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Eye Spy Skin Forward Relax, Recharge, Repeat

Chic Eats Diva Drives: Rolls-Royce Ghost Miss Ohlala












Editor’s Letter The new year is here, its 365 days waiting to be filled with moments that will form your 2021 narrative. But no matter what the script dictates, make the most of it! We get you started with 100 ways (p.24) to do things differently this year – there will be at least a handful of positive habits you can begin to develop circa now. In other news, our fashion pages (p.12) are inspired by Pantone’s colours of the year. Translation: it’s time to paint your wardrobe in grey and yellow to face your days in style. Like all other aspects of our lives, technology will continue to dominate skincare in 2021, so we get up to speed through our conversation with the CEO of CurrentBody (p.46) and indulge in not one, but two luxurious facial treatments (p.48). Complexion perfection accomplished, we turn our attention to our appetites, engaging in two themed nights feast (p.68) – before driving away in the new Rolls-Royce Ghost. You’ll want to fasten your seatbelts for this one. Happy New Year!

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Opposites Attract Every year, Pantone – the global authority on colour – reveals its colour of the year, but for 2021, it has chosen two: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. The message behind the two hues is how different elements come together to support one another. “Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and optimistic,” is how Pantone describes this unexpected union. Embrace the duo and paint your wardrobe in shades of yellow and grey, starting with the inspiration on the pages ahead. 12








Grey Matters RESERVED




In its essence, grey is a combination of two classics: black and white, which means you won’t go wrong when wearing this tone from head to toe.
















Start the new year wearing the sun! This vivid hue is a crucial element in every girl’s winter wardrobe to brighten up those gloomy looks.










Just like the ancient Chinese symbol, grey and yellow are opposites that complement each other. Combine the two shades for a determined yet cheerful outfit. 18





Hammam Garden

START 2021 FRESH AND RELAXED Available for private bookings www.all.accor.com

1784 5000

3605 0858 www.ohlala-magazine.com












Level up your grey matter and incorporate its shiny version to your casual or dressy looks – an extra sparkle to boost your natural glow!








Gold Mine







If yellow isn’t bright enough and 2020 knocked you out, go for gleaming gold! It’s just the pick-me-up that the months ahead call for. PASQUALE BRUNI





Glow Up It’s the same situation every single year. We make a list of resolutions, only to break them a mere days later because – let’s face it – they’re usually unrealistic! The ‘new year, new you’ slogan doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process, and will likely be a long process after the year we’ve just survived. However, after all we have been through, what can we do to improve our relationship with this planet and ourselves? OHLALA puts together a list of 100 small changes or things to do that you can embrace in 2021. Choose which ones are closer to your heart and start your journey here. 24




15. Move your body – it can be a light walk, a running programme, or a routine of movements at home. 16. Support a charity or cause that has a deeper meaning to you. 1. Start a garden – tomatoes grow beautifully this time

17. Sing in the shower.

of the year, and basil is a year-round herb in this part of

18. Learn to say no to things that make you

the world if you water more during the hotter months.


2. Recycle your trash.

19. Say yes to more things that make you happy.

3. Buy locally – give preference to crops grown as near

20. Commit to something – it can be to finish a book

as possible to you.

you started a long time ago or take an afternoon to do

4. Give meatless Mondays a try.


5. Don’t forget your eco-bags – avoid getting plastic

21. Call your mum, dad, or a loved one more often.

bags at supermarkets or even paper options at stores.

22. Avoid situations that make you feel bad about

6. Say hello to your neighbours.


7. Carpool to go to work or school.

23. Make a list of things you like about yourself and

8. Support your friend’s business.

keep it on top of that old picture of when you had your

9. Don’t change your phone just because there’s a new

‘ideal’ body.

one in the market. 10. Don’t print unnecessarily. 11. Make your own soap or cleaning products using natural ingredients – there are plenty of tutorials out there to guide you through. 12. Help others, no matter how small the favour is. 13. Be sympathetic to other people’s feelings. 14. Practice and take the time to do what gives you balance or peace of mind. 26


OHLALA Spotlight



24. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t – it is exhausting and won’t take you anywhere you really would like to go. 25. Cry – sometimes, it’s the only thing that will make you feel a bit better. 26. But don’t panic because it won’t help you at all. 27. Find something you love and do it now – don’t wait until you have the right amount of time or money. 28. Call an old friend, out of the blue, for no specific reason. 29. Surprise yourself by doing something you never thought you could. 30. Manage your expectations – don’t assume things or count on unreal situations. 31. Make a tip jar and donate the money at the end of 2021. 32. Listen more – we all tend to talk too much. 33. Learn a new language, even if it’s solely to ask your elderly neighbour how they’re doing. 34. Take the time to play one board game or simple games such as dominoes or cards once a week. 35. Do something unexpected for your family, like a whole day in with fun things to do together. 36. Distribute compliments – they’re free and can make someone’s day. 37. Breath, and stop to appreciate it. 38. Don’t carry someone else’s burden – some things simply don’t belong to you. 39. Judge less, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before creating a whole misconception. 28


OHLALA Spotlight 40. Teach – if you have even one skill, pass it on. 41. Learn – never miss the opportunity to keep learning, even when you think you know it all. 42. Be humble – humility will take you further than arrogance. 43. Donate things, time, or even words of kindness. 44. Remember that happiness lives in tiny little moments that, when put together, make it big or small. 45. Appreciate your roots – you are here because wonderful people years ago did so much for your existence to be possible. 46. Challenge yourself – start a new business, write a book, or conquer an old fear. 47. Remember that all the answers are already inside of you. 48. Do something for someone you love, even though it won’t be your most preferred activity for the day. 49. Dance, even if you have two left feet, just for the pleasure of letting the music enter your body. 50. Take chocolate into work for your colleagues – the act itself will make their day. 51. Send a voice message – the familiarity alone will bring about the best memories. 52. Give someone a lift – nothing beats being offered a ride in the scorching Middle East summer. 53. Be yourself – no one can be as good as you at this. 54. Write a letter to your grandma or aunt – a smartphone simply can’t replace the warmth of a handwritten note. www.ohlala-magazine.com


OHLALA Spotlight 55. Drink more water – trust us, it will benefit you in the long run! 56. Read to others – we recommend volunteering for Society for the Blind, where you can record yourself reading a book or the news. 57. Make the most out of your wardrobe with the help of a personal stylist – they can create different looks with the pieces you already own. 58. Exchange your clothes and accessories with friends to introduce more options into the rotation. 59. Give preference to the brands that give back to

69. Laugh, even if it’s an inside joke that only you know

nature or their community.


