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Ojai’s Dr. Halverson delivers facts, advice and hope during pandemic By Austin Widger, reporter for the Ojai Valley News. Along with being published each week in the print edition of the OVN, Dr. Halverson’s columns are published in both Spanish and English on the OVN website, www.OjaiValleyNews.com. “I’ve been very gratified that we’ve had Annika Forester volunteer to translate it into Spanish, which is terrific,” Dr. Halverson said. Much of Ojai resident Annika Forester’s work in the agricultural industry centers on communicating in Spanish and she is the administrator of a Spanish-language Facebook group in the Ojai Valley. “These articles are really valuable,” she said. “Understanding that the Spanish-speaking community is not exposed to a lot of the Public Health messaging in the same way that the Englishspeaking community is, I just decided to start translating his column.” The columns are often handed out with the school meals distributed at Ojai Unified School District. In addition, Ojai Valley Community Hospital Foundation Guild member Phil Caruthers has compiled an archive of every column Dr. Halverson has written since March 2020. He also shares the columns with the Guild. “It has been something I’ve felt like I was doing something useful,” he said. “I think Dr. Halverson’s articles have been really, really good. I’ve been pleased to play a part in distributing that information.” In the introduction to the compilation of Dr. Halverson’s columns, he writes: “The COVID19 pandemic is seriously affecting our lives and threatening our health. None of us have experienced anything like this in our lifetime, and there is much ‘learning as we go’ in dealing with this pandemic and its effects. … We hope that this collection will answer many of the questions that you may have concerning COVID-19 and provide strategies to use in adapting your daily life to deal with this serious threat to our lives and those around us.” Dr. Halverson is optimistic as COVID-19 cases are declining. “I think that we have really turned the corner this time,” he said. “Now, I’ll be more confident when we get down to like 10,000 cases a day nationwide. I think we just got down under 100,000 from close to 250,000 to 300,000. So we need to get it really, really low, but I think we’ll be able to do that if people keep getting the vaccine and keep diligently following the guidelines.” Dr. Halverson’s columns are a reflection of his work as a physician. In an interview about the unfolding pandemic published in the OVN on March 27, 2020, Dr. Halverson said that if he boils down what he does every day to just one word, it is “reassurance.” He explained that does not mean sugarcoating anything. It means that whether his patients “have a cough, a spot or lump, shortness of breath or something truly serious, someone cares about them, and that they are always taken care of.” Weekly, Dr. Halverson reminds us in all of his columns to “stay positive, stay committed, stay safe and stay well,” reassuring us — as he does his patients — that we are getting closer to a healthier future. Read another excellent column by Dr. Halverson in this week’s OVN, and check out the archive of all his columns — 47 so far, and counting — at www.ojaivalleynews.com/columns/ covid-19-dr-jim-halverson.

Longtime Ojai physician Dr. Jim Halverson has become the go-to source for COVID-19 information with his weekly columns in the Ojai Valley News — 47 of them as of Feb. 26. He ends each one with doctor’s orders to “Stay positive, stay committed, stay safe and stay well.” Published every week in the OVN since March 20, 2020, Dr. Halverson’s columns provide timely and important information and advice about COVID-19, along with a good dose of hope. Dr. Halverson is part of the Ojai Valley Family Medicine Group, and has worked with Dr. Carl Gross and Dr. Mary Dial for the past 33 years. When the coronavirus was first detected in Ventura County in early March 2020, Dr. Halverson said he thought it would be a good idea to provide accurate information about the pandemic to Ojai Valley residents. He contacted other area physicians and Community Memorial Hospital administrators, who enthusiastically supported the idea. The column started out as an Op-Ed in the OVN on March 20. “I wrote a second one and a third one,” Dr. Halverson said. Readers quickly responded, expressing their appreciation to Dr. Halverson for all the helpful information he was sharing at a time when there was so much information out there, and it was hard to discern what was true and what was not true. Dr. Halverson said he will continue to write a weekly column for as long as the pandemic lasts and there is worthwhile information to report about it. An accomplished doctor and community actor, Dr. Halverson is now also recognized for his writing about the pandemic. “I’ve had really nice feedback from people saying that they just appreciate the common sense, and the lack of pulling politics into it … I tried not to be critical of anyone, any public figure or any person who might be reading the article,” he said. “I try to write it in a way that makes it easy to understand, too, because some of the science behind all of this is extremely complicated if you dig into it. How they created these vaccines, it’s complicated. But you can make it simple.”


