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John 1:5

OHLC Staff

Volume 60, Issue 10

October 2013

OAK HARBOR LUTHERAN CHURCH a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) nd

1253 NW 2 Avenue


Oak Harbor, WA 98277

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Pastor: Jeffrey Spencer


Pastor of Care Ministries Marc Stroud


Preschool Director: Gaye Rodriguey


Parish Secretary: Carol Wiskow


Newsletter Editor: Martha Ellis


Custodian: Salvador Carvallo


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679-9795 679-1561

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Pastor’s Page

the Month” in February, at which time we will take special offerings for Lynne’s seminary tuition and celebrate her ongoing preparation for ordained ministry. Of course, we don’t need to wait until February to make a special offering or to remember her in our prayers, but we can look forward to brightening Lynne’s dark February days in Alaska with a little extra love from OHLC. I’m confident that in 2038 this congregation will be proud of having helped prepare Lynne Ogren for ordained ministry – but could we do even more to raise up future leaders for the church? I believe (with enthusiastic urging from Lynne) that OHLC would make a fantastic internship congregation, and would like us to begin exploring this possibility. You’ll hear more about this over the next couple of years as we begin to study the feasibility of becoming on internship congregation. Perhaps 25 years from now this congregation will not only be fondly remembering Lynne’s ordination service at OHLC, but also the launching of several other pastors who spent time at OHLC as interns.

Planning for our 100th Anniversary

“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 th ow that our 75 anniversary celebrations are behind us, it’s time to start planning for our 100th. Before the 75th anniversary team shows up at my office door with torches and pitchforks, let me assure you I’m not talking about banquet menus, invitations, or table rentals. Rather, it is time to start looking ahead to what we can give people to celebrate here at OHLC 25 years from now. What history will we make in the days ahead worthy of celebration in 2038? What legacy will we leave? What ministries will be remembered? What do we need to be doing now to ensure the vitality of our congregation then? One thing we need to pay attention to is our facilities. We have a major project ahead with the roof replacement on the education wing. Our fire suppression system is also in desperate need of replacement. A little further down the line we will need to replace our aging dishwasher, which needs to be held together with baling wire and chewing gum since replacement parts are no longer being made. Several have voiced their desire for a complete kitchen renovation with commercial-grade appliances. Moreover, we frequently notice that our fellowship hall is too small for many of our events. This is a good problem to have, but it is still a problem – especially with the prospect of more Navy families coming to Oak Harbor in the years ahead. It is hard to get excited about a roof or a dishwasher, and perhaps even harder to see these things as having any theological or spiritual significance, but good stewardship demands we tend to that which has been entrusted to us, and Christian hospitality is an important practice which often requires clean dishes, good refrigeration, and room to welcome each and every person God sends our way. The next twenty-five years will demand much of us as we seek to maintain and improve our facilities, which are indeed important tools for ministry. I hope you will give generously to the campaigns we will be conducting in the years ahead, and explore ways to make Oak Harbor Lutheran one of your beneficiaries in the future.


I hope that over the next twenty-five years this congregation is able to keep Christ at the center of all we do, bridging any differences between members. In this time of contentiousness in our culture, remaining united in Christ takes more work than ever. While we should make room for people to exercise their faith in a variety of ways here at OHLC, we must be diligent about not letting side projects overwhelm the Great Commission to which we are all called (Matthew 28:19-20). Some might be involved in advocacy or immigrant ministry, while others might be involved in marriage ministry or supporting our local pregnancy resource center. We can disagree about this or that and be involved in various expressions of faith active in love while coming together across the political spectrum as a community whose primary purpose is worship and evangelism. This is not merely a matter of expediency, and it is certainly not a case of wishy-washiness. Instead, this approach is rooted in the theological conviction that we are united by our faith in Jesus. As St. Paul said, “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to the hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all.” We’ve been doing this well lately. May it continue until at least 2038! This is not an exhaustive agenda for the next 25 years, of course, but it is good to start thinking about what we might do together as a congregation in the years ahead. The next chapter in our congregation’s history book starts today. Let’s give the folks who will attend our 100th anniversary festivities plenty to celebrate. Pastor Jeffrey Spencer

