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The light shines in the darkness… John 1:5

Volume 60, Issue 8

OHLC Staff

August 2013

OAK HARBOR LUTHERAN CHURCH a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) nd

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Pastor: Jeffrey Spencer


Pastor of Care Ministries Marc Stroud


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Parish Secretary: Carol Wiskow


Newsletter Editor: Martha Ellis


Custodian: Salvador Carvallo


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Pastor’s Page

and befriended young people, inviting them into the life of the congregation and engaging them in the practices of faith.

Meet our New Youth Minister: YOU!

What does this mean for youth ministry in the program year ahead here at OHLC? Several things. First, we will strive to be more intentionally intergenerational in our programming. The biggest move this direction will come when our “adult ed” hour this fall will attempt to include older youth in our Bible study, utilizing fun video shorts and carefully crafted discussion questions and techniques. (More about this next month.) It will mean planning youth and family events which give parents more opportunities to practice their faith in front of their children and for families to grow in faith together. It will mean working to draw youth into current ministries of our congregation. For instance, I intend to take the high school youth to evening worship at El Camino de Emaus this October, accompanied by adults who are passionate about this ministry. I’m also planning to involve the youth when the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda comes to OHLC in March. We will be more intentional about creating conditions where youth can rub elbows with faith-filled adults so that faith can be caught, and not just taught.


’ve been doing a lot of thinking about youth ministry this summer. I’ve been reviewing some important research collected by the Youth and Family Institute at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. I went back and reviewed my notes from our conversations with Professor Mark Jackson from the Children, Youth, and Family Center at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett. I’ve been talking to parents, congregational leaders, and young people. All of this has led me to believe we need to commission a new youth minister. That new youth minister is you. All of you. I’m serious. I occasionally get asked if or when we might hire someone to do youth ministry here at Oak Harbor Lutheran Church, but I don’t think that’s the right approach. Certainly there have been and continue to be situations where a paid staff person dedicated to youth ministry can do important and effective ministry. This has been true here at OHLC. But there are compelling reasons for doing things differently.

Luth Youth, our high school youth group, will continue. There is still a place for age-specific events. We’re already planning pizza parties and bowling trips and a trip to the Warm Beach light display at Christmastime. We have a wonderful team of youth leaders and parents here at OHLC whom I’m asking to divvy up the year and help with the planning. We want our kids to have fun, safe, wholesome youth group events to which they can invite their friends. Their relationships with other youth are important and certainly influential.

Research is showing that the “pied piper” approach to youth ministry has serious problems. This approach involves hiring someone – usually a high energy, charismatic type – to attract and entertain youth. The problems with this approach are many. These positions have a high turnover factor. These types of youth groups tend to operate on the margins of congregational life, isolating youth from other adults and ministries. Most significantly, they aren’t very effective in transmitting an enduring faith. In short, a charismatic “hired hand” youth leader can whip up an enthusiastic crowd, but it takes a congregation to pass on a lasting, meaningful faith.

But make no mistake about it – you, as an adult here at OHLC, have more influence on these young people than you know. You are a youth minister! As such, I encourage you to learn the names of our young people. Invite them and include them in your ministries whenever possible. Let’s learn to do youth ministry in a different way: as a congregation. Consider yourself commissioned!

Practicing Christians in their 20s have been polled about who or what has been most influential in their faith life. Overwhelmingly, parents came in first. Other adults in their congregation who had befriended them came in second. Pastors, youth pastors, and youth group came in at a surprising distance behind these. The research is proving the old adage: “Faith is caught, not taught.” It appears that faith is particularly caught from parents and other adults who have mentored

- Pastor Jeffrey R. Spencer


It’s time to saddle up for the

“Catchup” campaign update


Catchup is something extra. It is something on the side. It is something you put on top of something else. We’ve been asking you for a little “catchup” on top of your regular offerings to help us catch up on our budget. So far, you have responded to the tune of over $1800.00! This amount will be matched by an anonymous donor from the congregation, bringing the total to $3,600.00 in just the first couple weeks of the campaign. But we aren’t done yet! The catchup campaign continues throughout the summer. Your gifts will continue to be matched up to $5,000.00. And remember: when you give $50 you will receive a special, limited-edition bottle of catchup as a thank-you gift (mustard now available as an alternative). When you give $100 you’ll be thanked with a package of hot dogs from 3 Sisters Cattle Company. Write “catchup” on the memo line of your check, and see Carol the Catchup Lady in the narthex to receive your gift! Thank you!

