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William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

2015 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Welcome from the Chair Greetings from the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering! I’m delighted to report that it's been another hallmark year in which we have celebrated numerous accomplishments. I am sure that you are just as busy as we are, so I hope you enjoy our annual report, which is somewhat condensed from previous years. A summary of Key Facts for 2015 appears to the right, with more detail both in the pages that follow, as well as online at

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Wishing you all the best for 2016,

Andre F. Palmer Professor and Chair

Cover image by Li-Chiang Lin was published in Angewandte Chemie, 2013-52/16. 2015 Annual Report writing, design, and layout by Wenda Williamson.

Ranking • #26, US News & World Report, 2017 Faculty

2015 Performance Indicators: • 21 tenure-track faculty • 6 national-level awards (AIChE, AIMBE, NSF, ACS, etc.) • $6M in research expenditures (average of $302,192 per faculty) • 172 publications (average of 8.1 per faculty) • 17 invited lectures • 8 patents

Research Program 2015 Funding:

• •

$6M in 2015 expenditures Major funding from the Department of Energy, NIH, NSF, and DARPA

Top Research Achievements (Cumulative):

World leader in chemical looping processes that conserve resources and reduce emissions;

Groundbreaking self-cleaving affinity tagging for protein purification;

Leaders in nanobiotech and the development of magnetic quantum dots for diagnostics;

Innovative membranes for gas separations;

Immunomagnetic cell separation, cancer diagnostics and cell migration;

Tissue engineering and biomaterials for transfusion medicine;

National Scholarships • 2 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships for 2015 • 1 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship • 16 total NSF GRE’s in the last 10 years, plus 4 Goldwaters, 2 Fulbrights,

Cutting-edge research in catalysis;

Polymer-based nanoengineering leading to new materials and devices benefitting manufacturing processes and medical diagnostics;

Undergraduate Program, 2015 • 203 BS degrees awarded • Autumn ‘15 enrollment: 1,045 • 155 scholarships • 30.1 - Average composite ACT Score for incoming freshmen • 40% are in the honors program, with a 91.7% retention rate • AIChE Student Chapter Involvement: 82% • 3.36 - Average GPA for graduating seniors

Innovations in sustainable engineering and aerosol science.

Cumulative Awards and Honors: • 3 National Academy of Engineering members • 13 AIChE Awards (Institute Lecturer, Founders Award, 2 Wilhelms, etc.) • 9 National Science Foundation CAREER Awards • 2 Fulbrights • 2 R&D 100 Awards

Graduate Program, 2015 • 15 PhD degrees awarded (average of .7 per faculty) • 6 MS degrees awarded

and 1 Morris K. Udall

Facilities • New 225,000-square-foot building Alumni / Philanthropy • 4,314 known living alumni • $17.5M+ raised by the Campaign for New Koffolt Laboratories • 7 endowed chairs • 1 endowed professorship

- NEWS -



ARAVIND ASTHAGIRI • Lumley Research Award from The Ohio State University College of Engineering.

BHAVIK BAKSHI • “Best Papers of 2015” first runner-up, Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T), an ACS publication.

STUART COOPER • Voted PresidentElect of scientific honor society Sigma Xi. • Co-edited Advances in Polyurethane Biomaterials (Elsevier, 2015).

LIANG-SHIH FAN • 67th AIChE Institute Lecturer. • Lumley Research Award, The Ohio State University College of Engineering.

W.S. WINSTON HO • Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers). • Distinguished Alumnus Award, National Taiwan University.

LISA HALL • NSF CAREER Award. • DOE funding supporting research for safer, more efficient lithium batteries.

KURT KOELLING • Inducted into Academy of Chemical Engineers at Missouri University of Science & Technology.

ISAMU KUSAKA • Published Statistical Mechanics for Engineers (Springer, 2015).

UMIT OZKAN • Ozkan’s lab was selected for The Ohio State University Laboratory Safety Dean’s List.

ANDRE PALMER • AIMBE Fellow induction, representing top 2% of medical and biological engineers nationwide.

JAMES RATHMAN • President and Provost’s Award for Distinguished Faculty Service, The Ohio State University.

JESSICA WINTER • Cover story, Winter 2015-16 issue of Cancer Today. • 40 Under 40 List, Business First-Columbus.

BARBARA WYSLOUZIL • Research featured in Argonne Today.

DAVID WOOD • Renewed DARPA funding for his groundbreaking protein purification method to develop a “pharmacy in a laptop.”

- NEWS -

NEW FACULTY LI-CHIANG LIN (PhD University of CaliforniaBerkeley), currently a research scientist at MIT, joins CBE this fall. His research to discover novel, energy-efficient and cost-effective materials for energy-related applications uses largescale computational screenings and molecular simulations. His methodology integrates multiscale computational techniques to achieve more accurate simulation predictions and more efficient screenings. Dr. Lin first published in 2012 with papers in Nature Materials and Nature Chemistry. Both papers have been cited over 100 times (per Google Scholar). To date, he has 32 peer-reviewed articles and his research has been featured on the covers of Angewandte Chemie, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, and ChemPhysChem. Additional publications in high impact journals include Nature Communications (four papers), Nano Letters, Journal of the American Chemical Society (six papers), and Energy & Environmental Science. He also received several awards and fellowships such as the 2013 DOW Excellence in Teaching Award, Chevron Fellowships (2012-13), the 2012 AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award, and six Presidential Awards (top 5% of students) at National Taiwan University.

NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS KATELYN SWINDLEREILLY (PhD Washington University-St.Louis), most recently a senior scientist at Rochal Industries overseeing wound care and soft tissue regeneration products, begins a 25% tenuretrack post in CBE this fall. Her research focus is the biomimetic design of optimized biomaterials for tissue repair. She holds two patents and has been a sub-awardee PI on eight grants totalling over $5 million (NIH, NSF, and DOD).

ILHAM EL-MONIER (PhD in petroleum engineering, Texas A&M UniversityCollege Station), currently a lecturer and postdoc at The University of Oklahoma in their petroleum and geological engineering program, will begin this fall as a clinical assistant professor in CBE’s new petroleum engineering track. Her industry training includes working as a reservoir engineer in the Cairo office of BP and other stations in Egypt. Her research interests include fluid mechanics and petrophysics and fracturing and image analysis of hydraulic fractures in various substrates.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS ANGELA CHEN (above, now at University of Texas-Austin), and WILLIAM LEVI MURCH (now at Stanford). Honorable mentions: CBE undergradraduate JOSEPH GAUTHIER; NATHAN VOLCHKO (now at MIT) and ROBERT WARBURTON, now at Purdue.


ROCHE / ARCS SCHOLAR AWARD KUNAL PARIKH, now a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins, received the 2015 Roche / ARCS Scholar award from the National Academy of Sciences. -5-


2015 RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS ARAVIND ASTHAGIRI: Co-published articles in two leading journals: Angewandte Chemie International Edition and ACS Catalysis, a leading journal in catalysis.  BHAVIK BAKSHI: Developed a novel "process-toplanet" framework toward sustainable process design by integrating models of chemical processes, life cycles, and the economy. NICHOLAS BRUNELLI: Developed cutting-edge hollow fiber catalyst for flow reactions. JEFFREY CHALMERS: Developing technology for separation of cancer cells and cancer stem cells; developing technology to separate and analyze exosomes; characterizing the intrinsic magnetization of cells. STUART COOPER: Published co-edited book, Advances in Polyurethane Biomaterials, Woodhead Press (imprint of Elsevier, 2015). L.-S. (LIANG-SHIH) FAN: Groundbreaking highpressure pilot plant run for gaseous fuel combustion in chemical looping system. MARTIN FEINBERG: Pioneering research on chemical reaction network theory (ongoing). LISA HALL: Established a more efficient method to initialize simulations of microphase separated polymers.  ISAMU KUSAKA: Published Statistical Mechanics for Engineers (Springer, 2015), which simplifies equilibrium statistical mechanics for engineers.

L. JAMES LEE: Developed a unique nanochannel electroporation (NEP) patch device capable of on-tissue gene transfection for regenerative medicine such as skin angiogenesis for wound healing. UMIT OZKAN: Bridging heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis. Recent focus on catalytic treatment of water contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons.

3 21 3 2 6 2

ANDRE PALMER: Demonstrated that islet grafts co-transplanted with a hemoglobinbased oxygen carrier reduced beta cell hypoxia and improved beta cell function in intramuscular grafts.

PUBLICATIONS / PATENTS Total Publications: Peer-Reviewed: Books or Chapters: Average Pubs. per Faculty: Patents Issued: Patents Pending:

172 157 15 8.1 8 21

JESSICA WINTER: In her role as chair of the AIChE Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum, she is co-editing a book on nanomanufacturing to be published through AIChE.

LECTURES Invited: Keynotes / Plenaries:

65 16

DAVID WOOD: Key contributor to the downstream processing strategy for the DARPA-funded BioMOD “Biopharmaceutical factory in a briefcase.” BARBARA WYSLOUZIL: Exploring phase transitions in aerosol nanodroplets. SHANG-TIAN YANG: Developing bioprocesses using engineered microorganisms for production of biofuels and biobased chemicals from biomass and CO2. JACK ZAKIN: Developing low energy input techniques for heat transfer enhancement to/ from inherently poor heat transfer fluids.


FACULTY COMPOSITION NAE members : Total Tenure-Track: Clinical/Research Professors: Emeritus (Active): AWARDS National Awards (AIChE etc.): Local Awards:

GRADUATE PROGRAM #of Grad Students: PhD students: MS students: Grad Students / Faculty: PhD Degrees Granted: PhD Degrees / Faculty:

105 74 31 5 15 .7




RESEARCH FUNDING 2015 RESEARCH FUNDING AND ACTIVITIES SUMMARY Number of Awards: 31 Total Awarded Amount: $9,185,414 Total Research Expenditures: $6,043,850 Indirect Costs: $1,630,427 Funding From Industry: $866,403 Average per Faculty: $302,192 Individual faculty activity summaries begin on the next page.



adsorption,” J. Chem. Phys., 142, 124704 (2015).

Awards and Honors

J. Choi, L. Pan, F. Zhang, J.T. Diulus, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “Molecular adsorption of NO on PdO(101),” Surf. Sci., 640, 150 (2015).

Associate Professor, PhD Carnegie Mellon. Computational catalysis, energy and sustainability.

Lumley Research Award, Ohio State College of Engineering (2015). Refereed Papers R. Rai, T. Li, Z. Liang, M. Kim, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “Growth and Termination of a Rutile IrO2(100) Layer on Ir(111),” Surf. Sci. (in press). Z. Huang, W. Luo, L. Ma, M. Yu, M. He, W. Chen, A. Asthagiri, and Y. Wu, “Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Activity of dimeric [Mo2S12]2- clusters: a molecular analog of MoS2 Edges,” Angew. Chemie, 54, 15181 (2015). W. Luo, X. Nie, M.J. Janik, and A. Asthagiri, “Facet dependence of CO2 reduction paths on Cu electrodes,” ACS Catalysis, 6, 219 (2016). S.A. Akhade, W. Luo, X. Nie, A. Asthagiri, and M.J. Janik, “Theoretical insight on reactivity trends in CO2 electroreduction across transition metals,” Cat. Sci. Tech. (in press DOI: 10.1039/C5CY01339A). J. Choi, L. Pan, V. Mehar, F. Zhang, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “Promotion of CO Oxidation on PdO(101) by adsorbed H2O,” Surf. Sci. (in press). F. Zhang, L. Pan, J. Choi, V. Mehar, J.T. Diulus, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “Propane sigmacomplexes on PdO(101): Spectroscopic evidence for the selective coordination and activation of primary C-H bonds,” Angew. Chemie, 127, 14113 (2015). S. Yuk & A. Asthagiri, “A first-principles study of Pt thin films on SrTiO3(100): Support effects on CO -8-

J.F. Weaver, F. Zhang, L. Pan, T. Li, and A. Asthagiri, “Vacancy-mediated processes in the oxidation of CO on PdO(101),” Accounts of Chemical Research, 48, 1515 (2015). Grant Support $600,000 (2015-2018). Aravind Asthagiri (Co-PI), Jason Weaver (PI); DOE-BES: Growth and Reactivity of Oxide Phases on Crystalline Pd and Pt surfaces. $110,000 (2016-2018). Aravind Asthagiri (Co-PI), Jay Gupta (PI); ACS-PRF: Studies of CO2 Photoreduction on Cu2O at the Single Molecule Level.” $480,000 (2013-2016). Aravind Asthagiri (Co-PI), Umit Ozkan (PI); DOE-BES: Heteroatom-doped carbon materials as oxygen reduction electrocatalysts in acidic and alkaline media.”