This congregation has done a good job of raising up future leaders for the church – most notably in support of our seminary student, Lynne Ogren, currently serving an extended internship at Island of Faith Lutheran in Wrangell, Alaska. Lynne continues to need support – both material and spiritual – from us, her sponsoring congregation. Recently the Compassion Team decided to make our seminarian the “Ministry of 2

Growing and Learning

October 13: All ages Corn Maze outing

“Ancestors” Bible Study continues

Members and friends of all ages are invited to join us on an outing to Dugualla Bay for some fun at their corn maze! We’ll meet at church at 1:30 PM to carpool. You can also drive yourself and meet us at 2:00 PM at Dugualla Bay Farms, 36699 State Route 20 north of Oak Harbor. It costs $4 per person to do the corn maze, and $1 for the hayride. We can also get a special group rate of $7 per person which includes the corn maze, hay ride, and a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. We’ll need a head count, so RSVP via the opportunity form in the worship bulletin or by calling the church office, 679-1561. Don’t miss this fall classic of family fun!

Our new intergenerational Bible study continues on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to10:15. Parents with kids in 7th grade or above are encouraged to bring their kids with them to this fun Bible study on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15, which utilizes entertaining video clips and engaging conversation. Each Sunday is a stand-alone lesson, so it isn’t Joseph and his too late to join us! October 6: October 13: October 20: October 27:

El Camino presentation (see below) Jacob, the Conniving Survivor Joseph, the Virtuous Dreamer Moses, the Frustrated Leader

Amazing Coat

October 20: Marriage Care Bible study Our monthly Marriage Care Bible study for October will be held on Sunday, October 20. We meet in the library from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. Child care is provided. Whether you’re a newlywed or long-married, you are invited to join us for a time of fellowship, mutual encouragement, and marriage enrichment.

October 6: El Camino de Emaus to visit OHLC The Hispanic Lutherans of El Camino De Emaus will be visiting Oak Harbor Lutheran Church on Sunday, October 6. They will offer special music during worship and give a presentation in the library during the Sunday School hour at 9:15 AM. Join us as we learn from these partners in ministry about the work they are doing among immigrant farm workers in the Skagit Valley. It will be a time to celebrate the growing diversity of the Lutheran Church, and the unity we all share in Christ. See Vickie Longshore’s related article on page 14.

October 27: OHLC youth to visit El Camino de Emaus On Sunday, October 27, our high school students will be taking a trip to Burlington Lutheran Church to attend worship with El Camino de Emaus. Worship is at 6:00 PM; Mexican food and ice cream are also on the agenda. More details will be available soon! Come break bread with our Hispanic brothers and sisters as we celebrate the faith we share.

October 20: Bible Basics (with pizza!) All 3rd graders and their families are encouraged to attend a Bible Basics class on Sunday, October 20 beginning at 12:00 Noon. Pizza will be provided. (Donations welcome, but not required.) Parents are strongly encouraged to attend with their child. Siblings are welcome, but will be dismissed to an alternative activity during the class portion of the evening. The event will conclude by 2:00 PM. All 3rd graders who attend will be presented with their own Bible during our Reformation Sunday worship services on October 27. RSVP to Pastor Spencer, or through the opportunity form in the worship bulletin.

