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The light shines in the darkness… John 1:5 OHLC Staff

Volume 60, Issue 2

February 2013

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Pastor’s Page

God cares about our relationship with him, and so he commands us to pay attention to that relationship.

Living the Ten Commandments: Down-to-earth discipleship

Four of the commandments deal with our relationships. Mothers and fathers are to be honored, along with others in authority. Our sexual lives are to be ordered in such a way that the most profound physical expression of human relationship is channeled towards marriage and family. We are to seek the good of our neighbors, preserving life and reputation alike. God cares about our relationships with other people, and so he commands us to pay attention to those relationships.

“This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the LORD: I will put my law in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds.” Hebrews 10:16


ontinuing our emphasis on discipleship this program year, for our Wednesday Lenten services in 2013 we’ll focus on the Ten Commandments. Originally given to the people of Israel as a summary of what God expected of his people, they functioned as a set of rules for God’s people to follow in order that life may flourish. Christians have continued to lift up the commandments as an important guide for life. Jesus himself preached on the commandments, even amplifying their demands. Luther front-loaded the Small Catechism with them. They continue to hold a special place among God’s people today. Every so often there is a big kerfuffle about whether or not the Ten Commandments should be displayed in courthouses or schools or engraved on other government buildings. There are some interesting aspects to that debate, but I’d like to get at something deeper: is God’s law written on our hearts? The author of Hebrews, quoting the prophet Jeremiah, points to a day when the law of God will be put in people’s hearts, and written on their minds. Has that day come for you? Has it come for God’s people as a whole? Are the Ten Commandments engraved upon our hearts, guiding our daily lives? When we unpack the Ten Commandments, we find that they are surprisingly down-to-earth. There are none of the esoteric, nit-picky requirements of, say, Leviticus. (Thankfully, “Thou shall not eat shellfish” is NOT one of the Ten Commandments!) There is very little of what we might call “spirituality.” There are no prescribed techniques for transcending this or having visions of that. Instead, the focus is on relationships – our relationship with God, our relationships with others, and our relationship with stuff. God cares about relationships, and the commandments are given so that all of these relationships might flourish in the nitty-gritty of daily life. The first three commandments deal with our relationship with God. We are to have no other gods, nothing which is more important to us than God. We are not to use God’s name in vain, treating it as nothing. We are to set aside one day per week to rest and worship God.

Three commandments address our relationship with stuff. We are to get stuff through honest means, and be content with the stuff we have. Stuff has a way of messing up our relationship with God and with other people, so God commands us to pay attention to how we are relating to our material possessions. We’ll consider all these topics in depth as we gather for worship on Wednesday evenings during Lent. My hope is that our time together with these commandments will be a means by which God continues his work of putting his law in our hearts, and writing them on our minds. As disciples we are called to pay attention to the down-to-earth relationships of daily life. Even more, we are called to live in relationship with the One who came down to earth for us, Christ Jesus, God’s Son. Through him, all our failures to keep the commandments are already forgiven. He is at work among us now to give us new lives and new hearts, hearts open to God’s engraving. - Pastor Jeffrey R. Spencer

Welcome, new members! December and January were great months for baptisms! We welcome the following children and adults who were baptized and those who were received as new members. 12/2/12 12/9/12

Damien and Elijah Soto (baptized) Dylan, Hayden, Brett and Robyn Bennett (baptized) Adeline & Devin Day (baptized) Deren Bennett (received as new member) 12/23/12 George Myers (baptized) 1 /13/13 Griffin & Zoe Vollertsen (baptized) Tara & Zachary Vollertsen (received as new members) And it continues… To be received into membership on February 3: Ron & Jan Ernst, Sharon Erickson, Maryann Nowicki. Welcome!!