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. Elsevier, 2015. S. Singh and B. R. Bakshi. “Carbon and Nitrogen Footprints of Chemical and Manufacturing Industry Sectors.” Sustainability in the Analysis, Synthesis and Design of Chemical Engineering Processes. Ed. by G. R. Mercado and H. Cabezas. Elsevier, 2015. Refereed Papers S. Bogra, B. R. Bakshi, and R. Mathur. “A Water Withdrawal Input-Output Model of the Indian Economy.” Environmental Science & Technology (2016, accepted). S. S. Chopra, B. R. Bakshi, and V. Khanna. “Economic Dependence of US Industrial Sectors on Animalmediated Pollination Service.” Environmental Science and Technology 49.24 (2015), pp. 14441– 14451. R. J. Hanes and B. R. Bakshi. “Process to Planet: A Multiscale Modeling Framework Toward Sustainable Engineering.” AIChE Journal 61.10 (2015), pp. 3332– 3352.


R. J. Hanes and B. R. Bakshi. “Sustainable Process Design by the Process to Planet Framework.” AIChE Journal 61.10 (2015), pp. 3320–3331.

Awards and Honors

R. J. Hanes, N. B. Cruze, P. K. Goel, and B. R. Bakshi. “Allocation Games: Addressing the ill-posed nature of allocation in life cycle inventories.” Environmental Science and Technology, 49.13 (2015), pp. 7996– 8003.

Professor, PhD MIT. Sustainability science and engineering, process systems engineering.

“Best Papers of 2015,” Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T), first runner-up. Books and Book Chapters R. J. Hanes and B. R. Bakshi. “Comprehensive life cycle accounting in sustainable process design.” Sustainability of Products, Processes and Supply Chains: Theory and Applications. Ed. by Fengqi You.

Berrin Kursun, Bhavik R. Bakshi, Manoj Mahata, and Jay F. Martin. “Life cycle and energy based design of energy systems in developing countries: Centralized and localized options.” Ecological Modelling 305 (2015), pp. 40–53.


Prasad Mandade, Bhavik R. Bakshi, and G.D. Yadav. “Ethanol from Indian agro-industrial lignocellulosic biomass - a life cycle evaluation of energy, greenhouse gases, land and water.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20.12 (2015), pp. 1649–1658. Bhavik R. Bakshi, Guy Ziv, and Michael D. Lepech. “Techno-Ecological Synergy: A Framework for Sustainable Engineering.” Environmental Science & Technology 49.3 (2015), pp. 1752–1760. S. Singh and B. R. Bakshi. “Footprints of Carbon and Nitrogen: Revisiting the Paradigm and Exploring their Nexus for Decision Making.” Ecological Indicators 53 (2015), pp. 49–60. Matthew Winden, Nathan Cruze, Tim Haab, and Bhavik Bakshi. “Monetized value of the environmental, health and resource externalities of soy biodiesel.” Energy Policy 47 (2015), pp. 18–24. Grant Support $418,965 (2012-2016). Yebo Li, PI; co-PIs Bhavik R. Bakshi and Rudy Buchheit; US Department of Agriculture: Development and demonstration of a low VOC polyurethane coating system using bio polyols derived from crude glycerol. $6,000,000 (2013-2017). Yebo Li, PI; co-PIs Bhavik R. Bakshi and several others; US Department of Agriculture, BRDI program: Bioenergy and Biofuels Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass via Anaerobic Digestion and Fisher-Tropsch Reaction. $300,000 (2013-2016). Bakshi, Bhavik R., co-PI: Michael Lepech, Stanford University; National Science Foundation: Seeking Synergy Between Technological and Ecological Systems for Sustainable Engineering.

Ecological Synergy for Sustainable Engineering. $410,000 (out of $12 million, 2015-2019.) Bakshi, Bhavik R., PI: Anu Ramaswami, U. Minnesota; National Science Foundation: SRN: Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy and Livable Cities. $99,994 (out of $12 million, 2015-2020). Bakshi, Bhavik R., PI: Charles Redman, Arizona State University; National Science Foundation: SRN: Urban Resilience to Extremes. $179,085 (2016-2018). Bakshi, Bhavik R.; Ford Motor Company: Life Cycle Assessment of Carbon Fiber Composites for Auto Applications.


Assistant Professor, PhD California Institute of Technology. Heterogeneous and immobilized catalysis and catalytic materials; sustainability, energy, environment.

Refereed Papers Nicholas Brunelli

E.G. Moschetta, S. Negretti, K.M. Chepiga, N.A. Brunelli, Y. Labreche, Y. Feng, F. Rezaei, R.P. Lively, W.J. Koros, H.M.L. Davies,* and C.W. Jones.* "Composite Polymer/Oxide Hollow Fiber Contactors: Versatile and Scalable Flow Reactors for Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions in Organic Synthesis." Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54 (22), 6470-6474. L. Espinal, M.L. Green, D.A. Fischer, D.M. DeLongchamp, C. Jaye, J.C. Horn, M.A. SakwaNovak, W. Chaikittisilp, N.A. Brunelli, C.W. Jones. “Interrogating the Carbon and Oxygen K-edge NEXAFS of a CO2-dosed Hyperbranched Aminosilica.” J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2015, 6 (1), 148-152.

$46,645 (2014-2016). Bakshi, Bhavik R.; National Science Foundation: US-UK Planning Visit: Techno-9-

- FACULTY / RESEARCH E.G. Moschetta, N.A. Brunelli, C.W. Jones. “Reactiondependent heteroatom modification of acid-base catalytic cooperativity in aminosilica materials.” Appl. Catal. A 2015, 504 (5), 429-439.


Professor, PhD Cornell. Biochemical engineering, bioengineering, biomedical engineering.

Books and Book Chapters Grant Support $110,000 (2016-2018). Brunelli, PI.; ACS-PRF-DNI: Designing Uniform Paired Copper Catalytic Sites for Conversion of Methane to Methanol (PRF# 55946DNI5).

Jeffrey J. Chalmers, Maryam B. Lustberg, Clayton Deighan, Kyoung-Joo Jenny Park, Yongqi Wu, Peter Amaya, “Depletion of normal cells for CTC enrichment,” Circulating Tumor Cells: Isolation and Analysis. John Wiley & Sons, 2015.

$40,000 (2015). Brunelli, PI.; OSU-MRI Exploratory Materials Research Grant: Investigating Crystallization Mechanisms of Microporous Materials Using Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS).

Zborowski, M., Chalmers, J.J., “Magnetophoresis: Fundamentals and Applications,” Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. John Wiley & Sons, 2015. Refereed Papers Gallardo-Rodrigguez, J.J., Lopez-Rosles, L., SanchezMiron, A., Garcia-Camacho, F., Molina-Grima, E., Chalmers, J.J., New insights into shear-sensitivity in dinoflagellate microalgae. Bioresource Technology. 699-705. 2016. Chalmers, J.J., “Mixing, aeration and cell damage, 30+ years later: what we learned, how did it affect the cell culture industry and what would we like to know more about,” Current Opinions in Chemical Engineering, Vol 10:94-102. (2015) Joao Paulo Oliveira-Costa, Alex Fiorini de Carvalho2, Giorgia Gobbi da Silveira1, Peter Amaya3, Yongqi Wu, Kyoung-Joo Jenny Park, Mabel Pinilla Gigliola, Maryam Lustberg, Marcilei Eliza Cavicchioli Buim, Elisa Napolitano Ferreira, Luiz Paulo Kowalski, Jeffrey J. Chalmers, Fernando Augusto Soares, Dirce Maria Carraro, Alfredo Ribeiro-Silva, “Gene expression patterns through oral squamous cell carcinoma development: PD-L1 expression in primary tumor and circulating tumor cells,” OncoTarget. 28;6(25)20902-20. (2015).

- 10 -

Jeffrey Chalmers. -Photo by Geoff Hulse


Barrow, M, Taylor, A ,Nieves, DJ, Bogart, LK,, Mandal, P.,Collins, CM , Moore, LR, Chalmers, JJ, Levy, R Williams, SR, Murray, P, Rosseinsky, MJ, Adams, DJ, “Tailoring the surface charge of dextranbased polymer coated SPIONs for modulated stem cell uptake and MRI contrast,” Biomaterials Science. 3(4):608-616. (2015). Buck, A., Moore, L.R., Lane, C.D., Kumar, A., Stroff, C., White, N., Xue, w., Chalmers, J.J., Zborowski, M., “Magnetic separation of algae genetically modified for increased intracellular iron uptake,” Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Material. 380:201-204. (2015). 17. Mathsyaraja, H., Thies, K., Taffany, D.A., Deighan, C., Liu, T., Pecot, T., Yu, L., Fernandez, S.A., Shapiro, C., Otero, J., Timmers, C., Lustberg, M.B., Chalmers, J.J., Leone, G., Ostrowski, M.C., CSF1 Induces Oncogenic microRNAs in Macrophages to Drive Metastatic Tumor Growth. Oncogene 34(28):3651-3661. (2015). Patents Chalmers JJ, Melnik K, Lara-Velasco, OR, Tong X, Zborowski M, Moore LR, Farag S. Biological Cell Separator and Disposable Kit. US Patent 9,176,111; 2015. Grant Support

Institutes of Health: Targeted delivery of miroRNAloaded microvesicles for cancer therapy. $359,779 (2012-2015). PI: Jessica Winter, co-PIs: Barbara Wyslouzil, Jeffrey Chalmers, Gang Ruan; National Science Foundation: Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots. $716,118 (2011-2016). Zborowski, PI, Chalmers subcontract; National Institutes of Health: Magnetic Cell Sorting and Analysis.


University Scholar Professor, CBE Chairman Emeritus, PhD Princeton University. Polymer science and engineering, properties of polyurethanes and ionomers, bloodmaterials interactions, tissue engineering.

Awards and Honors Voted president-elect of Sigma Xi, one of the largest scientific societies in the world. Will serve as President Elect in 2016, President in 2017 and Past President in 2018. Books and Book Chapters

Stuart Cooper

Edited Advances in Polyurethane Biomaterials with Jianjun Guan (MSE), 22 chapters 660 pages, Woodhead Publishing, an imprint of Elsevier, 2015.

$10,000 (Phase 1: 2015-2016). Genentech: Multi-color immunohistochemistry staining of Genentech cells. $50,000 (2015.) Millipore Merck, RF 60046284: Microcarrier cell shear collaboration. $20,000 (2014-2016). PI. National Cancer Institute– R21CA17864: Role of tumor-associated endothelial cells in chaperoning tumor cells. $60,000 (2014-2019). Co-Investigator; National - 11 -


Distinguished University Professor, C. J. Easton Professor, PhD West Virginia University. Fluidization, particle technology, environmental control technology, multiphase flow and reaction engineering.

Awards and Honors

Refereed Papers Deshpande, N., N. Phalak, S. Sundaresan, L.-S. Fan, “Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture from coal-fired power plants using calcium looping,” Chemical Engineering Education, vol.49, No. 2, Spring 105-110 (2015).

Wang, A., Q. Marashdeh, L.-S. Fan, “ECVT imaging and model analysis of the liquid distribution inside a horizontally installed passive cyclonic gas–liquid separator,” Chemical Engineering Science, 141, 231239 (2016).

