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February 2017 issue 16

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Selection of desserts and Wednesdays, 18:00 - 23:00 CROWNE PLAZA ABU DHABI Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street | +971 2 616 6166 *Price is subject to 10% service charge, 6% tourism fee and 4% municipality fee


Editor’s Letter


elcome to the February edition of Ohlala, which includes our annual bumper beauty feature. As always, this fine section is beautiful to look at, informative with updated tips and tricks on how to master looks that might seem only viable on YouTube tutorials, and thoughtful when it comes to catering to all women of all skin types and needs. Your make-up bag will thank you for it! As for other beautiful spreads in the magazine, I think you’ll be mesmerised by our designer focus on Zaid Farouki. Our region has such a wonderful tapestry of modern and traditional culture which feeds into a fascinating fusion of fashion which Zaid honours and achieves with great panache. His style aesthetic has everyone talking at the moment. And while


CHANEL Métiers d’Art Show Backstage PARIS COSMOPOLITE 2016/17 Makeup CHANEL © CHANEL 2016 Photos: Benoît Peverelli

this lacklustre time of year wears us all a bit thin, we decided to play around with our style section and turned our usual fashion inspiration pages into characters. We all have a story to tell – our backgrounds, especially with today’s globetrotting ease, are colourful and checkered. Fashion unlocks the character; it highlights and enhances it. Some of us are demure, some more gregarious while others are painfully stylish with just but a simple ensemble of black and white separates. Whatever your style calling, embody the woman you are or who you want to be and let our pages give you the confidence to own it.

Georgie Bradley

Editor in Chief

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First Word

Love M

cQ ue


ByS ymphony

I’ve never really been

Me Do

a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s the cynical, deeply sarcastic Aussie side of me coming out as we were always brought up to think of this day as a corny, commercial waste of money. I’m much more into the element of surprise and I love small gestures that are special and meaningful. However, this year as I plan for my nuptials in July it’s got me thinking of scents for my wedding day. I evoke scent with memory from the smell of my mum’s Estee Lauder Youth Dew or when I was a child, to the scent of coconut scented sunscreens that filled my Aussie summers. I was lucky enough to interview Celine Roux, Fragrance Director at Jo Malone London again this month who is always an enlightening inspiration and who in my opinion, has one of the world’s most enviable jobs. She confessed to owning over 70 plus perfumes including the whole jo Malone collection plus special editions and things she’s worked on over the past years. I love the idea of her living and breathing the brand and it’s inspired me to go with Jo Malone Red Roses for my wedding day. Classic, chic and romantic. Have a great month!

Angela Beitz


, Editor

City Close, Country Quiet Connect with your Valentine overlooking the golf course while relaxing in our Heavenly Bed. Awaken your senses with a four course menu at Sacci Restaurant, including house beverages and power up next morning with an energizing breakfast in your room or at Fairways Restaurant. Enjoy this all-inclusive Valentines experience from 1100 AED + taxes per night in a double room.

For more information, please contact +971 02 616 9999 or Follow us on




Style Icon

Starry Eyed

Portuguese jewellery maker, Maria João Bahia knows how to ignite a burning desire for unique luxury. This necklace, Constelação, meaning constellation, is made of yellow, white gold, emeralds and diamonds. This incredible feat of craftsmanship can blast you into a cosmic wonder where you are a dazzling statement.



Wish List 2. Light My Fire Nothing says romance more than a rose scented candle from Diptyque. This super lush fragrance will set the mood for the perfect evening.

1. Cuff Love Chunky chains are a key accessory trend this season and this stunning number from Chloé is perfect.


Is In The 3. Let It Linger Chanel’s new N°5 L’EAU, has a floral heart of greener jasmine and ylang-ylang swirled into rose.


6. Scarlet Red Shoulder grazing earrings make the perfect statement for a Valentine’s Day date. Go mismatched or classic red a la Oscar De La Renta’s bejewelled numbers.

Your guide to the most stylish gifts to treat yourself

7. Wings Of Love Roger Vivier introduces the Wings of Love - a graphic design, like a heartbeat with striking love.

4. Put A Ring On It Anyone who’d love to add a few blooms to her ensemble should consider Kate Spade’s In Blossom collection. 16

5. Shining Star The best bags have a powerful wow factor thanks to bold colours and quirky features. We simply adore this stunning clutch from Delpozo.

9. Red Blooded

8. The Finer Details

Let your feet do the talking with these gorgeous gem red heels from none other than Jimmy Choo which are simply perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Embrace the day of love with refined lingerie from La Perla that is fiercely feminine and uber romantic.

13. Say It With love Longchamp’s dream Valentine’s Day collection of handbags and clutches are enough to make any girl swoon.

10. Romantic Ruffles Stray from typical red with this gorgeous number from Johanna Ortiz. Embrace refined ruffles and perfect tiered frills for a look with a difference.

12. Lip Service Pucker up with the aptly named Valentine La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick from Guerlain. We love the strong red and berry shades.

11. Flirtatious Florals Florals are the perfect go-to for this type of occasion and they are always a firm favourite for their tried and true staying power. This boho dress from Zimmerman is super ideal.

Saint Laurent



YOU? Are you one to make or break the rules? We step into this month with an air of free spirit and fun as we present to you, a book of different style characters for you to choose from


Zaid Farouki




Bring together the most statement-making pieces where she’ll glitter, glow and shine and be the centre of attention just the way she likes it. Roberto Cavalli

Reem Acra

Rick Owens

The Drama Queen


Kenneth Jay Lane

Alexander McQueen


es Ch



Bint Thani

Alexis Bittar


Needle Thread

Bint Thani


Alaia; theoutnet

Malone Souliers

Kenneth Jay Lane



UAE: Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai | Burjuman, Dubai | Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi | Grand Centrale, Sharjah | Grand Centrale, Ajman Al Naeem Mall, Ras Al Khaimah OMAN: Oman Avenues Mall, Muscat | Grand Centrale, Barka QATAR: Mall of Qatar, Hyatt Plaza BAHRAIN: Seef Mall Opening Soon QATAR: Doha Festival City, City Centre Doha & Ezdan Mall (Wakrah) BAHRAIN: City Centre Bahrain


Ingie Paris

Stella McCartney

een r McQu de Alexan

Delpo zo

Kenneth Jay Lane




Carolina Herrera

The Lovely Lady

Stella McCartne


arqi Madiyah Al Sh

T-Wang; Stylebop

Giambattista Valli

Inge Paris

Focus Alexander McQeen

Dina Khalife


Tabitha Simm net-a-porter ons .com


Tickle her fancy with delicate, ruffled and playful numbers where sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll feel like a modern princess. She loves a pretty wreathed headband, too.




Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Diane Von Furstenberg


Elisabetta Franchi

Hussein Bazaza

Peter Pilotto; Styleb


Fred Banana

The Rule Breaker Freestyle is the name of the game, here. She doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t consider matching, but clashing all styles together. She embraces and epitomises norm core.

Carolina Herrera

Emilio Pucci

Liselore Fowijn

J.W. Anderson






Paul Smith

Marni -port et-a

Etoile Isabel Marant

An dr e


n an hm For



Oscar de la Renta

Alexis Mabille

Her body is her temple. She knows what she wants. With her strong and knowing palette, she can pull anything off, with just her oozing confidence.

