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LAY Contributing DOW Sports Writer orted n cau . The g to f our If wecussion, without reathing y the s s o e r failu   There cheers and applause. There were hand NLwere FR  O tate cause of ed by he also re to efuse to, ducationur soOAD Supr r d shakes and smiles. This was the gathering of California M d w e a a o e n t A ’ll co eme h “an me THE Association- South Bay Unit. so.” d 2. L PP SOfficials Football n C t o i O n- YORK (AP) – Renowned astrophysicist NEW urt’s atom LOG OK F Unit TO President Jeff Taylor Board members rulin RE Neil deGrasse Tyson says he will cooperate fully with O g O welcomed  some 100 guests and veteran officials  to the R

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Wel c Dee per ome Con tent to O Neil deGrasse . Pic b s South Bay Recognizes It’s Officials ture e Tyson Denies r s Mo v LaMisconduct ve. A er In Sexual wsu ds T t Disc it All alk. erac ege rimi P Live t regn nati s i v Sho o ppi e Offic ant Pri n by THI S

an “impartial investigation’’ into allegations of sexual misconduct that have been leveled against him. recently published accounts from 3. S two women who say that Tyson behaved in a sexually SMACAN L inappropriate manner toward them. Tyson was host of RTP OGO “Cosmos: Possible Worlds’’ on Fox in 2014 and a new HON WIT edition of the series was to air on National Geographic H YO E. cer i LOS AN next year. U s R G s r a u Bloo TAB c EL Saturday, Tyson denied an ing t Gpost Inbabay Facebook dlig e Jone hgroped L w e sta ESa (woman Film ht and s: E AP h accusation that he and he denied that T w i Rev Bam l e a O s ie i r Baker espo te ptoward w psexual rison ) a_ production R AC r e he made advances g T n B n ake uesd alifo assistant sfield ding syand t. Sto stemcheese Fres rsfield rnihis ay in anher when he invited share at twine o a no S Nat a cohome. r a a a iv fi h ght b fter assistant Bas tate M e Na Coo Bfor rrfeel Cothe akemaking Hea apologized production ketb s en’s med h o r e e s g g sked all C H twee le sa field. le fil says ection o oac ead uncomfortable. f h n ffi e she l y o dNetworks s r a leNational tionFox a dis inm ost h have or We al Inand atessaid ss str she Geographic t c o r w l i w FRE w d m E! s titu asnwill conduct the C ill Reap nu they aethorough inati hen s e oinvestigation. ffi onseq on la he anot ’t possib tion in ous posi cials sh uence wsui her p le an Teha s tion e w t as p chap d sh at th ositi Env W r e i o e iron e ’d . g n h C S Just n w men e h w h a a n h a lifo es nt ith ve il s Facinice Issu tal “lost e runnin he was a lower to eithe ays she rnia Co and Res g Kern es iden w rrec s r g h ts Co. e s a t a v s ake l Dep er bab to sto en m lary. eave told tha a y p o r t n d m a t ue tio or ac hs t en fi Opinion Star cept Matt Barnes (L) and John Navarrow at coin toss of PAC-12 Game.Barnes South n did n t of C to a pl ght bet pregna : buc was a member ofPothe C.F.O.A. lice a w o o t n c o r t k e t e R r C s , e 2 imm ntal eco e har Heath Bay Unit  and has done College Football Play-off semi-final and Championship games. (Earl Photo) Blac CEO inma C oogl in Fa ging IC mmen rup–t An forensic ediat ctionsAla. kM BIRMINGHAM, tal C E Ag d e fel and(AP) t sexamination en AApolog u e rash ents r l e y anback . l i shows a black man was shot three times r Com ” Thinethe com d lat side este zes his uniform and sewing back all the memories, rwashing e m m d C e e of his body when an Alabama police officer mistook u r n a n t l iforn ity (the American) flag on it” said Darlene. “Looking good was on therupted him for the shooter after gunfire ia ehaab crowded e law Rat part of the way he was. I know he loved his work, he loved She s shopping mall, the man’s family said Monday. u it. ilitaworking on the field with the kids.” Say riff You s The results are “devastating’’ to the family of Emantic Urg He Wa ngbloo Away from the field Kurt also worked assisting  people Kill ing Any s Not d “EJ’’ Bradford Jr., their lawyer, Ben Crump, said at an Inm o n e ates while working for State Farm Insurance and assisting with to emotional news conference. eet C Church its finance. St.“MJohns E Emantic Bradford Sr. angrily jabbed his finger at the OtherO & members that have been previously inducted Fou TV cameras as he addressed the unnamed officer, saying er of include; Chad Brown former NFL in the South BayndHall “you’re a coward!’’ “ Ra Farmer. official,  Bill Agopian and Jim mpa The officer in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover ge T Hall of Famer MattANumBarnes began his career in be ak should be charged with homicide, Bradford said, “because Quie r One f es the South Bay Unit. He currently t Pla romworks in the    PACce this is murder.’’ 12  and has done so more than 15 years. He has worked The Rev. Jesse Jackson also attended the news College Football  Playoff    Semi-final and National conference at The Rock, a small church EJ Bradford Bey CHAMPIONSHIP games. onc attended in north Birmingham. e 100 was Several years ago H$he when Notre Dame ,000Giveumpire s ist Jackson said the authorities’ refusal to release video rica to Sch oone ll and USC squared off for of the greatest regular season ools y Bla ck evidence smacks of a cover-up. games ever. A game known as the  “Bush Push” played in Police in Hoover reiterated Monday that they South Bend. won’t release officer video or other evidence about the Every off-season Barnes attends clinics and camps to Thanksgiving night killing until the state investigation is give advice to new and up coming officials. complete. They released a letter from state investigators “I always want to give back and help someone get expressing concern that the investigation could be better,” said Barnes. jeopardized or hindered if information is released. Others honored for their play-off games are: Crump said the forensic pathologist hired by the Sidney Blue - Side Judge who were honored the 2017 family determined Bradford was struck by one gunshot CIF SS  Championship Mater Dei Vs St John Bosco at that entered the rear of his skull, another that hit the back Cerritos College. of his neck and a third that penetrated his lower back. Ron Maden- Line Judge is a  CIF STATE BOWL Crump said any of the three shots could have killed the CHAMPIONSHIP OFFICIAL and has worked the  CIFL to R-Jeffery Taylor Sr., Laurie Kamiyama -Athletic Director North Torrance High, Dwaine Harris-Champi21-year-old. SS Division 1 Championship game. onship game official. (Earl Heath Photo) Police initially described Bradford as the mall CIF-SS Division 13 Championship Crew members gunman, and called the officer a hero for his swift are: response. Then they said Bradford wasn’t the initial Greg Lawson - Referee shooter. Bradford pulled out his handgun in response to John Beuner - Umpire the initial gunfire, and the city and police said that action Tim Greer - Head linesman increased the threat level for responding officers. Ron Harris - Line Judge Ron Maden - Side Judge Dwaine Harris - Field Judge CW Allen - Back Judge Jeff Taylor Sr.   is a 6 time umpire CIF State Football Official-he also officiated the 2016 CIF SS Open Division Championship St. John Bosco vs Mater Dei at Anaheim Stadium. The South Bay Board members are: President - Jeffrey Taylor Sr Vice President - CW Allen Past President - John Bruner Treasurer - Chaka Wade Secretary - Fred Gravett Instructional Chair - Nardy Samuels Assistant to Nardy - Greg Fucci Assignor - Paul Just Board members at large: Dwaine Harris, Lance Reed, Abdul Wajid, and Frank Obregon. C.F.O.A- South Bay Board Members. (Earl Heath photo) Los Angeles, CA – The County of Los Angeles has been awarded a $299,377.00 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to the Los Angeles County Probation Department, ensuring that high-risk, repeat DUI offenders with suspended or revoked licenses are complying with all court orders. “The  Los  Angeles  County Probation Department is pleased to again be a recipient of the Office of Traffic Safety grant,” stated Chief Probation Officer Terri L. By Stacy M. Brown McDonald. “These funds allow us to continue providing NNPA Newswire Correspondent
@StacyBrownMedia officers dedicated to promote public safety and provide The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, for healthier and safer communities.” Inc. (LDF) has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take up The grant will fund Probation Department the question of whether police officers are constitutionally personnel to monitor drivers on probation for felony obligated to help a person injured during arrest. DUI or multiple misdemeanor DUI convictions, Officials said the question arises from the case of Jason White, a decorated veteran who was killed by two including conducting unannounced Fourth Amendment Columbus, Ohio, police officers in 2013 during a mental waiver home searches, random alcohol and drug testing, health crisis triggered by his service in Iraq. Both officers and making sure those on probation are attending courtwere trained as first responders, but after shooting White ordered DUI education and treatment programs. multiple times, neither tried to help him. This grant is aimed at reducing the number of Instead they stood over him and waited 15 minutes persons killed and injured in alcohol and other drug for an ambulance as White bled to death, LDF officials related collisions in  Los  Angeles  County by preventing said.   DUI offenders with suspended or revoked licenses from “This petition is about fundamental civil rights and getting behind the wheel and violating the terms of their basic human decency,” said LDF Assistant Counsel Daniel Harawa. probation. In 2016, 97 were killed and 6,691 injured in “As the case of Jason White tragically illustrates, such crashes in Los AngelesCounty. whether or not police officers administer care to those “Intensive supervision of DUI offenders helps ensure in their custody can be a matter of life and death. We that these offenders are not a risk to themselves or others,” believe that at a minimum, officers have a constitutional OTS Director Rhonda Craft said. “Our coordinated effort responsibility to provide aid to those injured during arrest with the Los Angeles County Probation Department to when they are trained as first responders and it is safe to do keep a close eye on DUI offenders reduces their chance of so,” Harawa said. re-offending, making roadways safer for everyone.” The Supreme Court has previously held that the While alcohol remains the worst offender for DUI Fourteenth Amendment requires police to provide medical care to persons in their custody. crashes, the Los Angeles County Probation Department But it has not defined what that care should consist of. supports efforts from OTS that “DUI Doesn’t Just Mean On that issue, courts of appeals have disagreed: Booze.” Prescription medications and cannabis can also The Eighth and Tenth Circuits have held that there are be impairing by themselves, or in combination with occasions where the Fourteenth Amendment requires alcohol, and can result in a DUI arrest. FILE – In this Sept. 17, 2017 file photo, police arrest a man as people protest a not guilty verdict in the officers to personally provide care to an arrestee. Funding for this program was provided by a grant But the Sixth and Ninth Circuits have held that trial of former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley, in St. Louis. Stockley was acquitted in the 2011 killfrom the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the officers satisfy their constitutional obligations simply by ing of a black man following a high-speed chase. The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund is asking National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. the new U.S. attorney in St. Louis to investigate allegations of police misconduct at protests. In a letter calling for an ambulance. Each year, over 10 million people are arrested, 55,000 sent Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 to U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen. The NAACP alleges police assaults, aggressive Verandas Manhattan Beach House. The event help give notice to past and present members and their spouse’s for outstanding work and devotion to Southern California youth and the Unit itself. “I’ve got to meet a lot of people on my journey,” said retired official Art Gray. “ It’s good to see people I haven’t seen in awhile. Gray was one of the new inductee’s into the Hall of Fame.The 6’4 Gray was a towering figure who could keep a game under control. He worked with crew members in a gratifying way, keeping them sharp and always looking out for the safety of the players participating. Other inductees included Richard “Dick” Acres, the former Carson High teacher and Football coach who spent several years officiating after leaving Carson. He also coached the Colts basketball team leading them to a state title in 1982. Acres officiated until he passed in 2012. Dave Kurt also entered the Hall. He officiated for more than forty years. “Dave was a guy who never lost his cool,” said Board member C.W. Allen. “He was one of the best rule men ever. He was firm when you worked with him, he also was one of the nicest men you ever met and a real person.” Kurt passed in 2014, however his wife Darlene and several family members were on hand to accept the enshrinement. She was his biggest supporter. “This brings

