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2013 Freshman Days Chione College

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Welcome to Ohlone College! We are happy to tell you about all we have to offer. At Ohlone you will start your college education off right. Ohlone will prepare you to transfer to a four-year university as a junior, or help you receive an associate degree or career certificate that will help you get a good job. Ohlone has the fifth highest university transfer rate in the state. You can be among the many students who complete their freshmen and sophomore years of college at Ohlone and then transfer to the University of California, California State University, or another four-year university to finish a bachelor degree. If you transfer from Ohlone, you will be well prepared for a university. Ohlone students transfer with and maintain a higher GPA than the average for all community college transfer students, and they graduate with a higher GPA than students who spend all four years at a university. Ohlone is particularly good at preparing students for university studies thanks to highly professional faculty who are dedicated to teaching and helping students develop. We also have excellent student support services to help students reach their educational goals. Today you will learn about the programs and services we provide. Enjoy learning about all we have to offer you at Ohlone College. Sincerely,

Gari Browning, Ph.D. President/Superintendent Ohlone College


ll1Mt 11

Newark Campus




......._a ~


Registration • lst Floor Lobby

3: 15-4:45pm

Po rent Orientation • 2nd Floor, Room NC2l 00


Student Orientation


Registration with Counselors

>4vr~~ ll1Mt IS Newark Campus

--' II



Registration • lst Floor Lobby


Student Orientation

9: 15-10:45om

Po rent Orientation • 2nd Floor, Room NC21 00

10:30om-12:00pm Registration with Counselors

My name is Am it Patel and I am your ASOC Student Government President. Many of you have just graduated high school and are taking your first step into college . Some of you may be returning to college after a break. Whatever your reason for being here at Ohlone College today, I want you all to know that the Associated Students are always here to serve in any way we can to make the lives of students easier. By listening to your needs, wants and concerns and finding ways to address those needs, we try to create an atmosphere where students are happy with their college experience. Unlike student government in high school, Ohlone's Associated Students are very active not only within our college but within the community and the state government. We advocate for education at the state level and work towards allowing every student to have access to the education they seek. We are here to drive change, while preserving the Ohlone slogan "A World of Cultures United in



Registration • lst Floor Lobby


Student Orientation

1:45-3: 15pm

Po rent Orientation • 2nd Floor, Room NC21 00


Registration with Counselors

If ASOC is something any of you are interested in, please feel free to ask me any questions you have or any other of the ASOC members you run into over the course of the semester. lfyou are interested in becoming an ASOC Senator, applications are available during the first three weeks of schoo I! You can pick up the applications in Building 7 on the second floor at the Campus Activities Window.

••• Student ID: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ WebAdvisor user name: - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Enhance your learning experience and discover who you want to become and how you can give back to the community. On behalf of the ASOC, I welcome you to Ohlone College.

Password: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ My Counselor is: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Contact information: ________________

- 1-

Amit Patel President Associated Students of Ohlone College

~ 201] ACADEMIC CALENDAR May 17-18

Fri - Sat

Freshman Days Priority Registration

May 20


Registration begins for new and former students with a completed application; use WebAdvisor

May 27


Holiday: MEMORIAL DAY (Ohlone College closed); WebAdvisor remains open

Aug 26



Aug 30


Last day that students are added into classes from the wait list

Aug 30


Last day to add full-term class without instructor's signature

Aug 31 - Sep 2

Sat- Mon

Holiday: LABOR DAY (weekend and Monday classes DO NOT meet; Ohlone College closed)

Sept 3


Last day to drop full-term class and be eligible for a refund

Sept 6


Last day to add full-term class with instructor's signature

Sept 6


Last day to drop full-term class in person without a W grade

Sept 6


Last day to submit petition to audit fu 11-term class

Sept 8


Last day to drop full-term class online without a W grade

Sept 9


Census: Student enrollment numbers reported to State

Sept 20


Last day to submit petition to complete class on a pass/no pass basis

Oct 4


Last day to apply for Fall 2013 graduation for degrees or certificates; use WebAdvisor

Nov 11


Holiday: VETERANS' DAY (Ohlone College closed)



Last day to drop from full-term class with a W grade

Nov 28- Dec 1

Thu- Sun

Holiday: THANKSGIVING (weekday and weekend classes DO NOT meet; Ohlone College closed)

Dec 6


Last day of instruction before Final Exams

Dec 7- 13

Sat - Fri

Final Exam Period - see complete Fall Final Exam Schedule

Dec 13


Last day of the semester

Dec 18


Grades available via WebAdvisor; grades are posted as they are received

Dec 24- Jan 1

Tue- Wed

Winter Break (Ohlone College closed)

