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English Incredible Islands Book of Hope ISBN 978-1-59480-937-8 Copyright © 2013 OneHope Bible stories adapted by Bob Hartman. Author and storyteller.

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Welcome to our adventure! We need your help. Every one of us is on a journey. We are traveling from our homes to a place called Incredible Islands. It isn’t easy leaving home. We miss our families. We miss familiar things. We left our homes because we know that Incredible Islands is worth finding. We know that we can use our talents there to serve God. But each of us is stuck. We need to find coins to help us get to the islands. Will you help us?

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My name is Kate, and this is my parrot Tuki. I am a ship’s captain. I love having adventures in the Tarshish with Tuki. We are traveling to Incredible Islands because Grandpa is there. I also love the story of Creation. The garden reminds me of the jungles in South America, where Tuki was born. I also love hearing about how God made everything. God is so powerful! We need 5 red coins to get to Incredible Islands. Can you help us find the coins in this story?

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The Creation of the World At first there wasn’t anything. So God said, “Light,” and there was Day and there was Night. Then God said, “Sky,” and God said, “Land,” and God said, “Sea.” And there they were!

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God said, “Plants” and up they grew. God said, “Sun,” and God said, “Moon,” and God said, “Stars,” and they burst brightly into view. God said, “Fish” and God said, “Birds,” and they splashed in the seas and soared through the skies.

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God said, “Animals,” and they crept and crawled and leaped across the land. Then God said, “Man” and God said, “Woman. I have made you in my image,” he told them. “So carry on my work. Take care of my world.” And then God rested.

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God put Adam and Eve in a garden called Eden. “Don’t eat from Knowledge Tree,” he said. That fruit is not good for you.” The serpent disagreed. “If you eat that fruit you will be like God.” So Eve, then Adam, ate the fruit. Immediately, they knew they were naked. When God visited that evening, they hid from him. “You ate

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from the tree,” God said. “It’s Eve’s fault,” said Adam. “It’s the serpent’s,” said Eve. “Serpent,” God said, “You must crawl now. A woman’s son will crush your head. Childbirth will be painful, Eve. Growing food will be hard, Adam.” Then God sent Adam and Eve out of the garden. An angel guarded it, so they could not return.

10/9/13 11:28 AM

Abraham and Isaac


God had a plan to fix what had been broken in the Garden of Eden. To do it, God needed a “people.” So he spoke to Abraham. “Leave your home and move to another country. Trust me, and your children will become a great nation!” But Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was too old to have children. “Trust me.” God said. “And you will have more descendants than stars in the sky — descendants who will bless the world.” So Abraham trusted God. He took Sarah, and his nephew, Lot, and everything they owned and went to the land of Canaan. Twenty years later, when Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90, she told him she was pregnant! When the baby came, Sarah was so happy that she laughed. So they named their son Isaac, which means, “he laughs”.

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When Isaac was a boy, God told Abraham to kill him as a sacrifice to God. Abraham was confused, but still he trusted God. Isaac carried the wood. Abraham held the knife and torch. They climbed Mount Moriah. “Where is the sacrificial lamb?” asked Isaac. “God will provide,” Abraham replied.

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Abraham tied up Isaac and laid him on an altar. He raised the knife to kill Isaac, and then an angel called his name. “Don’t hurt him!” the angel cried. “You truly trust God’s promise. There’s a ram in the bushes! Sacrifice that instead.” So Abraham sacrificed the ram. Then he called the place, “God Will Provide.”

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My name is Christie. I am a scientist.


I am very good at understanding how things work. I want to get to Incredible Islands so I can continue my studies. I also want to teach children like you about science. I am still trying to understand how God parted the water in this story. Have you ever tried to part water? The next time you are in the bath, try to push the water apart. It is impossible? But God does it. Isn’t God amazing? I need 6 blue coins to get to Incredible Islands. Can you help me find the coins in this story?

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Parting the Red Sea Isaac’s grandson, Joseph, was sold as a slave in Egypt. But with God’s help, rose to power there. When famine struck Canaan, his family went to Egypt for food. They stayed there, and over many years, grew into a great nation.

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In fear that the Israelites would be greater than them, the Egyptians made them slaves. God sent Moses to free them. Ten plagues struck the Egyptians. When Pharaoh’s son died in the tenth plague, he let the Israelites leave. Then he changed his mind and chased them to the Red Sea. The Israelites were terrified. “Did we leave Egypt just to die?” “Be brave,” Moses told them. “Trust God to fight for you.” Moses raised his staff toward the water. When he did, an east wind blew hard and parted the sea, with a dry path down the middle! The Israelites crossed safely to the other side of the Red Sea. Nothing got wet, not even their shoes.

