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September 2012

SEPTEMBER HIGHLIGHTS Saturday – 1 Concert on the Green 4:00pm – Golf Course

Welcome to Our New Board of Directors 2012-2013

Monday – 3 LABOR DAY Clubhouse Open Regular Hours Monday – 10 BOD Meeting 10:00am - Mykonos Room Thursday – 13 BOD Meeting 10:00am – Mykonos Room Saturday – 15 BINGO 7:00 – Abravanel Hall Thursday – 20 League of Women Voters 1:00pm – Abravanel Hall Friday – 22 Annual Flea Market 9:00am-1:00pm Thursday – 27 ICE CREAM SOCIAL 2:00pm - Clubhouse

Angela Takemoto-Vice President, David Hefler-Treasurer, Barry Farrell-Secretary, Ellen Baur-President, Ira Landis-Director, Don Lopez-Director, David Rowley-Director.

Clubhouse Annual Flea Market Sponsored by the Woodchuck Club

Saturday, September 22, 9am-1pm

Food, res reasu T , k n Ju and s ly Flea d n e i r F


Wellness Expo on Saturday, October 6 at 9am Charity Walk begins at 8:30am Food, Booths, Flu Shots with CVS

League of Women Voters Ballot Measure Discussion Thursday, Sept. 20, 1pm

League of Women Voters Oceanside Candidate Forum, Monday, Sept. 24, 7pm

Association News


OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETING, JULY 5, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Leon Cole, Secretary Dave Rowley, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Director David Hefler, Director Ira Landis, Director Directors Absent None Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst. Others Present Homeowners: Beth Cook, Bob Wong, Jackie Norton, Jerry Wass, & Shirlee Sampsel

Thirty induction light kits were ordered from Electrical Sales Inc. Twenty-six kits were used to retrofit exterior lights at the Clubhouse and four were purchased for streetlight repairs. The total cost of the order is $6,265.77 and exceeds the staff purchasing policy.

Motion made and seconded (L. Cole/B. Farrell) to approve invoice #4163156 from Electrical Sales Inc. at a cost of $6,265.77. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Street Light Repairs – Account #5252-1000. There was one homeowner comment. NEW BUSINESS Committee Applications

President Baur called the Special Meeting to order at 2:40 p.m. in the HOA Conference Room

At the Executive Meeting of July 5, 2012, the Master Board discussed the appointment of individuals to fill the vacancies on the Landscape Committee. Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/I. Landis) to approve the appointment of Patrick Fairchild, Betty Theel and Linda Wass to the Landscape Committee for the remainder of the term effective immediately. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments.


Refrigerated Drinking Fountains

OHCC Insurance Requirements

Staff is researching replacement of non-refrigerated drinking fountains with refrigerated units. At paddle courts 1, 2 & 3, there is an existing fountain that can be easily replaced with a refrigerated unit. Motion made and seconded (D. Rowley/L. Cole) to approve Staff to install a refrigerated drinking fountain at paddle courts 1, 2 & 3 at a cost not to exceed $1,300.00. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Clubhouse Reserve Account #2439-0000. There were no homeowner comments.

The following agenda items were discussed at the Executive Meeting of July 5, 2012: Legal Opinions, Executive Committee Reports, Personnel, and Approval of Minutes

On May 14, 2012, the revised OHCC Insurance requirements were approved by the Master Board and sent out for a thirty (30) day comment period by all homeowners. No written comments have been received by the HOA Office.

Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/B. Farrell) to approve the OHCC Policy for Insurance Requirements for activities/events held at the Clubhouse and/or on Common Area for immediate implementation. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments.

Cannon Road Benches The Cannon Road Landscape Project has been complet-

Lighting Invoice

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012


Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETING, JULY 5, 2012 ed and Staff is recommending the purchase of four 6’ benches to be placed along the walking path. There was a discussion on the benches creating an attractive nuisance. It was the consensus of the Board to reject the Staff recommendation to purchase benches for the Cannon Road area.

Audit Approval The Audit Report for the previous years financial was presented to the Master Board for review. The Audited Financial Statements will be mailed out to all homeowners in August. Motion made and seconded (D. Rowley/B. Farrell) to accept the Audit Report as presented for mail out in the August newsletter. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments.

the Board eliminate the Coyote Policy and encourage homeowners to follow the guidelines of the Department of Fish and Game regarding Public Safety Wildlife Guidelines. Residents are urged to take precautions and report any incidents to the Dept. of Fish & Game.

Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to eliminate OHCC Coyote Management Policy dated June 16, 2005 and to adopt the guidelines of the Department of Fish & Game. Motion passed unanimously. There was one homeowner comment. NON-AGENDA ITEMS There were homeowner comments regarding the proposed removal of a tree. There being no further business to discuss at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Coyote Policy The OHCC Coyote Management Policy was adopted by the Board on June 16, 2005. Staff is recommending that

OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES JULY 16 & 19, 2012 The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors was held on July 16 & 19, 2012, at 4701 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, California.

July 16, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Dave Rowley, Treasurer Leon Cole, Secretary Barry Farrell, Director David Hefler, Director Directors Absent Ira Landis, Director Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst.

July 19, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Dave Rowley, Treasurer Leon Cole, Secretary Barry Farrell, Director David Hefler, Director Ira Landis, Director Directors Absent None Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst.

First Session – July 16, 2012

since the last monthly Board Meeting. The Board held a Special Meeting on July 5, 2012 to adopt the Coyote Policy, the guidelines of the Californina Department of Fish and Game “KEEP ME WILD”. A “Learn to Co-Exist with Coyotes Forum” is being hosted by the OHCC Kennel Klub on Saturday, August 4, at 11 am in the Mykonos Room. The Board held an Executive Session on July 5, 2012 and reviewed legal opinions from our Attorney; voted to support Ocean Hills Country Club CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) in its preparations for the welfare of the residents of OHCC in the event of a disaster or emergency; heard reports from our Executive Committees; Standing Committee Applications were

I. President Baur called the Regular Meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. II. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Takemoto. II I. PRESIDENT’S REPORT President Baur appraised the membership as to the matters to be addressed, and items completed, as well as Executive Sessions and Special Board Meetings held 4

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Association News

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012


Association News reviewed; a personnel issue was discussed. The Board voted to add two part-time Staff positions, one in Admin (HOA) and the other in Maintenance. At the Special Meeting following, the OHCC Insurance Requirements were approved; induction lighting kits were approved; OB Theel, Linda Wass, and Patrick Fairchild were appointed to the Landscape Committee. A refrigerated drinking fountain at paddle courts 1, 2, & 3 was approved. The Board turned down the Staff recommendation to purchase benches for the Cannon Road Project walking path. Vandalism was a great concern. The Audit Report was approved.

IV. MANAGEMENT REPORT In the Management Report, Becky Groenewold, General Manager, appraised the membership as to the primary projects currently underway: • The Landscape Committee is reviewing specifications for a landscape Architect and interviewing several firms to make a recommendation to the Master Board. Three new members were added and Diana Wenman resigned; it may be September 2012 before a recommendation is presented. The Committee submitted a recommendation to the Board to pursue bids to address the Arcadia Outer Slope fire hazard concerns. The newly reorganized Committee will review the priority list at their next meeting. • The proposed CC&R Amendments will be on the August ballot for voter approval. A flyer will be delivered to all homes explaining the amendments and paid for by private donations. • The FMC (Design Sub Committee) is working with Staff to do the Library renovation that was approved by the Board at the June Board meeting. • The GM met with Russ Ridgeway (PCM Laguna Woods) and the AV Committee to help resolve AV issues, find new resources to assist troubleshooting and look at updating the cable TV channel 12 system.


OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Association News

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012


Association News


OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES JULY 16 & 19, 2012 • The Insurance Broker performed a safety inspection of the entire HOA and the report will be forwarded to the Board for review upon receipt. The Broker (Carol Fulton) also provided additional training to Staff on insurance certificates and will provide ongoing support. Carol Fulton will be joining us for the Board Orientation on August 17, 2012. • The GM contacted the Vista and Oceanside Fire Department to schedule an Appreciation Reception on July 11. The event was well attended by approximately 50 residents. • The GM is working with Rick Engineering for additional recommendations on any traffic related problems regarding parking, curb painting and striping of streets. There is no additional cost to the HOA when handled by an e-mail exchange. • An Inventory Control Report was completed by O’Connell Landscape Maintenance and Tom Hogan on June 15, 2012. A report will be prepared for Board review on a quarterly basis.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT Treasurer, David Rowley, gave the following Treasurer’s Report: As we close the month of June, 2012, we are in strong financial condition with reserves of $3,236,964 and a year-to-date operating surplus of $124,491. Significant year-to-date below-budget variances as of June 30, 2012 include Recreation payroll - $21,534 and Water - $109,315. Our total assets of $4,723,502 include $3,333,634 worth of FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit. A copy of the Financial Statement is available for review in the HOA Office.

comments to five (5) minutes or less. Only one person per Membership may address any single item. Please be sure that your remarks are courteous and considerate. Responses from the Board regarding homeowner comments are at its discretion. Homeowners wishing to speak on non-agenda items must hold comments until the Second Session on Thursday. COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS A. Audio Visual Committee – Equipment Purchase Ed Farley, Chairperson, Audio Visual Committee, and Ken DeWoody, AV Consultant, presented the Recommendation to purchase HD Video and computer editing equipment to move from analog to digital technology in an amount not to exceed $35,000. An additional recommendation was presented to purchase a replacement remote Wireless HDMI/HDSD Transmission system to replace a non-functional analog Remote Wireless system at a cost not to exceed $3,500.00.

Motion made and seconded (L.Cole/D.Hefler) to approve an amount not to exceed $35,000 to purchase replacement cameras and editing equipment from Reserves. This will not include an additional purchase of cables & the instal-

VI. PRESENTATION OF ACTION ITEMS AND HOMEOWNER INPUT Homeowners are welcome to address the Board on agenda items that concern them. However, in order to maximiz e time and efficiency, the Board asks for cooperation as follows: When addressing an item, speak once per topic and keep

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012


Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES JULY 16 & 19, 2012 lation with an estimated cost of $500. Motion passed unanimously. Designated funding: Reserve Account 2439. There were two homeowner comments. Motion made and seconded (D.Hefler/A.Takemoto) to approve the purchase of a remote Wireless HDMI/HDSD Transmission system in an amount not to exceed $3,500. Motion passed unanimously. Designated funding: Reserve Account 2439. There were no homeowner comments.

slope. Motion passed unanimously. There were three homeowner comments.

B. Community Services Committee – Whole Body Vibration Equipment


UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Review Priority List The Priority List was updated with the completed items added.

A. N/A Gay Hartman, Chairperson Community Services Committee, presented the Committee’s Recommendation to purchase a Whole Body Vibration machine for the Fitness Center. Ms. Hartman deferred to Joanne Goglia who did a presentation on the studies and particulars about the equipment. Motion made and seconded (A.Takemoto/D.Rowley) to approve the purchase of a new type of fitness training Whole Body Vibration machine - for a cost not to exceed $5200.00. with donations from residents Donohew/Kippel of one-third of the cost ($1,733.33) and cost to HOA ($3,466.66). Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Clubhouse Reserves: #2439. There were three homeowner comments.

C. Landscape Committee – Renovation of Arcadia Outer Slope The Landscape Committee requested Board authorization to obtain bids for renovation of the outer slope behind Arcadia Way and Andros Way including demolition and replanting with more water wise plant material. Motion made and seconded by (D.Helfler/D.Rowley) to accept the Recommendation of the Landscape Committee and direct Staff to obtain bids for renovation of the outer slope behind Arcadia Way and Andros Way and a portion of Andros Slope. Bids are to include tree removal at the top of the

10 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

VII. RECESS The meeting was recessed at 12:15 p.m. until 1:30 p.m., Thursday, July 21, 2012. An Executive Session followed the Regular Board Meeting at 2:00 p.m.

SESSION II, July 19, 2012 President Baur reconvened the Regular Board Meeting at 1:35 p.m. President Baur updated the membership on the Executive Session held since the Board Meeting of Monday, July 16, 2012. The Executive Session on July 16, 2012 reviewed delinquency reports, wrote off bad debts and discussed a personnel issue. President Baur reported that beginning with the August Regular meeting the Homeowner Input on Non-Agenda items during the meeting will be set at a specific time. She apologized for the delay in implementation. President Baur also thanked the Homeowners in attendance, Homeowners watching on our in-house TVchannel, AV consultant & volunteers, and the HOA substitute recorder.

