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William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

2014 A N N U A L R E P O R T future-focused research in energy, advanced materials, polymers, and bioengineering:


Inside: Take a visual tour of the new Koffolt Laboratories in the cutting-edge Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry Building.

Dear Alumni and Friends of the Department: It’s been a climactic year as a key chapter in the history of the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering closes: with CBE Chairman Stuart Cooper’s skillful management and effective guidance over the past ten years, the new Koffolt Laboratories finally came together and we have begun using the new facility. For making this dream a reality, I want to thank and commend Professor Cooper for all of his hard work, and Bill Lowrie for his astounding vision, leadership, and financial support, which made all the difference. Of course, we also had the support of hundreds of alumni, friends, and corporate partners, and to all of you I wish to extend our sincerest appreciation as well. With the new building completed, this is a time of transformation for the Department, in which we will strive to build on the type of close student-faculty interaction that students have benefitted from in years past. The new Koffolt Laboratories supports this structurally, with tremendous facilities such as modular classrooms and appealing meeting and study spaces. Our mission is to continue a legacy of exceptional teaching and cutting-edge research while training the very best students in the field for careers in industry and academia. An encouraging indicator of success in this realm: two students, one current and one former, received National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships this year. This brings the total number of NSF GRF’s to 15 over the past ten years. Our faculty played a strong role in this, and have monumental achievements of their own to prove it. Our own Stuart Cooper, who became a member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2011, received the AIChE Founders Award in 2014, capping a lifetime of seminal accomplishments and successes. New faculty member Lisa Hall won a National Science Foundation Early Career Development Award, while our newest faculty, Nicholas Brunelli, published in Nature and Science. -2-

Martin Feinberg, whose teaching receives outstanding student praise, was the sole winner of The Ohio State University’s highest teaching honor - the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching - and Jeff Chalmers was the sole recipient of the international Cell Culture Engineering Award. NAE member W.S. Winston Ho was elected to the Academia Sinica -- the highest form of academic recognition in the Republic of China in Taiwan. Jessica Winter became a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and won the American Chemical Society’s Women Chemists Rising Star Award, and Jack Zakin is still at it, winning a senior scientist mentor award from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation. Just recently, we learned that NAE member L.-S. Fan will be the 2015 AIChE Institute Lecturer. Professor Fan was also included in the 2014 R&D 100 list for developing coal-direct chemical looping and other technologies which hold great promise for industry and governments wishing to conserve energy costs and reduce pollution. I hope you will join us on campus and see for yourself our new facilities and what wonderful things your CBE students and faculty are achieving. We couldn’t be prouder, or more excited about the future. Best regards from all our faculty, staff and students. Andre F. Palmer Professor and Interim Chair 614-292-6033 P.S. I would be remiss not to mention that there are still some prodigious naming opportunities in the new building! The lobby, auditorium, and many other opportunities remain, and would enable us to close out the building campaign, which currently stands at $17M towards a goal of $17.5M. All gifts are welcome, whatever the size or designation. The Department genuinely benefits from the annual support alumni and friends provide. It is critical to our success, and we thank you.

ABOUT OUR INTERIM CHAIR Professor Andre Palmer, who obtained his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, has been teaching and conducting research at Ohio State since 2006. In 2015, he was inducted into the College of Fellows, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. Palmer also received the College of Engineering’s Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education in 2012, the Lloyd N. Ferguson Young Scientist Award in 2008, and the NSF Career Award in 2001. His research interests encompass the development of novel hemoglobinbased oxygen carriers for a variety of applications in transfusion medicine and tissue engineering. His lab is also developing non-heme based plasma expanders, red blood cell storage solutions and monocyte/macrophage targeted drug delivery systems.

On the cover: Stuart L. Cooper CBE Chairman 2004-2014

Ten years of inspired, dedicated leadership -Cover photo © Geoff Hulse 2015. 2014 Annual Report writing, design, and layout by Wenda Williamson.

New Koffolt Laboratories


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William G. Lowrie welcomes you to the new home of the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in New Koffolt Labs -Photo © Katrina Norris 2015.


The New CBEC / Koffolt Labs: An Investment in Innovation “We’re not thinking big enough. We don’t just need to renovate Koffolt Laboratories we need a whole new building.” --Bill Lowrie It took nearly twenty years to fulfill, but on April 10, 2015, Bill Lowrie’s vision became a reality when the new Koffolt Laboratories in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry (“CBEC”) building celebrated its grand opening. The CBEC building is an unprecedented partnership between two departments, serving as home to the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Koffolt Laboratories, and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Research. Stuart Cooper, department chair from 20042014, was involved in the day-to-day planning and decision-making for the project. “The decisions we made on the various features of the building were a great partnership between the architects, lab planner, OSU facilities staff and the faculty from both deparments. I am most pleased to have influenced the design of the unit operations space, the design classroom, and the Dow Student Lounge. Everything turned out great!” Cooper said. The project takes a visionary leap forward in the way research is done, allowing researchers to tackle problems too big for one discipline. CBEC’s innovative, interdisciplinary environment optimizes education, research, and discovery, providing an edge for Ohio State to play a dynamic leadership role in important scientific advancements. “It’s difficult for any one person to have all the knowledge needed to solve a big problem,” said Professor Barbara Wyslouzil. “By having collaborators, you get to look from someone else’s perspective and hopefully come up with a richer solution.” With premiere learning spaces and facilities to support research in energy, advanced materials, polymers, and bioengineering, “It is a building -4-

that will allow our best and brightest to explore their ideas and create a brighter world for all Americans,” Congresswoman Joyce Beatty said. Already, CBEC has helped to attract exceptional faculty and graduate students. “Recruitment is key to success,” said Barbara Wyslouzil. “A building like this means that you’re serious about science.” Laboratories were built with ceilings up to 20 feet high to accommodate massive instrumentation, such as the process-scale equipment in the new industry-standard James and Patricia Dietz Unit Operations Laboratory, viewable from the lobby through a glassed-in wall. “I’ve been comparing the labs that I tour on graduate school visits to the lab spaces in this building, and not very many of them can measure up to what I have here,” said senior Hannah Zierden, who received the AIChE Central Ohio Outstanding Student Award this year. CBEC also offers exceptional student spaces, with study and student lounge areas on both the lower and “penthouse” levels. The Karen and Milt Hendricks Student Lounge on the lower level has lockers, a kitchen area, and showers for those who commute by bike, and the office tower’s top-floor Dow Student Lounge offers big-screen, multihubbed computer consoles for group projects -- as well as great views of campus and downtown. The Doug Baughman Design Space and Classroom can be configured for interactive groups and includes a moveable soundproof wall. The lobby’s unique serpentine glass wall creates intimate clustered seating areas where students converge to discuss projects next to a 71-foot moving light mural by renowned artist Leo Villareal. “The new Koffolt Laboratory is everything I hoped for,” Bill Lowrie said. “I believe that in the coming years, it will help move Ohio State’s chemical engineering department up into the top ten in the country.”

Explore: On the following pages and in the videos below, you are invited to take a closer look at CBEC, inside and out. Welcome to the new Koffolt Laboratories! *** Video Presentations: *** Building Facts: •

237,000 square feet

$126M, with $70M in state funds

Ohio’s first LEED-certified laboratory building

Six-story theoretical research and office tower

Four-story wing for 400+ scientists (14 laboratory neighborhoods)

Specialty labs include biotechnology; polymer chemistry, processing, and characterization; rheology; surface characterization; and microscopy

State-of-the art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility.

-Background Photo © Geoff Hulse 2015.

Research Laboratory Areas

-Photos Š Geoff Hulse 2015.


Lobby / Prefunction Area

-Photo © Matt Schutte 2015.

The pre-function space in the lobby is conducive to social interaction and helps to introduce and develop partnerships between chemical engineering and chemistry faculty and students. Left: A student discovers the joys of liquid nitrogen at an “ice cream making” demonstration at the Opening.

-Photo © Geoff Hulse 2015.

To watch a video re-cap of Grand Opening events, visit: CBECopening


-Top, bottom, and side photos © Janell Strouse 2015.

Other Spaces ~ Grand Opening

OFFICES: Glass walls fill labs and offices with light, such as in Professor Umit Ozkan’s office.

DOW STUDENT LOUNGE: Premiere study space and big-screen group workstations. -Photo © Matt Schutte 2015.

GRAND OPENING: Clockwise: after Bill Lowrie and other guests spoke, President Drake, “Brutus,” and others performed a festive, chemical reaction “ribbon cutting.”

AUDITORIUM: The “wave” ceiling in the 117-seat Research Laboratory lecture hall provides microphone-free Areas acoustics.

-Photos © Geoff Hulse 2015.

DESIGN AND COMPUTER CLASSROOMS: Enabled with video streaming/recording capabilities. -Photos © Brad Feinknopf 2015.


CBE News

ANDRE PALMER NAMED TO AIMBE COLLEGE OF FELLOWS Andre Palmer was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE). AIMBE’s College of Fellows features 1,500 leadingedge bioengineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in academia, industry, and government who represent the country’s top 2% of the medical and biological engineering community. STUART COOPER WINS AICHE FOUNDERS AWARD NAE member Stuart Cooper was chosen from among 45,000 active members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) for the 2014 Founders Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Chemical Engineering. Cooper was also re-elected to a three-year term as a Council Delegate, Section on Engineering, to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). AAAS is the publisher of the premier magazine, Science.


L.-S. FAN NAMED 2015 AIChE INSTITUTE LECTURER NAE member L.-S. Fan and Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc. received a $2.5 million U.S. Department of Energy award for Phase II development to design a coal power plant that captures carbon dioxide with iron-based coal-direct chemical looping (CDCL) technology. Fan pioneered the CDCL technology, which chemically harnesses coal’s energy and contains carbon dioxide as a concentrated gas that can be directly utilized or stored, offering a low-cost scheme for carbon capture. L.-S. Fan and his collaborators at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) received the 2014 R&D 100 Award from Industrial Research magazine for Fan’s work on high-efficiency calcium looping technlogy (HECLOT). Called the “Oscars of Invention,” the R&D 100 Awards recognize the top 100 technology products of the year. Fan’s process uses calcium oxide to capture carbon dioxide in the flue gas stream generated from coal combustion (such as that found in power plants). This is then used to grow algae, which is extracted for oil. The resulting deactivated/spent calcium oxide is then used as a key ingredient in cement production. Thus, HECLOT offers concurrent “green” efficiencies that could also help control pollutants. In February 2014, U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith commended Fan’s work to DOE and NETL members at a House Energy and Commerce Committee clean coal hearing. Fan also won The Ohio State University College of Engineering Lumley Research Award. Finally, early in 2015, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) announced that Fan would be the 2015 AIChE Institute Lecturer. NEW FACULTY NICHOLAS BRUNELLI OFF TO A FAST START Within six months of joining CBE, new faculty Nicholas Brunelli published in two high-impact journals - Nature Communications and Science. The Science paper (4 July 2014) describes a novel method to overcome a significant barrier to creating high-selective membranes on commercially relevant scales and has the potential to transform the industrial separation landscape while reducing the vast energy consumption required for thermal separation methods. The Nature paper (17 February 2014) was entitled “Direct synthesis of single-walled aminoaluminosilicate nanotubes with enhanced molecular adsorption selectivity.”

NSF GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS CBE senior Angela Chen and CBE alumnus William L. Murch (currently at Stanford) won National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. Joseph Gauthier, Nathan Volchko, and Robert Warburton won NSF Honorable Mentions. CBE students have a strong track record of receiving NSF fellowships: In the last ten years, 15 CBE students have received NSF fellowships. This is a considerable number, since only 14% of all students who apply for a fellowship actually receive one. Numerous honorable mentions were also received during this time period. JESSICA WINTER’S ACHIEVEMENTS MOUNT The National Science Foundation renewed funding for OSU’s Center for Emergent Matierials, a project for which Jessica Winter serves as associate director. The sixyear, $17.9 million grant funds Ohio State’s long-term studies of innovative new materials. Winter, an established leader in nanobiotechnology known for her development of magnetic quantum dots for cell and molecular separations, was also elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and won the American Chemical Society’s Women Chemists Rising Star Award. She was a speaker in this year’s TEDxColumbus STEAM (ScienceTechnology-Engineering-Arts-and-Math) and was featured in a National Science Foundation 360 News Service podcast.

LISA HALL WINS NSF CAREER AWARD A National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award went to Lisa Hall, the H.C. “Slip” Slider Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering this year. Hall received the five-year, $475,000 award for her research on how polymer structure controls overall materials properties. Hall’s research involves theoretical and computational studies of polymeric materials for potential applications as non-flammable polymer electrolytes in a new generation of safe, lightweight batteries.

Jeffrey Chalmers was named the sole recipient of the global 2014 Cell Culture Engineering Award from Engineering Conferences International. Martin Feinberg received the 2014 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, Ohio State’s highest teaching honor.

NAE member Winston Ho was elected Academician of Academia Sinica, the highest form of academic recognition in the Republic of China in Taiwan. Jack Zakin won the Senior Scientist Mentor Program Award from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation.

BOB BRODKEY AND JACK ZACKIN IN TOP 3% OF OHIO STATE EMERITUS FACULTY One attended the 1959 groundbreaking for old Koffolt Labs and is still active with CBE today. The other has been teaching, mentoring Ohio State ChemE students, and performing research since 1974. This year, Robert Brodkey and Jacques Zakin became inaugural class members of OSU’s new Emeritus Academy, which includes just three percent of the total number of emeritus professors at Ohio State.

Andrew Tong (Ph.D. ‘14) became a CBE research assistant professor and will continue chemical looping research and demonstration projects to support L.-S. Fan’s clean coal program. -Photos © Geoff Hulse 2015.


Undergraduate Program 2014 Cooperative Learning Experiences The Engineering Cooperative Education & Internship Program (ECIP) helps undergraduate students obtain career-related employment of two types: cooperative education (co-op) positions and internships. A co-op experience provides an opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom in careerrelated positions by alternating semesters of full-time coursework with periods of paid, full-time employment. An internship involves one work period with an employer. A work period may last for one semester or for two consecutive semesters. Summer internships are the most popular among students and employers. Students meet with advisors Brian Endres and Katie Bush-Glenn to evaluate different schedule arrangements before interviewing because many employers hire for specific “rotations.” For instance, students may work fulltime during the summer, attend full-time classes in autumn, and return to their employer for full-time work in the spring. The most popular term to work is the summer. Last year, CBE students completed 84 co-op rotations and 110 internship or part-time work experiences. The following is a list of companies who hired OSU undergraduates in our program and the students who were hired by those companies: Adsorption Research Inc: Patrick Kehn; Air Force Research Lab: Lucas Miller; AK Steel: Jacob Martin; AkzoNobel: Paul Lisska; AMETEK: Frances Lin; Anheuser-Busch: Derrik Thomin; Anomatic Corp: Jacquelyn Daugherty, Eryk Kennedy, Sally Raudabaugh, Jason Romine, Kevin Stewart; Ashland Inc: Jackeylyn Miozzi, Oliver Weaver; Battelle Memorial Institute: Nicholas Blum, Regina Gallagher; BP: Mitchell Guenther; Braskem America: Tyler McCullough; Briskheat Corp: Caleb Colvin; Campbell Soup Co: Claire Basham, Ashley Fortman, Thomas Getz, Matthew Sands; Capital One: Kyle McLaughlin; Capital Resin Corp: Costanza Franceschini, Theresa Lewis; Cargill Inc: Connor Barber, Hammdy Beydoun, Giovanni Nardi; CDM South: Chelsea Thomas; -10-

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS): Tiffany Colon, Sarah Drosos, Anthony Genter, Austin Hounshell; Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products Inc: Nicholas Singstock; Cleveland Clinic: Anand Rajan; Clorox Co: Chloe Higgins; Construction Resources Inc: Daniel Glazer; Cooper Tire & Rubber Co: Eric Farell, Lisa Steffan; DNV GL: Adaeze Eneli; Dover Chemical Corp: Kain Fadeley; Dow: Loan Bui, Michael Jindra, Kacie LaBrecque, Janee McNeil, Michael Turco, Lauren Wilhelm; Dow AgroSciences: Samantha Philips; Dow Corning Corp: Emily Hoff, Michael Jindra, Jonathan Ruffley; Dupont: Taylor Angle, Richard Bannerman, Cody Park, Benjamin Whiteman; Entrotech: Nicholas Collinger, Jordan Lucki; ExxonMobil: Hussein Alkhatib, Erica Brackman; Franklin International: Jacob Buszek, Elizabeth Williams; General Electric Corp: Bryan Brewer, Amanda Broseus, Benjamin Kasper, Jason Su; General Mills: Natasha Khawaja, Nicole Pangilinan; General Motors: Jordan Boon, Kennan McNamara; Georgia-Pacific: Elizabeth Bransford, Bryan Gemler; Geotechnical Consultants: Lucas Miller; Givaudan: Mohammad Hashmi; Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co: Christina Anderson, Alison Logan, Lewis Moser; Hexion: Zebulon Bell, Michael Denney, Scott Johannes, Mitchell Wolfarth; JBT Foodtech: Corey Kane; JM SMucker Co: Christopher Gearheart; Kadant Black Clawson: Matthew Tyler; Kimble Companies: Trevor Wendt; LaFarge North America: Emily Diersing; Lake Shore Crytronics: Kyle McLain; L’Oreal USA: Sarah Lyons; Lubrizol Corp: Mary Mullinger, Thomas Rudibaugh; Mahoning County (OH) Board of Health: Robert Marsch; Marathon Petroleum Corp: Jordan Boon, Alison Boyd, Sarah Halmi, Mohannad Hamayel, Adam Kalivoda, Mitchell Louis, Radhika Madhavan, Ibrahim Musa, Corinne O’Donnell; Materion: Clayton Gallagher; Matrix Technologies Inc: Caitlin Parke;

