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The basics A Note From The Editor Style Icon: Chanel Style Focus Starters


Statement pieces Wardrobe Inspiration The KAGE Girl Fashion Meets Furniture




The details Decadence With Plakinger The Beauty Moodboard Michael Kors & Lily Aldridge


Finishing touches Travel: Hong Kong Local Escapes: The Rosewood Chic Eats: Roberto’s



October 2016 issue 12

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For reservations, please contact Eighteen Degrees on: +971 2 596 1440 Email: restaurants.capitalgate@hyatt.com HYATT CAPITAL GATE ABU DHABI KHALEEJ AL ARABI ST, PO BOX 95165 T +(971) 2 596 1234 F +(971) 2 596 1235 abudhabi.capitalgate.hyatt.com facebook.com/hyattcapitalgate HYATT name, design and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. Š2016 Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved.






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PA R I S 16









SAKURA Celebrate each day as a new beginning

Rituals connects the wisdom of ancient eastern traditions with the quality of modern day life. Our unique collection of bath, body and home products transforms your everyday routines into more meaningful experiences. Inspired by the ancient Hanami ceremony, discover The Ritual of Sakura and celebrate each day as a new beginning.






Edi t o r ’ s Letter


elcome to our lovely October issue! We have taken a bit of a different path in this month’s edition of Ohlala, wherein we look at the power of design and its influence on fashion. By taking architectural wonders around the world, we look to fresh inspiration for our wardrobes through key visionaries of the 21st century including Zaha Hadid and Ken Yeang. We also look back at the history of the most revered manufacturers of silverware: Christofle and Baccarat who have given us the most sophisticated and chic ornaments for our homes. My personal favourite feature of this issue is the Plakinger photoshoot set in Shanghai’s Waldorf Astoria. It’s a completely flawless concept of melding daring fashion with decadent settings. And for your everyday style needs, you’ll find a variety of looks to choose from, whether that’s dinner party chic with sleek and silky LBDs or going back to the future with latex laden pieces. Elsewhere in this issue we uncover Abu Dhabi’s prime boutique for a spot of interior decorating. Enter: Mosaique, where we speak to owner, Lama Qaddumi Shahin, about the store’s eclectic selections of home furniture and how she creates a hospitable and inviting atmosphere through the boutique’s design. As ever we maintain a strong presence about town and enjoy the finer things in life at the best eateries and most luxurious venues - our lifestyle section has all the information you need to live unapologetically large. We don’t need much tempting to stay at the Rosewood Abu Dhabi, or to have some me time at Atarmia Spa - enjoy!

Georgie Bradley



Editor in Chief

✑✍❚❁❐❆✿❄❉■❇❂❁▼▲✿❁❂❃❄❅❆❇❈❉❊❋●❍■❏❐❑❒▲▼◆❖◗❘❙❚❀✑✒✓✔✕✖✗✘✙✐✍✝✻✽✼✛✌✎✏ ✡✢✣✤✥✦✧★✩✪✫✬✭✮✯✰✱✲✳✴✵✶✷✸✹✺❞✁✠✃✄☎✾✆☛✈✉✿☞❛❝❜✚✜✞✟ marriot_light_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" €$€£¥₩฿руб marriot_light_italic_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб marriott_med_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб marriott_med_italic_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб marriott_bold_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? åç´ƒ©˙ˆ˚¬µ˜øœ®ß†¨¥`¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб marriott_bold_italic_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? åç´ƒ©˙ˆ˚¬µ˜øœ®ß†¨¥`¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб marriot_condensed_light_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб marriot_condensed_medium_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб marriot_condensed_bold_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $€£¥₩฿руб AbadiMTStd-Light_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆΔ˚¬µ˜øϖœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" $‚Ǩ¬£¬•‚Ç©‡∏ø—Ä—É–±

©2016 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.

AbadiMTStd-LightItalic_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆΔ˚¬µ˜øϖœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" $‚Ǩ¬£¬•‚Ç©‡∏ø—Ä—É–± AbadiMTStd_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆΔ˚¬µ˜øϖœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤≥÷ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" $‚Ǩ¬£¬•‚Ç©‡∏ø—Ä—É–±

Start the weekend in an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication with Giornotte's new bubbly Friday brunch.

Re-launching with a new bubbly package, Giornotte’s Friday brunch at The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal shines with over 30 masterfully presented live cooking stations as well as a dedicated dessert room in Dolce café. Linger longer with an after-party at Sorso bar with a selection of handcrafted beverages and resident DJ on the decks. Starting at 295++ per person.

For more information and reservations, please contact +9712 818 8282 or email abudhabi.restaurants@ritzcarlton.com.



Style Icon

HIGH CHARM Make like Mademoiselle Chanel and adorn yourselves in dazzling jewellery with sparkle. Lots and lots of sparkle. Chanel have created some of the most exquisite fine jewellery pieces youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ever find




NEW AMERICAN STEAKHOUSE A modern take on the classic American steakhouse has arrived in Abu Dhabi. Think tender hand-cut selections of dry-aged beef, grilled to perfection. Crisp salads, fresh seafood and the world famous JW New York Cheesecake, all prepared with inimitable flair. Classic crafted concoctions and a boutique menu of world class grapes. JW Steakhouse: for the best steak in town. Visit jwsteakhouseabudhabi for offers and promotions.

JW Steakhouse at Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates T. 971 2 304 7777 www.ohlala-magazine.com 21 www.jwsteakhouseabudhabi.com jwsteakhouse.abudhabi@marriott.com




FOR THE F O E V O L N O I H S A F trends, find inspiration with 16 AW e th o int er ep de tle lit a g Diggin gue, but are also wonderfully vo in ly on t no e ar at th s ok lo r ou sense of style curiosity different and for anyone with a






pie @ Srre h tyl ard ebo y p


maison margiela


lee savage @ net-a-porter.com




roland mouret

It’s PVC galore and shiny pieces with this space age trend. Don’t overthink it, dress to stand tall and strong with galactic confidence alexander w ang

vetements @ stylebop

the kooples

maison margiela sophie buhai @ net-a-porter.com

sheriff cherry @ net-a-porter.com





Abu Dhabi

Mention “Ohlala” to receive Dhs150* Resort Credit per room per night upon booking Resort Credit can be used at any of our award-winning dining establishments or spa.

A Magical Escape to an Arabian Oasis In Abu Dhabi

Discover the allure and enchantment of the grand golden-white building.Your senses are bewitched by the hotel's impressive architecture, with its fine Arabic décor and full of warm tones. The hotel is connected by a winding waterway featuring Arabic traditional boats, known as abras.You lie back, utterly relaxed, while the abra slowly meanders throughout the verdant garden scenery. A day like this lingers forever. And it all begins at Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi.

Please contact our Customers Sales Representative to make a booking. For more information call (971 2) 509 8630 or email reservations.slad@shangri-la.com



*terms and conditions apply *valid until 31 December 2016



Del Rio london @ stylebop






p kem der om van er.c ald port ron net-a@


animal Instincts roberto cavalli

No need to try and tame this print. Approach it with fierceness and extravagance for maximum appeal and glamour


ileana makri @ stylebop illesteva @ net-a-porter.com





k ja enn y l et an h e

topshop unique @ net-a-porter.com

ABUDHABI: Khalidiyah Mall | Dalma Mall | Al Wahda | Marina Mall | Mushrif Mall DUBAI: The Dubai Mall | Mall of the Emirates | City Centre Mirdif | Arabian Centre AL AIN: Bawadi Mall www.ohlala-magazine.com KSA | QATAR | BAHRAIN | OMAN




dolce & gabbana

philosophy di lorenzo serafini

boutique moschino

MSMG @ Stylebop

MSMG @ Stylebop

victoria Beckham

Prim & Proper

karl lagerfeld

alexander mcqueen

Embrace romance in indulgent dressing up with frills, dramatic blouses and lovely details that bring out your beautiful femininity