Bayham, S. C., A. Tong, M. Kathe, L.-S. Fan, Mirzababaei, J., L.-S. Fan, S. S. Chuang, “Solid oxide “Chemical looping technology for energy and The 67th Institute Lecture of AIChE at its Annual fuel cells fueled with reduced Fe/Ti oxide,” Journal of chemical production,” Wiley Interdisciplinary Meeting in Utah, November 15-20, 2015. Materials Chemistry A, 3(5), 2242-2250 (2015). Reviews: Energy and Environment, 2015, doi: 10.1002/wene.173 Plenary/Keynote Lecturer of the following National or Fan, L.-S., L. Zeng, S. Luo, “Chemical looping International Conferences: technology platform,” AIChE J., 61(1), 2-22 (2015). Kathe, M., A. Empfield, J. Na, E. Blair, L.-S. Fan, “Hydrogen production from natural gas using an ironGordon Conference, Carbon Capture, Utilization Deshpande, N., A. Majumder, L. Qin, L.-S. Fan, based chemical looping technology: thermodynamic and Storage, Stonehill College, MA, May 31 – June 5, “High-pressure redox behavior of iron-oxide-based simulations and process system analysis,” Applied 2015. oxygen carriers for syngas generation from methane,” Energy, Applied Energy, 165 (1), (2016), 183-201, 2015, Energy & Fuels, 29(3), 1469-1478 (2015). doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2015.11.047. 5th UK-China and 13th UK Particle Technology Forum, Leeds, UK. July 12-15, 2015. Zhou, Q., L.-S. Fan, “Direct numerical simulation of Grant Support low-Reynolds-number flow past arrays of rotating 8th US/China Chemical Engineering Conference, spheres,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 765, 396-423 $300,000 (2012-2015). Liang-Shih Fan, Co-PI; Keynote Lecture, October 13, 2015. (2015). National Science Foundation: Microfluidics for Cell Entrapment. Japan Science and Technology Agency Symposium Wang, D., L.-S. Fan, “L-valve behavior in circulating on “Co-Generation,” Tokyo, Japan January 29, 2016. fluidized beds at high temperatures for group $300,000 (2012-2015). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; National D particles,” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Science Foundation: Biomass Tar Interaction with Distinguished Scholar Lecture, Arizona State Research, 54(16), 4468-4473 (2015). Metal Oxide Oxygen Carriers. University, School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, April 3, 2015. Fan, L.-S., “The next chapter,” Powder Technology, $66,666 (2013-2015). Liang-Shih Fan, Co-PI; 269, A1-A2 (2015). US Department of Energy: Novel Low-Cost Books and Book Chapters Environmentally-Friendly Synthetic Approaches Zeng, L., A. Tong, M. Kathe, S. Bayham, L.-S. Fan, toward Core-Shell Structured Micro-Particles or "Chemical Looping Combustion and Gasification," “Iron oxide looping for natural gas conversion in a Fossil Energy Applications. with Elena Chung, Sam Bayham, Mandar Kathe, countercurrent moving bed reactor,” Applied Energy, Andrew Tong, and Liang Zeng, in Handbook of Clean 157, 338-347 (2015). $500,000 (2013-2015). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; US Energy Systems, edited by Jinyue Yan, Volume 3, pp. Department of Energy: Coal-Direct Chemical 1409-1430, Wiley, (2015). Bayham, S., O. McGiveron, A. Tong, E. Chung, M. Looping (CDCL) - Phase II Study. Kathe, D. Wang, Z. Liang, L.-S. Fan, “Parametric and dynamic studies of an iron-based 25-kWth coal $100,000 (2013-2015). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; Ohio Coal direct chemical looping unit using sub-bituminous Development Office: Coal Agglomeration Study in coal,” Applied Energy, 145, 354-363 (2015). the CDCL Process. - 12 -


$3,328,314 (2014-2016). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)/ Ohio Development Services Agency: Pilot Scale Operation and Testing of Syngas Chemical Looping for Hydrogen production.


Morrow Professor (now Professor Emeritus), PhD Princeton University. Complex reaction engineering, chemical reaction network theory.

Books and Book Chapters $3,208,225 (2014-2016). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)/Ohio Development Services Agency: Commercialization of an Atmospheric Iron-Based Coal Direct Chemical Looping Process for Power Production, Phase II. $32,743 (2013-2015). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; Howard University: Novel Low-Cost Environmentally-Friendly Synthetic Approaches Toward Core-Shell Structured Micro-Particles for Fossil Energy Applications. $200,000 (2014-2015). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; Ohio University/Ohio Development Services Agency: Study of Physical and Chemical Interaction Between Coal and Oxygen Carrier Particles in the OSU CoalDirect Chemical Looping Process. $200,000 (2016-2017). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; Ohio Development Service Agency: Study of Physical and Chemical Interactions between Coal and Oxygen Carrier Particles in the OSU Coal-Direct Chemical Looping Process II. $200,000 (2016-2017). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; Ohio Development Service Agency: Techno-Economic Analysis of the Carbonation-Calcination Reaction (CCR) Process for CO2 Capture from Coal Combustion Power Plants.

Feinberg, Martin, “Chemical Reactions” in The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics, eds. H. Higham et al., Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2015. Refereed Papers Daniel Knight, Guy Shinar, and Martin Feinberg, “Sharper graph-theoretical conditions for the stabilization of complex chemical reaction networks,” Mathematical Biosciences, 262, 10-27 (2015). Software Haixia Ji, Daniel Knight, Philip Ellison and Martin Feinberg, The Chemical Reaction Network Toolbox, Version 2.3, (2015), available at http://www.crnt.osu. edu/CRNTWin Grant Support $340,718 (2010-2015). Martin Feinberg; National Science Foundation, Emerging Frontiers: Design Principles of Biochemical Reaction Networks.

Martin Feinberg

$2,700,000 (2015-2017). Liang-Shih Fan, PI; National Energy Technology Laboratory/Ohio Development Service Agency: Chemical Looping Coal Gasification Sub-Pilot Unit Demonstration and Economic Assessment for IGCC Applications.

- 13 -


HC Slip Slider Professorship and Assistant Professor, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Polymer physics, theory and simulation, statistical thermodynamics.

Awards and Honors NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, 2015.


Distinguished Professor of Engineering, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana. Molecularly based membrane separations, fuel-cell fuel processing and membranes, transport phenomena in membranes, separations with chemical reaction, reverse osmosis.

Awards and Honors

Refereed Papers

Distinguished Alumnus Award, the 70th Anniversary of the Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015.

Prasant Vijayaraghavan, Jonathan R. Brown, and Lisa M. Hall, “Modeling the Effect of Polymer Composition on Ionic Aggregation in Poly(propylene glycol)-Based Ionenes,” Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, accepted Jan. 2016.

Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award – Prof. G. S. Laddha Medal, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2015.

Youngmi Seo, Jonathan R. Brown, and Lisa M. Hall, “Effect of Tapering on Morphology and Interfacial Behavior of Diblock Copolymers from Molecular Dynamics Simulations,” Macromolecules, 48, 4974−4982 (2015).

Honorary Professor, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, 2015-now.

$137, 258 (out of $299,816, 2015-2018). PI: Vishnu Sundaresan, OSU; co-PI: Hall; National Science Foundation CMMI: Thermoelectric Extrusion of Smart Structural Composites with Molecular Precision (1463103). $342,000 (OSU portion, 2015-2018). PI: Thomas Epps (U of Delaware), PI: Lisa Hall; Department of Energy, Materials Chemistry: Designing Efficient Nanostructured Polymer Electrolytes Using Tapered Block Polymers – Joint Experiment and Theory Effort in Controlled Interface Design (DE-SC0014209).

- 14 -

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Invited Keynote Lecturer, “New Scale-up Membranes for CO2 Capture and Separation,” 8th China-US Conference of Chemical Engineering, Shanghai, China, October 12-16, 2015.

Grant Support $475,000 (2015). NSF CAREER Award.

Washington, May 21-25, 2016; see http://www.

Invited Keynote Lecturer, “New Fouling-Resistant High-Flux Membranes for Seawater Desalination,” 8th China-US Conference of Chemical Engineering, Shanghai, China, October 12-16, 2015. Invited Keynote Lecturer, “New Scale-up Membranes for CO2 Capture and Separation,” Inaugural IndoUS Symposium on Carbon Capture, Sequestration, Utilization and Other Frontiers, CHEMCON 2015 (Annual Meeting of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers), Guwahati, Assam, India, December 27 – 30, 2015. Invited Plenary Lecturer, “Recent Developments on Membranes for CO2 Separation and Water Purification,” 26th Annual Meeting of NAMS (North American Membrane Society) to be held in Bellevue,

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Quaternary Ammonium Hydroxide and Fluoride Membranes. OSURF Project No. 60047812. $1,248,278 (2016-2018). W.S. Winston Ho, PI; Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL): Novel CO2-Selective Membranes for CO2 Capture from <1% CO2 Sources. $1,000,000 (2016-2018). W.S. Winston Ho, PI; Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA): Novel Prototype Membrane for CO2 Capture. $80,000 (out of $240,000, 2016-2018). Junhang Dong, PI, Peter Smirniotis, Co-PI, both at the University of Cincinnati, W.S. Winston Ho, Co-PI; Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA): Integrating H2 Permselective WGS Membrane Reactor with CO2 Membrane Separator for Efficient Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture.


$3,000,000 (2011-2015). W.S. Winston Ho, PI, Dutta, Prabir K., Co-PI; Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL): Novel Inorganic/Polymer Composite Membranes for CO2 Capture. OSURF Project No. 60032950.

Associate Professor, PhD California Institute of Technology. Statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena at mesoscale.

$500,000 (2013-2015). W.S. Winston Ho, PI, Dutta, Prabir K., Co-PI; Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA): Novel Inorganic/Polymer Composite Membranes for CO2 Capture. OSURF Project No. 60040322.

Isamu Kusaka, Statistical Mechanics for Engineers, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2015. (2015). ISBN 978-3-319-13809-1, ISBN 978-3-319-150185 (eBook), DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-13809-1.

Books and Book Chapters

$218,031 (2014-2017). W.S. Winston Ho, PI; Bloom Energy Corporation: Carbon Dioxide Removal for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems. OSURF Project No. 60037842. $577,216 (2015-2017). W.S. Winston Ho, PI; Bloom Energy Corporation: Carbon Dioxide Removal for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems – Phase IV-1 (& 2): - 15 -

- FACULTY / RESEARCH to Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells,” Analytical Chemistry, 87, 3208-3215 (2015). Y. Wu, J. Ma, P Woods, N. Chesarino, L.J. Lee, S.P. Nana-Sinkam and I.C. Davis, DVM, “Selective Targeting of Alveolar Type II Respiratory Epithelial Cells by Anti-surfactant Protein-C Antibodyconjugated Lipoplexes,” J. Controlled Release, 203, 140-149 (2015). A. Pulliero, Y. Wu, D. Fenoglio, A. Parodi, M. Romani, C.P. Soares, G. Filaci, L.J. Lee, P. Nana-Sinkam and I. Zzotti, “Nanoparticles Increase the Efficacy of Cancer Chemopreventive Agents in Cells Exposed to Cigarette Smoke Condensate,” Carciogenesis, 36(3), 368-377 (2015).


-Photo © Cedric Sze 2015

Professor and Kurtz Chair holder, PhD University of Minnesota. Polymer and composite engineering, micronanotechnology, BioMEMS/NEMS.

Refereed Papers L. Chang, M. Howdyshell , W-C Liao, C-L Chiang, D. Gallego-Perez, Z. Yang, J.C. Byrd, N. Muthusamy, W. Lu, L.J. Lee and R. Sooryakumar, “Magnetic Tweezers-based 3D Micro-channel Electroporation for Efficient Cell Manipulation and High-Throughput Gene Transfection,” Small, 11(15), 1818-1828 (2015). X. Wang, H. He, Y. Lu, W. Ren, K-Y Teng, C-L Chiang, Z. Yang, B. Yu, S. Hsu, S.T. Jacob, K. Ghoshal and L.J Lee, “Indole-3-carbinol inhibits tumorigenicity of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via suppression of microRNA-21 and upregulation of phosphatase and tensin homolog,” Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1853, 244-253 (2015). X. Zhao, Y. Wu D. Gallego-Perez, K.J. Kwak, C. Gupta, X. Ouyang and L.J. Lee, “Non-Endocytic Uptake of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Exhibits High Toxicity - 16 -

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S-H Kim, R. Ezhilarasan, R. Chhipa, J. Wang, E. Phillips, A. Sparks, D. Taylor, D. Gallego-Perez, E.P. Sulman, V. Goidts, L.J. Lee, D. Guttridge, B. DasGupta, K. Bhat, J. Walker and I. Nakano, “Serine/ Threonine Kinase MLK4 Determines Mesenchymal Identity in Glioma Stem Cells in an NF-kB-dependent Manner,” Cancer Cell, in press.