News you can use February 3 is Scout Sunday! Did you know Oak Harbor Lutheran is the charter organization for both a Cub Scout pack and a Boy Scout troop, and our building is used for Brownie and Girl Scout meetings? Many members of our congregation are involved in leadership in scouts, and many of our children are currently participating in scouts at various levels. On Sunday, February 3 we’ll observe Scout Sunday. We’ve invited the whole Cub Scout pack and Boy Scout troop, as well as any and all Girl Scouts to worship with us. We will acknowledge our leaders, and have a special blessing for all of them. ALL Scouts and their leaders are encouraged to come to worship in uniform on Scout Sunday!

Our pastors will be away for continuing education Both Pastor Spencer and Pastor Stroud will be gone the week of February 4 to attend continuing education events out of state. Pastor Spencer will be attending the Mid-Winter Theological Convocation at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Pastor Stroud will be doing Stephen Ministry training in San Diego, California. Local and retired pastors are available in case of pastoral emergency. Please call the church office if you have urgent pastoral care needs, 360-679-1561.

February 24 is PLU Sunday On Sunday, February 24 we’ll celebrate our affiliation with Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. All PLU students, grads, and/or Lute fans are encouraged to wear black and gold to worship that day! Martha Ellis (Class of ‘77) is our liaison, and will have an information table with cool PLU freebies set up in the narthex. OHLC has three current PLU students: Jasmine CaseSmith, Rebecca Ogren, and Mark Ogren. Becca Wheeler is a recent grad. All will be remembered in our prayers on PLU Sunday!

Semi-annual meeting wrap-up The Semi-annual congregation meeting of Oak Harbor Lutheran Church was held between morning worship services on January 20:  The 2013 budget was adopted  Dave Amarelo was honored for 4 years as Financial Secretary  Elected to attend the upcoming Synod Assembly: Marge Moore, Dave Amarelo, Tom Coe, and Carlie Kenny as youth representative  Elected as Josephine Home reps: Carol LaFond, Bob Wall  Elected as representatives to Lutherwood: Dave Myers, Craig Pedlar  Elected to the Endowment Committee: Hilary Bratton, Bill Wonner, Mark Needler  Elected to fill a vacancy on Council: Anita Needler  Bob Wall shared information about the capital campaign to raise funds for a new roof for the education wing. The campaign will officially begin on February 1.  Preschool director Gaye Rodriguey was honored with applause as we recognized the 20th anniversary of OHLC’s His Kids Preschool.

Shrove Tuesday pancake supper Join us on Tuesday, February 12 at 6:00 PM for a pancake supper! This is an old Christian tradition rooted in the practice of ridding one’s kitchen of butter, sugar, milk, and eggs in preparation for the Lenten fast. Members of our Lutheran Men in Mission group will be working the kitchen. (More volunteers are welcome and encouraged – please sign up on the Opportunity Form.) Prior to our meal, Pastor Spencer will share a few words about keeping Lent in the home. All are welcome!

Lenten worship schedule Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on Feb. 13, with services including Holy Communion and the imposition of ashes at Noon and 7:00 PM. (Note there will be no soup suppers on Ash Wednesday.) Wednesday Lenten services will be held at Noon & 6:00 PM beginning Feb. 20, and Pastor Spencer will preach a sermon series on the Ten Commandments (see his article on page 2) . Soup suppers will follow. Please sign up at the welcome desk in the narthex to bring soup.

Growing & Learning Luth Youth news Thanks to Pat Dallen and Kelly Brock for building and tending our Epiphany bonfire, and to Mary Brock and Sheila Ryan for providing snacks. It was a great fire and a great time! Wednesday Luth Youth gatherings are on hiatus until after Easter. Attend Wednesday Lenten services and suppers with your families! We continue to meet Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the youth room for Bible study and games. Join us!

potluck dinner in the fellowship hall. Please bring a dish to share, and feel free to indulge our grown-up taste buds! After dinner, the adults will move to the sanctuary for the program. (We’ll have a team to clean up so you don’t have to!) Build on the romance of Valentine’s Day with something deeper: a God-centered approach to marriage! Married couples of all ages are invited and encouraged to attend. RSVPs are encouraged but not required. (Sign up on an opportunity form in your bulletin or e-mail me at Feel free to invite married friends! Pastor Jeffrey Spencer