Halston Heritag

The Femme Fatale


The Row

Christian Siriano

Elie Saab

Marc Jacobs

Johanna Ortiz

Preen; Stylebop

Ralph Lauren



Gia si


Christian Louboutin

Diane Von Furstenberg

Giuseppe Zanotti

Anya Hindmar


Marc Jacobs




Dries Van Noten

Sensi Studio


Marni Eyewear



Carolina Herrera




Acne S


Robert Clergerie Stylebop

Marc Jacobs

The Natural Goddess

CeĚ line


A serene and calm approach to fashion, she is at one with her surroundings. Her subtlety is warm and her peace and tranquillity with life, her strength. Aurel



Phillip Lim

ie Bid


Marc Jacobs


an; S



Larsson and Jennings

day, nner on Valentine’s di e at tim in , tic an m For a ro French cuisine! you can’t beat classic vory bubbly paired with sa of s as gl a th wi t ar St 3-course before indulging in a chocolate strawberry , oysters, scallops, duck g in ur at fe u en m r’s love g desserts, while adorin lobster tail and sinful the Grand Canal. the beautiful views of 14th February | 7pm

- 11pm | AED 369 pe

r couple

2 404 1931 For bookings: +971 e abi@venetianvillage.a or brasserieflo.abudh

sm fee, 6% touri subject to arge. Price is ch service and 10%


4% mu


The Venetian Villa

n Abu Dhabi, Grand

ge at The Ritz-Carlto







A worldly riot of pattern and colour, she confirms her status as a fully charged fashion guru, from picking up global inspiration along the way.

Stella McCartney

Isabel Marant

Tory Burch

The Cultured Nomad Victoria, Victoria Beckham

Etro Hervé Léger

Needle & Thread

Tory Burch

Duro Olowu



The Kooples


Sensi Studio



Pippa Small



Traditions As modern as our region is, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also home to centuries of wonderful heritage. Of late, there has been a resurgence of deep-rooted culture in fashion form. Emerging designer Zaid Farouki is decidedly bridging modernity with tradition in the most artistically, conversation starting, ways 30





“Imagine my woman as an urban woman, powerful, appreciates art and the finer things in life”


hat’s your background, how did you get to where you are now? I have roots in five Arab countries, I am an Arab and I am also an American. I have always wanted to become a fashion designer. When it came to the idea of applying to universities and picking my major, I was told that as long as I got a degree in Business I could do whatever I wanted afterwards. So that is exactly what I did and I moved to Washington DC and attended the American University and majored in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration but I always felt that I wasn’t feeding my artistic side enough. I then enrolled myself in art classes and also added a Studio Art minor, which included painting, sculpting, and multimedia. I also started my own fashion blog In my final year in DC, I applied to Istituto Marangoni in Milan and I got in. At that point, I knew that’s where I was meant to be and what I was meant to do. After receiving my degree in Fashion Design I moved to London and attended Central Saint Martin and took specialised courses in couture techniques and embroidery as well as hand painting. What are we supposed to think and feel when we see your work? The aim is to change the way we consume art and to allow you to wear your art collection rather than keeping it at home.









â&#x20AC;&#x153;No matter how dramatic the piece is, I always make sure it can be worn in a comfortable wayâ&#x20AC;?


“She wants to be visible, not in a provocative way but her presence will be counted for” What kind of woman do you see wearing your designs? Imagine my woman as an urban woman, powerful, appreciates art and the finer things in life. After a day of meetings and socialising, she heads back to her penthouse to change to attend the most talked about event of the season. That woman is not shy of herself or the power she demands. She wants to be visible, not in a provocative way but her presence will be counted for - classiness is a subtleness that is key. Do you see your work as creations more than clothes? Yes, I do view them as creations, as I produce one-off pieces. With each piece, there is a story and thought process behind it. Moreover, every detail incorporated into the creation holds a certain significance. Are you more fashion over functionality? No matter how dramatic the piece is, I always make sure it can be worn in a comfortable way. Do your loyalties lie with modernity or history when it comes to your pieces, or do you mix it up? A mix of course, I love seeing a woman wearing a creation that looks modern but infused into it layers of art, teachings, and heritage creating this modern identity celebrating the wearers thoughts, ideas, and culture. Are you drawn to art? Creating is my way of life. If people classify it as art, then I breath, live and eat art. Unpack Dripping Amends for us - what’s it all about? While creating the Dripping Amends collection, I Imagined a woman of contemporary values walking through the hallways of a 16th century châteaux. As she explores the estate throughout the night, with nothing other than candles lighting her path and wax dripping onto her clothes, she emerges a different woman. Who are your own style heroines? Strong, independent women. I draw a lot of inspiration from the women in my life, especially my mother. Which designers do you feel represent the best of fashion at the moment? The femininity of Elie Saab, the charismatic woman of Dolce & Gabbana, the timeless elegance that Karl Lagerfeld suggests in Chanel, the creativity of Hussein Chalayan and Iris Van Herpen. You showcased recently during Dubai Fashion Forward - how was that for you? Fashion Forward was the platform that allowed me to showcase my work to the world, as I launched my debut collection in October 2016. I have participated twice already as it is the leading regional platform. You recently also launched your first atelier in Dubai. How is 38

Designer “I love seeing a woman wearing a creation that looks modern but infused into it layers of art, teachings, and heritage creating this modern identity celebrating their thoughts, ideas, and culture”


the scene for you compared to the U.S. and London? Although I had lived abroad at that point for seven years and didn’t consider moving back to the region, I knew deep down that no matter where I’d go I will be Arab and I would therefore embrace my identity and celebrate it by believing in it and becoming part of a cause bigger than myself in putting the region on the design map. Launching in Dubai has allowed me to start my company in very little time. Furthermore, it allowed me to achieve certain milestones I would not have been able to achieve abroad. The scene is still small compared to London and the US, but we are growing as we have fashion conscious trendy consumers, with many regional rising talents to fulfil this crave for fashion. Where do you see the Middle Eastern fashion scene going? We come from a region that has the great financial ability to influence the fashion industry throughout the world. Arabs, being one of the largest consumers of fashion in the world, allow us to fulfil one part of an ecosystem, where the buyers are present. On the other hand, fashion designers are needed to complete the whole circle. We have talents that are proving themselves day by day, talents that are reaching global recognition.


Chic Intentions Embrace the subtle charm of feminine dressing as per Amato Coutureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sartorial sensibilities. Have your moment in a sweep of flowers, jewels, soft cuts and celebrate being an incredible woman Photographer: Tina Patni | Styling: Furne One | Key Makeup Artist: Jojo Dantespadua Assistant Makeup Artist: Jha Jha Rivera | Hairstylist: Julian Kempster of Pastels Salon 40






Christian Louboutin for Cushnie et Ochs

Frill C or Mulberal Red, ry



Let’s Roll White, Mac

Bag, Mulberry


Nail polish, Chanel

Georgia May Jagger, Rimmel

Beauty Bulletin




Slimlight Topaz, Becca

Who Run The World? Girls.