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Police Refuse to Release Video

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Los Angeles Co. Probation Recieves Grant to Monitor Repeat DUI Offenders

Police Obligation to Administer Aid

use of chemicals such as pepper-spray and tear gas, and other concerns. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson File)

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

World & Nation

Northern California Seeks Relief from Fire and Rain Sacramento OBSERVER Staff Report SACRAMENTO — It is being called the worst disaster in California’s history. The Camp Fire, which has destroyed more than 150,000 acres of land in mostly Butte County, began Thursday, November 8 at 6:33 a.m. Since then, more than 80 people have been confirmed dead while rescue workers and volunteers feverishly search for hundreds of missing people. More than 15,000 structures have been burned — including about 12,000 homes. About 46,000 people have been under evacuation orders for the last three weeks.

News Observer Los Angeles

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It is being called the worst disaster in California’s history. The Camp Fire, which has destroyed more than 150,000 acres of land in mostly Butte County, began Thursday, November 8 at 6:33 a.m. Since then, more than 80 people have been confirmed dead while rescue workers and volunteers feverishly search for hundreds of missing people. The town of Paradise — about 120 miles north of Sacramento — has literally been burned to the ground, creating a landscape unique to many search-and-rescue personnel. Every structure, every home and every car needs to be checked for remains. “We’ve never seen anything like this in California; we’ve never seen anything like this yet. It’s like total devastation,’’ said President Donald Trump who toured the area Nov. 17, joined by California’s outgoing and incoming governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. Soon after the fire began, Trump blamed state officials for poor forest management and threatened to cut off federal funding. However, following his visit, he pledged the full support of the federal government. “He’s got our back,’’ outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown said

on CBS’ “Face the Nation.’’ While the fires have now been contained, the trouble area residents and recovery officials are currently faced with is flooding and potential mudslides from the downpour of rain. The storm brought 1 1/2 inches of rain in an hour, toppling trees and trapping motorists in flooded roads downstream, said National Weather Service meteorologist Craig Shoemaker. It is scheduled to rain most of this week, making things very difficult for those who have been displaced. Residents could begin returning early next week, but only if the storm doesn’t hinder efforts to clear roads and restore power, officials say.

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The town of Paradise, California has literally been burned to the ground. This is a photo of a former restaurant, The Italian Garden. (OBSERVER photo by Robert Maryland)

Trump Rhinoceros Skin

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Sharon Cooke from Bethel AME Church in Chico, CA gives a hug to Robert Miller who lost his home in the Camp Fire. For the last three weeks, Northern California residents have come together to assist the thousands of people affected by the wildfire in Butte County, just 120 miles north of Sacramento. (OBSERVER photo by Robert Maryland)

Official photo of United States Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

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By Stacy M. Brown NNPA Newswire Correspondent
@StacyBrownMedia California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris has never been known to pull-punches. Harris is viewed by those who know her as someone who’s “as tough as they come.” And, she knows that any bid for president in 2020 against the bombastic Donald Trump will take a bit of rhinoceros skin to deal with. “It’s a very serious decision,” Harris told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski during an onstage conversation at the Know Your Value conference in San Francisco. “Over the holiday, I will make that decision with my family.” As she told NNPA Newswire in September during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference, she’s keenly aware of the challenges a barrier-breaking campaign will entail. “Let’s be honest. It’s going to be ugly,” Harris said.

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To the Shock of Many Barbara Lee Defeated for House Leadership By Lauren Victoria Burke NNPA Newswire Contributor Two years ago, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) ran for a leadership post, House Democratic Caucus Chair, against Rep. Linda Sanchez. Sanchez barely won over Lee by a margin of less than five votes out of the more than 190 members of the Democratic Caucus. The position is the fourth highest for House Democrats.   When Lee announced in July she would run for Democratic Caucus Chair again she appeared to have a lock. Lee is well known for her singular vote against the Iraq War during the Bush Administration. She is also highly regarded as a champion of progressive issues and a fighter for the poor. There has never been a woman in the position of House Democratic Caucus Chair. The first African American to hold the position was the late Pennsylvania Rep. William Gray in 1989.  The position may be a little-known intra-party title to some, but the House Democratic Caucus Chair job is widely viewed as a stepping stone position for Speaker of the House. As former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, 78, faces questions about her leadership many are asking who will come next.

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“When you break things, it is painful. And you get cut. And you bleed.” Harris and her colleague from New Jersey, Sen. Cory Booker have long been seen as a possible Democratic ticket in 2020, though no one has speculated which might run as president. “This is a critical time,” Booker told NNPA Newswire in September at the conference. “The CBC is the conscience of Congress and we have not yet achieved the American Dream which is increasingly out of reach for many. The Dream is still deferred,” he said. Harris, who, like Booker, has gone from rising star to serious presidential contender, said there is plenty of work ahead. “It’s about where we came from and where we’ve got to go,” she told NNPA Newswire. “This is a pivotal moment. I think we all know when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA)

On November 28, two members of the Congressional Black Caucus ran against each other for the position. They were Lee and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY). To the surprise of many, Lee lost to Jeffries 123-113.  Democrats who are friends with Rep. Lee were taken by surprise as were many political onlookers.   Former DNC CEO and Howard Dean Chief of Staff, Leah Daughtry, wrote on Facebook, “Congratulations to Rep. Hakeem Jeffries who beat out Rep. Barbara Lee to be Democratic Caucus Chair. He’ll do a fine job, no doubt.    Disappointed though that this means there will be no Black women in the Democratic Leadership ranks. Actually, more than disappointed ... more like angry. Angry and tired. We are the majority-makers but have no seat at the decision-making table. I’m tired. So tired.” Daughtry is also a co-author of the best-selling book, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics.”  Fellow California Rep. Jackie Speier indicated she believed that ageism and sexism played a role in Barbara Lee’s defeat. Saying members should have the “courage” to vote in a public way in House leadership races. Currently, the votes are taken by secret ballot.  “There’s this game that some of my colleagues play where they say one thing to one member and then say something else to another member,” Speier said.  Many viewed the defeat of Lee over Jeffries as a triumph of monied interests over progressive values. Though Tom Watson, founder of CauseWired, pointed out on Twitter that Jeffries voting record is just as progressive as Lee’s. “I love Barbara Lee, but this concerted - and inaccurate - attack on Jeffries by many in the Sanders orbit is pretty damned capricious. The guy is an A-rated progressive literally on same page as Lee on voting record,” wrote Watson a journalist and author based in New York.   Regardless of the defeat, Lee released a gracious statement on the results and what she plans to do moving forward.   “I want to congratulate Congressman Hakeem Jeffries on a hard-fought race. I look forward to working with him to advance a progressive, inclusive agenda for the American people. While I didn’t win today, I hope my candidacy will inspire other women, and women of color in particular, to run for elected office and seek leadership positions. Our Caucus can only succeed when every voice is represented in leadership. It is a profound honor to follow in the footsteps of my late mentor, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, who made history as the first African American woman elected to Congress. She used to tell people, ‘If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring in a folding chair.’ My vision is a leadership table where folding chairs are no longer required. And I will keep working, alongside my colleagues, to realize that future,” Lee wrote after losing to Jeffries.   Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist and writer for NNPA as well as a political analyst and communications strategist. She may be contacted at and on twitter at @LVBurke

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Legal Notices



SUMMONS CITACION JUDICIAL NOTICE TO DEFENDANT (AVISO AL DEMANDADO) EVAN CROTEAU You are being sued by plaintiff (Lo Esta Demandando El Demandante) KARAMAN FARAJ CASE NUMBER (Numero del caso) 17CIV05767 NOTICE! You have been sued. The court may decide against you without your being heard unless you respond within 30 days, Read the information below. You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after this Summons and legal papers are served on you to file a written response at this court and have a copy served on the plaintiff. A letter or phone call will no protect you. Your written response must be in proper legal form if you want the court to hear your case. There may be a court form that you can use for your response. You can find these court forms and more information at the California Courts Online SelfHelp Center ( selfhelp), your county law library, or the courthouse nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver form. If you do not file your response on time, you may lose the case by default, and your wages, money, and property may be taken without further warning from the court. There are other legal requirements. You may want to call an attorney right away. If you do not know an attorney, you may want to call an attorney referral service. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for fee legal services from a nonprofit legal services program. You can locate these nonprofit groups at the California Legal Services Web site ( the California Courts Online Self-Help Center (, or be contacting your local or county bar association. Tiene 30 DIAS DE CALENDARIOS despues de que le entregue esta citacion y papeles legales para presentar una respuesta por escrito en esta corte y hacer que se entregue una copla al demandante. Una carta o una llamada telefonica no lo protegen. Su respuesta por escrito tiene que estar en formato legal correcto si desea que procesen su caso en la corte. Es posible que haya un formulario que usted pueda usar para su respuesta. Puede encontrar estos formularios de la corte mas informacion en el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California ( espanol). En la biblioteca de leyes de su condado o en la corte que le quede ms cerca. Si no puede pagar la cuota de presentacion, pida al secretario de la corte que le de un formulario de exencion de pago de cuotas. Si no presenta su respuesta a tiempo, puede preder el caso por incumplimiento y la corte le podra quitar su dueldo, dinero y bienes sin mas advertencia. Hay otros requisitos legales. Es recomendable que liame a un abogado inmedialamente. Si no conoce a un abogado, puede liamar a un servicio de remision a abogados. Si no puede pagar a un abogado, esposible que cumpla con los requisitos para obtener servicios legales gratuitos de un programa de servicios legales sin fines de lucro. Puede encontrar estos grupos sin fines de lucro en el sitio web de California Legal Services (, en el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California, ( selfhelp/espanol/) o poniendose en contacto con la corte o el colegio de obogados locales. The name and address of the court is El nombre y direccion de la corte es): Superior Court of the State of California County of Los Angeles 800 N HUMBOKIT ST, SAN MATEO, Ca. 94401 The name, address, and telephone number of plaintiff’s attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney, is (El nombre la direccion y el numero de telefono del abogado del demandante, o del demandante que no tiene abogado, es) KARAMAN FARAJ, 288 88th St #8 Ca 94014 Telephone: (310) 552-0959 Date: (Fecha) Dec 18, 2017