Meritor WABCO: John Brandon; MK Morse Co: Aaron Alexander; Nestle USA: Alejandra Garcia-Fuentes, Vidhi Patel; NexTech Materials: Paul Gruenbacher, Vidhi Patel; Niagara Bottling LLC: Stephanie Christel; Niagara County (NY) Health Dept: Anthony Zaccarella; Nikon Metrology Inc: Katie Jones; NSL Analytical Services Inc: Daniel Businger; Ohio State University: Nicholas Blum, Stephanie Chastang, Stephanie Christel, Eileen Elliott, Philip Kester, Deepthi Koralla, Brian Mog, Alexandria Pickett, Colin Przybylowicz, David Sabol, Samantha Stephens, Alvin Taylor; Optimed Research LTD: Sandra Lee; pH Matter LLC: Greg Bulger, David D’Lima, Victoria Wilson; PharmaForce Inc: Anthony Hoover; Philips: Robert Kirian; PolyOne Corp: Matthew Michalski; PPG Industries: Jane Whitten; Procter & Gamble: Tiffany Colon, Carmen Keeton; Rockwell Automation: Joseph Gallagher, Jessica Stibora; RoviSys: Michael Guynn; RTI International: Mark Brooks; Scotts Miracle Gro: Daniel Adkins, William Drees, Cody Fox; Shell: Derek Kasper, Matthew Kimmel; Sherwin-Williams Co: Brian Fredman; Simonton Windows: Bradley Barrett; Sirrus: Matthew Ellison, Michael Hurd; Stanley Electric US: Mitchel Garrison; Swagelok Co: Matthew Rees; Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corp: Kristi Olesik; Texas A&M: Liza Dias; Thomas & Betts: Robert Sheehy; Thyseenkrupp Elevator: Colin Murray; Toyota: Daniel Bonamer, Faith Carver, Mitchell Gower; Unilever: Matthew Van Avermaete; Valero: Matthew Kimmel, Scott Reinhart, Natalie Sample, Justin Thomas; Valspar: Alexandria Chen, Brandon Isaacs; Veyance Technologies Inc: Trent Daubenmire, Marisa McCaffrey; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base: Emily Baur, Miranda McGrothers; Youngstown Waste Water Treatment: Robert Marsch. -Photo © John Clay 2015.

Placement Record for Undergraduates The next section summarizes the known job placements for our graduates. Our program continues to have a strong placement record both within industry and within graduate and professional programs. The percentages provided here are based on senior exit surveys at the time of graduation. As reported upon graduation, 54% of our graduates will be going directly to industry with their B.S. degrees. An additional 13% are pursuing graduate or professional school. Approximately 38% of our students have accepted positions in Ohio. Students will be working at various corporations such as Exxon Mobil, the Dow Chemical Company, Procter & Gamble, and DuPont. A number of our graduates received various types of honors: Latin honors, with honors research distinction or with honors in engineering. Twenty-six students graduated with honors in engineering and twelve students graduated with distinction in various disciplines. Latin honors are defined as follows: a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.50-3.69 is cum laude; 3.70-3.89 is magna cum laude; and 3.904.00 is summa cum laude. There are two ways for students to receive distinction for research activities: A student who graduates with honors research distinction is an honors student (greater than a 3.40 GPA) who has completed a senior honors research thesis. A student who graduates with research distinction is a student (GPA between 3.00-3.39) who has completed a senior research thesis. A student who graduates with honors in engineering has completed a three-prong program consisting of completing a required number of honors courses, participation in community service, leadership and outreach as well participation in “investigational studies” which typically includes completing a research paper or thesis or completing a minor. Engineering Career Services (ECS) welcomes all employers to register, to recruit Ohio State engineering students and graduates. There is no cost to register and no fees for ECS services. If you, or someone you know, is interested in hiring Ohio State students for co-op experiences, internships or for full time placement, please contact Director of Engineering Career Services Amy Thaci at (614) 292-6651. You can read more about the services offered through ECS by visiting their webpage:


Autumn 2013 (December 2013) Andrea Adam Eunice Alade Derek Anderson Christopher Bailey Aditi Bansal Courtney Bareswilt Nicole Chittum Nicholas Deerhake Joshua Detzel Morgan Doty James Emmenecker Nathan Fahrenkamp Jeremy Fichtenbaum Lydia Griffith Daniel Grover William Herold Stephanie Hines Clinton Holloway Maya Hughes Jay Johnson Timothy Kananen Geoffrey Kleimeyer Ronald Lechner Jason Lee Andrew Lust Dameon Medley Patrick Merrilees -12-

Hired by ODW Logistics.. No information given. Hired by Halliburton, Ohio. Hired by Exxon Mobil, Louisiana; Graduated Cum Laude. No information given. Hired by Ashland, Inc, Ohio. Hired by Baker Hughes, Texas. Hired by Shell, Texas; Graduated Cum Laude. No information given. Hired by Procter & Gamble, Ohio. Hired by Honda, Ohio. Hired by Marathon Petroleum Corp, Ohio; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Hired by Exxon Mobil, District of Columbia; Graduated Magna Cum Laude Hired by Axiall Corporation, Pennsylvania. Hired by PolyOne Corp, Ohio. Hired by Arkema Inc, Pennsylvania; Graduated Cum Laude. No information given. No information given; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by L’Oreal USA, New York; Graduated Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. No information given. No information given. Hired by DOW Chemical, Texas; Graduated Summa Cum Laude. Hired by Dannon Co, New York; Graduated Cum Laude. Pursuing Phd ChE, Georgia Tech University; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Hired by Chemical Abstracts Service, Ohio. Hired by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Florida. No information given.

Kendel Mesch Brian Novi Zacharias Obermeyer Timothy Oliver Aaron Plumley Sandeepa Rathnayaka Harini Ruberu Jasline Sahota Rayvion Sanford Colin Schumaker Madeline Shirk Caleb Smith Frank Sweterlitsch Laura VanVliet Vadim Vishnepolsky Weckstein, Daniel

Hired by Owens Corning, Ohio; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Pursuing MD, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; Graduated Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Laird Technologies, Ohio. No information given. Hired by HB Fuller; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by Toyota Motor Co, Kentucky. No information given. Hired by PepsiCo, Ohio. Hired by L’Oreal USA, Kentucky. Hired by Exxon Mobil, Louisiana; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Evans Adhesive Corp, Ohio; Graduated Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Auto Technology, Ohio. Hired by Cargill Inc, Ohio. Hired by Nalco Champion, Texas. Hired by Deloitte Consulting LLP, Ohio; Graduated Summa Cum Laude. Niagara Bottling LLC, Ohio.

Spring 2014 (May 2014) Siddiqa Abdullah Michael Bann Christopher Bernardo Richard Black Dana Blowes Nicholas Blum John Borror Michael Chee Zezhen Cheng Elizabeth Colby Patrick Connaughton Steven Cooper Matthew Cox Caroline Dahlem Jonathan Davis Andrew Davis Lauren Dellon Cody DeWitt Yuanpeng Ding Anna Dorfi Seth Dumm Jason Ezzell Matthew Farber Clay Fernholz Mark Ferris Casey Flaherty Ashley Fortman Billy Guo Patrick Halley Emily Helber

No information given. No information given. Hired by A-T Controls, Ohio. No information given. Hired by Nalco Champion, Texas. Pursuing Ph.D ChE, University of Colorado at Boulder; Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering and Honors Research Dinstinction. Pursuing MS ChE, The Ohio State University. No information given. Pursuing MS ChE, Carnegie Mellon University. No information given. Hired by Pearl Therapeutics. Hired by Chemical Abstracts Service, Ohio. Hired by MedImmune, Maryland. Hired by Anheuser-Busch, Ohio. Pursuing MS ChE, Columbia University; Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering and Research Distinction in Chemical Engineering. Hired by PEAK6 Investments, Illinois; Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Pursuing PhD ChE, Institution unknown; Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. No information given. Hired by ODOT, Ohio. Pursuing MS/PhD, Johannes Gutenberg Universitat, Germany; Magna Cum Laude, Honors in Engineering, With Research Distinction in Engineering. Hired by Victory Brewing Company, Pennsylvania. Hired by Valero, Texas. No information given. Hired by Schlumberger, North Dakota. Pursuing MS/PhD ChE, Colorado School of Mines. No information given. Hired by Nestle, New Jersey. No information given. Pursuing MS ChE, The Ohio State University. Pursuing MS ChE, The Ohio State University; Graduated Cum Laude.

Hired by Dow Corning Corp, Michigan; Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Nestle USA , Iowa. Hired by Calgon Carbon Corp, Kentucky. Hired by Axiall Corp, West Virginia; Graduated Cum Laude. No information given. Hired by Ohio Chemical Services, Inc, Ohio. Hired by Halliburton, Pennsylvania. Hired by ENVIRON International Corp, Ohio; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. No information given. Hired by DuPont, New York; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Hired by Marathon Petroleum Corp, Texas. Hired by Nestle USA, Ohio. No information given. Pursuing am MS/PhD, Purdue University; Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering and Honors Research Distinction in Chemical Engineering. Robert Kirian Hired by Schlumberger, Louisiana. Alex Lapatinsky Hired by Hexpol, Ohio. Cole Lapp No information given. Laurence Lenoir Hired by Target Inc, Ohio. Paul Lisska No information given. Killian Llewellyn No information given; Graduated Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. John Logue Hired by Dupont, West Virginia. Nathan Martin No information given. Erin McLean Hired by Chrysler Group LLC, Michigan; Graduated Summa Cum Laude. Janee McNeil Hired by Newell Rubbermaid, N. Carolina. Kevin McNulty Hired by DuPont, West Virginia. Alex Miller Pursuing MD, Location unknown; Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Brian Mog Pursuing MD/PhD, John Hopkins University; Graduated Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Mohammad Mohammad Hired by Halliburton, Colorado. Mary Hesse Courtney Hilty Casey Fought Andrew Giljahn Sneha Gollamudi Robert Hord Alexander Horn Austin Hounshell Bryan Johnson Anthony Kaiser Adam Kalivoda Sarah Karmele Whitney Kennie Philip Kester



Douglas Montjoy Michael Mospens Kevin Muenks William Murray Esther Mutua Kyle Nimon Evan Nolan Matthew Perry Xin Hui Phuah Arthur Pierce Jonathan Pinkins Eric Plencner Adam Pridgen Joshua Rennecker Matthew Rowley James Rustin David Sabol Ashley Sandlin Michael Shibko Michael Smith Aaron Strickland Jason Su Brian Summerlin Matthew Tyler Sai Pranav Uppati Paramee Vanavijitr Derek Vickers Mark Villarreal Jasmyne Walker Robert Warburton Mitchell Wolfarth Wenlan Yang Sze Yi Yeap David Yu

Pursuing MD/PhD, University of Michigan; Graduated Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering and Honors Research Distinction. Hired by Lubrizol Corp, Kentucky. Hired by Anheuser-Busch, Ohio. Hired by RoviSys, Ohio. No information given. No information given. Hired by Parker Trutec. Pursuing MBA, Case Western University. No information given. No information given. No information given. Pursuing PhD ChE, The Ohio State University; Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Abbott Laboratories, Ohio. Hired by Archer Daniels Midland, Ohio. No information given. No information given. Hired by Shepherd Color Co, Ohio; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Hired by Marathon Petroleum Corp, Texas; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by Halliburton, Pennsylvania. Hired by Ford Motor Co, Unknown location. Hired by Arkema Inc, Texas; Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. No information given, Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by General Electric Corp. Hired by Hexion, Texas. Pursuing MS Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas at Austin: Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Ecolab. Hired by Parker Trutec Inc, Ohio. Hired by Parker Trutec Inc, Ohio. Hired by Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. Pursuing MS/PhD, Purdue University. Hired by Schlumberger, Louisiana. Pursuing MS ChE, University of Washington; Magna Cum Laude. No information given. No information given.

Summer 2014 (August 2014) Evan Alexander Kevin Asper Jeremy Barlage Rachel Busse Jacob Cavalier Noah Cave David Chmielewski Alexander Danes Orest Danylewecz Andrea Detwiler Benjamin Eckhoff Adam Enloe Jeffrey Gahan Abrham Gebremedhin Daniel Glazer Lily Glick Katie Gregg Tyler Hilston Scott Hochberg Joseph Ionni Keith Johnson Jessica Kam Matthew Konderson Robert Law Luhe Lu William Luppino

Hired by Schlumberger, Texas. Hired by Nestle USA, Iowa: Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Hired by Nestle USA, nationwide locations; Graduated Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Georgia-Pacific, Ohio. Hired by PolyOne Corp, Pennsylvania. No information given; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Pursuing MS Structural & Computational Biology, Baylor University. Hired by JDI Group Inc, Ohio. Hired by MicroStrategy Inc. Hired by General Mills, Minnesota; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by Owens Corning, New York. Hired by Procter & Gamble, Maryland. Hired by Nalco Champion, Texas. Offer accepted, company unknown. Hired by GT Environmental Inc, Ohio. Hired by Kenexis Consulting Corp, Ohio; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by Newry Corp, Ohio. Hired by Kroger Manufacturing, Ohio. Hired by Procter & Gamble, location unknown; Graduated Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Precision Castparts Corp-PCC, Ohio; Graduated with Honors Research Distinction in Chemical Engineering. Hired by PepsiCo, Ohio. No information given. Hired by ExxonMobil, California; Graduated Summa Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Pursuing PhD ChE, location unknown; Graduated with Research Distinction. Pursuing MS Petroleum Engineering, University of Southern California; Graduated with Research Distinction. Hired by Texas Instruments, Texas; Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Xinpei Mao Aleesha Martin Giovanni Nardi Enoch Ng David Pasini Parth Patel Eric Piening Jason Que Jacob Ratliffe Tyler Reinbolt Alex Royer Kristine Steva Keith Stump Zhenyang Wang Olivia Wetta Ye Xia Dorien Xia Tianwei Zhang Teng Zhang

Pursuing MS ChE, Johns Hopkins University; Graduated Cum Laude. No information given; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Hired by Cargill Inc, Massachusetts; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by Environ International Corp. Hired by Kraft Foods, Illinois. Pursuing MD, Ohio University Heritage College; Cum Laude, Honors in Engineering. Hired by Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Ohio. No information given; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by Ohio Valley Cabling. No information given. Hired by Scotts Miracle Gro, Ohio. No information given. Hired by RoviSys, Ohio; Graduated Cum Laude. Pursuing PhD ChE, Cornell University; Graduated with Research Distinction. Hired by Arkema Inc, Missouri. No information given. Hired by Richard Design Services, Ohio; Graduated Cum Laude. No information given. No information given.

Autumn 2014 (December 2014) Daniel Adkins Yazen Al-Harazy Raymond Anderson Allison Basinger Alison Boyd Christopher Bruening Loan Bui Molly Bumb Reid Burkhart David Cain Leland Chandler

Hired by ExxonMobil, Texas. No information given. No information given. Hired by Holland Applied Technologies, Illinois. Hired by General Mills, Minnesota; Graduated Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. No information given; Graduated Magna Cum Laude, With Honors Research Distinction in Chemical Engineering. Hired by Shell Oil Co, Texas; Graduated Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. No information given. No information given. Hired by Genentech Inc, California. No information given. -Photo Š John Clay 2015.

Michelle DiBiase Mitchell Garrison George Gerges Stefan Heglas Chloe Higgins Kenneth Izbicki Wei Luo Ryan Lysaght Kathryn Maltry Steven Nystrom Vidhi Patel Jianmin Pei Zach Reyes Ted Rogers Maxwell Roy Paul Skellenger Tabitha Smith Derrick Thomin Kevin Wegman Rui Yao Guk Hee Youn Kyle Zaborski

Hired by PolyOne Corp, Ohio. No information given. Hired by Merrill Lynch. Pursuing MS ChE, The Ohio State University; Graduated Cum Laude. Hired by Clorox Co, California; Graduated Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. Hired by Baker Hughes, North Dakota; Graduated Summa Cum Laude. No information given. Hired by Nalco Champion, Texas. Hired by DOW Chemical, Michigan. Pursuing MS ChE, The Ohio State University. Hired by Nestle USA, South Carolina. Hired by ExxonMobil, Louisiana. Hired by Yenkin-Majextic Coatings. Hired by The Ohio State University. Hired by Shepherd Color Co, Ohio. Hired by Arkema Inc, Illinois. No information given; Graduated Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. No information given. Hired by Education Invention Center; Graduated Magna Cum Laude, With Honors in Engineering. No information given. Pursuing MS ChE, Institution unknown; Graduated with Research Distinction. No information given.