Jan 27


Spring 2014 Semester instruction begins

Admissions and R e c o r d s - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 510.659.6100 Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor, Room 7249 510.742.2340 Newark: First Floor, Wing 3, Room NC1312

The Office of Admissions and Records provides admission and registration information to all students. The office maintains accurate recordsofstudentattendance and academic records. It provides information to students regarding application status, enrollment verification, grades and college transcripts. www.ohlone.ed u/admissions

DON'T FORGET/I You have 5 days to pay your tuition and fees after registration or you will lose your classes. -2-

EDUCATION PAYS Education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rate Unemployment rote in 2012 2.5%


2.1% 1 4.5% 1 I I

Professional degree


Masters degree

High school graduate Less than a high school diploma







$1,624 I





' $1 ,066

F85 I

Some college, no degree




Doctoral degree

Bachelors degree Associate degree

6.2%I 1 8.3% 1





Median weekly earnings in 2012


$727 I I

,$652 I

Average: 6.8%



Average: $815

Note: Data ore for persons age 25 and over. Earnings ore for full-time wage and salary workers. Source: Bureau of Labor Sta~stics, Current Population Survey

Office of the Ombudsperson------------510.659.7376 Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor, Room 7246

The Office of the Ombudsperson provides o sofe ond comfortable environment for students to discuss com pi oints, concerns or problems confidentially. When oppropriote, the office will initiote on informol intervention with the gool of focilitoting o resolution thot is acceptable to oil porties involved.

Debbie Trigg Director, Student Life, EOPS &Ombudsperson

Peer Mentor P r o g r a m - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 51 0.659.6031 Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor newstude nt@ ohl one .edu www.oh pe ermentors

Peer Mentors ore Ohl one College stu dents who porti ci pote in recruiting ond retoini ng Ohlone College students. Peer Mentors primorily os~st with Welcome Doy, compus tours, orientation, ond high school outreoch.


FinanciaiAid----------------------------------------510.659.6150 Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor, Room 7249 510.742.2340 Newark: First Floor, Wing 3, Room NC1312

The Financial Aid Office assists students in meeting their educational costs while attending Ohlone College. Since financial oid funds ore limited, early application is encouraged. In addition, there ore many scholarships ovoiloble ond on emergency short-term loon program. Students must be enrolled in 6 semester units with o minimum 2.0 GPA to qualify for finonaol oid.

Deborah Griffin Director, Financial Aid Foster Youth Liaison, FAFSA, SAP Workshops, Fino ncial Aid Orientation

To provide better and more comprehensive services to our Ohlone College Financial Aid students, each Financial Aid team member is assigned a caseload by students' last name. If you have any questions, contactthe team member assigned to your last name.


Spencer Washington

Trang Banh

FA Orientation, FAFSA, SAP, Emergency loons, Sch ol orshi ps 510.659.7332

Veterans Benefits, Col Grants 510.979.7548

D-Joi Jon-Me

Wing Hung

Janice Fontero Work Study 510.659.7378

Return to Title IV 510.659.6011

Thao Nguyen



Minh Dinh

loons, loan Workshops 510.659.6195

Pel IGrants 510.742.2342

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)--510.659.6152 Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor, Room 7249 www.ohl one .edu/eops

EO PS is a retention-based progrom that is designed to assist students by providing special support services offered by the college. It is a progrom that identifies, recruits, places, and retains students who are affected by Ia nguag e, social and economic barriers.

Sandy Bennett

Debbie Trigg

EOPS/CARE Coordinator

Director, Student Life, EOPS &Ombudsperson Mzoo Waters Counselor


Shawna Lujan Col WORKs Coordinator

lnga Bellamy Student Services Assistant







July D Prepo re spending pion; review course syllabi for school

Go online to www.fufso.ed .gov to print out FAFSA worksheet. Begin gothering previous yeor's income information. Attend o FAFSA workshop if you need help completing your opplicotion. Che(k the Finondol Aid website for upooming dotes at www.ohlone. edu/fino id/workshops.html Research ond opplyfor Ohlone Foundation scholarships for spring opplicotion period. Visit www.ohlonefound rship s


supplies ond textbooks. Mo ke sure fino ndo I oid file is complete. Check WebAdvisor for finondol oid oword letter.

August D Notify campus ond fino ncio I oid office if there is o


chong ein emo il or moiling odd ress. Prepo re doss schedule in planner ond toke otest wolk oround co mpus.