Looking ahead: Holy Communion education for kids Pastor Spencer will be offering his much loved “Journey to Jesus’ Table” class on Sunday, November 17 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM. This is a fun learning experience filled with stories and even a short hike! All young children (preschool through second grade) are encouraged to attend, whether they are already receiving Holy Communion or not. Lunch will be provided. RSVP by November 10 to Pastor Spencer or the church office. 3

From our seminarian

75th Anniversary wrap-up

Notes from Lynne


Dear OHLC Family,

hat a marvelous day of celebrating on Sunday, September 29! We gathered for festival worship, with Pastor Spencer’s sermon at the 8 AM service and Bishop Kirby Unti preaching at 10:30, heard joyful anthems and instrumental selections by Morning Glory, the Senior Choir, Harbor Bells, the Anniversary Ensemble, and our organists and pianists, and raised our voices in some stirring congregational hymnsinging. We enjoyed a delicious banquet and a great program; we welcomed former pastors, former members and charter member families, and we dedicated the fellowship hall as Herrigstad Hall, as we looked back with loving appreciation at those who contributed so much during OHLC’s first 75 years of existence. Then we planted an oak tree near the church library and began looking forward with faith-filled anticipation as our church will continue to worship, grow, and serve.

This was a full and difficult and wonderful summer for me and our family, and I want to thank you all for your prayers, cards, and phone calls following the death of my father in July. I am so grateful that I was able spend his last day with him and was able to be at his bedside with Mom when he died. The memorial service was glorious with many friends and family, both local and from distant times and places. It was a wonderful tribute to our God who claimed my dad as a child and carried him through a long and beautiful life. I also want to thank you for the Sunday I spent with you in June! It was a joy to be back in that sanctuary surrounded by your loving faces. Following that weekend I went to St. Paul and took an intensive course on the writings of Paul with an emphasis on Romans--and I still feel like there is so much more to learn! This fall I am taking two half-semester courses on the books of Samuel and Kings and another on Rural Ministry Leadership. This month, our congregation will be hosting the bi-annual gathering of the Southeast Alaska Cluster of Lutheran churches, and Whidbey’s Dr. Tom Johnson will be our guest speaker! My internship is filling out with a monthly women’s Bible study, an individual confirmation student, and some hospital visitation. Pastoring is good!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a wonderful day! We especially appreciate… …our 75th Anniversary Committee: Anabelle Mitchell, Barbara Wilson, Bob & Carol Wall, Christine Higgins, Helen Brandt, Janice McCaffery, Jessica Muzzall, Kay Williamson, Ken Grigsby, Mary Brock, Sheila Ryan, Tracey Tomlin, Billie Tull, and Pastor Spencer; …the Banquet Committee: Anabelle Mitchell, Barbara Wilson, Katie Zimmerman, Verna Morgan, Le Linder, Donna Meyers, Anita Needler, Jan McCullough, Tracey Tomlin, Joan Flowers, Jessica Muzzall, and Pastor Spencer; …and our Chefs: Roger & Georgette Anglum.

Our family is well. Our son Mark completed a summer internship on an organic farm in Healy, Alaska near Denali National Park. He is with us for a couple of weeks now and will soon head south and live in California with my mom where he has a job lined up. Becky is back at PLU, living off-campus with 3 friends this year and is excited to start spending time in an elementary classroom. Wedding plans for next summer are well underway! Please keep her fiancé, Seth Miller, in your prayers during his deployment to Afghanistan. He’ll be there until April or so. Eric had great fishing success during our glorious, sunshiny summer! We have plenty of salmon and halibut in the freezer for the winter.

Many thanks to the bakers of cookies and makers of coffee, to everyone who helped move tables and chairs (including the Cub Scouts as a part of their pack meeting), to Jessica Muzzall’s volleyball team for serving as wait staff, and to all who pitched in with the clean-up afterwards, including those we’ve come to rely on for dishwasher duty: Dottie Krigbaum, Jan McCullough, Bob Wall, and Bill Wonner.

Again, thank you for your continued support of this seminary journey. Thanks, also, to the Theresa Ferguson Scholarship for providing funds again this year! Congratulations to OHLC for 75 years of faithful ministry on Whidbey Island. You are a vibrant congregation doing loving service to God. I am grateful to be included in your history.