VIII. STAFF REPORTS The following Staff Members gave their reports:

Association News

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 11

Association News RECREATION – Chris Bessey, Recreation Director, reported no budget issues; arrival of new portable dance floor; BBQ moved; need for storage; arrival of wipe off board and kiln; damage to four (4) billiard tables by visitor’s children; numbers of homeowners who attended activities; phone directory available; and Carlsbad mall trip planned. We are fully staffed at this time. She announced future activities that include: three (3) ice cream socials; dancing on the green; e-waste day; flea market and Recreation Department Social as well as that work has begun on planning the New Year’s Eve Event. She responded to questions from the Board pertaining to

12 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES JULY 16 & 19, 2012 New Year’s Eve and a dance floor for Dancing on the Green. MAINTENANCE – Chuck Pierce, Director, reported Bostick asphalt work was completed on June 13, 2012. However, the punch list items will be taken care of by Jeff Pearson of Associated Engineering, our Road Consultant; ProDeck is working toward completion of the gazebo in Portofino; bids are in process for rapid flash beacon crosswalk to overflow parking lot; refrigerated drinking fountain is to be installed at paddle courts 1, 2, 3; wood floors refinish will be completed by August 5th in the Art Room, Mykonos Room, & on Stage; lattice fence on top of wall of pool equipment enclosure replaced; tennis court storage container at courts 3 & 4 will be replaced this week; curb cut to be installed at The Park to allow access and egress from path to The Park; bids in progress for auto-flush units to urinals & toilets at the Clubhouse; maintenance is within budget at this time; opening for part-time Staff; Chuck responded to request for copy of asphalt report to all Board members. LANDSCAPE-Tom Hogan, Director, Ron Matranga, Registered Consulting Arborist, has assessed, and mapped the Phase 2 tree trimming and removal and will go out for bids; during the summer months a 10% water cut back; Irrigation Controller to arrive July 31st; Zellers-Plageman will begin work on Aug. 13th of installation VP system; Budget to date: Golf Course operations are $61,035.26 under budget – mostly water savings; landscape common operations are $101,778.93 under budget – mostly water savings. Work orders for the month of June: Corfu 8, Cyrus 0, Golf 0, Hydra 1, Majorca 7, Mykonos 13, Portofino 8, Santorini 9, Zante 4, Master 86, for a total of 139.

IX. COMMUNITY PATROL SERVICE REPORT Len Weinstein, Director, reported alarms were tested in June; eleven (11) systems were repaired during the month; there were no observed STOP sign violations during the month, there was one observed speeding violation; parking violations decreased by 44%, down to

eleven (11) with the majority still being overnight driveway parking issues; in the past (30) days, nonfunctioning transponders have been evaluated and the problem resolved, at this time. Monthly totals: Medicals – 3l; AED – 0; Medical Alarms – 10; Fire Alarms – 17; Burglar/Panic Alarms – 5; fire alarms either kitchen smoke or system related; burglar/panic alarm were either system related or resident error. Director Weinstein requested that when homeowners are testing their alarm systems, they should be sure to let Community Patrol Service know, in advance.

X. STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS ARC – Dave Rowley, Board Liaison, reported that the Committee met twice last month and there were 24 applications and all were approved, 3 with variances. AV – Ed Farley, Chairperson, reported the use of two new pieces of equipment for the very successful Tappers Show that led to unprecedented problems in the next two events; also new warm/white, cool/white lights will not be installed when expected and he will advise when a new date is set for installation. COMMUNITY SERVICES – Sue Seebach, Secretary, reported arrival of the Whole Body Vibration machine; Fitness Room temperature adjustment; future activities that include: League of Women Voters, recycling of electronic equipment; gave a report/handout of transportation use; homeowner request for new blinds in the lanai facing the golf course which is being researched. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – Don Lopez reported highlights from the Committee pertaining to design/construction for Abravanel Hall storage and dressing rooms. He responded to a Board question about where new chairs would be stored. GOLF COURSE – Roberta Peters, Chairperson, reported that the Committee has been investigating irrigation on the course; concern regarding Community Patrol monitoring; beginning website updating; considering sub committee re: maintenance, improvement; ladies #8 tee accident

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 13

Association News


OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES JULY 16 & 19, 2012 – tee is difficult to climb; request to the Board that steps be put there like ones on #4-cost will be about $300; #1 tee box needs soil softener added; #9 tee has overgrown trees; bunker issues; complaints that golf players are using #9 tee as part of practice area – signs need to be posted stating players need to practice toward Clubhouse not the #9 green. Chairperson, Roberta Peters, responded to question about the Golf website. Director, Len Weinstein stated that Community Patrol does patrol the golf course twice a day at this time. LANDSCAPE – Ellen Baur reported that the Committee is working on a RFP to recommend to the Board so that Staff can go out for bid for a Landscape Architect. MARKETING & COMMUNICATION-Ira Landis reported for Jim Kaminsky that the Committee met on July 6th for a workshop session to discuss concepts for a new Ocean Hills website; this is the “external” website for visitors to see; the “internal” website would be developed by a vendor and offer many services to current homeowners; new Committee member, Christy Cooper, with a background in graphic artistry, and her husband, Bob Mathis, with a background in corporate communications, led the discussion.

XIII. HOMEOWNER INPUT (Non-Agenda Items) There were five homeowner comments regarding removal of trees and bushes; auto water faucets in bathrooms; lights in gym; paved parking for golf carts; landscape in front of HOA; work on pool; brown grass areas around trees.


Motion made and seconded (L.Cole/I.Landis) to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 18 &21 as corrected. Motion passed unanimously. XV. BOARD MEMBER INPUT Director Hefler – Thanked Frank Petronella for Transportation Report. Director Landis – Thanked all volunteers for their work and especially Christy Cooper for her website presentation to the Marketing and Communication Committee. Treasurer Rowley – Thanked Management and Staff for their continuing fine work and dedication to OHCC. Vice President Takemoto – No further input. Secretary Cole –No futher input. President Baur – Echoed all of the above thanks.


BOARD MEEETING SCHEDULE CHANGE Congratulations to the new Master Board and many thanks to everyone that took the time to vote. As with most new things changes come. For more efficient meetings and to provide a more desired time slot for Homeowner Forum, starting in September the Thursday Master Board meetings will commence at 10:00 a.m. Homeowner Forum will be first on the agenda immediately following “Call to Order.” 14 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Association Recreation News News

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 15

Association News

MANAGER’S REPORT By Becky Groenewold General Manager Dog days are upon us as the summer winds down. A new Master Board settles into place and two revisions have been added to the CC&R’s. Projects for the community experience a brief lull while the transition takes place between seasons as well as the guidance of the Master Board. We welcome the addition of Don Lopez, whose depth of experience in both Village and Master Board activities as well as service on the Facilities Management Committee bring a sense of continuity and vision for change at the same time. It was encouraging to see so many volunteers step up to run for the Master Board. It is our hope you will continue to be actively involved in the affairs of the Community, making positive contributions along the way. It is also a

16 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

vote of confidence to have two incumbents re-elected to serve as both Dave Rowley and Barry Farrell will continue the work they have begun in their previous term. I hope it is with a sense of satisfaction that Leon Cole can enjoy his return to the community after his term on the Board for the accomplishments achieved by the Board during his tenure. Staff has continued to increase in order to meet the ever growing needs of the community. We added Nancy Finnegan and Leonard Martinez to the HOA staff. Nancy will assist in administrative tasks and Leonard is going to be working with the Maintenance Staff. Ken De Woody who will be the consultant for Audio Visual will be assisting with the purchase and installation of all the A/V equipment and lighting for the Community. Mr. De Woody will be more visible as he organizes and oversees these tasks in the coming months. I am sorry that I will miss the Concert on the Greens over Labor Day again this year. However, my vacation beckons and I look forward to returning refreshed just in time for the FIRST ANNUAL Staff vs. Resident water volley ball game on September 28th! Come join us as a spectator and cheer everyone on as we end the summer on a high note!

Association News

PRESIDENT’S REPORT By Ellen Baur President, Board of Directors The August Regular Board Meeting was the last Master Board meeting for the 2011-2012 term. Another year has flown by at breakneck speed and a great deal has been accomplished (please read my report entitled “The Year in Review” in this issue), but, as always, some projects have to be deferred to the new Board that officially took office on Thursday, August 16. The Master Board for the 2012-2013 Term are: Ellen Baur, President; Angela Takemoto, Vice-President; David Hefler, Treasurer; Barry Farrell, Secretary; Ira Landis, Director; Don Lopez, Director; and Dave Rowley, Director. Congratulations to Dave Rowley, incumbent, who successfully ran for re-election; to Barry Farrell, appointed incumbent, who successfully ran for election; and to Don Lopez, who was re-elected to the Master Board after having served for three years several years ago! Each have received a two-year term. I am very pleased to report that the two CC&R Propositions, “A” Contract Length, and “B” Assignment of Rents and Leasing of Residences, as well as the

Resolution regarding Excess Income have all passed with flying colors. (please read the “Cumulative Report of Voting Results of the Annual Meeting” in this issue). This year’s recipients of the Sixth Annual President’s Award are Carol and Doug Wright. They are truly exemplary in their volunteerism. The Second Annual Board of Directors’ Award was given to HOA Staff member, Robyn Dawson. She has consistently worked on her skill set and this year earned her certification as a Community Association Manager! Leon Cole has retired from the Master Board after two years of service. We have appreciated Leon’s caring, concern, and collegiality. He has often played the devil’s advocate, trying to make certain that the Board has considered all sides of an issue. We will miss Leon! To you, the Homeowners, who have attended our Board meetings or listened to them on our in-house TV channel or read our minutes and messages, we most sincerely thank you. Thank you, too, for expressing your opinions, offering your critiques, and making your suggestions, many of which we have utilized! My fellow Board Directors and I have truly tried to do our best for our Homeowners’ Association and for each Homeowner. We all know it is not possible to please everyone, but we have received a great deal of encouragement and overwhelming support! You have voted on to the Master Board a great Team, who work together well and reach consensus in order to make the best decisions for our HOA and our Members. We are most grateful!

1000 $ 500


Discount on Kitchen Remodels

Discount on Bath Remodels

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 17

Association News We very much appreciate the work and loyalty of our ever present Audio Visual volunteers and of our AV Consultant, Ken DeWoody, who make it possible for us to have a video record of our Regular board meetings as well as show them on our in-house channel. This month, we held an Executive Session followed by a Special Board meeting on Thursday, August 2. The agenda items for the Executive Session were: Personnel issues, legal opinion of our Collection Attorney, Village Management Association Contracts, Bad Debt, and Approval of the Executive Session Minutes of July 16, 2012. At the Special Board meeting, we approved the adoption of our Procurement Policy; we voted to remove three trees doing damage to a homeowner’s property instead of the six that were originally recommended; we approved the purchase of a color copier for the HOA; rejected the placement of pet waste stations in the Cannon Road project; approved the write-off of Bad Debt in the amount of $6000; heard comments on non-agenda items from homeowners; and approved the minutes of the Regular July Board meeting. The Board met in Executive Session prior to the August 13 Board meeting to review a Legal issue; to hear Executive Committee Reports; Review delinquencies and discuss bad debt; review the bus transportation contract and the Abravanel Hall Floor Maintenance change order; and approve the Executive Sessions of June 18, June 27, and July 5, 2012.

At our last Regular Board meeting of the 2011-2012 term, the agenda items were: Review of the Board’s Priority List; Decision to table to the next Annual Floor Maintenance contract the re-sanding and recoating of the Abravanel Hall dance floor; Approval of the Sale of Used Irrigation Components to the Bernardo Heights Country Club in the amount of $15,228.00 with funds received being put back in the Irrigation Reserves account; Approval of the Reserve Study Contract with ARS, our current analyst, including on-site Visit and component photos due to numerous improvements and changes made since last year’s Reserve Study; Approval of increased Street Sweeping by Cannon Pacific, our current vendor, to once per week (from once per month) in the amount of $498.33 per month; Approval of the purchase and installation of Automatic Flush Units for the Clubhouse restroom, dressing room, and men’s Golf Casa restroom at a cost not to exceed $7,535.00; Approval of the billing breakdown for the cost of renovation and monthly maintenance of the Cannon Road Median shared with the Seagate Terrace HOA in the amount of $1148.00 for the renovations and $1698. 00 annually for the maintenance and water costs; Approval of the Super Shuttle Bus Transportation Contract at an hourly rate of $50 billed in 30 minute increments, as well as an allowance if fuel costs rise; Approval of the Consulting Services of Ken DeWoody for installation of materials and training of volunteers on the new lighting, monitoring, video, and camera equipment. The 90 day estimate for services is an amount not to exceed $6500; the Approval of Minutes of our Special Meeting of July 5, 2012 and the acceptance of the donation of a safe for the HOA from Lele & Bob Walker. And that was the month that was… and what a month it was!