nina ricci



moda operandi johanna ortiz @ net-a-porter.com

miu miu




Image by Bambah bambah.com

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aurelie bidermann

r mcqueen

aurelie bidermann

Malone Souliers @ stylebop

alberta Ferretti

needle thread @ net-a-porter.com

Luxe Fabrics


anna sui @ net-a-porter.com

Rich velvets and intense prints that bring out a sense of decadence is the way to rework your daytime, not just evening, wardrobe


moda operandi jil sander @ stylebop Valentino






pra da

Focus val ent


de lf in

ad el et

tr ez

alice mccall @ stylebop

Simone rocha @ stylebop

jenny packham

Dinner Party Chic

esteban cortazar @ net-a-porter.com

kenneth jay lane

Pieces that show off your contours and create a sharp silhouette are perfect for riveting come-dine-with-me moments

roland mouret moda operandi hervĂŠ leger


alexander mcqueen



Freedom & Femininity

Emirati brand, KAGE was born of Edie Sedgwick inspiration, the pop art icon and muse to Andy Warhol. We talk to designers, Basma Abu Ghazaleh and Arwa Abdelhadi about cat love and the cut-throat nature of the fashion industry How did you get started in fashion? My partner at the time and I were both at a point in our lives where we wanted to leave our jobs and embark on a new journey. We went through many ideas together, all creative. Travelling to London together inspired us. We shipped back fabric rolls and accessories which we collected from our trip and started designing. The KAGE brand was born and our first collection debut was A/W09. Why did you decide on creating such a contemporary aesthetic (micro-prints) in your clothing? ? For A/W16, we were inspired by fabric. While exploring, we came across 3D Tulip and Cat prints which mesmerised us and so we designed the collection based on the material. Describe the A/W16 collection for us? It’s combinations of streamlined silhouettes that are met with this season’s contemporary lengths concluding in an understated approach to winter dressing. Shades of hazy greys, earthy browns, twilight blues, soft reds and greens are incorporated with playful cat and tulip prints. Simplistic shapes and cuts are used with soft shirt cottons, giving an instant update that reinstates a light-hearted sprightly aura. What are the challenges you’ve faced in your work? Keeping up and working ahead of schedule is key and most challenging in the fashion industry which is a fast-paced, cut-throat industry. It’s also a very competitive business so making sure your brand is constantly evolving is very important and challenging as well. Are you focused exclusively on the Middle Eastern market or do you design in a way to gain a global reach? Our designs are well suited for the Middle Eastern as well as the Western market. While designing, the KAGE girl always comes first. She is a girl who loves to explore, travel and doesn’t take fashion too seriously. www.ohlala-magazine.com



la perla

vintage everyday


la perla

Concept Korea

Alexander Mcqueen

Sophisticated Lines



a nm



Legends have captured modern life as we know it with fluid abstractness and a sense of detailing. Black and white has never looked more sleek

polo ralph lauren

frame @ net-a-porter.com

zaha hadid

pierre hardy @ stylebop

m2malletier @ net-a-porter.com

stella mccartney 34


Abu Dhabiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Annual Tradition returns Opening October 5th, until October 14th Live music daily from 18.00 Advanced reservations for group bookings strongly suggested, minimum charge of AED 100 per person Food-Musik-Gemutlichkeit Only at the Beach Rotana... For bookings call 02 6979011 or email fb.beach@rotana.com



victoria beckham

rochas burberry prorsum

Mother Earth Architecture has become more environmentally conscious when it comes to infrastructure. We love being green, organic and inspiring foliage fashion

aurelie bidermann

jil sander

dolce & Gabbana

Maison Margiela

giambattista valli


dolce & gabbana


miranda kerr in burberry

city developments limited

manu atelier @ stylebop

ken yeang malone souliers @ stylebop 36



a piece apart @ net-a-porter.com

Happy buildings give way to happy wardrobes. Embrace a sorbet of colour, mix and match your primaries and wear them with spontaneity

hector luengo

gas bijoux @ stylebop

emilio tuñón & luis mansilla

Marco De Vincenzo @ Stylebop

Make It Pop




marques’ almeida

teatum jones

anya hindmarch

emilia wickstead

diane von furstenberg

kitzig interior design

leaf xia




cornelia webb @ net-a-porter.com

nina ricci

lassila hirvilammi

nina ricci

ruth slavid



Going Au Naturel



Sergio rossi


kenneth jay lane

miu miu

Ralph lauren

mes demoiselles @ stylebop

rick owens @ net-a-porter.com

Muted tones and woody features are what make this architectural form wonderfully basic and chic. Shades of brown have never looked so good



Designer Marcel Wanders by Anja Van Wijgerden


Uber Taste

The proliferation of style over function when it comes to our home pieces is a mainstay of interior decorating. At the forefront of this new wave of design is Dutch Marcel Wanders who opens up conversation with every lamp, chair or table he creates. He talks to us about his collaboration with Christofle, where his ‘outside the box’ ideas come from and his favourite part of a home What is your design philosophy? Philosophy of life and design – it’s about eternal pieces. I create pieces that last a lifetime and more. I believe that designs that are created to capture the past and present will remain throughout life and will have more meaning than something created with a modern design.

Does your inspiration come from somewhere specific or is it all over the place?

Jardin d’Eden - Candél


To me it’s very simple. It happens if you are honest and straightforward. We think and we have been shaped to think that we are rational beings, but we are not. We are emotional beings, and way more than just our brain. That is how we are human. That is the most important underlying ideal behind our work. Our work is truly spiritual, emotional, rational and a reflection of what we have to give.

What’s your favourite part of a home and why?

I love it when a home has nice large spaces. But I really do like small spaces as well. I think it’s important as a designer to create both; it’s really easy to create big ones and forget small ones. It’s very complex.

Which part of the world do you feel has the best sense of home design and décor and how do you feel about the Middle Eastern sense of home design and décor?

It’s hard to answer this question – I see people, around the world, but outside of their home environments. I have seen them in the US, Europe and Asia. On average I have seen 10-100 homes, which is really not measurable. Some 40


people really love to spend time and energy in their home, and they design their home as a place to celebrate. And some people care less. Some areas in the world are more equipped to do beautiful and wonderful designs. We make sure we touch the culture and tap into it and utilise the beauty of the place. As for the Middle Eastern sense of design, I think there is a beautiful sense of craft. People really find a way to put those qualities in their modern houses. Transparency in Middle Eastern homes is beautiful. The psychology is evident in the home.

Are you more of a traditionalist or modernist?

What is fundamental to my work is the context of modernism: the past is irrelevant to the future. To me, if that is the thinking, it means that the things I create today will be no longer be relevant tomorrow. I decided that I will incorporate living with the past and bringing it into the future, with all my work, linked to the past with innovation of the future. That is how my mom and daughter lives. And this is what my collections have been built on, such as the grandfather clock and Jardin D’eden (Garden of Eden) for Christofle.

What made you decide to partner with Christofle?

It was around 10 years ago that they asked me to do a project with them and I remember it took a few years till we got something we were both happy with. There were so many ideas and concepts being shared from both sides. Some that didn’t fit their vision and some that didn’t fit ours. We finally came up with the Jardin D’eden concept; we started working together based on that.

What is the inspiration behind the grandfather’s clock, what does the clock represent to you? Different, clocks have lost their functionality completely. Everyone has the time on their wrist, phone, iPad, etc.. It has now become completely functionless. We only have it because they are reflections of time and the

past. These are not easy; we are not trying to design easy products. It is very difficult, special and precious – it takes incredible craftsmanship to make this piece. The clock has three hours working in it, so you can customise what you want to measure on it. We live in an international world. I don’t have a specific person in mind, but I do feel that the piece I made is for the people who probably like and value showing that life is worth celebrating. And those objects express something to people - it shows that you care about them and that they really connect in a bigger part of your life. Give them something eternal. People who want to view this as an eternal piece are my clients for this piece.