September D Reseo rch ond opply for ovoilo ble fino ndo Ioid ond

Mol<e sure to submit your FAFSA (either completed ()r estimated) by March 2nd to be considered for the Col Gmnts. Ohlone submits oil GPA information to the Co l~ornio Student Aid Commission. Review Student Aid Report (SAR) - mo l<e corrections ond upd otes os oppropriote. If selected for Verification, beg in to gather appropriate documents.

outside scholo rships for fu II semester deo dline.

October- D Continue reseo rching scholo rships offered by loco I ond community ogencies. December


Moke ito gool to keep your GPA above 2.0 ond to complete your registered classes to mo intoin finondol oid oword ...

Finonciol oid oword letters posted on WebAdvisor accounts. Inform Fino ncio IAid office if plo nning on offending summer do sses. Register for fu II classes. Moke sure FAFSA is completed; review SAR. Begin researching scholarships offered by loco Iond community agencies. Also register ot W\짜 for doily email notices of scholarships ovo ilo ble.

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) - - - 510.659.6079 Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor, Room 7217

Disabled Students Progroms and Services {DSPS) is designed to open the doors of education and occupational opportunities for students with disabilities. Specialized services and educational accommodations ore provided to students with disabilities to help them achieve their educational and vocational goals.

Ann Burdett Director, 0SPS

Rosa Burciaga

JoyD awn Olla

Kathleen Schoenecker

Sped ol Prog roms Assistant

Adjunct Counsel or

Accomm odotion Services Specialist, Adjunct LSP Instructor, on d Ad ju net Counselor


Diane Cheney Learning Disabilities Spedolist &Instructor

Terry Taskey Counselor & Instructor

Counseling Center (Fremont C a m p u s ) - - - - - - - - - - - 510.659.6110 Fremont: Building 7, Third Floor, Room 7322

The Counseling Deportment ossists students in plonning ond executing o pion of study thot oppropriotely reflects the students' interests ond motivotion. Counselors provide o Student Education Pion {SEPt guidonce regarding groduotion requirements, tronsfer options, career plonning, personol decision making, ond personol concerns. We encourage students to see a counselor at least once asemester.

Diane Berkland

Tony Le

Brenda Reynoso

Nadia Dadgar

Jesse MacEwan

Heather Ryan

Jennifer Harper

Susan Myers

Wayne Takakuwa

Lenore Landavazo

Stephanie Ramos


Mandy Yip International Students

Counseling Center (Newark C a m p u s ) - - - - - - - - - - - 510.742.2340 Newark: First Floor, Wing 3, Room NC1312 www.ohlone.eduIcounseling

Maria Ramirez Janet Corcoran Reg fstered Nu rsfn g

Mike De Unomuno

Physico! Therapist Assistant, Respiratory Th eropist, &Registered Nursing

Puente Program


Transfer Center------------------------------------510.659.6241 Fremont: Building 7, Third Floor, Lobby

The Transfer Center provides resources ond services so students con explore mojors ond universities, connect with com pus representatives ond events, ond obtoin os~stonce through the transition process.

September D Request informotion from schools you're most


interested in Attend university preview doys (September-November) Visit the Tmnsfer Center ond leorn obout its services ond resources Attend Tmnsfer Doy lnformolion Foir ond University Ponel

October D Meet with on Ohlone counselor to express your


pion to tmnsfer; review whot you need to do to be tmn sfer eligible. (Develop Student Educotion Pion) Attend "How to Choose Your Mojor" workshop*

January D Volunteer, work pmt-1ime, or get involved in oclub



Attend info sessions obout prospeclive universities Apply for finonciol oid

March D Meet with on Ohlone counselor to determine TAG (Tronsfer

enrolling ot CS UEost Boy or UC Berkeley while ottending Ohlone College Register for spring closses Attend university preview doys (SeptemberNovember)


Admission Guomntee) eligibility March 2nd Deadline for priority Cal Grant consideration

April D Attend prospective university open houses ond com pus doys May D Continue volunteering or remoin involved in octivities to

December D Study hmd for your finols


or ASOC to enrich your omdemic cmeer Resemch your mojor on ond mmpus websites (Visit Tmnsfer Center for ossistonce) Respond quicldy to ony requests for odd ilionol informotion hom privote scholmship orgonizolions, the Colifornio Student Aid Commission, etc.