Advertising Information Deadine for ads in the next issue is the 15th of the month prior. Please call Linda at 760-685-6727 for more information. 18 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Association News

Treasurer’s Report

By David S. Rowley Treasurer

Financial: As we close the month of July, 2012, we are in strong financial condition with reserves of $3,225,653 and a yearto-date operating surplus of $146,567. Significant year-to-date below-budget variances as of July 31, 2012 include Recreation payroll - $24,712 and Water - $127,538. Our total assets of $4,362,409 include $3,333,934 worth of FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit.

Master Landscape Committee

By Linda Strohm Chairperson The monthly meeting of the Landscape Committee convened on Friday, August 3, 2012. We are preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) in order to go out to bid to Landscape Architects to provide us with the recommendations and costs of a long term Master Plan for Common Area landscaping. It is anticipated that the RFP will be presented to the Master Board at the September Board meeting. Pending the decision by the Board, the RFP will be then be sent to the three Landscape Architects that have been interviewed by the Committee. All three companies are highly qualified and have worked with HOA’s and done other large projects for many years. The Committee is looking forward to finalizing the RFP so that work can begin on updating the landscaping in the Common Areas. During a Tree trim/removal tour by committee members, it was noted that some homeowners have had their personal gardeners trim trees and shrubs in the Common Areas adjacent to their homes. PLEASE—if the trees/shrubs near your home need to be trimmed (or removed)—PLEASE call Maureen at the HOA office to report the problem. DO NOT attempt to do it yourself or have your gardener do it. Each month, Maureen prepares a list of requests for trimming/removal of trees. A group of committee members visit the site of each request and discuss various options. If the committee feels that additional information is needed, Tom Hogan, Landscape Operations Manager, will be asked for his recommendation. Consideration for tree removal must meet specific guidelines, which include safety, debris from the tree that falls in private yards, damage to hardscape, and, in some cases, the size of the tree, etc.. Trees that do not meet these guidelines would not be considered for removal. Trees are a wonderful part of our landscape and the decision to remove any tree is given serious consideration before proceeding. The next scheduled meeting of the Master Landscape Committee is on September 7 at 10:00a.m. in the HOA office. Homeowners are welcome to join us at that time.

CUMMULATIVE REPORT OF VOTING RESULTS ANNUAL MEETING AUGUST 16, 2012 2012 GENERAL ELECTION TOTAL BALLOTS: 1,083 (winners are in “bold”) Section I: Election of 3 Directors, each for 2 year term on Master Board Don Lopez Barry Farrell David S. Rowley

666 votes 633 votes 615 votes

22.2% 21.1% 20.5%

Shirlee Sampsel Sue Seebach Gerald Wass Larry Gneiting Scott Goldwasser

553 votes 174 votes 145 votes 131 votes 82 votes

18.4% 5.8% 4.8% 4.3% 2.7%

Section II: Excess Income Resolution APPROVE NOT APPROVE

958 votes 43 votes

95.7% 4.3%

Section III: CC&R Amendments Prop A: Length of Contracts APPROVE 892 votes NOT APPROVE 136 votes

86.7% 13.2%

Prop B: Assignment of Rents and Leasing of Residences APPROVE NOT APPROVE

889 votes 152 votes

85.4% 14.6%

Advertising Information

Deadine for ads in the next issue is the 15th of the month prior. Please call Linda at 760-685-6727 for more information.

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 19

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The Safety Corner

By Leonard Weinstein Director of Community Patrol Service (CPS) Hello residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. Golf can be an enjoyable, challenging and demanding game, all at the same time. The presence of spectators, pedestrians, children under ten (10) years of age, or pets can be distraction. Okay, so I folded an OHCC regulation into that statement. The truth is that any of the above is not allowed on the Golf Course or practice areas at any time. This is for the safety of all concerned. Please remember that a stroll on the course is not allowed for your own safety. Since I began with some reference to pedestrians, I’d like to address another concern with regard to persons approaching the front gatehouse on foot. We have signs directing pedestrians to the exit lane side of the gatehouse and we have a designated pedestrian lane there as well. Again, this for your safety! Please do not approach the gatehouse on the entrance lane side; it’s narrow and those vehicles are much larger than you are. We are approaching that time of year again. It continues to be pleasant enough for evening walks; however, our day light hours are beginning to decrease. Please remember, if you’ll be out walking at dusk (visibility can be significantly reduced) wear light colored clothing, preferably with reflective devices if not a flashlight or some other type of portable lighting. Always be aware of your

20 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

surroundings and that of vehicles in your immediate area. Let’s approach this pedestrian thing a little differently. You, the vehicle driver, be it a motorized vehicle, an electric cart or a bicycle; yes bicycles are subject to the California Vehicle Code (CVC) the same as motor vehicles. As operators of these vehicles, we have a responsibility to not only follow the “rules of the road” but also to remember that pedestrians always have the right of way. A cross walk may be marked or not, but as a vehicle operator we are obliged, under the law, to yield to a pedestrian. SHOULD YOU NEED ASSISTANCE, THE FRONT GATE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS (760) 758-7111 Be SAFE, Be SMART, and most of all, BE HAPPY. Once again, thanks for your time and thanks for reading The Safety Corner.

General Trimming Guidelines

On April 16, 2012 the Master Board adopted new general trimming guidelines for the OHCC Master Common Landscape Areas. The guidelines are as follows: As a general rule, the natural appearance of a shrub is to be promoted unless its purpose requires a more formal appearance, and flowering shrubs are not to be pruned/trimmed when in bloom. Allow larger shrubs to grow together in a more natural form. Eventually larger shrub masses will cover high maintenance areas, reduce water demands and limit pruning/trimming. In general, pruning/trimming will be directed by the Landscape Manager to promote a natural, neat and clean appearance in the landscape areas. Below are a few general guidelines: • Shrubs within 5 feet of a homeowner’s wall or property line or streets will be kept within a manageable (reachable) pruning/trimming height and will not be allowed to grow above that height. • Pruning/trimming will be avoided during a species blooming period. • Ground cover will be regularly trimmed along curbs, sidewalks, drainage ditches and walls. • Ground cover will be allowed to grow in all spaces up to the base of shrubs and trees (but not up the stem/trunk of shrubs or trees).

Association News

The Year in Review

Reported by Ellen Baur On behalf of the Master Board, I am pleased to report that our efforts have culminated in the accomplishment of many of the projects on our Goal List and the introduction of several new concepts and ideas: These are our accomplishments over the past twelve months: In the interest of water conservation, the Board voted to upgrade the 15-year-old irrigation system to the Network VP Satellite Irrigation Control Systems from Toro. The package also includes a Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System for our Golf Course. This will improve the ability to monitor the Golf Course water needs more effectively as sensors will provide two communications for water, salinity and temperature. In the remaining Common Area, the two-way communication will allow for more effective water management and awareness of problems within the system. The system is currently being installed. At the recommendation of the Golf Course Committee, the Board approved Drill & Fill aeration of the Fairways on the Golf Course. Our Registered Consulting Arborist continues to advise us on the pruning, removal, replacement and management of trees and oversees the first trimming of each species of tree.

Trees in Phase 1 and 3, Common Area, and Golf Course were pruned, and 116 trees planted. Our Master Landscape Committee is working hard on the preparation of a Request for Proposal to go out to bid to Landscape Architects in order to create an overall plan for our Common Area, especially large sections of turf. Water conservation, aesthetics, and maintenance all play an important role. Our Landscape Maintenance contractor, O’Connell, has created The Park, a gift to our Community. The Park is located between Arcadia and Andros Ways on Leisure Village Way. The Park was inaugurated in February and the plants will take about 5 years

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 21

Association News to reach maturity. Many of us think The Park already looks great. There are benches, and walking paths for our enjoyment. One year has already gone by since the installation of the wood floor in the Mykonos Room, refinishing of the wood dance floor and stage in Abravanel Hall, and the wood floors in the Art Room, Music Room, and Sewing Room, as well as the Billiards Room. In keeping with the Annual Wood Floor Maintenance Plan and in order to make certain that these wood floors remain in excellent shape and beautiful, all wood floors have recently been refinished. The wooden pergola at Tennis Court 2 was replaced with a steel re-enforced vinyl structure, as was the pergola at Tennis Courts 3 & 4 and the pergolas at the Bocce Courts. Located on Common Area in the Village of Portofino, a rotting and termite-eaten wood Gazebo is being replaced with a steel-reinforced vinyl one. Benches will be added when the structure is completed. We have depended on the good advice of legal counsel on a number of issues and are very pleased with Peter Racobs of Fiore, Racobs & Powers a prominent firm specializing in HOA law. In the last year, Laser Fiche, a computer program for scanning documents for easier reference and less paper use, has been implemented with great efficiency at the HOA office. Important documents can easily be scanned, quickly retrieved, and physical storage eliminated.

22 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

The revision of the Handbook of Rules & Regulations was completed and approved and sent to all residents as well as off-site homeowners. The number of Standing Committees reporting to the Master Board were reduced from an unwieldy 12 to 7. Each board member is Board Liaison to one of the committees. The charters of many of the committees were revamped. The Committees are effectively assisting the Board on a multitude of projects. We consulted with a Traffic Engineer, who reviewed the OHCC streets, signage, markings, overflow parking, crosswalks, etc., that resulted in a Traffic Study with various recommendations. However, overall, our streets and signage were found to be first rate. A red flashing beacon light will be installed at the main crosswalk between the Overflow and Clubhouse parking lots. The ongoing Asphalt Maintenance Plan for our private streets continued this year. Streets were sealcoated and legends repainted. Double yellow lines were installed as recommended by the Traffic Engineering Study. The Fitness Center Cardio Room received new equipment. A Whole Body Vibration machine was purchased with a third of the funds paid by the “I have a Dream Fund”. The Board voted to support the Ocean Hills Country Club Community Emergency Response Team, acronym CERT, in its preparations for the welfare of the residents of OHCC in the event of a disaster or emergency. This year, the Master Board hired a consultant to do a Cost Comparison Analysis in order to determine if we are receiving the best bang for our buck as well as the best service from our Property Management Company, PCM. The report clearly showed us that PCM is not only providing us with high quality services but that the amount we pay for these services is comparable and fair compared to those offered by competitors. Therefore, the management contract was renewed with PCM. The painting of the Abravanel Hall ceiling and replacing of some of its tiles was completed. The Recreation Committee in concert with the Maintenance and Design Committees facilitated the purchase of new pool furniture in time for the summer season. In addition, the pool fence was painted. Thanks to the Facilities Management Committee’s Design Team and members of the Audio Visual