Adult education in February: Music, Lutherwood, spirituality Help needed on quillow work party day OHLC presents our graduating high school seniors with quillows, quilts that fold into pillows. There will be a work party on Saturday, February 23, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the fellowship hall. Can YOU help? You don’t have to need to sew to participate! We’re in need of… ...people to help iron, cut fabric, machine sew, and hand tie the quillows; ...donations of fabric (100% cotton for tops and fleece for backings); ...donations of funds for purchase of fabric; ...someone willing to take a lunch order and bring food. Sign up on an opportunity form if you can lend us a hand! Candi Amarelo, Kathy Ridle, Marge Moore

February 17: a Marriage Enrichment opportunity On Sunday, Feb. 17, 5:00-7:00 PM, we will offer Making Moments Matter, a fun night of music, laughter, and tips to strengthen your marriage. We’ll join over 900 other congregations across the country in offering this night of marriage enrichment through a DVD presentation featuring relationship advice from Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley and Pastor Ted Cunningham, along with comedy from Michael Jr. and music from Dove award winning recording artist Mark Schultz. We’ll begin in the sanctuary for an introduction, after which any children will be dismissed for supervised games and pizza on the other side of the building. Husbands and wives will gather for a candlelight


n February 3, Verna Morgan will conclude her two-session class on church music. After that, we hope you’ll join us on February 10 as we welcome visitors from Lutherwood, our camp and retreat center in Bellingham. They will share information about recent developments at the camp and what it has to offer you and your family. February 17 is the first Sunday in Lent, bringing a new opportunity for adult education as Pastor Stroud begins the series A History of Christian Spirituality. This will be a survey of the primary themes of Christian spirituality and the practice by the great saints of the church over the past 2,000 years. There will be discussion of how we organize our own daily devotional life as well as readings from the men and women who led the great spiritual revivals in the church. Past generations of saints have given us a rich tapestry of Christian Spiritual practice as a legacy in which we can enrich and nourish our own spiritual journey. The first two topics are: 2/17: The Phenomenology of Prayer: Understanding our personal spiritual perspective 2/24: The Early Church: Prayer and worship in the name of Jesus Christ

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OHLC’s Men’s Ministry


The Brotherhood of St. Bernard (the Old Dogs) & Lutheran Men in Mission

n 2003, Dr. Roland Martinson, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, conducted interviews with young men from differing life and faith experiences, from four ethnic backgrounds and six regions of the United States, revealing high levels of spiritual interest focused around eleven themes or cries. The complete list is posted on the Growing and Learning bulletin board in the narthex. Four are listed here for both young men (“pups”), as well as elder men (“old dogs”). 

  

MALE MENTORS: Young men’s relationships with their fathers and other older male figures are most significant in shaping their adult spiritual identity. NATURE: The spiritual vitality of young men is strongly enhanced by experiences in nature. SPORTS: Young men are enormously kinesthetic. Their spirituality is experienced and expressed through their bodies. SPIRITUAL HUNGER: Most young men experience spiritual hunger which they articulate in non-religious language.

We are doing everything possible to make OHLC’s men’s ministry viable to help meet these themes by providing understanding and support to nourish men of all ages in their relationship with Christ, with one another, and with our church family. So what does that mean today and tomorrow?

Opportunity 2 is the Lutheran Men in Mission breakfast/ meeting on the first Saturday each month from 8:00 to 9:30 AM in the fellowship hall (see below for Pastor Stroud’s announcement about this month’s meeting). Enjoy a great breakfast, some singing, and lively conversation time during breakfast. We review pending “tasks and opportunities” and other business. Most often we enjoy the expertise of guest speakers, or grappling with a hot topic. All of you are welcome. Come and see! Tom Piper