THE ONLY KNEE REPLACEMENT BUILT JUST FOR YOU Now Available Right Here in the Ojai Valley

Robotic Intelligence

Industry-Leading Implants and Materials

2D X-ray to 3D Bone Modeling

Predictive Outcomes

Personalized Surgical Procedures

Discover ROSA Robotic Technology Now Available at Ojai Valley Community Hospital ROSA® Knee robotic technology allows your surgeon to tailor a knee replacement to your unique joint anatomy. As the surgeon restructures your knee, the ROSA robot uses 3D bone modeling and realtime data to guide the process. This helps eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional knee replacements, eases your recovery, and gets you back to your life faster!

1306 Maricopa Hwy., Ojai cmhshealth.org/rosa


Boku Superfoods Love for our planet, people, animals, community,

health, and collective wellness. What a blessing to work and play in Ojai, where BōKU Superfood was born back in 2005! For those unfamiliar with BōKU, here’s our origin story, one rooted in love... In 1995, while living in Tampa Florida, our son Reno Jr. was having a difficult time focusing in school. We were called in to meet with his teacher and a school-appointed doctor who recommended prescription medication. Not wanting to go that route, I consulted a Naturopath, who suggested instead that we consider “superfoods”.  We had never heard the term but began researching and eventually discovered a blend from here in California. It tasted awful but we were able to convince Reno Jr. and his younger sister to drink it mixed in orange juice. The transformation we experienced was truly remarkable and ignited a passion in us to learn and discover more.  In 2003 we moved the family to Ojai where Reno Sr. conceived and co-created a NY Times #1 best selling book on natural health. It was on the heels of this success that we decided to pursue our dream and create the world’s greatest superfood blend.  Working closely with a naturopathic medical doctor, we transformed our kitchen into a functional food laboratory and spent countless hours reading research journals. We were determined to create the most potent, immune supporting blend on earth, and it had to be delicious! 

Even here in Ojai, many of us lead super busy lives. We don’t always have time to prepare healthy meals every day. Moreover, most of the exotic superfoods in our blends can’t be found locally. But you don’t have to travel the world. You can cruise right down the street to enjoy the most potent phytonutrients, plant-based proteins and performance enhancing superfoods in the world.

Leafy greens and cruciferous veggies like broccoli, spinach, cabbage and kale were included in the mix, along with berries and algaes like spirulina, chlorella and kelp. We also discovered dozens of mushrooms and other ancient superfood secrets like sacha inchi, lucuma, exotic sprouts and countless others. We knew that what we were creating would obsolete everything that came before it.

BōKU is not available in stores anywhere. We’re an online company nourishing thousands of people in countries all over the world from right here in Ojai! The great news is, we have a beautiful store-front that you can visit and enjoy factory direct local discounts! We’re also excited to announce that our superfood café is coming soon! The Café will feature organic coffee, teas, delicious smoothies, snacks and other exciting, health forming treats.

But it’s our process that truly stands to revolutionize food and help save our planet. These rare-earth ingredients are simply vine ripened, harvested fresh, dried at low temperature and powdered. This process locks in nutrition AND also significantly reduces perishability. Compared to fresh produce that begins rotting immediately and has to be rushed around the globe in refrigerated transit, our ingredients remain potent for years. We could literally load our superfood powders on the back of a turtle and feed hungry people all over the world. And its simple! Just replace the water we remove in the drying process, shake it and take it! In only seconds, your trillions of cells will be flooded with a tidal wave of immune boosting, plant-based nutrition. In fact, there’s more nutrition in one tablespoon of our award winning BōKU Superfood, than the average person will usually consume in several days!