$367,901 (2013-2015). L.J. Lee, PI; NIH: Tethered Cationic Lipoplex Nanoparticle Array for Early Lung Cancer Detection.

D. Gallego-Perez, J.J. Otero, C. Czeisler, J. Ma, C. Ortiz, P. Gygli, F.P. Catacutan, H.N. Gokozan, A. Cowgill, T. Sherwood, S. Ghatak, V. Malkoc, X. Zhao, W-C Liao, S. Gnyawali, X. Wang, A.F. Adler, K. Leong, B. Wulff, T.A. Wilgus, C. Askwith, S. Khanna, C. Rink, C.K. Sen, L.J. Lee, “Deterministic Transfection Drives Efficient Nonviral Reprogramming and Uncovers Reprogramming Barriers,” Nanomedicine, in press.

$2,200,000 (2015-2017). L.J. Lee, PI; Ohio Third Frontier Program: Carbon Nanomaterials and Composites Platform.

$422,875 (2014-2016). L.J. Lee, PI; NIH: Tethered Cationic Lipoplex Nanoparticle Array for Assay for HCC Detection and Surveillance.

$35,000 (2015-2016). L.J. Lee, PI; Owens Corning: Annual Membership Fees for Green Thermal Insulation Foams. $30,000 (2015-2016). L.J. Lee, PI; LCY Group: Advanced PP Foams. - 17 -


College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, PhD Iowa State University. Catalysis, electro-catalysis and catalytic materials. Application of catalysis in the areas of energy conversion and emission control.

Refereed Papers

Umit Ozkan. -Photo by Geoff Hulse

oxides under lean-burn conditions,” I&ECR, Accepted. Johnson, G.B., Hjalmarsson, P., Norrman, K., Ozkan, U.S., Hagen, A., “Biogas catalytic reforming studies on nickel based solid oxide fuel cell anodes,” Fuel Cells, Accepted.

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$450,000 (2012-2016). Umit Ozkan, PI, Anne Co, coPI; National Science Foundation: Controlling olefin selectivity in electrocatalytically-assisted alkane dehydrogenation. $480,000 (2013-2016). PI: Umit Ozkan, co-PI: Aravind Asthagiri; USDOE Basic Energy Sciences: Heteroatom-doped carbon materials as oxygen reduction electro-catalysts in acidic and alkaline media. $100,000 (2014-2015). Umit Ozkan, PI; Ohio Coal Development Office: Electrocatalytic separation of oxygen from air.


$152,862 (2014-2015). Umit Ozkan, PI; HONDA: Catalytic Reforming of VOCs Generated During Paint Operations. $362,520 (2014-2017). Umit Ozkan, PI; GOALI: Swellable superhydrophobic organosilica materials as a novel catalyst support for water purification systems, (OSURF #60044132). $160,000 (2014-2016). Umit Ozkan, PI; Ohio Coal Research Consortium: Catalytic Treatment of Water Contaminated During Coal Processing. $160,000 (2015-2017). Umit Ozkan, PI; Ohio Coal Research Consortium: Production of functionalized carbon nano structures from coal gas.

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Refereed Papers

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$165,000 (2016). Umit Ozkan, PI; HONDA: Catalytic reforming of VOCs generated during paint operations.

J. Fontes, U. Banerjee, M. C. Iazbik, M. L. Marín, C. G. Couto and A. F. Palmer, “The effect of ascorbic acid on storage of greyhound erythrocytes,” American Journal of Veterinary Research, 76: 789-800 (2015).


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Professor and Chair, PhD Johns Hopkins. Bioengineering and biomaterials for transfusion medicine.

Awards and Honors Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE). Refereed Papers C. J. Roche, A. Talwar, A. F. Palmer, P. Cabrales, G. Gerfen and J. M. Friedman, “Evaluating the capacity to generate and preserve nitric oxide bioactivity in highly purified earthworm erythrocruorin: a giant polymeric hemoglobin with potential blood substitute properties,” Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290: 99-117 (2015) M. S Kwon, S. K. Woo, S. H. Yoon, A. F. Palmer, U.

Professor, PhD University of Oklahoma. Molecular informatics, computational modeling for safety/risk assessment, analysis of large chemical and biological datasets.

Yang, C.; Tarkhov, A.; Marusczyk, J.; Bienfait, B.; Gasteiger, J.; Kleinoeder, T.; Magdziarz, T.; Sacher, O.; Schwab, C.; Schwoebel, J.; Terfloth, L.; Arvidson, K.; Richard, A.; Worth, A.; Rathman, “A New Publicly Available Chemical Query Language, CSRML, to support Chemotype Representations for Application to Data Mining and Modeling,” J. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 55 (3), pp 510–528 (2015).

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Grant Support

Left: Professor Tomasko treated graduating CBE seniors to the words and wisdom of “Joe Koffolt.”

$614,775 (2013-2016). Tomasko, David (PI), coPI: Howard Greene; National Science Foundation, DUE-1259709, Project 60042813: Human Connect: Scholarships in science, technology, engineering and math.

Professor, PhD University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Molecular thermodynamics, supercritical fluid processing, polymer processing, engineering education.

Books and Book Chapters Tomasko, D.L. and Munj, H., “Polymer Nanocomposites and Nanocomposite Foams in Compressed CO2” in Supercritical Fluid Nanotechnology: Advances and Applications in Composites and Hybrid Nanomaterials, C. Doming and P. Subra-Paternault, Eds., Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd., Singapore, 2015. Refereed Papers Patankar, S., Gautam, S., Rother, G., Podlesnyak, A., Ehlers, G., Liu, T., Sheets, J., Cole, D., Tomasko, D., “Role of Confinement on Adsorption and Dynamics of Ethane and an Ethane-CO2 Mixture in Mesoporous CPG Silica,” J. Phys. Chem. C., 120 (9), 4843–4853 (2016).

David Tomasko. -Photo by Geoff Hulse

Gautam, S., Liu, T., Patankar, S., Tomasko, D., Cole, D., “Location dependent orientational structure and dynamics of ethane in ZSM5,” Chem. Phys. Lett., 648, 130-136 (2016). Tomasko, D.L., Ridgway, J.S., Waller, R.J., Olesik, S.V., “Association of bridge program outcomes with STEM retention of targeted demographic groups,” J. College Science Teaching, 45.4, 90-99 (Mar/Apr 2016). Geiger, B., Nelson, M.T., Munj, H.R., Tomasko, D.L., Lannutti, J.J., “Dual Drug Release from CO2-Infused Nanofibers via Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions,” J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 132, 42571 (2015).

- 20 -

$646,067 (2011-2016). Tomasko, David (Co-PI), PI: D. Cole (Earth Sciences), Co PI: A. Striolo (Univ. of Oklahoma); DOE Basic Energy Sciences, Project 60031581 Collaborative research: Nanopore confinement of C-H-O mixed volatile fluids relevant to subsurface energy systems.


Foundation CMMI-1344567, SNM: Continuous, LargeScale Nanocomposite Production Via Micellular Electrospray.

Awards and Honors 40 Under 40, Business First-Columbus.

$330,000 (2012-2015). PI: Jessica Winter, co-PIs: Barbara Wyslouzil, Jeffrey Chalmers, Gang Ruan; National Science Foundation, DMR-1206745: Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots.

Professor, PhD University of Texas at Austin. Bionanotechnology, cancer, drug delivery.

Books and Book Chapters G. Nabar, M. Souva, K.H. Lee, S. De, J. Lutkenhaus, B. Wyslouzil, J.O. Winter (Anticipated 2016). “Chapter 3: Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Nanocomposites Using Spray-Based Approaches,” Thomas Mensah, Ben Wang, Virginia Davis, Jessica Winter, Eds., Frontiers of Nanotechnology: Manufacturing Processes, Wiley, forthcoming. Refereed Papers J. Grodecki, S. Rao, A. Short, J. Otero, J. Lannutti, A. Sarkar, J. Winter (2015). "Glioma-Astrocyte Interactions on White Matter Tract-Mimetic Aligned Electrospun Nanofibers," Biotechnology Progress, 31(5):1406-1415. [DOI: 10.1002/btpr.2123] (2015). A.R. Short, A. Deshmukh, D. Koralla, B. Stocker, B. Wissel, M. Calhoun, D. Dean, J.O. Winter, Hydrogels that allow and facilitate bone repair, remodeling, and regeneration (2015). Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3: 7818-7830. [DOI: 10.1039/C5TB01043H] (2015). Grant Support $420,000 (out of $17.9M, 2014-2020). PI: Chris Hammel; National Science Foundation, DMR1420451: Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Center for Emergent Materials. $1,174,126 (2013-2017). PI: Jessica Winter, co-PIs: Barbara Wyslouzil, Carol Lynn Alpert (Museum of Science, Boston), Lisa Hall; National Science

$100,000 (2013-2015). PI: Metin Gurcan, co-PIs: Jessica Winter, Jose Otero, Brad Elder, Vinay Pudivalli; Pelotonia Cancer Research, OSU: Defining molecular events for targeted therapy of glioblastoma using digital image analysis. (2015-2016). PI: Jessica Winter, co-PI: George Bachand, Sandia National Labs, Permits labor and tool use at Sandia; Department of Energy, C2015A0078, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies: Microtubule shuttles for Nanotransport and Delivery.


Associate Professor, PhD Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Biotechnology, bioseparations, biosensors, protein engineering.

Books and Book Chapters Stimple, S. D. and Wood, D. W., “Chapter 12: Process Development,” in Biosimilars of Monoclonal Antibodies, (eds. Cheng Liu and K. John Morrow). John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA, (In press for 2016). Shi, C., Han, T-C. and Wood, D. W., “Purification of Microbially Expressed Recombinant Proteins via a Dual ELP Split Intein System,” in Methods in Molecular Biology: Split Inteins: Methods and Protocols, (ed. Henning Mootz). Humana Press, Totowa, NJ, USA, (In press for 2016). Refereed Papers Cronin, M., Coolbaugh, M. J., Nellis, D., Zhu, J., Wood, D. W., Nussinov, R. & Ma, B., “Dynamics differentiate between active and inactive inteins,” European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 91, 51-62 (2015). Patents Nellis, D., Wood, D. W., Zhu, J. & Ma, B., “Reversible Regulation Of Intein Activity Through Engineered New Zinc Binding Domain,” PCT/US13/53195, Application filed August 1, 2013. Grant Support $10,815 (2013-2015). David Wood, PI, small research grant; Sanofi Pasteur (Sanofi-Aventis Group): Evaluation of a self-cleaving tag purification system with three Sanofi Pasteur proteins. The goal of this project is to demonstrate our self-cleaving tag technology with initially three (now five) test proteins - 21 -

- FACULTY / RESEARCH provided by Sanofi Pasteur. Success will lead to licensing discussions, which are ongoing. $240,239 (2013-2016). David Wood, PI; National Science Foundation, Chemical and Biological Separations (CBET): A self-cleaving tag protein purification platform for biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing. This project seeks to develop an enhanced self-cleaving tag technology for use in the biopharmaceutical industry, and specifically for proteins expressed in mammalian cell culture. $1,069,472 (out of $16,000,000, 2013-2017). Govind Rao (UMBC), PI; subcontract: DARPA BioMod Program. This project seeks to develop a laptop-sized device that can produce any biopharmaceutical on demand within 16 hours. The proposal was prepared by a group of investigators and Wood is developing first-capture methods for the newly synthesized proteins using self-cleaving affinity tag technology. $400,000 (2012-2015). Wood, co-PI with Richard Lease; National Science Foundation CBET: Riboswitch-sRNA for dual transcript control by a ligand. This project seeks to develop novel feedback methods for controlling gene expression through post-transcriptional regulation of gene transcripts. The methods will be applied to the development of new strains of bacteria for the production of biobutanol.


Professor, PhD California Institute of Technology. Aerosol science, nucleation, nanoparticle growth and structure, biomedical applications of aerosols.