Blush Compact, Flowerchild and Cpop, Becca X Jaclyn Hill

February calls for some extra attention. Beauty Editor, Sofia Graniello, shares her Valentine’s-ready beauty products, accessories and looks to smoothly get that flame back

CHANEL Métiers d’Art Show Backstage PARIS COSMOPOLITE 2016/17 Makeup CHANEL © CHANEL 2016 Photos: Benoît Peverelli


Samoan Sand, OPI

Lipstick, Chanel

Red My Fortune Cookie, OPI

Good food, good times at Pregoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Only at the Beach Rotana... For bookings call +971 (0)2 697 9011


Beauty Buzz

CHANEL Métiers d’Art Show Backstage PARIS COSMOPOLITE 2016/17 Makeup CHANEL © CHANEL 2016

Kajal, Sephora


Photos: Benoît Peverelli

Lipglass, Rainbow Interlude, MAC Mariah Carey

Dulce De Leche, OPI

Extra Repair Nourishing Milk, Bobbi Brown


Amoureux, Chanel

In Pink

Valentine’s can be a lot of pressure, especially if you’re single. Keep those tissues in your cabinet because we’re giving you some key beauty products to master this look

Highlighter, Kiko Fresher Skin Foundation, Rimmel


Mascara V For Volume All Black, Sephora

Powder Blush Bright Response, MAC



Beauty Buzz

Soft Hint


in The Spirit


kiss Wild Extract

Pink You Think

Designer Blue

BB Lipstick, 4Eva

me now

Give your lips a turnover with 10 electric hues from MAC’s newest Bangin’ Brilliant collection.


A New Scent Ohlala caught up with Celine Roux, Fragrance Director at Jo Malone London, to talk about their new fragrance, Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense


Beauty Insight

What was the inspiration behind the fragrance?

The idea of Namibia, with its sand dunes and warm desert colours, conjured up the romance and emotion of faraway lands. Myrrh felt like the perfect note to use for a new and innovative Cologne Intense. Once enriched with the note of tonka, the fragrance gives a real sense of richness, travel and escape. The Cologne Intense collection works with rare, ritualistic ingredients; what makes Myrrh &Tonka an ideal addition to this collection? Both the myrrh and the tonka have a decadent and addictive quality that chimes with the Cologne Intense concept of rarity and opulence. I felt that the collection was missing a fully warm, sensual and rounded Oriental feel. We do already have a resinous incense note elsewhere in the collection, in Incense and Cedrat, but it’s cut through with a citrus that amplifies the fresh nature of the Incense. However for Myrrh & Tonka, we headed in the opposite direction and reinforced the richness of the resin rather than trying to contrast it. How was the Myrrh harvested? We wanted to go to the source of the myrrh and I had the privilege of travelling to Namibia to be part of the harvesting process. It’s a long, long journey and, once there, it feels like a very distant land. Once we landed in the country, it was another eight hours travelling into the mountains to get to our destination.The trees they collect the myrrh from are called Omumbiri trees – they seem almost dead when you look at them as they grow in the dryness of the desert. But a few times a year the trees produce a sap that comes out like a resin; it’s a mechanism that the tree harnesses to fight potential bacteria, and the

myrrh has a wonderful purity to it because of the altitude and climate. Accumulating the resin is a ritualistic “Myrrh can process in itself. The sap is very gluey so traditionally they would cut the be fresh and tree trunks to get it. And because lemony but of the nature of the crystals you can them for a week or two, unlike the Namibian keep flowers that you have to work with immediately as they’re so fragile. variety has a I’ve never seen something so beautifully unique warm uncomplicated. How is this particular Myrrh’s aroma quality” different to other varieties? Myrrh can be fresh and lemony but the Namibian variety has a unique warm quality. We worked with the perfumer Serge Majoullier at MANE who transformed the essence into a resinoid exclusive to Jo Malone London. Through our unique extraction process, we pushed certain notes to make the myrrh even warmer, with a hint of sensuality and liquorice. What led you to work with Tonka Bean, and not a more contrasting note like in most Jo Malone London creations? Myrhh has an addictive quality and we felt it was a shame to cut it. We did originally try to do that game of contrasts, which is a very signature concept for Jo Malone London, but it really didn’t work for this. We tried a citrus, a dried wood, a dried fruit note; but they were clashing rather than complementary. So we thought about tonka. It really worked, delivering a beautifully sensual mood to the fragrance. Why was Mathilde Bijaoui chosen as the perfumer to work with on this specific fragrance? I knew Mathilde was the right fit because of the way in which she writes formulas is simple and direct; and for a fragrance with two deep, complex base notes it was important to find someone with a light touch. She got that ‘sensuality’ just right from very early on in the process. Within the Cologne Intense collection, what family does Myrrh & Tonka sit amongst? We don’t have an ‘Oriental’ category as such, so I would place this in the spicy-woody family. And this rich, slightly smoky, sophisticated scent suits both men and women beautifully. What does Tonka Bean bring to the fragrance and why was this chosen? Tonka is one of my favourite ingredients, not just for perfumery but for cooking too. It’s an edible, addictive and gourmande note without being sickly-sweet. It helps to give a natural balsamic ‘oriental’ note to the myrrh, and a feeling of sophistication and strength to the fragrance, which is so important for the Cologne Intense collection. That feeling of addiction and carnal richness is very much down to the tonka. And I love that it’s not too feminine. In fact most masculine ‘fougere’ fragrances include tonka, so overall this definitely appeals to both men and women. Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense is available at Jo Malone London now


Beauty Focus

Retouch and


Bobbi Brown has finally made our on-the-go motto a lot quicker. Their new creamy-matte pencil gives an instant natural finish while covering dark spots, neutralising redness, lighting shadows, plus the collection also offers an illuminating pencil – and they’re all great for all skin types. So, get ready because we’re keeping one of these bad boys in our beauty arsenal. 52

Beauty Column

Sleeping Beauty 2016 was all about clean eating. The trend over general in the body is processed for removal. Not Clean sleeping is took the world and our Instagram feed. Every getting enough sleep results in poor water balance, 2017’s biggest health meal had to be made with whole, organic, leading to puffy bags under your eyes and under-eye ingredients. Green juices, charcoal lemonades and circles, as well as dryness and more visible wrinkles. trend. Angela Beitz acai bowls were consumed. 2017’s biggest health explains what it’s all trend however is all about giving us the rest and With the help of her experts, Gwyneth has about and how it can recuperation we all deserve and desperately need. outlined ways everyone can catch all-important z’s. According to Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop • Yoga nidra (aka meditating before bed), even if benefit you team, clean sleeping (meaning at least seven or it means using an app or website with a guided eight hours of good, uninterrupted, high quality meditation to help. • Banning midnight snacks, and keeping a “regular 12-hour fasting sleep each night) is the health trend everyone needs to get involved with window”—so if you finish dinner at 9pm and then you don’t have breakfast in 2017.Clean sleeping is, essentially, just getting a decent night’s sleep on a until 9am the next morning. regular basis. It’s all about taking sleep a bit more seriously and dedicating • Massaging trigger points on the back of your head just before bed. the time to getting the sleep we all need. No excuses. • Giving yourself a foot massage with a thick moisturising cream. Getting a decent night’s sleep isn’t anything new. Everyone is aware of the importance that sleep plays in our lives, just ask any parent you know! We all These might seem a bit drastic and time consuming but even if you can know we feel better if we’ve had a good night’s sleep. We’re less irritable, we combine one or two of them along with no phones or TV before bed it will feel perky and energised and we make better food choices throughout the day. help you get the refreshed sleep that you need. Whilst it’s still important Getting enough sleep also works wonders for our skin and complexion. Your to focus on clean eating, adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle body boosts blood flow to the skin while you snooze, which means you wake too, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more. Sleeping Beauty to a healthy glow. Sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin certainly had the right idea. surrounding your face. Skin is able to recover moisture, while excess water in