DATE: Sunday, August 4 TIME: Worship, 11:00 AM; Lunch, 12:00 Noon LOCATION: Muzzall Farm, Scenic Heights Road ALL ARE WELCOME, but a headcount would be helpful – so RSVP on an opportunity form found in your Sunday bulletin or to a member of the Muzzall family. FOOD: Roger & Georgette Anglum will provide mouthwatering BBQ chicken and pork. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. Cash donations for the meat and other hosting expenses are appreciated. Please give directly to a member of the Muzzall family. There will also be a basket for cash at the picnic.

Pastor Spencer

Save these dates! Installation of the bishop and his assistants, Sept. 15


DIRECTIONS from OHLC: Take Heller Road south to Swantown Avenue. Turn right onto Hwy 20. Travel just over a mile on Hwy 20 to Miller Road. Turn left onto Miller Road. Stay on Miller Road (straight through the first stop sign) until you reach Scenic Heights Road. Turn right onto Scenic Heights Road. Drive 1.5 miles to the farm. The Muzzall home (a white house) will be on the left. The farm will be on the right.

he Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA requests your prayers and presence on Sunday, September 15 as the Rev. Brian Kirby Unti is installed as Bishop of the Synod in a Eucharistic Service of Worship, 2:00 PM at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, 1245 10th Avenue South, Seattle. The Rev. Jerry Buss [Yes, that’s our former Pastor Buss!] and the Rev. Nancy Winder will be installed as Assistants to the Bishop during the service.

Due to limited parking at the farm, you are encouraged to meet at the church at 10:30 and carpool together..

75th Anniversary Celebration set for Sept. 29


ak Harbor Lutheran Church will be pulling out all the stops as we celebrate our 75th anniversary as a congregation on Sunday, September 29. We’ll have festival worship services, a banquet at 1:00 PM, and a program at 2:00 PM. Our new bishop, Pastor Kirby Unti, will be visiting to celebrate with us. Mark your calendars and plan to join us!

The farm IS ACCESSIBLE for wheelchairs, walkers, and people with limited mobility. PLEASE NOTE: An 8:00 AM service will be held on August 4 at OHLC, but there will not be an adult forum. 3

Growing & Learning

Marriage Care on summer hiatus Our Marriage Care ministry continues on hiatus over the summer. We will resume our monthly meetings on Sunday, September 22. Mark your calendar and plan to join us! More information will be forthcoming in the September newsletter.

Looking ahead to Sunday School


ummer is in full swing. I hope everyone is enjoying the sunny, warm weather – hiking, swimming, vacations, and other outdoor activities. (Have you checked OHLC’s website and Facebook page to see all the ‘Where is Jesus?’ sightings in our Sunday School summer project? He’s been getting around!)

COMING UP: Rally Sunday Ministry Fair set for Sept. 8

With all this summertime activity, it’s hard to realize how much will be starting up again in just a month’s time… and that includes Sunday School!

We will kick off the program year on Sunday, September 8 with a Ministry Fair between and after services. All ministry leaders are encouraged to prepare display tables for their respective ministries. Mark your calendars and start getting ready!

Rally Sunday will be September 8. We’ll continue to use the Spark curriculum, but we’ll be using the lectionary approach for our classes instead of the rotation model we’ve used over the past few years. This means there will be a new lesson every week that follows the Sunday scripture readings and sermon theme, allowing for more discussion and clarification for our youth. We are in need of some basic supplies, and we’ll have a list of those items posted soon in the narthex.

School kit items gathered for Lutheran World Relief There’s a collection box in the narthex for the following school supplies:

If you are interested in teaching for a month, shepherding a class, or substituting, please make a note in the weekly opportunity form found in your worship service bulletin or contact me directly. We are looking forward to this upcoming year!