LUXURY LIVING Personal space is an indulgence we love to explore. Both Christofle and Baccarat have always given our homes an injection of glamour and sophistication. We look at their most unique pieces through history and how they came to be through a visual chronology of their empires






Since its founding in 1830, the Christofle House has sustained its unique know-how of silvercraft, while continuously modernising techniques and applications throughout the years. Christofle’s exceptional pieces, which includes original creations by designers and artists, re-editions and reproductions of historic pieces, and custom orders are all produced in its Haute Orfèvrerie workshops, currently located in the Christofle factory in Yainville (Normandy), France. Internationally renowned designers and artists, some of whose pieces are exhibited in the world’s most prestigious museums, work with Christofle, expressing their creative talent through the unparalleled knowledge of Master Silversmiths. Artists who have left an indelible mark on the world, such as Italian architect Gio Ponti or Danish designer Christian Fjerdingstad, and, more recently, French designers Martin Szekely and Ora-Ito, American artist Michele Oka Doner and Dutch designer Marcel Wanders contribute to the stylistic evolution of the 44


brand’s Haute Orfèvrerie Collection. Christofle regularly re-edits pieces from its heritage collections, thereby perpetuating age-old gestures and manufacturing techniques. These exceptional objects, whether decorative or practical, are the privileged witnesses of an era and the embodiment of inspired creative minds. Beyond this exceptional production, Christofle remains loyal first and foremost to the spirit of its founders, who cherished modernity and innovation. With the soul of a pioneer, Christofle has always associated its name with major creative movements and with famous artists like Man Ray and Jean Cocteau, avant-garde architects like Gio Ponti, modernist silver designers like Lino Sabattini and Christian Fjerdingstad, today’s designers, such as Martin Szekely and Andrée Putman, and, more recently, Ora-Ïto and Karim Rashid. As the years pass, Christofle continues to distinguish itself through the spirit with which it imbues all its collections.


Since 1764 Baccarat has written the chapters of its remarkable history in sparkling letters. Founded in Lorraine, by permission of King Louis XV, the world’s most famous Crystalworks has, over the ages, become a symbol of superb craftsmanship and French Art de Vivre. The name Baccarat reverberates like an echo of outstanding pieces, extraordinary places and unforgettable parties. Baccarat’s prestigious pieces, which met with great acclaim and won a number of prizes at the various Paris Universal Exhibitions since 1867, to this day illuminate the most outstanding palaces and locations around the world. These range from the impressive collection of chandeliers for the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, to the pieces commissioned by Napoleon III for his royal apartments in the Louvre and the Tuileries. Baccarat has never ceased to amaze, turning every instant into a rare and precious moment. In addition to seducing such personalities as the Duke and

Duchess of Windsor, Prince Aga Khan III, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco, Josephine Baker and Aristotle Onassis, Baccarat’s designs immortalise both the elegance and excellence of its craftsmanship. This know-how is at the forefront of progress, handed down over the centuries by elite craftsmen and the symbol of an incomparable heritage. Inspired by alchemists’ elemental secrets, glassblowers, cutters, engravers and gilders put their peerless talent to the service of perfection. Each timeless work of art takes you on an exciting journey through light and creativity. Each carafe, glass, vase, flacon, every chandelier embodies an ultimate promise, an experience to be lived but first and foremost shared. Filling your home with Baccarat pieces represents history and gives your space a regal touch. For 250 years Baccarat has been the icon of exquisite moments of celebration and has created truly unforgettable experiences. www.ohlala-magazine.com


Musings with Mosaique We all love an afternoon shopping for interiors. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect lighting fixture or coffee table book to complete a room. We find an ideal place to while away many hours: Mosaique where we speak to Managing Partner and Creative Director, Lama Qaddumi-Shahin Mosaique is a concept boutique. What does that entail? At Mosaique we want to give our customers the best, most unique pieces from around the world. We want them to feel like they have entered Aladdin’s cave with interesting bits on offer for their spaces and so the boutique is really a carefully edited curation of contemporary pieces sourced from different parts of the world. Our collection includes furniture, rugs, dishes, art, books, lighting and stationary - pretty much anything you could ask for to add to your space, an elegant, stylish, hip and cosy touch. When they enter the boutique, customers can expect unique limited pieces, gift ideas, an original mix of home accessories to personalise any space, interesting art and tailored interior design consultations. We currently have pieces from more than 20 designers from as far as the US and Thailand and many places in between, very much an East meets West story. So it is always exciting and definitely a surprise when you come to see the boutique. 46


What was your vision when you first decided to open the store? I started the boutique in April 2014, when my husband and I moved to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. I was on the hunt for something special and unique, unusual pieces for our new home and I felt there was a real dearth in the market. My vision for Mosaique was to become a one-stop shop that customers trust and come to if they are looking for something unique. I wanted to bring the best in design from all over the world and make it accessible to homeowners and décor devotees in the UAE, which I feel we have managed to accomplish. I am proud to hear my customers say that if they saw it at Mosaique, they trust that the piece is exceptional quality and checks all the boxes in terms of design quality. You’re an architectural interior designer by training, what did you learn that you use the most in your job now? I have always been passionate about interior design. After completing my degree in Business Management I immediately went on to study

Ohlala Spotlight

“Each item has a story, as literally each item has been hand picked” Architectural Interior Design in London. This training has definitely given me an advantage when sourcing pieces for the boutique. Knowing the technicalities of design, I have an eye for pieces that are well constructed and can gauge quality and functionality of every item making sure our customer gets only the best. What kind of projects have you worked on in the past? As an Interior Designer I worked with top interior firms that specialised in hospitality and high-end residential projects. I enjoy designing projects, turning people’s dreams and wishes into reality. Most recently I designed a Ramadan tent and a car launch event. What kind of items do you sell? Is it purely interior pieces? Besides the typical interior pieces, you will also find unique gift ideas, books, stationary etc. in the mix. Also a large majority of our pieces are handmade, some even limited editions and we have a few designers exclusive to Mosaique in Abu Dhabi, if not to the UAE. We are constantly looking and researching for new international and local, established and upcoming designers too. I am often asked what is your favourite brand or piece...my answer is simple. If it has made it through Mosaique’s front door that means I’m in love with it.   What’s the boutique’s vibe? What kind of space is it? It is important for us that our customers feel welcomed when they enter our premises, and we have taken several steps to ensure that. We have a very friendly staff that is waiting to help you, and we also offer a bespoke personal shopper consultancy service so you can get advice on your purchases.The vibe is modern, minimal and eclectic at the same time; you will feel like you have entered a treasure trove with the options on offer. What is your own interior decorating style? Predominantly contemporary with accents of bright colours and some classical/traditional pieces. I believe your style has a lot to do with who you are and where you’re from. Though different every time, you will find my personal touch in all interiors I have worked on, as I believe design is an extension of one’s character and ability to adapt. How do you feel interior style and aesthetic has changed in the UAE over time? I think the UAE has come very far in terms of design overall, the country is host to a diverse group of people from all over the world. Customers here understand and appreciate good design and welcome modern design to their homes. Our customer is very savvy, very well travelled, has exposure to amazing sights from all over the world and has the purchasing power to afford quality pieces. Mosaique is in the Nation Galleria, located on the Abu Dhabi Corniche Road www.ohlala-magazine.com


Decadent Days & Nights There’s something gloriously vintage about shooting a lookbook in a hotel. It’s glamorous, dramatic and hauntingly beautiful. The Shanghai Waldorf Astoria stars alongside PLAKINGERS’S AW16/17 collection where the lavish suites match the strikingly elegant dresses while the hotel’s rich history chimes with the 1970s vibe of the collection. From the glossy Sicilian marble floors to the retro furniture to the chic fireplace, the romance of the collection shines through Words by PLAKINGER

“The Shanghai Waldorf Astoria is more than a hotel. It’s where the exclusive Shanghai Club, a British gentlemen’s club, was created in 1911” 48




â&#x20AC;&#x153;The AW16/17 collection is inspired by Jerry Hall and her love story with Mick Jagger. The Waldorf symbolises this sense of grandeur, the luxury and extravagance displayed by rock stars in the 1970s. Our collection is a tribute to the splendid vibes and glamour of this iconic and welldocumented relationshipâ&#x20AC;? 50


“We liked the hotel’s tasteful elegance. From our graphic red pieces to our metallic dresses, we wanted to play with the contrast between minimalist androgynous style and formal cosmopolitan elegance. It was easy for our collection to blend in with these sumptuous surroundings because of how they sublimated our silhouettes”



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our collection mixes sophisticated looks with fluffy knitwear pieces. The silk floral slip-on dress is very homely for instance, perfect to unwind by the fireâ&#x20AC;? 52




â&#x20AC;&#x153;We imagined Jerry Hall dancing barefoot in the alleyways wearing a glitzy gown, or lounging in her bed tucked in a red fur coatâ&#x20AC;?