Commemorative cookbooks and t-shirts are still available for sale, as well as complimentary copies of Oak Harbor Lutheran’s updated history and a booklet of congregational memories from across the years. Contact Carol Wiskow in the church office for more information, 360-6791561,

Grace and Peace, Lynne Ogren, Intern Pastor Island of Faith Lutheran Church, Wrangell, AK 4


Men’s Ministry Lutheran Men in Mission breakfast (& drawing), October 5

Second Wednesday Book Group


ll men are invited to OHLC on Saturday, October 5, from 8:00 to 9:30 AM. We will be having a great breakfast, a manly kind of breakfast, filled with eggs, bacon and sausage and tots, OJ and sweet rolls and fruit – in short, all the stuff we probably should not be eating if we were looking at our waistlines and EKGs. (We will have some yogurt and granola along with the fruit for those of us who are more disciplined).

The group will meet at 1:00 PM on October 9 to consider Faith, by Jennifer Haigh: It’s the spring of 2002 and a perfect storm has hit Boston. Across the city’s archdiocese, trusted priests have been accused of the worst possible betrayal of the souls in their care. Estranged for years from her difficult and demanding family, Sheila McGann has remained close to her older brother, Art, the popular, dynamic pastor of a large suburban parish. When Art finds himself at the center of the maelstrom, Sheila returns to Boston, ready to fight for him and his reputation. But what she discovers is more complicated than she imagined as the scandal forces long-buried secrets to surface. Jennifer Haigh’s Faith is a haunting meditation on loyalty and family, demonstrating how the truth can shatter our deepest beliefs – and restore them. Fiction, 318 pages.

After we enjoy food and fellowship, we’ll move to the library where Pastor Spencer will facilitate a presentation on the life and legacy of Martin Luther, his strengths and weaknesses, his humor, his anger, his quick wit, his struggles with his health. Luther is a very interesting fellow, a man in whose life we may easily to compare ourselves in own daily walk in Christ. We hope you’ve put your name in the bowl on the info desk in the narthex for a copy of the Master Builders Bible! The drawing will take place at the October 5th meeting.

For more information, contact Leona McKee, 675-5712,

Brotherhood of Saint Bernard Whether you’re an Old Dog or a Young Pup, join us for lunch, great conversation, and Bible study on Tuesdays, Oct. 8 and 22, noon to 1:30 PM in OHLC’s newly-named and dedicated Herrigstad Hall.

With deep appreciation

Volunteers needed! We will provide the food and be there to help for all the Munchy Monday gatherings on the 3rd Monday of the month for this school year. Our next opportunity will be October 21. A helpful sign-up sheet is in the formative stages for an easy way to figure out who is going to bring what. Thank you in advance for helping ‘shepherd’ in this great outreach program for our local high school youth.


hat a year it has been, planning the many parts of OHLC 75th anniversary celebration! A huge thank you and hug to everyone who helped with the 75th Anniversary Banquet: the committee, the chefs, the wait staff, every volunteer, the pastors, office staff, and every guest who made this such a memorable event. It truly was a team effort. We especially appreciate the cooperation of the wonderful members of the banquet committee who worked together so smoothly to plan the event.

Your brother in Christ, Tom Piper

Anabelle Mitchell and Barbara Wilson, Anniversary Committee co-chairs 5

OHLC Women

His Kids Preschool

opportunities for fellowship, study & service

a ministry of Oak Harbor Lutheran Church


e began our 2013-2014 school year of His Kids Preschool with two regular classes and a Pre-K Readiness class, full of wonderful, energetic and enthusiastic children! As is our tradition for the October newsletter, here’s what our students said they liked best about September, their first month of preschool:

Blanket Workshop Blanket Workshop meets Tuesday and Wednesday, October 1 and 2, beginning at 9:00 AM in Herrigstad Hall. If you like to sew at home, we’re looking for helpers who can sew quilt tops (machine work, usually with lots of long, straight seams), or cut sheets for quilt backs as prep work for the following month’s work days. Fabric is provided. If you’d like to volunteer or would like more information, please contact Leona McKee, 675-5712,, or Becky Wold, 679-4154.