Association News Committee, the Conference Room at the HOA has been given a new look and technology has been carried forth to the 21st century. In addition, the Clubhouse Library is in the process of getting a badly needed facelift. Various Board policies were adopted: Purchasing, Tree Maintenance, General Trimming Guidelines for OHCC Master Common Landscape Areas, Third Party Insurance Requirements, Video Surveillance & Radar, Sewer Lateral Line, Coyote, and Donations. The Towing and Public Relations policies have been developed and are pending approval in September, following a 30-day review by the members. Self-sustaining owl boxes were installed in the Common Area in order to reduce rodent populations. The Board continues to be diligent in pursuing the collection of all delinquent assessments. After a Staffing Analysis was performed, the Board determined to increase Staffing to meet the customer service expectations of the members. Organized by the Audio Visual Committee, classes in Stage Lighting and Video were offered to interested residents free of charge. These lessons will be continued. At the recommendation of the Audio Visual Committee, the Board has purchased HD Video and computer editing equipment in order to move from analog to digital technology. This replaces the functionally obsolete cameras and related equipment donated many years ago. We have also purchased new stage lighting. Ken DeWoody has been retained as a consultant to install the new AV equipment and to train volunteers. Last October, the Board changed the bus service provider, reducing costs by 50%, while still maintaining service to local businesses and malls for those wishing to make use of the bus transportation service. The contract was just reviewed and renewed by the Board. Our General Manager, Becky Groenewold, recently celebrated her first anniversary at OHCC. Due to Becky’s professional guidance and expertise, she has assisted the Board in successfully navigating many challenges. She has steamlined procedures and improved efficiency of both her Staff and the Board. Our meetings, as a result, have been shorter and more to the point. We are getting a lot more work done in far less time. Becky is a frequent attendee at association events and activities in support of our Community. In September, Becky and her Staff will participate in the First Annual Water Volleyball tourna-

ment between residents and Staff. The CC&R Amendments on length of Contracts and Regulation of Rentals and Assignment of Rents were placed on the ballot. They both passed with flying colors. An Executive Committee of the Master Board was appointed to review and update the Post Orders used by our Community Patrol Service. Although we no longer refer to our patrol service as “security”, their level of service has not changed or diminished in any way. Automatic flush units in the Clubhouse restrooms are being installed. The first outdoor refrigerated drinking fountain was installed at Tennis Courts 1 & 2, thanks to the donations of the Racquet Club and “I have a dream fund”. Since then, we have installed one in the pool area and one at the Paddle/Pickleball Courts near the Clubhouse. More fountains will be converted in the future. The Cannon Road Project was completed in June by O’Connell Landscape Maintenance. The 181,150 square foot large turf area and median were converted to a lovely drought tolerant, water conservation area. The Metropolitan Water Authority and the City of Oceanside gave OHCC a grant in the amount of $181,150, that is $1 per square foot. The entire project cost us less than $30,000! I would like to thank our dedicated and loyal Staff for supporting us, the many resident volunteers who give of their time and talents, and, our Master Board Directors, who tirelessly serve our Community with selfless commitment and dedication. This Board has met its fiduciary duty in serving this Community in many ways. We have continued to adequately fund reserves, maintain and improve the Common Areas and amenities, and held assessments to a one dollar increase. In addition, we have increased service levels while reducing costs. The Board has agressively pursued the reduction of water usage. At the same time, we have secured grant funds to offset the expenditures for water conservation and invested in the latest technology to facilitate better water management practices. By making prudent business decisions, we have helped maintain our preferred lifestyle and been able to keep our Community upscale and desirable, thus protecting each owner’s investment. And that was the year that was…

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Recreation News

24 OHCC Newsletter • August 2012

Recreation News

Board Meetings

OHCC Session I Monday, September 10, 10 am Mykonos Room OHCC Session II Thursday, September 13, 10 am Mykonos Room

VILLAGE MEETINGS Majorca Wednesday, September 26, 9 am Ladies Club Room Mykonos Thursday, September 24, 1 pm Ladies Club Room

COMMITTEE MEETINGS ARC Thursday, September 13 and 27, 9:30 am Homeowners Association Audio/Visual Committee Tuesday, September 25, 11 am Homeowners Association Community Service Committee Friday, September 14, 10 am Homeowners Association Facilities Management Committee Thursday, September 25, 2 pm Homeowners Association Golf Course Committee Thursday, September 27, 2 pm Clubhouse Landscape Committee Friday, September 7, 10 am Homeowners Association Marketing & Communication Committee Wednesday, September 19, 10 am Homeowners Association Executive Committee Wednesday, September 26, 9:30 am Homeowners Association

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Recreation News

RECREATION NEWS By Chris Bessey Recreation Director Welcome Back Everyone from summer activities, cruises and trips. It is that time again when we begin the reservations process for the coming 2013 year. This will begin with the Clubs at the monthly Club Presidents Meeting on Monday, September 10. Please keep informed by reading Louise’s article as to when your group needs to process the necessary paperwork for the next year. The reservations are booked in order of priority: Association Business sponsored by the Master Board, Recreation Department, elections, community-wide activities, performances, club meetings and special events, rehearsal times, social groups, memorial receptions, private parties and fundraising events. Within the last year the regulations regarding use of Clubhouse facilities have changed, please refer to the recently revised Handbook. It appears that the Community Services Committee has been busy planning events for the next few months. Here is a list of the activities that you should note on your calendar: • Thursday, September 20, 1 pm League of Women Voters Ballot Measures • Monday, September 24, 7 pm, Oceanside Candidate Forum • Thursday, October 11, 1 pm, Elder Abuse with District Attorney Paul Greenwood • Saturday, October 20, 10 am-2 pm Overflow Parking Lot, Electronic Waste Collection(flyer enclosed in this issue) • Friday, November 16, 12 noon, Lunch with CEO of Tri-City Medical Center- Larry Anderson-tickets will need to be picked up to place an order for lunch Come see the Staff compete with the Water Volleyball Players at the pool on Friday, September 28 at 3pm. It ought to be a real hoot, not to mention all the beauties in

26 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

their swimsuits. The Clubhouse will be well-represented and the HOA has recruited some of their top players to make an afternoon you won’t forget, in more ways than one. September will bring us more warm weather and an influx of residents and guests at the pool. Just a few reminders that are worth repeating: Designated lap swimming is permitted from 6 am until 8:45 am every day. Did you know there is Lap Swimming Etiquette? Pick up a copy at the Front Desk. Open Swim begins after the regularly scheduled swim classes. This means anything goes and if you plan to lap swim at this time, be prepared to dodge all the swimmers doing their own thing. Children between the ages of 5-14 can swim daily between 11-2 pm. No smoking at the pool, a designated smoking area is at the back of the paddle ball courts in the turnaround area. Just remember to swim with a smile and be courteous to others. Last month the Recreation Department was inundated with ice cream lovers, approximately 300 people attended. This was by far the most we have ever had but it only shows you that ice cream will get people down to the Clubhouse. See you on the 27th of September. The Wellness Expo is just around the corner, we are looking forward to a great day of activity; please see the flyer in this issue which gives you the details. There is a lot going on as we head into the fall season. The Recreation Department is looking at holding an informal dance in November, the possibility of hosting a Lunch Bunch once a month and a movie night on the Lanai. The more you do, the more you laugh and the more you laugh, the more you live. See you in the Clubhouse!

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person.” — Audrey Hepburn

Call Linda at 760-685-6727 to advertise!

Recreation News

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 27

Recreation News

OHCC CERT GOT PETS? The newest group of CERT volunteers, called the Pet Care Unit (PCU), has joined with the “Emergency” and “Medical” response teams to help residents and pet owners prepare for a disaster or other emergency incident. Many people have, or should have, an emergency plan of action for themselves, but forget about their pets. Along with emergency supplies for yourself, it is recommended that pet owners have the following pet supplies in a visible and accessible location. What you need for each of your pets: • Medications (2 weeks supply) • Copies of health records with photos of your pet(s). Include your pet emergency contact • Pet food (dry food, canned food and can opener if needed), at least one-week’s supply • Water (for at least one week) - remember to rotate to keep water fresh • Food/water dishes • Pet first aid kit • Blankets/towels/bedding • Pet carrier(s) with ID tag or secure cage for birds or pocket pets, with ID tag • Collar/harness/ID/leash • Microchip information • Waste disposal bags (dogs) • Litter box and litter/scooper (cats) • Toys

28 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Also, the PCU reminds pet owners that they can help emergency responders by ensuring that Community Patrol Services has complete and up-to-date information about their pet(s). One of the things that PCU hopes to accomplish is to have supplies available should we have to evacuate pets to a safe “holding area” in the event of a major disaster. We would like to have available supplies of crates, folding holding pens and other pet supplies. If you can call Ellen Kippel at 760-305-7114 or email her at with pet supplies you may have for us to use in the event of such an emergency. Ellen will compile a list. Also, if you no longer have need for any of these supplies, please let Ellen know and the Kennel Klub, with the help of CERT, will try to find storage for these emergency supplies.


Now that summer is drawing to a close, it’s time to get those daubers ready as we resume our Bingo Games. You undoubtedly remember that we start up again on Saturday, September 15, so get ready. As usual, the doors will open at 6:30 and the games begin promptly at 7 pm. Cash prizes will be awarded for each “bingo” and refreshments will be served. Our last game of this year will be on October 20 and new schedules for 2013 will be ready to pick up on Do Dues Day in January. Come and spend a fun (and maybe profitable) evening with us at the Clubhouse.

Office 760-644-1901

Recreation News

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 29

Recreation News / Clubs and Activities

Art Room News PHOTOGRAPH EXHIBIT We invite you to enjoy the many photographs depicting “water” in the Art Room. Bud DeMaris chose this theme to incorporate many of the photographs that were submitted for the hallway exhibit. Thank you to Bud DeMaris for organizing this event once again for our community. The members contributing photographs include Thu Bellomo, Cass Teele, Lynn O’Connor, Gloria Millikin, David Key and Robert Mayer. Also bringing work to put up in the room were Yas Urano, Joan Comito, Bud DeMaris, Morry Shechet and Judy Harris. The colorful large painting over the Front Desk is one of the works by Larry Eaks. Thank you to everyone for participating for the enjoyment of our members.

Classes Sit To Be Fit

The title tells it all! SIT TO BE FIT is a FREE full body exercise program carried on while comfortably seated. Open to men and women, this program permits you to do what you can and to skip any exercise too demanding. After a few lessons, you will realize a pain or two has disappeared and you will enjoy life more. The program designed by retired professional fitness instructor, June Black, consists of seven uplifting tapes played weekly in sequence. Join this interesting and non-demanding class on Wednesdays at 9 am in Abravanel Hall. *Please note on the 2nd Wednesday of the month the program meets in the Art Room at the same time.

CHANNEL 12 BROADCAST FOR SEPTEMBER 2012 All Selections Run at 12 Noon & 6 PM Daily SEPTEMBER 10-13: Master Board Meetings I & II FYI: the monthly Channel 12 broadcast schedule is posted on the bulletin board just to the right of Abravanel Hall, in the weekly activities schedule put out by the Recreation Department and located at the Reception Desk and, of course, in this monthly Newsletter. Please note: that if you have digital TV, our in-house Channel 12 now airs on Channel 867. Also, if you have digital TV and aren’t getting Channel 12 on 867, please ask COX to exchange your box for an 8300 box.

30 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012


Classes are held in Abravanel Hall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am (no class on the second Wednesday of each month). Club membership is $6 for the year. Monday – 10 to 11:30 am (weights or bands 11 to 11:30) Wednesday - 10 to 11 am (no class 2nd Wednesday) Friday – 10 to 11:15 am (weights or bands 11 to 11:15) Fee: $3 per class You may attend two classes without joining the club, but you still pay the $3 class fee. Wear exercise shoes and bring water and weights. Instructors are both ACE Certified: Monday and Friday – Sharon Nelson Wednesday – Christine Alesiani


President Paul Yoshida announces the September 11 Club meeting at 7 pm in the Mykonos Room at the Clubhouse. All members and guests are invited to attend this, or any regular monthly meeting held the second Tuesday of the month in the Mykonos Room. At the meeting, we will discuss the 2012 angling year, and make plans for 2013. The Saturday, August 25, annual summer BBQ Mardi Gras was a great success, everyone had a good time eating great fish and delicious Cajun food, enjoying the music and dancing to the Bayou Brother Band. Thanks to President Paul Yoshida and the entire committee for their hard work to make this one of the outstanding events of year in the village. The July 17 three-quarter day trip on the Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth Landing was a great success. We fished along the Del Mar coast on a calm, warm sunny day, and outstanding fishing for Calico and Sand Bass at the edge of the kelp. Some other unusual fish were also hooked including two huge Black Sea bass, caught by Bob White, and Fred Campbell. These protected fish were estimated to be between 60 to 80 pounds, and were released unharmed. We also caught a couple of large Leopard Sharks and were fun until they severed the line. The jackpot was won by guest Charlie Larson with a very large 6 pound 8 ounce Sand Bass. We will also have another big raffle at our September meeting with a chance for you to win some great prizes, if your lucky ticket is drawn. Raffle tickets are 6 for $5, or $1 each. Come join us for fun and fish stories, and have a chance to win some good prizes at our monthly raffle. If you have any questions concerning the fishing trips or about the Club, feel free to call President Paul Yoshida at 760-940-8871, or Charter Master Rollin Grider at 760-726-9594.


Want to get framed? Jacqueline Koop will enhance our meeting on Tuesday, September 18 with information on art restoration, art framing, and proper care of art pieces. She was the first public arts commissioner in Vista and started the “City of Murals” campaign in 2000. She owns and operates Visions in Art Custom Framing and Gallery in Vista. Her background is in oil and watercolors. This meeting is scheduled for 1 pm in the Mykonos Room. Nancy Roberts and Evelynn Derganc are the program coordinators. Tuesday, October 23 will be an away trip. Details to be announced. There will be no meeting in November.