Clerk (Secretario) Antonio R. Geronimo, Deputy (Adjunto NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED: you are served as an individual defendant. LOS ANGELES BAY NEWS OBSERVER (E) PUB: Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, 20, 2018 SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN MATEO COUNTY Civil Department 400 County Center, Redwood City, Ca. 94063 (650) 261-5100 KARAMAN FARAJ Plaintiff (s) Vs. EVAN CROTEAU Defendant(s) TITLE: KARAMAN FARAJ VS. EVAN CROTEAU, ET AL Please take notice: The November 28, 2018, case management conference continued. On February 28,, 2019,at 9:00 a.m. of the above-intitled Court at the Hall of Justice of Records, 400 County Center, Redwood City, California, a case management conference will be held pursuant to San Mateo County Local Rules of Court No. 2.3. All attorneys of record and self-represented parties are required to attend this conference. Counsel or parties are also directed to comply with the time requirements for service of process and response set forth in San Mateo County Local Rule of Court 2.3 (D). At the case management conference the Court will inquire into compliance with the local rules regarding service of process and responses and issue appropriate sanctions for failure comply with the San Mateo County Local Rules of Count. Date: Nov 16, 2018 By Order of the President Judge NEAL I. TANIGUCHI, Court Executive Officer/Clerk Cheryl Lyssand Deputy Clerk LOS ANGELES BAY NEWS OBSERVER (E) PUB: Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, 20, 2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO: 2018292430 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: WOOL & MANE at 14204 Califa St, Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91401 Mailing Address: County: Kern REGISTERED OWNER(S): SAMANTHA NATTALIE TYLER, 14204 Califa St, Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91401 JADE BLACK, 16750 Parthenia St 251 North Hills, Ca. 91343 TAMARA PERKINS, 13691 Gavina Ave 608 Sylmar, Ca. 91342 The business is conducted by: Copartners SIGNED: SAMANTHA NATTALIE TYLER, Partner The date registrant started to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above: N/A This statement filed with the County Clerk of Kern County on: Nov 21, 2018 DEAN C. LOGAN, Registar-Recorder/County Clerk County Clerk By: Victor Zavala, Deputy NOTICE: IN ACCORDNACE WITH SUBDIVISION (a) OF SECTION 17920, A FICTITIOUS NAME STATEMENNT GENERALLY EXPIRES ST THE END IOF FIVE YEARS FROM THE DATE OF WHICH IT WASFILED IN THEOFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK EXCEPT, AS PROVIDED IN SUBDIVISION (b) OF SECTION 17920, WHERE IT EXPIRES 40 DAYS AFTER ANY CHANGE IN THE FACTS SET FORTH IN THE STATEMENTN PURSUANT TO SECTION 17913 OTHER THAN A CHANGE IN THE RESIDENCE ADDRESS OF A REGISTERED OWNER. A NEW FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE FILED BEFORE THE EXPIRATION. EFFICTIVE JANUARY 1, 2014, THE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE AFFIDAVIT OF INDENTITY FORM. This statement expires on Nov 21, 2023 LOS ANGELES BAY NEWS OBSERVER (E) PUB: Dec 6, 13, 20, 27, 2018

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Black Adoption is a Great Option By Nsenga K Burton Ph D NNPA New w re En er a nmen and Cu ure Ed or November was Nat ona Adopt on Awareness Month wh ch came about as an effort to encourage am es to cons der adopt ng ch dren n the oster care system F rst ntroduced n 1976 by then Massachusetts Governor M chae Dukak s as Nat ona Adopt on Week who wanted to he p find orever homes or the mass ve number o ch dren n oster care Former Pres dent Gera d Ford made the n t at ve a proc amat on due to the arge number o states part c pat ng n the week Thus the month o November wh ch s usua y assoc ated w th Thanksg v ng – a t me or am es to come together over ood e owsh p and ootba — was proc a med as Nat ona Adopt on Month n 1990 by then Pres dent George H W Bush Adopt on s a great opt on or a am es espec a y A r can-Amer can am es who typ ca y “take n” ch dren as a regu ar pract ce The n orma pract ce o “adopt ng” ch dren began n the Un ted States when b ack am es were o ten destroyed by the system and pract ce o s avery S aves were so d and traded so am es were broken up eav ng ch dren beh nd n need o care Fo ow ng s avery J m Crow and other nat ona segregat on po c es d scr m nated aga nst b acks deny ng them adopt on serv ces afforded wh tes by adopt on agenc es and nst tut ons resu t ng n many b ack ch dren n need o guard ansh p Accord ng to The Adopt on H story Pro ect at the Un vers ty o Oregon “In some states w th arge A r canAmer can popu at ons such as F or da and Lou s ana not a s ng e A r can-Amer can ch d was p aced or adopt on by an agency or many years runn ng as recent y as the 1940s ” The pract ce o car ng or ch dren that may not have been b o og ca y re ated was preva ent and cont nues today Near y 23% o A r can-Amer can ch dren are be ng ra sed by a grandparent due to a number o soc o-po t ca and -econom c ssues (mass ncarcerat on hea th ssues d vorce unemp oyment) B ack o ks step up when our ch dren need us and many ch dren we may not know need us now There are 428 000 ch dren n oster care n the Un ted States and more than ha o them are ch dren o co or Ha o the ch dren are A r can-Amer can most o them are boys and a quarter o the ch dren are over age s x These are the ch dren who are n oster care ong-term In 2015 670 000 ch dren spent t me n oster care and that number s grow ng I we cons der the number o b ack ch dren ava ab e or adopt on through pr vate agenc es then It s c ear that the agenc es are teem ng w th b ack ch dren that need good homes B ack and brown ch dren are the east ke y to be adopted and d sproport onate y age out o the oster care system Thus t s mperat ve that b ack peop e who have a h story o n orma adopt on pract ces cons der adopt ng ch dren as an opt on As an adopt ve parent rom a am y w th a h story o adopt on on both s des I o ten say you have a ot o ove are financ a y and emot ona y stab e and have good sense then adopt on s or you When I was n the process o adopt ng I heard terr b e th ngs rom so-ca ed r ends “You dont know what you re gett ng ” and “Adopted k ds are messed up ” or “Adopted k ds have a hard t me bond ng w th the r am es ” My response was a ways “The pr sons are u o peop e who know the r parents ” and “As an educator many are messed up and t snt because they re adopted ” or “Adopted ch dren arent the on y ch dren who have a hard t me bond ng w th the r parents ” Th s a se dea that you have b o og ca ch dren then you wont have any prob ems s not on y r d cu ous but d s ngenuous Adopted ch dren are ch dren n need o uncond t ona ove gu dance comm tment and stab ty and you have t to g ve then why not? I can honest y say adopt ng my daughter was the best dec s on I have ever made I cons der t a pr v ege to be her mother and she has added so much va ue to my e that I cannot mag ne my e w thout her n t I ook orward to he p ng to gu de her encourag ng her to o ow her dreams and he p ng her reach her goa s wh e becom ng a thought u decent and product ve human be ng Who better than b ack o k w th our h story o n orma adopt on pract ces and remarkab e res ency

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about the Dream t wasnt about be ng as eep ” Harr s sa d “It was about be ng awake ” In her nterv ew w th MSNBC Harr s expressed rustrat on over the s ow progress o the Secure E ect ons Act wh ch she ntroduced n March a ong w th co-sponsor Repub can Sen James Lank ord o Ok ahoma The b part san eg s at on wou d g ve the Department o Home and Secur ty respons b ty or ensur ng secure e ect ons and shor ng up e ect on n rastructure aga nst cyber-attacks and wou d estab sh an ndependent adv sory pane o experts to deve op gu de nes on e ect on cyber secur ty Repub can Sen M tch McConne who current y serves as the eader o the Senate has not yet brought the eg s at on to the floor or a vote Harr s sa d she has been to d that s at the Wh te House s request “F rst o a et s be c ear about the act Russ a d d nter ere n the [2016] e ect on o the pres dent o the Un ted States ” Harr s to d Brzez nsk “F awed though t may be we des gned a beaut u system o democracy and one symbo o that s that we have ree and open e ect ons “When a ore gn government chooses to man pu ate our democracy know ng that wou d comprom se our strength and our percept on o our strength you wou d th nk eaders wou d say No we are go ng to do everyth ng we can to strengthen and to g ve ourse ves the mmun ty we need to be ree rom that k nd o man pu at on Yet t s not happen ng ”

It’s more e l b a d r o f af u o y n a h t ! k n i h t t h mig Police Obligation

(661) 324-9466

to Administer Aid

Nsenga and Kai Burton (Photo: Nsenga Burton)

News Obse rv Now You Can

n the ace o cont nuous advers ty to g ve a b ack ch d a greater chance at a decent e? Wh ch eads me back to my or g na po nt Adopt on s a great opt on or b ack o k It can be d fficu t and s unnecessar y comp cated but t s abso ute y worth t

Nsenga K BurtonMePh D s the enterta nment and et P rlenNat cu ture ed tor orDathe ona astoNewspaper Pub shers L. ed r n-ch e o the awardAssoc at on She s oundere & Witoriam w nn ng news b og The Burton Wllre whs ch covers news o the A r can D aspora Fo ow her on Tw tter @Nte ectua or @TheBurtonW re

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By D arlen e S 200 Bakersfi L. Willi Mar supporte eld, Cal ams riott Obs Con rs, wel if. – Ele erve Obse James L ventionl-wishers, gance w r Gro up N awar rver, w uckey Jr Cente and fa as the or m r as d ews amon ., pub in dow ily arri der of long- for h pap stalla runnin is busin g one lisher-ed ntown ved at ththe even ers of S mer tion w g newsp ess savv of the itor for Bakersfi e Baker ing as outh icon sfield ets foce, and as hoste aper. Thy, commeight h the Bak eld. ern was ic daugh Cali Mat r the evwas hel d by Ker e 15th itment onorees ersfield the ke ters d hew forn to N an n en A F B ew yn ey Know t sold riday, Coun nnual d succ receiv s n ia ewspMr. Lu ote speakeoncé Kn les, b for $ April ty Bla Gala ess w e an it ck an 8 usin r for owles man aper in ckey, ess m 5 per p20, 2018 Cham d Boardh the p C th A u ar B e blish war late ber ter an ak ev an, re erson at In d So cord and 6:00 p. of Com - He owner d. Luckersfield, er-editorent. lange label $1,0 m - la spok and op ey ac receiv of th e own 00 per . TickK ce te ed er n of p owle er, an who Mr. Joe the tw ator of ted and the Dis e only s, d fathtable. nity, per. partner Coley o visionthe New dedicat tinguis black-o er of articl es Obse That vi ed toge Sr. and ary fore s Observ ed the hed Bu wned mem The 3 of whic men rver; a sion camther, wit his grand fathers er, Mrs award sinessto h ts su n . Coley ories of5-year ol h, many rrou ewspap e to fruit a vision father, Mof the co Ellen C the d fo nev , ow his la ndin er th ol g the at co ion thro of a blackr. Ventu mpany, ey. b te Joe C ner an respecte ught b er reach usin ol Afric vers is ugh Th insp ra Wat the ey Jr d operat d relati ack tear other lo an A sues paper ess know ir son, on ., s as ca or meric , con e Baker ed newsp com led of wh of th ship he l new an an cerns, sfield aIn a pany. ge conceich bot e Newswith the lovingl spapers. New “T d min and st rnin h shar Obse late y shar m SA ority achieve s muonight w atemen g the M ed an inutes N JOSE ed rv - th nity b as a t give com , 40-y with h er and rs. Ellen d wil apart mueing great n to th ear ol im so em. sh Ca d I ded honor nigh d su their n, the oc Th erness eaook fa t. We staff of icated ed, e ccessf exper t wascurred 2U.S. Geost of S ul n this I’m hu ith so the BN ews1 awar mble man O , d to milesfollowed miles sologic L y the lad to even people uckey st u at (1 5 9 ab at in te gr out 2 kilom :39 a. th eat Mbe menti our co ed, m. et 00 m rs. E oned miles apers) nor llen th art. Coleywith