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Female empowerment is at the heart of PLAKINGER. Our clients are educated and confident women who work and live by their own rules. They earn money, they travel for business trips and they wear power suits at the officeâ&#x20AC;? www.ohlala-magazine.com


girl gone wild Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing subtle about Amato Couture. In fact, there never has been anything small-scale about Filipino Furne Oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s designs. The over-the-top aesthetic is of supreme elegance and captures all that is beautiful and otherworldly about couture. Photographer: Rozen Antonio Models: Magda & Malgosia of MMG Models Hair & Makeup: Jojo Dantespadua Styling: Furne One













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extreme volume, colab Paris

Infatuated red velvet Matte, nars

Better than love waterproof mascara, Too faced

Remi sabbah

Nude Remix, Little Round pot, Bourjois

Globetrotter Queen

Star of social media and entrepreneurial fashion designer, Remi Sabbah has gone from taking baby steps to being a global icon with the launch of her brand, Mademoiselle Epaulette. Now the creative sensation has reached international levels of recognition, so she shares with us her favourite

louloudance, Christian louboutin

items to travel with.



ever bloom perfume body cream, Shiseido

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Blurred lines Moodboard

All thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trending & cool & definitely



lantern sense

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judy wu

kenzo Aw16

Beauty Talk

A first glimpse We took a fabulous trip to Dubai to be one of the exclusive guests in the region to try and test L’Occitane’s new approach to anti-ageing with their Divine Harmony collection 64


L’Occitane En Provence does it again for women in need for a younger look, battling wrinkles, fatigue, and in need of that elusive glow. The new collection focuses on enhancing harmony both inside and outside the body with the help of two signature products: Divine Harmony Serum and Divine Harmony Cream. The Lowdown

Divine Harmony Serum: With active ingredients held by 5,000 micro-drops of Immortelle Millésimée and enriched with Jania Rubens, both infused together melt into the skin, offering a lightweight effect. Also, to keep in mind, the bottle is eco-friendly which you can be refilled at any given time. The serum also offers a youthful plumpness, smoothness and adds definition to the contours of the face. Divine Harmony Cream: Revive radiance and slow signs of time with this uplifting cream. The cream is smooth in texture and melts into the skin with its active ingredients, which provides hydration and a comfort feeling to the skin. Use daily and night after cleansing the face. But for those with an oily skin type, forgo during the daytime and use only at night for a hydrating result. Did we mentioned it is also an eco-friendly packaging?

Beauty Focus

The future of


Estée Lauder, pioneer in the beauty department, introduces the new advanced night repair recovery mask. Banish visible fatigue on the skin and jump onto the youth bandwagon with this groundbreaking product. Being the first of its kind and with a ‘dual-matrix’ foil-backed sheet mask, it will reset the look of your skin.



A wonderful spirit



Beauty Insight

Whimsical beauty and muse to Michael Kors, Lily Aldridge chats about his latest fragrance and what the scent means to her What do you love about the Wonderlust fragrance?

I love that it’s a very sophisticated floral scent. Which makes it versatile, it carries me from day to night. What does Wonderlust mean to you? To me, Wonderlust is all about living life with a sense of adventure! Paving your own path with confidence and allure. What has been the most memorable part of working on the campaign? Shooting the campaign with Mario Testino. We were on a gorgeous yacht off of a beautiful island. It was so glamorous! It’s something I’ll always remember. What is your first scent memory? I grew up in California so my first scent memory is the smell of the ocean mist. No matter where I go, that smell makes me feel at home. Why did you choose to be the face of Wonderlust? I’m so honoured to be the face of Wonderlust. I love being a Michael Kors woman! This campaign is all about adventure, glamour, and luxury – which is so inspiring. What more could you ask for! You and Michael are known for your great chemistry. What was the set of

the Wonderlust campaign like? We had so much fun! Between Michael and Mario, we were just laughing the whole time. I love them both very much and couldn’t ask for a better team to get to experience this with. What’s been the most Wonderlust-inspired thing you two have experienced together? Shooting this campaign was very Wonderlust! It was jet-set and spontaneous, something Michael and I really embraced. If you could go on a dream vacation, where would it be? I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan to explore a new part of the world. What do you think makes a woman beautiful? Confidence! That’s the most genuine and pure form of beauty. It’s so important for women to see their own beauty. It’s why I’m drawn to Wonderlust. How do you prepare physically and mentally for a shoot like this? There really is no way to prepare but to be ready for anything! It’s important to be able to have fun and enjoy the moments. I’m so grateful to be a part of the Wonderlust campaign. How spontaneous are you? Very! I love a good adventure, sometimes it’s the most fun when you decide to pick up and go without a lot of planning. Your career seems like quite the adventure. How has your life evoked the Wonderlust spirit? My world revolves around traveling the world at a moments notice! I love that about my job. You never know where tomorrow will take you!



Beauty Column

The Digital Dilemma Angela Beitz dissects why the #bodygoals of 2016 are unattainable and unnecessary Maybe I’m just getting old, but I really feel sad that the classic, feminine beauty of icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn have been taken over by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner with their fake, pouty lips and breast cleavage peering out from under the crop top. Call me old fashioned but is this really what we want to look like? Have the likes of the Kardashians really taken over in place of good old fashion chic simplicity and natural beauty? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for an Instagram filter and I’m hardly going to post a picture where I look horrible but I still want to look like myself and not like a cartoon character or Snapchat filter. It’s part of my job (and my own personal pride) to look presentable and I like to look good. But that look is my best possible self not like someone else or a ‘mannequin’ version of me. Clearly social media is partly to blame, there are so many pressures in society to look ‘perfect’ or a certain way, not to mention maintaining a fabulous lifestyle. “I’m having a better time than you” blares from Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, we are all guilty of it. Most social media is all about FOMO, worrying that something better may be currently happening elsewhere. Social media constantly shows women with super toned bodies, long luscious locks, perfect eyelash extensions, carefully lined lips, contoured faces and more. It’s hard to keep up with the phenomenon. But here’s some food for thought….no amount of paleo diets, green smoothies, squats and crossfit will give you the combination of a Kardashian waist and bottom, Karlie Kloss’ legs or Olivia Palermo’s bird-like arms. The combination of D-cup breasts, tiny waists, sculpted abs, big butts and thigh gaps inches-wide are not achievable or realistic. Kim Kardashian often wears a corset for up to 15 hours a day and also tries to sleep in it to achieve a super tiny waist. There’s even been rumours about getting two of her ribs removed to make her waist smaller. There’s nothing wrong with looking and feeling great and eating well and exercising is so important, but you’ll never feel better than when you are being yourself. 68


Power Woman

Finding Inspiration This month, Manar Al Hinai shares advice on the importance of aiming high and maintaining focus