Course Enrollment Spring 2014 # Course Instructor Course Title 60, 67 2200 Dr. Palmer, Dr. Wood Process Fundamentals 130 2420 Dr. Feinberg Transport Phenomena I 135 2523 Dr. Brunelli Separation Processes 110 3508 Dr. Paulaitis Thermodynamics 97 3521 Dr. Koelling Transport Phenomena II 144 3610 Dr. Rathman Kinetics and Reactor Design 196 3630 Dr. Scaccia, Dr. Clay Unit Operations I 12 4194 Elif Miskioglu Technical Communications 96 2624 Dr. Hall Process Dynamics & Controls 87 4760 Dr. Scaccia, Dr. Fan Engineering Economics & Strategy 86 4764 Dr. Tomasko Poocess Design & Development 22 5712 Dr. Ozkan Catalysis & Catalytic Processes 26 5735 Dr. Winter Cellular Nanotechnology 14 5761 Dr. Zakin Chem. & Biomolecular Eng. Processes 9 5766 Dr. Chalmers Principles of Biochemical Engineering 49 5772 Dr. Bakshi Principles of Sustainable Engineering 15 5774 Dr. Ho Polymer Membranes 164 5779 Dr. Rathman Experimental Design 3 4193 Various Undergraduate Individual Studies 9 4998 Various Undergraduate Research 4 4998H Various Undergraduate Honors Research 5 4999 Various Undergraduate Thesis Research

Summer 2014 # Course Instructor Course Title 201 4630 Dr. Scaccia, Dr. Clay Unit Operations Lab 14 5755 Dr. Bob Johnson (adjunct) Chemical Process Safety 1 4998 Various Undergraduate Research 1 4998H Various Undergraduate Honors Research 2 4999H Various Undergraduate Honors Thesis Research -16-

Autumn 2014 # Course Instructor Course Title 80, 79 2200 Dr. Koelling, Dr. Winter Process Fundamentals 112 2420 Dr. Palmer Transport Phenomena I 111 2523 Dr. Hall Separation Processes 130 3508 Dr. Paulaitis Thermodynamics 123 3521 Dr. Kusaka Transport Phenomena II 50 3610 Dr. Ozkan Kinetics & Reactor Design 91 4624 Dr. Bakshi Process Dynamics & Controls 92 4760 Dr. Fan, Dr. Scaccia Novel Separation Processes 90 4764 Dr. Chalmers Process Design & Development 11 5194 Dr. Asthagiri Quantitative Cell Biology for Engineers 12 5761 Dr. Zakin Chemical Engineering Processes 19 5765 Dr. Wood Biochemical Engineering 13 5769 Dr. Stephen Lee Biomedical Nanotechnology 80 5771 Dr. Wyslouzil Air Pollution 17 5773 Dr. Cooper Intro to High Polymer Engineering 5 5777 Dr. Lee Intro to Polymer Engineering at Macro-, Micro-, and Nanoscale 137 5779 Dr. Rathman Experimental Design 77 5790 Dr. Rathman Modeling Simulation 12 4998 Various Undergraduate Research 7 4998H Various Undergraduate Honors Research 1 4999 Various Undergraduate Thesis Research 5 4999H Various Undergraduate Honors Thesis Research

Adam Doleh, Gabe Knoepfler, Zack Newell and Kelsey Crawford strike the ‘O-H-I-O’ pose in the new Dow Student Lounge. -Photo © Geoff Hulse 2015

Undergraduate Enrollment Graphs Undergraduate Enrollment (# of students)

Number of B.S. Degrees Per Year

Shows Total Students, Number Granted to Women and Number Granted to Ethnic Minorities

1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0

Pre-Majors Majors Total

180 160

# of degrees

140 120 Chem. E Total


Women Ethnic Min

80 60 40 20 0

2010 2011










*Data taken in January 2015

280 260 240 220


CBE 2200 is the department's first major course. This table shows total enrollment in that course and the break down enrollment of women and ethnic minority students. Previous years include only students who passed the course with a C- or better.

900 800








Ethnic Min Total Students


# of students

# of students


Female and Ethnic Minority Trends in Total Department Enrollment

Tracking CBE 200/2200 Enrollment


Total Students









20 0



2013 Year


Ethnic Min




2013 Year





2013-2014 Undergraduate Scholarship Information A total of 147 students were awarded undergraduate scholarships in the Chemical & Biomolecular program. The vast majority of scholarship funds went to current majors, although a small amount was earmarked for recruiting talented firstyear students as well. A total of $182,600 was awarded to students heading into the 2014-2015 school year. The average award was $1,242 this year, compared to $1,114 the previous year. Trends in data from financial aid show that the number and amount of both student and parental loans have been increasing. Since the increase in scholarship support hasn’t been able to keep up with the cost of a college education, department scholarships from alumni and corporate donors help to defray a portion of the loan burden for many of our students. We thank those of our alumni who have established scholarship endowments for this purpose, as well as our corporate donors who provide scholarships on an annual basis.

Robert W. Adams Memorial Scholarship Barger, Mark Miller, Sean Ruffley, Jonathan

Traine, Samantha

Harold W. Almen Scholarship Alkhatib, Hussein Kehn, Patrick Kopechek, David Nowicki, Kevin Rodriguez, Lucas Vasquez, Gabrielle Volchko, Nathan Zins, Zachary Paul Bates Scholarship Boon, Jordan Tyler Claytor, Alexandra Renee Herron, Jacquelynn Johnson Jr., Keith Allen Peters, Jasmine The George S. Bonn Scholarship Cheng, Zezhen Na, Jing Pan, Jie Shi, Xutao Wang, Ziwei Wen, Yunhan Wong, Ka Heen Gary Yuan, Feibi J.R. Boothe Scholarship Fund Zins, Zachary Paul Eskay

William I. Burt Memorial Scholarship Fund

Amatulli, Ryan

Anderson, Christina Lucille Bartholomew, Mark James Bonamer, Daniel George Brackman, Erica Lynn Braun, Nicholas Aloysius Broseus, Amanda May Cambraia, Jody Campo, Rachael Victoria De Leon Jr., Rafael Estuardo DeVita, Derek James Fouasnon, Joshua Benjamin Forkey, Jarrett Reno Hofacre, Kyle Paul Jokerst, Mitchell Allen Justus, Nicholas Ronald Kane, Corey Scott Kimmel, Matthew Allen Kolliopoulos, Panayiotis Konstantinou LaBrecque, Kacie Nicole Maltry, Kathryn Grace McHugh, Marissa Kathleen Neu, Adam Russell Newmyer, Andrew Grant Pangilinan, Nicole Malto Sandvik, Peter Olaf Schneider, Kyle Phillip Schwertner, Alexandra Leona Sieradzki, Edward Jacob Taylor, Alvin Lebrandon Thomas, Chelsea Denese Turco, Michael John Wegman, Kevin Robert Whiteman, Benjamin Charles Wood, Austin James

Zaccarella, Anthony Michael

The James F. and Patricia C. Dietz Engineering Scholarships Fund

Fletcher, Charles C

Young, Gabrielle Marie

Zierden, H annah Christine -18-

Dorothy J. & Herbert L. Fenburr Scholarship Brasile, Bryan William Braswell, Nathan Brian Bresson, Julianne Noel Brewer, Bryan Joe Carver, Faith Anne Cohen, William Fredric Davies, Sean Michael Empfield, Abbey Mae Forkey, Jarrett Reno Gearheart, Christopher Aaron Gerges, George Anthony Guan, Gar Wai Herron, Jacquelynn Lauren Homsy, Michael Louis Inoue, Matthew Kenta Khawaja, Natasha LaBrecque, Kacie Nicole Logan, Alison Nicole Luo, Wei McCaffrey, Marisa Anne McLain, Kyle Robert Molitoris, Kathryn Marie Pangilinan, Nicole Malto Peterson, Gabriel Kaesy Qian, Kyle Yonglun Sample, Natalie Faye Satija, Ayesha Sims, Jesse Robert Streng, Maria Anne Strutz, Jonathan Robert Sutherland, Aaron James Thompson, Zechariah David Westfall, Jesse James Withers, Adam

David H. George Chemical Engineering Scholarship Curtis, Emma Grace Damge, Jacob Michael Lyons, Sarah O’Malley, Quincy Maureen Rebillot, Ryan Thomas Walsh, Austin Kelley Allan I. Gordon Undergraduate Scholarship for Study in Biochemical Engineering

Chen, Alexandria

The Tom and Gail Reardon Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund Brown, Josh The Howard R. Steele Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Baldwin, Christopher David Boone, Sierra Taylor Froats, Joshua Michael Jorge, Anthony Vasco Landis, Matthew John Parish, Luisa Marie Whisler, Aran Richard

Kimmel, Blaise

Aldrich Syverson Scholarship Kimmel, Blaise Young, Gabrielle

William R. & Doris M. Harris Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Colley, Joshua Bruce Guenther, Mitchell Douglas Hamayel, Mohannad Mutee Lee, Jason J Louis, Mitchell Alan Meilstrup, Jordan Andrew

H. Richard Unkel Chemical Engineering Class of 1941 Baker, Hillary Gauthier Jr., Joseph Allen Kriner, Robert Joseph Whitten, Jane Amelia

Todd David Harris Memorial Scholarship

Milton & Karen Hendricks Scholarship Chen, Angela Smith E. Howland Scholarship Gower, Mitchell Walton The Samuel S. and Grace Hook Johnston Memorial Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund Collinger, Nicholas John Webster B. Kay Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Bui, Loan Higgins, Chloe Lubrizol Foundation Scholarship Falascino, Eric Gallagher, Regina

Harry B. Warner Scholarship Butler, Brittney William H. Whirl Scholarship Goldenbagen, Kennedy The Michael D. Winfield Scholarship Businger, Daniel Fred H. Winterkamp Memorial Scholarship Coates, Zachary Alan Czebatul, Nathaniel Raymond Hudson, Paul Wesley Lawver, Angela Carol

Weisgarber, Ethan Lloyd


2014 Charitable Donations to CBE Year / Name of Alumnus/Alumna:

1939 Ralph E. Quigley (deceased); 1941 H.R. Unkel (deceased); 1944 Wallace L. Bostwick, Edward W. Powell; 1946 Edward A. Broestl (deceased); 1947 Donald F. Stauffer (deceased); 1948 Lee B. Fosdick, David E. James, Henry B. Lange, Manuel Ramos, Robert M. Tarr; 1949 Paul E. Bates (deceased), John A. Burgbacher, Kurt M. Dubowski; J.H. Kerstetter, Robert E. Kraus; 1950 William W. Grimes, R.B. Ritter, Alvin M. Sabroff, Richard L. Scott, Ralph E. Sieber; 1951 Charles L. Dornbusch, Richard N. Eilerman (deceased), Bruce E. Hill, John R. Parkinson, Norbert F. Reinert, Donn P. Rice, David B. Speed; 1952 James F. Froning, Donald E. Haupt, Paul W. Schramm; 1953 Robert A. Bates, G. Clyde Bazell (deceased), Richard N. Beals, Roger L. Briggs, David E. Buskirk, Walter E. Donham, Donald E. Findlay, Herbert G. Krane (deceased), Wilfred C. Ling, Donald A. MacDougall, Harold L. Stelzer, James L. Wilson; 1955 John R. Blunden, Wendell B. Hammond, John H. Hoge; 1956 John W. Cammarn, Robert A. Cody, William D. Coe, Herbert H. Fanning, David A. Strang; 1957 Walter R. Andrews, Jon D. Helms; 1958 Robert L. Bates (deceased), Edward H. Bollinger, Barry C. Hartley, Werner S. Lichtenstein, Thomas R. Loy, Valdis E. Petritis, Harold A. Sorgenti, James W. Stark, Bruce W. Wilkinson; 1959 James O. Albery, Brian L. Nyquist, Darryl J. Von Lehmden; 1960 Virgil L. Anderson, Carl E. Brooks, Guy A. Crossley, Joseph O. Estill, Edgar W. Fasig, William D. Gieseke, Orville W. Gruebmeyer, Warren E. McAdams, Irwin Weinstock, Russell L. Wilt; 1961 Paul R. Bigley, Richard B. Cooper, Clyde W. Folk, Ronald L. Follmer, Jack A. Hammond, Ronald D. Harris, Gordon R. Howard, Robert A. Krakowski, Kenneth D. McDaniel, David A. Parker, John N. Rapach; 1962 Martin F. Cohen, Kenneth J. Fulk, Lawrence A. Jacowitz, Jon H. Lee, James C. Opatrny, C.D. Osbun, Dean Snider, Michael J. Sorocak, Lawrence R. Steele, Michael D. Winfield; 1963 Nelson W. Barnhill, Meyers G. Hammond, John P. Henry, Robert P. Kasper, Wilbur H. Snider, Kay L. Snider; Kay L. Snider; 1964 Gary L. Beeler, Alkis Constantinides, Michael B. Cutlip, William R. Ferris, David E. Hazlebeck, Girish D. Parikh, James B. Sapp, Donald J. Wilhelm; 1965 Edward R. Corino, Oliver L. Davies, Frederick H. Flor, John P. Gegner, Frederick J. Rerko, Michael C. Royer, Fred A. Shaffstall, Gary L. Street, Eugene N.Wheeler; 1966 James G. Arnold, David E. Bidstrup, James V. Braun, Ralph S. Cunningham, Dale A. Denny, Thomas E. Fitz, Rudolph D. Hoffman, Ralph B. Jutte, Michael G. Konicek, William G. Lowrie, Stephen W. Marlow, Glenn L. McKee, John W. Mitchell, Jerry R. Morton, Gary W. Moye, Albert R. Shuki;


1967 William F. Deerhake, C.D. Dunlap, F.W. Hauschildt, Dennis W. Hurley, Wilma D. Jancuk, Lawrence D. Mathew, Graham F. Painter, Anthony Santavicca; 1968 Lawrence H. Green, Douglas W. Hissong, Lloyd G. Jones, Ronald M. Kovach, Gerald M. Lehmann, William E. Lewis, Richard T. Linak, Geoffrey A. Lindsay, Kenneth N. McKelvey, Herbert A. Newhouse, John M. Salladay, Arthur W. Thornton, David J. Walters, Gerald A. Wilcox (deceased), H.J. Zeller; 1969 Y.J. Ahn, Smith E. Howland, Geoffrey A. Prentice, John W. Toussant; 1970 James F. Dietz, Bradford F. Dunn, David R. Grove, John D. Rensel, Richard B. Strait, Rosa Uy, Harry H. Yieh (deceased); 1971 Juliet D. Balmer, Karen L. Hendricks, Jeffrey L. Kosch, Arthur H. Morth, William E. Pritchard, Richard D. Stolk, Paul R. Swartz; 1972 Charles B. Ernst; 1973 Scott Biersteker, John C. Bost, Charles N. Carpenter, David A. Dargan, John A. Douglas; 1974 Mark E. Forry, Robert C. McKee, George L. Ott, Michael J. Pedersen; 1975 Paul C. Auh, John T. Erikson, Stephen L. Grant, John E. Myers, Michael A. Patterson, Yoon S. Song, James S. Watt; 1976 James M. Delabar, Darlene H. McCalmont; 1977 Robert L. Collins, Douglas J. Hallenburg, David M. Muller; 1978 James H. Etherton, Janet L. Inkrott, Mike P. Moore, Rad V. Scott, Elizabeth A. Stuber, Neil P. Stuber, Paul W. Vance, Thomas E. Winkler, Johnny O. Wright; 1979 Steve M. Benner, Kevin R. Cole, Darice A. Davis, David W. Dunn, Karen T. Murphy, Gary S. Phillips, Michael W. Weber, Tad K. Williams; 1980 Frederick T. Clark, Bruce R. DeBruin, Paul T. Dubetz, Carol B. Ehrman, Fred D. Ehrman, Matthew J. Galosi, Bahman Ghorashi, Joseph Petrarca, Gary R. Prok, Daniel R. Schwaegerle, Pankaj P. Shah, Laura L. Shapiro, Timothy L. Strickler, Debra S. Warfield, Mark R. Warfield; 1981 Nancy C. Dawes, Ronald A. Gibson, Dougles V. Lenz, Wil liam E. Naseman, James A. Telljohann, Jeffery J. Tokarsky, H.C. Wolf (deceased); 1982 Douglas H. Baughman, Jeffrey A. Harwood, Daniel P. Lambert, Chih-Kuo W. Lee, Sumner M. Saeks, Christina S. Sistrunk, Heng-Sheng J. Torng, Andrew M. Weber; 1983 Mchael B. Begland, Tracy F. Begland, Richard H. Brandon, Stephen R. Cammarn, Mark H. Gaston, Keith R. Nowak, James M. Sauer, Robert E. Young; 1984 Yousef G. Aouad, Teresa L. Datz-Siegel, Joseph L. Herzog, Hans Jordan, Randall L. Lonsbrough, Gergory M. Masica, Patrick A. Renner, Suni Satija, Leonore C. Witchey Lakshmanan, Paul D. Woosley; 1985 Douglas J. Ball, Thomas D. Burns, Mark J. Hogan, Timothy A. Johnson, David J. Moonay; 1986 Thomas G. Heeb, Kris Lakshmanan; 1987 Jeffrey D. Adams, Denise M. Burcham, Samuel D. Fink, Karen S. Johnson, D.B. Noe, Robert L. Tatterson, Donna M. Walter; 1988 Amy E. Doty, Rajeev L. Gorowara, M.A. Jabbour, David W. Miller, Bhavesh V. Patel, Craig L. Shoemaker, Annette B. Ventura;