Refereed Papers L.S. Hadlocona, L.Y. Zhao, G. Bohrer, W. Kenny, S.R. Garrity, J. Wang, B. Wyslouzil & J. Upadhyaya, Modeling of particulate matter dispersion from a poultry facility using AERMOD, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 65 206-217 (2015). Kelley Mullick, Ashutosh Bhabhe, Alexandra Manka, Judith Wรถlk, Reinhard Strey and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Isothermal nucleation rates of n-propanol, n-butanol, and n-pentanol in supersonic nozzles: critical cluster sizes and the role of coagulation, J. Phys. Chem. B, 119, 9009-9019 (2015). http://dx.doi. org/10.1021/jp508335p L.S. Hadlocona, L.Y. Zhao, B.E. Wyslouzil, H.P. Zhu. Semi-mechanistic modelling of ammonia absorption in an acid spray wet scrubber based on mass balance, Biosystems Engineering, 136, 14-24 (2015). 002 Shinobu Tanimura, Yensil Park, Andrew Amaya, Viraj Modak, and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Following heterogeneous nucleation of CO2 on H2O ice nanoparticles with microsecond resolution, RSC Advances, 5,105537-105550 (2015), http://dx.doi. org/10.1039/C5RA19782A Anthony D. Duong, Michael A. Collier, Eric M. Bachelder, Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Kristy M. Ainslie, One Step Encapsulation of Small Molecule Drugs in Liposomes via Electrospray-Remote Loading, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 13, 92 - 99, (2016). http://

- 22 -

Matthew D. Gallovic, Douglas G. Montjoy, Michael A. Collier, Clement Do, Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Eric M. Bachelder, Kristy M. Ainslie, Chemically Modified Inulin Microparticles Serving Dual Function as a Protein Antigen Delivery Vehicle and Immunostimulatory Adjuvant, Biomaterials Science, published online 11 Jan 2016, http://dx.doi. org/10.1039/C5BM00451A Yoojeong Kim, Glyn Wellum, Kerrianne Mello, Kenneth E. Strawhecker, Richard Thoms, Arjan Giaya, and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Effects of Relative Humidity and Particle and Surface Properties on Particle Resuspension Rates, Aerosol Science and Technology (In Press). Grant Support $213,000 (2010-15). Barbara Wyslouzil, PI; National Science Foundation GOALI Collaborative Research: Fundamental Studies of water hydrocarbon condensation. $478,000 (2012-16). Barbara Wyslouzil, PI; National Science Foundation: Nanodroplets to nanoparticles: Integretated studies of freezing. $359,000 (2012-15). Jessica Winter, PI; Barbara Wyslouzil, Jeffrey Chalmers co-PIs; National Science Foundation: Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots. $1,174,000 (2012-16). Jessica Winter, PI; Barbara Wyslouzil, Lisa Hall, C. Alpert, co-PIs; National Science Foundation: SNM: Continuous, largescale nanocomposite production via micellular electrospray. $475,000 (2015-18). Barbara Wyslouzil, PI; National Science Foundation: Integrated studies of nanodroplet freezing.


$355,000 (2015-18). Barbara Wyslouzil, PI; National Science Foundation: Heterogeneous nucleation on nanoparticles.


Professor, PhD Purdue University. Bioprocess, biochemical, metabolic and tissue engineering; biofuels and bio-based chemicals; high throughput screening for drug discovery and bioprocess optimization; stem cell engineering.

Books and Book Chapters J. Wang, M. Lin, M. Xu, and S.T. Yang. Anaerobic fermentation for production of carboxylic acids as bulk chemicals from renewable biomass, in R. Hatti-Kaul (ed.), Adv. Biochem. Eng./ Biotechnol., Anaerobes in Biotechnology, DOI: 10.1007/10_2015_5009 (2016). Referred Papers Z Wang, Y Jin, S-T Yang, High cell density propionic acid fermentation with an acid tolerant strain of Propionibacterium acidipropionici, Biotechnol Bioeng, 112: 502–511 (2015). K Zhang and ST Yang, Effects of pH on fumaric acid adsorption onto IRA900 ion exchange resin, Sep. Sci. Technol., 50:1, 56-63 (2015). A Zhang, J Sun, Z Wang, S-T Yang, H Zhou, Effects of carbon dioxide on cell growth and propionic acid production from glycerol and glucose by Propionibacterium acidipropionici, Bioresour. Technol., 175: 374–381 (2015). Z Wang, E Ammar, A Zhang, L Wang, M Lin, S-T Yang, Metabolic engineering of Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii for enhanced propionic acid fermentation: Effects of

overexpressing propionyl-CoA: succinate CoA transferase, Metab Eng, 27: 46–56 (2015).

by Rhizopus oryzae, Process Biochem., 50: 173-179 (2015).

L Zhang, X Li, Q Yong, ST Yang, J Ouyang, S Yu, Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of xylo-oligosaccharides manufacturing waste residue for L-lactic acid production by Rhizopus oryzae, Biochem Eng J, l 94: 92–99 (2015).

Wang, M Lin, L Wang, EM Ammar, S-T Yang, Metabolic engineering of Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii for enhanced propionic acid fermentation: Effects of overexpressing three biotin-dependent carboxylases, Process Biochem, 50: 194-204 (2015).

C Ma, K Kojima, N Xu, J Mobley, L Zhou, S-T Yang, X Liu, Comparative proteomics analysis of high n-butanol producing metabolically engineered Clostridium tyrobutyricum, J Biotechnol., 193: 108– 119 (2015). K Zhang, S-T Yang, In situ recovery of fumaric acid by intermittent adsorption with IRA-900 ion exchange resin for enhanced fumaric acid production by Rhizopus oryzae, Biochem Eng J, 96: 38–45 (2015). T Yang, Z Rao, X Zhang, M Xu, Z Xu, S-T Yang, Economic conversion of spirit-based distillers' grain to 2,3-butanediol by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Process Biochem., 50: 20–23 (2015). M Xu, J Zhao, L Yu, I-C Tang, C Xue, S-T Yang, Engineering Clostridium acetobutylicum with a histidine kinase knockout for enhanced n-butanol tolerance and production, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 99:1011–1022 (2015). R Laguna, SJ Young, C-C Chen, N Ruiz, S-T Yang, FR Tabita, Development of a plasmid addicted system that is independent of co-inducers, antibiotics and specific carbon source additions for bioproduct (1-butanol) synthesis in Escherichia coli, Metab. Eng. Comm., 2: 6–12 (2015). K Zhang, C Yu, S-T Yang, Effects of soybean meal hydrolysate as the nitrogen source on seed culture morphology and fumaric acid production

L Wang, J Miao, Z Wang, L Wang, Q Qing, S-T Yang, Biocatalytic synthesis of ethyl (R)-2- hydroxy4-phenylbutyrate with a newly isolated Rhodotorula mucilaginosa CCZU-G5 in an aqueous/organic biphasic system, Bioresourc. Bioprocessing, 2:6 (2015). DOI 10.1186/s40643-015-0037-9 Y Du, W Jiang, M Yu, I-C Tang, S-T Yang, Metabolic process engineering of Clostridium tyrobutyricum Δack-adhE2 for enhanced n-butanol production from glucose: Effects of methyl viologen on NADH availability, flux distribution and fermentation kinetics, Biotechnol Bioeng, 112: 705– 715 (2015). DOI: 10.1002/bit.25489 M Shao, Z Rao, X Zhang, M Xu, T Yang, H Li, Z Xu, ST Yang, Bioconversion of cholesterol to 4-cholesten-3-one by recombinant Bacillus subtilis expressing choM gene encoding cholesterol oxidase from Mycobacterium neoaurum JC-12, J Chem Technol Biotechnol, 90: 1811–1820 (2015). DOI: 10.1002/jctb.4491 L Yu, J Zhao, M Xu, J Dong, S Varghese, M Yu, I-C Tang, S-T Yang, Metabolic engineering of Clostridium tyrobutyricum for n-butanol production from glucose: Effects of CoA transferase, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 99(11):4917-4930 (2015). Doi: 10.1007/s00253-015-6566-5 H. Fu, S.T. Yang, Z. Xiu, Phase separation in a salting-out extraction system of ethanol- 23 -

- FACULTY / RESEARCH ammonium sulfate, Sep. Purifi. Technol., 148: 32-37 (2015). L Yu, M Xu, IC Tang, ST Yang, Metabolic engineering of Clostridium tyrobutyricum for n- butanol production from maltose and soluble starch by overexpressing α-glucosidases, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 99(14):6155-65 (2015). DOI 10.1007/s00253-015-6680-4 L Yu, M Xu, IC Tang, ST Yang, Metabolic engineering of Clostridium tyrobutyricum for n- butanol production through co-utilization of glucose and xylose, Biotechnol. Bioeng., 112: 21342141 (2015). doi: 10.1002/bit.25613 J Guo, Z Rao, T Yang, Z Man, M Xu, X Zhang, ST Yang, Cloning and identification of a novel tyrosinase and its overexpression in Streptomyces kathirae SC-1 for enhancing melanin production, FEMS Microbiol Lett, 362(8):fnv041 (2015). DOI: 10.1093/femsle/fnv041 T Yang; Z Rao; X Zhang; M Xu; Z Xu; ST Yang, Enhanced 2,3-butanediol production from biodiesel-derived glycerol by engineering of cofactor regeneration and manipulating carbon flux in Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Microbial Cell Factories, 14(1): 122 (2015). T Yang, Z Rao, G Hu, X Zhang, M Liu, Y Dai, M Xu, Z Xu, ST Yang, Metabolic engineering of Bacillus subtilis for redistributing the carbon flux to 2,3-butanediol by manipulating NADH levels, Biotechnol Biofuels, 8(1): 129 (2015). X Yang, M Xu, ST Yang, Metabolic and process engineering of Clostridium cellulovorans for biofuel production from cellulose, Metab Eng., 32: 39–48 (2015).

- 24 -

J Guo, Z Rao, T Yang, Z Man, M Xu, X Zhang, S-T Yang, Enhancement of the thermostability of Streptomyces kathirae SC-1 tyrosinase by rational design and empirical mutation, Enzyme Microb. Technol., 77:54-60 (2015). T Yang, Z Rao, BG Kimani, M Xu, X Zhang, ST Yang, Two-step preparation of gama- aminobutyric acid from cassava powder using Corynebacterium glutamicum and Lactobacillus plantarum, J Industrial Microbiol., 42(8):1157-65 (2015). X Zhao, X Zhang, Z Rao, T Bao, X Li, M Xu, T Yang, ST Yang, Identification and characterization of a novel 2,3-butanediol dehydrogenase/acetoin reductase from Corynebacterium crenatum SYPA55, Lett. Appl. Microbiol., 61: 573-579 (2015). AF El-Baz, AI El-Batal, FM Abomosalam, AA Tayel, YM Shetaia, ST Yang, Extracellular biosynthesis of anti-Candida silver nanoparticles using Monascus purpureus, J Basic Microbiol. 55: 1-10 (2015). P Songserm, S Thitiprasert, V Tolieng, J Piluk, S Tanasupawat, S Assabumrungrat, S-T Yang, A Karnchanatat, N Thongchul, Regulating pyruvate carboxylase in the living culture of Aspergillus terreus NRRL 1960 by L-aspartate for enhanced itaconic acid production, Appl Biochem Biotechnol., 177(3):595-609 (2015). C Xue, F Liu, M Xu, J Zhao, L Chen, J Ren, S-T Yang, F-W Bai, A novel in situ gas strippingpervaporation process integrated with acetonebutanol-ethanol fermentation for hyper n-butanol production, Biotechnol. Bioeng., 113(1):120-129 (2016). S Long, Z Rao, X Zhang, K Chen, M Xu, T Yang, ST Yang, Amino acid residues adjacent to the catalytic cavity of tetramer L-asparaginase II

contributed significantly to its catalytic efficiency and thermostability, Enzyme Microbial Technol, 82: 15-22 (2016). C Ma, J Ou, N Xu, J Fierst, ST Yang, X Liu, Rebalancing redox to improve biobutanol production by Clostridium tyrobutyricum, Bioengineering, 3, 2 (2016). L Zhang, X Li, Q Yong, ST Yang, J Ouyang, S Yu, Impacts of lignocellulose-derived inhibitors on L-lactic acid fermentation by Rhizopus oryzae, Bioresourc Technol., 203: 173-180 (2016). X Yang, M Xu, ST Yang, Restriction-modification system analysis and development of in vivo methylation for the transformation of Clostridium cellulovorans, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 100, 2289-2299 (2016). M Shao, X Zhang, Z Rao, M Xu, T Yang, HLi, Z Xu, ST Yang, A mutant form of 3-ketosteroid-Δ1dehydrogenase gives altered androst-1,4-diene3,17-dione/androst-4-ene-3,17- dione molar ratios in steroid biotransformations by Mycobacterium neoaurum ST-095, Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol., in press (2016). DOI 10.1007/s10295-016-1743-9 Patents S.T. Yang and Mingrui Yu, “Metabolic engineering of Clostridium tyrobutyricum for butanol Production,” US 2013/0323809A1, Notice of allowance dated October 28, 2015. Grant Support $1.22M (2015-2017). S.T. Yang; Department of Energy EERE – BTI: Engineering clostridia for n-butanol production from lignocellulosic biomass and CO2.