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say BURB SUVtwo bro ANK, C 21-y were thers fo alif. (A from ear-old shot to und deaP) _ Sou field gunshotJan Amdeath. Cd along t parke and a th woun iama an oroner w ds ir d in d 23 ’s o an d man to th -y field The namindust were foeir head ear repor police sa e of thrial area und deas. Th parke ted mis y the A e other of Burb d Ap ies m d is secl sing Ap miamas man h ank. as ri inve ay have uded an l 15. B and a man not stigat d ec b ing. een movclose to ause th nam ed to the fr e area Burb eeway ank. , offi Hom i

Dis Newtinguis ring s obsehed B ton rver usine Prich Pub ssman ett/B li ake sher/E Awar rsfi eld ditor Jad Win New n s Obmes Luer; Bak serv ckey ersfi er p e hotoJr. (Carld ) -

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peop e are n ured or k ed dur ng arrest and one-th rd to ha o a po ce use-o - orce nc dents nvo ve d sab ed persons accord ng to the LDF “[We] there ore urge the Court to c ar y th s v ta quest on and define po ce officers const tut ona ob gat ons to prov de med ca ass stance to peop e n the r custody ” Harawa sa d

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201 Region 242 8 at th al Con (Bre 4 Cottone CAPKvening w akfast w Frien ill be an ood tal ju Join Lea d ChildRoad, B dship H held on Con stice is dership care ch akersfiel ouse C Saturd Cou eck in d CA omm ay, A interevening issues in sted to bri Kern Cnsel for 9:30am 93307 9 unity C p transp in -1 :3 en adva ortati learninng togethounty. Tha discuss 0am) 0am-1:0 lunchnce ouron, waterg more er resid e obje ion on ctiv en en ab ,and , lo ch cal pri housi out to t leader e of th viron agloveFor mor ildcare. orities. ng, and pics like s and lo is Regiom h We ca r@le e info will ow to cithe Gen l partn n rmat ader er provi ship er vi coun ion, pleas de a cally en al Plan sel.or light gage e g or contact break to (559 : fast, ) 905 Adeyin ka G -904 lover 7 at


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Get the app by scanning w was convict the stat es Figu ies said won’t b d killin t nearly not thof theirged by thay to go e Su T g e false. 2 this QR code with your mG eroa picture with ion e cowhole char the e colo over in p , 6 uesday. retried a toddle 5 on rem juri M ter ann- or smartphone. and of th actablet tablet or smart phone. A ation “The Stryour annou es reca any doc grounds e Court8, has re couldr d ei provi arbuck r skin. insigh first- nced Tnted. K tors who that med last monmained ure t rega des dan s situwou degree m uesday ern Cou testified ical te th over in priso st ld th n tu u im n impliof our rding th gerous ty b to at rd rn ond-d e “diffi er an ony ed Dis pro the refu cit bia nation e failchar egree m cult, if d that secutors trict Att cause of at his tr his ge, h ia uncose to b s seriou to take e w urder. E not imp withou won’t re orney L the gi l ism nsciou elieve thsly. 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Thursday, December 6, 2018

AFRO and CLEO TV on Comcast’s Xfinity 2019

Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA) today announced it has selected two new African American majority owned independent networks to be broadly distributed on Comcast Cable systems beginning in January 2019. Philadelphia, PA – November 15, 2018 – Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA) today announced it has selected two new African American majority-owned independent networks to be broadly distributed on

Comcast Cable systems beginning in January 2019. After a thorough evaluation of dozens of proposals, Comcast selected AFRO and CLEO TV, both of which will provide quality entertainment that highlights and features TV

and movie content about African American and black communities. “The offerings from both AFRO and CLEO TV serve as an excellent complement to the growing catalog of programming choices we offer about global black communities,” said Keesha Boyd, Executive Director, Multicultural Products at Comcast Cable. “We remain committed to delivering a wide array of programming by partnering with independent networks, such as the two we’re announcing today, to better serve our increasingly diverse customer base.” AFRO, a channel from Afrotainment, is a 24-hour polycultural black network mainly broadcasting top-rated Nollywood and black movies, dramas, sitcoms, music, talk, and late night comedy shows. “We are excited to bring AFRO’s live content and growing on demand catalog of more than 300 hours of original programming to millions of Xfinity customers. Comcast’s selection of AFRO, which is a recognition of the rich diversity in black content and culture, solidifies our position as a leader in polycultural black home entertainment in North America,” said Yves Bollanga, Founder and CEO of Afrotainment. CLEO TV is a lifestyle and entertainment network targeting Millennial and Gen X women of color. Derived from the name Cleopatra, one of the most powerful, trendsetting, rule-breaking and iconic women in history, CLEO TV will offer quality content that defies negative and cultural stereotypes of today’s modern women.  The network promises a unique and diverse offering of shortform and long-form content including travel, home design, cooking, talk shows, movies, docu-series, sitcoms and much more. “We’re at a pivotal moment in history where women are making a huge impact in our society and culture, especially  women of color,” said Michelle Rice, TV

One’s General Manager. “CLEO TV will offer a  diverse mix of  lifestyle and entertainment content through  the unique lens of Millennial and young Gen-X women of color, an audience segment that is currently underserved.  CLEO TV will leverage the comprehensive media platform of our parent company Urban One, Inc. which includes digital, television and radio divisions that will each play an integral role in bringing this new network to the marketplace.  We are grateful to Comcast for the tremendous opportunity to elevate new voices in our industry.” To narrow down the proposals received, the main criteria Comcast considered were:  the content of the network; whether the network is fully financed; whether the network’s ownership and/or management group(s) are well established, have relevant experience, and are substantially owned by African Americans; whether the network is already launched and has existing or potential multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD)  distribution; price; and whether the network and its potential carriage provide value to Comcast and its customers. AFRO and CLEO TV will join over 100 diverse networks available across Xfinity platforms, which offered over 14,000 hours of diverse on demand and online programming in 2017. In 2011, as part of Comcast’s commitments made in connection with the NBCUniversal transaction, Comcast agreed to launch 10 new independently owned and operated networks by 2019, including eight that are minority-owned or -operated.  Six minority-owned networks have already launched, including BabyFirst Americas (2012), El Rey (2013), Kids Central (2017), and Primo TV (2017) which are primarily Hispanic American owned and operated; and ASPiRE (2012) and REVOLT (2013) which are majority African American owned. AFRO and CLEO TV will be the next two networks to launch as part of this commitment.

Coalition Wants End to Broadcasting Music that Encourages Violence Against Blacks By Stacy M. Brown NNPA Newswire Correspondent
@StacyBrownMedia Organizations and movements representing African Americans in general, and Black Women in particular, said they’ve continued to unite in defense of Black youth whom they said are being inundated with misogynistic messages from Urban Radio stations that target the Black community. While recognizing sexual misconduct as deviant behavior is at the forefront of mass media, sexual misconduct and violence against Black women is being promoted and normalized on radio stations that target African American audiences, several groups said in a news release. As this music remains in heavy rotation on radio stations that target Black youth they continue to be financed with commercial advertising support from major corporations like McDonalds, Subway Restaurants, State Farm Insurance, JC Penney, Adidas and others, according to the organizations, which include the National Congress of Black Women; The National Black Leadership Alliance; Dr. Jacquelyn Jordan, who represents Black Nurses; Dr. Calvin O. Butts, Chair of the Social Action Committee Progressive National Baptist Convention; and Dr, Evelyn Jenkins, NCBW Prince George’s County, MD. The coalition also includes, Sapphire Harris,

While recognizing sexual misconduct as deviant behavior is at the forefront of mass media, sexual misconduct and violence against Black women is being promoted and normalized on radio stations that target African American audiences, several groups said in a news release. Chair of People With Disabilities; Marcia Harris, of Educate2Empower; Lakisha Davis- Small, the founder of Stop Stealing Our Souls; Kwabena Rasuli Chair, of the Clear The Airwaves Project; and Johnnie Scott-Rice, the Chair of the Board of United Black Fund and DC Chapter of NCBW. “We are asking these corporations to remove their commercials as long as these stations continue to play music that demeans, denigrates and promotes violence against women, with Black women as the primary target,” the coalition said in a news release.

Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis will portray legendary politician Shirley Chisholm in a feature film for Amazon Studios. Chisholm was the first African American woman in U.S. history to be elected to Congress. (Photo: Twitter)

Viola Davis to Portray Shirley Chisholm Amazon Studios won a bidding war for the rights to produce the Shirley Chisholm film. The project is the first Amazon Studios production deal emerging from the partnership between Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions and Amazon. By Lauren Victoria Burke NNPA Newswire Correspondent Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis will portray legendary politician Shirley Chisholm in a feature film for  Amazon  Studios. Chisholm was the first African American woman in U.S. history to be elected to Congress. The announcement regarding the film landed on the same day as news of a Shirley Chisholm statue in New York City’s Prospect Park was announced by New York’s first lady Chirlane McCray on the last day of November. November 30 would have been Chisholm’s 94th birthday.  The film project is currently entitled “The Fighting Shirley Chisholm.” According to Deadline Hollywood, “Davis will produce and star as the U.S. Representative.”  Amazon Studios won a bidding war for the rights to produce the Shirley Chisholm film. The project is the first Amazon Studios production deal emerging from the partnership between Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions and Amazon. Maggie Betts will direct the movie. Her feature film “Novitiate” was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.  Chisholm represented parts of Brooklyn which made

up what was then the 12th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1969 to 1983. In a historic move, Chisholm ran for president in 1972. She was the first African American to mount a major party run for President as well as the first African American woman to run. Chisholm passed away in 2005 in Florida at the age 80. Viola Davis won an Oscar in 2017 for supporting actress in her role with Denzel Washington in the film version of August Wilson’s play “Fences.” Davis also won a Golden Globe and SAG award for the performance.  Betts, who will direct the Chisholm biopic, is represented by Homegrown entertainment which is focused on “creating content by and about women and people of color with authentic stories, depictions and representation.”  Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist and writer for NNPA as well as a political analyst and communications strategist. She may be contacted at and on twitter at @LVBurke

Others in the coalition also include Dr. Lezil Baskerville, president and CEO of NAFEO; The Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund; The Central Brooklyn Leadership Council, NYC; Gloria Ravenell, Vice Chair National Congress of Black Women, Metro DC Chapter. Also, Jay Winter Nightwolf, host of The American Indians Truths, WPFW-FM, Washington DC; Philip Jackson, Chair, The Black Star Project, Chicago; and Sadiki Kambon, of the Nubian Leadership Circle. “These stations program a consistent playlist laced with demeaning and degrading lyrics while constantly using the ‘N’ word in order to make it clear that they are only referring to Black women,” said Bob Law, the national radio personality and Chair of the National Black Leadership Alliance. The coalition points out that lyrics calling women bitches and ho’s, celebrating gang rape, sexual assault, and even kidnapping women are common in songs being sung by prominent rap artists. They cite lyric by Kanye West and Lil’ Pump from the song, “I Love It,” which includes the words, “Your such a F—ing Ho, I Like that Ho … give me so mo…, you trifling B—th.” Also cited are lyrics from 21 Savage and Blocc Boy JB from their song, “Rover 2.0,” referring to using a Range Rover for drive-by shootings, “If a N— dis the Blocc (referring to himself ) he gon come up missing, if you want to find his body you got to go fishin.” The song continues: “Coupe got the missing roof, your Ho’ came up missing to,-poof I just stole your boo, now ooh she gon eat the whole crew.” Another song by 21 Savage says “Got my glock cocked to spray your block down, we not really with that Rah Rah Sh—t, I don’t give a F— who I hit” The “urban” radio stations that play this kind of music

Dr. E. Faye Williams/ National Congress of Black Women also refuse to play music that does not demean and degrade Black women, thereby censoring artists like “Arrested Development” and “Dead Prez,” as well as Grammy Award winning artists like Gerald Austin and Melba Moore, the coalition said in a statement. Further, the coalition noted that New York radio personality and spoken word artist Imhotep Gary Byrd, whose song “The Crown,” was rejected by Black music radio stations in America for being “too Black and too positive.” However, the song which features Byrd and Stevie Wonder, was a well-received hit in Europe. “Black women are human beings and have had our fill of being treated as though we are something less.” Said Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., the national president of The National Congress of Black Women. Williams said Black women play too great a role in improving their community to accept the demeaning way in which they are often treated by their own sons and daughters. The coalition said it intends to target those corporations that currently receive significant support from Black consumer dollars, who continue to support these radio stations and will urge Black women to reduce their spending with these companies.

Tyrel Film Review By Dwight Brown NNPA News Wire Film Critic It’s a situation nearly every black man has experienced at some point in his life: Being the only African American in a room, party, meeting… It can be both an alienating and insular experience all at one time. Jordan Peele captured the essence of that feeling and monetized it, winning countless awards and raking in millions of dollars with his horror/thriller Get Out. Chilean writer/director Sebastián Silva (Magic Magic, Nasty Baby, The Maid) is equally deft at setting up the same eerie premise, but woefully lacking with the follow through. The script creates a black protagonist, Tyler (Jason Mitchel, Straight Outta Compton), who is friends with a white dude, Johnny (Christopher Abbott). Nothing seems abnormal about their ebony/ivory relationship and the two seem to have a believable bond that should stand the strain of odd situations. It is with a complete sense of safety and innocence that one wintry day brotherman accepts an invite for a trip up to the Catskills with his friend. How was he to know that their car would run out of gas on a quiet road? How was he to know that the trip would be an exclusive gathering of young white men whose collective bromance does not relate to him or his cultural norms? As Johnny’s crew gathers at his buddy Nico’s (Nicolas Arze) isolated cabin, the abode gets flooded with more and more guys. The beer flows like the mighty Mississippi. More grass is smoked in minutes than days at Snoop Dogg’s house. The guys chat, gab and share anecdotes. They say things that demonstrate that they haven’t been around lots of black people. Tyler feels uncomfortable and estranged—to the point that brotherman wants to escape. Mitchell’s interpretation of his character’s viewpoint and paranoia builds to an unsubstantiated fear that snowballs out of control. He doesn’t have to do much to make you feel the weirdness he experiences. His gestures and looks are quite effective. The ensemble of twentysomething and thirtysomething men well contributes to a believable frat-house camaraderie that makes it look like they are living off the fumes of their youth, though they are not kids anymore. The more curious plot shift and odd triad dynamic involves Tyler fleeing to the home of some neighbors. They’re a couple that includes a slightly nosy and

Jason Mitchell stars in Tyrel. (Magnolia Pictures courtesy photo) ultraliberal white wife (Ann Dowd, Hereditary) and her somewhat suspicious black husband (the late Reg E. Cathey, House of Cards). She fawns over Tyler, and her spouse asks him a hell of a lot of probing questions. It’s a pity the film doesn’t amount to more than the sum of its parts. It’s almost a waste of Heidi Bivens (Spring Breakers) very subtle and natural costume design, David Cherof’s perfect-palette art direction and Alexis Zabe’s (The Florida Project) intuitive cinematography that helps set the time and place without getting in the way. Sometimes a film’s short running time (86 minutes) feels like it is miraculous because the editors (Jennifer Lame and Sofia Subercaseaux) must have whittled down a massive amount of footage into a succinct final version. In this case however, it seems like the editors should get credit for fluffing up a series of dull sequences into a headscratching but cohesive movie. Back to filmmaker Sebastian Silva: If this film has a far-reaching purpose, he’s keeping that raison d’etre to himself. Tyler gets shoved out on a limb, with no net below, and he never figures out why. Neither do the viewers who observe him. Outside of a general queasy feel, what’s on screen accomplishes nothing. Or at least nothing new.

Thursday, December 6, 2018



Just Latest Case of NFL’s Inconsistent Discipline Hunt Video By ROB MAADDI Associated Press The NFL is still out of its league when it comes to disciplining players for troubles off the field. Kareem Hunt is the latest example of the NFL’s delayed and inconsistent approach toward serious matters despite league efforts to improve following its mishandling of Ray Rice’s domestic violence case in 2014. From Greg Hardy to Mychal Kendricks to Reuben Foster, the NFL has taken different approaches on a caseby-case basis when players misbehave. That has drawn a backlash from critics who see such action as erratic and, at times, pandering to public perception. Hunt, the former Kansas City running back, was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list Friday after TMZ released a video showing him pushing and kicking a woman during a February scuffle at a Cleveland hotel. The video’s jolt across the sports world accelerated a case that had been, in effect, put on the backburner for both the club and the league, with Hunt losing his job the same day — a steep fall for an elite playmaker for one of the most explosive offenses in football. The Chiefs said Hunt had lied to them about the scuffle, an assertion Hunt acknowledged in an interview with ESPN on Sunday. But authorities never charged Hunt with a crime and the league’s internal investigation — under guidance implemented after the lengthy legal saga involving the former Ravens running back Rice — stalled when NFL officials couldn’t get in touch with the woman. Hunt said he never saw the video until it was released publicly. And he said the league never asked to speak with him directly. NFL officials say they tried several times to get video of the confrontation but couldn’t because the hotel said its corporate policy only allowed footage to be given to law enforcement. And Cleveland police say they didn’t pursue the video because it wasn’t a felony case. Now, the NFL says it will make “further attempts to speak to the complainants involved in the incident,” and have “further conversations with all parties involved.” Just as it did during the Rice case in 2014, the NFL is changing its reaction amid jarring video, prompting new public outcry.

FILE - In this Oct. 8, 2017, file photo, Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt warms up for the team’s NFL football game against the Houston Texans in Houston. The Chiefs released Hunt on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, after video surfaced that showed the NFL’s reigning rushing champion knocking over and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel hallway in February. (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith, File)

By Cameron Buford This past weekend at Staples Center in Los Angeles, we got the Heavyweight Boxing matchup many boxing fans were eager to see. The Wilder vs. Fury fight left everyone talking about who truly won the fight in grand boxing fashion. For months these two giants sold and promoted their hate for each other when they really were truly just firing each other up for this monumental matchup. Tyson Fury had a well-choreographed compilation of hits that he walked out too, which really livened his European fans which traveled to Los Angeles to support him. Wilder came out to a live rendition Win, Win, Win performed by Jay Rock; Wilder also had on some costume with large feathers and a ghostlike mask on as he entered the ring. The buildup for this fight was immense and I time had come for me to experience my first Heavyweight fight live. Just like the showman he is known to be, Fury opened the fight dancing and clowning around and seeming taunting Deontay Wilder in the early rounds. Wilder came out in control of his punches, staying tight and even worked the body some. Though it was close, Wilder controlled the first couple rounds by landing those body shots and big power punches. I had the fight even after 4 rounds, heading into the 5th round, as both fighters displayed their trademark strengths to the point. Fury proved to be very elusive for his size and height, while Wilder looked good when he showed his boxing talents and lost control when he went to finish the fight with one big punch. Fury continued to clown around throughout the fight; poking his face out, holding his hands behind his back and putting his hands high above his head. I’m certain this swayed the opinion of the crowd and potentially the judges and likely bought him a couple rounds with his antics. I had each fighter exchanging the 5th and 6th rounds. From what I witnessed Wilder landed the most impactful punches in round 7, so that won him that round. Although Fury kept it close with his awkwardness and his stutter steps prior to his punches he kept some pressure on Wilder. Fury was then knockdown in the 8th round by Wilder. Oddly that 8th round knockdown of Fury by Wilder seemed to energize Fury, as he came back to win the next round after being knockdown. His unique fighting style seemed to flummox Wilder to a point and seemingly forced him to keep trying to land one of those wild haymakers to

finish him off. Both fighters showed extreme conditioning, heart, and determination by exchanging big blows in the championship rounds of this fight. Wilder won the 10th round and Fury won the 11 with his unique combos and agility. Wilder seemingly knocked down Fury out with a right cross and left hook combo; as Fury hit the canvas with his eyes rolled back in his head… everyone, including Fury’s corner, thought he was out… somehow Fury got up to continue the fight valiantly to complete the round. Tyson Fury gained a tremendous amount of respect for his ability to get up after that 12th round knockdown. That knockdown put him behind in the scorecard in the round and the fact that it was his second knockdown, cemented the fight for Wilder in my opinion. Both fighters celebrated with their corners at the final bell and I was really surprised that Fury and his team were cheering on their side in their corner as if they’ve won this championship fight. Each fighter mentioned in their individual press conference, “that the fans are the real winners tonight!” Tyson Fury opened his press conference by saying “I’m not going to sit here and complain all night and scream robbery; I thought I won the fight; I’ll leave the fans to decide what they thought.” After responding to several questions Fury, as the natural showman, he is, grabbed the mic and initiated an odd rendition of American Pie with the media. He seemed way to happy and comfortable with a draw in this fight, seem to understand that a bigger payday was coming. “One thing I am happy about is the fight lived up to the hype,” Deontay Wilder mentioned in his opening remarks of his press conference. He also stated, “I don’t know how he got up?” He also explained, “that he was overthrowing his punches.” He also was speaking of a future rematch. This fight between these charismatic boxers and showmen lived up to the hype. Though I thought Wilder won the fight with his knockdowns, it was an entertaining enough fight, that a rematch would seemingly be just as entertaining. My prediction of “the sleeker Deontay Wilder will overwhelm the bigger Fury’” and outlasting him in a decision was partially right as it did go to a decision. Just not the correct one I thought. I am eager to know how you scored the fight, please let me know your thoughts on this fight and if you are interested in seeing the rematch by commenting in the comment section of this article on or reaching out to us on twitter @whatsgoodinsports.