1989 Stuart F. Doty, Michael J. Pishkula, Amy R. Pressly; 1990 Craig M. Kehres, Frank J. Kizlik, James V. Lombardi, Kara B. Long, Timothy F. Matheis, Scott A. Westfall; 1991 Greg E. Grotke, Kristan K. Latham; 1992 Pamela J. Archer, Julie V. Joehlin, Scott A. Joehlin, Edward M. Marszal; 1993 Abhijit Ghosh Dastidar, Clement Opoku; 1994 Christopher W. Voight; 1996 Seungjoo Haam, Jack R. Reese, Liping Zhang; Mark E. Buzek, Liping Zhang; 1997 Xukum Luo, Ellen M. Silva; 1998 Aravind R. Asthagiri, Michael T. Timko; 1999 Matthew F. Ehlerding, James W. Holder; 2001 Thomas J. Jaynes, Eric S. Jensen, Andrew D. Kihm; 2002 Adam R. Baxter, Xia Cao, Lisa A. Catauro, Jun Luo, Yunying Qi; 2003 Andrew W. Finn, Xiangmin Han, Siyi Lai; 2004 Nicholas A. Brunelli, Lori A. Engelhardt, Erica H. Jones, Patrick J. Rensing, Adam M. Woeste, Guojun Xu; 2005 Miguel A. Garcia, Michael G. Klidas, Gary Seto; 2006 Robert H. Walters; 2007 Maxwell J. Wingert; 2008 Zhihua Guo, Yi Zhang; 2009 Carol Pritchett, Andrew W. Vail; 2010 Elizabeth J. Biddinger; 2011 Brandon C. Clinger, Daneil J. Griffin, Japheth Pritchett, Barric A. Reed; 2012 Adam C. Burley, Arthur C. Neeley; 2014 Eric M. Plencner. Friends of CBE (including other OSU Alumni): Lori A. Adams, Janet L. Ahn, Jo Ann Albery, Ruby T. Anderson, Anonymous, Eunice G. Andrews, Joyce A. Arnold, Bhavik R. Bakshi, Mamta B. Bakshi (2003), Cheryl L. Ball (1985), Charles F. Balmer, Dina N. Barnhill, Betty B. Bates (1948), Patricia A. Bates, Janet W. Baughman, Stefani L. Baxter, Ellen C. Beals, Karen S. Beeler (1963), Frances G. Benner, Ned E. Bibler (1962), Joshua A. Biddinger, Carol J. Bidstrup, Mary Jo W. Biersteker, Ernestine F. Bodyke, Dorra L. Bost, Betty J. Bostwick, Katherin C. Bower (2003), Beth T. Brandon, Carolyn C. Braun, Martha A. Briggs, Robert S. Brodkey, Rita E. Broestl, Lucy R. Brooks, Jonathan R. Brown, Nicholas Brunelli, Michael W. Burcham, Marjorie P. Burgbacher, Lynn R. Burns, Gergory Busch, Judith L. Buskirk, Ping Cai, Nancy G. Cammarn (1956), Tavane C. Cammarn, Sally C. Carpenter (1960), Michael Catauro, Jeffrey J. Chalmers, Julie A. Chalmers (1992), Sharon R. Clark (1980), Lois W. Cody, Edith B. Coe, Rochelle P. Cohen (1962), Lisa R. Cole, Audrey J. Cooke, David C. Cooke (1951), Marlene D. Corino, LaDonna F. Crossley, Deborah B. Cunningham, Susan F. Cutlip, Sharon K. Dargan, Margaret A. Davies, Darrell R. Davis, Marke E. Dawes (1981),

The students and faculty of CBE thank you for joining in supporting them.

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Graduate Program Ranking

Faculty Productivity

The 2015 U.S. News and World Report rankings of engineering graduate programs placed the Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at #23. While the college rankings are based in good part on objective measures such as research funding, number of Ph.D. graduates, number of publications, etc., departmental rankings also include subjective surveys of chemical engineering department chairs and industrial recruiters.

The following table relating to faculty research and our Ph.D. program attests to our faculty’s productivity. In the past five years, the average graduation rate was 15 Ph.D. students per year and a ratio of 0.72 Ph.D. degrees per faculty member.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 OSU College of Engineering 27 25 29 30 29 31 32 Engineering Specialties: Aerospace Biological/Agriculture Biomedical Chemical Engineering Civil Computer Engineering Computer Science Electrical Environmental/Env. Health Industrial/Manufacturing Materials Mechanical Nuclear

22 11 NA 27 36 20 NA 20 39 21 16 22 13

19 12 35 27 36 NA 28 22 42 16 15 21 15

19 12 35 27 36 23 NA 22 42 16 15 21 15

22 14 42 28 38 23 28 19 48 21 17 18 13

25 14 36 29 35 10 NA 18 48 17 15 24 13

22 11 45 23 36 18 34 18 55 17 18 23 14

23 14 36 23 37 26 NA 21 38 19 20 22 11

Total Faculty Publications






















Publications per Faculty








Books or Book Chapters
















Total Grad Students








Grad Students/Faculty








Ph.D. Degrees Granted















Ph.D. Degrees/Faculty Research Expenditures

12,462,000 13,332,000 16,181,000 10,649,000 7,253,000 8,225,000 11,611,608

2014 Total/Indirect Research Expenditures 20

Research Expenditures



Over the past seven years, the research expenditures for the department have been outstanding. While we experienced a decline to $7.2M in 2012, reflecting the end of substantial funding from the State of Ohio’s “Third Frontier” program, we showed increasing gains in 2013 and 2014. On a per-capita basis, expenditures averaged $547K per year during fiscal years 2010-2014. Our faculty are among the most productive at Ohio State and near the top of all chemical engineering departments in the nation.

15 10 5 0

Total Indirect Cost

Graduate Degrees Granted Spring 2014 Master of Science Nithya Koka Prateik Singh

Advisor Bhavik Bakshi W.S. Winston Ho

Doctor of Philosophy Advisor Siwei Luo Liang-Shih Fan Dissertation: Conversion of Carbonaceous Fuel to Electricity, Hydrogen, and Chemicals via Chemical Looping Technology, Reaction Kinetics and Bench-scale demonstration. Deepika Singh Umit Ozkan Dissertation: Non-Precious Metal Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells. Andrew Tong Liang-Shih Fan Dissertation: Application of the Moving-Bed Syngas Chemical Looping Process for High Syngas and Methane Conversion and Hydrogen Generation.

Summer 2014 Master of Science Advisor Fahad Alamri James Rathman Rebecca Hanes Bhavik Bakshi Mandar Kathe Liang-Shih Fan Darshan Mehta James Rathman Doctor of Philosophy Advisor Jeevan Baretto David Wood Dissertation: Application of Protein-based Biosensors in Detection of Novel Therapeutics and Environmental Monitoring. Jie Dong Shang-Tian Yang Dissertation: Butanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass and Other Agriculture Residues by Acetonebutanol-Ethanol Fermentation.

Jorge Fontes Andre Palmer Dissertation: Biopreservation extension of the ex vivo lifespan of stored human erythrocytes by the addition of ascorbic acid to modern storage solutions.

Doctor of Philosophy Advisor Uddyalok Banerjee Andre Palmer Dissertation: Targeted Delivery of Gaseous Ligands (CO and NO) for the Treatment of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury.

Fangfang Liu Shang-Tian Yang Dissertation: n-Butanol Fermentation and Integrated Recovery Process: Absorption, Gas Stripping and Pervaporation.

Cassandre Jenny Dorcena Jessica Winter Dissertation: Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging and Biomolecular Transport.

Hrishikesh Munj David Tomasko Dissertation: CO2 Assisted Processing of Biocompatible Electrospun Polymer Blends. Xilian Ouyang L. James Lee Dissertation: Surface Modified Carbon Nanoparticle Paper and its application to Polymer Composites. Xi Zhao L. James Lee Dissertation: Micor/Nanofluidics Based Electroporation for Precise Material Delivery to Cells.

Erin Gibbemeyer Bhavik Bakshi Dissertation: Incorporating the Demand for and Capacity of Ecosystem Services in Analysis and Design. Yongqi Wu Jeffrey Chalmers Dissertation: Multi-parameter Fluorescent Analysis of Magnetically Enriched Circulating Tumor Cells.

Congratulations, Graduates.

Lin Zhao Winston Ho Dissertation: Advanced Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Desalination and Inorganic/Polymer Composite Membranes for CO2 Capture.

Autumn 2014 Master of Science Sayantan Banerjee Clayton Deighan Matthew Gallovic Bryan Hobocienski Elif Miskioglu Nicholas Ohanian Miriam Shakalli Tang Sreshtha Sinha majumdar Hyun tae Sohn Prasant Vijayaraghavan

Advisor Bhavik Bakshi Jeffrey Chalmers Barbara Wyslouzil James Rathman David Wood Kurt Koelling David Wood Umit Ozkan Umit Ozkan Lisa Hall -Photo “Scarlet Sky, Grey Sea” © Mike Steimel 2015. -23-

Graduate Program Seminars 2014 Seminars 1/23 Thomas Epps III Thomas and Kipp Gutshall Chair, Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Delaware, “Generating Functional Materials From Nanostructured Polymers” 1/30 Tom Burns R&D Director, Photovoltaic Films R&D, Dow Chemical, “Dow Safety Academy” 2/6 Andreas Heyden Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina, “Understanding and Designing Heterogeneous Catalysts from First Principles” 2/13 Ryan Hayward Associate Professor, Polymer Science & Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, “Responsive Materials by Buckling of Polymer Sheets and Multilayers” 2/25 Jennifer Leight Postdoctoral Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Colorado, “Hydrogel Culture Platforms to Investigate the Regulation of Cancer Cell Function” 2/27 Basar Bilgicer Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame, “Multicomponent Molecular Design for Therapeutic Applications” 3/6 Brian Grady Conoco-Dupont Professor of Chemical Engineering, Director, Institute for Applied Surfactant Research, School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering, University of Oklahoma, “Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites: Effect of Nanotubes on Polymer Physics” 3/20 Richard Register Eugene Higgins Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Chair, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University, “Block Copolymer Thin Films: Structure, Shear Alignment, and Applications in Nanofabrication” 3/25 Jun Huang Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Stanford University, “A Single Peptide-MHC Triggers Digital Cytokine Secretion in CD4 T Cells” -24-

3/27 Jingguang Chen Thayer Lindsley Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, “Design of Catalysts and Electrocatalysts for Energy Applications” 4/1 Nicholas A. Graham Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, “Systems Biology Approaches for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics” 4/3 William Banholzer Research Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lowrie Lecture I, “Possible Versus Practical: Engineers Must Lead the Development of Practical Technologies” 4/3 William Banholzer Lowrie Lecture II, “Personal Experiences & Lessons Learned in 30+ Years of Industrial R&D” 4/10 David Simmons Assistant Professor, Polymer Engineering, University of Akron, “Nanoconfinement Effects on the Glass Transition of Nanostructured Polymers” 4/17 Mohan Sankaran Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, “Bottom-up Approaches to Plasma Synthesis of Nanomaterials” 8/21 Zhen-Gang Wang Professor, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, “Bubble Nucleation in Polymer-CO2 Mixtures” 8/28 Ranil Wickramasinghe Professor, Ross E Martin Chair in Emerging Technologies, Ralph E. Martin Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Arkansas, “Responsive Membranes for Advanced Separations” 9/4 Belinda Hurley University Libraries, Ohio State University, “OSU Library Resources for CBE Grads” 9/11 Bruce Gates Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of California, Davis, “Molecular Metal Catalysts on Supports: Organometallic Chemistry Meets Surface Science” 9/18 Francois Berthiaume Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University, “Metabolic Engineering of Liver Grafts for Transplantation”

9/25 Haiqing Lin Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, “Development of Membranes for H2 Purification and CO2 Capture: From Material Molecular Engineering to Technology Commercialization” 10/2 Robert Rioux Friedrich G. Helfferich Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Penn State, “Nibased Intermetallic Catalysts for Chemoselective Hydrogenation: Comparison Between and Bulk and Nanoscale Materials” 10/16 Chang Lu Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tec, “Microfluidic Tools for Cellular Delivery and Analysis” 10/23 Madan Bhasin Chief Scientific Adviser, Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC), “High Selectivity Methane Coupling at High Pressure Using Novel, Defect/Disordered Rare Earth Oxycarbonate Based Catalyst Systems” 1/13 Graduate Research Initiative Seminar (GRIP), Mandar Kathe, “Development of the Ohio State Natural-Gas Conversion Technology Using Iron-Based Chemical Looping Process for Hydrogen and Electricity Production”; Matthew Souva, “Multiple Phases of Block Copolymer Micelles formed via Electrospray-Enabled Interfacial Instability”; Zi Tong, “New Membranes for CO2 Separation/Capture and Water Purification” 12/4 Omid Veiseh Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, “Engineering Advanced Biomaterials: From Contrast Agents for Brain Tumor Imaging to Superbiocompatible Hydrogel for Pancreatic Islet Cell Encapsulation” 12/11 Andrew Tong Postdoctoral Research Associate, William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, “OSU Chemical Looping Technology Development” 12/18 James Van Deventer NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Integrating Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry to Target and Disrupt the Tumor Microenvironment”

Third Annual Graduate Research Symposium Sponsored by Dow Chemical Company

GRADUATE STUDENT AWARDS AND HONORS American Institute of Chemists Foundation Outstanding Graduate Student Awards Qiang Zhou - Outstanding Postdoctoral Award Xi Zhao - Outstanding Graduate Student Award

CBE Outstanding Graduate Student Awards for Academic Achievement

Mike Dickens, Keynote To help give students an idea of what to expect in their careers, Battelle’s General Manager Mike Dickens (‘87 BS; ‘97 Ph.D.-Microbiology) took the audience through his own. Dickens, who attributes his early success to completing his Ph.D. with ten papers and two patents, described how 9/11 led him to leave his position at Merck and return to Ohio. “You will be forced to make difficult decisions at times,” he said. “Make them carefully - each can have long-term consequences.” “His talk was highly inspiring to students looking to get into industry,” said Symposium attendee and presenter Viraj Modak.

The Dow-sponsored event, which this year showcased the research of 31 students, continues to grow in popularity. The number of representatives from industry has doubled and includes representatives from Dow, DuPont, Exxon-Mobil, General Mills, and Shell. “The oral and poster presentations were excellent,” said Shwetha Ramkuman (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.). “It is a great platform for networking, recruitment, and for industry representatives to be informed of the research being conducted in the department,” she added. More info at:

Yuanxin Chen Jie Dong Anshuman Fuller Daniel Knight

Fangfan Liu Andrew Tong Lin Zhao

CBE Outstanding Post-Doc Awards for Research Excellence Chih-Chin Chen Daniel Gallego-Perez

Meng Lin Xinmei Wang

Graduate Student University Fellowships Steven Cummings Abhilasha Dehankar

Tapajyoti Ghosh Eric Plencner

Graduate Enrichment Fellowship Mariah Whitaker

Koffolt Fellowships Nitish Deshpande Andrew Maxson Aamena Parulkar

Other Awards

Varsha Gopalakrishnan - Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE) Professional Scholarship from DAAD to work at Evonik Industries in Marl Germany, a grant from the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Germany. Sumant Patankar discusses the confinement of supercritical ethane to nono-porous silica to Tanya SinghRachford from Dow.

Viraj Modak (right) describes surface-induced freezing in n-alkanes with He Bai from Momentive. -Left and right photos © Niranjani Deshpande 2015.


Alumni News Fall Meeting of the Koffolt Laboratories National Campaign Committee Chairman Bill Lowrie introduced CBE Interim Chair Andre F. Palmer. The committee thanked Stuart Cooper for ten years of service as CBE Chairman, noting that CBE’s rankings in U.S. News & World Report rose from 34 to 23 under his leadership.

faculty). This is good, but faculty must find innovative ways to fund their research.

Palmer reported that enrollment is close to 1,000 undergrads. The student-to-faculty ratio is currently 30:1 and the goal is to get this to 20:1 while keeping the bulk of teaching with faculty. Faculty research is currently around $10M/year (around $500,000 per

Professor Bhavik Bakshi discussed the university’s “Discovery Themes” - Food/Security, Health/ Well-Being, and Energy/Environment, which offer opportunities for CBE faculty recruitment.

Dubowski Receives Recognition

Faye Bodyke from Facilities reported that Big 10 schools are interested in the CBEC building model.