60. Donate something you own, but aren’t likely to use anymore. 61. Don’t waste your time on the things that you can’t change. 62. Manage your anxiety through breathing techniques or talking to a therapist – whatever helps you best. 63. Try not to leave things unsolved – deal with problems as and when they happen so that you won’t have time to overthink them. 64. Appreciate the fact that you can live another day. 65. Don’t worry about what others will think about you. 66. Dream – this is something that no one can’t take away from you, so let your mind wander.


Spread – it’s free and you won’t run out.

70. Accept that you are not perfect, and that’s okay. 71. Make peace with the fact that not every day will be a good one. 72. Soak up the sun, but be sure to protect your skin. 73. Don’t make fun of people just because they do things differently – try to understand their journey instead. 74. Be supportive instead of making negative comments and snap judgements. 75. Be there to help a friend, family member, colleague, or even a total stranger if the occasion calls for it. 76. Choose products that have less packaging – small changes really add up over time.

67. But be realistic.

77. Whenever possible, take a glass jar to the

68. Value your virtues – they’re the most precious

supermarket when stocking up on the likes of nuts,

things handed down from your parents.

seeds, grains, and beans.



78. Choose biodegradable packaging whenever possible.

87. Things come and go, so enjoy them while they are in

96. There isn’t a planet B, so take care of the one we

79. Find a way of gradually reducing your bad habits

your life and let them go when it’s time.

have by creating less trash.

until they disappear.

88. Collect things that bring you joy.

97. Throwing food away is a waste of precious

80. Take care of your teeth – your future self with

89. Avoid plastic at it all costs, giving preference to

resources, so only order the amount you will eat.

thank you later.

products that have refills.

98. Don’t throw batteries in the trash – hold onto them

81. Spend money on experiences as opposed to

90. Look for food, clothes, and cosmetics that are

until you find a dedicated recycling bin or collection

material things.

ethically sourced.

programme. In Bahrain, you can contact the @ebincompany

82. Reach out to the people you care about and let

91. Purchase skincare and makeup products that are

to take care of them and any other electronic trash.

them know that you’re there for them, even if you’re

cruelty-free – animal testing is full of suffering and

99. Buy pre-loved items if you’re looking for an easy

physically far away.


way to make your lifestyle more sustainable.

83. Discard any unpleasant memories to make space for

92. Say no to fur, real and faux.

100. Spread love – it’s free and you won’t run out.

happier ones.

93. Invest your time in activities that help you grow as

84. Take a few moments daily to practice gratitude.

a person.

85. Take care of your health, paying extra attention to

94. Organise your wardrobe, donating what doesn’t fit

signs of something that might be off.

your body or suit your style anymore.

86. Enjoy the little things in life – even a strong cup of coffee

95. Avoid disposable cups by having your coffee in a

and a breeze through your hair can do wonders for your mood.

real mug at a local café or taking your refillable one. www.ohlala-magazine.com


No Time

Like This The quintessence of an era can be found in the new Richard Mille 71-02 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman, an ode to prismatic colours.






ristwatches have become more than time tellers. They are the ultimate luxury accessory to enhance a look. Two years after the black and white monochromatic shades of the Richard Mille (RM) 71-01, the new RM 71-02 comes in an array of hues that pay tribute to its inspiration – the essence of the ‘70s. This decade marked the rise of club culture, and the birth of electronic and disco music. The haunting rhythm of the era’s hits, the theatrical décor of Studio 54, and the fashion aesthetic of the period with its shiny lamé, rhinestones and sequins are some of the references. Cécile Guenat, creative and development director at Richard Mille, revisited the unapologetic individualism of the decade to create 10 models, each presented in a limited edition of seven pieces. The watches flaunt their strength and beauty in a profusion of colours and a combination of stones never seen before at Richard Mille. Tsavorites, spessartites, amethysts, diamonds, spinels, rubies, and sapphires evoke magnetic alchemy. A talismanic spirit is linked to the ornament dials – hematite is associated with strength, malachite with inner balance, lapis lazuli with vision, sugilite with protection, and pink opal with healing. The new Talisman collection showcases the singular aspects of these pieces through highly symbolic choices of precious stones, set in geometric motifs over the entire case as well as the dial.

“The intense glamour of the disco era resided in a multiplication of colours and textures,” explained Cécile. “I had to find a way to make this idea tangible. Working with the stones themselves proved to be a considerable challenge. Because stones of very similar hues can end up looking completely different depending on their size and the type of setting.” The principal distinction in the 10 models is the arrangements of the stones, setting pattern, engraving and the central decoration of the 0.90mm thickness dial. At the same time, they all share the same CRMT1 calibre – Richard Mille’s eighth in-house movement, but its first automatic Tourbillon calibre. It’s a true technical achievement, given that this mechanism is integrated into the heart of a movement only 6.2mm thick and weighing just eight grams. Conceived for daily wear, this calibre reaffirms Richard Mille’s unwavering commitment to the pursuit of extreme mechanical innovation.This collection is the ultimate combination of edgy artistic concept and automated knowhow. The bracelets of each model are distinctively designed and embossed with discreet vegetal motifs at 12 o’clock and geometric lines at six o’clock, each featuring two different shades with a metallic touch on the patent leather to augment the visual effect of the stones. A cultural legacy design to embellish your wrist! www.richardmille.com @richardmille

“This collection is the ultimate combination of edgy artistic concept and automated know-how.” www.ohlala-magazine.com


Beauty Galore When it comes to beauty, we’re starting the new year with a cult classic, a fresh scent, and the future of at-home skincare – join us? 34





Eye Spy Two cities, one destination – your eyes! The new YSL Couture Colour Clutch palette comes in two different variations inspired by Paris and Marrakech.

The essence of two iconic cities combined with the YSL Beauté heritage gives life to these vibrant eyeshadows created and edited by Tom Pecheux. With a chevron pattern and leather-effect finish, the packaging evokes a stylish clutch, the ultimate finishing touch any evening outfit.

City of Light

The shimmering streets of Paris are represented in the palette by its 10 shades with hints of metallic silvers, coppery bronzes, and satiny roses. Bold pigments such as yellow, matte purple, and opaque black complement the shiny spectrum.The silvery and yellow tones represent the Eiffel Tower, while the pinkish accents embody the colours in the Haussmann-style buildings during the golden hour.

Desert Flair

This set symbolises the heat and intensity of the street life in Marrakech. The greens and blues pay tribute to the gardens of Majorelle, while the shots of amber, orange, and dusky rose showcase the warmth of its many spice markets. An intuitive selection, it’s perfect for the woman who prefers her colours vivid.