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Pharaoh and his army followed them into the sea. God told Moses to stretch out his hand. Then the sea rolled back again, and Pharaoh and his army all died. God led his people through a wilderness. He fed them and gave them water. They camped at Mount Sinai, where God told Moses

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to meet him on the mountaintop. The people washed their clothes and promised not to touch the mountain. Surrounded by fire and smoke, Moses climbed to the top and God came down to meet him. Then God gave Moses Ten Commandments on two stone tablets.

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I am Chemzee. I am an orangutan. I love being a great ape. I am very strong. Sometimes people are frightened of me. But I am very gentle. I am also very creative. I take pictures and I play music. I want to use my creativity on the Incredible Islands. My favorite story from the Bible is the story of David. He was a musician like me. He wrote songs that people still sing today! I need 4 orange coins to get to Incredible Islands. Can you help me find the coins in this story?

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David After Moses died, God took his people back to their promised land. God sent judges to lead them. Then God let them have a king named Saul. Sadly, King Saul did not obey God.

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So God sent Samuel, the prophet, to Bethlehem. “Find a man named Jesse,” God said. “One of his sons will be the new king.” Samuel looked at seven of Jesse’s sons. They looked handsome and strong. “None of them.” God said. ”I don’t care about ‘looks’. I care about what’s in a person’s heart.” Jesse sent for his youngest son, David, who

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was watching sheep in the fields. Samuel saw him and knew he was the one! So David was anointed the new king. Some time later, Israel fought the Philistines. The Philistines had a giant soldier called Goliath who challenged any of the Israelites to fight him. But they were all afraid.

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One day, David brought food to his brothers in the army. When he heard Goliath’s challenge he said, “How dare he defy God’s army? I will fight him!” Surprised, King Saul offered David his armor. “No,” said David. “God helped me kill a lion. He will help me kill Goliath, too!” David

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took stones and a sling, instead. “Am I a dog?” Goliath roared. “You send this stick of a boy to fight me!” “You have a spear,” said David. “But I have the help of Israel’s God!” David put a stone into a sling and threw it. It struck Goliath’s forehead and knocked him down. The Israelites defeated the Philistines. With God’s help, David was a hero!

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My name is Cefus. I love to sell things.


I want to open a small shop on Incredible Islands. Maybe I can sell you some beautiful things there someday! When you own a shop, you learn the real value of things. It was clear at the moment that Jesus was born that he was someone special. On his birthday, Jesus gave us the most valuable gift of all: Himself. I need 6 green coins to get to Incredible Islands. Can you help me find the coins in this story?

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The Birth of Jesus After King David, God’s people had mostly bad kings. God promised that, one day, he would send a king, from David’s family, who would bless the whole world.

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The angel Gabriel told Mary, “You will have a baby!” “I’m not married,” said Mary. “How?” “With God’s help,” said Gabriel. “The baby will be his Son!” So Mary agreed. Mary was engaged to Joseph, but he didn’t believe her story. So Gabriel visited him, too. “Mary’s not lying. Her baby will be God’s Son, Jesus.” So Joseph married Mary.

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Months passed. Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem, Joseph’s hometown, to be counted by the government. After that long journey, Mary was ready to give birth. But all the inns in Bethlehem were full. So God’s Son, Jesus, was born in a stable, wrapped up in cloths and laid on a bed of hay.

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That night, an angel appeared 15 to shepherds in the hills around Bethlehem. “Good news!” the angel said. “Your Savior has been born. He’s in Bethlehem, lying in a manger.” Then more angels appeared, and filled the sky with their singing. “Praise God!” they sang. “And may everyone who pleases him receive his peace.” When the angels left, the shepherds went to Bethlehem. They found the baby, just as the angel had said, lying on a bed of hay. After the shepherds had seen Jesus, they went through the town. They were very excited! They told everyone what had happened, and they praised God for what he had done.

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The Temptation of Jesus When Jesus was thirty, he was baptized. Then God’s Spirit led him into the desert. Jesus ate nothing for forty days. That’s when the devil tempted Jesus. He pointed to a rock and said, “If you’re God’s Son, make these rocks bread.” Jesus quoted scripture. “Man does not live by bread alone, but by God’s word.” The devil took Jesus to a temple tower. “Jump!” he said. “The scriptures say angels will save you.” Jesus quoted scripture again. “Don’t test God.” They went to a mountain, and the devil showed Jesus the world’s kingdoms. “Worship me, and this is yours!” “Leave, Satan!” Jesus commanded. “The scriptures say, “Worship God. Serve him only.” The devil left and angels came to care for Jesus.

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I am a robot. I am called Compacha.