The meeting concluded with fundraising plans. Left: F. William Hauschildt, Jr. (‘67), CBE Interim Chairman Andre F. Palmer, Gene Wheeler (‘‘65, ‘66), James F. Dietz (‘69, ‘70), Karen Lafferty Hendricks (‘71), Tom Koffolt, Dennis W. Hurley (‘67), Ronald D. Harris (‘61), William G. Lowrie (Committee Chairman, ‘66), Michael D. Winfield (‘62), and CBE Chairman Emeritus Stuart L. Cooper. -Photo © Katrina Norris 2015.

-Photo © Katrina Norris 2015.

Editor’s Note: Stuart Cooper was surprised and honored at the CBEC ribbon-cutting to learn that the Koffolt Committee had named an office in his honor! Thank you, Koffolt Committee.

Kurt Dubowski (’49 Ph.D., ‘47 M.S.Ch.E.) was recognized in the 6th (2015) edition of Garriott’s Medicolegal Aspects of Alcohol, the recognized leading text in alcohol toxicology since its first appearance in 1988. The book’s dedication page reads “To Kurt M. Dubowski - for a lifetime devoted to the study of alcohol and his sustained mentorship and counsel to the editors.”

CBE Alumni Band Together to Support the Department: A Graduate Scholarship and Named Spaces in New Koffolt Laboratories CBE alumni are a unique group, and this fact shines through in the number of successful peerled fundraising initiatives that took place this year.


carrying Bob’s name and legacy with a scholarship. “It was a privilege and honor to work with or for him. Given what they received, they felt happy to help out,” Lakshmanan said.

“I had the urge to pay forward, and the more I thought about it, it made sense to honor Bob Brodkey,” said Class of ‘83 member Kris Lakshmanan.

Meanwhile, Class of ‘66 members Bill Lowrie and Glen McKee had their own idea, and led the way for naming the Robert S. Brodkey Faculty Office.

Together with Bill Lee and Tom Heeb, the three knew they were onto something when each of the people they reached out to favored the idea of

Jon Salladay, Doug Smith and Larry Greene spearheaded the effort to name the Class of 1968 Faculty Office (386 CBEC).

Class of ‘61 members Larry Woodworth (now deceased), Ron Harris, and Jack Hammond led an effort to name the Class of ‘61 Conference Room. Later joined by Ron Follmer and Paul Bigley, 17 of “Joe’s Jewels” (some are pictured above) collectively gave! Finally, Matt Galosi (‘80) rallied other generous alumni to name the Class of 1980 Biotechnology Laboratory, while Class of ‘83 alumni Leonore Lakshmanan and Rich Brandon led an effort to name the Class of 1983 Faculty Office (358 CBEC).

Faculty Activity \

X. Nie, G.L. Griffin, M.J. Janik, and A. Asthagiri, “Surface phases of CU2O(111) under CO2 electrochemical reduction conditions,” Catal. Comm., 52, 88 (2014). S. Yuk & A. Asthagiri, “A first-principles study of methyl lactate adsorption on the chiral Cu(643) surface,” Surf. Sci. 629, 28 (2014).

Aravind Asthagiri

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon, 2003, Computational catalysis, energy and sustainability. Refereed Papers F. Zhang, L. Pan, T. Li, J.T. Diulus, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “CO oxidation on PdO(101) during temperature programmed reaction spectroscopy: Role of oxygen vacancies,” J. Phys. Chem. C, 118 28647 (2014). S.A. Akhade, W. Luo, X. Nie, N. Bernstein, A. Asthagiri, and M.J. Janik, “Poisoning effect of adsorbed CO during CO2 electroreduction on late transition metals,” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 16, 20429 (2014).

Y-T. Cheng, T. Liang, X. Nie, K. Choudhary, S.R. Philpot, A. Asthagiri, and S.B. Sinnott, “Cu Cluster Deposition on ZnO(10-10): Morphology and Growth Mode Predicted from Molecular Dynamics Simulations,” Surf. Sci., 621, 109 (2014). X. Nie, W. Luo, M.J. Janik, and A. Asthagiri, “Reaction mechanisms of CO2 electrochemical reduction on Cu(111) determined with density functional theory,” J. Catal., 312, 108-122 (2014). Grant Support $189,541 - Asthagiri, Aravind. Computational catalysis and atomic-level synthesis of materials: building effective catalysts from first-principles, DOE-EFRC (LSU), 2010-2014. $600,000 - Asthagiri, Aravind (PI Jason Weaver). Growth and reactivity of oxide phases on crystalline Pd and Pt surfaces, DOE-BES, 2012-2015.

F. Zhang, T. Li, L. Pan, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “CO oxidation on single and multilayer Pd oxides on Pd(111): mechanistic insights from RAIRS,” Cat. Sci. & Tech. 4, 3826 (2014).

$480,000 - Asthagiri, Aravind (PI Umit Ozkan). Heteroatom-doped carbon materials as oxygen reduction electro-catalysts in acidic and alkaline media, DOE-BES, 2014-2017.

W. Luo & A. Asthagiri, “An Ab Initio Thermodynamics Study of Cobalt Surfaces Under Ethanol Steam Reforming Conditions,” Cat. Sci. & Tech., 4, 3379 (2014).

$60,000 - Asthagiri, Aravind (PI Jay Gupta). Towards an atomic-scale understanding of CO2 photocatalysis, OSU IMR seed fund, 2014-2015.

W. Luo & A. Asthagiri, “A Density Functional Theory Study of Methanol Steam Reforming on Co(0001) and Co(111) surfaces,” J. Phys. Chem. C, 118, 15274 (2014). J.F. Weaver, C. Hakanoglu, A. Antony, and A. Asthagiri, “Alkane Activation on Crystalline Metal Oxide Surfaces,” Chem. Soc. Rev. (2014). T. Liang, Y. Cheng, X. Nie, W. Luo, A. Asthagiri, M.J. Janik, E. Andrews, J. Flake and S.B. Sinnott, “Molecular Dynamics simulations of CO2 reduction on Cu(111) and Cu on ZnO(10-10) surface using charge optimized many body potentials,” Catal. Comm., 52, 84 (2014).

Bhavik Bakshi

Professor, Ph.D., MIT, 1992. Sustainability science and engineering, process systems engineering. Books and Book Chapters S. Singh and B. R. Bakshi, “Carbon and Nitrogen Footprints of Chemical and Manufacturing Industry Sectors,” Sustainability of Products, Processes and Supply Chains: Theory and Applications. Ed. by Fengqi You. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. Elsevier, 2014. S. Singh and B. R. Bakshi, “Carbon and Nitrogen Footprints of Engineering Activities,” Assessing and Measuring Environmental Impacts in Engineering. Ed. by Jiri J. Klemes. Elsevier, 2014. Refereed Papers B. R. Bakshi, “Methods and Tools for Sustainable Process Design,” Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 6, 69–74 (2014). N. B. Cruze, P. K. Goel, and B. R. Bakshi, “Allocation in life cycle inventory: Partial set of solutions to an ill-posed problem,” International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 19, 11, 1854–1865, (2014). N. B. Cruze, P. K. Goel, and B. R. Bakshi, “Revisiting Least Squares Techniques for the Purposes of Allocation in Life Cycle Inventory,” International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 19, 10, 1733–1744 (2014). B. Kursun, S. Ramkumar, B. R. Bakshi, and L.-S. Fan, “Coal Gasification by Conventional Versus Calcium Looping Process A Life Cycle Energy, Global Warming, Land Use and Water Assessment,” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53, 49, 18910–18919 (2014). Shweta Singh and B. R. Bakshi, “Accounting for Emissions and Sinks from the Biogeochemical Cycle of Carbon in the U.S. Economic Input-Output Model,” Journal of Industrial -27-

Ecology, 18, 6, 818–828 (2014). Matthew Winden, Nathan Cruze, Tim Haab, and Bhavik Bakshi,“Integrating life-cycle assessment and choice analysis for alternative fuel valuation,” Ecological Economics, 102, 83–93 (2014). L. Woods and B. R. Bakshi, “Reusable vs. Disposable Cups Revisited: A life cycle comparison based on scenario, model, and parameter uncertainties,” Int. J. Life Cycle Assessment, 19, 4, 931–940 (2014). Y. Zhang, E. L. Gibbemeyer, and B. R. Bakshi, “Empirical Comparison of Input-Output Methods for Life Cycle Assessment,” Journal of Industrial Ecology, 18, 5, 734–746 (2014). Grant Support $418,965 - Yebo Li, (co-PIs Bhavik R. Bakshi and Rudy Buchheit). Development and demonstration of a low VOC polyurethane coating system using biopolyois derived from crude glycerol, 2012-2014. $6,000,000 - Yebo Li, (co-PIs Bhavik R. Bakshi and several others). U.S. Department of Agriculture, BRDI program, “Bioenergy and Biofuels Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass via Anaerobic Digestion and Fisher-Tropsch Reaction, 2013-2017. $300,000 - Bakshi, Bhavik R., (co-PI: Michael Lepech, Stanford Univ.). “Seeking Synergy Between Technological and Ecological Systems for Sustainable Engineering,” National Science Foundation, 2013-2014. $46,645 - Bakshi, Bhavik R. “U.S.-U.K. Planning Visit: Techno-Ecological Synergy for Sustainable Engineering,” National Science Foundation, 2014-2015.

Robert Brodkey

Nicholas Brunelli

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1952. Validation of computational fluid dynamic codes with experimental measurements that involve full field, timeresolved, velocity vector measurements.

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 2010. Heterogeneous and immobilized catalysis and catalytic materials; sustainability, energy, environment.

Awards and Honors

Refereed Papers

“Homage to Bob Brodkey at 85: Ejections, sweeps and the genesis and extensions of quadrant analysis,” Paper (DFD13-2013-020001) presented by James Wallace in honor of Robert S. Brodkey at the DFD13 Meeting of The American Physical Society, 2014.

D.-Y. Kang, N.A. Brunelli, G.I. Yucelen, A. Venkatasubramanian, J. Zang, J. Leisen, P.J. Hesketh, C.W. Jones, S. Nair, (2014), "Direct Synthesis of Single-walled Aminoaluminosilicate nantoubes with enhanced molecular adsorption selectivity," Nature Communication, 5, pp 1-9. (DOI:10.1038/ncomms4342). 

Elected to the inaugural class of Ohio State’s Emeritus Academy, 2014. Refereed Papers Robert S. Brodkey, Matt Nilsen, Abdullahi Yusuf, Alex Brown, Miguel Garcia, Anita Kiprovska, James Knight, Elizabeth Lynch, Thomas Yang, Yang Zhao, and Shoichiro Nakamura,” An Opposed Jet, Process Flow Geometry: Three-Dimensional Experimental Results and Simulation for Verification.” Published online at http://hdl.handle. net/1811/59235 (OSU’s Knowledge Bank).

N.A. Brunelli, C.W. Jones, (2013), “Tuning Acid-Base Cooperativity to Create Next Generation Silica-Supported Organocatalysts.” J. Catal., 308, pp 60-72. (DOI: 10.1016/j. jcat.20213.05.022). D.M. Holunga, N.A. Brunelli, R.C. Flagan, (2013), "A Tool for Uniform Coating of 300 mm Wafers with Nanoparticles," J. Nanoparticle Res., 15, pp 2027-1-10. (DOI: 10.107/s11051-013-2027-1). N.A. Brunelli, E.L. Neiholdt, K.P. Giapis, R.C. Flagan, J.L. Beauchamp, (2013), “Continuous Flow Ion Mobility Separation with Mass Spectrometric Detection Using a Nano-Radial Differential Mobility Analyzer at Low Flow Rates,” Anal. Chem., 85 (9), pp 4335-4341.(DOI:10.1021/ ac3032417). J.A. Thompson, N.A. Brunelli, R.P. Lively, J.R. Johnson, C.W. Jones, S. Nair, (2013), “Tunable CO2 Adsorbents by Mixed-Linker Synthesis and Postsynthetic Modification of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks,” J. Phys. Chem., C 117 (16), pp 8198-8207. (DOI: 10.1021/jp312590r).


Bob Brodkey and a student from days gone by.

K.M. Chepiga, Y. Fang, N.A. Brunelli, C.W. Jones, H.M.L. Davies, (2013). "Immobilized Chiral Dirhodium(II) Catalyst for Enantioselective Carbenoid Reactions." Org. Lett., 15,

pp 6136-6139. (DOI: 10.1021/ol403006r).

Grant Support

W. Long, N.A. Brunelli, E.W. Ping, C.W. Jones, (2013). “A Single-Component Hybrid Pd Catalyst for the HighlySelective Reduction of Alkynes to cis-Alkenes,” ACS Catal., 3 (8), pp 1700-1708. (DOI: 10.1021/cs3007395).

$359,779 - Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots. NSF# 1206745. (PI: Jessica Winter, coPIs: Barbara Wyslouzil (OSU), Jeffrey Chalmers (OSU), Gang Ruan (OSU), 7/10/2012-6/30/2015.

A. Varga, M. Pfohl, N.A. Brunelli, M. Schreier, K. Giapis, S. Haile, (2013), "Carbon nanotubes as electronic interconnects in solid acid fuel cell electrodes,” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 15, pp 15470-15476. (DOI:10.1039/ C3CP52586D). J.A. Thompson, J.T. Vaughn, N.A. Brunelli, W.J. Koros, C.W. Jones, S. Nair, (2013), "Mixed-linker zeolitic imidazolate framework mixed-matrix membranes for aggressive CO2 separation from natural gas,” Microporous Mesoporous Materials (in press). Grant Support $2,000 – OSU IMR Facility Grant, 2014.

Jeffrey Chalmers

Professor, Ph.D., Cornell, 1988. Biochemical engineering, bioengineering, biomedical engineering. Awards and Honors Cell Culture Engineering Award, (Engineering Conferences International), 2014. Refereed Papers Moore, L., Williams, P. S., Nehl, F., Abe, K., Chalmers, J.J., Zborowski, M., “Feasibility study of red blood cell debulking by magnetic field-flow fractionation with step-programmed flow,” Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 406(6):1661-70, 2014.

Magnetic technologies for microalagal biofuel production. GRT00025262 (PI of sub-contract: Chalmers). NSF Phase II SBIR awarded to Phycal, Inc., 2012-2014. $716,118 - Magnetic Cell Sorting and Analysis. NIH, (2R01 CA062349-15), Zborowski, PI, Chalmers subcontract, 2011-2016. $12,900,000 - (PI Jim Lee; Chalmers, Co-PI). NSF EEC0425626, NSEC Proposal for a Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer Biomedical Devices, 9/048/09.

Lustberg, M., Balasubramanian, P., Miller, B., GarciaVilla, A., Deighan, C., Wu, Y., Carothers, S., Berger, M., Ramaswamy, B., Macrae, E., Wesolowski, R., Layman, R., Morzek, E., Pan, X., Summers, T., Shapiro, C., Chalmers, J.J., “Heterogeneous atypical cell populations are present in blood of metastatic triple negative breast cancer,” Breast Cancer Research, 16(2):R23, 2014. Chalmers, J. J., Ma, N., “Hydrodynamic Damage to Animal Cells,” Cell Engineering, vol. 9: Animal Cell Culture, In: Animal Cell Culture, Vol. 9; Ed: Springer, Mohamed Al-Rubeai, 2014. Buck, A., Moore, L.R., Lane, C.D., Kumar, A., Stroff, C., White, N., Xue, w., Chalmers, J.J., Zborowski, M., Magnetic separation of algae genetically modified for increased intracellular iron uptake,”Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Material, (in press). Nicholas Brunelli inserts a teflon reactor into a rotation oven to crystallize zeolites. He and his Catalytic Materials Design Group synthesize new zeolites for use as catalytic materials in their materials chemistry research.

Mathsyaraja, H., Thies, K., Taffany, D.A., Deighan, C., Liu, T., Pecot, T., Yu, L., Fernandez, S.A., Shapiro, C., Otero, J., Timmers, C., Lustberg, M.B., Chalmers, J.J., Leone, G., Ostrowski, M.C., “CSF1 Induces Oncogenic microRNAs in Macrophages to Drive Metastatic Tumor Growth,” Oncogene, (in press).

Jeff Chalmers. -Photo © Geoff Hulse 2015.


Refereed Papers

Stuart L. Cooper

University Scholar Professor, CBE Department Chair 20042014, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1967. Polymer science and engineering, properties of polyurethanes and ionomers, blood-materials interactions, tissue engineering. Awards and Honors

Liang-Shih Fan

Professor, Ph.D., West Virginia University, 1975. Fluidization, particle technology, environmental control technology, multiphase flow and reaction engineering. Awards and Honors Named AIChE 2015 Institute Lecturer.

AIChE Founder’s Award, 2014. Elected for a second term as an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Engineering Section Council Delegate, 2015-2018.   