LMM (Lutheran Men in Mission) will have its regular 1st Saturday breakfast in the fellowship hall. We will begin bright and early at 8:00 AM on February 2. Guest speaker for the event will be author Peter Hunt, who will relate his experiences as an extreme diver and his adventures diving on the wreck of the ocean liner, Andrea Doria. Peter Hunt, a resident of Whidbey Island, is the an author of Angles of Attack: An A-6 Intruder Pilot’s War (2002), an account of his combat experience, serving three aircraft carrier deployments as an Intruder attack pilot. His second book, Setting the Hook: A Diver’s Return to the Andrea Doria (2011), recounts his experiences as a deep sea diver. This should be a fascinating presentation with slides of his dive to the famed ship Andrea Doria, which sank in a freak collision with another ocean liner in 1956. Pastor Marc Stroud

Choose one of the opportunities listed here or take a chance to reach out and contact one of your Brothers in Christ as a confidant and mentor. Trust this….the bark is bigger than the bite (most of us at this age have been well trained.) Opportunity 1 is the Old Dogs/Young Pups lunch meeting on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from noon to 1:30 in the fellowship hall. Enjoy a good lunch, quick business review, engaging conversation on our scripture lesson, and prayer time before we adjourn. We use the Master Builders Bible as our study Bible. There are several available for purchase, $16 apiece.

in this newsletter are Prayer Ventures and The Spirit Included (OHLC’s roadside clean-up group gets a nice mention!) for February. Please note that the malaria awareness event scheduled for Feb. 2 in Lynnwood has been cancelled. deadline for articles for the March newsletter is Wednesday, TheFebruary 20.

OHLC Women opportunities for fellowship, study and service Blanket Workshop Blanket Workshop meets at 9:00 AM on Tuesday & Wednesday, Feb. 5 & 6, in the fellowship hall. We’re looking for new participants who are willing to learn about what we do and how you can help make these quilts for Lutheran World Relief. Join us! For more information, contact Leona McKee or come to the fellowship hall on either day.

Handwork Group Heart & Hand meets in the comfortable chairs in the prayer room at 9:30 AM on Friday, Feb. 21. We’re especially in need of knitters and crocheters who would like to make hats and sweaters for our Lutheran World Relief baby care kits. We also making baptismal banners. (These items may also be made at home – contact Leona McKee for info!)

Circle meetings in February 2/ 4 & 18 Lydia Circle meets at 6:30 PM in the education wing, Room 8. 2/ 7, 14, 21, 28 Deborah Circle meets at 10:00 AM in the library. We’ll be starting our new study, Book of Faith Lenten Journey: 40 Days with the Lord’s Prayer. 2/19

Rebecca Circle meets at 10:00 AM in the library.

BookMarks Coupeville Book Group… …meets on Tuesday, February 5 at 7:00 PM in the home of Jan Heideger, 146 E Welcher Road, Coupeville. Give her a call if you need driving directions, 678-0765. Remember to bring your $10 donation for the SnoIsle Library System for their Book Discussion Kits. Gaye Rodriguey will be the discussion leader as we consider Astrid & Veronika by Linda Olsson: Veronika, a young writer from New Zealand, rents a house in a small village in the midst of a harsh Swedish winter. Alone, she’s hoping to come to terms with a recent tragedy while finishing her latest novel. Her arrival is observed by Astrid, her elderly, reclusive neighbor who harbors a dark secret from her past. As they slowly reveal their stories to one another over the course of a year, their lives are changed forever. Fiction, 246 pages

Second Wednesday Book Group… …meets Wednesday, February 13 at 1:15 PM in the library. Since this is Ash Wednesday and worship will be held at noon, please note this change from the usual time. The book for consideration is The Widower’s Tale, by Julia Glass: Enjoying an active retirement but lonely rural life, 70-year-old Percy allows a progressive preschool to move into his barn. This transforms his quiet home into a lively, youthful community that makes him reexamine the choices he made after his wife’s death. Fiction, 402 pages

Hospitality Ministry

Operations Ministry

Notes from the church kitchen:

Listening ears are needed!