Over-indulged over Christmas and New Year? Let us help you with your ďŹ rst resolution this year! Featuring a new selection of healthy salads and whole-food plant-based dishes Crossroads Bahrain: your natural choice for a healthy start to 2021 Happy New Year

Marriott Executive Apartments, Bldg 864, Rd 2414, Block 324, Manama, Bahrain. +973 1736 3999

@CrossroadsBaher www.ohlala-magazine.com



One of Each, Please Inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s universally flattering Walk of No Shame Matte Revolution lipstick comes a collection of five new beauty must-haves. The berry-rose hue of Walk of No Shame was created after a profound study of the lips colour with the aim to develop a tint that would infuse every complexion with a fresh and radiant glow. The result is a seductive berry-red shade that mimics the way lips look when they’re full of luscious, healthy-looking colour. Walk of No Shame has been a beauty best-seller since its launch – one sells every two minutes, according to Charlotte Tilbury. Oh, and both Amal Clooney and Miranda Kerr wore it on their wedding day! 38


Make Way

“For years, people have asked me to take my iconic, lipmorphing hue to the next level and with my new Walk of No Shame collection, I am giving women the power to make their beauty dreams come true!” explains Charlotte Tilbury. “I have bottled the psychology of makeup to create the perfect, nuanced russet-rose shades to make every complexion glow with a look of life, luck and confidence!” The Walk of No Shame lipstick now boasts the following partners in beauty crime: Collagen Lip Bath, Cheek to Chic Blusher, Eyeliner, Jewel Pot, and Jewel Gloss. @ctilburymakeup





Redolence Luxury fragrance brand Amouage redefines the art of gift-giving. Renowned for creating some of the most finely crafted perfumes in the world, Amouage personifies the heritage of Oman, each of its formulas seeping with opulence. It was born in 1983 after its founder approached the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said with the idea of creating a brand that would introduce Oman’s fragrance legacy to the world. The purpose? For Amouage to become His Majesty’s gift to his guests, and therein the ‘Gift of Kings’ was created. Its main treasures are the finest quality frankincense from Dhofar, the scentful rock rose from Al Hajar mountains, and the valuable ambergris from the Sea of Oman.

YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW World-acclaimed perfumer Guy Robert was commissioned to conceive Gold, Amouage’s debut scent, back in 1983. It was created using Oman’s 40


three natural treasures, together with over 120 rare and high-quality ingredients sourced worldwide. Gold released layer after layer of Oriental notes, reminiscent of the great couture fragrances of the 1930s. Today, the house is an icon in the fragrance field with a repertoire of over 50 unrivalled perfumes. Its opulence expresses Oman’s contemporary majesty, with the alluring collections of Amouage catering to its sophisticated, confident, and well-travelled clientele. And redefining what it means to be the ‘Gift of Kings’, the brand recently looked to its roots to create an assortment of 12 alluring gifts for men and women alike. The gift boxes are available in three different options: The Precious (a selection of three luxury travel sprays in 10ml), The Grand (a choice of three 50ml fragrances), and The Magnificent (a collection of three 100ml fragrances). They’re housed in specially curated coffrets enveloped in floral masterpieces from the 19th century Qajar Dynasty, courtesy of the British Museum.

GIFT OF KINGS The Precious (10ml): - Iconic Woman: A celebration of classical femininity and womanhood, this set includes Gold Woman, Dia Woman, and Honour Woman Eaux de Parfum.

- Floral Woman: A playful interpretation of a modern-day woman on the go, this set includes Reflection Woman, Honour Woman, and Sunshine Woman Eaux de Parfum. - Iconic Man: A statement of confidence, this set contains Interlude Man, Jubilation XXV Man, and Honour Man Eaux de Parfum. - Modern Man: A bold pairing of scents, this set comprises Interlude Black Iris, Reflection Man, and Beach Hut Man Eaux de Parfum. The Grand (50ml): - Iconic Woman: A celebration of classical femininity and womanhood, this set includes Gold Woman, Dia Woman, Honour Woman Eaux de Parfum. - Floral Woman: A playful interpretation of a modern-day woman on the go, this set includes Reflection Woman, Honour Woman, and Love Tuberose Eaux de Parfum. - Iconic Man: A statement of confidence, this set includes Interlude Man, Jubilation XXV Man, and Epic Man Eaux de Parfum. - Modern Man: A bold pairing of scents, this set consists of Reflection Man, Honour Man, and Portrayal Man Eaux de Parfum.

The Magnificent (100ml): - Iconic Woman: A celebration of classical femininity and womanhood, this set includes Gold Woman, Dia Woman, and Honour Woman Eaux de Parfum. - Floral Woman: A playful interpretation of a modern-day woman on the go, this set includes Reflection Woman, Honour Woman, and Sunshine Woman Eaux de Parfum. - Iconic Man: A statement of confidence, this set incorporates Interlude Man, Jubilation XXV Man, and Honour Man Eaux de Parfum. - Modern Man: A bold pairing of scents, this set includes Reflection Man, Interlude Black Iris, and Beach Hut Man Eaux de Parfum.

For more information, please call 1700 5383 or visit www.amouage.com @amouageofficial




To Her, with Love A new scent by Salvatore Ferragamo can be felt in the air, and it’s nothing short of a gift to your olfactory senses.

Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo, known for its beautifully crafted shoes, also creates scents that enchant the fragrance industry. Its latest aroma, Amo Ferragamo Per Lei, joins the Amo Ferragamo line encapsulates fresh and transparent notes as an ode to happiness and harmony. The concept behind its development is to express a woman’s desire to reconnect with her inner self. The eau de parfum has been designed by perfumers Marie Salamagne and Olivier Cresp. It has a sophisticated woody-floral-musky blend that aims to explore the facets of modern, mindful femininity. Amo Ferragamo Per Lei opens with the natural simplicity of pear and raspberry juice notes for an uncomplicated start. It is then followed by the intoxicating bouquet of osmanthus and magnolia, with the dry down boasting a combination of cedarwood, sandalwood, cashmere, and musk. This blend of fruity accords, botanic accents, and woody nuances emanates positive and relaxing vibes – an embodiment of Ferragamo’s love for tradition and timeless elegance. 42


Bahrain City Centre • Seef Mall • Seef Mall, Muharraq • The Avenues - Bahrain Enma Mall • Wadi Al Sail Mall bathandbodyworksarabia • www.bathandbodyworks.com.bh Customer Service: 8000-1320







11 NIP + FAB

























Elite Seef Residence & Hotel Elite Grande Hotel

Elite Resort & Spa

BD 33 Net

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Single / Twin Bedroom Suite

Single / Twin Bedroom Suite

BD 60 Net

BD 60 Net

2 Bedroom Suite

2 Bedroom Suite

• Rates are in Bahrain Dinars and Inclusive of taxes and service charge. • Inclusive of packed breakfast in the suites • Inclusive of Wifi Internet connection • Above rates are applicable till end of March 2021 * Terms and conditions apply

Call: +973 17 558 200





Face Forward

Skincare technology? We want to know all about it! OHLALA talks to Laurence Newman, CEO of CurrentBody, who explains how it all started and the latest products created for home use. 46



he market for beauty, health, and well-being devices designed for home use has grown exponentially. Treatments that previously were only available at spas and dermatology clinics are now happening in the comfort of people’s homes. The devices became smaller and easier, with men and women alike adhering to self-care. Yes, the pandemic gave it a push, but demand was increasing well before it wreaked havoc on our lives. CurrentBody is specialised in offering edgy beauty devices, and its recent launch in the Middle East has been received enthusiastically by the beauty buffs out there. Here, Laurence Newman, CEO of CurrentBody, tells us more about his company and the future of home skincare.