- Spiral notebooks (Wide or college ruled, 70 sheets. No loose leaf paper) - Pencil sharpeners (Small) - Erasers (About 2 ½” long) - Rulers (12”, including metric measurements) - Blunt scissors (Safety scissors with embedded steel blades work well) - Ballpoint pens, black or blue ink (No gel ink, please)

Melissa Johnson, 360-720-2801

Sunday adult forum schedule, 9:15 AM in the library: Aug. 11 Compassion Ministry emphasis of the month: Josephine Sunset Home, presented by Pastor Jeff Spencer Aug. 18 New Testament Texts: Hebrews – history and context, presented by Pastors Marc Stroud & Jay Decker Aug. 25 New Testament Texts: Hebrews – text as literary genre, presented by Pastors Marc Stroud & Jay Decker 4

Men’s Ministry


Fellowship of Saint Bernard & Lutheran Men in Mission

Coupeville Book Group… …meets Tuesday, August 7 in the home of Julie Ward, 1053 Halsey Drive, to consider Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan:

“Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof.”


t’s summer! Young pups and old dogs are on the loose, running all around the place (some even chasing cars)… but we’re a happy pack and doing our best to be on good behavior. For those who are sticking close to home, here are the events to look forward to in August.

“I have been standing on the side of life, watching it float by. I want to swim in the river. I want to feel the current.” So writes Mamah Borthwick Cheney in her diary as she struggles to justify her clandestine love affair with Frank Lloyd Wright. Four years earlier, in 1903, Mamah and her husband, Edwin, had commissioned the renowned architect to design a new home for them. During the construction of the house, a powerful attraction developed between Mamah and Frank, and in time the lovers, each married with children, embarked on a course that would shock Chicago society and forever change their lives. In this ambitious debut novel, fact and fiction blend together brilliantly. While scholars have largely relegated Mamah to a footnote in the life of America’s greatest architect, author Nancy Horan gives full weight to their dramatic love story and illuminates Cheney’s profound influence on Wright. Fiction, 400 pages

First of all is the exciting Lutheran Men in Mission breakfast and meeting on Saturday, Aug. 3, 8:00 to 9:30 AM in the Herrigstad fellowship hall. Coffee is ready at 7:30 and a freshly-cooked breakfast will be served at 8:00. Our guest speaker for the meeting is David Kobelin, professional life coach and pastor with 25 years’ experience as a mentor of good habits for success in all areas of life. The theme scripture for the morning is Joshua 1:9. Bring your Bibles and be ready to take some notes. This is a great opportunity to invite a neighbor or friend to sit with you. Breakfast table talk will be the sharing of one really super successful accomplishment in life… or one still being dreamed about.

Discussion leader is Carol Wall. For information about this group, contact Gaye Rodriguey, 678-3561,

On Tuesdays, Aug. 13 & 27, the Fellowship of Saint Bernard (a.k.a. Old Dogs and Young Pups) will meet from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM in the Herrigstad fellowship hall for our regular lunch/meeting. Join us for a filling meal, the chance to share what we’ve been doing for the summer, plus a cup or two of Lutheran coffee with a fat-free (???) dessert, and then some great Bible discussion and a time for prayer. We’re still just touching the tip of the iceberg with the Master Builders Bible and look forward to many hours of great conversation based on the scriptures and the helpful footnotes and study questions. See me if you’re interested in purchasing a copy; the cost is $20 + shipping.

Second Wednesday Book Group… …meets August 14 at 1:00 PM in the library/fireside room for a discussion of Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers: In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a longtime New Orleans couple is cast into an unthinkable struggle with forces beyond the wind and water. In the days after the storm, Abdulrahman Zeitoun traveled the flooded streets in a secondhand canoe helping others. A week later, on Sept. 6, 2005, he abruptly disappeared – arrested and accused of being an agent of al Qaeda. Non-fiction, 351 pages

These opportunities are open to every man who actively attends OHLC. Your willingness to attend these events (and put up with the rest of us) would be a real blessing for all. Come and see.

For more about this group, contact Leona McKee, 675-5712,

Tom Piper


OHLC Women

Blanket Workshop Blanket Workshop meets Tuesday & Wednesday, August 6 & 7, beginning in the fellowship hall at 9:00 AM to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief.

fellowship, study & service Considering hunger

Handwork Group

The July/August issue of Gather, the magazine of the Women of the ELCA, focuses on hunger: Jesus tells the disciples, ‘You give them something to eat.’ Is Jesus talking to us too?” Here are some additional hunger-related resources you may like to explore:

Heart & Hand handwork group meets in the prayer room at 9:30 AM on Friday, August 16. Bring your own handwork projects ,help us make hats and sweaters for Lutheran World Relief layettes, or work on baptismal banners for children in our congregation.