Come visit us and take a tour! We’d love to meet you! Merci BōKU! Lynn Rollé BōKU Superfood

BōKU Superfood www.bokusuperfood.com


The Collective Unconscious – Our World Tree of Emotions Driving through Colorado last year, on my way to a wedding, I passed groves of aspen trees. Aspen trees, as it turns out, aren’t individual organisms. In a grove, each “tree” is a genetically identical “shoot,” each connected through an extraordinarily rich and detailed root structure. When you look at a grove, you’re actually seeing one giant organism. Aspen have been fading in Colorado due to drought. When the waters dry up, the aspen die. Because they are interconnected, death affects the entire grove. The pain is experienced by the whole organism — not just the individual shoot. We wouldn’t know this simply by looking at the trees. We’d simply marvel and wonder how all these individual trees died all at once. But this is only the surface. It’s only when we dig deep enough to see their vast, collective consciousness that we see how they live and thrive and wilt and die as one. I am reminded of the retreating aspen when I think about us today. We, all around the world, are hurting. Many of us are sick. Many have died. And many of us mourn the loss of the ones we love. We’re suffering. While we know that there are millions around the world – just like us – carrying this burden of suffering, we somehow believe that our pain is contained only within ourselves. Our sickness is contained in just our own little shoot. Even though the shoot next to us is also in pain. All the shoots are sick. But we believe that the pain, the grief, the anguish is individual.

how we operate as a collective. And, therefore, we get surprised and confused when anxiety or depression is upon us. “I’m healthy,” we think. “I exercise, I wash my hands. I do yoga and take my probiotic. So why am I so scared?”

Carl Jung, one of the founders of psychology, posited that there existed a vast collective unconscious. Each individual’s psyche was a persona that emanated from this collective unconscious. This “world spirit” was the birthplace of our archetypes of father, mother, safety, danger, hero, and countless others. We, then, are primed to analyze our world through these hard-wired archetypes.

We’re scared and anxious because that is the state of our grove. So, what do we do now? My answer is to love. Love yourself, love your neighbor. Love your dog, your cat. Push the love out there like rain in a drought. Replenish our grove, because it’s the only grove we’ve got.

I want to take this one step further. This collective unconscious isn’t merely responsible for how we perceive the world; it’s a profound energy feedback loop that connects us all with each other. It’s our aspen root network. Look around: even in people who have been lucky enough to avoid the coronavirus, rates of mental illness have been skyrocketing. Anxiety, depression, and substance abuse have all increased. As individuals, we suffer when the whole of the world suffers.

You can join me on a free webinar where I show you how to focus the energy of love and light into healing: DeborahKing.com/5things There, you’ll activate your higher heart, so that you can share that positive healing light with the world. Hope to see you there!

There is a blight upon our connected unconscious – a blight that began with a virus whose initial pain sent shockwaves and secondary tremors through our collective psyche. We’re feeling the anxiety of the world.

Deborah King Center Customer Service 800-790-5785

Why is it hard to recognize this? Perhaps it is because we’ve been so focused on how we operate as individuals we’ve lost sight of


An Ojai Vision for the World By Zhena Muzyka Twenty years ago, I wanted to open a Gypsy Tea Room in the lovely Ojai Valley, as chronicled in my book, “Life by the Cup.” I ended up managing Local Hero, our then bookstore/café and moved on to selling Zhena’s Gypsy Tea off of a tea cart and eventually into 22,000 retail stores internationally. I’ve always said that “what you plant in Ojai grows,” and it’s true. Ojai became the launchpad of one of the world’s first 100 percent fair-trade, organic, women-owned and Biodynamic tea company. A few years ago, the investors opted to close the company and I went on to publish more than 30 books on spirituality, ecology and women’s empowerment with my own imprint at Simon & Schuster. After four-and-a-half years as a publisher, I opted to leave New York City the same month I got the notice the tea company was closing. For the first time in 20 years, I didn’t know what I would do next. Part of me just wanted to hang out in Ojai and enjoy this spectacular place I’ve often been too busy to fully enjoy. But the universe, namely Ojai, had another idea. One evening, as the full moon was rising and the sun was setting, I stood on top of Piedras Blancas — the moonscape of mountain boulders above our sacred valley. As the pink and purple hues painted the sky, the inspiration to capture Ojai’s Pink Moment in a daily tea ceremony captured my imagination. Thus, Magic Hour was born.