BEAUTY Insight

Technology is present in many aspects of our everyday life. How did CurrentBody notice that a platform dedicated to health and well-being home care innovations could be a success? Was it challenging to have people embracing the concept at the beginning? CurrentBody was set up 11 years ago, and I used all my background in aesthetic procedures in the clinic to create it. As technology advanced, I believed that clinic treatments could be miniaturised into at-home devices that offered people the chance to boost their salon results with supporting devices to be used at home. Whilst the home-use options were very few 11 years ago, the sector has advanced significantly, and we now have a massive range of technologies available for customers. We’ve always believed that education is essential with home-use devices, and our expertise has helped people embrace the concept. Nowadays, it is easy to find at least one electrical beauty tool in most households. What do you think are the reasons for people wanting to take care of themselves at home? The demand for beauty tools and devices has undoubtedly grown as people have discovered that their favourite salon technologies can be found in home-use devices. We have seen the anti-ageing category, in particular, rise over the recent years as it has become far more acceptable to talk about taking care of yourself – both in a clinic and at home. The growth of ‘self-care Sunday’ has led to people sharing details of their beauty routines on social media and increased the conversation around both taking time out for yourself and tackling the signs of ageing. This fact became even more relevant during the lockdown periods of 2020, when salons were closed and people had to look for alternative ways to maintain their beauty routines.

CurrentBody recently launched its website in the Middle East, a place where women and men are known for taking good care of their skin, hair, and beauty in general. What are our favourite devices? Our LED mask has been hugely popular since we launched in the Middle East due to how easy it is to use and the fact that we have clinical trials to back up its efficacy. We know women in the Middle East like devices that boost their salon treatments, and this is a perfect example of a widget you can use at home to support your regular clinic visits. Other popular choices are the NuFACE microcurrent line as it mimics popular salon face-toning treatments and the Braun IPL for long-term hair removal at home.

For more information, please visit www.me.currentbody.com @currentbody

The LED light therapy mask is your brand creation. How did you come up with such a unique device and what is its most significant feature? We carefully designed our LED light mask using flexible silicone to make it very comfortable to wear and convenient to use. Consistent use is essential with all at-home devices, so we wanted to design something that fits easily into a daily routine and only took 10 minutes. Our customers told us that shorter treatment times and easy-to-use devices meant they kept up their treatment plan, so we took this on board when designing our mask. What are your currently working on? Can we expect more devices being created and developed by CurrentBody? You certain can! Our LED mask has been such a success that we recently launched a version for the neck and décolletage, following feedback from our customers. We’ve also just launched a skincare line designed to boost the results of your favourite device, with the most popular being our Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is perfect for pairing with all our antiageing machines to hydrate the skin after a treatment. 2021 will see a range of top-secret new devices being launched, so keep an eye on what we’ve been doing to stay tuned with the most exciting technology out there. www.ohlala-magazine.com


Relax, Recharge, Repeat Yes, now is the time to focus on yourself! Because we’re all for self-love and facial treatments have resumed across Bahrain, OHLALA’s Fernanda Langhammer went to check the iS CLINICAL Honey Enzyme Facial at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.


t’s been a while since we are allowed to be spoiled by the incredible beauty therapists on this island. However, with an array of rules and safety measures in place, facial treatments have gotten the green light, and we can tend to our dull and weary complexions – finally! The best place to start our beauty journey? The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. And the perks? When you book a spa treatment, you are entitled to a day pass that gives you access to the indoor and outdoor pool facilities as well as the private beach. The pools are heated and have an incredible underwater sound system to make your time in the water even more pleasant. Our advice: book your treatment, pack your swimming gear, and take the day off to enjoy the facilities before and after your pampering session.


Arriving at the hotel is an experience by itself. The majestic lobby and beautiful décor immediately takes you to a better place and heightens your mood. At the spa reception, the lovely Shelly takes your temperature and gives you a medical checklist in order to make sure all safety measures are in place. You’re then escorted to one of the calming rooms in the ladies’ area, and it feels like you’re entering a lavish retreat just by walking past those imposing walls. The room is set according to health regulations, and an air purifier is one of the first things I spotted. In there, a warm welcome comes from the always-friendly Olga (you can sense that she is smiling beneath her mask), the senior therapist who is in charge of my session. 48


BEAUTY Spotlight



BEAUTY Spotlight

“When you book a spa treatment, you are entitled to a day pass that gives you access to the indoor and outdoor pool facilities as well as the private beach.� 50


“The Honey Enzyme Facial is luxurious and gently exfoliating, enhancing the skin with a light massage and soothing hydration.” THE TREATMENT

There’s always a sense of uncertainty about which type of facial treatment is best for you, but that’s hardly a concern at Four Seasons. Not only are the treatments entirely personalised, but they’re also performed after a thorough analysis of your skin – Olga can tell what would be best for my skin condition after merely cleansing it. She chooses the iS CLINICAL Honey Enzyme Facial. The iS CLINICAL brand offers an array of powerful and dramatically effective professional facial protocols to address all skin types and concerns, with its line of products combining traditional botanical medicine with advanced scientific formulation expertise. The Honey Enzyme Facial is luxurious and gently exfoliating, enhancing the skin with a light massage and soothing hydration. I’m told that the result is a dramatically smoother, brighter, and revitalised complexion with a noticeable glow. Who wouldn’t want that? I’m ready to start my 60 minutes and leave the premises looking (and feeling) younger! The first step is the application of a cream cleanser that deep-cleanses the skin and pores without drying them out. It’s followed by a warming honey cleanser made with raw honey, royal jelly, and propolis for effective cleansing and soft exfoliation. The

massage honey comes next, a gel that has the most comforting scent – it takes me back to my childhood and that spoonful of honey that I had to take every morning. We move to the anti-ageing part of the treatment with a tri-active exfoliating masque that helps smooth, brighten, and soften the skin, thereby improving the signs of ageing. The Hydra-Cool Serum by iS CLINICAL is then applied to rejuvenate, hydrate, and soothe my skin, complete with antioxidant protection. After that, a copper firming mist covers my face to support the skin’s natural balance and its protective barrier. The rejuvenating masque that comes next aims to soothe irritated skin, reducing UV-induced erythema and calming the skin.