The Beach Escape Palm-tree lined grounds, cerulean waters, velvet-soft sand, Georgie Bradley discovers Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort - a world away from the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bustling scene


Travel Escapes

“The bed at Anantara, was possibly the most butter-soft bed I have ever slept in – so much so, I called about five people to talk about how heaven-like the mattress was”

“Stress slips as as a


It’s just as well we’ve got images to show you here, because it’s hard to describe perfection. Especially when you think everything has been covered, more magical surprises turn up. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, is your ultimate ‘out of this world’ escape. When you come to Dubai, you don’t automatically relax. There’s something about the pace of the daily grind that has you exhausted, even when you’re a spectator, so a bit of pause is essential when you venture to a global city like Dubai. Coming from Al Maktoum International Airport, I was in fact spared of the city’s cacophony and dizzying traffic and was instead treated to vast ripples of sand and the odd isolated building. With a journey time of no more than 45 minutes, I arrived at the hotel which finds itself well into the Palm, towards the end of the eastern crescent. You instantly feel perfectly secluded, despite being on a growing branch of the famous Palm, where hotels are sprouted left, right and centre. The elegant lobby sets the tone for the easily from your shoulders hotel’s public areas, with its ornate finishings and silky pashmina” distinctly Thai touches. Check-in is met with a welcome drink – lemon grass infused, naturally – luggage is whisked off somewhere, all formalities are taken care of without fuss and I was set for my three days of slow enjoyment. Set amidst lush tropical landscaping and carefully designed to maximise privacy, 293 luxurious rooms and villas are characterised by Asian inspired luxury, tasteful furnishings and spectacular views of the lagoons or the Palm. The impressive choice of private villas includes Beach Pool Villas each with a personal infinity pool. Over Water Villas are poised over the Arabian Gulf with glass viewing panels, and are completely unique to the Middle East. Families and friends travelling together will find that the Two Bedroom Anantara Beach Pool Villa provides the epitome of luxury, privacy, space and style. My room was perfectly ample in space, had everything I needed and was a joy to spend time in. And of all the hotel beds I have been lucky enough to get my beauty sleep in, the bed at Anantara, was possibly the most butter-soft bed I have ever slept in – so much so, I

called about five people to talk about how heaven-like the mattress was. Lazy days can be spent enjoying the exotic pleasures of the resort’s private 400 metre beach, as well as the three winding lagoons and shoreline infinity pool which look out across the Palm. Infusing exotic elements from the beautiful country of Thailand, where Anantara is rooted, floating market style boats will glide across the lagoons (a massively fun and unique touch), serving perfectly concocted cocktails and other refreshing beverages and Thailand’s famous three-wheeler tuk-tuks will transport you around the tropical resort. But the novelty of walking will have you doing more exercise than you probably anticipated! Wellness takes pride of place at Anantara, as the hotel grounds make you feel at ease, are unobtrusive and have a calming effect – it



Travel Escapes

“Lazy days can be spent enjoying the resort’s private 400

must be the innate Thai influence. Stress slips as easily from your shoulders as a silky pashmina. Throughout my stay I barely left the property (because I really didn’t have a reason to/didn’t want to) and I felt like I had sufficiently recharged my batteries by the end of my short (but felt twice as long) stay. Culinary experiences offer tantalising diversity for discerning palates. Crescendo, the all-day dining restaurant, serves a variety of international cuisine. You’ll definitely have a breakfast of champions there – pastries, noodles, sushi, gluten free bread, omelettes anyway you want, everything. It’s also a very big space so you never feel like you are squashed in. Bushman’s Australian Restaurant & Bar, showcases the art of succulent flame grilled delights. I had a dinner there one night and was served exquisitely cooked Wagyu tenderloin steak, artfully presented starters dishes (an Heirloom Tomato Salad and Zucchini Carpaccio) and innovative sides (mashed potato with black truffle). Dubai’s skyscrapers provide a twinkling backdrop to outdoor seated diners. And of course, there’s the Asian themed specialty restaurant, Mekong, which takes diners on a mouth-watering journey to complete your Thai experience. The Beach House expresses the rich simplicity of Mediterranean flavours in a breezy shoreline setting. Lotus Lounge, in the lobby, serves afternoon tea by day and the exotic pleasures of cocktails at sunset. Mai Bar refreshes guests metre beach” with an enticing beverage and snack menu in shady poolside bliss and at the swim-up bar. For the ultimate in tailored romance, Anantara’s signature Dining by Design concept includes a choice of fine dining menus and intimate settings, a private chef and flawless service. What I loved best was how, when sauntering around the leafy grounds, I literally felt like I was in and amongst temples. The architecture is such that you are transported to a zen-like space where you have uninterrupted views of the grounds and there’s no element of where you are – bliss. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, Crescent Road, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 4 567 8888


Room With A View Georgie Bradley checks into a recently refurbished suite at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Dubai which practically touches the sky


Travel Escapes

“The expansive views of the needle-like Burj Khalifa from various aspects of the suite always caught me by surprise and is honestly, a breath-taking feature” The Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai has an extraordinary location. Everything you could ever want from a city property is at your doorstep: Dubai Mall, DIFC, Dubai Design District and The Burj Khalifa. The hotel’s exterior is unassuming and could be another office tower along a line of similar buildings but when you enter the lobby, it’s as if you’ve set foot into a modern palace. Considering its location on Sheikh Zayed Road, there is a business feel to the lobby but not in an impersonal way – there’s sleek style and character – the reception has a walled backdrop of literary writings spread across in torn out, age-stained pages which gives the area soul and class. Although there’s a reception on the ground floor, I am whisked up to the 41st floor for a Horizon Club check-in. This sophisticated space is akin to a business meets pleasure environment. You get your home comforts with all day snacks, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as having a nice lounge to do your work in or to simply relax. Epitomising refined luxury, the Two-Bedroom Presidential Suite at Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai which I called home for a few days, commands superb sea and city views. The Presidential Suite is furnished with contemporary décor and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Highly-trained butlers provide discreet yet convenient service, ideal for conducting business,