- FACULTY / RESEARCH JACQUES ZAKIN Helen C. Kurtz Professor Emeritus, D.Eng. Sci., New York University. Surfactant drag reduction, heat transfer enhancement, rheology.

Refereed Paper "Comparison of the effects of methyl- and chloro-substituted salicylate counterions on drag reduction and rheological behavior and micellar formation of a cationic surfactant,” by Z. Lin, Y. Zheng, Y. Talmon, A. Maxson and J. L. Zakin, Rheologica Acta, 55(2), 117-123 January 2016) DOI 10.1007/s00397-015-0904-5 (December 2015).

Jacques Zakin, right, and undergrad Lucas Watson examine a potentially faulty stepper motor.

Watson tests the output signal on a stepper motor controller.

Inspecting for leaks.

Watson changes mixing devices in shell and tube heat exchanger.

Surfactant solution responds to an electric field.

Draining the recirculating flow system.

Grants $20,000 (2014-2015). Dreyfus Fund Senior Mentoring Award. $2,470 (2015). Ohio State Emeritus Academy Small Research Grant Award Equipment Grant.

SUMMER RESEARCH PROJECT: Zakin’s student, Lucas Watson, won an OSU Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship to investigate the use of electrical fields to develop a more cost-effective process for increasing heat transfer in drag-reducing solutions.

-Photos by Geoff Hulse

- 25 -



74 Doctoral students, 31 MS students (Fall 2015).


15 PhDs: Aravind Asthagiri: Wenjia Luo, Li Pan, Simuck Yuk. Bhavik Bakshi: Rebecca Hanes. Jeffrey Chalmers: Clayton Deighan. Liang-Shih Fan: Samuel Bayham, Niranjani Deshpande, Aining Wang. Martin Feinberg: Daniel Knight. Winston Ho: Yuanxin Chen. Umit Ozkan: Anshuman Fuller. David Wood: Michael Coolbaugh, Elif Miskioglu. Jessica Winter: Qirui Fan. Barbara Wyslouzil: Viraj Modak. 6 MS Degrees: Bhavik Bakshi: Xiang Zhang. Liang-Shih Fan: Omar McGiveron. Martin Feinberg: Daniel Knight. Jessica Winter and Barbara Wyslouzil: Matthew Souva. Jacques Zakin: Prathamesh Karandikar, Andrew Maxson.

Visit the 2015 Annual Report Online for more info:



Chase Beisel - North Carolina State University Lydia Contreras - University of Texas at Austin Liming Dai - Case Western Reserve University Prodromos Daoutidis - University of Minnesota Baolin Deng - University of Missouri-Columbia Thomas Edgar - University of Texas at Austin Sheryl Ehrman - University of Maryland Sharon Glotzer - University of Michigan Graduate Research Initiative Seminar: Gauri Nabar, Witopo Salim, Mandar Kathe Enrique Iglesia (Lowrie Lectures I and II) - University of California at Berkeley Li-Chiang Lin - Delft University of Technology Janet Macdonald - Vanderbilt University David Scholl - Georgia Institute of Technology Carlos Silvera Batista - University of Michigan Katelyn E. Swindle-Riley - University of Texas at San Antonio Gregory Szeto - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ishi Talmon - Israel Institute of Technology Jason Weaver - University of Florida Jennifer Wilcox - Stanford University Karen Winey - University of Pennsylvania Yushan Yan - University of Delaware Nicole Zacharia - University of Akron

AIChE’s Sustainable Engineering Forum, Best Paper: Shweta Singh.

DOW GRADUATE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM The 4th Annual Graduate Research Symposium took place Monday, September 21 at The Blackwell Inn. Keynote speaker Dr. Michael D. Triplett, CEO (‘BS ‘97, PhD ‘04) ) of Lattice Biotech discussed his foray into startups and described the potential for the Midwest to be a biotech start-up hub just like the West Coast. Industry attendees included guests from AEP, Clariant, Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, BioOhio, ExxonMobil, Lattice Biotech, Momentive, Parker Hannifin, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Strate Nexus Technologies and Wanhua Corporation. Lattice Biotech is an early stage biopharmaceutical company commercializing novel anti-infective therapeutics based on technology invented at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH. - 26 -

AIChE and DSM Science & Technology Award Finalist: Yuanxin Chen. American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR), FIrst Prize, Poster Competition, 34th Conference: Yensil Park. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships: William Levi Murch. Honorable mention: Robert Warburton. North American Catalysis Society 2015 Kokes Award, 24th annual meeting: Anshuman Fuller, Sreshtha Sinha, Majumdar. ISIE Conference 2015 Travel Scholarship, University of Surrey, UK: Varsha Gopalakrishnan. Rebecca Hanes also gave a presentation. North American Membrane Society (NAMS) 2015 Elias Klein Founders’ Travel Supplement Award and Third Place Poster Award, Membrane Processes Cateogry: Varun Vakharia. Poster co-authored by Zi Tong and Winston Ho. Roche/ARCS Scholar Award, National Academy of Sciences: Kunal Parikh.

LOCAL AWARDS 2015 University Fellowships: Saurabh Ailawar, Fanhe King, and Mingyuan Xu. Elected to The Ohio State University Council of Graduate Students: Jeffrey Ethier.


Visit the 2015 Annual Report Online for more info:


COOPERATIVE LEARNING • 94 co-op rotations • 90 internship or part-time work experiences.

PLACEMENT RECORD* • 13% are pursuing graduate degrees • 49% are going directly to industry.

1,045 students (Fall 2015)


203 Bachelor of Science degrees


Major companies accommodating three or more students: Battelle Memorial Institute (4); Cargill Inc. (4), Chemical Abstracts Service (9), Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. (3), Dow (7), ExxonMobil (3), Glatfelter (5), Goodyear Tire & Rubber (3), Johnson & Johnson (3), Marathon Petroleum (12), Parker Hannifin (4), pH Matter LLC (3), Sherwin-Williams (4), and Valero (3).

Major companies hiring three or more students: DuPont, Epic, ExxonMobil (all 3), General Mills (5), Goodyear (3), Marathon Petroleum (7), Neslte, Procter & Gamble (both 3), Parker Trutec (4) and Shell Oil (3). *Information based on senior exit surveys at the time of graduation.

Goldwater Scholarship: Lagnajit Pattanaik. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships: Angela Chen. Honorable mentions: Joseph Gauthier, Nathan Volchko. Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE): Cailin Buchanan.

LOCAL AWARDS Research Scholar Award, Ohio State Undergraduate Research Office: Nicholas Liesen. Denman Research Forum: Joseph Gauthier (first place) and Hannah Zierden (third place).

JAMES AND PATRICIA DIETZ UNIT OPERATIONS LABORATORY • 150 students completed Unit Ops in 2015. • The distillation column, which had to be rebuilt in the new building, is nearly complete!

COURSE ENROLLMENT Available online.

Engineering Career Services (ECS) invites all employers to register for its free services to help companies recruit students for internships, co-ops, and full-time employment. Please visit

William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Enrollment Summary in Percentages* Combined (Majors and Premajors) Students Women Ethnic Minority Premajors (Students Who have not Taken CBE 2200) Students Women Ethnic Minority Majors (Students Completed or Enrolled in CBE 2200 Students Women Ethnic Minority






724 27.80% 10.50%

804 29.10% 9.80%

930 29.03% 9.03%

949 30.20% 7.60%

1000 32.70% 6.70%

207 29.00% 14.50%

269 31.50% 10.40%

295 31.50% 9.80%

279 29.30% 7.50%

306 31.30% 8.50%

517 27.20% 8.90%

535 27.80% 9.50%

635 28.30% 8.66%

670 30.50% 7.70%

694 32.70% 6.70%

*Data taken in January

- 27 -



TOM CLAUGUS ‘73: Lifetime Achievement Award

BHAVESH (BOB) PATEL ‘88: Distinguished Alumni Award

RICHARD SCHWARZ ‘73: Advisory Board Chair

The College of Engineering presented Thomas E. Claugus with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership at its annual Alumni Awards Banquet last fall. Claugus is president and senior portfolio manager of GMT Capital, a hedge fund with $5 billion in assets. He is also the firm’s founder and majority shareholder.

LyondellBasell Chief Executive Officer Bhavesh (Bob) Patel was recognized with a Distinguished Alumni Award at the fall 2015 College of Engineering Alumni Awards banquet.

The CBE Advisory Board is re-organizing to create a more active board that can be better involved in the life and success of the department and chemical engineering program.

Patel is a board member for Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas and serves on the executive committee and the board of directors for the American Chemistry Council. He joined LyondellBasell, one of the world’s largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies, in 2010. Previously, he had been general manager at Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Olefins and Natural Gas Liquids, where he had worked for over 20 years.

Richard Schwarz, a partner in Edgewater Capital Partners in Cleveland, Ohio, will chair the newlyformed board. Schwarz, who joined Edgewater in 2003, has over 40 years of experience in operations management, leveraged buyouts, entrepreneurship, and management consulting and sales. He holds an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Ohio.

In addition to his Ohio State ChemE degree, he obtained an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School. He received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the College of Engineering in 2008.

- 28 -





Private investor and aviation enthusiast Edward Claugus (‘81) left a very special mark on the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the College of Engineering. His $14M estate gift provides 45 scholarships, an Innovation Fund, an endowed chair, and equipment/operating funds.

Kris Lakshmanan (‘86), Bill Lee (‘83) and Tom Heeb (‘83), pictured above with other classmates, surprised Professor Bob Brodkey by raising funds from other alumni to create the first-ever graduate scholarship, which they named in his honor. Working over several months, they exceeded their $50,000 goal by 100% when the fund topped $100,000 this past fall.

At a recent commemoration held for Ed, brother Tom Claugus (‘73) said, “I am sure Ed would be proud to see the scholarship recipients and the work that’s ongoing to further the mission of Ohio State. He would just be glowing to know he was supporting 45 students.” We are eternally grateful for Ed’s transformational gift, which provides CBE with a crucial foundation.

“It was easy,” said Kris Lakshmanan at last fall’s dinner celebrating Brodkey and the creation of the scholarship. “Nearly everyone we contacted wanted to participate. The first scholarship recipient, Kai Chen, was present at the dinner. Chen, who is at the top of his class, said “I would like to thank the professor and his students who made this happen. I feel very honored.”

COMMITTEE RAISES $17.5M+ FOR NEW KOFFOLT LABORATORIES Members of the Campaign for New Koffolt Laboratories met on campus for the Spring 2015 Grand Opening of the new building, marked by a chemical reaction ribbon-cutting which surprised and delighted attendees. Thanks to our many generous donors and the hard work of the Committee, the campaign exceeded its $17.5 million goal. Because you cared, over 1,000 of our currently enrolled students, the faculty who serve them, and the alumni who return to visit are benefiting from the vast improvement and opportunities created from having these beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities. - 29 -


NEW KOFFOLT LABORATORIES THE IMPACT OF YOUR GIFTS A chemical engineering education is a precious commodity which requires an investiment of time, effort, and resources, the fruit of which enables chemical engineers to individually and collectively make innovative contributions to society. The impact is enormous - whether it is devising more cost-efficient processes or producing systems which can transform the way in which we live, the work of every chemical engineer benefits society and even the world in some way. This is why it is important that we support the education of future chemical engineers. The department is fortunate to have loyal alumni and donors who have given generously over many years. Declining state funding means that the cost of tuition only partially covers today’s expenses, and it is no longer possible for students to work their way through school and emerge debt-free. Thus, the need for support is ongoing. Your support literally creates opportunities for chemical engineering students to succeed, and it is crucial to the continuing health of CBE and the betterment of the world at large. Having the new Koffolt Laboratories is a key element in the formula for this ongoing success, thanks to our donors. What we have created in New Koffolt Laboratories is much more than just a building. It is our home for the lifelong learning, relationships, and innovations that are born and developed here. Thank you for sharing in our vision of a better future for all!