3-day AM class Kailey: Apples Jaelynn: The ABCs Christian B.: The blocks Christian G: The apples Grady: I like the apples Joshua: The ABCs Anika: Little Blue (the class rabbit) Weston: Chapel Grace M: Playing with the Play-Doh Grace H.: Books Danté: Singing songs Daniella: Puzzles Zach: Playing Graham: Playing (Said with a “well duh” shrug) Jacob: The very best thing of mine has been the ‘whoop de doopdey things’ (These are the interlocking rings and acrobat figures – what would YOU call them??)

Handwork Group Heart & Hand meets in the prayer room at 9:30 AM on Friday, October 18. Bring your own handwork projects, knit or crochet hats and sweaters for layettes for Lutheran World Relief, or help assemble baptismal banners.

3-day PM class Hannah: Legos Addi: Play-Doh Autumn: Going outside Caylin: The boats (Noah’s ark) Don: When we went outside Harlynn: Play-Doh DaRon: Building the plane (puzzle) Kaiden: I like going outside and chapel

Circle meetings in October 10/3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Deborah Circle meets in the library at 10:00 AM 10/ 7, 21

Lydia Circle meets in the education wing at 6:30 PM


Rebecca Circle meets in the library at 10:00 AM

Lola: Books Breann: I like playing Evan: Going outside Gabriel: Noah’s ark (felt) board Elizabeth: Legos Meredith: Circle

Shalom, Miss Gaye

It’s coming soon: The fall bazaar will be Saturday, November 2! OHLC JOB OPENING: PRESCHOOL DIRECTOR If you hadn’t yet heard, our beloved preschool director Gaye Rodriguey is retiring at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. We can never replace “Miss Gaye,” but we must begin our search for someone to carry on her important ministry. Interested applicants can pick up an application and a job description from the church office. The application deadline is October 31.

+Included in this newsletter are Prayer Ventures and The Spirit for October. +The deadline for the November newsletter is Tuesday, Oct. 22. If your article will be a little late, let Martha know, 360-679-1561 or, and she’ll do her best to save you a space. 6

Compassion Ministry October’s focus is the Hispanic outreach of El Camino


l Camino de Emaus is a Skagit County worshiping community formed 7 years ago within the ELCA’s Northwest Washington Synod. Under the leadership of Rev. Emilio Benitez-Salgado and Rev. Esau Cuevas-Benitez, the Good News in Word and Sacrament are spread throughout Skagit Valley. Weekly Sunday evening worship services are held at Burlington Lutheran Church, as well as Bible study, youth programs and many community outreach/advocacy programs. This past summer, Rev. Emilio and a team of volunteers held a 4-week Vacation Bible School, full of fun activities. The school district provided food, and a team of volunteers offered help by grade level in preparing children for the coming school year. On the last day, each child received a backpack with school supplies. The youth also attended Camp Lutherwood and shared in fun activities in the community, such as fishing and picnics. We would like to extend an invitation to you to the annual El Camino benefit auction at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Sedro-Woolley on Sunday, October 13 at 4:00 PM. This fun auction will have items for all ages up for bid. If you would like additional information, please contact me at (360) 240-9160. Vickie Longshore The Mission of El Camino de Emaus: Walking in solidarity with the poor, we are called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament and service. In the power of the Risen Christ, we are a multicultural expression of God’s love lived out in the Latino community of the Skagit Valley.

New counselor available Halvorson, a member at Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland, is Ken a licensed social worker and experienced marriage and family counselor. He is now taking appointments in Oak Harbor on Tuesdays, and offers a sliding fee scale. He looks forward to helping couples in times of conflict. You can reach Ken to make an appointment at 360969-1658.

Oak Harbor Lutheran has been very supportive of this ministry over the years. We look forward to our visit on Sunday. October 6. Please join us between worship services so we may share more good news, and congratulate Rev. Esau on his recent marriage!