By Cameron Buford The Los Angeles Lakers welcomed the youthful Phoenix Suns into the Staples Center for a matinee game this past Sunday afternoon. The Lakers come into this game in 5th place in the fluid Western Conference. A win in this matchup would give the Laker their third threegame winning streak of this season. The Phoenix Suns came set to avenge their previous loss to the Lakers. They started off the first quarter “doing what we do.” Says Ayton. “I picked up two cheap quick fouls and kind of like turned down my aggressiveness!” “Then I he picked another foul after that; then I just shut down after that?” “The Lakers came to our town and beat

us, we wanted to come here and destroy them!” That’s that mindset the Suns used to get an early 10-point lead after the first quarter. The second quarter was all Lakers, as they held the Suns to 22.7% shooting and limited them to 15 points in the quarter. All the while shooting 57.7% on their own which lead them to score 40 points in that second quarter. Kyle Kuzma led the Lakers with 12 points in the quarter and Brandon Ingram led the team in plus/ minus with +25 and 7 points of his own. This combined to give the Lakers and 15-points lead at the half. LeBron James led the Lakers with 10 points in the

But the league also must conform to the collective bargaining agreement, which gives players certain protections through their union. Still, the agreement grants Commissioner Roger Goodell ultimate authority to issue punishment. That has been a major point of contention for the NFL Players Association and is shaping up to be a major sticking point once the broader agreement expires in 2021. NFL and NFLPA officials did not respond to messages seeking comment from The Associated Press. Hunt cleared waivers on Monday and could sign with another team. He can’t play while he’s on the exempt list, but it’s up to Goodell and league officials to decide when to take him off when — or if — they see fit. Foster was claimed off waivers by the Washington Redskins last week after the San Francisco 49ers released the linebacker following a domestic violence arrest. Washington faced immediate criticism as the latest example of an organization looking past off-field troubles toward potential on-field production. In September, linebacker Mychal Kendricks pleaded guilty to securities fraud and conspiracy and was released by the Cleveland Browns. He was quickly signed by the Seattle Seahawks, then suspended for eight games by the NFL for his role in an insider trading scheme. Kendricks faces up to 25 years in prison with sentencing scheduled for next month. Still, Kendricks was officially reinstated by the NFL on Monday and has been with Seattle the past two weeks. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says team officials “don’t have any hesitation” about playing Kendricks against Minnesota next Monday night. Hardy was convicted in July 2014 of assaulting and threatening a woman who contended the 6-foot-4, 275-pound player threw her in a bathtub and onto a sofa covered with guns before threatening to kill her. He appealed the ruling and was allowed to play the first game of the season before the Carolina Panthers placed him on the exempt list. Hardy didn’t play the rest of the season but signed an incentive-laden, $13.1 million deal with the Cowboys and played 12 games in 2015 after serving a four-game suspension. He’s been out of the league the last three years, focusing on a mixed martial arts career with the UFC.

Wilder vs Fury Championship Recap

Wilder and Fury face off at the weigh in prior to their championship bout on December 1st at Staples Center in Los Angeles. (Cameron Buford photo)

Lakers Beat the Young Suns

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James (23) dribbles next to Phoenix Suns’ Trevor Ariza (3) during the second half of an NBA basketball game Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

3rd quarter along with is 4 assists. While the Lakers out rebounded the Suns 14-10 leading to 8 2nd chance points. The Lakers outscored the Suns 34-28 in the 3rd quarter leading to a 21-point lead at the end of three quarters. This big lead gave the Lakers an opportunity to rest their starters while allowing their youth to get some muchneeded playing time. German native Moritz Wagner led the Lakers with 10 points on 3 of 8 shooting, veteran Micheal Beasley was right behind him with 9 points off the bench in the fourth quarter. As they ultimately beat the Suns by 24 points 120- 94. I asked Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton about the communication to his players between the first quarter to the second, he gave a serious response in saying that, “our guys take accountability and pride in what we’re trying to do as a team!” He continued to say, “they don’t need to be yelled at a lot!” “They’re professionals and they went out and handled their business.” Brandon Ingram credited their defense for the

turnaround early in the game, “when we lock into our game plan and follow it the right way, good things always happen.” I also asked Brandon about what he sees as the next level in his game and he told me, “the next level of my game is trying to stay consistent, in his attack and being aggressive.” The Lakers welcome the San Antonio Spurs to Staples Center for their next game, with a chance to be perfect on this home stance. This team will be welcoming back Rondo in a few weeks which will give them added ball handling and leadership. With Lebron leading this team, the Lakers appear to be in prime position for summer basketball, which strangely they haven’t experienced in a few years. We talked about being in to win it previously and there’s little doubt that the Laker will be “in it” by the end of the season. Please let me know your thoughts on the what you think the Lakers ceiling is this season, by commenting in the comment section of this article on or @whatsgoodinsports on Twitter.



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Funeral Arrangements Set for Business Leader, Activist Aubry Stone

By Manny Otiko California Black Media Funeral arrangements for Aubry Stone, a giant of the political and business worlds, have been set for Saturday, Dec. 8 Calvary Christian Center Sacramento. Stone served as president and CEO of the California Black Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years and used that platform to promote the expansion of black entrepreneurship. Tributes to Stone, a tireless advocate for black economic empowerment, have come in from civic leaders across the state. Several members of the California legislature lauded Stone. Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) said, “It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Aubry Stone. He was a great leader, mentor, and advocate for economic development and mobility in the Black community. On behalf of the California Legislative Black Caucus, I send my condolences to his family, friends, and all of those he has impacted. His presence will always be missed but his legacy will live forever.” “At a time when we are redoubling our efforts to battle injustice and bring about greater economic equality for California, it is a blow to lose a champion like Aubry Stone. I think the best honor we can do him is to remember his name as we stay true to our goals of bringing about a

better California for every Californian.” Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) also mourned Stone’s death. “We lost a great champion for African American businesses this week. Aubry Stone, president and CEO of the California Black Chamber of Commerce, was a dedicated leader and passionate advocate whose presence in the Capitol will be greatly missed,” said Atkins in a Facebook and Twitter post. Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) also praised Stone’s commitment to making the American Dream accessible to diverse communities. “Over the years I had the privilege of working with Aubry on a variety of different legislative issues designed to help small businesses. His passion was infectious and he had the unique ability to bring all sides together when advocating for the small business community,” said Bates. Apart from promoting black business, Stone was also involved in several statewide policy issues such as Prop 187, insurance redlining in the black community and the impact of bank mergers on inner-city communities. Stone also served on several boards such as the CalTrans Small Business Board, the NAACP, the Citibank Regional Community Board, the Pfizer National Minority Business Board and the board of U.S Black Chambers, Inc. He was also twice appointed California commissioner for Economic Development. Stone was also an advocate for African Americans participating in the political process. “African Americans cannot afford not to vote. We must vote for people who have our best interest in mind, heart and soul. We must vote for issues that advance the wellbeing of our families and communities. We can’t expect to win with every vote, but if we don’t vote, we can certainly expect to lose,” said Stone in a Black Voice News editorial. He also tied voting to black wealth. “The ability to vote and affirmative action created wealthy Black entrepreneurs and a swarm of African Americans entered college at a record clip, instantly raising Blacks’ earning potential in the wealthiest nation on the planet,” he wrote. One of his greatest achievements was working with the California Black Chamber Foundation to own and operate 97.5 KDEE FM, a Sacramento-area radio station. Stone was a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., but was honored for his civic activity in Sacramento. He received the Sacramento Observer’s Lifetime Achievement Award for being one of the most influential African Americans over the past 40 years. Stone was also honored by the California legislature, California Governors and the California Legislative Black Caucus.   Services Calvary Christian Center Sacramento, 2667 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento, CA  95815 Funeral Arrangements Entrusted Ramsey Wallace Funeral Home & Chapel, 1831 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 891-0500 December 8, 2018 (Saturday)Viewing 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Funeral  11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Memorial Services 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Rep. Waters Recognizes World AIDS Day 2018

Rep. Waters opposes HIV/AIDS budget cuts and Republican attempts to deny health coverage to people living with HIV/AIDS and other preexisting conditions

WASHINGTON –  As a congressional leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43) issued the following statement in recognition of World AIDS Day, which is celebrated every year on December 1:   “On World AIDS Day, we unite in solidarity worldwide in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We show support for people living with the disease and commemorate those who have died. We stand together to raise awareness about the epidemic so we can prevent further spread of the virus and give hope to the 1.1 million Americans and the 36.9 million  women, men and children worldwide who are living with HIV/AIDS. “Throughout my career, I have been a strong advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment. I worked with local organizations and community leaders to raise funds for local minority HIV/AIDS Meet P initiatives Darle sto or ene L. ato in Los Angeles, and introduced legislation Williaaddress ms in the HIV/AIDS epidemic among B African Americans A Film akersfielof the U.S. the California State Assembly. As a Member “ A Qu Revie ew of d ie et Pla ace” Congress, I spearheaded the establishment of the Minority AIDS Initiative, which has significantly expanded HIV/ FREE! AIDS prevention, screening, and treatment efforts among KCand BCreduced racial and ethnic minorities the tragic AIDS C 15thin the United also announced further cuts to programs that benefit disparities affecting minority communities Annua living with HIV/AIDS, including: $3.8 million l Gapeople States. I am pleased to report that funding for the Minority Minor la HIV Qprograms at the Centers for Disease Control AIDS Initiative has increased from the initial appropriation from So. of uakes Hit Bakers (CDC), $9.8 million from Medicare and field of $156 million in fiscal year 1999 to more than $400 and Prevention Medicaid program operations, $2.2 million from maternal million per year today.  Missin health programs, and $87.3 million overall from “However, we still face unprecedented challenges and child g Brothe Bakersfield Institutes of Health. Americans living with in our struggle against HIV/AIDS.  For the past two the National Dead inrs Found SUV deserve better. years, Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans HIV/AIDS “On World AIDS Day 2018, we must confront the have debated proposals to slash funding for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts and take health insurance challenges we face, and we must resist all attempts to Enviro the struggle against this terrible disease. We must away from millions of Americans, including those who are abandon nmenta Justicto l Obamacare, which ensures that people e protect living with HIV/AIDS and other pre-existing conditions. fight Facing Issues Kern C HIV/AIDS and other pre-existing conditions Reside with Furthermore, after implementing an unconscionable living o . nts policy of family separation, which snatched more than can obtain health coverage.  We must fight to stop budget 2,500 children from the arms of their parents, the Trump cuts to all of the federal programs serving people affected HIV/AIDS.  We must expand research, prevention, administration shifted millions ofNdollars AAC in funding from by Bakers screening and treatment efforts, and we must fight to make n Stato the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program inoorder fund fie D & Clim P R eath rbuthey ow Inm ate o allldAmericans living with HIV/AIDS receive the care cks Fsure housing and care for migrant children, many off whom reed w ate to be Racism /No Re trial they need and deserve.” have failed to reunite with their parents. The administration and treatment