- 30 -

IN THEIR OWN WORDS “Students love the Dow Student Lounge, which is a great space for student collaboration. The multi-media workstations provide a great space for completing unit ops reports. The large screen simplifies the editing process and allows students to work more efficiently. It’s also just a great place to work on homework and for TAs and students to come together to improve the learning experience.” -Hussein B Alkhatib AIChE Co-President, Class of 2016.

"It is such a joy to work in a building where we can conduct cutting-edge research with the most modern safety standards and research capabilities, and where our undergraduate students feel at home. It is such a joy to see our students at every corner of the building, any time of day, working, reading, writing, interacting with each other or with faculty, or taking a break. What could be better than providing such a feeling of belonging to our students?" -Umit Ozkan College of Engineering Distinguished Professor. See more quotes on the 2015 Annual Report website:


SCHOLARSHIPS We thank the corporations and alumni who have established scholarships in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, several of which honor other individuals. Scholarship funding for 2015 totalled $268,100, with 155 students receiving an average of $1,729, compared to $1,242 the previous year. Please visit the 2015 Annual Report online at for the scholarship recipient list.

DONORS Robert W. Adams Memorial Scholarship

Todd David Harris Memorial Scholarship William R. & Doris M. Harris Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Milton & Karen Hendricks Scholarship Smith E. Howland Scholarship The Samuel S. and Grace Hook Johnston Memorial Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund Webster B. Kay Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Harold W. Almen Scholarship Lubrizol Foundation Scholarship Paul E. Bates Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund The Bazell Scholarship in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering The George S. Bonn Scholarship J.R. Boothe Scholarship Fund

The Tom and Gail Reardon Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund Pankaj Shah Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund The Howard R. Steele Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

William I. Burt Memorial Scholarship Fund Aldrich Syverson Scholarship The Bernice L. Claugus Endowed Scholarship Fund in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

H. Richard Unkel Chemical Engineering Class of 1941

The James F. and Patricia C. Dietz Engineering Scholarships Fund

Harry B. Warner Scholarship

Dorothy J. & Herbert L. Fenburr Scholarship

William H. Whirl Scholarship

David H. George Chemical Engineering Scholarship

The Michael D. Winfield Scholarship

Allan I. Gordon Undergraduate Scholarship for Study in Biochemical Engineering

Fred H. Winterkamp Memorial Scholarship

-Photo by Geoff Hulse

- 31 -


2015 CHARITABLE DONATIONS CBE ALUMNI BY CLASS YEAR 1964 1941 1944 1945 1946 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953

1954 1955 1956 1957 1958

1959 1960




- 32 -

David Thomas, H.R. Unkel (deceased). Wallace L. Bostwick, William R. Harris (deceased), Edward W. Powell. Arch G. Robison. Edward A. Broestl (deceased). David E. James, Henry B. Lange, Dorothy E. Pettenski, Manuel Ramos, Robert M. Tarr. Paul E. Bates (deceased), John A. Burgbacher, Kurt M. Dubowski, Richard P. Heintz, J.H. Kerstetter. Richard L. Scott, Ralph E. Sieber. Charles L. Dornbusch, Bruce E. Hill, John S. Koegle (deceased), John R. Parkinson, Norbert F. Reinert, Donn P. Rice. Donald E. Haupt, C.R. Heil, Charles J. Schmitz, Paul W. Schramm. Robert A. Bates, G.C. Bazell (deceased), Roger L. Briggs, David E. Buskirk, Walter E. Donham, Donald E. Findlay, Herbert G. Krane (deceased), Wilfred C. Ling, Donald A. MacDougall, Ernest Reinmuller, Harold L. Stelzer. Paul M. Engle. John R. Blunden, Wendell B. Hammond, David G. Stephan. John W. Cammarn, Robert A. Cody, William D. Coe, Herbert H. Fanning, David A. Strang. Walter R. Andrews, Eugene Bak, A.L. Carter, Jon D. Helms. Robert L. Bates (deceased), Edward H. Bollinger, John J. Connelly, Barry C. Hartley, Werner S. Lichtenstein, Thomas R. Loy, Frank J. Nagy, Valdis E. Petritis, Harold A. Sorgenti, James W. Stark, Wolf R. Vieth, Bruce W. Wilkinson. James O. Albery, James H. Laughlin, Darryle J. Von Lehmden. Virgil L. Anderson, Carl E. Brooks, Guy A. Crossley, Joseph O. Estill, William D. Gieseke, Warren E. McAdams, Phillip J. McAteer, Joe Ohler, Irwin Weinstock, Russell L. Wilt. Paul R. Bigley, Richard B. Cooper, Clyde W. Folk, Ronald L. Follmer, Jack A. Hammond, Ted J. Hanson, Ronald D. Harris, Gordon R. Howard, Jerry B. Pausch, John N. Rapach, L.E. Woodworth (deceased). Martin F. Cohen, Kenneth J. Fulk, Richard L. Hoffman, Jon H. Lee, C.D. Osbun, Jon A. Oxley, William P. Rozon, Dean Snider, Micahel J. Sorocak, Lawrence R. Steele, Michael D. Winfield. Nelson W. Barnhill (deceased), Jon E. Fletcher John P. Henry, Robert P. Kasper, Kay L. Snider.


1966 1967

1968 1969 1970 1971

1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978

1979 1980

Alkis Constantinides, Michael B. Cutlip, William R. Ferris, Girish D. Parikh, James B. Sapp, Donald J. Wilhelm. Edward R. Corino, Ronald S. Evanko, Frederick H. Flor, John P. Gegner, Frederick J. Rerko, Michael C. Royer, Paul H. Schmitz, Fred A. Shaffstall, Gary L. Street, Eugene N. Wheeler. David E. Bidstrup, James V. Braun, Dale A. Denny, Thomas E. Fitz, William G. Lowrie, Glenn L. McKee, John W. Mitchell. Charles E. Baumann, John W. Bradshaw, William F. Deerhake, John S. Dorsey, C.D. Dunlap, F.W. Hauschildt, Dennis W. Hurley, Graham F. Painter, Anthony Santavicca. Douglas W. Hissong, Lloyd G. Jones, Ronald M. Kovach, William E. Lewis, Richard T. Linak, John M. Salladay, David J. Walters, John M. Yacher. Wayne E. Ballantyne, Smith E. Howland, Geoffrey A. Prentice, Doug Smith, John W. Toussant. James F. Dietz, David R. Grove, Doyle R. Painter, Gautam A. Patel, Steven E. Russell, Richard B. Strait, Rosa Uy, Harry H. Yieh (deceased). Juliet A. Balmer, Dale A. Draudt, Karen L. Hendricks, Kerry G. Hertenstein, Paul D. Jachimiak, Jeffrey L. Kosch, David O. Kutscher, Arthur H. Morth, William E. Pritchard, James N. Stambolis, Harrison L. Stebbins, Richard D. Stolk, Paul R. Swartz, Armen Tergevorkian, Stephen Zakanycz. Charles B. Ernst, William C. Leipold, James P. Russell. Charles N. Carpenter, David A. Dargan, John A. Douglas, Norman F. Lucas, Dennis D. Terry. Mark E. Forry, James A. McCaw, George L. Ott, Michael J. Pedersen. Paul C. Auh, John T. Erikson, Stephen L. Grant, John E. Myers, Michael A. Patterson, Yoon S. Song, James S. Watt. Harold N. Conkle, James M. Delabar, Darlene H. McCalmont. Robert L. Collins, Brian R. Levers. James H. Etherton, Janet L. Inkrott, Mike P. Moore, David W. Sass, Rad V. Scott, David P. Steinmetz, Elizabeth A. Stuber, Neil P. Stuber, Brian K. Weider, Thomas E. Winkler. Douglas T. Brown, Darice A. Davis, Karen T. Murphy, Gary S. Phillips, Ronald D. Vlcek, Michael W Weber, Tak K. Williams. Frederick T. Clark, Bruce R. DeBruin, Paul T. Dubetz, Carol B. Ehrman, Fred D. Ehrman, Matthew J. Galosi,

1981 1982 1983


1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 2002 2003 2004

Mark A. George, George J. Krieski, Richard L. Mayer, Joseph Petrarca, Gary R. Prok, Daniel R. Schwaegerle, Pankaj P. Shah, Timothy L. Strickler, Debra S. Warfield, Mark R. Warfield. Edward W. Claugus (deceased), Nancy C. Dawes, Ronald A. Gibson, Doubles V. Lenz, William E. Naseman, Pamela J. Simpkins, James A. Telljohann. Douglas H. Baughman, Alex W. Kawczak, Daniel P. Lambert, Chih-Kuo W. Lee, James J. Mazza, Christina S. Sistrunk, Heng-Sheng J. Torng, Andrew M. Weber. Michael B. Begland, Tracy F. Begland, Richard H. Brandon, Stephen R. Cammarn, Mark H. Gaston, Christopher R. Richied, James M. Sauer, Clark B. Wade, Robert E. Young. Yousef G. Aouad, Kristin H. Cook, Daniel R. Hertzer, Joseph L. Herzog, Gregory M. Masica, George W. Miller, Patrick A. Renner, Sunil Satija, Leonore C. WitcheyLakshmanan. Douglas J. Ball, Andre W. Bur, Becky K. Bur, Thomas D. Burns, Roger G. Facer, Mark J. Hogan, Timothy A. Johnson, David J. Moonay, David G. Vutetakis. Kris Lakshmanan. Jeffrey D. Adams, Denise M. Burcham, Samuel D. Fink, Karen S. Johnson, D.B. Noe, Timothy A. Rash, Robert L. Tatterson, Donna M. Walter (deceased). Amy E. Doty, Rajeev L. Gorowara, M.A. Jabbour, Rongher Jean, David W. Miller, Bhavesh V. Patel, Craig L. Shoemaker, Annette L. Ventura. Stuart F. Doty, Micahel J. Pishkula, Amy J. Pressly, Jonathan M. Vinson. Craig M. Kehres, James V. Lombardi, Scott A. Westfall. Kristan K. Latham, Rick L. Wright. Pamela J. Archer, Edward M. Marszal. Andrew W. Mauk, Frank E. Seipel. Joseph M. Ruscak, Christopher W. Voight. Charmaine R. Burgin-Riggins. Jack R. Reese, Liping Zhang. John D. Clay, Xukum Luo, Nanette Nardi Triplett, Ellen M. Silva. Michael T. Timko. Matthew F. Ehlerding, James W. Holder, Anita L. Nuckols. Thomas J. Jaynes, Scott A. McAlpine, Paul M. Noltemeyer. Adam R. Baxter, Xia Cao, Lisa A. Catauro, Elizabeth M. Melvin, Yunying Qi. Derrick A. Butler, Siyi Lai. Nicholas A. Brunelli, Lori A. Engelhardt, Erica N. Jones, Michael D. Triplett, Adam M. Woeste, Guojun Xu.


2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

2013 2015

Miguel A. Garcia, Garrett E. Pavlovicz. Emily A. Shears, Robert H. Walters. John N. Kuhn, Justen C. LaPlante, Maxwell J. Wingert. Jeffrey R. Skinn. Cathryn J. Marshall, Carol U. Pritchett, Andrew W. Vail. Matthew R. Isabel, Matthew D. Nilsen. Brandon C. Clinger, Daniel J. Griffin, Allison M. Payne, Japheth A. Pritchett. Cameron J. Bodenschatz, Adam C. Burley, Christine C. Copa, Arthur C. Neeley, Dylan M. Silbiger, Megan C. Terp. Jasline K. Sahota. Abdullah K. Abahussain.