Travel Escapes

“When you enter the lobby, it’s as if you’ve set foot into a modern palace” hosting events, or simply enjoying unique exclusivity with loved ones. I loved the button operated blinds and curtains as they gave a sophisticated touch and did not require me to get out of my plush bed as I fell asleep. The Acqua di Parma designer bath amenities were super luxurious and left me feeling soft as a baby after enjoying a bath in my deep tub. The expansive views of the needlelike Burj Khalifa from various aspects of the suite always caught me by surprise and is honestly, a breath-taking feature. Being in Dubai for meetings meant that I was constantly in and out of the hotel but every time I got back ‘home’ I was welcomed back with much warmth and attention from the lobby staff to the Horizon Club staff, I was made to feel right at home. And after my long days, one evening I stepped into CHI, The Spa for a spot of rejuvenation. I opted for a signature massage which involved a gentle yet penetrative palm massage focusing on vitality, clarity and peace of mind. There was a good deal of acupressure applied during the massage which relieved bags of tension. The spa itself is a wonderful haven and embraces the principles of vitality, fitness and beauty as the keys to achieving inner balance and wellbeing. The spa journey begins as you walk down the candlelit walkway, lined with tranquil rose petal pools, to meet your expertly trained therapists – from then on, you’re in good hands. When it comes to dining options, the most revered and for my tastes at least, the most authentic outlet at The Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai is Shang Palace which offers genuine, not-washed-down, Cantonese fare. I started off with a hearty set of crispy king prawns with walnuts, mango and wasabi mayonnaise – crunchy where you want it be, oozing with flavour in all the right places. The mango and wasabi mayonnaise combination is an unlikely pairing but works so well. This was followed by an adventurous pot of wokfried scallops with shiitake mushrooms and assorted vegetables in XO sauce. I have a particular penchant for scallops (it’s a texture thing) and the idea of them wok-fried (an absolute novelty) was enough to make me dive in without hesitation. Accompanied by a crowd-pleasing bowl of vegetable fried rice, that hit the spot in the most satisfactory way - it was an experience that pretty much came off the streets of downtown Shanghai. Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Near Financial Metro Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 4 343 8888


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shang Palace offers genuine, notwashed-down, Cantonese fareâ&#x20AC;?


The British Boarding Schools Show will return to Dubai in March 2017. The Show provides families living in the Gulf region privileged access to the Heads of some of Britain’s most distinguished schools. At the British Boarding Schools Show we understand that choosing the right school for your child is both emotionally and financially demanding. Meet with Dubai parents whose children are already at school in the UK and attend seminars on achieving successful transfers into the UK system. PLUS specialist advice on USA/UK university entrance.

Sheraton Hotel, Mall of the Emirates

Friday 17 March 12:00 - 17:00 Saturday 18 March 12:00 - 17:00

Meet the big names of British education SEMINAR PROGRAMME 13:00 British Independent Education – the best option for your child? Caitriona Redding – Head of International Admissions, Oundle School

14:00 IB or A-Level – does it really make a difference? Giles Vosper-Brown – Registrar, Malvern College

15:00 5? 8? 11? 13? 16? How can you tell when your child is ready to board? Lucy Thornton – Head of Admissions, Windlesham House

16:00 Moving on, the US college system and how to maximise your child’s chances of success Daniel De Witt – Director, Nemecek Bonas MacFarlane

in partnership with



“What an amazing event and concept, wonderful atmosphere and most importantly an incredible line-up of schools. I had all my questions answered and am now ready for the next step.” Written by a British ex-pat mother of three children after visiting the 2016 show.

Badminton School Bedales Bryanston Cheltenham College Cheltenham Ladies’ College Dollar Gordonstoun Harrogate Ladies’ College Junior King’s, Canterbury Kilgraston Lomond School Loretto Malvern College Marlborough College Marymount International School Merchiston Castle Millfield School & Prep Mount Kelly Oundle School Radley College Repton School Rossall School Shrewsbury School St Edward’s School, Oxford St Mary’s Calne Strathallan The Downs, Malvern The English School of Kyrenia The King’s School, Canterbury The Royal School Wells Cathedral School Westonbirt School Windlesham House


A Grand Stay We check in to the The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal and discover an amazing property with so much to offer


Local Escapes

The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal is

the true essence of five-star hospitality. Set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, gurgling fountains and Venetianinspired buildings, The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal offers a luxury beach resort experience minutes away from the city centre. The varieties of cultures are represented throughout, from the Bedouin-inspired spa to the array of dining experiences. This hotel is perfect for couples and families especially if you are looking for facilities, fun and things to do in-resort which could keep guests entertained for a long weekend. Located just across the road from the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the hotel is somewhat of a dream destination that could easily resemble an opulent resort found on the canal shores of Venice – with all the charm and elegance of Arabian hospitality, of course. The hotel also features a large al fresco dining space, aptly named Venetian Village that features over six restaurants. We were lucky enough to be staying as a Club Level guest where we enjoyed all the personalised services, attention to detail and extra benefits offered as part of this accommodation type. Firstly, the Club Level has both room and suite options that would suit all types of travellers including couples, groups of friends, families with children and even solo visitors. Private check-in at the Club Lounge is how you’ll start your stay. Staff will greet you with a friendly smile and share information about all the Club Level amenities and extras that you can enjoy, as well as addressing any other queries you might have. We stayed in a Twin Club Room with a balcony that overlooked truly amazing views of the beach and Grand Canal, the lush gardens and pool area, and the city itself, as far as the eye could see. The room was very spacious with a beautiful bed, a great desk area for work and leisure, and a full marble bathroom with a large tub, separate rainshower and luxury amenities. Then there are all the five star features such as the 42” LCD TV, fully stocked mini bar, tea and coffeemaking facilities (with Nespresso machine), a safe, iron and ironing board, hairdryer and complimentary shoeshine and newspaper, to name but a few of the things that will make for an even more comfortable stay. Having access to the Club Lounge is definitely a bonus. Here, you can enjoy complimentary food and beverage for breakfast, afternoon tea, and light snacks and drinks in the evening. We especially loved the breakfast with its huge variety of hot and cold food – the omelette station, the pastries and the fresh fruits were beautifully set up and there was an endless supply of tea and coffee. So, whether you decide to spend all your days at the hotel, or if you’re venturing out to explore the city, a Club Room will be the perfect place to take respite after any activity or adventure!


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our Executive Room was impressive and we were overwhelmed by the size, the practical layout and all the different drawers, cabinets and gadgets to exploreâ&#x20AC;?


Local Escapes



Local Escapes


“This gorgeous spa offers super soothing and relaxing treatments and boasts its own ESPA range of products” Couples, friends and solo guests will also relish in the outdoor facilities, as well as the beachfront, Bedouin-inspired ESPA with a hammam, sauna, steam room, plunge pool, and treatments that embody the very meaning of relaxation. Located at The Ritz-Carlton, this gorgeous spa offers super soothing and relaxing treatments and boasts its own ESPA range of products. The spa offers a serene setting and is large and luxurious but still has a friendly and welcoming feeling. The décor consists of muted sand and beige tones, high ceilings and traditional Arabic archways that give off a relaxing ambiance. We are shown to the changing rooms and once we change into a plush robe and comfy slippers we opt for half an hour in the steam room and sauna as our therapist says this will help us unwind before our massage to also sweat out some of the toxins in our body. We were then treated to the Advanced Skin Radiance Facial which uses ESPA’s own brand of products. This facial works to target uneven pigmentation and skin-tone and to really breathe life back into dull skin. It also helps to refresh tired skin and to leave your complexion bright and glowing. After a soothing double cleanse, our skin was exfoliated with a Clarisonic brush to remove dead skin cells and then a peeling mask was applied. Our skin was then massaged with ESPA’s Optimal Skin Proserum which feels like a dream and soaks into our dry skin beautifully. Another hydrating mask is then applied and while this is working its magic our therapist gives us a scalp massage which is the perfect end to an utterly indulgent and satisfying spa experience. For a taste of five-star dining, The Forge Steakhouse is a must when staying at this beautiful property. If you’re serious about your steak, The Forge is the perfect venue for an intimate meal or a fun group dinner. The open kitchen allows you to watch the skilled chefs in action but if you want a quiet table there are quiet nooks scattered around the restaurant. While meat is high on the agenda with a plethora of options from the US, Australia, Canada and South America their succulent seafood is also top notch. You’ll be in for an exciting dining experience with lovely staff who are all too happy to speak confidently about the menu. Also, make sure to try the gelato and coffee from Dolce (we recommend the mint chocolate), and do spend an evening on the Li Jiang terrace which boasts some of the most stunning night views of the Grand Mosque. In true staycation style, there is no need to leave. All you have to do it sit back, relax and enjoy. The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal, Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi 2 818 8888