he kitchen committee has rearranged the kitchen so that the most used items are within reach of almost everyone now. (Please do not rearrange things!) We are ordering new mugs of the larger size, since those seem to be the most popular and always ran short. The mostlyempty cupboard over the dishwasher is now being reserved for glasses so that more than 16 people can have a large glass of water (or root beer floats). Dottie Krigbaum

Somewhere there’s a leak in Oak Harbor Lutheran Church’s fire suppression system; it has been checked, but the exact location has yet to be pin-pointed. Please keep your ears open for sounds from above (in this case, near the ceiling)! If you hear the hissing noise of escaping air, make a note of the location and tell Rita Cline or leave a message in the church office. Locating it this way by the sound will prevent us from having to fill the system and locate it by way of leaking water.

His Kids Preschool a ministry of Oak Harbor Lutheran Church


lthough there isn’t any snow outside our windows, the preschool room is brimming with winter activities. The classroom tree which once had autumnal family (photo) leaves, is now decorated with snowflakes as unique as the children who created them. And truly no two are like! Next to the tree are paper plate snowmen and paper polar bears dressed for the season of winter in felt hats, colorful scarves, and mittens tied together with yarn. And then way over on the other side of the room, representing Antarctica, are black and white penguins made from paper towel tubes. After learning about wintertime and the animals of the North and South Poles, the children were introduced to our Community Helpers like doctors and bakers. The students created a doctor bag of their own, filled with a Band-Aid, Q-tips, cotton balls and a tongue depressor. Each child’s bag was labeled with the word Doctor in front of their name. For the first time His Kids made a field trip to Kakie’s Bakery on Pioneer Avenue. They were shown the big ovens and mixers as well as a demonstration on croissant making and sugar cookie mixing. Of course the field trip ended with a special treat. Our first Special Students of the Week for 2013 were Rian Anderson, Autumn Bustillo, Evan Carmona, Jonah Hocking, Connor Murkerson, Emily Sorensen and Erin Thompson. The children are looking forward to February, with Valentine’s Day and visitors from the Oak Harbor Police Department, the Oak Harbor Fire Department and Dr. Berner’s dental office. Winter isn’t over yet… Our preschool students had fun thinking of answers to “If I were a snowflake floating in the sky, I would like to land…” In addition to some perfectly reasonable suggestions such as “on the ground,” or “on my house” or “on the snow,” there were some more creative ideas! 3-day PM class: Erin: in my sandbox at home Kylie: in a footprint Andrew: I’d make a snow angel first and then land in the snow angel

3-day AM class: Connor: on the sidewalk Danté: on a snowman Treasure: in the grass Grant: in the trees 2-day AM class: Addi: at Daddy’s work Carlie: on a butterfly Rian: on Emily Jacob: on Addie Emily: on Santa Claus Addie: on the beach Don: on an airplane Francesca: in my bathroom Jeremy: in outer space on the moon It’s not too early to think about registration for His Kids for 2013-2014 (our 21st school year!). Registration starts on Feb. 25 for students who will be registering for the same class. See next month’s newsletter for information about registration which will be taking place during the following weeks. Shalom, Miss Gaye

News from near and far Oak Harbor Bay Artists meets in our library on Fridays beginning at 10 AM, for fellowship, encouragement, inspiration, occasional instruction, and good light. While they’re primarily a watercolor group, they welcome other media! Mavis Parillo of our congregation would like to extend an invitation to other artists to join them; contact her for more information, 360-279-2337, Congratulations to Bob and Carol Wall on the safe arrival of their great-grandson! Daemien Evan Wagner (6 pounds, 15 ounces) was born in the wee hours of January 28 to Dustin and Jessica Wagner of Oak Harbor; proud grandparents are Reid and Christy Schwartz. Check out the OHLC Around the World bulletin board in the fellowship hall for recent greetings, photos and updates from former members! Included are Jim, Susan, Britta and Jane Williams in Minnesota, Robert and Jessica Fox in Maryland, Leslie Hoover in Nevada, Edwin, Sherri, Sarah and Stephen Henderson in Virginia, Mike, Melanie, Max, Marcus and Lainey Vener in Pennsylvania, and Israel, Jennifer, Rebekah, Zeke and Rede Vasquez in Ohio.