OTHER OSU GRADS WHO GAVE Cheryl L. Ball Mary E. Ballantyne Betty B. Bates Mary B. Baumann Katherine C. Bower Janet A. Brown Nancy A. Cammarn Sally C. Carpenter Sharon R. Clark Kristy S. Clay Rochelle P. Cohen Mark E. Dawes Judith F. Denny Beth A. Dible Gloria H. Douglas Anna M. Ehlerding Eugenia M. Etherton Matilda W. Fischer Roland C. Fischer Linda M. Forry Marilyn E. George Wilson K. Gibbins George T. Glaros Christine C. Gorowara Kathryn W. Grant Vicki Grove Kay Stratton Hanson Jane A. Harris Beverly D. Hauschildt Martha J. Hertzer Judy Hoffman Jeanne A. Howard George D. Huffman Barbara B. Hurley Timothy R. Ingle Kenneth E. Inkrott Rachel M. Isabel Marilyn A. Jones Margaret L. Koegle Mitchell S. Loveall Lisa B. Marszal Janet G. Mazza Sue E. Mitchell

1985 1981 1948 1963 2003 1978 1956 1960 1980 1996 1962 1981 1959 1988 1972 2000 1985 1954 1950 1975 1949 1979 1986 1988 1975 1969 1960 1960 1968 1984 1962 1956 1966 1970 2008 1976 2010 1956 1950 2015 1990 1982 1965

Vicki O. Moore Nancy K. Morth Sandra K. Myers Yoshie Narui Rita S. Painter Joann R. Parkinson Sarah N. Parsons Clinger Carolyn E. Patch E. L. Pausch Merlyn E. Prentice Michelle S. Prok Susan L. Royer Elizabeth C. Salladay Robin S. Scott Sally H. Sorocak Donna H. Steele Louise M. Stelzer Patricia J. Stolk Connie L. Strait Kimberly J. Strickler William R. Syverson W. I. Tarr Kathleen G. Tatterson Sandra J. Telljohann Thomas J. Tibbitts Libby W. Toussant Betty F. Unkel C. S. Vlcek Jill C. Wade Shu-Huan Weng Berdella T. Wilkinson Jen M. Woeste Molly C. Yieh David A. Zimmer

1978 1965 1976 2003 1988 1950 2011 1966 1963 1968 1980 1964 1966 1978 1961 1960 1952 1970 1970 1981 1974 1948 1987 1983 1955 1969 1942 1980 1984 1979 1952 2004 1971 1981

FRIENDS OF CBE Lori A. Adams Jo Ann Albery Ruby T. Anderson Eunice G. Andrews Barbara Bak Charles F. Balmer Dinah L. Barnhill Kathi Bates Patricia A. Bates Janet W. Baughman Stefani L. Baxter Carol J. Bidstrup Betty J. Bostwick Martha D. Bradshaw Beth E. Brandon Carolyn C. Braun Martha A. Briggs Robert S. Brodkey Rita E. Broestl Lucy R. Brooks Michael W. Burcham Marjorie P. Burgbacher Lynn R. Burns Gregory Busch Judith L. Buskirk Ping Cai Tavane C. Cammarn Heather A. Campbell Susan P. Carter Michael Catauro Lois W. Cody Edith B. Coe Marci A. Cohen Jill M. Conkle Virginia A. Connelly Marilyn Cooper Stuart L. Cooper Marlene D. Corino LaDonna F. Crossley Susan F. Cutlip Sharon K. Dargan Darrell R. Davis Lucy P. DeBruin

Beverly B. Deerhake Colette C. Delabar Patricia C. Dietz Pamela Dillon Trudy Donham Beverly J. Dornbusch Carmel P. Dorsey Ying A. Du Victoria B. Dubetz Alberta E. Dunlap Hope E. Erikson Donna Ernst Elaine S. Ernst Thomas Ernst Natalie A. Essary Diana K. Estill Bonnie S. Evanko Karen S. Facer Liang-Shih Fan Gail L. Feinberg Martin R. Feinberg Phyllis E. Ferris Marilyn J. Findlay Donna S. Fink June W. Fitz Lynn D. Flanagan Deanna D. Fletcher Marlene G. Flor Suzanne Folk Carol J. Fosnaugh Helen M. Fulk Susan S. Galosi Nicole A. Garcia Sally J. Gibson Beppy A. Gieseke Marie L. Glaros Lisa M. Hall Mary Z. Hammond Doris M. Harris Mary Lou S. Hartley Mildred B. Haupt Beth M. Heil Joyce E. Heintz

- 33 -

- PHILANTHROPY Sharon A. Helms Milt Hendricks Kathleen A. Hertenstein Barbara K. Hissong Helen H. Hogan Lee A. Holder Christine H. Howland Judith G. Huffman Bonnie S. Hutchinson April P. Ingle Carol E. Ingle Richard J. Ingle Charles S. Jabbour Margaret M. Jachimiak Ellen H. James Jillian B. Jaynes Audrey M. Johnson Henrietta T. Kawczak Dawn M. Kehres Thomas J. Koffolt Linda J. Kosch Mary L. Kovach Reta N. Krane Spencer Krane Elizabeth Kuhn Nancy L. Kutscher Nancy K. Lambert James L. Latham Sandra M. Laughlin Janet E. Lee Sandra W. Lenz Anne C. Levers Ann Jane R. Lewis Celia C. Ling Marie C. Lombardi Mark V. Lorson Ernestine R. Lowrie Rosemary S. Loy Nancy M. Lucas Doris P. MacDougall Jeff Marzyck Jaclyn J. Mayer Mary E. Mayer Richard L. Mayer Wilhelmina H. McAdams Carol K. McAteer David T. McCalmont Meada M. McCaw Elizabeth M. McKee Adam T. Melvin

- 34 -

Beatrice M. Miller Jean M. Miller Robert Mohler Deanna L. Nagy Suzanne L. Naseman Michele L. Noe Carolyn Ohler Irma P. Osbun Janet M. Ott Joyce H. Oxley Erdal Ozkan Umit S. Ozkan Allison L. Palmer Andre F. Palmer Kokila S. Parikh Shital B. Patel Urvashi G. Patel Mary P. Patterson Terri L. Pedersen Kathleen J. Petrarca Nancy H. Petritis Marsha L. Petry Louis A. Pettenski Elizabeth A. Pishkula Warren D. Poole Janice A. Pressey Mark Pressey Robert F. Pressly Janell S. Pritchard Isolina C. Ramos Margaret L. Rapach Danielle L. Reese Ida E. Reinert Sharon L. Renner Phyllis K. Rerko Donna T. Rice Virginia Richied Tommy L. Riggins Alice P. Robison Joyce T. Rozon Julie A. Ruscak Virginia Y. Russell Debra Santavicca Linda S. Sapp Becky S. Sauer Carlo Scaccia Jessica A. Schmitt Mary C. Schmitz Marjorie A. Schramm Sonya M. Schwaegerle

Viola M. Scott Lilly A. Seipel Nancy L. Shaffstall Sonal P. Shah Shiowru Shau Jared R. Shears Elizabeth H. Shoemaker William M. Simpkins John B. Sistrunk Sarah Slauson Karen W. Smith Sung S. Song Ann R. Sorgenti Maria Sotos Judith A. Stambolis Susan Stebbins Mary B. Street Laurie Swartz Beverly M. Sweeney Thomas L. Sweeney Christine M. Syverson I-Ching Tang Rita Tergevorkian Adam Terp Carol A. Terry Barbara J. Tibbitts Amy J. Tomasko David L. Tomasko James Toth Marc V. Ventura Peggy S. Vieth Rebecca H. Voight Helen M. Von Lehmden Rene K. Vutetakis Yolan J. Walters Clay C. Warren Sandra K. Warren Bonnie M. Watt Christine L. Weber Stephanie A. Weber Julia R. Weider Elisabeth Westfall Cindra Wheeler Susan C. Williams Wenda Williamson Cynthia E. Wilt Arlene S. Winfield Caroline Winkler Jessica O. Winter David W. Wood

JoAnn Woodworth Barbara E. Wyslouzil Shang-Tian Yang Debra F. Young Barbara A. Zakanycz Jacques L. Zakin Laura P. Zakin Carolyn R. Zimmer Katie Zorc.

CORPORATE AND ORGANIZATIONAL DONORS 2015 Big Give of the Columbus Foundation 3M Foundation Acumen Biopharma LLC Agri-Pharm Services LLC Air Products Foundation Ballantyne Family Partnership BASF Corporation Benevity Community Impact Fund for The Clorox Company Bostwick Family Trust BP Foundation Inc Brian Weider Trust Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Charlotte B. Petry Irrevocable Trust Chevron Corporation Chevron Phillips Chemical Corning Incorporated Foundation Dow Chemical Foundation Dow Corning Corporation Draudt Enterprise LLC Edward H. Bollinger Revocable Trust Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Exxon Mobil Foundation FM Global Foundation Fred A. & Nancy L. Shaffstall Fund of Fidelity Charitable G.E. Foundation General Mills Foundation Honeywell International IBM International Foundation J. Howard Kerstetter Jr. Revocable Living Trust Johnson & Johnson Lubrizol Foundation Marathon Petroleum Company Merchants National Bank Michael & Arlene Winfield Family Fund of the Chicago Community Foundation Mohler Inc Network for Good - Abbott Fund Nordson Corporation

Occidental Petroleum Charitable Foundation P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Pfizer Foundation Rita E. Broestl Revocable Trust Rosa Uy Trust Agreement Sealed Air Corporation SePro Corporation Shell Oil Company Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation - PepsiCo The Big Give Bonus Pool Fund Tom and Darlene McCalmont Fund of Schwab Charitable Fund Toussant Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable W. G. Lowrie Charitable Lead Trust Williams Companies Foundation.

FACULTY / STAFF Professors Bhavik Bakshi Jeffrey Chalmers Stuart Cooper Liang-Shih Fan Martin Feinberg W.S. Winston Ho Kurt Koelling L. James Lee Umit Ozkan Andre Palmer James Rathman David Tomasko Jessica Winter Barbara Wyslouzil Shang-Tian Yang Associate Professors Aravind Asthagiri Isamu Kusaka David Wood Assistant Professors Nicholas Brunelli Lisa Hall Li-Chiang Lin Katelyn Swindle-Reilly Clinical Faculty John Clay Ilham El Monier Deborah Grzybowski Carlo Scaccia Emeritus Professors Robert S. Brodkey Harry C. Hershey Michael Paulaitis Thomas L. Sweeney Jacques L. Zakin

Research Assistant Professor Andrew Tong Adjunct Professor Gang Ruan Research Scientists Jonathan Brown Richard Lease Research Associates Kwang Joo Kwak (Sr. Assoc.) Dawei Wang William Kane Wang Post Doctoral Researchers Feng Chen Zhuo Cheng Doruk Dogu Seval Gunduz Pengfei He Jiaming Hu Veysi Malkoc Lang Qin Yan Sheng Mengmeng Xu Zhaogang Yang Aili Zhang Yanan Zhao

Visiting Scholars Zhou Chen Hua Fan Jin Huang Yujing Huang Zhiqian Jia Tairong Kuang Hui Li Jianxin Li Weiming Li Xin Li Aleksandra Mostrag-Szlichtyng Jinhua Piao Pajareeya Songserm Yue Wang Zhongqiang Wang Xuefeng Xu Guojun Yan Yexia Zhang Zhien Zhang

Administrative Staff Angela Bennett, Graduate Program Coordinator Katie Bush-Glenn, Academic Advising David Cade, Building Coordinator Bill Cory, Human Resources Manager Mike Davis, Systems Manager Brian Endres, Academic Advising Leigh Evrard, Design Engineer Lynn Flanagan, Grants Manager Sean Gallagher, Director of Development Daniel Kline, L.-S. Fanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Editor Scott Osborne, Business Manager Jessica Schmitt, Director of Development Geoff Hulse, Director of Information Technology Susan Tesfai, Fiscal Associate Mike Wilson, Laboratory Supervisor Wenda Williamson, Public Relations Coordinator

Liang-Shih (L.-S.) Fan presenting the 67th AIChE Institute Lecture at AIChEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s November 2015 Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT. -Photo by Scott Filipiak

William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 314 Koffolt Laboratories CBEC - 151 West Woodruff Avenue Columbus, OH 43210-1350 Phone: 614-292-4000 Fax: 614-292-3769 Web:

Facebook: Twitter: Linked In:

2015 Annual Report - Ohio State University Chemical Engineering  

The Ohio State University's William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Annual Report.

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