When I was a little kid,

I wanted to be all sorts of things when I grew up. I wanted to run my own acrobatic circus, be a teacher, volunteer as a doctor in a war-torn country, and become a top-notch computer geek. Perhaps all of that sounds good, maybe a bit too ambitious for a child, but the thing is that I wanted to be all of that at once. Yikes! I know. Things did not change much when I grew up. One of the perks of being part of a country like the UAE is that you are constantly inspired to achieve more. The energy of the country is extremely ambitious and driven that it rubs off on you, and you feel that you are always on the lookout for new ideas to help build this country and contribute to the world. And so I continue to build my goals, and am inspired to start so many business ventures. There are exciting opportunities out there that I would like to be part of each and every one of them. Social media and globalisation also makes it easier for you to gain inspiration. If you have a Pinterest account, then just a simple browse would inspire you to either upholster that armchair you have lying around or perhaps build that breakfast cafĂŠ business you have been dreaming about for a while. You may actually feel overwhelmed by all that research and inspiration browsing that you do not feel like you are inspired any more. But is there a thing as inspiration fatigue? You bet there is. Here is

what you could do to remain focused and maintain your high energy levels. Find your focus. While you may be interested in so many things, you might find that you are extra interested or perhaps passionate about one or two things. Take your time to find out what they are and then go ahead, and do you research. Never rush inspiration. Working with deadlines is great, but when you are at the inspiration phase, take your time to find out what really clicks in your mind. Inspiration always takes place when we are not looking for it. Do things that you enjoy, and get talking to people because before you know it, something will click in your mind. You could also take on a new hobby, or simply go on a trip to find out more about what you could enjoy. Usually great ideas are a solution to an existing problem, or an addition to something that people lack - something they never knew they needed until it was available. And they also come when we are not stressed about finding them. Being constantly inspired is not a bad thing, but do not let it take a toll on you to the point where you lose focus or get tired before you even start. Take your time to find out what you really like doing and then follow that passion in your heart. Manar Al Hinai is award-winning Emirati writer and entrepreneur. She manages her branding and marketing consultancy in Abu Dhabi. Twitter: @manar_alhinai/website: www.manaralhinai.com www.ohlala-magazine.com




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6/14/15 10:15 AM

Out of the ordinary Angela Beitz checks into one of Hong Kongâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oldest hotels to be dazzled by a world where old meets new



Travel Escapes

“We slide up to the hotel’s main doors in our Rolls Royce and our bags are quickly whisked away while our check-in is attended to flawlessly” When you are greeted at Hong Kong airport in a Rolls Royce Phantom, it instantly becomes clear

this is not going to be any old hotel stay. The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong is all about providing memorable experiences and we’re off to a good start. You can also be picked up at the airport by the hotel’s helicopter and arrive on the rooftop of the hotel and there’s a special rooftop lounge, exclusively for guests travelling by chopper. What a way to leave an impression on your guests before even arriving at the hotel. The Peninsula Hong Kong opened her doors in 1928 for the first time and has been welcoming guests and patrons from all over the world in true Peninsula fashion ever since. Every great lady has a history, and The Peninsula is no exception. Hers is a remarkable story of vision and evolution with the architects who, in the early 1920s drew plans for “the first hotel east of Suez”, doing so at the behest of men whose foresight and confidence in Hong Kong was considered audacious at the time. We slide up to the hotel’s main doors in our Rolls Royce and our bags are quickly whisked away while our check-in is attended



to flawlessly and we are in our room within about five minutes of arriving. One thing we love about this hotel is that it has a history, you can feel it as you walk through the front doors and are taken back to a whole different era. We are staying in the Grand Deluxe Harbour View Room and the views from Tsim Sha Tsui looking over Victoria Harbor to Central on Hong Kong Island are simply breathtaking. There is nothing better than being privy to a fabulous view that makes you feel you are really enjoying the best of the city you are visiting. It’s the small details that explain why The Peninsula Hong Kong is considered as one of the world’s best hotels. The Oscar de le Renta toiletries in the bathroom are such a nice touch along with free wifi and wireless VOIP phones but what we were seriously impressed with was the nail dryer. Yes, that’s right dear Ohlala readers, a nail dryer. The rooms have a gorgeous dressing table with a hairdryer and lit-mirror along with a nail dryer. It seems they’ve thought of everything. The rooms is controlled by a Samsung tablet that is super easy to use unlike other hotels where it takes half an hour to work out how to close the curtains or turn the lights off. The hotel has worked out how to blend the luxury combination of old world elegance with all the modern gadgets seamlessly. The rooms have been revamped in the last couple of years and are painfully chic with beige and dark timber furnishings, plush carpets and hints of Asian design. The huge bathrooms are original and decadent, there are twin sinks so you don’t have to share, a huge bathtub that you can watch TV in and a lovely rain

shower. There’s a wide selection of Asian teas, a big Nespresso machine, a wine chiller and fresh fruit is delivered daily. Another clever detail is the multi device charger next to the bed so none of your devices will ever go flat. No detail has been overlooked. There are a few must-dos when staying at this iconic hotel. The first is their high tea. It’s legendary worldwide and if you’re not a guest, there’s a long queue in the foyer that will have you waiting for an hour or two. Everyone should try it at least once. We sip our tea when a three-tier platter of scones with jam and cream, cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches and watercress quiche is delivered in front of us and the top tier is covered in petite fours and cakes. On our visit we were very lucky to be privy to a special Tiffany & Co themed high tea where the top layer of petite fours and cakes were themed in Tiffany & Co blue and small blue boxes. Perfection. This is a timeless and opulent high tea experience that we would highly recommend. Another must-do at The Peninsula is a visit to the spa. The Peninsula Spa offers guests a deeply personalised spa experience with over 12,000 square feet of the ultimate in luxury and tranquility. The space boasts spectacular views of Victoria Harbour with stylishly designed treatment rooms for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Two exclusive ‘spas within a spa’ are available for a luxurious private spa experience and are ideal for couples. The Spa’s design fuses traditional Chinese elements with contemporary flair featuring warm tones of marble, rustic woods and textured granite. Men’s and women’s relaxation rooms are equally lavish, with hammam-style steam rooms, saunas www.ohlala-magazine.com


Travel Escapes





Travel Escapes

“It’s the small details that explain why The Peninsula Hong Kong is considered as one of the world’s best hotels” and crescent-shaped, aromatherapy experience showers. We were lucky enough to try a facial by Margy’s Monte Carlo during our stay. Launched exclusively at The Peninsula, Margy’s Monte Carlo is an anti-ageing programme created by renowned beauty expert Margie Lombard and used by a who’s who of the world’s most beautiful and famous women. Featuring four unique, highly effective facial treatments that incorporate a range of rare active ingredients and high-quality, Swiss-made products developed specifically to slow down the signs of ageing. We try the Ultimate Aesthetic Facial Treatment by Margy’s (1 hour, 40 minutes) which is a highly effective treatment that uses revolutionary technology to administer ultrasonic waves and controlled warmth to the skin’s deeper tissues. This pioneering treatment transforms the skin from the inside out by stimulating the growth of fresh new collagen and new elastin with collagen refill technology, tightening skin, reducing wrinkles and combating the signs of ageing, leaving skin looking and feeling smoother, visibly firmer and younger, where optimal results will be seen within three months. We can say hands down this is the best facial we have ever tried and it felt like we’d some sort of non-invasive fact lift. Our skin was plump, clear and bright. When visiting the spa we recommend using the facilities beforehand and the beautiful partially open air Roman-bath style pool, with waiter service. Both the pool and the state of the art fitness center have unobstructed views of the harbor. The plethora of restaurants at this iconic hotel is very impressive with lots of variety starting with fine dining at the Philippe Starck designed top floor Felix, again with amazing views, classic and upscale Cantonese at Spring Moon, romantic French at Gaddi’s, modern Japanese at Imasa, a cool speakeasy bar hidden below the lobby; and Chesa, serving Swiss alpine classics like spaetzle and fondue in a charming space. The Verandah is also a standout, with a beautiful breakfast spread with delicious options in a pretty setting which is such a refreshing experience to the usual tired buffet options. The Peninsula is a truly great hotel and we can almost guarantee you will be impressed. It’s certainly opulent and dear but it’s truly worth it and you’ll remember your stay for years to come. 76




Ohlala Arabia Bringing style across The Middle East

Follow us www.issuu.com/ohlalaarabia 78


Slick & Sophisticated With its polished design and excellent service itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not hard to see why the Rosewood Abu Dhabi is one of the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best