- - - more from Compassion Ministry on the next page - - 7

News from

Compassion Ministry, continued

Stephen Ministry is YOUR ministry

OHLC member, Commander Joseph Stierwalt was in the Former building at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, during the recent


ak Harbor Lutheran Church is a place of fellowship where we form circles of friends who support us in times of need. Here we claim the compassionate love of Christ as our model for treating one another – when we meet together in worship we express Christ’s love as the way in which we act with one another. Sometimes, however, we find our compassionate circle of friends isn’t enough to help us through troubled times. Sometimes it takes more. When we are going through such difficult times we may find a need for someone we can turn to as a listening, confidential ear. Stephen Ministers have a unique ministry within the church to provide such support. Stephen Ministers are trained in specific listening and reflection skills to provide support care. It is most especially a ministry that maintains confidentiality and one-on-one support. If you are going through difficult times and feel a Stephen Minister might be of help please contact me or call the church office and leave a message for Jan McCullough. Pastor Marc Stroud

tragic shootings. He was a mere 50 feet from the gunman and was able to help people escape through an emergency exit. We’re thankful that Joe himself was uninjured. Joe’s wife Suzanne, a student at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg who still keeps in touch with her Deborah Circle friends, e-mailed a letter (originally sent to her sponsoring congregation) recounting the experience from her perspective. We’ve posted that letter on the OHLC Around the World bulletin board in the fellowship hall.

With sympathy We were saddened to receive the news on September 3 that Dot Gailey had died following a brief illness, but we’re thankful that so many of her dear friends had surrounded her with loving care during her final days. Dot was 84 and had been a member of our congregation for 12 years. Her memorial service was held on September 14.

Coffee, cookies, and Watoto support OHLC’s Watoto Team will be serving coffee and cookies at the northbound I-5 rest area near Bow, October 11-14. Can you help us by baking cookies or other goodies? Please bring them to church by the morning of Friday, Oct. 11, marked “Watoto.” If you’re interested in helping serve at the rest area, contact Skip Lycksell or make a note on an opportunity form. Judy Lycksell

Our hearts also go out to those who have recently suffered the loss of loved ones…

Roadside clean-up Litter pick-up along OHLC’s adopted 2-mile stretch of Highway 20 north of town has been scheduled for the morning of Saturday, Oct. 12. Meet at church at 9:00 AM to collect your hard hat and reflective vest and carpool to the site. Pat Dallen

Companion Synod

OHLC’s extended family

…to Ken and Vickie Longshore and family, following the death of Ken’s mother, Eleanor Longshore, on September 2 in Virginia. …to Colleen and Craig Pedlar and family, following the September 4th death of Colleen’s mom, Miriam Dooley, in the Seattle area. … to Donna Lay and family, following the September 6th death of her father, Donovan Monteith, in Oak Harbor

St. Katharina’s Church, Kazan, Russia

There will be a Kazan Committee bake sale on Sunday, Nov. 13, and we’re looking for volunteers to provide baked goods. Please make a note on an upcoming opportunity form if you can help! We’ll also have a silent auction for a Russian tea set, which will be displayed in Herrigstad Hall starting October 20. Ken Grigsby

…to Steve and Martha Ellis, following the death of Steve’s sister-inlaw Linda Ellis on September 18 in Warroad, Minnesota. [Their brief trip there for the funeral on the 25th is what delayed production of this issue of the Harbor Beacon.] 8

Worship Assistants 10/ 6

8:00 10:30 6:30 10/13 8:00 10:30 6:30 10/20 8:00 10:30 6:30 10/27 8:00 10:30 6:30

Asst. Ministers Tom Piper Trudy Decker Tom Coe Rita Carter Shanna Lundstrom Skip Lycksell Tom Johnson Taryn McKee

Worship Attendance: Acolytes Peter Higgins Peter Spencer Benjamin Bruland Kayla Raasina Addy Day Benjamin Bruland Sydney Higgins Sadie Harbaugh Benjamin Bruland Katie Norman Elias Wiley Benjamin Bruland