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April18, 2018 make it difficult The reason, for Black people disenfranchise By Jeffrey to me, is to vote? quite exactly Black (NNPA L. Boney how importantpeople fromsimple. Those Newswire franchise who court—one Contributor) All Black people voting is. the voting processseek to or more the profound with one you have to do your life Those of these is crack ment—local, impact relative to the who seek to know lifetime. in some shape, the many of our experienced elected open a history officials Every elected form or sacrifices state, andthat it has at voting process disen- of influence ensure book, or More importantly, will made by elders, and you fashion every level know Black national. sit Black throughoutimpact that we official yields will people ple obtained peoof govern- take for granted. people as Black of all races learn about so those uninhibited the people power and some your 2018 Regional Convening powerful from the voting who seek in order It should at the that those to able to right process to disenfranchise ters or doesn’t matter never ignorelevel 2424 Cottonwood to vote. will CAPK direct necessary know in political Friendshipbe held on not—and whether or (Breakfast They are adhere Saturday, you believe Road, Bakersfield it most House No positions that voting and also able to and Childcare Community April 28, other to key positions. your vote group Join to ensure critical resources of power is represent any law voted certainly does—you CA93307 check in of people Center are mat- tal justice Leadership Counsel on by those you. that select to in America 9:30am-10am)9:30am-1:00pm will have Nearly people areselect areas. or reactionary There is absolutely Conveningissues in Kern who’ve for everything way, is have benefited been elected to interested is to bring response appointed County. a discussion There influenced that impacts that will no level of The objective on environmento transportation, more is appointed in learning together resident from ing. Either are no acceptable complaining by change our the more about that. by them. an elected officialdaily lives, leaders of this Regional introduce fices made sacriadvance water, housing, in some gaged citizensyou do it or youexcuses when These elected topics like and local or someone come laws.legislation, and lunch,andour local priorities. partners it comes many peopleby so must to better reap the and the General officials to votwho childcare. vote on understandseek to understand consequences. We willhow to civically who Plan, fought, For more Whether bills, that draft policy, that politics provide bled and politics information, En- aglover@leadersh voting produce. the impact of sentence eventually a light engage to died fighting for I can only breakfast, the laws if they wish be- martyrs, ipcounsel.orgplease contact: voting for your loved one the judge, who our freedom for and decisions wonder, Adeyinka or (559) support the judge who to a lengthy has the power and the right that we who sacrificed however, if many Glover 905-9047 payments prison at has the should their very of our as Black to vote, sentence to their graves power to and visitation all lives or ing people determine as they appreciate today, for the rightpolitical have. rights through potential look upon child to much of are flipping overvote the family The freedom Maybe and overwhelming our in this election Black however. collective squandered votAmericans At least experience I hope itcycle will prove political apathy. will. to be different, came with today a significant DELANO, attached price tag Jeffrey asked prosecutors Calif. Boney (AP) _ Immigration and that to it, thing that says Police to look freedom some way, impacts that nearly into filing in Central deadly chase. and Customs has definitely our daily everyCalifornia criminal is influenced official Enforcement lives, charges have Santo Garcia not ed by or someone been free. by an in against an elected Delano agents elected who and have been So much blood involved two official. was appointfled ICEwhen their SUVMarcelina Garcia in a lost—all has right to hit a utility died tos Garciaagents. The for our been shed, and vote. pole and last month in wasn’t the couple was freedom so In overturned rural in Delano and for many lives A video police man the agentsthe country illegally as they claimed died in fact, if you add the precious after a quiet posted online World War up but Sanbut videothey weren’t on Wednesday were looking tion, the discussion shows using their I, Worldthe number for. said shows otherwise. Police War of that lasted police handcuffing lights or the two ICE The Bakersfield Mexican-Amer 1812, all War II, the of Americans ees called Commissioner several the siren who agents American of 911 agents the during the wars the Korean ican War, men to say the Richard Ross minutes. were told the chase formation be charged Californian says Revoluwith the said Starbucks the Spanish-Ameri with but were the men had men were trespassing. total numberWar, that number to police Indians, An ICE a peace office. a misdemeanor are recommending employthe they then denied becausecome in and of people fighting can would He spokesman of providing refused they hadn’t asked to use said officers to end slavery. who died not be as War and wouldn’t false inJohnson’s to leave. the large bought After immediately alone in police call, statement anything. restroom the Civilas the North to the Civil War, comment. He said the arrests but a Starbucksdidn’t address War the South many in the exactly spokeswoman in order Whites migrated customers occurred has new Reconstruction what led White to help to the said from the front of only. In the a policy that abolitionists Black people restrooms the store where either video, no governments. eral Black ran were Starbucks Johnson of the men. Many of thrive the South men were also for political items are for paying “bad outcome,’’said the company’s visible in gains and even elected elected to theoffice and won. those into the shop wasand the reason practices and U.S. Congress Sevthe progress some Black of the Reconstruction for the training incorrect. “Our store made by senators. These call that and led arrested many Southern brought to a Black people, political and this manager never governments police statement. PHILADELPHI should ConfederateWhites. said he never intended in the South,as a result Johnson watch,’’ A (AP) wants to al Nathan said videos have escalatedfor these men Army supporters and the were arrested angered personally _ The “We also company was of the arrest as it did,’’ saidto be minds that Bedford Forrest, while sitting apologizeCEO of Starbucks in Philadelphia, like when BAKERSFIELD will further investigating. were “very the if they and others, Lieutenant inance ism on has released hard to an incidentinside one of to two black menCorp. ally, police assistance train our over Black wanted to re-establish , Calif. social we will made up Generthe chain’s is warranted,’’ partners that prompted have to Youngblood a 12-year-old (AP) _ A California host a company-wide Starbucksmedia . coffee who our to better stop Black people in this control in their video said Johnson. saying accusations shops scorelearnings, discuss profiling,’’ sary. “stands know and dommen from country, Youngblood it’s cheaper of Kern County jail guard union firmly against meeting our of racHe said Chief executive to kill than voting by then they would he wasn’t next week“Additionwith respectlong-standingsome immediate says the Sheriff Nathan discrimination urging Donny apology.’’he wants to meet Kevin Johnson any means to share Bedford and dignity.’’ commitment next steps helped anyone comment was cripple an inmate. The or racial Police haven’t with the Forrest form the necesto kill inmates. taken out said in to treating and underwas shot Bakersfield Californian arrested. the first and several men to a statement. Ku Klux of context released one another offer a “face-to-face when and the names two were A spokesman tion Officer pretendedGrand Wizard. Klan (KKK), of his colleagues says Officers Youngblood for released of the Association appeared the clip released been committed, “because the district attorney’s men who order to to be the ghostsThe Klan worewhere he served The union before the Monday in 2006. of lack strike fear investigation. white robes as but declined of evidence’’ office saidwere tered. Members county In the video,is currently into the of dead Confederate Detenbacking the further and trained hearts of so they his election of the comment,that a crime had than ever Youngblood soldiers anyone, uty misconduct says detention citing a in rival. because many of wore hoods to Klan did not want they encounpolice it costs deputies millions Then he lawsuits. and local the members cover their faces, to be recognized, are better of dollars of the asks what’s cripple authority primarily, to settle or kill At figures. Klan were prominent because better financially depSomeone an inmate? people night, the Klan for the citizens responds: not “Absolutely,’’ county: who voted. to vote and would hang kill them. To we get to would gather To further threatened to signs warning take care Youngblood says. Black kill of frighten “Because them If only together wooden for life.’’ being Black any Black if we cripple ning on fire. cross in front in their costumes voters, the man author,entrepreneur,called a “nobody” them ’ CEO, decided This served as of a Black man’s and place Klan focus, Velma Trayham. investor, stopped the now humanitarian, award-winhome anda large leavingdrive, determination Velma’s the Klanto vote in the a warning to story of ’ speaker transformation, lynched and refused next election. any Black man set it real-life her with the ability and purpose, and mate, intense and If experiences. relates to passion, individual to As the and have from a tree so to adhere to theira Black man who the depths all individuals, Group”, As you connect with Founder/CEO level. defied to everyone second ture elections. where sheof a woman who listen to Velma, others based a successful thoughts in the citywarning, he of “Thinkzilla ’ is today. on her es connect has Marketing about attempting you will would see was In addition Now, the overcome many The Klan PR and experience trum, Velmawith their Strategy Consulting obstacles Black people quickly to vote him tial leaders as to her many CEO of a multinational has faced targeted audiencesFirm that grew across in fu- elevate to get enjoys consulting well as hats, and overcome their vicious were vulnerable in a highhelps businessthemselves successful Velma consults company. nesses and LOS ANGELES with all ’ excels at growth key business and their executives spired “Rampage’’ brutal killingsattacks. Due high-poten- that have faith leaders, small corporations, to this Southern states (AP) _ challenges.specin their motivating others team, above looking heinous Dwayne small to to take minds in by the Klan,to the constant voting. to further of When been proven to build high crept activity and lems the competition. the No. mid-size She Johnson’s to skyrocket growth marketing order to and helping them As a result, God Says 1 spot onpast last week’s Blacks harassment and many hindering them busirepresentation, tackle Go – success. She experience the top film arcade game-inBlack people began to the box strategies $34.5Studios on Sunday from massivethe potentialto clear the clutter and “The who have take, walking lessons A real-life story Velma “A Quiet office slowly dismiss gained or current began losing Strategist” witnessed during as well as the success. Place’’ through she’s learned and that allows is the author ond wasmillion in its first estimate that charts, but just the reader generations Reconstruction political or as the or participated She is referred probbarely. the weekend “Rampage’’ the journey the reader through God’s purpose. When political “Peoples’ Motivator”. to Place’’ with modestly-budge in in her life’s Velma’s to by charge of their struggles of White Americans . As time advancements consulting fusion of $32.6 million. ted Johntheaters. In a has grossed faith and dreams, obstacles and God she chose to sensation they recated to of Black people outlining as biblical Krasinski very encouragesSays Go guides began progressed, future al-life stories and principles. the blueprint American is now just shy In just two weeks, thriller close secThe conversational them been in the plight of Blackand were not to slowly forget “A Quiet of $100 theaters. society most effective to success to take the word-of-mouth the past. the techniques million are those people in as vocal or Third place leaders, through with a passion in grosses If you rare individuals as dedi- connects mentors, the South “Truth went from North that Black fast-forward or and that can ma, is a as they in its first Dare,’’ which to the low-budget only come who can inspireentrepreneurs in the history had her with chisement voter intimidation Group”, managing partner brought three days in from personal their audience Blumhouse audi books, in theaters in an estimated of “Heavenly Meetup, Founder of Klan. State continued well and horror you can experience. ences atthe Atlanta after a Friday and has Community $19.1 see an governments beyond Black voter disenfranton Forward Velbegan passing been featured Christian the 13th million the Investment intiTimes Newspap TV, and opening. Business in Rolling sweeping in the South blatant actions and those Women’s Out Magazine, H as Black Fox 26. In addition,er, NBC, from Black laws were new sets of lawsjoined the partyof the ABC Fox Women’s and called people. designed to 54, Atlanta ousby the Mayor Expo, the Velma has been Blacks separate “Jim Crow” across various of HoustonHouston Black honored by Live White there were could not eat Texpeople in the separate countries Humanitarian,Heritage Festival: leadership, Blacks to deliver could not schools for same restaurants women and marketing Whites; empowerment, keynote has traveled Black drink as Whites; discussions strategy. entrepreneurship Whites Blacks had to water from theand White children; If you’re in could sit sit dream(s), serious about same carriages , and up front; in the back of same fountains want to taking the and approach as buses, whereas be inspired action as Whites Blacks All consultingto being a successful and learn towards your ment hasin all, this blatanton the trains.could not ride the strategic black NEW YORK sense, and is for you! in the entrepreneur, form (AP) hood of significantly colleges to all on proven way, In a straight-talk, Velma’s mance, impacted of voting disenfranchiseBlack during _ Beyonce paid Velma how to and now her the well-being tribute So, why people for centuries. and business. be successful applies her no-non- universities. the singer groundbreaking to historically has it been consulting in their and liveliVelma’s is donating ferences, Coachella so important choice of The superstar workshops, keynote is $100,000 perforings, business women a perfect fit career ing Scholars for other singer announced to four empowerment for con- through training black showcase Award people and other Program to success Monday her BeyGOOD gatherstory and for