February D Meet with university reps to refine mojor on dtmn sfer pions

November D Attend on info session ot the Tronsfer Center obout


Frances Fon Transfer Center Spedolist


Resemch scholmship opportu nilies

"For workshop dates and times, visit the Transfer Center website: -7-

enrich your omdemic coreer Study hmd for your finols Register for summer on d/or full courses

Deaf Studies D i v i s i o n - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 510.659.6269 510.344.4700 VP Fremont: Building 6, First Floor, Room 6106 deafstu dies@ohlone. edu studies

Deof Studies Division Counseling Services serve oil current ond prospective Deof ond Hord of Hearing students of Ohlone College. Counselors ore fluent in American Sign longuoge {ASL) ond hove spedolized degrees ond certification required for working with Deof ond Hord of Hearing students.

Nan Zhou

Stefanie Ellis-Gonzales



Student Health C e n t e r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 51 0.659.6258 Fremont: Building 7, Third Floor, Room 7302 Newark: First Floor, Wing 2, Room NC1214

The Heolth Center provides primory core, first oid, physicals, immunizations, referral services ond heolth education for Ohlone College students. Most services ore covered through the student heolth fee, however, some services require on ominol fee. www.ohl one .edu/he alth center Jessica Lopez, MA Medical Assistant

Sally Bratton, FNP Director, Student Health Center

Janet Quijas Executive Assistant

Rosemary O'Neill, MFT, PCC Ufe Coach Personal Counsel or

Sang Leng Trieu, DrPH, CHES Health Education Coordinator

Scan the code to learn more about your Student Health Center at Ohlone

Earn a $10 Target or Starbucks giftcard* by completing the Wellness Needs Assessment in our ustudent Health 101" magazine

http://readshl *Giftcards to be awarded to the first 50 students who complete the assessment. -8-

5¢-uc)el\} -tt~~ ~}(JJI



Located in HH217, th~re are tutors to he Ipyou In a variety of subjects. Best of all, it's


Your instructors ore here to d su port you academically an p overa 11 well-being as, well. your Having trouble with what s . h being covered in class? Talk Wit your instructor, ask for help! ._


~ t;,. ~ Aedi:A CUitlJt. ~ & Jul.~ ~fB~ 7~aff.. ~ AtaiJ:A !UA.dJ..


fdA~~ i4 4 ~~ t;,. taf.k

wd:A CtiLd r-ut~~·

DsPs ·

Have quesffons about classes, transfer, and

careers? The counselors on the 3rd floor in Building 7are here to help. Counselors may also assist you with personal concerns.

ditiono\ su??ott . . ? OSPS t-\eed0d due 10 a disabl\l~i Building 7 on the 2nd t\oo\h odditiono\ con he\? you .WI so that you odotiOns accomm dat Oh\one. con succee lnfographic brought to you by:

ifEPgp ohlone


Student L i f e - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 51 0.659.6255 Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor, Room 7210

The Student Ufe Office is home to the Student Activities Deportment, the Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOQ student government, ond Ohlone dubs. The Student Ufe Office coordinates o variety of student activities ond events, leadership workshops, ond mum more. Come by the Student UfeOfficeto find out how you con get involved in compuslife.

Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) 51 0.659.6063

Fremont: Building 7, Second Floor, Room 7210

Debbie Trigg Director, Student Life, EO PS &Ombudsperson

Renee Wong Gonzalez Student Activities Coordi nolo r

Athletics--------------------51 0.659.6044 Fremont: Building 9 www.ohlone.e du/athletics

Chris Warden Director, Athletics

Ohlone College is o member of the Colifornio Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) ond competes within the Coost Conference. Ohlone College's Athletic teoms include men's/women's soccer, men's/women 's woter polo, women's voll eyboll, men's/women'sbosketboll, men's bosebo II, women's softball, ond men's/women 's swimming/diving.

Laura Martinez Executive Assistant

Yvonka Headley 1 Athletics Counsel or


Library--------------------------------------------510.659.6160 Fremont: Building 1, Third and Fourth Floors 510.742.3128 Newark: First Floor, Wing 1, Room NC1124

The Library/LRC is an essential learning resource for students offering online and in-person services. Students have access to books and audio-visual materials as well as an extensive digital collection of ebooks and subscription data bases. Librarians teach students how to Iocate information and use library resources effectively through drop-in and one-on-one research assistance appointments. Computers, free wi-fi, small group study rooms, copy, print or scan-to-email services are also available.