country. As we’ve grown our tea circle, the world has felt closer and the community of Ojai has been once again our muse. Nature sings to us in this valley, and I work to translate that into the tea blends that nourish our global village as we ship now to thousands of people each month the blends we create right here on Bryant Street! Our favorite part of creating Magic Hour has been opening our flagship tea shop in Ojai. Before the pandemic we hosted live tea circles, meditations and events Now we host socially distanced, masked. Beautiful visitors who are thirsty for connection and to take a piece of Magic home with them to nourish their health and wellbeing. Our herbal teas are blended to increase immunity, lung health, and overall vitality—all elements needed in these times. Our Biodynamic, Artisanal teas are energizing and soothing to the mind, body and soul.

I ventured that by helping people slow down through a sacred tea ceremony with those they love, we could help shift the energy of our planet from one of divisiveness to one of connection. I’ve always said that the “daily grind” can easily become our “daily shrine” if we remember that our life itself is a miracle, a symphonic collision of light, sound and divinity. To share our awareness of the miracle of life with others, through a ceremony based around the “magic hours” of dawn and dusk, is to honor the sacrament that is existence itself. We have enough busy-ness in modern life, but what we lack is intentional ritual for thanking life for creating us, which is why so many people are drawn to our valley of the moon — Ojai — which is a place that reminds people of what is possible.

The world does not need more busy. The world does not need more talk without intention. The world needs more connection, togetherness, love and wisdom-sharing. With this in mind, we’ve scheduled readings, meditations and events from local and international authors who host our boxes. Creating ceremony around connection matches the unparalleled creative energy of Ojai. Thus, we will have books from local authors, as well as those from our Magic Hour teachers, where one can lounge and get lost in the pages of imagination.

Through our website, www.clubmagichour.com we launched a monthly subscription box which incorporated local Ojai and global wisdom teachers with tea ceremony and ritual items such as altars and intention setting. The monthly and quarterly subscription boxes have broadcast-quality videos taped in our beautiful Ojai Valley from teachers such as Gay and Katie Hendricks (“Conscious Loving”), Anita Moorjani (“Dying to be Me”), Michaela Boehm (“Wild Woman’s Way”), along with meditation teachers, leadership trainers and other wisdom guides. Those who receive the box receive a tea blend from my repertoire of medicinal, fair-trade and artisanal teas, a video teaching, a ritual item like an altar, and other surprises to enhance their Magic Hour ritual.

Our mission at Magic Hour is to connect the world through tea ceremony. We are thrilled to have a space where we can share with others who are aching for more sacred time in their lives. We cannot think of a better place than Ojai to host a worldwide movement of connecting hearts, minds and souls to that which matters most: love, nature, and each other. We hearken you to celebrate with us at dawn and dusk, where everything is possible.

Since the pandemic begun, we’ve shipped over 30,000 tea ceremony boxes to homes all over the world and our mission to connect the world through tea ceremony has grown infinitely and proven to be a welcome ritual as we now host our weekly tea ceremonies online for our community which spans not only the Ojai Valley, but into every

Magic Hour Ojai 928 East Ojai Ave. Ojai, CA 93023 www.clubmagichour.com


Feel Confident in Your Knee Replacement Personalized approach, better outcomes If you struggle with knee pain, you know how debilitating and frustrating it can be. Maybe you’ve tried more conservative solutions, and nothing has worked. Now you’re considering surgery — but there are a million questions running through your head. How do I know the surgery will go well? What if it doesn’t help? What if the recovery process is worse than just dealing with the original pain? You deserve to feel confident going into your knee replacement — and the Zimmer Biomet ROSA® Knee System, offered at Ojai Valley Community Hospital and Community Memorial Hospital, is the perfect solution to put your mind at ease. Why ROSA? Getting a precise knee implant fit is important to your comfort and overall experience following surgery. Your individual anatomy is unique, and in order to get that perfect fit, you need a procedure personalized just for you. ROSA, which stands for Robotic Surgical Assistant, is designed to help your surgeon precisely tailor the placement of your knee implant. ROSA Knee uses data collected before and during surgery to inform your surgeon of details related to your unique anatomy that may affect your implant fit. This allows your surgeon to plan and execute a surgery based on your individual needs. Haady Lashkari, chief administrative officer at OVCH, said, “When we launched the ROSA Total Knee Replacement system at Ojai Valley Community Hospital, our goal was to provide knee replacement patients with a superior surgical experience by bringing together expert surgeons and the latest technology in the region’s most tranquil surgical environment.”

