&#x2021;HU :$17(' Portable Spa. We are looking for a portable spa in good working order. Hot Springs brand preferred, but interested in any available. Please reply by email. portiasteve@dreamcaper.net.

FOR SALE: Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hiking Boots. Nevados Brand Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hiking Boots. Brushed light brown suede leather with thick rubber soles. In good condition and have been rarely worn. U.S. Size 10. Very comfortable for going on long hikes. Price: $950 pesos. Call: 331-395-7146. FOR SALE: Audio-video Receiver. PIONEER VSX-821-K audio/video multichannel receiver, new $249.99, now $50.00 US. FOR SALE: Video Recorder. TOSHIBA DKVR60KU DVD video recorder/video cassette recorder 6 years old, new $198.50 now $30.00 US. FOR SALE: Braun Electric Shaver. BRAUN Syncro 2576 el. Shaver, new $324.50 now $100.00 plus free accessories: YOU SAVE 185.00 US$ (prices indicate how much you are saving)- Series 3 Replacement Foil & Cutter Set (new shaver head) $28.90 original packing - 7000 Series Syncro Clean & Charge Base new $70.47- 4 Braun Clean & Renew 2-Pack Cartridges $12.98 ea - 2 WILLIAMS Electric Shave Electric Razor Pre-Shave was $16.98 ea. FOR SALE: Thule Car Top Carrier. THULE Evolution car top carrier â&#x20AC;&#x153;Atlantisâ&#x20AC;? Model 2100xP, bought 3 years ago, used 3 times. New: $689.95, now $ 300.00. Email: adbond@ieee.org. FOR SALE: Moving Items. TV, DVD, DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S, Sandwich Maker, Cast iron frying pan, Telephone, Igloo cooler 25 in long 15 in wide 14 in high, Call: 765-7144 4 more info and directions to view. FOR SALE: KING SIZE BEDDING/PILLOWS. Bedding king light blue top and ERWWRP ÂżWWHG VKHHW SOXV SLOORZ FDVHV IRU more info Call: 765-7144. FOR SALE: TV Also Hitachi DVD W/Remotes both for 1500p or one each for $800p. Call: 765-7144. FOR SALE: Portable Air Conditioning 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;000 Btu, just cold, 110V, Remote Control, Timer, Sleep, 5 Speed, Swing Auto, dehumidiÂżHUGXVWÂżOWHU,QVWDOODWLRQ.LW$XWRPDWLFZDWHU evaporation, Eco-refrigerant R-410A. Brand New sells for $10,399 at sears Guadalajara. Price: $5500. FOR SALE: 1997 Hitchhiker Premier 5th wh. 34 ft., rear kitchen, 5th wheel with 2 slide outs. In excellent condition inside and out. Has spent majority of life under cover @ lakeside. Hitch is included. Call Mexico landline from USA @ 011-52-311-2584097, or Mexican cell @ 45-322-278 -5868, or toll free from Canada and the USA 503-980-3349.Interior and exterior pictures are available on request. Price: $8,995. USD. :$17(' Basic portable sewing machine wanted for simple sewing jobs. Must be in good condition. :$17(' Kawasaki 650 KLR or similar only good condition. Call: 376 766 1218 FOR SALE: Motorcycle Honda 750 Shadow. 26,950 km, excellent condition, drive shaft, clear Jalisco title, Price: $58500 pesos. Call: 376-766-1218.

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El Ojo del Lago / April 2016

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El Ojo del Lago - April 2016  

Ajijic and Chapala magazine devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.

El Ojo del Lago - April 2016  

Ajijic and Chapala magazine devoted to news, interviews, history, culture and art.


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