Clubs and Activities


Ken DeWoody conducted training of AV Volunteers on video cameras, and directing techniques in August with the presentation on “Learning to Co-exist with Coyotes” and during the regular Master Board Meetings. This is in anticipation of receiving our new HD Video Cameras and updated lighting equipment. This training will continue with volunteers working the Theatre Arts comedian presentation on September 3, and the September 20 meeting of the League of Women Voters. Now is a great time for those of you who may be interested in learning about our Audio Visual Program. We will be installing new video cameras with the latest technology and enhanced lighting for the stage performers. If you are interested in being a volunteer for Audio Visual and having a back row seat to our productions, please contact one of the following Crewmembers: Audio Crew Chief Steve Malone or AV Chairman Ed Farley.


Our last meeting and end-of-the-year party will be October 23. Details to be announced later but mark your calendars to save that afternoon. The walk this month will be TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, to Kit Carson Park in Escondido. Meet at the overflow lot to form carpools and receive directions. Be there by 8:15 am for DEPARTURE AT 8:30 am. If there is a change in the location or time, you will receive an email from Andy Truban. You can also call Andy if you have any questions. Kit Carson Park consists of woodland, riparian, and openarea habitats, which give us a variety of areas to encounter summer resident birds. An added feature at this park is a large mosaic, Queen Califia’s Magical Circle created by Niki de Saint Phalle. The sculpture garden has an undulating circular wall of 400 feet (with varying heights from 4 to 9 feet) surrounding the garden with large playful serpents along the top of the wall. There are nine freestanding sculptures in the garden with a mosaic sculpture of Queen Califia standing on the back of a five-legged eagle. All the sculptures and wall are made up of gemstones, glass and tile in mosaic patterns. A question often asked is how can vultures eat spoiled food that would harm us? Vultures prefer fresh carrion, but they can and will feed on decaying carcasses of dead animals. The answer is strong digestive acids in their stomachs that neutralize pathogens and break down food quickly. Further, their immune systems are specialized in that they produce antibodies that allow them to consume food that might be contaminated with toxins, bacteria and microorganisms that would be lethal to other scavengers.


Well, here we go again. It’s time to tell you everything I know, which will take about 10 seconds. After that, you are on your own. You know, if you have been anywhere near the Bocce courts, that things are going as usual. Lots of laughs and good-natured kidding. One thing about playing bocce is that it brings out the jokesters and anyone who loves to laugh. Just drop by, sit in the shade and watch. Before you know it, someone will be over to offer you a lesson on how to play, or explain why everything is so sim-

ple. Our favorite saying is “It’s not rocket science.” The time has come to start thinking about tournaments. The next one will start on September 11. If you want to see Bocce at its most competitiveness, come on over and take a peek. The Shuffleboard court is also having tournaments on Wednesdays at 10 am. We will have you up and running and winning in no time at all. The courts are all in excellent shape, so there is no more complaining about that. We had a wonderful picnic in the park, and the next party has been canceled. The only party left in the year is our big Holiday celebration, which is in December. A nominating committee has been selected to begin the process of electing new officers for next year.The Committee is chaired by Craig Powers, with Charlene Kinder and Virginia Sackett. If you know anyone dying to be on the board just let them know and like that, they are added. Bocces made in July were as follows: - with 4, Doris Leith, and Ken Miller — with 3 Gary Baur, Bill Baker, Vinny Miscioscia, Virginia Sackett. and Darrell Vincent — with 2, Jack Conifrey, Al Lipitz, and Peggy Newberg — with 1 Gail Alfonso, Terry Amighi, Jim Amighi, Gordon Bishop, Gary Foresberg, Julie Gilchrist, Opal Johnson, Charlene Kinder, Joan Kluis, Joan Lowrey, Harry Mcguire, Mary Nepinsky, Janet Powlowski, Bob Rogers, Sue Rosinquist, Judy Siviy, and Don Young. CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE AND ALL! The one name that is always on the bocce list it missing this month. Bill Curtin has been laid up with a knee surgery so he is giving the rest of us a chance to catch up with him. Just kidding Bill and hurry back. Don’t forget to be kind to someone today and smile at everyone. That is the Bocce way.


On Friday, July 13, Duplicate Bridge North/South First Place Winners were Nancy Schummer and Anne Caywood with a 57.50%. East/West First Place Winners were Carol Hobock and Gina Stier with 58.75%. On Friday, July 27, North/South First Place Winners were Joan Gayer and Joanne Abeson with 58.50%. East/West First Place Winners were Ginny Perkins and Doris Leith with 54.00%. Congratulations ladies! For anyone who enjoys playing a fun (not ACBL sponsored) afternoon Duplicate Bridge game, please join us to play on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in Abravanel Hall. We start play at 11:30 a.m. but we ask that you be in the hall by 11:15 a.m. If a fifth Friday happens to fall on any certain month, we will hold a game on that Friday

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR All Electrical matters: Lighting Design • Service Upgrades Remodels • Kitchens AFTER HOURS SERVICE AVAILABLE

760-801-3052 Licensed 22 years Lic. #634791 Chicago transplant

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 31

Clubs and Activities too. Membership is required in order to play and it is $6 for the year. If you need a partner, please call Betty Steinman at 760-842-1321. Thank you and look forward to seeing more duplicate players there.


Looking for a happy bridge playing group of ladies with whom to test your skills? That’s us. We welcome you. Please join us every Friday in Abravanel Hall. We always have popcorn, cookies, coffee and tea. On the first Friday, we have sandwiches, chips, and cookies. The sandwiches are provided by three of our members. Sign-ups begin at 11 am, bridge play at 11:30 am. Intermediate players are welcome. You don’t need to bring a partner, just $1 and a smiley face. Wouldn’t you like to see your name among the winners? The July winners were: July 6 1st Kit Dameron 2nd Esther Katz July 13 1st Marilyn Erickson 2nd EdieWitt 1st Esther Katz July 20 2nd Maxine Feller July 27 1st Janet Powloski 2nd Gloria Hoffman

32 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012


The Olympics are over and we have many medal reasons to be proud of our country’s participation. Now that means that all of you who stayed home to watch can join us for bridge. We really hope you will regularly include bridge on Thursday evenings. We start at 6 pm with a nice variety of cookies, coffee and a little chitchat. Bridge begins at 6:30 pm. We welcome all intermediate players. Bring your partner and $1. If you need a partner or a substitute, Melvina Terry has volunteered to be of assistance. Please call her at 760-945-9745. July winners were Bobbie Johnson and Barbara Mitchell, Sue and John Carlson, and Pat Fore and Lorna Goodman.


4460 4410 5370 4140 4260 4160 3420 3240

September is here, and we’re SO EXCITED! It’s time to sing again, and we want YOU! There are no auditions; you don’t have to sing in front of the group…just come and have fun! Our first rehearsal is on September 6, at 10 am in the Men’s Club Room, where we will begin practicing for our Holiday Concert. It will be held on December 2 at 2 pm in Abravanel Hall. We will be singing all the old favorites! Our exciting third annual raffle will follow the Concert, and those of you who have attended know what awesome prizes we have. You play your ticket(s) only toward the prizes you desire, so your odds are great! Membership in the Choral Society for the rest of the year

Clubs and Activities is only $10, and you can drop a check in our envelope at the Front Desk. This includes all your music and your folder. If you have any questions about the group or would like to join us (hint, hint!), talk with any of our members or call Donna Russell at 760-945-5558. If you’ve ever thought …”If you can singing might be fun, come and check us out… hum, you can come!”


WEEKEND FILMS: Coming to Ocean Hills from approximately mid-September to mid-October are: “Damsels in Distress” (69), “Hysteria” (64),”The Avengers” (84), “Take This Waltz” (68), “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (70) and The Five-Year Engagement (66). Watch for the actual show dates on the weekly counter program or on the Movie Hotline. The numbers appearing after the above film titles represent the combined average critical and popular rating on a scale of 0 to 100 as published by Rotten and A rating between 60 and 100 signifies films of the best quality earning the highest rated reviews. Please also check the recently updated Coming Attractions Bulletin Board posted outside the Men’s Club Room for reserved films that have been released to theaters but are not yet available in DVD. M I DWEEK FOREIGN FILMS: (New movie service announcement) Due to an excess of quality Foreign Language films available in our Netflix Queue and a limited opportunity to show them, a new movie service is being

offered on a trial basis. Starting in September, a contemporary foreign film will be offered at 7 pm on two additional weekdays per month, either a Monday or Wednesday evening. First come, first served will be the policy as is the case with the films shown on the weekend. Foreign Films will continue to be shown normally on every other Friday. The dates that have been reserved are: Mon-9/10; Wed-9/19; Mon10/8; Wed-10/24; Wed-11/7; Mon-11/12; Wed-12/5 and Mon12/10. If the program is successful, then it is hoped that the service can be continued next year on a weekly basis on the day that proves to be more popular. The titles will be advertised on the weekly counter flyers and on the movie hotline. Stay tuned for additional information and let me know by email (preferred), phone or by leaving a note at the Front Desk about whether you would attend and also which of the two weekdays you prefer. A different film will be shown on each date. FOREIGN FILM CLASSICS: Scheduled on Monday, September 17 at 12 Noon in the Ladies Club Room is the 1971 Australian film classic “Walkabout” directed by Nicolas Roeg. Joining the Foreign Film Classic Group will entitle you receive a monthly invitation and an annual program of scheduled universally acclaimed film classics. This presents a rare opportunity to revisit them again or to see them for the first time if missed when originally released. MUSICAL FINE ARTS: This Group is next scheduled to meet on Saturday, September 1 at 10 am. An all-Mozart program is being planned which will include his Symphonies #39 and #40 and his last masterpiece “Requiem.” Joining the Musical Fine Arts Group will entitle you to receive a monthly invitation

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 33

Clubs and Activities and an annual program of scheduled classical musical events, which include operas, ballets, choral masterpieces, orchestral and instrumental works. If you are interested in attending either one of the above programs occasionally or in joining, please contact the writer since seating is limited. The complete programs for both Groups can now be found on the back of class flyers located in a rack adjacent to the Front Desk of the Clubhouse. Frank Petronella 760-414-9070,


The purpose of the Ocean Hills Computer Club is to encourage active seniors to use computers for better living. Each month we try to fulfil that purpose by offering various computer classes, holding “help sessions,” and hosting a general meeting with a guest speaking on a subject interesting to computer users. Classes change from month to month, so please check the calendar posted on the Computer Room window. You can also find our calendar online, using the link Calendar on the left-hand side of our homepage What’s the advantage of being a Computer Club member? Would you like to find out how to be more productive with your new iPad or Kindle? Or just find out if one of those is right for you? Would you like to learn how to manage and edit your photos? How about overall file management schemes? Have you figured out how to work your new Macintosh yet? Is your PC just not working right? You can find out about these and many other topics by attending classes offered by your Computer Club throughout the year right here at OHCC. You’ll also get our monthly newsletter,

34 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

chocked full of information, nifty computer tips, and our monthly calendar, e-mailed to you. And we send you e-mail notifications and reminders of upcoming classes. With the help of our Homeowners’ Association, the Computer Club now has a subscription to, available to all OHCC residents. Just come to the Computer Room where you’ll find the userid and password posted. The Club occasionally offers classes to help people fully utilize the capabilities of to find their heritage on line. Our resident genealogy guru, Hal McCawley, has a dropin genealogy workshop the first Thursday of each month at 10 am. The Computer Club calendar lists the times of the “help sessions” held in our Computer Room. The Club’s “Certified Volunteers” are always anxious to help solve your problems. If you need help in your own home with those nasty computer problems, we can arrange for personal visitations, but would appreciate a voluntary donation to our Computer Club. If we can’t help you, we will recommend several local service people from whom you can choose. We are always looking for people to become helpers and share their experience and knowledge with others. If you can help the Club in any capacity, please call Jim Kaminsky at 760-295-8792. He’d love to hear from you.


Doo-Wop Disco & Dance Club members like to party to the music of the 50’s - 80’s. Our vision is to offer low-cost, fun parties at Ocean Hills Country Club. We think the success of

Clubs and Activities our Club demonstrates that this is what OHCC residents are looking for. Right on the heels of our sold-out July 28 Summer Lanai Party, hosted by Karen Quimby, Celeste Szot and Linda Ball, was the Festival de Agosto held August 18. The addition of the enlarged dance floor enabled us to accommodate 160 people in this eccentric Latin-themed party on the Lanai. Margaritas and other refreshments, gourmet tacos, and DJprovided dance music filled the Oceanside evening. Thanks to Judy Gagnon and her helpers for putting this party together. On September 29, we’re having the annual R’Oktoberfest party, this year featuring the highly acclaimed local band, The Catillacs. You won’t want to miss this one that promises to rock Abravanel Hall! Ticket prices and date of sale have not yet been set for this party with German beer, bratwurst, sour kraut and German potato salad. DooWop members should keep watching their email for notification. Please visit our website at for archives of photos and videos from previous Doo-Wop Disco & Dance Club activities.