Spin Café, which opened in December 2012 on Bayshore Drive (behind the bus terminals), offers meals and laundry services at no cost for those in need, vocational training, and more. On Aug. 8, Netza Zylinski will visit Deborah Circle to give us the details, and the congregation is invited to attend. We meet from 10 AM to noon in the church library; Netza will make her presentation at about 11.

Synod Women to gather in Marysville


here will be a synodical women’s gathering, Saturday, Oct. 5, 8:45 AM to 4:30 PM at Bethlehem Lutheran, Marysville. Interest groups, election of officers, board members and Triennial delegates, music, Bible study, worship and fellowship. Keynote speaker is Mary Lindberg, community engagement coordinator for Compass Housing Alliance. Cost is $40 (includes continental breakfast & lunch). For info, contact Nancy Quale,

A Place at the Table, a movie that examines the issue of hunger in America through the lens of 3 people struggling with food insecurity. Barbie is a single mom who grew up in poverty and is trying to provide a better life for her 2 kids; Rosie is a Colorado 5th grader who often has to depend on friends and neighbors to feed her and has trouble concentrating in school, and Tremonica is a Mississippi 2nd grader whose health issues are exacerbated by the largely empty calories her hardworking mother can provide. The movie is about 86 minutes long, has gotten good reviews, and is available for loan. Contact me if you’d like to borrow it.

Congregation news Thanks for the quillow! Dear OHLC, Thank you so much for the lovely [graduation] card and token. Thank you for always supporting me and helping me grow into a strong person, helping me grow within my faith. Love, Haley Marx

Carol Wall, 320-9466 or 679-1574

Our apologies for the typo in the July newsletter! Circle meetings in August

Please note the correct house number for Eric & Barbara Lindberg’s new address: 4303 Stonebridge Way, Lynnwood, WA.

8/1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Deborah Circle meets at 10:00 AM in the library/fireside room. Please note that Netza Zylinski will be with us on Aug. 8. 8/5&19

Lydia Circle meets at 6:30 PM in the education wing.


Ruth Circle meets at 6:30 PM in the prayer room.


Rebecca Circle meets at 11:00 AM for a salad potluck in the home of Odey Copstead, 436 N Marine Drive, Coupeville.

New address for the Jepsen family: Dennis & Fil Jepsen 469 Agua Vista Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91914-5326

It’s a girl! Congratulations to Tim & Donna Aspery on the July 10th birth of their granddaughter, Abigail Elizabeth Gray! Proud parents Ryan and Kaitlin Gray are currently stationed in Prince Frederick, MD. Donna has been happily showing off the photos and says everyone’s doing fine. 6

His Kids Preschool


At this writing, we still have a few spaces available in our Pre-K Readiness Class as well as our Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon and Thursday & Friday morning preschool classes for the 20132014 school year. The 3-day morning class is full, although there have already been a few changes and we are working from the waiting list.

a ministry of Oak Harbor Lutheran Church

rom our 3-day morning class, here’s what the students said their favorite preschool memory was from our past year: 3-day AM class Evan: When I played with the frog blocks Treasure: Legos Adam: Playing with the Marbleworks Cooper: To play Riley: I liked the Greenhouse field trip Danté: At chapel Connor: Playing with my friends William: Playing outside Grant: The field trip to the SeaLab DaRon: Going to chapel Caleb: Having snack, the pudding Caroline: Snacks, cupcakes Weston: the Lego table Michelle: I like to go outside Daniella: Playing with the toy birthday cakes Grady: Food. Gummy worms are my favorite candy

Shalom, Miss Gaye

In Sympathy Our hearts go out to Lynne, Eric, Mark, and Becky Ogren following the death of Lynne’s father, Larry Heppe. We’re thankful that Lynne was able to fly down from Alaska to be with her parents in California during her father’s final hours. Cards may be sent to Lynne and family at PO Box 1667, Wrangell, AK, 99929, where she continues to serve her internship with Island of Faith Lutheran Church. We’re also keeping Carlie Kenny in our prayers following the unexpected death of her biological father in mid-July. Carlie flew to Baltimore to be with her 94-year-old grandmother for the memorial service, certainly not something she and her parents, Ken & Vickie Longshore, had anticipated as she prepares to begin classes this fall at PLU. We received word on Sunday morning, July 28, that Shirley Cline had died in her sleep. As Pastor Spencer noted when he made the announcement at the end of worship that morning, he had visited her at the care facility in Mount Vernon on the 26th and that outcome was exactly what Shirley told him she had been praying for. She was 82 and had been growing increasingly weary of chronic pain, cancer treatments, and other ailments. Shirley joined OHLC 5 years ago. She was a talented artist, and while her health permitted she was a participant in the Oak Harbor Bay Artists watercolors group. We offer our sympathy to her son John and daughter-in-law Rita of our congregation and to their extended family. Prayers, please, for our Lord’s comforting presence with Donna Lay and family following the July 29th death of her mother, as they are still mourning the loss of her husband, Chris, on June 17. 7