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Wind Back The Clock We’ve found the perfect facial aimed to lift, contour and rejuvenate your complexion 72


f your complexion is still suffering from a little too much partying and indulgence over the festive season, a decent facial is a good way to get your skin back on track. ESPA at Yas Viceroy is offering a fabulous new Energising Spa Package that includes a 90 minute treatment of your choice, access to the pool and spa facilities and lunch in Origins restaurant. In the name of research we thought it was best we try it out. ESPA is located at Yas Viceroy overlooking the Yas Marina Formula 1 Circuit. The space is super modern and cool with an incredible LED canopy that emits colour and shade. The spa follows the contemporary fusion of elegance and momentum with sensuous curves, sleek lines and a blend of bronze glass, copper lattice screens, walnut wood and marble. The spa comprises nine treatment rooms, The Viceroy Presidential Treatment Suite has its own personal Hammam, steam room and rain shower with colour therapy. A fusion of Western therapies and Eastern philosophies have resulted in a unique offering of treatments designed by ESPA. We are welcomed with a delicious ginger tea that we enjoyed while we completed our pre-treatment questionnaire in the reception lounge. We’ve chosen a facial for our treatment so we outline our concerns and what we hope to achieve. We are then escorted through to the spa where everything is designed to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Dark wood and soft colours, dimmed, ambient lighting and even all the right sound effects, courtesy of a water feature, create the illusion of being tucked away in a serene space. We are shown to our treatment room and while we are having a foot soak our therapist shows us the different oils she’ll be using today including a massage oil and a serum for our face. She does a scent test to see which ones we respond best to. We are trying the age defying facial to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This advanced facial features a deep brush cleanse to purify and prep skin, before a concentrated enzyme peel naturally polishes away complexion-dulling cells, radically refining skin’s texture. We are shown our skin under a special light that shows that our skin is dehydrated with mild oiliness around our t-zone. Our therapist then aims to helps these concerns. To deeply hydrate, boost cell regeneration and firm facial contours, our skin is supercharged with a lifting and smoothing mask and Rose Quartz Crystal massage. A serum is then applied and an intense massage is performed to lift our skin. An eye serum is also applied as our eye area was especially dehydrated. We leave with a refined and firmed complexion, our facial contours are better defined and skin is supple, soft and radiates a renewed glow. This package includes pool access, access to spa facilities and lunch in Origins for AED625* Espa, Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi 02 656 0862

Abu Dhabi’s Havens Our picks for the best treatments for the month of love

Tips and Toes If you want to indulge in a little extra spa time this February head to Tips and Toes for some fabulous offers. Try the ‘Glow with the Flow’ with a soothing Cup Kiss or Twilight Massage, an Express Mani/Pedi with nail art and a GlamGlow Mini Facial, all for just AED 470 (usually AED 550). Or, bring out your inner diva with the ‘Glamazon’ package – priced at only AED 570 (usually AED 670), which includes a full set of Russian Eyelash Extensions, a Gelish or Tito Gel Wear Mani/Pedi and a 30-minute Foot Massage. For information or reservations call: Various locations, 04 399 0550 Emirates Palace Spa Create your own signature experience for you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day inclusive of Beach Club, pool and gym access. Choose from the below options for a unique and memorable experience to surprise your special someone. 60 minute options include a Deep Pressure Massage, Swedish Massage, Bespoke Massage, Forlle’d Customised Facial or Bastien Gonzalez Pedicure. 30 minute options include a Mini Facial, Milky Bath, Feet Treat, Body Scrub, Back Neck and Shoulder Massage, Argan Oil Hair or Scalp treatment90 minute tailored package AED 785, 120 minute tailored package AED 995, 150 minute tailored package AED 1195. For information or reservations call: 2 690 9000 Heavenly Spa, The Westin Golf Resort & Spa Treat yourself to a Heavenly Couples Delight at Heavenly Spa this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it in their couple’s treatment room that includes a 30-minute heavenly ginger and lime body scrub plus a 60-minute signature heavenly massage for the special price of AED1,200 per couple. Heavenly Spa is a beautiful space with lots of natural light to be enjoyed with your loved one. For information or reservations call: 2 616 9999

ESPA, Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal Abu Dhabi Romance is in the air at ESPA this February so treat you and your loved one to an indulgent spa experience with our Couples’ Package, including two personalised massages and complimentary upgrade to a 30 minute facial or body scrub. The spa facilities at ESPA are seriously stunning so you are sure to have the perfect experience. AED 1,000 For information or reservations call: 2 818 8051

Emirates Palace Spa

Remède Spa, The St. Regis Abu Dhabi Remède Spa have recently welcomed the latest Elemis Face Technology with a new machine and range of amazing facial treatments which are now available. In addition, for Valentine’s, from 1-14 February all couples treatments booked enjoy a complimentary bottle of selected wine or non-alcoholic cocktails and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries at Azura Panoramic Lounge, available from 9am – 10pm. Couples treatments can be any combination of treatments for two, or the specific couples packages offered. For information or reservations call: 2 694 444

Emirates Palace Spa

Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to a 4-hour Lustrouse Atarmia package. Fragrant aromatics, honey and vitamin C are combined for their nourishing and regenerating properties to balance your emotional wellbeing mind and body during this luxurious treatment combination. Melt into the blissful relaxation of a Lomi Juma massage before completing your Lustrous journey with anti-aging La Alternativa. Including a C + C Body Polish, C + C Anti Oxidant Body Wrap, Mineral Whirlpool and Steam Bath Jomi Luma Massage and La Alternativa Facial . AED 1,665 for 4 hours. For information or reservations call: 2 694 444

Atarmia Spa

Remede Spa


Chic Eats

Seafood Splendor Looking for a chic dining experience with excellent food and delicious drinks? Look no further than Catch


ts seems like a clichĂŠ, but the cooler months in the capital are best spent outside enjoying great food with friends. This is where Catch comes in. The whole aura this restaurant emits is warm and inviting, with spacious interiors and natural light adorning the entire restaurant. At night, it turns into a cosy, ambient, romantic place for dinner and drinks. Catch is located on the Corniche with breezy, sea views opposite the St. Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi and Nation Towers. We arrive and are swiftly shown to our outdoor table and the restaurant is buzzing with other diners already enjoying their food. Seafood takes centre stage here at Catch but the menu also blends delicious Asian themes into the food and there are also plenty of tasty beef dishes and salads. We peruse the menu and settle on starters of ceviche, prawns and dumplings. The white meagre ceviche is one of the most popular dishes and is delicious and fresh, served up with grapefruit dressing and a zingy ginger and radish condiment. The Deep Fried Spicy Prawns are mind blowing; a generous portion of butterflied King Prawns with loads of chili - the cashew nuts are still on our minds. The dumplings are equally delicious with Chinese white and wild mushrooms, bean and carrot wrapped in a thin dough with 74