Campus Police Services/Safety and Security------510.659.6111 Fremont: First Floor, Building 20 510.742.2311 Newark: First Floor, Room NCl 001 secu rity@oh lone.ed u www.ohlone.ed u/security

Campus Police Services include campus security, traffic and parking control, prevention and detection of crime, and law and policy enforcement. Campus Police Services make reports of crimes and other emergencies to which they respond. All incoming calls are handled as soon as possible. For medical emergencies on campus, do not hesitate to call 911 and then notify Campus Police Services. Emergency phones are lomted outside on the second floors of building 2,4,6,and 8, that directly connect to Campus Security. You can also call *81, free of charge, from mmpus pay phones.

PARKING PERMIT INFORMATION Semester parking permits are not available for purchase at the Bookstore. They must be purchased online at:

Please note: Semester parking permits ore NOT VALl Din lots M, N, 0, and Pon the Fremont Campus. These lots required a$2 day permit. There is no NO GRACE PERIOD forfree parking. Parking is enforced from the first day of the semester.

Foundation Scholarships 510.659.6020 Fremont: Building 27

The Ohlone College Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to Ohlone College students demonstrating ongoing academic effort and/or financial need. The application process opensApril1 of each year and closes May 1.1n 2013, approximately$ 100,000 will be awarded in scholarships to entering Ohlone College freshman and continuing students. Watch for email announcements and campus flyers when scholarships become available and be sure to apply!

All you need is their first initio I end lost nome EXAMPLE: John Smith would be

or visit Get faculty's preferred email from syllabus - 11 -

Deaf Studies Lab (DSL) - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fremont: Building 6, First Floor, Room 6104-6105 (entrance to both rooms is through Room 61 05) www.oh lone.ed u/deafstudies/la b

The Deaf Studies Lab (DSL) on the Fremont campus provides Deaf and American Sign Language (ASL) students a place to engage in intensive language interaction. The Lab is fully equipped with Macintosh computer stations with the latest teaching and learning technology available. The computers are equipped with various software packages that allow students to work with video and graphics to create and use projects that improve language (signed and written) and communication skills. In addition, tutoring is available with peers and faculty.

Biology/Chemistry Learning Center (BCLC)------51 0. 979.7948 Fremont: Building 8, Third Floor, Room 8318

The Biology and Chemistry Labs merged to form the BCLC, which provides free tutoring on a drop-in basis for all of Ohlone' sBiology and Chemistry courses. In addition, the BCLC serves the students enrolled in Health Sciences programs such as Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, and Physical Therapist Assistant. The BCLC has 12 computer stations and numerous biology and allied health software packages to supplement the learning materials in selected courses.

English Learning Center ( E L C ) - - - - - - - - - - - 510.659.6087 Fremont: Hyman Hall, Second Floor 510.742.2371 Newark: First Floor, Wing 1, Room NC1124

The EnglishLearningCentersupports the lab component of all EnglishReadingand Writing classes, provides a number of self-paced, skill-building Englishclasses, and provides free Eng Iishtutoringinwriting, reading, speaking, andlistening for all Ohlone Collegestudents.

Math Learning Center (MLC) - - - - - - - - - - - - 510.659.6174 Fremont: Hyman Hall, Second Floor Newark: Newark Tutoring Center, Second Floor, Wing 3, Room NC2306

Peer tutoring is available on a drop-in basis in the Math Lab. The Lab is equipped with electronic calculatorsand computerterminalsfor student use. -12-





0 LL.




Students have 5 days to pay tuition after they register for classes. lfthe tuition is not paid within 5 days, students will be dropped from all their classes and must register again.

Pay with a credit card online via WebAdvisor No additional fees

Pay through payment plan option $20 fee per semester

Pay at cashier's office with cash, check or credit card

$ 46.00/unit (CA residents)

$218.00/unit (non-residents)

Electronic Access

Student Activity

$ 5.00 $ 5.00

Health Services



• •

Books Parking ($35 for semester pass or $2 per day)


Request a refund if you drop classes


College Degrees

Components of a College Degree Your degree consists of courses in:


general education+ major + electives

Normally requires 3-5 years of work after MAIMS


Transfer to CSU/UC/ Private University

tf: .