As the signs of the ageing are most visible in the delicate eye area, Olga makes sure to have this covered with not one, but two dedicated products: the C Eye Serum Advance+ and Youth Eye Complex. As my whole skin is in need of some extra love, she uses another serum – the Super Serum Advance+ – before applying a moisturising complex made with vitamins E and A as well as hyaluronic acid. Last but not least, my skin receives a generous layer of the Eclipse SPF 50+ that is water-resistant and boasts a weightless finish. How does my skin look after so much care? Refreshed and amazingly soft in texture. On top of that, I leave the treatment room with a list of things to do (and not to do) with my skin. My therapist advises me on my beauty routine because home care is the definitive support for all your spa treatments. After Olga’s superb company, the best way to end this marvellous day is a soak in the warm waters of the indoor pool – it doesn’t get much better than this.

For reservations or more information, please call 1711 5045. @fsbahrain






Think 2020 didn’t do a number on your skin? Think again. After months of DIY skincare gone wrong, this writer faced the facts when facial treatments resumed across Bahrain – no pun intended.

collective cheer was heard across the island when salons were allowed to resume services such as threading, tanning, eyelash extensions, and blow-drying, but nobody cheered louder than my left cheek. I spent the last few months of 2020 obsessing over a patch that felt more like sandpaper, and less like skin. And as much as I’d like to, I can’t quite blame coronavirus for this one. No matter what I did, my skin perpetually felt parched. Dull. Dehydrated. It was time for some TLC, so when additional services were resumed, I headed to an address where the facials don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach: Dessange. Here, a menu full of customised skin treatments take different skin types and varying skin concerns into account, with the likes of LED light therapy and microdermabrasion offered as add-ons if you want to upgrade your facial of choice. I opt for the OxyCryo Therapy Facial after an extensive consultation form and detailed analysis reveal that not only is my skin on the sensitive side, but it’s also in dire need of a deep cleanse and loads of nourishment. This ultra-hydrating treatment lasts one hour and 15 minutes, and is designed to reveal a youthful glow and

encourage the infusion of age-defying products in order to address expression aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. I’m sold when I see the words “supple, refreshed skin” looking back at me. But I’m hardly an exception. We had no choice but to stay indoors and resort to DIY skincare through most of 2020, making us more reliant on professional help than ever before. Enter: Dermalogica. This professional-grade skincare brand has been around since 1986, and is one that dermatologists, estheticians, and amateur beauty buffs swear by. What I love about my time at Dessange is that Sapna, my facialist, talks me through every Dermalogica product used. Our chat is both educational and rife with some much-needed reminders. No amount of overpriced products can undo the damage caused by aimlessly touching my face (guilty) and not drinking enough water (guilty again). I settle on the heated spa bed, my facial kicking off on a relaxing note. As hydration is the order of the day, it starts with the use of a gentle cream cleanser formulated to replenish dry skin and maintain moisture levels. Next up is exfoliation with Dermalogica’s holy grail – the award-winning Daily Microfoliant, a rice-based powder that activates upon contact with water and www.ohlala-magazine.com


BEAUTY Boutique

“No amount of overpriced products can undo the damage caused by aimlessly touching my face (guilty) and not drinking enough water (guilty again).”



polishes the skin to perfection. I learn that it’s gentle enough for daily use, putting me and my sensitive skin at ease.Taking this step to the next level, Sapna uses a cleansing brush boasting microsonic vibrations that allow for a whopping 22,000 movements per second. That’s six to eight times more effective than cleansing with hands alone! I make a mental note to invest in something similar for myself. The steam in the vicinity relaxes me further, but truth be told, I’m dreading the next step: extractions. I’ve experienced facials in the past that left me with scarring and irritation as a result of excessive force, but not this time. Not only does Sapna have a very gentle touch, but thankfully, she’s also done in no time. “You don’t have a lot of blackheads,” is very reassuring feedback in this case. She proceeds to what she calls the “therapist’s touch”, a step taken for lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation using the Oil Free Massage by Dermalogica. Water-soluble and oil-free (as its name suggests), this fluid contains calming lavender and helps purify the skin and control sebum production. Admittedly, a face massage with gloved hands makes me nostalgic for pre-pandemic spa visits, but safety first. What follows is the part I enjoy most. Keeping the dryness of my skin in mind, Sapna applies a generous layer of the Calm Water Gel, and everything about this moisturiser is appealing. It’s incredibly lightweight and feels like the skincare equivalent of guzzling a lot of water. My thirsty skin is instantly quenched. What’s fascinating to a novice like me – my skincare routine doesn’t stray past the use of rosehip oil – is the little ultrasonic tool that encourages deeper absorption of this gel, reinforcing why regular facials are a must. We turn to health and dental check-ups because the experts have tools and tricks that we’ll never know, so why not do the same for our largest organ? My skin is now ready for the thick, clay-based mask that follows. It’s rich in minerals and marine plankton, both infused to normalise sebaceous secretions. Here’s where it gets good. A dome-shaped contraption that resembles an oversized oxygen mask and is connected to a bt-accent AIR

machine is placed over my face. Insufficient oxygen causes a dull, tired complexion and skin that is slower to heal and prone to visible signs of ageing, so what this truly cutting-edge piece of technology does is plump, firm, hydrate, and revitalise it with the help of 94 percent pure oxygen. It also boosts the effectiveness of the clay mask. Win-win. A mere 15 minutes later, the “AIR Dome” is lifted off my face, and Sapna and I can chat again. Our conversation spans everything from Cambodian spices to the merits of attractive policemen – yes, I’m a talker – as my mask is rinsed off and my face is spritzed with a refreshing mist full of antioxidants to create a protective shield of sorts. An application of hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid follows, and I’m reminded why the beauty industry is downright obsessed with this substance. Not only does hyaluronic acid lock in moisture, but it also does wonders to improve the texture of skin. This one’s a must-have in any skincare routine, as is SPF, which rounds off my facial. And where do I begin at this point? My skin feels alive again, smooth and plump and radiant – and nothing like it did an hour ago. Even the residual scarring that demands a spot of concealer has faded. I can see why Dessange has dubbed the OxyCryo Therapy Facial an essential for healthy, glowing skin. And if a non-invasive alternative to a face lift is what you’re seeking, the experts here may recommend that you complement it with the Bio-Therapeutic Microcurrent that is scientifically proven to increase 80 percent hyaluronic acid production, resulting in complete facial rejuvenation. With hammams still closed and body treatments off limits, now’s the time to focus on your skin, assess any damage caused by all things 2020, and start the new year with your best face forward – literally.

Call 1771 3999 for more information or to book an appointment. @dessangebahrain



Flavonoids FTW Are you looking for a natural way to improve your skin texture and add some glow? Cover your face with chocolate! Here’s why.