soy sauce for dipping. We also tried the Grilled Avocado Salad, this simple dish was so tasty with warm tofu, shaved asparagus and Ponzu dressing. The avocados were perfectly grilled and soft, and the tofu added a nice crunchy texture and bite to the salad. The Ponzu dressing was perfectly tangy and it was such a nice accompaniment to the other dishes. In spite of having sampled so much food already, it was time for mains. We chose the striploin and the seabass. The striploin was a gorgeous cut of Black Angus beef perfectly grilled with a pink centre with Asian flavours, potato and soya sesame beef just. Perfection. The slow cooked Chilean Seabass was equally good with black beans and soba noodles. An absolute must at Catch is the Melted Chocolate Sphere. This decadent treat is stuffed with chocolate mousse, brownies and rosemary marshmallow. It is served with hot chocolate sauce on the side that is intended to be poured over the chocolate sphere, melting it and thus allowing all the ingredients within the sphere to appear. This theatrical presentation is amazing but we wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t spoil that for you. This was a great way to finish off a great evening of fantastic food. Catch, Nation Riveria, opposite Nation Towers, 02 611 0909

February Dining We round up the best dining spots to spoil your loved one for Valentine’s Day

BBQ Al Qasr villa toscana

Spaccanapoli, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Impress your loved one with a luscious five course set menu featuring Yellow fin tuna Carpaccio, an exotic asparagus soup, beetroot risotto with toasted almonds, grilled swordfish steak and a decadent 60% dark chocolate dessert with cupid’s infusion. With authentic grape beverages from every corner of Italy, and sweet serenading music, Spaccanapoli is the perfect place to celebrate amore! 14 February, AED 135 per person (food only), AED 195 (including grape pairing and glass of bubbles on arrival). For information or reservations call: 2 616 6166


The St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Bu!, The Hub, World Trade Centre Mall Book into Bu! for a stunning five-course menu designed by Head Chef Humberto Canales, with dishes such as salmon and tuna carpaccio, goats cheese and truffle ravioli and beef tenderloin with foie gras – all served with a bottle of Spanish bubbly for just AED 500 per couple. Want to take the wooing up a notch? Book BU!’s VIP Valentine’s Day package, which includes a candlelit private terrace space, live musician, private butler and the use of a limousine for the evening. Priced at AED 3,000 per couple. Both menus will be available on 14 February from 7pm. For information or reservations call: 2 818 4888

The Palace Love Story Package, Emirates Palace Emirates Palace is offering couples a one-of-akind romantic package. Choose between a night in one of the Coral, Pearl of Diamond rooms or a night in the magnificent Khaleej Suite. This exclusive one night package includes a bottle of bubbly, chocolate-dipped strawberries and a single long-stemmed red rose on arrival, a romantic turndown with rose petals, a carefully


The Forge, Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal Sweep your loved one off their feet with an evening that encapsulates everything Valentine’s Day is supposed to be at The Forge. This romantic experience includes a decadent fivecourse set menu for two and a glass of French bubbly in the stylish surroundings of The Forge, one of Abu Dhabi’s best steak restaurants with intimate surroundings and excellent service. 14 February, from 7pm, AED 750 per couple. For information or reservations call: 2 818 8881

curated dining experience, 45 minute couples Swedish massage, butler drawn bath, breakfast in bed and a late checkout (subject to availability). Guests that book on Valentine’s Day itself also have to option to request an intimate picnic arranged for you on the beach at sunset or to dine under the stars at the city’s most romantic seaside restaurant BBQ Al Qasr, which will be offering two love-inspired menus. 9-18 February, nightly rate starting at AED 2,566. For information or reservations call: 2 666 8066

Villa Toscana, The St. Regis Abu Dhabi Created by Chef Stefano Viola, Villa Toscana’s Valentine’s Day menu features a four-course sharing menu, serving handcrafted, regional Italian specialties from Tuscany, Umbria, and Emilia-Romagna. Enjoy an aperitivo and welcome drink at the Villa Toscana Bar and a four-course sharing menu. AED 425 per person with soft beverages or AED 600 per person with Italian wine pairing, 13 – 16 February. For information or reservations call: 2 694 4444


Ohlala Boutiques

Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day at The Galleria Mall David Morris

Whether you are spending this special day with your loved one, with family, a close group of friends or even alone, The Galleria shares its perfect gift guide to make this day extra special this year. Abu Dhabiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s luxury and lifestyle shopping and dining destination shopping offers fashion savvy visitors the ideal opportunity to purchase truly unique pieces.

David Morris

David Morris

la martina fendi David Morris

David Morris




the cobbler

Ohlala Boutiques


At Vincci you are guaranteed to get your fashion fix with a stylish range of shoes and handbags. The brand prides itself for its astute design while keeping it all very wearable, taking you from day to night.


Ohlala Boutiques

Charles and Keith Look your best this Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day with a gorgeous range of handbags and footwear from Charles & Keith. Choose from pretty pastel shades to bold black perfect for the evenings.

Rituals Cosmetics The skin on our hands is sensitive and the first to show signs of ageing, so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important we treat them with care and attention. In the depths of winter our hands can really suffer. Rituals Cosmetics has a range of luxurious hand products and treatments, which will combat the effects that winter (and ageing) can have on delicate hands. 78

Power Woman

Valentine’s is just around

the corner, and by now many people feel anxious, anticipating falling in love with their soulmates’ just in time. However, when we discuss love, we often overlook an important kind of love, and that is loving our jobs, where we spend our days the most. When it comes to careers, many people have been satisfied with a good pay, where passion toward what they do may not necessarily be present. And even when we do not feel satisfied doing what we do, others discourage us from quitting, reminding us that we receive a good pay, or a prestigious position that we should not let go of. I know that this is the case for many people in the UAE. They got so comfortable in their jobs that they stopped enjoying it, but would not want to quit, because the pay package is good. But the thing is, there is more than just pay. My relative is a perfect textbook example. He is passionate about filming and travelling. He wanted to pursue filming as a college major, but his family talked him out of it, advising him that he should pursue a “real” major, and leave filming as a hobby which he could enjoy after work. He did as they said, and felt miserable the entire time. He graduated and was appointed in a good corporate position where he received an excellent package, in addition to the prestige that comes with the job. Did he feel happy? Not even close. A few years later, he quit his day job, and became a travel blogger, finally pursuing his passion, and generating a great income as a result. Perhaps it was a few years too late, but better late than never. As you look to fall in love with


What You Do

Our career guru Manar Al Hinai tells us why we should go against the grain of convention and choose a job that we love through and through

your life partner, remember to do the same for your career. If you do not know what your true passion is, do not rush it. You will know what you ought to be doing when the time comes. Mobile Aid is an example of a business that started because of the lack of a business where they would send a technician to wherever you were in Dubai to fix your phone, saving you time, and not disrupting your schedule. Your career could be a hobby you enjoy, which you could turn into a business, such as in the case of graphic design or photography, or it could result out of frustration at the lack of something that would make everyone’s life easier. Once you do find that career that you enjoy, invest in it and in yourself. It is a partnership after all. Nurture it, by dedicating time and attention to it. Again, do not rush things. You will not always reap results over night, which means that you should not be too quick to quit and walk away. As much as you give, you will see results. Finally, remember the relationship you have with yourself (the most important one of all) and dedicate time to that, taking breaks, and shutting down when necessary. We’ve gotten so accustomed to working that it sometimes feels awkward to be on a break doing absolutely nothing. I know. I have tried. It is fine. Sometimes a break is exactly what you need for everything to fall in place. Manar Al Hinai is award-winning Emirati writer and entrepreneur. She manages her branding and marketing consultancy in Abu Dhabi. Twitter: @manar_alhinai/website: www.