Compassion Ministry February focuses on Lutherwood


ur Ministry of the Month is Lutherwood Camp & Retreat Center, located on Lake Samish in Bellingham. Lutherwood offers Christian camp opportunities and other programs for people of all ages. What better way to learn about it than to hear from one of our young people at OHLC who is passionate about Lutherwood? Below is a letter from Mariah Harbaugh: For the past three years, Camp Lutherwood has been the highlight of my summer. Every year I have conquered fears, made new friends, made memories with the friends that accompany me there, experienced new things, and grown closer with God. Everything about Lutherwood makes me happy. I get excited for the upcoming year whenever I start talking about it. Every year I go to Lutherwood, I do something to surprise myself, whether it is trying the vertical playpen, or not being afraid to jump off the water trampoline – something I would never have imagined myself doing if it weren’t for the encouraging camp environment. I usually go to Lutherwood with friends, but I always make new friends while there, and by the end of the week, I like to consider us close friends. Some of my fondest summer memories are at Lutherwood. I am able to say I’ve done things I never would’ve done if I had not gone to camp. Every day at Camp Lutherwood, we worship. We read stories, and see skits, and sing songs, and talk about the lesson among our group. At the end of the week, I feel closer to God. I always feel like I learn something. This year I am going to be a C.I.T (Counselor In Training), and I am so excited to help out at Camp, and help other people love it as much as I do. I am looking forward to share my joy with a young child who has never been to camp before. Camp Lutherwood is what I look forward to all year long, it is what I talk to my friends about, what I count down to. The only part I don’t like about Lutherwood? Waiting a whole year before going back. Thanks, Mariah! Learn more about this wonderful place on Sunday, Feb. 10, when a delegation from Lutherwood will be with us to share a few words during worship, and give a presentation in the library at 9:15 AM for the adult education hour.

Checking in with the Krafts Nick & Shannon Kraft send word from Peru that CORE 2013, their latest 2½ month intensive training program, is underway with 6 students – 5 boys and 1 girl, 4 from Peru and 2 from Bolivia. Please keep Johann and Peter (Bolivia), and Isamar, Jonatan, Emanuel and Pablo (Peru) in your prayers. Study themes include reverence, quiet time, hearing the voice of God, discipleship, and character traits such as kindness, initiative, discretion, and punctuality. Photos and weekly updates with specific prayer concerns are posted on the Compassion Ministry bulletin board in the narthex.

Travel opportunities Russia in the fall? The Northwest Washington Synod Team Russia Committee is considering offering a trip to Russia later this year (September or October), to connect with ELKER (the Evangelical Lutheran church in European Russia) in Moscow; participants would then head from there to their respective companion synod congregations, which would include our sister congregation of St. Katharina’s church in Kazan. The cost would be about $1,000 for round trip air fare. It’s difficult to say what costs would be in Russia, such as housing in Moscow, travel, homestays, etc. The trip would be for approximately ten days. If you’d like more information or would be interested in this trip, make a note on an opportunity form or contact Ken Grigsby, 360-675-4682, Germany in December? Faith Journeys presents a 10-day Reformation & Christmas Market Tour to Germany, Dec. 2013, with host Pastor Bjoern Meinhardt of Vashon Lutheran Church. $3,545 per person, double occupancy, includes round-trip airfare from Seattle. Space is limited; early registration is recommended. Pastor Meinhardt is a member of the NW WA Synod Team Russia Committee, which also includes Marj McNae and Ken Grigsby of our congregation. Flyers are available on the welcome desk in the narthex or contact Ken Grigsby, 360-675-4682, To receive a brochure with more information, please call Faith Journeys, 1-877-732-4845.