Compassion Ministry

Stephen Ministry offers shelter in a time of storm What does a Stephen Minister do? In short, they are gifts from God to help shelter you during the storm. Stephen Ministers listen, accept, care, and walk with a person who is going through a difficult time. They provide support – prayer, scripture, forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, conversation – in appropriate ways to meet the needs of the care receiver. They are not counselors or therapists. They do not give advice or tell people how to solve their problems.

Ministry of the Month: Josephine Home


ne of our wonderful partners in ministry here in the Northwest Washington Synod is Josephine Home, an intergenerational care facility in Stanwood. Josephine is owned and governed by ELCA congregations in Northwest Washington, including Oak Harbor Lutheran Church. Pastor Spencer attends their annual meetings yearly with our congregational delegates. Our current delegates to Josephine are Bob Wall and Carole Lafond

In the words of the ministry’s motto, the Stephen Minister is the Care-giver; God is the Cure-giver. They stand by the person and minister to his or her spiritual needs as God works through the relationship to bring hope and healing to the care-receiver.

Josephine is an amazing place. Children from the community participate in day care programs alongside elderly residents receiving full-time care, all of whom receive loving attention from the remarkable staff. Josephine’s mission and philosophy statement make it clear that this is a community which is deeply rooted in Christian servanthood:

Contact the church office, 360-679-1561 and ask for Pastor Marc Stroud, or e-mail him,, to get connected to a Stephen Minister.

Josephine is a Christian community welcoming people of all ages, providing rehabilitation, assisted living, long-term care and child care services.

New Directory

As a Christian based facility, we are called to be a servant people reaching out with his love in concrete ways to those who are in need. It is our mission as Josephine to reach out by providing the elderly, the children and all others in need of our care, with facilities, services and advocacy on non-profit basis. We are to provide housing, facilities, services and programs especially designed to meet the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in our care.

A new, non-pictorial church directory will be printed soon. Please let us know if you have any changes to your address, phone number or e-mail address! Make a note on an opportunity form found in your Sunday worship bulletin or e-mail Carol Wiskow, Thank you!

We will be lifting up the ministry of Josephine home throughout the month of August. Join us August 11th for a special adult education hour to learn more about Josephine.

Included in this newsletter are Prayer Ventures and The Spirit for August. The deadline for articles for the September newsletter is Wednesday, Aug. 21. E-mail articles to or bring them to the church office.


Worship Assistants 8/ 4




8:00 10:30 6:30 8:00 10:30 6:30 8:00 10:30 6:30 8:00 10:30 6:30

Asst. Ministers Tom Coe Tom Coe Trudy Decker Tom Coe Ken Grigsby Carol Snoble Verna Pommerenke Carol Wall Gisela Hawley Tom Piper Jan Heideger Curt Davis


Worship Attendance Acolytes Sydney Higgins Luke Spencer Benjamin Bruland Elizabeth Norman Sadie Harbaugh Benjamin Bruland Kayla Raasina Addy Day Benjamin Bruland Peter Higgins Elias Wiley Benjamin Bruland

June & July

Date Sun. 8 AM Sun. 10:30 AM Cpvl. Nursery June 2 74 124 21 6 June 9 56 125 21 2 June 16 68 103 22 1 June 23 58 115 16 1 June 30 64 100 27 0 July 7 63 110 22 2 July 14 38 100 20 0 July 21 54 76 20 0 July 28 57 98 19 5 Average Att. 59 106 21 2 Average Sunday attendance: June – 201; July - 171