The Garden Club meets every second Wednesday of the month and this month we welcome back Pat Welsh, who might be considered the doyenne of coastal gardening. Her book, “Southern California Gardening: A Month-by-Month Guide” is a “must have” in many coastal gardeners’ library. When to separate Irises, when and where to plant that Hydrangea you received on

Mother’s Day, etc. These and many other obscure tips are included in this most informative book. Pat’s credentials are awe-inspiring. Pat was the first Garden Editor of San Diego Home/Garden Magazine. During the mid-1980’s she hosted a TV news segment called Newscenter 39’s Resident Gardener on the NBC San Diego evening news. She also hosted two gardening videos for Better Homes and Gardens, several infomercials, and performed many garden demonstrations on network and HGTV. Her current writing project is a book on Southwest Gardening for DK Publishers and the American Horticultural Society. Wait, there’s more. Pat is also a lifelong watercolor painter and let’s not forget sculpture. Pat’s awards would make anyone else’s fireplace mantel sag. Her awards include the San Diego Emmy, the San Diego Press Club Award, three Quill and Trowel Awards from the Cuyamaca College Botanical Society, the Lifetime Achievement Award from Quail Botanical Gardens and, most recently, Horticulturist of the Year 2003 from the San Diego Horticultural Society. Pat lives in the home she and her husband built in 1955, overlooking Old Del Mar. She loves tending her Mediterranean-style garden that has been featured in many magazines and calendars and several TV shows. “To me a garden is more than a collection of plants,” says Pat. “It’s a place with romantic atmosphere, a place where one can entertain friends and where plein air painters can gather to paint. It’s a sort of paradise to delight in and share.” She is not shy about sharing her gardening secrets, so come to our meeting on September 12 at 9:30am; indulge in sinful goodies and a nice beverage and our September Treat of the Month-Pat Welsh.

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 35

Clubs and Activities GARDEN TIPS by Melvina Terry: Sweet September a second breath of spring in our area. Our weather probably will continue to be mild through November and perhaps beyond. If you are on my fertilizing schedule, it is time to fertilize your citrus as this is Labor Day month. It is time to give your roses a boost also. Feed them with one-half cup of blood meal, half-cup bone meal, quartercup kelp meal and a quarter cup ironite for each large rose. Except for orchids, delay other fertilizer until October. Feed cymbidiums a 2-10-10. If want cheerful, fragrant sweet peas by Christmas, now is the time to plant the seeds. Soak the seeds overnight before planting. It is the beginning of bulb planting time. Plant every two weeks, now through November for an extended blooming season. You can purchase bulbs on line at All bulbs do not do well here, as they need a cold hardening off period. Freesia do well here. I can’t seem to get enough of them to satisfy my desire. I gave up on tulips and hyacinths. Sometimes I will buy a pot of them from the supermarket when they are in full bloom. Bulbs native to South Africa do well here because of our similar climate. These are babiana, ixia, sparaxis, tritonia and watsonia. Other bulbs that do well here are squill, tirgridia, iphium, Spanish bluebells, ranunculus and paper white narcissus. Plant a few narcissus in pebbles in a shallow container to bloom in the house by Christmas. It is also time to plant Iceland poppies, calendula, primrose, pansy, nemesia, viola and marguerite from six packs. Be sure to plant them in late afternoon. Continue to prune roses and dahlia for continued bloom. I promised to let you know how my dahlias turned out. They

36 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

were a very satisfactory addition. So far, I cannot say enough good things about the use of carpet roses for hanging plants. The nurseries haven’t caught on to this yet. It sure beats deadheading geraniums and other sun loving plants typically used in hanging baskets. If you have trouble with rabbits, try shaving fels-naptha soap around the plants you wish to protect. To cut down on ant population, pile up cornmeal around their “runs.” Once eaten, the cornmeal expands inside of them and they die. To control aphids, plant garlic nearby. Garlic has an interesting flower and when mature, pull it up and eat it, reserving some buds for replanting. Make a dual-purpose bug/thug spray from 3T baking soda, 2T Murphy’s oil soap, 2T canola oil, 2T vinegar and two gallons of warm water. Spray your plants to the point of runoff.


We would like to start off with congratulations to Jack Stanley, for a great job chairing The Derby tournament. It was a huge success and will become an annual event. We are very lucky to have a volunteer chairperson for next year. Thank you Helen Sloan. I know you will do a great job, and we didn’t even have to twist your arm. Joe Newmyer and Carol Wright will be chairing another new event. A match play tournament for men and women, played without handicaps. The tournament will run through the month of October and applicants will be chosen at random. Sign ups will be until noon, September 25 and the drawing for the matches will be at

Clubs and Activities 3 pm the same day. The cost is $5 per person and can be given to Joe or Carol. More details to follow, but money must be in by September 25. Our next special tournament will be sponsored by Pipes Plumbing on Monday and Tuesday September 10 and 11. It will be chaired by Jerry Moskovitz. Please leave your $8 per person along with team member’s names, in the special box in the casa door by September 3. Many thanks to the people at Pipes. Guys and Dolls will be played Saturday, September 29. The cost is $4 per person and team members names should be left in the casa door by September 22. In addition, remember, thanks to Carol and Doug Wright, there is a bar open at the end of the day. Barbara and Dave Demarest have really worked on next years Touring Amateurs schedule. This month on Monday, September 17, we will be playing Twin Oaks. The cost will be $39 to be left at the Demarest’s home. This will cover carts, green fees, balls and prizes. For the rest of the year there will be 3 executive courses, 3 stretch executives and 3 full length courses, one of which will be at Shadow Ridge (everyone’s favorite). Also new, will be Oaks North and Emerald Isle. In October, we will be playing Reidy Creek; $22 will cover green fees and prizes. It is an easy walking, executive course, but carts are available for $10. Our participation for Touring Amateurs has dropped off somewhat, and we really want to reach out to our newer members to come and join us. Try it, you’ll like it.! They are all fun courses and you will have the luxury of being able to ride. Good golfing everyone.


Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 13 at 1 pm in the Mykonos Room for a program on CARING FOR YOUR JOINTS given by Joel Heiser, M.D., a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, practicing in North County. Dr. Heiser has given many presentations on carpal tunnel syndrome, treatment of arthritis and joint replacement surgery. He will cover for example: What can I do to protect my joints? How can a healthy lifestyle make a difference? What options are available? Bring your friends and neighbors. Healthy snacks will be served.


Wow, some of our residents got busy and donated a number of articles for Helping Hands in July and August. Please remember our equipment is meant for temporary loan to assist you while obtaining whatever equipment you might need to have on a long-term basis. A number of residents have inquired about donating the Potty Chairs. We cannot take or store the Potty Chairs for sanitary reasons. The charity agencies such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, and AmVets will not take them for the same reason. So you may want to hang onto them, if not, it will be necessary to put them in the trash.This will necessitate a call to Waste Management to pick up a bulk item. We typically store wheelchairs, transporter chairs, lightweight walkers, seated walkers (with four wheels), canes,

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 37

Clubs and Activities crutches, DC powered cool pacs, “grabbers,” and occasionally a side table or similar item. If you have a need or wish to donate, please call one of us below. Thanks for your support! Jack Collar 760-598-0580, Larry Bowers 760-639-1989; Tim Wilbur 760-639-5221, Dan Mathews 760-724-2744; or Steve Malone 760-505-7297.


On August 4, the Kennel Klub sponsored an informational program on learning how to coexist with Coyotes for all OHCC residents in Abravanel Hall and on August 11, the Kennel Klub had their annual Brunch on the Lanai. The guest speaker was Native Talk with skits about coyotes and the history of the Native Americans coexiting with Coyotes. Both events were well attended and informative. Thank you to all who attended and enjoyed these two days put on by your OHCC Kennel Klub. If your “Dog could Talk” and tell you how they feel when out with their owner we think this letter in the North County Times on Saturday, July 14, by Diana Prescott, a Vista writer, might be just what your favorite pooch might want to say: Quote: Dear master, “Do not ever leave me in the car, even if just for a few minutes. And if we’ll be away from home for a while, think of me when you take your water bottle along. I am not a camel. I get thirsty too. Before taking me to outdoor events please consider the crowds, the noise factor and surface I’m expected to walk on. Asphalt and other hard surfaces absorb and radiate a great deal of heat, and I am so much closer to the ground than you. Hot surfaces can crack and blister my pads, so if I am “prancing” and can’t stand still, it is because I am hurting. Maneuvering through crowds isn’t always an enjoyable outing. I can be accidentally stepped on or kicked, and all the strangers and noise make me afraid, nervous and overwhelmed. So please, don’t blame me if I act defensively. Above all, if our time together is not comfortable and enjoyable for me, leaving me home may be a kinder option. From your loyal canine companion.” We hope you will keep some of these suggestions in mind as you enjoy your animals and as you take them for an outing or for a walk here at Ocean Hills Country Club. Enjoy!


Thanks to all members who have donated books to the Library. This month we have received three new books that are available for check out from the Reserve bookshelf. Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green The Devil’s Elixir by Raymond Khoury Love, Life and Elephants by Dame Daphne Sheldrick These new books are a wonderful addition to those purchased with your dues by our Book Purchaser Gloria Griffiths. Her skillful shopping practice allows us to keep our Library up- to-date and our dues low…$15 is less than the cost of one book. Gloria also purchases our Audio books each month. They have recently become very popular. If you’re interested in them, come in and browse our large collection. Another group of books available is a section of Classics. Make sure you look through them for something you may never have had time to read before. The Library will have a table at the upcoming Flea Market. We’ll be selling extra copies of recent books and some older ones, as well as older and extra copies of Audio 38 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

books. Hope to see you soon—at the Library—and at the Flea Market on Saturday, September 22. Quote of the month: The oldest books are still only just out to those who have not read them. ~ Samuel Butler NEW BOOK PURCHASES - AUGUST..2012 TITLE, AUTHOR, CATEGORY BACK FIRE, Catherine Coulter, Fic THE BEGINNER’S GOODBYE, Anne Tyler, Fic A BLAZE OF GLORY, Jeff Shaara, Fic CAPITOL MURDER, Phillip Margolin, Fic CRONKITE, Douglas Brinkley, Bio DON’T EVER GET OLD, Daniel Friedman, Fic THE FAMILY CORLEONE, Ed Falco, Fic FIFTEEN DIGITS, Nick Santora, Fic GONE GIRL, Gillian Flynn, Fic GUILTY WIVES, James Patterson, Fic HARD COUNTRY, Michael McGarrity, Fic THE LAST BOYFRIEND, Nora Roberts, Fic LITTLE NIGHT, Luanne Rice, Fic MISSION TO PARIS, Alan Furst, Fic NIGHT WATCH, Linda Fairstein, Fic SLEEPWALKER, Karen Robards, Fic THE STORM, Clive Cussler & G. Brown, Fic WICKED BUSINESS, Janet Evanovich, Fic THE LOST YEARS, Mary Higgins Clark, Lg.Prt. STAY CLOSE, Harlan Coben, Lg.Prt. CDs HE LAST BOYFRIEND, Nora Roberts PRIVATE GAMES, James Patterson


NuBees began with the desire to provide a socializing venue for residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. While originally intended for newcomers to OHCC, both new and established residents now participate in our social events. We’d like you to participate, too. During the warmer months of the year such as September here at Ocean Hills, starting at 5:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month you will find the NuBees socializing on the Clubhouse Lanai. Residents are asked to bring whatever they want to drink and a hearty appetizer to share with 10-12 people. This is a terrific opportunity to make new friends and learn about all the activities at Ocean Hills. Throughout the year, NuBees offers other socializing events besides the Happy Hour gatherings. Mike and Linda Ball are once again planning the NuBees Annual Golf Tournament and Potluck Dinner for September 27. Golf is open to anyone able and willing to swing a golf club. The Potluck Dinner is held the evening of the tournament and open to the tournament golfers and their significant others. Cost is $10 per person or $5 per person for those attending just the Potluck Dinner.You don’t want to miss this fun-filled socializing event. Photos of Nu NuBees are posted on our website at Sign in and see if you recognize a “Nu NuBee.” Remember, you, too, can socialize with NuBees. Come share some laughs with all of us. It’s a great place to make new friends. Isn’t that why you moved here?