OHLONE .......... j

MAIMS Masters

Usually 2 + years 30-90 units

BAJBS Bachelor

Junior & Senior 60 degree applicable units

Transfer and/or AA/AS Associate

Lower Division (Ohlone) Upper Division (at University)


Freshman & Sophomore 60 degree applicable units

General Education (GE)

Bachelor Degree: GE + Major + Electives = 120 + units Associate Degree: GE + Major + Electives = 60 + units - 13 -

TIME MANAGEMENT ~~~ ~ ~r~ t'V toed. ~oil£ r~ be, to~~-7 IF YOU WORK 40 hours/wk 30 hours/wk 20 hours/wk 5-15 hours/wk

TAKE NO MORE THAN 6 units 9 units 12 units* 14-16 units*

*considered "full time" enrollment

W14 ot:krfri.-6-r~ ~(!, r

~ i.-w r~r ~te,.?

~~~ ~ ~~~r~ t~t6--~4r:.w.7 1 unit equals one hour in class.

11~ ~ ~r~I'Vwed. ~r~ f~UvUbrlj~? For every unit of class, plan on studying 2-3 hours for that class.

BUILDING A SCHEDULE • Work/Other Commitments • Full Time or Part Time? • Choosing Classes: • Writing Course • Reading Course • Math Course

• If you need additional classes, here are some options for you: • Personal Development (PD) • Major Preparation Classes • General Education Classes

TIPS FOR SUCCESS 1 . Assess your priorities 2. Get a print-out of your schedule 3. Know important deadlines 4. In September, schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor 5. Take advantage of resources and services 6. Get to know your instructors - monitor progress in your classes 7. Get involved on campus - i nteract w ith classmates, form study groups, join ASOC -1 4 -

English Courses COMPOSITION


English 151A

English 162

Fundamentals of Composition

Developmental Reading



English 151 B Fundamentals of Composition


English 163 Techniques of Reading

English lOlA Reading and Composition Required for AA degree and transfer to UC/CSU

~ndc~ English 101 B Critical Thinking & Writing about Literature

is required for transfer. See counselor to determine the appropnate course.

English 101C Critical Thinking & Composition

Math Courses Math 190/190A & B

Math 191

Bas ic M ath

Pre-A lgebra

See counselor to determine appropriate Algebra course

Inter mediate Al gebra

Math 166* Finite M at h

Math 167*

Math 156*

C alculu s for Business a nd Socia l Scie nce

Math for Libera l A rts

Math 159* Statistics

Math 163* Di screte M ath for Computers

Math 103* Linear A lgebra

*Transfer to all CSU and U C C a mpuses **Transfer to Ca liforn ia State University o nl y See co unsel or to determ ine a ppropriate math co urses for yo ur intended ma jor o r if yo u are und ecided.

- 15 -

MONDAY 5:00am 5:30am 6:00am 6:30am 7:00am 7:30am 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am 9:30am 1O:OOam 10:30am 11 :OOam I



11 :30om 112:00pm 12:30pm 1:OOpm 1:30pm 2:00pm --

2:30pm 3:00pm --

3:30pm 4:00pm - -

4:30pm 5:00pm 5:30pm --

6:00pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm







Date: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __






Educational Goals:


Major (AA/AS)


Certificate of Accomplishment Certificate of Achievement

Last Name


Transfer Goals:


Major (BA/BS)

Student ID



Degree applicable units completed to date:

I 0

FALL 2013


CSU/UC Private/Out of State

I .,., .,a, 0





FALL 2014


.,., .,a, 0


·a ~


FALL 2015


.,., 5 ·a .,a, ~


..... I



0.0 0



.,., .,a, 0






5 .,a, ·a ~



0.0 0













5 ·a .,a, ~




TOTAL A (Ohlone)











Signature of St udent


Signature of Co unselor


,Pv~ZJ~(fl))~~ Taking a PD course is strongly recommended for new students. â&#x20AC;˘

New students who take Personal Development college success classes are MORE successful in college than those who do not.

â&#x20AC;˘ The average GPA for students who took study skills classes in Spring 2011 was 2.90 compared to the average of students not enrolled in PD courses, which was 2.70. â&#x20AC;˘ The rate of students who took study skills classes in Spring 2011 and re-enrolled for the following term was 81% compared to 64% for students not enrolled in PD for Fall.