Local Escapes

As you enter the Rosewood Abu Dhabi

you instantly know you are in for a treat. The beautiful 5-star hotel located on Al Maryah Island is the epitome of luxury; it’s got all the mod-cons you could want, yet maintains the character and charm of what you would find at a sophisticated boutique hotel. The hotel boasts excellent service and it can truly be said that Rosewood Abu Dhabi offers a memorable stay whether you are simply visiting for one night or longer. The training of the staff and the elegance at every turn are what truly make this hotel exceptional. From the first moment to the last, staff go out of their way to make sure all your needs are met, that the room is just how you like it and that you will want to come back soon. The elegance is noticeable in that furnishings, décor and artwork are eclectic, and the style doesn’t just cater to older notions of opulence that rely on heavy gold plating and white marble. The iconic tower houses 154 guestrooms and 35 suites, 131 serviced residences, nine restaurants, and a stunning spa. The inspiration for the Handel Architects-designed tower comes from the glistening Arabian Gulf and the vast desert that surrounds Abu Dhabi city. As with every hotel in the Rosewood collection, the property embraces Rosewood’s A Sense of Place philosophy by reflecting the culture, history and geography of its location. The 34-storey tower is a dramatic modern structure covered with reflective glass, which was chosen for its daytime shimmer and its nighttime luminescence. The curvilinear architecture of the 470-foottall building is designed to suggest the movement in this vibrant city and the inspiration for the interiors of the hotel comes from the meeting of land and sea, desert and sky. The hotel has a fabulous location and it is just seconds away from The Galleria Mall which boasts high end shopping and lots of cool eateries. The views extend over turquoise waters which look out over other islands and the cityscape of Abu Dhabi. The hotel has an equal feeling of enjoyment for business or leisure. Our Executive Room was impressive and we were overwhelmed by the size, the practical layout and all the different drawers, cabinets and gadgets to explore. Featuring rich, lavish décor in contemporary tones and a high-tech, integrated iPad room management system. The room is open plan, and is so thoughtfully designed that you can comfortably lay back and take a warm bath, whilst watching your favourite shows on the television, which is placed in a position that is easily viewable from the oversized tub. The bathroom itself is set in fine Italian marble, featuring a private rain shower, double vanity, and luxury Roberto Cavalli amenities. There’s a sliding door partition between 80


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our Executive Room was impressive and we were overwhelmed by the size, the practical layout and all the different drawers, cabinets and gadgets to exploreâ&#x20AC;?



Local Escapes



Local Escapes

“A live show kitchen, a stylish speakeasy bar and friendly staff, create a welcoming ambience”



Local Escapes

“From the first moment to the last, the staff go out of their way to make sure all your needs are met” the bathroom and bedroom for privacy if necessary. The hotel is certainly not short on space. There are nine dining venues and eight event spaces for meetings and social occasions of every size. The restaurants include Mediterranean, Italian, Spaniard, Lebanese and Indian foods served in their traditional fare, but with modern interpretations. Collections of wine and cigars allow for some special comforts within the hotel too. With nine restaurants to choose from, you can have something new for lunch and dinner every day. Our biggest recommendation for food is Dai Pai Dong. It’s inspired by the street food movement with a menu that showcases interpretations of classic Chinese dishes. This place does incredible and honest Cantonese cuisine, at an unbelievably reasonable price. They’ve just launched new menu items while still keeping their most popular dishes. You have to try the crispy Szechwan beef, assorted dim sum, and the delicious wok fried beef tenderloin. A live show kitchen, a stylish speakeasy bar and friendly staff, create a welcoming ambience. Sense Spa is also a must try and there are so many amazing treatments to choose from. Our favourite is the Gulf Cure which is a two-hour detoxifying and restoring treatment that utilises a treasure chest of minerals and antioxidants of natural organic seaweed. A rejuvenating Luscious Salt Scrub is used to remove dull, dry skin and prepare the body to be wrapped in strips of nutrient and mineral rich  Laminaria seaweed. This highly effective marine plant will impart natural vitamin compounds to improve the suppleness and elasticity  of the skin and revive aching, fatigued muscles. Then you are treated to a full body  massage with nourishing Angelicus Serratus body oil, enhanced  with Rosehip and Evening Primrose oils to improve cell structure and  boost skin renewal. This treatment is so relaxing and leaves your skin so smooth and hydrated, we loved it. There isn’t a part of the Rosewood experience that isn’t highly fabulous. Being in a prime location and having an overall contemporary vibe, you feel like you’ve come up in the world of hotel sophistication. If you’re looking for a complete hotel experience that offers great attention to detail and homely touches, then we cannot recommend this glorious property enough. The Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Island, 2 813 5550





Health Files

Shine & sparkle We try a decadent facial at Atarmia Spa that takes on a new level of luxury 86



hey say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but if you can’t afford the real thing then a Diamond Facial may just be the next best thing. The Diamond Experience Facial promises bright and fresh skin and we can’t wait to try it. At Atarmia Spa, their healing treatments follow the four powerful philosophies of Brilliance, Opulence, Majestic and Lustrous. Whichever philosophy you choose to follow, all four have been designed with the utmost expertise to target your specific needs, and are delivered with passion. The Diamond Experience Facial comes under the Opulence category and these treatments are the most sophisticated and luxurious at Atarmia Spa making use of gemstones, caviar, diamonds and other most precious ingredients, combined with cutting-edge science to promote intense and visible anti-aging results. As soon as we entered the spa our stress seemed miles away. We love this spa as it’s a real sanctuary of calm. Decorated in soothing earth and grey tones, the space is calm and serene with lines of lanterns in the long hallways. After enjoying the facilities (you must try the whirlpool, it’s so relaxing and gets you in the spa mood) we are ushered to our treatment room. Our feet are washed with mineral salts and we talk about our current skin-care routine and areas of concern. The facial is renowned for delivering visible tightening, lifting and redefining of the facial contours. Undergo an outstandingly effective facial massage with shiatsu and firming techniques as well as the Diamond Experience Lifting mask to intensely redefine the face’s shape and increase cellular regeneration. If you are looking for luxury in a facial, you can’t do better than this. While they don’t use actual diamonds in the treatment, the ingredient is very close and the products are of high quality. During the facial, three diamond stimulants were placed on our chest in order to create balance for the body and mind, but what makes this treatment great is the products and techniques. Our face was double cleansed and toned while a head massage was then performed while our fruit enzyme peel was sinking it and removing all dirt and dead skin cells. Our skin is then exfoliated again and creates a soapy foam that feels a bit bubbly and you can really feel it working. Once this is removed a serum is applied to our face and an uplifting massage is performed. A final hydrating mask is then applied and while this is soaking in, using the whole of her forearm, from fingertips to elbows, our therapist then massaged our neck and shoulders and arms and then strategically stretched our arms, legs and back in order to realign our body. Our skin looked refreshed and hydrating and our fine lines were diminished which always makes us happy. Spoil yourself and book yourself in for this decadent facial, your skin will thank you for it. AED1,100 for 120 minutes, Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Villas and Hotel 2 407 1235.

Soak It Up


Our picks for the best treatments and offers for October Rayana Spa

Bodylines, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana welcomes you to experience serenity on October 15 at the Wellness Awareness Day. Organised in association with Fit First Class with an aim to educate the public on ways to enhance health and lead a long, spiritual life. Taste healthy food, learn new tips on beauty, boosting your health and nutrition and experience new ways of breathing and serenity. AED 100, bookings are required. For information or

Tara Rose Hair & Beauty If you’re looking for a fabulous new season style and colour then Tara Rose Hair & Beauty is the perfect place. Their team of British and Canadian hairdressers love to create highlights, haircuts and hairstyles tailored to each of their client’s desires. The beauty salon also offers a full range of massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, spray tans and waxing. Step through the door of their friendly, light and airy villa in Khalifa City A for a warm, professional experience. They also specialise in make-up and hair extensions. For information or reservations call: 2

Emirates Palace Spa, Emirates Palace Get in shape for party season with body contouring at Emirates Palace Spa. Visit for a complimentary consultation before choosing between the Cool Shaping for targeting stubborn areas or the 3-Max for tightening and toning. With every Cool Shaping and 3-Max treatment during the month of October your will receive a complimentary 20-minute Lymphatic drainage treatment to help increase circulation for detoxification and to with aid slimming. 3-Max treatments AED 695. Not valid with any other promotions or discounts. Valid through October.