trackers attached to your leg to know exactly where your knee is in space. If your leg moves even a fraction of an inch, the robot adjusts accordingly. This helps ensure the plan your surgeon put into place is executed as intended. Throughout your surgery, ROSA Knee provides your surgeon with data. This, combined with your surgeon’s skill, helps them know how to position your implant.

How Does it Work? The ROSA Knee system includes features to assist with bone resections and assessing the state of soft tissues in order to facilitate better implant positioning. It also provides data to assist with complex surgical decisions and enables your surgeon to use computer software technology to control and move surgical instruments, allowing for greater precision and flexibility during the procedure.

Following surgery, some patients may go home the same day, and others may need a short stay in one of our private patient rooms to ensure optimal recovery. Recovery time varies, but most people should be able to drive after two weeks, garden after three to four weeks, and golf after six to eight weeks. Your surgeon will tell you when and what activities you can return to, and what activities to avoid.

Community Memorial Health System offers the region’s only specially trained ROSA Knee team. Our skilled doctors combine their expertise with ROSA Knee’s precise insights to enhance surgical outcomes and decrease recovery times.

A successful knee replacement can completely change your life, giving you the opportunity to live pain-free and get back to activities you love. When you’re ready to take this step, do it with confidence. Do it with ROSA Knee.

What Should I Expect? Prior to the ROSA Knee procedure, a series of X-rays may be used to create a three-dimensional model of your knee anatomy. This model will enable the surgeon to plan the specifics of your knee replacement prior to your surgery.

Ojai Valley Community Hospital 1306 Maricopa Hwy., Ojai cmhshealth.org/rosa

During your procedure, ROSA Knee utilizes a camera and optical


Sane Living was founded in 2014 by Innovator & Futurist Aubrey Balkind. At a very young age Aubrey almost died of typhoid in South Africa. After recovering from this illness, Aubrey realized that his body could self-heal without medication by eating the right food. In his mid-twenties following Robert F. Kennedy’s world civil rights tour in South Africa, in 1966, inspired Aubrey to emigrate to New York in 1968 where he graduated with an MBA, honors, at Columbia University and then entered into high level management consulting at Arthur Young where he worked for 4 years. In 1972 Aubrey founded Frankfurt Balkind one of the country’s most innovative branding, design and advertising firms with Steve Frankfurt, who was President of Young & Rubicam and who influenced the beginning of the MAD MEN TV series. Frankfurt Balkind grew quickly opening offices in New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco, focusing on entertainment, finance and technology industries. Frankfurt Balkind created over 1,500 design campaigns for well known movies, many of them Oscar winning. Some of these movies include Rosemary’s Baby, Alien, Forest Gump, Fatal Attraction, & Titanic to name a few. Aubrey helped launch many companies inclding CNN, ESPN, HBO, MCI, RCN, MTV, Adobe, Acrobat, and About.com from 1977-1993.