PD-1 03 Transfer Success: (3 units) Acomprehensive student-centered course designed for leorning how to ensure successful tronsfer too university. PD-1 OS College Success: (3 units) This course integrotes personol growth, leorning techniques, ocodemic ond coreer success, problem solving, ond criticol ond creotive thinking. PD-111 Strategies for College Success: (l unit) Students ore ossisted in odjusting to college life ond identifying leorning strotegies, problem solving, ocodemic plonning, criticol thinking, ond individuol motivotion. PD-113 Strategies for Succeeding in College: (2 units) This course helps students odjust to college by integroting personol growth ond ocodemic success with problem solving, criticol ond creotive thinking. PD-150 Career Planning: (2 units) Greot!orstudentswhooreundeddedonomojor This course will ollow students to evoluote personol interests, skills, volues, work styles, ond experience ond to relote them to the world of work. Students will olso leorn decision moking, educotion ond coreer plonning, locoting coreer resources, job seorch strotegies, ond lobar morket oworeness. PD-170 Welcome Day: (V2 unit) Greot for meeting newstudents Through vorious workshops, students willleorn how to be successful in college, whot college services ore ovoiloble to them, ond where things ore loco ted on com pus. PD-241 College Success for Athletes: (2 units) This course is designed to ossist student-othletes with the odjustment to college level ocodemics ond promote o reolistic understonding of whot is necessory to succeed os on intercollegiote othlete.







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Starting fall 20 13, Ohlone College will be I 00% SMOKE FREE! Smoking will no longer be allowed anywhere on campus, even in the parking lots at Fremont.

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• Smoking causes 1 in 3 cancer deoth in the U.S. • Smoking co uses neo rly 1 in 5 deoths every yeor. • Smokers live, on overoge, 13 yeors less thon non-smokers.

Starting foll2013, o$50 fine will be imposed for smoking on campus. Join us in creating osmoke-free learning environment ot Ohlone College.

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Visit us: S1udent Health Center (Building 7, 3rd floor) Coli us: 510-659-6258 On the web: or scon the code

California Smokers' Helpline: 1-800-NO-BUTTS -19-

The Freshman Days Committee would like to thank the following people and departments for helping make this day a success!

•.. •. ... . •... •.

• •• •


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Ron Travenick

• • • • • •

Dr. Jim Wright


Dr. Gari Browning

Vice President of Student Services

Alex Pinarcik, Warehouse Charles Outing and IT

• •

Gillian O ' Farrell, IT Jacqlyn Vetter, Scheduling Office

Jolie Chevalier, Sonny Martinez, and Susan Johnson Admissions and Records Linh Nguyen, Placement Testing Sandi Arellano, Student Services

Sue Steffen, Rose Martinez, and Jaya Sharma Counseling Department Student Life and ASOC

College Advancement Facilities

• •

Ohlone College Faculty and Staff Peer Mentors Campus Police Services AND Fremont, Newark, and Union City High School Counselors and Career Specialists


• .. ., • •• •

FREMONT CAMPUS 43600 MissiOn Boulevard

OHLONE COLLEGE FREMONT ~600 Mission Boulevard

Fremont, CA 94539-5847 (510) 659-6000

I.U EIID Dl!lllbled f'artdng • Motorcycle Parlllng A J>ermit Vending Machine !:SI No Thru Traffic



center for Health Sciences i. Technoloay 39399 Cherry Street Newark., CA 94560-4902 (510) 742-2300


NEWARK CAMPUS 39399 Cherry street



AdaJ)IIW '111Cttlolcgu cen1»r Aclrrlealcne, boonle, and lle8JII181lon Art 811ilery. Loui&-Naagar Arte end SOOiaiSGI- (1)1*1)

m&rn81IOI'JIII PIOIJ11111end 88Mo11