Wilhelm Award, Honoring Session at AIChE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, November 17, 2014. 2014 R&D 100 Awards, R&D Magazine, jointly with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), on “HECLOT: High-Efficiency Calcium Looping Technology” (Environmental Technologies), November, 2014. Ryckman Lecture, Washington University, St. Louis, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Department, April 11, 2014. College of Engineering Lumley Research Award, The Ohio State University, 2014. Pei-Yang Lecture, Tianjin University, China, December 5, 2014. Plenary Lecturer, 7th World Congress in Particle Technology, Beijing, China, May 19-22, 2014.

Stuart L. Cooper CBE Chairman 2004-2014.



Plenary Lecturer, 2014 International Pittsburg Coal Conference, Pittsburgh, P.A., September, 2014. Plenary Lecturer, International Conference on Engineering Science and Technology (ICEST) 2014, organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technology Sciences (CAETS), Beijing, China, June 2-3, 2014. Plenary Lecturer, XXI International conference on Chemical Reactors CHEMREACTOR-21, Delft, Netherlands, September 22-25, 2014.

Zhou, Qiang, and Liang-Shih Fan, "A second-order accurate immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method for particle-laden flows,” Journal of Computational Physics, 268, 269-301 (2014). Tong, Andrew, Samuel Bayham, Mandar V. Kathe, Liang Zeng, Siwei Luo, and Liang-Shih Fan, "Iron-based syngas chemical looping process and coal-direct chemical looping process development at Ohio State University,” Applied Energy, 113, 1836-1845 (2014). Luo, Siwei, Samuel Bayham, Liang Zeng, Omar McGiveron, Elena Chung, Ankita Majumder, and Liang-Shih Fan, "Conversion of metallurgical coke and coal using a Coal Direct Chemical Looping (CDCL) moving bed reactor,” Applied Energy, 118, 300-308 (2014). Wang, Dawei, and Liang-Shih Fan, "Bulk coarse particle arching phenomena in a moving bed with fine particle presence,” AIChE Journal, 60, 881-892 (2014). Marashdeh, Qussai M., Fernando L. Teixeira, and LiangShih Fan, "Adaptive Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography,” IEEE Sensors Journal, 14(4), 1253-1259 (2014). Kursun, Berrin, Shwetha Ramkumar, Bhavik R. Bakshi, and Liang-Shih Fan, "Life Cycle Comparison of Coal Gasification by Conventional versus Calcium Looping Processes,” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, (2014) (DOI: 10.1021/ie404436a). Mirzababaei, Jelvehnaz, Liang-Shih Fan, and Steven SC Chuang, "Solid oxide fuel cells fueled with reduced Fe/Ti oxide,” Journal of Materials Chemistry, A (2014). (DOI:10.1039/c4ta04905e) Fan, Liang-Shih, Liang Zeng, and Siwei Luo, "Chemical‐ looping technology platform,” AIChE Journal, Vol. 61(1), 2-22 (2015). Wang, Alan, N. Despande, and Fan, Liang-Shih, “Parametric Effect of Steam Hydration of Calcium Oxide in a Fluidized Bed for Solid Sorbent Based CO2 Capture,” Energy and Fuel, DOI: 10.1021/ef502021d (2014). Luo, Siwei, Liang Zeng, Dikai Xu, Mandar Kathe, Elena

Chung, Niranjani Deshpande, Lang Qin, Ankita Majumder, Tien-Lin Hsieh, Andrew Tong, Zhenchao Sun and LiangShih Fan, "Shale gas-to-syngas chemical looping process for stable shale gas conversion to high purity syngas with a H2: CO ratio of 2: 1,” Energy & Environmental Science, 7, 4104-4117 (2014). Qin, Lang, Ankita Majumder, Jonathan A. Fan, David Kopechek, and Liang-Shih Fan, "Evolution of nanoscale morphology in single and binary metal oxide microparticles during reduction and oxidation processes,” Journal of Materials Chemistry, A 2, 17511-17520 (2014). Wang, Aining, Qussai Marashdeh, Brian J. Motil, and LiangShih Fan, "Electrical capacitance volume tomography for imaging of pulsating flows in a trickle bed,” Chemical Engineering Science, 119, 77-87(2014). Wang, Aining, Qussai Marashdeh, and Liang-Shih Fan, "ECVT imaging of 3D spiral bubble plume structures in gas-liquid bubble columns,” The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 92, 2078-2087(2014). Liang-Shih Fan, “The Next Chapter,” Powder Technology, Vol. 269, A1-A2 (2015). Zhou, Qiang and Liang-Shih Fan, "Direct numerical simulation of low-Reynold's number flow past arrays of rotating spheres," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 765, pg. 396-423 (2015). Patents Liang-Shih Fan, Niranjani Deshpande, and Nihar Phalak, “Single-Step Process for the Simultaneous Removal of CO2, SOX and NOX from a Gas Mixture,” U.S. Provisional Patent Application 61/639,640 (2012), U.S. Patent Application Number 13/952,004, (filed July 2013); U.S. Patent No. 8,877,150 B1 (Nov. 4, 2014). Liang-Shih Fan and Fanxing Li, “Conversion of Carbonaceous Fuels into Carbon Free Energy Carriers,” U.S. Patent No. 8, 877,147 B2 (Nov. 4, 2014). Liang-Shih Fan, Mandar Kathe, Andrew Tong, William Wang and Elena Chung, “Systems and Methods for Partial or Complete Oxidation of Fuels by Unique Chemical Looping Co-Current and/or Counter-Current Contact Patterns Reactor to Produce Chemicals Efficiently,” U.S. Provisional Patent Number 61/945,257 (Feb. 7, 2014).

Liang-Shih Fan and Mandar Kathe, “Unique reactor system configurations and operating condition/strategies for high efficiency conversions of solid carbonaceous feedstock to syngas suitable for direct liquids and chemical synthesis” U.S. Provisional Patent Number 62/041,703 (Feb. 7, 2014). Liang-Shih Fan, Mandar Kathe, Dawei Wang and Dikai Xu, “High Purity Syngas Generated From Gaseous Hydrocarbons Using a Fixed (Packed) Bed Reactor Assembly With Oxygen Carrying Materials,” U.S. Provisional Patent Number: 62/061,230 (priority date: Oct 2014). Grant Support $560,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography for High Temperature Applications, Department of Energy (DOE), 2012-2014. $100,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (co-PI). Study of Particle Rotation Effect in Gas-Solid Flows Using Direct Numerical Simulation with a Lattice Boltzmann Method, Department of Energy (DOE), 2011-2014. $2,100,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Syngas Chemical Looping Demonstration at NCCC – II, Department of Energy (DOE) ARPA-E, 2012-2014. $1,800,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Syngas Chemical Looping Demonstration at NCCC – II, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO), 2012-2014. $300,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (co-PI). Microfluidics for Cell Entrapment, National Science Foundation, 2012-2015. $300,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Biomass Tar Interaction with Metal Oxide Oxygen Carriers, National Science Foundation, 2012-2015.

$100,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Coal Agglomeration Study in the CDCL Process, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO), 2013-2015. $100,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Calcium Looping Process (CLP) for Clean Coal Conversation to Hydrogen and Electricity: Fate of Sulfur, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO), 2013-2014. $3,328,314 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Pilot Scale Operation and testing of Syngas chemical looping for Hydrogen production, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)/Ohio Development Services Agency, 2014-2016. $3,208,225 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Commercialization of an atmospheric iron-based coal direct chemical looping process for power production, Phase –II. National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)/Ohio Development Services Agency, 2014-2016. $32,743 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Novel Low-Cost Environmentally-Friendly Synthetic Approaches toward Core-Shell Structured Micro-Particles for Fossil Energy Applications; Sponsor: Howard University, 2013-2015. $1,203,479 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Enhanced syngas production in the reaction mixture carbon dioxide capture, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), 2013-2014. $200,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Study of Physical and chemical interaction between coal and oxygen carrier particles in the OSU Coal-direct chemical looping process, Ohio University/Ohio Development Services Agency, 20142015.

$66,666 – Liang-Shih Fan (co-PI). Novel Low-Cost Environmentally-Friendly Synthetic Approaches toward Core-Shell Structured Micro-Particles or Fossil Energy Applications, Department of Energy (DOE), 2013-2015. $500,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). CDCL- Phase II Study, Department of Energy (DOE), 2013-2015. $1,200,000 – Liang-Shih Fan (PI). Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Enhanced Syngas Production with In-Situ CO2 Capture, Department of Energy (DOE), 2013-2014.

L.-S. Fan explains coal-direct chemical looping to Department of Energy representative Charles McConnell and industry partners.


Martin Feinberg

Morrow Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D., Princeton University,1968. Complex reaction engineering, chemical reaction network theory.

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2009. Polymer physics, theory and simulation, statistical thermodynamics. Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors

NSF Early Career Award (2015).

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, The Ohio State University, 2014.

Comprehensive Equity Award, Ohio State’s “CONNECT: Award for Networking,” 2014.

Books and Book Chapters

OSU Women in Engineering Faculty Award for dedication and service as Supermileage Team advisor, 2014.

“Chemical Reactions," chapter in The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics, Princeton University Press, publication expected fall, 2015 [Invited, in press].

Grant Support

Refereed Papers Shinar, Guy, Daniel Knight, Haixia Ji, and Martin Feinberg, “Stability and Instability of Isothermal CFSTRs with Complex Chemistry: Some Recent Results,” AIChE Journal, 59, 3403-2411 (2013). Shinar, Guy, Daniel Knight, Haixia Ji, and Martin Feinberg, “Sharper Graph-Theoretical Conditions for the Stabilization of Complex Chemical Reaction Networks,” accepted for publication, Mathematical Biosciences.

Lisa Hall

Ohio State University Interim President Joseph Alutto presents Martin Feinberg with an apple representing the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, as students in the classroom clap (below). The award is The Ohio State University’s highest teaching honor.

$1,174,126 - (approx. $41,316 to Hall). “SNM: Continuous, Large-Scale Nanocomposite Production Via Micellular Electrospray,” (1344567) PI: Jessica Winter Co-PIs: Lisa M. Hall, Carol Lynn Alpert, Barbara E. Wyslouzil. The National Science Foundation CMMI. 2013-2017.

Grant Support $381,826 - Feinberg, Martin, Multistability in Biological Networks, National Institutes of Health - General Medical Sciences [This is the Ohio State part of a collaborative grant to four institutions: U. Wisconsin, MIT, Ohio State, Rutgers], 2008-2014. $340,718 - Feinberg, Martin, Design Principles of Biochemical Reaction Networks, Emerging Frontiers, National Science Foundation, 2010-2015.


Lisa Hall with research group members Alex Trazkovich, Youngmi Seo and Jon Brown. -Photo © Geoff Hulse 2015.

W.S.Winston Ho

Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana, 1971. Molecularly based membrane separations, fuel-cell fuel processing and membranes, transport phenomena in membranes, separations with chemical reaction, reverse osmosis. Awards and Honors Election to Academician, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 2014. Three Sessions in Honor of Winston Ho at the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in Atlanta, G.A., November 16-21, 2014. Invited Lecturer, Bent Seminar, “New Developments on Membranes for CO2 and Water Separations,” Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri, Columbia, M.O., March 18, 2014. Invited Keynote Lecturer, “New Membranes for CO2 Separation/Capture and Water Purification,” Green Energy Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, June 30, 2014. Invited Keynote Lecture, “New Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separation and Capture,” 10th International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes, Suzhou, China, July 20-25, 2014. Books and Book Chapters Vakharia, Varun, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Separation and Purification of Hydrogen Using CO2-Selective Facilitated Transport Membranes,” in “Hydrogen Production from Renewable Resources,” Zhen Fang, Richard L. Smith, Jr., and Xinhua Qi, eds., Springer Book Series - Biofuels and Biorefineries, Springer, Dordrecht, Germany, Chap. 12, in press (2014). Refereed Papers Zhao, Lin, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Novel Reverse Osmosis

Membranes Incorporated with a Hydrophilic Additive for Seawater Desalination,” Journal of Membrane Science, DOI:10.1016/j.memsci.2013.12.066s, 455, 44-54 (2014).

Application No. 62/027,151 (filed July 16, 2014).

Zhao, Yanan, Jung, Benson T., Ansaloni, Luca, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Mixed Matrix Membranes Containing Amines for High Pressure CO2/H2 Separation,” Journal of Membrane Science, DOI:10.1016/j. memsci.2014.02.022, 459, 233-243 (2014).

$183,519 - Ho, W.S. Winston. NSEC Project sponsoring one Ph.D. Student, with L. James Lee (PI). OSURF Project No. 60030348 & 60028680, National Science Foundation, Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer Biomedical Devices, 2009-2014.

Ho, W.S. Winston, and Li, Kang, “Recent Developments on Separation Science and Technology,” Current Opinion Chemical Engineering, DOI:10.1016/j.coche.2014.03.00, 4, vii-ix (2014).

$675,000 - Ho, W.S. Winston. Advanced Hydrogen Reformate Stream Purifier for Fuel Cell Applications, OSURF Project No. 60031535 and 60042789, Office of Naval Research / DJW Technology, LLC, 2011-2015.

Severance, Michael A., Wang, Bo, Ramasubramanian, Kartik, Zhao, Lin, Ho, W.S. Winston, and Dutta, Prabir K., “Rapid Crystallization of Faujasitic Zeolites: Mechanism and Application to Zeolite Membrane Growth on Polymer Supports,” Langmuir, DOI:10.1021/la5004512, 30 (23), 69296937 (2014).

$3,000,000 - Ho, W.S. Winston, and Dutta, Prabir K. Novel Inorganic/Polymer Composite Membranes for CO2 Capture, OSURF Project No. 60032950, NETL, Department of Energy, 2011-2015.

Hao, Zisu, Wang, Zihao, Zhang, Weidong, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Supported Liquid Membranes with Organic Dispersion for Recovery of Cephalexin,” Journal of Membrane Science, DOI:10.1016/j.memsci.2014.05.052, 468, 90-97 (2014). Hao, Zisu, Vilt, Michael E., Zihao, Zhang, Weidong, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Supported Liquid Membranes with Feed Dispersion for Recovery of Cephalexin,” Journal of Membrane Science, DOI:10.1016/j.memsci.2014.06.009, 468, 423-431 (2014).

Grant Support

$779,401 - Ho, W.S. Winston. Carbon Dioxide Removal for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems, OSURF Project No. 60037842, Bloom Energy Corporation, 2013-2017. $500,000 - Ho, W.S. Winston, and Dutta, Prabir K. Novel Inorganic/Polymer Composite Membranes for CO2 Capture, OSURF Project No. 60040322, Ohio Department of Development, 2013-2015. $249,910 - Ho, W.S. Winston. Carbon Dioxide Removal for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems, OSURF Project No. 60047812, Bloom Energy Corporation, 2014-2017.

Dong, Hang, Zhao, Lin, Zhang, Lin, Chen, Huanlin, Gao, Congjie, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “High-Flux Reverse Osmosis Membranes Incorporated with NaY Zeolite Nanoparticles for Brackish Water Desalination,” Journal of Membrane Science, DOI:10.1016/j.memsci.2014.11.054 (2014). Tong, Zi, Vakharia, Varun K., Gasda, Michael, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Water Vapor and CO2 Transport through AmineContaining Facilitated Transport Membranes,” React. Funct. Polym., DOI:10.1016/j.reactfunctpolym.2014.09.010 (2014). Patents Ho, W.S. Winston, Dutta, Prabir K., Ramasubramanian, Kartik, and Severance, Michael A., “Composite Membranes for Separation of Gases,” U.S. Provisional Patent

Winston Ho and a recent team. -Photo © Geoff Hulse 2013.


Kurt Koelling

Isamu Kusaka

L. James Lee

Professor, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1993. Polymer processing and rheology, polymer nanocomposites, bio-based polymers, micro/nanofluidics.

Associate Professor, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology. 1998. Statistical Mechanics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena at mesoscale.

Professor, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1979. Polymer and composite engineering, micro/nanotechnology, BioMEMS/NEMS.

Awards and Honors

Books and Book Chapters

Refereed Papers

Inducted into the Academy of Chemical Engineers, Missouri University of Science and Technology (2015).

Kusaka, “Statistical Mechanics for Engineers,” ISBN 978-3319-13809-1, Springer (2015).

Refereed Papers

Refereed Papers

K. Gao, K. Hinkle, L. Li, L. He, Y. Wu, L. Chang, D.F. Farson and L.J. Lee, “Design of a Microchannel-NanochannelMicrochannel Array Based Nanoelectroporation System for Precise Gene Transfection,” Small, 10(5), 1015-1023 (2014).

S. Modi, K. Cornish, K. Koelling, Y. Vodovotz, "Fabrication and Improved performance evaluation of PHBV with High Molecular Weight Natural Rubber for Novel Composites." Proceedings of the SPE Annual Technical Conference, 330-333 (2014).

X. Xu, C. L. Ting, I. Kusaka, and Z.-G. Wang, “Nucleation in polymer and soft matter,” Ann. Rev. Phys. Chem., 65, 449475 (2014).

Grant Support

$10,000 - Yael Vodovotz, Katrina Cornish, Kurt Koelling 2013-2014. Biobased Polymer Films for Food Packaging Applications, CAPPS.