Aubrey Balkind

In 2010, after spending time with his step uncle Sydney Brenner, who won the Nobel Prize for Physiology, Medicine and DNA in 2002, Aubrey started Sane Living to focus on Lifestyle Based Health and Self-Healing. Sane Living promotes the health of people & planet by illuminating life’s inherent Self Healing regenerative nature. Striving to create the simplest, most powerful paths to health and well-being with offerings of shared experiences, media production, and POV knowledge. Sane Living shares Lifestyle tips for a healthy way to live and provides resources, classes and videos and information on its website to make meaningful and easy changes to the way you live. Sane Living Event Space Sane Living Event Space

The Sane Living Center is a recently rebuilt beautiful auditorium, film production studio, and venue, ideally situated in the heart of Ojai, California. This high technology space can be attended or rented and hosts a variety of lifestyle events, conferences, film screenings, film & music festivals, artistic performances, lectures and talks, business functions, community events, special occasions, private celebrations, and more. On the outside lawn Aubrey designed and created a sculpture called EVO 3 comprised of 3 eras – Nature, Sapiens and AI, (artificial Intelligence), with local artist Ray Cirino, see back cover. The Ojai Health Intensive (OHI) took place at the Sane Living Center in Jan 2020 approximately at the start of Covid, led by the renowned Dr. Hans Gruenn of the Longevity Medical Center. The event featured many leading-edge speakers from the health & wellness industry in Ojai including Byron Katie of The Work and Wild at Heart’s fermented specialist Michelle Lopez. The focus of the event was centered around Lifestyle (nature, sapiens and AI) and Self-Heal (EAT, MOVE, DE-TOX & DE-STRESS) to keep our bodies healthy which is the central philosophy of the Sane Living Center.

Sydney Brenner Sydney Brenner

Dr. Hans Gruenn – Leader of OHI Conference

Byron Katie –The Work Byron Katie –The Work

The Sane Living farm is an extension of the Center. It is a quiet & serene 20+ acre avocado/citrus fruit and vegetable permaculture orchard in Ojai, California, situated in the mountains on the edge of the Los Padres National Forest which extends northward 400 miles. Sane Living is excited to announce its collaboration with Ojai native Michael Brian Baker of The Academy of Integrated Human Sciences, aka The Breath Center. Michael Brian Baker is a beloved teacher of Southern and Northern American Spiritual Theory and practice. He is the Creator of “The Anatomy of Awakening” curriculum, which has garnered him a well-deserved reputation for taking large groups of people through an initiatory rite that reveals their true essence and fills them with a profound sense of hope. For nearly 20 years he has skillfully blended Western Medical Science with Eastern Vedic Philosophy, and is a featured Keynote speaker at Bastyr University, The Arizona Study of Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders, UCLA’s Psychedelic Science Symposium, Holistic Veterans Foundation and Nationally Accredited Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. He is the founder of True Awakening and The Breath Center Healing Arts Collective.


EVO 3 Sculpture SpeakersSpeakers at Ojai Health at OjaiIntensive Health Intensive

Michael Michael Brian Baker Brian Baker

He is a student of compassion and humility and facilitates the realization of self-awareness through somatic re-connection to the Central Nervous System. Michael supports people in their own growth, freedom, and discovery of the body’s innate intelligence to heal from within physically, emotionally & mentally.

Sane Living Team: Lisa Strassman, Michael Brian Baker, Aubrey Balkind, Carol Cilliers

In a time when we are not permitted to meet in large gatherings, we are fortunate to receive the experience and benefits of Michael’s classes and workshops currently online. We also look forward to reaping the benefits of his new masterclass which Michael will be filming at the Sane Living Center. It will be a welcome addition to the Sane Living online archive platform for health & wellness. Sane Living and the Academy of Integrated Human Science’s mission go hand in hand with their belief in healing from within. Michael’s courses go deeper than any other kind of breathwork or pranayama course. His scientific research, experiential practices, deeply esoteric yogic teachings and studies on the nature of reality make any journey you take with Michael truly life changing and transformative. It is no wonder he had up to 3-hour wait lines when he worked with large groups and festivals.

Rentable Conference room at Sane Living Center

Ojai Valley has made its mark on the map which has garnered it the title “International City of Peace.” Revered as highly sacred land to the Chumash Indians, legendary thought leaders and futurists have made their homes here for decades. Once again, The Valley of the Moon births this fresh new partnership that carries with it nearly 20 years collectively serving the city of Ojai. Private sessions with Michael are now available through info@thebreathcenter.com For more information go to thebreathcenter.com You can rent the center or book the farm on the website @saneliving.com

Devin Balkind at OHI

Hip Vgn is open 11-3, 4-9 daily, indoor, outdoor, to go*

Hip Vgn

Pick up: 805.669.6363 Delivery: 805.444.0844 Large heated outdoor patio

Hip Vgn voted best Ojai Vegetarian food for 7 years in a row by Ojai Valley News.