I am programmed to do many things well. I can read and write poetry. I can build things. I can forecast the weather. But the thing I love most is numbers. Numbers are amazing! In this story, Jesus feeds 5,000 people. Can you count to 5,000? I need 7 purple coins . Can you help me find the coins in this story? Make sure you count carefully!

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Jesus Performs Miracles After his temptation, Jesus started teaching about God’s Kingdom. One day, he was teaching on a mountainside. Everyone was hungry.

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“Why don’t you feed them?” said Jesus to his disciples. “That would take a year’s wages!” they cried. “How much food do you have?” asked Jesus. “There’s a boy here,” said Andrew, “with five loaves and two fish.” “Perfect!” Jesus smiled. “Tell everyone to sit down.”

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Jesus thanked God for the bread and fish. He broke them into pieces, for his disciples to hand out. They passed out bread and fish to everyone - over 5,000 people! The people ate till they were full. And there were even leftovers! They all learned that they could trust God to care for them.

10/9/13 11:28 AM


Jesus sent everyone home. Then he told his disciples to sail across the Sea of Galilee. He stayed and prayed, alone. As Jesus prayed, the sea grew stormy. Jesus went to help his disciples. He walked to them, on the water! His disciples thought he was a ghost. “Don’t be afraid!” called Jesus. “It’s me!” “I want to walk on water, too!” said Peter. “Come

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on, then,” said Jesus. So Peter jumped overboard, and walked on the water. But the crashing waves made Peter afraid. “I’m sinking!” he cried. Jesus grabbed him. “Why did you doubt me?” said Jesus. He helped Peter into the boat. The wind stopped blowing! Everyone was amazed. “You really are God’s Son!” they said.

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The Death of Jesus Jesus healed sick people and fed hungry people. He loved outcasts, and taught everyone about God. But the religious leaders didn’t like what he said. They were jealous of him and decided to have him killed. They gave thirty pieces of silver to Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples, to hand Jesus over to them.

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Late one night, Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane with his disciples. Jesus knew his enemies wanted him dead. He also knew that dying was God’s plan for him. “Show me another way,” he prayed. “Otherwise, I will do what you ask.” Suddenly, an angry mob appeared, sent by the religious leaders. They grabbed Jesus and took him to the religious leaders.

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They told Pilate, the Roman Governor, that Jesus was dangerous and wanted to be king. Pilate asked Jesus, “Is that true?” “I’m a king,” Jesus answered. “But not of this world.” “Jesus is innocent,” said Pilate. “There’s no reason to kill him. Let me kill Barabbas, the terrorist, instead.” But the religious leaders had the crowd shout,

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“Free Barabbas! Crucify Jesus!” So Pilate had his soldiers whip Jesus. They forced a thorny crown on his head. Then they laid a wooden cross on his back and led him up a hill. They nailed Jesus’ hands and feet to that cross and raised it high. Jesus hung there between two criminals, dying not for his sins but the sins of the world.

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Around noon, the sky turned dark. Jesus’ friends wept. But the religious leaders laughed and said, “You saved other people. Why can’t you save yourself?” “Forgive them, Father,” said Jesus. Jesus was there to take the punishment for everyone’s sins

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and restore man’s broken relationship with God. So, as an earthquake shook the land, he said, “It is finished,” and died. Joseph, from Arimathea, put Jesus’ body into a brand new tomb. Then he rolled a huge stone in front of it. A long sad Friday was over.

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The Empty Tomb Sunday morning, some women went to put burial spices on Jesus’ body. But they didn’t know how they would move the big stone away from the front of his tomb. When they arrived, the stone had already been

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moved, Jesus’ body was gone, and there were angels in the tomb! “Jesus is alive!” the angels said. “Go tell his disciples.” The women told the disciples, and Peter and John ran to Jesus’ tomb, to see for themselves. All they found were Jesus’ empty burial clothes. They went back home, confused.

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Later, the disciples were gathered together in a room. They were talking about what had happened, when Jesus appeared to them. They were terrified. They thought he was a ghost. “Don’t worry,” said Jesus. “See my hands and feet. It’s me! Touch me, go on! You can’t touch a ghost. And ghosts don’t

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eat either, but I’m feeling really hungry.” So he ate some fish. Then he taught them. “The scriptures are clear,” he said. The Messiah was supposed to suffer and die and be raised from the dead. Now tell the world what you have seen. Let everyone know that their sins can be forgiven if they turn to God! It’s possible because of what I have done.”

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I am Papyrus. I think books are wonderful.


I love reading and I love learning things. I have heard that there are many amazing books on Incredible Islands. I love the story of Pentecost. They speak all of those wonderful languages! I need 8 yellow coins to get to Incredible Islands. Can you help me find the coins in this story?