583 2065

For information or reservations call: 2 690 8888

Zen the Spa, Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Need some time to yourself to rejuvenate? Relax, refresh and rebalance with a luxurious 90 minute treatment at Zen the spa in the month of October and receive an AED 100* voucher towards your next treatment. Let the dedicated Spa Team of therapists with high level of competencies and skills offer a wide treatment menu. Conditions apply. For

The Ritz-Carlton Health Club, The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal It’s time to get fit after a lazy summer slump, so take advantage of the Group Exercise Classes offer at The Ritz-Carlton Health Club. There’s a limited time offer for October on select group classes: cycling, boot camp, TRX, Boxfit, lower and upper body pump, core and high intensity training. Prices start from AED 35 for one session (special price for resort members). For information or reservations call: 2 818 8144

information or reservations call: 2 697 9333

reservations call: 2 657 0220

Tips & Toes Let Tips & Toes’ expert therapist ease tired and aching muscles with long, strong movements during a Swedish Massage, or for those looking for maximum relaxation, lay down and loosen up with a calming, indulgent Balinese Massage. Throughout October ladies can enjoy this enticing pampering package – usually AED 600 – consisting of an Express Mani/Pedi, Swedish or Balinese Massage and a Hammam Ritual or Express Facial at a special price of AED 495. For information or reservations go to www.tipsandtoes.com

Rayana Spa at Hyatt Capital Gate We love this stunning spa for its modern and sleek décor and their refreshing treatments. A natural setting of desert tones creates a relaxing environment, a place where you can get away from the hustle of life. For the month of October, Rayana Spa is offering special deals on their fabulous treatments. Book the Rayana Balinese Massage AED 199 for 60 minutes or AED 259 for 90 minutes. If your complexion needs some attention, then book the 60 minute Balinese Massage and a 30 minute Express Facial for AED 359. For information or reservations call: 2 596 1100 www.ohlala-magazine.com


Chic Eats

Inspiring Italian We try the newly opened Roberto’s Abu Dhabi to find a sleek location with fantastic food 88



he opening of Roberto’s in the capital has been on the cards for a while and we’ve been eagerly waiting to try this iconic restaurant that is already very popular with its DIFC, in Dubai, location. We visit on a Thursday night and the restaurant has a great buzz. The restaurant is located in The Galleria Mall and it’s so great to see this fantastic location opening more and more great eateries. The venue is swanky and high end and the décor is tasteful with rich wood floors, purple and orange accents and lots of flair. We love the small tomato and chilli pot plants on each table, such a nice touch. The restaurant feels like a fine dining venue with a relaxed atmosphere which is a hard combination to get right but Roberto’s have perfected it. Roberto’s boasts a Roman devotion to food with Venetian hospitality and Milanese flair resulting in a unique and homegrown reinterpretation of Italian cuisine. The menu consists of old and new, classic and modern, traditional and contemporary with signature Italian authenticity. The menu is large and we take our time perusing it as there are so many great options to choose from. To start, we settle on two options for the Crudi Bar, which is a great selection of raw items. We choose the tuna tartare which was fresh and delicious with yellowfin tuna, generous slices of avocado, cherry tomato and sour cream. We simply loved this dish for its simplicity and amazing flavour. We also ordered the beef carpaccio which came with peppery rocket and parmesan cheese seasoned with just the right amount of Maldon salt flakes and again was fresh and delicious. We also tried the Octopus which had been boiled in salty water to retain a soft, tender centre and then chargrilled to give the outside a lovely crisp texture and smoky taste. It came served with a rich cheese sauce and perfectly cooked artichokes. Delicious. We then moved onto mains and we simply couldn’t go past the pasta dishes. The menu has so many mouthwatering options including homemade fettuccine with Canadian lobster, green asparagus and sweet garlic, homemade ravioli filled with burrata cheese with fresh pomodorina sauce and basil and many more. We went for the Frutti Di Mare - al dente linguine with a subtle tomato, olive oil, garlic and parsley sauce with fresh seafood including prawns, mussels, clams and crab. We also choose the fusilli with pepper ragu and cheese sauce which was full of flavour and perfectly cooked. Dessert options are also great, so we opted for the blueberry and raspberry foam which was a new take on a crème brulee and the pistachio gelato. The gelato was the best we’d ever had and the flavour of the pistachios was incredible - with a bit of chocolate gelato blended in there too. We think Roberto’s will be a big hit in the capital whether it’s lunch, dinner or after-work drinks, you’ll feel welcome and at home here from the moment you enter with their excellent service and amazing food. Roberto’s, The Galleria Mall, Al Maryah Island, 2 627 9009

Beach House, park hyatt abu dhabi hotel & Villas

18 Degrees

October Dining The finest food in the city, we say Butcher & Still,Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island Get ready to experience a fabulous new restaurant as the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi presents a modern interpretation of a 1920s prohibition-era Chicago inspired steakhouse. Serving prime-cut American meats, great sides and classic cocktails, Butcher & Still is sure to become a new dining favourite. Sleek contemporary design contrast the retro décor elements, featuring rich dark woods and distressed leather banquettes. For information or reservations call: 2 333 2333

Nahaam, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers One of our favourite brunches, Nahaam at Jumeirah Etihad Towers is back every Friday, 12:30-3:30pm. Kick back with a jazz band and ten varieties of live station cuisines with pool and beach access. We love the decadent dessert station! This brunch is an absolute must-do for any keen foodie. Prices range from AED 285-AED 495. For information or reservations call: 2 811 555

Giornotte, The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal In support of breast cancer awareness month, Giornotte is hosting Pink Friday Brunch where patrons will be able to make donations to the Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation. For each brunch purchased, AED 25 will be given to

the foundation. This fantastic brunch will be happening on October 7 from 1pm-4pm. Packages range from AED520 to AED 320. For kids, AED 65 children below 12 years; AED 206 children aged 13 to 16 years; children under four years dine complimentary. For information or reservations call: 2 818 8881

Beach House, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas Start your weekend with stunning beach views and an egg-squisite breakfast fit for a king at The Beach House. Reinventing the way guests see Eggs Benedict, the menu introduces several takes on this breakfast classic from Steak & Egg Benedict, Florentine Benedict to Berries Benedict and a mouthwatering Beach House Special Benedict, with King Crab, Avocado & Caviar and much more. Friday and Saturday, 9am-11am. For information or reservations call: 2 407 1138

JW Steakhouse, Marriott Hotel Downtown The Marriott Hotel Downtown is now open and so is its fabulous new steakhouse – JW Steakhouse. A modern take on the classic American steakhouse, think tender hand-cut selections of dry-aged beef, grilled to perfection. Crisp salads, fresh seafood and the world famous JW New York Cheesecake, all prepared with flair. Classic crafted concoctions and a boutique menu of world class grapes. For information or reservations call: 2 304 7777

Sayad, Emirates Palace Make October a month to remember by indulging in all the finer things in life that can be found at Emirates Palace. Caviar is considered the food of kings and, throughout history, it has been regarded as the world’s most luxurious food. Visit Sayad this month to sample a four-course meal featuring a selection of premium caviars from AmStur Caviar-

tawa bakery

tawa bakery

one of the world’s most renowned purveyors of these precious orbs. Savour oysters, crab, foie gras and lobster as you become better acquainted with AmStur’s full range of caviar. For information or reservations call: 2 690 7999

Tawa Bakery, Al Raha Beach Enjoy a fantastic breakfast at the UAE’s first homegrown, 100% gluten-free café which offers a delicious all day breakfast. Available from 8am Sunday-Saturday, the 100% gluten free menu has a wide selection of delectable dishes to serve all tastes and dietary needs. Try Tawa Bakery’s famous mouth-watering French Toast, served with mixed berries compote and whipped cream. Choose honey or maple syrup to go on the side too and add caramelised bananas or fresh strawberries for a fruit boost. Delicious! For information or reservations call: 2 556 6900 www.ohlala-magazine.com


Ohlala Boutiques

THe Galleria dining collection Abu Dhabi’s luxury fashion and dining destination The Galleria announces The Dining Collection, having secured leases to bring seven more leading restaurants to its current collection. Sitting alongside popular existing restaurants such as Zuma and Bentley’s Bistro, the new venues include La Petite Maison, Roberto’s, Coya, NusrEt, Sa-mar, Eat Greek and Loca. The Dining Collection will represent one of the most desirable dining destinations in the Middle East, reflecting The Galleria’s commitment to delivering excellence to the capital. 90


PEDRO Expect an opulent palette of dark to bright, highlighting the feminine form and exuding confidence. Accentuate tasteful elegance by pairing suede booties with caged pumps with pleats and lush contrasting textures.