Modern Classics

From humble beginnings on a farm in a small village in Demark to the leaders of audio and home automation products, Bang & Olufsen has become one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most iconic brands. Angela Beitz paid a visit to their headquarters in Strauer to meet with Head of Design, Torsten Valeur to discuss B&Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest collection


ell us about the Cool Modern Collection? This collection introduces an entirely different style choice to the Bang & Olufsen universe. The brass tone is inspired by contemporary interior design and Art Deco also known as Style Moderne. And just like Art Deco did almost a century ago, this permanent collection fuses technology and decorative art in a celebration of colourful living. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve added a warm nuance to the brand with brass-toned products inspired by contemporary living and timeless elegance of the Art Deco movement. The Cool Modern Collection introduces an entirely new style choice to the Bang & Olufsen universe by presenting a line of its most popular sound systems, speakers and televisions draped in warm colors, rarely seen in electronic products. The new Cool Modern Collection combines the iconic design and cool Nordic minimalism of Bang & Olufsen with gleaming, brass-toned aluminum structures and dark beautiful textile colours to create a warm polished ambience in line with the leading trends. Tell us about the new textile colours? The addition of bold temperamental colours to the stringent architectural form language is inspired by both contemporary interior trends and the creative Art Deco movement of the roaring 1920s when Bang & Olufsen was founded. The Cool Modern Collection fuses technology and decorative art in a celebration of colourful living, introducing two new jewel-toned fabric colours for speaker covers. Purple Heart delivers a warm nuance of aged wine and dark heather, while Parisian Night suggests a velvety deep blue night 80

sky. As part of the Cool Modern Collection, BeoLab 18 and BeoVision 14 are fitted with smoked oak lamellas on the speaker covers. They are paired with new matte black stands and wall mounts to ensure a cohesive interaction with the soft glow from the brass-toned frame. Tell us about the uniqueness of B&O design? It is timeless design with an enduring appeal. Attractive products that you would like to keep forever. A user must continue to adore it every day and it should be a joy to own and to use. The design should stay visually fresh regardless of time and that is why I try to stay away from fashion or trends. Timeless design cannot be made by copying classic designs or by taking styles from the past. Instead you have to focus on creating the unique identity of the object itself. What about the identity of B&O? Common to the Bang & Olufsen products is that they all have a very strong iconic identity which does not refer to the time it was created, but to its own identity. The identity of the Bang & Olufsen design is easy to recognize and remember. There is a high level of diligence put into the creation of each product by us, the designers and the engineers from Bang & Olufsen. All aspects must be solved to a level where the product seems completely finished/perfect. We want to achieve the pure, simple and wholly completed though yet unseen. And the user should feel the effort put into the creation of the product and value this serious attention to the detail that everyone involved in the product creation have.

ohlala Spotlight â&#x20AC;&#x153;Timeless design cannot be made by copying classic designs or by taking styles from the pastâ&#x20AC;?

Which colour or material would you like to add to the Bang & Olufsen world? I would really love to use white metal, but that does not exist yet. Imagine completely matte white surfaces but with a depth that cannot be achieved by the use of paint. We have definitely not finished exploring the use of aluminum; it is an incredible versatile material. Colours have to be subtle and somewhat integrated with the material. This gives the colour a sense of trueness and genuineness. At the same time I do have a dream of finding a color that does not exist yet. How would you describe Scandinavian design? I guess there is a kind of mild and honest minimalism in Scandinavian design; it is human and warm, not cold. There is a bit of unpretentious coziness that expresses relaxed comfort and human openness. It is a bit more authentic. Maybe it is just the more long lasting non fashion approach that does it. There is also the fact that most people in Scandinavia have grown up with modern design and are surrounded by it every day. There is a high sense of quality understanding. Bang & Olufsen, Al Sawari Tower - B, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Mall, First Level Fashion Avenue.


Miss Ohlala

In Hindsight Everything Is Much Clearer 10 things Miss Ohlala wished she had known when she was younger…

There are some things I wish had been drilled into me when I was young. I expect they went in one ear and came out of the other, so my parents are hardly to blame. However here are some words of wisdom for those in their teens or early twenties: 1. It’s OK not to know what you want to do “when you grow up”. Many grown-ups still haven’t found their vocation in life. But if you work hard and follow your dreams you may be one of the lucky few who enjoy their job. 2. Don’t wear heels 24/7 in your heydays or you will likely suffer from bunions or corns ever after. Once you end up with ugly sister feet, no amount of creams or pedicures will undo the damage caused by years of working and dancing the night away in high heels. Once you find a brand of shoe that fit comfortably, stick to it, and don’t be tempted to buy cheaper high street versions. 3. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. In the 90s we were busy plucking our eyebrows for fear of them being labelled “caterpillars” at school. Who knew that in the decades to follow we would all be craving full eyebrows like Cara Delevingne? No one ever warned me that at some point eyebrows will give in and resist further growth. 4. On a similar vein, don’t ever shave your legs. There is no doubt that waxing or laser hair removal is expensive in comparison, however it leaves the skin smooth and silky. Once you start to shave, you are doomed. 82

5. Save up to buy select investment clothes and heirloom jewellery for your wardrobe rather than wasting disposable income on cheap high street clothes. It is definitely worth buying certain high street items for your wardrobe, such as T-shirts, shirts and work clothes. However, I would recommend saving up for designer jeans, coats, dresses and boots where possible. 6. Start a birthday diary before you forget your friends’ birthdays. And when you reach an age when all your friends are having babies, write down the year each child was born so that you know what age they will be on each birthday. It saves the embarrassment of having to ask the question or stalking their profile on social media. 7. The same goes for addresses. Keep an up-to-date list of family and friend’s addresses. Otherwise, every year after Christmas or your birthday you will find yourself hunting around for their addresses. 8. Get a filing cabinet or work out an efficient method to organise your paperwork early on. Rushing to complete tax returns when your paperwork is in a mess is a headache best avoided. 9. Get good financial advice early on in life. Plan for your retirement as soon as you start your working life. 10. Being popular is generally irrelevant once you leave high school. The most important thing is to cherish those friends that you love and to be loved by those that you care about.



Whether you're a seafood lover or meat connoisseur, prepare to have your culinary world turned upside-down. Available every Thursday from 6 pm to 11 pm. Dhs 235* per person, including soft beverages Dhs 315* per person, with house beverages

Only at Shangri-La

For enquiries and reservations call 02 509 8555 or email

*All prices are in UAE Dirhams and subject to a 10% service charge, 6% tourism fee and 4% municipality fee.


Valentine’s Day with a View Appreciate, celebrate and make truly unique lasting memories at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi this Valentine’s Day, enjoy elevated luxury accommodation with stunning views over the glistening city skyline and bespoke romantic private dining.

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Ohlala Abu Dhabi February 2017  

For The Modern Middle Eastern Woman

Ohlala Abu Dhabi February 2017  

For The Modern Middle Eastern Woman