Starbu cks CEO to 2 Blac k Men Apologizes Arreste d

Police Reco Charging mmend in Fatal ICE Agents Crash

LO cer is suinS ANGELES (AP baby wh g the state pris ) _ A Califor was pre ile responding on system afte nia correction gna Tuesday nt. Sarah Coto a fight betweer she says she lost offiin Bakersfi ogle file n d a disc inmates when her eld. Co rimination she asked forogle says she lawsuit told a offi tional Ins less strenuo us positiocials she was wasn’t postitution in Teh pregnant n at the another sible and she achapi. She say California Co and ’d have position s she to either was told rrecwith a Wh while runen she was sevelower salary. take leave or that acc ept “lost her ning to stop n months pre Departmebaby due to a fight betwee gnant, Coogl a tion did nt of Correc placental rup n inmates and e fell ture tion not imm late ediately s and Comm .” The Califor r nia comme nt on theunity Rehabilitalawsuit.


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“The week of fear became a moment of clarity for some in and out of the media as calls for Trump to dial down his rhetoric at political rallies grew louder. Trump Thinkzi has a long history of inflammatory statements that court violence llaand reaffirm fear of immigrants and minorities.” Sheriff Says HeYoungblood Urging Was Not Kill InmaAnyone to tes

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Spo By Lauren Victoria Burke Todd e S ee NNPA Newswire Contributor d m a o M C o ng Less than two weeks before Election Day from OcThough noTu onenwas in the attempted attacks ouinjured g ee B B a of the pipe bombs were intercepted by law entober 22 to 26, 2018, Trump supporter and attempted S w h gnmany mb and bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc, allegedly packages Nu forcement in transit, the story of attempted murder and g14 nDemocrats.   y Vo sent armed with explosives to several Ea prominent domestic terrorism sent a chill through the political world Five of Sayoc’s targets, many of whom Donald Trump that was followed bymcalls to bring down the temperature has repeatedly attacked verbally, are African American.  of political discourse.  m Sayoc allegedly mailed a pipe bomb to Nthe WashingThe unexpected and potentially violent October surton DC residence of former President Barack Obama, twoD mprise hit the news only two weeks before Election Day. m Ba and attempted bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc, allegedly sent 14 packages o n asupporter pipe bombs mailed to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) along Sayoc, who has a criminal record, was caught in Florida af-CaTrump o an explosives with to several prominent Democrats. with one each mailed to Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and ter the FBI traced a fingerprint on a pipe bomb he allegedly armed T ump P Kamala Harris (D-CA) and former Attorney General Eric sent to Rep. Waters.     Em on k ba Holder.   “I am appreciative of the law enforcement entities who RoYork that made its way to the mailroom of the company been consistently critical of minorities while at the same Though none of the explosives reached their intend- intercepted the package and are investigating this matter. prompting an evacuation of employees, including their time failing to call out xenophobia and racism. On Oced targets, the first one discovered arrived at the home of I unequivocally condemn any and all acts of violence and on-air anchors Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciuitto. Trump has tober 22, he defined himself as “a nationalist” at a rally in been a frequent critic of CNN.  billionaire philanthropist George Soros in Bedford, New terror,” Waters wrote in a statement on October 24.     Houston, Texas.   “There is a total and complete lack of understanding at York. The home of former President Bill Clinton and forThe week of fear became a moment of clarity for some A well-documented uptick in political violence has mer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also targeted in and out of the media as calls for Trump to dial down his the White House about the seriousness of their continued been documented since Trump took office in 2016.   along with the home of former Vice President Joe Biden. rhetoric at political rallies grew louder. Trump has a long attacks on the media,” said CNN President Jeff Zucker in Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist a statement on October 24. “The president, and especially Sayoc also allegedly sent pipe bombs to former CIA history of inflammatory statements that court violence and and writer for NNPA as well as a political analyst and comDirector  John Brennan, former Director of National In- reaffirm fear of immigrants and minorities. Trump’s very the White House press secretary, should understand their munications strategist. She appears regularly on Roland telligence James Clapper, billionaire Tom Steyer and actor first political speech where he announced he would run words matter. Thusefar, they have shown no comprehen- Martin Unfiltered and can be contacted at  LBurke007@ ow added. e FZucker Robert DeNiro. All have been consistently critical of Pres- for the presidency contained inflammatory demagogic lan- sion and on twitter at @LVBurke Coof pthat,” During the 2016 ycampaign for the presidency and ke D ident Trump. Steyer has called for Trump’s impeachment guage against Mexican Americans.   the related story: Black Press of America On NaSmehis timeoinBthe m House, President Trump has tionalRead ooWhite and funded many progressive Democrats running for ofSayoc sent a pipe bomb to CNN headquarters in New during Alert in Wake of Domestic Terrorism e D ap fice. Historicall to Schools y Black



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special each that the Homecomthe what it takes to events that er to Tuskegee University,initiative. 2018-2019 ences whileprovides individuals University academic achieve She plans the proper still motivating with real-life it. A dent Bethune-Cookm year to give from eachof Louisiana and tools to $25,000 What better pursue and instilling experiWilberforce an University, their dream(s) in them Beyonce’s school will receive way story to XaviUniversity. Coachella Beyonce reignite to honor your the scholarship of One stupaid festival a take-charge guests thansuccess. and set money. step teams tribute to the with Strategy attitude marchingwas critically acclaimed, in them. a Firm “Thinkzilla” Last year, at historically bands, black colleges. the dance Awards as Program,the singer launched troupes in celebration supporting creative the Formation of the album. one-year and anniversary bold young Scholars women, of her ``Lemonade’’

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — This week national civil rights attorney Ben Crump and co-counsel Michael Laux presented a new video with clear and compelling information about Roderick Talley’s experience with police corruption and “no-knock” drug raids that have disproportionately affected Black residents of Little Rock, Arkansas. The footage from Talley’s home security cameras contains evidence that the Little Rock Police Department falsified affidavits for “no-knock” raids — Talley was not home when police came to his door the first time, yet the affidavit requesting a “no-knock” warrant reads otherwise. The new video released this week by Attorney Crump shows the full story. Since Talley has come forward, others have presented similar stories. “Mr. Talley is just one of many citizens who have been wrongfully treated by the LRPD. The ones who were supposed to protect him from harm were the same people who lied on government documents, barged into his home with explosives, and caused him immense trauma,” Crump said. “Mr. Talley rightly refused to let this injustice remain unknown. We will continue to speak truth to power for Mr. Talley and all others who have fallen prey to this heinous trend.” In recent years, a number of individuals in the Little Rock area have become victims of drug raids in which police enter homes on “no-knock” warrants, often with

explosives. Talley was arrested August 10, 2017, by Little Rock police after a “no-knock” drug raid permitted by a judge based on a false affidavit. Talley’s charges were later dropped, and many others who’ve come forward have also had their charges dropped. “So far we have been able to get four more people out of jail, in addition to Mr. Talley, and get their charges dropped. With the help of Attorney Laux, we will get the trumped-up charges dropped on the other 128 falsely accused brothers and sisters,” Crump said. “We must remember: Until all of us are free, none of us are free.”   Talley has filed a lawsuit against the city and has also retained representation by Attorneys Crump and Laux. Talley’s case received national attention when it was covered in a  Washington Post column, which revealed LRPD was “routinely violating the Fourth Amendment rights of Little Rock residents.” LRPD gained “no-knock” warrants and dangerous explosives easily, even though many of the raids proved unfruitful.


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4 Charged after Toddler Spotted Crossing Street with Beer

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STEELTON, Pa. (AP) _ Police in Pennsylvania have charged four adults after an officer spotted a toddler running across the street carrying an open beer. WHP-TV reports an officer in the borough of Steelton was on patrol earlier this month when he saw two children under the age of two running across a street without shoes on. The officer then noticed one of the children was also carrying a full, open beer. Four people have been charged with endangering the welfare of children in the borough just south of Harrisburg.



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California Blasts Trump Plan to Rollback Emissions Standards

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ California officials are blasting the Trump administration's plan to freeze vehicle emissions standards, saying it threatens public health and the environment. The California Air Resources Board on Friday submitted more than 400 pages of analysis rejecting the administration's proposal and the research behind it. The agency's executive officer, Richard Corey, writes that the administration's proposal “does not even accord with basic principles of reasoned decision-making and must be withdrawn.” California and the Obama administration agreed to national standards requiring the fleet of new automobiles to get 36 miles per gallon by 2025. That's 10 miles per gallon higher than the current requirement. The Trump administration has proposed freezing the standards starting in 2021. Administration officials say it would lower vehicle prices and get safer cars on the road.


LA 12.6.18 4C  
LA 12.6.18 4C