B. Binjawadagi, V. Dwivedi, C. Manickam, K. Ouyang, Y. Wu, L.J. Lee, J.M. Torrelles and G.J. Renukaradhya, “Adjuvanted poly(lactic-co-glycolic) Acid Nanoparticle-entrapped Inactivated Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Vaccine Elicits Cross-protective Immune Response in Pigs,” International Journal of Medicine, 9, 679-694 (2014).

General view of the polymer characterization facilities in the Lawrence and JoAnn Woodworth Polymer Synthesis Laboratory. -Photo © Matt Schutte 2015.

P.E. Boukany, Y. Wu, X. Zhao, K.J. Kwak, P.J. Glazer, K. Leong and L.J. Lee, “Nonendocytic Delivery of Lipoplex Nanoparticles into Living Cells Using a Nanochannel Electroporation,” Advanced Healthcare Materials, 3(5), 682-689 (2014). L. Chen, A. Charrier, Y. Zhou, R. Chen, B. Yu, K. Agarwal, H. Tsukamoto, L.J. Lee, M.E. Paulaitis and D.R. Brigstock, "Epigenetic Regulation of Connective Tissue Growth Factor by MicroRNA-214 Delivery in Exosomes from Mouse or Human Hepatic Stellate Cells,” Hepatology, 59(3), 11181129 (2014).

$50,000 - Yael Vodovotz, Katrina Cornish, Kurt Koelling 2013-2014. Biobased PHBV/Hevea Natural Rubber Blends for Packaging Applications, CAPPS.


Dajiong Fu (left) and Dr. Feng Chen (top right) from Jim Lee’s group check water content measurement in polymer samples in the Lawrence and JoAnn Woodworth Polymer Synthesis Laboratory. -Photo © Matt Schutte 2015.

Y. Mao, J. Wang, Y. Zhao, R. Yan, H. Li, C-S Chen, R. J. Lee, J.C. Byrd, L.J. Lee, N. Muthusamy and M.A. Phelps, “Quantification of OSU 2S, a Novel Derivative of FTY720, in Mouse Plasma by Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry,” Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 98, 160-165 (2014).

Y. Mao, J. Wang, Y. Zhao, Y. Wu, K.J. Kwak, C.S. Chen, J.C. Byrd, R.J. Lee, M.A. Phelps, L.J. Lee and N. Muthusamy, “A Novel Liposomal Formulation of FTY720 (Fingolimod) for Promising Enhanced Targeted Delivery,” Nanomedicine, 10, 393-400 (2014). C. Gupta, W.C. Liao, D. Gallego-Perez, C.E. Castro and L.J. Lee, “DNA Translocation through Nanochannels under Asymmetric Pulsed Electric Field,” Biomicrofluidics, 8, 024114 (2014). B. Yu, X. Wang, C. Zhou, L. Teng, W. Ren, Z. Yang, C-H Shih, T. Wang, R.J. Lee, S. Tang and L.J. Lee, “Insight into Mechanisms of Cellular Uptake of Lipid Nanoparticles and Intracellular Release of Small RNAs,” Pharm. Research, 31, 2685–2695 (2014). X. Wang, X. Huang, Z. Yang, D. Gallego-Perez, J. Ma, X. Zhao, J. Xie, I. Nakano and L.J. Lee, “Targeted Delivery of Tumor Suppressor MicroRNA-1 by Transferrinconjugated Lipopolyplex Nanoparticles to Patient-derived Glioblastoma Stem Cells,” Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, 15, 839-846 (2014). B.E. Henslee, A. Morss, X. Hu, G.P. Lafyatis, and L.J. Lee, “Cell-Cell Proximity Effects in Multi-Cell Electroporation,” Biomicrofluidics, 8, 052002 (2014). Y-C Yen, T. Lee, D. Chiu, F-C Chang and L.J. Lee, “Polymer Foams with Inter-connected Carbon Particulate Network,” Journal of Cellular Plastics, 50(5), 437-448 (2014). P. Xie, P. He, Y-C Yen, K.J. Kwak, D/ Gallego-Perez, L. Chang, A. Yi and L.J. Lee, “Rapid Hot Embossing of Polymer Microstructures Using Carbide-bonded Graphene Coating on Silicon Stampers,” Surfaces and Coating Technology, 258, 174-180 (2014).

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Owens Corning and LCY, 2014-2015. $367,901 - Lee, L. James (PI). Tethered Cationic Lipoplex Nanoparticles Assay for Extracellular RNA Detection in Exosomes for Lung Cancer Applications, National Institute of Health, 2013-2015. $422,875 - Lee, L. James (PI). Precise Transfection for Safe Cell Reprogramming by Nanoelectroporation, National Institute of Health, 2013-2015. $367,901 - Lee, L. James (PI). Tethered Cationic Lipoplex Nanoparticle Assay for HCC Detection and Surveillance, National Institute of Health, 2014-2016. $200,000 - Lee, L. James (PI). Tethered Lipoplex Nanoparticle Assay for Cancer Detection and Surveillance, OSUCCC Pelotonia Idea Award, 2013-2015. $2,200,000 - Lee, L. James (PI). Innovative Technology Platform of Carbon Based Nanomaterials/Composite, Ohio Third Frontier Program, 2015-2017. $12,500,000 - Lee, L. James (PI). Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence, National Institutes of Health, 2015-2020.

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L-J Wang, L. Li, J. Yu, Y. Wu, H. He, X. Ouyang, X. Zhao, Y-C Yen, and L.J. Lee, “Large-Area Graphene Coating via Superhydrophilic-Assisted Electro-Hydrodynamic Spraying Deposition,” Carbon, 79, 294-301 (2014).

L.J. Lee, J. Yu and Y-C Yen, “Graphene-like Nanosheet Structure Network on a Substrate and the Method for Forming the Same,” U.S. Patent Application No. 14/335,072 on July 18 (2014).

X. Wang, H. He, Y. Lu, W. Ren, K-Y Teng, C-L Chiang, Z. Yang, B. Yu, S. Hsu, S.T. Jacob, K. Ghoshal and L.J Lee, “Indole-3-carbinol inhibits tumorigenicity of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via suppression of microRNA-21 and upregulation of phosphatase and tensin homolog,” Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1853, 244-253 (2015).

Grant Support

R. Mani, Y. Mao, F. Frissora, C-L Chiang, J. Wang, Y.

$70,000 - Lee, L. James (PI). PS and PP Nanocomposites,

$12,900,000 - Lee, L. James (PI). Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer Biomedical Devices-Phase II, National Science and Foundation, 2009-2015. Jim Lee responds to a speaker at a dinner honoring Bill Lowrie. -Photo © Cedric Sze 2015.


585–592 (2014).

Umit S. Ozkan

College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1984. Catalysis, electro-catalysis and catalytic materials. Application of catalysis in the areas of energy conversion and emission control. Awards and Honors Elected to American Chemical Society Catalysis Division as Director-at-Large, 2014. Refereed Papers “Modified carbon materials as O2 reduction reaction electrocatalysts in acid PEM fuel cells” by D. Singh, J. King, and U.S. Ozkan, in Non-Noble Metal Fuel Cell Catalysts, Eds. Zhang, J. Chen, Z., Dodelet, J.P., Wiley-VCH (2013). Singh, D., Soykal, I.I., von Deak, D., Tian, J., King, J., Miller, J.T., Ozkan, U.S., “In-situ characterization of the growth of CNx carbon nano-structures as oxygen reduction reaction catalysts,” Journal of Catalysis, 301, 100-111 (2013). Bao, X., Nie, X., von Deak, D., Biddinger, E.J., Luo, W., Asthagiri, A., Ozkan, U.S., Hadad, C.M., “A first-principles study of the role of quarternary-N doping on the oxygen reduction reaction activity and selectivity of graphene edge sites,” Topics in Catalysis, 56 (18-20), 1623-1630 (2013). Ozkan, U.S., “Bridging Heterogeneous Catalysis and Electro-catalysis: Catalytic Reactions Involving Oxygen,” Topics in Catalysis, 56 (18-20), 1603-1610 (2013). Ji, Z. ,He, M., Huang, Z.,Ozkan, U.,and Wu, Y., “Photostable p‑Type Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrochemical Cells for Water Reduction,” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 11696−11699 (2013). Soykal, I.I., Sohn, H., Miller, J.T., Ozkan, U.S., “Reduction characteristics of ceria under ethanol steam reforming conditions: Effect of the particle size,” ACS Catalysis, 4 (2), -36-

Soykal, I.I., Sohn, H., Miller, J.T., Ozkan, U.S., “Investigation of the Reduction/Oxidation Behavior of Cobalt Supported on Nano-ceria,” Topics in Catalysis, 57, 785-795 (2014). Singh, D., Tian, J., King, J., Mamtani, K., Miller, J.T., Ozkan, U.S., “A comparison of N-containing Carbon Nanostructures (CNx) and N-coordinated Iron-Carbon Catalysts (FeNC) for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acidic Media,” Journal of Catalysis, 317, 3043 (2014). Singh, D., Mamtani, K., Miller, J.T., Ozkan, U.S., “Use of H2S to Probe the Active Sites in FeNC Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) in Acidic Media,” ACS Catalysis, 4, 3454-3462 (2014). Chen, X., Liu,Y-S., Anne-Marie Alexander,A-M., Gallucci,, J.C., Hwang, S-J., Lingam,H.K., Huang, Z., Wang,C., Li,H., Zhao,Q., Ozkan, U.S., Shore, S.G., and Zhao, J-C. “Desolvation and dehydrogenation of solvated magnesium salts of dodecahydrododecaborate: relationship between structure and thermal decomposition,” Chemistry- A European Journal, 20(24), 7325-7333 (2014).

$100,000 - Ozkan, U.S. (PI). Production of functionalizedcarbon nano-structures from coal gas, Ohio Coal Development Office, 2013-2015. $100,000 - Ozkan, U.S (PI). Electrocatalytic separation of oxygen from air, Ohio Coal Development Office, 20142016. $362,520 - Ozkan, U.S. (PI). GOALI: Swellable superhydrophobic organosilica materials as a novel catalyst support for water purification systems, National Science Foundation, 2014-2017. $160,000 - Ozkan, U.S (PI). Catalytic treatment of water contaminated by coal processing, Ohio Coal Development Office, 2014-2016. $152,862 - Ozkan, U.S (PI). Catalytic reforming of VOCs generated during paint operations, HONDA North America, Inc., 2014-2015.

Mamtani, K. and Ozkan, U.S., “Heteroatom-doped Carbon nanostructures as Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts in Acidic Media: An Overview,” Catalysis Letters, in press. Zhao, Z., Lakshminarayanan, N., Swartz, S.L., Arkenberg, G.B., Felix, L.G., Slimane, R. B., Choi, C.W., Ozkan, U.S., “Characterization of olivine-supported nickel silicate catalyst for tar removal from biomass gasification,” Applied Catalysis A, in press. Choi, H., Fuller, A., Davis, J., Co, A., Ozkan, U.S., “Effect of Ce doping on the performance and stability of strontium cobalt ferrite perovskites as SOFC anode catalysts,” Topics in Catalysis. Grants/ Contracts $480,000 - Ozkan, U.S. (PI). Investigation of the nature of active sites on heteroatom-containing carbon nanostructures for oxygen reduction reaction, U.S. Department of Energy-Basic Energy Sciences, 2013-2016. $450,000 - Ozkan, U.S. (Co-PI: Anne Co). Controlling Selectivity in Electro-catalytically Assisted Alkane Dehydrogenation, National Science Foundation, 20122015.

Umit Ozkan takes pride in working closely with her students. -Photo © Brad Feinknopf 2015.

Andre F. Palmer

Professor and Interim Chairman, Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, 1998. Bioengineering & biomaterials for use in transfusion medicine.

$399,000 - Attenuating the oxidative and myocardial toxicity of polymerized hemoglobins (PI, Co-PI: Cabrales, P.) Agency: National Institutes of Health Grant: R56HL123015, 2014-2015.

Michael Paulaitis

Refereed Papers C. Castro, D. Ortiz, A. F. Palmer and P. Cabrales, “Hemodynamics and tissue oxygenation after hemodilution with ultrahigh molecular weight polymerized albumin,” Minerva Anestesiologica, 80: 537-546 (2014). B. N. Blackstone, A. F. Palmer, H. R. Rilo, and H. M. Powell, “Scaffold architecture controls insulinoma clustering, viability and insulin production,” Tissue Engineering, A 20: 1784-93 (2014). A. F. Palmer and M. Intaglietta, “Blood Substitutes,” Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, 16: 77-101 (2014). A. D. Roth, R. Xue, T. Nelson, J. Elmer, D. R. Harris, J. Huntley, J. J. Lannutti, M. S. Viapiano and A. F. Palmer, “Hemoglobin regulates the migration of glioma cells along poly(ε-caprolactone)-aligned nanofibers,” Biotechnology Progress, 5: 1214-1220 (2014). F. S. Boretti, J. H. Baek, A. F. Palmer, D. J. Schaer and P. W. Buehler, “Modelling hemoglobin and hemoglobin:haptoglobin complex clearance in a nonrodent species– pharmacokinetic and therapeutic implications,” Frontiers in Physiology, 5: 385 (2014). Grant Support $530,548 - Nanofiber-based sensors for oxygen determination in model glioblastomas (PI, John Lannutti (Co-PI), Dave Farson (Co-PI) and Mariano Viapiano (CoPI) Agency: National Science Foundation Grant: CBET1033991, 2010-2015.

James F. Rathman

Professor, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1987. Molecular informatics, computational modeling for safety/risk assessment, analysis of large chemical and biological datasets. Refereed Papers

Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar, Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1976. Molecular Thermodynamics, Role of Hydration in Biological Organization, Self-Assembly and Molecular Recognition. Refereed Papers Chaudhari, M., L. Pratt, M. Paulaitis, “Concentration dependence of the Flory-Huggins interaction parameter in aqueous solutions of capped PEO chains,” J. Chem. Phys., 141:244908 (2014). Chaudhari, M., L. Pratt, M. Paulaitis, “Loop-Closure and Gaussian Models of Collective Structural Characteristics of Capped PEO Oligomers in Water,” J. Phys. Chem., B ASAP DOI: 10.1021/jp504244x (2014). Chen, L., A. Charrier, Y. Zhou, H. Tsukamoto, J. L. Lee, M. E. Paulaitis, K. Agarwal, and D. R. Brigstock, “Epigenetic regulation of connective tissue growth factor by microRNA-214 delivery in exosomes from mouse or human hepatic stellate cells,” Hepatology, 59(3):1118 (2014). Grant Support $1.5M - ($5,000 - Michael Paulaitis) (Tom Schmittgen PI) 2013-2016. Targeted delivery of microRNA-loaded microvesicle for cancer therapy, NIH.

Yang, C.; Tarkhov, A.; Marusczyk, J.; Bienfait, B.; Gasteiger, J.; Kleinoeder, T.; Magdziarz, T.; Sacher, O.;Schwab, C.; Schwoebel, J.; Terfloth, L.; Arvidson, K.; Richard, A.; Worth, A.; Rathman, J., “A New Publicly Available Chemical Query Language, CSRML, to support Chemotype Representations for Application to Data Mining and Modeling,” Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, in press.

David Tomasko

Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1992. Molecular thermodynamics, supercritical fluid processing, polymer processing, engineering education. Refereed Papers Tomasko, D.L., Ridgway, J.S., Waller, R.J., Olesik, S.V., “Association of bridge program outcomes with STEM retention of targeted demographic groups,” J. College Science Teaching, 2014, in review. Munj, H., Nelson, M.T., Karandikar, P.S., Lannutti, J.J., Tomasko, D.L. “Biocompatible Electrospun Polymer -37-

Blends for Biomedical Applications,” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B - Applied Biomaterials, 2014, 102(7), 1517-1527.

Grant Support

$614,775 - Tomasko, David (PI). Human Connect: Scholarships in science, technology, engineering and math, National Science Foundation, DUE-1259709, Project 60042813 CoPI: Howard Greene, 2013-2016. $2,500,000 - Tomasko, David (PI). Ohio’s Sustainable Science and Engineering Talent Expansion Program, National Science Foundation, DUE-0756986, Projects 60019339, 60014486 Co-PIs: S. Olesik, J. Ridgway, L. Mayer, 2008-2014. $120,000 - Tomasko, David (CoPI). Ohio Workforce Accelerator Network Ohio Board of Regents – Ohio Means Internships and Coops, Projects 60038088 and 60042806 Subcontract from University of Toledo (PI: Brian Randolph), 2013-2014. $25,000 - Tomasko, David (PI). Polyetherimide (PEI) Foam Extrusion, Advanced Materials Technology Inc., Project 60037843, 2013-2015. $646,067 - Tomasko, David (CoPI). Collaborative research: Nanopore confinement of C-H-O mixed volatile fluids relevant to subsurface energy systems, DOE Basic Energy Sciences, Project 60031581 PI: D. Cole (Earth Sciences), Co PI: A. Striolo (Univ. of Oklahoma), 2011-2015. $29,000 - Tomasko, David (CoPI). Wonders of Our World (WOW) Squared: Engaging Middle School Students in STEM through Nanochemistry. Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Project 60048348. PI: S. Olesik (Chemistry & Biochemistry), 2014-2015. David Tomasko delighted CBE students, faculty and staff when he presented his inspirational 2015 commencement address to CBE seniors as Koffolt Laboratories’ namesake, Joe Koffolt. -Photo © Geoff Hulse 2015.