The Day of Pentecost Jews from all over the world were in Jerusalem for the Feast of Pentecost. Jesus’ followers were there, too. They were waiting for the gift he had promised them.

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In the middle of the festival, God’s gift arrived. It began with a sound, a sound like a howling wind that filled the house where they were waiting. Next, something that looked like fire settled on each one of them. Then God’s Holy Spirit filled everyone in the room, and he gave them power to speak different languages! The Jews who heard them were amazed.

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“These people are speaking our languages,” they said, “and telling us about the wonderful things that God has done!” “This is God’s gift.” Peter explained. “It was promised long ago. It comes to us through Jesus, the Messiah. You crucified him, but God brought him back to life.” “What should

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we do?” the people asked, sadly. “Turn away from evil,” said Peter. “Be baptized in Jesus’ name. He will forgive your sins, and give you his Holy Spirit.” On that day, three thousand were baptized and added to the church. They were just the first of many more who would come to follow Jesus.

10/9/13 11:29 AM


When Saul Became Paul After Pentecost, the apostles told more and more people about Jesus. The church kept growing. But not everyone liked that. Saul thought that anyone who believed in Jesus should be put in prison. In fact, he thought they should die. He went to Damascus to arrest Jesus’ followers. On the way, Saul was surrounded by a bright light.

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He fell down. A voice said, “Saul, why are you hurting me?” “Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked. The voice replied, “I am Jesus, the one you want to harm. Go to Damascus. There you will learn what you must do.” Saul got up, but he was blind. His friends led him to a house in Damascus. Saul waited there for three days. He had nothing to eat or drink.

10/9/13 11:29 AM


Meanwhile, Jesus appeared in a vision to one of his followers in Damascus. The man’s name was Ananias. Jesus told him to visit Saul. “But Saul wants to arrest your followers.” Ananias trembled. “I know,” said Jesus. “But I want to use Saul to tell people all over the world about me.”

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Ananias trusted Jesus. He went to see Saul. He placed his hands on Saul and Saul could see again. Then Saul was baptized and filled with God’s Holy Spirit. Saul had changed from a man who wanted to hurt Jesus to a man who wanted to tell everyone about him! So he changed his name, as well, to Paul.

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Thank you for helping us! We have enough coins to get to Incredible Islands. We are on the way there now. We cannot wait to offer our talents to God there.


Hopefully we will see you there, too.

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A Word to Parents: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. ...Deuteronomy 6:5-7 Teaching your child about God’s love does not have to be a daunting task. In fact, God made it something you could do naturally, like walking or putting your children to bed. You don’t have to be a preacher or Bible scholar to effectively teach your child about God. But you do have to do the following: • Take your own faith seriously: (James 1:22-25) If you are not yourself committed to loving God and loving others, then your child won’t be either. You cannot simply say, “Do as I say, not as I do,” and expect it to work. So in order to teach your child how to live in a way that shows love to God and others, you need to be doing the same thing. That is what it means to be a spiritual leader in your home. • Develop a Plan: (Proverbs 16:3) Your plan shouldn’t be complicated. After all, these are things you will be doing in the course of your daily routine. Here is an example of a plan you might follow: o Read the Bible daily with your child. It doesn’t have to be long. Maybe it’s a story, like David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17) or maybe it’s a proverb on trusting God (Proverbs 3:5-6). Read it aloud to your child and talk about what the passage means to the both of you. o Pray with your child. Spend time praying with your child each day. Pray in the mornings, at meal times, before bed, or any time you and your child have a moment to focus and pray for something.

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10/9/13 11:29 AM

o Talk about God to your child. In the course of your everyday life, God reveals himself through creation, through other people, and through other circumstances. Pray and look for ways to point what you see to what God is doing. Did you see a woman help a child up? You could discuss how God helps us. Or how we can show God’s love to others when we help them. o Get your children involved in a local ministry. Stay connected with the leaders of the ministry—volunteer if you can, or just touch base with them often so you have a sense of how your child is progressing.


• Show Them What Following God Looks Like: (Matthew 22:37-40) Jesus said that if we love God and love others, there is nothing else we need to do. Pretty simple to say, but what does it look like in practice? Well, showing love to God may look like: o Reading my Bible o Praying o Giving o Going to Church

And showing love to others may look like: o Using kind words o Helping people in need o Accepting people no matter where they come from o Encouraging people who are down If we live this way in front of our children, then what we do, speaking more loudly than what we say, will be adopted by our children.

God has equipped you to be the perfect spiritual teacher for your child. Not that you will always get it right, but no one is in a better position to show your child Jesus than you.

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