Clubs and Activities

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 39

Clubs and Activities


(Ocean Hills Society for the Performing Arts) START SPREADING THE NEWS! The New York Tenors will be arriving at Ocean Hills Country Club on Saturday, November 10. Daniel Rodriguez, Andy Cooney, and Michael Amante will give us the best of Broadway, Opera, Film, and American Classics. These Tenors are three of New York’s premier voices and they have joined together to honor not only the city of New York but also our great nation as the one and only “New York Tenors.” These three tenors have performed to crowds of 5,000 people and one has had two sold-out performances in New York’s Carnegie Hall! Tickets are only $25 and, as always, are subsidized by OHSPA. They will go on sale October 2 at 8 am in the Galleria and it is sure to be a sell-out so bring your morning newspaper, grab a cup of coffee, and join your friends and neighbors while you wait for the best available seats! Mark your calendars now!


Our meeting this month is Tuesday, September 18, at 1 pm in the Ladies Club Room. This is a joint meeting of the Photography Club and the Digital Photography Special Interest Group of the Computer Club. Did you know that the Photography Club has a mat cutter available for the use of Photo Club members? Do you know how to mount a photo so that it and the mat you cut will look nice in a frame of your choice? Here is a chance to learn how to become more involved with your photography hobby and how to display your best images. Bud DeMaris will conduct a program on “The Basics of Mat Cutting and Photo Mounting.” This will be a very simple demonstration conducted at a leisurely pace in order to emphasize the basics. Please be with us at this meeting to gain some new skills. If time remains available, we will try to address any questions you may have on your camera or other photo gear, or at least get you pointed in the right direction. Bud DeMaris will be available in the Computer/Photo Lab after the meeting from 3 to 5 pm for one-on-one help with your digital camera and using it with a computer and printer. We can also address features of Photoshop Elements, which is on some of the Lab computers, as well as exercise the scanner and photo printer. Bring in a specific area you would like to work on, and let’s exercise the equipment. Photo paper is available. If you plan on coming late, say after 4 pm, please let Bud know ahead of time, or 760-630-1739.


August opened with a very successful party, the night of the 4th. With outstanding decorations through the efforts of Patti Smith, Chairwoman, and Joan McAlister, and Mike Ball, our Lanai turned into the surfing world of California beaches, with each table named for a surfing spot along our state’s coastline. Bobby’s Hideaway catered and with the music provided by Vince Petrucci and Breez’n—this was a party enjoyed by everyone. The committee who planned the party consisted of Patti Smith, Joan McAlister, Ana and Paul Yoshida, Chuck Miller, Brenda Stafford, Gerry Livsey, Dannica Wood, and Jackie Epstein. Volunteers behind the scenes were Joan Gross, 40 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Gary Baur, Lyn Asaro, Bill and Penny Walsh, Karen Kinney, and Jo Wichary. Not enough can be said about the execution of this party... A growth in paddle tennis was reflected in a successful tournament, followed by a potluck social lunch, organized by Chairman, Al Harruff, assisted by Herb Livsey on July 24. Outstanding play on the women’s side ended with most points garnered by Debbi Vail, Sally Palmer, and Dannica Wood; the men’s side winners were newcomer to the game Al Fried, and veterans David Fitzwilliam and Mike Ball. New players can find instruction on Tuesday mornings at 9 am at the Clubhouse courts, followed by drop-in play at 9:30 am. At 3 pm on Friday, September 28, there will be a special water volleyball match between our residents and the everenergetic staff, including Chris Bessey, Recreation Director, and Becky Groenewold, General Manager. This event was designed and organized by our own Charlie Payne who has worked tirelessly to make water volleyball one of our new dynamic sports. Spectators are invited. Post game will be a potluck for PLAYERS and their wives, husbands, or significant others. Joanne Goglia is organizing the food for the after game social. Badminton instruction and play occurs every Friday morning at 8:30 am at the Clubhouse courts; there are games at the HOA courts as well during the week. Call Gerry Livsey for Friday class/play or Lyle Conifrey about HOA games. Table tennis is at 1 pm M,W,F in the Mykonos Room, and ladies’ table tennis is at 3 pm W,F, same place. TENNIS: The new shed, housing the new ball machine, is now installed at Court 3. This project finally came to completion, with the efforts of several people in our tennis population. Eric Fenchel did a great deal of the legwork to get this project to the finish line. PICKLEBALL: The annual tournament run by Allan Singer, Herb Livsey, and Paul Yoshida, scheduled for September 20, has been moved to Thursday, October 4. More on the format, and sign up at the meeting and through e-mails. MEETING: Our next Racquet Club meeting is Wednesday, September 12—social at 4 pm, meeting at 4:30 pm in the Mykonos Room. All members and guests are invited to join their friends for a half-hour of visiting, then to hear what is going on in our Club, with announcements for the future.


We’re happy to announce that August brought us seven dinner hosts. Thank you for making guest assignments much easier. With so many of us cooking outdoors for our parties, the village may smell like a huge tailgating party. Everyone loves entertaining in the summer where some people have larger dining tables and more room to spread out. Sometimes the marine layer drives everyone indoors before the evening is over but we’re all young enough to handle it, and those of us that aren’t just wear parkas. If you would like to join this bunch of partiers, please drop your check for $10 per person at the Front Desk and you will be called and invited to a dinner. After being a guest twice, you will be asked to host a dinner where appetizers, salad and dessert are furnished by your guests and you will be responsible for providing the main course and before and during dinner drinks.

Clubs and Activities Please don’t wait until you’ve been to a few dinners before telling me you can’t serve dinner at your home because you don’t have a table. No, no, people my fuse is way too short, like the rest of me, to be my usual sweet, quiet self! Looking forward to more wonderful dinner parties and much good food. Enjoy your summer, Bon appetite!


The Ocean Hills RV Club has over 175 active members. The Club sponsors four social and six RV trips each year. If you have and RV or, are interested in acquiring one, now is the time to join our Club and enjoy our activities. The Club members just returned from a trip to Sedona and Lake Powell Arizona. In October we travel to Solvang to visit several California Missions and then on to Pismo Beach for the annual Jazz Festival. November is our annual Thanksgiving celebration at Pechanga RV Resort and Casino. We close out the year in December with a wonderful dinner and dance at the Shadow Ridge Country Club and begin the New Year with trip to the Pasadena Rose Parade. We will be staying in an RV Park and Hotel near the event and our Wagon Masters have arranged for reserved parking and reserved seating for the parade. Our Club meetings are held in the Mykonos Room in the Clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of each month. A social gathering and refreshments starts at 7 pm, the business meeting starts at 7:30 pm, and visitors are welcome. Please visit our website at


The Club enjoyed a very well attended August meeting with lots of good food provided by Bob and Susan Kopolov and Mel and Jan Feintuch. Jack Morgan once again provided the liquid refreshments. Events in August included the Club Regatta, which had five boats this year, and a day sail a week later to accommodate the sailors who were unable to sail in the regatta. The Club’s summer party is being organized by Linda and Jack Morgan. The theme is Margaritaville and it will be held September 8. Cost is $25 for Club members and $28 for non-members, which will include a Margarita bar. The Club’s November 7-9 trip to Catalina is fully booked, but we are taking signups for a waiting list in the event of cancellations. Contact Allan Poulutzian, if interested. With all these fun activities, it’s no wonder that membership continues to grow with a couple of new members added each month. You don’t need to be a sailor or even want to sail to enjoy the Sailing Club. We have many enjoyable activities and our monthly meetings are a party as well. Come and check us out at our September 4 meeting in the Mykonos Room. Happy hour with food and wine is at 7 pm. The meeting starts at 7:30 pm. We hope to see you there.


It may not feel like fall yet but the kids are back in school and many of us are back from summer vacations. Traditionally winter has been the time for crafts and sewing as we gather around our fireplaces and huddle together against the fierce winter storms ...hmm…doesn’t sound like OHCC does it? Nonetheless,

there are fun projects ahead. Denise McClenaghan who works on our Front Desk will be teaching us how to knit a ruffled scarf. If you look at the craft books (copies in the Sewing Room), you can see pictures of this fashion accessory. The scarf is for someone who is at a beginner to intermediate skill level. It involves knowing how to decrease and add stitches.You will need a light to medium weight yarn (3-4); about 250 - 300 yards depending on the length desired and size 7 or 8 knitting needles. Denise says that it is the first thing she ever knitted so she is sure anyone and everyone can do it. I’m not sure about the last part since I’ve heard Denise is fearless at trying new things but I’m going to give it a shot. Shannon Johnston will be teaching how to make a stuffed pumpkin to use in your fall decorating. If you look at the website, there are examples of some gorgeous, reversible table runners that the quilting group is working on. One of the table runner examples is even in fall pumpkin colors so these two projects could really work together. My unfinished projects are starting to pile up but I always want to make the new projects also. The strip pillow from August is going to take me more than one session to finish, so it will be my UFO for September. In July, Shirley Borgia told us about a project for a woman’s shelter, making “comfort dolls,” and asked for help in making the dolls. She has accomplished the goal, sending a group of 12 dolls to the woman’s support group. If you go to our website you can see what the completed dolls look like. It is a very thoughtful thing to have done. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the project and especially to Shirley who made most of the dolls as well as coming up with the idea. September Schedule Sewing: 9:30 Thursdays September 6: Business meeting, Show and Tell September 13: Work on unfinished projects September 20: Knit a ruffled scarf September 27: Make a stuffed pumpkin Quilting: 1 pm - Fridays (7,14,21,28) Beading: 1 pm - Tuesdays (4,11,18,25) UFOs: 6-8 pm - Tuesdays (4,11,18,25)


We hope all of you have been enjoying the summer months, and a wonderful way to cap it before autumn leaves begin to fall is to attend our Champagne Après-Ski Party on the Lanai Thursday, September 13. Happy Hour begins at 5 pm when Dan Elexon will be at hand with his stock of wine and champagne (soft drinks, too). The famous combination of chicken and ribs with all the fixings from caterer Famous Dave’s will be served at 6 pm. Popular entertainer Robin is returning with his unique blend of song and music for listening and dancing (on the newly-installed dance floor). There are prizes for the funniest or most unique warmweather ski outfits. Table centerpiece decorations are by Diane Bellerive. The cost is $25 per person (your friends and relatives are welcome). Checks payable to OH Ski Club should be placed in the Ski Club envelope at the Clubhouse Front Desk with the names of those who wish to sit together at our tables of 10. Bobbie Elexon, Jean Newmyer and Merlee Sheridan are the party planners for this special event. Our thanks, once again, to George Naff who arranged and OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 41

Clubs and Activities coordinated our annual Horse Racing Event last month. “Where the surf meets the turf in ole Del mar,” is how the Thoroughbred Club advertised its location. We were sold out for this track outing and, hopefully, everyone had a winning time. Saturday, December 8 is the date of the Tri-Club Holiday Party when the Ski, Sailing and Racquet Clubs join creative forces to bring you another superlative experience of holiday joy in Abravanel Hall. Watch for announcements from each of the three Clubs.


The Swim Club meeting is Monday, September 24 at 5 pm in the Ladies Club Room. Elections of officers will be held. Wanda Fuller is chairing the Election Committee. Please contact Wanda or any of the standing Board of Directors to express your interest in serving. We will also be appointing the Refreshment Chair, Photographer and Historian, Membership Coordinator and Publicist. Imagine you writing this newsletter or developing a Swim Club website! Do you have some skills you can share? We welcome new energy. Our Fall Party is scheduled for Saturday, November 3 at 5 pm. Vice President Jeff Carpenter has some ideas and welcomes your input at the meeting. We will also discuss the Swim Club schedule for next year. Please bring your ideas. It has been a great summer! The Swim Clinic was very successful and a lot of fun this year. Fourteen students participated and four instructors. Some students dropped in for a few lessons, others attended the whole eight-week Clinic and we had a few late comers. It is nice to see you all at the pool practicing. Keep it up it gets easier and more relaxing

42 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

as you condition yourself. You will see the benefits as you stretch and glide through the water while controlling your breathing. The Vollyballers have an exciting game every Monday and Friday from 3-5 pm. It is also a good spectator sport with lots of friends in the cheering section. They leave plenty of room for lap swimming or exercising in the deep end. The aerobics group has the whole pool from 9 to 10 am MondayFriday. The pool and spa are open from 6 am to 10 pm daily. Maintenance Supervisor Gordon Cowie has upgraded the chlorine generators for the pool and spa. He reports that the water is tested several times a day. We are operating entirely on salt with the exception of an occasional ph correction with additional chorine tablets as needed. Gordon is a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). FYI: our pool is 25 yards in length. It is a standard recreation pool, not to be confused with a Junior Olympic which is 25 meters. Master Swimmer Anne Williams has such an inspirational workout to share with us that it will appear as a separate story in the Observer with a photo. See you at the pool rain or shine!