BEAUTY Spotlight


f you need a reason to start the new year in good spirits, this might be it! Dark chocolate – think 70 percent cocoa or more – has been known to be an excellent ally to your general health. It can potentially improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and reduce heart disease. It contains phytonutrients called flavonoids, which are plant chemicals that act as antioxidants. Other health benefits that have been linked to the consuming of cacao are weight loss and prevention of memory loss. It’s also acknowledged as a great mood booster. However, if you need (yet) another reason that dark chocolate should feature in your life, here goes: flawless skin! The advantages of chocolate go beyond your internal health, and this is your chance to give yourself some self-love with a chocolate facial mask. This mixed fruit mask is hydrating, leaving your skin moisturised in no time.

OHLALA’s Toning Chocolate Face Mask What you’ll need: 1 banana 1 cup strawberries 1 cup watermelon 50g of melted dark chocolate (70 percent or more) How to make it: 1. Wash the strawberries well, cut the watermelon (removing the seeds), and peel and cut the banana. 2. Blend the fruits until well combined. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate and let it cool down a bit. 3. Mix the mashed fruits with the melted chocolate. 4. Apply the mask on your face and leave for 20 minutes. 5. Wash it off with warm water. p.s. Don’t be shy to devour any leftovers! www.ohlala-magazine.com


Sister Nature Built on the principles of timelessness and uncompromising quality, SEKKA 38 is rooted in attention to details, designing craft styles that are made to last and transcend seasons. The Juma sisters are behind this label, which was born out of a desire to create tailored classics for their family and friends. What started as a passion became a full-fledged brand in 2016, its name symbolic of where their fondest childhood memories were formed – sekka in Arabic translates to street. SEKKA 38’s AW 2020 collection exhibits modern femininity through polished silhouettes alongside refined cutting and stitching elements. Inspired by natural forms, it highlights the shapes of leaves and flowers via exquisite hand embroidery. And with the purpose of versatility, the abaya silhouettes range from tailored and structured to light and flowy in crepe, silk, and taffeta. Functionality and beauty for the modern woman? We feel heard.






















As Smooth as This Silk’s serves some of the best steaks in town, but its themed brunches aren’t about to take a backseat, as OHLALA’s Sara Waddah finds out.





espite the ubiquitous face masks, my dining companion and I are greeted by smiling faces at Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain, which says something of the customer service that’s about to follow at Silk’s. We’re directed through the luxurious, maze-like hotel, and arrive famished at the restaurant soon after. What greets us is a bright and airy space, and a sense of excitement kicks in as we’re ushered to our designated table. With polished silverware patiently awaiting our arrival at the table, we’re now moments away from our meal, so we take a moment or two to observe the set-up. Here, the ceilings are high, there’s both indoor and outdoor seating areas to choose from, and the restaurant is structured strategically in order to give guests enough room to tread around while

maintaining a safe distance. Outside of its à la carte menu, Silk’s hosts two different themed nights each week – Monday’s Seafood Night and Flaming Thursdays – and I’m about to try both. Buffet tables are set up at the front of the restaurant, and diners are escorted by a host so that they can select their desired dishes. These are then prepared accordingly, picked up, and served to you at your table, thereby minimising personal contact as well as any sort of contamination. How great is that? We start our culinary journey on a Thursday, and the buffet experience is a treat from start to end. We begin by piling up our table with appetisers and side dishes as a warm-up for the main courses, and quickly realise that we should’ve saved a bit more space once we tuck into the greatest rib-eye steak we’ve ever tried. It’s juicy, it’s tender, it’s loaded with flavour. Highly www.ohlala-magazine.com





Outside of its à la carte menu, Silk’s hosts two different themed nights each week – Monday’s Seafood Night and Flaming Thursdays – and I’m about to try both.

Clearly, Silk’s has figured out the secret to plastering a smile on the faces of foodies across the workweek. As for weekends? There’s a popular Friday brunch on offer, but that’s a story for another time. Even the name of this restaurant feels apt – the dining experiences here are smooth from start to finish, with enticing extras like Latin band performances or live DJ sets at the poolside terrace only adding to their appeal. If you’re on a quest for a themed brunch that offers great value for money in a warm and welcoming ambience, your search ends here.

For reservations and more information, please call 1746 0000.

marbled and with almost no external fat, it is prepared to absolute perfection – according to your preference, of course! Something else that we can vouch for? Literally anything that comes off the barbecue at Silk’s. A word to the wise: if it’s sizzling and slow-cooked, try it. It’s no wonder Flaming Thursdays is the stuff of carnivore dreams. But with my pescatarian side screaming for attention, I take a breather and brace myself for another feast, this time at Monday’s Seafood Night. It’s an entirely different buffet experience, this one, with the freshest catch of the day starring in the lead role. It’s hard to know where to start when I set my eyes on everything from sushi and sashimi to seafood dim sum, tempura, and the likes of grouper and red snapper cooked to order. As I make my way through lobsters, tiger prawns, and the sweetest oysters I’ve had on the island, the decadence of this meal isn’t lost on me. And the best part? No one can stop you from getting seconds (or thirds). Desserts are a whole other thing at Silk’s, but whatever you do, make sure you save some room for the banana split. The crown jewel is Mövenpick’s special ice cream, and it takes this classic to a whole new level. Try it now, thank us later. www.ohlala-magazine.com


CHIC Eats Crowne Plaza Bahrain Harvesters

Head to this exciting outdoor venue, roll up your sleeves, and dive into the all-you-can-eat Ribs and Wings offer every Thursday from 6pm to midnight. Imagine St. Louis ribs (the best in the market) being slow-cooked before adding a final touch on the grill: perfection! You also get to choose whether you like your chicken wings crispy or basted in one of the signature sauces. The offer is priced at BD18 net and kicks off at 6pm. Call 1753 1122 or 3992 0163 for more information.

Crowne Plaza Bahrain Harvesters

Fridays translate to quality cuts at Harvesters. Enjoy the Fat Butcher’s Platters consisting of different cuts and varieties of any meat you prefer, with options including beef, chicken, seafood, vegetarian, and more. Each platter includes five selected beverages per meal, with prices starting at BD 20 net. Call 1753 1122 or 3992 0163 for more information.

Downtown Rotana Sundeck Pool Bar

Ready, Set, Feast Meet the very best dining deals across Bahrain this month. 72


Chill by the pool and celebrate your private gathering with your family and friends at Sundeck Pool Bar while you enjoy an amazing outdoor ambience and delicious BBQ options that are bound to please all palates. Book your private gathering with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 20 people, with prices starting from only BD 12 net. Call 1313 9999 for more information or to make a booking.