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AOOO. 81ulient Govem/MIIt Baoiaanl BOIItd of Truateae Maeti~ llllom BUIIft1888 Blrvtoal and Pllgro!l IUI!nau, Tlahrdaeu, and ~n& R8llol.ra1111 OlMnl








Adrrlnllllratlon O!llot

Olllllput AodVIliN Carear Sarvlcea ChlmiiOJj IAiborellliU CNtl Dmlopment eentw

18 CD


AclrriMicne. boonle, end -.,etllltlon Altted l!aalth Lab ASOC Mllllllnl ROom lllotiiOhnoloiu llllCI So*CamiiU'Ilty and Coiiii8CI &:lucetton CQtPCnllll1111n~ Mtll~ Rllom CC111181.._ EmiiiJ~ TIICI'noloeiH Envhlmlanllll Btudlae Ftnllno!el~

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l'lnllncllll Aid Foundatlal\ Chione Coleae Bllllwdat lkllVIllltU -.,00111 c.nt11t 8ymnaelum (Epler) Human Rlllourcea HJII!en Hell MOllie end AMide



fhmont sant Oonrn11111U Oenlllr aennl EduceUan lllamlna SPfiCGII' Health ao11n0ee and ElNIIOnmemal Studlae (DI*I)

Dance Studla Dellf studlee (Deal\l D1811bled Stude nil Prep me and S!ll'lllciON (ll$P$) EOPS (Extnlad Oppanunlly Pfa&rama lnd Sarvlcae) Ena!Tah uarn~ canr:ar

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7 7 CD

l'llwpnlblr Sarvtoae for Dallf Sbldlma

8C·D 8

lfclenao Chilli C1111 liDHl BU bdiO station Languap and 00fn!T1Jnltla1!on (Pearil Ulnllj Q.aemlna RIIGII'I:II Cenllr) Mat!llllarnllli Cenllr Monitor N8WIPIIP81 Pfaaamalll Tilling Canbn Pnlal~ Dfflce soranoe.. El'fn&ema..llllCI MalhtlnatiOe (Dean) &eourlqj, Ollnput Polloe Shpplna 1 Rae aM~ 1W.rahouta 81Mh c.nw tor the Fine 1o l'ttl'crllfnl M8, oary 80Ain BIU~ent OOYWmlent othlet CASOCl student Hllelth Celllar TII!Malan Blltion, ONTV Cherml 28 'llllnefar CllnW

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VIce P1811dant, Acedamlc Alf1lll1o VIa& Praeldant, Adrrlnl!mlM S«VVCN Vloe Plaelderl. student ~o•• QD =Ohlltl Dlwlapmtlll Ollnlllt HH ~ Nonla llld Al'<frda HJII!an Hill so~ aaruS<nnsmlth Oentlrfortllt Fine li Pllforrrln&Aitt

7 7


IIOOIIIIIUMIIEit: 11wl first <f9t ~ tha llUidli'C RICn1 n&.mber, 88!1ond dWldllai!Jiat88 the ftoa, and the 111tl:lllllCI founh dilrtl dae\11'18t8 tha roan. EXAMPLE: Rolrn 8205 181ooa111d n Ill~ 8, 2nd floar.


DNonef1lfiCide one stq, career cen~~r OIJ.Citlael ~Ileal TheNpllt Alllltelllllb l!af;llltllrlldNuralna RaepiJ11t01U lhnplll Seourttv. Olltr9J1 Poltoe student Hulth Center student S«'t'foaa CtiUr llllll Heehh end wel!rMe CllnW 'llll:llm& Canllr

FR!MONr CMIIPIJI I!WIIIY: (510) 859-em 2 2 2


IIEWAB CAMPUIIECUIIIIY: (510) 142-2311 I EM EifEl PAIIINIPIIM'fl arv $35 par 88111118t8r for ~ ard era wild at beth c:8!1lU111161n dDillprtad 8luciant IDCB. Pel!l'it8l!Uit be p1101'118ad onlne at -ohlonll.lldU/IlOI 11111!181lb11palt. l11e penrft muat be clefllalj&d In f1j viiM\

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lOOM NUllIEIll: ll1e ftrat dft daefwiallla 1heftlor,1he eeoond dl(rt~ tile wq, ard 1he tllhl~nd follth cfgb ~~~~~~ t!IDraon'II'U!IbG' EXAMPLE: NC212118ontha2rdfioa,l'l11lJl

DAILY PEIIII'II 1111 ~llij and 0111 be p110h..t at pannlt Vlllldng rnecl'*lel b the lglJI ~Jtlld on tha cempue f1llll'. Plmllt maotlnae at the R'llmOnt C811'4JUI aocept elttler ca8h ar cr8dlt oarct at Nawa!X OIITCIUe they aooept oaeh. Or.h!U QOil-Qper!Qd P4!lblg metn are I~ In lcrte M 'rd Non ttte



DIMillO PABIIMII8 enful;ed atal11mae. no ~nL ltlt ~red t11et ba1h avalcl oNana pll'trlg penrlt ardally paaa ard a Ylikl dlasblad plaoard or lbinse plate be dleplaijed In M vlriw. REA MAllET 18 the saoond Saturday of -h month on tne F11111C11t oamJU. One-dau pafb-e pennll!! to attlrnd thl FIN Mrlli:Bt may be PJrdltiMld fl'am 1he 811!1rdenta fllr $2.

OIILOIIE IOCIICBTCIIE: the Ohlone Boobmxa 181ooat8d on tha R'llmOnt ~II. Eldllndlld hcuv cfopntbl anr millblll tha ftret w8 ft lh8 aemea111r.IJOOI:81or& pu~ end tlllllllcct

rantals rnay be made orllne at

Ohlone College Freshman Days 2013  
Ohlone College Freshman Days 2013  

Booklet for Ohlone College's Freshman Days 2013 new student orientation program.