Praise Team Cantor: Morning Glory Senior Choir Cantor: Carol Reafs

Coffee Fellowship

10/ 6 8:00 AM Higgins family

Communion: Mike Fankhauser Computer: Donna Aspery Communion: Rita Carter Computer: Rick Culbertson

10:30 AM 6:30: Presider, Marc Stroud 10/27 8:00 AM J. Flowers, L. Forster 10:30 AM R. Wood, M. McNae,

8:00 AM 10/ 6 Korengo, Fankhauser, Higgins 10/13 Lefse Day! 10/20 Pommerenke 10/27 Cornelius

Communion: Marge Moore Computer: Molly Nagel Communion: Gisela Hawley Computer: Mary Brock

Coupeville 6:30 PM

August Year to date 276,003 276,654 $ (651)

Fair Trade Sponsors

Trudy Decker Lefse Day! Wheeler, Piper

Julie Ward Donna Rieb

4 Francis of Assisi, renewer of the 19 Church, 1226; Theodor Fliedner, 23 renewer of society, 1864 26 6 William Tyndale, translator, martyr, 1536 7 Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, pastor in North America, 1787 28 15 Teresa of Avila, teacher, renewer 31 of the church, 1582 17 Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, martyr, c. 115

Little Lutheran Bags in October: Peg Fosnaugh

Income Outgo

10:30 AM Krigbaum, El Camino, Longshore,

Lesser Festivals & Commemorations

Communion: Gaye Rodriguey Computer: Kathy Ridle Communion: Ken Grigsby Computer: Rita Carter

6:30 PM: Presider, Jay Decker

August $ 35,578 32,312 3,266


Bring cookies, make coffee, set up and clean up – we need at least 2 per week for 8:00 AM services, 3 per week for 10:30 AM services, and 1 per week in Coupeville

Communion: Candi Amarelo Computer: Rachel Margraf Communion: Sande Mulkey Computer: Michelle Tull

Financial Report:

Nursery 1 3 2 2 4 2

Senior Choir Cantor:


10:30 AM J. Wilcox, L. Michalski 6:30: Presider, Tom Johnson 10/20 8:00 AM Ellis family

Date Sun. 8 AM Sun. 10:30 AM Cpvl. Sept. 1 61 101 26 Sept. 3 72 119 24 Sept. 15 74 119 22 Sept. 22 63 106 18 Sept. 29 57 171 16 Average Att. 65 123 21 Average Sunday attendance: 212

Music Morning Glory Senior Choir Cantor: Carol Reafs

Ushers 10:30 AM J. Wilcox, L. Michalski 6:30: Presider, Jeff Spencer 10/13 8:00 AM Margraf family


Deborah Circle


Luke, Evangelist James of Jerusalem, martyr Philipp Nicolai, 1608; Johann Heermann, 1647; Paul Gerhardt, 1676; hymnwriters Simon & Jude, Apostles Reformation Day

This month’s featured decorative font is Teutonic No4 9



HIS KIDS PRESCHOOL M,T, W, 9:00-11:30 AM M, T, W, 12:30-3:00 PM Th. F, 12:30-3:00 PM

The church calendar is updated regularly on OHLC’s website,


Vespers/Coupeville 6:30

1:15 Munchy Monday 3:30 Girl Scouts Tr 45107 4:00 OHHS Robotics 6:30 Lydia Circle 6:45 4-H K-9 Korps 7:00 Solutions

27 Reformation Sunday Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30 Luth Youth to El Camino meeting time TBA Vespers/Coupeville 6:30




1 9:00 Blanket Workshop

2 8:45 Pastors’ Text Study 9:00 Blanket Workshop 11:30 OHLC Staff 5:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts 6:30 Wolves 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon 9 8:45 Pastors’ Text Study 11:30 OHLC Staff 1:00 Book Group 5:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts 6:30 Wolves 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon . 16 8:45 Pastors’ Text Study 11:30 OHLC Staff


4 12:00 OHHS Transitional Students


5:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts 6:30 Wolves 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon.