Cantor: Carol Reafs

Cantor: Carol Reafs

Cantor: Mary McLeod

Cantor: Carol Reafs


8/ 4 8:00 AM Higgins family 10:30 AM J. Wilcox, L. Michalski 6:30: Presider, Jeff Spencer 8/11 8:00 AM Margraf family 10:30 AM J. Wilcox, L. Michalski 6:30: Presider, Jay Decker 8/18 8:00 AM Ellis family 10:30 AM 6:30: Presider, Jeff Spencer 8/25 8:00 AM J. Flowers, L. Forster 10:30 AM R. Wood, M. McNae,

Communion: Gisela Hawley

Coffee Fellowship


Bring cookies, make coffee, set up and clean up – we need at least 2 per week for 8:00 AM services, 3 per week for 10:30 AM services, and 1 per week in Coupeville. If you can help, please make an note on the sign-up sheet posted in the fellowship hall. Sunday morning coffee hour coordinator is Tracey Tomlin.

Communion: Candi Amarelo Computer: Rachel Margraf Communion: Craig Pedlar Computer: Michelle Tull

8:00 AM 8/ 4 Margraf, Higgins 8/11 Mitchell, Margraf 8/18

Communion: Marge Moore Computer: Molly Nagel Communion: Bob Wall Computer: Rick Culbertson Communion: Mike Fankhauser Computer: Kathy Ridle Communion: Trudy Decker Computer: Rita Carter

10:30 AM O H L C P i c n i c Piper, Wheeler


Coupeville 6:30 PM Ward

Fair Trade Sponsors Rodriguey



Decker McLeod

Deborah Circle

6:30 PM: Presider, Marc Stroud

Lesser Festivals & Commemorations

Little Lutheran Bags in August: Christiane Weber This month’s decorative font is Tribal Garamond.

Financial Report: Income Outgo

June $ 37,802.55 29,885.56 7,916.99

8 Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), 1221 10 Lawrence, deacon, martyr, 258 11 Clare, Abbess of San Damiano, 1253 13 Florence Nightengale, 1910, Clara Maas, 1901, renewers of society 14 Maximilian Kolbe, 1941, Kaj Munk, 1944, martyrs

June Year to date 208,254.01 216,205.84 $ (7,951.83) 9


15 MARY, MOTHER OF OUR LORD 20 Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux, 1153 24 BARTHOLOMEW, APOSTLE 28 Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, 430, Moses the Black, martyr, 405





The church calendar is updated regularly on OHLC’s website,




1 8:00 Japanese students assemble for departure


3 8:00 Lutheran Men in Mission

5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

10:00 Deborah Circle HIS KIDS PRESCHOOL

is on Summer Break!!! 4 Worship

5:00 OHLC Council


6 9:00 Blanket Workshop

Worship/church picnic at Muzzall Farm 11:00

6:30 Lydia Circle 6:30 Ruth Circle

10:30 Endowment Committee 12:00 Worship & Music

Vespers/Coupeville 6:30

7:00 Solutions


7 9:00 Blanket Workshop




10:00 Deborah Circle

11 Worship 8:00 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30 Lydia Circle wedding shower for Nicole 3:00


8:00 9:15 10:30

Vespers/Coupeville 6:30 25 Worship 8:00 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30

7:00 Cpvl Book Group 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass 13 10:30 Stamping Group 12:00 Brotherhood of St. Bernard



11:30 OHLC Staff

10:00 Deborah Circle

16 9:30 Heart & Hand 5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214l

7:00 Vanishing Friends 7:00 Solutions

19 Carpet cleaning 6:30 Lydia Circle 6:30 Ruth Circle 7:00 Solutions 26

6:30 Scout Adult Comm 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass 20 11:00 Rebecca Circle

7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass 27 10:30 Stamping Group 12:00 Brotherhood of St. Bernard

7:00 Overeaters Anon 21 Newsletter Deadline


11:30 OHLC Staff to lunch

10:00 Deborah Circle

7:00 Overeaters Anon.



5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

2:00 Wedding: Nicole Gumm & Steve Cochran

Wedding rehearsal



11:30 OHLC Staff

10:00 Deborah Circle


1:00 Library Committee 7:00 Solutions Vespers/Coupeville 6:30


1:00 Book Group

Vespers/Coupeville 6:30 18 Worship Adult Ed. Worship

5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

7:00 Overeaters Anon

7:00 Boy Scouts 7:00 Scout Board/Review 7:30 Worship Brass

5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

7:00 Overeaters Anon.


Harbor beacon, august 2013  

The August Newsletter of Oak Harbor Lutheran Church

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