Ohlala Boutiques

It’s All You at TRYANo TRYANO’s autumn campaign is all about texture, pops of colour, silhouettes and surprise elements. With emerging and regional brands like Sandra J, Amanda Navai, and Rula Galayini, as well as international favourites like Burberry, and CH Carolina Herrera, TRYANO proudly boasts a selection of the most sought-after designers.

Zara home Fall in love with Zara Home’s A/W16 collection. The fashion-girl-favourite retailer is already a go-to store for your wardrobe, but those in the know also visit the wallet-friendly chain for its chic and affordable home décor. Think bright candles and candle holders along with gorgeous cushions in rich floral fabrics. 92


Kenzo x H&M

KENZOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collection for H&M is a unique celebration of the brandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vibrant heritage: full of vivid prints, details and playfulness. Colours and prints are contrasted and clashed; while sporty shapes add urban energy. The KENZOxH&M collection will be available in the Middle East in selected H&M stores on November 3.



Diva Drives

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Like its predecessorthe FF,the GTC4Lusso is a supercar for allthe family, but also improves onthe outgoing model in every singleway


errari’s new shooting brake was launched recently, so we travelled to the Italian Alps to try it out. To the untrained eye, the GTC4Lusso is very similar to the FF. This is because the new car’s designers were told that the Lusso must have the same exterior dimensions – length, width, height – as the outgoing model. However, they were also told that the new car must look better, boast better performance, and be more spacious and comfortable than the FF as well! Make magic, in other words. And magic they have indeed made. On closer inspection, you’ll see that the GTC4Lusso has had a significant revamp on the styling, looking sharper, more modern and stylish, yet with classic Ferrari 94


lines, especially along that long sweeping bonnet and at the rear of the car. Although different, it’s still unmistakeably Ferrari. The interior has been significantly redesigned too. Again, looking more modern and futuristic, one of the most significant advantages is the inclusion of the passenger-side controls in the ‘dual cockpit’ design. This means that the passenger can essentially act as co-pilot, with their own information, audio and navigation controls on the dash in front of them. It still comfortably seats four passengers, with an added 16mm of legroom in the rear over the FF, and an added 50% of storage space throughout the car, with up to 800l in the rear for shopping, luggage and so on. Never has power been so practical! There’s also a lovely, light and airy atmosphere to

the whole passenger cabin thanks to the front-to-back panoramic sunroof, essentially creating a ‘glass dome’ effect. In terms of performance, the GTC4Lusso still boasts that glorious Ferrari V12 engine. It is phenomenally powerful, putting out 690hp and 697Nm of torque, making for a 0-100km/h time of just 3.4 seconds. This is in spite of the fact that the new engine is also more efficient and economical than the old one. Like the FF, the new GTC4Lusso also boasts a highly sophisticated all-wheel drive system that makes for incredible grip and performance. However, the GTC4Lusso improves on this significantly with the addition of all-wheel steering as well. The rear wheels turn slightly to assist with cornering, and the improvement to the

handling and safety is huge. The grip for such a long car is unbelievable – it handles pretty much like you’d expect any Ferrari to handle, except unlike any other Ferrari it can do so with your whole family on board! The GTC4Lusso is the closest you’ll get to a limousine from Ferrari, which means that you don’t have to compromise on performance just because you’ve had a family. You get the best of both worlds! Power, AND practicality. www.ohlala-magazine.com


Gulf Related Press Conference Gulf related held a press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi to announce that Al Maryah Central is now 50% leased, with over 785,000 squarefeet of signed leases, in a significant milestone for the development and is set to open in August 2018. Over 60 more brands have been secured with leading retailers including Dubai Holding Group, Majid Al Futtaim Group, Chalhoub Group and Al Tayer Group.



Carolina Herrera GOOD GIRL The region’s selective top VIPs, press, and retailers were exclusively invited to witness the grand reveal of Carolina Herrera New York’s new fragrance ‘Good Girl’ at Penthouse One, Palm Jumeirah. The event’s exclusive location was a perfect reflection of the perfume itself: bold and sensual, exhibiting the essence of a modern woman.

Kate Spade Autumn Collection Kate Spade New York introduced their Autumn Collection at Mall of the Emirates in collaboration with the Fashion Influencer Deema Al Asaadi. Expect a chic lineup of florals, sparkles, and pastel colours, mixed with black and white pieces as well as menswear-inspired items to balance it all out, along with their usual cool and quirky accessories.



Miss Ohlala Miss Ohlala relives the fashion days of her childhood and isn’t a fan I am normally giddy with excitement as I open the


Not loving the



pages of each new fashion magazine that arrives on my desk, whilst savouring a cup of Earl Grey tea and a violet cream. But for the first time in my 18 years of subscription to these magazines, I was thoroughly disappointed with the September issues and the trends for this A/W. After trawling though the first 130 + pages of adverts, a late 80s/early 90s revival clearly emerged. A cocophony of velvet, Prince of Wales checks, tweed, shearling and cat prints. It brings back distant memories of school tartan kilts that smelt like wet dogs when they got soaked through by the rain, and standing awkwardly in the corner at teenage parties wearing emerald velvet scoop neck bodies and homemade prom dresses with shoulder pads. I would prefer such memories to remain distant memories. Saint Laurent’s take on the 80s shoulder pads will do no one any favours. A very close friend of mine has a velvet phobia and just can’t bear to touch the material and I can see why. Even the ladylike Prada velvet dresses left me feeling cold. And as for the rushed dresses at Preen, my first thought was “well that would be a comfortable maternity dress”, which is never a good commendation. Tartan should be reserved for athletic Scots men or teenagers in mini-skirts. Whilst I admit Shearling is exceptionally warm, and would’ve been very useful in my university days when queueing outside nightclubs, I wouldn’t actually want to be seen wearing it. Tweed only works in the British countryside when paired with Hunter wellingtons and a working dog. Tweed blazers...yawn, military coats...yawn, “dark florals”... yawn, “pretty” punk... yawn. It also became apparent to me that if you’re short of cash and you want to look like you are straight off the catwalks at Sonia Rykiel and Balenciaga, all you need do is pull down your most dated chintz curtains and fashion yourself a long floaty dress, then cover an old pair of knee high boots with the same fabric and hey presto... I can’t even get excited by the colours that are trending this season. Staple black, and old-fashioned Victoriana or upholstery colours such murky greens and browns. I know we all like a good period drama (hello Poldark), but do we need to dress like Queen Victoria. Richly textured fabrics have their place, but only in the hands of experts like Valentino. The sickly sweet violet hues as seen at Michael Kors and Miu Miu are basically unwearable unless you look like the lovely Gigi Hadid. Thank goodness for Alexander McQueen’s constellation dresses and broaches that sparkled in comparison to the drab collections that filled the pages of the September issues. Though I would definitely need to wear one of the constellation dresses with a slip underneath, for modesty’s sake.

Quintessential Chicago Classic Glamorous Vibes Vintage Design

Rich in character and buzzing with energy, Butcher & Still is taking the capitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s social dining and drinking scene by storm. Serving prime-cut American meats and great sides, this vibrant restaurant echoes a 1920s Chicago steakhouse to provide a truly distinctive experience. Visit us and see why Butcher & Still is the hottest new destination in Abu Dhabi.

For reservations please call 02 333 2222 or email us at contactus.abudhabi@fourseasons.com

The restaurant will be open daily from 7.00 pm until 11.00 pm. Reservations are highly recommended.

Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island, Hotel Lobby Level www.fourseasons.com/abudhabi FSAbuDhabi




100 www.ohlala-magazine.com

Profile for Ohlala Magazine

Ohlala Abu Dhabi October 2016  

For The Modern Middle Eastern Woman

Ohlala Abu Dhabi October 2016  

For The Modern Middle Eastern Woman