Jessica O. Winter

-Jessica Winter’s grad student, Aaron Short, created this “heart” in collagen surrounded by collagen fibrils, depicted through reflectance microscopy.

Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2004. Bionanotechnology, cancer, drug delivery. Awards and Honors AAAS Fellow, 2014. Mid-Career Rising Star Award, ACS, WIC, 2014. Heaven-and-Earth Distinguished Lecture, College of Engineering, Nanjing University, China, 2014. 20 People to Know in Technology, Columbus Business First, 2014. Refereed Papers Nabar, G., J.O. Winter (Invited) “Tunable Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer-Nanoparticle Composites for Nanomedicine,” Chemical Engineering Progress, November 2014, 51 (2014). Nelson, M.T. , A. Short, S.L. Cole, A.C. Gross, J. Winter, T.D. Eubank, J.J. Lannutti Preferential, “Enhanced Breast Cancer Cell Migration on Biomimetic Electrospun Nanofiber 'Cell Highways',” BMC Cancer, 14: 825 (2014).

Grant Support $17.9M - Hammel, P.C., Winter, J.O., Brillson, L., Goldberger, J., Gupta, J.A., Heckler, A.F., Heremans, J.P., JohnstonHalperin, E., Kawakami, R.K., McComb, D.W., Myers, R.C., Randeria, M., Trivedi, N., Windl, W., Woodward, P.M., Yang, F., Valdes Aguilar, R., Yu, S.L. Center for Emergent Materials: an NSF MRSEC, National Science Foundation, 2014-2020. $1.2M - Winter, J.O., Wyslouzil, B., Hall, L., Alpert, C.L. Continuous, Large-Scale Nanocomposite Production via Micellar Electrospray, National Science Foundation, 20132017. $330,000 - Winter, J.O., Wyslouzil, B., Chalmers, J.J., Ruan, G., Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots, National Science Foundation, 2012-2015. $100,000 - Gurcan, M., Winter, J.O., Otero, J., Elder, B., Pudivalli, V. Defining molecular events for targeted therapy of glioblastoma using digital image analysis, Pelotonia, 2013-2015.

Rao, S.S., J.J. Lannutti, M.S. Viapiano, A. Sarkar, J.O. Winter, “Toward 3D Biomimetic Models to Understand the Behavior of Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells,” Tissue Engineering Part B Reviews, 20(4): 314-327 (2014). Duong, A.D., G. Ruan, K. Mahajan, J.O. Winter, B.E. Wyslouzil. “Scalable, semi-continuous production of micelles encapsulating nanoparticles via electrospray,” Langmuir, 30(14): 3939-3948 (2014). Xu, J., Q. Fan, K.D. Mahajan, G. Ruan, A. Herrington, K.F. Tehrani, P. Kner, J.O. Winter. “Micelle-templated composite quantum dots for super-resolution imaging,” Nanotechnology, 25(19): 195601 (2014).

Jessica Winter. -Photo © Geoff Hulse 2015.

of mutations in thyroid hormone receptor-β by a bacterial biosensor system,” Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, Vol. 52 (1), pp. 55–66, (2014).

David Wood

Professor, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2000. Biotechnology, bioseparations, biosensors, protein engineering. Books and Book Chapters Coolbaugh, M. J. and Wood, D. W., “Purification of E. coli Proteins using a Self-Cleaving Chitin-Binding Affinity Tag,” in Methods in Molecular Biology: Protein Affinity Tags: Methods and Protocols, (ed. Richard J. Giannone). Humana Press, Totowa, N.J., U.S.A., (In Press for 2014). Refereed Papers Shi, C., Tarimala, A., Qing Meng, Q. & Wood, D. W., “A general purification platform for toxic proteins based on intein trans-splicing,” Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol. 98 (22), pp. 9425-35, (2014). Cronin, M., Coolbaugh, M. J., Nellis, D., Zhu, J., Wood, D. W., Nussinov, R. & Ma, B., “Dynamics differentiate between active and inactive inteins,” European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Published Online, DOI 10.1016/j. ejmech.2014.07.094, (2014). Wood, D. W., “New Trends and Affinity Tag Designs for Recombinant Protein Purification,” Current Opinion in Structural Biology, Vol. 26, pp. 54-61, (2014). Wood, D. W. & Camarero, J. A., “Intein Applications: From Protein Purification and Labeling to Metabolic Control Methods,” Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 289 (21), pp. 14512–14519, (2014). Shi, C., Qing Meng, Q. & Wood, D. W., “A peptidetriggered intein-based self-cleaving non-chromatographic purification tag for recombinant protein purification,” Chinese Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Vol. 30 (2), pp. 202-208, (2014).

Grant Support $400,000 - (Wood, co-PI) NSF CBET Riboswitch-sRNA for Dual Transcript Control by a Ligand. This proposal seeks to develop novel feedback methods for controlling gene expression through post-transcriptional regulation of gene transcripts. The methods will be applied to the development of new strains of bacteria for the production of bio-butanol.Role: co-PI with Richard Lease. Grant #158394, 2012-2014. $16,000,000 (total costs), ($1,069,472 Wood direct costs) (Wood, subcontract) BioMOD Program, DARPA. This proposal seeks to develop a laptop-sized device that can produce any biopharmaceutical on demand within 16 hours. The proposal was prepared by a group of investigators, where my part is the development of firstcapture methods for the newly synthesized proteins using self-cleaving affinity tag technology. Role: Subcontract, project lead is Govind Rao (UMBC), 2013-2017. $240,239 - NSF (CBET) Chemical and Biological Separations. A Self-cleaving Tag Protein Purification Platform for Biopharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing. This proposal seeks to develop an enhanced self-cleaving tag technology for use in the biopharmaceutical industry, and specifically for proteins expressed in mammalian cell culture. Role: PI, Grant #1264322 Wood (PI), 0.25 Summer, 2013-2016. $10,815 - Wood (PI) Sanofi Pasteur. Evaluation of a self-cleaving tag purification system with three Sanofi Pasteur proteins. This proposal seeks to demonstrate efficacy of our self-cleaving tag technology for use in the biopharmaceutical industry, and specifically for “real world” proteins of interest. Role: PI, Research Agreement Wood (PI), 2014-2015.

Barbara Wyslouzil

Professor, Ph.D., Caltech, 1992. Aerosol science, nucleation, nanoparticle growth and structure, biomedical applications of aerosols. Refereed Papers Anthony D. Duong, Gang Ruan, Kalpesh Mahajan, Jessica O. Winter, and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Scalable, “Semicontinuous Production of Micelles Encapsulating Nanoparticles via Electrospray” Langmuir, 30, 3939-3948 (2014) Harshad Pathak, Judith Wölk, Reinhard Strey, and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, “Co-condensation of nonane and D2O in a supersonic nozzle,” J. Chem. Phys., 140, 034304 (2014) Harshad Pathak, Abdalla Obeidat, Gerald Wilemski, and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, “The structure of D2O-nonane nanodroplets,” J. Chem. Phys., 140, 224318 (2014); http:// Kelley Mullick, Ashutosh Bhabhe, Alexandra Manka, Judith Wölk, Reinhard Strey and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, “Isothermal nucleation rates of n-propanol, n-butanol, and n-pentanol in supersonic nozzles: critical cluster sizes and the role of coagulation,” J. Phys. Chem. B, Published on web (2014) Grant Support $224,956 - Wyslouzil, Barbara E. Multifunctional nanoparticles: Formation and fundamental studies, National Science Foundation (OSU NSEC, subaward), 2009-2014. $213,178 - Wyslouzil, Barbara E. GOALI: Collaborative Research: Fundamental studies of water-hydrocarbon condensation, National Science Foundation, 2010-2015.

Shi, C., Qing Meng, Q. & Wood, D. W., “Analysis of the roles -39-

$335,000 - Wyslouzil, Barbara E., Winter, Jessica, Chalmers, Jeffery, Ruan, Gang. Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots. National Science Foundation, 2012-2015.

X. Liu, S.-T. Yang, L. Zhou, “The application of omics in pharmaceutical bioprocessing,” Pharm. Bioprocess., 2:1-4 (2014).

$478,000 - Wyslouzil, Barbara E., Nanodroplets to nanoparticles: Integrated studies of freezing, National Science Foundation, 2012-2015. $1,174,000 - Wyslouzil, Barbara E., Winter, Jessica, Alpert, Carol Lynn, Hall, Lisa. SNM: Continuous, large-scale nanocomposite production via micellular electrospray, National Science Foundation-CMMI, 2013-2017. $159,971 - Wyslouzil, Barbara E., NREL ICES Program Particle Growth Characterization (OSU subcontract to ATK), 2013-2014. $311,987 - Wyslouzil, Barbara E., Ainslie, Kristy M., Bacheleder, Eric M. Development of needle-free, multiformulation nano particle vaccine, Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, 2013-2014.

Shang-Tian Yang

Professor, Ph.D., Purdue University,1984. Bioprocess engineering, biochemical engineering, metabolic engineering, tissue engineering; biofuels and bio-based chemicals; high throughput screening for drug discovery and bioprocess optimization; stem cell engineering. Books and Book Chapters Ulf-Rainer Samel, Walter Kohler, Armin Otto Gamer, Ullrich Keuser, Shang-Tian Yang, Ying Jin, Meng Lin and Zhongqiang Wang, “Propionic Acid and Derivatives,” ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, Wiley (2014), DOI:0.1002/14356007.a22_223.pub2. Jie Dong, Yinming Du, Yipin Zhou, and Shang-Tian Yang, “Butanol production from soybean hull and soy molasses by acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation,” in Robert Brentin (ed.), Soy-Based Chemicals and Materials, ACS Symposium series 1178, American Chemical Society, Ch. 2, pp 25-41 (2014). Refereed Papers G. Chen, H. Wang, X. Zhang, S.-T. Yang, “Nutraceuticals and functional foods in the management of hyperlipidemia,” Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr. 54(9):1180-1120 (2014). DOI:10.1080/10408398.2011.629354.

Barbara Wyslouzil and students assemble a supersonic nozzle apparatus in the beam line at the advanced photon source, Argonne National Lab. -Photo © Judith Wölk 2015.


C. Xue, G.-Q. Du, J.-X. Sun, S.-S. Gao, M.-.L Yu, S.-T. Yang, F.-W. Bai, “Characterization of gas stripping and its integration with acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation for high-efficient butanol production and recovery,” Biochem. Eng. J., 83: 55-61 (2014). M. Liu, Y. Li, S.-T. Yang, “Curculigoside improves osteogenesis and inhibits osteoclastogenesis of human amniotic fluid derived stem cells,” Stem Cells Devel., 23(2):146-154 (2014). DOI:10.1089/scd.2013.0261. Y. Li, M. Liu, S.-T. Yang, “Dendritic cells derived from pluripotent stem cells: Potential of large scale production,” World J. Stem Cells, 6(1): 1-10 (2014). DOI:10.4252/wjsc. v6.i1.1. Y. Li, M. Liu, Y. Yan, S.-T. Yang, “Neural differentiation from pluripotent stem cells: the role of natural and synthetic extracellular matrix,” World J. Stem Cells, 6(1): 11-23 (2014). DOI:10.4252/wjsc.v6.i1.11. S.-T. Yang, X. Liu, “Metabolic process engineering for biochemicals and biofuels production,” J. Microb Biochem Technol., 6(2): e116 (2014). DOI:10.4172/19485948.1000e116. Y. Li, S.-T. Yang, “Advances in human pluripotent stem cells for regenerative medicine and drug discovery,” J. Tissue Sci. Eng., 5: e127 (2014). N. Liu, S.-T. Yang, “Expansion of embryonic stem cells in suspension and fibrous bed bioreactors,” J. Biotechnol., 178: 54–64 (2014).

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Bacteria, Department of Energy – ARPA-E2010-2014. $1,063,605 - Yang, Shang-Tian. Production of Propionic Acid and Propanol from Biomass, Dow Chemical, 20102014.

Jacques L. Zakin

Helen C. Kurtz Professor Emeritus, D. Eng. Sci., New York University, 1959. Surfactant drag reduction, heat transfer enhancement, rheology. Awards and Honors Inaugural class of Ohio State’s Emeritus Academy, 2014. Refereed Papers H. Shi, W. Ge, Y. Wang, B. Fang, J.T. Huggins, T.A. Russell, Y. Talmon, D.J. Hart, J.L. Zakin, J., “A Drag Reducing Surfactant Threadlike Micelle System with Unusual Rheological Response to pH,” Colloid and Interface Science, 418, 95-102 (2014). Y. Wang, Y. Qi, Y. Talmon and J.L. Zakin, “Effect of Addition of Anionic Surfactants to Cationic surfactants on Turbulent Drag Reduction and Nanostructure,” Proceedings 20th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution, Combria, Portugal, June 22-27, 2014. Grant Support $20,000 - Dreyfus Fund Senior Mentoring Award, 2014-15. $2,470 - Ohio State Emeritus Academy Small Research Grant Award.


CBE FACULTY: Martin Feinberg, David Wood, Lisa Hall, Liang-Shih Fan, Jessica Winter, Nicholas Brunelli, Umit Ozkan, David Tomasko, William G. Lowrie (guest of honor), Jack Zakin, Andre Palmer, Jeff Chalmers, Bhavik Bakshi, Jim Lee, Bob Brodkey, Carlo Scaccia, Barbara Wyslouzil, John Clay, W.S. Winston Ho, Kurt Koelling, and Stuart Cooper. Other faculty not pictured: Aravind Asthagiri, W.S. Winston Ho, Isamu Kusaka, L. James Lee, Michael Paulaitis, James Rathman, S.-T. Yang. -Photo © Cedric Sze 2015.

Faculty & Staff Professors Bhavik Bakshi Jeffrey Chalmers Stuart Cooper Liang-Shih Fan Martin Feinberg Winston Ho Kurt Koelling L. James Lee Umit Ozkan Andre Palmer James Rathman David Tomasko Barbara Wyslouzil Shang-Tian Yang

Associate Professors Aravind Asthagiri Isamu Kusaka Jessica Winter David Wood Assistant Professors Nicholas Brunelli Lisa Hall Clinical Faculty John Clay Deborah Grzybowski Carlo Scaccia Research Faculty Andrew Tong Emeritus Professors Robert S. Brodkey Harry C. Hershey Michael Paulaitis Thomas L. Sweeney Jacques L. Zakin

Research Scientists Post Doctoral Richard Lease Researchers Uddyalok Banerjee Jonathan R. Brown Research Associates Zhuo Cheng Dawei Wang Doruk Dogu William Kane Wang Seval Gunduz Qiang Zhou Pengfei He Brandon L. Miller Lang Qin Mengmeng Xu Visiting Scholars Lin Zhao Samar Zaim Alsharawi Yanan Zhao Hongxin Fu Zhiqian Jia Xin Li Junteng Liu Aleksandra Mostrag-Szlichtyng Haixiang Sun Shinobu Tanimura Zhongqiang Wang Peillan Wei Daiana Wischral Bingbing Zhang Jianzhi Zhang Zhien Zhang

Administrative Staff Angela Bennett Katie Bush-Glenn David Cade Bill Cory Mike Davis Brian Endres Leigh Evrard Lynn Flanagan Jessica Schmitt Geoff Hulse Susan Tesfai Mike Wilson Wenda Williamson

Graduate Program Coordinator Academic Advising Coordinator Building Coordinator Human Resources Manager Systems Manager Academic Advising Coordinator Design Engineer Business Manager Director of Development Director of Information Technology Fiscal Associate Laboratory Supervisor Public Relations Coordinator

CBE FACULTY, back row, L-R: Carlo Scaccia, L.-S. Fan, Kurt Koelling, David Wood, S.-T. Yang, Aravind Asthagiri, Jessica Winter, Martin Feinberg, Umit Ozkan, Jack Zakin, Barbara Wyslouzil, Bhavik Bakshi, Jeff Chalmers, Bob Brodkey, Andre Palmer, W.S. Winston Ho, Isamu Kusaka. Front row, L-R: Nicholas Brunelli, Lisa Hall, Jim Rathman, Deb Grzybowski. Faculty not pictured: Aravind Asthagiri, Stuart L. Cooper, John Clay, Kurt Koelling, L. James Lee, Michael Paulaitis, David Tomasko. -Photo Š Geoff Hulse 2015.


A Tradition of Excellence.

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Columbus, Ohio Permit No. 711

William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 314 Koffolt Laboratories CBEC. 151 West Woodruff Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 Phone: Fax: Website: Facebook: YouTube: LinkedIn: Twitter:

614-292-4000 614-292-3769

2014 Annual Report: Ohio State University Chemical Engineering  

Annual Report for the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The Ohio State University, 2014.

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