Worship Assistants 2/ 3




8:00 10:30 6:30 8:00 10:30 6:30 8:00 10:30 6:30 8:00 10:30 6:30

Asst. Ministers Tom Piper Ken Grigsby Gisela Hawley Tom Coe Allan Swan Carol Snoble Jan Heideger Jan Heideger Verna Pommerenke Craig Pedlar Gisela Hawley

Worship Attendance: Acolytes Peter Higgins Peter Spencer Benjamin Bruland Katie Norman Luke Spencer Benjamin Bruland Sydney Higgins Sadie Harbaugh Benjamin Bruland Elizabeth Norman Elias Wiley Benjamin Bruland

Music Senior Choir Cantor: Carol Reafs Morning Glory Praise Team Cantor: Mary McLeod Senior Choir Cantor: Dick Ward Morning Glory Senior Choir Cantor: Mary McLeod


2/ 3 8:00 AM Higgins family

Communion: Mike Fankhauser Computer: Donna Aspery Communion: Mavis Parillo Computer: Rick Culbertson

10:30 AM J. Wilcox, L. Michalski 6:30: Presider, Marc Stroud 2/17 8:00 AM Ellis family 10:30 AM B. Heideger 6:30: Presider, Jay Decker 2/24 8:00 AM J. Flowers, L. Forster 10:30 AM R. Wood, M. McNae, H. Herrigstad, D. Fosso 6:30 PM: Presider, Tom Johnson

Communion: Candi Amarelo Computer: Rachel Margraf Communion: Carol Wall Computer: Michelle Tull Communion: Marge Moore Computer: Molly Nagel Communion: Bob Wall Computer: Josh Jepsen

Income Outgo

December $ 45,939 34,841 11,098


8:00 AM 1/ 6

Tomlin, Higgins 1/13 E. Norman, Rodriguey 1/20

10:30 AM

Coupeville 6:30 PM

Fair Trade Sponsors


Patty Bruland


Vollertsen, LaFond

Trudy Decker


Julie Ward Michelle Johnson Deborah Circle

December Year end 2012 407,423 399,242 $ 8,181

Nursery 0 3 3 3 3 3

Bring cookies, make coffee, set up and clean up – we need at least 2 per week for 8:00 AM services, 3 per week for 10:30 AM services, and 1 per week in Coupeville


Communion: Gaye Rodriguey Computer: Kathy Ridle Communion: Gisela Hawley Computer: Rita Carter

Financial Report:


Sun. 8 AM Sun. 10:30 AM Cpvl. 47 87 28 51 121 23 75 98 19 71 119 26 55 109 25 60 107 24 Average Sunday attendance: 194

Coffee Fellowship

Ushers 10:30 AM J. Wilcox, L. Michalski 6:30: Presider, Jeff Spencer 2/10 8:00 AM Margraf family

Date Dec. 30 Jan. 6 Jan. 13 Jan. 20 Jan. 27 Average Att.

Lesser Festivals & Commemorations 2 The Presentation of our Lord 3 Ansgar, Archbishop of Hamburg, missionary to Denmark & Sweden, 865 5 The Martyrs of Japan, 1597 14 Cyril, monk, 869; Methodius, bishop 855; missionaries to the Slavs


18 Martin Luther, renewer of the Church, 1546 23 Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, martyr, 156 25 Elizabeth Fedde, deaconess, 1921

This month’s featured fonts are B D Renaissance and

Academy Text.

SUNDAY The church calendar is updated regularly on OHLC’s website,

Parish Nurse hours: Thursdays, 1:00-3:30 PM and by appointment 3

Scout Sunday Healing Prayer at both morning services Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30 Wolves 4:00 Vespers/Coupeville 6:30 10 Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed./Lutherwood 9:15 Worship 10:30 Wolves 4:00 Vespers/Coupeville 6:30

MONDAY HIS KIDS PRESCHOOL M, T, W: 9:00–11:30 AM; 12:30–3:00 PM Th, F: 9:00–11:30 AM; 12:30–3:00 PM No class on Presidents Day, Feb. 18 4 1:00 Munchy Monday 6:30 Angeli 6:30 Lydia Circle 6:45 4-H K-9 Korps 7:00 Solutions 11 1:00 Munchy Monday