201 N Montgomery St, corner of Matilija St., Ojai BURGERS/ROLLS Spring Roll GF SPICY tofu, fresh herbs, shredded veggies with a citrus soy dip shallots, garlic, herbs, peanuts

sand island dressing, melted cheese, on a wheat bun Sub GF bread Sub GF green wrap SOUP OF THE DAY

The Baguette SPICY Southeast Asian style sando with Tofu, fresh herbs, pickled veggies, Cashew laughing cow, fried shallots Make it a bowl GF

BOWLS Tiger GF SPICY Grilled tempeh, turmeric rice, shredded veggie salad with fried shallots, garlic, herbs, peanuts

Old Fashioned Burger Marinated tempeh patty, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, homemade thou-

Wagamama GF Macro bowl with koyu tofu brown rice, lettuce, spinach, microgreens, avocado, sweet

potato, pickled cucumber, sea greens, miso Ashram Lunch GF SPICY Brown rice and South Indian Dal, with side of spicy cashews, red onion, fresh chilli pepper SALADS Izakaya GF Lettuce, Cabbage, carrots, yam Noodles, ginger tofu, sesame, Aonori, tossed in a shio koji dressing Topped with mayo

*Covid Dependant / This is an abbreviated menu


Souk GF Lettuce, red onion, herbed cheese, Fresh oregano, garbanzo beans, Olives, chopped tomatoes, tossed in za’atar vinaigrette dressing SHARES Gunpowder Fries GF SPICY topped with house seasoned salt and served with dipping sauce Fries GF Hummus Plate SIDES simple salad

microgreen salad housemade pickles house cashew cheese grilled tofu or tempeh brown rice or quinoa SMOOTHIES Date Cacao Mangoes n Cream Dragon Green Ginger TONICS Fizzy JUN LOCAL BEERS ON TAP & WINES

The Crystal Corner

that can support them in feeling protected, attracting abundance, balancing the chakras, calling in love, sleeping better, and an endless list of others. These wonderful crystal companions and are often used during meditation, yoga and other spiritual rituals and practices. Many people carry crystals with them in their pocket or sleep with them under their pillow. Others place them on an altar or in another special place where they keep meaningful items and tools that hold significance for them in their lives. Some varieties of crystals are also great to wear as jewelry, to bathe with, or even to drink as an elixir.

We opened The Crystal Corner on November 11th (11:11) this past year and are excited to offer a large selection of tumbled stones, crystal specimens, metaphysical and spiritual gifts, jewelry, smudging tools, incense, books and more. Our expanded vision is to utilize this sacred space to host workshops, community circles, readings and other events. For now, we invite you to come on in to browse and see what calls to you. We believe that crystals can support you to feel more balanced, calm and peaceful during this very transformational moment in all of our lives.

Crystals are believed to be one of the most powerful tools for connecting matter and spirit. Formed deep within the earth since the beginning of time, crystals have been highly valued and appreciated for both their exquisite beauty and healing properties for thousands of years. Crystals are unique from other minerals and rocks due to their crystalline interior structure. The high vibrational energy that they emit can help balance the subtle energies within and around the body. Depending on the crystal’s color, inner structure, class system, source, or placement in relation to other crystals, each type of crystal has unique metaphysical properties. Many people choose crystals

The Crystal Corner www.thecrystalcornerojai.com 805-272-8402 | inquiry@thecrystalcornerojai.com

Shop our Large Selection of Crystals - including over 100 varieties of tumbled stones! Plus: Spiritual Gifts - Metaphysical Tools - Smudging Herbs - Incense - Sound Healing - Books Fridays 2pm-6pm Saturdays 11am-6pm Sundays 11am-6pm 201 N. Ventura Street Ojai, CA 93023 (Entrance on W. Matilija St.) FB & Instagram @thecrystalcornerojai

www.thecrystalcornerojai.com | inquiry@thecrystalcornerojai.com | 805-272-8402 12

WEST COAST HEARING & BALANCE CENTER DR LANCE NELSON ...is a compassionate, highly experieced, Board Certified Audiologist who has been practicing in Ventura County for over 10 years. He is excited for the opportunity to serve the community of Ojai.