Downtown Rotana Sundeck Pool Bar

Soak in the sun, enjoy your favourite bites, and take a dip in the pool while you visit Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club at Downtown Rotana. Avail your daily access to the amazing outdoor rooftop swimming pool and indulge in a free lunch specially designed for you with options from the customised Sundeck Pool Bar menu for BD 9.5 net. Available on weekdays and weekends. Call 1313 9999 for more information or to make a booking.

Downtown Rotana Flavours on 2

The Friday Brunch at Flavours on 2 is back, this time with a lavish and contemporary vision. Make your way over every Friday from 12:30pm until 4pm for a fine dining experience during which you can order all that your heart desires (and your stomach can bear) from an extensive menu that is directly served to your plate. The brunch is priced at BD 22 net with non-alcoholic drinks package or BD 32 net with unlimited drink package. Call 1313 9999 for more information or to make a booking.



CHIC Eats Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain

Friday brunches are back at Bahrain Bay Kitchen, so gather your family and friends and choose from the spacious indoor dining space, lush garden for outdoor seating, or private room for special occasions. Bahrain Bay Kitchen offers a collage of flavours, colours, and aromas, celebrating the exotic tastes of India, Arabia, and the Mediterranean. The brunch takes place from 1pm to 4pm, and is priced at BD 30 net for the soft beverages package. Call 1711 5500 for reservations and more information.

A catch-up with friends over a themed night is always a good idea. Enter: Flaming Thursdays every Thursday night at Silk’s, where a vast range of grills, flame-grilled meats, and sizzling bites await from 7pm to 11pm for BD34 net inclusive of unlimited premium beverages. Bonus: the resident DJ will get you into the weekend mood – fast. Call 1746 0017 for reservations and more information.

Bahrain Bay Kitchen

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Bay View Lounge

There’s nothing more iconic than experiencing afternoon tea at Bay View Lounge. Here, delicate finger sandwiches and fluffy scones meet a fanciful selection of pastries and the most premium coffee and tea selection in the world. There’s also an à la carte menu featuring international dishes and an extensive offering of handcrafted mocktails that are served throughout the day. The afternoon tea is served from 4pm to 9pm, and is priced at BD 31 net (inclusive of a glass of sparkling apple and date juice). Call 1711 5500 for reservations and more information.

Le Méridien City Centre Bahrain Baharat

Wednesday night is BBQ night at Baharat, serving ribs and Wagyu prime rib steak in a stylish yet rustic ambience. The buffet is priced BD 22 net including soft drinks and water, with all your picks served to you at your table. It takes place from 7pm to 11pm. Thursdays, meanwhile, cater to pescatarians – head to Seafood Night to indulge in a wide selection of fresh oysters, prawns, lobster thermidor, sushi, clams, mussels, and more, all cooked to your liking. The seafood buffet is priced at BD 28 net and takes place from 7pm to 11pm. Call 1717 1144 for more information or to make a reservation.

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain Silk’s

Experience a unique medley of super succulent seafood delicacies and taste the freshest catch every Monday on Seafood Night at Silk’s restaurant. Explore a vast range of aquatic delicacies from sushi, sashimi, seafood dim sum, tempura, oysters, slipper lobster, and tiger prawns to popular dishes such as grouper and red snapper – the talented team of chefs will prepare your favourite catch just the way you like it. Seafood Night is held from 7pm to 11pm for BD25 per person inclusive of unlimited soft drinks. Call 1746 0017 for reservations and more information.




Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea &Spa Saraya, Fiamma and Rivaaj Restaurant

The Grand Friday Brunch continues in all its glory in 2021 with an even bigger line-up of delights and live entertainment. You can enjoy the brunch in the indoor or alfresco areas and uncover an array of international dishes spread across the three five-star restaurants, Saraya, Fiamma, and Rivaaj, in an all safe environment. Every Friday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm for BD36 net inclusive of selected beverages. Call or WhatsApp 3888 5789 for reservations and more details.

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea &Spa Tapas Bar & Restaurant

The Tapas BBQ Fusion Night is an authentic barbecue experience with live entertainment of the Cuban band, Sweet Havana, and One Man Show, Robert, every Thursday and Friday evenings. Savour an array of flame-licked premium meats, seasoned and grilled to smoky perfection and dine under the starry skies of Zallaq, next to stunning sea views. From 7pm to 10pm for BD20 net (with soft refreshments) or BD25 net with free-flow selected beverages. Call or WhatsApp 3888 5789 for reservations and more details.




The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Rasoi by Vineet

On the occasion of Rasoi by Vineet’s 6th anniversary, Chef Vineet Bhatia will present a degustation menu that spans 18 courses from January 14 to 16 for both lunch and dinner – fine dining in Bahrain does not get better than this. Call 1774 6461 for more information or to make a booking.

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Sato

Warm up this winter with Sato’s authentic Sukiyaki hot pots specially prepared by chef Kevin De Guzman from January 3 to 31. Indulge in either the Kyoto-style hot pots with dashi and sweet soy stock or the 190 gram Grade 7 CAB tenderloin Sukiyaki steaks – it’s a win-win either way. Call 1774 6429 for more information or to make a booking.

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Sato

The famous SATO Sushi Day is back and, this time around, it will last the whole day! Taking place on January 24 and priced at BD 15 net, the two-hour time slots allow you to eat all you want from the sushi and maki selection menu. It kicks off at noon and will take place until midnight. Call 1774 6429 for more information or to make a booking.

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Al Waha

Thursday is Seafood Night at Al Waha, much to the delight of pescatarians everywhere. A selection of salads, hot appetisers, and desserts await you alongside the freshest selection of seafood to choose from and cooked live with your selection of sauces. Seafood Night launches on January 7, and is priced at BD 23 net. Call 1774 6425 for more information or to make a booking.

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Royal Thai

Take a culinary tour from Bangkok to Beijing with Chef Wasanee and Chef Ding, who specialise in Thai and Chinese cuisine respectively. A perfect blend of Asian flavours spread between live stations and a selection of live seafood display wok-fried in your preference of Asian sauce – be it hot garlic or Thai chilli herbs. Bonus: you can enjoy the cooler weather in a tropical setting with seating options spread between Royal Thai, Typhoon Deck, and Typhoon Garden. The Asian Family Lunch on Saturdays is priced BD 15 per person (with two beverages). Call 1771 3000 for more information or to make a booking. 76


The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Nikmati

There is magic in every corner of the resort with the opening of the pop-up concept, the Winter Chalet, located on the beach. The chalet exudes the warm and cosy atmosphere of a traditional Alpine cottage in winter, complete with the decadent smell of roasted chestnuts, mouthwatering Raclette, and a great variety of fondues. An ideal scenario for a fun afternoon with family or a picture-perfect evening with friends. Blankets will be provided to keep you warm! From Wednesdays to Sundays from 3pm to 9pm, the prices are à la carte. Call 1758 6499 or email rc.bahrz.restaurant.reservations@ritzcarlton.com for more information.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Primavera

The Rustico Family Lunch is the dining pick to enter your Friday outing. Gather your family or group of friends to savour the afternoon with a variety of sharing dishes, including Primavera’s signature Antipasti board, Braised Beef with Polenta, traditional pasta, Grandma’s tiramisu, and more. Every Friday from 12pm onwards for BD 25 per person (includes beverage package). Call 1758 6499 or email rc.bahrz.restaurant.reservations@ritzcarlton.com for more information.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Nirvana

Immerse your senses at The Great Indian Thali at Nirvana for a culinary journey, where an authentic Indian cuisine transports your palate to new heavens. From Sundays to Thursdays at 12pm to 3pm and 7pm to 11pm for BD 18 per person with two beverages. Call 1758 6499 or email rc.bahrz.restaurant.reservations@ritzcarlton.com for more information.