6:00 Homeschoolers 6:30 Angeli 7:00 Vanishing Friends 7:00 Solutions

17 Lent 1 Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30 Wolves 4:00 Date Night 5:00 Vespers/Coupeville 6:30




Lent 2 PLU Sunday Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30 Wolves 4:00 Vespers/Coupeville @ St. Mary’s 6:30

Presidents Day Church office closed

6:30 Angeli 6:30 Lydia Circle 6:45 4-H K-9 Korps 7:00 Cub Scout Leaders 7:00 Solutions

1:00 Munchy Monday

6:30 Angeli 7:00 Solutions






1 10:00 Oak Harbor Bay Artists 11:30 OHHS Transitional Students 5:00 Bears & Tigers

2 8:00 Lutheran Men in Mission breakfast

5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

5 9:00 Blanket Workshop 6:00 Wolves 6:00 CADA Parenting 6:00 Patrol Leaders 6:30 Webelos 2 7:00 Cpvl Book Group 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass 12 10:30 Church Mice 12:00 Brotherhood of St. Bernard 12:30 Worship & Music 6:00 Shrove Tues. supper 6:00 CADA Parenting 6:00 Wolves 6:30 Webelos 2 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass 19 10:00 Rebecca Circle 5:30 OHHS Robotics Team 6:00 CADA Parenting 6:00 Wolves 6:30 Webelos 2 6:30 Scout Adult Com 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass 26 10:30 Church Mice 12:00 Brotherhood of St. Bernard 6:00 CADA Parenting 6:00 Wolves 6:30 Webelos 2 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:00 Scout Board/Review 7:30 Worship Brass

6 9:00 Blanket Workshop 11:30 OHLC Staff 5:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts Tr 50794 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon

13 Ash Wednesday 10:30 OHLC Staff 12:00 Worship 1:15 Book Group 5:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts Tr 50794 7:00 Worship 7:00 Overeaters Anon 20 Newsletter Deadline 10:30 OHLC Staff 12:00 Lenten Worship 12:30 Soup & bread 4:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts Tr 50794 6:00 Lenten Worship 6:30 Soup & bread 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon 27 10:30 OHLC Staff 12:00 Lenten Worship 12:30 Soup & bread 1:00 Library Committee 4:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts Tr 50794 6:00 Lenten Worship 6:30 Soup & bread 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon

7 10:00 Deborah Circle 4:15 Morning Glory 5:30 Praise Team 5:30 Brownies 40740 6:00 Brownies 40745 6:30 Webelos 1 7:00 Council 14 10:00 Deborah Circle 4:15 Morning Glory 5:00 Stephen Ministry 5:30 Praise Team 5:30 Brownies 40740 6:00 Brownies 40745 6:30 Webelos 1

21 10:00 Deborah Circle 4:15 Morning Glory 5:30 Praise Team 5:30 Brownies 40740 6:00 Brownies 40745 6:30 Pack 4098 Blue & Gold Banquet

28 10:00 Deborah Circle 4:15 Morning Glory 5:30 Praise Team 5:30 Brownies 40740 6:00 Brownies 40745 6:30 Webelos 1

8 10:00 Oak Harbor Bay Artists 11:30 OHHS Transitional Students 5:00 Tigers & Bears


5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

6:00 His Kids Preschool Family Activity Night 15 9:30 Heart & Hand 10:00 Oak Harbor Bay Artists 11:30 OHHS Transitional Students 5:00 Bears & Tigers


5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

22 10:00 Oak Harbor Bay Artists 11:30 OHHS Transitional Students 5:00 Tigers & Bears 5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

23 8:00 Girl Scouts Learning Workshop 10:00 Quillow Workshop

February 2013 Harbor Beacon  

Monthly newsletter of Oak Harbor Lutheran Church

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