An audiology clinic dedicated to providing comprehensive hearing health care to improve quality of life for those suffering from hearing impairment

State-of-the-art facilities, diagnosis and treatment • Hearing Test • Hearing Aid Evaluations • Hearing Aid Services • Sales • Extended wear hearing solutions, ear cleaning, ear molds, balance testing

West Coast Hearing & Balance

1320 Maricopa Hwy Suite B, Ojai, Ca. 93023 805-633-9063 www.wchearing.com

Our commitment to the Ojai community to provide the highest level of individual care through our complete diagnostic test battery, comprehensive counseling and a personalized treatment plan is paramount. We believe that through treating hearing loss our quality of life will improve. It is estimated that optimism and a positive outlook add 7.5 years to our life! Your ability to hear and understand those we love will bring joy to your life and allow you the opportunity to stay connected longer with those you love. Call today to start your journey to better hearing. Find out how we can help you or your loved one hear and understand. As we hear better, we live better.

Hear Well in Ojai There are many areas of our life that we maintain to prolong and improve our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, there is one area that tends to be forgotten which has a significant impact on our quality of life. That area is hearing health. Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues in the world today. In the United States it is estimated that one in five people over the age of 12 experience significant hearing loss to the point it interferes with their ability to communicate on a daily basis. We are living longer and are active later in life than our predecessors. Unfortunately, age is the strongest predictor of hearing loss. And hearing loss has a direct effect on our overall health. There have been correlations of untreated hearing loss to dementia, balance related falls, stress, anger, loneliness, social isolation, fatigue, and many others. At West Coast Hearing and Balance Center our goal is to help maintain a quality of life we have all become accustomed to by providing the ability to hear.

West Coast Hearing and Balance Ojai 1320 Maricopa Highway Suite B, Ojai, CA 93023 (805) 633-9063 | www.wchearing.com Opening Hours Monday through Friday 9 am – 12 pm



The NEW Continuing Care Center at Ojai Valley Community Hospital Post-surgical care

Short-term skilled rehabilitation services following a serious injury or illness

Long-term care for certain health conditions

Terminal care

Promoting healthy living in the tranquil setting of the beautiful Ojai Valley. • 75 bed, state-of-the-art skilled nursing facility • • • • •

Seamless access to hospital care if needed Private and semi-private rooms Private bathrooms with showers in each room Hair salon, chapel and library on-site Outdoor gardens and courtyards

The New

Continuing Care Center

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL: 805/948-2000 1306 Maricopa Highway, Ojai, CA • cmhshealth.org/ccc




Recent unhealthy lifestyles have become the main cause of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart, obesity, arthritis, cancer, stroke & Alzheimers, leading to death. These illnesses are best healed by us making positive SYSTEMS DNA/RIPPLES lifestyle changes before they STORIES become chronic.




Plants Ferment Hands in Soil Hydrate No sugar


Sapiens can responsibly, inexpensively and powerfully self-heal. 1. Nature's BIO BODY has an amazing immune system 2. Sapiens' EGO MIND can overcome addictive emotions


Balance 4 min exercise Breathe Dance Strength

Adolphe Menjou,



We are responsible for choosing our lifestyle so as to strengthen our health base and immune system.




Fasting Grazing Intermittent Addiction Cosmetics


E V O 3 Sculpture

saneliving.com Ojai, Ca


Micro-organisms like bacteria living in/on your body bestow healthy immune function, digestion, heart health and possibly blood sugar control and weight management

deSTRESS Socialize Meditate Sleep Walk in nature Grounded

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Wellness Ojai 2021  

Annual special issue from the Ojai Valley News

Wellness Ojai 2021  

Annual special issue from the Ojai Valley News