DIVA Drives


“Once inside, we were blown away by the sheer class, elegance, and extravagance that greeted us.”


t’s no secret that we at OHLALA enjoy the finer things in life. From exotic travel to designer clothing and premium vehicles, we just can’t get enough of the very best on offer. And thanks to the amazing team at Rolls-Royce Bahrain, our ultimate automobile fantasy finally came true when we spent the day in the new RollsRoyce Ghost. The 2021 model has been completely redesigned. It’s now almost 5.5 metres long and almost two metres at its widest point. The front end is more aggressive in nature than its predecessor, and the newly designed grille is made out of high-quality metal. The spirit of ecstasy bonnet ornament looks sublime and can be ordered in either solid silver or gold plated. This ornament can be manually retracted into the hood from inside the vehicle, but will also retract automatically if anyone attempts to handle it. At the flanks, the optional 21-inch wheels draw the eye to the centre caps that do not move when the car is travelling, ensuring the Rolls-Royce logo always remains upright. A powerful shoulder line gives the sides a robust presence, however, the sleekness of the design ensures this car never looks bulky. The body panels are all made of a single piece of aluminium with master craftsmanship, ensuring there are no joints from front to rear. At the back end, chrome-surrounded twin dual exhausts finish off the exterior with a flourish. In fact, there are chrome accents present all over the vehicle, including above the rear license plate, around the taillights, and around the windows as well as the door handles. www.ohlala-magazine.com


DIVA Drives The doors all electronically open and close. The rear doors are rear hinged, meaning they open in the opposite direction to the front ones. Once inside, we were blown away by the sheer class, elegance, and extravagance that greeted us. There are far too many magnificent features to mention in this review, but we will do our best to provide you with some of the highlights. All materials used are of the highest quality available. The leather on the dashboard, on the seats, covering the steering wheel, and even lining the door bins is exceptionally soft to the touch and the hand-stitching has been done so well that it looks like a machine is responsible for it. The wood veneers are solid, thick, and have a shiny finish, whilst everything in the interior that looks like metal is, in fact, metal. The electrically operated seats are huge and super comfortable, housing both heating and massage technology. The carpet on the floors is beautiful and thick, whilst the organ stops on the air vents add a classy touch. The glove box is spacious, while the cup holders are gilded. The dials sit behind a glass screen and, although they are partially digital, they retain a classic look. The infotainment system is basically the same as the BMW i-Drive, but with a classier font. You can use a swivel wheel on the central console to navigate it as well as via touchscreen and buttons located on the stunning steering wheel. In the rear is ample space on offer with loads of leg and head room. There is a separate climate control in the back as well as a champagne fridge located behind the central arm rest. The rear entertainment system consists of two large screens located on the back of both front seats from which you can operate the infotainment system. These fold away electronically at the touch of a button. There is an array of optional interior extras available for the 2021 Ghost, including rear-seat massage function, Rolls-Royce embossed headrest pillows, and electronic curtains for both the rear windows as well as for the rear windshield. The boot has a capacity of 507 litres and a scuff plate to prevent any loading from damaging the paintwork.

Finally, we started up the new Ghost and soon found its performance to match the level of excellence set by its design. The 2021 model boasts a 6.75-litre, twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 571hp and 850Nm of torque. This allows the Ghost to effortlessly accelerate from 0-100km/h in under five seconds and reach a top speed of 250km/h. The power of this engine combined with air suspension, a separate front suspension, an outstanding braking system, roll bars that tighten up to stop the car leaning in the bends, and a multitude of other performance features ensure this is one smooth ride. Thick, double-glazed windows and around 100 kilos of soundproofing material throughout the cabin guarantee a quiet ride that is second to none. All of this, coupled with advanced safety features, provides a secure and relaxing driving experience that simply cannot be beaten. Overall, this is perhaps the most luxurious vehicle we’ve ever had the privilege of test driving. 80


Call Rolls-Royce Bahrain on 1775 4754 for more information and to book a test drive of your very own.



MISS Ohlala

BLUE SKIES AHEAD? MISS OHLALA REFLECTS ON THE PEAKS THAT OFFSET THE MANY PITS OF 2020 IN AN ATTEMPT TO KICK 2021 OFF ON AN OPTIMISTIC NOTE. We’re stepping into the new year full of relief over the end of 2020 – finally! However, despite all the challenges and losses that last year brought to us as a global community, it’s vital to hold onto any positive aspects. For starters, women proved to be great leaders when it came to tackling the pandemic. Jacinda Ardern, prime minister of New Zealand, led a nationwide effort to eradicate the virus and became a reference to the world – and unsurprisingly returned for a second term after a landslide victory. Taiwan also fought the virus with strong leadership by its president, Tsai Ing-wen, followed by Sanna Marin in Finland and Angela Merkel in Germany. They all faced the invisible enemy head-on by opting for early lockdowns, embracing technology, and responding decisively. Mother Nature is another female who triumphed. With the world forced to stop or slow down, carbon emissions fell drastically and the result was an immense difference in the air we breathe. This pause has resulted in countries ready to make some long-term changes – China, Japan, and South Korea have all committed to net-zero emissions by the middle of the century. In the US, Joe Biden is planning to pursue a $2 trillion climate plan. Meanwhile, Apple is aiming to become carbon-neutral by 2030, and Walmart by 2040. And these are just a few examples. Now look around. What positive changes took place in your community? Did you end up doing something that you wouldn’t have if it were not for the pandemic? The truth is that 2021 is still carrying many of the burdens of 2020, so let’s once again take a cue from Pantone and look ahead with both strength and positivity, resilience and hope. 82






Profile for Ohlala Magazine

Ohlala Bahrain January 2021  

2021 is here, and we put together 100 ways to improve your relationship with our planet and with yourself. Explore our beauty findings and p...

Ohlala Bahrain January 2021  

2021 is here, and we put together 100 ways to improve your relationship with our planet and with yourself. Explore our beauty findings and p...