2:00 CADA Parenting Supp. 4:15 Morning Glory 5:30 Praise Team 6:45 Webelos 2

23 8:45 Pastors’ Study 11:30 OHLC Staff 1:00 Library Committee 5:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts 6:00 His Kids Open House 6:45 His Kids Open House 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon. 30


OHHS football game; OHLC parking lot in use 25

10:00 Deborah Circle 2:00 CADA Parenting Supp.

12:00 OHHS Transitional Students

6:00 CADA Parenting 7:00 Cpvl Book Group 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass


13 Watoto Team at Bow rest area, I-5 northbound Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30 All ages corn maze outing meet to carpool, 1:30 Vespers/Coupeville 6:30 20 Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30 Bible Basics 12:00 Marriage Care 5:00 Vespers/Coupeville 6:30


Open House, Oct. 23: 3-day AM class, 6:00 PM 3-day PM class, 6:45 PM Healing prayer after both morning services Worship 8:00 Sunday School 9:15 Adult Ed. 9:15 Worship 10:30


14 Watoto Team at Bow rest area, I-5 northbound 1:15 Munchy Monday 3:30 Girl Scouts Tr 45107 4:00 OHHS Robotics 6:00 Homeschoolers 6:30 Angeli 7:00 Cub Scout Leaders 7:00 Vanishing Friends 7:00 Solutions 21 1:15 Munchy Monday 3:30 Girl Scouts Tr 45107 4:00 OHHS Robotics 6:30 Lydia Circle 6:30 Angeli 6:45 4-H K-9 Korps 7:00 Solutions 28 1:15 Munchy Monday 3:30 Girl Scouts Tr 45107 4:00 OHHS Robotics 6:30 Angeli 7:00 Solutions

8 10:30 Stamping Group 12:00 Brotherhood of St. Bernard 5:30 Girl Scout event 6:30 Scout Adult Comm 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass 15 10:00 Rebecca Circle

10:00 Deborah Circle 4:15 Morning Glory 5:30 Praise Team 6:45 Webelos 2 7:00 OHLC Council 10 10:00 Deborah Circle 2:00 CADA Parenting Supp. 4:15 Morning Glory 5:00 Stephen Ministry 5:30 Praise Team 5:30 Brownies Tr. 40740 6:45 Webelos 2 17 10:00 Deborah Circle

6:00 CADA Parenting 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:30 Worship Brass

22 Newsletter Deadline 10:30 Stamping Group 12:00 Brotherhood of St. Bernard 6:00 CADA Parenting 7:00 Boy Scouts 7:00 Scout Board/Review 7:30 Worship Brass 29

6:00 CADA Parenting

11:30 OHLC Staff 5:30 Harbor Bells 6:00 Girl Scouts 6:30 Wolves 7:00 Senior Choir 7:00 Overeaters Anon.


4:15 Morning Glory 5:30 Praise Team 5:30 Brownies Tr. 40740 6:00 Pack Meeting 31 Reformation Day 10:00 Deborah Circle 2:00 CADA Parenting Supp. 4:15 Morning Glory 5:30 Praise Team 5:30 Brownies Tr. 40740 6:45 Webelos 2

8:00 Lutheran Men in Mission breakfast

5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

OHHS football game; OHLC parking lot in use 11 Watoto Team at Bow rest area, I-5 northbound 12:00 OHHS Transitional Students

12 Watoto Team at Bow rest area, I-5 northbound 9:00 Roadside Clean-up

5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

OHHS football game; OHLC parking lot in use 18 9:30 Heart & Hand 12:00 OHHS Transitional Students


5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214l


5:15 Girl Scouts 42040/4214

6:00 His Kids Preschool Family Night

I have so much to do [today] that I should spend the first three hours in prayer. - Martin Luther

Harbor beacon october 2013  
Harbor beacon october 2013