Our new Theatre Arts website is up and running. Go to the OHCC website and click on Clubs then Theatre Arts. You will find minutes from meetings, treasurers reports, current and upcoming activities and pictures from some of our programs and parties will be going up soon. Thanks to our web master Jack Shabel. If you have any pictures from Theatre Arts history please let one of the board members know and we will make sure that Jack gets them up for all to see.

Clubs and Activities

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 43

Clubs and Activities We have arranged for some of the members to deliver Theatre Arts information to the tubes of those who do not have email. If you can or are willing to help us with that, please let one of us know. Most streets have only one or two members who don’t have email. Also, please keep in mind if you have changed your email within this year, it would be great if you would update that with us. So if you were getting Theatre Arts emails and now are not, you need to contact us. SEPTEMBER (OPEN TO THE WHOLE VILLAGE) We will resume our regular 1st Monday night of the month Theatre Arts General Membership meeting and performance on Monday, September 3 with the comedic talent of Karen Rontowski. Since it is our first meeting after the summer, we will open it to all members of the village. This will be cafe seating—-BYOB and snacks. Come and join us at 7 pm for a very brief meeting a lot of laughs and an opportunity to meet our guest star. Dessert and coffee will be provided. We are resuming the Acting Workshop on Monday mornings in the Clubhouse. Please check at the Front Desk for time and location. OCTOBER (Members only) Our October 1 general membership meeting will be at 7 pm. After a brief meeting, we will welcome two singers and their piano accompanist from the Moonlight Cultural Foundation for your listening pleasure. On Saturday, October 27 at 7 pm and Sunday, October 28, at 2 pm, Theatre Arts will bring to the entire village a Dramatic and Comedic Show Case of Ocean Hills Country

44 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Club Talent under the Direction of Celeste Finnegan. Members’ only tickets will be available on October 1, general ticket sales shortly after that at the Concierge Desk in the Clubhouse. Be looking for upcoming publicity. NOVEMBER (Members only) Our regular meeting, Monday, November 5. Program to be announced. DECEMBER On December 3, we will have the Theatre Arts Holiday Party. It will start at 6:30 pm in Abravanel Hall. Again, our party Hostess and organizer will be Theresa Howell and her committee. Our caterer will be Marrakesh. We will have an authentic belly dancer and music for your dancing pleasure. Start thinking now about what you will be wearing on this magical night straight out of the mysteries of Morocco. Look for more on this as we get closer to the date.


All OHCC residents are invited to the Travel Club’s annual Open House on Monday, September 10, 6:30 pm, in Abravanel Hall. Randy Case of AFC Tours will present its newest and exciting trips for 2013. Unless otherwise noted, all trips are coordinated by Heidi Boynton, 760-295-8990. The following trips still have openings. September 25 – Los Angeles Times and LA Police Museum Tour with lunch at Philippe’s -$70. Our day begins

Clubs and Activities

Mention This Ad and Receive




Up to $500

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 45

Clubs and Activities

46 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Clubs and xxxActivities with a behind-the-scenes guided tour of the historical LA Times Bldg. One of the oldest and best-known restaurants, Philippes in Southern California, is our lunch stop. It is well known for its French Dipped sandwiches. Our day concludes with a docent-led tour of the LA Police Museum. October 23 - Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen - $75. Join us for a colonial farm life adventure and a sumptuous meal in an 18th Century Colonial Public House. We will learn what it was like to live during the Revolutionary War as we are put in the shoes of our colonist counterparts in a fun, interactive way. Our lunch will consist of a salad, corn chowder, pot pie and apple crisp—all prepared fresh daily on the premises. November 12 - Save this date for our Annual Birthday Bash. More details in October. Travel Club trips are open to all residents of Ocean Hills Country Club who are able to maneuver the steps of the bus and walk down the aisle unassisted. Annual membership fee of $9 per person is required to participate in all Travel Club activities. Guests are welcome for an additional $5 fee per trip, depending on space availability. Detailed flyers on all trips sponsored by the Travel Club are located in the Trip racks at the Clubhouse. You may sign up for trips by leaving a check in the Travel Club envelope at the Front Desk at any time.


Line Dancers “fall into line” as September brings us together under the expert direction of our teachers Christine Alesiani and Betty Heyer. Christine teaches the Level 1 Class on Mondays from 12:30 to 2 pm. Her Level 2 Class continues to meet on Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 12 pm. Both classes are $5 a session. A very talented and experienced resident, Betty Heyer, gives generously of her time to review dances learned in classes or previous line dance experiences. Come review with Betty on Mondays from 2 to 3:30 pm. There is no charge for these sessions. Francis Ainis is our Sunshine Lady in charge of sending greeting cards to members who are experiencing poor health, hospitalization, or loss of a loved one. Please call her at 760-945-0969 to notify her of a member who would be cheered by the receipt of a greeting from our Club. Direct any questions you might have about Line Dancing to Jirina Svoboda at 760-945- 2125.


Tropical Splendor and it was a splendor. The combined party with the Computer Club was Saturday, August 11. Over 190 people were present. We had good food, good friends and much fun and laughter. We helped others try a few easy square dance moves. Jim Randall loves to get new people on the floor. Some of us tried line dancing. Verl Lobb provided mai tai’s to add to the tropical theme. There were many door prizes. As we enter the beginning of fall, our class is learning more and more of the plus calls. The calls can be viewed online. Ask some of the tech savvy members how to do it if you haven’t been able to. Perhaps Ed Olson or Sig Gronich could steer you in the right direction. I would like to encourage students to attend other class level dances, outside the village. It helps you to become stronger. You learn to listen to different callers, which I found useful in my early square dance days. If you are hesitant to go alone, announce that you are willing to go, but would like to go with someone. Jim often displays other club’s names and locations. Try to attend Verl’s class on Thursday morning from 9 am to 10 am. It again is a way to become a stronger dancer. It builds on what Jim calls on Tuesday. Calling all ANGELS – we need you at the workshop on Thursday. You will be helping our class members. We would like to see all of them doing well.


Our feet have been resting since our big show in June, but now we are ready to start learning new steps and dances for our next show. Classes will be beginning in September for Tap (beginning, intermediate, advanced), Jazz, Theatre Dance, Belly Dancing, and Hawaiian Dancing. We are looking for new “feet” to join us! We are looking for both men and women! Since we have to get this article in a month in advance, we do not have the new schedule for the classes. However, by the time you read this article, our schedule will be set. We will have a schedule of classes posted in the bins near the Front Desk. You can also call or email me if you want to learn more about the classes! Rona Cole (760-295-4299) or Remember, dancing is a great form of exercise. It’s easy

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 47

Clubs and Activities to stay in shape when you dance! Here are some great quotes about dancing: “There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.” Edwin Denby “We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.” Japanese Proverb “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.” Dave Barry “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!” Constanze “There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” Vicki Baum “Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” John Dryden “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” Author Unknown “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Martha Graham Join us in dancing!


Have you been to the USS Midway Museum? Come to the September meeting of the Village Vets and you will get a tour without leaving your seat. Did you know that the USS Midway was commissioned a week after the end of World War II and embarked on an unprecedented 47-year odyssey that set new standards in naval aviation? Did you know that she is the longest-serving U.S. Navy carrier of the 20th century and largest ship in the world, 1945-1955? The USS Midway is the most-visited floating ship museum in the world and it is right here in our back yard.You will learn a lot more when our special speaker from the USS

48 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Clubs and Activities

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 49

Clubs and Activities Midway will tell us all about her history as well as what you will find on her today. There will be time for questions after the presentation. The meeting is September 27 in Abravanel Hall at 1500 hours (3 pm). You might even win 2 free tickets to the USS Midway Museum! As always, refreshments are served for your enjoyment. Not a member yet? Our Club welcomes all veterans, spouses, and any person who has a soft spot in their hearts for our wonderful veterans. Just fill out an application and leave your check for $10 in the Village Vets envelope at the Front Desk or sign up at the next meeting. Please mark your calendars now for September 27!

50 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012


Walkers/Hikers is one of the most active and enthusiastic Clubs in OHCC. As of January, Ed Gunderson will step down as President after serving this group for 6 years. Co-President Valerie Davis will also no longer be able to serve in this capacity. The present experienced Board will continue. The Club is seeking someone(s) to take the position of President in order to keep the Club a functioning part of the activities at OHCC. There is wonderful support within the membership, but no one has stepped forward to assume the Presidency at this time. Ed has extensive files for his successor to follow, if needed, and has offered assistance to a new leader. Please give this position some thoughtful consideration. Consult Ed or Val Davis for more information or your offer to serve. Their phone numbers are noted below. Plans are being made for our October 9 Annual Picnic at Lake Poway. Club members will be asked to bring either a salad, a side dish or a dessert. The Club will provide hamburgers and veggiburgers. Dee McGuire will be in charge of organizing the food for this fun annual event. Please call Dee at 760-295-9725 to let her know what food items you will bring. There are four rooms available for our Julian overnight trip on October 16, 17, 18. Reservations can be made by calling the Julian Lodge at 800-542-1420. You must call (not email) and identify yourself as an OHCC Walker/Hiker member to get the special rate. See flyer for details or call Dee McGuire at 760-295-9725 for information. Future dates: Annual Picnic: Lake Poway on October 9.

Clubs and Activities

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 51

Clubs and Activities Holiday Cocktail Party 4:30 pm on December 4. Hikes for September: September 13: Bataquitos Lagoon - 3-5 miles rated easy to moderate September 28: Leo Carrillo Ranch - 2-4 miles rated easy A schedule of this year’s hikes and walks can be obtained on the Club’s website at or on the Club Rack in the Clubhouse. For further information, call Ed Gunderson at 760-631-1625 or Valerie Davis at 760-732-3828.


Sometimes it is hard to write something interesting about a subject, but not the Woodchucks. There is no other Club in the village that gives more and does whatever they can gladly. For the fourteen years that the Woodchucks have been operating in small quarters up at the storage building, they have always put OHCC first to help any way they can to make things better for Ocean Hills. An impressive amount of wooden toys has already been made this year for the Camp Pendleton families. Larry Bowers who is the Club president has hundreds of toys in his kitchen because of the lack of storage. Larry’s drive to take care of the Marine children is so great that he even put a cover on his hot tub and then has painting parties where all our great artists do their work. We have two members who are over ninety two years old. Sam Zeiden and Pete Gantz. Pete is still active when he is caught. Then there is Karl Strelling who was a wild motorcycle rider in his day. Karl started helping in the shop and, believe it or not, is a changed man. He looks ten years younger and is enjoying life to the utmost.

52 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

Usually every January, we clean house. Bob Allen who is our master at arms started early this year so if you have anything stored in the shop and want to keep it see Bob or it may go to the happy hunting grounds. Joan Westlake just donated a splendid drill press. We thank her very much for all the nice things she has done for us. Vista Paint has just donated seven gallons of paint. We we thank Bryan from Sunset Paint for doing the leg work. We have to talk about another member by the name of Robert Murphy. “Murph” was a commercial electrician before retiring. He joined the Club with only a smattering about the finer points of woodworking. He since has found a new horizon that has us all amazed. This guy has had a hidden talent for detail in making things out of wood scrap that is unreal. You will see his talents at Christmas time at the Clubhouse. Bob Allen has made 100 doll cradles, jewelry boxes, art boxes, crayon holders and a lot more. He still has to keep the equipment running, as he is the Master at Arms for the shop at the same time. He also is a volunteer patrol officer for the City of Oceanside every Monday. He is one hard working member. Our next article will cover more people who are giving their time freely in spite of some hardships. The next meeting will be in October. All suggestions or comments that you wish reviewed should be directed to Bob Mellman. We have a great Club and need all the help we can get to keep it that way. Remember—Support your Club. Get active and attend our meetings.

Clubs and Activities

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 53

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54 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

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MISSION STATEMENT Ocean Hills Country Club is an age-restricted homeowners association with facilities to complement and enhance an active lifestyle.

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OHCC’s mission, through its Board of Directors, is to:

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This will be accomplished by:

• Respecting and treating members fairly • Enforcing the governing documents • Communicating Board efforts and actions to members • Making informed decisions for the common benefit of the owners

OHCC Newsletter • September 2012 55

56 OHCC Newsletter • September 2012

OHCC Sep 2012  

Official Newsletter of the Ocean Hills Country Club, Oceanside, Calif.

OHCC Sep 2012  

Official Newsletter of the Ocean Hills Country Club, Oceanside, Calif.